What Is Unity Consciousness?



In super simplified terms, pre-Ascension polarized awareness, focus and frequency range emanated from the three bottom chakras. That was mass humanity’s singular lens to perceive “reality” — straight from their crotches and solar plexus gut! Is it any wonder why things have been so dark for so long if the bottom three chakras are a species only lens on “reality”? How repulsively easy it’s been for some to mind control, manipulate and heard the human species through these bottom three chakras within Duality.

But, via the Ascension Process this frequency range and level of function and perception is ascending/evolving into the upper chest area. Not the old lower physical heart with its Heart chakra, but the Thymus gland which sits higher in the chest above it and is what I call the High Heart or what others call “Unity” Consciousness.  Now don’t you just know that reality is going to change dramatically because of this elevation of humanities focus point? 🙂

We all know what lower frequency duality consciousness was all about. It was an endless tug of war back and forth between one side, one person, one family, one country, one group, one religion, one belief system etc. against all others. And of course, from the opposite side or group or country or religion or belief system it looked exactly the same! Them against us, us against them, him against her, her against him, endlessly back and forth like mesmerized idiots incapable of escaping their limited duality brains and matching frequency consciousness and external reality.

Ascending individuals with blossoming High Heart or Unity consciousness have resolved duality/polarized emotional energies and projected junk in themselves to the point where they’re able to escape the endless back and forth tug of war of duality consciousness and reality. (This was the start of individuals experiencing the beginning of the Separation of Worlds over the past few years.) These individuals are increasingly existing and perceiving from the High Heart area in their upper chests spherically, as opposed to the bottom three chakras within the frequency range of duality.

The main way I know I’m existing within increasing High Heart “Unity” consciousness now is that lower frequency stuff has much less effect on me in those old lower chakra gut/solar plexus ways. I see something horrible and seemingly wrong in the world but I have a higher perspective and knowing about it with greatly increased emotional neutrality. My High Heart easily understands why things are happening and I have great compassion for all the players playing their individual roles and lives, yet, I’m finally emotionally neutral and unaffected by what is happening around me. This is one easy to recognize trait of increasingly functioning, existing and perceiving from High Heart Unity consciousness. It exists vertically and vibrationally (as integrated position number 3 in my diagram) above the lower frequency of horizontal duality (the number 1 and number 2). It’s perspective is radically different from the lower tug of war of duality consciousness and reality.

Another clue that you’re existing and functioning within increasing High Heart Unity consciousness is that you FEEL and KNOW much more but it doesn’t imbalance you mentally, emotionally, psychically or physically at all. You feel, you know, and you know you are connected to All (ascended 5D Aquarian group) and yet you are still a unique individual (ascended 5D creative Leo). You know things but not through the brain in your head or your egoic intellect, but through your integrated High Heart FEELING KNOWING 5D brain center in your upper chest.

Your physical body talks to you too informing you of all sorts of things, but again, this all happens not in your head, brain or intellect but through body consciousness, cellular consciousness and memory, feeling, sensing, and knowing information without having it be an intellectual, linear thought process. You FEEL and KNOW because you are in a more unified frequency using a higher, more unified range of perception. The “We are all One” statement means something very different to you once you are consciously aware of and can feel the fact that it is a fact but not loose your important individuality at the same time.

The new Unity, High Heart consciousness is vastly more about FEELING and KNOWING from this new Center without lower head thinking, which I know sounds to some like an impossibility or just plain crazy. But after a lifetime being a psychic in polarized 3D Earth reality, I can tell you that what I’m experiencing of High Heart Unity consciousness so far is tremendously more advanced and comfortable than being a “psychic”—clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, empathic etc.—in lower duality! There is no comparison actually.

Be ready to KNOW and FEEL as the new ascended primary way of perception from a very different place in yourself and your body than your pre-ascension head, polarized brain hemispheres and intellectual ego self. Unity or High Heart consciousness and Center (as I’ve experienced it to date but I expect I will evolve much further into it) is so much smoother, easier, gentler, faster, wiser and far-seeing and with no intense trauma and drama. Pay attention to the new ways that you are now receiving/perceiving information/reality through your body and energy field instead of only the brain (and left brain only at that) in your head. You’ll be surprised at what you discover.


September 25, 2011

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  1. I’ve noticed some cardiac symptoms because of my trying to open my heart chakra. And I’ve been paying more attention to body/energy field “feelings” about situations. And I’m not up to decorating anymore for upcoming Halloween and Christmas. I’m so not there anymore…I’m ready to move on.


  2. Patricia, thanks for your share about not decorating for the upcoming holidays. I used to love celebrating the holidays, and decorating for them was something I enjoyed a lot. I lost interest in this about a year ago, and have no desire to celebrate holidays anymore. Like you, I’m not there anymore, and am ready to move on.

    Denise, thanks for another right on, perfectly timed article. I especially like the section about emotional neutrality. Yesterday I was chatting on Facebook, and a man told me that he was looking forward to taking his son hunting next weekend. He said he was looking forward to the kill. I’ve always been very sensitive, yet this didn’t bother me. I even made a joke by asking him if they were hunting animals or other people they might encounter. After the fact, it occurred to me that things like that used to upset me a lot. I wondered if I were becoming heartless because I made a joke like that about something that used to offend me. After I read your article I really got that he, his son, and the animal(s) they will probably kill are all doing what’s best for them on their current spiritual path.


  3. Very nice and apt descriptions! One thing I’ve definitely found challenging with the new conciousness is being able to *articulate* things in a clear manner – ie putting that feeling/knowing about something into words – let alone sentences – that someone else can understand. I often find myself having to pantomime more or describe *around* something almost as if English were my second language!

    @ Patricia – and yes, ugh, the holiday stuff. It’s not that I feel totally bah, humbug, but I think I just can’t get into the vibe of WHY most people are doing what they are doing (ie commercial/mainstream culture/greeting card industry/profit driven stuff etc etc etc vs. being a reflection of the actual SPIRIT of the season it’s for). I’ve certainly come to question just about every cultural norm I was either raised with or otherwise see around me. Some things I still participate in – lightly and/or on the periphery anyway – because I still see some greater benefit to it for one reason or another. But soooooooooooo much of it I’ve just checked out of because it feels so off the mark now. It is good to visit places during these types of holidays that still do things in a more solemn/somber/reverential way. Your body relaxes, and your heart seems to open with ancestral earth memory of why we STARTED doing these things in the first place as more of a wondrous dance with the earth and her rhythms.

