Why Some Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos Experience Negative Attacks & Others Don’t

“Dear Denise,

I’m writing because I am concerned that there may be some of us, and I am one, who believes that I am protected from the Dark, and have always been protected, because otherwise my job here would not make much sense, and so other than breathing in light and breathing out love on a daily basis, I have never felt the urge to do any special ritual or activity with specific reference to keeping Team Dark away from me and those I love, especially my pets.

My life prior to awakening was full of pain, especially physical, and I always handled it without becoming a victim of blaming any other for the condition in which I found myself. Emotionally, I have been dragged through the mud a few times, but again I learned the lessons and was able to extricate myself when I needed to. I’m not saying I was anything special in my younger years, that’s for sure, but somehow I knew that I created my reality and if I succumbed to pressures outside of myself, I would pay a very big price indeed.

Can you tell me, please, and I know you will tell me honestly, am I fooling myself? 

I am comfortable with my awareness and since my awakening, I have had no experiences with Team Dark, and as I read about those who have, I wonder if my turn is yet to come. I don’t sense that, but it would help me tremendously, and hopefully others, who wonder if we’ve being naive. I do not want to infer that protection isn’t necessary, but is it possible that there are some of us who incarnated into this nano-second protected? Thank you. Love to All Here.


Barbara wrote this Comment under another article recently (which I’ve edited here slightly) and because it’s an important question I wanted to respond to it in its own article.

In all honesty I think the majority of Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Indigos have not wanted to fully consciously know and admit (while in their physical bodies and lives on Earth) just how extensive the negativity, atrocities and deceptions on Earth have been and how profoundly handicapped humanity has become due to Team Dark’s multidimensional actions against them. Knowing this at higher, nonphysical levels is very different from being in physicality feeling and living under the negative distortions and interference directly and personally. Also, many Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers haven’t even been consciously aware of when they have been under the influences and attacks of negative nonphysical beings, dark controlled puppet humans (Portal People), and negative forces and energies in general and have incorrectly believed themselves to be beyond them and untouchable. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially for those who are Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers.

Despite my being consciously aware from childhood that I intentionally came to 3D Earth from some place less dense, I’ve resented having to energetically protect myself from Team Dark during this life here. That may sound strange coming from an ultra-sensitive elder Starseed who volunteered to live inside the enemy’s camp to stop them but it’s true. I have resented needing to continually protect myself from Team Dark in this life because it was a daily and nightly reminder of how dark and horrible life on Earth has been and my role in correcting this situation.

Not all Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers are here to embody the NEW higher frequency blueprints for humanity in the same ways or to the same degree. I know many of my fellow Forerunners/Starseed/Lightworker/Indigo co-workers don’t have a Soul Mission to experience and embody severe polarized Light/Dark extremes in physicality as I and certain others have during this Ascension lifetime. This does NOT mean anyone is more privileged or special than another, it simply means that not all Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkes are carrying out identical Mission Work here now. We’re all here to aid humanity, Earth, Home and everything and everyone in between and beyond, but we each have our different talents and Soul Missions within the overall Ascension Process. Not everyone is or needs to be an Ascension Process electrician or Ascension Process framer, plumber, heating and air, carpenters, painters etc., all are equally needed for their important individual abilities.

For a couple decades I wondered why I had so many negative encounters and attacks from Team Dark—the negative nonphysical, nonhuman Aliens plus other negative lower frequency and lower consciousness entities and humans also. During my twenties (1970s) and thirties (1980s) I oftentimes thought that I must be doing something “wrong” to cause or attract such negative nonphysical attention and attacks repeatedly. I believe many of us have incorrectly thought this about ourselves over the years or decades. Back then I considered everything I was aware of at that time and always felt like some major piece of this puzzle was missing. I’ve finally realized that some, not all but some Starseeds have the soul mission of experiencing repeated negative attacks, encounters, face-to-face conversations etc. in multiple dimensions (physical, astral, mental planes) from Team Dark. Why? To experience severe polarity extremes in 3D physicality and our physical bodies so we can embody higher frequency energetic solutions.

This is another amazing Alchemical Ascension formula where Team Dark’s negativity and attacks are energetically utilized by some Starseeds to activate polarity resolution and integration within their bodies. Doing this automatically activates the next phase which is embodiment of higher frequency Unity blueprints for evolving humanity. The Ascension Process had to be embodied in this physical dimension by Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos first as the way to physically, biologically and energetically anchor the higher frequency Unity blueprints or templates into this dimension and timeline for humanity for the next Evolutionary Cycle.

Realize that some Starseeds/Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Indigos have intimate and repeated battles with Team Dark and many do not and both situations are normal. Starseeds who experience close hand-to-hand combat with Team Dark do so NOT because they did anything “wrong”; NOT because they weren’t feeling enough “love”; NOT because some were “better” than others; NOT because they’ve been in their subconscious basements and are projecting it on others, or any other such incorrect type of thinking and awareness. And the Starseeds who don’t experience repeated attacks from Team Dark haven’t done anything “wrong” either!

These negative attacks happen to some Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos because it’s part of the Ascension Process of Alchemically transmuting, transforming duality and what we’ve come to call “negativity” into a higher frequency. It’s Alchemically transformed back to a neutral state and then becomes “unified” and exists in a higher frequency range and state. Do not feel guilty if you have or if you have not experienced attacks and battles with Team Dark, or that you have to or don’t have to protect yourself against them. We all do what we’re here now to do; it’s just that some of us have to wear more work related protective gear than others is all. But, no matter what, always be careful please and protect yourself if and whenever you feel you need to.

Gratitude to all for your individual services in the Ascension Process.


May 31, 2012

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  1. a few years back a very colorful spinning triangle energy light field appeared to me then changed into what looked like a mexican hat , telepathed “you are protected ” moved over me and merged with me,

  2. interesting post, Denise. Being “assaulted” or “interfered with” by Team Dark has always been my fear, and so over the years I had major issues with meditation – in like respect, I had major issues with even TRYING drugs….. I was terrified of being “taken over” and never knew what that meant. I no longer live in fear, having had most of it blown out of me over the past five years through various means, and so am prepared for anything or any BEing who comes to visit. I have always been so appreciative of your fight against “them”; you’ve done such powerful work, and those of you who’ve been immersed in the battle against the darkness have brought us so much bright, loving light. I appreciate this more than you can imagine; I’ve always felt like something was “lacking” but now I see that MY work has been for different reasons, in different directions, and everything is just fine on my path. Love and light, my dear….. you ROCK!

  3. “In all honesty I think the majority of Starseeds/Lightworkers-Lightwarriors/Indigos have not wanted to fully consciously know and admit (while in our physical bodies and lives on Earth) just how extensive the negativity, atrocities and deceptions on Earth have been and how profoundly handicapped humanity has become due to Team Dark’s multidimensional actions against them.”


    This has been my greatest stumbling block in my ascension process. I remember when I first started to receive the messages, and felt so confused. I think many of us feel like we could write books about the experiences that have led to this point, but it was the darkness I struggled to reconcile with. Was it real or was I simply being deceived? Everything truly is line upon line, and my team has been very patient with this aspect of my awakening. It’s easier to accept team dark when the mind control, ritualistic abuse, and satanism is in someone’s documentary verses your own personal history. I remember thinking a few years back that I want to get 2012 over with, because I’m ready to check-out–what I failed to realize is that I’m barely checking in. Accepting what has happened in all of it’s horror transforms a soul, and enables deprogramming. You can’t release something if you don’t know what it is you are releasing. Perhaps the greatest deception is believing it had been. I’m here for the healing, and I’m eager for this commencement. It’s acknowledging, accepting, and ultimately letting go.

    Love and Blessings,

  4. Hi Denise:

    “I oftentimes thought that I must be doing something “wrong” to cause or attract such negative nonphysical attention and attacks repeatedly.”

    Oh, that line goes straight to my heart. I was thinking that I was doing something “wrong” because I was NOT experiencing manifest attacks from Team Dark, and therefore I was not carrying enough Light so that Team Dark need not even bother with me, that my Light was so dim and ineffectual that it attracted no attention at all! But my self-doubt was the attack! It may be that what I have experienced is so subtle as to be just below my awareness, and if that’s the case, then it is covert and pervasive and just as difficult to bring to the surface as it is traumatic for those who deal with overt attacks.

    “To experience severe polarity extremes in 3D physicality and our physical bodies so we can embody higher frequency energetic solutions.”

    So it seems that my job is to experience nagging and doubt-raising polarity so I can embody higher frequency energetic solutions to humanity’s self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, and the big one, my own and too-easily derailed lack of confidence in what we Starseeds/Lightworkers are doing:

    “We’re all here to aid humanity, Earth, Home and everything and everyone in between and beyond but we each have our different talents and soul missions within the overall Ascension Process.”

    Thank you, Denise, for your Unity Consciousness response. I am so very grateful to those Starseeds/Lightworkers who have the strength, courage and awareness to wrestle to the ground Team Dark physically as I am grateful to those who bring to awareness their fears of their own worthiness in this most amazing Ascension Process. Bravo to Us, and Love to All Here. We’ll get this job done, of that I’m sure. B.

  5. I am wanting to say thank you for all the good you choose to do for Us within our ascension process. These are indeed dark times at times. I know as we all continue to REclaim our gifts & BE light & love; we shall shine bright 🙂 Many thank you’s for you & others who are helping Us realize we are not alone nor have we ever been.

  6. dearest denise,

    thank you for continuing to support those of us who, like you, really have spent some years dealing with a lot of extremely difficult, painful attacks from those who do not want things to change. it’s been a long, arduous road and it continues…boy oh boy, does it continue!

    and infinite love to ALL of us, whatever the shape of our journey might be. we all have important work to do and someday we’ll all know exactly what we’ve been doing, as multiplitous multidimensional beings of Light, during these challenging times.

    karina (arishantia)

  7. Ahhh; another wonderful post. Thank you Denise, and thank you Barbara, for bringing this up.

    I am another that does not really get “attacked” by Team Dark. Sure I have had challenging experiences in my life many times. I do not however feel there were really attacks; they seem/seemed to be more of a learning experience that brought forth a greater deal of compassion, understanding and patience.

    Since a very young age I have picked up on people’s emotions sometimes literally getting sick from them, sometimes so elated that I could barely deal with that much out pouring of love and happiness (others not mine). I went through many years where I had just walled myself off from almost all emotion until about 15 years ago when the walls came down almost overnight. It took awhile for me to adjust but I have. I was totally flooded with emotion and was a total wreck, lol (still am occasionally). Even when I walled myself off from the brunt of other’s emotions I still remained a very caring and compassionate person (I don’t really know how I did that, it is my nature though), always feeling what others went through (walls toned it down enough so that I could handle it, it did not totally go away), always seeing the potential and the good in others; which needless to say left me wide open to experience a great deal of pain and sorrow. I did not lay blame on others, I laid it upon myself and took as much responsibility as was mine to take (I found out the hard way you cannot be responsible for others actions, nor inactions). Was I attacked? No. It has always resonated with me that these life experiences I had were to build my compassion and to help others (myself included) to go through a learning experience. They were also there to build my strength andmy power for feeling and energy.

    I am very aware of Team Dark, the pain the suffering (I “feel” it all the time from others), the duality; I also feel the energy the love and the light that comes with love energy. I am also aware that Team Dark watches me, but for some reason (even before I started shielding) they do not come within my energy field no matter how far I extend it. Occasionally they will send an open human to try something but somehow it just seems to fizzle on them, maybe because I try to stay in the truth and love, maybe because of the type of energy I am. I don’t really know and I sense that is not the importance. The importance I sense is that these humans sent to me to do me some kind of harm by Team Dark are also being touched by Team Light through me, to be given an opportunity to embrace themselves, embrace love, to grow, evolve and ascend. Some have, some have not, that is their choice the important part of it is being given the opportunity.

    I started using the 12D shield not really for protection (though I admit after our energy thing here back in March, a human was trying to invade my “space” telepathically; and they were not shall we “so nice”, they have since been bounced out of my space). I was told (by one of my guides) that I need to use the 12D shield to alter/realign my energy signature (sorry what exactly was said was way to techie for me) but apparently the 12D shield not only protects us but also is adjusting our energy signature for a future transition, at least this was my understanding/interpretation of my guides input.

    I thought perhaps since one of my main functions now is to channel my energy (also beginning to draw energy from the air (photons?) into the earth in a healing ray pattern and also (only a couple of times) to send my energy out to ones who are doing the actual Earth Healing. I guess I am energy support of a sorts or maybe a back-up generator. Well anyway I though perhaps this is why I really don’t get attacked, I always sense that I have protection above and beyond my own means. I also have not had a very hard time with the physical ascension issues, my partner has them really bad all the time just as most the people I know or am aware of; like most the wonderful people here. It really makes me feel uncomfortable at times because I want to help those having a hard time but can’t yet. I believe that doing the type of work that I am doing is why I do not have very many problems at all and when I do they are very mild (except the electricity if I do not get out there and do what I have agreed to do, lol); I do stay rather exhausted but then I am literally putting my hands in or on the earth almost every day; sometimes all day.

    As Denise says we all experience what we are supposed to for the jobs we agreed to do. I for one want to thank each and every one of you for your sacrifices, your pain, your sorrow, the pain and sorrow you bare for others and the work you are doing for all of us whether you realize what you are doing or not; maybe some are not supposed to “know” or “remember” the work they do so they cannot be tapped into by Team Dark and interfered or manipulated with, this has a feeling of rightness about it.

    Be in Peace, Be in Love, Be in Light and Be in The Now!

    • Pamela — this is such a beautiful, beautiful response.

      I seriously got choked up reading this part:

      “The importance I sense is that these humans sent to me to do me some kind of harm by Team Dark are also being touched by Team Light through me, to be given an opportunity to embrace themselves, embrace love, to grow, evolve and ascend. Some have, some have not, that is their choice the important part of it is being given the opportunity.”

      What a lovely act of service, and what a gorgeous perspective! There’s so much light in that statement it really beamed out to me. 🙂 Thank you for your work.

      With “happy tears”,

  8. Well, you have just answered a question I was struggling with every day, for the last 40 odd years, just lately it had become a literal question, but always a subconscious one! I came to earth 5 foot 2 and feminine looking, with a will of iron and intelligence, I have been attacked belittled etc. in all ways.I just lately wondered if I was not as light as I thought,any grey or dark human or spirit takes a swing at me, last winter I had a battle alone in a old home I was living in with the dark, I saw one of the ones with the skeleton bird faces standing in my kitchen smirking.
    I learned what I can survive,and hopefully I transmuted something with all my prayer and work in that place. Thank you once again you are the only source of this information, I’m sensing it may apply to my mission. I am a lightworker who craves purity and supreme peace, but end up fighting dark all the time, it was freaking me out, and I could not fathom my warrior nature,and how I was attracting so much dark!, anyhoo, take care all, you are an awesome team, its getting better all the time, happy travels, Lisa

  9. You have dominion, Denise. You are too enamored of the dark. As a Child of Light, YOU dispel the darkness. It has no power over you except the power you cede to it. A wise woman once said, “Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good and the true and you will bring these into your experience proportionally to their occupancy of your thoughts.” The woman who said that was Mary Baker Eddy in the late 1800s, early 1900s.

    • “You have dominion, Denise. You are too enamored of the dark. As a Child of Light, YOU dispel the darkness. It has no power over you except the power you cede to it…”


      This is another of many Comments I’ve received over the years from certain people who believe they know about something they’ve never experienced themselves yet feel compelled to tell me, and others who are living this, what we’re doing wrong.

      I find it interesting that you read my article(s) when you believe that I’m “too enamored of the dark.”

      You believe whatever you need to but it does not change the fact that many Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers etc. have been living and doing this particular energy work for many years. You should be grateful that you don’t have this type of work to do yourself instead of insulting those of us who do with your lack of understanding about this process.


      • Hear, hear. (To Denise’s response to Alesia)

        I can understand that it is hard for people to understand, and I understand that mind controls on people can shadow or keep someone from understanding. I can even understand that sometimes a person’s higher self might shield them from fuller understanding because it may not be time for that person’s understanding to activate just yet.

        Even with that context and grace (compassion, but not “idiot compassion” 😉 ), it is frustrating to read something like Alesia’s comment because it is as if she/he did not even read the post, lol. HOWEVER, I understand that not everyone can “get it” because they are at whatever point they are at.

        Case in point: I’m re-reading Lisa Renee’s post from March 2012 and understanding SO MUCH more three months after first encountering it on podcast and in written form. It’s like certain scales have fallen off my eyes as I have started using the 12D Shield and being *open* to further understanding perhaps there is *more* than my current (or my *then* current) understanding. I think this is maybe the fourth or fifth time I have read it, and I am pretty sure I listened to the podcast version of the newsletter twice. There is a LOT in it, and I am seeing it with new eyes today.

        I think what I would like to share with Alesia is to please not claim understanding when clearly your fellow Lightworkers who are very much operating in love and light (which you will especially realize if you have been reading this blog for any length of time) have another experience or perspective. Stay open. Don’t jump to conclusions! Above all, please re-read the post!!! In fact, it directly speaks to that which you are trying to comment about! I want so much to be patient with you, Alesia, because I know what it is like to have one opinion about something and feel the need to “share” with another where they are wrong. I’ve been there. But I am also here to say that you really don’t know what you are talking about. There is a variety of Lightworker specially called to work in this area (which is what Denise’s post and comment there is about), and we are very grounded beings focused in and living in light, ESPECIALLY because of the nature of this work.

        It’s like a plumber trying to tell an electrician how to do her or his job. *giggle* Not cool. If you are interested in electrician work, please read up on this site and also on the Lisa Renee site Energetic Synthesis (google it)! Maybe you have been a plumber all these years and now it is time to switch those skills to do some electrical work! I don’t know. Maybe that is why you came here, Alesia.

        In the meantime, if you are so sure you know what you are talking about as a plumber, then just stick with being a plumber, okay? Leave the electrician work to the people who were called to do that work. We know who we are. I don’t write that to be cocky, just to say that I understand that it is a process, and it has been shown to those doing this work where and how they are needed. So we know.

        Denise, this post was so full of clarity, it gave me great joy. What you, the commenters, Lisa Renee, and all those who are on the same page as represented at this site have given to me is invaluable: you have shown me how to connect more fully to my OWN Source Power put rightful sovereignty back into my OWN hands. I’m so grateful! I understand in this process that it becomes a “pay it forward” kind of thing, and so I now do my part to hold the grid and bring the earth process to a head. HUGE stuff, and I send you so much gratitude for speaking out the way that you do.

        Huge hugs,

    • Hi Denise,
      I don’t know if you will post this comment, but I want to spell this out, because, I’ve had enough of the pink BS of people like Alesia.
      Wake up woman!!! You are being manipulated by the dark!!! Get out from your false pink bubble and face the fact that you’ve been played by the dark!! If you wont be able to do that, you will not ascend, and that is a fact!!
      And until you realize that the dark is ‘talking’ through you, please, stop talking!!!

      I have plenty more to say to her and to other ‘like minded’ people, but I believe everything has been said already by you Denise. How they’re able to ‘hear’ true information is entirely up to them.
      I know, I’ve/we’ve been doing a great job to help people like her /how ironic 🙂 to make it to ascension. The help we provide /by transmuting dark/ is unknown for them, waaaay beyond their level of understanding and that’s all right, it’s not their job.
      My only wish is that, they would just shut up finally!!!!! and start to focus on their own awakening process instead of keep on spreading false enlightenment from the dark.

