12-21, 12-22, 12-23-2012

multi dark triangles

My birthday is December 23rd. I’ve always sensed that day was important, meaningful in ways other than it was just the day I incarnated in this life and timeline. Being an astrologer I automatically assumed the reason I sensed my birth date was important was because it’s conjunct the Winter Solstice, and that’s true, but there’s more and it usually takes some time to figure it all out.

Like so many of you I’ve been seeing certain numbers and number combinations literally screaming at me from clocks and other places since 1992. As the Ascension years progressed, the numbers I saw repeatedly every day only increased until over the past few years I see multiple numbers and combinations of numbers throughout every day and night.

I’ve been awakened in the middle of the night just so I’d wake up and look at the clock to see 1:23, 12:12, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 or whatever number message was being blasted at me at that moment. During that difficult ascension decade where sleep was a rare event, I didn’t appreciate being awakened just so I’d see some numerical message screaming at me in the middle of the night! But, that’s the way it’s been and I know many of you have been beat over the head repeatedly like this too over the past few years and/or decades to see and remember that those double and triple numbers and number combinations are actually a higher language of sorts that have tried to get important information to each of us…sort of like watching a cosmic countdown clock.

I’ve repeatedly seen the 10:10, 11:11 and the 12:12 plus all the triple numbers — 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 123 and so on for many years now. I’ve also seen 12:21, 12:22, and 12:23 for years as well. Amazingly I did not see those particular numbers — 12:21, 12:22, 12:23 — as actual dates for a long time which is astonishingly dense of me, all things considered. But, the conscious awareness clicks and connects exactly when it’s right for each of us and that’s what’s really important. Point is, when I finally saw the 12:21, the 12:22, and the 12:23 as dates in 2012, I suddenly realized that those three days are very rare, important and different from the other numerical messages and dates. How exactly I wasn’t completely sure other than they are the last three days, the Expiration Date, plus they conjunct my natal Sun/birthday. My Higher Self has always given me multiples of certain things and energies to make sure I’m able to carry out my earthly mission in this life and before the Expiration Date or completion date of Winter Solstice 2012.

Way back in the dark ages of 1994 I was lead to buy a book that mentioned about “three days of darkness”. The way it was described in that book did not feel correct to me. Leap forward to October and November of 2012 and one of my readers shared a link to some channeled material by Cosmic Awareness. [See links below] It was while reading CA’s December 17, 2012 message that he/it/they talk about these mysterious “three days of darkness” — 12-21, 12-22, 12-23 — and CA’s explanations made immediate and perfect sense to me and that’s why I’m sharing CA’s exceedingly helpful message here.

Based on what I’ve sensed, felt, remembered and clairvoyantly seen myself over the years, CA’s information is correct and undistorted, not to mention VERY helpful in regards to what’s now only hours away for all of us. Thank You Cosmic Awareness and Will Berlinghof and Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof and Co. for this very helpful information about the completion of the Ascension Process (and the “nine month-long wind-down period from 12-21-12 through September 21, 2013” that CA also talked about recently) and the different options and Earths that exist for absolutely everyone on the other side of these “three days of darkness” — which are more like three transitional days of direct Source/God Light Energy Focus ending what’s been and beginning an entirely new and very different Cycle.  spiral

Denise Le Fay

December 19, 2012






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  1. Now Denise … this is very interesting. I was only just discussing these `Three days of Darkness’ which my husband before I came here and noticed your post. Also … those numbers .. I have been seeing them for ages too .. and what makes it more fascinating for me is that in Britain we do not write the dates in that way so I did not make that correlation that they even were dates. 😉
    The number sequence – 12.21 is actually what my daughter has called `Mum’s numbers’ once when that was the score at her netball game. She called them `my’ numbers because they were a mirror image.
    This is really interesting … thanks for posting .. and Happy, Happy Birthday!
    Much Love

  2. Thanks so much Denise for another wonderful and insightful post.
    I don’t know about you and my light family out there but since the 12 12 12 gateway portal energies flooding the earth plane, and I have been seeing these sacred numbers during the night, more than on any other occasion and in other ways the frequencies and releasing s have been excruciating for me on all levels. Today is the first day that I haven’t cried all day and spent half the day in bed visiting what felt like every nasty layer of the lower astral mass consciousness hell. Hours away indeed and it can’t come sooner. In fact it got so bad that I would pray that I wouldn’t wake up to this mess the next day, but alas, still “here” kinda, obviously my mission is far from over.
    today a lightness of spirit thankfully, i’m exhausted but still on the front lines of this spiritual fight for light.
    Team Dark, REALLY underestimated my resolve, and they can go bit me really lol.
    I am whey too much in love with love to cave yet…
    I just pray that every tear and the deep depression spells I have experienced in my past 45 years of existence on this planet were not in vain and that I was truly transmuting so many fear energies of the masses, , one of which I would naturally volunteer again far..
    I suppose this is the true sense of a spiritual warrior……………..
    To all of my other beautiful spiritual warriors with Denise at the helm, I salute you;
    Keep pressing on,
    sorry Denise off the topic but needed to share………..
    with deepest love & light

  3. Just in case I miss the date on 23rd December… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥♡♥ Denise!
    And thanks so much for being here with us. :*

    To be on topic… I wonder what this means on the whole… as in… what new opportunities lie beyond these three days of darkness for me/you/us… after so many years/months in the Holding Pattern and with so much limitations??? It would be weird to FINALLY be set free.

    And I wonder how this money-madness out there is going down. The higher I go vibrationaly… the more difficult it is for me to even function with it. My eye is on the ball for a High Heart/Moneyless Society… NOW… where I and everyone can be set free with no fear and trepidation. No more borders to treat me as a potential terrorist… no more paperwork to prove I’m a “legal immigrant” and be treated like one. Being here on Earth is more than enough. No more government/schooling/jobs/3D BS… none.

    Never thought about that: 21, 22 & 23… these dates being the Three Days of Darkness… when the “Cosmic Curtains” is going to come down for us to “slumber”… and then to raise its Curtains with new scenes as we “awake”. I read it before but never noticed it … and now I’m about to listen to more from Cosmic Awareness…. one of them about the Reptilian Brain and the Mind Control/Ego. If it weren’t fro me reading B.H. Clow’s “Pleiadian Agenda” and Lisa Renee’s monthly articles… I wouldn’t have gotten them the way I “got” them at the right time.

    Now are these numbers also heralding for us the Cosmic Party? 🙂 It better be.

    Love & Hugs… and again, happy birthday in advance Denise dear,
    Lou Ann

  4. Hi Denise, I am Achara Lovink and I am born 22/12. Most of the days around my birthdays (51 soon) were feverish and about purging the physical body from what should not be there. I would be ill. After my twenties, I would be ill and loose jobs or my special friend before or close to the 22nd that where not appropriate and I would be hired a few days later somewhere else or an other convenient solution or new friendship presented itself (Merry Christmas after all). I could count on it if I would have been aware and trusty of it. Adjustments were made it seemed. Today I am not ill or suffering nor is it likely to loose a job or change family or my home. Today I am pregnant of a love energy growing in my chest. It feels as a law and as if it needs to birth soon. At the same time a ball of fear energy is growing in my plexus and I search how to channel that. The interesting thing is that I feel these two energies as two sides of the same coin. And the coin is something I have been waiting for so long spiritually and I feel I should call it peace. I may let you know once I lived it totally.

