Individual Unity

In my 2012 TO-DO List article I hinted at what the last Saturn in Libra retrograde period (February 7–June 25, 2012) would cause during the first-half of 2012. Since transiting Saturn fully entered Libra on July 22, 2010, we’ve been increasingly dealing with (and I’ve gone through my Second Saturn Return) learning to take greater personal inner/outer responsibility for Libran things like…all Others, all forms of partnerships, lower self/Higher self, human/divine, matter/spirit, human romantic partnerships, marriage partnerships, the 3D struggle to achieve and maintain inner balance. Trying to balance and maintain 3D duality doesn’t work if one is evolving into 5D but becomes realizing that Libran “balance” can’t be reached by endlessly juggling polarities—male/female, dark/light, positive/negative—but integrating them alchemically transmutes them into a higher frequency within one’s self. This we’ve been doing at accelerated rates since 2010 with the help of Saturn transiting Libra (from July 22, 2010 until October 5, 2012).

I , Lisa Renee, and no doubt others I’m unaware of, have talked about how 2011 was very much about the “Goddess” or feminine principle coming back online within us, Earth, the collective consciousness etc. I said briefly in my 2012 TO DO List article that 2012 was a year of the “God” or masculine principle coming back online within more of us, the collective consciousness, Earth etc. The important underlying question to all this is why and why now during the last couple years of the twenty-five yearlong transitional Ascension Process. From what I’ve perceived it’s about our individually integrating and therefore resolving polarities; positive/negative, light/dark, God/Goddess, male/female, right brain/left brain, intellect/intuition. One could ask why again and I’d have to reply that it’s so we can fully enter the fifth dimension, the new Evolutionary Cycle, the 5D Age of Aquarius, and enter the massive, fast-flowing River of Light I see us inching our ways towards throughout 2012 and entering in 2013. Energetically matching this fast-flowing River of Light requires individual energetic unity—each human with the Divine—which comes from having integrated and resolved duality. (More about this current process in upcoming articles.)

Here now is Lisa Renee’s January 2012 article.


January 11, 2012

The Hieros Gamos

Friday, 06 January 2012

by Lisa Renee

The New Relationship Paradigm

“The term hieros gamos is used generally to refer to the sacred marriage between two divinities, or between a human being and Mother/Father God, or between two human beings (under certain special conditions); the ultimate alchemy of forces which harmonize polar opposites.”

Dear Family,

“This template of which was previously referred to as “Spiritual Marriage in No Time” has returned to the Earth logos in 2012 through the alchemical restoration of the Hieros Gamos. (Connected through the Unity Logos, a Guardian project to rebirth the planetary logos, see the January 2011 theme newsletter) Hieros Gamos or “Hierogamy” is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with Divinity (the Inner Spirit) and the Unification between all life expressions and its levels of opposite. From the Guardian perspective, Spiritual Ascension comprises the Science of the Spirit, encompassing the entire creational mechanics of how spirit and matter travel throughout time and space. At certain levels of frequency conjunction within the spiral of time, access is possible to new templates and therefore embodiments. The planet has reached that axis in time.

Hieros Gamos is the sacrament that represents “sacred marriage” at the individual level, to the relationship level, to the group level as a part of spiritual ascension, moving through the spiralling staircase of time to experience unification with (or marry) all aspects of God. When we marry God through this sacrament, Christ returns.

Returning to Inner Balance

We have finally crossed the threshold into the New Year of which holds an especially auspicious significance in planetary and human consciousness evolution, the end cycle year of 2012 and beyond. We are emerging into yet another completely new territory within the Ascension timeline. The frequency shift and energetic terrain still remain mysterious, ambiguous and confusing to the majority of the people on the Earth. Most anxiety is a result of mental confusion, when we do not have a proper evolutionary context of which to reframe our old beliefs, traditions, habits and their dying structure. Imbalanced behaviors and negative mental attitudes are not tolerated in the new frequencies and if we have not cleared our ego to submit to higher forces, we are getting hammered by external circumstances. The ego will manifest depression, obsessions, anxiety, mania and other brain dysfunctions when not integrated with the inner spirit. (This imbalance is referred to as “soul fragmentation”, the root cause is persistent negative mental thoughts created by an untrained mind. Mental miasms such as thought or belief obsession can also be inherited and can be cleared through ancestral healing.) Many people who are not aware of the Ascension process, in attempting to deal with their day to day lives are echoing in their sentiment, “Why am I so incredibly tired?” One cannot resist change or fight against this transformational current without getting pummeled. Everyone is feeling some level of this evolutionary change now. No matter who we think we are or where we think we are going – we must return to inner balance.

As we submit and let go to the larger energetic flow while listening to the inner voice, that voice was telling us these last weeks to wait and be still. We have been energetically conserving ourselves for the right alignment into “effortlessness”. The higher wisdom is always hidden in the right timing. Many times when you feel like you are failing (or “being flattened”) it is the misunderstanding of the necessity of waiting for the right timing, and/or being in the right location of which to begin an action. We are retraining our bodies to work in the new energies effortlessly and efficiently. We are learning that less energetic exertion is definitely yielding more results now.

Alchemy of Transformation

The combination of elemental substances and the union of polar opposites (energetic synthesis) is another key element in the alchemical process of human spiritual ascension and personal freedom. The alchemy of transforming metal or substances into gold is within the instruction set of our original 12 strand crystalline human DNA. Through the spiritually activated body, the manifestation of Liquid Gold through our cellular material allows the transfiguration of the identity to project through any space time, moving through and creating inner Stargates. The human body’s highest expression and function is the Cosmic Christ. The unscrupulous entities have taken advantage of our planet and human bodies especially for this reason. The human soul and physical body generates a light source, energetic power and potential inter-dimensional travel capacity that cannot be comprehended by the disconnected or fragmented mind. That mind is desperate to use and replicate that power.

However, more and more of the DNA instruction sets (Law of One Organic Architecture) is being anchored into the planetary mind that overrides the many artificial implants and inorganic structures of enslavement. This allows more humans to tune in themselves and receive the inner wisdom guided from their own intelligent spirit. Hieros Gamos is another one of these organic DNA instruction sets coming online for 2012.

For eons, humanity (along with many other races) has searched for the answers of the afterlife and how to cheat “death”, through the keys that open to the inner alchemical process. Methods were concocted to enhance genetic material, time travel, make the philosopher stone, activate the pineal, eat gold (ormus) and drinking ritual elixirs, even drinking blood – in a desperate quest to find our true eternal nature. The human genetic instruction set has been manipulated, stolen, replicated, abused and exploited in vain by those who seek to play “god” or have complete power over others. These actions are a part of the inorganic and damaged structures, the artificial attempts to replicate the organic creation process of God Source. Over the dark ages these tools were stolen from the monasteries, temples, pyramids and sacred places while those beings that held ancient knowledge were hunted down and destroyed. This was not a human agenda, it was alien.

The organic alchemical instruction and consciousness power has always resided in each human’s crystalline DNA and belongs to each person, to activate within the force of pure love. The unconditionally loving and kind hearted are the most powerful alchemists.

Alchemy has been often represented as a mystical marriage of the lunar element representing the feminine, and the solar element, the male. These two forces of opposing elements meet and are joined in what is known as the “Chemical Wedding”. This union creates something bigger and more powerful than the individual parts – the perfect integration of male and female energies – the entire creation of a new intelligent force. In the science of Alchemy this perfect balance is represented symbolically as an energetic “hermaphrodite”. As “spirit” we are both male and female and these forces have come to energetically balance within our physical human body. This is the primary focus of the Ascension process activating on the planet this year.

Regardless of our direct personal knowledge of alchemy, this time cycle will require a Return to Inner Balance. All of us will be living through circumstances that require we learn to restore harmony and balance in our lives, therefore peace to ourselves, and within our closest relationships. It extends outward to personal, social, economic, governmental relationships, unwinding throughout all existing human structures. Like the domino effect, many old systems may collapse from its pressure.

Impact on Relationships

One of the most harrowing results of this accelerated paradigm shift, is the intense impact it has on all human relationships, human intimacy and even our gender and social roles. As we emerge into 2012, we will increasingly notice relationship issues surfacing in our biological family, love and working partnerships, and the necessity of opening dialogues to communicate the deepest most intimate levels of our inner contents. Our guts are spilling out onto the table for all to see, and we cannot run away from emotional vulnerability or hide from each other any longer.