    • “One thing I’ve definitely found challenging with the new conciousness is being able to *articulate* things in a clear manner – ie putting that feeling/knowing about something into words – let alone sentences – that someone else can understand. I often find myself having to pantomime more or describe *around* something almost as if English were my second language!”


      I’ve had the same problems since the Ascension Process started. Sometimes I struggle with trying to not only express new concepts, but often times my mind just goes blank in mid paragraph and I cannot jump start it again. I literally have to wait for it to return and work in a linear fashion again! I’m sure I don’t need to confess all this as many of my articles just drop off suddenly or jump wildly or leave really important information out entirely! Frustrating…really frustrating but there ya go.


  4. Really enjoyed this post. Reading it brought to mind a peculiarity of the embalming practices of ancient Egypt. Several major organs would be removed, embalmed and placed each in its own canopic jar, to be entombed with the mummy, as they were recognized to be the organic mediums of the functioning of their respective chakras. The brain was removed and discarded! The heart organ and it’s heart chakra was considered the seat of intelligence.

    May we all learn to live in the three higher chakras instead of the three lower! There we will experience lives full of Love, Wisdom and Bliss instead of fear, anger and greed.

    Thank you, Denise.


    • So great to see your Comment here yasmeenkeshara! ♥ 🙂

      (yasmeenkeshara is my sister everyone and the very talented artist that did all of the illustrations in A Lightworker’s Mission. ♥ )

      Yeah, throw away the brain but save the heart! 😆


  5. Hi Denise and All Here,

    Denise, thanks so much for your latest posting on Unity Consciousness. I mentioned a few days ago that I’d experienced the “Big Disconnect” and though I was glad of it and knew that meant I was leaving 2D behind, the last few days have been totally null and void. That’s the only way I can describe it. I feel nothing, want nothing, am interested in nothing except this web site (smile)and am totally in the now moment, which is blank, I can’t even plan the next ten minutes. I feel empty. I’m hoping this is a stage that is preparing me for the beginning of actually living in 5D full-time. I certainly hope so. Any suggestions or any one else feeling like a Zero? My attempt at humour for this comment is, please don’t tell me to “do” something, I’m really not interested!

    Love to All

  6. No wonder the fashion trend of very low riding pants to expose the lower Chakras is popular. Currently I am delighted to be seeing a lot of huge stone and crystal necklaces over the the High Heart area. My Partner has been talking about this developing Chakra for a long time and sees it as Turquoise/Larimar/Angelite/Blue Topaz..and those would likely be helpful soothing the energy there..So I will be passing this along to my friends who are struggling…Back to fashion.. And then there are the Barefoot performers on wooden stages. That really gets my attention, as I am able to walk much better barefoot,,next best is moccasins and cloth slippers.

  7. I read this fabulous article outside with all of my garden critters and the blue heron that parades and plucks insects. It was the perfect setting for your words, Denise and thank you for putting all of this into words. I know how hard that can be, putting all that you feel into earthly terms.

    When I was considering how I could describe my talents (in the 3D world as an advert or online) the old new age words were really abhorrent to me (my face goes all puckered up and stuff). Then my team dropped the words Pure Conduit into play, and that sits perfectly with who we are and what we do.

    This article has joined my perfect feeling of expansiveness today. We are all awesome and we know it more and more. Yay.

    My gratitude and love to you and to all who share in this forum.

  8. Hello Denise,
    I’ve been reading your posts for awhile now on Steve Beckow’s site..2012 Scenario, and recently decided why wait for someone to post your stuff there, when I can follow it….immediately!

    This made such a connection with me, and it’s exactly the type of info that I share with a group of ladies…..this a wonderful learning experience, which I hope anyone reading it, will realize.

    I have just started my own site, and not being too sure (of anything) yet…..I posted your blog, complete with credentials,,,,on my blog page in my site. and actually…yours is the first one that I’m bringing to the attention of my few readers…

    Thanks so much Denise…..

  9. Re Tom’s comment – After the fact, it occurred to me that things like that used to upset me a lot. I wondered if I were becoming heartless because I made a joke like that about something that used to offend me. After I read your article I really got that he, his son, and the animal(s) they will probably kill are all doing what’s best for them on their current spiritual path.

    Tom, thanks for putting this into words. I have been practising this style of understanding for a very long time now and it sits well with me. Most other responses could be reactive and pull negative from others.

    Thanks, also, for your honesty and genuineness regarding how you feel as a man in this current process. This has all helped my husband and I’m sure he does not feel as alone or as ‘weird’ now that there’s more of him around. :-))

    Hugs from LINDA

  10. Barbara, thanks for your share about the last few days being null and void, and feeling nothing. I’ve been experiencing a lot of that the last few days, and the 3-D world is becoming increasingly dull, drab and boring to me. I’m finding that my brief moments of 5-D consciousness, and reading/submitting shares on this blog are about the only interesting things I’ve been experiencing lately. I hope that Denise doesn’t put a limit on the amount of posting one can do here, as that would be a disaster for me. 😀 But seriously folks, my intuition is telling me that this is a clearing process that we are going through. Our 3-D consciousness is being completely cleared to make way for being in 5-D consciousness full time.

    To me, it feels like the summer after I graduated from high school and before I started my first term of college. I was glad to finally be done with high school, and was very eager to begin my new life in college. I didn’t have a summer job that year, and spent most of my time sitting around doing nothing. I spent a lot of time fantasizing about what college would be like. I feel that a lot of us are probably in a similar in-between place right now.


  11. Soooooo cool to have family amongst Family! :0)

    This is a fantastic post Denise; you have no loss of articulation here. Thanks!

    I listened to a song over and over again this evening as I was driving home. Hadn’t listened to it in months, but I just needed to tonight. For 40 minutes straight. Each time I listened and sang I vibrated a little bit higher.

