The Bridge Builders & Forerunners Crossing It Now

Under my October 12, 2012 article The NEW Coming Online, Aya, one of my readers shared a link to this September 29, 2012, Kryon channeling in her Comment. I was very glad she did because I probably would have missed it and it’s especially meaningful to me personally. Here’s why: I was one who, in 1982, first began energetically Building this BRIDGE Kryon is talking about in his article linked below.

Let me backtrack a bit first. The main difference between me and most other Starseed Lightworkers who volunteered to come to physical 3D Earth to live, embody and help with the vast Ascension Process, is that I’m usually able to remember most of my other-dimensional travels, missions and work; higher information received and perceived; negative attacks, battles and confrontations with Team Dark in other dimensions; and the wonderful higher Group Meetings and exchanges of information and plans etc. with fellow Team Light members and bring them back to this lower frequency range of consciousness in physical reality and write about them. That’s the main difference — I’m able to consciously remember more about what I experience in other dimensions and levels and this bridge business is another of those cases.

One of the things I talked about in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (January 2010) was my participation in a multidimensional Bridge Building Project with an other-dimensional male being. If you have the book this experience is on pages 60–66.

In it I talked about how I began having lucid dream meetings in early 1982 with what I called back then my crazy twin brother. He was from another dimension, was not physical, but looked very Mayan to me. He contacted me then to ask me to help him build an energy bridge between the dimension and frequency he existed within at that time and the 3D physical dimension and frequency I existed within at that time. I immediately agreed and so began our ethereal work on the trans-dimensional Bridge Building Project. These lucid dream interactions and ethereal bridge building sessions I had with him took place between early 1982 through the end of 1983. The Bridge Building Project continued after he ended our dream state contacts, but our intimate and colorful time working together in this way was finished by the end of 1983.

In his channeled message below Kryon says:

“The bridge has been created over a long period of time. Synchronistically we did not know a bridge would occur until 30 years ago. That’s how new this energy is…”

And of course, 1982 was 30 years ago, exactly when I was first contacted by my crazy Mayan looking twin brother through the dream state to begin building this trans-dimensional energy bridge.

There have been numerous ascension plans within ascension plans within ascension plans and many of them have been as covert and/or “new” as Kryon called it as possible in an attempt to try and fly Starseeds and some of their important missions under the awareness radar of Team Dark. (I remember being instructed by an unseen Ascension Guide as a child that someday it would be very helpful to me as an adult if I could master the ability of cloaking my thoughts so I’d be that much more difficult to track.)

Kryon goes on to say:

“What have we told you about the bridge? Actually, not much except that in crossing the bridge, the old energy ones were not going to like it. Old energy does not want you to escape! Old energy doesn’t want you to cross the bridge because it can’t cross. Did you know that? It can’t cross…”

Oh I’ve always known that Team Dark and Co. cannot cross the bridge that I and so many others built in multiple dimensions decades ago! It’s why they’ve attacked us repeatedly in every way they could!

I and all other energy Bridge Builders (Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers) who’ve helped create, embody, maintain and hold wide open any Exit Doors/Escape Routes out of their long-controlled lower frequency and consciousness fences around humanity and Earth (and more) have been the targets of “the old energy ones” — aka Team Dark/the Negatives since minute-one. But as Kryon says, they cannot cross this bridge and because of this they will, to those of us who are currently in the process of crossing it, increasingly fade away and eventually be completely out of frequency range. They and that range of consciousness and actions, emotions etc. will eventually completely disappear to all who cross this bridge. I’ve been experiencing this incrementally since 2010, with each consecutive month and year getting better, easier, and faster the farther across this grand transitional frequency bridge I travel/ascend. The same is true for each of you reading this so please persevere and continue moving (ascending/evolving) towards and then across this bridge that leads out of horrible duality density and matching consciousness, and into increasing Light and Unity or High Heart consciousness and reality.

Thanks Aya, thanks Kryon, thanks to my other-dimensional Mayan bridge building co-worker friend, and thanks to all others who also worked on this important Bridge Building Project for All. ♥


October 22, 2012

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This live channelling was Given in Melbourne, Australia

September 29, 2012

(To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Toronto, Canada, 2012.)

“Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. In the scheme of things, you are reaching the pinnacle of what we would call the decision point for humanity. In order for you to see this in the light that I see it, you’ll have to understand two things. First, going back a short time you will remember that in my first communications to you, I told you that Human consciousness was changing. I brought you information from the very beginning of my attributes on the planet, that humanity was in shift and that I had arrived for a special purpose and that was to shift the magnetics of the grid. I told you that the Kryon group itself would finish that in the year 2002 and would leave, and it did. All of this was in response to what you had accomplished as humanity, and some of you have done the mathematics and realized that all of this was well within the precession of the equinoxes – a 36-year window where your sun aligns to the middle of the galaxy – the beginning and the end of the 26,000-year wobble of the planet.