      Sending you love,

    • “And your comment that Denise is ”enamored of the dark” is as ignorant a statement as can be found anywhere. Speaking of the dark in detail and without fear and responding to the many previously taboo questions by so many waking up to the fact they too are dealing with it, does not make a person enamored of the dark, it makes them fearless and courageous IN THE FACE OF THE DARK. Understand that…”

      Thank you Lady. Thank you for understanding, for knowing from your own personal experiences. ❤

      Gratitude Hugs,

  10. Thank you so much Denise for writing this article and for writing this blog and allowing this forum.
    I sincerely hope that the larger community will come to understand your wise words and stop judging those lightworkers (I have often balked at even using this word in protest to the “fluffies” and called myself a darkworker :)) whose work it is to process, clear and integrate the energetic scum wherever they see it because they are hardwired to do this work. I cannot tell you how many times I have also judged or doubted myself because others have said “this never happens to me, why don’t you just call on Archangel Michael’s sword or just put white light around yourself”. They did not understand and neither did I for a long time why I seemed to attract it despite many years of daily ongoing personal clearing and being an energyworker with many years of training and experience.
    I have been attacked by entities, aliens, cars out of nowhere, black magicians, dark humans who just suddenly pop out of nowhere:
    (on one occasion I was walking down a main city street here before evening near restaurants, shops, etc.,and it is my habit to blast a wave of whatever frequency of light is required up the street for cleaning –especially because I live near an abattoir–with horrible energies, and a guy just popped out of nowhere and would not let me pass, and I knew because the hairs on my neck went up that I was in big trouble. There were suddenly no people at all present on this usually very busy main street which I could not understand at all. I saw he didn’t have a weapon, so I just focused love and caring on this man without any time to get scared, and firmly stood my ground and it snapped him out of whatever it was he intended, and another time I was attacked in the morning while walking down a sunny street by a non-human man? (I am not sure what he was, his eyes were totally BLACKED OUT), suddenly this man/thing was right in my face and he touched me, and I smiled very brightly/warmly at him–with no time to think–and it totally repelled him and he let me pass.
    I just have come to always prepare prior to going out or to regret it!, to never hang out in crowds of people and to protect myself daily morning and night. There are still energy knives, energy spiders and black goop sometimes in my back, but not so much with Lisa Renee’s platinum shield so I am less of a recluse. I just prefer to be in nature as much as I can now to communicate and feel the new energies that are stronger every day –but it isn’t over till it’s over.
    Blessings to you for your generosity concise writing style and strength.

  11. Dear Denise and Barbara-

    Well first – Denise thank you for addressing this topic. I’ve known I wanted to say more, especially when I read, Barbara, your comment on this topic but it is indeed a heavy subject. And after telling of my experience with Team Dark in the comments area of the ” Interference of the Negatives” newsletter I had to go play and be fluffy for awhile. 🙂

    I won’t repeat the whole story of my accidentally buying a sandwich for ol’ blocked out eyes , soulless, almost but not quite robotic man w/ the black SUV full of the maniacally laughing crew from hell that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. But I will say that after thinking my life over I believe that these stranger than strange negative experiences did not occur to me before perimenopause is because I was too gentle of a soul. I had a big heart but hardly any balls…..then I got HOT FLASHES and found to my surprise ( & those around me:) that I could be a bastard.

    Oh- I had my share of tough relationships in life, etc.- but never, ever had I experienced anything of such pure evil. I never counted it totally out. It just wasn’t ever around and that was fine with me. Now I’m sure not saying every female who hits menopause is going to experience some evil…..just agreeing w/ Denise that some of us have the experience in our soul plan and others not. Do I like that I had my experience? Hell no. And, yes, I had to sit with it awhile and wonder why I had to have it. And, yes, I looked deeply inside myself wondering if I did something wrong to bring that on…..then I started laughing as I realized that 3 years ago I had to retire early from my job because I couldn’t stand the strain anymore of working with integrity and compassion every single day in a job, like so many, that talked a good talk but whose actions revealed the financial bottom line always ruled. Yeah- I think we lightworkers are sometimes a bit too hard on ourselves.

    Anyway- I now envision that when my evil dude went to eat his sandwich that he choked on all the light and love in it. Amen.

  12. OK everyone, don’t be too quick to throw caution to the wind and jump on a bandwagon just because everyone else is, and because it sounds safe…
    This is a quote from Pamela’s message above:

    ” I was told (by one of my guides) that I need to use the 12D shield to alter/realign my energy signature (sorry what exactly was said was way to techie for me) but apparently the 12D shield not only protects us but also is adjusting our energy signature for a future transition, at least this was my understanding/interpretation of my guides input.”

    I know we all love Lisa Marie, but I was asking myself what was I doing as I tried the 12D shield as described…I do not want myself pre-anchored in unknown space nor adopting any unknown method that may make me be singled out by any unrecognized “team” observing “down” on us here on Earth while WE CAN’T observe truly and are still under the VEIL, and I can’t see what it truly is that I am doing; so just what, exactly, TYPE of adjustment would I be making to my very private, personal God and Mother-given Energy Signature, and mostly, exactly WHAT flipping future TRANSITION would this method be FOR?? My energy signature is just that, MINE, and I don’t trust such easy advice when I can’t tell what’s going on. One site, the Hathors, had a meditation where they had you cutting yourself across the middle, and each half (waist up and waist down) was in a separate triangle, then they said to meditate like this, and “practice feeling ‘safe'” as you kept meditating, while split in half…..my guides warned me about that one…

    Hey everyone, I yam what I yam, as Popeye says, and I’m not allowing ANYBODY to decide how to change my energy pattern nor get me to activate some future transition I know NOTHING about. We are NOT CATTLE and are still under the veil…and I don’t want to wake up after Dec. 2012 and be “transitioned” to being an indentured slave to some tricky observer alien group who picked a bunch up in the pre-ascention FREE WILL ZONE here on Earth in exchange for some accurate information they made available that sounded good…mark my words, please be so very very careful. Guard and treasure yourselves!! This may make some of you angry, but somebody had to say this! I love you all.

    • “OK everyone, don’t be too quick to throw caution to the wind and jump on a bandwagon just because everyone else is, and because it sounds safe…
      This is a quote from Pamela’s message above:

      ” I was told (by one of my guides) that I need to use the 12D shield to alter/realign my energy signature (sorry what exactly was said was way to techie for me) but apparently the 12D shield not only protects us but also is adjusting our energy signature for a future transition, at least this was my understanding/interpretation of my guides input.”

      I know we all love Lisa Marie, but I was asking myself what was I doing as I tried the 12D shield as described…I do not want myself pre-anchored in unknown space nor adopting any unknown method that may make me be singled out by any unrecognized “team” observing “down” on us here on Earth while WE CAN’T observe truly and are still under the VEIL, and I can’t see what it truly is that I am doing; so just what, exactly, TYPE of adjustment would I be making to my very private, personal God and Mother-given Energy Signature, and mostly, exactly WHAT flipping future TRANSITION would this method be FOR?? My energy signature is just that, MINE, and I don’t trust such easy advice when I can’t tell what’s going on. One site, the Hathors, had a meditation where they had you cutting yourself across the middle, and each half (waist up and waist down) was in a separate triangle, then they said to meditate like this, and “practice feeling ‘safe’” as you kept meditating, while split in half…..my guides warned me about that one…

      Hey everyone, I yam what I yam, as Popeye says, and I’m not allowing ANYBODY to decide how to change my energy pattern nor get me to activate some future transition I know NOTHING about. We are NOT CATTLE and are still under the veil…and I don’t want to wake up after Dec. 2012 and be “transitioned” to being an indentured slave to some tricky observer alien group who picked a bunch up in the pre-ascention FREE WILL ZONE here on Earth in exchange for some accurate information they made available that sounded good…mark my words, please be so very very careful. Guard and treasure yourselves!! This may make some of you angry, but somebody had to say this! I love you all.”


      I’m assuming by “Lisa Marie” you mean Lisa Renee?

      I’ve ALWAYS preached discernment at TRANSITIONS so it’s good that you’re doing this. If some method and/or person–myself included–doesn’t feel right or correct for you or anyone else at this time, then do not read what we write or use our tools or methods we offer. I can tell by what you’ve written that you’re not understanding the material you’ve been reading (like Lisa Renee’s, Tom Kenyon’s/Hathors, and probably much of what I’ve been saying) and because of this it’s scaring you or making you feel unsafe which is the complete opposite to what all of this information is for!

      Please understand that the way you’re currently perceiving and interpreting these different Ascension Teachers’ information isn’t completely correct so I’d suggest you find information that’s a better match for you at this time.


    • lol… Vonnie, sorry I am not laughing at you nor belittling you in any way, it appears you may have not understand a few things, my apologies for not bringing clarity in my original post.
      We each designed what we were to do and how we were going to get there, we also set up our “triggers” to activate us so we could stay on our chosen path or possibly just give us a sign as to where we need to be or be doing next.
      My energtic field and ways to raise them and assist me in my “chosen work” is what I implemented, it resonates very strongly for me and I have positive experiences with it and I know with no doubt this is “mine”, it does not mean it is for everyone, none of us have the exact same mission or experiences, we are all unique unto ourselves. I do know there are others who are also using 12d for something more than protection in various ways, I can feel them, thier energy is light energy and I do not believe the other side has been able to fake energy that is felt; once you touch it, you know it for what is; good or not so good, it is unmistakable. I only mentioned this for others benefit if it resonated with them.
      There is no mistaking what you are meant to do, what you signed up for when it is brought to your attention, “YOU ARE KNOWING”. Not many of us here “jump” nor do we believe or disbelieve everything we see, read or hear, we know we are all on the same mission but all our missions are uniquely different, some may be simmilar but they are all different; we do what we “FEEL” what “RESONATES”. That is key. We do not Judge, we observe, accept or not accept.We are also aware that many things appearing to be of the “Light” are not, that is why it is so very important to FEEL the energy signature with-in it (whatever it may be).
      Love and Light

      • Pamela – I appreciate your kind explanation. For ones who feel free endorsing available tools, that’s your business. After we’ve been freed of the veil, we can just take one look and FEEL/SEE each radiant being with true eyes of Love, and know with one glance all what they are!

        I’ve read of a group outside our 3rd dimension who are infinitely intelligent, yet without feelings, and they utilize their super-advanced technology to make their way in the universe, but with no Heart-Love nor Will for the Highest Good for All; what a miserable existence that must be, especially for other feeling beings who became ensnared…may none of us EVER, NEVER lose our compassion, what a horrible world that would be.

        I did digress, but still stand by my warnings, yet fully love and respect you, too, as you stand by yours! All roads will lead to the same destination in the end…the one which serves the Law of One – and that’s as it should be, World without End, Amen. May love and light dispel the darkness for all.

        And, Denise, you are judging the “correct-ness” of my interpretations? How do you know what I’ve read, said, done and perceived?! What makes you think that I’m misinterpreting anything? Perhaps that’s just my Scorpio-ness w/Taurus Moon on the Pleiades coming out .. so you are expert on all these teachers?! I may have some questions for you..(I’m published in three professional journals, by the way, and a legal secretary..)

        Love to all and thanks for your kind comments Pamela…

  13. Hy Denise,
    I’m reading for a wile your posts.
    Specialy this one, is …. no words, thank Youuuuuuuuuuu,
    how much conciousness, awareness, love and infinity can we have to incorate and shift all that is
    love You, and all af You, we all are here for a reason
    Julia 🙂

  14. These are my suspicions on the subject , which may or may not be correct , which may or may not apply to any one individual or type of person .

    The reasons I suspect some people don’t have run-ins with Team Dark, in addition to it just not being their particular spiritual path are:

    -You have not come up on their radar yet .
    -Your guides are protecting you from it until you can handle it better .
    -You have not yet come into personal contact with others who are being severely attacked , online or in real life . (They tend to cluster around a victim and those in contact with that person will often get targeted as well . )
    -You haven’t done anything yet and/or aren’t planning on doing anything in the future to antagonize them enough that they think you need dealing with .
    -You may have an etheric implant or disruption of some sort that subverts most of the lightwork you attempt to do , or your connection to the source , so you’re not a problem for them .
    -You have been attacked , but you don’t have the abilities or knowledge yet to realize or perceive how . Or it’s been suppressed purposely or naturally , as will sometimes happen with trauma .
    -They just don’t want to tangle with you , for whatever reason .

    • Hi Denise and All Here:

      I am responding under Aquariann’s comment because it occurs to me that there is one idea missing as to why the Dark do not tangle with some Starseeds, and that is because we are so strong that they know to do so would annihlate them. If in my comments here at TRANSITIONS I seem like a wuz, if there is such a word for any of us in this battle, it is because today I realize that I have experienced the Dark all my life, but because I did not know I was experiencing the Dark, I took upon myself the responsibility of finding out why I was so plagued with pain and heartbreak. I watched a movie many years ago about the Spanish Inquisition and there is only one scene I remember. The Dark was busy torturing those who refused to convert. The torturer asked the priest in charge what he should do about a woman who was so beaten up, she was barely breathing. The one in charge said, and these were the exact words, “Leave her, she is in ecstasy.” In that moment, I understood both the Light and the Dark and I have never forgotten it. And right now I will say I am angry at those Starseeds that say, in a challenging way, that unless you have experienced what I have experienced, you can’t say much. We have ALL experienced the Dark, that is why we are here, to experience it and to rid Gaia of it in any way we can. I apologize for my, to date, reluctance to state my true feelings, but today my husband’s twin brother committed suicide and the harvest has begun and I will no longer be intimidated by the idea that we create our own reality. When we have reached the stage of creating our own reality, the Dark will no longer be here. Adonai and Denise, if this is not appropriate, please don’t post it. I am very angry indeed! Love, Barbara.

      • Barbara I am sorry for your husbands brother, and I totally respect your feelings and expressions. I will apologize straight up if I am one who has said anything to make you feel offended, this is never my intention. And maybe you are right, some starseed/indigo/lightworkers can be so powerful that the dark forces do not tangle with them, this is entirely possible, that such a one can be entirely under cover.
        I also wanted to say that so many lightworkers do not even know they are lightworkers. They do their ”work” completely unaware they are doing it and this keeps them under the radar pretty well. And the other side of the token as mentioned is some may think they are, are not. This whole topic can get very complicated.
        What you say about the Inquisition is powerful.
        But I just wanted to express my respect.
        blessings, Lady

      • Barbara
        My heart goes out to you and your husband for your loss. You are a very beautiful, brave, strong and loving being.
        Be in peace

      • Barbara,

        You have every right to be angry so do not apologize.

        I am very sorry for your husbands and your loss, this is no doubt a very difficult and painful time for you both and your extended families.

        Love and Healing to you and yours,

      • Dear Denise, Lady, Lilwolf009, Calliope the Muse, and All Here:

        Thank you from my heart for expressing your condolences. My brother-in-law was 47, he designed space ships as a hobby, and only recently I learned that in his younger years, he would lie in his parents’ driveway at night pleading to be picked up by his star family. His family thinks he was insane, whereas I know he was not, but I cannot tell them that, at least not yet. He jumped from a bridge a few days ago, his body was only discovered yesterday, and I am sending Light that he will be taken safely home. I am unable to adequately express to each and every one of you how much I appreciate this web site and the brave work that each and every one of us does in our own way. Thank you All Here from my heart. We are indeed One, Love, Barbara

      • “My brother-in-law was 47, he designed space ships as a hobby, and only recently I learned that in his younger years, he would lie in his parents’ driveway at night pleading to be picked up by his star family…”


        Oh my Starseed heart, I can so relate as I was profoundly homesick too as a child. He is Home now and that is wonderful.

        Know that we are with you and your husband and families and lift you up in whatever ways we can. ♥

        Hugs of Love & Heart Support,

      • I see Denise as a wise elder of our Lightworker “tribe.” I have come to think of you in that way, too. You and your family have my condolences. Love, Nikkoale

      • Dear Denise, Carol, Nikkoale, and All Here:

        Thank you from my heart. There are no veils between high hearts and I know my brother-in-law feels your love, just as I am honoured by yours. All is well, I only wish I could tell his family of the dignity, love, and peace of TRANSITIONS, Barbara

      • Barbara & Carol,

        This is an email I received from Kat333. She’s been having trouble getting back in here to write a Comment to you both so I got her permission to quote her letter and pass it on to you both.


        “Denise. I so want to say how sorry I am to Barbara for her husband’s recent loss and I also wanted to send my birthday greetings to Carol, but I am still not able to login. I think WordPress may be being blocked by what are referred to as “Local Councils” here in North Wales – I thought the problem would rectify itself, but it could be a deliberate attempt to block social networking. If the latter is the case, then I’m not aware, at this moment in time, how this can be resolved in a way that works. I don’t know if in some way, you could let Barbara and Carol know that they have been/are in my heart/mind/soul? I am so respectful of your precious time and energy and I so hope the situation will get sorted out. I feel there is a real war raging, which is pushing me to step up to the plate and stand in my full power, with no worry or concern as to how it may be being received. Once more, I thank you Denise for your wisdom and benevolent support and bless you and your unending courage.


      • Kat333- thank you for the b-day wishes. Am envisioning the breakup of gridlock there in Northern Wales. I’ve never been there but have heard it’s beautiful in it’s distinct way. Time for you, the elementals, (and internet:), and all there to be able to breathe freely and happily.
        Love, Carol

      • dear Barbara, bless you and your loved ones, may your brother’s twin finally go home.

  15. When I was a child I used to think that the problem was the house I was living in. It used to be a military dormitory during World War II, here in the north-east of Italy, near Austrian border. Blurry, scary figures hovering over my bed, pulling my feet, and shaking my bed and wardrobe weekly. I was scared to death. Always the same “movie” repeated over and over for many years. Poor losers! lol
    When I was 13 my father bought a new house, little after they followed me there too but the attacks changed. In the new house, they left my feet and legs alone, what a relief! They concentrated all their efforts on my lungs, throat and neck attempting to strangulate me while sleeping or using their “special methods” to stop my lungs from inhaling oxygen. I get totally stuck in my bed, like frozen, with zero possibility to breath. You have no idea how many times I went through that horrible choking moments. Now they do that to me on the airplane too, when I sleep, during long flights. Moreover, I was raped by this big black, dark, huge presence…I don’t mean to write more as I don’t really want to give those assholes too much importance. So, I wondered:” why am I the target of such attacks, what the heck did I do in the “past” to have all these monsters back here to bother me every other day?” I hadn’t regained all the memories that I have now, so I thought it was karma, karma debts, old stuff that needed to get balanced. And I accepted, letting go of all their bombing. Well, only recently I understood that I chose to face them during this life and few others behind. The life I lived in Holland, when I was deported to a German stermination camp, was even worse, with all those Greys disguised in doctor’s uniforms: they did all the possible experiments on my young body to find out how I was able to communicate with the Source.
    So, to make the story short, I learnt a lot from Team Dark. That’s why in the here&now I can help people to get rid of them. I remove aura implants, it’s not an easy work though. Every implant that I remove they fly over and through me like giant bats and attempt all the way to put me out of work. I am still standing still, healthy and alive 🙂
    I try to explain to all those who come here for advice to learn how to remove their mind-control. I have conversations with Team Dark, they are very intelligent: it seems like we learn from each others lol. I never protected myself from them with special rituals or other which doesn’t mean that you should do the same. I don’t know what kind of protection is keeping me still alive and safe. I desired to suicide many times in this life, I also attempted to when I was 18, unsuccessfully! I don’t know what it is, but it seems that now everything is going better, except my financial situation. My father passed away 3 months ago, I am the only heiress so I inherited all his debts (that I have to settle down if I want to save my house). What does this mean? it means that if Team Dark cannot harm you, they will harm those close to you. I didn’t know that my father borrowed such a big amount of money (a lot) from 3 different banks, what for? What did he do with that money? I am still wondering!!! According to my feelings, “they” drove his mind into some weird situations to destroy his and mostly my equilibrium. They are not evil or bad, they are just without conscience, without any kind of Self-consciousness. So, they have no limits, they have the power to keep working against the Light as much as their technologic tools allow them to. I am broke now! No problem, I have enough money to buy a tend and move to the woods. Either in a big luxury house or in the middle of nothing, under a tend, I will be always Light and will be always working for the Light. It does not make any difference. I WON!

  16. Hi Denise,

    All I have to say is Wow! This is something I was contemplating yesterday. I have wanted to write to you since you wrote your last post, which I had spent a few days really thinking about it. And then you hit on something is this post that prompted me to sit down and finally write. Not sure which area to post this in. So I’ll let you decide.

