Completing 2011: Preparing for 2012

So far the week of December 4–10, 2011 has been a nearly constant daily/nightly onslaught of severe pain and pressure in my head, skull and eyes again. Just like six months ago from the Summer Solstice energies. This head/skull/brain/eye pain is accompanied by pain down my spine to the area between my shoulder blades or the High Heart (Thymus) chakra/area. As my throbbing head and I attempt to write this today, it’s the total Lunar eclipse at 18° Gemini 11′. No doubt this has much to do with this December buildup of painful, pushing energies. From today through the New Moon on December 24, 2011 is one energy event after another so I assume we’ll all be feeling these energies in varying degrees of intensity. Happy Holidays!

  • December 10, 2011 total Lunar eclipse/Full Moon 18° Gemini 11′
  • December 12, 2011 is 12-12-11, which I suspect is like a dress rehearsal for 12-12-12
  • December 18–21, 2011 is the Galactic Crossing—the Sun transiting across (aligning or conjunction with) the Galactic Plane or equator which means major energy downloads
  • December 21, 2011 is the Winter Solstice—the Sun enters 0° Capricorn at 9:30 P.M. Pacific Time
  • My 60th birthday sandwiched between the escalating Winter Solstice energy downloads and general holiday insanity cheer
  • December 24, 2011 the New Moon at 2° Capricorn 34′


For many of us—it certainly was for me—2011 was difficult because it was a much more compressed and intense year of having to, if not master, then at the very least get vastly better with regards to our Emotional Bodies and our reactionary emotional reactions to whomever or whatever it is that WE still let get to us. It doesn’t matter in the least who or what those emotional triggers are; what matters is that you/me/each of us evolves beyond this lower level and gets ourselves free and clear. Why? Because Conscious Creators aren’t allowed to Create if they still have loose emotional cannons rolling around within themselves that other people or situations can ignite at any moment! Can’t you just see some sudden horrible emotional creation I/you/each of us created and manifested all because someone or something pushed one of our unresolved Emotional Body buttons? Not gonna happen, and this is a very good thing for everyone’s sake!

Before the full-on 5D Conscious Creating and Co-Creating business begins, I/you/each of us MUST first—as in Cosmic Safety Precaution Law—master our Emotional Body and its old familiar reactionary ways. There’s no shame or guilt in any of this, only evolution/ascension to a higher dimension, state of being, consciousness and reality. It seems that the “Goddess” and 11’s of 2011 were primarily about this transformational task and many of us have made great headway with this particular Ascension issue and will soon be able to check it off our Ascension list of things to transmute prior to the end of December 2012.

This plus the Dark Ones, in all their forms and positions in this dimension and others, have been GREATLY reduced during 2011. By greatly reduced I mean that many of these Dark Ones have—sorry but I can’t resist using this line—seen the Light and retired from their distorted perspectives and jobs being the “Bad Guys” during the past Evolutionary Cycle. During 2011 many of them just laid down their attitudes and bad-ass selves and willingly walked into the Light! Wow…what a trip that’s been!

Remember I mentioned recently that I’d been getting the symbolism of a big X lately? This big X has indicated there’s polarity integration happening at higher levels. Said really simply, this big X shape I’ve been perceiving indicated that in 2011 many of the Dark Ones had to integrate enough Light for them to continue evolving too, or not, and be reabsorbed by Source. And if 2011 was this phase for the Dark Ones, then, unless I’ve misunderstood what I’ve perceived, 2012 is the year for the Light Ones to do the same and integrate enough Dark within themselves at the levels and dimensions they exist on now. And we down here in 3D thought it was just us having all the high drama, intensity and excitement!

All of this is so everyone everywhere is free and clear and ready for the massive Cosmic Energy Imprinting of the New Evolutionary Cycle that will come through the alignment of Earth with the Milky Way galactic center one year from now.


It’s hard to believe, especially if you’re a Starseed who’s been transmuting and embodying your guts out every second for the past twelve years, that we’re not yet ready for the Cosmic imprinting tsunami that we’ll orbit into one year from now. How many times have we asked ourselves or our Ascension Assistants or Source on those extraordinarily difficult moments, “Is it soup yet?” And how many times over the years have we been told ever so gently, “Not yet…close but not quite yet.” Gads really? Well okay, what’s another mile at this point right?

Looking back it’s easy to see that we’ve already transmuted tons of Dark energetic stuff within ourselves, other timelines, negative actions done by other people in this and other timelines, the planet, and the 4D lower Astral plane. But to realize in December 2011 that there’s one last years worth of transmuting, embodying, releasing and mastering to do before we’re vibrating fast and high enough to step into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle energies arriving in one year is almost too much to deal with while one’s head feels like mine does now! But that’s exactly why my head feels like it does now. So, there it is in all its this-side-of-the-finish line dull glory. I know that you and I will be singing a very different song about this time next year however so hang in there with me my fellow exhausted and pain-ridden Starseed Reality Transmutors.

What I’ve perceived about 2012 so far is escalating world chaos; increased mental and emotional illness in many; general dysfunction; violence; solar energies repeatedly shutting down the Internet, cell phones and whatever else; increasing lack of jobs and money; corrupt systems falling apart under the Light; and certain gigantic egos with their beliefs fighting to the end to never relinquish power and control. Simultaneously to all this we’ll be putting the finishing touches on our personal Ascension Process throughout 2012. I sense that throughout 2012 many people will finally have to consciously face the fact that the Dark Ones (physical humans and non-physical non-humans) exist and the evil deeds they’ve done and how humanity went along with it all. This revealing of different world “heroes” and “leaders” as actually egocentric and sick monsters will be shocking to many, but 2012 is grow-up time because nothing and no one can hide from the Light any longer and the masses need to consciously know to what extent they’ve been lied to, used, manipulated and paid for it all.

To heal you’ve first got to know and acknowledge the negative, the Dark, the hidden, the projected, wounded etc. then go from there. Much of the masses will be profoundly shocked to discover how severe and complete the Dark has run this planet and humanity and for how long. Yet, at the same time, many of these people will quickly become ready to move through this phase and be able to accept the new High Heart ways of existing. We laid the Path for them to do this many years ago and in 2012 we’ll continue watching growing numbers of people willingly walk out of the old darkness and step on to this higher frequency Path.

For the rest of us Starseeds/Indigos/Lightworkers we’ve got 2012 to refine and complete anything we need to before December 2012. I sense we’ll have more work to do on our Mental Bodies and belief systems throughout 2012, just like we had to do with our Emotional Bodies and knee-jerk reactions during 2011. We and the masses both have plenty of old reality beliefs/belief systems to let go of in greater ways than we have so far. These beliefs can be as subtle as things like your age, your physical health, expectations, worth, how consciousness works, what 5D is like and so on. No matter how small or large our beliefs may be at this late date, if they restrict us in any way they’ll present themselves to be greatly expanded or fully released. Time is short so these final lessons and issues will surface fast and furiously throughout 2012 in an attempt to HELP us get free and clear. Just do it.

During 2012 we’ve got to consciously know more about Source, multidimensional reality, quantum existence outside of time so that we can embody it and more within ourselves. 2012 will be about consciously knowing much more and not becoming imbalanced or ungrounded because of our evolving base of operations and sense of “Self”. Said another way, 2012 is when we’ll embody more of our Higher Selves, “God” or Source in conscious ways. Remember we worked long and hard to cast-off these higher, larger aspects of ourselves to even get down into 3D physicality. Now on the return trip we’re required to pick these aspects of our Selves back up and put them on once again. This last year of the Ascension Process will appear highly polarized as the old lower fights to survive while we remain steadfast and focused on embodying and getting up-to-speed energetically for next December’s Cosmic energy tsunami.


December 10, 2011

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78 thoughts on “Completing 2011: Preparing for 2012

  1. Wow!! I have a head ache too. Have had it for days now. I am sick to my stomack too.

    Thanks for all the info…This really helps alot…I know where to go from here….

  2. I very much look forward to your assessments denise, thank you very much. Apropo of nothing, i just cooked some falafel for the very first time. Damn! it was like standing over a pan of firecrackers. (funny now, not so much at the time) Does anyone know who the blue people are, where they come from? john

    • “Does anyone know who the blue people are, where they come from? john”


      Here’s a link to an old article about my traveling to another dimension where these Blue Beings exist…or at least one place they exist. Besides this, many of us Starseeds are Blue Ray so I suspect there’s other levels of connection to other dimensional Blue Beings.

      Gawd I just had a horrible thought that maybe you’re talking about something totally different than this! Too much pain in da brain lately! 😆


  3. *angelic choir* Thank you so much for posting! No wonder I was such a whack job lately! I thought I was going nuts! I have an eye infection, headaches, feeling faint, cranky, miserable….Just GAH!

