Forerunners Who’ve Crossed the Bridge are Needed to Anchor the NEW

Thanks go to Alexis for emailing me a link to this woman’s (Sandra Walter who is new to me) video and great High Heart message. ♥

Wondering why you’ve gained a few more pounds recently and/or are unusually COLD inside? Going into the empty NEW space to anchor and hold and maintain it for everyone coming up behind you often causes many of us to bulk up and expand a bit more. I don’t like it either but there it is for many of us!  Anyway, this woman — Sandra Walter — and her message is important and needed so I’m sharing what was shared with me.

Denise Le Fay

October 21, 2012


16 thoughts on “Forerunners Who’ve Crossed the Bridge are Needed to Anchor the NEW

  1. HI.. was very interested in seeing this Video but there is no link or SHARE on it..How do I access it?  Blessings, Oksana Polsley

  2. Thank you, Denise, Alexis, and Sandra. In honour of today:

    I send love to this planet and anchor it into Mother Earth so that I, and therefore All, can experience the joy of knowing — knowing that we are One, that we have always been One, and always will be. Suffering is extinguished, loneliness gone, your heart is my heart and together we are in the New. Our vocabulary is contracted by half as our hearts expand. There are no words to indicate suffering, no words to indicate doubt. We know and in the knowing, yes, lions lie down with lambs and become One. The illusion of duality slips away as there is no space, no song for it. We have no words, no action for that which is opposite. Duality does not compute, the illusion of polarity is erased from our memories. Stay strong this day, live in the knowing of no longer needing to do anything at all but love. Thank you to everyone from my heart for building the bridge that unites us. Love, B.

  3. Well, this must explain why I’ve been feeling (insanely yet calmly) HAPPY today! Even as I caught a glimpse of my cellulite in the shower today I found myself saying “Hello, Friend!” THAT’S a new one! Yes, today in every way I’m feeling GOOD. Really, really, really good. And I’m DEFINITELY in for speeding things up! ♥

  4. Totally on board with this. I knew that today and this entire weekend are special. 🙂

    I kinda find a little irony that she is sitting in front of the mountain saying all this, and there is a big, fat old chemtrail in the sky above her, ha. I kind of rolled my eyes at the trail — but I guess it just emphasizes all that much more how anchoring the light in the NOW is necessary. SMH.

    Okay. Only forward. 😀


  5. No wonder i have been gaining weight recently , normally i lose weight when i sleep. Thanks for info. I was wondering why.

  6. Heheh, if we are bulking up not everyone is it seems. To be Love yesterday since I was working on a busy surgical ward can be little buried under the heavy care we at times have to give, but it is there. And not just yesterday ( here in Aussie land) every day and on the days off it is time to give to self. And that am doing today, cup of hot tea, pajamas on, enjoying ambience of quiet morning with sun shining. Just BEING. Ah, what bliss. 🙂

  7. Thank you for this. Its funny, because I felt the shift (from yesterday afternoon through the night here on Guam, to this morning) and then came online and saw a friend just posted this. So since I did just wake up about an hour ago, I absolutely will be moving through my day with joy, peace, bliss. Thank you.

  8. Hi everyone,
    Just viewed the video
    Sandra’s message was beautiful, of course, but aren’t many of us ‘living’ this everyday, not just now around the 21st ?

    Blessings and love to all

    • “Hi everyone,
      Just viewed the video Sandra’s message was beautiful, of course, but aren’t many of us ‘living’ this everyday, not just now around the 21st ?”

      Julie D. & All,

      EXACTLY! Thank You. I have been this way my nearly 61 years and couldn’t NOT be it, live it, exude it even if I wanted to because it’s who I am energetically as a Starseed Lightworker.

      I’m well aware that this woman’s message (this video) was a call to everyone to individually function now and live, breath, sleep, exist, expect, intend within this higher state and attitude as the way to help manifest it sooner rather than later within this world reality. I’ve been writing about this myself for the past few years but unfortunately some people don’t hear me when I say certain things (especially the way I do) for a number of reasons. Others do thankfully, but this is simply the way it’s always been.


      • Thanks Denise, I just wanted to let you know I am in the middle of reading your book “The Lightworkers Mission”
        What an amazing lady you are and I thought my “awakening” symptoms of the last couple of years were tough!
        Eternal thanks for your personal sacrifices on the path and deciding to come back to this planet, to help guide us through!!
        Much love & light;
        PS Fellow love/lightworkers/ starseeds: wanderers, If you haven’t read thss book yet, highly recommended ❤
        Keep pressing on………

      • Julie Dykins,

        Thank You for saying that and for buying A Lightworker’s Mission. Maybe when you’ve finished it, if you feel it worthy, you could write a Book Review about it in the section under the book’s page??? No pressure however, and ONLY if you feel moved to do so. 😉

        Thanks again, Gratitude ♥ Hug,

  9. This verifies again what I experienced yesterday! My Sunday was really happy too and I saw signs of the New World everywhere I just chose to look at, in tv programs, my friend fixed me a ticket to my fav. artist’s concert without my knowing etc.

    For more than six months I had three days off and nothing to do – all three days for myself and nobody else. I had planned to do absolutely nothing 😀

    On Sunday I stayed in bed for three hours after I had woken up and energy was running strong – it felt like my all energy bodies, the whole system, was under massive cleaning and rearranging. So, I just lay down and when I felt ready to get up, I felt clear and clean (energetically) like never before!

    Apparently this was part of the bigger picture again. Dana Mrkich wrote on her FB status yesterday (21st Oct.) :

    “Who says Solar Flares can’t feel lovely! We had an almost X class flare today and unlike the usual rollercoaster ride of intense emotions brought on by most flares today’s felt positively soothing. The energy today felt much like having a really nurturing reiki healing or massage. It felt like it brought an extremely high vibrational wave of the ‘feel good’ energies we are to expect more of as we move forward into 2013 and beyond, full of creative lifeforce bringing rejuvenation on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This rejuvenation will manifest in whatever way you most need it: a broom sweep through the mind cleaning up your thoughts, a release of old emotional energy that you might experience physically as feeling lighter, an inner sense of calm knowing everything is going to be okay, and fresh inspirations around plans and projects for 2013. You may also be feeling like you can literally take in more oxygyen, breathe easier (especially compared to last week’s heaviness) and feel lighter around the heart chakra/chest area. Prior to this wave, last week we experienced a very heavy energy with a lot of very, very old stuff coming up that you may not have had to deal with for years or even decades. Positive shifts are almost always preceded by a last minute clearing of related old stuff so if you happen to still be there know that the dust will clear soon. More than likely this old stuff is nothing you need to still work on, rather it has come up to make you fully realise ‘Wow, I’ve so moved on from that!!’ Reminding yourself who you really are will help you to feel this new wave of energy.”

    Love to all,
    – Aya

  10. Blessings Denise,

    Thank you for sharing my video, it is a beautiful amplification the wayshowers are creating with events/days like this.

    For the wayshowers who have learned how to maintain unconditional light intelligence in their lifestream, it’s an excellent time to blast that into the collective. Especially with these unification efforts of integrity; group penetration of the collective consciousness accelerates the collective ascension during the gateway.

    Wonderful to see so many awakened hearts willing to renunciate personal agenda, opinion and egoic constructs in order to play with cosmic triggers. We’re truly utilizing our wisdom.

    In love, light and service,
    Sandra Walter

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