January 2013: The Start of Big Changes & Improvements

I’m always very glad and grateful to see someone else talk about what Starseeds, Lightworkers, Pathpavers, Wayshowers and Indigos etc. have and still today experience from the masses of hostile, unaware people around us. I’ve endured not only what’s required of a Starseed Lightworker Transmutor Integrator Gridworker and Embodier of the new Higher Energies in and through my own body/bodies for many years, but simultaneously have personally endured plenty of human disrespect, insults, written attacks from unaware humans, lectures, preaching and so on in Comments here at TRANSITIONS, in Comments written at other people’s blogs, and in posts on public forums over the years and all because these people honestly believe they understand when in truth they have not and still do not. And let’s not forget the years and/or decades of direct attacks many of us have endured, fought, struggled with and barely survived from those non-human, non-physical Team Dark members — the Negative Aliens, the Archons, Demonic beings, lesser negative entities etc. simultaneously also.

Like the Ascension Process wasn’t hard enough just helping pull earth and humanity up and out of Hell, we’ve also endured ongoing assaults from the very humans we’re here to help extricate from that Hell they’re unaware they’ve lived their lives within. Enough however now that we’re on the other side of the “Three Days” — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 — Expiration Date, Shift Point. Enough now humanity, it’s time to wake up a lot more, smell the brand NEW coffee and prepare to drink it in and start to reap the profound benefits. I have a lot more to say about the Shift into The NEW but I’ll save it for another article.

Thanks go to Lisa Renee for another important milestone article for us all. Please see links to her website located at the bottom of her quoted January 2013 article.


January 13, 2013


Externalization of the Krystal Star

January 2013

Dear Ascending Family,

“For many years those of us directly working for the Ascension timeline have undergone persecution, misunderstanding, constant psychic attack, isolation, betrayal and excruciating pain in order to meet the requirements that these incredible circumstances have placed upon our mind, body and spirit to finally make it to this very important time for the planet and humanity. The only way to survive and be sane in the Ascension process when your number has been called is to always remember, “You are in this world, but You are not of this world.” As with the Biblical reference which is highly misunderstood, Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world.” What is being referenced in this verse is that the Christ consciousness, the Krystal Star presence, is not of this world, not of this earth.

The controllers have been hiding the true historical origin of not only humanity, but Christ as an extraterrestrial presence for a very long time. They hijacked the written and oral histories of our indigenous tribes and created the planetary Christ story to promote the crucifixion of humanities real inner spirit.  For those of us as awakened Starseeds, we had a better comprehension of this fact, as most of us knew that the Christ consciousness was not from here, as we are not from here. Most of us have been horribly uncomfortable living on this planet for that very reason. Many of us have been reduced to living a double life for the fear if we show our real heart-self, we may be singled out and tortured as the many histories of genocide have taught us here. This Christ family is beginning to be safe now which means that it is time to reveal your true nature to the world. Like myself, many of us have not been able to freely share with others our role with this planet. This runs the gamut of planetary light-working, extra-dimensional contacts and communication, awakening experiences, other worldly experiences, developing healing and teaching modalities, soul retrieval and transiting, designing new blueprints, planetary grid-work and etheric surgery.  We finally have a frequency support grid of Krystal current which allows those of us with that role to exist more comfortably on earth. The time of the promised return of Christ, the externalization of the Krystal Star presence (Cosmic Christ Unity Consciousness) is beginning now as an Ascension timeline made for the planet earth. All of this building up for such an important and awaited time to reach this little blue planet and it happened without any pomp or circumstance from the masses. Congratulations to this small Light and Star family who resonate with these words, as your contribution is deeply acknowledged and appreciated from the silent watchers of humanity.

Anti-Climactic Feelings

However, those of us that have been aware of this recent anchoring have been cautiously elated, suspended in the animation of that internal feeling, there is Cosmic Victory! We have felt a deepened release that has left us somewhat exhausted and confused while in the middle of this victorious feeling. This has pitted us with a great juxtaposition of potential inner conflict. This is created between the incredible contrast of external and world events and our “victorious” inner feeling.  For some of us we may feel saddened, let down, anti-climactic, and disappointed that we cannot see in the material world a great manifestation of this recent incredible event on the earth. Where is the peace on earth? Where is our Mother presence?

What we come to terms with now in our deepest soul and inner being, is the new beginning of the Externalization of the Christ presence in this world. We have a fairer playground now, of which the constant energetic pummeling, victimizer programs and constriction will stop when a human being is embodying the Krystal principle. There has been a saying by beings off planet, “They crucify the Christ down there on earth!”, and there was great truth in that statement. The predator’s enforced “Crucifixion of Christ” is over on the planet, yet the re-education of the many humans that have been brain washed to believe otherwise, is still the greater task at hand. We still have many people on earth covered with alien machinery and their ego programs without identifying them as inorganic vampire technology. At the very least, the frequencies and balanced energies made more easily available on the planet will allow for a softer and easier time for this group. Many more people will come to the expanded consciousness level to understand that the old way of existing, in a mind controlled lifestyle created from alien machinery, does not work for them anymore.

Aurora Hosting Cycle Begins

The morphogenetic structure of the planetary mathematical architecture has been coded to fully anchor the Krystal Star frequency presence along with running its “living” energetic current in the planetary brain. This has been generated from the constant work involved in the rehabilitation and recoding of the damaged planetary grids, which act as the central nervous system for the planet. There is still much more to do with resetting the planetary grids and the logos (brain) into compatible messaging for trinitized frequency formats. After a knock down, dragged out battle for the end game pieces in December, we emerged from the demolition of the flying dust particles in early January with ALL of those pieces. Those pieces began a re-assembly process that has been frenzied with many extra dimensional and multidimensional humans acting as conduits in the end game. This was to allow the Liquid Krystal Forces and current to wash through the many energetic tributaries, ley lines and meridians within the planetary consciousness field. In the first week of January, grid-workers were in extreme pressure and being pushed to stop certain structures being used on the planetary gridlines.

These structures are called “Minarets” and they had to be stopped from broadcasting reversal frequency for the “net”, as well as pumping many genocidal and suicidal mind control programs into the planet. This was an immensely successful project, as it finalized the corrections required that allow for the anchoring of the Krystal frequency lines to be made accessible on the planet. This is a first time event, as this Krystal frequency and its Ascension platform have never been in this density before, as its beginning to seep through the many, multiple field layers now. This is a multidimensional event, impacting parallel realities and future earth timelines. This event necessitates that we will continue to rebuild architecture ongoing from this month, as a part of the full Ascension Timeline available on the earth for the next thousand years. At the end of this root race consciousness cycle, the Guardians had been extracting Melchizedek hosting architecture and other fallen networks in the planetary consciousness grids. These various networks are systematically being recoded to the Avatar of Ascension, or Aurora Host. The Aurora Host and/or Krystal Star are the consciousness root race evolution cycle that we begin this month. The Aurora (luminaries from the next Universe) are the Ascending host consciousness for the new races evolving on planet earth.

The Failsafe Effort

During the last weeks of December and into early January the reclamation of planetary consciousness technology that was usurped and used by negative alien networks was in battle for control. There were millions of Light Beings working this project from the inner and outer dimensional planes. Once the Mother quintessence opened the larger Creatrix field by locking into intersection portals with multiple Universal Core Gateways on December 21st,  a huge amount of group consciousness and entity fields enthusiastically rushed into our Universal System. Once these gateways opened we had a flood of massively large Light Beings from the next Universes come to help us. This was to answer for the call of support to manifest the real Ascension timeline for planet earth, which allowed for the release of enslavement through the alien technology and their programs of reincarnation. The magnitude and size of this group effort is beyond our comprehension.  This is completely new consciousness architecture, consciousness creations, source technologies, blueprint fields, Krystal entities that were ignited by this merging presence with the Aurora Hosting project. This was the Ascension failsafe effort that was immediately implemented when the portal gateways were opened to allow the full access into our Universal System.

Many of you reading this were probably involved as it was the last push to bring the Aurora Host to reconnect thoroughly into the planetary fields. This failsafe effort was sourced in the deepest love and unification between of millions of Light beings collaborating with humanity to change the future timelines to an Ascending planet. It has been truly staggering, humbling and awe inspiring to witness this effort and know that we are cared for and truly loved at levels beyond our imagining.

The Four Square House of God

Some of us were assigned in different places on the earth (remotely) for the anchoring of four huge vertical Sound Wave Pillars. These four pillars also cross diagonally into horizontal bases located in multiple dimensions of time into the parallel earth realities. This is akin to saying that all parallel earth realities are connected for access in any time field through this Guardian built architecture on the planet.  In order for the Christ consciousness to live on the earth plane, the house of God (the mathematical architecture which allows the Liquid Light of Krystal Star to exist and live) must be built to contain the Krystal frequency. The “containment” structure itself built in the planetary consciousness field is referred to as the City Four Square. We also must build and rehabilitate the City Four Square in our own personal auric bodies to contain and hold the Krystal light frequency.

The City Four Square represents the four planes of matter in the four quadrants of this Universe. This also represents the four elemental bases of our raw material making up the planes of matter. (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) These four elementals make up the main chemical constituents of our DNA code and are being re-encrypted by the Aurora’s through the “Krystal River” current. The chemical catalyst of this elemental re-encryption is Mother’s Quintessence, which is a substance that just arrived last month at the Universal Gateway opening.

This new life foundation is necessary in order to focus the Divine Wholeness of God consciousness in the newly given dispensation of the anchored Ascension timeline. The City Foursquare is the “Golden City” architecture that returns God’s Laws and life force (Christ) back to this planet.

Our Guardian contingent was working primarily in the Middle East, Jerusalem, Egypt and the parallel networks in Peru with this architecture. (This was a final work in anchoring what was discussed in September 2010 newsletter about the Cosmic Cube of God’s 144,000) In these demographic areas on the earth plane there are spinning vortexes that allow intersections between the parallel earth timelines. Reversed alien technology hijack of these spinning vortexes which are heart circuitry centers directing energy in the grid system is called a “black heart” system. (a.k.a. anubian black heart) A black heart system is an inorganic and artificial “heart-brain” that circulates and directs planetary life force and frequency current into distorted holograms, negative forms, phantom or dead spaces (underworlds), and off planet to Orion for their usage. They are also used to maintain the compression needed for the magnetic imprints of alien implants and their machinery to operate in the planet.  These are frequency distortions that have been designed to reverse and siphon life force in a variety of unhealthy ways. Our Earth Star family will begin to be involved in healing the field damage these systems have left behind.

N.A.A. Minaret vs. Krystal Star Spires

Guardian forces determined that the black heart systems were being fed by the larger networks of frequency reversals being powered by reversal Metatronic Cube alien technology. One such “power plant” cube is the Black Stone Cube (Kabba) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Multiple millions of beings are hard wired into the black cube and their life force is used to power up this Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) network in the Middle East. Some of these beings are incarnated on earth and many others were trapped in the other dimensional planes through its soul “binding”. This “on planet network” was comprised of thousands of Mosque Minarets located primarily in Europe and in the Middle East. The Minarets are physical and etheric structures that were designed to be point holders of reversal frequency which reinforce and run the reversal net systems throughout multiple dimensions. A massive multidimensional battle in the Jerusalem area was waged with the dark power being directed from this complex Minaret connected network that had extensive foothold in the 2D, and 4D that was rooted in the Earth Core. Many of the manipulation of earth’s timelines occurred in the 2D gate and earth core hijack, where genocide and killing “broadcasts” are used repeatedly to manipulate the masses. We have seen this warring in the Middle East repeatedly as a mirror to this alien manipulation. (Please note this information is not ever intended as any type of judgment towards Islamic faith, as the planets many religions have suffered from serious alien hijack. This is just one example of many.)

Once the City Four Square was anchored in its foundation platform in Jerusalem, a massive call for Guardian grid-workers to topple the Minaret structure from its reversal net broadcast was made.  Some of us were sent to the Atlantian and Underworld “causation” time fields to wait for the immediate action of Guardian assisted false timeline erasure, false ascension programs removal and transiting of trapped soul fragments. Many of us may have felt the underworld fields moving through our bodies as portals being used for mass transiting. This was a literal “cutting off” of the power plant and from other timelines being used that were sending directed life force energies into this massive NAA network. The cutting off of the actual power source (and soul bodies) being used this way rendered the NAA system in the Middle East inactive. During this critical window of opportunity, Guardian teams reclaimed and recoded these networks to architecture that would run Krystal Star frequency in multiple layers. The Metatronic Cube Minaret network stopped pulsing reversals into the planetary field and is systematically being replaced and recoded into replacement technology called Krystal Star Spires.  These new networks are affectionately being called “kisses” by the Guardian Krystal family.

