Post SHIFT: Winter 2013

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As many of you know, when I go quiet as I have over these past few weeks it’s because I’m deep in another important Ascension related transition and I won’t write much until I have lived/embodied enough of it myself and started to get a decent conscious understanding of what’s happened and is still happening. This is just how this Process works for me; I’ve got to live and embody it physically, then review the recent events, my perceptions, issues, insights, visions, and whatever old or new physical and/or emotional aches and pains that I’ve been dealing with — then I’ll write about what I’ve discovered on my own from having lived it.

Like all of you, I’ve had to live and learn my way through the “Three Days of Darkness” — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 — and then every day and week after the blessed Expiration Date and Shift Point and deal with whatever inner/outer, personal/collective stuff that came up. And for many of us some good-size chunks of stuff has come up post 12-23-12. The post Shift ride was, for a while, pretty intense and like I said I’ve needed some time to sit and be with, feel, chew on, discern and discover for myself what happened to and for me personally during and since the “Three Days”… and even more from 1-1-13 on!

There’s been plenty of personal and collective stuff to wade through once we entered 1-1-13. Stair Steps remember? It’s still an unfolding Ascension Process of traveling those incremental energy Stair Steps in physicality. (I’m writing that word in bold to get a specific point across.) The Expiration Date (12-21-12) was reached and the old Evolutionary Cycle with all its energetic blueprints instantly expired and became null and void. Believe it or not, perceive it or not, THE SHIFT happened across the cosmic board on 12-21-12. A few days later (1-2-13) we had a major physical display of the “Fermi Bubbles” (discovered physically in 2010) suddenly bursting to show humanity (and who knows who else) that physical changes within the physical realm were indeed happening and NEW energies/blueprints were gushing out from the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) black holes for important reasons both energetically and physically. I know however that even the Milky Way GC physically spewing out massive, never-before-seen energies a few physical days after the 12-21-12 Shift won’t mean a damned thing to the mind-controlled population on Earth. Stair Steps… and we simply keep moving forward just as we always have.

The old planetary patriarchal systems and controls are, post Shift, hollow lifeless husks and here comes the really great and important news — with zero Team Dark backing powers behind them any longer. Even the living humans (residual planetary “elite” in all their forms and positions of so-called “power”) who were and still are mind-controlled puppets of and for Team Dark, no longer have that constant stream of negative energies assisting and sustaining them, maintaining them, fueling and feeding them and their plans from nonphysical Team Dark to control and manifest things… in this current transitional physical world I mean. The tricky part in early 2013 is however, that the majority of people on this planet don’t realize that Team Dark and those old matching energies and blueprints of the past Evolutionary Cycle have expired, have run out and are no longer available for anyone to use in any way in this timeline and world. That last part was key because they will eventually be fully energetically evicted from this transitioning Earth world and timeline (for ease of communicating these multidimensional and multiple Earths, realities and complexities — “Planet A/B” as Cosmic Awareness has called it), and will most likely end up in “Planet B” sooner rather than later.

The current difficulty for those not wanting anything to change and those of us who know that only positive change is what’s happening and will continue to on this world is and will be, for a while longer, coping with each other during this physical transition period out of the collapsing patriarchal rule with its consciousness and belief systems, and full activation in the new higher ways of being and living. Said another way… the full and actual physical Separation of Worlds. Transitions, especially ones in the lower physical dimension, take a bit more “time” to manifest and because of this most people don’t perceive or believe that anything has expired, changed, begun separating physically or started anew since the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Shift Point. All of 2013 is going to be a very interesting year of rapid unfolding and change for every single human functioning on whatever Stair Step(s) they are currently on.

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One of the more exciting happenings for me personally (and important clue for everyone) that’s happened since January 1, 2013 that I’m aware of, is that I’ve perceived and still am clairvoyantly seeing numerous very large (I mean really LARGE!) Lightbeings in dozens of massive circles overhead looking down at us with incomprehensible joy, pride, gratitude and amazement.

Now this is a really big deal for me personally because I used to clairvoyantly see and telepathically communicate with positive nonphysical Starbeings and Lightbeings since age three (that I’ve consciously remembered). That was my personal “normal” all my life up until the start of my physical, biological Ascension Process in February 1999. From that date until 1-1-13, my higher dimensional Family and Friends have for the most part been MIA because, and this is extremely important and something many of you have experienced too during the Ascension Process, I had to live through, embody, be transformed by the Alchemical Ascension Process on my own so I and my physical and energy bodies (Mental, Emotional etc.) would literally be transformed energetically.

There is only one way through the Ascension Process and that is to literally traverse the Alchemical Ascension gauntlet so you are divinely altered all the way down to a physical cellular level by those Alchemical Ascension Fires and transformed into something very new and much improved. And it is a solo event for each of us. We have to individually live, embody, experience and be transformed by that spiritual initiation by ourselves in and through the physical.

Because of this need to physically live my/your/our way through the Ascension Process, most of our old beloved higher dimensional, nonphysical Light and Star Family and Friends absolutely had to step back and remain completely hands off while we journeyed through this long, difficult and painful physical Ascension Process on our own. Yes they’ve always been aware of what we’ve done and why, much more so than many of us down here actually doing it, but they would not for any reason whatsoever interfere with me actually living this Process in and through my physical body. This is why I’ve not had my usual positive Starbeings/Lightbeings nearby constantly and always available to telepathically communicate with as I did all my life before February 1999. ET no phone home for long, long, time and it’s been a bummer!

However, now that we’ve crossed the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and connection/alignment/download/Life Review with Source’s wave of Divine new energies, I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing these large circles of anxious Lightbeings in higher realms like parents waiting to cheer and congratulate me/you/each of us as we tumbled, stumbled, fumbled (I know some of you glided out like real pros! 🙂  ) our ways out the other end of all this. These many huge Lightbeings in numerous circular groups overheard look identical to the two Lightbeings that appeared to aid my Mom and I in October 2012 because she’d collapsed in the grocery store.

If I couldn’t tell in any other way — which I can — this new situation of seeing these huge Lightbeings in great circles above us would convince me that we have indeed exited the old Expiration Date blueprint energies and Shifted into this weird transitional in-between “nine month” phase. We need to use the winter quarter — December 21, 2012 Winter Solstice through to March 20, 2013 Spring Equinox — to review, recuperate, further release and prepare for the first chunk of new energies that will manifest within physicality via the first Spring Equinox post the Expiration Date Shift Point. (I deliberately called these new 2013 Spring Equinox energies the first chunk to express that, just as before the Shift, we’re still in and dealing with those Ascension Stair Steps meaning this Process will unfold incrementally throughout 2013 and especially so at each of the Equinoxes and Solstices. This Process isn’t over quite yet, and not ALL of the new energies will arrive on only the March 20, 2013 Equinox; they will arrive in Stair Steps throughout the year with the Equinoxes and Solstices highlighted.)

The coming 2013 Spring Equinox will no doubt be potent and packed with increasing High Heart, “Unity”, “Triality” blueprint energies. We Forerunners need to take advantage of the winter months to further adjust, review and release whatever personal beliefs and/or emotional stuff we still have and/or has suddenly been dropped into our lives post Shift that needs to be looked at, felt and finally released. Don’t hate the messenger but we’re not done yet Forerunners. I know, I know, I felt the same way last month but I’ve experienced enough since 1-1-13 to understand a bit better what’s happening now and why.

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As is always the case, things happen first in the higher frequency realms/dimensions and over time they work their ways down into the slower frequency realms/dimensions below, such as this physical one. This is the case with the Ascension Process and Shift out of the old and into the NEW; it simply takes more time for the new blueprint energies and external changes to filter down from higher levels and start manifesting in more obvious physical ways. At quantum levels all this has already happened, but from the lower frequency physical dimension and perspective we’re still within the unfolding Ascension Process at different levels of Stair Steps making further adjustments individually due to our having been immersed within the NEW blueprint energies released/releasing from the center of the Milky Way galaxy (Galactic Center-GC) during the Three Days of 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12. I’m gonna repeat this: at higher quantum levels all this has already happened, but, for humanity in physicality it’s taking more time to reach us and Earth, plus all of us needed a bit more time to make a bit more personal changes/transformations. The one thing does not cancel out the other thing because both things, both events, both levels of being and awareness (including all others besides just these two) are real and legitimate. It’s only ones current ability to perceive and understand that’s limited, not what is eternally unlimited.

From higher quantum levels all this has already happened, but for us here in more dense physicality (yes, dense even after all the transmuting and ascending we’ve done!) the really fun NEW stuff hasn’t fully and physically arrived yet. Oh it’s on its way believe me, but it’s just going to take a bit more time within physicality to reach this lower frequency dimension and world. That amount of time is, according to Cosmic Awareness and I agree completely, the “nine month” period from Winter Solstice 12-21-12 through to Fall Equinox 9-22-13. One physical nine month gestation period from the Expiration Date and Shift Point (12-21-12) to the physical start of the Separation of Worlds (approximately around Fall Equinox 9-22-13) for us all to review, redo, rework, rethink, release and make any needed last-minute changes. This is more important than we realize or fully understand yet…

What I’m aware of today (but always expect to know more tomorrow) is that we’re still living the Ascension Process along with Earth and we’ve got to September 22, 2013-ish to correct, adjust, deal with, finish whatever it is we each need to internally/externally before the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s energy blueprints (which is based on “Unity” or “Triality” or High Heart Consciousness or what we’d call fifth dimensional frequency) and the physical Separation of Worlds happens. Cosmic Awareness (CA) has called these separate Earth worlds “Planet A, Planet B, and Planet A/B”. Very briefly again for any who may have missed this information before:

  1. “Planet A” is an Earth-like world that ascends into 5D Light/Love Unity
  2. “Planet B” is an Earth-like world that descends into more Dark Duality
  3. “Planet A/B” is an Earth-like world that has Duality but is balanced, fair, honest, sane and minus all negative influences from the Negatives/Team Dark/Archons/Negative Aliens/Demonic entities etc. Can you imagine an Earth world like that? Compared to the Earth world of total negativity and control by Team Dark that we all incarnated into in these lives, this “A/B” Earth world will, eventually, seem like heaven on Earth.

More will be discussed in future articles about the Separation of Worlds — these different Earth-like worlds and timelines — because it’s another important and confusing topic that people should consciously know more about now. People’s thoughts and belief systems, intentions and emotions etc. hold far more power post Shift and our thoughts/beliefs/focus will automatically energetically align you/me/each of us to one of these many different Earth-like worlds. YOUR personal thoughts, personal beliefs and mental and emotional focus will automatically align YOU with a matching frequency world, timeline, and group of similar frequency people. I strongly suggest that YOU be more mindful of your thoughts; more conscious of your consciousness; and take much more responsibility for what YOU allow to run wild and unchecked through your consciousness 24/7. Not doing so could cost you more than you’re willing to pay so it’s time, it’s last-minute time for YOU and each of us to realize that what we think and believe has profound consequences for each of us now like never before.

