Clow on the Second Uranus/Pluto Square

Here’s Barbara Hand Clow’s second article about the second exact Uranus/Pluto square starting in September 2012.


September 1, 2012

Choosing Your Intentions: Second Uranus/Pluto Square: September 19, 2012

Copyright 2012 by Barbara Hand Clow

“In my analysis of the first Uranus/Pluto square on June 24, 2012, I suggested we are awakening the human heart. Now in September, the field of the Uranus-Pluto squares is locked firmly in our lives like a vise-grip; anybody noticing? This field is intensely creative, which causes our thoughts to manifest all around us, so we are challenged to clearly and wisely intend what we want to create. Whenever we navigate reality by means of clear intentions, we utilize quantum forces—the highly accelerated energy field that creates events based on what’s in our minds. Because more and more people have learned how to create this way, miracles are happening.

I’ve already described the historical and economic trends playing out during the seven squares in my analysis of the first square. You can refresh your mind on these general trends and long cycles by reading “Welcome to the Truth” listed in News on my website. In my analysis of this second square, I will examine the quality of Earth’s creative (quantum) fields at this time.

Since the first square in late June, human conduct has been exquisitely mirroring the collective mind back to us. The human populace continues to shop like addicts, eat like pigs, and consume natural resources, acting like there is no tomorrow. The planet bakes in extreme heat with crops failing, and maniacs on psychotropic drugs murder people who go to theaters at midnight to watch Batman. However, in the middle of this accelerating collective insanity, many of us are discovering innovative new ways to create reality. You may feel like a fairy godmother waving your magic wand and creating stardust when you opt out of consensus reality and fly about in the exquisitely malleable quantum fields. There is little direction in the 3D physical zone because the solid world is collapsing while conscious individuals build a new world by utilizing the quantum fields—human ascension into the fourth dimension. You are an incarnated being and will have a solid body as long as you are alive, and now you are remembering how to resonate with nature.

Resist allowing your mind to fog over when you hear the word “quantum!” Quantum physicists have discovered something astonishing that is also very simple: All realities are directed and transformed by the observer—you! This summer, many of you may have been rather shocked to see things “just happen” around you that you were merely considering in your minds. For example, when you felt blocked and confused (often!), simply by moving your attention to something positive (anything really!) doorways opened. This reminds me of being a child on a sled or toboggan when it tipped over its fulcrum point and raced wildly down the hill on a path through packed snow. Maybe you slipped out of consensus reality and found yourself floating in a shimmering wonderland of particles taking magical forms? Within this lacy light, a less dense world is forming, a world with plenty of time and space.

As I’ve already noted, astrology is rarely as clear as it is right now. The struggle over human resources is intense (Pluto in Capricorn), while the human creative potential to move beyond limitation (Uranus in Aries) is unstoppable. Day-by-day, week-by-week, the Moon and fast-moving planets form sextiles, squares, trines, quincunxes, and oppositions to the Uranus/Pluto square, and these aspects entice us to release the square’s potential through our actions. There is little reason to talk about events on the world stage because what each one of us is doing, feeling, and knowing is what matters. I will read the chart for the second Uranus-Pluto Square seeking ways we can utilize clear human intentions to enhance the evolution of our species. In light of the completion of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar in 2011, I think we’ve come to a stillpoint—a multidimensional free zone that is reformulating basic biology.

I’ve cast the chart for the second Uranus/Pluto square for Washington, DC, on September 19, 2012, 3:30 AM, since the USA continues to play the role of global empire. This chart is very subtle and has wonderful creative potential that enhances the powers that were released during the first square on June 24. True humility is the first step to enlightenment, and I’m noticing that many extremely powerful individuals realize that they don’t understand what is happening right now. The second Uranus-square-Pluto chart emphasizes that each thing we create alters the world in significant ways. Possibly leaders are drawing back to be careful and respectful?