As these Guardian “kisses” are running corrected frequencies and life force patterns into the planetary grid network, there is a systematic process of rehabilitation happening in their coordinate locations on the planetary grid.  These Krystal Star Spires (Kisses Network) are able to run living energy fields back into the earth from the City Four Square Foundation Pillars. This strengthens the planetary body and is acting as a buffer field that is building to protect the entire planetary body and all of her inhabitants.  This field is building new ascension platforms that are acting as “hubs” through various islands which are being anchored on the planet surface during this time. This has to do with stabilizing the Pacific Ring of Fire which is the geological area of great instability due to volcanic eruptions and seismic activity. Apparently these certain island chains were apart of land masses (colonies) in the Pacific Rim that have been long forgotten through the loss of our galactic history. These islands are specific to reclaiming histories and artifacts about our real human origins and other advanced civilizations.

The Eternal Eye of God

For years the Guardians have been showing me optical lenses which refract the light source into the holographic projector of the consciousness blueprint fields. It was shown how intermediary lenses (i.e. Eyes) are used in mind control to manipulate the patterns of refracted light in our reality and create distorted holograms.  Negative Alien technology created many of these “eyes” which operate as the optical lenses of the false gods. In 2010 the Krystal family of 144,000 began to witness the schematic of the Divine Mind of God upon the third eye imprinted in the center of our brain. The actual Living and Eternal Divine Plan of God is projected as a geometric schematic of the “Divine Will” blueprint as through its “All Seeing Eye”. (This All Seeing Eye symbol has been hijacked in the past through the many uses of occultism, such as that which has been used to control the economic and financial system, as well as the money supply.)

All intermediary lenses of “mind control” (Eye of Yahweh, Eye of Jehovah, Eye of Horus and other religious control mechanisms requiring salvation or redemption) must be broken away in order to “see” the mind of One God. This “Eternal Eye of God” is coming to reside as the living presence in our re-wired brain. The Eternal Eye of God projects its Divine Mind blueprint as an imprinted Geometric Tesseract called the Cosmic Cube 144 Matrix. This Cosmic Cube 144 replaces the Metatronic Cube. Some of us in this family may have been consciously aware that in the last weeks the schematic was projected directly into the planetary field through our own brain and bodies.

The Eternal Eye of God has been placed in the field through our embodied person, and our mission is to ensure we hold this 144 cell schematic for the balance of the planet. When the schematic is being released, it is similar that your body is acting as a frequency current “transformer”, stepping down and stepping up the frequencies as they are run throughout your internal circuitry. We are getting used to this sensation, as it may feel like energetic phasing, electrical popping and a massive amount of current vibrating throughout your center core and vertical channel and moving out from your crown. (This generates a magnetic field around us and electronics and technology may not prefer that so much.) We have been positioned all over the world in order to run these Eternal Eye of God schematics into the planetary networks. This Divine Will from the Mind of God Blueprint has been placed in the 33rd parallel north latitude coordinate for access all over the globe. The 33rd parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America and the Atlantic Ocean.

This begins the process of which planetary guardian grid-workers are able to access the geometries required to create diamond networks of “trinitized forms” throughout the globe. This is required to change the bi-wave energy system to the tri-wave energy system, which in effect is moving from a closed energy system to an open source network.

Vesica Pisces to Trinity Forms

Over the last 5,000 years our planet has been operating on a “closed” bi-wave system. A closed system means “finite energy supply”. With finite energy supply, consuming others energies and parasitic relationships multiplied into massive proportions on our planet. This energetic imbalance was purposely programmed by the Controllers to distort the organic relationship between the electron and proton spin rates. The life force energy was being harnessed by controllers through hijacked creational code and inorganic architecture, through the Vesica Pisces (VP) bi-polar geometry. This hijacked Vesica Pisces architecture kept the binary code (consciousness polarity split through separation and distortion) locked down in our planet so that the trinity (unity) code would not be accessible. It forced reversal and split patterns that continually fragmented our consciousness at multiple dimensions.

The time of the VP geometric harness is ending and we are learning how to create trinitized forms which allow the feedback loop of source field energies. Many of us as grid-workers will be called to continue the rehabilitation of the planetary networks in major cities and major hubs. Some of us will be training to learn how to rehabilitate the human aura and many other life forms that will be exposed to our planet in the future to learn how to rehabilitate their bodies. At this time we are learning to be re-educators and rehabilitators to our planet, and potentially for many other planets that will require this support at some point in the future.

When the life force energy is drawn back into the source field through the trinitized geometries, the feedback loop of reciprocal source light is generated and expanded. Our goal during these new beginnings of time is to create the tri-tone (neutral field) that draws the composite energy back into the zero point as a feedback loop, back into the source of all creation. These patterns on the grid are called Chalice Configurations which are in effect the life giving nourishment of the Divine Mother principle we have missed so much. (Mother Arc Frequencies) This trinity field creates an eternal and perpetual supply of life force that regenerates the bodies. This eternal supply of life force is the Cosmic Christos light and the trinity principle, which when is used in matter the pattern is called a trinitized form.

Since our God source code is a trinity wave accessed through the merging of polarity, such as the merging of masculine and feminine energies, our species has been suppressed from connecting through the sacred union relationship. Sacred Union is our divine birthright and this organic architecture is now being returned to our species. This gender energy pattern is changing now on our planet. The sacred union personification is about perfected inner energetic balance between gender principles.

This is also referred to as the embodiment of “Hieros Gamos” or the Risen Christos. This is the foundational design for the Avatar of Ascension; the Guardian Group hosted Mentor Band of living intelligent energy called the “Hieros Gamos System” (HGS). The HGS is a multidimensional living intelligent technology being created into a mathematical template within the ES community consciousness container. The HGS Calibration method is being released by the Guardian host of HGS to the public this month on the ES website. For more information please go to http://www.energeticsynthesis.com.

Inner Balance to Sacred Marriage

The HGS is a Self Mastery Study that is designed to help anyone connect to and find the inner energetic core and learn the language to remember the inner spiritual purpose.

The AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) is a Multidimensional and Living Template Technology being offered to those desiring to expand their own personal empowerment by means of developing spiritual exploration and personal consciousness.  The development of Higher Sensory Perception (HSP) leads to the awareness of communicating directly with one’s inner energetic core and finding one’s divine mission and purpose in life. As one finds clarity within the personal knowing of their energetic core and its purpose in life, inner balance returns, allowing a state of wellbeing that includes inner peace and harmony.

Through the intentional application and developmental use of the AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS), one may develop a foundation based upon Energetic Self-Mastery principles, and claim personal sovereignty and responsibility over one’s personal energies. In result, one may become fully cognizant in efficiently and harmlessly directing focus and attention to maximize “living” life force potentials.

Much of this knowledge has been esoteric and hidden for centuries in many Mystery School teachings and Ancient Wisdom philosophies that carried down this knowledge through certain blood lineages. Basic energetic concepts in comprehending how to access Universal Creative Intelligence forces, the Natural Energetic Laws of Governing Forms, and how one can masterfully direct these energies to influence their experience within the world of matter; have only been allowed to be accessed by a privileged few. The Ascension Cycle requires our participation with ourselves and in order to gain energetic sovereignty in the matter worlds, the commitment to serve one’s spiritual core is what allows one to have access to these previously hidden systems.

To become attuned and aligned to the HGS template for applied session work for a multitude of purposes, one must patiently commit to the process of personal auric calibration to the HGS field.

This is called HGS Calibration. This is the most effective, efficient, harmless and productive method to gain access to the living energy system hosted by Guardian Krystal Star Teams. Patience and learning with the basic HGS Calibration method will yield fantastic results with personal healing and spiritual development. Massive increases with Higher Sensory Perception (HSP), lucid dreaming awareness and reconnection back into the God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) Krystal Star intelligence field, which has returned to the planet at this time. Without completing the calibration method, the HGS system is rendered inactive.Heart based integrity, ethical conduct and the full agreement to honor the Cosmic Sovereign Law of Humanity is required to be a facilitator of the HGS System.

The HGS system is primarily geared for personal healing while learning how to become one’s own etheric surgeon. This allows one to remove alien machinery from one’s aura, while participating directly with the process of spiritual initiation and light body activation, as guided by HSP ability. Simultaneously the system will educate one’s awareness through participation with the Galactic History time fields. This is to begin to remember the journey in the timelines with Extraterrestrial origins and the real histories of the human race. This is a new language being given to reeducate oneself beyond 3D mind control and the many veils of illusion. Learning to go beyond fear programs, mental preconceptions and dogma is mandatory for successful HGS calibration and for the process of learning how to use the system. A Statement of Action and Responsibility under Cosmic Sovereign Law is required to facilitate the system under the terms provided to activate the HGS Mentor Band to connect and support one’s HGS session work. (HGS Manual, Page 10)

For our current HGS Certified Mentors, it is suggested in all agreed upon client-facilitator sessions that are reached through the mutual consent of all parties involved, that the HGS Calibration Method is the suggested pre-requisite for the continual use of the full HGS session template and HGS Modules. Under certain conditions (i.e. Parents of children or animals, larger grid-work, steward of organizations) the intention of stating Cosmic Sovereign Law to be applied towards the HGS session clearing, is sufficient.  HGS Calibration method can be given freely as spiritual homework before or after session work for the client to learn how to take self-responsibility for personal healing. This is especially important for those persons new to the HGS that are non-community members, and are not versed with the 12D shield technique and basic energetic clearing procedures.  The use of the personal 12 D shield between client–facilitator will greatly enhance the efficiency and ease of holding the session containment field and processes for clearing, healing and inorganic removals. Training the client relationship into basic HGS calibration procedure is the first key to have effective and productive continual sessions.

Those confident in energetic session ability may also intuit to utilize the HGS Calibration method and are free to share the HGS Calibration method with everyone at this time. These materials will be integrated into the ES website, of which can be easily referenced and shared with any person or group that may benefit. It is highly recommended to run through the HGS Calibration procedure beforehand with any client–facilitator sessions. This means the Facilitator should suggest before the session or during the first session to only run HGS Calibration method as the “first session”. Listening to guidance received with HGS Calibration may take minutes, hours, or weeks. With chronic physical pain or difficult cases such as possession, addiction or severe trauma, it is suggested to apply HGS Calibration steps and the Quickstep PDD method. Quickstep PDD audio meditation is in the community platinum archives and can be freely given to any client for session support or for assistance with the HGS calibration method. One use or multiple usages may be required to complete HGS Calibration.

At this time the Guardian Host requests that non-community members only work with the HGS Calibration procedures and Quickstep PDD. The HGS Session template and HGS Modules will be released at a future date as the complete HGS manual, to be announced at a later time, to non-community members (public).

However, the ES community is currently being requested to complete HGS session template field work within the ES member community container. This is the energetic responsibility required at this time to build the extensive network and mathematical template in our community supported system. This means only ES community members will have Guardian Mentor support with facilitation of the entire HGS session template as provided in the HGS Manual. ES Members can calibrate non-members as clients, as the session holder and facilitator, while non-members will not be supported in HGS session facilitation due to the field container constraints at this time. These HGS sessions are recorded mathematical template procedures that are building the platform of the ES and HGS community which protects the integrity of the system, as well as allow for the most effective use of the system moving forward. The ES Community container is the steward and protector of the HGS.

For newer ES Members, a thorough comprehension of the ES foundations and use of the ES core practices (which are included in the HGS calibration method) is the pre-requisite for learning HGS and carrying out full facilitation of HGS session template. A general time period of six months is suggested for continual ES community membership for appropriate integration time, such as listening to the community monthly classes before attempting to learn the HGS Session template. The ES community is the energy platform and foundation to learn the HG language, to develop a skill set with core ES practices and ES foundations, and to take part in the community monthly activations. (Meditations) Seasoned energy session workers and energy facilitators with their own private practices may be exempt from the pre-requisite time period. This is a personal area where integrity, ethical conduct and self-responsibility to use the system wisely should be considered.