    Love, Achara.

    • Dear Achara,

      I certainly understand what you mean of being ready to birth the Love/Light energy of the High Heart (new grounding center of us all). It’s taking a lot to get used to. It ebbs and flows for me. Sometimes the pressure is immense and all I can do is burst with Joy and Love and Light, and radiate it to everyone around me.

      I wanted to offer something to you (and for anyone else interested). Denise has talked about Cosmic Awareness and I have been drawn to the channeling of Cosmic Awareness since then. One of the sessions that was channeled had to do with a meditation on meeting with our Lower Self and our Highest Self. In doing this meditation, it can help you teach your Lower Self (ego, child state) that there is nothing to fear, that you (and your Highest Self) only offer her/him Love. I emailed this meditation to my Mom and suggested to her to record the “CA” bits, leaving a space between each part. I was able to understand the jist of the meditation without having to record something to guide me. And if this does not “speak” to you, that’s ok. Just know that our Lower Self/Ego needs to be taught Love as you would teach to a child. That has helped me, and I hope that this helps you as well.


      With Love and Light,

  5. I too have seen 12:23 and not thought of it as a date. I hope your birthday is a good one, Denise, and who knows how it will take place?

    My birthday is actually the day before, December 22nd, and I don’t expect to turn “one year older.” I believe it’s the start of a new world (at least I hope so).

    In any case, we don’t have much longer to go. Happy Birthday to all those born on December 21st, 22nd and 23rd!!!


  6. Thank you Denise, for this and everything as I have said before.

    Earlier this year I started getting 22 very strong, 12 22 or 22 12 came too but I had no idea what it was about. I looked at some things and days but they didn’t seem right, now reading your post I got a very very strong feeling of 22 12 which is the day after tomorrow here, 21 12 in Australia.
    I have been saying for awhile that everything, it is all in the experience now so I guess I will have to go with this and see what is 22 12.

    I read a lovely quote this morning from Agatha Christie, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”
    Much love Magie

  7. Dearest Denise,

    Happy belated Birthday!

    I just want to chime in and say how very much I’ve appreciated the effort you’ve put into “Transitions” (as well as your books). It has been a blessing for me to come here and feel so relieved and at home.

    I’ve gotten the sense that you’ve been back and forth between the spaces, so I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to post any more here before the 21st (or after). Each new post I’ve seen has been a blessing, letting us know that you’re still here with us as we’re all waiting these last moments before the gushing undiluted Cosmic Love comes washing over and through us.

    For certain, I have been seeing first and foremost 11:11 almost everyday. And of course the 12:21 or the 12:34. What’s really funny is when I balance my checkbook, or put in new totals, the number or what they add up to (or the sums of those numbers) or the reversals are similar. I’m just so glad to know that many of us are having those experiences.

    Sending you much Love and Light,

  8. Hello Denise and all. Thank you for that information, the first time I read it I got lost, the second time was much better. 😁

    I don’t understand the planet A scenario very well though – this is for spiritual bodies only….so a physical death is needed for those wishing to live there? Or is that for fully ascended 5D physical bodies? And why would people choose that over just going home-home. I am a bit confuzzled.

    I also curious as to what those that come back to A/B perceive as having happened to those that leave – do we realise they have gone?

    I have a feeling I’ll be an A/B-er as I don’t feel I’ve mastered anything but have been immersed in ascension topics for years, not to mention a lot of clearing…

    Jane x

    • Jane,

      “I don’t understand the planet A scenario very well though – this is for spiritual bodies only….so a physical death is needed for those wishing to live there? Or is that for fully ascended 5D physical bodies? And why would people choose that over just going home-home. I am a bit confuzzled…”

      “Confuzzled”, what a great word! I’m confuzzled often too. 😀

      As yet I’ve only read this Dec.17th message from Cosmic Awareness once but when I’m done here I’m going to read it a second and maybe a third time! From what I’ve sensed about this issue on my own is that those who are energetically ready and able to fully ascend into what CA calls “planet A” — the fully ascended and integrated (no duality at all – total unity/triality) Earth — this will be done in or with these physical bodies we’ve been working so hard and long to transmute vibrationally enough so that this could happen. I’ve also perceived that many will want to simply return to their higher frequency/dimensional Homes, wherever that is for each person, now that their volunteered Ascension Work in physicality on Earth is finished and not even remain on this new ascended Light Earth (“planet A”). Many will however, at least for a while to reap the benefits of all this difficult and painful Work. I suspect many will stay in “planet A” for a while like a sort of Rest & Recuperation vacation period and then decide where they will go next. Many who ascend to “planet A” will, for a while, also work as the New Guides and Assistants to those who went to “planet A/B” to help them evolve and eventually ascend too. Just as we Starseeds/Lightworker/Wayshowers have had our personal Guides and Assistants from where we came from to help us while were down here in 3D physicality doing our volunteer Ascension Work, many of us will now be the non-physical, unseen, higher dimensional Guides and Assistants to many people who went to the new “planet A/B”. ♥

      “…also curious as to what those that come back to A/B perceive as having happened to those that leave – do we realise they have gone?”

      I’ve asked my Higher Self about this too over the years and how in the world such massive planetary and species-wide changes and Shifts, separations into different timelines and Earths could happen and not have it traumatize the people living through it. What I perceived before I discovered Cosmic Awareness – CA in October 2012 and who has confirmed what I’ve perceived, is that some people will retain some awareness of these tremendous changes while the majority of people will not be aware that anything has changed at all! Amazing but I get the whys of this. It’s like how most people don’t have conscious awareness or any memories of their “past” lives; they’re only aware of the life and timeline they’re in and everything else is blocked from their view, their awareness. This is typically a blessing because it requires more awareness tools and energetic responsibilities to have a larger conscious awareness of other lives, timelines, realities, dimensions etc. and be able to embody all that and not become unbalanced in any way.