This astronomical attribute also esoterically [metaphysically] aligns with what the ancients said it would – a decision point for humanity that would be the most important one of all, one that carries with it tremendous energetic purpose. This is why I arrived, and if you look at my first communications, you will see why I arrived, for something was happening with humans, and it had to do with your future. Twenty-two years ago I told you this, and by 1993 you had the publication [Kryon Book One]. Now, here you are in 2012 all these years later, with exactly what we said you would have. We gave you potentials back there; some of them became the potentials of humanity and some of them did not. We deal only with potentials, but the strongest ones talked about your future today.

Secondly, I want you to remember that when you came into this planet, each one of you was unique. It doesn’t matter how old you are as you sit here, every one of you is an old soul. The old souls are the ones who tend to tune in and listen and read a message such as this, and we have said that before as well. So what we have is a unique group, and I want you to remember the spark of truth when you arrived, all of you. Fresh within the quantumness that locks itself to your memory, ringing in your ears when you arrived as the baby: “This is the lifetime that will make the difference.”

There are some of you who have even asked the question, “Why am I alive?” You know who you are. When there was darkness all around you, caused by circumstances and situations, some of them health, we were there. I’ll tell you why you are here. You’re here to complete this task that you started so many years ago, old soul! This is the decision point and, from my standpoint, it has already been passed.

There is no test in front of you, since you’ve already passed it. In your timeline, there are 18 more years of it [the precession]. So at the end of this year, the 2012 marker at that solstice point, it is simply only that – a celebration point in 3D time. This is where you celebrate having made it. And I suffice it to say right now that those who created this enlightened place called Earth know you did it. There are already celebrations in the skies and yet there are things happening on the planet that we told you would happen, and there are those who are worried.

The Bridge of Swords, Revealed

I want to give you what I’m going to call, “The Bridge of Swords revealed.” Here is a phrase we have given you many times in the past. We told you that in the end – that is to say, the end of the old paradigm of the planet [now] – you would have The Bridge of Swords.

Let me tell you some potentials about the future, immediate future. This is not what is going to happen in generations from now, but rather right now. The Bridge of Swords is here. Some of you have extrapolated this information into a form that you then compare to the ancient prophecies in the Holy Scriptures, trying your best to have a confluence of dates and events so that you can figure it out. Some of you have even said, “Ah, The Bridge of Swords: That must be the time where there’s going to be battles on the planet. It’s the Armageddon, and it’s here.” I’ll tell you, dear one, that the Armageddon is happening on some other earth, in some other time! You can write that prophecy off as something that is not going to happen to you.

I’ll say this again, dear Human Being: Do not look at past prophecy and apply it to anything that is going on here. Past prophecy had you dead at the millennium, did you remember that? Yet you’re here in 2012! You’ve moved on to the current prophecy of the ancients, of the indigenous of the planet who saw a melding together of north and south – the prophecy of the feathered serpent and the prophecy of the condor and the eagle. This is a movement of energy on the planet in a way no “modern day” prophet ever predicted. Instead, it came from the indigenous, for they saw the potentials of some time fractals that spoke of humanity passing the fifth decision point and moving into the next part of what we call the Great Shift of Human Consciousness.

What’s going to happen next? The Bridge of Swords. So let us analyze it. Let us tell you what we had in mind when we gave you the phrase and we ask you not to build upon this anything that is not said here. Do not then project more than what is given. Do not try to figure out hidden meanings within what is given, for I’m going to give them all to you now.

The Bridge

It’s very straightforward. It’s a bridge, so let’s look at that first. What is the bridge doing and why must there be one? Well, congratulations dear ones, because a decision point is not always a bridge. Sometimes it’s a chasm, a chasm that humanity would fall into so they would have to start all over. Or perhaps a decision point that has no bridge at all, which means everything stays the same. There would be no change, and you’d have more of what you had – a future that’s nowhere and had never been written. But that’s not what’s happening at all.

Oh, this has been written so many times, but it’s not in your old scripture, dear ones. You’re going to have new writings long after my partner is gone. Oh he’ll be back, but long after this particular lifetime there will be new scriptures written by ones you will see as the prophets of the day. They will talk about what is next on the planet and they will see the change in Human nature. They will see that which is leaning toward the quantumization of corporeal humanity – the beginning of what happened to the Pleiadians so long ago will happen here as you cross the bridge.

But that’s the far future. What about now? The bridge you are crossing is the one between old paradigms of existence and new ones. Eventually all humanity will cross it, but this is so new at the moment that the only ones truly crossing it are very old souls, for they are the only ones that see it and have the Akash ready for it. But you should know this: This bridge is for all, and as you cross this bridge, metaphorically, others will follow you. They’ll cross it and not even know it. They’re crossing into belief of a new kind of reality.

Dropping the old paradigms of what to expect is next. Accepting new paradigms of a future without war is next. Looking at civilization differently than you were ever told it could be, is next. Dropping old fears that so many have had for so long about what to expect is next. That’s the bridge. It’s a beautiful thing. The fact that there’s a bridge at all is a beautiful thing.

The bridge has been created over a long period of time. Synchronistically we did not know a bridge would occur until 30 years ago. That’s how new this energy is. Humanity has free choice and there was no strong potential then if the confluence of energy would have created the momentum to create a bridge or not. But a small potential was there.