    I LOVES me some serendipity. :0)
    We are One. And It’s AMAZING!

  12. Hello all, the past few weeks have given me immense insights or knowingness.
    I was shown a few nights ago what I considered a horrendous life was the
    accumulation of many lives dropped into this one..to be healed. It’s easy to say it but very hard to live it.

    The realization I was given is, that I’m not the emotional damaged person as I was when I came in.

    I stopped beating myself up for not being the college graduate, mother, earth person, that I so wanted to be.
    I was guided through divine intervention to the people, places, and things that would help me heal.

    It made no sense to me how I could be gifted Spiritually but so limited emotionally and physically.

    As I have seen in the last 2 days was a woman who transcended the insanity and deep pain as I reflect to my next life.

    I believe this is what you are referring to, but until this point I was trapped in the pain and could not find my way out, until these last few nights. It is total freedom for someone who has tried so hard to heal.

    The bottom line is I am healed and will go on…but without the story.I have reminded myself of this several times in the last 2 days. I will hold this as my truth
    for I know my self …it seems almost like a dream I am waking up from and the joy to know I am going on.

    Thank you for letting me say this it’s so empowering.

    Love to all, Cheri

  13. Denise,

    This articles timing is just right for me, I have two very dark siblings both of whom are incapable of and both through utter ignorance continue to attack my 79 year old mum via emotional vampire assaults on me or indeed simply emotional vampire assaults on her.

    The great news is neither my mum nor I are any longer drained by such nonsense in fact resulting from a vile and premeditated assault over the past 7 days, my mum and I had a lovely weekend together chatting in unison within the magnificence and beauty of our own and unique ascension process.

    For me Sunday was one of the best days of my life because for the first time in my life I saw my little 4 ft 10 inches colossus of a mum smile at the hurt that her other two children were desperately trying to impose upon her and me and I thought yes, yes yes it’s all been more than worth while the breakthrough has finally arrived.

    As for myself and whilst I know that I’ve lived in my high heart reality for some time now I’m sanguine about the fact that I have not one ounce of pity, anger or respect for and of my 3D siblings including the reality that somehow transfixes them. For if they can’t love their mum with all their heart for all that she is and all that she isn’t well it’s no wonder they are who they are and to be brutally honest, their future is of little interest to me moving forward.

    I believe the sun always shines and that’s because my path has always been well lit even during many of my most darkest days, yet more and more I know that my days are too a much greater extend, less tarnished by the insidious nature of amoral dark ones and more and more the relief is becoming tantalisingly more tangible.

    High heart unity consciousness rocks yay !

    Sincere regards, RL 🙂

  14. Hi Denise,

    This is just a coincidence(or not) that I read your article now. Because yesterday I was reading David Icke’s book: Human race get off your knees: the lion sleeps no more and I was reading about Consciousness and Mind. That in our 3D world we are conditioned to listen to our Mind rather than our Consciousness , the inner knowing, intuition. And that we should more listen to it.

    I feel also sometimes when I read horrible stuff or my colleague get’s really upset about it, I find myself that I don’t feel anything , like it is just information. Is it wrong that I don’t feel anything or at least feel compassion about what others are going through?

    Wish you all love,light and laughter
    It is great to be here, with like minded people.

  15. The reason I knows You are plugged in is that yesterday (25th) I had seen a post on another blog asking what is 3, and guess what: me had the same info activated, even the triangle drawing. Amazing amazing amazing. I am happy for us 🙂

  16. Hi Denise & All, so wonderful how you explain this concept, which is becoming so real and experienced by more and more. And I think it’s a great relief when we are not so emotionally involved anymore. Many will mistake this for passive detachment, but I think this is where real compassion starts (and I don’t wanna discredit “old school” caring for people at all, but in the long run it feels unsustainable to constantly pour your heart out with the rest of the world; especially when you tune in so easily to other’s chaotic energy, like many of us do).

    Funny thing: at times I get this ecstatic energy rush and this apt description popped into my head…uuhhh heart: “I cannot contain myself anymore” …. Quite literally, haha.

    Wondering when ascension becomes another random topic in water cooler chit chat…”Heard the boss had a High Heart attack”…



    • “Opening paragraph phrase “repulsively easy” belies your later talk of emotional neutrality, eh?”


      No. Try reading it again later maybe…or not. 🙂


  17. hi everyone:)

    i will always decorate for holidays. i have the perpetual kid in me…my mom is in her 80’s and she still dyes Easter eggs and puts up Christmas tree.. maybe i have her genes:) she is 80 years young and is also going thru this process…..

    i love the feel of holidays and love to make things lovely for the family and friends, and of course me LOL:)

    Pumpkins from the pumpkin patch . walks on frosty fall days down by the river , Christmas trees and Christmas lights, Christmas carols that touch my heart….., .i often get kidded because i am out pulling up corn stalks this time of year making fall arrangements by my entrance door outside.. complete with gourds and other fall paraphernalia… i think i will always have the kid inside me and if anything it is intensifying with this shift… as i feel more wonder and something wonderful inside. . full up!!!!

    the thing with the words not coming .. LOL.. well this is why at first i did not write here and only read the posts as i felt i could not make sense .. but then the energy blew the brains out a bit more and it was like… ” what the hell”:) I saw the humor in it and decided it was worth the risk ………… one thing that helped spur this on is i went into a local store and the clerk asked me a question.. i began to talk and what came out was kinda a garble,.. she looked shocked.. i felt .. ridiculous, then i began to laugh and the laugh was so real… we BOTH began to laugh…i saw the humor in it and said, ” well…… that was certainly interesting..’ and we both laughed again! it felt real and free and well in that moment i saw how silly it is to taken myself to seriously.. it is all .. fun:)

    today i was going to go see a friend a few hundred miles away.. but alas.. to much energy in the head to be driving that distance… so it is as it is.. instead i am going to go down to the river and throw rocks in and the later listen to this beautiful music that i down loaded last night.. that is so piercingly beautiful.. i have no words.. i wished i could send you all a copy of it… it is music that stills .. as i listened i could literally feel the music i fill my body…the high heart was whirling .. joy in every cell.. magic , pure magic.. and i LOVE it .. every single last feelin bit of it:)

    the sun is filtering thru the leaves and the quiet whisper of fall fills the air.. time to get off this computer for the day and.. live.

    love to all here… christine

  18. HI Denise and all,
    been seeing that triangle so very clearly whenever I meditate over the past few days. Feel generally good but nausea back and aches and pains in new places. Feel like energy is not only running through me but is PULLING through me now??
    I’m going away for a city break with my husband over the 28th to 30th. Only mention these dates as I have been following Toms’ pastime of looking at doom and gloom websites. Having to pull myself out of fear of something happening while I’m away. I’ve decided to go with the best case scenario! speak to you all when I get back

    love Kit

  19. Linda, thanks for your acknowledgment, and I’m glad my shares are helping your husband. Being a male going through Ascension is an interesting experience. I hope that in the future more men will share on this blog so that we can support and validate each other even more.