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Since 1-1-13 we’ve heard plenty of automatic, pre-recorded, mind-controlled unaware responses and/or attacks from many people to ANY perceived threat of change or difference in perception by other people. These changes so far are miniscule at this point compared to how they’ll build throughout this “nine month” period and beyond! If the Consciousness Police people freak out to this degree already over simple things like foods and/or time and clock anomalies, I doubt they’re going to cope well with the sweeping positive changes coming week-after-week and year-after-year.

I was told by some higher dimensional nonphysical Blue Beings (I don’t know what else to call them) back in 2004 that, and I quote, …they will begin to energetically devour themselves’, referring to all the old patriarchal mind-controlled, unaware, dis-empowered humans around the planet. For the past couple of years we’ve seen this increasing “energetically devour themselves” type actions from some people based on their distorted belief systems (mind-control and the growing pressures they are causing them), egos, fears and hatred. For many, breaking free from the old negative mind-control belief systems is and will be much, much, harder and more painful and frightening than it will be for others.

This defensive attacking of others and utter unwillingness to expand one’s consciousness and belief systems beyond the old negative Team Dark mind-control systems will become increasingly painful for these people. It’s also no fun at all for those of us who these people target with their unawareness and need to “gate-keep” and police consciousness or attack and insult. We saw a lot of this suddenly at TRANSITIONS in January 2013 because many of us Forerunners were talking about Ascension-related food/digesting difficulties we’ve had for a very long time.

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This is the current Stair Step we Forerunners are on now in early 2013. We’re each having to deal with whatever personal issue(s) we still have at this point within the Ascension Process and make whatever corrections and/or clarifications within ourselves and our awareness over where we truly want to end up; which of the Earth worlds (“Planet A” or “Planet A/B”)  we want to be on at the end of this “nine month” period. This is the stop and think, review, reconsider, adjust, realize more, get over it, and release more phase for most of us as we gestate ourselves throughout the physical “nine month” period. We each instantaneously realized what exactly it was that we individually need to correct within ourselves on 12-21-12 whether we consciously remember it or not, and we’ve all been gifted with this in-between transitional “nine months” time in physicality to make these personal inner adjustments, changes and releases etc. Thank you Source for this gift and I/we promise to use this time wisely. ❤


February 7, 2013

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  1. I, of course would like planet A for myself…..if my purpose is to educate those on planet A/B…where would I need to be…it seems my purpose is to help others up the steps…how does that work?

    • “I, of course would like planet A for myself…..if my purpose is to educate those on planet A/B…where would I need to be…it seems my purpose is to help others up the steps…how does that work?”

      Joanne & All,

      I too wanted and intended and still do plan on ascending fully to “Planet A” while in this “Denise” body and awareness/personality. I’m going to utilize your question Joanne — and Thank You for it — to talk more about this complex topic.

      For the past 14 years I’ve known that I would go through this Ascension Process and finally reach a point where I would vibrationally exit physical earth reality. I knew I wouldn’t “die” in the typical physical sense and leave my physical body that way, but that I’d master what I personally needed to and because of that automatically be able to “ascend” vibrationally to what’s being calling “Planet A”. I’ve known that I’d continue my Service Work and Learning but, once “ascended”, I’d be doing it from “Planet A” and not “Planet A/B” as many of the other current Ascension Teachers will. It’s easy to tell which of the current Ascension Teacher intend to remain on this new ascended “Planet A/B” and continue teaching others on lower Stair Steps. These Ascension Teachers have been working for the past two or three years building their web sites, blog sits, or creating new ones and/or expanding their old ones etc., or building physical teaching ascension “Centers” as Inelia Benz, and no doubt others that I’m unaware of, are currently doing or intend to do. These types of places aren’t needed in a fifth dimensional ascended “Planet A” world, but they certainly will be needed on this ascended Planet A/B!

      I’ve also known that I will be doing this work from Planet A back down to and with certain people on “Planet A/B” while they’re asleep and in dream states. I’ve also known that I’ll soon be one of those higher dimensional Beings like the ones that helped me, guided me, taught me and reminded me of why I reincarnated on 3D Earth as a Starseed Lightworker with a very specific Mission. Said another way — I sense that I’ll become, as many of us will, the new higher dimensional non-physical “Guides” and “Ascension Assistants” to those people still working at ascending themselves in Planet A/B. Stair Steps! 😉 Everybody moves up a few of them at these types of really big cosmic Shifts.

      It would take pages and pages for me to go into more detail about the “how” of those who will ascend to Planet A or go back to their favorite higher dimensional Homes or back into the Light etc. In a nutshell we’ve GOT to do a bit more personal inner work on whatever it is that we each have within us that’s getting in our way of ascending fully to a “Planet A” or like higher Home place. For some great and accurate (in my opinion) and more detailed information about this particular topic I suggest you (and anyone else) consider buying a one year subscription to the Cosmic Awareness channeled monthly messages. I just did so for the first time a few days ago, and the February 2013 message was really helpful and confirmed some things I’ve experienced and perceived myself. A one year subscription was $31.98 which was VERY reasonable. Anyone interested, link on the “Electronic CAC Newsletter” link on this page to buy a subscription.

      If you have more questions about this topic please feel free to ask and we’ll go a bit deeper into it. The “nine months” period is going to fly by super fast so time’s short for those of us who want to get ourselves to “Planet A”.

  2. Wow, again your writing what I try to put into words. Thank-you Denise.

    I keep seeing beings of gold in a circle that are looking down from my perspective. I cannot see their faces they are in gold hooded robes but I can feel they are pleased, helping–not sure really but the sense I get is that they are my guides. I am contacting them more and more during meditation trying to understand the messages(s).

    I am still having bloated and digestion issues and trying new ways of eating light(er), thanks for the tip.

    But mostly, I just feel like a calm sense that everything is going to be okay.

    I hope all is well with everyone.

    Take care, In Love, Light & Peace, Valerie

  3. Oh yes, I am with Elizabeth/tazjima in her comment. I am so thankful for a post/THIS post now!

    It’s going to take me a while to digest all of this, but one thing that was immediately apparent to me is that there are three lightbeings that have been clairvoyantly visible to me since October 2012, and they just let me know of their presence yet again while I was reading this. 🙂 Between the vibration of the words and ideas in this post, and their presence to me, things I was struggling with so for the past week feel lifted in this moment.

    Thank you. ♥♥♥

    • Calliope/Karin & All,

      It seems from what I’ve perceived so far with the sudden presence of these huge Lightbeings (increasingly since 2012 or so it seems) is that they’re like “greeters” at WalMart for us as we birth ourselves out the other side of the Shift! 😆 I sense they knew long before we did, that many of us would go through the “Three Days of Darkness” Expiration Date and Shift Point and not be able at that point to ascend fully to “Planet A”, and so, they’ve been intentionally revealing themselves to more and more of us at this point, primarily to give us an emotional boost and spiritual encouragement and let us know that we’re there, we’re so there now but we’ve got just a bit more inner work and releasing to do during this god-given grace period of “nine months”. After that I suspect many of us will be “partying” with many Lightbeings and Starbeings in celebration.

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Denise & Caliope/Karin,
        I hope you both know how comforting it is that you sense the presence of these beings & actually SHARE it with those of us who can’t just yet! Thank you.

  4. Now this all makes sense. Thank you, Denise, for taking the time to explain all of this so thoroughly – it helped me tremendously – and the message came just at the right time.
    Much love and appreciation,

  5. Love & Thanks Denise ( you made me laugh with that comment – (I know some of you glided out like real pros! 🙂 ) hahaha! We must be hilarious to watch at times! ☺

  6. Beautiful Denise, gratitude for this post. Took me a long time to read it, I started to cry as soon as I started reading, some tears of joy, some tears of exhaustion. I don’t know how to express my feelings right now. I do want to praise you for sharing and help so many of us further our journey up the steps. Hugs and love to you and all reading your posts and all who aren’t!

    • gwennm,

      Thank you fellow Lightworker. ♥

      I also want to say that I think, I think that while rushing through the piles of Spam I get at TRANSITIONS constantly, that I might have accidentally deleted a Comment from a Gwen. I’m not sure if that Comment was from the other “Gwen” that Comments here or not but if if was your Comment other Gwen, I apologize and ask that you please re-write your Comment and I’ll check it carefully to make sure it’s you and not some Spam crap. 😳

      Thanks gwennm and other Gwen.

      • More gratitude to you dearest Denise, as my todler son told his twin sister year ago “mommy tell me share” I am happy to share. Hugs

  7. Hello Denise!
    Once again you have given me the gift of a new or better perspective. You are absolutely right, certain people would not be freaking out to the degree that they seem to be if the impending changes were not MASSIVE & positive. When I joined the conversation here on the subject of food/digesting (or the lack thereof 😉 ), I was shocked at the phenomena (which others seemed to expect) of the “food police” coming out of the woodwork like that! I am used to being surrounded in everyday life by people who simply don’t “get it”, & I don’t DISCUSS these things around them. But here, with a group of CLEARLY like-minded others having the same experiences, well that was a shock. All I could think was “WHAT are these people even DOING here?” Why would they ever have been vibrationally attracted to Transitions in the FIRST place? I was confused & goggly-eyed to say the least. I wanted to give you three cheers (but by then you had [brilliantly] shut down comments), to say “Well done you!” for the way you handled it–by letting the rest of us SEE it for what it was & then shutting them down in no uncertain terms. You are my hero–for keeping this space protected from such frivolous energy suck as EXPLAINING or ARGUING our experiences to others who ONLY want the FIGHT, not the TRUTH.
    With hugs & huge admiration, Elila

    • elila,

      I love you! 😀 ♥

      “…All I could think was “WHAT are these people even DOING here?” Why would they ever have been vibrationally attracted to Transitions in the FIRST place?…”

      Ah yes, that is the question isn’t it? 😉 (Watch how polite I can be with a little effort 😆 )

      Some of these 1-2013 “newbies” to TRANSITIONS suddenly found themselves here to potentially learn something — just as is ALWAYS the case for myself and all of my regular readers and Commenters here when these sort of different Stair Steps of consciousness, development, awareness and focus collide with each other.

      Over the years I’ve struggled, and I mean struggled, with this sort of thing through Comments here and I’ve tried just about everything I could, all the while knowing that it was A TEST for me personally in mastering not allowing myself to “fall” vibrationally/emotionally etc. and let myself get sucked down into the Shit Pit again. Trial by fire in other words.

      Some people where unknowingly being used, manipulated and directed to come to TRANSITIONS and write negative Comment(s) over the years by the other-dimensional Negatives/Team Dark Beings to get at me in any way possible and derail what I do at and through TRANSITIONS. Psychic 4D Astral “drive by shootings” in other words by 4D Team Dark using certain 3D people to attack, derail, sidetrack, stop me/you/all of us here via negative Comments and so on.

