“The Interim” by Cosmic Awareness

new paradigm ahead

Please listen to this December 22, 2012 channeled message from Cosmic Awareness through Will Berlinghof because it will help you, if needed, to better understand that all of these “three days” (12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12) are profoundly important transitional Ascension Stair Steps. Download and listen to this message, this description about these “three days”, as it will help you understand that this too is an unfolding Process and that it didn’t all happen yesterday December 21, 2012, but is still unfolding today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night.

USE these “three days” and be in your High Heart; USE them to send your love, gratitude and thanks to those humans and animals (your beloved pets etc.) and/or locations, places  etc. that have given so much to you in this life and/or in other lives as well. And pay attention to your dreams during these “three days” (72 hours)  because there is a lot of non-physical meetings with old friends; greetings with loved ones who died years or decades ago etc. which is part of this Ascension Life Review transition we’re going through during these “three days” (72 hour period).

My deepest thanks and gratitude to Cosmic Awareness and Co. for these very important last few days channeled messages. ♥


Denise Le Fay

December 22, 2012


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  1. Hello Denise and others…This is a channelling from the White Wing collective of nine…Magenta Pixie … I love their explanation and wished to share 🙂

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    I have always felt that Denise is spot on, her explanations and discussions have always been helpful to me. I have not yet heard the linked recording (dialup, takes forever to download anything ;-( but wanted to share this right away so you can all check it out as well 😉

    • Dear ohnwentsya,

      I wanted to let you know that the recording has been transcribed (on the same link, below the link to the recording. They put it out fairly quickly, but then it wasn’t a shorter than usual recording. I hope it helps =)

      With Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  3. Do agree, just thought this much could not happen all in one day. But how joyful it is that it is happening! Regardless how it goes individually, it is happening and how super fun to be here now. Thank you for this needed message.

  4. Hi Denise and all!

    All I keep thinking is rejoice rejoice rejoice!!!! Although it’s gloomy and indeed dark, I’m still smiling! There’s def a shift and I’m feeling it, inhaling it, seeing it, hearing it! You know, before you had mentioned anything about cosmic awareness and the letter planets, I though oh boy so many will be disappointed and what will happen then?!? So, as usual i started sending whispering messages out cor any to grab on too ” it’s always personal in deeper ways before it hits you the way you actually were expecting it to happen, friends, family and all keep steady keep breathing! “don’t stop believing” because it’s here and it hearts ohhhhhhhhhh so good!

    Denise, you are my lovin human guide, if I hadn’t found my way to you and been crazy enough to google “am I going crazy” I would have stayed normal and lived a slow death! Thank you for pouring your delicious heart love it’s so refreshing to drink up! (I’m literally the teachers pet right now but I always thought man they are sooo smart that’s probably why their the teachers pet! Lol lol, but a few I knew are fit and well align with the plans for our new home!)

    -enita and again I’ve renamed myself “sapphire star” 😉

    Happy birthday! Literally! Hugs, love all in light!

  5. Denise beautiful, it’s the 23rd at my station, so… HaPPy BiRTHDay!!!!! May endless amounts of love pave your path always. Sending you so much gratitude for your presence in this world.
    Hugs hugs hugs,

  6. I love you Denise and all your posts strongly resonate with me. This channeling did nothing for me. It was so excruciatingly BORING that I had to turn if off before it ended. I am not disappointed at all in 12-21-12, so that is a non-issue for me. I never expected any “thing” to happen on that day anyway. I know we are shifting massively and any one date does not matter. My point here is that I did not like that channeling AT ALL.

    • ” My point here is that I did not like that channeling AT ALL.”


      And that’s perfectly fine. I am glad that my articles resonate with you. ♥ 🙂


  7. Thank you for your road maps Denise when there were few out there, and Happy Birthday if it’s the 23rd now or whenever it becomes the 23rd for you. You are a beautiful being Denise. A shout out to your Mom, too. It’s still the 22nd where I am at. I don’t know how others are experiencing this light, but it is a wondrous time to be alive. I am so grateful for all that has been in my life/lives and for all that may come, and though it has been difficult at times, it brought me to this place here and now.

    I find myself making my peace with whatever happens in my life. It has been awesome for me. I feel as though my Christness/Godness is rising in me to meet the Christness/Godness that is meeting us at every turn in these few days.

    I am realizing that no matter what happens, if I stay, if I go somewhere else, whatever state of mind I chose dictates my experience. I surrender to the All That Is with deepest love.

  8. I felt a powerful wave of energy on 21.12., right out of the blue. And my dreams are lucid and more real than ever these last three days. But I must admit that I am a bit disappointed. I expected more, especially after following all the good and positive channellings for a while now. My world crumbled during the last month and I don’t find it entertaining to say the least, especially after so much work done to bring light to this Earth. I am really disappointed.