Everything we have ever been programmed into believing was our reality has been shaken down to the core, and in successive waves, these breakdowns will continue to shake free the controlled minds of the masses. The more we cooperate and adapt to these transformational forces the easier it is to change. The more we commit to knowing ourselves, knowing our soul, the easier this transformation becomes. We do not have to suffer through our evolution process when we have a context to accept what is happening to us.

This year the focus will be on first waves embodying the new template of The Hieros Gamos, (the sacred marriage union with our divinity), and the complete change it will require in all human intimate relationships. It will have a significant impact within the current reality system around “legal” or “religious” marriages. Many people on the planet have been or will end significant relationships, such as marriage, or transition through them into higher expressions of spiritual union, or meet their next relationship partner and get married. This marriage may be considered legal or not, however it indeed will be a spiritual agreement. The result of this new Hieros Gamos template included in the planetary mind/logos means that marriages and all relationships will be significantly impacted. The level of inner balance and spiritual and emotional maturity that you have accepted, will reflect your relationship work with your inner self and the “spiritually assigned” relationship partner.

Breaking Away from Destructive Archetypes

No partner, or casual relationship that you have intimate relations with, either sexual or platonic is accidental or by chance. We are ending casual relationships and all relationships will be first and foremost about personal transformation and spiritual development. The new template will emphasize this change in human relationships this year and ongoing. Relationships entered into with a basis of pathology, such as astral delusion, addiction or fantasy (Princess code, Hero/Savior Knight, Tyrant King, Ice Queen) will create the most emotional pain through event backlash. We are being taught to move away from destructive archetypes that play mind games and delude our perception between our intimate relations.

Once it is realized that all relationships are about spiritual growth through applied life lessons, you can participate with that comprehension in order to easily graduate to the next level. Applying nonattachment and unconditional forgiveness in your relationships will allow you to skip the harder (more painful) lessons. Eventually through your balanced self-mastery, you will have access to create the most loving, spiritual marriage you ever could imagine. However we have been manipulated and lied to about our sovereign right to experience a balanced, loving and glorious sacred marriage. We have been filled with shame and guilt from painful distortions promoted from the reptilian control and patriarchal domination. We will have to overcome our emotional pain and our memory of inner spirit crucifixion to be resurrected into the Light of Truth. To become whole again, we will need to relearn and remember our sovereign right to access inner and outer Hieros Gamos. This year we have this possibility and it will continue to grow stronger as more of us wake up and remember to live our divine purpose and love again.

Breakdown of Destructive Realities

From the overall perspective of the human condition in the current global external reality, it is hard to imagine that we ( as uniquely arranged energetic entities) are sharing different points in time/space while being able to sense, view and interact with other entities who are not sharing the same point in time/space. This is exactly what is transpiring now and forward on planet earth. Frequency splits and elevations of different points in the timeline are able to be viewed from different vantage points of consciousness inside the time field. Ascension and the elevation to higher frequency has massive impact to multiple dimensions of reality fields that co-exist with the human race at this timeline, which exists as the densest part of the time matrix. Realities and “timelines” in other dimensions (just as real as ours as we perceive it here on earth) have collapsed, ended and by necessity many different types of entities are transited to different or other “points in the time field”. Many of these entities are confused and some are like “sleepwalkers” that cannot shake themselves awake to comprehend their movement through time. Like trying to communicate to a person who is asleep, they cannot comprehend, and this is a phenomena also happening to human beings in the old 3D structure. The brain and nervous system goes offline. (Dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc)

(Please note: Many Starseeds are incarnated into these bloodlines to help a family member’s soul and body reconnect at some point, either while physically alive or transiting out from the body. You are able to heal ancestral and other genetic miasm by reconnecting the spirit whether the person is alive or passed on. Sometimes there is too much resistance from the mind if they are physically ill, however in Dementia and Alzheimer cases, this is entirely possible. Once you reconnect the spirit, the person’s spirit transit team can take over. Try to not let this lend despair, as you have incarnated here to help and you are empowered to do so. More of this will be given to the community to know how to go about holding “sessions” for ancestral and genetic clearing.)

Many of us understand the behavior by now with the controlling and disconnected entities. Regressive’s can behave similarly as a feral and untamed beast. Even as they are getting collated into smaller fields and cornered they will fight to the end as they are fighting for their survival. Fields where these beings can abuse the energies and physics of that reality to bend to their agendas or manifestations is yielding. These groups are losing access and control over energy functions, and compensating for this in every strategic war game they can call upon or manipulate in the human race. Those agendas will not end in some timeline until the human race wakes up to what is occurring with the earth. For those who deny or remain ignorant of human history are destined to repeat it, over and over.

Do not become paralyzed by the external reality from fear. Quietly collect your parts (heal your heart by retrieving soul) and return to Balance. (To heal yourself all you need to do is ask to communicate with your soul, and she will do most of the process for you) You will not be swallowed by the machine, if you see the machine for what it is. It has no power over you unless you give it your power, through your terror or fear.

The personal choice to be in your personal power lies with every individual. Benevolence is everywhere if we accept the responsibility for ourselves. So as many of us are confused by what we see playing out in the world, it is the old timeline grasping and writhing to collect as many fearful participants in its game for another round. No person has to buy the lie, get sucked into the vampire world, or live in terror any longer. However it requires going inside and trusting your spirit, giving your life to your higher power with no conditions. Put it all on the altar for God and you will be protected from the destructive realities.

Hieros Gamos Distortion

The truth of humanities origins as well as the ancient spiritual knowledge which included the mechanics of human creation and spiritual ascension, have been withheld and distorted on this planet for thousands of years. At the time of reptilian invasion and in the turn to patriarchal dominancy during the dark ages, the sacred teachings of the original Hieros Gamos reflected the distortion of the Lunar shadow upon the feminine principle. This distorted lunar relationship along with the hidden history of the moon chain lineages genetically manipulating our planet, created the current issues with humanities sexual misery, sexual abuse and sexual slavery. These issues mangled and damaged our collective race or soul body (primarily 4D) of which its energetic parts became trapped in our sexual organs and sacral 2nd chakra. Damaging the human body’s ability to feel life force and/or experience the creative energies that emanate from these regions resulted in diseases, social distortions, emotional retardation and crippling addiction. This trauma is further supported to stay that way (by locking kundalini releases and true orgasmic release) by instituting specific architecture in the planetary field to abuse and steal sexual energies, which is molecularly compacting human cellular bodies – such as the operation of the NRG grid network in the United Kingdom.

The NRG plays an important part in feeding a multiple dimensional network which links monadic body harnessing. This structure is from the negative aliens and it is known as the polarized geometric Vesica Pisces which is used to siphon off life force and staple monad bodies to different areas of use on its network, one such area is primarily to operate the Golden Eagle Grid in the Middle East. (note: these reversal networks and black magic systems in the planetary architecture are discussed in conferences and previous newsletters)

Additionally, sexual misery is still aggressively used to mind control and suppress the consciousness of human beings today in a variety of ways. The first writings inferring the Hieros Gamos in Sumerian text (5,000 years ago with the invasion of the Reptilian Annunaki) discuss the role of the female as a sexual slave and prostitute, which exactly mimics the relationship of Mary Magdalene to Jesus as the story told in the Christian Holy Bible. Misuse and abuse of sacred sexual rites by black magicians, as well as the defamation of the female form and debasing loving sexual intercourse became a primary method of which to control and suppress the masses. The truth of Hieros Gamos (Sacred Marriage) was hidden in shame to reflect the female partner as a prostitute, and not as the required genetic and spiritual equal necessary to unify the forces of polarity.

Hieros Gamos is the marriage of genetic and spiritual equal, the rightful King and Queen restored into Oneness, sharing the Crown of Sovereignty as One.

Vesica Pisces Override

Through the restoration of inner balance humanity can override distortions of artificial control and gender splitting that has been propagated aggressively on the planet for the last 5000 years. The template of Hieros Gamos is designed to eventually override the Vesica Pisces mutation by replacing its architecture.

As we restore our inner balance and unite with our true divinity, the Rod and Staff couples (as described in previous newsletters as the prototypes working with this unity template since February 2009) will be transitioned to experience the ultimate sacred marriage finally returning to the earth plane, as the Risen Christos, birthed through the Spiritual marriage of The Hieros Gamos. Hieros Gamos is a part of the destined sequence of which is to return the Glory of Gods image to the human form in Christdom – and to restore balance to the polarities (which includes the sexual energies) in all forms. This template is a related sequence to override the destruction of the NRG grid and its subsidiary controller systems operating in the planetary body.