As we are emerging into a new community structure to support the requirements of the HGS technology, please have patience, as we are in growing transition to support the system as best as we are able. We will develop more clarity with training, learning and facilitation of the HGS system to become available to as many people who truly desire to learn proficiency with the energy healing that is made possible with the HGS. This is a completely new technology that we are learning to support the best we are able moving forward. Thank you so much for your patience with our growth process.

This month of January please check our website if you are interested in learning more about the AoA Hieros Gamos System and the HGS Calibration procedure. Thank you for your patience with us as we are a huge work in progress.

Congratulations to our Light Workers, Star Family and Indigo’s everywhere! From our Light Family to Yours, we send our heartfelt appreciation, gratitude for a joyous, abundant and loving 2013! Happy New Year!

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart path!

Love, Lisa”




66 thoughts on “January 2013: The Start of Big Changes & Improvements

  1. Denise and all who are here……Today is such a “laid back day” for me, and I actually have “time” to just “chill”, and write my thoughts to those of you who understand. The “peace beyond all understanding” is really here, and it is amazing……….

    I read this message and I cried. I cried some more. To get clarification/verification of my knowing that “something massive” was truly accomplished since 12.21.12 resolved me to tears. All the coming up against brick walls, all the persecutions, all the hate thrown at me, all the ridicule, all the attempts on my life, all the rudeness and derision, all the ALL of HELL on earth, to know we have done what we came here to do, I just am not able to stop the tears of the deepest gratitude, not only to Me but to all those Lightworkers who have incarnated at this time to do this incredibly “impossible job”. Between 12.21.12 and only a few days ago, what I experienced, I truly thought this body was not going to make it through. To know, (not fully understanding even in reading this article), that Mission Impossible has been accomplished, now I can rest. Now, I can say to myself and to all the animals who worked with me, “Recover, rest, for the Miraculous Life you have always known would unfold, is just about to!”

    It is my greatest honor to know others like myself, for only one who “walks another’s shoes” really knows the extent of suffering and sacrifice that all of us experienced, and did so willingly, because we never gave up, and there was always “something’ within us, telling us, encouraging us, to keep going, no matter how bad the going got! Tears are just running off my chin, and I really don’t even know if what I wrote made any sense. WE DID WHAT WE CAME HERE TO DO! OMG! With all my love, Amy

    • I concur, Lesley. Yet, I gained much information regarding what has just occurred these past few weeks where I thought I was dying at times. And for that I am very grateful this article was posted by Denise and one other here who left the link in her comment. As for the “advertising”, I just ignored it, because I do my own thing. I do what is right for me, and have gained enough confidence in ME, that no one is going to sway me or pull me, away from what I AM being guided to do. So, I sift, I discern, I take what lines up with my vibration, and throw out the rest.

      Thank you, Denise, for posting this article. Even though it is on the long side and the technical side, I gleaned so much from it. I “sense” things when they happen, and I recognize “side effects” of the things I “sense”. It’s a Gift to me to put the pieces to the puzzle together, sit back, and say, “My God! We did ALL that? And how unbelievably awesome how everything comes together so Perfectly!”

      Thank you for allowing me “space” to write as much as I have lately. I normally don’t have the opportunity to BE here due to the those I care for. I’ve received a quiet time, and OH how beautiful it is! With all my love, Amy

      • I’m “doing my own thing,” EternityEagle, too. I’m deaf, so most of the audio stuff doesn’t work for me–people think the google cc (voice recognition, not actual subtitles) works, but most of it is garbage. Hearing people never use it, so they don’t have a clue. I have to just go where my heart and intuition take me.

  2. there are still hells to conquer / reveal / clear, particularly of a religious nature. i’ve been tortured by draks / archons / “christians” / fallen angelics for years now, and it has not only NOT lightened up but has increased lately. i had a death experience the other morning and i’m told that my four soul parts have been sent to the deepest hell realm, which has a name that i’m not to reveal lest it be invoked. i have very little of my soul left and feel like a fat deformed ghost. i have no heartbeat. i know, i sound like a lunatic, but it’s true. the last tiime i mentioned that about my heart, they gave me nightmares all night, each of which i awoke from with my “heart” furiously pounding. “well, you wanted a heartbeart,” a demonic voice said. they are unspeakably cruel and have no compassion whatsoever, yet they all claim to be associated with christianity, which of course is a means of mind control and if they can get us Divine workers to convert (or go insane and get mentally and pharmaceutically incapacitated, or commit suicide) then they’ve eliminated one more problem for them.

    these four parts of me, including my child, who has experienced rape and torture that i feel the effects of in the morning (the draks like to rape children because they are “flat and narrow” like reptililans, i’ve been told – they talk about all sorts of horrible things) that have been sent each night into the hell pockets / zones / realms to reveal these, as lisa called them in one of my sessions with her, “nests of vipers.” to release trapped souls too, and their prison wardens, all sorts of demonics. it has been horrific, and it extends into my life and this deformed body, with voices all the time. this represents what dead christians and their nonphysicall bosses have done to those of us living who “should have been” christians but had no inclination to join that morass of hypocrisy, separation, and bigotry.

    i have guides who sometimes come in to keep me alive, fix something in my life that they have broken – it’s like being haunted, they do mean things in all sorts of ways – and keep me alive when they try to kill me, which is most every night / morning. they almost succeeded the other morning. i was in between sleep and wake and was in the ocean, underwater, and wasn’t surfacing and realised that i didn’t need to breather because i was dead, and it was very dark and evil, and it took a huge effort to pull my awareness out of there and come back into my body, but it’s just one part of me.

    when i can feel my Divine Heartspace, i send them Divine Light and Pure Love and i’m told they’re “encased” protectively in it while they reveal these darkest, evilest christian hell realms to the Divine and shine this LIght in there and free the beings who are trapped there.

    sorry so long, meant to just sum up but it’s so shocking and hard to describe. as denise knows, i’ve been going through this a long time but this that some of us are going through is extremely difficult. there is still a lot of evil to get rid of, and religious prophecies about the end times are challenging to override because so many people still think in these ways.

    (“hijacked creational code and inorganic architecture” – from lisa’s post above. just making sure i’m on topic.)

    on the other hand, if you’re feeling that you’re in the NEW (i have had some tastes of it and felt my future self, and it’s so beautiful, but it’s hard to access for me now – every time i find a way to sense myself into that, they find a way to block it and pull me down again – i’m a total shipwreck, just staying calm and centered as best i can, when i can, and being utterly miserable feeling all this darkness and suffering … ugh) … then trust that, because it is so needed, having people already there, BEing that Light, creating those beautiful timelines …

    i might not even write about this except that if others are experiencing anything like this (my usual reason for writing about these dark things, though i’ve certainly been beat up for doing so, other than here and on es) i do want you to know that the work, though unbearable, is utterly necessary. in historical times past, Divine humans have come to earth and tried to heal things without clearing out the underworlds, and it doesn’t work. so some of us came to do this horrible work. i so look forward to the day when my part will be over, and i’m happy for those who have suffered through dark work and are, at last, at least somewhat free of it.

    infinite love,


    oops, denise, i’ve used some pronouns in ways that are unclear.

    paragraph 3: replace the first “they” after the guides are mentioned with “the dark ones”

    paragraph 4: the first “them” should be replaced with “my soul parts”

    i’m sorry. and i understand if this doesn’t fit and you don’t choose to post it.

    lots of love to you, always,

    • Dearest Karina,

      I wanted to wait until I read the article to respond to what you have shared. I appreciate your willingness to share so openly and honestly about your experiences. Coming from my own place, I imagine that it’s not an easy thing to do.

      I may not have the words, terms, language of places and entities, however, I can recognize that in my own life experience, some of this is (unfortunately) familiar. At this time I’m choosing not to go in depth about these experiences. I feel that at this point it’s more important to bring in as much Light and Love and Compassion as possible. This is not to say that I ignore or push aside my past experiences. As you have voiced, right now it’s so important to bring forth as much Light to finish this process we have all started. And where our focus is, so follows the rest is my feeling.

      I sent Love and Light and Hope/Protection to those areas for the ones who need the strength and courage to keep going last night. I will do my best to consciously include those who are still being held by the dark, to send Light and Love there every night.

      I just wanted to you to know that I hear you, and acknowledge you.

      Sending You Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Ari, dearest, I could feel what you are having to deal with when I read, and as you know I was before in the nastier-missions-territory and begged (my Self) to be moved into something a bit easier because I simply couldn’t survive that any longer, so I want you to know I am amazed at your strength, and I know what a huge heart you have and how much you want to help this world, but if at any moment you feel like enough with this and need someone to “support a petition” for your retirement, just let me know, cause maybe we could go on a soul meeting and demand some help. I’m serious. At this point, I think so many of us are sooo voting for lightworker-freedom and enuf-waiting for solid changes. I remember Denise’s strike once… and I feel it would be easier to be heard now, even tho I don’t understand the “mechanics” of things. But I know you are wise and I trust your call.
      In the meantime, I read this quote a bit ago:
      “…in a time lacking in truth and certainty and filled with anguish and despair, no woman should be shamefaced in attempting to give back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart.” ― Louise Bogan
      So much love to you,

      • i’ve tried every attitude in the world over the last 19 years. when i was at my best, even while under attack, everything went from bad to horribly worse. all having to do with christians and me being in eternal damnation – healing religious distortions, supposedly, but oh my god it really does feel like they’ve got control here and the only way i can hold on is to believe that they cannot possible be ultimately in charge and will fail. (soon would be good.)

        i believe that ideas like these – where you place your focus actually having an effect, and being able to “quit” certain jobs – DO apply to some people, but not to all of us, depending on our soul missions, some of which involve being extremely unprotected and under siege. i can’t cancel or resign or cheer myself out of this.

        thank you for your thoughts and for caring.


  3. Hello, Denise and everybody,

    I have been using Lisa Renee’s tools in the past and have found them to be very effective. I have already begun the reading/listening for the Hieros Gamos System. It will be interesting to learn more about it. I always have trouble with Lisa’s vocabulary, but her content is some of the strongest out there. I have to say though, Denise, that I prefer your down-to-earth style. You make it so much easier for us.

    I was also thinking as I read this message from Lisa Renee, that many of the techniques mentioned are done by shamans and probably other practitioners as well. I’ve always had the feeling that shamans were working on much higher levels than people assumed from their oral-based culture without so much technology and “stuff” that the 3D world seems to find so important.

    On that note, Idle No More is growing in Canada. One chief has even threatened to shut down the economic system in the country if their demands for talks are not met. It’s extremely confusing and frustrating for the average Canadian– they have been fed certain negative stereotypes and are only willing to look at that or the money issue. It’s quite alarming the hate that I’ve seen spewed out in comments and the fact that First Nations voices are regularly silenced on those forums (through thumbs down). It is fascinating to watch from a spiritual perspective, because the corruption and disregard of the Canadian government for the environment and treaty rights and obligations are coming out strongly as is the massive corruption on reserves here, where chiefs and their families thrive while the rest of the community is mired in poverty. So much of the chaff is coming out as these issues are being tossed about. On the other hand, there is immense energy and pride in the culture that is being expressed. I’m so curious to see what happens with this. The world is watching and it is like our Arab Spring here.

