Higher Solar Energies Affecting More People

Oct. 16, 2010 solar magnetic filament

Over the past couple of years grocery shopping (to be totally honest about this, simply leaving my house) has taken on the same dread and resistance as having to go to the dentist for a Root Canal… and pay for it! Seriously, the normal choirs of living in physicality have become dreaded journeys out of my higher frequency safe zone house, into the lower frequency realms of physical hell just to forage for food and supplies. Since the Ascension Process began many years ago, leaving my house and property to shop meant I’d be dropping back down into lower frequency energies, people and consciousness—and as we’ve all discovered—it’s extremely physically and psychologically painful doing this.

I used to return home with my hard-gained groceries and other physical booty and have to physically and emotionally recover from having spent time out there in that lower frequency environment. Sometimes it took hours to recover and regain my strength and transmute the lower junk I’d encountered while out there, other times it takes days to recover. In 2011 there doesn’t seem to be any recovery anymore, just more exhaustion and physical pain that lessens over time but never goes away completely. What a price to pay just to buy food, toilet paper, shampoo, cat food, clothes etc. Crazy.

This morning, November 28, 2011, I had to go to two stores to grocery shop and it was as usual physically and psychologically painful, but there was something different that happened and that’s why I’m writing this. What I saw today while shopping was an eye-opener for me and gave me a sense of what 2012 is probably going to be like for many, many, people.

While in these two stores grocery shopping this morning my Mom and I kept running into other shoppers in the isles which is normal, BUT, every one of these people was totally unaware, confused, dazed, incapable of responding with any sort of normal reaction to their being in the way of other shoppers and so on. The first few times this happened I ignored it and pushed on past them all. But isle after isle we kept encountering this same mentally dazed, brain-dead, zombie-like state in 99% of all the shoppers. I saw only one young adult man with his little son who was functioning like a “normal” human. He was very aware of where he was, what he was doing there, the other shoppers all around him, of me and me of him, what he was doing and so on. I think this may be why he and I noticed each other repeatedly throughout the store; we both were glad to encounter another human who wasn’t acting like a lost zombie in some cheesy movie!

These shoppers were not all seniors either but a good mix of society both in age and sex so this can’t all be blamed on the old people having a senior moment!  Isle after isle we kept running into small groups of shoppers behaving like zombies who’d gotten themselves—and everyone else who came upon them—stuck in a zombie cluster-f*** traffic jam pile-up where none of them could even figure out how to solve the problem and escape the congestion. It really was unbelievable.

These people where spaced-out, zoned-out, dazed and staring glassy-eyed at merchandise on the shelves, at their mate, smiling helplessly and frozen at other shoppers needing them to move, or just staring blankly into empty air. I’m not exaggerating, it was incredible, and once we finally made it to the grocery checkout both the young cashier and grocery bagger were spaced-out and got lost mentally in mid-sentence while dealing with us. My Mom and I watched them both get lost at different points with what they were doing and eventually come back up-to-speed mentally. Very weird to witness this to this degree in so many “normal” people out in public.

Driving home I reviewed what I’d witnessed in two different shopping stores with different groups of shoppers. Then I remembered how ungrounded and out-of-it I felt last week when I had to go out to buy something. I felt I was an ungrounded ridiculous mess at the time and was embarrassingly aware of my condition. It was also abnormally difficult for me to drive that day because I now feel other drivers mental intentions and line of focus and they usually come into direct energetic contact with my car, me, and where I’m driving which is very stressful while trying to not be effected by these mental and emotional lines of intent other drivers exude.

I was having trouble walking in straight lines and interacting with salespeople on this particular day last week. It was so severe that I was embarrassed over how abnormally ungrounded I was while out in public. It’s one thing to walk into door jambs in the privacy of my home when I’m adjusting and adapting to the latest Wave of higher Light Energies, but it’s another thing being in public while in these now constant embodying Ascension states.

It’s one thing having Ascension related words and nouns-be-gone brain fog which shuts off ones ability to remember the simplest of words for the simplest of things when trying to talk—make that pantomime—to a family member who, thankfully is also living the same Ascension related symptoms so completely understands your inability to articulate much of anything beyond grunts, frustrated hand signals and abundant cursing. But, trying to look and sound “normal” while out in public when one is deep in their 47,000th Ascension symptom is another thing entirely. I don’t want strangers observing me or having to interact with me while I’m dealing and struggling with what I’m transmuting and embodying in 2011. I’ve had to deal with this since February 1999 and I don’t want to be observed (and totally misunderstood) while doing my Living Alchemical Ascension Work during those brief moments when I have to be out there shopping. That’s what I want but of course not what always happens.

Ten, twelve years ago I couldn’t wait for the time when the rest of humanity would begin showing positive signs that they were living the Ascension Process. That time has arrived. It’s one thing being a Starseed whose mission is living and “Path Paving” these higher energies first, but it’s something else seeing for myself other “normal” people showing blatant signs that they’re being deeply effected and altered by the higher frequency Light Energies our Sun is transmitting to humanity and all life on Earth. I found it interesting that none of the shoppers my Mom and I saw acting like lost, confused, spaced-out zombies were consciously aware of how they were acting. Ignorance is bliss and it’s better they’re not consciously aware of how much they’re actually changing/evolving now physically…just like everything else in this world and reality.

We Forerunners/Starseeds (and some older Indigos) have had to consciously carry this knowing (some longer than others) while we lived and struggled through transmuting the old lower and embodied the new higher, but the masses will it seems, only stagger around out there for a while looking, acting, and sounding like unaware zombies slowly awakening from a long, horrible nightmare. This is a kindness for them and a benefit for the rest of us.

I have another article I’ll publish soon that talks more about the building solar energies of the 2012–2013 “solar maximum” period and how it’s already affecting the more sensitive people and their bodies and consciousness. Until then, remember that the Sun has been preparing to transmit higher frequency energies more often via solar activities but in new ways because we’ve completed the Mayan calendar/past Evolutionary Cycle and its framework and are in a highly receptive transitional zone until the end of 2012. The even higher energies the Sun will be transmitting throughout 2012–2013 will be much more intense, compressed, potent and fast-acting upon all life on Earth than anything we’ve experienced before the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle on October 28, 2011. Said another way, hold on to your cosmic socks and learn to gracefully maneuver around the growing clusters of unaware shopping zombies while they too are activated to evolve now faster than the speed of Light.


November 29, 2011

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  1. Sorry but I think articles like this defeat the “we are all one” and encourage more separatism than what we are already experiencing. I’m glad I feel comfortable with both the starseeds and the “zombies”—many of whom choose to participate in the continuing evolution of our species.

    • “Sorry but I think articles like this defeat the “we are all one” and encourage more separatism than what we are already experiencing. I’m glad I feel comfortable with both the starseeds and the “zombies”—many of whom choose to participate in the continuing evolution of our species.”

      gloria osbone,

      And I’m sorry you didn’t understand me or my article. Your understanding of Starseeds and 5D Unity Consciousness or the “we are all one” business will expand and mean something very different to you as you continue evolving. This is true for all of us myself included.


  2. Oh my goodness, I so resonate with you on all counts and like you, I’m reluctant to leave my cocoon. I use my Facebook network to interact with kindred spiirits, like souls but there are those who mirror your shoppers; lost, confused, spaced-out zombies and as you allude to, not consciously aware of seemingly anything but reality show TV. Thank goodness for the sign out button as I’m overwhelmed by so many people with such low vibrating energies. Holding on to my cosmic socks, thanks so much for your posts.

  3. Dear Denise……i know those feeling so well…..but what I have observed with myself is i suppose the next stage in out development…….I live in a very small town…30 people….we have a community store and a few years ago I worked there for a while…well the brain fog was extreme….i really do not know how I existed then….but in the last 12 mths I have been working there more regularly……and it had taken sssoooooo much practice..but when i get there my brain works…and I can be me…….But here is the interesting thing….My Hubby who use to be mr. brain man..get everything right when it comes to money etc..is also working there….and I can see his brain fog big time…and he is aware of it…..But it is becoming obvious that all the other people who live in town are going through the same thing….it has evolved over the last 12mths….and some a question Why this is happening…they were well organised busy people….now they fell just like I did a few years ago…and sometime I am worse in my own house……..it is an entirely different frequency to the rest of the town space…for the space I work in Spiritually is quite different to the one I work in at the store….but it seems that I can adapt to this shift and begin to enjoy it….
    I will also mention that I have learnt brain gym…intergration of both sides of the brain to work as one…this had helped greatly……thanks for listening..Carol

  4. O-M-G, Denise, I so felt incredible gratitude reading this!! thank you for posting. I have taken to shopping at 3 AM lately just to have enough room to maneuver easily. I also note that I am seeing this pattern of zombie dis-awareness, not just in the grocery stores, but also more scarily, in Traffic. I wonder on some level if this is not multidimensional separation processing ongoing, like “under construction” signs, in the general public. I do also see it not just in the elderly, but all over. And likewise, the other strangers who randomly are “awake” to you also (guy with son in grocery) at the same frequency transfers, sense you as easily as you sense them. It’s as if there is a universal blurring of all psychic boundaries, and this overwhelms some into slow confusion, and others of us at a different vibration, sends us speeding around the edges. What is hard, is how isolating it can feel, to be one of the awake ones. I know it’s easier so far, to find support groups online, than in your local area, but I do hope this changes soon, as two together make grocery shopping easier, if you get my drift. (pun on Drift, too, laughing!) ~
    Likewise, I’ve also had the fog moments you speak of and luckily have days where I can avoid leaving the house, with a somewhat flexible schedule at present. I am thankful for this beyond words. Have you any advice or things that help you adjust better, on those days? besides extra sleep, warm baths, soothing music and grounding, that’s what I’ve been trying to use… Thank you again, much love ~

  5. Hi Denise,
    I have been an avid reader of yours for almost a year now and am amazed as to how clear and accurate your messages are, for the most part. I say for the most part because, up until now, I wondered if I were the only one who had noticed how the people “out there” were acting like zombies; looking dead and lifeless; and going around and intentionally hurting others. I noticed they would do this by sending dangerous psychic negativity through dirty looks, and for those of us who can energetically and vibrationally discern this, ill intentions and wishes of hurt, harm, danger, envy, jealousy, and all the other lower vibration behaviors. When I was on active duty in the Navy a few years ago, I was deployed to Iraq for 1.5 years and my presumption is that I was called upon at that time to live and embody a higher vibration, not only for that area and those that I lived and worked with, but also to empower me for my return home. However, when I did return home, the lower vibrations hit me like a ton of bricks. It became increasingly difficult to be out in public and to have these types of psychic negativity, and lower vibration activities sent my way. It took a very long time to understand what was going on. Many people and family I spoke to about this could not completely understand where I was coming from. So I had to go off on my own and discover how to protect myself because it literally felt like the people “out there” were literally sucking the very life out of my soul. I felt a desperate need from within to learn how to protect myself. So, long story short, I have found that while being “out there”, one good technique for people like us to protect ourselves, is to wear the darkest, thickest sunglasses you can find. It seems like they (the dark ones) are sometimes looking for someone to sink their hooks into in order to gain life force. I will not provide it to them. You can literally observe their reaction when they run into someone like me and are unable to “feed”; they are highly disappointed. The main reason I am writing is because I’m wondering why I have been feeling and experiencing this for a few years and why it is now being realized by more of us? I’m not exactly sure what to classify myself, as there are so many names circulating around and sometimes I think I may be a mixture of a few at least. Well, best wishes and hope to hear a response from you.


    • “Hi Denise,
      I have been an avid reader of yours for almost a year now and am amazed as to how clear and accurate your messages are, for the most part. I say for the most part because, up until now, I wondered if I were the only one who had noticed how the people “out there” were acting like zombies; looking dead and lifeless; and going around and intentionally hurting others. I noticed they would do this by sending dangerous psychic negativity through dirty looks, and for those of us who can energetically and vibrationally discern this, ill intentions and wishes of hurt, harm, danger, envy, jealousy, and all the other lower vibration behaviors. When I was on active duty in the Navy a few years ago, I was deployed to Iraq for 1.5 years and my presumption is that I was called upon at that time to live and embody a higher vibration, not only for that area and those that I lived and worked with, but also to empower me for my return home. However, when I did return home, the lower vibrations hit me like a ton of bricks. It became increasingly difficult to be out in public and to have these types of psychic negativity, and lower vibration activities sent my way. It took a very long time to understand what was going on. Many people and family I spoke to about this could not completely understand where I was coming from. So I had to go off on my own and discover how to protect myself because it literally felt like the people “out there” were literally sucking the very life out of my soul. I felt a desperate need from within to learn how to protect myself. So, long story short, I have found that while being “out there”, one good technique for people like us to protect ourselves, is to wear the darkest, thickest sunglasses you can find. It seems like they (the dark ones) are sometimes looking for someone to sink their hooks into in order to gain life force. I will not provide it to them. You can literally observe their reaction when they run into someone like me and are unable to “feed”; they are highly disappointed. The main reason I am writing is because I’m wondering why I have been feeling and experiencing this for a few years and why it is now being realized by more of us? I’m not exactly sure what to classify myself, as there are so many names circulating around and sometimes I think I may be a mixture of a few at least. Well, best wishes and hope to hear a response from you.