  9. I’ll write this because maybe it helps someone. Days before the 21st, I had a vision of being inside a glass elevator and it went up in the air until it reached the bottom part of a new floor/reality, only entering it by inches. From that position I would be able to peak into the new and the “fresh air” would start coming into the glass box and into me until I would be completely immersed in it, only then the elevator would move all the way up and open doors to leave me in the new place.
    And that’s exactly what I’ve felt happening in my case, rather intensely, all that feels off has been even more intensified so I can ditch it, but the peace and love are definitely strong, like the deep calm underwater, but at many moments it’s been hard to focus on it. I do feel some are already “up on the new floor”, altho I don’t know yet what it means. As once I was told, it takes as long as it takes…
    I oddly feel like my thoughts are changing position… like something bigger than body has to do all the thinking now, or it hurts. Rather confusing for body and mind.
    Wish all are well. Maybe this Christ-mas will be different somehow.
    Hugs and love,

  10. Hi Denise & all-
    I would have liked the world to be bursting with love and no fear/hate 12/21/12. But, then again, I wished that when I was a kid ( 50s, 60s for the youngsters out there 🙂 also. To me- the best explanation is we passed a point & now are over 50% love based now. Hopefully this will create a snowballing type of situation.

    On a personal level – on the evening of 12/20/12 I had 2 hours of out of the blue giggling plus tears of joy & folks everywhere seemed to be smiling at me. Then 12/21/12- all was as usual-nothing spectacular. As a matter of fact my mate was returning home that day & on the walkway she passed a fellow who looked her up & down and sneered & laughed. He was foggy-like, grayish & hard to see- leading me to believe he was one of those lovely (snort, snort) fellows who is still trying to bring the vibration down. My mate just stared back & did not break stride.
    I say all this to share- but also I feel those who had no outstanding experience may realize this is all a process & all is fine.There are so many folks who shine their love & don’t even realize it. They read of these dates and then get down when not much happens. I have followed Cosmic Awareness and been inspired by those channelings off & on for years. Yet I must say I did not particularly like some of the ” it’s your fault if you didn’t experience anything” attitude. We are the ones here in this dimension dealing with all of this. Yes- we are more mature when we take response-ability for our actions/thoughts/feelings. – but I resent disembodied entities who criticize those who are embodied and doing their best. So now I’ll go work on transmuting my resentment. 🙂
    Love, lewisrooney
    p.s. For those struggling- hang in there- I was not born Indigo like my mate- but slowly and surely I’m seeing the lessening of density & how we can pull to ourselves what we need w/o having to “go out & get it”. I’m still financially in debt- so I have more “not work” to do. 🙂 But I’m learning to Trust/Know myself over & above anybody else’s advice/information.
    ( Though I do cherish/am thankful for this, Denise’s site, and all our interactions here.)

    • “…but I resent disembodied entities who criticize those who are embodied and doing their best. So now I’ll go work on transmuting my resentment. 🙂 “


      I have felt exactly the same way for many years when I’ve read some non-physical being talking down to those of us in-body, in physical density, getting the holy hell beat out of us for simply being in this dimension! The lack of respect from far too many of them, in my opinion, has been telling. Thank you for even saying this lewisrooney, because it’s been something that’s irritated me for a long time from certain other channeled beings. I only discovered Cosmic Awareness about two months ago so I’m not familiar enough with him/it/they to get that sense from what he/it/they said that you’re referring to.

      “As a matter of fact my mate was returning home that day & on the walkway she passed a fellow who looked her up & down and sneered & laughed. He was foggy-like, grayish & hard to see- leading me to believe he was one of those lovely (snort, snort) fellows who is still trying to bring the vibration down. My mate just stared back & did not break stride.”

      Thank you also for sharing this experience your mate had with a Team Dark member. Those beings are becoming increasingly “foggy-like, grayish & hard to see” because we, their old food supply, is Shifting (evolving) out of frequency range! They can sneer all they want as they watch our backsides joyfully ride off into the spiritual sunset! 😉 😆


      • “They can sneer all they want as they watch our backsides joyfully ride off into the spiritual sunset!”

        aaaah hahahahaha………….so GLAD you chose to be born into this lifetime Denise!
        Big hugs this day & forever,

    • Ok seems I will be on here today! It’s been awhile since I’ve Commented or vented on here, exactly 2 months ago, as Denise mentioned she found CA I also did, and on hat day I cried and cried and shared and shared and I realized, ok buckle up for deals now because “shits about to get down!” I thought realistically, fantasy thinking, emo thinking and yep I got scared alright, knowin that I was leaving my loved ones for some time. I pretty much packed my bags mentally and decided to catch an light wave ride for freeee! Well my body is here, my heart has evolved and I get these darn heat waves in me I’m in the desert inland empire, 33 degrees and I’m freaking hot waist up! I gain weight when its gonna be tough so I’m sustainable Hahahaha then like today I’m 134 for the past three weeks I’ve been 141! And yep it was crazy! Anyways, my reply is that the same thing happened to me a day before the three days of darkness. Went out and others were starrin at me some with smiles and some with creepy smiles dark clothes and lots of make-up real scary! A bunch of thoughts were going through my mind lookin up to the sky looking for the darkness to come??? Really?? Lol I would laugh because it was silly! I always said to myself its down here you need to be searching, on ground dummy! I know the dark has been digging perversely and invaded earths body so I figured I gotta stay on ground help my momma out shoe! So back when I read CA I was determined to make my own planet a planet b heck even planet c!!!! Help me, help earth and help humanity! Three planets, MY TRIALITY! I’ve never felt ALIVE WITH ALL ever!

      before I pro-miss I hated being here, sick to my gut, angry at everyone not considered an acension-goer, spiritual and such, I was miserable! And I would look up to the sky and cry and ask pick me up damit! Take me home shit! I’m tired hurry! (not one thought of my two daughters, step kids, partner, family, my boxers Doba, liam) then it hit me shit! I am home! Why am I not assisting others? Im afraid of exactly what? I started doing more homework, I’m afraid of what I’m able to accomplish, tearin down history!!!! But I have no control, duh!!! Live, LOVE and shit LAUGH!