  4. Thank you for your timely post Denise.

    My thighs have been aching like they would had I climbed a mountain and a few days ago, I too had a feeling of being ‘stabbed in the back’ in between my shoulder blades. I last had this horrible sensation in 2007 and it lasted for at least a month, so I’m grateful that it’s improving and disappearing quickly this time round. You speak of the dark ones turning toward the light… well, surprisingly, I had an intuition that Tony Blair, of all people, had a moment of ‘clarity’ and was moving in our direction, although I’m not sure if he remained on the path. I don’t have much motivation to do anything today and I’ve been so weepy.

    Your comments about the likes of us having to embody more darkness has concerned me, does it mean that we have to incorporate the dark to balance us, so to speak? I really don’t the idea of having to integrate more dark. I feel like I’ve worked very hard to remove the darkness.

    Feeling lonely, feeling stuck and to be honest, feeling childish about it all. Last week I felt like giving up and allowing others to do all the work from now on, I just can’t see how I’m changing anything at the moment – it’s as if I’m in some sort of limbo.

    • “Your comments about the likes of us having to embody more darkness has concerned me, does it mean that we have to incorporate the dark to balance us, so to speak? I really don’t the idea of having to integrate more dark. I feel like I’ve worked very hard to remove the darkness.”


      Not more “darkness” or negativity in the ways we have been for years, but only those issues, beliefs etc. we may still have within us. After all the transformational work we’ve already done, I just don’t see that we’ve got to deal with the Dark any more as we have for years. These remaining issues are small and nothing as difficult and painful as what we’ve transmuted already. Due to our exhaustion and the pains from embodying, I think even a tiny little job (physical or energetic) seems nearly overwhelming to many of us at this point!

      I’ve gone through periods (plenty of them in 2011!) of just wanting to quit too. But I’ve gone through this feeling enough times to know that it passes and I’ll feel better in a couple of hours or days. The “limbo” feeling state is another common phase or transition within the ongoing energy changes. Like the tides the energy waves come in and we ride them for a while, then we sit and rest and ready ourselves for the next set of waves to come. 😉


  5. Dear dear Denise, May Mercury and all the communication gods and goddesses pile you high with bright blessings. Why? Because you communicate to me and so many others information that is vital to survival. When crazy everywhere. You send out info that makes me feel somewhat sane and capable of taking another step up the ladder and doing the next required task on this wild journey.
    Thank you so very much. Tons of heart hugs, Gwen

  6. just about to finish up a 12 hour shift at work….my only access to a computer… having a bad day…….mad, mad as hell and do not know why…..nothing especially triggered it except waste which always gets me so I leave a nice note reminding the rest of the staff here (domestic violence shelter) that plastic does come from oil and we need to save our earth for the children…blah blah blah is what I am sure they hear but still I have to voice….

    yesterday afternoon there was a huge X in the sky, a chemtrail I assume but still it seemed a marker and made me smile……decided to check mail and found this and AS ALWAYS I am feeling much better….THANKS

    20 years ago, I used to say to friends, I know that I know that I know…I believe there was something waking inside me….guess now I know…….bring on 12-12…only 1 more year, just the blink of the eye…… to all here and thanks for the combined energy of this site for without it I would not have any support, oh and the friends from so long ago…lost somewhere along the way

  7. Thank you for sharing your learning experiences and everything else you are going through in all dimensions/frequencies…..
    Wishing you a year of an easier,lighter transformation,transmutation,transcendence,Ascension
    Happy Birthday! Healthy Holidays

  8. My heart is with you Denise. My head,base of my skull and base of my neck has been in terrible pain all week. Sometimes I feel like where and how am I exsisting, I work to over nights 2 times a week and many times I have to hide the vibrating and shaking when I’m there. I have to become a”normal” person to survive.
    I walked in the house this morning and I looked at it in shock. I manage to pick it up once a week and it never gets caught up, it looks like a place when someone has gone mad.I manage to keep people away..due to embassment. Friends have helped on occasion but it’s been so long I just resign myself to this constant mess. Reminding myself that between the pain, the work and exhaustion it’s all I can do. Screaming at the universe,God whoever GIVE me strength to clean.

    I feel guilty complaining all the times but as the realities shift I see things differently. Most everything that was is gone…I know the drill but sometimes the whole process get’s so over whelming. Still keeping in the back of my mind the woman who have children and are struggling to survive.
    It becomes lonlier and lonlier, as life goes on with out me. I understand the greater picture and reality but sometimes I want to SCREAM…bring some joy for one night, some comfort,reassurance…and then you write 🙂
    Bless you,

    • Cheri,

      Hang in there with me and all the rest of us. Not much further to go really and many of us will be feeling major improvements with the start of 2012 and throughout the year.

      This may be a stupid question, but can you afford to hire someone to come in once a month and clean your place? If you can it would be so worth it to NOT have to do it yourself and give yourself some time to rest and do nothing. Give it some thought and ask your Higher Self to help you out with this situation.

      ♥ Hugs,

  9. Good one again. The pains, sickness and aches I can relate to quite a bit. I’ve spent the past 20 years in great physical pain. I have since come to realize it was not all mine, nor ascension symptoms though I can still have those. But I was wondering if anyone uses the wise sage to smudge their aura and living spaces to remove those energies that can cause great pain? I thought it was an old tradition that didn’t have merit. How could smoke from a plant burning make me feel better?! Well this was the dark forces discouraging me. I have lived with migraines all my life, family too, mother and sisters. Only to find out 2 years ago that the migraines were caused not by illness of my physical person, but by negative energies that caused them. Because once I began to smudge out of desperation to do anything/everything in gods name to rid myself of anything that may cause the pains, malaise and sickness, I began to smudge with sage and within minutes the migraines went away completely. It is shocking every time, for anyone who knows the pain of migraines. I follow up by showering with pure sea salt, just mixing handfuls with soap and applying head to toe and rinsing. 9 times out of 10, the pains, sickness, and migraines disappear 100%. Imagine my shock to realize this and I’ve been taking exedrin all my life for these pains and migraines for nothing….they were not mine. I was desperate enough to try it and it works for me, Maybe it will work for some of you? blessings, Lady.

  10. Hi, Denise and all,

    I’ve been noticing a lot of these issues coming up for me– dealing with betrayal and manipulation in my family, the boys upstairs are at it again with the loud music, and me being a woman living alone around a lot of unbalanced male energy. I’m fighting being afraid, but sometimes I succumb to it and I’m getting better at allowing myself to just feel what I feel and not judge it so much. With this disrespect in my building, I’m trying to figure out whether it’s about me learning to stay centered even if there is gansta rap pounding in my heart (is that possible?) or about me speaking out and standing up for myself even if I am afraid of the consequences. It’s seeming like a game to the one guy now. I called the police so he kept me up till 3. It was a dare to escalate the situation and I refused last night and I’m refusing today. (Today he waited until I got home this afternoon and then cranked it up.) I’m dead tired from it all, but hanging in there. Met some young boys today who were looking for stones to raise their consciousness and I was so happy to know I wasn’t alone and said so!
    Talking about new ways of being, I’m feeling reality slipping sideways (?) at times and I sometimes get waves of light showering down on me (last night in the middle of the thumping bass and I was going, Really? Now?) I also talk to people online and say hello to them and give them a hug when they need it and sometimes I can feel them back. It’s definitely going to be an interesting year.

    Love to all,

  11. Bless you for sharing your deep insights, wisdom and compassion!!! My head is also experiencing the same pressure and pain and all else that you share I relate to deeply. It is of great benefit to read your words and feel a deep kinship for you and all ….thank-you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Denise did you see the Lunar eclipse this morning from your vantage point in LA? I sure would have loved to have seen it but i live here in eastern US and nothing but dark cloud showed up..
    Truly picked up on your speaking about mastering emotions because today was one heck of a day and of all things My BIRTHDAY(Dec10). I have cried a bucket of tears which started with a rant and then the tears just flowed so i suspect it had to break me down.. I deduced i got a double whammy too being born in December and lunar moon eclipse in Gemini the opposite sign of Sagittarius. To top all that off i had dream of mom today wearing a blue dress and i remembered i was called at work on early morning December 2007 by my brother to tell me Mom had died/left the physical world and it was December 10 on my birthday and just 8 days before her December 18 birthday..

    Today, truly has been hard hitting so i am taking the time to POM/Pity on me and moving on through it though.. Thanks again Denise for speaking about emotions as you hit the nail on the head as that was just what i needed today!

    • Avian,

      Happy Birthday to you sweetie and I’m sorry it was a tearful one. I hope you were able to purge whatever it was that you needed to with them however. The Solstices (Summer and Winter) are really potent and they bring in tremendous energies for us but we’ve always got to adapt to them…which isn’t always easy. Plus, as you realized, this Lunar eclipse today is in opposition to your Sun – sense of Self. Let go of whatever is in you that you’ve outgrown and now needs to go so more of YOU can take its place. ♥

      Happy Birthday,

  13. I have had a chronic inflamed throat for 4 years now and have no reasons for this! maybe sensitive to the shift? not sure but I know im changing …. peace and love to all

  14. Yup, massive headaches (the base of my skull, eye sockets, sinuses, temples), sore neck, throat problems…. So bad the past week and then yesterday into today just got worse. I guess the fact that the eclipse was in Gemini only exacerbated my symptoms because I’m a Gemini. Fun stuff. When I read the first couple of lines I pushed myself the read your entire post, if you could write it with a headache, then I could read it with mine. Big gratitude hugs to you Denise.