During the June 24 Uranus/Pluto square, Sun in Cancer opposed Pluto, which placed Uranus in Aries on the top of a T-square; this unleashed strong desires to navigate reality in new ways. During the second Uranus/Pluto square, Mercury in 4 Libra opposes Uranus in 7 Aries, which places Pluto on the top of a T-square. In this case, Mercury stimulates transformative Uranus to create constant change while activating Pluto to push for structural improvements. Most people realize deep change is accelerating, and this insight deepens when Mercury forms its exact opposition to Uranus and an exact square to Pluto on September 20. In the reading for the first square, I suggested that Uranus sitting at the top of a T-square to Sun-opposite-Pluto would cause a series of shocks. They happened in financial markets, crop failures and terrible fires, and the hideous mass killings in Colorado and Syria. With Pluto at the top of the T-square to Uranus opposite Mercury, we are pushed to make fundamental changes. I noted that the first Uranus/Pluto square could create a high likelihood of a serious religious crisis. On the very day of the first square, Monsignor Lynn of Philadelphia became the first prominent Catholic official to be convicted in American courts by ignoring blatant sexual abuse in his diocese. Before this conviction, these crimes were tried only in Church courts. Next time, the influence of the T-square to Pluto may trace these abuses right into the Vatican.

The Sun in 27 Virgo trines the lunar South Node, which encourages us to recover potent ancient-healing techniques. I got an early insight into how this could happen when I experienced a quantum-level healing during a recent craniosacral session. I have been waiting for the return of these “miracles” ever since I wrote about Chiron way back in the 1980s. Now I’m seeing the recovery of advanced healing knowledge that may have existed before the cataclysms 12,000 years ago, and I hope this recovery will intensify during the second Uranus/Pluto square. The 27 Virgo Sun’s trine to the South Node in 28 Taurus might release healing powers in the hands and hearts of the dedicated healers who have been faithfully mastering these powers for many years. If it were just the Sun’s trine the South Node, I wouldn’t see this possibility, but Chiron in 6 Pisces sextiles Pluto—Chiron funnels the lost healing codes to Pluto.

During this square, Venus in 14 Leo is right on the ascendent for Washington, DC, so the desire for individual rights activates the people in the US, and will spread around the world. Venus closely sextiles Jupiter in 16 Gemini, which causes people to remember that their rights are the source of their wellbeing (Jupiter). Jupiter in Gemini globally disseminates love of intelligence and free movement. Also, Jupiter closely quincunxes Mars in 17 Scorpio, inciting Mars to be ruthless in his pursuit of power and truth. Mars quincunx Jupiter in Gemini could inspire the revelation of dark secrets to shine light into our troubled world, an aspect that favors more revelations from WikiLeaks. Prominent Venus in 14 Leo aspects the midpoint between the Moon in 10 Scorpio conjuncting Mars in 17 Scorpio, causing the public to feel the difference between truth and falsehood.

Saturn in 28 Libra is exactly quincunx the lunar South Node in 28 Taurus, another major push for the activation of pre-cataclysmic brain maps. Saturn is completing his journey through Libra where he has been balancing opposing forces since November 2009. When Saturn moves into Scorpio in early October, he becomes the truth seeker, the great prober into the secret dark places that have been festering since 1982. Saturn will be in Scorpio until mid-September 2015; thus Scorpio’s themes—death, transformation, and truth—will be the themes during the Uranus/Pluto squares. Saturn trine Neptune in 1 Pisces brings us spiritual beauty, which can ease the stress of facing unpleasant information amidst continual structural evolution.

If you’ve found life murky and overwhelming this summer, you aren’t alone. So far, the trick to navigating this strange period is to scan each moment and each event for potentially positive things and to align your self with this flow. The hideous scenes on the television are not your world, but you get sucked into these negative fields if you allow them into your mind. How much more encouragement do you need for being very careful about what you expose yourself to when mad shooters go to theatres to heighten the drama on the screen? When you turn away from all the noise and confusion, a quiet and gentle world unfolds in which you can play. In some factions of the New Age, the drums beat for the return of Planet X or Nibiru, yet more people are opting out of such repetitive end-of-the-world scenarios, reflecting on our emergence into the True Age. Once 2012 ends—the planned date for fomenting global catastrophobia—many will realize we are citizens of the galaxy and the whole universe. During the second Uranus/Pluto square, Pluto’s placement at the top of a T-square to Mercury opposite Uranus indicates huge changes in our world. Perhaps these will be inspired by religious beliefs? I do often wonder about the role religion will play in the USA elections this fall, since Mitt Romney is a Mormon, the first large American religion that is now beginning to grow around the world. Saturn in Scorpio during 2012-15 will dredge up many dark secrets, yet there is nothing to fear as this second Uranus/Pluto square awakens ancient creativity. Just remember to be grounded in your dream of a beautiful world that we are intentionally creating together during this long-awaited planetary awakening.