    Denise, thanks for posting that triangle chart. Being a very visual person, it helped me understand in a clear, vivid way. I *love* your tug-of-war analogy!!!! I’ve been searching for a good term to explain polarized consciousness for years, and that’s perfect. One thing that struck me about a tug of war game is that someone always has to lose. Also, both sides expend a lot of energy fighting over something which ultimately doesn’t benefit either of them. I’m so glad that we are starting to move beyond tug-of-war consciousness.

    Jay, your joke about Ascension becoming a subject of water cooler chit chat made me laugh. I’m envisioning a day when Ascension Coaching becomes a part of our culture. I see Anthony Robbins writing a book and leading seminars on Successful Ascension, and doing lots of TV commercials to promote his work. Eventually, Ascension will become a cool thing for teenagers to do, and they will try to Ascend to become popular at school.


  20. Holy buckets of ibuprofen! Anyone else get hit by the cosmic bus? I woke up before dawn this morning barely able to turn over. I also felt very sad and disjointed and wondered what had spilled in this nocturnal collision.

    I dreamed right before I woke up that I was walking with a bunch of people, in long dress garb through a nighttime desert, to a place on a hill where there was one large tent and a few smaller tents set up. I was pretty excited in the dream, thinking it was some sort of party or celebration. Nothing gloomy or doomy. That is until I woke up in this reality with uncomfortable cellular feedback.

    I checked on Spaceweather.com this morning and got an answer for the aching. So much intense solar activity, as is expected in this momentous cycle. Hang on to your hats and all your positive and loving intentions. Whoooooooooosh!

    “IMPACT: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetic field at approximately 12:15 UT on Sept. 26th. The impact caused significant ground currents in Norway. Also, the Goddard Space Weather Lab reports a “strong compression of Earth’s magnetosphere. Simulations indicate that solar wind plasma [has penetrated] close to geosynchronous orbit starting at 13:00UT.” Geosynchronous satellites could therefore be directly exposed to solar wind plasma and magnetic fields. Stay tuned for updates.

    STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY: Having already unleashed two X-flares since Sept. 22nd, sunspot AR1302 appears ready for more. The active region has a complex “beta-gamma-delta” magnetic field that harbors energy for strong M- and X-class eruptions. Flares from AR1302 will become increasingly geoeffective as the sunspot turns toward Earth in the days ahead.”

  21. The past couple of days I have been feeling a change. I find that my reactions are changing. I’m finding I’m letting more things go, when in the past I would have reacted with alot of emotion. I’m still having so many physical symptoms. I’ve had a head ache for 2 days now, lots of digestive issues and pain in my abdomen, that has passed but I’m feeling like I got hit by a truck today and need lots of sleep still.
    And wow, dream time is busy busy. I feel like I’m doing some last ditch efforts in the astral plane. Haven’t been doing so much work there in a while. I’m finding myself in specific places, helping certain children and animals as well. It feels like emergency work. In one dream I had a bunch of people brought into a “safe house” and many dark beings were trying to break through, despite my best efforts they kept breaking through. At one point I used my voice in a way that I’ve never experienced before and it created a powerful ward around myself and the people I was helping so I could get them to safety. And in the dream I could visibly see this ward. Haven’t had dreams like that in a long time. I’ve been having dreams like this for the past 4-5 nights.

    @Lamplighter: Big Big hugs to you for posting this song!! Its hard to describe or express how I”m feeling sometimes and this song really does it. I am soooo putting this on my ipod.

    Love to you all,

  22. Hi Denise and All Here:

    I am enjoying so much everyone’s comments here. I continue on in this Zero Zone. Neutral about everything, no past, no future, and I do feel like my brain has vacated the premises, which is a strange feeling indeed when all my life, I’ve been used to actually “thinking” my brain had a purpose. Apparently, not! My Arcturians tell me that our “patience is about to be rewarded” and that what is coming down the pipes for us all is so much more than we are currently able to imagine. Apparently, the “hanging on” bit is over, and now replaced with “hanging out”. Reminds me of the old expression, “All dressed up and nowhere to go.” Lamp Lighter, loved the One Eskimo song. Tom, where were you when I was 20 years old? Love to All Here.

  23. So interesting you posted this Denise.. Just today I was thinking how I feel like I KNOW everything. Now to some (who haven’t lived the ascension processes) that might seem arrogant but it really is like you say, a knowing in my body and I FEEL the knowing. I can’t say why I know but I just know that there’s nothing I don’t actually know. Anything I want to know, learn or understand comes instantly just from focusing my intention and attention on it. And I am noticing my manifesting abilities have returned FINALLY but now it’s like they’re on steroids!!