      When I/you/each of us evolves beyond the frequency range where the Negatives/Team Dark exist and work from, they’re then left with ONLY being able to use other people in an attempt to get at those of us embodying Light and trying to help etc.. The Negatives/Team Dark have not been able to directly, face-to-face contact me, interact with me, attack me, Astrally kidnap me (as they had been) since the start of 2011 — and so, at the start of 2011 Team Dark resorted to using certain humans to attack me, sidetrack me, derail me and what I do at TRANSITIONS. I’m going into all this explanation ONLY to help those of you who have been and/or currently are experiencing this same exact thing yourselves now.

      But it’s all good as the saying goes because it’s yet another way to master whatever it is that I/you/each of us needs to and right now! There’s nothing better than to use the very things sent to harm you or stop you to further master one’s inner issues. 😀 Rock On my fellow beloveds, rock on. ♥


      • Denise,
        I love you too! 🙂 ❤
        Now it makes perfect sense. Well here's a big hug & a thank you to all the Team Dark "conduits" who attempt to throw wrenches here—for helping us all to fortify our RESOLVE & hone our laser FOCUS! (Gratitude oughta take a little hot air…I mean wind ;-), out of their sails!)
        BTW, I definitely relish the fact that you first use politeness, & when that doesn't work have no sissy-issues dropping the proverbial f-bomb to clear the big rocks! Its a beautiful thing (sniff) to see you in action…teehee. You rock out loud.
        Hugging back, Elila

  8. Dear Denise,

    Many thanks for this article, which is a great help in guiding us through this transition. It makes perfect sense that you would need to reflect on the changes before writing about them!

    When you said, “the majority of people on this planet don’t realize that Team Dark and those old matching energies and blueprints of the past Evolutionary Cycle have expired, have run out and are no longer available” – I thought, you’re not kidding! So many of the masses carry on like business as usual. Every time I see chemtrails crisscrossing the sky, I speak to the pilots in my mind, “Think about what you’re doing, you fools! Your time is running out for real and THIS is your contribution to the planet.”

    This part of your article brought me to TEARS: “numerous very large (I mean really LARGE!) Lightbeings in dozens of massive circles overhead looking down at us with incomprehensible joy, pride, gratitude and amazement…” It feels so GOOD to realize that we haven’t been abandoned, in fact that we’re being watched over through all of this.

    I, too, lost my spirit guide(s) – about 4 or 5 years ago. I feel you’re absolutely right about us needing to go down this road ourselves and experience everything through all levels of our Beings.

    I’m really looking forward to the “first chunk” of new energies manifesting physically after Spring Equinox! I think it deserves a celebration because it’s been such a long haul for us Forerunners.

    You make so many valid and significant points in your article, Denise. One of them, to me, is: “People’s thoughts and belief systems, intentions and emotions etc. hold far more power post Shift.” We need to become so much more conscious of what we think, say, believe, etc. and how quickly this manifests in our external reality. Staying in a “high vibration” has never been more important! (especially since how we resonate is where we end up)

    You said: “Since 1-1-13 we’ve heard plenty of automatic, pre-recorded, mind-controlled unaware responses and/or attacks from many people to ANY perceived threat of change or difference in perception by other people”

    Unfortunately I expect many will just dig in their heels and reject the idea of change, feeling threatened by us and what we are saying. I tried to explain the shift in consciousness to a few friends who seemed like they could be open to the idea but everyone is so brain-washed and programmed by the Matrix and its mass media that they see ME as the crazy one! All they want is to continue their comfy personal lives without discomfort.

    Many of us have already been ridiculed by friends and family for what we believe and know is true. I think it’s important to speak our truth but only if the other party is open to hearing it (in most cases so far, not).

    Thanks for the reminder to keep releasing from ourselves whatever does not serve our Highest Good.

    I look forward to hearing more about the “separation of worlds” which I believed would happen sooner. I wonder if it will happen in stages?

    My heart-felt gratitude & appreciation to you, Denise, for explaining everything so succinctly and clearly.

    Blessings to all here, Thelma

  9. Denise, This is so reassuring. I checked your blog yesterday, and today, here is your new message of hope. Thank you for being there for all of us! Wish I could see those giant light beings…maybe I will be able to soon. Right now, I just see chemtrails. Blessings to all.

  10. Denise thanks for your latest post – the paragraph I particularly liked was about the huge beings of light.

    just wanted to say re the different earths I had a dream recently where I and my daughter were passed two great rocks. They came to us after passing through many hands but most could not hold on to them. God spoke to me and said I would be a very wealthy woman in the world and I said I didn’t want the responsibility of great wealth and to give it to charity. The next minute the earth started to spin at the speed of light and I ended up on another earth/or planet (not sure which).

    One more thing over the 3 days of darkness 21/22/23rd December I definitely descended into the underworld I have never felt such emotional pain/emotional distress before and a fragility of spirit. On the 24th December I saw vortices of gold and violet light and felt much lighter. Taking each day step by step. Maureen

  11. Denise, I love reading your posts.
    I have noticed with myself that I am letting things fall away really easily these past few months. I will wake up and decide, no more wheat..and instead of it being this thing I have to struggle with i just reduce my wheat really easily.. this has happened pretty regularly….no more pot, easy…Done. I read Karens Bishops post 2/5/13 and she discusses hobbling around room to room and that is literally what I am doing cuz I banged my knee up and I have been hobbling ever since.
    Thank you for everything you do and for your sharing.

  12. Dearest Denise,

    Thank you for your words. I read your article last night so as to “marinate” on it while I slept. I glanced at it again this morning, and waited for the comments before writing.

    I “get” part of it now… at least in my own little corner of understanding at this moment. Our Highest multi-dimensional vibrational Self is “there” already (whichever timeline/planet we’re moving towards), while our physical “part”/self is playing “catch up”. Sort of like two people climbing a mountain on tandem, and we in the physical are down below, while our Highest Self is at the peak waiting for us to climb closer to help us up.

    And thank you for expanding on Joanne’s question/comment. For some time now over these months, my mind has been almost blank. I haven’t been obsessed about thoughts or where I’m going, etc. However, when I do think/pick at what sort of place I’ll be in soon, it keeps coming back to this intense desire of what I’ve wanted to do for years: become a different type of healer for people. In reading your response, I resonated with “A/B Ascension Teachers… are currently doing or intend to do.” I’ve intended for years to help heal others in a hands on way. And yet I’ve been barely able to take care of myself… the desire has remained. I truly believe that that path will manifest itself for me to get there, probably more quickly than I could ever imagine. Which is probably why I don’t “think” about it too much. I hold the desire every now and then, and then back away to allow it to come about in the best way possible. In the interim, I radiate the light every time I walk out my door. I smile at everyone. I keep myself open to engage with others. These are huge differences in me. I used to be so closed off and fearful.

    My best friend last night said to me, pausing, “You’re such a completely different person, I don’t know you anymore!… but for the GOOD I mean! It’s really amazing to me!” I’m paraphrasing here, that was the jist of it. It took me aback for a moment, to really take in the huge fundamental changes within me. It’s true, I’m completely different. And it’s a challenge to sit with that because I feel as though I’m going to change even more drastically within the “9-month gestation”.

    I have yet to connect/reconnect with my Guides. Am I picking this up from the energy of your article or just this moment hmmm… I feel as though I have all these new abilities in me to share, and yet the connectors or wires or whatever it is that will make them visible/ available for me to know how to access, are just not CONNECTED in this transition yet. I “know” I can heal my physical issues, and yet I’m not able to right now. I “know” I can offer healing whoever crosses my path and yet not yet. I guess this falls under the “it’s happened on a quantum level, yet not in physical space as yet”.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts/understanding on the separation of the worlds, timelines, and other such things that will be occurring on the physical.

    As for the brainwashed masses… I look at my emails about “oh no” this and “can you believe they didn’t” that and shake my head. I don’t buy into it. I wait a couple days and see what I knew to be REALLY true about the situation. I focus more on the cracks in the system, the positive things, the sun beaming down on my face, the Light of where we’re going. And I can’t help but open my heart to all of your and give you a hug! =)

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly

    • Dear Chrysalis, I couldn’t reply to your reply up there so I will here. But I also read your comments here. I understand some of your feelings about ‘knowing’ you want to be something, almost to the point a part of you feels it’s already happened! But not quite being ready for it.

      I honestly feel like I want to help people too, but I definitely know I’m not ready yet. I’m naive in many ways. But I can literally see the path of some of the energy healers I follow have taken and I know that my path is literally pulling me down this road…if I don’t do my meditations I get heart-urges to do them at certain times – it’s all very effortless!

      What you said about some of these things being already ‘done’ at a quantum level but not in the physical makes sense.

      At one point I was very torn between two things which I knew I wanted. One thing was to help myself, so that involved my own spiritual and awareness development. The second thing was to ‘help others’ when I was capable, whether that meant teaching in some way or healing.

      I have had moments of channeling (this is a messy topic, because I don’t know if you’ve heard any horror stories about this going wrong, but I’ve been through it all, I’ve had all types of entities connect to me and tell me all kinds of things which weren’t true. The worst was a creepy one which attached to me and told me it ‘was’ my higher self and then started ordering me about! I was unable to get rid of it and needed a healers assistance, it was draining my energy). That put aside, I have had some powerful changelings which I strongly felt came from the unity consciousness and these gave short, simple advice to some of the mental issues I was struggling with.

      The problem I had was that I wanted to ‘heal everyone!’, so I got told that firstly – we’re all at different levels of development so I have to gain the wisdom of knowing what someone needs to be taught or told at any given time. In other words – not trying to teach people who were not ready some higher level things.

      Secondly, I will never be given such a huge responsibility to ‘heal everyone’, but I would probably get a selection of people who are guided to me if I am able to help them! This sounded a lot more reasonable.

      I had troubles because I naively tried to tell lots of people about good healing methods in the past and got shot down, ridiculed and disrespected, which led to me retreating and keeping a lot of what I know hushed up.

      If what Denise says about earth’s A and A/B is true, I struggle to see how anyone except a rare few are ready for earth A, I would assume most people would go into A/B to continue improving their awareness at human level (including me).

      What you said about your friend saying you feel ‘different’ as a person has also happened to me, a close friend told me the same thing about a month ago. It is because ‘life’ has thrown all kinds of carefully planned events at me to hit my weak points and try to get me evolve my understanding faster. I’ve gone through so much emotional clearing the past few years that I feel several lifetimes ahead of where I was 3 years ago!!!

      You seem to be a very positive person and I wish I can evolve into this, I feel that most of the time I am peacefully neutral, but I know I still have many things to progress on. But right now while I type on this website – many bad things seem to fall out of me, or get highlighted.

      To reply to your earlier reply, and Jane’s comment:

      ”If you do not have such an illness yourself, how can you possibly know what that person lives with and how do you know for sure that if you were in that person’s shoes that you would be in a different mind-set?”

      Thankyou Jane, what you say is quite correct. I haven’t been in this situation and I don’t know the troubles an ill person faces…I should try to be more easy-going and forgiving about this.