      To help the majority of humanity that is already and will Shift to “planet A/B” — which by the way I’ve been seeing manifesting really rapidly in the month of December 2012 already! — they won’t realize or notice or remember the old totally negative and controlled by Team Dark Earth we all incarnated into. I tried to quickly find (impossible at this point with my head getting hit with growing Energy Waves and them feeling to my body as intense Waves of cold) a recent channeling by CA where he/IT/they talk about how many of the humans who Shift to “planet A/B” will have some memory of loved ones, friends, family etc. who are not around anymore, meaning they went somewhere other than “planet A/B”. CA said those people will probably have a memory of those missing loved ones as having died a few years ago which makes complete sense if you think about it. That would be the “normal” reason for why their loved ones and family or friends etc. aren’t in the same world, same frequency range, same earth reality with them. It’s a kindness for them to NOT be burdened with consciously knowing that this whole major Ascension Process and Shift into multiple different Earth-like planets/dimensions/frequency ranges etc. even happened. When they can cope with that level of consciousness, then they’ll begin remembering or realizing that reality is much larger and more complex and creative than what they’ve been aware of. 😉

      I hope I covered your questions. If not please try me again. 🙂 I was hoping questions about “planet A”, “planet B” and “planet A/B” would be asked by my readers so more information could be exchanged and expanded upon. ♥

      Hang in there everyone and remember to stay in your ♥ Heart and no fear. The Shift will be grand…


      • Dearest Denise,

        It can be a challenge on a good day to find the exact thing you are searching for on the Rainbow Phoenix website. I did find the passage that you were referring to. However, I recall hearing (I’ve actually listened to 2 or 3 recordings of messages from CA) CA saying as well that the “extra” cars, buildings, structures, and such will be accommodated to what will be the current population on the new balanced Planet A/B. However, I cannot find THAT information at the moment. I do recall it clearly though.

        Here is the link that I did find:


        It is amazing for me to listen to the audio channeling, because I find the truth in the energy wash over me. Might it help you to listen to the later channels than to read as it’s hard to focus on linear words? I hope this helps. And if it’s meant to be, I’ll find the second reference to this issue within the Rainbow Phoenix website.

        Love and Light,

      • I was hoping questions about “planet A”, “planet B” and “planet A/B” would be asked by my readers so more information could be exchanged and expanded upon.

        Yes Denise I have one… as LATE in my questioning as it is: what about us Indigo Adults??? We’re supposed to anchor the NEW Earth? Would it be both Planet A and Planet A/B we’ve created together? And if we Indigo Adults and all others right after us are anchoring the NEW Earth… to be the new leaders of the NEW… would it also mean we’d be staying back for Planet A/B??? Or do we have a choice also to be on Planet A and come back to Planet A/B?

        I kid you not that if I daydream my ass all day like this (and to think about it I’ve always been that way all my Life)… about Life beyond Earth… our solar system and day-dreaming about other beings in other Universes and worlds… then knowing myself I’d have a terrible and serious nostalgia to go back to my “Home-World”.

        But being that I’d like to also reap the fruits of my/our labor… I think I’d choose both Planet A and Planet A/B. But then again… I’m supposed to be the Indigo that never had that chance to thrive in the first place.

        If you get this message from me BEFORE the 21st hit us… with us waddling in the Tsunami of Light… then I do hope this one gets settle in its own Divine Timing.

        And OMFG: just today I realized how point-on my increasing Intuition has gotten. I did remember expressing here in the Q&A section… that I feel I’m buckling under a big Tsunami Wave while me trying to get out of the way… and it’s at our doorstep NOW: tomorrow. 😯

        If tomorrow and the rest of the Three Days of Darkness so happen to feel like any ordinary day… then o well. If not for US Light Anchors… then… bon voyage on the other side.

        Barbara… Morgean… and all those who’ve always get “Home-Sick” and ready to pelt down outta here… know that I’ll miss you dearly.♥♡♥♡♥ Wished to meet you in person before y’all leave!

        Love & Hugs,
        Lou Ann

  9. Yay Denise, AND it is part of a weekend, so the vaguely unaware will be relaxed without realizing it. Man, when a plan comes together it does so with specific intensity. Yay.
    You are such a special part of my world contact base and I value immensely the community that has gathered here. With love and blessings from LINDA

  10. Denise, I just want to say thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom. You have truly been a blessing. Sending you so much love and a gigantic galactic gratitude hug. I hope your birthday is extra special this year.

    • “… and a gigantic galactic gratitude hug…”


      Thanks for that and the smiles it gave my heart. 😀 ♥

      I hope the next few days are extra special for everyone. 😉


  11. “…ending what’s been and beginning an entirely new and very different Cycle”

    Let it be so.

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Denise!

    Here’s to seeing everyone on the other side of the 23rd.

    Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, and here is to a brand new year in 2013, a year as never seen before.


  12. Denise, I’ve been wanting to send you and all starbeings in human world so much gratitude. Thank you for being here and all you’ve done, and all we’ve done in this world. I do feel the end coming, and multiple numbers galore, especially in three’s lately. i’m thinking… triality…
    Energy has been absurdly intense that my chest and arms hurt a lot. My arms are exhausted. At the moment, there seems to be a fog covering me from falling down to 3d world, I do hope so, it was rather nasty yesterday, way too close, I couldn’t get out of it and find my heart. Now the energy is so intense I feel I’m orgasming. Feels chilly inside too. Can’t wait to see the other side of this transition.
    Thank you, Denise, for helping us through. So much love to all.

    • “…I do feel the end coming, and multiple numbers galore, especially in three’s lately. i’m thinking… triality…”


      ♥ Hugs to you as well…and to All. ♥

      The triple numbers are screaming at us all about ascension out of duality and into the higher frequency range of unity or triality.


  13. Ah …. is that what all the 3s have been about. Also I have been seeing 8s and 5s as well.
    These physical sensations have been intense and kinda odd for some time now .. stepped up for me after the 12/12/12. I been eating very little lately … drinking loads of water … some of the sensations have been the `usual’ ones which we have all experienced off and on … those times when no matter how you lie in bed it hurts, the top of my head feeling open to the elements, buzzing in soles of my feet and palms. However lately my stomach has been cramping and not allowing much food intake at all ..it feels sometimes like it is being kneaded like dough. There is one new sensation which is interesting though and I wondered if anyone else feels this – it is like my body have been smeared in vapour rub … really really tingly sensation .. particularly at the back of my neck. Also a few nights ago it was like there was a valve in the back in my neck being `tinkered with’ .. opened … this happened a couple of times. Anyway … feeling lots going on.
    Many Solstice Blessings everyone and thank you once again Denise for being YOU and sharing so much with us all.
    Much Love

    • “Ah …. is that what all the 3s have been about. Also I have been seeing 8s and 5s as well.
      These physical sensations have been intense and kinda odd for some time now .. stepped up for me after the 12/12/12. I been eating very little lately … drinking loads of water … some of the sensations have been the `usual’ ones which we have all experienced off and on … those times when no matter how you lie in bed it hurts, the top of my head feeling open to the elements, buzzing in soles of my feet and palms. However lately my stomach has been cramping and not allowing much food intake at all ..it feels sometimes like it is being kneaded like dough. There is one new sensation which is interesting though and I wondered if anyone else feels this – it is like my body have been smeared in vapour rub … really really tingly sensation .. particularly at the back of my neck. Also a few nights ago it was like there was a valve in the back in my neck being `tinkered with’ .. opened … this happened a couple of times. Anyway … feeling lots going on.
      Many Solstice Blessings everyone and thank you once again Denise for being YOU and sharing so much with us all.
      Much Love

      Eileen & All,

      Since the start of the physical/biological Ascension Process around 1999 I’ve had gut, stomach, Solar Plexus pains, bloating, pressures, sudden food allergies and severe sensitivities etc. But, in December 2012 the whole food/eating/digesting business has jumped to another level and it’s been really intense. I’m now having to force myself to drink enough water each day, and eating almost anything no matter how light causes pains and cramping and more bloating in the whole gut area. I just heated a can of chicken barely soup and ate it while writing these Commons and my guts/stomach is cramping and it’s all I’ll eat today but I’ll still probably gain 3 pounds today! 🙄

      I’ve felt the tingles all over too which is a nice change from the pain of so many other symptoms. I especially enjoy the feelings from when we move into new clear clean empty space. It’s so pristine and perfect at that point that it feels divine 😉 and really comfy and quiet.