  24. My brain has always struggled to find words for what I know. It took the first 15 yrs of my life and a lot of speech therapy to get words to flow smoothly and another 25 to find anything worth saying, let alone anyone who cared to listen to what I might have to say..And then came Barbara,,,,Now that I am here in this open welcoming place..so am going to babble a bit.Just in case this might help anyone feel less crazy,,and in hopes then no one else ever has this experience without some helping hands along the way…. OK…I was feeling very crazed in 2007 when I apparently did a crash course full body meltdown, looked like acute M.S.,I was down to skin and bones, 120 lb..down from 170 in 6mon..on my large 5’9 frame..My counselor asked me if I had considered that I might be dying a couple of yrs before I got this wasted away. I think it better to have MORE Body Mass when going thru this..There is a lot of body shifting going on under those extra lbs,,,maybe they are there for a reason..Most toxins are stored in fatty tissues,,I melted out some nasty stuff thru my skin in those wretched 6 months.,,Soak your feet folks as the toxins tend to end up in the extremities,,work those leg muscles and the lymphatic system will do the rest..this gets it to the skin,,,and out in the bath….AND Barbara is awake,I have chicken vegg. soup on the stove ready for my feeble dumplings and coffee to grind..,rough night for us both after all…But we ate a lot………..AND finally back on topic…..About finding the words for what you know and speaking from the High Heart is always funny and kind…Barbara showed up with endless questions about things I had never shared…I had questioned a lot in my life..But I had the kind of questions that people only asked in books or of themselves..Barbara was the first Real Person who showed up in my black and white life. Right from the start I found out that Barbara and I both lose words and always have…Shoes become foot covers and jackets are sleeves..We also switch middles and ends of words and phrases..This can be amusing..And I have a blank for an example,,hmm…The last few days my mind has been very quiet,,as have Barbara’s.Likewise for our friend, neighbor and wonderfully kind and thoughtful Care Provider, Cynthia..Watching my mind I find pictures and have to seek the words,,and it is like painting a picture..Can be very slow..unless my heart is in what I am saying..then I can get into a poetic flow..I best express myself in written words.Barbara showed up with endless questions about things I had never shared…I had questioned a lot in my life..But I had the kind of questions that people only asked in books or of themselves..Barbara was the first Real Person who showed up in my black and white life. Sure I had Nature, Barbara and I both lose words and always have…Shoes become foot covers and jackets are sleeves..We also switch middles and ends of words and phrases..This can be amusing..And I have a blank for an example,,hmm…The last few days my mind has been very quiet,,as have Barbara’s.Likewise for our friend, neighbor and wonderfully kind and thoughtful Care Provider, Cynthia..Watching my mind I find pictures and have to seek the words,,and it is like painting a picture..Can be very slow..unless my heart is in what I am saying..then I can get into a poetic flow..I best express myself in written words…Time to turn off the faucet and make coffee and have some soup,,have to make room for the dumpling..and soothe my tummy.

  25. Lamplighter, thanks for sharing about the latest CME. I woke up around 5am for no apparent reason, and felt pretty good. I took a long bus trip to run an errand I didn’t want to run, and still felt good and had a good attitude. About an hour and a half ago I started feeling like I had just been run over by a truck, and had no idea why. I still feel that way, and after I read your post I knew exactly why.

    I’ve been strongly affected by all the recent CME activity, and your post was not exactly good news for me. I’m still groaning and thinking “Oh no, not AGAIN.” Despite this, I appreciate all of you who keep us updated on these events. Thanks.


  26. Wow,what a nice surprise,,very easy on the eyes Especially nice on such a bright day,,thanks Denise. Lamp Lighter I loved the song,too. And I read an ancient copy of Earnest Holmes Science of Mind, have had it by my bedside since 1990. It is the only almost Religion that I have really studied. Great looking day here after a light rainstorm last night..Cool 74 F, but 2 minutes in the shockingly bright sun and I am done. Almost instant dizzy, shoulder aches and overheating. And no dry mouth for a change,,but the dogs and I are rather tender on the other end. I had some slippery elm to coat my stomach with my soup,,lots of ginger in the soup,,as it eases off the bloating. And fed the dogs most of my chicken. Very quiet in the neighborhood. No one out walking their dogs. My dogs are subdued, no doggie hotline happening. …Sorry folks I don’t know how to make paragraphs..Tom, I haven’t had much of a sex drive for forever..However, I am very sensual and have found that intimacy beats any specific physical act..It is energy after all. One touch from the right person, a simple pat on the cheek can express a lot, with the right intent.And I am hoping that the hair on my chinny chin chin will soon vanish and my mustache will fade away soon.

  27. These are Beautiful, and so appreciated, all these sharings! Thanks and blessings. I find walking barefoot in the grass or on the ground daily helps, and I’m switching lately to much less eating than before ~ trying to stay in gratitude and love and noticing Breathing! I do feel the Solar Flares and have been tracking them a while now, they give me a big emotional ‘whack’ and it helps to know the cause when you ride one of those waves out. Trying to open the circuitry and doing a lot in the dreaming states. Woke up today tired from all the work going on there, lol…Keep your hearts UP as much as possible everyone, despite the drama and feargames going on ~ trust your Senses and your humor! ~ <3, Mj. PS, yes on the 3's here as well, and seeing fire trucks from station 3 too just a bit ago, LOL.

    • “Love Love Love your WP background Denise. My absolute favourite so far and feels perfect for the time.”


      I love it too and it matches well with the teal colored WP Theme I’ve decided to us now. (I change Themes often because I get bored looking at the same colors. 😉 ) I found this background/wallpaper online somewhere, sorry I can’t remember where.

      The brilliant white-light look of it is exactly how the sunlight and much of everything looks to me when I go outside. This silvery white-light Photon Light from the Sun is something I’ve remembered most of my life from a past life in Egypt around 12,66 B.C. when Earth had entered a Photon Band/the Age of Leo back then. Same situation now as we enter the Age of Aquarius/Photon Band of higher dimensional Light Energy.


  28. Yes Denise, in our community we have termed this the Heart to Heart dance (beyond light & darkness/stepping out of black & white – crystalline time line).

    Barbara: this has been my predicament for a long while now – “all dressed up and no where to go“; hence swimming in apathy.

    Patricia: more on cardiac symptoms from Sankov (MD)
    How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of our Light Body Process:


  29. Hello all, just popping in to say Happy Super New Moon! Yesterday was pretty rough for me, but as soon as I opened my eyes this morning I felt lighter and more balanced. Still achy and tight in my muscles, but my inner energy is calm. Thankyouverymuch. :0)

    In celebration of this cycle of new beginnings, I forward a nice new moon meditation (with toning) for those so inclined. This one works on clearing ‘the basement.’ I found it very relaxing and quite pleasant. Have a splendid day, good people!