      ”My question to you is, what is your friend mirroring to you? Why is it so “charged”/important to you to get her/him to understand how this other person’s behavior is “unacceptable”? And why is it important to debate anything with your friend?”

      “what is the lesson here or what is this mirroring to me?”

      What is my friend mirroring to me?

      Okay. I worked out that my friends dad is a person of low awareness who causes a lot of harm to those around…he has problems with illness which, like Jane said – I can’t hope to understand.

      My friend is forgiving for his dad and always stick up for him. I should be more forgiving too – so what’s stopping me?

      The issue reminds me of our own personal family struggles which have been going on for 2 decades. My dad’s parents and relatives are extremely negative, you couldn’t get any more fear/control than that family.

      So they have caused a lot of conflict with my mom, and us. The problems all trace back to my dad’s mother, who I find very difficult not to view as some dark overlord!

      To try to explain, she functions at the level of a young child, in the sense that she is self-centered, did not properly take care of her children as they grew up and constantly used guilt-manipulation on everyone around her so that they would do whatever she wanted as well as give sympathy/energy to her.

      She clearly has some really bad emotional trauma which is unaddressed, but it’s worth noting that she makes no effort to ever try anything new to fix it.

      My dad was the scapegoat who had all her troubles thrown onto his shoulders, it placed so much stress on him that he got ill when I was young and almost died in hospital. Of course I can’t say for sure that was what caused it, but it seemed likely.

      It’s too easy for me to see them as the bad guys…Even if I know it isn’t that simple.

      So I can clearly see the pattern of my dad’s parents. The mother is ill/child-like and manipulative, the father is doting and passive – which perpetuates the situation. Neither seem aware nor willing to change and the negative off-spill to those around has been huge.

      It makes me feel frustrated because I feel my mother has been attacked endlessly over the years, and the people involved do nothing to change themselves.

      If it was me being attacked, I would clear those problems and forgive – As I have been able to do with other situations. But with others near to me I become very defensive, this is the root of my frustrations. I just want to say ‘LOOK at what you’ve done!’, to these people.

      I just think it’s madness that the same ugly patterns of guilt-manipulation or fear-control get perpetuated around me. It’s such a huge energetic inconsistency.

      They have been used on me too, and my auto-response is to feel angry. Nothing else really gets me angry! But this does. I just felt it was too unfair…Why should someone make someone else feel so bad to get what they want?

      I don’t really get it but, these issues I speak about are probably my biggest unaddressed issues! Perhaps something about this blog is helping to draw the negatives out of me and into the open? I’m not afraid of looking at it, I just need to somehow resolve the problem.

      One way I could look at it as positive is this, my dad’s parents played an important role of ‘teaching dad about the dark side of life’, and I can see that the negative off-spill has ‘taught mom that she can’t make everyone like her with charm’ and that some people are negative, you cannot change them if they are not ready.

      A lady who could channel though information told me at a psychic event that one of my parents comes from a dysfunctional family and needs my help in future.

      Later on, I’ve been channeled information to explain about this whole family situation and the unity consciousness said dad’s parents are ‘stuck in low frequency’, and that when I’m more developed I need to help teach dad about the light/higher frequency but I know I’m not ready to do this yet.

      What I do feel is that I’m currently evolving …so fast…that I feel like I am a caterpillar who want’s to sit in a cocoon for a whole year.

      I have a feeling that within a couple of years I will be irreversibly transformed! A lot of material things like money or jobs just don’t interest me (beyond just surviving), it’s all about the mental and energetic transformations going on inside me at such a pace.

      Hope this is interesting and on-topic-enough. Sorry for the length of my comment!


  13. Dearest Denise,

    This post has profoundly impacted me, has come exactly when I needed it, and I am so grateful. One close to me who would bring me down has emerged, and, as you indicate, the manipulation by the Dark is obvious. I thought I was done with it, but, no, apparently not. It will be okay, I know I can get through this, but I so needed your post and your comments already here. I’ve known about “going home”, Arcturus in my case, for a long time and I’ve seen the celebrations and felt the familiar love merge, yet the trials by fire continue, while at the same time I’m aware of what’s going on and will stand my heartmind ground. To be supported here at TRANSITIONS and by those invisible friends who keep me going, I am forever grateful. I will comment again, I need some time to take in everything that you’ve written through my High Heart. My poor old 3D heart is all over the place struggling with this latest challenge. Fuck, I am so tired of these low vibrating people. Love to All Here, B.

  14. thank you so Denise for such an amazing post. i have read and re-read it — each time gaining more insight and understanding. And your opening paragraph instantly ‘zapped’ my soul — for each word described EXACTLY what i have been ‘experiencing’ the last 48 hours !! you always seem to know exactly what i’m going thru and what i need……..hmmmm… are a true blessing and spirit guide.
    lots of hugs and kisses to you, my dear

  15. When your post came through to my inbox, I realised how much I had been missing you! Reading your words. I’ve felt similarly “blank” as Chrysalis refers to. I guess I’d just like more to happen and quicker, and this is so testing to hang on and carry on as usual. I’ve been doing a lot of astral cleaning work and it’s been tiring, like.. do I stilllllll have to, when does it end! One night I was literally dragged from 4D, became very lucid and sensed a huge Light Being making contact, pulling me high away from 4D. Old friend, and evident that only now they can be here again, so he told. And for the reason why he came “Your heart needs to be healed.” In my lucid dream I just started sobbing and sobbing, it was such a relief to finally not be so alone. So I abide my time, do the work, let my heart be healed and do what I can and have energy for… As always, thank you Denise, your timely post was like a huge shot of oxygen for the gasping me at this time.

    • Millie, I know that feeling of sobbing when we see our friend from “home” I call them. The planet I came from. I sob too and always feel refilled after a visit. When I am really exhausted, I beg for another visit. Thank you for sharing. I can relate. I have trouble remembering I am not alone, even though I know I am always connected to God. Hugs Millie, Hugs to all reading. Hugs to Denise, Gwen

      • Millie and Gwennm, I feel like I am with family and friends from home in my dreams at night, and it makes me a bit sad to wake up and know I am back here and have to keep working. It is frustrating; I am soooo ready to be home for good. I am really feeling the difference in frequency when I am not at my house. Being elsewhere is exhausting and takes me days to recover, mentally, emotionally and physically. Right with you, si-stars!

  16. Is it okay to confess that I’m addicted to Transitions? When this newest post came out … I HAD to read it in spite of my eyes burning with fatigue… and it was 1AM. 😳

    I would so LOVE to see the Lightbeings.

    Love to you all,
    Lou Ann

  17. A soul sister who now happens to blessfully be my sister-in-law suggested I read this today and I’m so glad I did. Thank you for FINALLY helping me (and I’m sure MANY others) clarify WHAT exactly is going on 🙂 ! You blog has helped me connect a lot of info I “know” and am getting to make a much clearer picture so I don’t feel quite as untethered (and lost) and I was. Despite how difficult the time has been for me since beginning of the year, I’m apparently still going to be on the “A” Earth per my team “undoubtedly” (which is good to know b/c I haven’t been quite sure these last few weeks) and I clearly know what Sh_t I need to get straight/clear up/heal/release and allow. Thank you for this awesome MAP it is truly a blessing – now to get to work 😀

  18. Hi there,

    This post has given me comfort–especially the blue tall light beings, as I am really seeing the divide between people now and it feels so unreal, so many people are on auto pilot and flinging their emotions about. I feel so VERY CALM when I am alone, but feel like I am in a movie when I am out.

    I had this strange dream a couple nights ago that has stayed with me. I was visiting a condo apartment that was in the sky–a tower with those glass panel walls to the outside, where you look out and are seeing lovely blue sky all around you, and in my dream lots of sunshine on a big wood deck that opened outside this apartment that was so small on the inside physical space–it was like 200 square feet or smaller, but the sunshine deck outside was like a huge wrap-around deck. A male friend was on the deck talking to me/some others thru the opened glass panels and he was enjoying the sun and a whirlpool, he looked like a surfer dude type and telling me how easy it was to have the life where you can enjoy this everyday. Then there was another scene where I was being supportive to an unemployed friend, just listening to her, not giving advice and another scene where I was giving queen elizabeth tea! in this same small room and again just listening and being there. Very strange, it felt like the in between state that we are currently in, and that the room was a 4D meeting the physicals zone and the sunshine observation deck was our new state with our new good friends.

    It felt like I am preparing to be a spirit guide to people and I just want to live and play on that big sunshine deck with those other happy people. It was sort of like that film Wings of Desire, but in reverse, where the angel doesn’t want to be human, but is learning be a fun loving surfer dude angel again.

  19. Thanks Denise. I appreciate your sharing insight on this process. I certainly have felt a positive shift. however the last week have been under amusing attacks no more difficult than a gnat.

    I have believed in the separation of the worlds and the choices for many years now and it is exciting to see if happening. I look forward to reading your articles this year.

    Lots of love. May the force be with us.
    ☆ ♥
    *`•.¸(¯`•♥•´¯)¸.•♥ ☆ ♥•
    ☆ º ` `•.¸.•☆ ´


  20. Excellent information. It helps me stay patient to understand the nine-month gestation period that is in process currently. The transitioning into the three options by autumn equinox makes a lot of sense to me and gives enough time for people to adjust to some major changes to reality here while continuing to “vote” for their option with our hearts and minds. Blessings, Alia

  21. “September – the ‘start’ of the separation of worlds? So we are not to expect it on a certain date – will the ABers be aware of the changes?”

    Jane & All.

    I know these Ascension related times, dates, cutoff dates, expiration dates, start dates etc. all sound so contradictory and like BS or lies or delusions. I’ve always been aware that certain things I say/write about sounds to some people like I (and some other Ascension Teachers) are contradicting ourselves but we’re really not.

    Think of using this really simple visual tool to help with this. See yourself on Earth as you are today looking about you from ground level. Next see yourself in some very tall building looking down at the city, roads, people etc. below you. Next see yourself hovering far above Earth out in space somewhere looking down on the whole Earth. Next see yourself near the Milky Way galactic Center and looking out at and through the galaxy back at Earth that exists near the outer edge of the Milky Way. Depending on your current position and viewpoint you’re going to be able to see really different things which means your perception about Earth and the people and actions on it etc. change do to which position and viewpoint you have at the moment. Now here’s the important part; every one of those very different viewpoints and perspectives you had/have are true and correct.

    What I’m trying to say is that these Ascension events and happenings SEEM from one viewpoint and level of perception like they will happen on one particular day/date/time/hour etc. and they do. However, from a higher viewpoint and level of perception these Ascension events and happenings have been unfolding incrementally — those Stair Steps — very intensely since about 1987. Certain things such as the old energetic blueprints for humanity and reality on the old negative, totally controlled Team Dark duality Earth and timeline expired on 12-21-12. Period. But, as with most of these huge evolutionary changes and Shifts, they actually happen more slowly from one perspective and take more linear time because the masses need more “time” to change, to let go of, to evolve, to transition. I’m writing a new article about this very topic now so that will open Comments to more discussions about this topic.