      What a wonderful, sane, and elevated position you’ve achieved after all you must have experienced in the military and the Middle East.

      In this particular article I was focused primarily on some of the recent positive changes I’ve seen in other “normal” people, and by normal I mean non-Starseeds and non-Lightworkers etc. Regular folk in other words. However, I know exactly what you’re talking about because I’ve seen it, experienced it, been under attack by it myself since my physical, biological Ascension Process started in 1999.

      I’ve seen the people who vibrate at a much lower, slower, dense rate not like me and my Light. I’ve seen and felt them attack me and not even know what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. It’s just an energetic knee-jerk reaction to higher frequency Light energies; hate, lashing out at the Light, fear, repulsion, ego, misunderstanding and so on. It’s been harsh…really harsh for those of us who’ve been embodying more and more Light energies in a world that had next to none in it for many thousands of year. We of the Light have not been welcomed guests here in the Dark for sure and have endured plenty of attacks from other humans and the non-physical non-human Beings.

      These lower dark forces cause people to energetically feed off of other people (vampirize/parasite) because they’ve forgotten Source and their connection to It and that Source is a free energy for all. 😉 But this was part of going down into the bowels of polarized physicality and learning.

      You might enjoy the Comment response I just wrote to Betty about her 58-year-old schizophrenic brother. It’s very much like what you’re talking about really; having to deal with certain humans who are psychically, energetically attacking those of us who carry Light frequencies within us.

      In years past I’ve talked about certain things but it was too early to talk about them like this. Many of the Ascension Teachers have had to wait for more people to be consciously aware of certain topics before we could bring this information out into the LIGHT much more. This is finally happening in massive ways now in 2011 and will be even more so throughout 2012. For the Light to come out and show itself in more people and reality on a conscious level…more and more of humanity HAS to be consciously aware of how severe and widespread the Dark, the negativity, the Dark Ones have been on Earth. We can’t heal what we don’t even know exists so there’s a learning curve with the topic of the Dark and the Dark Ones as more and more Light replaces it and people are consciously realizing how really bad it’s been for all of humanity and why.

      ♥ Hugs,

  6. Hello Denise, Yes I know what you mean. And I”m happy to hear this from you. Because in my surrounding/people did not understand this phenomena. I had many times for a long periods in the kundalini and later in the ascension that I could not go out off my house. The sensitivity was extreme. It was feeling if i had no boundary ! Walk like zigzag or on moon boots! But slowly I learn more and more to hold on and my aura became stronger. I still feel it,but not so strong any more. Only when there is a new wave off transition energies and period of integrations , than the body react whit pain as son I go out of my surrounding/house.The only thing I still can not travel by bus or train.( think over I was a world traveller!) That will be to much. I feel that the energetic waves coming from the people sitting in the bus or trains.. So most of the time I walk or go on bike. I also had a period that when I go for food shopping shopping , I had the following experiences ;- a example-,if i was looking for a milk packet it seem to by it just came out of my on aura and. Than I taste the milk strongly in my mouth.. A rare experience .Or one time I knock my head at the door by incidents it feld if the door was in pain in stead of my head! What you have experience in the shop I experiencing that before, and still, people look like zombies or have rare expressions. But than I just concentrate on my shopping and go home. So I absorb the energies not to much in myself.
    On the moment the sun winds are activating and the field is unsettled . I feel that strongly in my body and consioness. lifting up .
    with greetings. Dhyana.( Netherlands)

  7. Hi Denise.

    I totally relate to what you said about leaving home! For me, traffic is the worse. Drivers prefer to kill you than to slow down.
    I´d like to know what kind of energy is around the planet since last Sunday the 27th close to 7pm EST? I´ve been feeling since then a terrible tremor in my body, crying for no apparent reason and a sense of deep solitude.
    Thank you and bless your atittude in giving us a chance to know we are not alone in these symptoms.

  8. Hi Denise,what an hilarious letter..LMBO..So funny BUT so true.Have to push myself out to do the basics,Get home and straight in the tub to cleanse..The only good thing about this is that i know now im {not alone}Thank you for this confirmation.Have a wonderful day.xxxx

  9. Denise, the first time I got hit with a literal suffocation of this negative energy was at a concert a couple of years ago. And as strange as it sounds; I still don’t think I have fully recovered. I guess I had always been sensitive to energies but never realized to what extent until that day. That particular concert ( Guns and Roses ) on that particular day was standing room only where my wife and I were located and the energy was so draining that both my wife and I didn’t feel any physical or emotional relief until we got out of the crowd and grabbed a seat at the rear of the arena. Sadly, we haven’t been to a concert since which is a shame as in retrospect I feel this crowd had a particularly negative energy and not all crowds at concerts would have the same energies flying around.

    I guess where I am going with this is that I too have become a bit of a recluse; partly due to the physical symptoms and partially due to timing my outings to not coincide with the seemingly life sucking energies that are out there. When do us “sensitives” for lack of a better word; start connecting Denise ? Any Idea or time frame ? It’s getting lonely !!

    I am sorry I got off topic in my post. The zombie awareness came to me a few years ago and so I guess I just jumped ahead to the connecting issue. My thanks and apologies,


  10. Hi Denise, thanks for your article. I know all about the ‘brain-fog’ as well…..it’s a total pain when you’re trying to advise people about their health! Like you, I don’t like to go into town and only go when I really have to. I’ve learned that shining my Light and smiling clears the way wherever I go. I’ve noticed that I get a lot of negativity sent my way when I don’t smile, but when I do, people usually smile back, although they often seem confused. I think they’re subconsciously aware of the Light around me and some feel intimidated, until they see the smile and can’t help but smile back.
    I do feel we are meant to start mixing with people more as time goes on though, because many people out there can be helped by the Light in our auras and will need our support/guidance when they come out of their trance.

  11. Hi everyone,

    Has anyone noticed even in the Media… there has been lots of gaffes and stuttering and brain fogging lately? I think it was one of those republican candidates during Q&As for this upcoming 2012 election moment. Rick Perry (I think it was him) was unusually gaffing a lot. When I saw that video enough times I found it off kilter and right away thought it’s an Ascension related brain fog situation. That “symptom” looked awfully familiar.

    I’m in the same boat with Susana: something happened on the 27th … or even the 28th. Well… to be quite honest… can’t remember in the brain but I know through body-feeling that around that time something happened. Someone up above has pushed the lever a little bit more… and more… and more every week. I may not have that terrible trembling like hers but… today my entire left-side of my body feels numb in aching fatigue… from head to toe including my left eye. Has gone down a bit, now that the day has turned to night. Every time I thought it could not get this bad… it gets much, MUCH worse. My aching eyes are always in terrible fatigue. Would LOVE to know that these solar flares are upgrading our telepathic /psychic skills… so that I wouldn’t have to use the computer for whatever reason anymore… and have genuine company on a genuine 5D psychic level. If I read long sentences … every now and then the middle of my brain just stops functioning and must breathe. I must sit STILL: so much aches everywhere.

    Is there ANY relief in sight near the horizon soon? And you say there’s more solar energies called “the solar maximum”? Sounds like we all need to retire from normal activities and take the ENTIRE year or so off. WILL our own bodies get used to these solar flares any time soon so that we CAN function somehow somewhere? I’m so tired of being unplugged ALL of the time. 😦

    Sorry for my whininess: I’m teary-eyed right now and wish the ball to be in OUR court soon… for a change. Thank goodness FINALLY it’s getting through to the rest of humanity and it’s about time. But the achy fatigue….

    If this writing is not good to publish… then I’ll have to take the responsibility. I just wish to have everyone’s hugs right now.

    Lou Ann
    P.S. Sorry for being so whiny.

  12. It’s so strange that you mentioned that! Just last weekend I went to the flea market and pretty much encountered the same type of people. It was like they were lost, not knowing which way to go. I actually found it funny, but really didn’t think about it anymore until I read your message. All I could do at that moment was make my way around the confused looking and get out of their way before I got run over. Blessings to you Denise. Love, Dianna

  13. Lou Ann,

    I have gone through the whole left side of my body pains symptom big time, so I can empathize with you. It is a strange thing that a few of us have now had various left side aches and pains. Mine included pain in the spine that has had me off work for awhile.

    Don’t think you are alone when you feel you may need to take a year off. Some of us are already there.

    I also feel unplugged at the moment and am hoping to make a few meaningful connections here with those that are going through some of the same things.


    As I write this “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round” are the lyrics on the radio !!!


  14. Thanks for another fab post Denise!
    Now I can feel a little more gentle with myself for wanting to be at home most of the time! I am quite an extrovert but last year decided to finish with work as I really didn’t want to do it anymore, it felt so not in line with my energy and luckily I have a partner who can afford to give me that joy of being wherever I want to be whenever I want to be it by being happy at home and keeping house something I’ve never done before but as a nurturer it suits me to a tee and I can have all the freedom I love.
    Its hard not to buy into the I have to have a career thing, it just doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, I don’t feel any desire for the trappings of the 3D life anymore and its a little hard when you live on a planet where you are so different!
    Appreciate all the info, it helps ease the journey knowing I am not alone!
    Warm hugs
    Lise xx

  15. Gabrielle,

    I do the same thing. When I go out I consciously say a prayer of protection and give permission to any Lightworkers who want to use me as a conduit of Light to do so. I am not actively sending anyone Light, so I am not a target. And I also make a mental note to smile.

    That Light might just be the trigger to help some people wake up. I think because we give it freely, we are a harder target for the dark because there is no effort on our part for it to focus on.

  16. Thought it was just me but on Monday I had to do what I call a marathron sleep, I could not think or focus on anything. I thought it was because I had worked 45 hours in 4 days over Thanksgiving week-end then I see I am not alone in this whatever was going on. Today was a rough one also as I had contact with a 3-D sister-in-law who really hurt my feelings. Maybe because my light is to bright for her? I will still love her as she is my family Which leads me to Gloria’s comment. We can see and speak about those who are “zombies” or different but I think all who are of the light and working this journey believe as I do that we still love them and know they are the same as we are but not of the same vibration. AND MY TIRED HURTS. 🙂

  17. Thank you for this post although I had been dealing with this for several years now, the zombie-like people. It’s so nice to know however that I’m not alone. I really thought it was my crazy neighborhood. Lol!

    I go out when I absolutely have to. I got so used to staying in that I feel that my guides are trying to get me to go outside and breathe in some fresh air at the least. I’ve always been this way because I’m an empath, wounded healer, starseed, indigo, sensitve, lightworker all rolled into one or whatever you call it so it’s been a tough life working with these crazy energies for the better part of my 40 years.

    Yes, it’s been a hard mission and life for us with alot of sacrifices but WE DID IT!!!! 😀 YAY!!!! I love you all my fellow lightworkers!!!!

    The zombies will eventually find their way and I have a feeling we will be helping them become aware through our inner light and peace but I don’t think it will be exhausting for us just a natural easy thing if we choose to. At this point I dont think we need to do anything we don’t want to do but just focus on our own happiness and wholeness for once.

    If this sounds a bit grouchy, I apologize but I am just tired and it’s really is nice to know that I’m not the only one dealing with this tiredness these past few months or year….

    Love, peace & God/dess bless you all,

  18. Denise,
    I too have noticed the spaced out folks. Worst day so far was TODAY. People pushing carts in the grocery store with this spaced-out blank look on their faces. Walking into me as if I wasn’t there, completely dazed and apparently confused about why they were there. I was so happy to escape in one piece! — thanks for the confirmation of my own experiences 🙂

  19. Dear Denise,

    I read your article and I could connect to it in every way. Yes, it does get hard at times to mingle with society as there are a lot of people who are still living the zombie-way, however, we have been put together in this world and it is for a very good reason indeed.
    Only if we stop seeing ourselves and others as separate being in physical body and look within will we know that we are the soul within. The soul in pure consciousness/awareness and it does not have any dual qualities or pass any judgement as the entire universe is born out of it.
    We are that pure consciousness, it is the essence of all things in creation and hence we are all one. This Truth can only be completely known when we experience this state in meditation.
    It is very important to meditate regularly to stay aware of the Truth. In this human experience we have been given the tools off the 5 senses along with a mind through which we perceive and interact on this planet. These senses are very strong and it is quite easy to get caught in their grip unless we stay in touch with our inner self thru meditation.
    Getting back to the reason as to why souls vibrating at different frequencies are here at this time, is because the more evolved souls have a very important part to play in these times of Ascension. It is them who need to lift the ones who are struggling at lower frequencies of unawareness.
    You are an aware soul Denise, and you have a very important role to play in the Divine Plan unfolding at every moment. The ones who are struggling at lower frequencies are your very own, of the same essence within. Don’t get deluded by the mind and the ego who know only separateness, instead know that you’re the soul within and all are one in Spirit.
    Mediation helps you stay centered while playing your role in this physical world.