      My head and eyes and Crown chakra feel like they’re being “tinkered with” again today, plus I keep seeing large positive Beings moving around in my house that I haven’t clairvoyantly perceived before. 😀 Also my sense of smell and hearing has been changing again and things smell like totally different things than what they are. It’s all Ascension and Shift related and much more is coming as we go through the Big TRANSITION. How exiting and fun after all this shit, misery, negativity, insanity and density! Seriously, this is gonna be great in comparison to what we’ve been living and working through.

      Gratitude ♥ Hugs to All,

  14. Hi Denise and Everyone,

    Thank you so much for all of your help. I really want to “Take the A Train” to planet A, but I think that my recent dreams of me teaching again mean I will probably be taking the AB train! (I keep hearing that Duke Ellington song in my head when I think about Planet A.)

    I wanted to share a dream I had recently about being in a room with many other women. We were there to help/support a very elderly woman who was going to have a baby. When I woke up, I thought, that’s an odd dream, a lady that old having a baby, then I immediately made the connection that it was Gaia about to give birth, and we were helping her. (Probably some of the readers of Transitions were there, too, I didn’t know the others in the dream, but they weren’t really strangers, either.) Anyway, I thought it was a good sign!

    I wanted to say thanks, and I love you, to all of you here. If some of you do Take the A Train, thanks for all of your help!

    I am signing this Mary L, because there is a different Mary who posted. I notice that I always have a blue picture next to my name, though.

    • Dearest Mary L,

      Thank you for sharing your dream. That was actually my first thought, that it was Gaia giving birth, and that the women surrounding her (the “midwives”) were the LightWorkers of the world helping her. What a beautiful dream to have! And so very true, none of us are really strangers, are we.

      It’s possible that you may go to A, with the intentions of coming to Guide/Teach on A/B at a later point. For myself, this is my Highest wish/intent. I want to share with others who have helped in the work, a well deserved rest (as Denise put it), and at a later time help guide others on A/B. Time being as it is (cyclical), we could have a rest of months or years, and still return even the “next day” on A/B. This has been in my thoughts and heart. And if the path does not show up as this for me, I will not be disappointed as I believe my Highest Self will know the best Path.

      Love and Light,

  15. Thanks Denise for answering questions about the different timelines, and I’m glad you’re expecting more because I have a few. Okay, first, what if you’re not ready to enter A tomorrow, but maybe you’ll be ready in a couple weeks or months? Is tomorrow a deadline? If you’re not ready tomorrow does that mean you could be stuck in A/B for the next 3600 years? Well, I definately want to go to A, but there’s things I need to know about what life will be like in A as opposed to A/B, because I’m not sure if there’s a few things I need to let go of now.

    Like for example, will we still be able to enjoy some of the same things in A that we enjoy doing now? Like what if you have a favorite TV show that you’ve been watching for years, can we still do this or do we have to give up everything from our former lives? That brings me to a couple more questions. First, will modern technology still exist in A, like TV’s and Blu-Ray players? My brother-in-law just gave me one of his blu-rays and I just bought a few blu-ray discs. Also, I have a friend/spiritual teacher who told me that eventually devices will exist that will be able to see into history. So that makes me think there might still be technology, and maybe even more advanced? I know a lot of spiritualists brag about not even owning a TV and that it’s like “black spray paint for the 3rd eye” but I don’t think that’s accurate. In fact, I think I told you before Denise in a private e-mail about how I almost levitated while doing my mirror meditation. Right before that I just got through watching True Lies.

    So that brings me to another question. I know you’re familiar with Karen Bishop. She said once that things you do in higher dimensions are similar to what you do in lower dimensions, and she gave examples of things she did in her past(even jobs she had) that were similar to what her soul was doing in higher dimensions. Like I’ve always been attracted to entertainment. Do you have any insight into this? Because I can’t see into other dimensions, at least not yet.

    Okay, one more thing. I have written to you about my life situation so I won’t go into personal details here, but what you said about families thinking there ascended family member died a few back makes me wonder. I’m very close with my parents, although I have a feeling they will go to A/B. I also believe I might come back as a teacher in A, but is it possible I can manifest a physical body so they can see me? If they thought I died they would miss me terribly and that makes me feel sad, but my current life situation can’t go on the way it is much longer. I just have to let go and trust that I’ll end up where I’m meant to and it’ll be the best for everyone. But we visit my 2 uncles graves regularly, and know how they died. If they thought I was dead would there be a grave, and a memory about how I died? I’m confused about that. Anyway, I wish you and everyone the very best tomorrow and I’ll just be trusting that it will all work out for the best.

    Love & blessings,

    Robbie the Butterfly

    • Robert Larson,

      “… Is tomorrow a deadline?…”

      No, tomorrow is not a “deadline”. It’s an Expiration Date for the old…everything. Many have said that they sense the winter months — the rest of Dec. after the 21st. and Jan., Feb. up to the 2013 Spring Equinox (March 20, 2013) are a period of transitions and adjustments etc. which is correct. But, Cosmic Awareness says that this period goes all the way to the 2013 Fall Equinox (Sept. 22, 2013), which is a full nine months gestation period for everyone to adjust and adapt to etc. That makes even more sense to me and feels very correct. CA calls the nine month gestation period from the Dec. 21, 2012 Winter Solstice to Sept. 22, 2013 Fall Equinox a “winding down period” of the Ascension Energies. They peak tomorrow on the Winter Solstice and then slowly “wind down” over that nine month period. There’s still time to get things done but the cosmic, galactic, solar energies will be increasingly winding down for those nine months. Doing things now has much more cosmic and galactic potency to them but there’s this nine month phase after Dec.21, 2012.

      I’ll try to answer your other questions in a few days. 🙂


    • Dear Robert Larson,

      The channeled answers from Cosmic Awareness has really helped and resonated a lot with me, ever since Denise brought It/Them to my attention. As I understand it from CA, Planet A and Planet A/B are not going to be as constricted as our linear 3D minds think. Those of us who don’t feel quite ready to Ascend fully into 5D will still have the opportunity to do so. As we learn and grow within ourselves, we can Elevate ourselves within the different levels of 4 and 5D. From the new harmonized A/B, with the people who are not as awake to Ascension and the process of such, there will still be the “Veil” for them. It will help ease the new transition for them with where they are in their own spiritual process.