  30. Divsy,

    Thank you from my heart for your reference to the Stankov website. It is such perfect “timing” to have the Arcturians referenced and honoured as they are on that site. And yes, apathy is a huge part of being all dressed up and nowhere to go. I’m now thinking being dressed up isn’t necessary at all and a birthday suit will suffice. I feel like I’m in a room with only two doors. One leads to 3D, which I refuse to open, and the other on the opposite side of the room leads to 5D, which I know will open, but I can’t push on it just yet. Strange in calming yet exhilerating way. Love to All Here, and Denise, thank you, too, from my heart for this amazing and lovely forum.

  31. Hi everyone – I mentioned in an earlier post that in past lives I was always very successful with career and/or making money. I also mentioned that I started out that way in this lifetime, then had to give up my career and work survival jobs due to my health and Ascension symptoms. I also mentioned that I recently gave up all my 3-D career and financial aspirations, and accepted that Ascension IS my career now. This was not easy for me, because I had a very vivid idea of what my future would be like starting when I was a small child. I dreamed of a successful, thriving career starting when I was in grade school (really!) and the lifestyle I would have. When I read ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand, I felt that she had written that novel for me. I wanted to be one of the heroes in that book, and run a large corporation by the time I was in my 30s. Later I added travel, experiencing other cultures, and a writing/producing career to my lifestyle dreams.

    Now that I’ve completely given up these 3-D dreams and aspirations, I’m starting to realize that I’ll be experiencing 5-D versions of them very soon. I read several of Dr. Stankov’s articles mentioned in divsy’s earlier posting, and got a clear sense of what my 5-D “career” will be. It will involve doing 5-D versions of the things I’ve always dreamed about. I then took a long walk, and saw lots of people from other cultures. I heard them speaking to each other in a variety of languages and accents. I took this as a sign that some 5-D version of travel and experiencing other cultures will be happening soon in my life. I had a fairly successful writing career, then gave it up due to my Ascension Process. I realize now that posting here is my first step in reclaiming my writing career in 5-D.


  32. Barbara, thanks for your share about being “all dressed up and nowhere to go.” I love your analogy about being in a room with a 3-D door and a 5-D one! Both of those describe exactly how I feel these days. Right now I’m ready to pick the lock, use a battering ram, dynamite, saw, or any other means to open that 5-D door ASAP. Now that I’ve seen some glimpses of what my life in 5-D will be like, I can hardly wait to get there.

    I’m wondering if toy companies will start selling Ascension dolls in the near future. I’d like to see a talking one that tells you its current Ascension Symptoms when you pull a cord in its back. When you turn its arm, it gains weight and develops a Buddha belly. I’m looking forward to seeing Ascension Ken and Barbie in stores soon. I’m wondering if Ascension will become a status symbol in the future. Kids whose parents are Ascending may become snobbish about it, and start taunting kids whose parents aren’t. “That’s so 3-D” may become a derogatory catch phrase in the future. There may be 1-900 phone lines for people who want to start Ascending, but aren’t ready for it yet.


  33. Hey Denise – if this is not appropriate I will understand if you don’t post it 😉

    Hey all! OK, this is off topic but didn’t know where to post it – or not… But does anyone else find it strange that Calleman hasn’t posted anything since August? I was hoping for a day/night 6 update from his POV – but apparently it is not in the cards. I was interested in his view of Elenin. Denise, can you tell us what you know? I heard it broke up – then researching I find that it is not a comet after all – but not sure what to believe at this point.

    • “Hey all! OK, this is off topic but didn’t know where to post it – or not… But does anyone else find it strange that Calleman hasn’t posted anything since August? I was hoping for a day/night 6 update from his POV – but apparently it is not in the cards. I was interested in his view of Elenin. Denise, can you tell us what you know? I heard it broke up – then researching I find that it is not a comet after all – but not sure what to believe at this point.”


      You know I like Carl Calleman because I quote much of his stuff at TRANSITIONS. And in many cases when I go silent over some fairly public and well-known subject it’s because I either do not agree with what’s being talked about by many, and/or I don’t want to open a particular can of worms at that particular time for many different reasons. Tricky business all this…

      So, as I said, I like Calleman and think his work and insight is amazing. But… I just did not and do not get what the fuss has been about any of these comets! Honestly, I got NOTHING about them from Higher Self. And while I’m at it here, I got NOTHING from Higher Self that anything is going to hit Earth, destroy Earth or even little parts of it or any other such negative Dark crap. There are ongoing threats and chest pounding and cage rattling by the Dark Ones (both the non-humans and humans) but they aren’t being allowed to fuck with reality/humanity/Earth etc. as they have. Pardon my French everyone, but the majority of all the fear mongering is, at this point, the Dark doing what it does to keep as many people as possible preoccupied focusing on whatever THEY want them fixated on so they miss the Ascension Process and energies. It’s that polarized and that simple. Like many have said and said correctly, the real Battle or War is over humanities consciousness.

      As far as Calleman not writing something about DAY/NIGHT 6, all I know is that I often start writing a draft of something, but due to the insanely accelerated time in 2011, we outgrow what I was going to talk about in said draft and are quickly on to the next thing, and the next, and so on. In other words, I can barely keep up with what I’m perceiving in 2011 and get it written well enough that people can understand what I’m trying to express! 2011 has been and still is incredible, and now that we’re only weeks away from the entire Mayan calendar ending – aka this Grand Evolutionary Cycle ending – and getting closer to the incredible 11-11-11 transition point, and the 12’s of Dec. and the 2011 Winter Solstice, it’s all getting a bit much to keep up with. We’re learning how to master staying in the calm Now Moment during all of these mega transitions.


  34. First of all, a big thanks to Denise for writing this wonderful explanation of this latest part of our transition. Like most of us here, during the last few years I lost almost all interest in activities related to the lower chakras while getting more and more involved in the ascension process. I am also now at the stage of being “emotionally neutral and unaffected by what is happening around me” and am glad.

    arbara – I can relate to your feeling “like my brain has vacated the premises.” We’re letting go of our ego/brain-controlled way of living and this can feel like a vacuum sometimes. It does take adjusting but I’m so much happier these days!