  15. Oh, Cheri Evans!

    “I have to hide the vibrating and shaking when I’m there. I have to become a”normal” person to survive.
    I walked in the house this morning and I looked at it in shock. I manage to pick it up once a week and it never gets caught up, it looks like a place when someone has gone mad.I manage to keep people away..due to embassment. Friends have helped on occasion but it’s been so long I just resign myself to this constant mess. Reminding myself that between the pain, the work and exhaustion it’s all I can do. Screaming at the universe,God whoever GIVE me strength to clean”.

    I am having exactly the same experiences, the vibrations are so violent and constant. I’m so tired of it. My house is also a complete mess, I probably wouldn’t even notice if I had been burgled. The truth is that I cannot cope with such a messy home, it’s overwhelming me and affecting everything – social life (what little is left of that), my state of mind, and my dignity. I love my pretty home and here it is, trashed.

    I feel like I’m having a jolly good whinge, but I know I’m safe here to do so – it’s just been one of those months/weeks/days. I will pray that we both acquire the energy to clean our homes, it is so important right now to feel in harmony with our environment, it makes mediating and eating well easier and so much more pleasurable (I can’t even prepare a healthy meal because my sink, it overfloweth with dirty dishes and all my kitchen tools/plates/cutlery are just sitting waiting there to be cleaned).

    “This too shall pass”.

    With love

  16. Thank you so much Denise, your explanation is so much more comforting than what my wild, irrational mind conjured up….and Happy Birthday, you beautiful soul. You have much to celebrate! Thank you for all you do.

    Much Love and a birthday hug.


  17. ” This head/skull/brain/eye pain is accompanied by pain down my spine to the area between my shoulder blades or the High Heart (Thymus) chakra/area.”

    .. yep.. for a few days this was so bad i could not sleep in bed so i sat up in my chair and slept, it felt like spasms…… i have also had teeth nerve pain goin on…the head and spine seems to be one big vibration 🙂

    what you share .. is so right on! thanks for your sharing and insights.. and………. happy birthday from one Cap to another 🙂 .. i will be 61 DEC 29th 1950:) may we all be blessed this upcoming year as we move more deeply into the Light.. love christine

    • “happy birthday from one Cap to another 🙂 .. i will be 61 DEC 29th 1950:) may we all be blessed this upcoming year as we move more deeply into the Light.. “


      And Happy Birthday to you too fellow Capricorn and we most certainly will be “blessed” in 2012. 🙂

      ♥ Hugs,

  18. M..Forgive me for laughing but as I was reading your response it was like reading my story.
    Trying to cook while pulling dirty knives and spoons from the sink to wash and cook with.
    When someone else says it, it sounds funny,but as you I feel embarrased.
    How how sad when you say what’s left of my social life boy do I get that,
    I enjoy a lovely place but when I clean the kitchen and look back a few days later it’s in the same condition, and when I try to get to the other rooms there’s no energy left.
    I’m still laughing…I quess when someone else is this way it makes me realize how crazy this is.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could call up friends(or what’s left of them) and tell them this is what I’m going through, I need help. I’d be too a shame to let them see this place.
    I know it’s not funny,probably just a little times. Usually when I throw an all out fit and the universe they send help. Why that is I’ll never know.
    Oh I’m so glad to be apart of this site.Where crazy doesn’t sound crazy.

  19. Thanks Denise, I do know a woman who is not judgemental (see doesn’t understand but is quite compassionate. I thought about her tonight, will juggle bills around.
    Birthday Blessing!!!

  20. Thanks again, Denise. And, YES, I’m there alongside you.

    Yesterday was another huge learning curve for me and I feel sure that someone will benefit from this story. I first had a meeting with a very 3D lady who lives with her grand daughter. The grand daughter is ‘bi polar’ and the whole scene there is hard, with them coping on their level. Yesterday I tried to help.

    Then I visited a friend who is becoming more aware. She has been having huge difficulties with her 16yr old son who is only recently on medication. I again gave advice in my knowledgeable human/angel role. (h-m-m-m)

    Finally I had a cuppa with another friend who is just learning how to cope with her 6yr old. Her daughter is not staying clear and brings all sorts of gremlins home. It creates a monster/gorgeous girl mix. Yep, you got it, the human me offered whatever.

    I was totally slam dunked by what I bought home with me later on last night. Got thrown off the toilet (I still smile a this even though it hurts like heck today) bounced against the wall, but managed not to break my nose. Enough of the visuals, you get it. Bit scarey for both of us. Poor Michael.

    After calling in a girlfriend to fine tune for me, cause I was shaken up and fuzzy, I have succeeded in learning yet another lesson in protection.

    My Point – we are not here to assist as humans! All of out work is done in the other dimensions and when we expose ourselves to slightly aware people, their energy will come to the party. Keep yourselves safe and use your known protection methods. AA Michael is only a thought away.

    OK, with love and big hugs to you all. LINDA

  21. One more thing..I do understand what going into the darker places within means.Deeper and deeper. Had a very gifted woman tell me something about myself,kinda like looking at the reasons one would spin out of control and be pullled down into this dimension. It was quite alarming. Of course watched a movie tonight that was about the Insanity of this particular life time.
    The movie got through and I started going crazy in a place,how could I do that!!!!
    My Higher Self jumps in and says what would you say to someone who came to you with this problem.
    I said nothing that I did was any worse then anyone has done, and I think I’ve hears it all…I JUST DIDN’T HAVE THE COMPASSON TO FORGIVE MY I did others. Bingo!!
    Hurrah another layer down another to go…

      Hurrah another layer down another to go…”


      Brilliant job you! ♥ It’s much easier to forgive and let go of whatever it may be with other people…and VASTLY more difficult to do the same with ourselves. This is a HUGE transition/Initiation you’ve just made. Be proud, be very proud of yourself and give yourself a big Heart Hugs. 🙂


  22. for the first time I am reading the comment section. for the first time I seem to be reading from people who live and feel as I do. I used to wonder where the others were because I could not be the only one. I’m glad my home is not the only mess and I too don’t invite people over. I’d rather sleep and relax. Hopefully the dark does not have a stronghold on people anymore. sometimes things are not revealed, I am sorry to say. I had to live a horrible life till I “discovered” the dark had used “cords” on me to steal my energy 24/7 for almost all of my life. No healer or practioner with abilities saw these cords. EVER. Not until several years ago and I was set free. and what a huge difference I experience in being me, plus I have energy now.

    • Edith, I’d love to hear how this clearing finally happened? what was done, or involved? How you felt…etc. Any details you are willing to share as I feel this happens more often than not and people do not realize what is happening to them….far to many will tell you its your own ”karma” or the ”law of attraction” when its often the dark forces at work…….Thanking you in advance. Lady.

  23. I got the shingles on Nov12, and have been in extreme pain ever since. My back feels like I have a shotgun blast on my right shoulder blade and I feel like someone stabbed me in the chest.I have pulled every trick in my bag to help speed up my recovery seems to only provide temporary relief. I am almost worried another year of pain will send me over the deep end.. but I am here for the long haul so I will just suck it up and do the best I can. May we all have a wonderful new year and bless the many twists and turns of 2012<3

  24. The energy of this article is so loving and consoling and I feel really uplifted after reading it although it seems we are going to have a pretty heavy year ahead of us 😀

    I have been thinking a lot of this embodying the dark business since earlier when you discussed of the dragon energy and the X-symbol. Maybe there is something good we could recognize and appreciate in the manners of the dark ones? Perhaps the readiness to act and claiming the power? Maybe we have times ahead of us that we need to act like Jesus when he turned the tables upside down and chased the bankers away from the temple?

    Happy birthday Denise, Avian and Christine!

  25. Namaste Denise and thank you so much. I am too having pains in between the shoulders and in the neck, sinuses, weary eyes, etc., not sleeping etc., Also the whole house looks messy and I am not able to do a lot. It just takes all my power to go to work and to function somehow. Your posts help me a lot to move through the days with all this pain in the body. It really keeps me going and gives me power – I know I am not alone. Happy birthday to you! Thanks for your being! We will keep the faith! Best wishes from Liechtenstein

  26. How good it is to not feel alone any longer with sickness and pains … and birthdays … it is my 42nd on 29 December … For almost 10 months now I feel bad pain in my right shoulder, with burning in my mouth, sometimes pain in the kidneys …. It made me even go to radiation of the thorax … nothing found. Have fasted for 10 days now to ease the pain but the energies seem to be too high. I resist having more observation at doctors that I do not trust any longer. I remain praying and know that I am not alone. Happy Birthday to you fellas and love and healing light to all of us!