      As far as electronic devices and such, that’s a good question. I hadn’t really thought too much about it myself. I would imagine there would be some devices available, seeing as StarBeings have them. Within my mind I can’t conceive of what it would look like, so I’ve just let it go and be as open as I can be with whatever comes our way.

      With reading CA, and within my own musings, this would be my response to your question about your parents being on a different planet as yourself and could you manifest physically. CA has offered that there will be those of us who Ascend to Planet A who will be able to retain the “blueprint” of our physical self within our LightBody buffer. So when we traverse to Planet A/B (whether it be to teach as a Guide, or through Art or Music), we will be able to manifest our physical presence. The other part of this is, not only will we have that ability to manifest physically, we’ll be able to do so without any of the physical limitations that we currently have (such as physical pains, eye sight, hereditary conditions) because we will have Ascended within our Pure Light Bodies.

      I have been asking myself about the people in my life, how would I feel if I were separate from them, or if they chose to pass on (physically die) or stay on a different planet from myself. Looking at things from the Highest Self aspect, I can see things better, and can honestly respect whatever decision is best from their Higher Self’s point of view. Because in the end of it all, through each life and through the dimensions, we will all see each other again. Remember, we are spirit.

      Below are a couple of articles from Cosmic Awareness. The first on the various types of choices for all of us during the Ascension time. The second speaks a bit on the transition for those who choose to continue on Planet A/B and how the memory might be effected in a way. I still can’t find this other article where CA talks about how the “extra” cars, houses, buildings of the “missing” population will be realigned so people aren’t wondering why are there so many empty spaces and extra things around them.

      I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I know I don’t. I do know that from what I’ve read here with Denise, and with Cosmic Awareness as well, that it rings true for me. I hope even a bit of this helps you through this time.



      Love and Light,

      • Thanks so much for sharing with me Chrysalis, and I like your name because that’s the phase of ascension I feel I’m at right now. Not quite a butterfly yet but in the chrysalis phase, just about to make the final transformation. Those are great articles and very helpful. My favorite option would be to be able to go to A and then come back to A/B in lightbody form to help guide others. When I wrote my book that’s what Robbie does. He becomes the Butterfly and then eventually his caterpillar family transitions. But I do wonder now if they will transition in their current lives or maybe a future life.

        Oh, and I’m glad we won’t have the physical limitations anymore. I have acne problems and still use proactive everyday. I also have a bad back after I threw it out a few years ago, but after reading one of Denise’s blogs about physical injuries and how they keep us from doing things we’d be tempted to do that would distract us from our divine work, I realize it had to happen. I also wonder if we won’t have to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, or shower anymore in our lightbodies. I’ve also read we’ll be able to do things like levitation, teleportation, time travel, and manifesting matter out of thin air.

        One of the reasons I was curious about electronic devices is that this last year as part of my ascension process I’ve had to realize and release old addictive behaviors in regards to TV, computer, and video games. My ego mind gets really addicted to these things, and very uncomfortable situations started happening at the end of last year as a result of me holding onto these addictions, and it was directly hindering my ascension. I couldn’t get completely in my heart center anymore so this year I started letting go of many of my old ego habits, and it helped a lot. This year has been the year of illumination for me of all my old ego habits. But sometimes I still wonder if I’ve let go of enough to fully ascend into lightbody. I think I have. Today is the big day as I write this, and I can feel the energies in that I’m more determined than ever to get back to my state of “no-thought” where changes start happening, in myself and those around me. I can feel it working too. Sometimes ascension is about willpower and focus, at least for me to transcend the ego mind.

        One thing I do know is like you said, we are spirit. I experienced this directly during a special meditation a few years ago. I stare into my eyes in a mirror and meditate. It only works if I’m in the NOW in my mind. I mentioned earlier about how I almost levitated once. This was more of my spirit coming in. It happened just a couple weeks after I realized the secret of ascension was being in the NOW. So I had that experience, then a couple weeks after that I did the meditation again and after about 25 minutes there was a white glow surrounding my body, and I knew that the glow was ME and the body was just a body. I was beyond name & form. It was like I was seeing my body from my soul’s eyes. So this knowledge helps a lot as far as trusting my ascension process. Also, I know that this is the same for everyone including my family so I know we’ll all see each other again no matter what happens in this life. Thanks again Chrysalis.

        Love & blessings,

        Robbie the Butterfly

      • Dear Robert (Robbie the Butterfly!),

        Chrysalis is actually the name I go by, introduce myself as, if it’s not a government/paperwork sort of situation. I’ve used it for years. And for almost half my life I have been in a cocoon of sorts emotionally, physically, spiritually. Butterflies have always held wonder and delight for me, as well as the Elementals and Fairies. As they are of nature, in this 3D-ness I’ve petitioned and changed my habits and ways to keep from destroying the Earth. You are right, in the way that I feel I am on my way to blooming from the cocoon and flying… as many of us are, bit it in little or big ways. Every step of flight is meaningful.

        I’m really glad that the articles were helpful for you as well. I’ve found a soft place to land, and a comfort, as has Denise (and her site) has been for me these past months.

        I just wanted to touch base to let you know I heard you, and that I was happy to hear you found some peace.

        Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  16. Hello Denise and everone on thise post
    What I feel for some time in my awarnes; when I have a interaction with others,there is closeness . But as soon the person get out of my surroinding ,there is nothing left behind. If nothing has happend. Even when I’m busy whit 3D action/work there is hardly a trase of impressions left when it is done. There is a strange feeling of nothingness in clearness, whit a feeling of standing complety on myself . It very rare.On the other side(veil) there are completly oppostit: intresstend and chaotich actions coing on.The old conscioness is realy changeing in a new awarness. I hope you can read thise english!
    With Love Diviana (NL)

  17. Thank you Denise!! Have been seeing the 12:21, 12:22 and 12:23 so much this year…now I GEDDIT!! Ding ding ding…! (Sound of bells going off and things clicking into place!)

    Thank you for taking the time and energy to post this to support us.

    Thanks for the link to the Rainbow Phoenix stuff-BRILLIANT! So clear. Now I feel like I finally ‘get it’!

    Happy Birthday!! Hope u get to eat some yummy cake if you feel like it…maybe it will be 5D cake! Hmnnnn could be super scrumptious!

    Thank you for being SUCH an incredibly supportive and profound part of my ascension journey. I hope I get to give you a hug in ‘person’ to say thanks…in the meantime I send a HUGE HAPPY ETHERIC HUG to you…and lots of smiles, deepest gratitude and love.

    Kathryn xoxox

  18. Thanks for answering my question Denise, and take your time answering the other ones. I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday for Sunday, and say that you have the same birthday as my sister. I also forgot to ask a couple questions about life on A/B. Will people still have to work and go to school, and will there still be a monetary system? I’m sure we’ll be free of those things on A, but I’m wondering if A/B is the timeline where all these old systems will collapse.