      My partner of five years very 3d, didn’t explode because my ex boyfriend text me???? What’s? Yep we are shifting! And no he isn’t cheating on me, and if he was great!!!! Love more shit! Hahahaha there’s no such thing as cheating in my books, but yes if you love but I mean love! Cheating never crosses ur mind love is itchy cheating is fungal like… ;|) pffft! Believe it!

      I don’t want to leave yet, I have all his information, that I need to Passover to my girls, one wants to be a judge an the other an actress??? I keep telling them they are already just gotta tune up some things here and there!

      I won’t apologize for those who may be disgusted with my happy-fa-ness! ( but I know that feeling) hang on! What to hang on to? Hang on to you!!! To everything that makes you happy! You can’t sleep get up and dance baby!!!!

      I’ve been the lover, the mistress, the wife, the cheating wife, the wife that was cheated on, I’m the divorce (and my ex husband and I are civilized beyond belief), I was the abusive mom (emotionally), I was the daughter who was emotional/physically abused. I was molested by family, maybe I was even the prostitute (the definition is money in exchange for sex, well I got gifts, money a car and all kinds of material stuff, yes really team dark did a Number on me)

      I had ONE experience of UFO sighting right in front of me. Never new why me? Yeah the neighborhood was there saw everything, never said anything, my cousin was right next to me, he saw it but doesn’t remember?!?!?! I searched for answers to this, as to why me??? I know the answer now. It’s special to me my answer. It resonates, it makes sense to ME…that’s all that matters!

      I love you all, yes I don’t have to know you either, you have what I have and i have what you have “know-ledge” ! Even knowledge has energy, it never ends! It’s transutted trough all of us!

      Team dark is dead! Team light arises and the rest is history!

      (and Shawn, if your reading, many apologies for the abruption, I could have loved you more, but know that I love you unconditionally) xoxo

      (if I’ve said to much Denise, I understand but at least you read it 😉 ) hugs!

      • Enita! You rock! As for me, well, I’ve decided to get out my knitting needles and start knitting myself a “HOW”, a new “HOW” and I figure by the time I have knitted enough scarves to keep some homeless folks warm, maybe I’ll have a handle on the “HOW”. But you are right, Enita, and I know everyone here agrees, there’s no going back now! Enita, I got to say I love your style. Thank you and Love to All Here, B.

      • Awwwe! Gracias!

        Before I rocked let me tell yah! I was indeed a ROCK! Ha! Weren’t we al. I use to say man ur happy now but remember shaky grounds and he comes when you least expected, it was a reminder that I shouldn’t be too happy and on guard! Imagine que loqura! (what craziness” in Spanish) I was reminded of that today but I said SO??? Let it be shaky grounds I’m standing still alright!

        I just realised how much I said shit earlier? I’m giving it a new meaning in my life Hahahaha.

        Everything I once new is all different now!
        Let’s keep rockin!

        Denise how’s your birthday so far?!?

  11. lewisrooney:
    Strangely, I too began having the “symptoms” on December 20th. Woke suddenly as if falling from some “other” place, and with many of my memories wiped out. I am looking at these 3 days with eve more “other unknown places”, as the “dark days” predicted. But the “dark” is not a lack of daylight… it’s been lack of understanding, of knowing and full of uncertainty like never before.
    I have been extremely exhausted and “spacey” ever since then, and today, 12-23-12, seems a bit better, but still napping 3 or 4 times a day!… not usual for me. A very Glad Christmas and Peaceful New Year to you and all the Starseeds… Denise… thank you so much for putting us on to “Cosmic Awareness.” I have never found anything that resonated with my own experience that much before, except for your posts, my dear. Happy Ascensions, everyone!

    • Dear Marilyn,

      I wanted to say that I completely relate to your symptoms. Friday night I slept almost 12 hours, last night almost 10 hours, and throughout the days, if I close my eyes, I go right into meditating. I feel tired, yet awake enough to meditate. The taste of food and eating hasn’t been easy. Today I decided to forgo most of it and just rely on tea and water (I did have on bowl of soup and that seemed ok).

      Since Saturday morning, I’ve had this keep awareness that I hadn’t had before: my apartment walls and everything around me is an illusion. I’m spacey when my eyes are open, yet I’m only half here. I can’t tell where “there” is, and I know I’m not quite “there” yet either.

      I’ve had other experiences letting me know it’s not just wishful thinking… beyond the immense energy gushes. Did I forget to mention the intense pressure almost to the point of pain from the top part of my head and my crown chakra?

      I’m choosing to take each moment as it comes. I’ve “let go” of my expectation of Ascension (when I realized I actually had one), and have this suspended observing take place. I’m aware that as we come out of the “3 days of darkness”, this in-between stasis of sorts (that’s how it feels to me), that we will find answers for ourselves. It may be the skeptics reaffirm their skepticism, and the sensitives fully embrace the changes they’ve experienced to propel them towards solutions for our world. Or we may indeed wake up to an entirely new reality. Or, as life is a process, we’ll begin to learn slowly how all of us really have changed. I know I’ve been changed by this process if this is all it is for me. I know I’ve completely let go of fear which has ruled my life to its detriment. I know I’ve learned to see beyond polarities. I know I want to share healing words with others, to help them in their own healing. I know my Mom and best friend have both seen me do a complete foundational change. I am changed for the better. And for me, if that’s all the comes of this, then I fully embrace it. However, a part of me feels that’s not all there is, that there’s more to come. Either way, I’m accepting and loving and embracing it. Life is a journey and a process, and I’m embracing it.