    Love to you all,

    • “…So much of the chaff is coming out as these issues are being tossed about…”


      Yes there is, everywhere now, and this will continue I sense over the next few years as the old patriarchy, patriarchal systems, patriarchal ways, people and ways of thinking and believing etc. are honestly seen by more and more people to be what they really are. The old “powers that were” and the old “rulers that were” etc. are not going to leave quietly — and it’s going to take them some time to grasp that the Great Unseen Team Dark beings no longer have their backs, or bank accounts, or old positions of power and so on. There’s going to be a lot of denial, lashing out, temper tantrums and crazy threats thrown around by these old die-hard patriarchal people with their old distorted mind-controlled beliefs. These next couple of years I semi suspect will make the volatile revolutionary 1960’s look like Act One of this breakdown of the Negatives/patriarchy in all of its forms. But…with Team Dark not running the show any longer, these people and their beliefs and ways and money and power etc. will no longer have the invisible magic (black) and power it always did prior so there’s going to be a lot of real confusion and backpedaling and lies as they try to continue and keep alive their old negative ways and systems. It will not work however. 😀

      “… I always have trouble with Lisa’s vocabulary, but her content is some of the strongest out there. I have to say though, Denise, that I prefer your down-to-earth style. You make it so much easier for us…”

      Thank you for saying that Cat, it means a lot to me. ♥

      As everyone knows, I too am very grateful to Lisa Renee for the higher dimensional Light/Knowledge/Information she’s been able to bring through to this world for all of us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos. But like you, I too find her vocabulary and abundance of material at times, too much for me personally. I personally don’t need that much material do get The Job done, but that’s just me and how I’ve always been in this life. I’m used to perceiving highly complex concepts in highly simplified ways which are typically NOT IN WORDS AT ALL but visual symbolic images with the corresponding emotional KNOWING that goes with them. Because of this I often have difficulty translating those visual symbols and emotional knowings into linear words so that I can share what I’ve seen, perceived, realized etc. This is why I was good at dancing; it was extreme expression but with no words at all! 😉

      This next bit is very important for everyone…

      Another thing that I’ve encountered repeatedly in this life with most spiritual and occult materials or information (books etc.) is that as I read through it, struggling with the levels and stages and such, I finally realized that I knew the material very, very well already and I was confused by it because I automatically assumed that I did NOT know it when in fact I did. This is something that most of us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers have done in years and decades past; we assume we’re beginners, neophytes, newbies when in fact we’re the ancient wise Elders returned. 🙂


      • Dearest Denise,

        Thank you for Re-minding me of something I realized yesterday. My Mom has taken a keen interest in my spiritual awareness and the things I’m experiencing. So every week when I speak with her, she tries to hold herself back and not ask right away “So what happened this week?” like an excited child at xmas. During our conversation yesterday, we were discussing a gift that came into her life, the meaning and so forth. In a pause, a very clear image came to me and intertwined in it was the meaning of it. As I fumbled about describing this to her, it hit me. This is a “new” Heart Language. Linear words can mess up the Full beautiful meaning, the breadth and the width of it, and yet how else can we impart this knowledge at this time.

        Even the concepts and images (I recognize now) that I’ve posted about recently here came out of that heart/picture/knowing language. I can appreciate what you’ve been speaking of for some time now, about how it’s even a bit frustrating to impart the fullness of what you are “seeing/feeling” in a moment that speaks to an entire concept. At least this is what I feel you are speaking of.

        When I journaled earlier, I knew there was something I had forgotten to write about. Now I can go do that =)

        And thank you, and whomever brought this link to your attention. It gave me a deeper and more of a foundational understanding of some depression/trauma that had been plaguing me for years. I thought I had gotten to the root of it, until I read a piece of this article. NOW I understand and can fully release it.

        With Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • “… I can appreciate what you’ve been speaking of for some time now, about how it’s even a bit frustrating to impart the fullness of what you are “seeing/feeling” in a moment that speaks to an entire concept…”


        Yes it’s exactly what I mean. ♥ The words are too small; spoken language is too small to embody High Heart Consciousness and Being. But, we’ll create new words and new terms for evolving consciousness. It’s started already. 🙂


    • Thanks for this Cat. I’ve been watching it in the news (“Idle No More”), and I have to say that it is very uplifting and inspiring. I send love and strength to this movement. I watched while Occupy got squashed and infiltrated by the FBI and just beaten down here in the US, but I still had hope. They have evolved into something much smaller, but in some ways, more powerful in their effectiveness in helping others.

      I agree on Denise’s simplicity. There is something elegant and transforming about it, and when you are dog tired, it is just what the heart needs. Lisa Renee has some great stuff, but the complexity is daunting sometimes.

  4. Denise, great article. Reading about the grid-work, I remembered a dream I had a few days ago. I was standing on a beautiful field and on the sky above I could see a large line which I felt it was the planetary grid and behind this line I saw mountains and fields that were appearing and disappearing, like pulsating, I felt that it was the new earth that is manifesting more more. It was beautiful.
    Also, since Dec 21st, I feel on solar plexus heavy, like an elephant is standing on it. I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Maybe the transmuting has become more intense?

  5. I can’t pretend to understand all the technicalities in Lisa’s article. However I am realizing how difficult it has been to continually counteract Team Dark and more recently to start undoing the damage and distortions created on so many levels for so long… The complexity and enormity of it is astounding and beyond my present comprehension.

    What we have accomplished (Starseeds, Lightworkers, etc.) is phenomenal! We got us to the point where millions of Light Beings from other dimensions and universes (including the “massively large” ones) could come and help. I am eternally grateful to them.

    What I get from this article is that most of the battle with Team Dark is over and now we must heal ourselves and help others to find their way. Things can progress rapidly now on behalf of the Light.

    We should all feel proud of staying the course and for volunteering for this “mission impossible.” Like all of you, I had my doubts at times that my efforts could make a difference… but HERE WE ARE. And like Amy commented above, “We did what we came here to do!”

    Let us all breathe a sigh of relief and feel the victory for the Light. It will become more and more obvious to us that the old world is dissolving.

    Blessings to all, Thelma

    • Thelma (SO good to see you here!), and all here, (((HUGS)))!!!

      I believe the next biggest challenge for all of us is going to be multi-fractional. Think Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall and who all the soldiers put Humpty together again! LOL

      Firstly, we all must put ourselves together, after being tossed about and torn apart for, it seems forever. I believe in 5D, this healing of US will be rapid and effortless. I think this is going to actually be fun, to discover what is new, what needs repair/rest, and then yippee, toss out what no longer applies! Way cool!

      Secondly, we all need to recognize all of our habits that have kept us tied to 3D, and to walk away from them permanently. Habits have a tenancy to be tenacious, yet with our new eyes, we will see them, laugh at them, and say “good-bye”! Besides, these habits keep us tied to a dimension that no longer exists! Our habits want 3D to exist but we are the wiser now, not our habits! This too, we can turn into a game of sorts, mixing the process with lots of laughter and learning how not to take ourselves seriously. Laughter is so much FUN! Now that the pressure is off, now that we know the JOB IS FINISHED, now we rightfully deserve to put ourselves FIRST to do whatever it takes to get the rest, and the proper protocol we need on an individual basis to recoup from being an active participant in a the War of all wars! It’s over! (I wish I could underline that last sentence!)

      Personally, I made the firm decision to now live in 5D and to walk away from those habits that would want me to stay a prisoner in a world that no longer exists. Now that is crazy, hanging onto habits that link me to an existence that is history! LOL Since I made that decision, and followed it by positive action, I have had Super Sonic Energy and I have seen 3D and all that it represents begin to melt/dissolve away right before my very eyes. Star Family, I was laughing so hard at the gym today (I couldn’t even begin to tell you why except I was so full of JOY I had to laugh!), one man asked me what I had in my drinking bottle, and I was SO tempted to say 5D, but instead, I replied, “Only water” and doubled over laughing even harder.

      The Bliss, the Glee, the Happiness, the JOY I AM experiencing in my life, brings tears of such gratitude to me. I have worked so damned hard to get to this point in My Life, and there were many many times, I doubted that what I believed to be Truth, was even True. Oh, yes, IT is True! I AM Living in 5D and I have no words, none, except to say It is Pure JOY!

      Please, for those of you who find yourself still struggling, believe me when I say it takes a firm decision to walk away from Life as we have known it, and to dive into the Golden Elixer of the Golden Age. We are Masters, and just like Denise said, yes, it is true when we read messages we are actually re-membering what we are reading, because we already KNOW!!!!

      As I began, so I end…..(((HUGS)))

      With all My Love,
      I AM the woman called Amy, your Sister from the Stars

      • To Eternityeagle (Amy) and All Here:

        I laughed out loud reading your comment about the man asking what was in your drinking bottle at the gym!

        I agree that we are in a period of integration, of gathering our fragmented parts (like your analogy of Humpty Dumpty). Last night’s dreams showed me that – I ordered a new computer that arrived in parts and had no idea how to assemble it. In another dream, a woman’s body had to be re-assembled. So, mentally/physically, that’s one of our challenges now.

        Thanks for reminding us to walk away from our 3D habits because they “keep us tied to a dimension that no longer exists.” It feels so GOOD to say that… I am so DONE with 3D!

        BUT I’m not sure if we’re actually in 5D or 4D or both??? No matter, at least we’re lifting past the density and absorbing more Light.


      • Yes, Thelma, integration is THE word. Today feels to me, like a hyphen between two um whats? Two words, two worlds, two dimensions, or is it three dimensions? Are we in 3rd, 4th, or are we in 5th? I know I keep traveling back and forth between 3rd, 4th, and 5th, (yesterday was a Crystal 5th!) which if you allowed the insanity of this travel itinerary to effect you, could have you wrapped around a tree, or splat on the floor. Oh, yesterday was BEautiful, awesome 5th, yet here it is today, another wonderful day because I am alive, but, pulled from 5th down to 3rd (no question about where I am today……yowza!) to watch bubbles of issues floating to the surface, as an underwater diver would watch her air bubbles floating to the surface.

        There is never one bubble. Uh uh. Bubbles within bubbles within bubbles as issues within issues arise. This morning actually found me having trouble breathing, because a situation had shown itself that I do not want to get involved in. So much for being the “responsible one”, the Guardian of our 4-footed Angles. There is a lot to this “job description” that has an emotional toll. That is where I stop myself and literally pull myself back into 5th (haven’t quite got there) to rise above this situation so that I can calmly get through it. Our emotions can be our greatest strength or our greatest detriment. We do have the choice which one it will be. Sometimes, as my today has revealed, not very easy by a long shot!

        It’s one of those situations I had wanted to “disappear” with the event of the New World. Hmmmmm……..

        Anyways, when my vision is really blurry as it is today and I don’t know what to do with myself, in other words the brain is fuddled and I seem to be wandering aimlessly within the walls of my home, these are the days WORK again comes along. Yet, I must find some semblance of happiness in this, because I know that in the release of the bubbles, I see, I sort, I ponder, I rearrange, I kick out, I release, and I become more focused (when the zombie effect wears off) to create more JOY in 5D.

        Glad you got a laugh on me. The gym scene really was a total pee in your pants laughing day. The same man who commented on my water bottle, and who wouldn’t believe me FYI when I told him only water was within, asked me if I had found the Fountain of Youth. Hmmmmmm….interesting that this person would say that to me, and interesting that when I went to ask a woman I know, a question, his eyes just about bugged out of his head. I wonder what he saw when I walked away? Fireworks? Did I glow? Could have, because I was laughing so hard.

        I find it fascinating to hear words come out of people’s mouths that I know they had no idea would be coming out. Hehehehehehe……just listening to others can give us clues regarding our Lives. We really are all connected, no matter if the general population knows it or not.

        Thank you again, Denise, for giving me the “space” to express myself. You have created a wonderful, loving community here, and I am very grateful to you. (((HUGS)))

        Love to all here,

      • eternityeagle (amy) I too laughed out loud reading your comment about the man asking what was in your drinking bottle at the gym!! on Dec. 31, i broke out in a ‘joyful 5D dance’ of laughter and jumping up and down feeling pure joy. all day. it was amazing. i too have made a conscious decision to stay in 5D — the 3D old familiar tugs come. these 3D moments feel like ‘dead spots’ in my life — unenticing, no heart pull —- no connection — just ‘dead’. it is a these moments i truly am grateful for the gift of 5D and for all the hard work every single soul in our Family has done. LET’S CELEBRATE !!!

      • Hi, Karen, I am SO glad you can relate! Yes, it is a very firm conscious decision to JUMP into 5th, and my word jump, is literally a quantum jump. Yet, I don’t wish to burst your bubble……just these past few days I was rudely grabbed and pulled down to 3rd, where situations unfolded that created for me, an arena where a cesspool of fears exploded into my face. Now that I am all passed that, (at the time I was shocked because I was certain I had found my way to Nirvana), I can honestly say it was all for the Good of Me. Why?

        (IF this does NOT resonate with you, Karen, and you are really DONE with your inner cleaning, just stay in 5D and DANCE! I’ll be right there with you in just a bit….)


        I broke into tiny pieces, from the “fear factor” in the situations that kept unfolding relentlessly. I honestly could not believe this was happening, but yep, here I was, again deep diving. UGH! I was (again) dashed up against the Rocks of Freedom, and there I saw I had unintentionally brought with me into my present Moment, patterns in my thoughts, feelings, actions that were all self-destructive. These all came directly from my childhood and as an innocent child does, I kept those lies that were branded into my psyche. I didn’t know it. I thought I was DONE with sifting through the chaff, going through the pain collected in all my bodies, and healing it. I was wrong. Those lies were really good at hiding, and they were seriously pissed off that I was stronger then they. The storm in of itself, was one of the roughest and that tells me, the bottom of the barrel is being scraped clean!