Some readers have requested a listing of the rest of the Uranus/Pluto squares. The third one will occur May 20, 2013; the fourth one November 1, 2013; the heliocentric square is November 23, 2013 (which I will also read); the fifth one is April 21, 2014; the sixth one is December 15, 2014; and the seventh is March 16, 2015.”

Barbara Hand Clow


9 thoughts on “Clow on the Second Uranus/Pluto Square

  1. As Feb. Pisces, cusp…long ago, I read where our planet will no longer see religion. That the spirit/spiritual self healed will take the place, and we will witiness the fall of all religions.

    Now that\’s my kind of beautiful green-flowered rolling hills and big oak tree\’s with running horse\’s resting under them with me, eating my good foods picnic, sharing it with all that come by to rest.

    My summer was only murky, but I had been warned of the 7 squares long ago, it\’s hard to be a Pisces and not know, also to feel the earth is what I do, and feel people\’s emotional changes too.

    When I do hear of the sad things taking place, I do stay informed, but I don\’t allow to cave into those emotions, for I have been prepared to see the old world torn down.

    I have noticed since moving, since creating my home, my cleaner burning car, even though both were not brand new, I still saw how I had created them before they came true, and when they came true, I knew to be grateful before and after.

    I Am seeing the changes, I have become even closer to nature and water, stand up paddle boarding many times now, gardening, getting back to my teens when I grew my own vegies, so I see all those changes in me.

    I hope I can heal myself fully of my manageable chronic condition, and be free of these meds. so I hope all of you could if when, send a Pray thought my way. Just say the name Tony…maybe all Tony\’s will be fully healed.

    Can\’t wait to read more truth\’s!

  2. YES…YES…YES This has so happened to me twice in the past week or so and I knew it was coming and missed out on something because i was not “sure”, oh me of little faith. :), I am now being very careful about what i speak because i know thoughts can take form and believe when we voice things it is an even stronger force of creation. Exciting times indeed…….WHOOPEE

  3. Thank you blessed one for the latest from Barbara Hand Clow. Not easy when you feel you are being thrown to the lions 24/7?! Anyway, just as I walked into this peaceful library (not(!)) to use the computer, this book was perched on the shelf right in front of me and I had to laugh ’cause the title was “DESTINED TO PLAY BY INDIGO BLOOME!” Worn out but still hopeful?. Bless you Sunny,Tony and all. Yours K

  4. Hi Denise:

    So good to have you online again. It’s been a tough ride for sure and it’s not getting any easier, at least from where I’m sitting/standing/falling into walls/holding onto door handles…. sooo dizzy, head pressure, nausea, and legs almost numb with tingling/cramping, but I love that you’re back with your indomitable outlook and good vibes, regardless of the Shit that’s Hitting/Has Hit/Will Hit the Fan! I so hope you are feeling stronger, pain diminishing, and that you are desiring to continue your Mystery School. Until this road show is over, we need you leading this rather worn out and soul-weary Band of Star/Light People.

    Anyway, BHClow said: “Once 2012 ends—the planned date for fomenting global catastrophobia—many will realize we are citizens of the galaxy and the whole universe.”

    As you say, “Bring it!” I am absolutely believing this, counting on it, and it’s a done deal. This MUST happen, otherwise, what was the point of the whole exercise?! I don’t care how it happens, but it’s got to happen. I heard from “my Arcturians” that we are to visualize riding a colour of our choice of a rainbow from our physical locations in 3D into the same physical location on Earth, but in 5D. They were kind enough to say that it will be difficult “making pictures” of what to expect in 5D, only that it will be a very good feeling compared to what we’re going through now and have gone through, so, enough of this low-vibing BS already! Let’s get on with it. Feeling 5D makes sense to me. The frequencies must split; how much more can they take? Those piano strings must be stretched to breaking point and about ready to pop. “Bring that, too!”