The Christos is the Offspring of Hieros Gamos

What we have come to learn through the Guardian principle of Hieros Gamos is that the Christos Intelligence is the child/offspring of the Holy Mother (Arc) and Holy Father (Arc), and cannot be birthed into the physical world without both principles/polarities equally unified to zero point. These principles of polarity (male/female) are unified between the internal and external manifestation, internally with the inner spirit and externally with the physical body.

The Ascending Human accepts Hieros Gamos after inner balancing is perfected, manifests its expression into the physical as a Rod and Staff Union with its genetic equal, its Monadic Twin. As the Twin Monads Unite, the Christed Avatar Intelligence acts as the Higher self which then can inhabit the Monad body directly. As the Monad embodies its Avatar Christ Form, it then unifies the opposites of which the feminine principle is alchemically resurrected from its Lunar/Moon reflected Light, to the embodied Solar/Sun Illumined Light. The Solar Feminine is birthed into which is now the Illumined Light which radiates the Rays of Eternal Living Light in 360 degrees of time, and dissolves all mirrors of itself captured in frozen or reflected light, which were the pieces of which the Original Monad that had fragmented itself into multiple identities in time.

The Shekinah or Holy Spirit (Mother principle) acts as the mediator of alchemizing the forces of polarity to dissolve into perfect harmony. This act of alchemy is the resurrection of the transformed bodies of which the wings and crown are restored to the Unity Couple. The union of the male principle into Living Compassion is married to the Female principle of Living Wisdom which then integrates into “One” functioning entity and intelligence field.

Clarification of Union

Briefly it is understood that the alchemical sacred marriage is possible between any genders physically manifested that were spiritually mated to perform alchemy of their substances. The Guardians have no statement on same sex “physical” pairings, except to say they are purposed for many reasons. It is also possible that “non-physical” Spiritual Spouses will also be involved in some of the Hieros Gamos templating for those who choose to stay on within physical incarnation to accomplish biological ascension. Spiritual Spouses may or may not physically incarnate. Some Spiritual Spouses being introduced now will become the sacred marriage partner in another timeline. While a person is undergoing soul healing and reclamation (4D, 5D, 6D triad) they are assigned soulmates ( friends or lovers) and these are referred to as “ Alchemical Unions.” Alchemical Unions are spiritually designed and agreed upon to resolve soul polarity and prepare for Hieros Gamos.

Hieros Gamos is a monadic twin merging and then “Avatar Christ” embodiment into the monad. Many of us will have or have had Alchemical Unions of which to do “test runs” for the ultimate sacred marriage. If you are in an Alchemical Union, pay attention to your lessons and be unconditionally loving and forgiving to your partner. Ask for guidance on your spiritual lessons and what areas you are strengthening your personal discipline. This partner is assigned to you for mutual benefit in evolution, even when there are power imbalances. It may be up to you to return the balance by performing the alchemy required through unconditionally loving behaviour. When it is “energetically” complete be fearless and listen to your internal guidance to take steps to end the relationship harmoniously for the right reason. You will eventually evolve through the Alchemical Union of your Soul Triad and be ready to manifest your sacred marriage partner. Sometimes you will be contacted by guides before you even meet the partner in the physical plane. Many times it will appear one way in the physical and energetically feel the opposite of what it may appear like. Patience with timing will align the congruency of the physical reality to the energy signature. It is a part of the spiritual initiation and ascension process and now this is available on the earth. It is a completely new way of being intimate in human relationships and human marriages. Cultivate your inner discernment and know there is nothing to be scared of. Sacred marriage holds incredible power of protection once you unify with each other and clear the astral delusion and emotional fears. Emotional fears and astral delusion will create massive interference in your relationship, so be brave and do not succumb. Do your emotional healing work together and lead always from what you feel in your heart.

Hieros Gamos in Human Spiritual Empowerment

The Hieros Gamos is revealing itself to be manifested as a sustained holographic re-patterning and re-education program designed for achieving inner and outer sacred marriage through self-focused healing and spiritual empowerment. It is designed to connect then unify God Source with all levels of identity and their human relationships. Previous to 2012, most healing modalities on the planet were sourcing from false white light webbing or were prone to energetic vampirism. The Hieros Gamos template allows for a connection with sustained inner light rather than artificial external light. External light is gathered from others for the manipulation of directing forces. There is no need for external manipulation of forces any longer. This will improve the result of every sincerely heart based (non-ego or selfish motivation) healing method being currently utilized on the planet.

It is energetically inclusive to represent all relationships as One while simultaneously recognizing the stations of identity that exist within time. Many of these “identities” (Group soul/monad, past or future lifetimes) have been “frozen” in various time fields from trauma and pain. To free them and integrate them into the “now” or zero point, we must recognize them One with God, One with ourselves. Massive healing energy powered from the fusion of connecting multiple dimensional gateways are able to be specifically focused in this way. When we compassionately witness these “events in time” our consciousness power moves to the coordinate location of the actual event, forever changing its future impact of pain and retrieving lost souls. It releases the trauma created from that event upon our past and future selves, others and their genetic lines.

Exiting Point

As when such large changes require that a shift of lifestyle is forced upon us, groups of us have a meltdown or decide to leave. Many of us have been dealing with the older generation of family members, their lifestyle change and/or their health and medical problems. In the old medical system it is about “one more test” to come up with nothing and be pushed through the turnstile of doctor visits, exams, biopsies and drugs. The recent push amplifies lung/air, heart/blood and brain/nerve problems. Without proper context for illness, exit points get activated. With ascension context, the exit point can be overridden. Moving through death and transition is very hard from the point of darkness.(ignorance). Moving through death and transition is easier from the point of Light.(awareness) We may be up to our eyeballs dealing with the family dysfunction and its emotional residue in these areas. This is a period that we may be asked to communicate with Family of Origin clean up, tie up loose ends and delve into the 3D cesspool. Something is ending here.

If you are a midwife of the spirit, as many of us are, know that you are of the most compassionate service to help transit people peacefully so they are supported in continual evolution. Leaving the body peacefully yields magnificent results now. You as the “Spiritual Regent” may feel like you are on your last raw nerve, however there seems to be an ending and resolution in sight. May that bring comfort to know that the change required to stay or the transition to leave now is a personal choice. Ancestral and spiritual clearing sessions can heal even the dearly departed. Many will depart after the soul fragments are collected.

Many Blessings of Gratitude

Humanity certainly has known about the many parts of this divine truth and about the key to human freedom. Human spiritual ascension resides with our direct communion with God, from within the context of sacred spiritual marriage. Sacred Marriage is not a new concept, however, it is a heavily distorted one. There has been so much confusion and torment around spiritual marriage and sexual marriage. So much guilt harvested courtesy of the negative alien hijack of one of the most wealthy controller organizations on the planet, The Roman Catholic Church. For a long while in the New Age movement we have heard about fantasy Soulmates, Twin Rays, Divine Union and many other terms describing the same state of being, usually delusional. The cotton candy content force fed to our broken hearts – left a sticky bad taste in our mouth. We are trying to recover from its shock.

Sacred Marriage is a state of being in our hearts that we have desperately missed and have been yearning for since the beginning of time. For many of us on the spiritual and ascension pathway, it has been a difficult, solitary and lonely journey. Many of us in the Indigo and Starseed family have worked tirelessly and diligently to lay the groundwork to create the stepping stones that lead us back into the higher expression of sacred marriage. This Hieros Gamos template has been birthed through the result of the devoted and diligent work of many, many Lightworker’s during the Ascension cycle.

For those many years wondering if we were ever progressing forward, “chopping wood and carrying water”, the answer is finally yes. You have worked your tail off to reach for what is being brought through this year. This time it cannot be stolen from you. Whether inner marriage or outer marriage has eluded you, if you really desire it in your heart, this year will be your year. Dust off from the many times you fell to the ground, (or were pushed) and stand up straight and tall, reach for the starlight again. This year is all about true loving heart exchanges.

Thank you with all of my heart to the courageous Lightworker’s who have given their all for Sacred Marriage in their attempt to rediscover and reclaim what truly belongs to every human being. We have given it back to the future of the human race, now we need to sit back and witness.