        Yesterday found me curled up on the floor, racked with hours of deep sobbing (this after a day of hysterical laughing for no reason except for the JOY I felt) and in the sobbing and in the pain of that “moment”, I saw how I was still attached to what was pounded into me as a child. Immediately, “watching as an observer” my childhood, I lovingly collected all those things I am not taking with me into my New World, and with the assistance of Gaea, I released them, transmuted them to Love, and asked Gaea to radiate that Love out to the entire World and back to me, filling all the now empty spaces within me that once held lies.

        Today I am recuperating. Yet, I feel again that firm decision ahead of me to jump back into 5D, because of the “habitual pattern aka addiction” of feeding into the feeling of being low, of being tired, of not being well. NO NO NO! So now that rest has been accomplished, now I am on the page of saying GO FORTH and create JOY! I am realizing that all of 3D is crumbling even as I write this, and when I say this, I am speaking of the “frame of mind” that has us attached to how we lived in 3D. JOY is a big factor in 5D and higher, and when you step into it, there is nothing else.

        I hesitate to push the “post comment” button, because I do not want to rain on your parade. Perhaps your slate is truly clean, and now mine too, so we both just keep kicking up our heels and dance and sing and LAUGH. How truly good it is to laugh! I had forgotten how good it feels. Over the years of intense hard labor, the laughter in me became quiet. Laugh and cheerio to FREEDOM!

        Love and hugs,
        Amy re-membering I AM an Ascended Master. Namaste.

      • eternityeagle —

        yes yes — your description empatically resonates with me. I have experienced the horror you described as ‘bottom of the barrel’. As you know, all must surface. You clearly understand what ‘brings us back to 3D, present moment, past pains, etc’ — FEAR FACTOR. Fear is the basis of all our insecurities, falsehoods, lies, especially ego based consciousness. Once we allow fear in, even for a split unintentional second, fear and ego take over our consciousness, and we once again find ourselves in painful moments we thought were healed. Boy, was I pissed off when i found myself exactly where you have. Funny how the most painful moments, bring us to strengths beyond our comprehension.

        You intuitively took very good care of yourself, first allowing deep sobbing — so cleansing, itsn’t it — then releasing, with Guidance, with Love.

        Before this post, I knew you were well on your way to 5D JOY as 3D crumbled at your feet. I am so glad you ‘pushed’ the button. And you have not ‘rained on my parade’. You have brought joy, spirit, love, and laughter into my life. My laugh also became quiet. Now, I’ll laugh my ass off into FREEDOM !!!!!

        love and many hugs back, Amy – you ARE an Ascended Master

      • Oh, my dearest Soul Karen! How you made me cry, in a good way today! The words you said were exactly the ones I really needed to hear, although last evening I was given a “glimpse” of what today holds. I have before me today a situation that once held “fear” but as of last night, I am sailing right through it, and I was told this is a Moment I shall shine! I actually FELT the outcome of this event, and I was so blown away, I felt BLISSED OUT! Today represents me taking that step into the Great Unknown, as a Master, One who knows, ready and able to teach others what I know. With a great deal of help from a 4-footed Angel by the name of Rusty, I go forth and shine my Light!

        FYI……..I have been determined to keep myself out of a wheelchair for the past 19 years after a severe back injury and 2 lousy surgeries that left me not walking for 2 years. I was determined to heal this body, and as of this writing just about finished. Many times during that time I didn’t think I was going to make it. Yet, here I am. Your story deeply touched me, and again, found me in tears. (which come so easily to me these days!)

        Bless you! And may you DANCE all day today! Another way to feel “light” is to SING! I hear music in my Mind, and I put silly words to that music, or tone to that music OR I have my own language so I sing my language. My cats, roll around the floor in ecstasy when I do this! One even sings with me! LOL

        Sending lots of LOVE to you and many many HUGS!
        AM Amy

      • dearest eternityeagle — one more most important thought I’d like to share. Your words: “Yes, it is a very firm conscious decision to JUMP into 5th, and my word jump, is literally a quantum jump.” You summed it up — a major quantum jump !!!!

        enjoy. you deserve it. dance dance dance !!!

  6. Dear Denise and family of light,
    I was very excited to read Lisa’s newsletter, as one who resides on the 33rd parallel. I have been seeing triangles a lot, as well as the numbers 33, 333 and 44. Last week, I saw a 3 with a 33 beneath it in a triangular pattern. Then, as I was watching TV, I saw a group of 3 triangles in a triangular pattern. All of these 3’s and triangles must mean something. I that I am starting a new phase working with the Guardians to create the diamond networks of trinitized forms Lisa speaks of. Last night, I had a lucid dream where I was working with others and watching as we unfurled a net-like structure composed of octagons divided into triangles which spread in all directions above us like a sail. It was a self-reproducing thing that kept growing and growing. I could see the blackness of space punctured by many stars through the net. I think this is the diamond network Lisa spoke of. I can only hope that the burden of those who are still intensely battling Team Dark will be lifted as the new structures are unfurled and spread around the globe, bringing in even more God energy.
    Blessings to all!

    • “Dear Denise and family of light,
      I was very excited to read Lisa’s newsletter, as one who resides on the 33rd parallel. I have been seeing triangles a lot, as well as the numbers 33, 333 and 44. Last week, I saw a 3 with a 33 beneath it in a triangular pattern. Then, as I was watching TV, I saw a group of 3 triangles in a triangular pattern. All of these 3′s and triangles must mean something. I that I am starting a new phase working with the Guardians to create the diamond networks of trinitized forms Lisa speaks of. Last night, I had a lucid dream where I was working with others and watching as we unfurled a net-like structure composed of octagons divided into triangles which spread in all directions above us like a sail. It was a self-reproducing thing that kept growing and growing. I could see the blackness of space punctured by many stars through the net. I think this is the diamond network Lisa spoke of. I can only hope that the burden of those who are still intensely battling Team Dark will be lifted as the new structures are unfurled and spread around the globe, bringing in even more God energy.
      Blessings to all!”


      For the past 25 years I’ve sensed that I HAD to live where I’ve lived for Ascension reasons even though I’ve wanted to move from SoCal to NorCal for many years now. I’ve lived in this area for the past 38 years, not because I’ve wanted to live in this area in southern California, but because I’ve HAD TO. It’s been my post, my outpost, and I couldn’t move until my energy work in this physical location was done, which it feels like it is finally.

      This place where I’ve lived for 38 years is about an hour inside the 34 degrees North line. If I drove south about about an hour, I’d be in the 33 degree North area. Lisa lives north of me so she too lives in the 34 degree North area. But I’ve always sensed that there was something very important for all of us who, as Lisa mentioned in her latest article, have been positioned on or in the 33 degrees around the planet. The Great Pyramid is at 30 degrees North latitude which has always felt to me like we’re (meaning us Starseeds, Lightworkers, Wayshowers etc.) working within the orb of or within the range of some important unseen frequency zone around the planet. It was nice to hear Lisa mention this after all these years.

      The 3’s so many are seeing have to do with the Ascension Process and Shift out of duality (2) and into triality or “trinitized” as Lisa Renee calls it “unity” frequency (3). This is why I’ve been adding abstract images of triangles to my main page Sidebar area and also to some articles. I’m trying to get more people consciously aware that we have indeed Shifted, Ascended out of duality and into triality, and seeing images of colored triangles helps express this at a much deeper level.

      Thank you for sharing your recent dream work as it just made me so very happy knowing that the square astral nets that Team Dark had in place for so long are gone now and being replaced (at much higher levels than the astral I mean) with “octagons divided into triangles” like sails. ♥ A beautiful thing to see after seeing horrid 2×2 square catch n’ hold net traps! And you are, in my opinion, totally correct in that the burden of having to transmute and deal with Team Dark and their evil deeds/creations etc. has and continues in more remote places to be removed for good.


  7. Hi Denise and All Here:

    What I love most about TRANSITIONS and it happens frequently, like after reading all the comments here just now, is that I don’t have to comment at all. We are all on the same page, and thank you, Denise, for keeping this “home station” sacred and protected. I think it’s quite possible that telepathy is beginning to take over as all I can say here today is “ditto, ditto, ditto” and thank you! And having untangled my latest dream, I can agree, Denise, there is some shipwrecking stuff up ahead, but we’ll be okay. We’ve opened the high-vibe love/light frequency shipping lines and KNOW the route. Certainly time is cooperating – full speed ahead! Love, B.

  8. “Because of this I often have difficulty translating those visual symbols and emotional knowings into linear words”

    Denise, I had to smile that you feel this way, because you do such a wonderful job translating what you see, at least to us who have our own way of seeing, you are so easily understood! and I also think of others who comment here and have said they have troubles communicating and I always think:… but they’re so clear! Someone once asked me how could I say certain (honest and poetic) things in public… what an awful thing (lol). And when some here write on the comments that they are writing too much and I think: nooo, keep writing, please! You are all so great and you make perfect sense!! This world is too insane, please keep giving me some reality check!

    Denise, I’m super glad you can come up with awesome comments worth an article even tho you’ve been dealing with excessive-head-light. You said very wise words.

    We are outside 3d box and I’m curious to what will come now. But dear, change is freakishly slow down here…!
    I feel like I spent years in a war needing to be defensive and ended up so physically stiff. Today I was walking and realizing… oh! my hips can move again! I didn’t remember I could do that! and wondering what is the natural way to walk… I honestly don’t recall. But I feel at times that my body is… dissolving?

    Karen B. wrote yesterday (13) and she said such true words: beyond weary, on top of weary, on top of weary… (link: http://www.gamabooks.com/1.13.2013.html)

    btw, the part in Lisa R.’s newsletter about… how come everything changed and this world didn’t… that totally hit home. I was/am rather in shock at it. It’s a bit like being in a fictional world and wondering what the heck.

    So, ancient magical and tired hugs and kisses to the people that make total sense… 🙂
    (and thank you for letting me write so long!)

  9. Sing it, SISTA! lol ~ blessed be, Denise. You too have pulled me a piece over the years when I was just about done with the human endurance tests and could not have cared LESS about my agreements to see this through. Thank you and may You soar!

    • “Is it possible to write a note to Lisa through this site commenting on this article.
      Cheri Thank you.”


      You could put something out there energetically and hope she perceived it that way, but no I don’t think Lisa has any extra time to visit other blogs/websites.

      What I do know is that Lisa Renee is opening more and more of her information up to the public now that we’re on the other side of the 12-21-12 Shift Point and it’s time to do so.

      It’s time for more and more of the masses to better understand that things HAVE CHANGED in every way since the “Three Days” Shift Point Expiration Date…despite it not instantly looking like a magical 5D Crystal City of Light out there in the external physical world! It will take some time for the flailing, crazy, mind-controlled patriarchal bozos to go the way of the dinosaurs, and they all will, some much faster than others but it is has begun and to a degree that isn’t showing physically YET but absolutely will.


  10. Thanks for creating this space Denise. It’s like a beautiful garden where we can come to realize ourselves, to vent, and to feel safe. It’s a port in the storm, where we can talk and get a warm cup of hope and support, and be safe from the elements and get the latest news.

    Anyone worth their salt knows that any sites/blogs that supported Starseeds, Lightworkers (real ones), etc., were big targets for Team Dark (nasty comments and Gawd knows what all else) in the past, and maybe still are until things get caught up. It’s a testament that you were able to stay afloat because even the strongest sometimes didn’t survive. In the middle of things you have always been the strength that people need. So, cheers.

    I know we have made it over some kind of hump because life is a wee bit kinder and gentler in some way, or at least it has been for me lately, and I hope for others, too–but I am seeing little signs, and I hope they are an indication. It’s hard to let down the defenses, though, to not be hyper alert for the next onslaught. Laughing. PTSD I guess. Smile.

    • “I know we have made it over some kind of hump because life is a wee bit kinder and gentler in some way, or at least it has been for me lately, and I hope for others, too–but I am seeing little signs, and I hope they are an indication. It’s hard to let down the defenses, though, to not be hyper alert for the next onslaught. Laughing. PTSD I guess. Smile.