By the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, we knew the bridge was being built. By 1989, the super structure was in place. By 1993, the bridge was there. Then you started to see the fall of the Soviet Union, the coming together of former European enemies into an economic alliance. The idea that you could put together things instead of tearing them apart was new. Dictators began to fall, and the bridge was in place, and most of humanity didn’t even notice since it happened so slowly. But you felt the shift coming, didn’t you? That’s what the bridge is all about.

What have we told you about the bridge? Actually, not much except that in crossing the bridge, the old energy ones were not going to like it. Old energy does not want you to escape! Old energy doesn’t want you to cross the bridge because it can’t cross. Did you know that? It can’t cross. The old paradigms of Human nature that you’ve known all of these millenniums have to stay on the old side of the bridge. It cannot cross, for the bridge rejects all that is not in love, compassion and light. Those things that are dark, including Human nature of the past, will not be able to go. But the ones I speak to right now are already on the bridge. That was your design, old soul, and those are the words that are ringing in your ears to this day and the ones given at the wind of birth, that this might happen in your lifetime. So what’s going to happen next?


Let us talk about the swords: When you hear the word sword, the first thing that occurs to you is battle. The Bridge of Swords is a battle and we told you that as well. Swords are metaphoric and they mean many things, so let us describe the things we mean them to say to you.

Number one: They are indeed a weapon in a battle. There is a battle coming. “Kryon, does that mean there’s going to be a war?” Potentially, yes. Right now we will tell you that the Middle East cooks itself. You’ve noticed, haven’t you? What do you know about the Middle East, dear one? Let’s start examining things for a moment. What energy did you grow up in? What was the energy of the Middle East? In the ’40s, what was the energy? With the establishment of the state of Israel, you built a wall of hate, both sides. The wall was so thick that the children of both sides were taught to hate one another as soon as they were able to understand the language. They were told who their enemies were. Now, where were you then?

Some of you weren’t here yet. By the time you arrived, in your youth, were you aware of the Middle East? Not particularly. “What’s the hatred about?” you might ask. What if I told you it’s about a family feud? Two sons of a Jewish master are involved. One founded the Arabs and one remained a Jew. They don’t want to hear this, but they are all Jews. (Don’t tell them this.)

If you look at the lineage, it’s pretty obvious and yet it’s a complete and total set-up for either solution or war. The set-up would have this world ending in a conflagration that would have been brought about by this hatred. That’s in the prophecy of Nostradamus and your scripture, but it is no longer the prophecy of the planet. Yet the hatred still exists. The hatred is as great today as it was then, but where was all the terrorism 40 years ago? It was isolated.

Those in Israel and Palestine and surrounding areas took the brunt of it, but now it’s seemingly everywhere – and you’re worried. Why would this be? The answer is that the old energy was happy to have this hatred contained, for it would keep it going and never involve outsiders. Outsiders tend to bring unwanted light to the party. Suddenly, the whole earth is involved and can see the entire scenario before them. The old guard wants war, just like all the eons before them. The ones on the bridge are holding the light and showing the earth how to cross. Even many younger ones in Israel and Palestine and Iran are holding light! It’s all around the old guard and they are furious, for they are losing the “battle of hatred.”

Will there be a war? What is going on? You can feel it cooking, can’t you? Some of you don’t want to look at the news, for you’re afraid of what tomorrow will bring. It’s not even the end of the year yet! Will there be a battle?

Let me tell you, dear ones, right now as we speak to you there is the potential of a small war in the Middle East. You have been told that if there is any war at all in the Middle East, the whole world will join in, and you will not make it. I will tell you that that is an old paradigm, for if and when it happens, watch carefully who decides not to come to the war party. For there’s a new consciousness brewing on this planet and I will tell you this: In all fairness, as we see the potentials before you in your future, it’s not going to matter one way or another to the bridge if there is a battle or not.

What’s eventually going to happen in Iran is going to be the same no matter what, and I will tell you why – because there is nobody to take the place of the old guard. They’re not growing any, young ones! It’s all the ancient ones with the hatred who are moving the chess pieces as though they are representing the whole of the nation, but they are not. There will come a time, perhaps one that is actually exacerbated by a war, that will create the revolution in that country. Overwhelmingly, they don’t want war.

Ask an Israeli if they want still another war. They will say no, but they are afraid that their enemies will bring one to them. Who are their enemies and what is changing, dear ones? You think you know what’s going on in Syria and Egypt and Libya? You think you do? Let me tell you there’s a recalibration going on there of what they believe and who their enemies are. It’s about what they want from their government. Let me tell you what all of them want eventually, and you may not see it for 20 years, but they want schools and hospitals. They want what you have in your stores, and they want the freedom to worship their prophet without a small group telling them the rules of how they should. They want to honor Muhammad in their own way and see the love of God in him as was designed by him. That’s what’s going on. That’s the battle. The problem is that the old energy will fight this, for it will lose control if they get what they want.

There’s a paradigm shift at hand and you’re going to see it over there first, and it may not be pretty, so I want you to hang tight. Don’t pull out what Nostradamus said at the last minute and say, “He was right.” Nothing he said has manifested since 1987. Don’t suddenly grasp the scriptures of Revelations and draw out all of those words that haven’t been true for 30 years. Nothing has happened as they said it would. The only thing that rings true there is that there are still problems in the Middle East.