    I was contemplating the alien love bite and my horrendous experience with it. When a thought came to me along the lines of ” you were meant to go through that. He came into your life not only to try to derail you, but that experience was the catalyst for your initiation into the next level.” I was struggling for a long time with finding some kind of acceptance for that experience, which was the pinnacle and catalyst for some of my most severe attacks over a 10 year period. When I look back, after being woken up from the spell I was under I was absolutely horrified at what happened. What I allowed. And I realized how lucky I was to get out of it alive. He was fully possessed & extremely dangerous, I am sure of this. He made it clear he wanted to “destroy me” He was a puppet for what I have always called my “ancient enemy” I knew this in my heart afterwards, no one believed me. Until I found your site.
    It took me years and years to rebuilt my integrity, because it was destroyed in the eyes of everyone around me. I still have to keep my online identity anonymous because, he still, after all these years will try to find me. I have never talked about this in any public outlet. But I wanted to put it out there for others who may have had experienced something like this to know that you are not alone. You are not nuts and there is healing and eventually understanding. And we DO have allies. They wait till the time is right and it is a gentle hand that helps us, but first we have to help ourselves.

    I have been attacked since I can remember dreaming. My mother told me a few years ago that when I was in the womb she had nightmares of dark being coming to her saying ” she will be ours!!” Pretty unsettling.

    I am tired, I have been fighting my entire life. Not just with entities I can’t see, but against their puppets in human form. I feel like I’m a thousand years old, not in my late 30’s. I absolutely have to protect myself & use every tool in my bag to do this. If there is one little crack in my armor, they find it.

    But because of the extreme attacks and the intervention that did take place at key moments (i can count them one hand, on less than 5 fingers) I They prompted me to find answers, to find ways of healing myself. have no doubt whatsoever that I have allies.That my higher dimension family exsists. Seriously Denise, when you said:

    “This is another amazing Alchemical Ascension formula where Team Dark’s negativity and attacks are energetically utilized by some Starseeds to activate polarity resolution and integration within their bodies. Doing this automatically activates the next phase which is embodiment of higher frequency Unity blueprints for evolving humanity.”

    I had one of “those” moments. Where once again it was validated to me that my connection to my higher dimensional family is real. Sometimes we need that. I was getting really tired of trying to keep up my 12D shield. It still is so hard sometimes. But I keep trying because I refuse to give up at this point in my life. I try my best not to be afraid. I love this life despite the extremely difficult path I’ve followed. I love this planet despite its darkness. I have hope deep down. And I feel I’m beginning to connect with an aspect of myself that I have been searching for for a long time. Reading this article I feel empowered and not like a victim. This is my job here, I know in my heart I would have volunteered for this. So I’m gonna keep on keeping on. Moving forward! Fighting the good fight!!!

    Sending so much gratitude & love your way Denise with a big hug.

  17. Thanks, Denise for another well-thought-out article that spells everything out. I, too, believe that we have the experiences we came here for and yours has certainly been more difficult than most. What could be more stressful than being constantly under attack? As a result you have had to become very aware and strong. And get on with doing what you came here for.

    You mentioned the majority of us “have not wanted to fully consciously know and admit … just how extensive the negativity, atrocities and deceptions on Earth have been and how profoundly handicapped humanity has become due to Team Dark’s multidimensional actions against them.”

    Well said – yes, anyone’s first reaction to this knowledge is DENIAL. Who would want to believe this stuff? You had no choice but to face the reality at an early age. As Beings of Light, we all need to face the reality now. Angela’s comment of May 31st captures this well: “Accepting what has happened in all of its horror transforms a soul, and enables deprogramming. You can’t release something if you don’t know what it is you are releasing.”

    Denise, I have the profoundest respect and admiration for what you have done for humanity in your “hand to hand combat with Team Dark” and transmuting the negativity into a higher frequency while fully embodied. Although I have come up against Team Dark a number of times in my life (at one point, almost hypnotized into letting Dark energy from a possessed being into my own body), I have not had to transmute physically as you have.

    I think most of us want to know if we are doing “enough” in our work here. I believe my role is to anchor and spread the Light. (For years I coached others with self-esteem and self-acceptance issues but this has shifted in recent years to just BE-ing as I focus on personal ascension.)

    Lots of Light to Everyone Here, Thelma

  18. Thank you Denise for this wonderful essay, perfect timing for me and others as well, judging by their comments. I am an elder lightworker, having led a thoroughly fearless life in 3D. I was never attacked by Team Dark in my life, until two weeks ago when they came at me full force. I had just read Lisa Renee’s 12D shield article thinking, “Well, I don’t really need this, thank goodness, but it’s good to know because you never know.” It seems just that simple thought brought them to my door in a vivid hallucinogenic vision accompanied by extreme almost pathological paranoia. I fought them and held my space for several hours. They laughed hysterically at me, pointing their fingers and chuckling amongst themselves, and then they left as quickly as they came, leaving their putrid dark energy behind for quite some time.

    The following day, after I recovered from the experience and could incorporate it, I called on my spirit guides, who told me I needed to feel what fear felt like because I never had experienced it before due to their protection, and because I needed to realize Team Dark is not just someone else’s idea/experience/belief. They said I did well and was free to continue my grid work duties unmolested from here on out.

    Having read all the comments here and about Denise’s lifetime of Team Dark attacks, I can truly sympathize with how frightening this must have felt to a child. Had it not been for Lisa Renee’s article, I would have been scared to death. As it was, I had the tools I needed to fend them off, but it left me humbled and reminded me that my hubris about being fearless is just that, hubris.

    So Barbara, just because they haven’t come for you, doesn’t mean they won’t. Be prepared and stand your ground, protect your space and hopefully all you’ll hear is them laughing as they fly back to whatever fetid swamp they come from.

    • Raven,

      Thank You for sharing your personal experience (wowza!) with everyone and also for your honesty about this topic. ♥

      Gratitude Hugs,

    • raven, i so deeply want to thank you also for telling this. such an experience would be highly enlightening for so many who stand in judgment and have no idea what they’re talking about.

      when we say we’re attacked, we MEAN attacked! some of us for decades, unceasingly.

      bless you, raven, and much love to you.

      love and gratitude also to all of you sharing your experiences here. we are not alone. though is it a very lonely experience indeed. shocking and traumatic beyond anything any sci fi or horror writer could dream up.

      my experience has to do with being in hell, hearing “christian” voices constantly, being asked repeatedly “what don’t you want?” and then having what i don’t want happen. to my physical self, pets, house, garden (used to be a garden)…i wrote about it here a few years ago but can barely find words for it anymore. to be so hated when all i want to be is love. they hate the Divine. my soul mission has to do with healing religious distortions and the desecration of the Divine Feminine….ouch.

  19. Hi, Lady and everyone,

    I resonated a lot with your post here. I also transmute things that come by me– even things I see on TV. And, when I was young, people would tell me to let things roll off my back but I had to embody it, process it, suffer with it, then let it go. I didn’t know how to explain to them that I absolutely had to do it that way. Someone once suggested that I go through desensitization training (whatever that is).

    In terms of the 12D shield, I am doing it properly now (I was just doing it from memory before and imperfectly) and I am feeling stronger. The attacks from my neighbors haven’t stopped, but are less than what they were before. (There is a dance that I do that seems even more powerful in that case.) But, while I was in Asia, I was attacked by a shaman 4 times (I could feel it each time as a pain in my chest) and, when I put up the 12D shield, they were unable to curse me, which was the plan. I could feel it. He alone the first time, with other shamans the second time, and finally the last time I presented myself in my true form to them and they gave up. So, yes, it does work, even when imperfectly executed.

    Today I feel like a piece of grass swaying in the wind. I don’t know if it’s the eclipse coming up or what is going on, but I had one of those shifts yesterday where you’re in another space/dimension/? for a brief moment. I think these are happening more often, so perhaps the idea that we’re changing our energy signature is what I’m feeling. It’s intense and the shield when you connect to the earth and Alcyone is mindblowingly powerful.


    • “I resonated a lot with your post here. I also transmute things that come by me– even things I see on TV. And, when I was young, people would tell me to let things roll off my back but I had to embody it, process it, suffer with it, then let it go. I didn’t know how to explain to them that I absolutely had to do it that way.”


      EXACTLY! We’re literally hard-wired to transmute polarity and negative energies everywhere. It’s what we do, who we are, and we can’t NOT do it for anything!

      And yes, I felt things shifting too and I know all of June 2012 is going to be very potent both good and bad, bad as in much more of the old patriarchal systems and control has entered an accelerated phase of disintegration. Yippee! 🙂

      I’m so glad to hear that your male neighbors are feeling the collapse of some huge negative and very old patriarchal Team Dark manipulations. My one male neighbor has also retreated to try and get out of the Light. Nowhere to hide anymore however. 😀

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Wow- exactly…..I agree totally. Today is my birthday and I hadn’t planned on being on the internet for hours- yet the comments kept pouring in and I feel this is SUCH an important and huge subject. I’d read Elga Basso’s and arishantia’s and calliope’s and cat’s experiences along w/Denise’s and any others who have been dealing w/ this for a long time and just find myself having to remind myself to breathe. Like Raven, I’m pretty new to this ” awful” part and all of a sudden I saw a cartoon of myself as a small mouse with my chest puffed out stating ( of my experience in earlier comment I made)
        ” Yeah- team dark- eat that love and light sandwich I gave you…yeah take that- yeah….as I’m alternately darting out from and back behind Denise & Elga & all’s pants/skirts. lol………thanks guys/gals for bravely carrying forth the heart’s (=coeur=courage) fight for so long .

        But I’d also like to say to those, like Barbara, who are really trying to make it compute in their head’s, that I understand. I am the type who- when I see a spider in the house- I scoop it up & take it outside instead of killing it. I feel like I came from a place that did not have evil. It was shocking to my entire system to meet it. I realized this “entity” had no soul…..that it could just as easily kill me as eat breakfast or drive down the road. Do I deep down inside have hope for them. Of course. In the meantime- they need to be stopped. If that means transmuting them- so be it. If that means rounding them up and imprisoning them ( anyone here read Drake & David Wilcock?)- then so be it. And the sooner all humans realize this force exists- the sooner the curtain can be pulled back & everyone can see the “thing” behind the curtain pulling all our strings. So, as painful as it is, we all need to start the Kubler-Ross process of denial, bargaining, anger, etc. and get to the acceptance that we chose to be here doing this at this auspicious time. Yes, the darkness is always greatest before the dawn. But- oh boy- what a dawn it’s going to be!

        As ALWAYS- thanks Denise and everyone here contributing ( yes- even those of you too shy to write but are sending your feelings. 🙂 You all help me a lot.

  20. Im having a hard time swolling all this all I did was out of the blue google what does it mean 2 feel yourself vibrate..& LORD behold I been reading everything bout my whole life & its scary

  21. Denise,

    From a fellow “protective gear necessary – and then some!” kind of gal, THANK YOU. I think many of us have, at one time or another, felt singled out for undue suffering (psychic attacks, energy vamps, nonphysical entities, ridiculous amounts of work/family/relationship stress, money problems, bodily discomforts, just plain mean people – sometimes everything at once) and wondered why we had to go through so much crap when others around us didn’t. And I don’t appreciate being told by the fluffy bunnies (or the fundamentalists) that I somehow “brought this on myself” or I’m “too negative” or “it’s karma” or “God is testing me.” Puh-leeze! I know they just need some easy explanation that makes them feel more safe and comfortable – we can’t all be warriors and face the truth head-on, I guess – but it’s still hurtful. And it’s hard to not be resentful of how other people get to live “normal” lives when I feel like every day is a struggle. Well, I guess it is! haha But it helps to know we’re not being punished for something we know we didn’t do.

    To me, the way I deal with it is, the harder I’m being hit, the more good I know I’m doing. It means I’m a threat to them. And after having something I wanted and needed very much taken from me during that March madness (excuse the pun!) in their effort to bring me down hard – Team Dark’s made a big mistake. They picked on the wrong girl! I’m spreading Light double-time. Just call me astral Dirty Harry. 😉

    Also, for anyone who likes to use crystals, I feel like tiger’s eye is an important one right now. I’d never liked it or wanted it, but I was told to get it recently, and I’m glad – it’s been very helpful in protecting me and my best friend from nonphysical attacks (which have increased lately). I recommend wearing it and also sleeping with it.

    Blessings & thanks, your blog is a real help!

  22. To Denise and everyone here,

    I thank you for all you do and I have a tremendous respect for you front runners who take Team Dark head on.

    I am not sure if any here was involved in the portal opening in the Four Corners back in March. It still brings tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart…many that were involved in the actual opening were viciously attacked, so very viciously. Physically, Psychically, Mentally and Ethereally. I did not see the attacks, but I do remember the feel, the pain. There were literally thousands of us that stopped whatever we were doing and sent out our energy in support and healing. I live the remembrance of that feeling every day, though I am fortunate at this time to not have had to have a head on collision with Team Dark, I do have some understanding of what the “warriors” go through in their battles. And for all of you I have the deepest respect and gratitude for what you do.

    I read the experiences here, I feel the pain, I always send healing and strength for those that are open to it.

    I would also like to make an observation:

    Sometimes it appears that it is forgotten that not everyone’s role is to take the bull by the horns. And some think that because some are not, that they are not doing their job or they have not awaken or are not this nor that (passing judgment?). Some of us did not choose to do that. There is so much healing, cleansing and repairing that’s needs to be done both to this Earth and her residents (all life existing here). Some of us chose this responsibility, and it is our responsibility to do this not “our families” and not “Source”, it is ours. Because we are “Ascending” and many of us will choose to go home, does not mean we do not have a responsibility to this Earth and all existing within her. This Earth will not cease to exist after ascension. There are many, many wrongs on many levels to be righted.

    It is very difficult not to judge others or situations, we were programmed at an early age to judge all things. Of all the things that I have to remember and to change this is perhaps the most difficult. But one of the most important. If we stand in judgment of something that appears to say that we are non-accepting. If we are non-accepting…are we evolving to a higher consciousness?

    We all have our messes to clean and our battles to take on.

    Peace and Love to all

    Again thank you for all you do, regardless of what you have chosen to do
    Bull by the horn, healing, clean-up, etc.
    I am sure the list is extremely long


  23. Denise,
    I want to thank you for all that you do. This page has been such a blessing since the first time I came to this site back in 09. I don’t know where I would be without it. Like others, I have been (mostly reading, I have only ever felt drawn to comment here) to other sites and none compare to the energy here. Here at Transitions the energy is peaceful and supportive. That is why when people comment negativly towards you and others here I always get a surge of wanting to shut them down because Denise, you work so hard to keep the energy here as it is. You, however don’t need me to shut anybody down. You do it better then I.
    I thought I might add a little of what I have experianced in my life. When I was a little girl I used to see orbs, always in my or other kids bedrooms usually at night. I don’t know if they were of the light or the dark. It just seemed neutral to me. It just was. As a child I knew I had a life at some point, in Egypt. I used to lead other girls in past life rememberence “games”. One night when I was about 7 or 8 I did get attacked by the dark. I had sensed them before but up until this point sesning them was all I had experianced. This particular night a dark being stood on my bed over me. It had a knife and I knew it wanted to kill me. I had never been so scared. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, a lot like someone else who commented here. After that I think I shut down a lot of the “feeling”. I didn’t experiance much else after that. Since then I have been atttacked solely by dark humans. Usually males who were very much apart of the partix. I never understood why so many males have attacked me in so many ways. Verbally, physically and even sexually. As a young girl I always spoke my mind about how women can do anything a man can do. In church at school. This very much rubbed the men of the dark the wrong way. I broke up with my first boyfriend in the 5th grade because he said girls can’t play kickball because they can’t kick. It’s kind of silly now but is a prime example of the spirit of what I have fought against my entire life. It has been a fire in me that can’t back down when the beauty of the female energy is not respected. I have always known that what was wrong with the world I live in was the imbalance of the male and female energies. I always said I wanted to live in a world were there was a perfect balance of the two. My best friend since the seventh grade has seen for herself how often I get attacked and niether of us could ever understand why. I am learning, thanks to you Denise, that what I have experianced is not me going crazy.I didn’t karmicly deserve to be attacked. This is my life path, my contract. I am all the more ready to take them on. Thank you so much Denise as well as to the other beautiful beings on this site. A huge thank you and love to all here.

    P.S. I hope this made sense. I am always so hesitent to comment here because I feel I am not able to verbalize all that I feel. The words just jumble in my head. Also, I have had moments the past couple weeks were I am so hot and sweaty, dizzy, and nauseous to the point of throwing up sometimes. I live in WA and there had been a lot of violence especially towards women lately and I wonder if that is what is making my body react this way. I can feel the thick dark energy and it may be making me physically sick. Or am I feeling something else going on?

    • “This very much rubbed the men of the dark the wrong way.”


      Firstly, hugs. ❤ Secondly, humanity has lived for over the past five thousand years in a totally patriarchal (male dominated, male ruled) planet. Behind this has been the negative Alien beings–the Reptilians and Draconians primarily–both of which are, from our perspective, very negative warring male energies. They have controlled and manipulated humanities consciousness and reality on Earth for the past five-thousand-plus years, and needless to say, females have been considered (and treated) during this time to be lower than dirt!

      Having a bunch of Starseeds/Lightworkers/Lightwarriors in female bodies now overriding and battling them–Team Dark–is an added insult, which I thoroughly enjoy. 😉

      Last night (June 1, 2012) I heard on the TV News that here in the USA (not the Middle East, not India, the USA) some doctors who perform abortions are doing so only when they know that the fetus is female. Male fetus are not aborted. This profound worldwide negativity and literal insanity is bubbling up in 2012 into everyone's consciousness and into the LIGHT for all to finally see and admit to. And…the Venus transit across the Sun is happening June 5-7ish which is only going to further reveal these negative male/patriarchal/Reptilian etc. beliefs and crimes against females and all of humanity worldwide.

      “P.S. I hope this made sense. I am always so hesitant to comment here because I feel I am not able to verbalize all that I feel. The words just jumble in my head. Also, I have had moments the past couple weeks were I am so hot and sweaty, dizzy, and nauseous to the point of throwing up sometimes. I live in WA and there had been a lot of violence especially towards women lately and I wonder if that is what is making my body react this way. I can feel the thick dark energy and it may be making me physically sick. Or am I feeling something else going on?”

      For the past three weeks now I’ve been having hot flashes again plus occasional severe head pains, sudden nausea, mild dizziness, and at times severe physical pains on the LEFT side–the female receptive, attacked and abused side–of my body. All this is due to the approaching Venus transit across the Sun in 2012 on top of all the other very potent energies coming in throughout all of June. Team Dark knows this is happening of course so they try all they can to steal whatever/whomever they can to USE for themselves, attack others, start in-fighting like what’s been trying to happen here through some recent Comments, amplified violence and general insanity everywhere. It’s going to be one hell of a potent month for all but it’ll be so worth the massive improvements they will create. 🙂

      Hang in there and know that you are– “I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE”. ♥

      Gratitude Hugs,

      • Hello Denise, Its exactly where I have been going true the last weeks.But thise week was very hard,The attact from dark suggestions and clouds where so serve that I almost been knock out.The pain on the left side and all those mind suggestions……….I hardly had any inner contact. Even in the night on the other side it was very hard. Today the inner quietness is there ,THANKS GOD!!, but the body feels still senstive.

        My junoir son became 21 years today.In the time I was pregnant,1991, the Kundalini Shakti started awaking .I was in that time in India with my Guru,I did not know, in that time, what was happening to me! Years from ups and downs till everthing was cleared up. till I almost became vessel for the higher energies Then 2000 the ascesion ,well well…….. as I say’ Its a newer ending story!!
        With Gratitude to you and all!
        Dhyana (from the Netherlands)

  24. Dear Denise and all,

    Just a few words of gratitude as I am barely able to form a sentance…just yesterday a 6 month “attack” by team dark ended for me……After years of not being able to work due to severe ascension symptoms, I finally got a little part time job…..lo and behold a little dead eye TD puppet was sharing an office with me.

    Thank you to you Denise for speaking up for those of us who are and have been in the trenches and are tired! I would like to say from my recent experience vigilance is of the utmost importance!! I have known I am a starseed from childhood and had protection from my star family when I was young and have developed many shielding techniques over the years including 12D shielding for almost a year, so I am not a newbie on that. I feel many of us, the family of light, can be so open hearted and mush balls of love (because that is why we are here, right?) that we may not see some of the TD escapades before it’s too late. I’ve now learned to set even stronger boundaries and command my space evey minute of every day. This TD puppet that terrorized my space for 6 months was so negative that my entire body would begin shaking and I would have to literally run out of the office to get away. I became very sick in February and remained so for 2 months and have had knives in my back for the last two weeks (etherically). Yesterday was her last day.