      Sending much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  12. Happy Birthday, Denise! And also to others (Barbara, et al.)!

    My Birthday was December 13th. I spent it quietly listening to music and just being. I also didn’t recognize the significance of my birth date until a couple of years ago, even while actually knowing my soul self pretty well. The personal consciousness can be indeed very dense. BTW, just for fun, at the bottom of this site http://www.spiritual-path.com/numerology.htm , you can enter your date of birth and get a numerology reading. I found most of the analysis pretty accurate, but pertaining only to the person not going through multiple ascension missions.

    For me, a very big, noticeable shift occurred before 12-12. After that, the pressure has been steadily increasing. The feeling is that my body is vibrating at “beyond-audible frequency,” which is actually less uncomfortable than previous vibrations at lower frequency. I also feel great pressure from inside the body, which sometimes feels like it might explode. I take all this to mean that my light body is doing something or other to my physical body, and my higher self is trying to “move in.”

    12-21 and 12-22 have been rather intense energetically. I spent a lot of time sleeping. But I was also getting frustrated, yet again, at having to be among clueless people and not being able to be Me. After some pacing around and muttering, I decided to just come back to knowing that everything is OK. I just have to look at things from the soul perspective. The soul sees this ascension as just one part of its multi-dimensional and multi-temporal mission. Personal tantrums are not going to make a difference one way or the other — they never did anyway. So, back to relaxing and being. 🙂

    Much Love to All!


    • Dear Akhilleus/inho1213,

      I certainly relate to the sleeping a LOT. Friday the 21st, I slept almost 12 hours that night, slept almost 10 hours the 22nd, Monday I had to get up for an appointment, last night I slept almost 10 hours.

      I close my eyes during the day and feel that I’m immediately in a meditative state… as well as throughout the day feeling “not quite here”.

      The energy is quite INTENSE. I’ve been feeling like there’s not a true “3 days” of darkness in the strictest sense, more like on a curve, in a way that we all of us can adapt more easily to. I’m having intense pressure in my crown and 3rd eye chakras. I’m finally at ease with my heart chakra… that was gushing energy (felt like my chest would explode) for weeks leading up to the 21st. I’m getting that because of how my 3D brain functions, it’s taking a bit more to “rewire” things. So I’m just going with it and am doing my best to ride through the pains. I’m also experiencing what might seem like a chest and sinus issue/cold yet it’s not. So these energies are certainly doing something to the physical as well.

      Absolutely, just “go with the flow”!

      Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  13. Hello Everyone,

    It has been a long time since I have commented but I have been reading all of the post and listening to the other links provided by Denise. I just happened to check my email to see the latest post, this one and am in the process of listening to it now. I have to add that since we have been in the holiday season I traveled to the east coast (New Jersey & CT) over Thanks giving and I am spending Xmas here in my state of CA. Since I came back from Thanksgiving I have had a difficult time getting back in alignment with my higher consciousness, I have been picking up everyone’s energy around me and it has been difficult to release up until last night. I was aware on Friday the 21st but still felt nothing except other peoples energys. It hit me like a ton of bricks this morning around 8AM PST. I made it a point to go to the beach early this morning to get back out in nature and thats where I needed to be. Focused back on being in the true presence of source God. I felt this state of majestic bliss, I was able to get out of the emotional barrier and into that state of spirit which I am still in now as I write. THEN it hit me, OMG I’m in the 5th realm. OMG I think this is what is happening. I feel as though I am in transit in this moment BUT this is the BAD part. I have a feeling I will be moving in and out of the 3rd & 5th dimension until I can train myself to stay. 3D sucks. LET US ALL BE IN 1 HARMONY AND LOVE AND BE POSITIVE TO STAY IN 5D. I MUST STAY in this state, OMG what will happen when I have to report back to work on Wednesday. FYI I have been outside for most of the day. I needed to stop at the store on the way back from a beautiful walk but there were too many cars in the parking lot. I did not go in. I felt moved to stay out of the store. I think I am understanding what is going on. Does anyone else feel this? The energies are very high today. Something is definately going on. Everybody be STILL. I am feeling it today. Again I was not feeling this on Friday the 21st.

    • Dear Thank You,

      I absolutely believe that this is a process, a “rewiring” of our Light Bodies and rewiring in relation to our physical ones. I’m having really INTENSE energy in my crown and 3rd eye areas, and am having chest and sinus symptoms that I identify as being caused by the changes internally and with the new energies.

      I’ve slept almost half the weekend away, and when I’m at home and awake, if I just close my eyes I’m immediately in this meditative state. And I could stay that way for hours. Eyes open, half the time I feel as if half of me is “somewhere else” yet I couldn’t say for sure where that is.