    Mellisa Jo – I too am switching to less eating now (finally). Still need to get rid of the extra roll around my middle which has gathered in the last year and definitely feel the need to get lighter in all ways…

    Tom – I like what you said about wanting to do the 5-D version of things you always dreamed about. I also intend to reclaim my writing career in 5-D. I believe what I am writing is for the new earth and that will be its market. You may want to take a few steps towards your dreams even now, which will strengthen your intention and choice.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    Lots of Light to all, Thelma

  35. Thank you, Tom, and Barb, and to Divsy for the Sankov M.D. link. Those symptoms are much better now, I feel more relaxed, and yet more excited.
    I was imagining this scenerio with the unsuspecting, ignorant rescue workers if in the event I called 911 for cardiac symptoms…”I think, or maybe it could be Ascended Masters’ Kuthumi, El Morya, and St. Germain activating and directing energy into my heart chakra that must comply with cosmic energies…” The rescue squad would probably put me in a paddy wagon! hee-he.

    On the night of 11-11-11, I’ll be at a big expo event, where they’ll be doing a “Divine Chant of Ascension.” Every little it helps! 🙂

  36. Denise, thanks for your reply to morgean23’s questions about Elenin. I was closely following Elenin and Nibiru on another website for several months before I found your blog. I was very eager to learn about what Earth changes they would cause, and when these would happen. At the time, I thought it was a good idea to stay in this loop so that I would be aware of these things before other people. After I started reading and posting on your blog I lost interest in these things.

    After I read Dr. Stankov’s articles I realized that there is no reason for me to keep up with these things anymore. After I read your reply, I got very clear about why it’s a good idea to stay very focused on my Ascension Process, and not get caught in following Elenin and Nibiru again.


  37. Denise – thanks for your response. Like Tom, I sort of try and follow what else is going on; but a close friend and I have had many a discussion about this – she doesn’t keep up with basically anything – and I surely see the healthy mind-set in that; but I also want to have some idea of what is going on in the collective. This has been something I’ve been struggling with recently. All my life – I stayed away from politics/economics/religion/medicine b/c I thought it was all b.s. It wasn’t until probably the last couple of years that I wanted to have some clue what was going on in the world… now I’m thinking I was better aligned with ascension when I lived in my “own little world” 😉 which had less of the collective bs in it – b/c I didn’t participate in it. Good food for thought, thank you!

  38. Dear Denise, just wanted to check something on High Heart/thymus gland. I noted more and more “activation” of my thymus gland the last couple of days, sort of expanding, warm, glowing. Do you or anyone else recognize this. Anyway, so grateful for your posts and the sense of guidance I get from them.

    I also liked this message by Lisa Gawlas, with a quite detailed depiction of Splitting of the Worlds. Wondering how you feel about it. It pushed my Yay-button 🙂


    Love is All, Jay

    • “Dear Denise, just wanted to check something on High Heart/thymus gland. I noted more and more “activation” of my thymus gland the last couple of days, sort of expanding, warm, glowing. Do you or anyone else recognize this. Anyway, so grateful for your posts and the sense of guidance I get from them.”


      Absolutely. There have been tremendous positive changes and increases in energies since the 2011 fall Equinox (Sept. 23) and the Libra New Moon (Sept. 27) was incredibly potent too. I’m currently working on a new article talking about this and will try to have it published asap. However I’m having to work with on again/off again brain fog and magnetic weakness, sleepiness, and sense of falling or tipping out of my physical body, which is NOT conducive to fabulous writing at all!!! 🙄 Oh well…

      But yeah…the High Heart Thymus gland is coming online within us more and more now and the rest of 2011 and ALL of 2012 will amplify this in ways it’s hard to comprehend today, but it goes along with our moving into Unity Consciousness. I feel the Thymus High Heart chakra or New Center of Consciousness often as – and this will sound cheesy and corny but it’s how it feels to me – “bliss” or “perfection” or “Home”. It feels to me to be my HOME, where I came from PRIOR to incarnating into this tiny dark, rude, crude place. (This Starseed didn’t adapt well to the Dark owned and operated Earth world!)

      I’ve never heard or read anything by this woman you mention but I get what she’s struggling to express because I struggle to express the same information myself. I recognize what she’s trying to say about these 2011 and 2012 new energies arriving and what they’ll do to us. This is what my new article is about that I’m working on now.

      I found it interesting that she’s picked up on December 23rd as another important energy date. Dec. 23 is my birthday and I sense this year and next’s are going to be major activations for me and all of us.

      The bottom line with this topic is really all about changing or evolving into a higher, faster vibrating frequency. Think of this like how humans can’t see certain colors because they’re outside of the range of perception for them at their current level of consciousness and energetic frequency. Same with sounds, light etc. BUT, as we ascend/evolve now, we’re increasingly able to perceive (see, hear, feel, sense) colors, sounds, light waves, and many more frequencies of energy/light/Source than we could prior to the Ascension Process.

      This woman, Lisa Gawlas, attempted to create a graph-like image of this transitional process of ascending/evolving from a lower, more dense and slower frequency range and dimension into a higher, less dense, more Light-filled frequency range and dimension because that’s how her Higher Self is revealing this information to her/Lisa at this time. I totally get that and deal with the same things myself. But the main thing about this is that the Separation of Worlds is really about one group of humanity being ready and able to “Ascend”/evolve up to a higher frequency and consciousness range and level and timeline, and the other group of humanity not doing so now. There are these two primary Probable Realities or Timelines manifesting out of the end of this Grand Evolutionary Cycle/end of the Mayan calendar, but there will also be many more smaller offshoots of other timelines/probable realities etc. too. All of this is far more complex than just two Earth worlds with two groups of humans in each, but all in all, I could relate to what this woman has perceived and it’s basically correct in my opinion.