    From my personal perspective, I’ve been watching, with utter amazement, the Earth world that you and I incarnated into in these lives, fairly quickly transition from a totally negative controlled world run by Team Dark entities to, increasingly “Planet A/B” since 2011!!! The deeper we went into 2012, the more of this wonderful change I was seeing in the world around me and it blew my mind that it was happening that “fast” actually. But once we crossed the Shift of 12-21-12, and even more so from 1-1-13, I’m clearly seeing how much this Earth world we’re on now is rapidly (from one perspective that is) morphing into the ascended “Planet A/B”.

    It will be a world of duality BUT minus ALL of Team Dark both nonphysical and physical, and “Unity” consciousness will be much, much more the norm than the world we incarnated into! Point is, it did happen and it is still happening and it will continue to happen simultaneously because ever human alive on Earth now is NOT standing on the same developmental and awareness Stair Step! Because of this vast, vast difference in people around the world, the masses are making this grand transition out of the old and into the new from their own individual and widely different Stair Steps of ability, awareness, development and so on. IF everyone on Earth had been much closer developmentally and vibrationally, then everyone would have Ascended together at the same “time”, but because that wasn’t the case, this Ascension Process is spread out over more “time” for the different Stair Step folks. A huge part of this situation is why we’ve been given this “nine month” period of further preparation (all of us, no matter what Stair Step we’re each on today) for the full and absolute start of life/reality/consciousness etc. in this new and ascended Planet A/B … or wherever each of us are going at the end of this period.

    Gads I hope that came out well enough to be understood! 😕 If not hopefully this other article I’m working on about this topic will.


  22. Hi Denise!
    Thank you for this article. I love it, that my 50th birthday (22nd Sept.) is going to be within such a meaningful window.

    Always looking forward for your next piece of wisdom!
    – Aya

    • Aya,

      My birthday was Dec. 23rd, right in the Three Days of Darkness expiration/shift. Your birthday is on an important day too (meaning the Fall Equinox) but also the end of this “nine month” period. Exciting stuff…sometimes confusing, but highly exciting nonetheless! 😆 Make it a birthday that’s like none other. 😉



  23. Hi Denise, I find you and the other lightworkers and starseeds inspiring and feel so humbled at the work you and others are doing for all of us here on earth. I think I’m just a mere mortal who craves spirituality so I love your site. I do the meditations on Ascencion help and use crystals for cleansing. I find that I am always dealing with workplace jealousy and black magic. Why does this happen? I have a woman who I work with who helps me keep safe with cleansing baths and candles for stability but why does it keep occurring and how do I get off this cycle. Any advice would be appreciated. Thx

    • “Hi Denise, I find you and the other lightworkers and starseeds inspiring and feel so humbled at the work you and others are doing for all of us here on earth. I think I’m just a mere mortal who craves spirituality so I love your site. I do the meditations on Ascencion help and use crystals for cleansing. I find that I am always dealing with workplace jealousy and black magic. Why does this happen? I have a woman who I work with who helps me keep safe with cleansing baths and candles for stability but why does it keep occurring and how do I get off this cycle. Any advice would be appreciated.”


      Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad you’re here too. ♥

      Morgean’s Comment is very much a lesson and message for you at this time so please read Morgean’s Comment and my response to her. There’s specific information trying to reach you and probably others right now through Morgean’s personal job related (and far beyond the workplace) experiences so take heart note. 🙂

      Firstly I would tell you to be conscious of the fact that you are still looking to someone else, to some other person(s) to “help” or “fix” you or some situation in your life/world/reality/home/job etc. As long as any of us continues to look to or expect other people or groups or systems etc. to have THE answers and solutions and not ourselves, then we are remaining dis-empowered and therefor subject to the BS, egos, insanity, greed, fears, guilt trips, power plays, negativity etc. of other people. The real lesson under these types of miserable situations is about US learning to take responsibility for ourselves and our situations and becoming increasingly empowered. In other words… looking to ourselves instead of externally to other people for our answers and fixes etc.

      Believe it or not this spiritual lesson is a huge one that ALL of us are and will be learning to master now post Shift because real “Unity” comes from individuals who have attained Unity within themselves which then allows the whole group of people (societies, countries etc.) to eventually reach this Individual state of Unity so that the whole external group is also functioning from a frequency of Unity/Triality/High Heart consciousness.

      Never ever forget that you are an aspect of Source/God/The All That Is. Never forget this fact and tell yourself it as many times a day/night as you (all of us) needs to be reminded of this fact. That alone does wonders in helping one to make changes to themselves and how they have dealt with situations and fears etc. 😉


      • Dearest Denise,

        I agree, that Morgean’s comment has a lot to teach us and she clearly laid out the example (kudos to her!).

        I wanted to share something that stood out to me as I read your response to Johanna. My last relationship I had was not a good one. However I did a LOT of healing and have understood the purpose of it. Recently the word “responsibility” became a LOT more charged for me; I had thought I healed that piece. My ex used to throw that word at me a LOT, which was confusing because everyone else around me said I seemed a LOT more responsible than my ex. So I went deeper and found something very interesting I wanted to share here.

        I feel that for many of us, that this word has been mis-used or mis-understood, that it has been relegated to being a boring grownup, or in some backwards way to pass on blame if we weren’t “being responsible”. I’ve come to see and understand (for myself, and maybe this will resonate with others?) that actually what it means is being “Able to Respond to what Our Own Needs are”. This became fascinating to me. If I’m really tired and I am “able to respond” to that need and rest, I have been true to myself… which in turn will be good for everyone around me. If I am “Able to Respond” (such as with Morgean!) to my heart, my intuition, to truly Be the Divine Love, then I can truly help heal others, truly be of integrity, truly be present in the moment.

        I hope it’s ok that I posted this here. I was feeling it was really profound and that it might help someone else in their own struggles.

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Interesting way to see it. For me I would say responsibility is ‘to accept the consequence of ones own actions’, to admit when you have done something and the effects it causes around you, good or bad.

        I felt frustrated after a debate with a friend, because someone we know is extremely narrow minded and unaware, pushing all problems and blame onto others. My friend forgives them entirely because they have an illness, but what if some other people have the same illness, yet are still kind to others because they are more aware?

        We have had this debate several times, if you say ‘it’s okay to be terrible to others because you have such an illness.’ at what point do you draw the line? So someone will never develop because they are constantly told

        ‘it’s okay to be bad because you are ill’?

        I totally disagree with it. I’m complaining 😦 I don’t deliberately mean to be negative about this. But I am interested to what you guys say about this.


      • Hi Jamie,

        I would like to comment about the sick friend and her/his “narrow mindedness” (hmm, not sure if that’s a word!).

        Iny opinion, yes you should forgive. You don’t have to put up with things that make you feel annoyed or if this friend brings you down, you don’t have to spend time with them – but forgive and understand? Yes I think you should.
        I have an illness – or rather a major healing journey – in fact, it’s left me bedridden for the last six months. I won’t go into that – I think I know why I’ve been stripped bare and had all my fun taken away from me (yes, to realise the important things in life), and I know I will get better, well I have been told this in many readings and there’s no reason I shouldn’t.

        Anyway – living with an illness, perhaps you haven’t had to do yourself? Let me tell you, it takes a mighty strong and light being to overcome this and be the open minded and kind person you would like to see. If you do not have such an illness yourself, how can you possibly know what that person lives with and how do you know for sure that if you were in that person’s shoes that you would be in a different mind-set?

        Perhaps that person has very deep-seated emotional trauma from the past that is causing them to be negative or mean – that trauma may well be the thing that is causing their illness. These things don’t heal easily.

        I read recently, and I’m not quoting it as gospel but for me (a person that was and is trying not to be judgemental of other’s paths in life) interesting and helpful. The author said that we are not all born with the same level of awareness, simple. We all come from the same source but we arrive with different levels of awareness and vibration to others. So for some, it is very hard to get out of any 3D way of thinking and being. I don’t know how this fits in with ascension, I guess the rules have changed and that awareness is going to come more easily for the masses now and in the future.

        So, I hope I haven’t come across in a bad way but, yes, I think you should forgive and understand, if you can, but that if you can’t, perhaps this is not a person you should spend time with?

        Jane xxxx

      • Dearest Jamie,

        Let me start by saying my response to you comes from the Heart. It is not my intention to judge or cause bad feelings or anything like that. Ok? =)

        I’ve read your comment a few times, just so I could be clear on what you’re saying. Now, speaking for myself, ‘to accept the consequence of ones own actions’ is an “old” definition of responsibility. How I would define the quote of yours today is “standing in my Truth”. If you stand in your Truth (being honest, your true self) you are by default accepting everything that comes after your Truth. What my ex taught me (the whole “lesson” I learned from her being in my life) is she was a Big Mirror. She showed me over and over how I wasn’t responding to my needs (“Able to Respond”). I cowered more and more within myself, trying to defend myself against a no-win-made-up situation. Today I can know that she was only showing me how I really needed to start responding to my needs, and I needed to take my life back. I wanted to offer you more of the background on this and how I perceive these definitions today.

        My question to you is, what is your friend mirroring to you? Why is it so “charged”/important to you to get her/him to understand how this other person’s behavior is “unacceptable”? And why is it important to debate anything with your friend?

        We, all of us, are on different “stair steps”. I know for me, definitions of words and phrases and situations change for me more frequently. I adjust to a new thought or idea, and then in the next moment it goes flying off in a “new” direction. In these “times” I find the best thing I can do for myself is to remain as open minded as I can, to keep my heart in the conversation, and to keep repeating “what is the lesson here or what is this mirroring to me?”. I find that it opens me up to a new road to go down that I couldn’t any other way than asking myself these questions. So I would offer to, and encourage, you to ask these questions to yourself and see what answer comes.

        With Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • I’m adding a congratulations to Morgean as well! I’m feeling like the big test is really staying true to our highest selves and trusting that things, people, places that exit under any circumstance are simply no longer aligned with who we are. I am glad that people are noting what they have been feeling both energetically, physically, emotional and the words not coming together is something I noticed the other day. Of one relationship very dear to my heart…trying to verbalize the love I feel, feels very off and trite to me. I don’t know really how to explain it. Sneezing seems to be a new phenomena as of the past few days as well as fatigued, blurred vision, sinus issues, not being able to sleep ( yes awake while exhausted). This year has felt like being on a big chaotic roller coaster, holding on for dear life because you can feel your not securely fasted in the seat.

        Oddly I have never felt better! I give so much gratitude because I would not change this for anything. The possibilities are endless and I can just feel like the aha moment is right around the corner and I don’t mind. I’m enjoying the ride. When things aren’t ideal, I feel greater strength as if I have a secret power of protection. In reality I and we all do. I know everything is of my creation, I know I am taken care of and protected. I KNOW this. The chaotic thoughts are gone and good ridens. I just trust and no matter how not so comfortable I have a deep peace of knowing and trusting and no desire to control or the awareness that I’m not really driving this ride!