      So yes, I agree that like with anything “new” it’s a process of learning how to use our new abilities. I believe the keys are:

      Be Still within yourself and mind
      Listen to the Voice within your heart (or crown, or both, however it works for you)
      Feel things to be true, no mind required

      We’re still learning, or even “re-learning” from knowledge of our “past” (lol well actually the past is present now) lives and intuitions. We’re all adjusting as best we can.

      Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  14. I have been reading the comments on Rainbow Phoenix. Team dark has really been hitting the folks there hard with its attacks on Cosmic Awareness. My thoughts to those making such attacks is if they are capable of such fear and anger they sure weren’t ready for 5D.

    The Day of Ascension is over, and I admit I sort of feel like “Now what?”

    I did not hold the light well on the 21st. I was trying to do things that I have never been good at — like meditating — to do my part as a Lightworker. The more I couldn’t do it, the more frustrated I got.

    And then that night I had a dream that I was being called a traitor. But I don’t know who it was who was calling me that. That sort of threw me. Whom had I betrayed? The
    characters in the dream were in military uniform of some sort. I think the accusations were coming from the negatives.

    Early on in my discovery of the Ascension process (not the start of it — that was years ago — but learning about what I was going through and why), I came across an article about Diamond Children by Inelia Benz. It resonated with me. Basically, Diamonds are Lights that cannot be seen in the dark, but their Light is still as bright. Or rather, it may be dark, but they are still diamonds. To me, I sort of likened it to being a stealth weapon. I do know that one of my jobs is to hold the door open, so to speak, until the very last moment before a timeline splits permanently to let as many people who choose to go higher up on their Ascension stairsteps move up as possible. And I guess the “negatives” found that out on the Day of Ascension. That is probably why I remember almost nothing consciously of what I do as a Lightworker. If I’m “in the dark” I can’t give myself away.

    Nevertheless, on the 22nd I was at a loss as to what I could possibly contribute consciously. Just “BE-ing” wasn’t cutting it for me or my peace of mind. Then counsel came from my Angels and Ascension Guides: “I STAND WITH GOD!” That’s all. And it occurred to me that THAT was to be my mantra. Nothing vague like “I AM” — although I AM. I needed to shout out to anyone who has a doubt now where I stand, I STAND WITH GOD! That sure resonated well. So that’s what I said on Saturday. (I’m still saying it.) That intention has brought me Peace as well as Power. And sometimes I add, “I AM the Diamond Light!” And of course, “I AM!”

    Saturday afternoon, I listened to the interim message from Cosmic Awareness, then
    began the 30-minute Aethos tonal from Tom Kenyon and the Hathors, held an amethyst and a clear quartz crystal in each hand and went to sleep listening to it. The dreamstate is, after all, where I do my best work. 🙂

    I awoke on the 23rd with a vague memory of a dream that was related to a “life review”. I don’t remember much about it except that lots of people were “reviewing” the experience at the same time and I think it had something to do with the Civil War. I had another dream that was pretty typical of Ascension dreams that I am still clearing out a lot of stuff that I have been holding onto.

    In addition to those two dreams I got another important message from my angels/guides upon awakening. It has to do with how fast things will begin to manifest. And Lord knows I’m not ready for 5D clear and pure thinking. 3D-type things pop into my mind way too fast. I think that’s why they gave me this technique. They termed it as the “take-back moment.” They said that the moment after you say or think something that you really don’t want or mean in the very next moment you can “take it back” and it won’t begin to manifest. (Remember when we were kids, you’d say something and the kid you said it to who didn’t like what you said would say, “Take that back!” And you would or you wouldn’t.) Well, there is more Truth to that than just childish bickering.

    I wanted to share this as someone who didn’t have feelings of being part of the larger whole. My days felt pretty much just like regular days this past weekend. I am only vaguely aware of the important stuff that did take place. I still wonder, “Now what?” I don’t have any clearer picture of where I go from here than I did on December 20. But I take with me wise counsel from an Ascension friend who said when I asked her that: “What do we do from here? Exactly what we have been doing in preparation for this day. Hold the light, project the light, and show the world your divineness. Continue to learn and strive to get to a higher dimension.”

    • Dear Nikkoale,

      I just wanted to thank you for sharing about “I take it back”. It’s really interesting to me. I’ve usually been careful about what I say before I say it, my best friend not so much. And for many years, she’s actually starting saying things, stop herself, and say, “No, actually, I take that back.” It’s really nice to know that we can “take back” the stray thoughts and words that come to us.

      Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  15. I agree, the CA channeling is very, very boring!!! Try listening to Bashar/Darryl Anka’s channeling and Mellen-Thomas Benedict!!!
    Blessings to all of us-ALWAYS & AL-WAYS – “ok”

  16. Hello Denise,
    I go by “Thank You.” Well I went back to the beach this morning Venice in fact. It was a great morning again for it rained all last night so the air was crisp and cool this morning. I walked out to the end of the pier and for the 1st time ever I was by myself at the end of the pier no one else around at the end usually at Venice you see all sorts of people even fishing off the end of the pier. No one but me and when I was looking out over the edge a whale popped up and out to greet me. Actually it was dark blue and had patches of grey & white(multiple colorations going on) I never seen anything like it. I know people pay money to go on whale watching ships to see this sort of thing but for me I was in perfect alignment with it. After the fact people were coming up to the end and they said they saw the whale from a distance but I alone had the front row view. It was amazing. From that moment when people started to gather we were all in harmony. Beautiful.