All of those prophecy quatrains have fallen on the floor and didn’t come true. The timing is not right for them to happen now. Take a look. Oh, there are still those who say, “It’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening!” For they are invested in fear and control. Some of them actually want it to happen, and they believe the culmination will be in the rapture of going home to God. I want to tell you, dear ones, you’re all going home! But home is across the bridge to an earth without war. That’s the bridge. Old energy dies hard.

What else does a sword mean?

The sword is a symbol, a metaphoric symbol for truth. A Bridge of Swords is a bridge of truth. Sometimes you cross swords above you in celebration, do you understand this? That’s how we see it. Will there be a rough road ahead for the bridge? Yes, but you knew that when you showed up on the planet, dear one, and it doesn’t have to mean a world war, and it won’t.

There are those who are settling the very issues of whether they should continue to hate or not in the Middle East right now. They don’t trust each other, but they also don’t want to continue the way it has been. There are dictators who are leaving or who have already gone, replaced by leaders who will eventually temper and soften their positions to their neighbors. It’s because they realize what they want is schools and hospitals and roads and safety for their children. Is that too hard for you to imagine?

The media rushes to the horror and tells you that they are all consumed with killing each other. I would like to ask you to interview them. Don’t interview the ones that you see on the news, but rather the mothers and the fathers who you don’t see on the news who have the same faith as the ones you do see in the news. They will tell you, “Give us peace; leave us alone; let us grow in our way in our own culture. We don’t want to make bombs. We want to have compassion.” This is the bridge. It may get worse before it gets better and we have told you that many times. But that’s why you’re here.

Slowly the few who make the hate will be seen as a few. The many will have their views known and will replace the few.

What you do next is so important. What will it be? Are you going to fear it, or have compassion for it, understand it, and stand up tall and move forward across the bridge? Are you going to cower in a corner and worry when you see what you expected? Old energy dies hard. The sword of truth is active and well, and the truth will prevail in the light.

What other truth could there be that you’re recognizing? What about the truth of the way things work in a compassionate earth, one where you can’t have the kind of non-integrity issues that you’re having now? Businesses will change, governments will change, and banking will change. Are you shocked at this? Some day you’re going to know that you actually have changed the way things used to be in the darkest corners of the planet. It’s not what anyone expected, and you’ll realize that you made a difference.

I’m in Canada and I know it, but I will tell those listening and reading in the American audience the following: Get ready! Because there are some institutions that are yet to fall, ones that don’t have integrity and that could never be helped with a bail out. Again, we tell you the biggest one is big pharma, and we told you that before. It’s inevitable. If not now, then in a decade. It’s inevitable and they will fight to stay alive and they will not be crossing the bridge. For on the other side of the bridge is a new way, not just for medicine but for care. Paradigms that have not yet been thought of, which don’t represent any system that currently exists, will be created and developed by young minds who have concepts that the seniors don’t know about. Things that don’t have integrity today will fall over tomorrow. Just get ready. It’s all part of what’s on the other side of the bridge. And the old energy won’t like it, and they will object.

There will be new ways to create electricity, new ways to clean the water, new ways to feed yourself. It’s all there across the bridge in the future. It lies there just waiting for you to cross. Don’t be afraid. Lightworker, this is what you waited for and this is the future that you wanted. It’s why you were born and alive now. It doesn’t matter how old you are, senior. Don’t count the years you think you have left; don’t go there, just don’t do it. I want you to see your life as we do – all the lifetimes you’ve ever lived with the energy of what you’ve created on the planet right now, in your hand, for this is the way Spirit sees you. Your footprint on the earth is enormous and what you are doing now as you cross the bridge is enormous. Only the old souls with the wisdom of accumulated lifetimes can move that bridge and cross it quickly.

The Final Attribute

The final thing about swords is celebration. What happens when Human Beings walk under crossed swords? What is the general idea of that? It’s marriage, is it not? So let us give you, finally, the symbol of the marriage on the bridge. It has so many meanings! It’s the marriage of what used to be with what can be, it’s the marriage of compassion and the Human spirit, it’s the marriage of your soul entity on the planet with your creative seeds (the Pleiadians), it’s the marriage of you and you! It’s the coming together of the north and south. It’s beautiful. It’s The Bridge of Swords.

Perhaps you’re here this day or listening or reading and this is all new to you and you’ll say, “I don’t know if I’m an old soul or not. Am I part of this crossing? Am I going across the bridge?” Let me say this to you: Don’t analyze this! I’ll give you a fact. If you’re listening right now (or reading), then you’re part of it! It’s the only thing that has brought you to the page, to the chair, to listen or read or know. If you’re interested, then you’re part of it. It may take some of you to suspend belief on how it works, but you’re part of it! I’ll say this again: Don’t over-analyze it. Many will awaken and follow. The bridge will be there as long as you live.