    I could go on but let me close by saying during this time I would check Transitions everyday to get support and information. Thank you Denise to everyone!

    p.s. I am reading Bringers of the Dawn and that is so informative and uplifting, I would reccommend reading it for support as well.

  25. Of all the articles I’ve read Denise, I believe this one for me has been the most important. It confirms what I have been sensing, that there are different roles for all of us, and that battling Team Dark is one role. I have had minimal experience in battling dark entities and, at least the ones I am consciously aware of, have all gone well. But like Barbara, I too have felt protected from much of this. [Interestingly though, I recently began putting my car and myself in a bubble driving to and from work as I have been feeling quite vulnerable at that time.]

    At the same time, perhaps for the first time, I was now ready to read and accept the use of humanity by Team Dark in the ways you described, and knowing this too is true. Interestingly, it doesn’t make me angry, just aware. It also brings to mind the two recent incidents reported of open cannibalistic attacks. I think this speaks for itself.

    Thank you as always for your insights and clarity!

  26. supended animation
    this is what I keep hearing/feeling is going on right now……..what the???…not even sure what it means. For me my body is so broken right now, so much physical pain.

    Does anyone feel like the jack of all trades? Seems like I go throught all the above, depending on where and what is going on. Working in a domestice voilence shelter, I am brought in contact with all kinds of (words fail here) “stuff” that’ s carried in with the women we serve here. Perhaps, I have been mistaken by not using more protection. I am working on trying to be aware and doing more. I used to have crystals to wear but both have come unrapped and I don’t have anyone whose energy I want to work on them. I would love to smuge the house but no open flames are allowed and how would I explain that to the boss? So when things get to dark and heavy, I salt the house. Ummm, maybe, I need to salt myself. 🙂

    Love to all my wonderful earth workers here and again, Denise love you sooooo much for keeping this going and allowing us a place to share.

  27. “These negative attacks happen to some Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos because it’s part of the Ascension Process of Alchemically transmuting, transforming duality and what we’ve come to call “negativity” into a higher frequency. It’s Alchemically transformed back to a neutral state and then becomes “unified” and exists in a higher frequency range and state.”

    Denise, thank you (as always). This part of your article struck me between the eyes. I, too have felt, as others here, that I’ve been under attack all my life. At 23 years old, when my father died, I took one of those “stress analysis” tests and had virtually all of the negative stressors except serious illness. I had very few of the positive stressors… no marriage, no new baby, no round the world travel. The assessment score showed that I was at high risk for a stroke or heart attack (or, I suppose, nervous breakdown!) None of those things happened, so I suppose that I just kept transmuting the energy so that I could take on more… which was what I did. Over the years my stress levels haven’t changed much. I had a sweet intermezzo during from the fall of 1993 to the summer of 1995. But then the negativity came back full force… like the passing of the eye of a hurricane in the fall of 1995 and hasn’t really let up since, in spite of meeting and marrying the love of my life. I am approaching 60 now and I don’t see this stopping until I get to go Home.

    I cried when ET phoned home and as Roy Neary entered the space ship in Close Encounters. I was delighted when the “old folks” were taken in Cocoon. I prayed that I could Trek the Stars. And I am miffed that our world has put space travel on “hold”, it seems, permanently. I, too, stared at the night sky, Orion became a trusted friend in the fall and winter sky. I was completely awed and then overcome with the purest sense of longing I’ve ever felt when I left the brightness of Houston and saw the Milky Way for the very first time. I used to think I didn’t belong in my family. I knew I was somehow “foreign”, yet adoption never crossed my mind. It wasn’t until my Mom’s later years I found out that she felt the same way.

    I continue to suffer. Joy seems to be something that others have and it is just out of my reach. Don’t get me wrong, I am capable of laughing, smiling but I can count on one hand the times I experienced joy, but mostly, when I seem to be “enjoying” myself, it is mere amusement and always tempered with the paranoia that something “bad” is just around the corner. I describe myself as a pessimistic optimist: I expect the worst so that when it does not happen I am pleasantly surprised.

    I contemplated what you said … that we all have different jobs and that some of us have the job of taking the negative and transmuting it into neutral. My conclusion is that this is some type of performance art… an interpretive dance with the Dark … a filtering mechanism … a first line of defense so that our sister and brother Starseeds can do their jobs. Thank you… my shoulders feel a little lighter, knowing that I have real purpose and that I am not “just” the Dark’s “whipping girl”.

    Love and Light to us all.

    • Deb, your description is beautiful, a total understanding that you are a Starseed and why you are here. Thank you from my heart. Like your Orion is your trusted friend, Arcturus is mine. I so much want to go home, but it seems that my tears are still required here on Planet Earth, as are yours, so take heart, my love, that, yes, when you take the negative and transmute it into the neutral, that you are paving the way for all Starseeds, and that is our joy. Thank you, Denise, Debora and All Here. This is such a marvellous group, and I can “feel” the wisdom, power, and love growing by the minute. Love, B.

      • Hello, Barbara,

        First of all, let me express my condolences for the loss of your brother-in-law and your husband’s twin. I lost my father in a similar way some years ago and, even though they go for the reasons they must, it’s still very hard to be left behind. And I know how you’ve expressed how much you want to go. I hear you, sister.
        I, too, always felt a kinship with Orion and a lesser one with the Pleiades. And I, too, can feel this group growing in strength and beauty every moment as well.

        Love to all here,

  28. Hi Denise. I want to share something I learned that might assist others. Give them something to think about, to consider. One thing to consider is that TD has a purpose in the life of the person on the Path. TM is another face of God. In facing my fears and choosing to study what Service to Self is all about I was able to discover “by accident” how I was giving up my free will in the most subtle of manners! I used to think that the division was clear cut and obvious. Now I think differently, much differently. How can those of us climbing the stair steps make choices if we don’t “KNOW”? How can one see where one stands in the ability to discern and how well that works if one doesn’t even have a clue about the many many ways one can be simply decieved or just mislead? Just putting up a sheild or asking the arch angels for protection WON’T protect us from making a stupid choice or decision because we have FREE WILL and they will not interfere in our lessons! We might not be “attacked” as ait were, or have face to face, but we sure as hell can be led down the garden path! They can make you feel good and feel safe, they can send comforting energy! They will even “help you”. & “support you”. We need to wake up!
    Yep, we shouldn’t focus on the dark, better not to “know” and to ignore so we won’t attract them! This is THEIR WOLD here in 3D humanity. This is THEIR MIND that we experience as our ego and personality! That’s why it is such a challenge to change direction and swim upstream against what comes natural here and to embody the Higher Mind and ACT. Well, that’s it for now. I am still recovering from the intensity I have been experiencing since the Wesak Full moon leading to this full moon and Venus transit which I don’t pretend to comprehend. I am exhuasted and my body hurts. But underneath I feel rather excited and interested once again, but I need to take care and relax and rest. Oh Love and KNOWLEDGE to ALL!

    P.S. Where I wrote TM I meant to write TD! And of course my opinions are directed to people like me, not people like Denise who already KNOW and can see the unseen! Denise KNOWS. and the people not like Denise, we are learning, we are babies on the path, well I am! I ASKED to shown, but had no idea where that internal question would lead! The best way is for you to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK about what is the “truth”, and really be WANTING to KNOW when you do.

  29. Denise I have a question for you. I would very much appreciate you views regarding this question. What has come up for my mind is the idea that there is deception or misleading information regarding the 4th & 5th dimensions and their purposes for human ascension. Essentially I read that the 4D is where we ascend if we do ascend/transition to the new earth while still living/ though TD is there too, so they say, but that “we” will be there having gained our freedom (and TD is working hard to prevent this from happening), and that the FIFTH DIMENSION is only accessed through physical DEATH from 3D. And have we not read about scrapping plans for 4D and a move to 5D? Do you see how one might think about this? And this is about physical human beings moving up from 3D earth. Is this the sort of mental puzzle you would be interested in ironing out when you feel ok? And I know/understand it would be your own personal views and thoughts based upon your own life/experience. I need more thoughts to ponder upon! THank you Denise! Hugs!

    • “Denise I have a question for you. I would very much appreciate you views regarding this question. What has come up for my mind is the idea that there is deception or misleading information regarding the 4th & 5th dimensions and their purposes for human ascension. Essentially I read that the 4D is where we ascend if we do ascend/transition to the new earth while still living/ though TD is there too, so they say, but that “we” will be there having gained our freedom (and TD is working hard to prevent this from happening), and that the FIFTH DIMENSION is only accessed through physical DEATH from 3D. And have we not read about scrapping plans for 4D and a move to 5D? Do you see how one might think about this? And this is about physical human beings moving up from 3D earth. Is this the sort of mental puzzle you would be interested in ironing out when you feel ok? And I know/understand it would be your own personal views and thoughts based upon your own life/experience. I need more thoughts to ponder upon! THank you Denise! Hugs!”


      Of course I only know what I know today and as always, I expect to know more tomorrow and the next day and the next… 😉

      I’ve read a few bits n’ pieces of info from a few different people about the dimensions and it gets confusing because not everyone calls the same dimension the same number. To me 4D is the Astral plane…all of the Astral plane. To me 5D is the dimension is where we master “Love” and beauty and unity individually and also in groups, communities, cities, countries, the whole world etc.

      I believe, based on my own personal experiences with this, that to evolve/ascend from 3D to 5D we’ve got to traverse the Astral plane(4D) and transmute, integrate and neutralize our projections, our unresolved junk, stuff, polarity, karma etc. From doing this we naturally move or “ascend” into a fifth dimensional (5D) state of being and consciousness because we’ve dealt with our inner monsters and unloved bits and aspects, done our Inner Work in other words. Because of this we ARE “unity” which is very much what 5D is about; unity, love, beauty, creativity etc.

      The current Ascension Process is us and humanity making this transition from polarity and density within 3D physicality to, integrated, unity consciousness individually which means existing within a 5D level of being yet we’re still physical and in our physical bodies. This Ascension is about us doing this and taking our physical bodies with us, not casting them off through a physical death, but staying in them and them transmuting and ascending to the next level too. So no, the fifth dimension is not only accessed by physical death; what we’ve been doing via the Ascension Process is us doing exactly this!

      Let me know if you want more info on this topic Edith. 🙂


      • Hi Denise. Just wanted to say thank you so much. At this point all I can do is ponder and keep asking! Also I wish I had used a spell check or something too!

  30. Thank you so much for this article! It validates some of the insights I have had regarding to our different types of missions. And I totally agree that the reason for why the Lightworkers have to deal with difficult issues is because we need to create solutions for others to access at the energy level.

    I think I belong to those who have a heavy protection from the other side of the veil – and that is because otherwise I would not be able to do what I came here for.

    When I was 28 and I really understood how humanity works and how people treat each other it was too much for me and I tried to commit a suicide. This place was just too awful for me, I didn’t see how I could manage. I was protected from getting killed or injured by the non-human light beings, and that totally changed my perspective to life and woke me up for the Starseed trail.

    I have met some people controlled by the TD and once I have met a non-human dark entity face to face. That was, by the way, when I managed to release a nasty implant regarding the concept of femininity!

    This happened earlier this year (February or March) and it was kind of funny in a way. I had an aching gum left side of my face and I decided to listen to what the ache was all about. I let it grow and at some point the insupportable pain was all over my head, neck and heart area and when it was at its worst, the implant started sort of melting and it evaporated away. At that point I was looking straight in the eyes of a grey, very astonished and surprised being! I sensed how the cord from the implant to this being’s base (like a black hole in the space) was cut loose from me and the pain, the alien face, the cord and the implant disappeared.

    It’s been several months now and the consequences have been quite astonishing! I just have to share this, it’s so amazing…. my period started again although I had stopped ovulating a year ago, my body has changed a lot and just a couple of days ago I noticed my breasts look totally different today than ever before! At the age of 48 I have prettier boobs I ever had! I also feel really confident and satisfied as a woman.

    The physical changes sound and feel really weird, but I have to believe it when it happens to me!!!! At the same time, I have learned a lot about manifesting the last couple of months, so I guess this is one of the things that go with the territory! I certainly don’t complain 😉

    And I also know that if I had to wrestle with the TD all the time like you do, Denise (and some of the others sharing their experience through this site), none of this could be possible for me. It would crush me. I have to take care of my frequency by keeping the horrible stuff at the outskirts of my awareness. Long time I asked myself if I’m being naive, but I guess we all are equipped with the right resources for what we are here to accomplish.

    Thanks again, dear Denise!

    Lots of Love,
    – Aya

    • Hi Aya, thanks for sharing. I have been enduring lots of pain in my left side and in my gums, etc. Now I am not going to believe it is the same thing, but you have given me a new perspective to explore and I thank you! I have been using Reiki for days on the pain in my head, gum, throat, etc…neck, shoulders… I am now hoping my pain will talk to me!

  31. Denise — You are an amazing ultra-sensitive elder Starseed whom I respect immensely. Thank you so much for your article — extremely timely and brought much needed clarity. Throughout my Journey, I have consistently been attacked by Team Dark — physically, emotionally and verbally. My early ‘awareness’ of Team Dark’s evil atrocities began with family violence, abuse and addiction. Leaving home at 19, I began a long struggle with depression with involved many suicide attempts. My sister and soulmate was heinously murdered in 1982 suffering from 48 stab wounds, strangled and raped. Newly married at the age of 26, she was indeed a Lightworker full of love and compassion and laughter. Having spent fun dancing the previous evening, the last words we spoke were on the phone one hour before she was taken. My other sister committed suicide 14 yrs ago. My brother and last sibling’s last suicide attempt was 3 yrs ago. The ‘wrong’ men were always attracted to me. Very conscious of my soul’s mission, but fearful of thoughts of suicide, I attempted therapy over the course of 25 yrs. I experienced a breakdown 8 yrs ago, was hospitalized in a psychiatric unit, and prescribed medications, which I fought tooth and nail. I was very healthy conscious and began running the day after my sister’s murder which continued for 25 yrs. 6 yrs ago, I had a hip replacement (due to running) and the surgeon cut my sciatic nerve, which rendered my right foot lifeless — no more running, no more dancing, no more…

    At 10, I became conscious of my soul’s intention — that I intentionally came to 3D Earth to speak Truth and stop the extensive negativity, atrocities and deceptions on Earth attacking humanity. While I was unaware the I was a Lightworker, I knew at the core of my being the I had a purpose. As my Journey continued, I found that speaking Truth is not very popular. People misunderstood me. I was the topic disgusting rumors filled with lies and contempt. Close ‘friends’ backstabbed me to shreds. My reputation with nonprofit groups and volunteer work was destroyed. I was basically run out of town.

    Later along my Journey I became aware that I was a Truthseeker to bring Light to the Darkness. That my painful beginnings prepared me as a Courageous Survivor. That if people were getting mad at me, I must be doing something right.

    As my Ascension Journey continues, now 59, I am still confronted by Team Dark. I recently emerged from a 2 week “dark night of the soul” experience which always is accompanied by severe physical pain. I have been taught that with pain, comes intense and amazing Spiritual growth, insight, strength and courage to continue my Soul’s mission on Earth.

    As you, resentment has definitely been part of my story. Gratefully, I experience it less than I used to but it is still there. The pure feeling of human joy left my soul with my sister’s murder. As an extremely sensitive empathic, sadness, isolation, darkens my days. What I do have is Divine Inspiration and Guidance from the Spirit World that strengthens my mission.

    Thank you for allowing me to share. May the stars of the Universe continue to shine on your Spirit.


  32. This explains a lot. I have always resonated with Lisa Renee’s Polarity Integrator info and thought it so curious that a number of my lightworker type peers did not experience energies and transitions the way I do.

    Thank you for posting this insight, Denise.


  33. Denise and all,

    I haven’t read all of these other important recent messages here… but I couldn’t wait to share my most recent experiences… started in the wee hours of this very morning.

    I was in bed awakened for some odd reason I couldn’t really put a finger to… but there I was: awakened. All I remember was feeling the need to be on the guard for something evil and dark on the prowl. I have no logical explanation as to how I come up with this… but my instincts (or intuition or Higher Self) was alerting me onto something. Last night was somewhat humid and mosquitos were aggressively out and about, so the fan was still on as usual. This fan was a low ground and short fan, as it was humming away, while my eyes were drowsing off to sleep. Between awake and asleep… I saw two fans: one the regular short one on my usual right… and one that was tall, and white… and long… similar to the obelisk (?) at the WhiteHouse DC… right in front of me. I paid no fright to it. That wasn’t was alerted me (I’m assuming so).

    Buy my alertness was still heightened and increasing gradually and quietly, as I went steeper and deeper into slumber. I was in a long corridor, similar to our familiar, family-home one… but at the same time, not like it. It reminded me of the ones at a railway station. Probably close to it… but I was looking at myself alerting my OTHER self of something dark and evil on prowl. I saw my other self scouting out and about.

    Then suddenly above my head at left… this very dark and evil “thing” left out a sound of “haaaaaaaaaaaaa”… on me… like deliberately exhaling… but no exhaled air… just a sound. I didn’t feel any air from this being… but rather a distinct, no-nonsense EVIL energy… deliberately saying “Here I am” by just that “haaaaa” sound… with a nasty verve of attitude. This thing… I remember saying to myself on the spot… the name “Imp”… had one BIG, nasty, mean, convulsive/repulsive dark attitude on me… like it’s playing and toying with me.

    This is my FIRST encounter of this nature in a looooooooooooooong ass time. O.o

    My Instinct made no lies to me: there WAS a dark “Imp” and it came and went in a blink. But I’ll NEVER forget IT. Had me awake right on the spot… because my Instincts said so. I instinctively looked up to my upper left to find that creature… hovering over my pillow. Obviously IT wasn’t there… but IT’S absent presence was STILL there… even for a moment. I was so disturbed by this “thing”… I couldn’t sleep properly… but eventually a few more hours I mustered the nerve to get some sort of rest.

    Because of its nasty attitude and the timing of it… I swear… I SWEAR by my very Life IT (and it’s other minion friends) are laughing AT ME… because I cannot see them. I can FEEL them… but not see them clairvoyantly. Something wicked “something” this way comes…. and I don’t know what IT is.

    And by God/dess…. my own Higher Self is still whispering to me that this is the SECOND time I’m having this evil encounter… but I simply couldn’t remember when.

    I KNEW deep deep deep down I needed Lisa’s 12D Shield… every single night… even though I never ever had such attacks like you ladies and gents have. Not ever. But like someone else has said… you may never know.

    … And by gawd: my message is so damn long. Sorry about that… and take your time reading it. I too have a hard time reading long word lately. My eyes are still tired.

    Thanks much,
    Lou Ann
    P.S. I am still disturbed by what went down early morning… even though it was a split second.

    • Thank you for sharing Lou Ann. It’s one tough learning experience, eh? That’s why I feel I can speak for more than just myself when I say Denise, Lady, & all who have be dealing with this for a long time have my (our) deepest respect.