Wishing you All Happy 2012 and beyond!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.”

Love Always, Lisa


40 thoughts on “Individual Unity

  1. Hi Denise, I am having a difficult time writing tonight! Just wanted to let you know I finished your book the other day and all kinds of somethings are happening deep inside of me. I also have felt interference I think. I kept feeling intense heavy sleepiness filling me up when I’d want to think about something and so I called upon Satya Sai Baba to help me clear my head and I admit I was surprised when my head cleared! So it was something. …..appointments with Lisa have not been an option, she is not available. I think I need to focus on going within myself. I want to find my Psychic Self Defense book and seek those protection pentagrams you talked about. I was so brainwashed with fear that I never wanted to rock the boat, seriously, by attempting anything protective because I didn’t know anything! So I have always sought the unseen Masters to assist me. Perhaps it is now for some change.

    I am excited about 2012 because a couple of years ago I had my chart done and was told my love relationship would happen in 2012. And what did I read in Lisa’s article tonight too?! I have been alone all of my life and I am ready for companionship!! I am like a kid waiting for Christmas morning! You might wonder, is she waiting for prince charming? No. I am waiting for my friend.

    • “So I have always sought the unseen Masters to assist me. Perhaps it is now for some change.”


      Absolutely! This is exactly what humanity is supposed to evolve into now; doing it themselves. That is what this ascension/evolutionary process and dimensional shift is all about. Remember that old NA saying, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”? It’s true and means that we are our “saviors” now because that is the next step humanity must take; personal responsibility for their spiritual natures and learning how to access higher levels, other dimensions, their own Higher Selves etc. so that they individually know for themselves what they really are. And with the Ascension Process and end of the old Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar and all the higher energies raining down on humanity and Earth now, we have more divine help than we realize to make this important transition out of disempowerment and lower consciousness into increasing unity consciousness and individual empowerment etc.

      Once Neptune enters Pisces (Feb.3, 2012) this particular issue will become tremendously easier for humanity. They’ll be able to individually connect with and accesses and experience higher states of consciousness, mystical states and information from those higher levels of awareness and being etc. They will — now in 2012 and beyond — be able to reconnect with higher spiritual states and know, feel, see and remember things on their own without the need of any religious person, priest, shaman, guru or teacher etc. to help them. Fabulous!

      KNOW that you are more powerful than any and all of these Dark Ones, beings, entities etc. KNOW it and the energies shift automatically the more you consciously realize that you are an aspect of Source/the All That Is. KNOW it and live from that state of mind/heart/being and the negative Dark Ones will think twice about *&#$@^ with you any more. 🙂


  2. Wow Denise, more food for thought. 😮 No doubt you heard the collective “Gasp” & deafening silence by readers ( I among the them) when you brought up the reintergrating of the Masculine aspect being vital to 2012/3 Acension. I bookmarked this topic to revisit as Lisa’s commentary on the merging of duality/marriage, she covered so many topics that intertwine with the whole tapestry.

    Looking forward for to your future articles on these this topics. Things are getting serious kind Professor! 🙂

  3. Hi Denise and All Here:

    First, Ole Rear Guard, thanks for the great visual of Hawkins and the PMS-stressed Amazon women. I’m still smiling and hope you’ll drop in more often with that Monty Pythonesque humour! Love it, thanks!

    When I see “Heiros Gamos” I read “Hero’s Games.” That’s us – Hero’s – and the Game is each of us getting to the altar on time for our individual Divine Marriages before the energy leaves and the linear clock stops ticking. Hopefully, a little play on words there, but I can say that when I was a little girl, all religion aside, I wanted to be a nun so I could marry Jesus! Now, I want to be an adult experiencing the Unity Consciousness of Divine Marriage. I think Lisa’s article is brilliant but for me it is only an expansion of Denise’s dynamite last line in “2012 Planetary Motions.”

    I can’t stop singing, “I’m getting married in the morning…” and you’re all invited. I just hope I can remember it when it happens! Love to All Here.

    • Hello Barbara. Glad to bring smiles, I’ve had many laughs from others here too.

      In Lisa’s article is stuff I’ve never read about (Golden Eagle Grid) so my comment, can’t wait for Denise’s further comments on this “Heiros Gamos”. Denise can explain something in two sentences that’s right to heart when it requires others two pages.
      And agree with you whole heartedly, Denise summed up Heriois Gamos in one sentence. Just between us and the Unity/Marriage with All That Is. To be candid that was a validation I need to hear, I was in the right place. She did speak prior it was time to drop the Guides, Messengers etc. Astrology wise I’m ignorant so didn’t comment on that article, let it to the pros that are into it.

      My first attempt ever meditating to speak/find a guide 30yrs ago was successful, but was the last time also. I saw this figure and asked their name. The reply I got was “Names aren’t important.”, it resonated as a male entity. HEY YO, a little hint of who I was talking to is just polite in any dimension, was novice but not just off the potato truck. I didn’t pursue guides. Nature, animals aided me greatly, still do.

      I believe anyone brought up in a home with Catholic/Christian background did get introduced to Jesus. I sought and gained a relationship with Jesus but dumped the dogma as my parents did. I did get Divine intervention when asking for help so I thought things were fine. Then came a time when in great need I didn’t get a result/answer. Days, weeks, months pass and zippo. Where did Jesus go?
      I went into a tantrum. Bawling, talking to the air, yelling “Okay, Okay, you can leave me but I still love you.” “I’m not giving up on you at least.” A tragic comedy. All that was missing was the Wailing Wall.

      In short, this entity Jesus (not the one of edited doctrine) backed away, so that I pursued the ONE/SOURCE/MOTHER/FATHER/HOLY SPIRIT. I had to do it myself with my heart.

      I apologize for the length of my reply responding to your post Barbara. I’m using this opportunity to share with others what brought me to this magnificent event and TRANSITIONS. Denise is special as so many others here.

      Love you guys, till later.

      • “…so that I pursued the ONE/SOURCE/MOTHER/FATHER/HOLY SPIRIT. I had to do it myself with my heart.”

        Ole Rear Guard,

        Brilliant and oh so true. ♥ Thanks. 🙂


      • Your welcome Denise.

        Because you have succeeded in your mission from high, providing a launching pad for
        like minds, hearts and souls, ignition jets are lit. We have you to thank for this.
        You have quite a crew and it’s growing, they are getting excited, I have happy feet
        myself. 🙂

        Tick tock, tick tock.

        Ole Rear Guard

  4. Denise re your Heading Individual Unity
    The Source energy packs a punch. The Divine One is flattening us all with his fire of love. Love is a power a force beyond words/description. We are all heading for the flame of resurrection. I say burn, burn, burn – burn away all the dross, burn, burn, burn away all that is unwhole… to leave a pure channel for the Great One to inhabit. Maureen

  5. Hello, Denise and all,

    So many of the themes here are the ones that are coming up for me recently. For quite some time, I’ve been drawn to balancing male and female energies and my recent experiences with unbalanced male energy have been part of that. Also, the cities I’ve been living in for the last 4-5 years have been male-dominated and I’ve felt that I’ve been in these places to help balance the energy. (It’s been much harder here than in Asia, though! 😦 ) I’ve also been drawn to beings that are a balance of male and female, light and dark and have been working with them recently.
    With relationships, as many of us here, it’s been about letting the ones that are not balanced and working go. That includes a large portion of my family at this point, because my mother has been campaigning against me, The longer I am without contact with her on my terms, the better I feel. I’ve been laughing a lot lately– good, deep belly laughs. 🙂
    I’ve never been about the “Goddess” in this life, probably because I had a father that allowed me to be equal. While my mother is very unbalanced female energy– the back room, back-stabbing politics of it– my father was balanced between male and female and was actually my mother figure in this life. He was the nurturing one in my childhood.
    I’ve felt less and less inclined to look outside myself for answers and have very few blogs or groups that I read or am a part of, this being the major one. And, I’m starting to feel each of you so much more clearly now. It’s exciting! You really feel like family to me.
    Since about August, I’ve been feeling that I will be in a relationship soon– a balanced, spiritual one. Like Edith, I have spent most of my life alone, so I feel I am now ready to do this properly now– a real spiritual partnership. I’m also feeling like a child might be forthcoming– although I’m almost past that point! We’ll see on that. It’s nice to have my instincts paralleled on your and Lisa Renee’s blogs.
    And, darn, aren’t words hard?!