What are you suppose to do? Just be, old soul. Go to work and show the light there. Show that you have compassion for those around you. Go home to your family that perhaps doesn’t believe this, and don’t judge them. Instead, show your compassion to them because you have a piece of God inside you. Think of what the masters would do right now. They’re not standing here in judgment, they’re celebrating your life! No matter who is in front of you, celebrate their lives! Be the example of a compassionate God and of the divine seeds that are in you, and that will shape your future. Do not be afraid.

What the media gives you next, what happens next in the Middle East, what happens in these next years, will all be part of the old energy reaction. Darkness can’t cross the bridge and they are going to die because of it. And I don’t mean Humans. I mean the energy itself of hate will be dead and eventually gone. This is the promise and I speak to those now who have complete and free choice to change it, but I tell you, you won’t because the push is too great. The ball has already started to roll.

For 20 years, you’ve seen it coming. You have a right for peace on the earth. It is a time that you have planned on. There is precedent at hand, for the Pleiadians did it, those from Orion did it, the Octurians did it. The parents of the parents of the parents of the planetary systems that you’re in did it. Now you’re doing it. A long process is ahead of you until the last vestige of old energy is gone. I will say it again: There will come a time when you look back on today and you’ll say, “How barbaric humanity was!” And that’s what we see, old soul, this day.

That’s what we see.

And so it is.



36 thoughts on “The Bridge Builders & Forerunners Crossing It Now

  1. This is the second time that the Kryon passage has crossed my path, and while I am not 100% sure *what* I personally am to glean from it, I know there is something. Today is a very unusual day for me, and I do feel I am living in more than one world at the moment.

    In any case, oh WOW! Yes, I remember reading in your wonderful book about your Crazy Twin Brother and the bridge! HOLY CATS, this piece *IS* synchronous with that! Yowzers! I am most impressed.

    Here is my feeling today: I feel I am ready to pop, again. The energies have me a little tense with readiness, a little hopped up on being prepared. I have done a little to prepare my 3D existence — some extra canned food, a little extra cash on hand… I got the tip off from my ex-husband number one, actually, and it was synchronous with things I read over at Jean Haines’ site. Kind of one of those waving things in front of your face saying, “PAY ATTENTION.”

    I don’t know what is going to happen in the physical realm here — I see multiple potentialities and I think this is by design. (If there are multiple possibilities, it makes the actual outcome more covert, right? It works both ways, I guess. the chessboard seems a bit of a mess at the moment, but we know who will checkmate.)

    I’l ready for anything, I just feel READY. There are several in my life who need a little nudge, too — they are so close, so, so close! And I hold them in love and healthy non-attachment. But wow. It would do my heart a little good to see a kind of “Bridge of Swords” right in front of me. I kept picturing the Tarot 10 of Swords — someone else online mentioned that recently. It had to either have been Lee Harris or Dana Mrkich — or maybe it was here?! I know I read a reference to it recently. I see that as an image of the current mental structure ending. It’s death to the status quo.

    Meanwhile, I am trying to be as “chill” as possible. Experience, release, let go, rinse, repeat. (lol)

    Okay, time to go eat some chocolate, and try to keep breathing and relax through this part.

    Much love,

    • Calliope/Karin, I, too, received the inner nudging (more like pushing and kicking up the rear!) to “prepare” myself for a short period of time. I got extra food, some cash and seeds. Yes, seeds. Who knows, I might feel foolish in the event that I don’t need them. But, it is ice to receive validation. Hugs!

  2. Thank YOU, Denise! And all the others who committed to “this lifetime that will make the difference”.
    Thank you!
    – Aya

  3. Hey Denise, though we have each a unique path to travel…it was 1982-83 that I too decided that I wanted to become a bridge….I have become fully illuminated for a couple years now…but not until after a myriad number of life changing events…a brief episode of psychosis ( a spiritual awakening), a long traumatic event and clearing of some really nasty darkness, and an accentuating of my healing abilities ( the wounded healer). I too have really resonated with Kyron and after many years have uncovered my home on another planet…..quite another total dimension too….I have to say I look forward to be reading your posting….namaste!

  4. Thank you, Denise and your “crazy brother”, for all your hard work! I read that Kryon post, too! The bridge of swords is mentioned in some of the old Arthurian / Grail stories; very old. Much love! Elizabeth

  5. Wow- OMG- Amazing + A thousand other adjectives to describe what I just read.. “Go Home to your family and show them the Light”. My husband & only daughter have for a couple weeks acting like emotional vampires. I have had some ” Afraid Moments” around them. How do I act, behave,etc. around them. This post gave me the “juice” to be a little , a lot more compassionate.. Centered – Wish the Gap wasn’t so wide.. Blessings to US ALL

  6. Dear dear Denise, thank you for sharing, thank you for helping build the bridge. As usual with your posts, I needed to read this today. Beautiful blessings and love, Gwen

  7. Denise, how wonderful that you were one of the FIRST builders of the bridge thirty years ago! (what an accomplishment – and it’s great to have that confirmation) Bravo!! And now we’re almost done.

    In my dreams, on 6 March 2012, I saw a bridge partially completed (running parallel to an old bridge – I stood on the new one); then on 14 August, I drove across a flimsy footbridge to the other side. And in a dream on 2 October 2012, the bridge across the river was only half finished but I found another bridge on the side that successfully reached land (I believe this has to do with detours taken to achieve our “ascension plan”).