  20. I think people will resist their Zombie state more and more. They will find that everything they thought made “sense” is the non-“sense”. I’m excited to see more people wake up to who they really are, and who they came to be. It’s tricky trying to speak of these things where others won’t take offense. Many of us have had re-births and are still having them.

    Last Saturday I had a myriad of things to get done; namely get my oil changed. I remember sitting in the waiting room as others stared at the floor, played on their phones, or pretended to watch T.V. Afterwards I went grocery shopping (across town) with my daughter and she recognized someone from the waiting room. A man whose head was down, but we couldn’t away from. It was a very large store but we kept bumping corners. Ironically, we had parked next to each other and left again at the same time. He broke a smile, and just laughed. I “saw life” in him, and it was breathtaking.

    I realize that “zombies” isn’t a popular term and certainly isn’t going to rub everyone the same way, but for many of us we’ve been waiting for this day to come. You see people you love and you just want to shake them. Not because you are superior, but because life can be so much better; easier! You watch the same fears hinder them every day, and are excited to see them start dissolving. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the transition. People are coming out of the trance, more fears are being released, and much integration will continue to transpire. You can literally feel the energy.

    It’s such a paradox that it’s all the things our lives that never made sense that charts purpose, and strings together our synchronicity. It truly is a revolution of perception! No longer fragments of the universe; we are the universe!!! Everything that has ever transpired has led to this shift—Christ Consciousness Restored.

    Denise, I am sure this hasn’t been the easiest path for you, but I applaud your willingness to accept your role. I think a lot of people of their own interpretation of these events and manifestations, but you playing your note allows so many to connect their own dots, and their own story.

    I’m excited to see how everyone’s piece of the puzzle ultimately fits together. It should be quite the unveiling. I look forward to greater understanding of the various roles…especially where the Reptilians are concerned. I want to understand the goodness, and I know I will.

  21. Oh, I am so much better than them…?

    Did it ever occur to you that we actually are all together in this ?
    Everyone gets the world they- imagine.

    In my reality we help each other. Whether they think they are starseeds or have a spaced out look in their face – does not matter.

  22. Hi Denise,

    Funnily, my partner and i had just returned from our weekly trip ‘down the hill’ to our nearest town and supermarket. We live in the far north tropics of Queensland Australia, and have pretty much become rainforest hermits. As we drove home from our grocery trip we could not believe how people were so unaware both in the supermarket and on the road. My partner has problems with people in the supermarket hounding him and bumping into him with their trollies , and the blankness on people’s faces is disturbing. i don’t know if it is good or not but i completely zone out from people who are not in direct contact with me and reside in my own bubble just so i dont have to endure other peoples energies (perhaps that is what everyone else is doing:)
    We have noticed this zombiness for the past year, but lately it is even more enhanced and we seem to be losing patience with it all. How, we ask ourselves are we supposed to live in unity with that?:)..anyhow as i came to the check out counter i noticed the lady attendant was absolutely zoned out and i startled her when i said “hello how are you?” she then asked me how i went about making spaghetti bolognaise as she was having trouble knowing what to make for dinner!! i told her i was a vegetarian and surprisingly she wanted to know what foods i ate and how she would cook them. She was very thirsty for knowledge and wanted to know all the ins and outs of various foods (much to the annoyance of the ‘fast paced’ ones in line behind me). I realized this lady was starting to look into changing herself even if only in this small way. Maybe and hopefully her encounter with me and my vegetarian tips might encourage change for her. At least if that was the case, i could feel that having to go through the sacrifice of shopping with zombies is not completely in vain!

    What we are also feeling is that our vision is quite blurred and almost surreal at these times. It feels quite uncomfortable in the 3rd eye area. We have also noticed that the sun is more intense earlier in the day than it used to be. As we do quite a bit of work outside, we are noticing that at around 10am the sun is so intense that we have to have a break and not go outside again until around 2pm..which fortunately allows for my daily ascension nap! And then whaala the day is almost gone!!! what is going on? Definitely something is happening Denise. And while we are going through all this , others seem to be getting on with their lives as if nothing is happening! Thanks for your posts and to all those who comment because as most of us remark “at least we know we are not the only ones feeling these things”…nice to know we are not going mad..
    many thanks to you all!

  23. Dear Denise

    I have been reading your posts for a while now (thanks to a beautiful lady who regularly sends them through). I can relate to what you are saying wholly and completely.

    I have been watching this ‘Zombie like’ behavior happen for quite some time now in the 3D and I can say without a question of a doubt that this is quite a phenomenon.

    I am so glad you shared this experience. I thought I was being a complete princess for not wanting to brave the grocery shops.

    I can feel so incredibly drained when I do – so much so that I have vowed to shop online where possible in order to conserve my energy.

    And today after my encounter in the supermarket – I swore during the month of December there was no way I was walking back into a shop. No way! And this was before I read your post tonight….

    Down to my last mouldy carrot, unfortunately the internet was not an option for me today and I had to brave the masses. Tackling the supermarket is akin navigating a labyrinth, you need to pick your entry and exit points quickly. Otherwise you will find yourself negotiating a dead-end, wandering aimlessly, lost in the array of colourful labels and blank faces.

    So I make it my point to be quick and stay focused – in and out.

    Well, that was my plan today. I too, interestingly enough, found myself dodging clusters of people who had gathered and blocked the aisles, staring into space. I actually pushed my trolley from aisle to aisle looking for an escape route. Aisle 10, 11, 12 – each aisle was exactly the same. And I am talking middle of the day emptiness – I pick midday to do my shopping (when the old people sleep and the mums have their babies tucked into their cots) – the people today I saw were actually stuck, blocking my path, in a world of their own.

    When I did make it to the check-out – the drone continued. I was in line for no less than 20 minutes. Everything was going so slow….even my trolley didn’t want to steer properly. I made it out eventually only to go onto my fruit and veg supplier. There was a person there in that shop that started to weave their trolley out of control, like I didn’t exist and they kept blocking my path. I felt like I was playing dodgems. I actually had to abandon my trolley to grab my items from the shelf and run. It was that ridiculous! Even the beautiful check-out lady, normally sharp as a tack, was packing my cold items all over the place even though I had grouped these items together. Today was out of control. When I got home and started to unpack it was – WTF!

    After this Olympic shopping effort, I was wiped-out, totalled. It took me no less than 45 minutes to gather up just enough strength to take my daughter out to her gym class. (And I can tell you I am a fit, slim, healthy woman in my 30’s – grocery shopping isn’t meant to impact one this way). So I find it all very curious.

    What I have noticed though, is this ‘mass zombie-like’ behavior is not limited to the supermarket. I have been watching it all over town, in the business district I work in, everywhere.

    I have actually just come back from doing a light journey in New Zealand for the 29th October, and one of the towns I encountered over there was stuck in some really weird energy vortex; some of the people in this town appeared to be resisting change, or perhaps it’s ignorant bliss (even though they were literally living at the first point of new light in the world). As strange as it was, this tiny town on the cusp of such magnificent energy, appeared to be in this deep slumber, stuck in a time long forgotten, going about their business, oblivious to what was going on around them.

    The eco-system of the energy in this little place was so sensitive, that all one had to do to throw the balance off kilter was to literally order something ‘that wasn’t on the menu’…and I am talking a simple request like asking for vegetables with your main meal. A request like this, in this particular town, threw the whole place into a tailspin.

    The owner of the motel was in his own world, so much so that when my lights went out mysteriously one night in my cabin (my cabin was the only one without lights in the 60 or so), I called upon the aide of this man to turn the power back on. When he came to my assistance, the lights had strangely turned themselves back on, yet he could not see that the lights were on, even though the power box was directly in front of my window. I actually had to take him aside and show him that the lights were back on and it took him about 3-4 minutes to register this.

    I see that this is a huge metaphor for what is happening on Earth right now. Everyone is on their own clock, and own pace, and adjusting to the ‘new light’ in their own way.

    It’s a bit like being woken up in the middle of the night in a place you don’t know and trying and find your way to the bathroom without a light. You grope around with the grace of a gorilla, stumbling for the light, possibly stubbing your toe in the interim and knocking over a chair or loose piece of furniture. And when you do find the light, boy, it sure is bright….it takes a little while to adjust. ::)))

    My take on the world right now is that we are all adjusting in our own way to the new light. Blindfolded, dazed, confused or eyes wide open – its all perfect.

  24. Denise,

    Thank you for this. I hadn’t associated it with Ascension symptoms… not sure why. I’ve only been out of my house three times in the last 10 days. Once was before the holiday to grocery shop. It was a disturbing and stressful excursion. Some were zombies but many were openly hostile. This was very confusing to me. Grumpy is one thing, banging into carts, cutting in line and glaring and staring is another. I really couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I drove 30 miles to grandma’s house for dinner on Thursday. Also a mess on the interstate. Recently they raised the speed limit on our stretch of I-70 to 75 mph. This action causes every one to drive much faster. For some reason this bothers me terribly … the idea of a car going 85 mph while other cars are going 85 (because most people drive 10 mph over the speed limit) is very disturbing. I’ve found myself “automatically” driving 70 mph like always. This, of course irritates other drivers even though I am driving in the right land. I can’t tell you how much negativity was directed at me during this short trip.

    Yesterday, I went to the swimming pool … a mere 6 blocks from my house with no major thoroughfares to cross. I have always tried to “invisible up” when I walk into a gym… even one as non-threatening as the one I have to pass through to get to the pool. No problems there… I didn’t even see the desk clerk. The pool was blissfully empty and I was able to enjoy the whole thing for myself the entire time I was there. The floating in the center of the pool brought me a fine sense of sensory deprivation that relaxed all the tension and negativity that had been building up for some time. (I’d been suffering with an attack between my shoulder blades that was more painful than I’d ever experienced — something like a hot ice pick being twisted in my back.) On my way home from the pool I stopped at a stop sign, cars one and two passed through the intersection … I think one of the cars actually ran the stop sign … at least that was my perception. Then the guy in the car behind me laid down on his horn. Now, maybe I spaced out or maybe this guy was Mr Dark Negativity… I suspect the latter as I *think* he was one of our “known drug dealers” in our corner of town… because he followed me all the way to my house so he could scream obscenities at me. WTF? There goes my bliss…the back and shoulder pain is growing again.

    As for the “something” that happened on the 27th or 28th… you betcha. The Sun exploded an enormous Hyder Flare late last week and Earth received a huge portion of the energy “on” (according to Spaceweather.com) the 28th, This thing raced toward us a 2.2 million miles per hour…. (teehee… a tad faster than the 85 mph that bothers me on the interstate!) Honestly, I’ve been miserable since the flare exploded…I’m sure that you (Denise) will have a great deal to say about this kind of thing in your upcoming article.

    Lastly, I do not think “this kind of thing” causes the separation between “us and them”. We *are* separating. We are different and we are doing well to cope with our own Ascension symptoms.

    Sorry for the length… I really intended a short paragraph! Btw this was incredibly hard to type because of brain fog, spelling, and word choice difficulties… my sympathies on “having” to write!

    Thank you for continuing to write. Great huge heart hugs to you and everyone here.


  25. Hi Denise and everyone,

    Whew am I glad I’m not alone! Sunday night about 7PM eastern time I was sitting in my usual chair watching TV (one of the rare times I wasn’t horizontal all weekend with exhaustion) and all the sudden I felt like a wave go through me and my vision blurred and I felt like I was going to pass out and I just kept thinking to my guides “I don’t like this, I don’t like this…” and then it passed, but it was scary. I have to say I haven’t really noticed the zombies (except on TV I also noticed this happening) because when I do the few quick errands I need to do I’m not really paying attention to anyone I don’t have to, I’m in and out and just concentrating on walking right, which is getting harder and harder to do! Also hard to concentrate driving, I have to really think about it. I only shop at small local places now, whether it’s more expensive or not, I just can’t make myself do any more than I have to. At work I’m surrounded by scientists and medical students, and they are so wrapped up in their work they’re oblivious to everything around them anyway, so I never feel negativity there at all. But these days there is truly no place like home, it’s the only place I want to be anymore! Thank you Denise for keeping us sane as usual!!

    In light!


  26. While I’m in agreement with the “mechanics” of the post, I think the thing that isn’t being said that it’s YOU that is creating your reality. Therefore, you are only serving to reinforce your ego by putting a zombie container around “them.” You can’t have disdain for the zombies while at the same time loving that which you create?
    In other words, what part of you is the zombie?
    I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you are aware of what you are experiencing. I’m of the opinion that this awareness also comes with a responsibility. You are a portal for this energy coming through into this dimension. During this transition you are going to be a rock or foundation for the masses who are going to be very confused and panicked. Don’t forget what happened to Howard Hughes. I believe that we have to learn to work with these lower frequencies instead of removing ourselves from them.

  27. OMG, thank you Denise. Zombies and root canals, definitely. I’ve been trying to work out, since about the 11-11-11 gateway, but not really aware of it until my Thanksgiving holiday, I feel like I’m suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. As though I have gone through an ordeal, am now coming out of it, waking up from a nightmare, but I feel like I jump at leave skittering in the wind.