  28. Re comments – the Blue People:
    I quote from Brian Grattan

    “The Blue Race arrived as Light and left as greater Light, and did not experience the three lower chakras that Fallen Man created through the illusory outer self. Although the “Golden Race” (Blue Race) lived within the Seven Rays of third-dimensional reality, they had no lower chakras, meaning the illusory 1st, 2nd and 3rd”.

    In view of a new age approaching, it does not surprise me that some lightworkers are connecting with the energies of the previous golden age. maureen

  29. have just read your latest post – the last few months have been so difficult for me – having spent the last 12 years working on clearing etc i thought i have got over the worst of it –
    then my mother died in august which bought on my fathers dementia symptoms dramatically – to make matters worse a strange woman has ingratiated herself with my confused father and turned him against me rresuting in all sorts of horridness – lies etc etc – she is now getting him to give her money –
    i have lost the plot with it all and where before i have always been able to see clearly thee answers to problems right now i am completely stuck. i feel a bit let-down having asked for help and n ot getting any but i suppose this is something i am meant to sort for myself. – i feel as though i am surrounded by awful darkness and some sort of evil – and cant work out what to do about it. i am wondering if this is a plot by the dark forces to put me off what i am meant to be working towards – i do feel like i may lose it any moment –
    any insight into anything concerning this would be so much appreciated –

  30. All, I wondered if my experience was individual or if everyone was having it. So much depression and exhaustion, back pain, brain fog, stomach trouble…and a messy house as well! I am asking for help daily to resolve whatever is happening. Thanks to all for sharing. It’s good to know I am not alone. Happy Birthday Denise, and many hugs.

  31. Hi Denise,

    Thank you so much for this post….now I don’t feel so alone with what I’ve been going through. A week before my father passed away on Nov. 23rd, I started to experience a very painful, stiff neck (that moves around on my head) that won’t allow me to sleep properly – I also have to resort to sleeping sitting up sometimes!. I also have days where I feel like I’m on the brink of fainting with a constant ringing in my ears. I had chalked this up to the added stress of having to settle most of his affairs within a month, but now I realize from reading your blog that it could be a combination of things, including having ascension symptoms again. I remember a few years back where I went through a long period of having what felt like a steel band surrounding and digging into my shoulder blades…excruciating! I’ve been calling in all my angels and guides to help me get through this rough patch…it’s been especially challenging to get out of my mind and back into my heart space, where everything is always ok. But it’s been very cathartic to write and thank you and others who have commented on your website that are all experiencing similar symptoms. I pray that 2012 gets easier as we process through all of this heavy letting go of stuff…

  32. Thank you so much Denise, I have tears in my eyes.(not common for me) Five years ago I would have run to every reader,healer,etc.asking for absolution.
    Now I am in touch with my inner and Higher Self, and know how many people I have helped with this Compassion, I feel my Heart and Core Self and know I am a good woman.
    Sending this Love to my Heart and mis-placed intentions.
    Thank you,thank you…when one walks alone and then another appears..for me it’slike coming home. I think the key is how much we have given and loved and some place in side says, BRING IT BACK HOME. Thank you again..I said one day I’m getting 3 tatoo’s becuase I have made it through so much and there was no one there to say, Well done.
    Lovingly Cheri

    Thanks also to those with messy houses…I don’t feel alone.
    Blessings to all of you, my Spiritual Family,

  33. Dear Edith, I would like to know too, please. 🙂

    Lady, although it is my understanding that we can and do sometimes draw certain negative experiences to us by our thoughts, I don’t buy the “blame the victim” mentality either. Talk about kicking someone when they’re down – first they have to suffer whatever it is that has occurred, and then they have to accept the blame and responsibility for something that may have had nothing to do with their energetic patterns or karma. People who continually repeat that as a Truth generally have less compassion for the person suffering. I’m pretty sure the Dark ones started that whole “blame the victim” rumour!

    • “I’m pretty sure the Dark ones started that whole “blame the victim” rumor!”

      M & Lady,

      That and a lot of other “religious” beliefs designed to DIS-empower the masses and more easily control and herd them energetically, mentally, emotionally and psychically!

      Because there’s a wee little nasty negative something trying to manifest here over the past 24 hours…and because I won’t allow it in here…plus the fact that I’m a “Polarity Integrator” and always have been, I’m going to quote something important Lisa Renee said in her Nov. 2011 article. This is NOT directed at anyone in particular here at TRANSITIONS, but it needs to be said again and radiated outward.

      “This is why it is wise to never judge another person’s path and to always be compassionate and loving towards others. Many times it is the Ascension community that is the most hostile towards the Starseed who is providing an incredibly large service to the planet – as a Polarity Integrator. This role is highly misunderstood on the planet and the person’s own peers will attack him for his core essence mission…”

      “…The Orion controllers and E.T. sympathizers are known to target and harass Starseeds that are Polarity Integrators. Being impenetrable to their mental and emotional attacks is possible. Holding neutral power of the compassionate witness is the process of gaining the wisdom required to be comfortable in the chaos and confusion they propagate…”

      Denise Le Fay

  34. To Lady and M, and any others. Gosh it is so new to be accepted and not ignored BECAUSE of my experience.

    I want you to know that I am 51. I suffered extreme fatigue and what I later learned was constant psychic attack which cased constant fear, anxiety, phobias, etc that I had to push aside just to hold a job. No family member accepted me, other than I was a cry baby. And I am empathic and got up to 400 lbs at one point.

    The metaphysical community was great. I was guided to balanced folks. Yet no matter how long I sought and no matter how hard I attempted to change and keep positive, I found I could not do it. I would give in to despair. I would feel better for a while after an appointment with clearing, light, love and explanations but the strange fears would alwyas come back, and I was/am addicted to certain junk foods that make me tired.

    I was completely isolated, still am, and my only relief would be when the tension would build up so much I would seek out a session for relief and human connection.

    One day several years ago I was following my heart, feeling a session was needed. I was strongly drawn to Babaji back then. I was reading websites and I came across one from a woman who also channeled Babaji. She no long channels or I’d give it to you. NOt long after my appt she said she had grown into a new place and didn’t need to or want to channel any longer.

    So I had this appt. I was the most tired I’d ever been. I had so much trust inside of me that I had sent off money and my phone number AND trusted this woman to phone ME. Also I had prayed not long prior that I wanted to die. My heart wanted to contribute to the heling and love here, but I always succombed to despair and was surely feeding the darkness. I did feel a sensation on my head following that prayer. Mind you that I had given up any hope of “healing”.

    The call came and I was tired I almost didn’t care! And then I began to listen as I was told things about me and my long dead mother I had never told anyone, including nightmares. Then He began to tell me about these cords on me and history of the demonic thru my mom. I of coursed asked for the cords to be removed…. duh!!! When all was said and done I was creeped out. When a few days passed I assumed that as per usual I would not notice any changes. Yet over time change DID happen. I filled out. I was no longer an emotional empathic anxious nerve. I stopped feeling afraid. My emotions began to feel they were simply a prt of me, not all of me. I left out an important part though. During the appt I was told that “I” had waited till the “last minute” to create this healing.

    I have had to struggle with the concept of “predestination”, pre-brith planning, soul contracts or what have you because on my human suffering level I sure wasn’t hanging out enjoying the pain! And then you get those dear people who can’t wait to point out that it is only the ego that suffers! Well, the ego is part of us, not evil or to be killed or trashed. just raised up and integrated with love..

    Now I am in a new phase of questions BECAUSE of the big WHY. How does “it” work? etc. I felt angry and betrayed as I had been traumatised since I was a kid!

    P.S. After the removal of those cords I did contact the “healers” from my past and pose the question, wondering if they had sensed anything at all. Only one said he had sensed something evil around me. Just “something”. So it was held from them to be aware till it was “time”. One huge clue/mystery I had around this one healer was that when he would do bodywork on me and stand behind my head…. i was lying on table….. I’d feel such peace for the mere seconds he stood there, that I’d want to cry when he moved on. After the cords were gone and I had bodywork and again he would stand behind my head, I then felt nothing at all! Just normal! (This man has past away) Only 1 person remains in my life from my past. Everyone has died or moved on. Thanks so very much for listening.

  35. Please explain what a Polarity Integrator is?

    And “Holding neutral power of the compassionate witness” is?

    Thank-you. as usual the information is right on time.
    Love to All, Valerie

    • “Please explain what a Polarity Integrator is?

      And “Holding neutral power of the compassionate witness” is?

      Thank-you. as usual the information is right on time.
      Love to All, Valerie”


      A “Polarity Integrator” is a term Lisa Renee used in her Nov. 2011 article. [See it here and/or at her website]

      I’ve used a similar term in my book A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010).