    About “The Bridge of Swords” article, I resonate with most of it – except when Kryon says “In your timeline, there are 18 more years of it” and that Dec. 2012 is a marker, a celebration of the Light being victorious but only “old souls with the wisdom of accumulated lifetimes” will be able to move across the bridge. In the last paragraph, we are told “a long process is ahead of you until the last vestige of old energy is gone.”

    Nothing is said about the increasing Light coming from the Galactic Central Sun, of all the cleansing going on or of the planetary alignment that will enable a shift of consciousness in December. Surely this counts.

    Do you agree that “only old souls” will be able to cross the bridge? And for others, the process may take another 18 years??

    Love & Lots of Light to all,


    • Thelma,

      I suggest you give it a week and then go back and re-read Kryon’s article.

      There isn’t anyone who writes about the Ascension that I’ve agreed with EVERY word they’ve said. But, there has been a small group of people who have and continue to write about the Ascension Process that are highly accurate about it all in my opinion. Those are the people and/or scant channeled messages that I’ve quoted at TRANSITIONS. But, like I said, there’s usually always some little something in all of them that I don’t agree with based on what I’m currently aware of. However, I’m sure as heck not gonna throw these rare babies out with the bathwater just because of one or two little things I disagree with! 😉 In the end, we all must discern everything for ourselves because that’s just being empowered, smart and responsible. Another reason is because things get tweaked constantly within the Ascension Process. Not changed dramatically mind you, but tweaked, adjusted when needed etc.

      I’ve heard some of the best of the best (again, my opinion) Ascension Teachers mention timelines, dates, how long this business will last etc., and for the most part I’ve wanted to rip my hair out when I read it! I’m exhausted and fed up with waiting and need to get across this Bridge…which I’ve been doing along with many of you reading this. We’re not supposed to wait any longer as we’ve had to for the past many years — now is the time for us to cross the Bridge into the NEW because we’re the only ones who can do it at this point. The others will come along behind us as they’ve been doing all along within the entire Ascension Process. Stair Steps.

      What I’ve perceived and seen many times is that the alignments or conjunctions between the Earth, our Sun and the GC (Galactic Center of the Milky Way galaxy) is what I’ve called the Expiration Date. This means that when this conjunction and subsequent massive energetic transition out of the old and entrance into the NEW and vastly higher — the completed Bridge crossing for those of us who are the Forerunners — marks the start of a very new and different and very long Evolutionary Cycle for everyone/everything everywhere.

      The difficulty with talking/writing about these types of things and events is that they’re quantum and not strictly linear. If they were only linear then we’d all be talking about only one date when this big shift or Bridge crossing happens. Problem is that, just like everything else, not everyone alive on Earth now will cross this energy Bridge at the same moment, the same date/day/hour/moment etc. I think it would have been grand if that could have happened but mass humanity is nowhere near evolved enough to do or survive a mass group species transition done together at the “same moment”. Because of this people have the great gift of those Stair Steps I’m always mentioning. If they have enough heart functioning within themselves, they’ll make it to and then across the Bridge and this is allowed because they do have enough heart functioning within themselves instead of egoic imbalance and duality, negativity, violence etc.

      So, about the “18 more years of it…” business Kryon mentioned in reference to the entire 26,000 yearlong Precessional conjunction or Crossing. This makes sense to me because I’m an Astrologer and familiar with transits, aspects and orbs of influence etc. These same things exist within Galactic Astrology so this “36 yearlong” period Kryon mentions sounds to me like the astrological orb of influence from the Earth/Sun/GC conjunctions or alignments and the massive energy changes/downloads (compressed evolution) it causes…and will cause this time. This cutoff or Expiration Date or Bridge Crossing point that many have called December 21, 2012 is also the white blank wall that remote viewer clairvoyantly see when they try to see beyond the Bridge. They cannot because they must travel it in-body because the journey is Alchemical. (Man have I wandered with this!)

      I not only agree but I know that “only old souls…” as Kryon put it are the ones able to currently cross this Bridge. Why is the important question, and it is because the “old souls” are currently energetically capable of crossing it because they’ve embodied the higher frequency energies that allows them to cross it first. And, as I said, the other people will cross the Bridge when they are each ready and able to do so. The entire Ascension Process is and always has been an Alchemical Process which requires each person to transmute just enough duality density within themselves so that they’re energetically and psychologically capable of crossing the Bridge to a higher frequency state.