    I know you mentioned in a previous artticle about how the indigos & starseeds would be directing and overseeing these changes. I guess some of us non-physical and some in the physical, right? Aren’t the masses gonna be shocked when they see some starseeds in lightbody form, doing things that would be considered miracles? That’s what I always envisioned about the New Earth, and we would teach them how to embody their own divinity.

    Blessings, Robert

  19. Hello, Denise and everyone here,

    I, too, have been seeing a multiplicity of multiple numbers over the years and it has increased to seeing them several times a day lately. I’ve especially seen 11:11. Is it odd that, when I was young, I would rush to be in bed by exactly 11:11 every night? Funny, huh?

    I’ve been having little shifts the last few days, where I feel like everything is shifting to the right or the left for a millisecond and then I come back to this dimension. That, too, is increasing.

    I’m really feeling the waves of energy and I’m sleeping so much! I have also lost a lot of interest in food, eating about two meals a day, am having some stomach problems with it as well as some heaviness or anxiety in the solar plexus, and am drinking a lot of water.

    I can’t say whether I will be going to Planet A or Planet A/B, but I suspect I will stay here and guide others. I think I said that is what I would do a long time ago and, even though I’m not terribly thrilled to be here, I’m not sure I’m at a place to leave it all behind. Like Robbie the Butterfly, I think about things I will leave behind like my carefully collected library, clothing, and artifacts from Asia. They are valuable on this world now and I’m still in the middle of it. Perhaps I will be one of the people doing the new scholarship, because I have already been veering that way for quite some time. (But writing is torture to me– can I discuss it into existence?– I work better that way.)

    And thank you, Denise, for the triangles!


    Love and Big Hugs to all here,

  20. Hey Denise and all,

    First Happy Birthday Denise! …..just in case I’m not able to write on the 23rd 😉 I know I have been quiet for awhile; but I’ve been reading when I can stay awake long enough after work. I took off work tomorrow so have begun my ascension plans this eve. I am thrilled about the upcoming weekend and just want to say thank you for being there for me/us. It must have been 1&1/2 or 2 years ago when I found you. Without you and the group here – this time would have been extremely difficult.

    Like a few others, my plan and intentions are to go to planet A – and work in capacity of guide/teacher. I recently discovered home is most likely the water worlds of Andromeda. For so long I knew I had Pleiadian ancestry and thought that to be my home; but now I feel that while I have a strong connection to the Pleiades, Andromeda feels much more like home to me. So, the thought of being able to travel back and forth feels incredibly cushy. I have many questions, as so many others do, but mostly am concerned about my pets. I plan to bring them with; I honestly could not go and leave them here – even knowing they would be taken care of. So, off we go and we have been talking about it. I have a homeless kitty that has moved in with us – Larry; I plan to bring him too.

    Again, thanks to you Denise and everyone here for the community/friendship/place to grow/and vent when needed over the past months. My sense is we will continue on in some way / shape / form, but what that is I haven’t a clue. I have faith in this process and in my guides that we all will get to where we are destined to be.

    To a wonderful, magical next three days ~ and beyond ~ Morgean

  21. Dearest Denise,

    Blessed Happy Birthday to you, and blessings and courage and perseverance, hang in there/ here 😉
    It’s been tough trek. All semblance of “normalcy” out the window~~a good day is being able to take a shower and wash my hair, maybe take a walk. Whew. Hot flashes/kundalini then cold, ugh.

    My mind (what is left of it) is a confusion, wondering if others are experiencing extreme physiological symptoms? extreme pressures on the chest? head? neck? back? as if the dimension is “imploding”? (I guess that 4d has imploded into 3d at this point)
    So much being experienced, so many questions, the body still feels like a cement bag is on top of my head, also odd sensations of the water fizzing on my skin when running it, as if the body has a “layer of air” present.

    I also resonated with the CA material, Thank you so much for all of your comments. This breathing thing is HARD, feel like I’m about to suffocate. Will the symptoms ease after the 23rd? Pls, need some hopeful advice,

    also info came in about a demarcation/bifurcation date about the 13 Feb (which happens to be Ash Wednesday and I was JUST thinking of Ashland, OR?)

    You folks here are my family,

    Blessed Christmas, Solstice, and 12.21


    • This is exactly where I’m at today. On http://www.YouTube.com there’s one video “51 ascension symptoms”… that really helped me. Now, what is this? I don’t know. I’ve tried ‘weeding out’ what all this could be even down to “is this chem-trail sickness-related”? To date, this is the only site that makes sense to me; and has helped. Do you think this could only be “earth” working out it’s problems … per cycles? Nothing makes sense but us working it out, ourselves.

      • “… Do you think this could only be “earth” working out it’s problems … per cycles? Nothing makes sense but us working it out, ourselves…”

        Chandra L.,

        No, what’s happening now is Universal…the entire Universe is ascending and Shifting (evolving) into a very different and new Evolutionary Cycle(s). 🙂


      • Thanks Denise. I was having a day of ‘confusion’. I’m glad I found you / this blog as I read along I find “good sense and information”. Blessed Holidays to you and yours. Kind regards, Chandra

  22. Denise – Happy Birthday! I really appreciate all the work you’ve done over the last few years to share your ascension wisdom here, and keep us updated. Being able to post and read posts from you and others has been a big help for me as I deal with my ascension challenges.


  23. Denise, thanks for mentioning the December 17th message from Cosmic Awareness! It’s the most comprehensive explanation of the ascension process that I’ve yet seen… and answers ALL my questions. I plan to read it a few times.

    I wish I could have seen this earlier but I understand that the Higher forces were using a “false timeline” for Team Dark to create the illusion that we would not ascend and prevent more interference.. That was probably why this info was not released to us sooner.

    I believe I will be shifting to Planet A and like so many here, returning to help those on Planet A/B to eventually transition.

    My love & best wishes to all here,


      • Thank you, Denise! Yes, my birthday today and yours tomorrow, all good! Yesterday, December 21st I was all over the map emotionally, so by the time I went to bed I was, yes, of course, exhausted, heart area on fire, mind whirling, so couldn’t sleep until well after 2:00 a.m. Then early this morning I’m woken up to check the clock. It’s 5:55. I’m thinking, oh, no, I’m so over the clock thing, aren’t I? Apparently not! So thanked my Arcs and drifted off. This morning as I’m hazily waking, I see a happy face in my room, it’s got a huge grin on its face, but it’s dark. So, again, thanks, Arcs. While in the shower and feeling some disappointment creeping in because I’m “still here” and wondering what comes next, it occurred to me that the Sun is in stasis right now and the old expression, “On the third day the SUN rose again” came to mind. So still could be we’re in holding pattern, but the SUN hasn’t abandoned us and I’m thinking this return engagement is going to bring us some pretty neat insights and fireworks. Love to All Here, and thanks again, Denise, for your birthday wishes. Back at ya, my friend, with Sunshiney sparkles around the edges. B.