  17. Denise, I hope you had a great birthday yesterday!

    The only thing I noticed in my “3 days of darkness” was the strong urge to sleep! Cosmic Awareness says we reached zero point on December 21st and Gaia IS ascending. But I really don’t believe she would ascend without me! 🙂

    I’m still here in 3D, hoping the world will become a Lighter place. At least I didn’t see any chemtrails in the sky today.

    Blessings to all, Thelma

    • My goodness! I slept sooo much as well! I had two experiences on the 21st in a semi-awake state. The first one I felt like a wave sweep over me and a kind of vibration (fairly gentle) and a floaty feeling and I thought “oh! cool! here we go!”. The second I felt like I was having a very fleeting OBE and started to see a couple of misty white beings around me, then I thought “I must have Micah (my husband) with me!” I then woke fully up at that point.
      I have really tried to use this time as gong deeper, finding more meaning to it all because I did have expectations (tried not too!). I must say I have felt the dissapointment but I recognized that for what it is: my ego! I have been trying to stay in my mantra “Thy will be done, not mine”. I love all of you guys! I have been so blessed to have been led here. I really needed to learn and hear from each and every one of you, immensely.
      Happy Birthday to you, Denise! Something that keeps coming to my mind (I am not Christian) but there is a passage in the Bible which talks about how no person will know the day nor the time. I am completely paraphrasing here but I think you get the gist of it. I have been mulling that over in relation to this past weekend/now/time to come! Also, if there really is no time, then what does time matter? It is so confusing to have the limitations of our brains and 3d.
      I have had such mood swings! Within a second one to the other! I had a HUGE release yesterday evening and just cried like I haven’t cried in years. It was wonderful. I’m feeling more joy in each moment, gratitude. It is just lovely.

  18. “Hi again – 26th here and I am feeling lost and confused. What, if anything, really happened? Denise, you have been my most trusted source….are you able to share what you have experienced? Are we still getting physical symptoms? Jane xx”

    Jane & All,

    Thank you Jane for that wonderful comment about trusting me and what I say. ♥ Always individual discernment too. 🙂

    Yesterday I started an article that will RECAP some important multidimensional 2012 events; go over some of what I experienced throughout the “three days” (12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12); talk a bit more about the anomalies that have been happening since December 24, 2012 with time and clocks; and also about how so many of us feel disappointed, depressed, confused, angry, frustrated etc. etc. because the “three days” didn’t produce what many of us had expected or anticipated…the “Ascension Myth” as Cosmic Awareness called it in the Dec. 22, 2012 “The Interim” message. The Shift has indeed very much happened during the “three days” and it will just take some more “time” for more people to consciously realize that they’re not in the old 3D earth world reality now. I know the external package doesn’t look like it has changed…but it has. 😉 Time will bear this out to more and more people who are aware and can honestly perceive that everything from the previous cycle(s) has expired and shifted into very, very different cycles and continued learning and creating etc. etc.

    I’m working on this article and will try to have it published asap.

  19. Hi Denise and folks. I am going to settle back and read what everyone has contributed. As for me over the 3 days I felt waves of incoming energy and of course fatigue. I felt this begin for me in the weeks before the 3 days. On Christmas day I felt head pounding pressure such as I had not felt till then! My head, face, jaws & sinus seemed to be held in an unrelenting grip, and the fatigue was almost overpowering. By bed time I asked for help, and once again I felt amazed simply because I felt such a fast response caused by a feeling of shimmreing exquisite energy flow down thru my crown and down my spine. I did take advil and turn on the radio and fell asleep to music. I am trusing that I am going thru a transition. I am always asking for assistance for my bodies as I intake this energy. I have often felt myself feeling the strongest compassion I have every felt for what this body has been thru and have been moved to often pray for it and ask it and all the life forms that make it manifest for forgiveness and let them know I appreciate them and how sorry I am that I could not do better for their sakes during this life. I feel this is needed, a big need inside of me. I am grateful for Denise and the others who have consistently told us to stay in the light and not anchor into the earth this past year or longer. I feel comfortable not “knowing” anything beond absorbing. The energies are so lovely and feel strongest when I muse on how grateful I feel for the changes in my life. My life has changed so much this year for the best. And sometimes I feel as if I have been experiencing things maybe just a step ahead of the official changes…. cause when I read about them I truly feel I’ve been there and done that already. Don’t know if I am correct about that. I am so grateful for this forum and I hope everyone one of you that enjoys or celebrates Christmas enjoyed it! This was my first happy Christmas time in over 20 years…. I understand the sorrows all too well. ~LOVE

    P.S. One reader reminded me of the dreams I had Christmas Eve night. Had lots of “military” over tones. And a war between Iran & Iraque! But there were military helicopters and people dressed in military clothes all while I fended with people I never got along with, now passed over. I dreamed about a girl that got killed stabed by a long long sword as she confronted military types, stabbed from behind. I reexperienced the intensity of the sorrow I endured in lonely exile for many many years and I hated it. I dreamed about 3 healer practioners too, but I debated with them and their style for healing and how much they charge people! It was a very tough nite with a who am I where am I feeling when I woke up and then endured the head pain I write above.