    Again, wonder-full to have TRANSITIONS back and doing what it does so well and a HEART-y hello and love to All Here, Barbara

    • “So good to have you online again. It’s been a tough ride for sure and it’s not getting any easier, at least from where I’m sitting/standing/falling into walls/holding onto door handles…. sooo dizzy, head pressure, nausea, and legs almost numb with tingling/cramping, but I love that you’re back with your indomitable outlook and good vibes, regardless of the Shit that’s Hitting/Has Hit/Will Hit the Fan! I so hope you are feeling stronger, pain diminishing, and that you are desiring to continue your Mystery School. Until this road show is over, we need you leading this rather worn out and soul-weary Band of Star/Light People…”


      I’m very glad to hear from you too.♥ It has been a brutal summer this year, much more so than I was prepared for and as you say, we’re not done with all this yet! There’s SO much old negativity being excavated up and out of Its old 2D below ground places and 4D places also, that the Earth — and our physical bodies — have been and still are in a lot of pain as these energies are removed. Two 7.6 earthquakes in the past few days indicate these old/ancient negative beings/entities are being evicted and removed, which is SO wonderful, but the sensitive and ultra-sensitive folks (and Earth) feel these major 2012 planetary and other-dimensional changes.

      Hang in there everyone and try to Consciously Create over these excavations and evictions of the long hidden Negatives in 2D and 4D. Earths’ gonna be puking and quaking as they’re dislodged and removed and She/We make the necessary adjustments to this massive phase of change.


      • Hi Denise and All Here:

        Thank you for your good response, Denise. I missed you a lot, period!

        Yes, we, along with Gaia are movin’ ‘n’ shakin’ this Planet and I just wanted to say that regardless of what is happening “out there” I believe that we, all of us who have answered the “call”, are dreaming the same dream. I remember when Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream…” and because of his dream, he was assassinated. Well, we’ve picked up the vibes, “we” have a dream, and it doesn’t matter how it’s expressed, in love the dream is real and it’s happening and I’m quite sure that all those who are NOW in the timeline of the 1960’s are planning a much different ending to what turned into a nightmare. The rose-coloured glasses are off, we have not forgotten, and we’re about to see the rewarding results of our trust, faith, and incredible pain physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Too long Planet Earth has been without love.

        As Barbara Hand Clow says (and this post is one to read and re-read):

        “Just remember to be grounded in your dream of a beautiful world that we are intentionally creating together during this long-awaited planetary awakening.”

        I remain convinced that the end of this year brings the Cosmic Party and that being said, then it’s a done deal, and another exclamation, period!

        Love to you, Denise, and All Here, B.

  5. Oh boy am I in shifting gears very rapidly. One day I’m extremely excited the next I’m confused..but AT LAST my turn around is instantaneously! I have learned so much in less then 3 months about things here and there. I am coming to terms with releasing everything and everyone back to where they came from….me! but in a pure light way. We are all connected and I know now things that I have been wondering about and I am taking it ALL in FAST!

    Denise its sooo refreshing to have you back.

    I too am excited, yes sad as well to see those sad things happening. So many are so lost and I want to spread the word but hesitant as I am, I just ask that they, wake up fast!

    This beginning of Summer was yucky for me full of emotions and just plain ol crap! But its all gone now, new crap but man was I given the magic dust to sprinkle and make anew!

    Denise, again….I am sooo grateful for you. Times come and go when TD want to sway me away from this amazing site but I hold on to the truth and I like most of us don’t allow it to hinder the truth.

    hugs…tons of hugs!
    Star (yes I even changed my name this summer….!)

    • “Times come and go when TD want to sway me away from this amazing site…”

      ena – Star,

      They do it to me too. Hugs to you for pushing past Team Dark’s tactics. ♥ 🙂


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