        What an amazing place to be…

        Thank you for your post as everyone’s input on the journey over the years has literally kept me sane and helped me to know who I Am!

        Much love to everyone…when in doubt sit in silence and breath deeply, inhaling and exhaling even breathes. This is how the unseens communicate with and through us. The more we fill our body with oxygen the easier it is for us to hear/ know.Be!

      • Thank you Denise. I have been going to psychics for most of my adult life so this definitely resonates and have become too dependent on this woman for protection and have been feeling increasingly upset at the disempowering feeling of the situation. I am taking both your’s morgaen’s answer to heart and will start searching inside for the answers. Thank you both 🙂

  24. Good morning all!

    Thanks so much Denise for another wonderful post. I have felt for a long time that this spring was going to be very significant. It seems “logical” for our 3D minds that the galactic alignment that occurred in December would take “time” to filter down to us. Though we know all time is simultaneous; as a collective we hold the belief that time exists – so this is a strongly held belief that would thus cause the effects of the alignment, the bursting of the galactic fermi bubbles, to take “time” to reach us.

    I realize I still have more stuff to deal with; but this time there is an inner resolve and courage I have not so easily felt before. I had a situation come up at work that, of course, involved all of my stuff. At first I went weak, thinking my job is on the line and that would be four positions in 3 years….gawd. Then, when thinking about how to handle it, my mind took over – about how would that look – 4 jobs in 3 years — probably couldn’t get hired again —- I’d end up homeless again —- just hang in there for 1&1/2 years and then you’ll be OK (licensing stuff) —- blah, blah. I then realized I’d have to sell my soul to stay there (and this wasn’t exactly a new realization, but it was a deeply profound experience), and I wasn’t wiling to sell my soul for this position. I asked myself how would my heart handle it? My heart KNEW what was occurring was very wrong. I processed my fear – and followed my heart – and ended up having the upper hand after starting out very under fire. It felt good, and I have a way to go for some deeper resolution, but what was most important for me was that I followed my heart and put my spiritual growth above absolutely everything else. I handled it in 5D and it was perfect (well, close) 🙂

    I’m not sure I’m explaining this clearly – but this goes back to discussion we’ve had before – we have to live from 5D to be living in/to create 5D. Hope this isn’t too strangely worded – again – I’m having trouble putting my experience into words. Words, which were once my dear friend, now seem to work much better in 3D than 5.

    So, here’s to all of us dealing with those last bits of stuff – and to the powerful, upcoming, spring equinox. Love to everyone here, Morgean

    • “…I realize I still have more stuff to deal with; but this time there is an inner resolve and courage I have not so easily felt before. I had a situation come up at work that, of course, involved all of my stuff. At first I went weak, thinking my job is on the line and that would be four positions in 3 years….gawd. Then, when thinking about how to handle it, my mind took over – about how would that look – 4 jobs in 3 years — probably couldn’t get hired again —- I’d end up homeless again —- just hang in there for 1&1/2 years and then you’ll be OK (licensing stuff) —- blah, blah. I then realized I’d have to sell my soul to stay there (and this wasn’t exactly a new realization, but it was a deeply profound experience), and I wasn’t wiling to sell my soul for this position. I asked myself how would my heart handle it? My heart KNEW what was occurring was very wrong. I processed my fear – and followed my heart – and ended up having the upper hand after starting out very under fire. It felt good, and I have a way to go for some deeper resolution, but what was most important for me was that I followed my heart and put my spiritual growth above absolutely everything else. I handled it in 5D and it was perfect (well, close) 🙂 …”


      Brilliant you! Very well done. ♥ Hugs of congratulations for figuring out this very difficult maze of external and internal BS and personal knee-jerk reactionary emotional response WE ALL do/have done.

      The big difference is that you recognized the “theme” playing out both in other people AND in yourself in this situation and you made a conscious choice to NOT let it unfold in the old familiar ways for yourself. THAT is the key. 🙂 We all have to learn that we are truly empowered and wise enough to Consciously Create and override our lower emotional fears, habit patterns etc. and make very different decisions about how we’re going to respond or not respond; react or not react; surrender or take more responsibility and awareness to break the old negative patterns and strive to become more and more empowered, responsible, and aware. Damn woman I’m so proud of you for mastering this “magic formula” because it is NO EASY TASK! But, once done — and you’ll be “tested” a couple times no doubt to make sure you’ve got this NEW way embodied really well — it’s easier and easier to repeat this NEW formula when needed.

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Dear Denise – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! For being YOU, for getting it – as there is nowhere else I can express these things. Even the few people (at work no less – ha!) that I discuss my spirituality with – do not get it like you and everyone else here. SO thank you to everyone else here that gets it too. You are all very valuable to me.

        And you are so right. This is a beginning and I know I will be tested. In fact, as I hinted, the situation at work is not over – and I have a few more layers of people to deal with – people that could be more intimidating than the initial encounter. But this is all a test for me, and a test I am so thrilled to be taking right now b/c I am ready to soar. Bring it on b/c I’m on a roll. Big smile and pretty content here (and a little nervous too…).

        And to Johanna – standing up for yourself may be the issue. The dark does not like the light and I have had more than my share of this at the workplace. Of course, you must look at the dark within and process that as well. Own it and let it go. Change. But if you feel clean and clear, ONCE you feel clean and clear of your part in this – either the situation will change or the dark will attack with even more intensity. This has happened to me and thus the post from earlier this morning. Best wishes, stay strong in your highest 5D and more self and all will work out for you – maybe not as you think it will/should – but it will work out. As Denise stated to you – the solution is inside of you.

        Love to all of you, Morgean

      • Lovely Morgean,
        I would also like to add a “You GO girl!” to the mix here! I feel just as you do, that you, Denise & the others here are the only ones in my life experience right now who get it & consequently this site feels more “home”-ish than just about anything/anywhere else at this point, which makes you all very special to me, too. And I have also been having a difficult time with my old friends, WORDS, and trying to string them together to express myself has been really challenging lately! I want to second what Chrysalis said–you managed to be very articulate in spite of the issue. I understood you perfectly. (Let me guess though, writing your comment took twice as long as it “normally” would? Haha-I ask because this is what happens to me!)

        Stay with your heart sisterfriend. Sending a big warm comfort hug, Elila

      • Thanks, Morgaen. It feels so good to know that someone else has dealt with this and I’m not alone. The last two years have been intense and I’m so tired of my body being a battleground. I do have a problem with standing up for myself and will look into that and into feeling clean because just having had to deal with this makes me feel dirty and I will look into what I must still need to clear. Thanks again 🙂

      • Hi Denise and all – and in particular Johanna, Elila and Chrysalis
        Just want to say thank you for your feedback. Johanna – me too – standing up for myself has been a life-long issue – and seems like no matter what strides I make there is always another level to go. My issue is/was completely fear based – fear of losing love/relationship/job/pet whatever. That is what I am now letting go. Fear is one big lie – designed to dis-empower us and keep us from becoming the beautiful spiritual beings we truly are. My heart is with you on this journey, Johanna and I look forward to hearing about how you are doing. Chrysalis and Elila – you are as beautiful as your names. Thank you so much for your words of inspiration and encouragement. This is truly a new way of being for me/us – but I/we have been preparing for it for a long, long time – and the time to act (be responsible) is now. Chrysalis, I too am getting a strong message about taking care of myself first and foremost – not necessarily a new idea – but it ties into my fear in that IN THE PAST I put myself 2nd to many things out of fear of losing them, fear of the negative impact I’d have on them, etc., etc. Gawd it all sounds so profoundly simple right now…

        Lisa Renee’s February article is out; per usual, I don’t consciously understand most of it though on some level I’m getting it and its essence is significant. Denise, this truly is “home” for me – thank you so much for all the time/energy/love you put into transitions and for creating this space for us. Love, Morgean

      • Denise, I have some questions I would love you to answer for me. I’ll summarize briefly (is anything I ever say brief?) what has been going on and then ask my questions.

        The past few years have been full of intense personal development, I was guided towards methods to help clear emotional blockages, had a spontaneous kundalini activation (later felt drawn towards methods which sped this process up), and life or ‘the universe’ or ‘higher self’ has decided to throw all my worst fears at me, for me to overcome. My heart has become so intuitive that I do things because I ‘know’ they are right, and then they are right. A lot of ‘knowing’ just flows out of my heart (this is a more recent change, it’s getting stronger by the week).

        It’s like it’s trying to get me to quickly learn all the ‘human/3D’ lessons I haven’t understood! Well, I’ve even been told that is what’s going on.

        There is one major goal I feel inside my heart, and that is to do what is necessary to grow my light-body, to achieve the result of purifying out my energy bodies, emotional, mental and karmic problems. Entering the detached state of unity/love, of observing the rest of the universe and helping when applicable.

        My question is…I’ve noticed this process start to happen to my mother too. She seems to look to me for advice or support regarding spiritual matters, I’ve witnessed her first get interested in these types of issues, such as self-healing and past lives – then I’ve recently seen ‘all hell break loose’, for her the past few months – she’s had to face all her worst fears. It’s been brutal.

        We’ve had a divide within the household because certain spiritual topics have become ‘taboo’ around my father.

        My dad is stuck on the negative side of fear/control. I have received intense channeled energies from what appeared to be a unity consciousness, it focused entirely on dad, telling me that in future I was to act as an open channel for divine love energies which have to be channeled into dad to get him to learn his lesson. It told me he had lived a very hard life, surrounded by darkness, and that he had fully accepted the dark side of life, but is refusing to accept the light side! So he needed re-balancing and I was the person who has this job.

        (My own biggest problem I overcame a month or so ago was that I accepted the light side, but I found the dark side so difficult to deal with that I refused to accept it was real, I had obsessions which were due to escapism which was due to not facing the darkest of the dark. I was forced to stare my worst human nightmare in the eyes and I broke down and got quite ill from it, but after a while I just kept staring at the problem until I accepted that it was real. After a time period of a few days the whole problem got ‘lifted’ out of me, and I got a telepathic message telling me I have successfully learnt that lesson.)

        My question is that you mention several frequencies of different earth, A, B and A-B. I know in my heart I am going full throttle into the unity consciousness, but I felt I needed a long time to reach it (going by the information I read in books, 10 or 20 years).

        My question to you is what sort of person goes to which earth? Or can I answer my own questions? I can literally see my mother developing before my eyes (and struggling with it too!), I’m developing on a completely different level to anyone around me – because absolutely no one seems to understand me. My goals and dreams are so far-fetched I meet ridicule and disrespect whenever I speak my heart.

        But the people who comment on this blog and yourself seem to resonate with the changes I face! I’ve been told I need to help teach dad…So I assume this means he might make it into a better place if he learns the lesson? I am assuming that those who thrive in fear/control and delusion and refuse to budge are pretty much left to dwell in the darker world. How obvious will this division of frequency earths be, when it occurs?