    At Sean, sunglasses definitely help.

    As for traffic, I’ve noticed making direct eye contact with drivers forces them to “see” me and thereby avoid hitting me. Yesterday I was on foot and standing at a crosswalk where there was a stop sign just because I knew the drivers couldn’t “see” me, and so I waited for like 3 cars to turn before entering the crosswalk. It was one of those moments where you’re like sitting at a stop sign, but your brain is thinking it’s a red light and you’re waiting for it to turn green.

  28. Denise,

    Thank-you for your newsletters-I so look forward to them. There are very few who I can trust in. Again, thank-you for keeping it real.

    I have researched everything I could since I got my first computer in 2002. For some reason as soon as I got it that was my mission to know myself spiritually, however not until last year did I realize we are in the ascension process of the ages.

    I always just “knew” stuff from a child but thought I was crazy until I would repeatedly recieved some sort of comfirmation. Either way I kept it to myself. I am 50 now and have recently accepted my abilities and know that I have all I need within me but it has been a long journey seeking. I don’t like labels but I know I am a sensitive– an empath–an indigo and I am still trying to figure out if I am a lightworker. I guess so because before I got my first computer something in me kept telling me to see white light and cover the planet with it. I still do this daily.

    Looking back to 1998, I was a beverage manager/ bartender for a major hotel chain, I never had a migrain so I thought I was having a an anuresym, no it was an 8 month long migrain–worst pain I ever felt up till then, little did I know it was the beginning of my awakening.

    I too have been sequestered at home for the past couple of years. this is highly unusal for me as it is for many of you. I was outgoing and fearless. I have been a bartender/waitress all my working life for the past month and ahalf the pain was so intense–the drs. say I have fibromyalsia for the past year but this is different it felt like my spine was/is being ripped out. The solar flares are intense on me either way I had to stop working. I could not go on another minute. I have to work and I used to love what I do but I cannot be around people,especially large crowds–I just can’t.

    It would take me all day just to center myself, put protection around me–my home–my vehicle–everything. I carry crystals when I leave the house. I did what I could for the pain and then I would got to work where it was slammed-full of people having to smile when I wanted to hide. I would white-light the building–my section but no matter what I did there was a darkness to the place (it is a major corporate restaurant) and the customers. I knew it was killing me physically/mentally and spiritually. I had to stop. I can’t stand to be in crowds at all and this never bothered me before I could always protect myself but something big is going on now. I am not afraid, I am just confused on what to do for work. Unfortunatley we are still in the 3D world where people want the rent and utility bills paid plus I have to feed myself and my family.

    I know all of us are going through this but my God it has been so long and I am so tired, like many of you. It makes me nauseous to play this 3D games of survival. I am at a loss. Yet I know I am here for some purpose and must keep on keeping on. I believe we are all one and I send out love -peace and white light throughout the multiverses. I know there is darkness/dark ones and I send them love too. I meditate alot and I do recieve alot of guidance and information and plenty of downloads and upgrades. But I can’t for the life of me understand why most people seem unphased by everything that is happening. I see people who are oblivious to their surroundings and it blows my mind. How can this be? My own mom, who is very open-minded, thinks I am crazy and treats me like I am fragile and wants me to seek “help”. I will not be subjected to this worlds version of therapy and she knows that which even convinces her more that I am in denial. My husband is accepting of my beliefs but I also know he doesn’t fully understand and will not deal with anything that is not reality to him. The only people who get “it” are my 18 and 19 year old sons but they are both indigo/crystal with some awesome upgrades they were born with. I am so awed by the teenagers most of them know so much more than they are given credit for. I am blessed to have them in my life. It is interesting to note that they do not fell the painful ascension symptoms us older ones feel.

    I know everyone is on a different level and on a different soul-contract and are going in different directions but it is seriously weird out “there”. I don’t know how else to put it.

    This is long and I apologize for it is the first time I ever wrote about what has happened to me and the collective. there is so much more but I am now going to end this post cause I do not know if anyone has any more answers than we already know. I guess we just wait some more and hope for the best. Thank-you all for listening and thank you all for being here together to at least ahve some sort of family feeling while all this is ongoing.
    Peace, Love & White Light to all

  29. Thank you so much for your post and thank goodness I can afford the luxury of staying home…specifically in my bedroom… my sanctuary. There are many changes in store and there will be a lot of people awakening to this new reality. Senses are heightened and some things don’t seem to make sense. Synchronicity is much faster for most of us and I personally have stopped trying to explain all that is happening. Growing pains will be there but will ease with time. Yes indeed, you are right …. we are all ascending at our own pace and time. Blueprints are being fulfilled and its just so awesome. Love and Light to all…..

  30. I thought I was the only one who noticed the zombie fest going on at places like Walmart. I almost never go there because of the type of energy that is there, it is in and out…and I never buy food there. The dangerous part about this is that the numbed out people are functioning at a lower level on the highways as well. Have you noticed how many times someone might have hit you but never looked at you as they passed by? Im convinced that they dont see me until I get into my lower frequency anger over nearly being killed by an unconscious zombie driver. I, too, hate going out, especially driving somewhere. When I do go, I make it quick and try to walk as much as I can.

  31. ref: 11-29
    Hi Denise,
    As I too, have encountered similar occurrences, I am grateful
    for them, because they are the first material signs(at least for me)
    linked with 11-11-11, that something is also going on in a physical manner,
    since these are happening in the manifested/outside world.

    I had this picture that spontaneously came up regarding this:
    it can be viewed as a software installation
    in our computer mind/perceptive tool.

    Those energies are intelligent E and they are
    embedded with software updates :
    2 ways of installation: ‘live’ or at a later time,,,
    live : is the preferred manner since you integrate now, these updates ;
    and then you can ‘function’ fine with your rational component,
    because you are at the proper level/ frequency for the new environment.
    later time: is only downloading the updates in the unconscious, to be
    installed ‘when ready’ … the longer wait overwhelms the mind ,
    trying to install (while people fight this) and at the same time having
    to store more downloads, leaving the rational mind in ‘basic mode’ leading
    to those situations of indecisiveness and confusion.

    Thank you for reporting on this , I was looking for all the
    ‘philosophical/ ‘spiritual side’ to be somehow mirrored/materialized…
    and had /felt a need for it to be acknowledged.
    thanks again ,

  32. I think that zombies should not be considered a judgments on them being worse and us, those who feel like Denise, better. We are all one, indeed, but also everyone is one…and different and special. I feel that going “out there” it is tiring….as we are recovering from a shift….we are shifting…it is like we have been “fixed” , let’s say, a post operation status, so it can be tiring to go around and getting in touch with lower energies, because they are lower energy, where lower does not mean worse. School is for everyone, but you can’t start from 5th grade…..some are there , others are behind, we are all in the same building but spending time with a 1st grader if you are in 5th grade, can be tiring…..This is what I mean.

  33. hi denise
    thanks for the article. your timing was perfect as usual. last week it felt like a relapse of the old shit, ie fatigue, aches and pains, etc. slept a lot, became a pissed off monkey when driving anywhere or being out among the zombies, the cluster-fucks were unbelievable! still doing that this week, just doesn’t seem as bad. dealing with the zombies has become a whole new adventure. their shit-storm has begun, but noticed some groups of the zombies starting to slip in and out of the zombie-phase. the next vanguard seems to be starting to move forward. been getting information that OUR, ie first-wavers, old duties are coming to an end imminently, we’ll be passing the torch and will be moving forward into our new roles. this seems to be happening for me. for a long time, i was pulled out of body to “teach” school on the spirit plane. still doing that, but now people are seeking me out here, ie the physical plane, to be mentored. the miracle in this is that, in the last 5 yrs, EVERYONE, without exception, that was in my life or came into my life turned on me in a very vicious fashion. (Past life karma to pay off, was literally hell on wheels in so many lifetimes.) now, some of these very people, as well as new people are looking to me (the original whiny-little-monkey) to be mentored through this confusing time. i’m starting to see things truly coming full circle, but in a fashion better than i could have imagined. the miraculous transformation that is spreading is awe-inspiring. woohoo!!!!!

    • “…but noticed some groups of the zombies starting to slip in and out of the zombie-phase. the next vanguard seems to be starting to move forward.”


      Great Comment gabe, and I’m going to use it to speak to the people who felt it necessary to write Comments about this article that they obviously didn’t understand and needed to let me know how wrong I am.

      Your sentence I quoted above gabe, speaks about why I wrote Higher Solar Energies Affecting More People. I’ve repeatedly used the term Stair Steps over the years in an attempt to help more people realize that the entire Ascension Process happens – and is still happening today – in steps and layers; many, many, steps and layers because everyone is NOT at the identicle level, stage, or development within this Alchemical Process.

      This article was NOT the great insult that far too many people incorrectly interpreted it to be. It was my sharing the very positive news that another large group of “normal” people out there are currently showing sudden and dramatic increasing signs of being affected by the Ascension Process and this is a great, positive thing! Who gives a shit if they have bouts of stumbling around in zombie-like fashion in shopping stores due to the increasing cosmic energies being transmitted through our Sun and on to humanity which are Ascension energies that activate rapid physical and etheric (mulitdimensional) evolution!

      Like I said in this article – which certain readers either chose to ignore, or, aren’t as yet able to perceive – these clusters of zombie-like people are a positive albeit unattractive indicator that the normal folk are showing signs that they TOO are finally being evolved by the higher frequency Light energies…hence the weird zombie-like brain fog Ascension symptoms and upgrades. What should be the next obvious question is WHY have the Starseed people who’ve been embodying/prototyping these higher Light energies for years already, been doing it? Because we’ve enjoyed the constant pain, misery, sickness, isolation, negative attacks, the stumbling around in zombie-like fashion ourselves due to the higher frequency energies affecting us first? Maybe we’ve done it because we’ve enjoyed being totally misunderstood and disrespected concerning it all? Not hardly.

      We’ve done it because we Volunteered to do it as the way to help humanity on Earth, Beings in other star systems, in other dimensions, and much more to ALL evolve to the next cycle. In other words, we did it (embodied/prototyped and transmuted the lower energies) because “We are all One” and the One needed insiders physically incarnated within 3D physicality to RECEIVE, EMBODY and PROTOTYPE the New Higher Ascension energies for everyone else. How egotistical of us.

      Thanks gabe for letting me use your Comment to reply to those Comments from people who obviously do not understand. I’ve got much more important things to talk about than this for the hundredth time for the people who believe they know but don’t really, what some of us have been doing for years while simultaneously taking plenty of shit because of it.


  34. Denise, thanks for another excellent, right-on article. Everyone else, thanks for all your shares. I find them to be very validating. My 3-D life is still going quite well even though I’m still experiencing intense detox symptoms on every level. I took a five-day trip to visit my family and some old friends for Thanksgiving last week. It went quite well, and I experienced a lot of synchronicity. I also learned some family history from my father which explains a lot of my birth issues, and the life issues that resulted from it. This was very healing and validating for me.

    I had a busy, full day on the 26th when I visited friends, traveled four hours to return home from my trip, then worked my cashiering job that evening. It was challenging, but I got through it just fine. The next two days (the 27th and 28th) were days off for me, and I felt exhausted and burnt out both days. This seemed ironic to me given that I had very little I had to do those days, and that I had just gotten back from a very relaxing five-day vacation!! Now that I’ve read your article, I know exactly why these two days (and the ones since) were that way for me.

    I’m so glad you mentioned the zombie thing. I live near a major intersection in the downtown area of a large city. Over the last several years I’ve been noticing that more and more drivers have been running red lights without any awareness that they have done so. Also, more and more pedestrians are walking into the middle of busy intersections without being aware that the Don’t Walk light is on, and that they are walking directly in front of a lot of oncoming traffic. It’s strange and disconcerting to see both drivers and pedestrians being so completely oblivious.

    I’m also experiencing being out in public as being draining most of the time. Last night I attended a five-hour class, and by the end of it I was very tired and drained. The same thing happened when I worked my cashiering job the evening I got back from my trip. At the time I attributed it to detox symptoms or needing to rest and sleep at odd times. Now that I’ve read your article, I realize that it’s being around the zombie people the last few days that’s been so draining for me.


  35. Hi Denise,
    Before having gotten out of bed, I was already batting a 1000 in intensity, knowing that I was going to have to suck it up and go grocery shopping, anyway. By the time I was driving home, as I was driving up my country road, with a set speed limit of 40, and me preferring to follow the speed limit, cause I am just shifting way tooooo much to do anything more, I found a very young miss thang riding my tail…to say that I wanted to slap this miss thang silly, is putting mildly, but I pulled over and allowed her to go past me…with that a patrol car pulled up right along side of me to see if I was ok, “I wanted to say, sure I am fine, officer, I am just in the middle of a very intense ascension shift, having a hot flash and just need a minute or two, to get my bearings again”, instead, I just told him that the young miss thang on my tail was riding to close, but thank you for asking if I was ok.