      Try to not get hung-up in linear thinking about dates, times, years etc. with these things because it’s more complex than that and always has been. I’ve struggled trying to verbally, in this crude linear written way, say quantum things in a highly linear form such as writing and physically speaking. Telepathy is quantum and effortlessly gets around this difficulty for all but until we’re all there, I’ll keep struggling away like I’m doing in this way too long Comment! 😆

      Hope this helps somewhat,

      • NOT TOO LONG! NOT TOO LONG OF A COMMENT……just right length comment! I’d been struggling lately with energy to even get to the store, etc. and feeling down, having weird dreams- one of which entailed seeing a big WHITE WALL. At the bottom of the wall were 4 or 5 shadows of heads. We ( who- I don’t know) were talking- but I don’t know about what. I woke up & thought “what was THAT all about?”……..Geez- maybe I know now! ( And maybe I know who I was talking to:)

        Thank you Denise. Thank you regular commenters- Calliope and Kat333 and sunny and thelma and all commenters/lightwarriors. Just when I feel so weary in my bones that I wonder what I’m doing….there you all are! 🙂

        Grateful you all exist and that Denise holds this heart space for us all,

      • I think that if you really get what timeline means you can avoid getting frustrated.

        Channelings are often recordings for a specific situation or group or for a certain specific audience (or channel) who may share the same timeline. The facts given can be applied to that particular timeline. As readers we may have chosen to live a different timeline so that we experience and process different things in a different way and pace as others working for the same purpose. Just like the first wave lightworker’s job has been different to the one of the second wave or one of the the indigos born in the eighties. Therefore the dates given don’t necessarily apply to all the timelines – they are sort of taken out of the context.

        This is why discernment is so important. You need to know for yourself what timeline you live in. That is, you need to be clear what it is you believe in. And you need to trust you know because you create the reality you believe in! I choose to believe in the now, not 18 years 🙂 I’m ok with the fact that it may mean something for somebody – but it means nothing for me!

        Love to All,
        – Aya

      • 😀 😀 😀 Right!!!
        BTW, for the time being I drive taxi for living 😀
        (which I obviously didn’t need to tell…)

        Love & hugs,
        – Aya

      • Hey Denise, the only way I have been able to manage as well as I have is that I created my own inner life over the last twenty years or so…gradually transforming the world I helped created to embody more light…much work though…

  8. Thank you, Denise, for info about the Bridge. It might be “energizing” today. Heads up, everyone, solar flare 1598, which is 23, which is 5, which is change as I understand numerology, has erupted twice today, October 23, both X-flares. Batten down the hatches! And Calliope, oh, yes, do I know what you’re saying, rinse, repeat, rinse repeat. Love, B.

    • LOL. I know, right?! I read something on Aisha North’s posts recently about this — that it seems we are no longer doing the deep, deep, healing work, but still experiencing residual as we move back up from having been working deep down soul places. That’s my paraphrase anyway. But boy, do I feel like I am in a faster-spinning spiral. Aaaaaannnnnnnd, let’s go ’round again!! 😀 Aisha’s metaphor from the Constant Companions was that it is like wringing out the sponge after having done the majority of the clean up job. Just spot checks, now. I can go with that — fits with what I’m feeling…

      Be well, Barbara. *hug*

    • “Thank you, Denise, for info about the Bridge. It might be “energizing” today. Heads up, everyone, solar flare 1598, which is 23, which is 5, which is change as I understand numerology, has erupted twice today, October 23, both X-flares. Batten down the hatches! And Calliope, oh, yes, do I know what you’re saying, rinse, repeat, rinse repeat. Love, B.”


      I got hammered Sunday Oct.28, 2012 with a big X-class blast which, this time, sent me to bed because my spine and head, Pineal and Crown chakra, skull, eyes took the brunt of these incoming cosmic and solar energies…just as they’re supposed to now. I also got hit hard again today, Tuesday, with the other one and had to rest for a few hours this afternoon and thankfully was finally able to fall asleep for a bit…until some neighbor woke me up. The head/Pineal/Crown chakra and spine, especially the spine from the neck down to the heart area, is pulling in these cosmic/galactic/solar transmissions just like the grand living antennas they are. It just hurts most times unfortunately. Lead to Gold to get across the Bridge! 😀


  9. So if we are all getting heavier, will this bridge hold all our WAIT? Sorry cound not resist that. 🙂

    As for time, what can anyone say about it. I just learned on a morning kids show this past week that in medieval times there were only 10 months in a year. October was the 8th month, made since, Octo, meaning 8. March was the 1st month. In that case who the hell can even begin to make any ideas about years. 18 years, 18 days or 18 seconds in no time. I say don’t worry, be happy and peace out as much a possible and when we cannot, just breath until we can again.
    Love to all here

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this article, and for what you wrote about it, too. As I was reading about the bridge, my high heart chakra was tingling and expanding, and I found myself crying. It really resonated with me.

    I do remember reading about your Mayan brother. It was nice to see how this article meshes with your work on the bridge!

  11. Barbara, thanks for the info about the big solar flare yesterday. I’ve been sleeping A LOT in the last two days…

    Denise, sorry about the difficult impact these are having on you. They just make me exhausted and wanting to sleep.

    Your feedback on my comment on “18 more years” is very helpful. My first reaction was similar to yours in the past, “Egad, you mean I get to do this for 18 MORE years!!?” But I AM an old soul, I am definitely crossing the bridge, and I believe most of your readers will be as well. The people closest to me in my life, though, are NOT. They have zero interest in the ascension process, think it’s a bunch of hooey and are totally focused on stuff going on in the 3D world.

    Now is the time for US to cross the bridge.