        Thank you for taking the time to read my messages. I hope you or some others find it interesting or perhaps they are going through similar troubles.


    • Dearest Morgean,

      I just wanted to chime in with Denise and say Congrats! Excellent job and beautifully done! Like with anything “new” (it’s not really new, but then new is a relative word these days! lol) it takes practice and willingness. You came through the test with flying colors and greater understanding of the heart response following.

      I completely understand your feeling about words not stringing together as well as they used to. You came across quite eloquently. I completely understood what you were trying to convey =)

      Sending you a great big hug and love!

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… waiting to fly

  25. My thinking went all to hell yesterday and this morning I discovered we had a big solar flare yesterday! My head has been feeling strange and loopy and lightheaded. I have been feeling “down”. In my circles I’ve been told the 1st 3 months of 2013 is a “test” time/review. I can’t shake the blues! My heart ain’t talkin’ neither! Oh, and that today is Chinese New Years’, on a new moon, good for speaking the things in your heart…. of course today I don’t feel like I have a heart! I feel the most pessimistic I have ever been since this time last year! As if my life hasn’t changed for the better in a score of ways.

    Denise! I am curious about the meteor coming. Is it embodied? Some people have said they could feel it coming since the beginning of the month.

    Anyhow, the only thing I am aware of as I write is my head and the differeing sensations upon it or inside it : )

    • Thank you so much! Yes, what Karen wrote was/is exactly it right down to foot pain!

      I usually read Karen’s but I got annoyed with thinking she was “done” and “good-bye” and then discover she is back AGAIN. Goes to show ya I cut my nose to spite my own face!

      Thank you again. I very much appreciate your support!

  26. Hello everyone,
    I so have enjoyed reading all the comments and just wanted to say/ tell what I have been seeing in vision for about a week. I am on top of a mountain that is shaped like a triangle. It is very pointy but I feel balanced. I cannot see anything but a white mist front and back but it so does not matter. I am happy/content here and I think that when the mist clears there will be no going down the other side but walking straight ahead.
    Denise, if your “quiet time” has been anything like mine these past couple of weeks, it has been very exciting in the dreamtime, so peaceful. Wish I could remember and like others have said here, I do not want to come back. Yesterday after naptime, I do remember the end of a dream. I am looking at a large field scattered with trash like after an outdoor concert or fair. There is white on the ground with dark geometric lines. It felt like whatever went on was a success and now we have the clean up which I remember thinking was going to be easy, just some raking.
    Thanks to everyone here, your energy is wonderful and we may be on different stairsteps but we sure all are on the same staircase. Peace and Love to you 🙂

    • “…I so have enjoyed reading all the comments and just wanted to say/ tell what I have been seeing in vision for about a week. I am on top of a mountain that is shaped like a triangle. It is very pointy but I feel balanced. I cannot see anything but a white mist front and back but it so does not matter. I am happy/content here and I think that when the mist clears there will be no going down the other side but walking straight ahead…”


      THAT is a great dream message that’s probably from your Higher Self to you.

      This is of course only my sense of YOUR dream message but I feel I’m supposed to share this with you. Discern for yourself as always however. 🙂

      Okay, the mountain represented the “ascension process” we’ve been going through and struggling to ascend and move beyond lower frequency dense duality etc. The fact that this mountain was triangular shaped is I feel, trying to show you that you have moved out of duality and are now existing within the higher frequency range of triality — 3 which represents Unity, the resolution of duality or the integration of duality which births a higher frequency state and consciousness etc. that’s “Unity” or “Triality”. That’s why you’re not concerned about not being able to see anything yet through the white mist (which I’ve seen many, many times too), you are embodying “Unity” or “Triality”. I also sense that this is how some of us are currently perceiving what we’re calling “Planet A”. When the mist clears will be an exciting time. 😉


      • Out with the mist…….I am sooooooo ready 🙂

        I was thinking I would be moving to planet A but still feel like I am supposed to be a support somehow. I think this will still happen, perhaps in the dream time as it does now only my awake time will be somewhere I actually want to be. Pain free, no stress over money, physically able to do my gardening……….that is my heaven.

  27. I want to ascend to the planet where my beloved pets are/will go after the shift…A or A/B? I want to be where my Mom is (she crossed 8-4-11), so …..where/what do I do??

    • “I want to ascend to the planet where my beloved pets are/will go after the shift…A or A/B? I want to be where my Mom is (she crossed 8-4-11), so …..where/what do I do??”


      Know that your Mom and probably your pets too are with you still now. You keep them in your Heart always. Keep yourself in your Heart too okay? 🙂

      ♥ Hugs,

  28. Hello All!

    I am having an amusing experience which you may or may not appreciate… The whole duality game is appearing to me to be …. a Comedy! All the incredibly stupid, infuriating, annoying, and painful experiences I have had in this lifetime now appear to me to be very very funny. l mean, where in the universe can I play being mentally ill? Where in the universe can I be alone for years without a woman to smooch (and not by choice!), or even a friend to talk to, but here on earth? Where in the universe can I express truth and beauty and become homeless? Ah hahahaha!!! It’s so funny, I can’t stop laughing! :rotfl: These experiences can only be had here on earth. Yes, my life has been a grand comedy!

    However, post Shift, things are changing. I expect to be able to laugh because I am having fun, and not because what I have to do is funny! I know it is still difficult to see changes at the physical level, so if you are still “suffering,” do hang in there because there will be loads of fun to be had here on earth for the foreseeable future, i.e. eternity. I believe most, if not all, of the forerunners will retain a presence on “Planet A/B” because that is where all the “action” is going to be.

    Within the next 2 generations (80 years or so?), all of the remaining humans on earth will be awake and ready to start the ascension process. What can be created on earth from then will be like “heaven on earth.” But do wait a couple more millenniums until humanity as a whole ascends and becomes one unified consciousness. At that point, the game changes again, and the fun we can then have is beyond outrageous, beyond incredible!



    • Akhilleus – isn’t it hilarious?

      Recently I revisited this point of view on another turn of the spiral of awareness and I can’t stop laughing! (Good thing I’m so isolated or someone might think I need medical attention.) I got it on a deeper level that this really is a collective dream and has about as much significance as any other adventure in the astral amusement park. Now all these years of suffering just seem so absurd!

      Part of me wants to learn to play with it like lucid dreaming, but mostly I just want to figure out how to wake all the way up.

      Love your ironic take on the timeline, by the way…..


      • “Akhilleus – isn’t it hilarious?

        Recently I revisited this point of view on another turn of the spiral of awareness and I can’t stop laughing! (Good thing I’m so isolated or someone might think I need medical attention.) I got it on a deeper level that this really is a collective dream and has about as much significance as any other adventure in the astral amusement park. Now all these years of suffering just seem so absurd!

        Part of me wants to learn to play with it like lucid dreaming, but mostly I just want to figure out how to wake all the way up.

        Love your ironic take on the timeline, by the way…..


        Not trying to be a pain or irritant to or at anyone but, why oh why do so many people feel the need to disrespect, discredit and demean this and all other “collective dreams” worlds and realities?

        Everything from Source/God/The All That Is on out could be considered “collective dreams” created by Source/God/The All That Is and many of ITS many individuated aspects — us. I’ve NEVER felt this way about what so many call this world, this reality — “illusory”. The “illusory” aspect of these different worlds is unimportant and not the point to the Creator(s) and aspects that then intentionally insert aspects of Itself into that which It created from a higher level. This is how this business works.

        Of course it all is “illusory” if one wants to view it that way, but, like I said, then everything that exists outside of CENTER/Source/God/The All That Is could be called “illusory”. The important aspect of this is the one that so many people conveniently ignore or don’t seem to know about or consider, and it is that Source/God/The All That Is and all of ITS many individuated aspects — us — couldn’t wait to create external realities, worlds, dimensions etc. so that IT/Source/God could intentionally insert aspects of Source/God into them as a way to directly experience and further create and learn within that which IT created from higher levels! Source/God/The All That Is intentionally created these so-called “illusory” worlds and realities, these “collective dreams” so that IT — through all of us as aspects of IT — could further ITS and our creativity and spiritual growth. To me, there’s nothing unimportant or illusory about any of that! Lord how we worked to deliberately create these many, many different “collective dreams” just so that we could get ourselves into them and play, experiment, destroy, learn, hurt, be hurt etc. etc. all so that we could return that precious and highly valuable information back to Source/God/The All That Is for future creations. 🙂


      • Dearest Denise,

        I confess to remaining silent instead of choosing to speak earlier. And no, I don’t see you as my priestess to confess to (although… hehe).

        I also concur that I do not speak to cause friction or hurt feelings. For me, I do not see what we all experienced (and still are) as hilarious. I’ve come to see it better from the “Higher Self”, from that point of view. I see those around me still playing the old games, the old responses, the old emotions, and I’m grateful. I’m grateful that I’m no longer there. I’m grateful that I’m able to see that. I’m grateful that I can now more fully understand the push and shove of the “good” and “bad”, and feel grateful to be in a space of “observing” rather than engaging in the “old”.

        I read an article today that speaks to what I’m expressing. In it, he says that in the path to self-healing (in counseling), it’s helpful to recognize our lives here as a “quest” instead of a “struggle”. ( )

        I can understand wanting to celebrate the success of arriving at the other side of so much tremendous work and pain. However, it’s important to remember that had you not had that “experience”, you would not have learned the depth of some bit of wisdom. I’ve arrived at a place where I no longer have fear. I’m aware that there’s things in me that I consciously have not known. I now choose to speak about myself and my life, and I set limits on it. Not to avoid pain, yet to honor its place in the past. All that is important for me is NOW. And in my NOW, pain no longer needs to reside. All that I need for NOW is Love and Light.

        I enjoy laughing and the relief that this brings after years of pain. And most people would deem me a really serious person. These past months have shown me (for myself, not speaking for anyone else here) that the best way to honor myself is with compassion, and to recognize the Higher Truth of what I experienced. I’m slow to lash out at anyone, and am getting better at taking a stand. I’m still learning when and how to use my voice; and I’m enjoying living in the Light in my interactions with others in my day.

        Guess that’s my way of saying that I don’t understand why you wouldn’t honor your “experience” and treat yourself with compassion. Regardless of how much of an “illusion” you view it as now, it was not an illusion to your then.

        With Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Oh Chrysalis, YES!

        “….feel grateful to be in a space of ‘observing’ rather than engaging in the ‘old’….”

        You just gave me the words I was groping for & unable to find. Its NOT a fear thing–its simply WATCHING & maybe (or maybe not) commenting from a more detached & less emotionally charged standpoint. Thank you!

      • “… Its NOT a fear thing–its simply WATCHING & maybe (or maybe not) commenting from a more detached & less emotionally charged standpoint. Thank you!”


        What you’ve described IS the start of functioning from a level of being/consciousness/reality etc. of ‘Unity’, High Heart, what Lisa Renee calls being the “Neutral Observer”. When we start to transition out of Duality consciousness and into Triality or Unified or Unity consciousness, things that use to really affect us emotionally, psychically, mentally, energetically and physically no longer do because we’re in a higher frequency range of ‘Unity’ or High Heart or ‘Neutral Observer’ which is based on integrated Triality energies and consciousness instead of the old lower frequencies of polarized, push/pull Duality.