    As I sit here at my computer, I thought I would check and see if you had anything new to read and how timely, in its perfection, to find your update on grocery shopping and what it is doing to us, while in the midst of the ascension process….what you shared about the new horrors of grocery shopping, with the other shoppers, I could not have put this any better myself…there are times when you just hit that nail right on the head, and although it does not take away this insanity of the constant shifting and make it all go away, what you describe it great and specific detail helps shift this energy just a bit, so that I know that I am not completely crazy and insane, with the intensity of constantly shifting and not wanting to be around others to do this…especially in the supermarket…

    Thank you for this very brilliant post.
    Carolyn 🙂

  36. Thank you for your instinctive ability to ‘read’ the energies and express them in verbal form. While I totally agree with your perception of reality, I feel it is now time for those who have restored the ‘human divine blueprint’ (cleared and upgraded or had theirs activated or rebooted) to begin integrating these higher forms/frequencies/templates into the physical world around us. This means we are going to have to be more connected with the physical world than ever before. Yes, the way we interact may be completely different than in times past; but it’s now time to move the spiritual or energetic blueprints into physical manifestation. (integrate the spiritual into physical matter) This basically means interacting with the world around us. For ‘starseeds’, who have been on ‘overload’ transmuting the lower frequencies for years, this isn’t a pleasant thought; but we have to remember, we are operating from a much higher state of being and the next phase must be implemented by us as well until reinforcements or ‘back-up’ arrives.

  37. Shabbad, Michaela, and Matt,

    I think you need to read Denise blogs in more depth– that is, if they resonate with you. You give the impression of trailing far behind yet trying to lead us. We are a community that addresses each other with respect and love– and, yes, a sense of humor (which you missed, by the way)– and this is our safe haven and Denise’s home. Please refrain from judgment of that which you do not understand– and it is clear you do not. Please read and learn, if you so choose. We’re actually seeing it as a great sign that people are out of it, because it means that they’re being affected by the changes to the sun and our planet!


  38. Around a year and a half ago I was having a lot of the brain fog symptoms, bumping in to things, legs going weak etc. Thru a slow period of discovery I have learned I can not eat foods that may be genetically modified. I eat a “natural foods” diet & was shocked to find out that around 90% of corn, soy, canola & sugar beets are genetically modified. In addition to this you must consider corn & soy are feed to animals which we then injest. If you do some research on GMO’s you will also find that in the past 5 years in addition to having a pesticide infused in the seed it has become less effective and farmers are having to use more and stronger weed killers and pesticides to keep up. Another factor is toxic chemicals in body care, hair cair and laundry products. These chemicals interfere with cognitive function and receptors which tell us we are full. If you feel hungry all the time concider changing shampoo. Solar flares/winds, astrological influences and the expanding times are factors too. I’m just saying I’m riding the wave with glee now with the exception of when I get hit by some toxic fragrance. It is disturbing to see others in the “zombie” state, unable to function as we know we should be able to. Smile, stay focused, expect the best from others and if someones shampoo or “air freshener”
    is making you ill…tell them or remove yourself from the situation. When I enter the laundry aisle I take a deep breath and hold and grab what I need and get out. If I encounter a toxic smell i hold my nose and exit as soon as possible. When I encounter a toxic person I remember I am surrounded with an inpenatrable light and smile. To all you light workers, wayshowers and starseeds stay strong. Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga was also part of my recovery. When energy systems have been zapped so badly we need help getting back. Peace Out.

    • sheila,

      Everything in our environment – air, water, food, man-made devices that constantly bombard humanity with unseen frequencies that are very toxic and negative on both the physical and different non-physical dimensions – become increasingly toxic to us and our bodies when we’re triggered by the Ascension Process. I suddenly became a “chemical sensitive” when my body began this process many years ago. This became so severe that I’d instantly become sick (and it showed physically looking at my face, eyes and skin) the second I entered most stores. I still cannot go into auto repair shops (to get the oil changed, buy tires etc.) due to the abundance of petrol-chemicals in the tires and other products they sell. Same is true when I walk into any shoe store. The chemicals in the shoes and soles of the shoes make me sick in seconds. There’s much more but you get the gist…

      Foods? All foods are contaminated with man-made toxic chemicals. The more Light energies that enter us and our world, the more difficult it is to ingest anything that vibrates so much lower. Soon we’ll be eating Light 😉 – ingesting Light energies as a new 5D food source; that and being creative and in joy are great sources of very high frequency sustenance. Big evolutionary changes coming soon.


  39. So well said and my sentiments exactly, especially the last paragraph,

    “I’ve got much more important things to talk about than this for the hundredth time for the people who believe they know but don’t really, what some of us have been doing for years while simultaneously taking plenty of shit because of it.”

    Thank you once again!!!

    Love & hugs, 🙂

  40. Thanks, Denise, for this post! Thanks to all others for sharing!

    Many of us have been living in and anchoring higher dimensional consciousness ever since we were born here. Our missions encompass multiple lifetimes, some of which were on the dark side, on purpose. In this, the final lifetime of this particular extension of our soul selves, we are finishing up all unfinished business and transmuting lifetimes of energies we willingly took on, as well as the energies that came our way in this lifetime. I dare say we are some of the greatest warriors of the universe.

    What I can recognize in this lifetime is that we are simultaneously forced to be human while not being able to live like one. Just like “normal” people, we desire a good life — a life of meaningful work, accomplishments, friendship, happiness. But none of this is relevant; our missions take precedence over everything. We live multiple lives, and we have to follow rules that do not apply to “normal” folk even when these rules drive us into the most excruciatingly painful situations in the practical world. We are like special agents with multiple missions and multiple layers of covers (every detail of personal life), of which even we are totally ignorant initially.

    At every stage of our development and awakening, our core consciousness always remains in higher dimensions. What this means in practical terms is that we are easy targets for deception, abuse, bullying, ridicule, derision. Most people see us, at different times, as one or more of the following: naive, cute, rude, tactless, quiet, reclusive, selfish, offensive, inconsiderate, generous, gentle, brilliant, capable, uncaring, heartless, irresponsible, immoral, evil. After spending time in 3D and learning, in very painful ways, not to be taken advantage of, we begin to understand that all of these adjectives make perfect sense. Embodying higher consciousness in a body that is in every way human and interacting with lower consciousness can only lead to those perceptions by the lower consciousness. Even more so since there are versions of 3D that are very twisted and topsy-turvy.

    I have thought long and hard about what approach would be best to make people understand equality and friendship, among other aspects of higher dimensional life. But basically I have given up trying to make myself understood. Approaching everyone in friendship as an equal, to teach and learn and explore together, does not work with people stuck in 3D consciousness. It took me a long time, and much heartache, to understand that bridging higher consciousness and lower consciousness is difficult, and not even possible when the gap is too large. This is not a value judgment. It is simply physics.

    Much love to all. Hang in there! 🙂


  41. Well. The first thing that came to mind after reading the few comments chastising Denise and all of us who agree with her and learn from her was “Haters gonna hate.”

    Then I thought about Denise herself. She has worked at making this place for years. She has been self-aware in her Ascension process since 1999 and a lightworker for much longer. I have been self-aware of my Ascension process for just over a year. When I first landed on this site, I was quite literally in a Zombie state. I knew something was changing in my world, my mouth was hanging open and I was drooling just trying to make sense of it all.

    One of the first comments I made was to a post where Denise was inviting us all to the table… I asked if I, as the vastly less-aware, dirty-faced step-child, who had been out playing too long in the dark, was still welcome at the table and was told by Denise that of course I was welcome. She has over the last year patiently answered my questions as well as many others who played in the dark longer than I did.

    One of the things I have learned from Denise is that no mater how late awareness comes into being, each is welcome at the table.

    I have noticed so many other people who claim to do what Denise does have literally “left the building” leaving “us” behind… making “us” their “them”. I suppose it is each person’s choice whether, after reaching a certain level of Ascension, they stand at the gateway and welcome the newcomers or just leave the gate and move on to bigger and better and more Ascended things. Yes, it is their choice. But, to each of those who, like Denise and regardless of the pain and agony and mental stress, choose to stay here in this lower vibration and welcome the newly-awakened, I say thank you. Had you, Denise, not been here to welcome me, I would not have learned as much and possibly would have drifted back down in vibration because it is “easier”.

    Thank you Denise and all you other wonderful people on this site who with your comments made me realize I’d found the right place to learn and be and Ascend. (((<3)))


  42. hi denise
    thanks for the acknowledgement. even after all this time, we still don’t seem to get much of that. i have found that the “spiritual” community is the worst for that. you do wonderful work and i have found that i receive pretty much identical information as written by you, lauren and lisa, the trinity representing the voice of firstwavers. I use this information as confirmation for myself. people writing bullshit comments are not using the discernment of their higher selves and should rethink their process of “commenting” which feels more like judging. hey assholes, shut your mouths and re-read as many times as necessary to find discernment, only then agree to disagree and comment using the voice of the higher self. put-downs are counter-productive. bring your viewpoints in from your higher selves. EVERYONE’s process/layers/stair-steps are different and completely acceptable at ALL times, JUDGEMENT is never acceptable. the in-fighting is what has caused the delays in this timeline. no need to be a stepford wife and live the party line, just love unconditionally and discern/speak your highest truth from your higher selves. for fuck’s sake, STOP the judging. judging just speaks of your ignorance, ie lack of knowledge.

    denise-edit or delete as you see fit. the message is somewhat harshly worded but patience is a difficult thing for me. lol. love to you, gabe

    • gabe & All,

      Thanks for understanding (almost) everyone. ♥

      All of 2011 has been, for me personally, repeated TESTS with this sort of thing. I figured it was primarily my going through my Second Saturn Return (in Libra) now, and it was/is, but it’s also more. It’s always more.

      Every time during 2011 when this sort of thing has been at its worst, I needed to figure out if I should keep this a TEST for only me and not publish the less than wonderful Comment…or…publish it for all to see and also be affected by and then go from there. Throughout 2011 I’ve done both. I’ve realized that this business was a TEST for me personally to get me and my Emotional Body with its knee-jerk reaction to these lower triggers (in all of their various, colorful forms) sorted out, understood, and resolved once and for all.

      So, as always, what often first seems like a negative/Dark/pain in the ass attack etc. etc. etc., is in fact the most important and needed Spiritual Lesson I or You or Us needs to Master at this time. I’ve gone through this so many times that I can finally recognize the format or costume and instead of getting all sucked in, beat up, wounded and pissed off, I now just cut to what I feel and see within myself that needs some more attention so I can completely Master it to truly become FREE. And obviously, I strongly believe that the best teacher for other people is to share ones own personal experiences, battles, including those less than perfect personal reactionary moments, wounds etc. We ALL can learn so much faster this way I feel and that is the only thing that’s important to me.

      I honestly thank you all with these TESTS I’ve had to deal with throughout 2011. ♥

      Hugs of Gratitude filled Light to all of you,

  43. Denise, thank you for this article. It was not only hilarious but clearly is serving to raise up quite a few inner ghoulies for some folk out there. I am sorry that they didn’t see what you meant but glad that most appear to have. Ahh the subtleties and the twists and turns. At least with all the struggle you know you’re alive and something special is going on. How terrible for all those who have no idea and no real light in their lives that they stumble around like ‘zombies’. May they at some level perceive and feel the love that is building all around and hopefully stirring within. What a brilliant time to be here and alive. Namaste.

  44. Dear Denise thank you for your latest message and I also enjoy reading all the comments pertaining to it. The words of Sri Aurobindo came to mind.

    “The realisation of the Vedic rishis has become a collective realisation; the Supermind has entered the earth-consciousness, descended right down into the physical sub-conscient, at the frontiers of Matter; there remains but one more bridge to cross for the final linking up. A new world is born. At present we are right in the midst of a transitional period in which the two are mingled: the old world persists, yet all-powerful, continuing to dominate the ordinary consciousness and the new one slips in quietly, yet very shy, unobserved to the extent that externally it changes little for the moment… And yet it works, it grows, till one day it will be sufficiently strong to impose itself visibly”.

    These words were first published in 1968 and I think it is safe to say the New Age is very visibly here with the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement and the financial systems tottering on the brink.
    The intense waves of love bombarding the earth now no wonder people are spaced-out.
    All I can say is bring it on I can’t wait for a fairer, kinder world to emerge for all of us. And yes like all the other lightworkers I am tired of the physical problems encountered by assimilating the energy and hope it will all be over soon. Love to you maureen

  45. Hi Denise,

    Everything you write resonates so much with me. The other day I went to do groceries and saw one of my acquaintances at the supermarket. She was so zombied out, that I passed right in front of her and she never noticed me. Though I was very thankful for this as these days it really drains me of lot of energy to even talk to my acquaintances. Its like I can’t seem to relate to their thoughts and conversations and really have to access my leftover 3D brain to have a meaningful conversation with them. At the end of it all, I feel robbed of my energy and I don’t like that “empty” feeling at all. Thats why I have become more of a social recluse these days. I am not sure if anyone else is going through this. I have been a very social person all my life, and this intense isolation started almost a year back. This is very new for me and most of all what is surprising to me is that I feel most comfortable this way.

