Bugger the Patriarchy!

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Thanks go to Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof for sharing this great video with us that I would have missed otherwise. ♥


January 15, 2013


32 thoughts on “Bugger the Patriarchy!

    • “sharing this and hoping it goes viral 😉 — thank you, Denise, for giving me such a great smile this morning. And a great sense of “hope will prevail” — I LOVE THIS!”

      Janie Waters,

      I loved it too and as one who lived through the revolutionary 1960s, I wanted to pass it along too as Callista did so more and more people see it, hear it, FEEL IT and get with the NEW blueprints of individual empowerment and group unity. 😉


  1. Dearest Denise,

    That was such a giddy rousing way to start off my day! Thank you for sharing it with us (and Callista)! It’s always nice to have a sort of corny satire to help us relieve some of the impatience and frustration with it all. And I guess the B words for us would be Beautiful and Bountiful =)

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  2. Yes, yes, and YES! this is such a 60’s flavor…. it’s how we all started “way back then” 😉 …. and it stirred up the old “I want to get back out there and protest/march” emotion again. Doubt that I’ll do it; these getting-older bones don’t like that as much as they used to — but I put it on Facebook awhile ago; it’ll start growing soon. Love and light to you, and to all your readers! ❤

    • I feel the same way Janie. The heart is more than willing, but the bod just can’t do it any more, or at least at this point. Seems like I already spent a lifetime buggering the buggers, and the nasty fuck*rs are still at it. I’m sick of listening to their same ‘ole crap.

      • Hi Denise, Janie, Caroline and All Here:

        I’m thinking we don’t have to actually physically do anything, because we have constructed, and at the end of December, opened the high-frequency love/light lines, and therefore we need only “send” from our hearts our energetic thoughts along those frequency lines to those whom we support, as long as our thoughts are based on no harm to anyone and for the good of All That Is. Seems to me that what we have accomplished so far is the foundation for that very method of manifesting. For example, when I saw this video yesterday, I felt I was “there” and because I felt that, then indeed I was “there” and holding hands and dancing. To me, the idea of “our thoughts create our reality” has taken on a whole new meaning. As linear time fades and Team Dark finally goes kicking and screaming back to the vibes they require to survive, then, I think, we will truly be able to create, based on what we have accomplished/created as Starseeds/Lightworkers, etc.. I “feel” that. Love, B.

      • Thank you so much for this Barbara. Smile. Some days I feel full of clarity and other days I don’t. I see what is in the news (why do I even look at it) and look at the propaganda they are spewing via the politicians and elite nasties that is so damaging to most people and the planet, and I “go” all 3-D in my thinking, a habit that is hard to break sometimes, especially if I am tired. Laughing.

        I do daily prayers that consist of sending love (I have to put myself in a soul connected state because it seems like it doesn’t do any good if I am rushing things–I don’t get that I’m connection to my high heart) to any creatures and children that suffer, to my neighbors, my community, and finally all humanity that suffers and the Earth itself. I feel sending love from my heart doesn’t interfere with people’s lessons because it is more support, lended strength, and guidance for people/creatures rather than interference.

        Thanks for a reminder and for added insight, too. Smile. It uplifted me. The time before and during the 21st (December) was very uplifting and insightful for me, and now I feel like I have sort of gone ca-thunk, and sort of feel like my intuition/insight isn’t operating properly all of a sudden, but I think it’s because I need to focus more on getting everyday things done in my life right now in order to move forwards in my life.

      • I found this article that is interesting (hopefully it will be for others). It may be a little off topic, but it is a positive note. Also, I don’t know if Denise wants the link on her blog or not, but here it is: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/01/15/the-game-of-earth-is-yours-to-play/

        This is a paragraph from the article. I know that our bodies do have symphonies because even though I am deaf, I am clairaudient, and I have heard them from time to time. When people die, their body symphonies play and for some time after death they play until the person/soul lets go of that body life (I didn’t read that anywhere; it’s just been my experience):

        “Your awareness of what sound is will also shift. It is through sound and frequency that all is created and generated. All matter vibrates and creates sound. However there are different dimensional versions of sound which many of you may start to hear. For example, the universe, earth and collective consciousness all have their own sound. Each of your individual organs has its own sound. There is actually a symphony that is created for your body and you may start to hear these sounds as you look within yourself.”