      Oh yes, Carolyn! You wrote this so well! I agree with it all.

      As for the Lisa Renee piece, I’m about halfway through, and this one is going to take me a while to digest in the details. It’s been a while since there has been a post of this level of information and detail to integrate.

      But the biggest thing I take from it is this feeling Carolyn has as well. Still a ways to go, but I am feeling the cracks in the veil start to widen and allow in more light.


  11. Denise, I wanted to write to tell her (Lisa) how many things have changed since the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.
    I went rough a deep transformation and then arrived on the other side completely different. The next few weeks I was manifesting as soon as I thought a thought.(like before 09)
    What pleases me is I have become aware of mental judgments I have made without being aware. So now when I make these judgements, I catch myself and correct the thinking.
    I think much of this judgemental behavior is because some people have so much and some so little. For me it was a journey of how will I make it this week with food, etc. The inability to even walk, stand from bone tiring STUFF 🙂 I am such a survivor I keep plugging along.

    What surprised me was that I understood the totality of Lisa article. The electrical current that has been buzzing through me for 20 years,(head to toe)
    All of it what a surprise. Generally I read her articles and it’s like BLA BLA BLA but I knew she was the real deal.
    I have been wanting to teach the Authentic Self (or Core Self) for some time..as she spoke about, Heart Based integrity and Ethical Conduct this was my bases for the group.

    I have a friend who is doing healing very close to the HSC program. I spoke with her last night about looking at the prodical and see if we are moving into this reality, or indeed need to have more understanding. Imagine having 2 friends to discuss this with…how lucky am I. My family thinks I’m crazy but I have long ago let that go. It has been an awesome journey(grueling the last 3 years) I have cursed out every being in the universe. Had every symptom there was I’m sure.

    What I was left with were the words..”Allowing us to gain energetic soverignity in the world of matter”. Absolutely mind blowing…I feel like I’m standing on top of this truth.

    Thank you SOOO much for all your help Denise, I can’t imagine going through this alone.
    LOVE TO ALL, Cheri

    Please forgive the spelling errors, when others were learning to spell, I was hiding from the parents from hell. However, now I can see it took that kind of strength and insanity to raise me up from all my past lives…It’s like looking way down the road and thinking boy what a price to pay, but I am almost home!!!!

  12. So out of it tonight, I am not able to read all of this or the comments which I always enjoy but had to comment because of the dream I had last night had to do with crystals and protection. I won’t go into the entire dream but out of a burning house came 4. They appeared to be wearing robes and were the color of fire. They wanted to take over the bodies of persons that were with me but I used a crystal and made several more on cords for others to wear. I was told 24 hours is how long until the ‘protected” ones had to make a choice. Sitting at a table a man beside me offered me a cord that had a shield shaped stone which he took off and layed on the table. There was a symbol on it that i can only say reminded me of a smiley face. I looked at it and called it by name and it jumped into my mouth and the man and i just laughed.
    So nice to read the part about in this world but not of this world. I have made the comment “when JC finally comes down in the space ship all will know the truth” My christian brother gave me a really sad look when I said that, probably like shes nuts.
    I have been so tired and out of it for the past week or so all i want to do is sleep or just veg out in front of the tv that i mostly don’t even know what is on. I know I have been “split” for many years and work away with only enough presence to keep my physical self going. I am so ready for full time bliss and joy. Ever more thankful for all of you here.

  13. Hi Denise
    I tried to read all of this but I am feeling so drained and exhausted everyday. I wake up feeling I have been at work all night with a really bad hang over (and I dont even consume alcohol at all). A few things mentioned made a light bulb flash off for me.
    When I first began this major “enlightenment” my very first messages or voices I heard kept telling me to go to “The house of Ebrehim” – when I researched this it always led me to that black square or Mecca, Kabbalah ext.. I did not understand what this message meant to me. Measurments and dimensions mentioned seemed to be exact and precise as well. When I think about all my messages I receive they seem to make so much sense now after reading this letter. Daily I get told to find Gods children and bring them back. I have recently found out after speaking to someone that ‘children’ is actually the youths caught up in todays technology and materialism. In the last month have manage to change my own familys diet to a natural raw food diet and I have switched the TV off. Basically limiting there exposure to technology and consumerism.
    For my extend family it seems extreme and bazaar but I cannot believe the changes in my household. No fighting, argueing, craving for sweets and toys, boredom ext.. I could go on with my list of negative lifestyle habits we have accumulated. This shocks me even more so when I see that this is seen as “normal”. We have been brainwashed for too long.
    In the past week I have woken up feeling like my brain has been tinkered with or someone or something is trying to stop me from evolving. My husband who recently mentioned he is also starting to sense strange things wakes up the same. My son is worried about the Red aliens that keep taking him even though he says they are nice they do things to him. The Buffalo aliens hurt him and push him about and kick him.
    Last night he asked me what does “Who is your Master” mean? The red aliens birds want to know. We do live in a very active and busy area with lots of portals and since we have moved here my children have seen and heard some strange things I cannot explain. Lisa mentions the Auroras, my daughter keeps telling me about them. She calls them horas and is terrified of them. Even though they do not hurt her she is scared of them. She can hear them when they are here. I do not understand all of this.
    My Reiki Master has suggested I see someone who can find out where I go at night.
    She senses I have been nudged up very fast and quickly in order to do something important or be prepared. I must admit that some days I feel so overwhelmed and consumed by the intense energy and messages I want to hide in a small corner. But
    you cannot hide from this, I do realise now that I have to embrace a gift that I have been given and hopefully figure out how to turn it on or off. And eventually the fear of the unknown will disappear and reveal my real purpose in life and why I chose to be here.

    As soon as my brain fog has gone I will try and read the rest of this. But for now all I need is sleep which seems to be more exhausting than anything else. My whole life has been one big lesson preparing me for this moment in time. My normal existance seems so far gone now and my perception of reality so warped now. I have experienced so many emotions and life changes so quickly that my reality and what I think it is or was has become so blurred. I dont even think I come from here anymore and yearn to go home. I have been at war for so long that my real home seems so far away. The only thing that keeps me going is the beautiful music I hear at night. This makes me feel that they are closer than I think they are. But I dont know who “they” are.

    I have a little book I read and has quotes for perseverance, my favourite one is this –
    “When you think you cannot go any further and the journey is too long, then you have only just started!”

    Love and Light to everyone!

  14. Hi Denise,
    Happy 2013! I have been reading your posts for about 1 year and I have to say that you are one of the few that is “well-schooled” and on point in the metaphysical and esoteric sense. I really enjoyed reading this post in particular. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I love your down to earth approach. I do have two questions though and perhaps you can shed some light. I noticed that 2012 seemed to go by very fast – like one minute it was 3:00pm and the next 2:00am. It seemed like the time would go by so rapidly. Now the time seems to be going slower and there is a sense of calm as if the planet has re-balanced or re-stablized itself. Have you experienced this or do you share the same sentiment? Also, this may be a silly question, but I am confused as to how we are entering the age of Aquarius if we just left the age of Pisces. Is the planet going backwards? Please advise. Thanks again for your great work and insight.


  15. OH, boy, do I ever have something noteworthy to tell all of you here! This is straight from Mr. Skeptic aka husband (hahahahahaha my laptop clock is saying 3:33 right now!) who reported to me that when he went to the VA Hospital for his doctor’s appointment today, he was stunned that everyone, even the man who never smiles, was HAPPY! Even his doctor was smiling today! Oh, this is grand, this is so COOL!

    I have been “seeing” lately, the happiness “bug” just begin to happen, like the ripple effect, or the 100 monkeys effect. For reasons that were not revealed, everyone my husband saw or spoke to was HAPPY! Do you know what the odds are of most people in a hospital being happy? LOL

    I broke out in a dance in my kitchen when I heard this from my husband (yeppers I made the leap back into 5th today!), and I told him, NOW perhaps you might start believing me when I tell you it is the Energy that is changing and you are going to see things that you never saw before? I also said to him, it would be wise to start jumping in on the happiness wave, or you will be left behind. He LISTENED. Oh wowowowowowowowow! I’m giggling as I write this, because I just feel silly and so HAPPY that my husband is beginning to SEE that my head is really just not up in the clouds (well it really is …… OMG I am laughing so hard!).

    Our New World is unfolding effortlessly and it will keep on doing so. I “see” soldiers just putting down their guns and hugging the “enemy” realizing that what is before him is his brother (sister). I also saw today in my mind’s eye, the earth, and as it was rotating, sections were lighting up and bursting with rays shooting out to the Universe! This is really happening, it really is! Once all of us get our slates clean and our new connections all in order, we will see 5D, we will stay in 5D, and together, all of us will Ascend. How glorious!!!


  16. I’m going to try to comment once again, and hope I can again be in contact with other wonderful people, an experience I have almost forgotten what its like.

    When a dear friend sent me this article by Lisa, I was in a place where excruciating pain was my entire reality, and I could barely be with consciousness. If Lisa didn’t begin her article with this most poignant and auspicious sentence, I would probably have sunk into the realm of complete forgetfulness and become entirely 3D human which is a fallen state for me. In other words I was just about to entirely forget my Starseed lineage…..
    quote from Lisa……

    “For many years those of us directly working for the Ascension timeline have undergone persecution, misunderstanding, constant psychic attack, isolation, betrayal and excruciating pain in order to meet the requirements that these incredible circumstances have placed upon our mind, body and spirit to finally make it to this very important time for the planet and humanity. The only way to survive and be sane in the Ascension process when your number has been called is to always remember, “You are in this world, but You are not of this world.” As with the Biblical reference which is highly misunderstood, Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world.” What is being referenced in this verse is that the Christ consciousness, the Krystal Star presence, is not of this world, not of this earth.”

    Her words were exactly, precisely what my entire experience has been, words so carefully chosen, I myself could not choose better. And so, with this one piece, I was reminded, brought back to My Self which I had almost forgotten and was feeling almost too mortal, too human, too limited and too lost. I remembered, and this small remembrance helped me a great deal in that moment.
    It is also interesting because when I feel my consciousness or mind falling into the abyss of being consumed with this reality entirely, I hear the smallest, softest voice saying “remember, where you are from and why you are here….you are not from here, this is not your world, DETACH.”

    and many thanks to Denise who keeps on being amongst many things, a most clear, realistic, laser like sentinel.

    many blessings to all, lady.

    • “I’m going to try to comment once again, and hope I can again be in contact with other wonderful people, an experience I have almost forgotten what its like…”


      That depends on you and always has just as it has for everyone who writes Comments at TRANSITIONS. Please (everyone) see the Comment Rules at the top of the main page.

      Back to your comment about what Lisa Renee said in her latest article.

      It was because of what Lisa said in her first paragraph of this particular article that I quoted it here at my blog.

      Not only were Lisa Renee’s words about how Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Pathpavers/Indigos been treated by the general public 100% correct, but I’ve personally had far too many people who believe and claim themselves to be Starseeds or Lightworkers treat me and TRANSITIONS far worse than the general public ever has. That is truly horrible but there it is.

      The general public don’t have a clue about what’s been happening and I’ve always understood that fact and have given them plenty of room. But, people who claim to be “Lightworkers” or “Starseeds” or “Indigos”, “Wayshowers” etc. yet don’t recognize and/or respect real Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos is too much for me. That is where I draw the line and won’t tolerate egoic abuses and disrespect from people who should know better.

      Here is what I wrote before I quoted Lisa Renee’s article as another reminder about these particular issues and lack of respect:

      “I’m always very glad and grateful to see someone else talk about what Starseeds, Lightworkers, Pathpavers, Wayshowers and Indigos etc. have and still today experience from the masses of hostile, unaware people around us. I’ve endured not only what’s required of a Starseed Lightworker Transmutor Integrator Gridworker and Embodier of the new Higher Energies in and through my own body/bodies for many years, but simultaneously have personally endured plenty of human disrespect, insults, written attacks from unaware humans, lectures, preaching and so on in Comments here at TRANSITIONS, in Comments written at other people’s blogs, and in posts on public forums over the years and all because these people honestly believe they understand when in truth they have not and still do not. And let’s not forget the years and/or decades of direct attacks many of us have endured, fought, struggled with and barely survived from those non-human, non-physical Team Dark members — the Negative Aliens, the “Archons”, Demonic beings, lesser negative entities etc. simultaneously also.