    Thanks again for doing so much work for all of us.

    Lots of love to you all,


  46. Thank you for posting this!! I work in a health food store, and I can’t understand why I always feel so ungrounded there. I even learned that it was designed by a Feng Shui specialist, and yet most of the time my customers can’t speak in complete sentences or even finish a thought. It can be quite difficult to focus on work when all you want to do is bolt out the door for some air! Thanks again for re-assuring me I’m not the only one to experience this!!

  47. Hello, Everyone,

    I did an experiment yesterday because I hadn’t noticed people being spaced out here. I went out shopping at a time when there would be quite a few shoppers– something I usually avoid. People were alert, having conversations, moving out of the way when I passed. The experience was actually quite pleasant, which it normally isn’t. I wonder if it’s because I’m near a university? Maybe people are more aware here? Puzzling.
    I’m like you, Denise, with fragrances and chemicals. I react to so many things these days that that’s another reason not to go out much. Cigarettes, too, have so many chemicals in them they destroy me. I have asthma, so it can be quite serious at times. I say I’m the canary in the coal mine– I react to these things long before others. Can smell them a mile away too. One thing is that I look very young for my age and, when people ask my regimen, I just tell them that I haven’t used perfumed products in decades. It’s my small campaign to stop the poisons! lol
    Ugh, can’t stay awake today.

    Hugs to all,

    • “I did an experiment yesterday because I hadn’t noticed people being spaced out here. I went out shopping at a time when there would be quite a few shoppers– something I usually avoid. People were alert, having conversations, moving out of the way when I passed. The experience was actually quite pleasant, which it normally isn’t. I wonder if it’s because I’m near a university? Maybe people are more aware here? Puzzling.”

      Cat & All,

      I honestly think these things or energy events (as with more “normal” people suddenly showing intense signs they’re being affected by Ascension/Cosmic/Solar symptoms) have been happening in different location. Like with the storms, fires, floods etc., they happen in different locations to release and then purge/transmute old stuck energies that must go. I think the same sort of Process is happening with the masses now around the country and world. We may start seeing this at new levels in the masses when we go out. I think 2012 is going to be A LOT of this and us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos/Wayshowers etc. learning how to transmit, radiate our Light to help/affect these masses through their ascension struggles. I’m not saying we’ll need to say anything or speak or teach, just walk around with the Light we now are, radiating out everywhere which helps tremendously for people and animals living this too.

      Thanks for being brave enough to go out during peak periods to check this out and sharing your finding with us all. 🙂


  48. I’ve notices as the days fly by, the cycle of the ups and downs is so fast that when I’m having a down day, I know it will be gone pretty much the next day. It’s getting me to the point where I hardly react emotionally to anything, I can just BE. Its amazing! Love and appreciation to you all ❤

    • “I’ve notices as the days fly by, the cycle of the ups and downs is so fast that when I’m having a down day, I know it will be gone pretty much the next day. It’s getting me to the point where I hardly react emotionally to anything, I can just BE. Its amazing! Love and appreciation to you all ❤ "


      I think about this change too and how quickly the up/down cycles in/out SO much faster now than it did when I first began this Ascension Process in 1999. Back then is was just down and horrible and difficult 24/7/365 for many years. Eventually enough Light got in and anchored that there could begin to be short periods where we actually got five minute breaks before the next onslaught! And on and on the Process went until now another Wave blasts in, we paddle as fast and hard as we can to catch it and ride it for as long as we can…and then start the Process all over again and again and again. Stair Steps.

      But now it’s so fast it feel like a constant Process that I’ve adapted to and has become the new “normal”. I’ll take this over the old slow-motion misery of trying to get some Light into what was total Darkness here on Earth any day! But…when some down or unpleasant phase begins now it has that Princess and the Pea exaggerated feel to it but as you said, it exits faster now than ever before. 🙂


  49. Wow, I love all these comments, I learn from all of them! Thank you Denise, for sharing and creating this safe space for others to do likewise…I also do feel that this is a slow layering process, and all of us going thru it (everyone, eventually) may have mixes of symptoms that correlate, but due to various heredity structures, those symptoms will vary as well. I do feel the energy shifts on almost a daily /hourly basis now, and there are times of brainfog for me that come and go as well. I find meditating in my yard under the trees and getting sections of sun exposure every couple of days really helps. If you feel crowd sensitive and have been “hermiting”, try going for walks at night, if you live in or can drive to a safe neighborhood to do this. It’s much quieter and people are mostly indoors then, and it seems that physical exercise helps things go more smoothly, to me.

    Eventually I am certain there comes a point where our energies balance more, and we sort of ‘stabilize’ in each stage, where it feels okay to go into crowds again, depending on circumstances. I did want to note, that Everyone is surrounded by an energy field, which extends from the physical body at least 3-5 feet in all directions… if you are able to maintain a ‘sunny’ vibration despite others around you, often if the fields are overlapping and you hold frequency, it does start ‘coaxing’ their field to follow your energy, even subliminally when they are not aware of it. However, depending on your reserves, you can also get tapped out with this, when so many are at lower vibrations around you, so you have to pay close attention to your body signals. Almost like a sponge, releasing water… Hydration is key, noticing sudden tiredness or fog approaching internally is a signal, too.
    We are gaining awareness rapidly of things as the light continues to shift and change us. If I make time to ground, eat and rest according to my body’s dictates, I find so far it gets easier as I go, to deal with. And I’m having to be more patient with myself, which is good.

    Noted: my pets are going thru all of this with me, and animals everywhere are helping their humans deal with this, whether or not those humans notice this going on. When I visit folks like this, their pets often approach me immediately for petting and love, as if they read my energy and love my calmness, like an assurance that they, and their humans, will eventually feel better. Wild animals also are opening up and Communicating, like never before, to other species, and to humans and domesticated animals. Our calmness can help them adjust, too.

    Finally, I do notice the personal friends I have who are more ‘ready’ to learn, are starting to indicate openness to these concepts, so I’ve started to share info w/ them as I sense they are open to it… But mostly, I keep to myself, contentedly. Some surely find my vanishing from the social scene baffling, but be that as it may, you have to steer your own ship to where the water feels calm to you, ya know? ~ I’m very thankful to know so many others are opening up as well. What a truly blessed and exciting time to be alive now, even with the challenges! Gratitude and sunshine to all of you on the journey ~ 🙂

  50. Alrighty then….it’s not just me….LOL. So nice to see the awareness of what’s going on these days and get everyone’s take on it. I figure that it’s time for us to do what we’re here to do. Hold the light… N’est ce pas? The confusion may be that our unity consciousness is kicking in. People have enough running through their heads these days without other people’s minds blending with theirs. When I have to/need to go out I brace myself with the Light and trudge on. I mentally send messages to other drivers who I feel are in an unaware state. I send them “notice” that I am here…maybe passing them or that there are construction workers ahead… whatever. Let’s try an experiment. Next time we go into zombie-land 🙂 let’s keep a simple message in our heads like…I’m so happy…I’m so wonderful…I’m safe…I am grateful. I’ve been playing with this and people actually turn and look at me.
    Such a momentous time and HERE WE ARE! 🙂
    Love your blog Brenda. Keep on keeping on.
    Much love,v

  51. Yes, Denise, that is also my experience. In the beginning off the ascension that is in the initiate period it start white.; one day uplifting , full happiness coming from inside without any problem or pain. that uplifting give me enough trust and confidence (but I also was and puzzled about the strange phenomenal,) followed by a down period 10 days or longer. Over the years I have understand those up and down period. So now I become to acceptence , the last months it. is different because ,the light energies flows more deeper in de body special in the legs( deep sub- subconsciousness level) and feel the earth energies very strongly..There is also resistant , it feels like a battle. Than a few ours relief everything is oke, than stiffness and pain is coming back. My English is not so good to write more in the finer details.. I wonder if anybody has familiar experience.?

    • Hi Dhyana,

      Yes, I have noticed this with myself. I would feel a numbness feeling in my left or right thigh and then would go away the next day and then would get stiff achiness. And I know its energy related but I didn’t exactly know why. So, after reading your post I think it is the earth’s energy going up as you said it starts in the legs through the feet and as it’s rising up meets with resistance thus the achiness or stiffness. Hmmm??? Interesting theory 🙂 We are embodying more light so it does make sense to me.

      Thank you for your post 🙂

      Love & light,

  52. Hi Denise and All Here:

    Super comments, and definitely real things we are experiencing. “It can’t just be me,” is now an out-of-date phrase! It’s not just me. It’s you all here, too! Yay! Could have something to do with the betwixt the eclipses time and I’m also thinking it’s an obvious split, if not of the separation of the worlds, then certainly of the “camps” of who has remembered who they are and who has not. Very distinct indeed. For the longest time I have had to bite my tongue and bide my time, as we all have, and there may be more of that, but at least we can actually see, hear, taste, touch and smell (for Cat), and BELIEVE we’re making a difference, even if no one else knows that. Who cares? That’s our job and I, for one, am damned proud of it.

    As a bonus, it seems I’m losing my memory so when I struggle in public, I forget it very quickly now. Nothing like a few years ago when I would walk up 19 flights of “stair steps” to get to an office job rather than take the elevator!

    As for the “fluffs”, well, bless their hearts, I was one not long ago so know where they’re coming from. Carry on, troops! Love to All.

  53. I’m thrilled that there are 65 comments here! What incredible progress! I’ve been waiting for years to see some signs that things are really heating up. (that’s a little solar humor)

    I, too, limit my time out, and slowly the number of people who come to my house has dribbled down to….zero. Nobody comes, and when they do, they don’t stay. C’est la vie. I usually have to clear the place after they leave, anyway, so it’s all good. 🙂 Lately, though I’ve been feeling that buzzy feeling like something’s coming, and I’m so ready! I, too, feel more able to spend time out than before- though not everywhere and not with everybody. The grocery store has gotten easier, but traffic is still bat-shit crazy. The mall is definitely out, but individual stores are livable. I’m still mostly invisible, but I’ve met some great little kiddos who are like an energetic KAZAAM – so vibrant & dynamic & sometimes they talk like we’re picking up an existing conversation from… who knows when. (horrifies their parents. oh well.) I’m looking forward to being able to rejoin the masses somehow, at some level.

    Qi Gong is brilliant for dealing with the energy surges, and so is Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. I also read a new book this summer called Healing Codes, which has great stuff, too. Anything that works!
    Best to all!

  54. Hi,

    This is something I really want to ask because I do wonder about it sometimes and thats my truth. I am sharing this with all of you because I feel safe here and Denise’s posting are like a lifeline to me. I wonder sometimes that I have so much of me in this whole process of ascension, what with being a total social recluse, not have the energy to work continuously 9-5, and even the small existential chores seem like such herculean tasks to me,( and I am 36 yrs old so i should be able to do these things very easily), I wonder sometimes if nothing happened where will I go. How will I survive in a world which I don’t relate to, or more importantly do I want to survive in this world? This is a little doubt that creeps in when I find myself so isolated from this whole world around me. I guess just wanted to put it out there with the only social circle I know these days.

    Any comments would greatly help me in moving forward. Thank you for bearing with me.



  55. Once again Denise you articulate exactly what I’m experiencing in my world on the opposite end of the planet. For the last five years in particular I was practically the only person I knew going through these Ascension symptoms. Mostly it was the extreme exhaustion that made my body feel like an immovable lead weight as all these strange sensations and rewiring took place. Now my mother is going through it, my friends are going through it. Hell, I even notice newsreaders finding it hard to complete sentences on TV and you can see their frustration as they try to spit out a basic sentence. Just amazing and wonderful to see. It seems the mass awakening is finally starting to take place. We live in interesting times!

  56. Dear Denise regarding your comment “its getting to the point where I hardly react emotionally to anything”. How I wish – at the moment I cannot handle any negativity to the point I have zero tolerance to it. I used to be more tolerant!!!

    I do cut to the chase and immediately do the inner work to see the lesson for me. I will be glad when I reach the stage where I am unaffected by the negativity around me. Not handling it at all at the moment.

  57. Thanks for all your recent shares and updates. I’m still doing well and feeling good in the 3-D world despite my ongoing intense detox symptoms. The only time I have major challenges is when I’m dealing with multiple zombie people in a public place. I volunteered to work in the box office for a local ballet company last night, and thought that that would be be a good place on an energetic level. No chance. As soon as I got around my co-workers I noticed that they were all zombie like, and could feel their zombie energy draining me. I was already re-experiencing old repressed memories and detoxing rapidly physically, and being around all those zombies really pushed my old buttons. I had some of my birth issues come up, and staying conscious and mindful in the midst of this was a big challenge for me.

    In earlier posts others have shared about how difficult it was for them to be out in public at all. They said that their homes were the only place they felt okay energetically. I couldn’t relate to this at all because I usually had good experiences being out in public at my job, shopping, running errands, etc. Over the last few days I’ve been experiencing a lot of it myself. I’m fine if I’m at home resting or working, but being around zombies in public in becoming an ordeal for me. It’s very validating to know that others are experiencing the same thing to the degree that I am. It helps a lot to be able to share it here.


