Today is 11-22-11 which indicates it’s a rather unique day energetically; a day of Master numbers of Unity.

Some keywords for 11 are— Master Light, birthing and anchoring the New. Some keywords for 22 are— build within the New, intentionally creating in the New Earth and timeline.

Despite whatever is (or is not) happening around you, use today’s Master numbers to Consciously Create and plant 5D High Heart seeds in the very new energy fields. They will grow faster now than ever before because we’ve exited the old Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar. Plant wisely and from as high a place as today’s numbers indicate.


November 22, 2011


16 thoughts on “11-22-11

  1. Wow! What intense, amazing energy is dancing in, around & through you on 11-22-2011 = 37-1 Univ. Day with 3 Master Vibrations. Ground yourself thru mediation. Exercise, walk & feel your body. Emotions are so high with everyone as It’s like being in an eye of the storm. Harness this consciousness. Empower yourself & channel it to your loving game plan of what you want to do today & your vision for the Thanksgiving Holiday…Lv

  2. Wonderful reminder, and thank you Denise! It’s also the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John. F. Kennedy – the first major tragedy of my generation, the day we lost our innocence, and the “pre-catalyst” for the Sixties consciousness and human rights revolution that began a few short years later.

  3. Thanks for the reminder! Life is flowing forward to fast since 10/28 that I would have missed the significance of this day.

    I am thankful for all that is happening. That has been my intention for the day. Gratitude and appreciation.

  4. Now this morning makes sense. I have been so busy at work that I didn’t even have time to think about it but this morning I had the push/urge to sit down and meditate before work. The meditation I was steered towards was Tom Kenyon’s “Sounds of Raphael” for healing on all levels!

  5. awesome! thanks for sharing. I posted some links talking about the same subject on my blog today! 😉

  6. Hi Denise, Thanks for this reminder, however, since I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, have received this message one day late. Just thought I’d mention that. Very often, because I’m down here, I miss out on great things posted from the Northern Hemisphere. However, thank you for the important work you are doing.
    Love…………Linda from Australia

  7. Wow, yesterday was intense. I got knocked sideways by energy in the afternoon, my vision kept going out of focus, and I was inundated by energy in the evening. Then, when I went to bed, it was like I could see the light coming down to me (this has happened before) where I can see the edges of the light as it comes down around me. Last night, though, was quite the light show– there was red and pink and dark blue-purple light swirling with dark black, a pause, then more swirls of light in a lighter blue and light green. Intense!

    Hugs to all (you probably need them!)

    • “Wow, yesterday was intense.”

      It was indeed! So much so that all I could write about it yesterday was those couple of paragraphs in that pathetic little article. Then I spent the rest of the day in bed because I felt like I was getting sick. No physical sickness, only how my body felt due to the higher octave energies of 11-22-11. We’re just not done yet kids so hang in there please. ♥

      Hugs to all,

  8. Hi Denise and All Here:

    First, thanks so much for all your good comments in general and in responding to my own. Don’t know what I’d do without you.

    Right now, I am sooooooo homesick for my home planet, it’s all I can do to keep going here on Planet Earth. However, Barbara Hand Clow posted her New Moon Report for November 25, 2011 and here is one line that tells me we continue on the right road:

    “Change happens at the quantum level with waves collapsing into particles that carry new thoughts since matter is not solid, and there are times when even physical forms can transmute instantaneously. ”

    Okay, I confess I had to actually look up “transumute.” I’ve seen it hundreds of times, but never confirmed my thinking on what it actually meant. Webster says, “transumet: to change or alter in form or appearance, or nature, and especially to a higher form.”

    I am Definitely For That and “Instantaneously” appeals the most. More eclipses on the way! Arghhhhh. Love to All Here,


  9. Has anyone else felt positive universe energy particularly April 30 & May 1, 2012? First time I am reaching out to see if there are others who feel this too. Thanks for responding. Barbara Patterson, Atlanta GA

    • “Has anyone else felt positive universe energy particularly April 30 & May 1, 2012? First time I am reaching out to see if there are others who feel this too. Thanks for responding. Barbara Patterson, Atlanta GA”

      Barbara Patterson,

      YES! Tremendous increases in positive energies have been flooding the planet the past few days with April 30 and May 1st being EXTRA potent. I’ve been experiencing it big-time all day and night today (May 1, 2012) and am actually hyped and tired at the same time because of it! (May 1st is the “cross quarter point” or midpoint between the spring Equinox and the coming summer Solstice. In other words…today is a “power day” and is the first–Taurus–of the four Fixed cross quarter days of the year. But there SO much more that’s been happening that’s of tremendous positive change across this whole dimension and planet than just this but things are going to unfold and improve now very quickly and in large chunks like they haven’t been able to prior…ever. 😀


    • Yes, I have been feeling these positive energies consistently for over a week now! And I say a Big “Hooray”!

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