    Love and hugs to all,

  6. Hi Denise, how are you? Now that I Read your book I am aware of how reading our comments must/could be for you.

    I’d like to share something I am drawn to do. There have been times in my life when certain attunements and teachings that assist one, such as I, in being in the 4 bodies and on earth have helped me so much. These types of teachings are not the ask questions/get answers for your life type of teachings, they are specific and purposed. Very much like the work/purpose/intent Tom Kenyon brings forth. This tool teaching that I feel strongly drawn to do is described here: This is an attunement process for the 12 rays, positive aspect only. Perhaps it might strike a chord for someone else as well.

    I am dealing with “the lonelys” as I call it. This moon was very strong and I had felt the energy work we all mentioned here. I am now taking the time to practise visualisation, can’t recall how to spell! And it has come to me how to go about cleaning up my home so I can paint. I am drawn to an aqua blue color. I have NEVER had such resistance to cleaning. BAck when I had zero energy I could manage it though it was hard. To give you a visual, just putting the bottom sheet on my bed would have me collapsing on top of it breathing hard and needing to rest a while! And now I have plenty of energy and “Don’t want to”! I believe I am close to a break thru. Also I have remembered that I have Tom Kenyon’s free giftings and have been listening to Rafael…. I misplaced Immunity somewhere, and Tom suggests listening to the 3 attunements once a day, pineal, pituitary, & heart. So I can’t complain! More than anything I’d like a hug and some friendship, but I Figure that for now this is my cross to bear and I believe it will change because my life IS changing for the better. Your book helped me so much in being able to take big steps in accepting my life and that there IS a purpose for the extreme nature of it. I Feel as peaceful as it is possible to feel while one still craves some companionship. I love working with people which I do all day and receive tremendous satisfaction and joy. Sometimes my misery comes from empathy only I have never been able to recognize this, I have always thought/felt that my emotions were mine! Yet when it is brought to my attention and the thing gets cleared I can see it had to be true, and yet…..! I cannot imagine your situation in feeling/knowing every last thing!

    Denise and everybody, I hope you all have a great day! Today is a work day for me so I am all excited about it.

    Let’s all hang in there!

  7. Hi Denise and all,
    The fact that I actually understand a good bit oif Lisa’s post is, to me, quite significant. Many issues have come up for me to cleanse and heal along the familial line. The realization of a significant (negative) belief I’ve held about my value as a woman – which has colored and impacted my (almost) entire life – has become very clear to me. I think it’s resolution and the adoption of new positive belief/s in this area will have a wonderful impact on my life. I am excited I understand the basic concept of the Heiros Gamos and I feel this template will accelerate the healing. It would have felt overwhelming just six months ago. Like Cat and Edith, I have been single most of my life but have always believed I would go thru the ascension with a significant other. How that manifests is still to be seen and based on this post it may be different than expected but I feel it is actually possible.
    As always, thank you Denise for all you do, this is home to me. I appreciate everyone that posts here, too, I feel I am getting to know you and even tho we have never met I think of you as friend and family.

    • “Hi Denise and all,
      The fact that I actually understand a good bit oif Lisa’s post is, to me, quite significant. Many issues have come up for me to cleanse and heal along the familial line. The realization of a significant (negative) belief I’ve held about my value as a woman – which has colored and impacted my (almost) entire life – has become very clear to me. I think it’s resolution and the adoption of new positive belief/s in this area will have a wonderful impact on my life. I am excited I understand the basic concept of the Heiros Gamos and I feel this template will accelerate the healing. It would have felt overwhelming just six months ago. Like Cat and Edith, I have been single most of my life but have always believed I would go thru the ascension with a significant other. How that manifests is still to be seen and based on this post it may be different than expected but I feel it is actually possible.
      As always, thank you Denise for all you do, this is home to me. I appreciate everyone that posts here, too, I feel I am getting to know you and even tho we have never met I think of you as friend and family.”

      Morgean & All,

      The “family issues” stuff came to the surface for the sixteenth time for me with the Summer Solstice of 2011. It then boiled and bubbled and the Fall Equinox took a couple aspects of it to a whole new level so that I’d HAVE to make some last-minute big changes in my mental and emotional relationship with my son. There’s what we want, what we hope for, wish for, and then there’s reality! The Fall Equinox of 2011 forced this particular “family issue” to the raw surface for me with him and his long-term female partner and her crazy family and karmic messes. The next level of this “family issue” came in December 2011 and blew wide open on Dec. 31, 2011 like a massive symbol and clue from On High that this old crap cannot be carrying along in me into 2012 and beyond. Period. And so…I’ve cut yet another bag of sand from my hot-air balloon so that I’ll keep rising. Ouch.

      The other biggie for all females with this Ascension Process is that we are in female bodies and we’ve lived in a totally negative patriarchal world/collective that sees females as second-class (if we’re lucky!) citizens. Being in female bodies now means we’ve had plenty of old negative patriarchal wounds, hates, fears, rejections, attacks, lack of trust with males, self worth etc. BIG issues to transmute for all in female bodies now. I’m not saying those in male bodies now don’t have tons of negative patriarchal crap to transmute within themselves too because they have. So congrats Morgean on seeing and then transmuting and releasing your “value as a woman” stuff. That’s huge.

      I wrote an article about this regardless of current sex body internal individual Sacred Marriage process a few times in past articles. Here’s a link to one from Sept. 2010 about the real “Soul Mate” business and how it’s an individual energy process that’s been unfolding within each of us over the past few ascension years to prepare us for entry into individual inner unity and divine unity in 2013 and beyond. (Stair steps for people and where they’re at within this Process.)

      Your line about “…would have been overwhelming just six months ago” tells all of us about how fast we’re changing, evolving/ascending in 2011 and 2012. It’s exciting. And as far as having a “significant other”…aim very, very high because that’s where we’re headed. 😉 Two totally integrated, unified individuals joining forces as a “couple” as NEW beings will be totally unrecognizable from the old lower 3D ego-based relationships that it’s almost impossible to describe them. Do the Inner Work (Saturn in Libra is helping each of us with this now in 2012) and you’ll eventually connect with a like-other that’s an equal to you in all ways because he/she is whole or unified themselves.

      Hugs and well done,

  8. Hi, Denise,

    About the “significant other”– could it be another part of ourselves that has split off from our Higher Self in another direction? Or from our Soul Group? That seems likely to me.


    • “Hi, Denise,

      About the “significant other”– could it be another part of ourselves that has split off from our Higher Self in another direction? Or from our Soul Group? That seems likely to me.



      Absolutely it is. 🙂 We MUST be complete (integrated and unified) within ourselves so we’re not attracted to or attracting a mate/partner/lover etc. to try and fill-in missing aspects of our self. Complete individuals connecting with other complete individuals are what 5D relationships are about.


  9. This is great stuff, everyone sharing is being real. Denise, you said it all when you said “Aim high.” How and when the perfect relationship appears is anyone’s guess. Being alone till the right match doesn’t mean lonely. I never married (no kids either) though had a couple of proposals. At those times my palms started sweating and a feeling my freedom was a thing of the past. Forget tissues I needed Brawny to wipe my hands and the puddles off the floor. Chicken sh*t, unable to to compromise, maybe. I felt my freedom being taken away (real or imagined) to be caged like a parakeet, when my heart/soul wanted to soar like a hawk.

    Couldn’t say “I DO” cause I wasn’t sure I could “DO”. Needed a spiritual partner that understood the winds of freedom must still flow, trust/loyalty never a issue to even be questioned. Thought I had that kind of a relationship once and ended up with a note on the pillow and my coat hangers stolen. Left the wire ones, felt Joan Crawford’s ghost in the room, enraged. Those things don’t just happen in movies. In a discussion later the excuse for leaving is that I gave too much rope and that’s how infidelity came to be. Just a little frame of my life’s experience’s that taught me “You better shop around”, could lose more than hangers.

    So thinking my partner has never incarnated at this time on Earth, or maybe is waiting somewhere in the 5th, I’m content with my cats and connection with Source/God. The story isn’t over, I’m not bitter just being patient. I pondered sound frequencies like light frequencies. They are waves also. I climb into my imaginary tower and find the right songs that resonate with my heart and soul, sending them out. Mutual desires brought together via Light and Sound. Solitary souls meant unite will, that I believe.