      Stay strong and with love,

    • Hi Lou Ann,
      I’m new on this site and certiantly happy to have found it! I’m in flare of experiencing Ascension Symptoms once again (sware its RRMS sometimes and everyone else thinks so too as they do not truly get it). Anyway in any case I’ve been doing a lot of Meditating/Energy work on my own (and occassionally with 2 wonderful healers/brothers who help guide me through meditations and body energy work to help and support me) to get through the physical symptoms while my body acclimates to the Light I’m bringing in. About 2 weeks ago I was practicing a particular Meditation to bring in The Energies of Creation (one of the Rays I forget which one). I earphones in from the computer as I listened lying on my bed with computer on the the table beside me. I was deep in the Mediation sounds etc and must have dosed off as it had played through. All of a sudden I heard in my ear this Cracking loud indescribable oppressive sound blaring into my ears from headphones. It almost hurt!! I jumped up out of my sleep state, knocked the earplugs out of my ear and the computer on the floor. i immediately looked out the window to see if there was an accedent or explosion of some kind?? (I live in NYC so that’s usually the first impression when hearing a loud noise). However all was calm outside. My first intuition was that it was a negative energy attempting to take advantage of the vulnerable peacelike state I was in to prevent me from raising my frequencies once again and deter me from my work to ascend?? Or maybe just something on the computer? But the latter just doesnt seem likely. After reading about your experience I’m really beginning to dijest that mine was something similar. I’ve been very conscious now about my meditation and also feel that I’m holding and keeping the light with me much more securely and strongly now. I’m exyremely Empathic, Intuitive since childhood, a Intuitive Creative Artist, (channeled/Intuitive writing, artwork and healing etc). However, I’m just really learning about all this now on a deeper level and still processing all this new information I’ve been stumbling across. I feel its going to answer many of my questions about so many experiences I’ve had over the course of many many years! I suppose we must keep on keeping on…No matter what the Dark Team trys to throw at us. Blessings to you and all of us as we strive to heal our beautiful earth and one another! I thank God I found this site and I thank Denise for creating it and all her Lightwork here !!
      Sandra (“Avana” my Spirit name)

      Hi again Lou Ann…Oh, forget 2 very important questions for you…What is a 12D Shield you mentioned?? And how can i get one!?? 🙂
      Sandra- Avana

      • Hi Sandra-Avana,

        You’re also a creative/artist? Sweet! Same here too. I do 2D and 3D artwork. 🙂

        You’re experiences seem to say that… according to Denise and all else here have discovered… vibrating at a higher level to the point where Team Dark is pissed. You’re moving away from their frequency fence… away from their frequency control… and they usually attack… which is what it sounds like to me in my humble opinion.

        That’s my two cents. Still learning in this process.

        Here’s the audio to the 12D Shield here: http://energeticdownloads.com/CD%20tracks/12D-Shield.mp3

        And the youtube here:

        Enjoy and do take good care of YOU… fellow Creative/Artist! 🙂

        Hugs & Love,
        Lou Ann

    • Thanks eversomuch Pamela for the link. It goes a long way in explaining why a 12 ft. statue of Mary and Jesus has appeared in an industrial park across the way from me. I asked for help and the next morning there it was.


  34. a graceful but strange, unfathomable like few days where both light beings and dark beings are holding at their space. Feeling ‘crashed’ and also surreal at same time as ‘if’ I can’t touch down just yet, though am pretty much centered in the midst of it all. Do so want to cosmic dance!

    • Thank you Everyone for sharing. Back in 1999, when “awakened”, i was feeling like i was the only person on earth being attacked by darkness. Feeling empathic and experiencing other people’s dark energies and having o.o.b. experiences made me feel alone..why me? Now others are talking about it and understandings as to why this happens and how to protect themselves is something I have searched for. It’s nice to know i am not alone.

  35. Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    I love the way Denise Le Fay can discuss things that to most people would seem “far out” or strange, in such a calm, matter of fact and common sense way. I also like that in this post she is demonstrating something I personally think is very important-the simple fact that hierarchy is pointless. One upping, “being RIGHT” feeling superior to another is a waste of energy.
    The whole idea of there being “one right way to be/live” is a total farce. The universe simply does not work that way-look around-obviously God loves Diversity;-)
    If two people, or cultures, or groups have differing ideas or experiences one of them does not have to be right and the other wrong-as in the symbol of the Tao, two opposites can co-exist in peaceful balance.

  36. wow im glad that ive come across this website!!!! everything that i just read on here is nothing but the truth!!! everything thats on here i have been thru!!!! going thru battles with the dark team as you call it!!!! but every time i have had a incounter with them i have gotten stronger!!!! thats why i had to find ways to protect myself against them!!!! reading this just toch my soul in a major way!!!!! wow!!! and i thought i was crazy!!!! but i know better now!!! now i know im not alone when it comes to these attacks!!!!

  37. To begin to fully understand the origin of negative attack, hijacking, disharmony and the like…one most educate themselves of the existence and history of the Achrons. Who they are, how they can to be, why they are here, what they are doing…”their agendas”…and how they influence our reality and planet. The single most important thing that anyone can do is to research this area and make themselves very knowledgeable on the topic. This will without question bring you to Real Freedom and True Empowerment!
    Alex Blach


    • “To begin to fully understand the origin of negative attack, hijacking, disharmony and the like…one most educate themselves of the existence and history of the Achrons. Who they are, how they can to be, why they are here, what they are doing…”their agendas”…and how they influence our reality and planet. The single most important thing that anyone can do is to research this area and make themselves very knowledgeable on the topic. This will without question bring you to Real Freedom and True Empowerment!
      Alex Blach”

      new human new earth communities / Alex Blach,

      I don’t know who my readers think or believe I’m referring to when I use my term Team Dark or The Negatives, but I am referring to ALL of the negative nonphysical, other-dimensional Beings…including the “Archons”! Let me be really clear about who exactly I’m talking about so there’s no further misunderstandings such as this.

      I’m going to add here too that I have over the years and decades, actually clairvoyantly seen ALL of these negative beings; had numerous lucid dream encounters, abductions from the astral, energetic/psychic battles and attacks, and discussions with them; been attacked by them all; had the majority of them scream their enormous hatred of me at me in intimate face-to-face encounters which is something to experience believe me! These encounters have taken place in the old pre 12-21-12 3D physical realm, in the 4D astral realm, and in the 2D Elemental realm both while awake and while I was asleep and out of my physical body yet highly lucid and functional in other appropriate bodies.

      The reason why I’ve had a lifetime of attacks and attempts on my life and on other family members lives, on my pets, on some friends etc., is because I’m a Forerunner Starseed Lightworker Gridworker Trasmuter and Embodier of Higher Energies/Blueprints on earth. Team Dark has taken great offense to my, and the others like me, incarnating on earth now to do all we have and still are doing for All. In other words, they easily recognize souls such as myself on the Ascension Mission and they do (have done I should now say 🙂 ) their best — in multiple ways and through multiple humans also — to stop me, derail me, discredit me and worse. I’m still here however and They are not. Ascension Mission accomplished. 🙂

      1) Reptilian beings — aka Negative Aliens, aka Negative Orion beings
      2) Draconian beings — aka Negative Aliens
      3) most of the Grey ETs
      4) some other ET-like races
      5) Demons and Devils etc.
      6) lesser negative entities

      All of these listed Negative beings and others are included under my umbrella term of Team Dark and/or The Negatives. And as I said, I’ve had repeated personal experiences, attacks, attempts on my life, attempts on the lives of certain family members, friends and my pets, and repeated face-to-face conversations (yell fests is more accurate) and interactions with many of these non-human, non-physical, other-dimensional negative Beings that I’ve listed. The only listed being that I have not had a conversation with directly or telepathically is the Draconians, and from what they look like, I’m VERY glad that I have not because they are horrendous evil beings! Draconians were like super Demonic beings that make Demons pale in comparison! If humanity only knew how it has really been…

      As is typical for me, after years and/or decades of my personally experiencing these types of multidimensional interactions, attacks, battles, attempts on my life etc., I’m eventually led to a book that discusses what I have personally experienced myself for many years already. In other words, when the time for me personally is right, I’m led to information/book/website etc. that talks about what I’ve seen, experienced, felt, battled against and so on for many, many years already. Confirmation. Such was the case just last year (2011) when I discovered and bought John Lash’s book Not In HIS Image. All that book did for me was confirm my own lifelong multidimensional experiences with Team Dark — aka the “Archons”.

      Your suggestion for me to “educate” myself about the “existence and history of the Archons” is profoundly unnecessary for the simple fact that I’ve intimately known Them/Team Dark/Demons/Archons all of my life and have seen them, talked with them, battled against them trying to kill me or prevent me from doing what I’m here on earth now to do. The real situation now — post 12-21-12 — is for all people like yourself and so many others that have suddenly shown up at TRANSITIONS to “educate YOURSELVES on the existence and history of we Forerunners, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Transmutors and Embodiers incarnate on earth now and why”.

      The Game and Players have Changed and it’s finally time for more people to realize who’s who and what’s what with all of this. Welcome to the NEW and amazingly IMPROVED earth world and energetic blueprints that is minus ALL Team Dark/The Negatives/Archons members finally.

      Denise Le Fay

      • Bravo Bravo Denise !! As you shared, I also have experienced a lifetime of attacks by ALL of Team Dark primarily thru energetic/psychic battles and attacks, and discussions with them. Your description of “them screaming their enormous hatred of you at you in intimate face-to-face encounters” was not only brutally honest but also brought cold shivers to my soul as one who has also experienced the vile screaming hatred. Team Dark’s sole mission is (was) to stop, in any way they can, our Ascension Mission through their pervasive evil soliciting, as you shared, ‘multiple humans’ to join their army of hatred — “to stop, derail, discredit and worse” — soul death.

        Alex Blach’s “suggestion for you to “educate” yourself about the “existence and history of the Archons” was not only profoundly unnecessary but blatantly rude, condescending and inanely ignorant of your lifetime of battles with every evil Team Dark threw at you.

        Yes Yes Yes dear Mr. Blach: “The real situation now — post 12-21-12 — is for all people like you and so many others that have suddenly shown up at TRANSITIONS to “educate yourselves on the existence and history of the Starseeds, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Transmutors, Embodiers incarnate on earth now and why”.

        “I’m still here however and They are not. Ascension Mission accomplished.” says it all Denise. Sincerest gratitude for all you are and all you do…

      • A fantastic post! I need to read up about starseeds and lightworkers because I don’t know much about them.

        I haven’t been through anything anywhere near this level of attack, but nonetheless I have been under some attack. A healer did something to close up my aura which stopped me sensing presences so much, so that helped reduce the attack. Prior to this I had clear ‘entity sensing’ and ‘telepathy’ with various low grade astral beings.

        To name it, what I had mostly was low level negative entities try to drain me or convince me to do things. The presences were clearly hateful and dark.

        What happens occasionally is that I would – for no obvious reason – detect an extremely dark/demonic presence enter my room and watch me…these presences did not seem to be able to do anything more than just give off bad vibes.

        What is more interesting is that I wrote a blog about my meditative progress for some months…and I got drawn towards showing it to a human who strongly attacked me on an emotional/mental level, pretty much calling me mental. He gave off an extreme level of darkness!

        I felt so attacked by these messages I closed down the blog because I felt it got corrupted by darkness! I get the feeling that if I speak out about certain issues, I attract bad attention and potentially get put under attack (but am generally left alone if I don’t spread too much information).

        What happened some weeks ago was similar to what I wrote above – I suddenly felt this human’s presence in my room! I was like wow, it’s his aura. It was very, very dark. Then after his aura vanished, another dark being was in my room watching.

        I felt irritated so I used reiki energy to knock this spirit out of the room. It’s like my privacy is seriously invaded. I noticed that I can use that energy to push aside a lot of astral entities if they bother me which is good. On the downside, if I used the energy to try to put up a protecting sphere, I would notice a lot of entities come to watch to see whats going on, so they watch from outside.

        One other thing I feel is worth mentioning is that an old friend about a year ago got me to read this ‘channeled material’ on a particular website, which mentioned reptilians and greys.

        After this I was under unbelievable attack, I could feel demonic jokers flying around me, whispering telepathic messages of hate into my ears…when I told them to go away, they attacked me through a friend of mine, causing him to send out unbelievable level of hate towards me…I have never felt this level of hate before. we also had creepy stuff like power cuts and other issues.

        After this I went to a healer and she closed up my outer aura so I didn’t sense so many bad things and I avoided the website.

        But I still sense presence if it is strong, such as very dark or very light. I feel strong presence of light now that I read this website, as if light beings are watching me here.

        Do you have any comment on this?

        Thanks for your time.


      • Jamie,

        Lightbeings are here and are also overseeing TRANSITIONS. 🙂

        We’re having to learn and now master being conscious of our consciousness; being aware of what we think and feel etc. because there’s almost instantaneous consequences to what we think and feel emotionally. This is due to the Ascension Process and more people realizing that they are indeed responsible for their thoughts and emotions and not only their physical actions. My point is that, especially now, if we mentally and/or emotionally focus on Team Dark/the Negatives as I call all of these beings, we easily and quickly attract that same frequency range and consciousness (negativity in its many forms) and/or drop our frequencies down to where we’re back within range of picking up these lower negative beings etc. It’s all about the different levels of frequency; which range do you/me/each of us want to intentionally tune into and be a part of and affected by? That’s the bottom-line now; learning how to be Conscious and responsible for what we allow ourselves to mentally and emotionally focus on.

        You and I know that these Negative beings exist, and we know that they only want to harm and/or destroy us. I don’t need, at this point, to think about them or what I’ve experienced because of them. I now turn my back on them and they no longer exist for me personally. This is symbolic and also literal and it works very well. What is no longer a “reality” to me/you/each of us can no longer exist within our reality, so these issues are now up to us to help them exit this reality by giving them zero mental and emotional focus energies.


      • I definitely understand what you’re saying! I think mostly I am doing Okay, it’s just sometimes negative memories enter my head and I’m suddenly thinking ‘oh no I don’t want to think about that anymore!’ to control our emotions and thoughts is sure going to be tricky…and yes…whenever I read your posts or the comments of others here I can already feel the presence of light beings! Very soft!

        Thanks for the update and I’ll keep working on myself.

  38. Thank You a lot for this site. Cleared up a few things for me as I’ve been going through some attacks myself. Its been botherng me a lot. I can see many of these beings mainly reptilians. Will send you a full update on my experiences. This is just to say Hi!!! And that I really needed this forum and insights from all like minded people. Been feeling alienated deep down.

  39. Hi Denise and All who read here,
    I have never posted, but have read here for years….with much gratitude and appreciation for all the guidence!
    Find myself in need of help, and I am somewhat embarrassed by asking for help, because I have never posted any words of support, but let me say that you all have been in my prayers over the years.
    I too am very familiar with a certain level of Interference from dark and negative forces…for instance the various resistances felt when working with the rising Pillar of Platinum Light during the 12 D Shield…etc. Resistances, manipulated detours of Intentions…all that.
    But this past Sat. night…over night while dreaming, something happened that has me really scrambling to ‘get a grip’
    That is …without elaborately explaining the whole dream….what happened was at the very end, I walked through the door that led outside from inside the building where I had been ( i did not ‘choose’ this door it was just the way to the outside)…and down 3 or 4 steps into a light snow, and immediately an inner voice of mine screamed …panicky, horrified—‘What have you done?’ and simultaneously from behind me I felt the darkest, grasping energy I have ever consciously felt take hold of the back of my neck on both sides and kind of lay across my shoulders. I screamed in my dream as I have never unloosed a scream before…a total whole body scream, and right then a ‘tone’ went off in Right side of my head. A tone somewhat like the ones that occur when a e-mail arrives. I do not remember that I accomplished any degree of jerking away from it before I woke up…i think i brought it with me.
    I bolted up, and amazingly I did not panic, but that side of my head where the tone had rung, was very sore. I immediately got up. I still did not panic, and the only thing I could think of to do was to do the 12 D shield, and believe me I know that is akin to shutting the barn door after the cows are out, but it is all I could think of. To get into that platinum light…..
    So here I am today,the pain has diffused in my head, but spread halfway down my back and I am experiencing glimmers and shadows and slides of fleeting thoughts that are very unlike me…petty, jealous little beginnings of thoughts that are not mine or ‘of ME’ Well, i mean to say, that of course i do have those thoughts to the normal degree that all people do…there is now just some wiley, oily, yuucky energy sliding them in…I know I sound Nuts. I nip them in the bud by staying in the highest feeling and emotions that I can muster..Joy, Love, Serenity ..as LR decribes it does help and also makes the pain recede.
    I think I realize that the PSD tool of Lisa Renee’s site referring to Suppressor Parasite Entites is what I am dealing with.
    But I am struggling with how to form a ‘Step 1 Step 2 Step 3’ defense and hoping for some input and guidance from you guys. I can’t seem to hold a plan of attack in my mind…..
    I want to deal with this starting right now because I can see easily how debilitating carrying this around will be. Debilitating being an understatement.
    My ‘Fear’ is amazingly in check. I am not panicked.
    Does anyone know of an Energy Practicioner in the Frederick MD area who might be able to facilitate the process as outlined in Lisa Renee’s Parasite page? Or someone who could work with me remotely?
    Is there a Stone or a Crystal i might use to help?
    Has anyone of you succeeded at this or something similar?
    I am holding to the knowledge that in these Post Expiration date times, the whole of the Universe will aid the crumpling and removal of these negatives, and so I feel very supported and comforted by that….but I need a ‘plan’ or guidance to initiate effective measures to take other than the vague ones I have been using to ‘just hold on’
    Thank you Thank you Thank You!
    Much Love to you all,

    • “I can’t seem to hold a plan of attack in my mind…”


      That sentence is very telling and I’ve experienced it many, many times over these ascension years. It is a clear sign, a clue that one is under negative psychic attack by nonphysical Team Dark beings. One of their tactics is to interfere with a person’s ability to mentally focus and stay on track mentally.

      “…and I am experiencing glimmers and shadows and slides of fleeting thoughts that are very unlike me…”

      This is another common and reliable sign, clue that one has some very tenacious negative nonphysical being/entity attached to oneself or as they say in the paranormal community, you are “being oppressed”. There’s a difference between being oppressed and possessed and the vast majority of humanity has been or are oppressed by nonphysical negative beings/entities (Team Dark in other words). I’ve experienced this myself many times over the years and have written about it here and in A Lightworker’s Mission. The main thing you need to be very aware of now is that you are under attack and it’s going to take some work and determination on your part to get whatever it is that sounds like it did connect/attach itself to you while asleep and dreaming (in the lower Astral it sounds).

      Keep doing Lisa Renee’s 12 D Shield morning and night EVERY day for weeks, months. I’d also suggest that you repeatedly say aloud and in your mind repeatedly throughout every day and when you wake up at night, Lisa Renee’s other great energy tool and reminder that — “I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE”. We all need to remember this fact whether we’re under attack or not, so keep saying it Mara, stating it to both yourself and to this negative entity and any others that may be lingering nearby. It’s a great tool to help one regain some personal power, strength, mental clarity and Lightwarrior fighting balls 😉 to be able to energetically protect oneself better from these Team Dark parasites.

      Some major intense positive energies arrived on March 1st that I felt, am still feeling, and every time this sort of incoming blast of Light Waves arrive, the old Negatives/Team Dark panic a bit more because they know they’re loosing their old food and fuel supplies — much of humanity — so they go out hunting, searching for anyone anywhere that they can suck some life-force out of at this point! This is why it’s so important to maintain a disciplined routine of self protection and protection around your bedroom, around your house, around your whole property whatever that is. Keep this up until you can feel, sense, know that YOU have moved/ascended out of that lower frequency range where Team Dark has existed and functioned from etc. and because of this, they cannot reach you any longer. It’s a joy like none other let me tell you! 😀

      “Does anyone know of an Energy Practicioner in the Frederick MD area who might be able to facilitate the process as outlined in Lisa Renee’s Parasite page? Or someone who could work with me remotely?”

      For specific info from Lisa Renee, I’d suggest, if you’re an ES member, to consult with the other “mentors” in the member forum at Energetic Synthesis. I’m not familiar with all of Lisa’s steps/methods etc.

      Take a deep breath now for this next part. ♥ This attack is, believe it or not, very much like an Initiation and this is why I ALWAYS council people who ask me about these types of situations, to USE the attack to get yourself free. Why? Because it’s by the very act of (and for many of us these Initiations are many!) struggling, fighting, taking back one’s power, being fully responsible, not buying into the fear(s) even when some demonic monster and/or negative alien being is literally trying its damnedest to destroy you. Living this fight, this battle, this confrontation with the Dark both within and without is so very Initiatic and empowering…in the end… that it’s well worth the work. For some of us this is something we MUST go through to learn more, know more, be able to teach others about such as I’m doing and you probably will too, and also to take back some of our power etc. It’s also one very direct way to move/ascend beyond Team Dark and that frequency range entirely and for that alone I strongly suggest to fight your way through this attack.