    We will create a pathway for others to follow. I like your interpretation of Kryon’s words, that there may be an “astrological orb of INFLUENCE” that lasts an additional 18 years after we go.

    I really don’t know how this will all play out, but I am increasingly keyed up / relaxed about it at the same time, impatient to get on with things, and UTTERLY FED UP and DETACHED from concerns in the 3D world. All this means is that it’s MY time to shift (and yours).

    I need to get on that bridge and not look back!

    With Heartfelt Thanks & Appreciation,


  12. Hi Denise,
    Thanks for a fascinating post about this article. It was very synchronistic for me. Do you have any insights about what it is like to be on the bridge and crossing the bridge? I resonated with Calliope/Karin about being ready on the 3D level as well. Any insights on how the 3D interfaces with the bridge? Do we still have to pay taxes while when we are on/crossing the bridge? 🙂 Seriously though, when you are moving away from the dark energetically, are you moving away from the 3D/dark structures? I have seen many opting out of the dark systems/structures and some even becoming self reliant for example. Does the bridge have anything to do with that or do you still live day to day using the 3D systems yet operate at a higher frequency only? Just curious about your experience. For some reason I have felt that ascension meant we have to take more responsibility for ourselves and not rely on outside structures for any of our needs, but maybe this is erroneous. I realize this may be too much thinking/too 3D, haha! Thanks! ♥

    • “Hi Denise,
      Thanks for a fascinating post about this article. It was very synchronistic for me. Do you have any insights about what it is like to be on the bridge and crossing the bridge? I resonated with Calliope/Karin about being ready on the 3D level as well. Any insights on how the 3D interfaces with the bridge? Do we still have to pay taxes while when we are on/crossing the bridge? 🙂 Seriously though, when you are moving away from the dark energetically, are you moving away from the 3D/dark structures? I have seen many opting out of the dark systems/structures and some even becoming self reliant for example. Does the bridge have anything to do with that or do you still live day to day using the 3D systems yet operate at a higher frequency only? Just curious about your experience. For some reason I have felt that ascension meant we have to take more responsibility for ourselves and not rely on outside structures for any of our needs, but maybe this is erroneous. I realize this may be too much thinking/too 3D, haha! Thanks! ♥”


      Thems some great questions! 😉 So great in fact that I may — if I have the time and it’s pain-free — quote it in an article and answer you there to make sure more people see the Q & A. I know many people have wondered the same things you’ve asked me so this is why I’d prefer to answer you in an article. I’ll do my best to write it but I’ve gotten behind again.


      • Thanks Gwen and I’ve been forced since 2011 to take more time for me and my exhausted body. When I can do I do and when I can’t I go sleep if I can! 🙂

        ♥ Hugs,

    • “Seriously though, when you are moving away from the dark energetically, are you moving away from the 3D/dark structures?”

      Jen, What a brilliant question!

    • Jen- The answer to your question: Do you walk away from the 3D structures as you cross the bridge; Is a RESOUNDING YES!! I started in 2011 with small things; ie; Permantenly getting out of jury duty, fighting off traffic tickets for my child. This year I voted absentee ballot with a LINE thru every politician, senator, judge, or congressmens name/bubble, no to every amendment and no to retaining any federal judges. It feels good to say NO to all these things. We are FREE CREATIONS… Let us remember that ❤

  13. Thank you for the post Denise. I get this real sense that next year is going to be so much easier for those who have been working their butt off for what is probably millennia! I’ve been feeling this for some time now and infact can’t wait until 2012 is over. My physical symptomology has sky rocketed of late, but am seeing it as a blessing and an indication that we a truly reconnecting with our multi-dimensionality and I can’t wait for what will be in store. I’m still experiencing a lot of interference, but it’s just because they are jealous, afraid of us and desperate to maintain their hold over us and as the message says “Old energy doesn’t want you to cross cause it can’t cross”. With gratitude and love. Bless you all. Kat

  14. Hi Denise, am very glad to read all of your post.but please i have a question, i read your post, that the accenssion process will be expired on 11-11-11. But am still feeling this inner body vibration. Please help me am tired of this please

  15. Thank you for this great article, and channeling from Kryon I hadn’t heard. My journey has come full force, almost taking over my life since Sept. (has been a main focus). Experiences and information have come flooding in unexpectedly. I write for fun and little did I know I was tapping into this bridge! I had described being on this bridge and trying to get across it, and described merging with another. During a guided meditation I came into contact with a guide of mine on this same bridge. The energy that greeted me was almost a mirror to my own, a sister of sorts. My hands were taken and led across to their side of the bridge! I was overcome with intense joy and love, a purity so great we were running through a jungle laughing and exploding with joy. An hour ago, I had a realization that I have been feeling that I was experiencing my life in a lighter way, sort of drifting away or disconnecting from all those around me that were still caught up in the dense world and ego. Now after reading this channeling I am realizing that I am well on my way into experiencing this new world, or new way of experiencing the world. The fear I had of the unknown has been dwindling away, and now I am seeing the potential to succeed in the role I always knew I needed to have. I have growing confidence in following the flow that is coming to me, and trust that I will create the change and life I was meant to have and lead and share this way of being with others.

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