    So to all you Lightworkers seeking a relationship whatever dimension, I’ll share two selections that express a lot in these times.

    Till Kingdom Comes by Cold Play w/lyrics

    Your the Best by Tina Turner

    Don’t settle for a Yugo when your Ferrari is waiting out there. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Wishing all the Best,

    Ole Rear Guard

  10. Same thing has happened to me that Morgean described: within just a few months Lisa Renee’s articles have started to be clear and comprehensible! It’s incredible how much information we get and how fast the psyche changes.

    I am so grateful for the discussion regarding the significant other you shared, Edith, Cat, Morgean and Denise. Likewise, I’ve spent most of my life alone even though I always had an idea of this huge, unconditional love that could manifest in a sexual relationship. Now, I think I have met this person, but things don’t get started. We vaguely know each other as colleagues and every time we come together, one of us says something that triggers an emotional reaction that makes the other one withdraw. What is said, is not rude or impolite and the reactions are real fine tuning, basically they don’t make any sense in 3D framework, in a way it is about being far too oversensitive.

    After reading this discussion I now think we both are doing the needed fine tuning to become complete, like you said Denise. I am totally committed to work this through because I have never met anybody whose energy and way of expressing himself is so compatible with mine and I value him immensely as a human being and as a man (in this order 😉 ). But at this point I am living through the total agony of unfulfilled love and I realize he has free will and all this may turn out to be too much for him. After all I don’t know how conscious or awake he is! When I remember I keep reminding myself that hey lady, the agony is not the zero point 😀 and I try to keep my own energy flowing pure and thoughts clear and light.

    Still quite a bit of work to do, I guess!

    I am so eager to hear of all the connections you guys will be making and how they will turn out! Good luck out there!

    Heart hugs to everyone,
    – Aya

    • “We vaguely know each other as colleagues and every time we come together, one of us says something that triggers an emotional reaction that makes the other one withdraw. What is said, is not rude or impolite and the reactions are real fine tuning, basically they don’t make any sense in 3D framework, in a way it is about being far too oversensitive.”


      This is exactly why each of us MUST deal with our own inner wounds, fears, junk n’ “stuff” so WE are clean and crystal clean inside ourselves with no past stuff in us playing like a pre-recorded message every time we interact with another person and/or someone we’re attracted to. Our inner baggage must be transmuted for US to really be free. Period. And the next step with this phase of the Ascension Process is our merging our individual male/female aspects so that we’re individually unified or whole beings on our own. This is mandatory to existing within 5D and higher.

      Lisa Renee mentioned in her Hieros Gamos article about “astral delusions” which is something every human alive has experienced multiple times within themselves and in other people and mates/lovers etc.

      “Relationships entered into with a basis of pathology, such as astral delusion, addiction or fantasy (Princess code, Hero/Savior Knight, Tyrant King, Ice Queen) will create the most emotional pain through event backlash. We are being taught to move away from destructive archetypes that play mind games and delude our perception between our intimate relations.”

      “Astral delusion” is a biggie to detect and master but it’s on the 2012 list of things TO DO. Total honesty with yourself is the fastest way to discern the astral or pre-recorded looping inner BS and delusions. Most of my readers have already dealt with a lot of this but there’s always residual layers of stuff (Emotional and Mental Body astral and physical “stuff”) and other personal deluded behaviors, expectations etc. like I recently had to face in myself over my son. 2012 and Saturn’s final phase and retrograde period in LIBRA (partnerships of all types, inner/outer etc.) is helping us reach inner balance or individual unity. The why to this is what’s really great and I’ll try to cover more of that in an article I’m working on now.

      Hugs to All,

  11. Hi, Denise

    I’ve been in one of the Achemical Union relationships that Lisa writes about in her article for the past six years (I’m a slow learner!) so to read what you have both written here is so encouraging and timely.

    31 December was a huge line in the sand for me as well when it became abundantly clear that this relationship is not something that I can take forward into 2012 in its existing form. It’s time to be fearless as Lisa says and take steps to end it, for the right reasons, which is what I am now doing.

    So to be reassured that this experience can be viewed as a ‘test run’ with the true lesson being about deep self-love and integration – and that we are to go forward aiming as high as we can for ourselves – is beyond helpful.

    With deepest thanks, as always,


  12. Denise and All others who share on this website.

    Comments re the Divine Marriage.
    I would like to comment on the term Higher Eros.

    When a man or woman starts to walk the path of return back to the light and on the way takes the initiations to wholeness. At a certain stage they have a choice to either lose the energy in either the sacral chakra or the solar plexus. The root chakra remains intact. The loss of the sexual energy to help the initiate (as the sexual urge remains a very powerful force within us) with the loss of sexual inclination. The Divine One wants all our love at this stage.

    Of course, also as we become whole and help our partners to become whole or should I say they help us to become whole, the marriage changes to become two equally whole partners.

  13. Dear Denise,
    As often happens, I find the answers here that have eluded me…or at least confirmation of my “knowings”. I refer to Maureen’s comment on “Higher Eros”:

    “The loss of the sexual energy to help the initiate (as the sexual urge remains a very powerful force within us) with the loss of sexual inclination.”

    OMG, this is right on target. My husband and I have struggled with this issue for a few years, and now it is no longer an issue for us. I believe we are both on the ascension path, but that I seem to be more of a seeker of answers and validation while he just accepts and is fairly unconscious of the process. Until recently, he has been in nearly all my dreams of traveling to meetings and building houses. I have definitely had more severe symptoms, and he has always been my support. In the fall, I came to realize that he and my sister were the only people in my life that I know love me unconditionally. I began to feel it more and more. I know they are both going to be with me in 5D. My husband has been working on his own method of resolving polarity visa vie the goddess energies. I am still waiting for the amazing heart “sex” that you have spoken about–wink, wink!
    Denise, thank you for what you do. The peace that comes with clarity is so appreciated.
    Love and light,

  14. Thank you Denise for commenting! During this process I have become aware of many of my expectations and the difficulty to be genuinely open and unconditional because of them. But, one by one they hopefully get released when I become aware of them!

    At the same time the process seems also to be about growing to accept and even embrace my own and his vulnerability. That is actually quite rewarding and gives me a feeling that things develop into the right direction.

    I can’t wait to read your next article!

    – Aya

  15. Hi Denise and All Here:

    This discussion is absolutely wonderful and is making me truly think/feel about what I want in the way of Divine Marriage. My sex drive is nil in 3D and in over-drive in dream-time, yet neither awake nor asleep do I have any desire for another “form”. And so I’ll go with a combination of what Denise is saying about “aim very, very high” and Maureen is saying about “The Divine One wants all our love at this stage,” because I think and truly hope that I’m shooting for divine union with Source. Love to All and again, delightful conversations here at Transitions, thank you!

  16. ” I felt my freedom being taken away (real or imagined) to be caged like a parakeet, when my heart/soul wanted to soar like a hawk…”

    “Couldn’t say “I DO” cause I wasn’t sure I could “DO”. Needed a spiritual partner that understood the winds of freedom must still flow, trust/loyalty never a issue to even be questioned…”

    Couldn’t say it better myself. You put the words spot on Ole Rear Guard. Please comment here in TRANSITIONS more often. 🙂

    We’re so much in the same boat here: I find this whole marriage thing just not for me. Too domesticating. This un-questioned and un-challenged taming-of-the-female paradigm thing, to allow the patriarchs/dads/husband to have all family-lifestyle power and in their favor… is too slavish and disempowering imho. I humbly admit I cannot speak for all here… especially those who are painting an entirely different and kinder story about marriage… but mine is way too normal in my neck of the woods: the Tyrant King/Female Victim reality/issue between my folks. But that seems to be changing now: something is stirring up in my Mum. She’s slowly but surely taking back her power… that’s what it looks like so far.

    Having said that (while bearing witness to all of that) … I would LOVE to experience the free-spirited-young-woman-who-gets-to-fly type for a change… literally and energetically. No woman of any age…in my circle has (and may never ever want to) gone that route before… and it appears I get to be it. It looks like it too: I sound very Indigo. ^_^’

    Once again: thanks so much for hitting that very issue I could not spill out into words.