      Some Starseeds primary mission and natural talent is transmuting negative energies (in all their forms) created by others in this and other timelines on 3D Earth and the 4D Astral. We’re literally wired to do this particular Energy Work during the Ascension Process to transmute and integrate those past old lower negative residual energies from this dimension and the lower Astral. We do this IN and THROUGH our physical and energy bodies in a literal, living Alchemical way.

      The reasons we do this is to transmute those negative, polarized energies (emotions, thoughts, thought-forms etc.) so they’re no longer here and replace them with higher frequency Light energies which then become available to the masses instead.

      The second term also created by Lisa Renee –“neutral power of the Compassionate witness”– is something that’s necessary for those of us who do Polarity Resolution work as “Polarity Integrators”. One cannot do that type of energy work and have a polarized attitude emotionally and/or mentally over any of it! You’ve got to be and remain absolutely neutral and non-judgmental over whatever it is that you are transmuting/integrating/clearing and replacing with Light.

      Over the past twelve years of my Polarity Resolution work being a “Polarity Integrator”, I’ve witnessed, lived and felt (energetically, etherically NOT physically, clairvoyantly etc.) some of the most heinous, dark, evil, horrific actions done by other people only so that I could feel within myself what both the perpetrators and the victims felt during those horrible acts and their deaths. Once I’ve lived and felt those stuck, residual lower frequency energies, I can then in a matter of seconds, transmute all of it and make it permanently gone from this world and the lower Astral. [See A Lightworker’s Mission ]

      At no time did or will I ever feel judgement against these perpetrators or victims as that’s not what this is all about. It’s about transmuting and removing these types of lower frequency energies and replacing them with Light energies. In other words, I and others like me that are wired for this type of energy work remain neutral and become the “Compassionate Witness” to whatever evilness we’re transmuting. Judgement would only instantly drop us down into duality, polarized consciousness and we’d be in deep shit if that happened! 😉 So, one must master being both emotionally neutral and, when necessary, a “Compassionate Witness” to certain events and actions done by others.

      Check out Lisa Renee’s site and her past monthly articles for more info about this and other very important topics…especially if you’re a Starseed.


      • Denise,
        HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY!!!

        I want to thank-you for answering my questions, I really appreciate that you took the time.
        Alot of these terms are foriegn to me, although I live them and I try to understand what is happening–it is strange. I know we are all on the same yet different paths, however, I feel that I do alot of this work without even really knowing it. Does that make sense to you? Somehow I know it does and I do not mean to put words in your mouth but I know you get it.

        For a long time now, I can’t even remember when it stared I just became neutral on all the worlds drama and will not accept any drama in my immediate life, at first I thought I lost all my compassion and caring for everyone. Totally not like me because I have always cared too much and have been accused of being way too sensitive by those “close” to me. It is not that I do not care, I am just neutral and I “observe”.

        Anyway your response about what a ” polarilty intragrator” is sounds like what I have been doing but not knowing it, I don’t know but I am investigating it now that I understand the basics. I have alot of dark/negative attacks but something happened around the same time of my becoming neutral where i send out white light and transmute the energies and became non-judgemental–(mostly)–and sensed and/or guided to do this in all situations, especially, to send it to the dark/negative. I am trying to figure all this out in many ways and i am very appreciative to you for your help and clarification, as well as all those willing to share thier understandings here on your site. Thank-you again much Love*Peace and White Light to You. Valerie

  36. Maureen,
    Many years ago, I had the problem with a sore throat all the time. A very wise friend told me I need to speak my truth to someone and it would go away. I knew who and what needed to be said but it took a while to get the courage. When I did no more sore throat.

    I think the blue ones were Lemurian. Don’t ask how or why I think that, don’t know. Hey maybe, I was once blue. 🙂

    Are the Orion controllers reptillian? I used to get scratches on my V-ja quiet often. Once a very vivid dream of one of them on top of me and me yelling, Why are you doing this, I can’t have babies. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas, It has been several months since the last time.

    Is anyone else so ready for this holiday madness to be over? And praise be to all the messy house hermits!

    PEACE………..NANASTE………..LOVE to all

  37. Hello, Everyone,

    First of all, Happy Birthday to Denise, Avian, Christine, and SuZen. Wow, there’s a lot of you!

    This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is laying me out flat. Not with symptoms, but those things that are “in my face” to deal with. I’m standing up to the noisemakers in my building and they are being completely disrespectful and rushing around to knock on my door and phone. Like I’m going to invite unbalanced male energy like theirs into my home. Not getting much sleep because of them and then sleeping inordinate amounts during the day. Since I’ve been back in North America, I’ve been invisible to my family. I let one sister know I was here because I get along better with her and I needed some boxes from her place. I knew that somehow she would betray me (a theme in our family) and she told my mother that I would be home for Christmas instead of January (which is less loaded emotionally). So my mother started obsessing about it and called me tonight. My immediate reaction was to hang up on her. And then I realized how incredibly angry I am at her and how much I really don’t want a relationship with her. She’s a “timid manipulator” and has most everyone wrapped around her finger. A very nasty piece of work that destroys the lives of those around her. Our family is in shreds since she is in charge (since my father’s death). I really want to run away, because they’re dramatic and will probably stalk me and she always has an attack dog by her side. Ah, sigh. I so don’t want to go there. There’s no winning with her. Argh, it’s too much! I’ve been crying like I haven’t in years today.

    If this is a preview of 12-12-2012, what the hay?

    And it’s taking me months and months to unpack here! Still not done! So my house is cluttered and I don’t invite anyone over either.

    Hugs to all (and I could use some, too!)

  38. Speak about a messy house, I’m there with you! I also did something disastrous and invited a friend that I did not know very well to move in because she had to find a place and I had an empty room. Energetic catastrophe! I have been wondering how to claim my balanced space so, thank you Authentic Linda for reminding me that the most important things happen in energy levels – I really don’t want to create any more drama in my own home.

    After reading this article I also understood, that all this has a purpose. With my inmate I need to face some of the emotional reactive patterns I still want to discard – and I have to deal with a lot of mental structures and thinking patterns I resist. So far I don’t know how to do that but I hope time will show. I meditate a lot and I have just found out about the Violet Flame meditation which should be efficient healing this kind of structures and connections.

    Thank you Denise for reminding not to judge other people’s path! You never know what others’ position in this whole thing is. I had a mental vision of my inmate which made me think perhaps she is not able to embody much of her Higher Self and I felt sorry for her. She has to live the 3D with what she has and who am I to blame? Anyway, regarding what you say in this article of the energies of this and the next year getting rid of outmoded emotional and mental structures, she is doing me a favor if I can accept it.

    I always get help to my problems when I come to this site. Thank you so much everyone!

  39. Hi Denise
    Thank you .. I really enjoyed your post.
    I wanted to run something by you … funnily enough I recall writing a while ago .. that the `dark stuff isn’t really my bag; ..and almost as soon as I wrote it I had a feeling that I may return to those words someday, 🙂
    Last night it felt like all hell was breaking loose in our place … there were many dark entities flying around ..and I also felt the presence of AA Michael and others ( I tend to automatically call out for him if I have these feelings ..although sometimes I have been known to deal with them on my own ..although not often 🙂 ) .. anyway … last night was the biggest explosion of Light and dark which I have ever encountered. It also involved my daughter … I recall helping to pull dark energies from her … it was like some kind of major battle of sorts, I was even saying part of the lord is my shepherd … `though I walk through the shadow .. etc’ ..and this is not anything which I usually pull out of the bag to speak.
    Anyway … it felt like the mother of all battles going on in our place with so much light and many of these darker energies being turned over ot the light … they were kind of coming through the walls..
    We live in a very very old building which at one stage was a school … and last night it was as if all of that old energy was also flying around.
    Anyway …this was some night of transmuting energies …. not something which I have been involved with overly much and so I would say thank you so much for all that you are and all that you do Denise.
    …and I would appreciate your thoughts and insights

    Much Love

    How weird … I have been looking around and found that those very words which I was saying last night ( Psalm 23 … which i still find an odd choice for me ) were mentioned in the very same article from Lisa Renee which you mentioned above.
    And weirder still … i mentioned that these beings were `coming through the walls’ …and her article is entitled ‘Through the wall in time’ ….which is pretty much how it felt as well.
    Things are getting freaky these days 🙂
    Oh ..and happy birthday wishes too.
    Much love

  40. Dear Denise and All

    Lots of comments about the dark forces. I would like to put a quote in from Sri Aurobindo which perfectly describes all that is being said on this website.,

    “Accepting life, he (the seeker) has to bear not only his own burden, but a great part of the world’s burden too along with it, as a continuation of his own sufficiently heavy load. Therefore his Yoga has much more the nature of a battle than others’ but this is not only an individual battle, it is a collective war waged over a considerable country. He has not only to conquer in himself the forces of egoistic falsehood and disorder, but to conquer them as representatives of the same adverse and inexhaustible forces in the world. The representative character gives them a much more obstinate capacity of resistance, an almost endless right to recurrence. Often he finds that even after he has won persistently his own persistant battle, he has still to win it over and over again in a seemingly interminable war, because his inner existence has already been so much enlarged that not only only it contains his own being with its well-defined needs and experiences, but is in solidarity with the being of others, because in himself he contains the universe.”