      Like the Ascension Process wasn’t hard enough just helping pull earth and humanity up and out of Hell, we’ve also endured ongoing assaults from the very humans we’re here to help extricate from that Hell they’re unaware they’ve lived their lives within. Enough however now that we’re on the other side of the “Three Days” — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 — Expiration Date, Shift Point. Enough now humanity, it’s time to wake up a lot more, smell the brand NEW coffee and prepare to drink it in and start to reap the profound benefits. I have a lot more to say about the Shift into The NEW but I’ll save it for another article.

      Thanks go to Lisa Renee for another important milestone article for us all. Please see links to her website located at the bottom of her quoted January 2013 article.


      January 13, 2013”

  17. Hi Denise!
    I am so happy Lisa Renee talked about the near east mission because I just had to go there and I spent a week in Jordan in the beginning of January. I did not quite understand why I had this urge but I knew it was important and that it would be a well guided trip. So I booked a flight and traveled to the near east – alone.

    I met many wonderful, most gentle and genuine people and learned wonderful things. I slept a lot and just had to meditate every day.

    Now I’ve got some framework for what I had to do 🙂

    Lovely 2013 to you Denise, and all the others too!
    – Aya

  18. Dear Denise and All Here:

    I’m checking in to touch base with my friends here at TRANSITIONS. I was, I think, doing really well, feeling good and keeping my vibes high, but today, well, death warmed over is an understatement. My head is plugged, my ears, shoulders and neck ache, I’m nauseaus, heart area is on fire and all that after a sleepless night of heavy sweating with periods of freezing in between, etc. Denise, you said:

    “Like the Ascension Process wasn’t hard enough just helping pull earth and humanity up and out of Hell, we’ve also endured ongoing assaults from the very humans we’re here to help extricate from that Hell they’re unaware they’ve lived their lives within.”

    I can’t tell my significant other what is happening, I’ve tried, and have been subjected to ridicule which I won’t respond to, and on it goes, but what I’m wondering about if you can help me with is, why is it that those humans who are not awake, nor even aware that there is bankster/politician corruption or anyone at all “out there” who has only our demise on their reptoid minds, do not seem to be experiencing any changes at all? All around me people carry on happy and content with their tiny self-important, bickering “me-worlds” and are not and have not been affected in any way, at least that I can determine, by the incredibly strong energies that are coming in now? I can understand how they are programmed into being oblivious to the chaos, but I would have thought they might have a day or two of symptoms of the incoming energies and wonder just a little what’s different.

    Today I am so on this Earth, and so not of it, I hurt. Love to you, Denise, and to TRANSITIONS, B.

    • Barbara,

      I love you my friend and know exactly what and why you’re feeling all this.♥ It HAS been really, really hard in many ways since the Three Days Shift Point. I too have had and am still having some old ascension symptoms, plus some new ones that have just arrived post the Shift. 😐

      I’ve been working today on a new article now that I feel a bit better and can better verbalize what’s happened, what’s happening post Shift. I’ll try to get it published asap because I can feel a lot of people in the same weird transitional state that I’m in and you’re in Barbara. It’s okay and part of this new phase of The Process. I know that doesn’t make the pains go away but I hope it gives you the strength to hang in there a bit longer. I know, I know, we’re all so freakin’ sick of hearing that we need to hang in there a bit longer but it’s true. Sorry, I’m exhausted and in pain too but it will complete.

      I’ll try to make sure I address your question in this article I’m working on now Barbara as it’s no doubt a question many others also have. Super short answer is — it takes a bit more time for what happens in the higher dimensions (The Shift into the NEW) to reach all the way down here in the physical realm/dimension. But know IT is indeed coming and fast and we will have great relief soon. 🙂

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Hi, Denise and Barbara,

        I just wanted to weigh in on this conversation. This last week, I was uncharacteristically active, creative, and joyful, but got overtired by a lack of sleep. The symptoms were not as bad this week as weeks before, but I kept having these moments (more like hours) of drifting close to 5D and feeling a little dizzy and disoriented suddenly. Today I went to a workshop, really overtired, and got plunked soundly into 3D. I followed a man into the workshop wearing boatloads of perfume, so was worried about an asthma attack, especially as I was tired and thus more susceptible. As the workshop was about to start, a woman was about to sit next to me, so I asked her if she was wearing any perfumed products. She said she didn’t know, but if she was then I would have to move. Okay, so I got the picture– your health and welfare are of no interest to me. (We read through the lines very quickly now). She tried to make it into a conflict and to loudly draw me into it– a classic bully–but I just quietly exchanged seats with the man next to me, which was perfect, because they were in the same 3D nightmare. While she yelled and tried to start fights, he was obsessed with money and gestured as if he was slapping someone. ;{ I quickly thought, Oh, crap, I didn’t protect myself today, so this is what I get! So, I did the 12D Light Shield during the workshop and felt my power thoroughly (it’s getting so immensely powerful) and never said another word to either of them. Sigh. It’s good to be back in my home.

        I can’t wait for your next article, Denise, and Barbara, I hear you!

        Love and hugs,

      • Dearest Denise and TRANSITIONS folks:

        Thank you from my Heart. I so needed to hear from you all. Today is a little better. I slept for the most part not badly last night, but oh, my ears. The pressure is immense, like I’ve been riding very high/very low altitudes up and down in fast-forward so that my ears are plugged without relief, while at the same time, my hearing is intense. Bass sounds hurt so that I cringe and they rumble through my entire body, while higher pitched sounds are like squeaks and almost out of hearing range. One neat thing, my good feline friend was lying next to me last night and wow, his purr went right through me. So looking forward to your next article, Denise, and I know that if any one of us are experiencing heightened energy symptoms, then you are ten times above and beyond that. You continue to amaze me and I love you, too. And Akhilleus, yes, “personal state of being depends solely on the requirements of the job”, that is so well-said, thank you. Love to All Here, B.

      • I too, look forward to your article, Denise. I (again) have gotten hit so hard, and as Barbara stated, my ears are greatly affected as well to the point they now physically hurt, especially my left ear. Yesterday it was pressure as though I was in a plane or climbing up a hill rapidly but I couldn’t “pop” the pressure. Noises are horrible and I cringe at anything loud. Fatigue, can barely move. Feel stoned, to the point I am stumbling. Last night falling asleep, the “OMG I have nail in my head!” going from my 3RD eye to the back of my neck just about did me in. The brains that began to come back, gone. Memory gone. Am I even here? And where is here?

        Glad to see I am not the only one crashed again. Dang! These tantalizing glimpses of Nirvana and then careened back to 3D insanity…….I won’t complain. There is a Higher Purpose here, and even if I don’t know it (yet), ALL is in order!

        I don’t even know how you are managing to write another article, Denise. I don’t know. All I can say, is BLESS YOU! And thank you! I thought December was hard. 🙄 Think again!

        And my poor cats…….again, OH how they are suffering!
        Hugs to all, Amy

    • Hello Barbara, Denise, & All!

      Yes, “hanging in there a bit longer” is all we can do… sigh!

      I have been thinking about the post-Shift state of being, and the only explanation that makes sense to me is that I have been dragged down again. Well, I guess it’s my own (as soul) doing, so I have only myself to be mad at. It is quite clear that my personal state of being depends solely on the requirements of the job (the soul mission) and has nothing at all to do with anything I do “right” or “wrong.” I knew a long time ago that I gave up my personal freedom when I as soul signed the contract, but I did not realize just how absolute that clause was.

      However, the Shift was real and noticeable. It was indeed a completion. There is never a sharp cutoff time (in the 3D way) for energies, but I know I completed everything necessary for “ascension.” I am indeed better able to “hang in there” because I am neutral to everything in my life, including my personal self and “ascension”. I (as soul) say there is work to be done and I am present and able to do it, so I must do it. I (as person) sigh and say Okidoki.

      I do hope that work and fun can be combined soon. In fact, I am expecting to be fully multidimensional, but I can’t see when that’s going to be.

      Much Love to All!


    • Hi, Barbara. Heart hugs!

      Ascension is beyond what a lot of people choose to believe. However, that does not mean that they are not waking up. I see evidence, such as in places like facebook, that people are more aware that “something” is happening to them and around them. They just haven’t been able to put the pieces together.

      I have relatively few facebook friends (65). Only a handful are aware of the Ascension, and some of them would not yet admit that in public. However, there are LOTS of “shares” from other sites that are related to spiritual awakening. People are intuitively seeking these things out. They are not good with words of their own — or maybe don’t know how to put what they are feeling into words — but they find beautiful and inspiring quotes that resonate with them and they feel the need to share that “light.” 🙂

      They also have a lot of Ascension symptoms. Right now the most prevalent of those that I am noticing from fb posts are sudden onsets of back pains. And there are those whose lives are dramatically changing — relationships breaking up; people suddenly moving, having to change jobs, losing jobs; etc. But there are also those who are beginning to live their lifelong dreams.

      It could be that some people will not “wake up” in the way we have, but in their own ways they are contributing their Light to the cause. 🙂

      I had a dream recently that maybe Denise can shed some light on. [Pun intended 🙂 ] I looked out my kitchen window in the dream and saw what I thought was my spirit guide (a hawk), but instead it was a giant featherless vulture. Everything throughout the dream was sepia-toned. The “bird” lifted its wings and floated DOWN to the ground from the dead-tree limb it was sitting on. The tree was on the edge of a woods and none of the trees had leaves. Then I noticed that there were a lot of people sitting in the trees and among them were some angels. Some of the people and angels stood up and started walking effortlessly but slowly UP the trees’ limbs as if they were stairsteps. The trees were full of people. I went to another window and could see more trees farther away and saw people there, too. As I began to wake up, I had one thought: “The angels are amassing.”

  19. One of those exhausting days. I am having to reread the posting for Lisa Renee because I keep forgetting what she has said–a little time goes by and I forget the whole thing. Also, I hope I’m on topic here, but I am wondering if anyone else is feeling less detached and less loving of the Earth since Dec 21st. I’ve always felt connected and loved by the Earth, even when humanity had little to offer or were nasty, I always was able to find love from the Earth. Lately I feel very detached from the Earth. I don’t know if it’s because we are switching dimensions or Earths or not. Anyone else getting that? If no one responds I’ll assume not. Laughing.

    Honestly, a lot of people on this site understand a lot more than I do. I don’t know if I am a Starseed or not, and I have past life memories that go back way before Egypt or Atlantis on this Earth–so I have been a human on this planet for a very long time, maybe even alternative Earths, too. From a very early time in this life, even as a toddler, I remember in my dreams scouring the Earth for dark places/beings to confront. I would stand in those places astrally and tell the dark beings that they could not be there, and I would challenge them with my light and tell them they must cease to be. The dreams would always end there, and I was never sure I survived the battles or not until I woke up to another day. After I was with a shaman for some years and a guru for a time before that, the dreams stopped, but I still seem to transform places of darkness on and off in a waking state from time to time.

    I had my kundalini rise about 30 years ago and got the difficult memories of my childhood, and some more past life memories, but then the kundalini went dormant all of the years I was healing, etc.–I had health issues, but they were verifiable health issues. I remember a huge longing to go home, and that somehow my karma was done. A few days ago I had that huge vibrating light thing like a freight train going up your spine through your head, but I didn’t feel my chakras were wide open, nor was there any transcendence involved, no big deal. I haven’t had all the really heavy negative experiences that some people have had, but some. I’ve had a very hard life physically in most aspects, certainly not without suffering, but I’ve always stayed to myself and have sort of been on the run, not staying in one place very long. I would feel I needed to go and live other places from time to time, and I’m not sure why.

    Don’t know if anyone can relate to that, or maybe I am just way off topic here, and I need a reality check. I feel sort of listless and spaced out.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I can totally relate (except unfortunately I’ve been on the extreme receiving end of the “really heavy negative stuff”). 🙂 But anyway, please know you are not alone in what you’re going through. And I wanted to comment on what you said about the Earth, in case this might help you a little.

      It’s funny; I just read this article yesterday @ http://lightworkers.org/channeling/175123/hilarion-isis-grounding,

      [ “January 15, 2012
      Channeler: Petra Margolis
      Hilarion with Isis on Grounding.

      Today we would like to talk about grounding as the being called Gaia has ascended and a new energy has been inserted within your earth. As has been talked about before, this is the time where you stand on your own two feet. Many are however still using the earth as their grounding point.