    Lou Ann

  17. So much to comment on. Thanks, Denise and everyone for your wonderful reply/replies. I read the article you (Denise) referenced; I loved it and will hop over there to comment when I leave here. I have processed this family stuff for years and really thought I was pretty clear. I knew I wasn’t completely clean – but I’m not sure that is possible. I thought I was clean enough to tip the scales in the right direction. I am happy that I have uncovered more – actually some new stuff – issues with family members that are not here in this life and never were. Guess some of the stuff you and Lisa have been talking about. Other stuff just processing through to be released at a much deeper level. This is good!

    Cat – thx for the question about the significant other – I was wondering the same. And Aya – funny eh!! I just kept rereading Lisa’s posts (per advice from Denise and a couple of others here) and they are starting to make sense. And Barbara, like you, sex is only in my dreams 😉 Ole Rear Guard – I felt the same as you about relationships. I was married a long time ago (feels like another lifetime) and had two children. For that I am so grateful; but really, I was on automatic – completely programmed and brainwashed. Stepford-land. Fortunately I began to wake up in mid-20’s and have been on search for my (true) self ever since. All of this is coming together for me – while I have wanted to be in a relationship – what I held in my heart and vision as a good relationship – aiming high! – I realized just was about impossible from where I stood and I couldn’t settle for less. I’ve been wanting the 5d relationship to manifest in 3d. I also had some stuff here to transmute. I know some that have these relationships, but even they are being challenged at this time, with so much changing. So, now, we are finally entering 5d and I really don’t hold what this is going to look like – it may very well be I find what I’m seeking in a very different way. If it is with another person, like Ole Rear Guard, I need total freedom along with total trust – and of course, I want to give that to. As far as union with Source; I truly don’t think we ever get there as I believe Source is ever expanding/growing too. I would think that as we become closer to being one with Source, this would then be expressed through our relationships – in the myriad of forms relationships can take.

    On a fun note – movie recommendation – Melancholia. It is beautiful and full of symbolism. I’ve been calling it “moving art”. There is one scene – which I think is on the trailer if you want to pull it up – where the bride is running away from the reception in her dress and she is covered in like a dark net / ropes / whatever – that she is trying to break free of. Anyway, it is beautifully done; not completely accurate, but one persons vision and a wonderful escape from 3d. Love and light to all! Morgean

  18. Hi All. I wanted to inteject some thoughts, surprise! In my opinion there is no be all end all to what each person’s journey to 5D or ascension is suppose to look like or entail. For instance, in my case per esoteric soul astrology and personal experience, I understand my soul is ending over 10,000 years of self sacrifice for humanity while in this same life will get to explore the fun of being a woman and enjoy a human relationship, while at the same time have a future service yet to render for earth and humanity AND embody my monadic self! Quite the outline, don’t you think? And remember, no one loses out if one chooses to opt out, or doesn’t quite get it, or because one falls into worries about “making it” or fitting the grand pictures that are clear to some people but not others. There IS a divine plan, and when life hurts or is scarey it is hard to trust this or to belive that the pain will end or that life can change or be better. It is okay. And will I actually fulfill this plan as outlined above? I don’t know! All I know is that I sure experienced the crap! I remember my first chart done with I was 21. The big understatement was that I “wouldn’t have an easy life”! I’d call that an undestatement…. I could never have imagined the future hell awaiting me, or rather the continued hell that would only intensify. My life experience always made my journey about healing, and I wondered why I never felt focused upon “becoming whole and one with God” and all that way of viewing it. I never fit the part of initiate, never could understand AAB’s Tibetan books, though DK helps me very much now in ways I can comprehend. All I know in looking back when I was 20 was that some lady came up to me where I was working at a dept store snack bar…back when snack bars were in stores lower levels and tea rooms were on the top floor…. this lady left me a blue pamphlet about the Tibetan of all things! And it meant not a thing to me! I was already suffering and it would be at least 6 long years before I ended up in a group overseen by the Tibetan! I did not seek this out. All I understand is that there are always folks who look at their own lives and don’t see HOW it could possibly match up with the grand design that is often presented…. I was one of those, and often still feel this way 😀 So I suggest we feel free to relax, be willing to trust this amazing divine plan that cannot be encompassed by our human mind in total, and colored thru each human psychie when presented. I trust that which is created is so much more complex and colorful, mysterious for good reasons and maybe for happy surpirses as well as to protect some of us so we can bear the big burdens. And it WILL happen, all of it, some how, some way in divine timing for each soul. Again, this is simply my take and opinion based upon my own life.

    Love and hugs!

  19. Susan, I would love to hear more about how your husband deals with ascension process! That is a big issue for me to understand and support some of the people around me that I know have accepted to ascend on the soul level but they are not aware of the process the same way we are here, on the mind level. I would also love to hear how you are dealing with his process 😀 Thank you already!

    Lots of love,
    – Aya

  20. Edith, I don’t often respond to others’ comments directly, but yours made me cry in relief. I really, really hope it’s true that “no one loses out if one chooses to opt out, or doesn’t quite get it, or because one falls into worries about ‘making it’ or fitting the grand pictures that are clear to some people but not others.” I don’t know what life experiences you’ve had, but I deeply admire the qualities you’ve wrought from them. As someone only a year older than you were when you had your first chart drawn, I hope I may develop that level of faith and trust at the end of this journey. Thank you, everyone, for sharing.

  21. Hi everyone. Yes, I surely do plan to drop in often. Will always be thankful to Denise and everyone here for their contributions, each person’s comment is valid which I think about long after the PC is shut down. I speak from what may seem a solitary quest, yet I find it a continuous motion of micro to macro. Seek Source. Source is everything & everyone. To attempt to know Source, we look within our hearts but must look to the hearts of others also. And I also agree whatever level we reach there is only more to learn and experience, the Magic is/will be endless.

    I’d like to comment to those that are now in a marriage, relationship or seeking one. Spiritual Unity with another on 3D is in many ways a harder path and more selfless. When hearts are earnest, Love is never wrong. Even if it doesn’t work out down the line, there was enough love/soul connection to take the gamble. I worked 24 years in construction as a Union Laborer, men, men, men. There are men totally integrated, in a happy marriage and faithful. One Carpenter would request my Mom’s recipes when I share my goodies. This guy had no qualms in a lunchroom full of testosterone of calling out loud to me to have some cake he baked and decorated. What a Prince.

    I first went into the Laborer’s as a short term solution to get some decent money then planned to do something else. Hah, bought a fixer upper ( still fixing) and needed the pay scale. Before I knew what intergration was, had to live it. To be lady yet one of the guys. When working long hours in dangerous conditions I can geniunely say I met Spiritual brothers, and I their sister. So again, I say whatever relationship one seeks, whatever level, Love is never wrong. Should it not continue to be faithful and sacred, it’s time to move on…just leave the good hangers. 🙂

    I started out here with humor to uplift the good souls and hearts here, Ascension symptoms, dark attacks etc. but mostly to learn. Denise is the greatest Mentor/Teacher I’ve ever come across. Add in a goo Yes, most times I’m a clown, crazier than a shit house rat & will continue to be. We’ll all come in from different directions/opinions at times which is what it’s all about. I see through a lense, but a wide angle is needed to really understand. It’s our MOVIE. Lights, action and camera!

    Hugs to Denise and EVERYONE here, I do love you guys.

    Ole Rear Guard

    • Hello, Ole Rear Guard,

      Your comment on the movie made me remember my days in the film industry. It was a group of mostly men and some women working together as a team and, in the best case scenarios, was very balanced and peaceful, although we worked hard and long hours. I loved working in that environment! Balance is a beautiful thing.

      BTW, it’s actually Sound, Camera, Action in reality! I’m guessing light, camera, action goes back to the silent pictures!


      • Hi Cat! Wow I’m impressed, so glad you contribute so much. I would of loved to be a Laborer/stage hand. Roads, bridges, landscapiing nuke plants do become mundane. You keep me in line okay? I stand corrected. 😉

        Hugs to you too Cat,

        Ole Rear Guard

  22. Denise, I am answering Aya’s questions. Please publish at your discretion.
    My hubby has always been very intuitive, even having an ancient spirit guide and ties to a grandfather who had passed, but, being analytical, he was not impressed by anything “New Age” or even religious. We always knew we were guided by an invisible hand. When I went thru my “dark night of the soul”, which lasted for years, he was my rock. Once I was able to see things clearer, I began to talk to him about my visions and experiences. I think he became a believer when my predictions began coming true. Perhaps I just wore him down over time! I have always been the meditator in the family, and invoked a lot of healing energies, which may have impacted him. I have supported both him and my sister, who has really begun evolving spiritually in the past year, by reframing some of their life events and teaching them about the importance of forgiveness and not allowing their emotions to control them. For example, talking to them about how one can feel the negative vibrations in the solar plexus and listening to those feelings.Then, they began to engage me in more complex discussions and I was able to tell them some of what I have learned. I hope this is helpful.