      Use whatever physical tools (gemstones, sage etc.) that means something to YOU, other than that and the fact that you ARE an aspect of Source/God/The All That Is and because of this you have the Divine Right to not have these types of parasites try to steal your life-force energies from you/me/each of us! You, me, each of us has the Divine Right to NOT have any being, any entity, any human, any ghost etc. etc. oppress us, attack us, feed off of us in any way(s) period. Hold that Divine Right close to your heartmind always and burn that Negative tick off of you with LIGHT/LOVE.

      Be strong, be wise, be the real YOU ♥

      • Ahhhhhhh Thank you Denise! I feel a real sense of power after reading your words….and I know you are right ON when you say I must USE this attack, and I am fully committed to fighting my way through.
        That night prior to going to sleep, I had told my Guides that I wanted to dream, that i wanted to remember my dreams, and that I would like to be shown experiences or have dream experiences that I needed to move forward. Much the same language as I have used every few nights if I remember to do it.
        I did not remember this till later yesterday, and then a part of me wondered if this attachment was something along those lines, as you say…an Initiation… but i said to myself Oh! surely not! This is too too intense. But if is is, I feel like that explains why I am not panicked. Believe me I am no stranger to panic attacks over the years as Ascension symptoms wax and wane! But I am feeling very strong…I had no validation, and now you have provided me some! Hugs to you!
        And also, upon reflection I think i may have been under sort of a low level sub-acute attack for quite awhile, and now, since I asked and got what I asked for, I am really seeing the mechanics at work, my Guides are allowing me to..and frankly, I must have needed a boot in the rear and a reason to start consistently using these wonderful tools you and LR provide…I have been skating along…a patch here, and upgrade there…..
        I feel shifts, and I am progressing up my personal stairsteps, but i have actually felt a sense of being ‘railroaded’ for awhile. Now, under this attack, after doing a 12 D shield, the ‘me ‘that emerges is the truest “me” I have felt in awhile…..but the Negative creeps back….but i am trying to say, instead of living so-so—–not quite clear, but not real muddy either, I am seeing 180 degree opposites in myself. This is a great illustration to me of the “ME” that will exist after kicking this Neg. team member out on it’s kiester!
        Hugs and Hugs!

      • Mara,

        Well done you! ♥

        Remember that old esoteric term “the Guardian at the Threshold”? In many cases such as these ones with Team Dark even, they are our so-called Initiatic guardians at the threshold, and of course, the “threshold” in our cases now during this Ascension Process is ascension! 😉 Keep up the Great Work you’re doing within yourself.


      • Hi Denise!
        I am writing to report that I am making progress. :-)) I have done the 12D Shield morning and night…..and it is most definitely helping! I am not a member of the ES community and I have decided to not join because the generous ‘free’ tools both you, the souls who comment here, and LR offer seems to be all one needs …and coupled with your very welcome and experienced and generously available coaching !!!
        I have also been working with the latest Hathor tool on Tom Kenyons website.
        It occurred to me that the subject of the dream i told you about…could be an avenue to help me out. The attachment occurred at the end of a dream I was having about a man I had a relationship with many many years ago..bottom line is that I did him wrong.
        And so i am using the Hathor tool to resolve issues around that event/relationship, and having forward-moving results…and that in turn seems to be positively affecting my efforts at resolving this attachment thing via the Shield..if that makes sense. My 12 D Shield efforts are definitely improving.
        For the first time ever..this morning while doing the shield, I ‘saw’ my guides..my ‘team’!
        Now, they did flicker in and out, because I just could not hold the place where i could easily continue seeing them, but in between gllimpses I felt their presence more steadily and more firmly than ever before. I also heard their calming and coaching words more clearly!
        I have been able to somewhat improve the brightness of the platinum light as it goes through the portion of my body that is where the attachment is…but not completely illuminate it. Above that area, (shoulders & neck & head up to right below my 3rd eye) and below that area I can see the pillar plainly and absorb the light easily, but not In the area of attachment. My merkaba star kind of goes into it as it rises and emerges out the top, and I almost completely lose sight of it in that area …it dims and flickers and strains to rise. There is just a big lump of stagnant stuff there. that are of my body hurts excruciatingly , horribly so…clenches….spasms…as I focus on it during the shield technique…. It has lightened up but is still very dark. Is this typicaI of what is called ‘an energy block’ ? I will not give up!
        I have a feeling that as I work with the Hathor tool, i will uncover many issues that are playing into my circumstance…issues that need this work done. But I am noticing that I am proceeding faster than I ever have before…faster than in all the previous years of trying to work on my inside-myself stuff.
        In hindsight, i realize that I have been feeling a low level dread of going to sleep off and on now for months, so I think that this attachment issue actually happened first many months ago, and that as you said, i finally got myself to a place where my Team let me experience it somewhat consciously knowing as they did that I had finally
        arrived at a point where I would not freak out, but would get effectively pissed off and Do Something About It!

        Sending You much Love & Thanks,

      • “… But I am noticing that I am proceeding faster than I ever have before…faster than in all the previous years of trying to work on my inside-myself stuff…”


        Firstly, very well done you! ♥ 🙂 Secondly, everyone incarnate now has this amazing opportunity to take advantage of these rare Divine/Source/Cosmic/Galactic etc. evolutionary energies to make HUGE and VERY fast spiritual progress. Since 1999 we’ve been moving through (transmuting and integrating) tremendous amounts of personal inner stuff and also plenty of outer stuff as well. BUT, and this is really important for each and every one of us — this Ascension Process from the Expiration Date / Paradigm Shift Point of 12-21-12 through to the September 22, 2013 Equinox, is the “Nine Months”, the Three Trimesters period and we’re all now within the last super intense and compressed phase of this process. It hurts at times but it’s also bringing tremendous positive changes/improvements to us in ways we’re not even fully aware of yet!

        Point is, USE these “Nine Months” to make incredibly positive and huge spiritual evolutionary leaps forward. Let all the other silly shit go everyone because time is now really short.

        Group ♥ Hug,

    • Mara, I’ve been having to deal with some nasty stuff that’s been with me since birth, or lifetimes really, draining me to near death, quite literally. I just finally saw it when Light showed it to me some weeks ago. I feel the same as you, that in these times we are being shown and helped in the removal and healing of all things that are not pure.
      My life force had been leaking really badly and I had no energy or desire to deal with this by myself. Debilitating has been an understatement indeed.

      If it resonates with you, see if you can find the Saint Germain flower essences, I researched online and had them made in a drugstore. While I was reading about them, just the name of one of the essences gave me instant relief (allium, in my case), so I would say to follow your instinct on what to choose, or go for many that seem right, there are some specific for psychic attacks. My impression has been that, once the essences keep me more protected, these things have no way of keeping on feeding on me and are more easily removed by the Light Beings or our own True/higher Selves.

      Hope it helps. Let us know how it goes.


      • Thank you Kaisa!
        I will look into these!
        I am so glad you are making headway against something that has had you down so long…you are very strong!
        I will definitely let you know how it goes with me……and I will be keeping you in my thoughts too!


  40. Can I ask, what do you do when you are kept awake for fourteen days and nearly die? Survive and then spend the next two years being nattered at by them? How do you protect yourself when they make it seem they are about to murder your grandchildren?

    Would really like to know.

    • “Can I ask, what do you do when you are kept awake for fourteen days and nearly die? Survive and then spend the next two years being nattered at by them? How do you protect yourself when they make it seem they are about to murder your grandchildren?

      Would really like to know.”


      Firstly, it sounds like you’d benefit from and relate to my book A Lightworker’s Mission.

      You need to learn to energetically protect yourself, your house/property, and if needed your grandchildren, or if they’re old enough, teach them how to protect themselves too. Use whatever methods of energetic protection that you trust and feel, sense are 100% trustworthy and of The Light.

      I suggest that you daily and nightly for months envision a wall of Light that goes a couple feet into the ground and 40 feet or so up into the air above your house/land/property. Envision this wall of Light on the east side of your house/land/property, the south side, the west side, and the north side. SEE it, FEEL it, KNOW that you are intentionally creating an etheric barricade of protection against any and all negativity and negative beings and humans. This is not wishful or magical thinking, you are indeed building, creating an etheric protection around your house/land/property and doing this takes time, energy, focus, determination, and dedication to it’s maintenance after you’ve gotten it ethereally strong and dense enough to do the job.

      Also, envision this wall of Light protection going around the four directions down into the ground and up into the air well above the highest point of your roof AND also enclose it completely so it’s like a huge dome of Light protection over your entire land/property/house/cars/pets/humans etc. This is a 4D Astral equivalent of a 3D physical “Security System”. Seriously. And it works but it does require some maintenance once it’s up and running, but that is easy once you’ve gotten really good at visualizing and feeling it actually there because you built it.

      Once you’ve mastered this around your house/land/property, you can do the same process around your grand-children’s house or their bedrooms etc.


      • Wow. I just saw sadee’s comment on the side of this blog – and a feeling inside told me to click it. Now – I click it and Denise’s reply was exactly what I personally needed to hear at this time. I needed more advise trying to build etheric protection! There is some Serious levels of intuition going on all around me 🙂 , it’s also coming through me too – several other people I spoke to told me I gave them the right information/advise at exactly the time they needed it – all of this has been over my head, above and beyond my lower ego!

        Anyway, it really feels like magic is in the air so I feel quite good about all this now. Thanks for the tip Denise. Speaking about the actual topic of psychic protection, do you focus on each ‘wall of light’ for how long? several minutes? or longer? Do you put up the barrier each day? I’ve been creating higher frequency fields which come out of my heart to try to protect my room from psychic attack lately – so far it works!


  41. Great article. I feel resentment, too, for all of the negative attacks. I also feel resentment because every time I actively work on bettering my health and raising my vibration, the next time I go out in public, I receive 100 times more attention from people. It’s like they all start gravitating towards me, more negatives than positives. I also have the soul mission of being a teacher, but I resent that strangers on a bus, in a cafe where I am reading a book and enjoying a cup of coffee, in a taxi, on the street, in a grocery store feel that it is their right to interrupt me and to demand free lessons or guidance in something from me. I am NOT a free walking teacher available to anyone at any time just because they think I have something that they want.

    Since this has been happening since childhood, but has gotten worse in the past five or six years, now, at age 40, I am working on building my own coaching/teaching business. Because they will NOT stop coming at me like this. It is very irritating and every time it happens, I feel less and less inclined to help anyone with anything. They are information vampires and don’t want to give me anything of equal value in return. So I don’t think they deserve my help. Any of them. Yet, I can’t get them off of me.

    Can we break the contract to be a lightworker in this lifetime and just go back to have a normal, happy life without all of this B.S.? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But I still don’t believe that planet earth deserves any of my help after the way I’ve been treated and attacked for years.

    • Akasha,

      When I first started experiencing strangers being ASTONISHINGLY rude and disrespectful to me while in some store shopping or in a parking lot etc., I was shocked. I’d be in some store shopping (this happened three days ago) and looking at some specific product trying to read labels and so on, and some stranger and/or a small herd of strangers would suddenly all be in my space trying to get a look at what I was looking at. It was like they didn’t even see me, or the polar opposite and they just needed/need to get in as physically close to me as they can — which I hate — and give off nasty vibes and attitude. It’s unbelievable really but because this strange business started when my physical Ascension Process started (1999), I know the two things are related. Lower frequencies (that was me being polite 🙄 ) can HATE the Light and those of us carrying Light, but they’ll still crowd in and try to parasite off of you/me/us while throwing hatred and contempt at us simultaneously. It’s such shit n’ misery and I too cannot wait until I, and all others carrying Light, never ever again have to endure this sort of silent warring with the Dark through humans.

      Just stay in your High Heart and insist (Consciously Create or Intend) that people with heart and respect and gratitude are attracted to you and the others just… disappear. 🙂


      • Hi Denise,

        Thank you for your response! Really. I’m so glad it isn’t just me, not that I would wish this on anyone, but at least I’m not alone in this. All that stuff about you the law of attraction leaves out the point that if you are a spot of light in the midst of darkness, you will be targeted by the dark. I’ve had this problem my whole life, but the past thirteen years have been intense with the last 3 to 5 just getting worse and worse. It’s like they seek us out to attack us. It gets old.

        But you are very right. Focusing on the light and insisting on having respectful, conscious people in my life will definitely help. I wish it would be an easier ride though!

        Love and light,

    • Hi Akasha and Denise,
      Akasha: you have just described my daily life. I am working in hypnotherapy and coaching and it’s the same daily experience. I feel I have to run out the home and run back again. And Denise’s reply is the same for me: even if I go for a remote hike someone finds me! Sometimes I’m happy to help but I really got stuck with a couple of hypnotherapy clients who had “latched” on to me. I am new, my first year but had actively decided I was ready as I know this profession could drain everything out of me if not careful. I am now delivering more wide spread support online but not person to person for the rest of the year as I just can’t. You are not alone in your experience, Akasha.

      • This is an important topic Sarah and All because as we evolve via this compressed Ascension Process, we’re all having to evolve from Duality and disempowerment to Unity and individual self-empowerment. That is one huge evolutionary leap and many, many are having a difficult time letting go of their beliefs and/or habitual actions of looking for everything outside themselves.

        In the “healing fields” what’s happening and will continue to is that it’s evolving from the person seeking help/healing/knowledge etc. from someone or people outside themselves to increasingly learning that they are able to help/heal/educate themselves because they’re so much MORE than they’ve always believed. Everyone is going through this in varying degrees. And because of all these ongoing evolutionary changes, many people with old lower frequency consciousness and beliefs etc. still believe they need someone else to Do The Inner Work for them. As long as they believe this they’ll try to physically, emotionally, mentally and psychically/energetically parasite off from other people. This is why we need to protect ourselves from these still unaware people. People are now having to learn to be, live, function from a higher level where they are Source Contained, Self Contained, and never parasite off of anyone or anything else ever again. ❤

  42. Hello Denise,

    Your blog spoke to my soul! I am an inter dimensional indigo born as part of the first wave. i have had a rotten life and until earlier this year, I have no less than 42 forced earth entry and holographic entry agreements to enter here, which have now, thankfully, been obliterated. These agreements were awful things such as ‘you will never see the fruits of your labour,’ and isolation and prevention of all meaningful relationships and love, etc. I suffered from depression for 20 years because of this particular one!
    I woke up as an indigo back in 2008. Then all hell broke loose. I have had so many negative and telepathic psychic attacks from reptilians, renegade Pleidians, mind control attempts, being dog piled with implants and other awful things I could write a book about ’em! Other ‘love and lighters’ in this area alway think that we must be ‘doing something wrong,’ or just don’t believe that these things can be sorted out in the usual tried and trusted psychic way! They do not have a clue. It was frustrating. I still get loads of psychic attacks but I see them as ‘positive,’ meaning that they only serve to educate me and make me stronger.

    • Just reading your comment really spoke to me. For I realized that around the time my awakening occurred, I too began getting psychic attacks and “visits” from negative spirits. Like you, I too could write a book about all of the experiences. Like you, I too ended up suffering severely from depression. In fact, I almost lost my life to suicide. But thankfully I did not. I then found the tremendous courage to make some serious changes in my life, and they were all for the better.
      Love and light to you.

      • Love and light to you too, Denise! 🙂

        It is truly wonderful to connect with others who are experiencing (and suffering) in the same way so we can support each other.
        Ever since I posted this missive on your site, I have found out some more really amazing things about myself. I am from a dimension where the usual laws of physics do not apply. I am from what is known as the Zindel realm, more commonly known as the fae or UV realm. I am from the very 1st UV realm. We use magick to manifest our desires. Technology has no real place there.
        I think that like you I am here to transmute energies to higher frequencies, which is why the attacks on me are very similar to what you experience.
        I am finding that the more I am attacked the more I learn and the more my psychic abilities open up. Is this the same for you?
        These attacks, however are very wearing. Back in 2008 things got so bad for me that I tried to slash my wrists. Thank goodness I never succeeded. Something inside me just couldn’t go through with it. In 2008 I had to seek help from a shaman in order to clear literally hundreds of beings from me. Apparently the island I was working on (Nantucket island, MA) is a place where black magic rituals have historically been carried out. Numerous portals were left open, and the place I was staying in had an open one. At the time, I had a shove in, which, I think, in part orchestrated this severe attack on me. Twice these negative beings tried to kill me by blurring my vision and trying to entrance me to walk in front of a tram. I nearly died three times. Good thing is I am still here and stronger than ever! 🙂 It took fully three months to clear all the negativity around me. It was the worst time of my life.
        Now I am fearless and will never give into it.

        Thank you.

  43. Since I was a very small child, I always felt like there was a battle going on between light and dark to get me to choose a side. But I always chose the light over the darkness. Yet, darkness always tried to squeeze its way in somehow.

    It took me a very long time to learn how to not be affected and pulled down by other people’s negativity. As well, I no longer allow myself to get pulled down from any of the negativity that I see going on in the world. Instead, I fill my thoughts and visions with positivity and light.

    I came very close to losing my life due to the darkness eg; suicide. It caught a hold of me and pulled me in. Thankfully however, I fought my way out of the darkest place I had ever been, and I chose to longer allow myself to be any where near negativity or darkness. I choose to stand in the light. I choose to stand with other light beings. I believe that there are far more of us than their are dark ones, and our light will destroy the darkness.

    • Darlene & All,

      Lightworkers glow in the Dark 😉 which means we’re spotted by Team Dark long before we even remember who we are and why we intentionally incarnated on 3D Earth now! 😆 It’s a very hard learning curve for most Lightworkers/Starseeds for sure, but once we remember who, what, why, when, where etc., then we go into Ascension related Lightworker Mode even more so and do what we’re here now to do for ALL. ❤ But because we all came into a totally controlled negative world run by nonphysical and physical Team Dark members, we're on their Hit Lists first and they've worked long and hard to stop us, kill us off, get us to kill ourselves, go mad, give up and so on. When I honestly think about what the Volunteers have gone through in 3D and 4D in these Ascension period lives I understand that we are indeed well-renowned universally for what we do and where we do it.

      While we're on this topic again, in case anyone was wondering about this, for the past week (June1-8, 2013) there's been another upsurge of the Negativity/Team Dark doing their familiar ‘Smash & Grab’ tactic both on the physical plane or dimension and simultaneously on the lower 4D Astral plane/dimension. When they pull their ‘Smash & Grab’ tactic on the Astral plane, many of us experience dreams which quickly morph into full-blown nightmares which can be about anything. The more bloody, horrific, violent, fear inducing etc. etc. etc. the better for Team Dark. The deliberately induced nightmare dream(s) ARE the Smash & Grab on the 4D Astral dimension. And because of this recent upsurge of Negativity, many of you may have experienced one or more of these intentional dreams that turn into nightmares where you are attacked, chased, threaten, trapped, witness murders, tortures or whatever.

      On the physical plane or dimension this same ‘Smash & Grab’, fear-inducing tactic has been clearly happening in multiple locations around the planet this past week. No fear about this next statement anyone please — I’m merely sharing what happens all the time over these Ascension years — but ‘Planet B’ has been trying very hard to bleed-through into this current transitional ‘Planet A/B’ world reality. It will not succeed from our perspectives, but this is what this looks and feels like when two or more different worlds and timelines briefly come close to each other and then continue back towards further SEPARATION from each other. (The Separation of Worlds business.)

      Anyway… just thought I’d quickly share this latest Multi-D info for those of you who’ve had unpleasant dreams/nightmares this past week. Team Dark has been busy again trying to “Grab” as much energy/food/fuel from wherever and whomever they can at this point and they do this on both the physical world and the lower astral and usually simultaneously or days apart. It’s not “you” — it’s another Smash & Grab attack(s) that now mainly cover physical and lower astral levels.