      [See my old article – https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/3d-4d-5d-the-stairway-to-heaven/ ]


  39. Hi Denise, thanks for your elaborate response. Can’t wait to read your next article. I feel that the past couple of weeks the “learning curve” is pretty steep, mostly in an exciting way, with totally new experiences. And the sense of being activated, systems in me coming online, so to speak and introducing me to a broader reality. Expressing this kinda stuff is indeed kinda challenging, but we have the whole High Heart Feel-knowing to take care of that. Hug, Jay

  40. My life continues to be a rollercoaster ride with rapidly shifting highs of 5-D clarity and bliss, and lows of yucky Ascension Symptoms and doubt. Yesterday I took a long walk, and received several clear 5-D signs from Spirit. I had several giant moments, and in my mind’s eye clearly saw a white door against a black background on three separate occasions. My guides told me that the door leads to 5-D, and that I will stepping through it very soon. I then heard my guides say “Better get your affairs in order”, and saw that written out in my mind’s eye. I then saw the white door against the black background again, and saw the door opening and me stepping through it. My vision ended at that moment. 😦 Since then my Ascension Symptoms have been severe, and I’ve been having a lot of doubts about my Ascension Process. I’ve been feeling like I’ll be trapped in my current 3-D circumstances forever.


  41. Tom,

    That up and down yoyo bipolar kind of effect won’t last forever. In the middle of it, it can feel like you want to give up but sure enough after the lows come the breakthroughs. That has been my experience and the worse it gets or the lower you go, the higher you will be shot upward. (which is good news) Try to use this time to be with what ever comes up. Don’t avoid your feelings but don’t attach to them either. The way out, is through. You are so close now.

    Much love

  42. Tom: Yes, “Better get your affairs in order”

    Most lightworkers have been here before – oscillating between bands/channels and the devastating effects of upheavals from symptoms. Like was suggested in a previous post, the elixir is Surrender – surrender is the secret of secrets, the all and all wrt this journey.

    You made me remember the scripture that says he will come in the night like a thieve, hence our constant urge to be ready; to this effect I`ve been trying to clean my template – kind of agendaless. I salute all fellow travelers.

  43. Tom, thx for sharing symptoms feelings etc. It truly helps to know I am not alone in such. After getting fired a couple of weeks ago I was initially holding my own and knowing it was for the best and I would be moving in a better and new direction. since then, I have bc significantly less self assured. I gave enuf $ to live on for about one month wh scares me significsntly. I go thru alternating periods of feeling very strong and able only to plunge to depths of insecurity and question my sanity in all of this. The old 3d ways no longer work for me and any solution I entertain from this place (3d) feels awful. My world has crumbled – it is clear it is time to begin anew but faith in myself and abilities (5d) at any given moment waivers bt reLly strong and not there at all. I’ve advertised all of my furniture for sale only to sell two small items. Right now living like a 3d addict trying to live 5d – one day at a time / one moment at a time.

  44. Hi Denise,

    My name is leah and my gorgeous mum sent me your post because since I was 16 I have had these dark entities visit me and seem to also sometimes also seem to attack other people who are close to me. Forgive me but I am new to your messages and might ask a question you have already explained. As I have been dealing with this for quite a long time now( I’m 28), my strategies have become better and they rarely have the same negative effect on me as they use to but I continue to still try various solutions and methods to handle my situation. Instead of bothering me so much they are starting to connect themselves to my partner and the visits are rapidly increasing. I white light myself and project love from the source to protect myself when I am faced with these entities, when it comes to projecting love on them I have been hit back with revolution and anger. The entities can differ and one seems stronger than the others, i find that no love is ever accepted and I feel guilty wondering if I am being arrogant enough to believe that I can force love on a energy that seems to be quite happy to stay in the dark world its manifesting. I wonder if this energy is apart of the source and god as are all of us, if it can be dissolved at all? I feel okay sending it back to its own source but I feel guilt trying to force it to frequency it its not ready for. Do you know if this guilt is normal? Maybe I am overanalysing it, but I know I have never accepted something which was forced opon me so shouldn’t I treat it with the same kindness and love I wish to experience with my ownself. That maybe fighting or forcing anything will only distract from our purpose in this, to be a reflection of its polar opposite to show the universe offers choice to us all.

    • Leah,

      The Ascension Process has to do with each of us evolving beyond the old lower frequency range and consciousness of Duality. With that comes these attacks and such from Team Dark (my term for any and all negative beings/entities/demons etc.) mainly because they don’t want to lose their human hosts (their food and fuel supplies). As each of us “wakes up” more and more to more of reality, Team Dark typically attacks us in a variety of ways in an attempt to prevent us from evolving and literally moving beyond their influence. And as you said, as we learn more about how to protect ourselves, how to know more about energies, consciousness, frequency ranges etc., it slowly becomes more difficult for Team Dark to attack us, wound us, control us, derail us like they’ve always been able to. When this happens they do exactly what you mentioned; they turn their focus on someone else whose still easy to energetically get at (parasite off of). And, if that someone else is a loved one of ours then Team Dark hopes that their actions will derail us over what they’re doing to that someone else! These dark beings are cruel, vicious, literally heartless and they’ll do anything to get the energies they need from humanity to continue existing. They are nonhuman, nonphysical parasites and we MUST evolve beyond their reach and influence as quickly as possible.

      You know how it feels when they attack you? That’s how it feels to them when you or anyone “sends Love” to them. It causes them pain, it repulses them, it makes them want to hurt the person “attacking” them with “love” even more. This is why I’ve never suggested that anyone should intentionally send Love and/or Light to Team Dark beings. Doing so only keeps you in a state of Duality with them and they with you. What I do suggest you do is send them nothing — not Love, not hate, not fear, not Light, nothing. Be neutral and indifferent to them, ignore them, cut them off from you in every way you can imagine. Make them nothingness energetically in your mind and heart and then focus on something other than them. It’s NOT your or my or anyone’s responsibility to “heal” Team Dark so just release that thought or belief system. They are teaching us about Duality in the worst and more horrific ways and they’ve done a great job doing it! But now it’s time for us to understand much more about this and them and then move beyond them which is what’s happening. 🙂 Evolution…


      • Thankyou Denise for spending the time to reply back to my post. I’m sorry if I misinterpreted your information and promise to consider your words wisely.

        Bless you for taking the time to guide and direct others.

        Leah xx

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