  24. Denise, Happy early birthday!!!!!!! My birthday was December 10th and I was feeling December 12th like a hammer, didn’t have to wait for the actual date. I have seen 12:10 on every electronic device; alarm clock, stove clock, car stereo system, everywhere for at least 20 years. Lately, everywhere I go or everything I do I am getting 4’s and a lot of them repeatedly all day. Bought a natal chart last night and once I checked out, my confirmation number had FIVE 4’s. What are all these 4’s doing in my life. My Life Path number is 3 and my attitude number is 4. Are the 4’s connected?

    A good thing about all the December birthdays, this is the last one we will spend in 3D, these birthdays are very special.


    Much love,

  25. Happy Birthday Denise!!!!! Don’t be disappointed that you are still here, it just means your work is not done yet. My b’day was on Dec. 10th and only two days ahead of 12-12 and I wax exhausted by 12-12. For 20 years I’ve seen 12:10 on every electronic piece of equipment possible, now however, I am being deluged with huge multiples of 4. Not just one or two but a minimum of 4 and 5 of them? Now sure what happened but 4 is in my life very strongly now. I am sure there is meaning but I need to learn what that meaning it and act on it if need be.

    Happy Birthday and have a beautiful day!!!

  26. Dearest Denise and Every Light Being Here,

    I just listened to Cosmic Awareness’s latest recording that’s available now to listen to. It has been a big comfort and validation for me. I hope that those who are unable to “hear” will be offered a transcript of the audio recording soon.

    Yesterday I spent many hours in meditation with mantra music. Before I did that, I had a physical therapy appointment. At the corner at the location where I have PT, there was an accident. And at another corner close to my home, on the way home, there was another accident. Each time I felt slightly “out of time” and realized that if those persons hadn’t passed on, that they and the others involved in the accident certainly had a chance at expanded awareness through that experience.

    Through the late afternoon and evening last night, I had tremendous pressure and pains around my crown area, my face and throat were heated up almost as if I were close to being ill. I had the experience of “seeing” a crowd of other beings around me a few times through the day which I hadn’t experienced before. I had other experiences that, for the moment, I need to keep to myself, yet were profound.

    Before going to bed, I watched one episode of Star Trek: TNG called “Transfigurations”. Now, I will openly say here that I have lived most of my existence as a person with different parts. I know many have watched this show over the years. However, I hadn’t seen them myself so it was (for all intents and purposes) brand new. I was drawn to watch that episode, and it was a perfect one to watch!

    I slept for almost 12 hours last night, and I feel worn out yet again as I write this. I know I will need to be quiet today again and rest some more.

    Upon waking, I was aware of the 3D world around me, and yet I can sense a change. I heard this morning, that yes I have indeed Ascended, that there was no question. As I began to trust in that, I realized, “Wait, there’s a 3 day ‘Transition’ period we’re still going through, a kind of stasis… we’re not ‘done’ in the normal 3D way we used to think.” And it’s true. As I got up and moved around, I see the 3D home around me, and I sense it’s an illusion, something I hadn’t experienced before. I feel like part of me is halfway to somewhere else, yet I can’t perceive/see it as yet. So I’ve let go of another expectation I hadn’t realized I held of “Ascending on the morning of the 22nd when I wake up to a new 5D Earth”. Like all my life, it’s been a process and a journey, and I need to be patient with myself.

    Cosmic Awareness spoke about this, in the latest audio recording. He/It/They speak about how a lot of people are angry and disappointed that “nothing has changed”, and encourages people to look at the anger and disappointment, to look at the expectations. To know that we’re still receiving those energies and we can “let go” of those feelings and transmute (my word) them, to ascend them. CA offers validation that Gaia has moved into Her Ascension, yet these “3 days of darkness” are at a nexus… that all timelines are held in stasis, until they begin to shift apart to their new timelines. This really made sense to me… the feeling that the 3D-ness around me is an illusion, yet I feel like I’m “somewhere else” too… somewhere that isn’t quite there yet too.

    I apologize for this post being so very long. There were so many things I wanted to share. I wanted to say to everyone, in my own experience here, that I had doubts, expectations of today, and that it’s only natural because this too is how we’ve coped with things in 3D… expectation/disappointment. Please be gentle with yourselves, and honor where you’re growing within the Ascension process (which is still ongoing). Each step of Ascension (from beginning awareness to full fledged Ascension) they are all beautiful. And if we don’t live up to our own expectations (I’m speaking to myself here too) in how far along we “Ascend”, know that we all will fully Ascend in the end… that could be next year, or the next life. And it’s all ok. I think subconsciously this is why I talked with myself about “what if I don’t fully ascend to planet A, will I be disappointed?” came to me over the past week. I haven’t been disappointed, but I have been confused. Yet now, I’m allowing the confusion to be let go of. We are not “finished” and this is a journey.

    My Love and Light to you all,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • I just listened to the recording too, and totally agree. I pulled a tarot card a few days ago asking what will happen on December 21, and I pulled the disappointment card. But this card also means let go of expectations. I’m sure every starseed had an expectation of yesterday, but the paradox of ascension is that you actually have to let go of ascension to experience it. Ascension is not about escaping, it’s about really being here in the present moment in your mind. Ascension is always happening NOW no matter what day it is, and you never know what day you may have a profound experience. I had a profound experience during meditation that I spoke of earlier on May 11, 2008. I also pulled a tarot card a few months ago and asked if I would transmute all the darkness of the people around me by the end of the year and I pulled fulfillment. There’s still more than a week left, but I realize to do this requires intense focus and concentration for me to get fully in an ascended state, that state of no mind. When I get into that state I notice the people around me don’t display any of the negative personality traits that they do when I’m in my “ego mind” mode. Ascension is hard mental work but it pays off, at least this is my experience. Up until now I just haven’t been able to stay in this ascended state long enough to make a permanent change. 1 week has been the longest, and then something always knocks me out of it back to ego mode. Usually it’s one of my addictions, but I’ve been letting go of those bit by bit, and I don’t think I have any “attachments” left so I have a feeling this next few days I will finally be given the chance to stay in the ascended state and transmute all the negative personality traits in myself and those around me for good. This requires letting go of all attachments and expectations, so like I said it’s a paradox. I did have an auditory dream a few years ago where a voice told me when I ascend, I won’t feel anything, I’ll have no attachments. Before I went to bed that night I remember wondering what it’ll feel like when I’m fully ascended. Basically ascension for me has been a gradual releasing of all ego attachments.

      Blessings, Robert

  27. Dear Denise and All Here:

    Thank you, Denise, for posting CA’s December 22nd message. I haven’t listened to it yet as my 3D family is rather intent on my birthday at present, BUT I just wanted to speak a little bit about what happened today and though I’m sure each of us will go through this journey in their own way, I’m hoping that what I say now will help, if only because these experiences, though they may be very mundane, are an indication that ascension is indeed happening.

    I’m standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes this morning and above my glasses over my third eye, I see this amazing spinning silver geometrically shaped ball. I can’t really describe it, it was very quick and it started to spin faster and faster and then it was gone. I wanted it so badly to come back and I almost had it again, but then it became a blur and I shook my head, thought I’m losing it (!) and went back to dishes, though I know what I saw and was glad of it.