      The positive side of this latest upsurge of Negativity by Team Dark is that they’re well-aware that the June 20, 2013 Solstice is right around the corner and, as always, a BUNCH of VERY powerful and VERY positive energies and corresponding changes/improvements will begin happening because of that. Like clockwork, Team Dark always comes in before some very positive energy change or shift is about to happen physically and they do their Smash & Grab tactics on whoever they can individually and collectively in the Physical dimension and also in the Astral dimension. So after the dust settles, know everyone, that these latest attacks really indicate that more positive changes are about to enter this physical dimension which only weakens the Negatives and so they lash out and attack and create as much chaos and fear and murder and mayhem as they can. DO NOT BUY INTO ANY OF IT. Keep your High Heart on what YOU want and to hell with the insanity and distractions happening around you/me/each of us. Hold, hold, hold the Higher Frequencies in your High Heart people and don’t get suckered by Team Dark to look at them and whatever chaos they’re currently creating because it’s Team Dark throwing out a huge NET to catch, snag, as many people and keep them producing as much lower frequency energies (fear, anger, violence etc.) that they use. Hold steady my fellow Team Light Ascension travelers. ❤

      Group Hug,

      • Denise,

        What you’ve said here may explain something I’ve been experiencing lately. I’m not having nightmares per say, but what’s been happening is when I wake up from sleeping I’ll feel a black cloud of negative energy descend over me, it takes the form of fear, mostly a feeling of anxiety, and it just moves down and sits there. When this happens I observe it and feel into it. I know it’s not really “mine”. I’ve wondered if it’s simply the collective fear and anxiety of humanity right now, but I’ve also noticed that sometimes it almost feels like “bait” – like I can either buy into it or not. I don’t, and then after a while it goes away. A few times I just observed it for a while and then the light came flowing back in and within seconds the negative cloud was gone.

        I used to have this same thing happen a lot many years ago when I was first starting into the heavy part of my ascension process. Back then I’d fall for it and go into terrible fear and anxiety. Now there’s too much light and it can’t get ahold of me anymore. Still, it’s been showing up over the past couple weeks after many years of my not having that particular experience.

        I suppose it could also be some of my own remaining negative stuff surfacing as we go through this nine month period. But I feel perfectly fine for the first few moments after waking up, THEN it descends – like it’s been waiting for me. It’s almost like an invitation to feel fear and pain. And the answer is: NO THANKS.


      • Thanks for the update. The dark side is pain! Glad to hear better energy is coming in a few weeks, although it’s coming along with Mercury Retrograde. 🙂

      • I hear you and send love to All Here. Thank you, Denise, Hold Steady for sure! Even in this tiny town where I live, I see the timelines splitting, and I especially see it happening on the very few Internet sites that I visit. Some sites, that not long ago felt high vibe to me, are now in a real battle about whose Truth is “the Truth”. Seems to me it’s lower 4D versus upper 4D, and 5D just over the horizon. Still here and still with you, Love, B.

  44. Hello Denise, Barbara, and all!
    Just wanted to let you know I am still here too, but have been very quiet. Words just don’t come as easily any more and I am far too tired to chase them down. Barbara, I have noticed the exact same thing as you with the few websites I used to enjoy & consider high vibe! Now they are fighting amongst each other, within the same community, and I have had to unsubscribe & stop visiting as I simply can’t bear it any longer. Denise, once again I would like to express my enormous gratitude for keeping this space and information flowing in the midst of what can appear to be insurmountable obstacles and paralyzing fatigue. I can’t even manage brief comments and here you are keeping a whole blog going! Thank you so much for all your effort. And love to all here, you all keep me going with your sharing!
    Hugs, empathy, and RESPECT ;-), Elila

    • Elila,

      Thank you dearest for your kind words. It’s been very hard and one big test for me since the start of 2011 of keeping Comments open. I know of course what’s happening and why but there are times when I’m so exhausted myself that I just need some quiet and space from the constant BS negativity coming in through every crack and person IT can. This is why I’m still having to work alone for the most part… Enough said about that. Barbara, even my sister got nailed by Team Dark while working on my new book cover, so you see more was going on as always.

      I knew a few years ago that the closer humanity got to the 12-21-12 Expiration Date, that the more chaos, BS, lies, cons, distortions etc. would be coming out of certain online places, forums, websites, blogs, channeled messages and so on. I knew that the Process of separating the wheat from the chaff would go into overdrive once humanity got past December 21, 2012 and that is exactly what’s happened and continues to happen. It’s walk the talk time for every single person, teacher, and soul now and the Dark cannot hide behind half-truths any longer in 2013. 😀 Bout freakin’ time! 😆

      Gratitude Hug,

      • Dearest Denise,

        I am so sorry about your sister. I thought there was “more going on”, and I wasn’t really sure until very recently, that I was being nailed, too, as I worked on your book. You see, the willow tree in my back yard is dying now and it has been really difficult to come to terms with that. I love you and like Elila and everyone here, I am so grateful that you keep on keeping on. I will be here with you all the way. On the other side, my energy has been high and symptoms not nearly so bad. I keep thinking I’m seeing more and more of upper 4D every day. Thanks again for rescuing me a couple of months ago, and thank you, too, for your strength. Love, B.

      • Barbara,

        I’m sorry about your beloved willow tree. I’m fond of them myself. 😉

        Thank you for understanding that all three of us got nailed starting in March and why — Team Dark does not want that book and what’s in it updated and shared. I honestly thought we’d all be safe doing that project and boy was I wrong! Oh well, I did what I could with it and it will be on the market very soon now despite all the deliberate interference from the Negatives. We are Lightwarriors one and all. ❤


      • I resonate with this lightworker category the most.. I’ve been experiencing the most horrendous constant torture and mind control tactics by team dark since i was 21 years old. I began a type of shamanic initiation in which i felt myself pulled into the “underworld” of the collective unconscious, living out symbolically every dark force, archetype, and patterns of injustice in the historical matrix, starting from “the fall”. They have tried to frame meas the bad one, and turn every truth into a lie.

        I’m not used to talking about this, and it is still hard. for me. I hope i can find others to discuss and work more with…as i’ve learned a lot about healing and harmonizing the whole, from all this…

  45. I just found you and feel i’m finally not alone. I have always been aware of the lie & illusion since birth and have been part of the ascension this entire process. Not exactly sure of my proper title (Starseed /Lightworker/Indigo?) but am a dedicated Lightworker. And unfortunately have been terrorized my entire life. Recently over the past several months, I have been dealing with extremely disturbing, horrific, Physical visit encounters. Thank You to Barbara, I’m going to start working with the 12D Shield for protection. And upping my daily quota of building Light. I never really knew why I was so aligned and tortured by team dark. Always said and was told I was a tortured soul. Not at ALL!!! I’m a Lightworker! and as always fighting the world to Wake Up to reality, light and positive change here on beautiful Gaia! Thank You all I found you just in time. As in the Kybalion…. it is no mistake you have come to this information at this time, the time is exactly when you were ready. I would have had unspeakable difficulty on my own, not knowing there are people who understand and are united as a community.

    Blessed Be,

  46. Beloved Denise,

    Thank You so much! Loved the articles. Taking time processing your entire website. This new piece of enlightenment on my journey has been so empowering. All my life I have battled Dark entities/souls/psychic vampires and never knew why I was targeted, I never backed down and always fight them till destroyed. This renewed my role and purpose, This warrior is ready to continue the fight for Light & planetary metamorphosis.

    Blessed Be,

  47. Hi Denise,

    I just saw this article now. I wondered if attacks of team dark also includes via dreams. Because I had pretty intense and horrible dreams…also very deep dreams like I was in the trenches. This happened before 2012, but now in 2013, I almost don’t remember my dreams, but they also feel lighter.

    Love Lisa

    • “…I wondered if attacks of team dark also includes via dreams…”


      Absolutely! Team Dark has a very easy time messing with humans from the 4D Astral because that’s Home Station for them, plus when we’re asleep and “dreaming”, most people do so in the 4D Astral dimension. Many go into 5D and higher while asleep and “dreaming” but they usually don’t remember them.

      So yes, it’s easy for the Negatives to interact with us, pretend to be other humans (shape-shift to intentionally trick us), manipulate us, create Astral events to get us to produce certain emotions etc. in our “dreams” while in the 4D Astral.

      To be safe, wrap yourself and your bedroom/house in Light Protection before you go to sleep each night… until you know you don’t need to do this anymore.

  48. Good Evening Soul Sisters and Brothers,

    I am so grateful for the courage you all have in sharing your experiences as you could have easily chosen not to 🙂 ! I came across this site after experiencing a heavy deep rooted sadness and dread yesterday and all day today. I just want answers so i can obtain peace. Im also fighting against self medicating through destructive habits and finding more fulfilling and healthy ways to deal with the downside of being an Empath. Most of it has stemmed from thoughts of an incident that occurred this summer that I can’t seem to let go of. It was truly one of those WTF experiences. I put my trust in a stranger believing that he was a truthful being. I’ve confronted this individual more than once to lovingly address his lack of integrity of which I was told was not the case but rather a misunderstanding. Meanwhile his actions screamed the opposite. Needless to say, I was deeply hurt and can’t seem to make sense of the point of this incident. When my thoughts go backwards, I get angry, sad, wonder what I did do attract this and so on. I make every effort to distract myself to limit thinking about it but having a difficult time. I’m meditating, shielding, praying and just when I thought I was strong and over what happened, I get pulled back into that negative space. When I first met this individual, I felt it in spirit that he was all about games, it was my initial reaction. However, at the same time there was an intense, unexplainable attraction which i now chalk it up to just an illusion to somehow trip me up but I allowed my desire to meet someone new and exciting, allowing that to finally manifest in my life to blindside me. I have feelings of hating that thinking about how at that moment, I chose to ultimately allow this to happen. Here I am almost 3 months later still upset and confused. I’ve just discovered that I’m a lightworker/empath. While I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a few years, it has deepened since March of this year as I was in Yoga Teacher Training. Throughout the training, there’s a lot of soul work involved and manifesting desires. Clearly, this was a false alarm as one of my desires was to have a deep connection thats filled with love not lust with the opposite sex. I watched my mates manifest their desires and figured mine would manifest as well. That’s the most frustrating. I just can’t wrap my head around how someone could continuously lie and play someone that wishes them nothing but greatness in life. It would been totally fine if this chance meeting didn’t culminate into a romantic relationship. I might’ve been disappointed but would have felt so much better about it if there was honesty, that he really was not as interested as he lead me on to be. We couldve been friends at least. I think I was nothing more than a dose of ego boost juice which saddens me. When I see him I no longer make eye contact, just cordially speak while he tries to get my attention. I have awesome friends, I usually meet positive life changers and business contacts. For some reason,this part of my life is just filled with blocks and bricks. I wish I could be ok with that as independent as I am, I’m so not. I’m just venting, I don’t necessarily have a question. Thanks for reading. I wanted to mention that I felt comfortable enough to share and that I was uplifted by reading this article and the comments that followed.

    Thank you 🙂

  49. Ever since I could remember I recall believing and telling my mother stories about another world that I came from. I remember, before preschool or potty training, telling her I was sent here to record everything I experienced through my life so I could tell God all about it later, when I finally go back. I could close my eyes and see the place I came from, though I can’t remember it now. My life has been filled with pain and trauma, yet I never give up the belief and faith that it will all work out for the best.

    Since my early teens I have seen glimpses of dark beings, always stalking me. My dreams have been infected with so much horror that I no longer feel affected by the things I see. I have felt other beings attack when I used astral travel and had to fight for my body back. I cleanse, meditate, love, and keep dusting myself off to walk with my head and heart held high. I have met many helpers and teachers over the years, but have no one to lean on at this time for help and support when I am weak. My husband tries to be supportive, but admits he doesn’t “get it”. Any suggestions on finding others like myself whom I can depend on, physically speaking? I feel so alone, and cleansing does not seem to help this feeling.

    • “…I remember, before preschool or potty training, telling her I was sent here to record everything I experienced through my life so I could tell God all about it later, when I finally go back…”

      Sioux Garnier-Stanley,

      I too have always known that I’m here, that we’re ALL here (earth and elsewhere simultaneously) to experience, learn and create all so we can take it back HOME and give it all to God/Source/the Divine etc. because we all are aspects of God/Source/the Divine projected out into Its creations to experience them from both within and without.

      Your second paragraph about what I call Team Dark (negative beings, alien beings, entities, demonic beings etc.) is common for “Lightworkers” or Volunteers or Starseeds or “Wayshowers”, “Path Pavers”, Forerunners etc. etc. When help from Home volunteered to incarnate into 3D density/duality to help from within the dimension and corrupted system itself, of course Team Dark were the first to spot we Volunteers/Forerunners or Team Light for ease of communicating this highly complex topic. Team Dark saw and felt us Volunteers typically long before we even remembered that they existed or why we were here in 3D on Earth getting almost constantly attacked from the 4D Astral and the 3D Physical dimensions primarily! We’ve been easy targets for these negative beings and entities since minute-one in other words. However, this is finally changing.

      Consciously, physically connecting with like-others who know what you’re talking about based on a lifetime of personal experiences themselves is a great start to that ‘help and support’ you mentioned Sioux. Because I don’t write articles here at TRANSITIONS any longer, have you found my NEW blog HighHeartLife? http://highheartlife.wordpress.com/
      Please check out my article there too okay? ♥ I’ll email you soon with more information about this.

      Gratitude Hugs,
      Denise Le Fay

  50. Denise

    Im 22 years old, and ever since i was young i have understood things and saw through deceptions in this world that the masses do not. And ive also Struggled with my higher and lower self. Ive lived alot in this short walk of life thus far and ive gotten in a bit of trouble with the law and almost lost my life a few times. Last year i had a loaded revolver jam in my face multiple times and revolver typically dont jam oftenly. Im not a peace love and happiness kind of guy, but, at the same time i am. I feel like a warrior and a pacifist, its strange i guess. But anyway i wanted to know what you think of this, once wen i was about 18 i was smokin with a few friends and all of the sudden i could see everyone still talking but i couldnt hear them. It felt like i was covering my ears, and then i hear something talking to me, i dont remember what it said at first but then something grabbed my neck and i couldnt breath, it said into my ear that god took his hand off me.. And then i felt this strange feeling and it let go and i felt like my neck was burned and things returned to normal, nobody even noticed wat happened to me. But there was a burn like mark on my neck.. I know it wasnt a hallucination or a laced blunt cuz im fairly certain that wouldnt leave a physical mark. That wasnt the first time something like that happened but im curious if you have any insight as to exactly What happened. Please let me know,


    • Will,

      This is going far off topic to this article but I’ll allow it because I know what you’re talking about and why it’s happening to you.

      I’m going to speak very honestly and directly with you only because this is a very dangerous situation. Firstly you’re only 22, and secondly you’re a male which means you’ve got two strikes against you as far as Team Dark is concerned. (Team Dark is a blanket term I created that covers all negative nonphysical, nonhuman 4D Astral beings, aliens, entities, demonic beings, AND living 3D physical humans that are controlled totally by these negative Astral beings.)

      As you yourself said, you’re very aware of this split in yourself, this ‘…struggle with my higher and lower self…’ The higher part of you that’s growing, evolving and wanting to know more is reading blogs like mine and talking to Ascension Teachers like me. Your lower self is however experiencing guns in your face and trouble with the law and other things I know you didn’t mention and don’t need to. Now pay attention because here comes the important part. It’s through the lower side, the lower aspects, lower actions, thoughts, emotions etc. that nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark easily and instantly gain access to living humans. It’s also how they control, manipulate, direct, USE, feed off of energetically, drain energetically (vampirize in other words) living humans. I’ve experienced this in multiple ways for most of my life so please don’t be offended by this. ALL of humanity has been horrible USED by these negative beings like this for thousands of years. The Ascension Process is the ending of all this however, within this world and timeline that is.

      Your hearing went “deaf” because you literally had a negative Team Dark being make contact with you while you were wide awake and with other people. Said another way, you were under an attack by a Team Dark being. One of their common catch-phrases is exactly what you said IT said to you; ‘…that god and you are separate, that you are worthless and “god” can’t help you…’ blah, blah, blah. Same old sorry lies and shit from Team Dark!

      They want you, me, any of us they can convince that we’re alone, that “god” is far away when in fact you, me, all of us are aspects of Divine Source/God/All That Is. You see if you and me and each of us figures this lie out and regains our natural Divine power then Team Dark has no one to feed off of and they’ll die. That of course was the super simplified version of all this! 😆

      But the bottom line is that you were and probably still are under some level of negative Team Dark attack and also attempts to get you to go even lower down into the frequency range where they exist. They do not want you to evolve, they want to USE you as a food and fuel source. The choice is yours as to which way you want to go with all this. If you choose the Light, Team Light, the “High Road” that is of the Light, then Team Dark is going to get really pissed and try their best–for a while–to stop, derail, prevent you from evolving beyond their lower Astral frequency range.

      I know more about this topic than I care to, but everything I know about it is based on my own personal experiences with the Dark and Dark Beings and with the Light and Light Beings. I’m actually working on a book about this topic which I know is very needed.

      At any rate, you need to be aware that you’re in this place now and figure out and honestly commit to which Path you really want to go down now. With the Ascension Process energies here helping everyone go in that NEW positive, evolving direction it’s faster now than ever before. Notice I didn’t say easy but fast! 😉 You’ve got Team Light on your side but you’ve got to understand what’s at stake and that Team Dark will do anything to remain alive…even if that means destroying humans.

      Sorry for the heavy everyone, but this is what’s underneath the Ascension Process that most Teachers do not talk about, but it must be known by humans.

      Be wise, be strong, be the highest you that you can Will.

  51. So, is it accurate to say that those of us who experience these types of attacks, agreed to do the transmuting before entrance? Forgive my lack of knowledge, I have just recently been activated. I am [in] a 44 year old female who has been repeatedly assaulted by what those around me referred to as “demons”. Also have experienced extreme violation to my bodily person sexually since as far as I can remember. Have seen and known from childhood, sensing them, fighting them, they used to like it when I slept, to terrorize me, drag me from my physical body, run through it like a rockshaw, throw it across the room, rape, etc. Suffered innumerable human and entity physical violations, sexual, mental, physical.

    Ended up in a state facility 15 years ago, with an invisible hand around my throat, putting an intense weight on my chest and my spirit, which felt as though the Face of The One had been completely eclipsed toward me, I felt I had been cut off from the Land of the Living. At this time, I was completely opposed to Belief, Faith, etc, and had no knowledge whatsoever, except the Judeo-Christian form I had been taught as a child which I completely rejected and denounced rebelliously.

    When I realized where I was and the complete demoralization of my existence and circumstance, I said this, “I don’t know if You are Real, but if You Are, I need Help.” At that very instance, the hand came off of my throat, and it was though I was standing in Rays of Light on a mountain top with winds of renewal blowing through every cell of my being. It remains one of the most profound experiences of my existence. Since that moment, I have known who I am, and that I have a Purpose, higher than just my singular existence.

    Another phenomena, is that since then, I have never suffered another physical assault by the dark entities. I have had several manifestations of oppression, and have been shown form on this plane two times, but only by the tall one, and once it was the night my friend’s teenage son committed suicide. When I got home after hearing the news and rushing to help the family, I decended from my vehicle and looked up and he was walking down the street toward me. I wasn’t even afraid, although I endured a legion of them screeching and scratching the windows of my garage apartment all night till the wee hours.

    But no physical attacks. It seems the moment I discovered that I had an ally in the unseen realm, I was untouchable, and the fear removed.
    However, there has been much heartache and suffering in so many areas my entire incarnation, and I have just now learned of my choices in thoughts and visulization and manifestation. So, I have seen, at last, progress!! And like I sAid, I’m only recently activated, and can currently think and do nothing else but focus on my mission and Purpose, although I am not entirely specific as to label it, I just understand that I am here to help raise the vibrational frequencies of the planet and consciousness here.

    My questions, am I blue printing on an evolutionary level/perspective? Is that what all the transmuting is about?

    Thank you most sincerely, I hope this blog is still open.

  52. I am feeling the negativity strongly, just about every other day and I feel like I just want to die. My life has done a complete turn around and I’m struggling to make it.. financially and other wise.

  53. I did experience this where team dark worked extensively to delay/prevent my spiritual potential. Having some sort of idea of my possible higher future reality. They succeeded, until some 10 years later when enough was enough. Now my level of light harms/disrupts their bio energy field so they keep away. That being said, I am still susceptible to a degree, but minor.

  54. I will preface this by saying i’m not entirely sure of the specific characteristics of Team Light or Team Dark. However, I have suspected ever since I moved in to my flat that there is some weird, stagnant gravitational pull preventing people from progressing and moving on in their lives. I myself got stuck here for 17 years and have been broke the whole time. Would that be team dark?