  3. Denise and All,

    Watching this made me feel so good and different than I had been feeling. I am one of the biological males in the world that holds a great amount of feminine energy. I felt sick being around the “patriarchy” even when I had/chose to adapt to them to survive. I’ve felt torn inside between finding peace in my life or finding the inner strength to tell the patriarchy to fuck off while I stand up for all the oppressed. I don’t feel the energy to do either….YET

    Sometimes I feel like “love and light” is what the “dark ones” want us to focus on rather than FIGHT for our FREEDOM and CONSCIOUSNESS. Maybe love and light is the prize after the fight? But as a lightworker I’ve felt miserable searching for peace. Maybe my heart is prompting me to take a leap of faith and tell the false elite to screw themselves. Maybe I’m finally waking up again.


    • Michael333,

      I hear ya, I’ve felt sick in a totally patriarchal world since about age three when I was consciously aware that I was back in the unsafe and crazy place as I referred to earth for many years.

      However, everyone needs to realize that since the 12-21-12, 12-22-12,12-23-12 Three Days and Expiration Date or Shift Point, the entire global patriarchal rule over earth and humanity expired. The thing that’s continuing since then is the endless disinformation BS coming from different groups within the Old Boys Club (the negative global patriarchy) is ONLY that; empty lies and looping disinformation and BS. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz story where the great, frightening, unseen power behind the curtain is just one little guy pulling a big one off on everybody!

      Said another way, the human global patriarchy no longer has the unseen, invisible, other dimensional backup, support, leadership and drive of the non-physical negative alien beings or Team Dark. They aren’t there any longer to backup and energetically feed and support and direct the old patriarchal human puppets…but the human puppets don’t know this yet and so they’re carrying on as usual. There’s no one and nothing left of Team Dark behind that curtain to fuel the human puppets so there’s just a lot of screaming, crying, fighting, whining, demanding, bitching and threatening happening now. We’ll move through this transitional phase and eventually these human puppets will fall away (and/or die off) because that old negative energy and consciousness cannot survive in this world nor will it be tolerated. It’s time has expired.

      Just be the Lightwarrior you’ve always been and radiate and envision from your High Heart the global freedom and wisdom in all that you want to manifest on this planet. That is the NEW “job” for many of us now; Conscious Creators and Co-Creators. Creating can be done right from our High Hearts.


  4. Oh, that was so much fun, thank you, Denise and Callista. Only last night I was thinking how much I would love to see you, Denise, dance and I sang Neil Young’s Harvest Moon, “I want to see you dance again!” imagining the symbolism of your dance, and here we are today, dancing. Oh, for heaven’s sake, now I’m gonna cry! What a huge release this video is, thank you one and all. I’m holding everyone’s hand and it feels good! What a marvellous and magical job we’ve done, and to think it’s just the beginning! Love, B.

  5. Yes! Just what I needed right now. I’ve been feeling disconnected and confused for 2 days now. I was thinking out loud I guess lol how I jst can’t take this any longer and I want to burn down every financial, political ruling bullhit bgs dwn lol… I’m tired of it. Seeing my father stress so much about work and edd and suit ugh! Can we all just camp out? Last night our pipes froze here at home and I thought so this is what it would be like without water??? I immediately wanted to pack and go to the forest. Like I said I’m tired and confused but this video just lifted my spirits indeed. Thank you Denise.

    Oh my, I tried correcting those sentences up there but weirdly enough it kept erasing the sentence on top of what I wanted to erase ugh.

    Anyways, cheers to the buggering!

  6. **LIKE**

    That was wonderful!! ♥♥♥

    Whenever I get into a bit of despair about the state of things, I do find to get a little angry at least pulls me out of the place where I know I am being siphoned of my energies, and start telling them to “Eff off!” I really think “bugger off” is a more fun way to say the same thing, lol. I’ll have to give that one a shot next opportunity. 😉


  7. We watch this video over and over again… it is funny and empowering. I can’t wait for the patriarchy to crumble… and I’m a guy. Geeez, times are a changin 🙂

  8. I couldn’t help but sing along rousingly. Did anybody else dance? I love undermining things through humor. The Idle No More movement has something much like this in tone: they have a twitter hashtag #Ottawapiskat where anyone can write a one-liner turning the criticisms of First Nations people in Canada back on the Ottawapiskat chief (the Prime Minister!). (Ottawa is the capital of Canada, for those who don’t know.) It’s hysterically funny. Anything the government or other Canadians criticize them about, they return in spades. Check it out, but sorry if it’s too Canadian-specific for some of you to understand.

    All together now: “And if you’re one of them, bugger you!”

    Love and big hugs to all,

  9. “Bugger the Bankers” – this phrase made me uneasy, though the idea of ordinary people making fun of the bankers in song and dance is wonderful. “Bugger” is a violent word, a violent act. How about “rape the bankers”? No. “Slash and stab the bankers? No. The violent imagery turns me off so I can’t pass along this video – too bad.