  58. hello denise

    it takes so much energy to leave my bed to go to the supermarket by the time i reach my car i just sit there in silence (no music). when i reach to the market i forget what i came for and end up picking up stuff i dont need. when/if i do remember what that thing is i need 5 people to direct me to it because each time i go to where im pointed to i lose focus. i go home and consider leaving everything i bought in my car because the energy i need to unpack it is not there. eventually after a good ‘fog out’ session in the car i bring everything iinside. its so exhausting to do it that i go to my bed and sleep. eventually everything goes bad because i have no desire to eat. zombie? i feel more like sleepy… smurf

  59. Hello Ali, You are right the light energies has to go trough the legs also. There are up and down stages. For my its also a stiffness in the knee and other bones. It feels if the bones are become weak. But the doctor has seen and there is no problem.( i always check up if things are going on to long,just to know fore sure) Over the years i had also experiences that the legs where reacting on the energetics by some persons i meet . They started to become shaky or feeling strong emotions from that person or some places, that i was in contact whit. Rare experiences.! Sometimes the legs feel very lightly and dance. Today I read a interesting channel on w.w.w.thinkyourheart.net It gives some inside about the energies that are going deeper in the body , We have to be aware that we must ground more and more. I daily walk or do bodywork as much as my body can handle.I always speak to myself and body to scope white any situation i have to deal with, in the this world, So I become slowly stronger to handle daily live over the time. Everything is a experience and I put more and more my trust on the Divine. There is no other way!,surrender is not so easy but that can be learnt true all our experiences.To scope with the new energies is like we are to learn how to walk in a new way of live on earth . Just as little children do on there parents hands, we have to learn to walk from our inner sources that are our deepest Self.But the body has to been learnt.from evolutionary point of view she is very young and still in transitions.
    I hope you understand this writing’s.
    Be Happy! Namaste .

    • Hi Dyana,

      Thanks for your post 🙂 Yes, I do understand… As an empath I have realized to take notice of anything my body feels as this is my truth and discernment. So, it makes alot of sense to me what you write here about the deeper the energies are integrated into the body and how the physical body responds to it . I know it is important to seek a doctor just in case to be absolutely sure but I usually wait till last resort as usually any discomfort ends up either going away or changing form. The more I begin to understand its origins I consciously try to correct it so the pain will go away and heal. It’s a little hard to explain or put into words and I just like how you put this experience into words, “we have to learn to walk from our inner sources that are our deepest Self.But the body has to been learnt.from evolutionary point of view she is very young and still in transitions.” Yes, makes sense to me 😀

      I’m sure there will come a day when we won’t feel these things anymore and we’ll feel a lot lighter and more free 😀 Can’t wait.

      Also, I’ve noticed physical exercise has been working very well for me with the integration process. It clears my mind and energizes me. Maybe takes away all the yucky energies stuck in the body…. (?) The day when I skip it, I feel sluggish. I don’t like that feeling…. So, this is something I’ve noticed has been very beneficial for me these past couple of months. I plan to continue even if I have to make myself do it some days 😀 I have a feeling that I need to make it a regular part of my life right now.

      Much love, peace, hugs and light to you and all on this list!

  60. Saakshi:

    My heart is with you and totally understands what you are saying. I’m worn out, as many of us are, from leading the way and it doesn’t matter what age we are. Like Denise has explained, what we are doing as Starseeds/Wayshowers, et cetera, is something that we cannot not do. It’s in our blood, our DNA, our minds, and our hearts. You will find that there are times when you want to give up the whole thing and go back to whatever is considered “normal” in 3D, but you will not be able to, because you are far beyond that and opening up to living in what will soon be “normal” 5D on Planet Earth, a much more loving, pain-free, and safe place to be. So knowing that you can’t quit and in fact, wouldn’t quit even if something or someone came along to make that a possibility for you, in the tired and confused times, just love yourself a little bit extra and know that eventually you will know why you won’t quit, because you can’t. Love to All Here.

  61. Hi Debora.
    Thanks for your information and thanks to those who also felt the energy of the intense solar flare on Sunday the 27th. I really had to know what was happening and if anyone felt it too. Its easier to embrace, let go and keep going!
    Love to All :o)))

  62. Hello from the crazy hippy alien in the meat suit………love it but could not get on to comment………just here wanted to say when I come across the family (any human) in zombie mode, I try to just get eye contact and smile..sometimes I get one back……..the VERY best part is if they have young children…….there is not one thing more rewarding to me than interreaction with “pure” spirit, makes me teary just thinking about. LOVE and hugs Denise and thanks again for your star light shining to us…..when having a rough patch I can read any post and comments and feel better. PEACE

  63. people I need help if there is any to be had. I have had severe kundalini acension symptoms for some years, but these last 3 or 4 months have been beyond anything. Mostly in my whole left side all up and down. I used to be able to help move the energy (chi) in the macrocosmic orbit and get abit of relief or say this is relief this is relief while imaging energy coming in from the globe over my head, but these things just aren’t cutting it anymore. the pain is so bad I get sick to my stomach. does anyone anywhere have anything that works to damp it down. (other than knocking myself out with codine cough med.) which I have reluctantly done a few times. can anyone help. thank you so much everyone. All the Best to You All.

    Dec. 5, 2011 “Denise, thank you very much for your suggestions. I do these things when I have the energy, but you are right the old things just dont work anymore. I will keep on keeping on. Thank you very much for your reply. Back to bed now, love to all, John”

    • “people I need help if there is any to be had. I have had severe kundalini acension symptoms for some years, but these last 3 or 4 months have been beyond anything. Mostly in my whole left side all up and down. I used to be able to help move the energy (chi) in the macrocosmic orbit and get abit of relief or say this is relief this is relief while imaging energy coming in from the globe over my head, but these things just aren’t cutting it anymore. the pain is so bad I get sick to my stomach. does anyone anywhere have anything that works to damp it down. (other than knocking myself out with codine cough med.) which I have reluctantly done a few times. can anyone help. thank you so much everyone. All the Best to You All.”


      I’m sorry you’re having such severe embodying pains. It’s been intense like this for me too for the past six months, with July and August 2011 just one mega energy pain in my left side from bottom to top.

      Remember that the left side of our body (regardless of sex) is the female or receptive side so I suspect a lot of negative crap gets into us via that entire side. Lisa Renee also mentioned the left side of our bodies and how we’ve (meaning Starseeds and many Indigos) been working on transmuting so much of this type of negative distortions within our energy and physical bodies put primarily the left side. Sorry I don’t remember right off the top of my currently aching head which article it was she talked about this; might be Sept. 2011 but not sure. Check her website http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=40&Itemid=73 if interested for more about this.

      One thing you can do when the Ascension symptoms, and especially the embodying phases for us Starseeds becomes WAY TOO INTENSE, is to ask your Higher Self and/or your Ascension Assistants to back things down a couple degrees because your ass is frying! 😉 I’ve had to resort to this a couple times this year because the pain and pressures inside my head, skull and spine was beyond the level of pain I could cope with.

      Another thing you can try is to find some safe and hopefully private place out in Nature where you can lay down on the ground or grass etc. and get your spine and back on the Earth and ask Her to take some of the pain you’re struggling with then. You can also try laying in a bathtub of water and then if needed afterwards, stand in the running water of the shower for a few minutes.

      Also know that this is serious intense for a while and then eases up for a while and will return BUT less intensely a few times until the majority of negative distortions are removed and/or transmuted.

      Hang in there and I hope you feel much better very soon.


      Most of the old tools we’ve used for years and years or decades just don’t work at this point because we’ve literally outgrown them and are existing within a higher frequency.

  64. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks so much for the hugs … the ones who gave me the *hugs*. I felt them. I feel better now but the on-going fatigue is still there…. lurking and looming nearby. Soon it will start again for another round of solar bursts and flares.

    Saakshi: what you say rings true to me. Where have my hyper-ness energy gone to… and I’m ONLY 32. I just turned 32 this passing October. Youngness and oldness does not count in the Ascension I guess. Would LOVE to have in its place a 5D balanced energy: on fire yet not hyper, still and calm yet not deadening. It’s all fueled on Love.

    Planning any activity is a recipe for disaster: the sudden need to sleep takes over… for how long I don’t know. Being in the Now moment is the ONLY saving grace to “do” anything… be it for survival or a want. The only sanity I got left. I’m still grateful for freelancing at home. Alas with the upcoming “solar maximum”… I don’t know how I’m going to go with it. We shall see…. we shall see.

    Lou Ann

  65. I just had a good giggle visualising ‘a frying ass’ 😀 but I’ve also had lots of pain in my left side for weeks now, especially my shoulder, so I know it’s no laughing matter.

    John, I find a hot shower helps a lot, especially if you can aim it at the painful areas.
    Otherwise try a ‘Light shower’ – visualise or breathe the Light in through your crown chakra, filling your whole body and passing through your feet into the Earth, taking the pain with it.

    Much love, Gabrielle

  66. Wow! Am so glad I stumbled across this site… Have had severe left sided pain since early Sept (radiating from bottom of neck, down spine to solar plexus area – sometimes even going from top of skull down to this point). I’ve been unable to work, drive, go for walks since then and barely able to leave the house. I’m able to stay upright from about 8am until 3pm and then have to lie down for an hour in the afternoon (sometimes longer). Have been checked out by doctors, consultants, MRI, physios etc. and no one can find anything wrong… A psychic surgeon told me I had present life issues coming up for clearing in my neck and solar plexus area of spine and past life stuff in the heart area. Am now working on doing lots of clearing. Wondered if something similar might be going on for others… Congratulations (and hugest thanks) on a wonderful site Denise. Many many blessings!

  67. My ascension symptoms are intensifying at the moment. I have given permit to my star friends to use me as they please as long as I stay alive and will be able deal with my responsibilities. I have emotional pains and it also feels as if my nerves were aching, mostly left side of the head and the neck. Also my joints are odd and it feels like my whole bonestructure is creaking especially at shoulder area!

    At the same time I feel this is all about releasing and saying goodbye to all that emotional junk I’m dealing with. And I think it is not my own junk, all of it, but we are channeling the collective junk away.

    John, keep hanging in there! It’s a heavy duty, but this is what we are here for 😉

    Luv ya,
    – Aya

  68. Dear Susana and Debora,

    I forgot to thank you for such validations about that “something that happened on the 27th and 28th. Intuition or Inner Knowing is never “wrong”. It just KNOWS. There have been times when I doubted this… thinking I’m a nut-case again. I intended to include this in my previous writing but… there goes that same ol’ shortcoming. Brain fog and zombie-state was upon me all day: I couldn’t get anything substantial at all and intended to continue with my freelancing. I genuinely did and need to. I was worried that… if these brain-fogginess continues like this… I’ll lose my chances at financing for myself. Then again that’s fear self-mongering and what’s left of it… so I talked to my Higher Self about this while I transmuted. These days… emotional hiccups keep getting shorter… and shorter… and shorter by the moment (no longer by the hour nor minute).

    ***Again… thanks so ever much for validation… dear family.***

    Lou Ann

  69. Dear Lou Ann.

    Its so good to know we are not alone in these symptoms of evolution. I too sometimes feel spaced out, being in a zombie state, blank mind, having trouble to speak, crying for no apparent reason, feeling lonely and many other strange feelings. They come and go so suddenly without doing nothing. Others I have to ask for help with accupuncture and use Rescue Remedy from the Bach Flower Remedies when I´m too anxious. Can´t figure out why I feel so anxious all the time and tension in my body. So Yoga is helping with my tension and concentration. Practices like extending love to all this stuff helps a lot to empty our minds.

    I do believe our True Divine Self is trying to embody and it needs space to do so. But we have to go through this clearing to finally be this beauty WE really ARE in Oneness…Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance and all the blessed aspects of God.

    We´ll get there soon!

    Many blessings :o)

  70. Ginny, John, Gabrielle,

    Just wanted you to know that you are not alone when it comes to the ” left side symptoms”

    My “left side symptoms” started in June or July of this year and still persist, they included:

    – Left frozen shoulder with occasional pains
    – Left Bicep pulls and muscle arm muscle spasms.
    – Left side of body wanting to lean left.

    Note – A recent MRI actually showed some left side shoulder muscle wasting from lack of use due to the frozen shoulder so it’s important to note that these symptoms can sometimes get worse if attention is not paid to them.

    Anyways, your not alone !!

  71. Hi Denise,
    this is my first visit to your blog. I love your description of the supermarket – it made me laugh – I know exactly what you mean. Many people were acting like zombies in November. I’m finding the energy a bit different now what with Christmas shopping and all. There’s the seasonal good cheer but underlying that I sense aggression in many people. I think it comes from fear.