  23. Thank you, Susan! You validate stuff that I am going through and actually you seem to be dealing with your husband and sister the same way I have been dealing with my mother, brother and friends. I am so happy for you to have these beautiful people around.

    I guess one of the mental structures to dismantle right now for me is about the idea of Ascension process, how it should be done and how it should manifest. I am so willing to accept in a deepest level the fact that it does not matter if you handle it this way or that way, you can still fulfill your soul’s purpose. Basically this is about accepting the idea (in its broadest sense) that “you really don’t have to do it my way.”

    Thank you all for this beautiful discussion! Your last comment brought tears in my eyes, Ole Rear Guard, so true! Love is never wrong and you can find it in extraordinary places. Me too, I am working with men in transportation business, and everyday I have a privilege to share moments with decent, warm, open minded, supportive men with full of life, passion and laughter.

    Love to All,

    • Aya, nice stuff, you express yourself so well. Each one here is so dedicated to the Lightworker cause. Knowing it’s advancing but still not “sure” of how everything will play out, think it may just come down to the amount of light/vibration in our hearts. Sharing, understanding, and applying much needed insights to shine ourselves up so that when we get where we’re going we can look back and say, “Yep that’s what I wanted/intended to do when I incarnated”.

      Maureen, agree with your summation, wheels are turning. Aliens, funny sounds coming
      from the sky around the world. :O

      Morgean, meant to catch up with you. Checked out that trailer for Melancholia, thanks. Was funny, like she’s dragging large vines. Gonna try to find it, looks interesting.
      I love “Run Away Bride”, it’s hilarious.

      Smiles to All,

      Ole Rear Guard

  24. Denise Love this website full of like minds and hearts.

    I have recently, very recently realised that with the completion of the 6th initiation where one is fully and completely transcending the dense physical, trancsending the earth experience. The Soul is concluding its contact with the earth. The Primal Soul experience in physical terms is concluded.

    No wonder we are experiencing some strange phenomenon. Seeing Aliens, When in town feeling like being in a void where suddenly everything becomes dark and claustrophobic with difficulty breathing. I feel this website helps to keep me sane and I enjoy very much the very different comments posted. Bright Blessings to one and all Maureen

  25. Hi All. I felt a pull in my heart to write my earlier comment because I know and have been there and still mostly feel there. I feel and think it is never too late to go over basic ABC’s when some of us begin to wonder and worry. I often need to fall back on primer stuff to help me out on a daily basis depending on what yanks my chain. This one calls for an open mind. Years ago when caught up and perplexed over my jumble puzzle pieces of beliefs, and having grown oup without any basics of life let alone spirit, I sat on my bed and told God, “I don’t get it”, just what part is “Me” and what part is “you” as I walk my way in life. I told God I have all this “stuff” collected over the years yet when I really need to turn within in trust, none of it works for me! I told God that I think I somehow miss out on the nuts and bolts and had no foundation to speak of , so no place to stand. I had been pure metaphysics since the beginning. Yet after my one sided talk I was visiting some friends who were devout fundamental Christians and often had the Christian channel on the tv. I, of course stuck my nose up at what I termed TV Bible Thumpers to myself. While at this home my attention kept on being drawn to the TV by the voice and words of this woman and my world changed. I innately realized that she was speaking truth…. shock shock shock and surprise!!! This woman is known world wide: Joyce Meyer. I listened to her tapes every night, usually several till I fell asleep for one year while still trapped in the dark, and I finally got it about certain basics. I ate this up, I couldn’t get enough! There is no doubt in my mind that this woman channels the most high and there is no doubt in my mind she would think we are in the clutches of Evil! She is humerous. I grew up without any teaching, not even anyone to imitate in ANY area of living and healing. This woman gives a down to earch common sense view about mental/emotional healing and WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE. This was important because I always seemed to read or hear about only those miraculous stories whether new age, metaphysical or Christian or whatever! ……… And if you are not bored stupid, there are 2 things I used from The Course In Miracles: The Holy INstant…. you can begin your day as many times as one needs, and a variation of , “I am willing to see things differently” and “I am willing to change”. And I still cried often and felt alone always, but down the road people told me I was looking different, softer. You see, with understanding I let go of lots of misconceptions and things I hit myself over the head about. And now things area easier but every day I ask for Grace, I ask for Blessings enough to share and to spare, and I ask for Divine Favor too! I use sound to up my vibes via sacred names which are actually sacred sounds. I use tools, such as when I discovered Tom Keyon… so helpful and healing. I reason I still need someone to fix my car, I still need to put in Gas, I need a phone or the internet to talk to people, I need a job at this point for a lot of manifestations and to meet people, I read what people share, OR Ascended one’s share, Or, Dimensional beings share, and I ask for help if I feel in my heart I need it. You gotta trust your heart and if I feel my heart lead me I have learned to follow. And to end, when I was 19 I sat on the steps at the back of my home praying most earnestly that God would deliver me from this life as I could not kill myself. After almost a week of intense request and tears I heard a voice in my head….. that was the first shock, got me to stop crying… This voice basically asked me if what I asked was what I wanted, and that my choice would be final. …. so there I was , dumbfounded, my mouth hanging open and surely I was shocked…. and before I could gather my thoughts together I heard another voice that came from my chest, it said, “I want to live.” I literally looked down at my chest, all the while knowing that the choice was made and who the fuck answered for me inside of chest?????? You may have guessed, but it would be years and years and years before I began to understand, and more years before I understood, gee thanks to Joyce Meyer actually, to let go of my mind and trust the christ/soul in my heart! And all of this wonderful stuff did not stop the hell I had to walk but it sure made many nights and days bearable. And I hope again my comment brings a down to earth sense of relief for some folks out there like me. With Great Love I honor You. Hugs.

  26. Hey Denise, I love this post and it helped me a ton. However, like Barbara, I am really not feeling well since yesterday. Hit again by the sun. Just wanted to address what I stated about Melancholia. Ole Rear Guard just so ya know it is nothing like Runaway Bride. It is just beautifully photographed w lots of symbolism re end of the world and breaking free from the restraints (thus the bride scene). Its not a comedy – but more like art in motion.

  27. Thanks Denise! It seems polarity resolution was my lesson for 2010 (2012101?). It began with sun naps on freshly snowed afternoons in January of 2010. Fast forward to emergence in October 2011, to find a war-battered, achy, and ultra-disassociated Nadeanna. My observations:

    You can no longer predict “the future.” You can’t even discern the myriad of possible paths until after you’ve already passed the crossroads.

    Whoever you are/were and wherever/whenever you came from, your story can no longer be told. There are no archetypes left with roles to be played out. Your identity and mission have been dissolved. You have exited the world of “storytellers” and entered the world of “machine elves.” Trippy, very trippy.

    You no longer have “relationships.” You interact with different entities. Some of them might be kindreds or buddies that you interact with on multiple occasions, but there is no structure of “relationship” or architecture to guide those interactions. You are now a “human angel”, and most interactions are one-time-only events, maybe consisting only of a look, a nod, or a smile.

    You have no attachment or investment in “outcomes”. This makes things feel “pointless” and this “pointlessness” seems to be my biggest drag back into the dark. Only sometimes it’s not “dark”. It’s me hiding out in the mountains, or in a scared cave. It’s not light or dark, it’s just separate from that place I was in before, with all those PEOPLE.

    Beyond that… I don’t know what it looks like or will look like. I have both passed the threshold and been “left behind”.

    So you can see where the disassociation and disorientation have come in.

    I’ve had some pretty big stumbling blocks with language and communication since about the winter solstice of 2008. I’m finally being able to communicate with different individuals, with shoulders slumped, and apprehensive, but it’s like hey, “I’m not delusional and they CAN perceive me. I’m not a ghost or an imaginary glitter unicorn.”

    I’ve been needing a lot of downtime, hardly blogging, and pretty much only feel “on” in the mountains or the forest if then, but…

    Whew, what a freakin’ ride!

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