    • Pama,

      😆 So it’s okay with you that the bankers and other Boys Club patriarchy do to humanity all they have and are still working so very hard to continue doing, but it’s unacceptable to you that some “ordinary people” create a song about how they don’t like the abuse and lies etc.?

      I’m not from the UK or Australia but I believe that when they use the term “bugger” or “bugger off” they mean, what we in the US mean when we say “fuck” and/or “fuck off” which means “screw you” or “go to hell” or “no way!” etc. I may be wrong but I’ve NEVER heard the term “bugger” or “bugger off” used in a violent, rape and slash sort of way that you’re suggesting.

      This is how deep and potent the old patriarchal mind-control really is in so many people. Many are and will have real difficulty and fear changing/evolving into a kinder, safer, sane world. Now there’s something to honestly think about. 🙂


      • With all this new change coming about since the three days of December, it’s almost like the lights have been turned on and now and then an odd cockroach scatters across the floor, caught in the light and needing to return to the darkness. Oh dear, did I say that? I’m having a strange day.

      • Jane,

        Thanks for the deeper level social interpretations of this term “bugger” from both decades past in the UK, and also in current times from OZ. 🙂


    • Just a simple misunderstanding. I’m from Canada so I’m familiar with the verb, “bugger off” to mean f-off and the noun, “bugger”, to mean a nasty person. “Bugger”, as a verb by itself, had hints of something else to my ears.

      I’m always suspicious of memes that develop (like the gangnam style video) and wonder who developed them and for what purpose. I saw this video posted on several alternative sites I follow, and noticed the dated clothes, glasses, and hairstyles, indicating it was filmed 10+ years ago, plus the double meaning of the word, “bugger”. With all the pedophilia revelations coming out in the UK right now, the release of this video, at this time, seemed inappropriate, but of course, I didn’t know that in the UK and Australia (maybe even the U.S.?), this verb is a harmless expletive with the dictionary meaning unknown to many.

      I’m practicing my version of discernment – no need to attack.

      • “…I’m practicing my version of discernment – no need to attack.”


        So you believe that, according to you, because the people’s clothes, glasses, hairstyles etc. in this video “indicating it was filmed 10+ years ago…” means that it is in fact not current?

        Because I’m the age I am, I recognized and interpreted (correctly or incorrectly) some of the clothing etc. worn in it as an intentional and symbolic gesture back to the hippies of the 1960s and the global “anti-establishment” consciousness and efforts unfolding then. We live now in a higher octave and stage of evolutionary change what was started by the hippies in the 1960s, and are and will continue to see, worldwide, “anti-establishment” consciousness and efforts unfolding at this new and higher level NOW. It’s been happening for the past few years in very dramatic, dangerous and deadly ways already in many countries around the world. I personally believe that this Bugger off Bankers video is just one more group of higher consciousness pioneers stating what they did in as non-violent, humorous, and entertaining way, and I really enjoyed and appreciated it.

        This discussion and it’s continuing misunderstandings is now done. You believe and interpret reality in the way(s) you want, need, and are currently capable of… and so shall the rest of us. Happy Trails. 🙂


      • I know this subject has ended, but I just wanted to add that people that come to your home and then take a crap in your yard and don’t bring a shovel, and then also proceed to blame you for their actions and for being upset definitely have a skewed reality. They have in no way explored and healed their own backyards, and that’s why they come and crap in other people’s backyards.

      • “I know this subject has ended, but I just wanted to add that people that come to your home and then take a crap in your yard and don’t bring a shovel, and then also proceed to blame you for their actions and for being upset definitely have a skewed reality. They have in no way explored and healed their own backyards, and that’s why they come and crap in other people’s backyards.”

        Okay, that one did it for me… I love you Caroline K.! ♥ 😆

        Seriously, Thank You Caroline K. and everyone else for understanding this, why it happens, and why people like me are all done accommodating it post Shift.

        Gratitude ♥ Hugs,

      • No, thank YOU Denise. After putting up with idiots and nasty bullies and trudging through darkness that wants to censor you and stop you and make your life hell, you come here and give us a safe haven to get news and be a part of, and there just aren’t many blogs out there that do that or blogs with your flare, and your honesty and integrity.

        In some ways we do know what it feels like. The loneliness of never being able to talk about this stuff years ago and even now, or not ever fitting into the grand scheme ever, and the nasty bullies and the sanctimonious idiots and the evil darkness. And anyone that dares to go public with this info gets pummeled about a thousand-fold until they give up or go away. But what that does is it makes us stronger. It makes us feel in our guts: Fuck you, because I’ve put up with just about all the shit I’m going to put up with, so take your nastiness and moronic epitaphs elsewhere, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. It’s our time now, so shove it. It’s our time to dish it out because we aren’t backing down or going away.

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