    I don’t think the language of “fight” helps. Dark energy presumably has as much right to be in the universe as any other energy. Also, fight really means resist and that tends to create more of what you don’t want. Also, we fight things we fear – surely half the job is letting go of fear? That said, I’m unable to offer an alternative as I’m not sure what it is or how you deal with it. I can only say that I’ve felt surrounded by it for a lot of my life. I’m now coming to possibly believe that this is because I have a very bright, pure energy and am here to be a leader. These forces (or something) have impeded me. That said, I view everything in my life up until this very moment as part of the script and experiences I needed to equip me to take my message out into the world. So, maybe sometimes it looks dark, but is actually just part of what is and a natural part of the process. Or do these things do lasting mischief?

    • Nellie,

      I almost didn’t publish your Comment. The only saving grace in it was that you were open enough to ask, ‘Or do these things do lasting mischief?’ It’s a whole lot worse than just “mischief”!

      I’m not going to get into the many thousands of yearlong Earth history of negative Beings (my term for all of them from the nonhuman, nonphysical to the physical humans is Team Dark) as there are others who’ve written at length about this. If you’re seriously interested in learning more about this complex and ancient topic, do a search on the word Archons for starters.

      Long complicated story short, great negativity was allowed by Source/God/The All That Is/Divinity etc. to do all it has within this dimension and others and to mass humanity and human consciousness and life and reality on Earth for many thousands of years because this had been a dimension and level for Duality to manifest within the physical. That’s not saying that it was the original plan but it’s what has played out here. The allowance of all that negativity and deliberate interference with humanity and its divine right to evolve by Team Dark reached its Expiration Date on December 21, 2012. What’s left of it today is dying off and very quickly and here’s why. That time, that level of evolutionary growth and learning within physical Duality has expired in the way(s) it has been for so long. Think of this as graduating from one lower level or grade to a higher one.

      Now, if a person has zero conscious awareness that these Beings have existed (and many still do) and have done profound damage to humanity, and that person has never been aware of being attacked by any Team Dark being–human and/or nonhuman–then that person has zero understanding about what it’s like fighting those attacks when they happen to them. So, I understand why you and far too many other people don’t understand the other half of Duality, but you need to realize that we’ve all been attacked in various ways for our entire lifetimes. I and a small handful of other people do have conscious awareness and memories of being attacked in a variety of ways by Team Dark beings in the 4D Astral, AND through any living human in the physical dimension that they can influence and manipulate. I’ve been through this so many times over the past decades that I know what I’m talking about and when these attacks happen, it is a fight like nothing else and in many cases it’s a fight for your life, your soul and your sanity.

      Dark energy has has a right to be in the universe as you said, however, it does NOT have the right to do all it has to humanity and earth and elsewhere. That time has ended as it has been and now humanity is evolving (“ascending”) out of Duality and Duality consciousness and life/reality more and more and increasingly embodying more and more Unity and Unity consciousness and life/reality. Needless to say the two things are vastly different and because humanity has been so long in profound negativity and Duality and dualized consciousness, many are finding this transition period (which is lasting for years since 12-21-12) to be rather difficult. Old habits die hard as they say but to continue living in this NEW higher frequency energy and Light every one of us HAS to make this transition now… and the entire Universe is behind us helping us do exactly that.

      I’m done trying to convince the unaware that half of Duality even exists! It’s ridiculous to think that way but that’s a tactic Team Dark has used on humanity, and unfortunately it’s still working on far too many. It’s time to wake up and expand our awareness so we can even move on to the next evolutionary level. We need to realize that the monsters have existed and done great harm to humanity for ages, then the next step is to move past it all and into the NEW.

      Denise Le Fay

      • yaaaayyy…Denise!! you go girl!

        just love the way you responded and explained this!! very easily understood for those who still may have some doubts or disbelief!

        love & hugs to you!

  55. I agree with Denise nearly 100% on this. The story of the takeover of the human race has been complete.. so complete that if starseeds of all types, indigos, crystal people and all other true light workers of all types had not entered this place, humans would NEVER have been able to free themselves, nor know how to deal with their enslavement if they did. Body and soul: they probably would never have realised they were enslaved in the first place by malevolent beings! It isn’t just reptilian sleazoids who are involved in this. There are many, many beings co-operating (and often not) with each other to keep humans in this perpetual state of negativity. Humans often do not realise the extent of their enslavement. When many pass over and follow the light after they pass over, they often follow a light which is easier to look into. This is the false light realm of reptilian (archon) creation. It is not the true uncorrupted light of the angelic realm. The true light is clear and too brilliant to look at directly. Reality has been so utterly manipulated, pulled apart and reconstructed to fit the desires of these sleazoids, that humans have little idea who or what they pray to, let alone be able to contact this realm. There are actually two ‘angelic’ realms: the counterfeit, ‘white light’ realm and the true angelic realm. This is something that not many know of. Two ‘Archangel Michaels’ and so it goes on. I found this out for myself back in 2008. This is only a teeny part of this manipulated reality! There is so much to read up on, but it is necessary in order to have a deeper understanding on what has happened to people on this planet. Humans have been cut off from their true spirital senses so utterly, that waking up for them is painful and hard.
    I am a First Wave indigo interdimensional being. My realm is the fae realm connected to earth. I am a light conductor, here to help transmute and clear the corruption off this planet. There are many layers of corruption and checks to human growth too. Humans are deliberately manipulated into lives full of pain and suffering, stuck in a cycle they could never ascend spiritually from. Die, go to astral, then get reborn again. It is a trap for them here, not of their making. Waking them up is not really my mission here, however, although I will answer questions if they ask and really want to know.
    The more implants, shove ons, other types of psychic attacks, and negative contracts I and others like me clear, the more attacks we get. Humans have hundreds on average, ‘guiding’ their lives into as much drama as possible.
    I am never free of these things! The more I clear, the more assault me, but as we (and other courageous and hardworking starseeds and others) clear, the less the afflictions seem to be becoming for me personally.
    David Icke and Credo Mutwa know a lot about the Archons and there are many resources online to research on these beings.

  56. Hello, I just found your blog and wanted to ask you please what you think about the Christian belief that all psychic things are really the devil/demon in disguise?

    That being involved in metaphysical things will attract demons to you, who will disguise themselves and have you thinking they are really light beings, or something good, or a spirit guide, by they are really bringing you closer to the devil?

    How do you know what is really true? Why does Jesus seem to be the only way, to some people? What if the aliens we experience are really demons who are tricking us?

    Please help

    • sheila,

      When one has Higher Awareness one knows whose who. One can easily tell the difference between these beings because the energy the “good” ones radiate and the energy the “bad” ones radiate is so profoundly different that it’s impossible to NOT be able to tell whose who. Team Dark (as I call all of these beings) did create a false white light to trick unaware humans into thinking, into believing that it’s of God, of the Divine, of Source when in fact it’s just another con job creation by Team Dark to trap and use unaware humans. I’ve written about this before and described this false white light because I’ve seen it many times over the years. I’ve seen a lot of Team Dark’s lies and distortions.

      The bottom line with all of this is that individuals re-learn how to discern things, energies, beings, other humans etc. for themselves because as long as they don’t, they run the risk of someone and/or something else taking that power and defining “reality” for them. The Ascension Process is all about compressed evolution for All, and for humanity that means casting-off the great many Team Dark actions and distortions etc. and becoming self-empowered, Source connected and able to discern for themselves once again.

      You know why certain old religions have worked so long and so hard to keep humanity away from and afraid of using their natural and divine God-given Higher Awareness abilities? Because if humanity did that then those who are really behind all those controlling, limiting religions would start to lose control over humanity. It’s not being psychic or psychic abilities that are the “great evil”, it’s those telling humanity that it is! You’ve got to question why people do and say the things they do, use discernment to get to the real truth of all things. Those of the Light will indeed attract the negative attentions and attacks from of those of the Dark, but it’s why that people need to figure out for themselves. 😉 Many don’t want and never have wanted humanity to “wake up” and free themselves from these Dark Ones and the control they’ve had for so, so long.


  57. Religion is one big con and is a trap to keep people ensnared and enslaved to this false reality hologram. Like I mentioned in another comment on this site, there is a counterfeit ‘white light’ realm and the true white light realm. What I didn’t mention is that there is a true ‘Most High’ and a counterfeit artificial ‘god’ which thinks it has jurisdiction over this entire universe! Religions and certain leading New Age ‘gurus’ are connected to this counterfeit AI ‘god’ which in turns feeds off of this freely given energy, sometimes giving the humans back a few ‘tidbits’ to encourage yet more prayer to it. It is an energy vampire this way. It needs the prayers given to it by spiritually blind followers and zealots in order to exist in the reality of humans. It works in conjunction with reptilian (archons), greys and other beings hellbent on keeping humans enslaved. I have heard this thing speak to me, threatening me, and had energetic attacks from it because I vehemently and openly deny its very existance, any influence over my life, whenever and wherever I exist and shun all religions and worship of it of any kind. Like has been said here many times over, it is all about psychic awareness.

  58. Hi, I just found your blog today and it has been immense relief to read. I have felt these attacks since an early age and blamed myself, feeling maybe I must have been terrible in a past life and even recently thinking maybe I am just not good enough in this life. But part of me knows I feel picked out even in a crowd, people have “found” me even when they don’t know me and I feel they want something from me or to break me.
    I will read the comments to see if anyone touches on the topic, but does anyone know of any effective protection techniques? Lately, I hardly go out as my sensitivity is so high and even at night (which I feel more protected by) I feel people find me and seek me out.

    Much gratitude for this post. I am not alone in this experience.

    • Sarah,

      I’ve lived exactly what you’ve mentioned experiencing; ‘people seeking you out’. I’ve experienced this multiple times throughout my life and in both negative and positive ways. I’ve had strangers go out of their way to walk over to me to attack me, insult me, go a little “nuts” on me out in public, and like I said, they’re strangers!

      I’ve called people like this Portal People — living humans that are effortlessly used by Team Dark (nonphysical negative beings/aliens/demons/entities etc.) to get at, attack, derail etc. those people that are “waking up” and evolving. This and many other tactics are common with Team Dark (TD) so be aware of them.

      And it’s also common for people living the Ascension Process to HAVE to go into living their lives like Hermits or Monks just to survive all the transformations they undergo. I’ve had to do it since 1991 and it’s only very recently this year that I can feel this changing for me.

      As far as Protections go, with the Ascension Process it’s natural to experience plenty of resistance from TD and Portal People when we start evolving and no longer play the game the way TD wants humanity to. This just goes with the process and there isn’t any magical cure or protection method really. Yes there are things you/me/we can do to better protect ourselves from TD attacks, but because this is such an individual thing, it’s almost best to try different things yourself to discover what works best for you at the time.

      This video is by Lisa Renee and is very good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhuLXYLhz-c

      This video by her is really helpful too and you can find others by her through these links if interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QewfhvB7FE&feature=em-subs_digest

      Keep reading through my archived articles here, especially under the Categories of Ascension Process/Symptoms/Kundalini and Psychic Attacks, Negative Entities and I can’t remember that title! You can find the different topic headings under Categories in the sidebar area. There’s a lot more information about TD in there if interested.

      Denise LeFay

  59. Thank you so much Denise, for your detailed reply
    What another reader wrote about the compassion, no matter what others did, also resonates for me. And I feel the same as Akasha, feeling another round of intense changes in my life since leaving the corporate world and going to coaching / hypnotherapy. Now I feel attention is even more turned up and it is hard to go out as I am always “found”.

    I can also relate to another reader’s comment of just loading up with as much responsibility as possible. I am at least aware of this in me now. I’ve always felt different and truly from another time and place, as long as I can remember.

    I really feel it is only this year, now I am becoming more involved in the healing profession and have left the corporate world, one I truly feel is managed by Team Dark, that I am learning to feel compassion, also let go of anger and, very importantly, set boundaries. Even in the corporate world I would be drained by accident and on purpose. At one point I had people coming every half hour to talk to me about really personal issues, and I had in many cases no sense of “connecting” with them and could not understand why they would do this. Then others would just want to outright crush me, generally management level and above but sometimes from anywhere.

    I am sure many taken over by Team Dark labeled me a troublemaker but all I wanted was honesty, justice and truth. Even when I kept quiet, never asked questions or asked “why”, these people found me and I could not escape. I often felt mentally or psychically “squeezed” as if they had to crush me and I could not stay out of an unpleasant spotlight. This led me to believe I just must be a bad person at times. At the same time the injustice, the glaring lies and sickness fuels a fire in me.

    As I am now working in healing/helping others more directly, I have had a couple of instances of attempts to drain me, not on purpose, but clients really clinging to me no matter what. I still feel the bouts of being trapped and anger as I feel my guilt come up, but don’t think I am kidding myself when I say I do slowly, since leaving the old corporate world, feel my anger subside for past people and acts and I am able to release my anger in a controlled way more and more.

    However, I do feel more and more, now admit my “different”ness that this world is not for me and I feel the wish to leave every few months. I convince myself to stay, that I may have to come back again if I don’t complete my mission or transcend whatever I am meant to do in this lifetime.

    I am no longer being pressured to shut myself down and I am also not fighting a system from within, just offering something differing on the outside and I am attracting many Indigos as clients.

    It is such a process and I think I will live this life constantly with deep angst at the universal pain and disconnect everywhere: I feel it all the time and rarely go out as I can even feel people feeling me as I walk past them on the street.

    Anger is a long journey to go on to release it and I know I have to make sense of what has happened and learn from what is fuelling my anger to let it go. A big part of the anger is most definitely feeling used and betrayed. Another part is just the incredible horrors of what happens in this world and that will not go but working now in what I feel is a useful professoin, and letting go of an incredible weight of feeling I have to save the world alone (silly thought but this is how I used to think, feeling that much weight) I can work on generating light and staying more grounded or clear sighted, not sure of the right word, but not allowing myself to get carried away with others’ confusion or derailing tactics, and doing something constructive and positive in the light of terrible atrocities and even small acts of cruelty and mean spiritedness that happen in small and big ways every day. The personal anger is mixed up with ongoing self-doubt as to what I could have done to attract this and this is why it is hard to process, but I’m finding meaning and also finding my voice to speak up even after the fact helps an awful lot. After trying to get formal support I am figuring out my own approach to come to terms with events, with who I am and better balance compassion and block others’ attempts to drain me or hand over their responsibilities to me.

    I don’t know why I’m here and I would love to know how others have discovered this. However, I just follow where it feels right and doing what I love.

    I will definitely try some shielding techniques, thank you, Denise.

  60. Hi Denisse, please bear in mind that English is only my second language so forgive me for any butchering of the English language. You are talking in your blog about dark attacks and I would like to tell you about my experience.
    I don’t have a formal catholic or Christian education but I believe in God in the name of Jesus Christ. In the past I was immersed in occult practices and divination (spiritism, divination, santeria, etc) but I have not been involved with any of that for the last 2 years.
    Since very young It was very common for me to see things in the night (dark) and then (1) started having dreams fighting demons, in most of the cases physically so I would wake up exhausted and drained; this happened very often when I was messing with these rites that I mentioned above; but at some point I started using the name of Jesus Christ and started defeating them. (2) Then these beings started coming to my dreams appearing as normal people [mostly unknown/unfamiliar to me]; basically when I’d see these people I instinctively would know if they are good or bad, sometimes they come with a good friendly face but I can sense the evil or hidden intentions and as soon as I start praying to God and Jesus Christ they reveal what they really are like. These types of dreams don’t happen anymore.
    (3) I had a dream a few months ago that still makes me think about it; it looks as if I was in a middle of a war and desolation in a spiritual realm, something apocalypse-like; saw many warrior angels fighting demons and evil creatures. When they came to where I was, I thought that, as a sinner, my end was near; so I started praying to God [really hard to find the words due to the fear factor] and then one leader angel, commanding a group of warrior angels, instead of smiting me [as I maybe deserved], asked the group to surround me as if protecting me from the demons, then another angel gave him a bowl (or something like a jar) and he poured a viscous liquid [that looked like oil or maybe honey] on my legs that made them shrunk with a bronzed look; after that he poured some more of this liquid (or maybe it was a different one) on my neck and upper back and a beautiful pair of black wings sprouted out of me. He was acting as if commanded by God. Then I woke up (dog was barking) but I felt an immense calmness. I don’t remember speaking to them in this dream but I could sense their good intentions.
    (4) A couple of weeks later I had another dream, that I think is kind of related to this one. In this dream it appeared as if I was in a rural town that had been invaded by aliens. I started praying to God in the dream and I could hear as an angel told me that aliens do not exist, that they are truly demons. I then joined a group of humans in hiding; After a while I got tired of seeing them capturing and killing humans and decided to face one of them, and to my amazement this being was afraid of me; then I looked at myself and I appeared with a pair of wings. I unfolded my wings, felt very confident and I proceeded to attack and terminate this being.
    (5) In another dream, I was in an underground place with a group of people, and then there was an earthquake and a lot of strange looking flying creatures started attacking the people I was with. I got very angry and suddenly I “got” my wings (huge this time); I started fighting them and made them go away. After that I started walking with a couple of people (dont remember exactly who they were) as if trying to lead them to a safe place. Along the way I encountered a room full of angels (some of them with very little wings) and I was initially happy to find them but soon found out that they were not happy to see me. Because of this I was forced to fly through; the other angels didnt attack me during my low (indoor) fly as if granting me free passage but were clearly hostile and didnt allow me to stay.
    (6) I was walking along a way, which was surrounded by big trees, as if in a tunnel but it was all very pleasant. At that point I decided to fly and did a low flying along the way; After that I found a being, that sort of descended from the sky but that in the dream, didn’t give me a good feeling. I got paralyzed and started invoking the name of Jesus Christ and this being told me that he was Jesus Christ; strange that I didn’t get a good feeling from this being.
    (7) In another dream I was in a place (similar to my high school settings with many bunks); I was seeing myself with wings so I decided to spread them and practice lifting from the ground. There was another being (face looked bird-like); I asked him what I really was and he simply mumbled something that I couldn’t understand. I tried 2 more times and got the same response, so I gave up.
    After that there was a scene where I spoke to another bird-looking being and then took a flight but I don’t remember the details. At that point I woke up but to my amazement I found myself on my bed laying on top of my feathery black wings (big and thick). They were jet black (brilliant) but what shocked me the most is that I saw myself in the mirror with a pair of horns or maybe it was a crown on my head with the form of horns.
    I stood up and spread my wings to take a bit of a fly inside the room and to my surprise I see my dog “little black wirehaired dachshund that sleeps in his bed by my side” doing the same, flying by my side with a little pair of wings. I was happy and hugged him and tried to talk to him but he only looked at me in amazement and said/barked nothing back. At that point I realized that I was dreaming and as such I decided to test if I could move through walls, because in my mind I was there in only spirit. I didn’t have success at the beginning but kept trying and was able to get almost my whole body outside; my dog only got this muzzle out through the glass window in a funny way, as if he was afraid. When I returned to the room (maybe I was in another room or in my own room) I found a white woman, not really fat but kind of bulky, crooked nose and bald head, looking very sad. I made a bad gesture towards her, as if mocking her, and she got angry and opened a big mouth and tried to bite me in my belly; At that point I didn’t get angry but felt shame for my stupid attitude and started feeling pity towards her. I proceeded to put my hand on her forehead and pray an “our father” to her. She immediately felt back as if hit by high power electricity and as soon as I finished praying the “our father” I woke up with no fear and the sense that my room was clear of any spiritual influence.
    All these dreams are very strange and I have started thinking that maybe some dark force is causing them.
    What do you think?

  61. Actually I would like to take the time to thank whoever be it lower energy spirit. Connection to a bodiless entity for pointing me in this direction to find all the answers I have searched for so long. This is all confusing but so familiar I cried. Because I know it is true in learning all this I was attacked. Attacked because I saught answers. Time and percerverence got me to this point. I am just now finding the whole truth at 36. There is still time even though they tried to stop me. I’m going to finish this mission. Thank you for pointing this out. Because they are tracking us down to keep us from our goal. Dont worry about the mosquito distraction. Thats all they are. Love & Light.

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