    This is why the seeker has to ask himself is this my stuff or am I picking up the collective mire.Maureen

  41. Thanks for that explanation above, Denise, even though I know it in my heart, when you hear it then it makes a difference.
    My biggest messages lately have been about non-judgement and compassion, which is what you underlined for us all. Even down to the rats eating my chook (hen) food and the local fruit fly being a ‘pest’ in my garden.
    This takes the non judgement and compassion away from the ‘normal’ human application and brings it into a more core level. This is where we are clearing out really old beliefs and attitudes, huh. I see these things because I work close with nature, a lot of people would go along with attitudes about critters that are inspired by others and by pest adverts around us.
    So that’s my interesting thought for you all today, where do you carry not-so-positive thoughts about our smaller (less obvious) critters. They work on this earth as well and I love their versatility, their resilience and their quirky ways.
    With love and hugs to all and some special ones to Cat (((((((((Cat))))))))) from LINDA

  42. “… 2012 is the year for the Light Ones to do the same and integrate enough Dark within themselves at the levels and dimensions they exist on now.”

    At first breath… my heart gave a quick and depressing lurch. Then as always… my Higher Self keeps explaining to me that it’s like the ending scene of the “Dark Crystal”. My HS explains away that … in the beginning of “Time”… both the Light and the Dark split into pieces during the battle for our souls… and were not whole since then. Duality Drama unfurled onto Earth and, her Earth dwellers and the rest of the Universe, had known suffering because of this splitting… aka Duality Consciousness. 2012 is the conclusion.

    So… I share here the ending scene of Jim Henson’s “the Dark Crystal”.

    I’d be safe to say that… I’m learning away so bear with me here: think of the Dark meanies as the Dark ones… and the old ones the Light ones. They fuse together… “go into the Light” … and become as ONE beings of Light. I also find that the two antagonists represent the male and female energies. At the end of this scene… I find that the “female antagonist’s resurrection” is like… in my own interpretation… our once dead and gone Goddess energy now resurrected. And ALL of our tired selves finally conclude this chapter of our evolving lives… as completely whole and ascended beings. And I could say that… the Crystal itself is our embodying Self fusing both the Light and the Dark… just like our Pineal Gland is right now as a “crystal” in our heads. The Earth’s core is also the Crystal… all part of fusing everyone together as One.

    If I get this correctly: if the Dark has to be whole and go into the Light… then the Light must do the same and go into the Dark. Both are one and the same regardless. Both MUST conclude the entire evolutionary process. Both created Duality Consciousness and both MUST be whole again. Am I getting it right or at least close…?

    And Happy 60th Birthday in advance Denise, and to all Capricorns here. 🙂

    Love to all tired Crystals
    Lou Ann
    P.S. I knew that this passing eclipse would do something within me… but it was the FOLLOWING day that REALLY did the deed on me. Was angry so baldy and knew why. I was angry but told my folks it’s just my period… which I knew it wasn’t really the real cause but needed alone-time to just work and transmute it. So VERY glad I’m not the only one here. ^_^’

  43. I thought this was my personal reading…just written for me 🙂 Amazing!!!
    Thank-you Denise 🙂
    Love & Hugs

  44. LouAnn:
    You said:
    “If I get this correctly: if the Dark has to be whole and go into the Light… then the Light must do the same and go into the Dark.”

    I think the words you need instead of “go into the Dark” are “embrace and transmute the Dark” because if you embrace the dark and accept it as part of your being then you can also transmute it because it then becomes light.

    Btw–loved The Dark Crystal when it first came out and still do!

    Thank you for Birthday wishes for “US” Capricorns and Special Birthday wishes to you as well, Denise.

  45. Hi Denise and All Here:

    “Now on the return trip we’re required to pick these aspects of our Selves back up and put them on once again.”

    Thank you, Denise, for your excellent summary and thinking on what’s to come. The above sentence “speaks” to me. The idea of the “return trip” tells me we’re on our way “Home” at last and if there is more to do, okay, fine, I’ll do my best to take the neutral observer stand, but as for personally integrating more Dark, I don’t think I’m up for that. I guess I’m about to find out.

    In the meantime, happy 60th. I too am a December Capricorn and looking forward to a year of everything coming together. From what I can understand, and your post confirms this, is that 12-12 brought the first vibrations of Christ-consciousness, or Source, or whatever, to us and as a result, as you say, the stage is about to “Light” up and expose all the actors. It’s about time. I am tired and sore and ready to be entertained!

    Love to you All Here, B.

  46. A very Happy Birthday to Denise and others this month (including me – born December 22nd)!

    Regarding the year 2012 and our on-going Ascension, I came across a very interesting channeling by Cosmic Awareness (prepared in 2008/2009) which gives detail on what to expect, particularly with the separation of worlds and how it is likely to be experienced. This is available for free at

    Best wishes & lots of Light to all, Thelma

    • Thelma,
      Thank-you for sharing the cosmic awareness website. I am still reading it for it is very long but packed full of Ascension information. I am so blessed to continually recieve answers from my Higher Self to all my inquires, although it seemed quiet during our last Mercury Retrograde period. They/I made up for the silence these past couple of days–Thank-you Denise!!! Thank All of you here, it is a comfort to know that I/we are not alone. Love*Peace & White Light , Valerie

  47. I’m really relating to your comments about rewiring and the vibration in the core of the body. I’ve been really worried lately that I have a heart condition of some sort. I recently completed 10 days of a Vipassana meditation course and during that time I began to feel short of breath, this moved into the ‘buzzing’ between my 2nd & 5th chakras. Also my heart skips beats constantly. I went to the doctor and he suggested taking a high dose of vitamin E which I did. I think it helped because the feelings left me for about a week and a half or so. I even wore a holter monitor to read my heart rhythm over 24 hours (yet to get results) but as it happened it was during the ‘quiet phase’ of whatever this is so I don’t know if it will tell me anything.
    I’ve been very concerned about this, its now coming back and I’m experiencing the buzz again, I’m worried that I don’t know what to do to help rather than hinder the process. Will my efforts with the doctor at trying to clear this stop the rewiring process? But on the other hand I don’t want go have a heart attack either!! My meditation practice has suffered as this tends to occur mainly when I’m in a state of relaxation. Vipassana teaches us to be ‘equanimous’ with any sensation in the body but I must admit I’m struggling with this one!
    I know I must work on healing old ‘heart wounds’ but honestly I’m unsure how to do this.
    This blog has helped me a lot, thank you for putting your experiences into words to help others.

    • “I’m really relating to your comments about rewiring and the vibration in the core of the body. I’ve been really worried lately that I have a heart condition of some sort. I recently completed 10 days of a Vipassana meditation course and during that time I began to feel short of breath, this moved into the ‘buzzing’ between my 2nd & 5th chakras. Also my heart skips beats constantly. I went to the doctor and he suggested taking a high dose of vitamin E which I did. I think it helped because the feelings left me for about a week and a half or so. I even wore a holter monitor to read my heart rhythm over 24 hours (yet to get results) but as it happened it was during the ‘quiet phase’ of whatever this is so I don’t know if it will tell me anything.
      I’ve been very concerned about this, its now coming back and I’m experiencing the buzz again, I’m worried that I don’t know what to do to help rather than hinder the process. Will my efforts with the doctor at trying to clear this stop the rewiring process? But on the other hand I don’t want go have a heart attack either!! My meditation practice has suffered as this tends to occur mainly when I’m in a state of relaxation. Vipassana teaches us to be ‘equanimous’ with any sensation in the body but I must admit I’m struggling with this one!
      I know I must work on healing old ‘heart wounds’ but honestly I’m unsure how to do this.
      This blog has helped me a lot, thank you for putting your experiences into words to help others.”


      Here’s a link to an old article about how dramatically our physical hearts, our Heart Chakra, and our new evolving High Heart chakra (Thymus gland above the physical heart) have all been going through a lot over the past Ascension years. I know some of these Ascension symptoms are pretty harsh and scarey and make all of us, at some point, second guess them sometimes! But I’ve had these heart thumps and bumps and stops and rapid staccato beats off and on over the years and my heart is fine…just transmuting, evolving and expanding. 😉

      There’s plenty of older articles here about the different Ascension symptoms, so if interested, just keep reading through them to confirm what you’ve been living yourself.


  48. Dear Denise and everybody! Hi. I’d like to share some reminders that help us get thru these things. I understand though that a lot depends upon “where one is” on your personal journey and the “lesson” or growth that is the outcome affects anything one does to help one’s self. I don’t mean to step on toes as I don’t know or assume what anybody else knows.

    It took me way too long to understand to take action from how my heart felt, not how my mind determines things. In my opinion this is one of the biggies to get under the belt. Choices based upon the one or the other strongly determines the outcome, though all of it is blessed for our learning and healing.