    That’s why I came to your blog. I was searching for insight into how to handle the negative energy people are projecting at present. I am finding I have to shield a lot but sometimes it catches me off guard. Suddenly I’m on the receiving end of a whole load of anger as people seem to unconsciously sense I am not as engaged with the material world as they are. They seem to see me as a target where they can dump all their fear and confusion about the way the changes are beginning to dissolve and shatter mental structures that have been in place for millenia. It can be quite unsettling and even frightening sometimes. Have you been having experiences like that at all?
    I’ll keep reading your latest posts especially anything you’ve got to say about the effect of solar activity. Thanks for sharing your insights – Suzanne

    • “Hi Denise,
      this is my first visit to your blog. I love your description of the supermarket – it made me laugh – I know exactly what you mean. Many people were acting like zombies in November. I’m finding the energy a bit different now what with Christmas shopping and all. There’s the seasonal good cheer but underlying that I sense aggression in many people. I think it comes from fear.

      That’s why I came to your blog. I was searching for insight into how to handle the negative energy people are projecting at present. I am finding I have to shield a lot but sometimes it catches me off guard. Suddenly I’m on the receiving end of a whole load of anger as people seem to unconsciously sense I am not as engaged with the material world as they are. They seem to see me as a target where they can dump all their fear and confusion about the way the changes are beginning to dissolve and shatter mental structures that have been in place for millenia. It can be quite unsettling and even frightening sometimes. Have you been having experiences like that at all?
      I’ll keep reading your latest posts especially anything you’ve got to say about the effect of solar activity. Thanks for sharing your insights – Suzanne”


      Hi Suzanne and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      I too went through many years of, as you say, “being on the receiving end of a whole load of anger…” and it was (and still was painful when I encountered it the last few weeks!) difficult and painful.

      Embodying Light around people carrying less Light often causes them to lash out at whoever is carrying that Light in what’s been a totally Dark world. Of course there are many reasons for why they respond like this to people carrying Light. Some of them attack us/the Light energetically (psychically) with hate etc. Others slander us or lie about us because they don’t understand what we’re doing and so on. Other people just hate us because, based on their current level of ego-based consciousness/awareness, they REALLY don’t understand what we do and why as Lightworkers/Starseeds etc.

      And as you’ve correctly discovered, many of these people are drawn to the Light in us but only to try to have us transmute what’s theirs to be transmuted! After a couple thousand years of intentional negative religious disempowerment, too many people believe that they are NOT at all responsible for their actions, thoughts, emotions etc. and some “savior” type will solve all of their problems. Of course this too is totally incorrect because now each individual needs to do this for themselves.

      Gads…back to your question!

      Yes I’ve been experiencing what you’re talking about very intensely since the start of my physical Ascension Process in 1999. Now that the Light is back in full here in this world, the start of 2012 will escalate these issues in all people everywhere who are and will struggle with the dying of the negative old patriarchal world reality and belief systems. Light and Dark energies can’t co-exist within the same space, so now with the start of 2012 and the Light now running the show here, the Dark in all of its forms and degrees of nastiness will be falling apart and leaving this world/dimension in record speed. It will be an amazing and probably chaotic time of global transitions as whoever is going to remain on Earth from now on MUST at least embody a specific range of Light (frequency) within themselves to be able to remain here.

      Protect yourself with Light at all times of course and listen to your High Heart. Even though on many levels 2012 is going to look like reality is disintegrating, which it finally is 😀 , at the same time the Light is totally replacing everything and everyone that’s been carrying a vastly lower frequency. So 2012 is going to be both an accelerated falling apart of everything negative in this world that MUST and will exit now, and the Light and increasing Love (high creativity, unity etc.) replacing everything.

      Sorry for the long-winded reply.

  72. Thanks Denise. I like the way you describe how light and dark can’t inhabit the same space. That really sheds some light on what’s going on right now 🙂

  73. hi -a few days ago i posted how ill i was feeling etc – fluey/ cough/aches etc – feeling of foreboding/fear – ususal for this time of the year – but not as bad as this normally!
    as well as this my father with dementia has been dominating my life
    for a few days he has seemed vaguely ok – bit like dad with memory problems – every time this woman who has befriended him since my mother died sees him he turns into a nasty aggressive evil monster who blames me for everything and banishes me from his life etc etc
    yesterday evening 23rd dec at 7pm he was fine – two hours later following a visit from thiswoman he had raged at me down the telephone and caused me to feel extremely distressed.accused me of all sorts of things – dreadful –
    i know he is ill and i should make allowances for this but still it hurts- the old approval thing from parents etc – as a sensitive child i sufferred tremendously – he believed in using a stick/smacking all the usual stuff whcih you think you have dealt with and sorted out – but deep down inside its still there. –
    i am at a loss to know how to deal with all the negativity etc that is being directed at me now – feeling ill – still coughing – generaly feeling weak and wobbly because of whatever i am clearing i am finding it much harder to cope and each time it feels like a massive hit on my solar plexus – i can feel the energy there immediately – i am trying to keep it clear but its a big effort.
    part of me feels the dark forces are having something to do with this – i feel like i am on trial or being tested to see if i survive – i dont know –
    i am writing this now because i could do with some insight into this and if anyone has ever had to deal with anything like this — would be so grateful to anything really –
    do i leave my father to this woman – who is messing with his head, taking mon ey from him and alienating him from his family – to his own devices even though i know he has dementia or do i keep trying to help and sort out the situation – for all the heartache/ anxiety/worry i get from it. i feel sorry for him so it is v difficult and i cant bear lies and deceit – she gives me a feeling in my stomach that i recognise as bad energy –
    i am sorry to pour out all this on christmas eve but there is no one who seems to understand or help – i havent cried for 12 years – since i started the ascension work – the last month i cant stop the tears.
    sorry – so depressing –
    i hope everyone has a loving peaceful christmas time – susie

    • Hi Susie,

      So sorry to hear what you are going through – that must be very hard… No real words of advice I’m afraid, I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you.

      From my own experience I know that letting the tears out is always a good thing so hopefully they are helping you to keep ridding yourself of all the negativity going on.

      Just a thought: was this woman in your father’s life before the dementia? Am thinking that if she was (i.e. she was in his life by choice) then maybe it’s better to let things run their course (easy for me to say when I’m completely removed from the situation though and it must be very hurtful, bringing up all the old wounds). One thing I feel intuitively is that at this time we are all being asked to face our deepest issues so I guess at some level it is happening for a reason (if that makes it any easier to cope with!). For me I’ve had to face a lot of rejection and self worth issues from childhood recently (parents who were in many ways perfectionist and smacked too!) and I’ve had a lot of lessons in learning to love myself in spite of all this…

      By the way, I’ve been feeling very stressy/panicky the last few days (again a feeling of being on trial -mine was for acceptance re a health issue) not sure if others have too, would be interesting to know whether there is some shift in the energies post solstice…

      Bless you Susie, Ginny xx

  74. Hi sulaireland!

    I totally understand your feelings!

    My mom has Alzheimer and I decided to bring her to my town since my sister couldn´t take care of her. I know that if she lives with me she´ll get me crazy and sick. She always complaining, has a difficult temperament and is very aggresive.So she´s in a convalescent home where the ones who care for her know and are accostumed with these attitudes from people with Alzheimer.

    Sometimes I leave her after visits crying like a baby with so many mixed emotional feelings. I went through hard times, in the past, with her too. After a good cry I find relief and my heart says I´m doing my best to have her live a decent life.

    Don´t take this personally and pray to God for guidance and peace.

    Try to find a way to have your father live in a convalescent home and have a judicial authorization in caring for him.Then things will be easier for you.

    Wish you a great Christmas!

    Trust that God will lead the way!!!

  75. dear ginny and susana – thank you for your advice – its good to know someone cares enough to answwer -it does help –
    in answer to your question – no – she wasnt in his life before really – she asked for help outside of a market one day and he felt sorry for her!
    i am praying and asking for guidance – best i an do right now
    much love

  76. Sulaireland,
    I have not been online for a few days, but wanted to send a quick notes with some of my thoughts. I have been there personally and have experience professionally with such things. So, here are my thoughts – there are some (usually few) people we can “really” talk to in our lives, most tho it is difficult to be really real and honest with – without them becoming defensive, going into negative ego, etc. I have found when it is difficult to talk with someone, it is best to talk to them in a meditative state. Do you know how to do this? If not, email me and I can explain. Basically, tho, have this conversation in your minds eye. Also, let them express themselves in this imaging. Guided imagining works b/c the subconscious mind does not know the difference b/t what is “real” and what is “imagined” – it is all the same to the subconscious mind. Here in this conversation, you can express your thoughts and feelings. They will be heard and acknowledged… this is important to know. On a telepathic level, or subconscious level, what ever you want to call it – your father will “hear” with a knowingness and so will this woman. This is, in my belief, more beneficial than talking face to face anyway. So, this way you can get your point across and listen to theirs. You will receive a sign within 3 days that something has shifted – this will help you to know that the meditation did have effect. Also, it may help with some of the 5th chakra stuff you have going on. I’m sure there are layers of lessons here to learn, and we are all flushing out our most difficult issues at this time so we can lighten up and get to 5D! It seems this woman may be taking advantage of your father? and it is difficult to watch a loved one being manipulated and I am sure there are lessons in here about what exactly is your stuff and what is not. Boundaries. Best wishes, Debra / Morgean

  77. debra – thanks for your reply – i have tried talking to my fathers higher self – i dont want to talk to this woman – just the thought of her lowers my vibration etc – and although i know basically we are all good something has gone radically wrong with her – i am still at a loss as how to deal with the situation – she manipulates my father and messes with his mind – she wants to alienate him from me – she is taking lots of his money – but the worst thing is she seems to deliberately confuse him –
    i was interested in your comments about the 5th chakra stuff and it not all being mine –
    i do feel i am trying to clear the last of some deep-seated issues but when your father is involved its difficult to stick to boundaries etc – weird how everything conspires at once to bring you down when you are at your most vulnerable – its a massive struggle to keep my energy up and positive – feeling ill and constantly berated by my father and deaing with the other ascension stuff etc etc –
    which is why it is so nice to get replies to my comment from helpful people – thank you –

  78. Hey you all! How are you all doing? Is anyone else feeling exceptionally tired at this time? Since December 26, I have been sleeping or laying on my sofa about 90% of the time. I’ve been hit before but never this hard. I hope that it is ascension related but I’m actually getting concerned now. My muscles are aching too – head to toe – hot salt baths help, but also make me more tired. I have not even been able to clean up the “mess” from Christmas celebrations. Today I forced myself to get up and clean the kitchen today, but geez, it’s 1:11 pm !! and I’m ready to lay down again. I know we’ve had some glancing blows from a couple of cme’s – if this is from them, I can not imagine a large, direct hit. Looking forward to the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 – at least I have some time to do some real soul searching right now 😉 about 2012.

  79. Hi Morgean, I’ve been hit with the same, only worse! I’ve hardly moved since the 26th, as I’ve slipped a couple of discs in my spine and I can hardly walk. Whatever ‘s done it, I’m obviously meant to take it easy and stop doing anything – full stop. As soul searching is about all I can do, it’s probably what I’m meant to be doing, so I am. 🙂

  80. Gabrielle – Thanks for responding. Oh my, yes just writing the post I realized, this is all Ascension related and one way to take the time I/we need. Hope you feel better soon – cold ice packs help w/disc problems – on the physical level. But on metaphysical level you know why your having to take time to just be. I’m thinking about old beliefs that I hold that I would like to release or change as we now move into 5D. I’ve decided to start living it (5D) instead of waiting for it to come to me. Since I was “laid-off” last September, with nothing to fall back on, I have managed to continue living w/out a job. (The year prior I quit a job b/c I just could not condone what was going on.) I realized this is the 5D way – receiving and being as opposed to doing. Or I guess you could say I’m doing receiving. I think I am paving a path and have decided my new work will be to help teach others how to move into a world of no money. Not that I have it down-not by any means – but I’m learning as a result of necessity!

    Anyway, want to tell everyone about a very interesting book called The Hunger Games. OK – when it was described to me I literally got sick to my stomach – but that is b/c it touched me at a core level. The book is awesome – a complete satire about how the government controls us – but it takes place in the “future”. I think a lot of people will wake up as a result of reading this. My children introduced me to it – they are completely taken by it – and it is the first time they have acknowledged the level of the governments control. Prior to this book – they just couldn’t understand why I haven’t been able to go with the flow. Now I tell them, see I’m like Katniss – I’ve lived my whole life not fitting in b/c I couldn’t/wouldn’t play the game – or at least I could see it as a game and if I had to play to survive- it wasn’t easy. Anyway, enuf said – its a good read (It is a trilogy – movie coming out in March).

    Happy New Year! Happy 2012! Look forward to sharing our growth together – 2012 is going to be an amazing time. Denise and everyone that blogs here – you are very important to me! Thanks for your sharing it has helped me grow in many ways. Love, Morgean / Debra

  81. Hi Morgean, thanks for your reply. I’ve just written a post about the soul searching I did this week, which has resulted in an amazing rebirth, and my back’s much better today. 🙂 The book sounds very interesting, thanks for the tip.
    A Happy 2012 and much love to ALL! 🙂

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