    This afternoon I’m shopping at the grocery store. The store is packed and people for the most part are cranky and cutting in front of each other. My grocery cart is full and the last thing I have to get is lettuce. I know, I know, this is so mundane. I’m standing in front of the lettuce and I am overcome with bliss, I mean, wanting to go to my knees with good feeling. A voice asks, “Do you accept the Grail?” I can’t believe this is happening in a grocery store in front of lettuces! I say, “Yes, I am ready to accept the Grail, thank you.” And I wanted to stay there forever in front of the lettuces and I have no idea how long I actually stood there until a lady reached around me to get a lettuce!

    Bizarre and wonderful, and am posting this now — sorry it’s so long — just in case there may be some who are thinking the mundane things are not big, but they are very big!

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to come here to share these experiences. Love to you, Denise, to CA, Will and Callista, Rain and all who are showing the way. B.

    • “…My grocery cart is full and the last thing I have to get is lettuce. I know, I know, this is so mundane. I’m standing in front of the lettuce and I am overcome with bliss, I mean, wanting to go to my knees with good feeling. A voice asks, “Do you accept the Grail?” I can’t believe this is happening in a grocery store in front of lettuces! I say, “Yes, I am ready to accept the Grail, thank you.” And I wanted to stay there forever in front of the lettuces and I have no idea how long I actually stood there until a lady reached around me to get a lettuce!…”


      Magic bananas! Magic lettuce! One never knows when and where the Divine shows up…may even be in the produce section of the local grocery store! 😆 😉 Your experience was just wonderful. ♥ Happy Birthday.


    • Oh, Barbara, you gave me a good belly laugh there! The blissful lettuce! What’s going on in the produce departments, anyway, with Denise’s magic bananas, too?

      Yesterday felt mostly like an ordinary day to me, but late at night, the room started to get foggy and I could feel energy coursing through me (more than usual) and I thought, Okay, this is it; this is the beginning of it. I went in and out of it for quite a while. My glasses aren’t that dirty, either! So, yes, the subtle signs….

      Today someone had a Planetary Birthday party in the neighborhood, with cake! We watched a New Agey kind of thing, but he was aware enough to talk about discernment and to find the fluffiness and lack of practicality lacking. It was nice to know someone else is awakening here, just since September, and I slowly started to hint around what I knew. Funny– I had a conversation with the same guy a couple of weeks ago about being empathic– which I put to good use in watching the program. I’d get a funny look on my face and twist up when someone was phony. There were a couple of really good authentic moments in the whole thing– primarily action oriented (ie dance) with women, so that was worth it and to find someone around the corner who cared enough to throw a party for it!

      I want to say that I have to echo Louann that if you and Morgean and Thelma find yourselves on Planet A and we on Planet A/B, that we’ll miss you dearly. But I imagine by then we will be able to communicate in other ways.

      With big hugs,

  28. Denise, Let me first say, Happy Birthday To you,
    I would like to share and get your or anyone elses take on a experience I had on 12-21-12
    First I guess, my question is, Is the rainbow bridge made up of, numbers, shapes, & Colors, I just ask because I believe I ascended all the way up the other night. I know what I seen and felt was realer then anything on this plain ever in my life. I went through a tunnel persay for lack of better words. I remeber there was a point where I had a option to either stay and see the shapes, colors and numbers, or keep going. My soul decided to continue to keep going to the top. I remeber as I got closer to the end I seen a bright and loving light, I fixated on this light and watched it until I got to the end of the tunnel or beginning of the universe. I remeber telling myself this is The Scource, The Creator. I looked into it until something said, ok that is all, or enough. Then I turned and there was a salmon being staring at me intently with curiosity, but almost intrusively. It did at first freak me out, but I kept telling myself, it is just curious and will not hurt you. but at the same time was telling the enity it was to close and invading my space to much, as I could feel all these enties looking and watching me. I seen a bright white one approching and I just kept telling myself to go with this experience and not to try to figure to much out but to go with it. Like looking at a forest but not looking directly at one tree. I looked out and seen a see of beings and remember thinking to myself, they are here. They are really here!!! as I continued to look from right to left, there were just rows and rows of entites, then I seen a almost neon pink one, and then a almost brown/tan one and that is when I started to feel myself decend ever so gentley back down. I remember thinking wow it was getting good, and i have to go. As I was coming back, Out of no where I was saying I need to be here to help the earth!!! Hearing back , no, I stated again, no you dont understand I need to be here to help the earth, I can help, Once again I got a NO!! and then I was back. I was laughing so hard that it almost turned into tears. I started to feel my soul being tugged at, but the experience kinda freaked me out and I was scared to go back. Afraid that I would not return.
    Like I said it was so real that the world does not look or seem the same. I know that we exist way beyond what we can really comprehend in this 3D demintion, the world looks more indepth, and I feel as if my body has lost some earthly weight. I also have a undying feeling that this is not reality. I could go on, but I think this is all for now, Im still trying to process all I seen and where to go from here. I would really like your input as to what you think this may all mean.


  29. ““When the moon is in its 7th House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars. Then peace will guide our planet, and Love will rule the stars….”

    -5th Dimension song, “Age of Aquarius.” how did they know this over 40 years ago, were they Lightworkers?”

    (I’ve moved Michael James Comment and my response from the image he wrote it under to this article.)

    Michael James,

    I’ve written about this a few times over the years, mainly because I’m 61 years old today and was a teen during the 1960′s. I was a “hippy” and many times personally saw and experienced how hard the negative patriarchy tried to literally kill us all off back then. They hated us and the new higher energies and consciousness we embodied and lived.

    Many, not all of course but many of the original “hippies” of the 1960′s were what’s been called the First Wave of Starseeds and Lightworkers, Pathpavers, Wayshowers etc. etc. Stair steps remember? 😉 We HAD to come into dense duality in groups like this with each group embodying specific energies, consciousness, and their specific higher Service to Humanity work to do, live, to be over the years and decades. We’ve infiltrated this controlled negative planet and dimension and Team Dark (nonphysical and physical) have been trying to get rid of us all along.

    What’s interesting about now is that humanity is in ANOTHER phase of astrological transits — energies and consciousness etc. — that were present during the 1960′s. This is one big reason why the politicians of today have been working very hard these past couple years to UNDO all the very hard progressive work that those “hippies” and others fought and worked so hard for back then such as women’s rights, equal rights and so on. But, they will not succeed; they didn’t back in the 1960′s even though it appeared on the surface level that the patriarchy did and they most certainly are not now! But I digress…

    Yes they were Lightworkers, many of the original “hippies” were and have been their whole lives. And a few of us have consciously known this fact too. 😉


  30. I feel like I must be a something worker. I’ve been seeing signs since I can remember. I’ve been woken too many times to 11:11. 2:22. I also saw 911 everyday before my Mom passed. It’s lightened up a bit, but still appears. These things drive me nuts as I have NO outlet or community.

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