    • Hi, Edith. I am still having military/paramilitary themes to my dreams (that I remember), which have usually been inorganic with the negatives trying to influence or attack me. But last night new elements were added — lush green grass (which, interestingly held my own private unseen army) and the color purple. Very auspicious colors! I am so glad that the 5D is coming into my dreamstate. And the first thing that I saw this morning to reinforce that is a photo that was showing on the picture slideshow that I use as a screensaver — a reflection from the morning sun off one of the posts of my bed shining on my bedroom floor that was in the shape of an angel. 🙂

  20. Hello dear family members,

    Now that some days have passed and I’m more at peace with what had gone, I’ll share some of my thoughts with you.

    My soul was drawn in this CosmicAwarness right from the start and I wanted so desperatly this to end on that particular time 21st +- 3 days of darkness interval. I had prepared everything carefully: took a vacation from work on 11th, talked to colleagues that I might not return after new year :P, donated some of my savings money :P, prepared the house (made the cleaning, shopping etc.). Everything was in place and I was READY.

    On the 11th I was very calm and at peace with what’s to come but then came the 12th which really hit me pretty bad, first mentally and them physically. I wasn’t able to focus and I was mentally distracted, disoriented, not knowing what to do. Everything I tried doing was not helping me, even staying in bed with my eyes close could not calm me down. Physically I began starting some powerfull heart palpitations and I wasn’t able to sleep on my left side because the pain was strong.

    As the days past by the heart palpitations stopped and I was able to recover day by day but was not able to retain that blissfull and calm feeling of BEEING.

    In the weekend before 21st I had a little flooding in my apartment cause by some tube part attached to the toilet that cracked under the pressure from water. There was a very weird synchronicity when this event happened, I was preparing to send a part of my donation:P. We weren’t able to fix this problem immediately and because of the leaking of water I had a very difficult night where I had a lot of fear of not innundating my neighbours below. I managed to make a system to take the leaking water to some recepient but I was forced to empty it every two hours. Fortunately the day after my father remembered a plumber he used to know and he came and fixed the problem.

    The 21st came and here I was ready to be as calm and as present as ever. The first part of the day was very beautifull and calm, I was on Lisa Renee’s web site and listening to the meditations prepared specifically for this event. In the second part of the day I decided to help my mother prepare some traditional “stuffed cabbage” meal ( don’t know if this is the correct term; we call them “sarmale” in our language) for Chrismas. I get a little irritated now because I was trying to finish them as soon as posible and then return to meditations. Of course that attitude backfired and I found myself out of my previous calm beeing state :P. Later that night I remember having a part of my dreams finding myself at the comercial center of a small town. Here I was with my father and we were looking for some pants for me. We went in a store but the pants they had in there were to large for me. I moved them to another store, where I met Denise 😛 and I was so happy meeting her. It seemed that this store had a more sized pants for me, but my father insisted that we go to the previous store and buy the pants from there (I assume he wasn’t liking the higher energies:P). Also I wanted to buy an apparatus that kept flies at distance. I wasn’t sure if I were to buy that apparatus because I would have liked a killing-bugs one :).

    On the 22nd I began having my doubts (left behind, wishfull thinking etc. ) and on that day there was a show synchronistically intitled “In Vain?”. The question of the day persisted till evening when I read this post with the attached audio message. After listening to it I started doing an introspection and I could find myself more calm.

    After the 23rd I had an interesting part of a dream where I was walking the streets and all of a sudden I have the sensation that you are having a lucid dream. I see the sun glowing and I try in that moment to lift me up from the ground and levitate and reach towards the sun, but I can’t. I start questioning the sun why did you left me here and feeling desperate. I find myself standing on the cement and contemplating about a mission I had to do couple hundrends years after this moment with Lisa Renee when we were supposed to come back to Earth again.

    Last night another dream relating to the ascension experience. I and lots of other people were stading in the proximity of some tall office like glass buildings. We are anxious awaiting the big event and there are also birds hovering around us ( seagulfs I believe ). There is a big flash of Light in an instant and the next moment we are on the other side. The picture is exactly the same, I can see the cars running on the streets, but it looks like I am more at peace with everything and I have the knowing that something happened.

    Now, I resonate with this WHITE BRIGHT LIGHT image and with the feeling that the SHIFT DEFINETELY HAPPENED :).

    Lots of Love and Blessing and Happy Holidays to all of YOU. >:D<

  21. Hi Denise and all!

    No chemtrails on my end!! It’s been 4 days now.

    My daughter which is 13 sat her grandma and aunt and told them they need to start changing and putting their egos aside!!

    However, my mom and dad have been quiet lately, I’ve made this observation in older parents, my theory thus far is , the old and the dark is ALL OF A SUDDEN dying and their lost as to “what is this I’m feeling, I’m feeling. ” my mother is a social butterfly never a day where it’s quiet, she’s a clown a kid at heart. My dad looks depressed ;( so something is up.

    My partner seems rather distant in his physical form, I do get a random moments of affection, but there’s something brewing. I think, those who are in that realm of things are being kicked in the butt, change is knocking hard!

    My 3 year old is now the boss of the house! Lol the conversation goes like this:
    Mami, why do you say I can’t watch that?
    Well honey because there’s words that are nice.
    But it’s not a big deal mom, I know it’s not nice and that’s why I don’t say it!! So can you put the tv on now?!

    Saaaay whaaaat?!?

    Oh yeah, shifting shifting shifting!!!!!

    Just wanted to share, anyone else see/feel that whole deal with parents?