    Having a balanced strong support healing group. For many years this format helped me get thru though I did not know the ultimate cause making my life harder. Having workshops and private appointments based upon healing/balancing/clearing subconscious patterning, the bodies, the aura, the channel, learning to channel only the Highest and your Most High Self is very helpful. It helped hearing what other people were going thru, and I was working away at polarity integration. Back then we viewed it as the Christ Level that “observes duality” without judgement/condemnation. I learned a lot of tools that helped me.

    Reading lots of books.

    Body work, not necessarity chiropractic, to help the body/bodies adjust thru all the changes and or healing work.

    Flower Essences, pure oils, crystals, etc….

    I appreciate the holy names, I am personally drawn to such as Ganasha, Jesus, AA Michael. Holy names have such a wonderful powerful vibration that repeating them outloud silently will eventually bring a measure of peace. Of course you have to be able to relax to receive. If we are constantly in a state of “out putting” frantic fears, worry, etc, it sort of blocks things, but they WILL get thru, it just takes longer. I am drawn to the Vedic names, but one time Jesus was the name that worked for me.

    Stating one is willing to change, willing to see things differently.
    Doing habitual living patterns differently signals the subconscious that it is ok to change. What do you do when you first get up? ….. sit in a different chair, do things out of order, drive down other streets……. all helps the part of us that feels scared (the ego) learn that change is ok.

    mantras and affirmations. I suggest using only affirmations you know you BELIEVE. If you don’t believe it down to your gut, it won’t change you at all.

    I am always striving to cut down or cut out processed foods as they do make me feel drugged, tired and I put on weight.

    Prayer….. did I leave out prayer??? My most recent prayer was yesterday when my face bones and head hurt so bad. I asked for my body to assimilate these divine energies with divine grace and ease. I felt relief within minutes. …… does it always work like this for me? No. You just never know.

    I’ve done all these things for most of my life. Always successful? No.

    Lastly, if you are the vicitim of psychic attack such as I had been, some things will not help until the attack is nullified. i.e. I Found out that my body could not assimilate nutrients at all (during those years), and my digestion was totally screwed up, that I had wasted lots of money on special vitamins and supplements.

    Ultimately trust your own inner knowing no matter what! Trust your Heart.

    P.S. I realized from re reading that though in ascension work we release the dark and integrate duality, in no way am I a polarity integrator. I had no idea what was going on with me or why. I consciously chose always to seek the light and healing….. HEALING even more than “God”. But I was always led the way of ascension though I did not realize it, and I think I always “Hoped” it led to healing and being free from my problem….. which happened 20 or 30 0dd years later! So “they” got free yummy fear food from me all those years because I always felt afraid for no reason. I now hope some day to see the bigger picture, the personal bigger picture as well as the all inclusive bigger picture because I want to KNOW. …… And thank god for our animal children/brothers/sisters….. my only companions during the darkness. I can’t imagine what my dog went thru on my behalf. Back then when I had a cat, Chester, I learned that he was so sensitive he would alert me till I Found someone to help me and discovered Chester was wanting to protect me, let me know when there was a vortex opening or something haywire, but even back then I never understood WHY I was having so many creepy disturbing things happen to me, (and yet you saw the list above that showed I had plenty of tools but they are morehelpful NOW because I can feel the response to using my tools.) and I also know I could not have handled knowing unless I could have had superior emotinal guidance and healing on hand. The only upside to the dark journey is that it kept me seeking and searching and learning, but what a way to be motivated!!! NOT.

    • Edith,
      Wow!!!! While reading your post I read my life for the last 20 years, even down to the animals. I feel you. It’s amazing that I/we didn’t have a clue back then but boy did I/we learn alot and truly the dark/negative has been THE motivator.
      I found Denise’s information a few months back and I am so relieved to find people that are in this process. I have no one around me that cares or understands, they just live in fear of the illusion and try to demand that I do. It is very isolating. Thank-you for expressing what I seem to have a hard time defining. Peace* Love & White Light to ALL. Valerie

  49. Cat, I can relate to your post about your mother. I went through very similar things with my father starting when I was 14. He is very controlling, sarcastic and belittling. He can shift from being loud, intimidating and aggressive to being subtle and manipulative quite easily. For years I tried everything I knew to improve my relationship with him, and nothing worked.

    Eighteen years ago I decided to be estranged from him, and remained so for thirteen years. During that time I tried reconnecting with him on a limited basis at times. At first he would be polite and would respect my boundaries. After a certain point, I’d get comfortable with him and think that maybe things will be okay with him now. As soon as I started to think this, he would invariably start with me again, and I’d then break off contact for another year or two.

    If nothing else worked, my father would always play the family obligation and guilt card, which always worked on me. It was very hard to get to a point where I wouldn’t react when he played this card with me–it took me 13 years! I decided to reconnect with him 5 years ago, and we’ve had an okay relationship ever since. The only reason that he respects my boundaries is that he knows I will leave if he starts in with me again. I threatened to do so a little over a year ago when I was planning to go back to visit them, and he stepped over one of the boundaries I had set with him earlier. I wrote back stated that I was upset by the letter he sent me, and he immediately wrote back acknowledging my upset and responding to it. In the 34 years he and I had been having conflicts, that was the first time he had ever done that. I came back to visit them and everything went just fine.


  50. Hi Denise,

    I stumbled upon your website recently while trying to find some meaning with the chaos happening in my life. I lost my husband, my only friend and love in this whole world, earlier this year. Yet something inside me told me that there is just a delay, and i will soon be joining him. I didnt know how, but I knew that I can not survive for long without him. Then within two months some things started to happen to me, which made me search on the internet and I found that I am going through ascension symptoms. In fact, in retrospect, have been going through them for some years now, just wasnt aware of them as ascension symptoms.

    Me and my husband both were getting detached from most of the family and friends since last year. There are people in our life, who made our lives hell ( or we let them do that), but now i feel so tired of dealing with them and their dark ways. They thrive on putting me down (even in this situation), and thats why they want me in their life. I can now almost feel them draining the life force out of me. But I am so tired and done here. A part of me tells me to not give in, and deal with them as they should be dealt with, other part tells me to let go. I do not know which way to go. I do not know if this is 3D thinking and should just let go of everything and let them have their way. Please help me, as I do not want to do anything to remain here any longer than i have to.

    I am absolutely detached from everything now and just waiting for crossing over. I do not have more energy to deal with dark so my interaction with the outer world is at minimal and I spend most of the time in my house. I really want to leave. Is there anybody else who is finding the wait unbearable?

    Any reply would be really comforting to me. I am so glad to find people here who will understand me. Denise I almost feel like you are “god send” to me at this time.

    Love to all,


    • “Me and my husband both were getting detached from most of the family and friends since last year. There are people in our life, who made our lives hell ( or we let them do that), but now i feel so tired of dealing with them and their dark ways. They thrive on putting me down (even in this situation), and thats why they want me in their life. I can now almost feel them draining the life force out of me. But I am so tired and done here. A part of me tells me to not give in, and deal with them as they should be dealt with, other part tells me to let go. I do not know which way to go. I do not know if this is 3D thinking and should just let go of everything and let them have their way. Please help me, as I do not want to do anything to remain here any longer than i have to.”


      I would suggest that you learn how to NOT allow these people in your life to continue energetically feeding off of you. From what you’ve said, it sounds like this is your learning right now; to stop and not allow any continued energetic (through emotional) manipulations from, especially, these people/family members. Believe it or not, this too is an important aspect or learning within the Ascension Process. We’re having to learn how to be individually self-sustained and no longer feed off others or allow them to feed off of us. This is a natural progression we’re all going through now and are having to learn and master this.

      I’ve discovered that when I stopped allowing others to do this to me, it forced them to either have to change themselves or look elsewhere for that energy food and emotional manipulation dramas. They (whoever they are) will NOT like that you’re preventing them from doing this to you and/or you participating in this type of energy drama with them. At first it will get worse when they discover that you’re no longer available to manipulate like this, but you must keep it up and NOT slide back into old familiar negative habits with them.

      Be strong, be wise, and know you are not alone or unloved. I’m glad you found your way to TRANSITIONS.
      ♥ Hugs,

  51. Dear Denise,
    Just want to say Happy Birthday to you – and all the other Capricorns out there celebrating their birthday! Thanks for all you do, the huge amount of time and energy you put into this site and the commitment you have shown and inspired me with. Much love and light, Debra

  52. Thank you Denise for your reply. It brought tears to my eyes. This is really the first time that I have shared my grief with anybody since it happened. For the first time in months want to talk about my grief and feelings. I could feel the love and care through your words.

    The thing that hurts most is that I always knew these dark people were feeding off of us, but my husband was the nicest guy of all and he could never see through their manipulations. I would tell him to just cut these people from our lives, but he could not believe that these outwardly good people can be so dark inside. These people kept on manipulating him till the end, and I was helpless to do anything. Fear of social isolation also made us to keep quite. But now i feel so hurt and angry. Sometimes i want to do something so that they also feel the hurt, that my husband went through, other times I feel that I should let go of all these feelings. Not sure if teaching a lesson to the dark forces can be our purpose.