      We suggest you ground within the star just below your feet, as this star is part of your own grounding system. What are the benefits you might ask? The benefits are that you start to use your own energy flow system. Right now you are using the flow of energy within the earth. This flow has changed and the earth has become an energy system that is more contained.

      The benefits of using your own grounding and flow system are that balance is more easily reachable as you are not being influenced by energies outside of yourself. With the old grounding system, you were influenced by energies that were running through the earth, as most humans were grounding and are in fact still grounding within the earth, in this way you were also connected into the energies of other humans flowing through you.

      As you start to ground within your own energy system there will be no influence or/and energy of others within your own grounding system. This will also improve the flow within your own energy system as you are having more and higher frequency energies flowing through you. This is why we really want to emphasize the grounding within the star just beneath your own being, some call this the earth star.

      From one source to another
      Petra Margolis
      http://www.ascendedmasters.org” ]

      That would explain why you felt detached from the Earth.
      Funny too because I’ve been wondering what to do about grounding for a while, since Gaia was overloaded. But I’ve read or heard several different things about what to do, like the above, grounding up to your heart chakra as that will be the bottom chakra, grounding up above the head, etc. Pretty confusing…but I can see why grounding to the core of the Earth is not in the best interest anymore.

      So don’t take it personally; there’s still that love and connection with Gaia. I guess it’s sort of like a mother-child cord cutting, since our roots are no longer grounding in the Earth. So some form of grief is understandable. But we have not lost anything; we’ve only gained our True Selves, which we can fully embrace, cherish, and strengthen to consciously co-create whatever we desire.

      and that’s just one perspective….out of infinite possibilities 🙂

      • I have a tendency “not” to believe in channeled information because there is too much room for deception with channeling. Channeling is only as lighted and truthful and informed as the person channeling it, and in that case, why bother with it at all? Why not have enough confidence in yourself or your own innerness and wisdom to find meaning and direction in things via yourself? It can also be used as a crutch. It can also be a ruse. I don’t recall Jesus or Gandhi or MLK or Chief Seattle, etc., resorting to channeling. If you are God-realized why would you need to anyway?

        I do remember your posting Denise. I think for me it has been a bit confusing to put it in my own perspective, to visualize it, and at the same time align myself with it–to find a good fit for it in my reality. It’s like a new pair of shoes for me. I don’t blindly follow anything, nor should anyone. I have to try it on a few times and think about it and run around with it for a bit.

      • Dear Kimberly, I’m not offended by your observations because I think you may be right, and I am going to think about it. What does offend me, however, is that you are saying I need to stand on my own two feet, while you are using “channeled” information as a crutch yourself. That I find offensive. I also find most channeling to be “offensive.” Why do people need to hide behind channeling or use it at all? We have enough internal power as human beings to stand alone.

        I especially don’t do “Ascended Master” channeling and info because it is “Great White Brotherhood” AKA Freemasons and “St. Germain” connected and Illuminati-based. It comes right out and says it is of the Great White Brotherhood. It’s fine if you want to worship Lucifer via Ascended Masters, but I don’t. Illuminati thinking is Luciferan-based. So many people are duped into thinking that if it comes in a shiny white package, then it can’t be evil. Illuminati means “enlightened.” They are capable of looking just like lighted and ascended beings. It’s how they get there that makes all the difference in the universe.

        I am fine with people’s observations, but I don’t do “Ascended Master” channeling. So, don’t ever bring it into my yard again. Thank you.

      • Christine,

        I was only trying to provide a perspective that might help you as I THOUGHT you were claiming to feel abandoned by your beloved EARTH.

        I only used that article for reasons listed above. I did NOT say I believed them. I most certainly was NOT using them as a crutch.

        You have put words in my mouth and made WRONG assumptions. I was just a good-hearted person trying to help someone not feel so alone. If that was not how you felt, then why did you make a post here in the first place? Especially if you were so well aware of Denise’s article and knew this stuff already. And of course I was including Denise’s info there too.

        If you don’t want someone’s well-intended support, than don’t post what you pretty much admitted was not really true. Are you just trying to get sympathy? I don’t understand how you could lash out at me.

        I said nothing about you having to stand on your own two feet while I would use channeling as a crutch! I don’t even know where you could have pulled that out of.


        How hurtful and obsurd. No wonder people are so confused here. And no wonder I have been reluctant to come here. The passive aggressive crap is splattered all over.

        Thanks for being a hypochrite.

      • Kimberly & All,

        I don’t know why or where this suddenly went bad but I am truly sorry about any and all misunderstandings and/or miscommunications etc. between myself and you and/or anyone else. Truly. Let’s stop this right here however from everyone and keep moving forward. No more Comments about this…whatever it is…will be published ONLY in an attempt to stop it from getting any worse.

        Thanks everyone,

  20. Oh my Denise…
    I have been so busy planning a big move and starting my own blog that I was so shocked to see so much frustration and miscommunication here. Everyone here needs to realise that we are all going through this transformation together and dealing with it differently. There is no need to discuss our differences negatively but time to find a common ground amongst us and show the rest of the lower frequency people how to live in peace. We are all the way showers for those who are lost, we all have our separate jobs or tasks to do and our own way of succeeding in them. Let us all share the good stuff and support those who are battling the bad stuff!
    And there is a difference in hearing and than that of listening.

    Love and light to everyone

  21. Dear Denise & all,

    It is INDEED the start of big changes! This was confirmed to me last night. I attended a mindfulness meditation class mostly to connect with like-minded others. It was given in a downtown library auditorium on our most FRIGID night (-35 degrees) and the place was PACKED!

    The audience was mostly in their 30s, 40s and early 50s (a few younger or older). They all wanted to find a way to reduce the stress/anxiety in their lives and become more centered and balanced.

    The speaker talked about tuning into our bodies to release areas of stress and becoming more aware of our thoughts and denser emotions, letting them flow through without overly identifying with them and becoming more present in our daily activities through body senses, etc. (mindfulness).

    It struck me then that something has indeed changed. More people want to step out of the matrix and connect with their inner selves. They ARE choosing a more Light-filled life. Just a few months ago, he wouldn’t have drawn such a crowd.

    And after I came home, I had this dream: I see rows of washing machines with masses of people doing their laundry (meaning: cleansing/purifying their attitudes and beings).

    I am told that it’s time for me to GO HOME – it’s raining. (Clear rain from heaven = cleansing from Higher sources). I understand that I can do my own laundry later.

    I believe that this dream is connected with what I witnessed last night at the auditorium. People are healing/cleansing/releasing now and shifting to higher levels in their consciousness. My role now is to open to the incoming Light energies and make my way home to Source.

    Blessings to all, Thelma

    • “It struck me then that something has indeed changed…”

      I told ya so! 😆 😉

      Forgive me but I had to say it. The Shift has happened (the Three Days) and “reality” out there in the external world is and will continue to change for the better in ways that will blow the minds of many. This is happening simultaneously in people too of course and will also continue and at speeds that will blow even more minds and hearts.

      I know this because I’ve been very paying close attention to ANY changes on multiple dimensions (the ones I’m consciously able to retain memories of I mean) all of my life. Since 2011 the positive changes have been astonishing despite it not looking so fabulous in our external physical reality yet…YET…but it’s coming and fast now that we’re on the other side of the Three Days Expiration Date.

      Your dream reminds me a bit of one that Barbara had recently about choosing whether to pay $13 to work in the “plant” or in the “office”. Great inner symbolic messages/awareness from you both.


      • Denise,

        I do not at ALL mind your “I told ya so!” I’m just so glad things ARE changing. 🙂

        I have people in my life who are deeply mired in 3D and getting into more and more chaos as they cling to their limiting beliefs and patterns (and there’s not a blessed thing I can do about it, except send them love). It was such a RELIEF to see other people who are choosing to change at this point!!

        You’re right about the tie-in of my dream with Barbara’s. I believe we have a choice whether we ascend BEFORE the “big shift” or stick around until more can join us. The ascension energies are here now.

        I keep wondering if I have “more to do” here in 3D but the message keeps coming back that it’s my time to ascend and to let the masses do their thing. I must let go and trust their souls will lead them. (I am crying as I write this – hard for me to let go. I will continue to project peace and harmony and pray for everyone…. but I am accepting that my role in 3D is truly over.)

        Maybe you and others can relate?

        Blessings to all, Thelma

      • Ohhhhhh, Thelma, I felt your tears! You just keep on hanging on to your visions, to what you desire, what is right for you. I understand how difficult it is to let go and to see others tenaciously cling to the “old”, refusing to just let go and allow Love to flow in.
        Just keep walking out what you feel in your heart and don’t allow anyone to doubt yourself for one moment. You are being told you are “done” for a reason. Believe in that, know it, and rest assured in the Peace of your Heart, that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
        Be at peace, and know you are loved. (((HUGS))), Thelma. Amy

      • For all beautiful souls here,

        First of all, thanks, Amy, for your understanding. And thanks Denise, for providing the vehicle for this release on this forum. My tears came suddenly, along with realization that things here in 3D ARE changing.

        I have detached to a great extent from the personal dramas of others around me.

        My trouble with “letting go” mostly had to do with my drive to help raise the consciousness of this planet out of deep density. (I worked on self-esteem and self-acceptance issues with people through my coaching and also sold romantic stories to magazines with a strong spiritual message.)

        I have done my best to bring more Light into people’s lives so they could make more uplifting choices for themselves. Because when you feel a lack of deserving or self-worth, you are unlikely to do what’s best for you.

        I have said “goodbye” to many of my roles and identities from this lifetime. Letting go of this one is the hardest for me because I’ve had this concern about letting others down. I’m sure there’s a larger reason for my feeling of responsibility for this planet and needing to help it rise out of deep density. Maybe I was one of the Beings here at its inception…

        But my role is done now and I am starting to let go. I believe this applies to many Lightworkers; this Shift brings a completion to what we came here to do.

        Blessings to all, Thelma

    • Dear Thelma, Denise and all,
      I’m really responding to the last post in this link – but there are no reply buttons left 😉 I cried when I read your post, Thelma. I have felt a connection with you for a while, but this one really got to me. I have been feeling much the same. There is a battle within; part of me wants to stay and I know that is why I’m here – but there is another part of me ready to go – and it knows why it needs to go now. This is really being reflected in my life; I move in and out of dimensions and staying in 3D is becoming very difficult. That said, there are several here I love so dearly that I do not want to leave them. I also love the earth so much, part of me wants to stay her for her. That said, I also know she wants me on the new earth sooner as opposed to later. I have always loved Gaia so dearly, and as much as I miss my star-family – oh that is another post in itself – I want to stay with earth. I just know that, for ME, I think she is the most beautiful planet there is (and that knowing is coming from somewhere other than my 3D self..) – at least to me she is. And so, there is a huge sadness about leaving but also a great joy of being with her in 5D and beyond. You said it best: “But my role is done now and I am starting to let go.” I truly believe that I am losing the patience required to help from this side and think I’ll better serve from the ‘other’ side. Denise, you are such an inspiration in your patience and determination to continue. We all see it here, especially when a newly awakened, beautiful soul, joins in. I strive for that continued perseverance, but think I am losing it. Well, I think I am beginning to get off track here – love, light and creativity to all here, Morgean

      • Dear Morgean, Denise & all,

        Replying to Morgean’s post, I was surprised by the outpouring of emotion this realization (of it really, really, really being my/our time to go) has wrought. There’s a song with the lyrics “should I stay, or should I go?” 🙂

        As you so aptly put it, “there’s a huge sadness about leaving but also a great joy of being with her in 5D and beyond.”

        For me, it’s also about leaving my role in raising consciousness here, the long struggle to bring more Light into 3D. Now that’s over as the Light is HERE and is working its magic on everyone who’s open to it. Finally!

        I have a similar appreciation of Earth’s beauty and magnificence; it’s pained me every time someone needlessly cut or harmed a tree, polluted the atmosphere or in other ways showed disrespect for our planet and environment. This is what I leave behind.

        Ditto to what you said, Morgean, “I also know she wants me on the new earth sooner as opposed to later. ” We all have Divine timing – so it’s a matter of paying attention to the signs as well as to the feelings we have deep inside.

        At this point I can be of more assistance from a higher frequency… and I want to do whatever is for the Highest Good.

        Thanks for your message & to all here for sharing your thoughts about these changes. And most importantly, to Denise for posting this article at the perfect time!

        Blessings to all, Thelma

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