    Denise, this is another website I go to when I get the moon updates, I’d like to share it, if you feel it’s not a must, just erase it 😉
    I always pick and choose what resonates and discern. Thanks….

    Hugs hugs hugs!


  22. Denise, I’m wondering about something. I’m having this impression about new year, that there may be a timeline that is a linear continuance of what’s been, evolving as usual, not as dark, it doesn’t seem as dark anymore somehow, but still agitated, and another timeline that is not linear, it makes me think of Presence, all possibilities within the Now. I can’t put plans in it. I can’t even place it, apparently. Now I think maybe they’re already in course, but I don’t know really. Do you think it’s the different planets scenario? Because it seems like the same space to me, but with some type of energetic separation and perhaps different creation methods. Not sure again. Would be nice to read your perspective.
    I was shuddering in horror of being longer in the linear stuff, mind scared that I’m not good enough or clear enough. However, at times, Soul laughs at it, of the need to be some imaginary type of perfect and not accept that I can simply receive love now. My mind has been judging me a lot about how I must stop judging. srsly :/
    The paradox of both perceptions has become pretty intense, the human long struggle and the soul’s simplicity, both real. We’ve been thru hell, versus, it’s all right and we can just receive love… you know? All real.
    I feel a lot like being somehow near the people I feel are transitioning or already in the good place, even just reading comments and such, because there seems to be a glassy foggy veil between me and the people around that enerves me a bit. Like today I couldn’t understand even the words they said, and then mind thinks it’s me judging them, but it actually seems like a real distance. I just can’t go “back”, it would kill me or something. And heart just loves them deeply. Ugh, tricky tricky. Or so simple… And I want to cry because we are separating, but they are right here!
    I remember you’ve written about it and we have felt this growing separation before, but it’s just become extreme that someone standing in front of me feels way further than someone I never met in person and just read from.
    Sorry, I feel a bit silly writing these things, even tho I feel them, because I also feel Spirit guiding and Being me and encompassing all, and self-love being so different than anything I had expected. But also confused and sad. Guess I’ll make me company thru this… it shall pass.
    Whether you write about such things or not, thank you for being there.
    And thanks to everyone else too.

    • Kaisa,

      What you’re feeling, sensing and perceiving is very normal for what we’re going through, what we’ve been going through! You are feeling the different levels of awareness, density, lack of density etc. in the people around you. I’ve been feeling this too for a long time and it’s really interesting AND frustrating at times too!

      As you (each of us) continues to grow in your awareness about all of this, the emotional pain we feel over seemingly losing other people or loved ones etc., lessens considerably because we gain an even greater perspective. We only move apart from each other for a while as each person continues their individual and ongoing spiritual learning, growth, creativity etc. Know that this pain you’re feeling now will dissipate the farther you go within your own spiritual evolution because you will know and see and understand more and more and that greater knowing is not emotional in this way at all.

      Be strong, be wise, and continuing BEING what you are. ♥

      • Thank you so hugely much for talking with me. You seem even more full of love than before, it’s so nice to feel your energy. You sound kinda Galadriel’ish (with all love and respect, cause she rocks too, imo). Your kindness and support is extremely valuable, Denise, to so many of us, because, like others said, even you, it’s real different to hear something from someone who’s been aware of things for so long instead of the mind babble of right and wrong.
        I felt so empty for so long, and now there are actual moments of being filled with love and having what seems like light body tightening up closer, giving me some form, and even (shocking) joy over a possible future, all mixed up with the sadness of a whole past existence backing away, with its thoughts, people… so it does help to hear that we just move apart for a while. Reminds of that little song: “merry meet and merry part and merry meet again”.
        much gratitude ❤ and a big hug

  23. Jane,

    I’m so backlogged with emails and Comments — not to mention writing articles! — that it’s usually very hard for me to take the time to completely read link article and/or watch a long video etc. I read through the first couple of paragraphs of the link you shared but not the whole article. I’m working on my own and hope to have it published soon.

    There was an important and correct sentence in what I did read in that link that said:

    “The rise of the population is not complete and will continue for a good while…”

    The “Three Days” of 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 were the peak point, the Expiration Date, reaching exactitude with the alignment/conjunction of Earth with the Galactic Center etc. But, as with all astrological aspects this conjunction/alignment and the overall Ascension energies will also continue to be felt for, as Cosmic Awareness recently said, the next nine months which is the time from the 2012 Winter Solstice through to 2013 Fall Equinox.

    Just because we’ve reached and passed through the “Three Days” Shift Point does not mean that the Ascension energies instantly stopped or shut down; they did not but they will from this point forward slowly decrease in intensity exactly the same way that all planetary transits do as they slowly pull away from each other. Those specific energies are still present for a while after exactitude (the closest connection) but they slowly dissipate as the two planets, or in this case the Earth/Sun alignment or conjunction to the GC, slowly continue orbiting out of that conjunction/alignment range.

    I’ll try to get my latest article finished and then everyone whose interested can continue this discussion in Comments under that article. I know there’s much confusion and has been since 12-21-12 because I felt it and I’m still feeling it from many people. We’ll get there but this is still a Process for us all. 🙂


  24. Folks I brought you to the water- I can’t drink it for you. Don’t be afraid it doesn’t bite. Drink from the nectar of the “NEW”. Happy New Dawn to Transitions ❤

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