    Also Denise I have stopped any contact whatsoever with these people, and believe it or not, I could feel the positivity increasing within my home and me. And as you said they could not believe that I could do it and they tried ( and still trying) to somehow resume contact with me. I cannot even tell you what kind of means/people they employed to keep me in their life. I feel so safe and happy here at TRANSITIONS ( after so many months) telling you all the things as you could totally see all these things.

    As now I am totally socially isolated and feel the most comfortable with it. I just wait to meet my only love. I would not have survived for this long, if only I had not felt the things about ascension coming from inside me. It is really hard to describe this unbearable waiting, but knowing that I can share some of it with you , really gives me a lot of strength.

    Denise, I cannot thank you enough. Even though I don’t know you, through your words and postings you are very important in my life now.

    Debra: Thanks for your kind words. Sharing makes everything a little better.

    Love and light to all,

  53. Rebecca, thanks so much for your shares about your family members. I was going to respond to the first one until I read Denise’s reply, and realized she answered it better than I could have! I’m also glad you shared so much in your second posting.

    Believe it or not, the fact that you are now bothered by your family members is a good thing, and a sign of growth. I grew up with a father who is very much like the people in your family. For years I refused to accept the idea that he was feeding off me energetically, and I always believed he wanted the best for me no matter what. Before I started my Ascension Process I moved into a shared living situation run by a woman who was very much like my father (funny how those things work…). At the time, her behavior seemed perfectly normal and acceptable to me.

    When I realized that my father was not going to treat me better no matter what I did I decided to become estranged from him. After this happened, my landlady’s behavior started bothering me more and more. After several more months it got to be unbearable for me and I moved out. At the time I thought my landlady had changed a lot in the year or so that I had lived there. In fact, she did not change one bit. I changed, which is why I perceived her behavior as being unacceptable to the point of being unbearable. It took me years to realize this. I had a hard time accepting that people like my father and former landlady would continue with their parasitic behavior after I told them how much it bothered me.


    • “By the way, happy (belated?) 60th birthday Denise!”

      Tom & All,

      Not belated cause my B-Day is December 23rd. Thank you so for the warm Birthday wishes. It’s a big (old) one this year! 😯 (Somehow I’ve lost the decade of my fifties in all this Ascension Process fun!)

      I’ve never met so many people who have their birthdays on the same day as all of the December 22nd birthday people here! Amazing. Your birthday conjuncts the Winter Solstice as mine does but you’ve got the Master number 22 and your Sun’s are most likely at the potent 29th degree of Sagittarius…AND your Sun’s are also conjunct the Milky Way Galactic Center which, from our perspective on Earth, is at 27 degrees Sagittarius 1 minute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL Winter Solstice cuspers. 🙂

      ♥ Hugs,

  54. Having read the latest Lisa Renee article (of positive polarity) and about Rebecca’s sorrow on helplessness you have felt when energetically attacked by the “nice” people as well as Valerie’s reflections on judgmental thought forms, all this suddenly made a light bulb switch on my head!

    I’ve been dealing with a lot of judgmental thoughts lately and I have also spent years trying to figure out how to deal with nasty people and situations when I don’t want to involve in drama and get nasty myself. Most of the time that leaves you feeling pretty helpless and things don’t change with how I feel about myself and others.

    What if helplessness and judgmental thoughts are also coming from others? Maybe we are transmuting them too? Perhaps, we keep sucking these depressing thought forms from others as long as we make it very clear on the energetic level that “this is not me, go harassing somebody else!” (Or to be more responsible: “go to the light”. 😉 )

    Again, maybe this too is all about claiming your own power and sovereignty by cutting the energetic connections with the parasites! I just realized that actually I keep repeating the old patterns as long as I think I should deal with the situations face to face, in 3D. Having done that, it helps, but it does not necessarily clear the air for good. The real change happens only when you are emotionally and mentally and energetically free of the attackers and energy suckers.

    This in not exactly new, but for me – in this context – it was a revelation!

    Thank you so much Denise, Rebecca, Valerie and Authentic Linda who brought this to me by sharing your views! I am so exited, I feel I have found gold! I am going to try clear the air between my negative room mate by approaching her/our negativity first on energetic level and let’s see what happens! Oh, there is hope again! I keep saying to myself “this crap is not me.” It won’t hurt anyone, but I’ll claim my space.

  55. hi all!

    happy b-day to all the december babies!!!

    i went through the worst of the symptoms described by lisa renee’s article between 1988-2010, 1991-1995 and 2006-2010 was literally hell on earth for me. by spring of 2011 the worst had passed. as a new layer comes forward with the influx of new energies, i still do experience the same symptoms but a to a much, much lesser degree as described by denise and the rest of the commenters. the one thing that does consistently knock me on my ass is the fatigue. i think a lifetime of processing/transmuting/transcending (i think these are the steps of the progression of finally getting through the next layer of shit) has limited my physical stamina. but paradoxically at the same time i find that during the in-between phases my stamina has risen from the previous level. one thing i found that helped keep me moving forward was taking note of the changes and shifts in the positive direction. some of these shifts are so miniscule and barely discernible, but focus on them anyway. where you place your attention is what you attract. though seemingly impossible, minimize wherever possible, attention on these “negative”, painful aspects. what i found that helped me the most, is to focus on the energy of my soul/high-heart-chakra/thymus, look past the pain/discomfort, and just get into a state of “being”. once there, stay a while. the peace found there is beyond profound. you will find the strength you need to get through the current layer of shit. also today on steve beckow’s site, an article was posted on 100 ways to raise your consciousness. i highly recommend this as a guideline for getting through this process. just pick out the one or two at a time that resonate with you most and work on that. remember, no pressure, you aren’t being graded. just see them as tools to use.

    i have found that alot of the physical issues result from imbalances in the chakras caused by violation of boundary issues. the biggest ones currently are high-heart and throat. discover and define your boundaries. speak your truth and maintain your boundaries from a perspective of loving-kindness/unconditional love. in the last six mos. for me, that by doing so, the energies clear and balance very quickly and so do the physical symptoms. remember, this is a time of flux, don’t be rigid in your approach. boundaries can change from second to second. by being in a state of “being” and using the discernment of your soul, this information and solutions come quickly.

    my house is disastrous, but in the last six mos. i’ve made some wonderful new friends who seem to be in the same place and are just accepting. when one of us has a spurt of energy to get something done around the house, we cheer each other on. it has been really wonderful to finally find this level of acceptance/balance on the physical plane. we are learning to work with the cycles of energy that are unique to each of us. it seems that when one of us is flagging, one of us is having an up-swing. the interaction seems to have a somewhat neutralizing/uplifting effect on the flagging person, without depleting the one that is on the upswing. so this is what it feels like to have a balanced energetic interaction?!

    just go with flow, it really is taking us where we want to be. these are just growing pains that are temporary.
    love to all,

  56. Headache, right after the strain wit my nasal passages, the storms of December will not flood me out, I choose to swim!

  57. I am so glad that I wandered across this link. wish I had found it sooner. this year I have been doing along with my husband what has been said above by you Denise.

    we both realise that like batteries you need to have a balance of dark and light energy to keep going. most people want to rid themselves completely of the dark energy but then you become flighty and unbalanced. it is also like day and night, to have a complete timeframe you need both.

    but it is how you keep it in balance. balance can be 31 dark 69 light. not in the scientific balance regime but in balance as to your own energy. that is what needs to be understood. when you go to rid yourself of all negativity you have to remember to stipulate to keep what is not harmful, refer to this as the female health idea. too many antibiotics kill all of the bacteriea, the good with the bad. you have to have some .

    this past 2 weeks have been really bad for me. head and neck and back pain as you ahve stated denise. especially the one between the should blades.

    in 2004 I started having “spasms” there that no one could find a reason for. all types of tests, and then in 2006 again, all types of tests and scans but nothing could be found. no tumors etc. but it is there. like a build up of energy that is tapping at me from inside. this is also when my psychic and spirit awareness grew by leaps and bounds and has continued. found that if I wore lapis or sodalite it really peaked with telepathy with my family that we have always had but stronger then. I could literaly think of our dau in NJ and she would be calling someone else but dial our number instead.

    when I talk of these spasms I will laugh and say that my angel/faery rings are trying to emerge and maybe that is not far from the truth. an answering to the energy of the celestial . energy of the earth.

    what I have found to help them is to take a shower and ask for the help of father sky and mother earth and the element of water to balance me and my chakras so that I can recieve as much as I can but no more than what I can handle at the time. and it seems to work. though I am a fire element, I have always yearned to be by water and my husband of 37 is a water element and so are our children.

    so your blog here has made me see why and that I am not alone. thank you thank you. thank you.

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