        It’s going to become much more easy for each of us to NOT be affected, to NOT have those old emotional and energetic knee-jerk reactions to people, situations etc. Remember how this feels and functions and know that it’s the start of you experiencing the NEW higher frequency range of Triality and being able to remain a ‘Neutral Observer’ to whatever craziness is happening around you. Well done you! ♥


      • Hi Denise,

        Just to be clear and for the record, I do not view my or anyone else’s experiences in 3D as “illusory.” As you said, if this reality is an illusion, then all is illusion…

        But from my current perspective and “mood” I am laughing (though not quite out loud) at my own experiences. My situation has not changed (not much yet), but I am still laughing.

        Thank you & Much Love,


  29. Hello All,

    Wow what a difference one day makes. The financial/work rug has been pulled almost from under me and I feel strangely calm. As I heard the words restructuring, etc. and how my main client was mishandling, overcharging their customers for the final product on the work I do for them, I didn’t do any dramarama. I am feeling betrayed/down but keep breathing it/releasing it to my oversoul and will get moving on my resume and envision being safe and well provided for and concentrate on what I am grateful for. I am not even that surprised at how this corporation’s greed has exceeded their wanting to satisfy their customers. I don’t think they look beyond the bottom line and that is chilling. Deep down I knew this and focused on the positive relationship I have/had with those I directly work with, who do care about the work, ignoring that they/we are still part of the system. I was shielded from quite a bit, but now I know.
    Please wish me strength.


    • morphqueen,

      Be strong and no fear. ♥ Out with the old duality and in with the new unity. It might be dicey for a while during this transitional shift for many but it’s just part of this Process. Our hearts are with you during your current changes.


  30. I enjoy reading your’e posts. What you say gives me a better insight on what to do during these times. However It is hard waiting. I don’t like to be the person who says their tired of waiting, but being 18, living with an unawakened parent who seems to be sick weighs heavy on me. At the same time I’m being pressured into the NORM lifestyle. Reading posts like this while learning more about my empathy and other gifts is what keeps me going. Thank you Denise, thank you so much!

  31. Lisa Renee’s February article is out; per usual, I don’t consciously understand most of it though on some level I’m getting it and its essence is significant…


    I know right? However I DID notice that I understood the article in podcast/listening format at a deeper level and better… while I was drawing/painting/scribbling my latest creative artwork. It seems to me that the Right Side of the Brain… the Intuitive Side… gets it better than the Left. I find that my Left Brain … when reading it… tends to not “get it” the old fashion way. Images came to me while “tuning” in during creativity it seems… like telepathy.

    Try something creative while listening. It may work. It may not work. Gah! ANYthing to get the logic out of the way. Just a share.♥ 🙂

    Love & Hugs,
    Lou Ann

    • Thanks Lou Ann,
      Great idea. I have listened to it several times and that helped a lot. I have realized, after many (countless) attempts at creativity (in the generally accepted sense if the word) that have flopped, that the way I am creative is with my mind – with thoughts and ideas – not “art” in the sense of creating something from nothing like you do. So that probably won’t work for me but just lying in bed and listening helped. It must be as you said, some type of right brain involvement when just letting the words wash over me. (Hmmm, well, I do love to garden and that is one way I create art!) Denise has stated Lisa speaks from some other dimension which is partly why it is difficult for some of us to understand. Thx for the suggestion! Morgean

      • Yes! Gardening IS Art! Touch your green buddies and they very well help you out. They have with my tired eyes. You may already know this but… plants in general are all part of the 6D (sacred geometry). They would KNOW that dimension Lisa uses… because they ARE from that very place.

        And you say with “thoughts and ideas”? Why not just simply scribble on a piece of paper. Any doodling will do. It could be none-sense wording. No matter. Handwriting it out so to speak. Let you be you while listening. It may work. It may not work. Just give it a whirl and see what comes up. Maybe something much more Morgean will show up. Who knows. I’m just “getting ideas” in a blink as I type… so do feel what works, okay?

        Creativity can be ANYthing that lets your Soul roam FREE. Be YOU Morgean dear. ♥♥♥

        Lou Ann

  32. Hi Denise and All Here:

    Well, I got to say it’s getting more like “spy versus spy” every day. Denise, you said:

    “There’s been plenty of personal and collective stuff to wade through once we entered 1-1-13.”

    That is and has been the truth and I’m getting a handle on it, but today I made a decision and so in my own way I thought I’d share it, just in case there are others who, like me, had almost convinced myself I wasn’t living up to my part of the bargain!

    I was feeling some 3D BS guilt about the way I’ve dealt with friends and family with respect to my “mission” here on Planet Earth, particularly because, firstly, I have no desire to be challenged about what I know. That has nothing to do with fear, but does have a little to do with resentment at what I’ve gone through and now I’m supposed to try to explain in thirty words or less where we’re at to those who are waking up. So huge guilt set in because of my unexpected and sudden resentment, so unlike you, Denise, who gives and gives and gives.

    And secondly, (another big guilt), I have absolutely no desire to teach now or from what I’m feeling today, not in the future, either, though as Denise says, I reserve the right to expand on that as “time” goes on.

    Anyway, I was feeling bad because for the past few weeks I’ve been masking my feelings and feeling bad about so today I had a talk with my invisible friends and said, “Look, I have to cover my ass down here, you don’t, and if there are things that I now refuse to do, then have a little compassion.” I actually got angry and said, “Enough is enough, let’s just get on with the process without this guilt thing coming up.” I feel somewhat better, but get this, I’m feeling some guilt about sending this comment. Arghh. Reminds me of Peter Sellers in “The Pink Panther”. “Does your dog bite?” Answer: “That is not my dog.”

    Guess I’m hoping for some comfort here, but if I’m off base, Denise, I know you’ll tell me. Love to All Here. B.

    • Barbara,

      I just read this after I responded to your email. Anyway, we’re all getting nudges and messages and/or hints and suggestions from different higher sources as to these “nine months” and the shifts and changes that are and will happen this year and beyond. For many of us our Work is not done by any stretch of the imagination and because of this many of us are receiving these hints, these messages, these nudges from our Higher Selves and/or Star Family and/or Home that we need to rethink and review some personal things and issues and expectations and/or belief systems. I’m experiencing this too and have been since the Life Review started on 12-21-12.

      “So huge guilt set in because of my unexpected and sudden resentment, so unlike you, Denise, who gives and gives and gives.”

      Never forget Barbara that I give and give and give to those who want to receive, receive and receive and I let those closed controlled minds slide past me, for the most part. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink is true, and all we Forerunners and Ascension Teachers can and will do is present what we know in the moment because we’ve lived it, and let the material attract those who are ready and open to know more, know much more.


      • Dearest Denise:

        I HEAR you! I wrote my comment before reading your e-mail. Wow, wavelengths meeting, mingling, and then, how wonderful, merging! Thank you from my heart. Love, B.

      • Barbara,

        And… only minutes after emailing you what I did, I came here and saw a link in my Stats page to this article below talking about Cats and Dogs etc. in connection to what we’d been talking about with that painful orange tiger kitten and demonic attack and eventual murder, (see A Lightworker’s Mission ) and later Skeeter and the Team Dark attacks he and I went through up to and through 2010 and so on. The higher-level connections are happening super fast now and specific info is needing to very quickly reach each of us for whatever our personal reasons may be now.


      • Thank you Denise for this link on cats and dogs. I had word from a dream recently to pay attention to the animals. We have six cats and four dogs. And my home and heart have always had a multitude of pets my entire life. I met a veterinarian last year that told me about cats purring having a healing frequency. I could go on and on with this subject as I love animals of all kinds and they have been very important in my life. Dolphins are key in my life too as per another meditation I had several years ago. There is so much to know/ learn/relearn in this lifetime it would be much easier if someone could just open up my brain and pour all the information into it. I feel very dense at times as though I should already have known something dah….I wish the veil would completely lift and soon. I am not sure what world I am from, but it can’t be this one and I have longed to go home since I got here. Familiar words from your bloggers here so I am in good company and can often agree with so many of the feelings here and so not to feel alone in this strange world with my strange senses. So from a warrior spirit to a tired spirit at times to one that just has to keep walking on…..keep the info coming. I am so grateful for you Denise and all here. Thank you!!!

    • Dearest Barbara,

      While I’m not going through a similar experience, my heart goes out to you at this “time”. I guess this harkens back to what I wrote here elsewhere, about the “Ability to Respond to Our Own Needs”.

      I talk with my Mom and Dad every Sunday. My Dad is a pretty simple guy, and has a couple hobbies. And his thinking gets caught up pretty easily in fear stuff. This past week I decided to be a bit more firm in bringing to his attention that there is nothing to fear, that his needs ARE being met, that others have it worse than he does, and that there’s so much to be grateful for. My Mom has gotten angry at him for this mindset; and I would say that my persistence may get through to him moreso than the anger. That’s my hope for him, and I have no illusions that he’ll ever get there. I’ve made the choice though to be more firm about it. I love him and my Mom, and I recognize the patterns and their strengths and weaknesses and accept that. And, like I mentioned, I decided last week to be more firm about not allowing his fear/negative thinking to take up much room between us. To allow it, I feel, would not be very loving. It may feel uncomfortable for him, or he may start to get it in his own way. Either way, I’m “responding to My Need” by becoming firm with him.

      I hadn’t meant to write that, and I guess maybe that’s something you needed to hear (or someone else?) in the scheme of things.

      On another note, I’m actually the opposite. I’d never imagined anything like speaking in front of other people before, and yet, I had a flash of a future where I was doing just that! I don’t have any idea what I was teaching. And I wasn’t nervous, and I was loving the energy of it! This is coming from someone who has a hard time being in groups (or going to the mall) because it’s been so exhausting or triggering in the past. I’m not at that point yet, and I don’t even know what I would even be teaching or speaking about. If I could, I’d take over for you!!

      Hugs for you!!

      With Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Barbara,
      “I was feeling some 3D BS guilt about the way I’ve dealt with friends and family with respect to my “mission” here on Planet Earth, particularly because, firstly, I have no desire to be challenged about what I know.”

      A while ago, I felt I needed to tell my long lost family members, who I was and what I am doing here. I did it in a letter as I did not feel it was appropriate to connect to them in ways which would open me up to any form of psychic attack or harmful projection on their part. I did, to my surprise receive a reply some months later, with silly excuses as to why it had taken so long to write back. The energy contained in the letter was both demeaning and discrediting of what I had written and by default, who I am. I chose to reply without needing to buy into that which belonged to them and to try and explain myself to them and despite the anxiety that was there, wrote in ways which both honoured and empowered me not only as a human being but also as a wayshower, trailblazer, forerunner etc. I did not hear from them again, which even though was very saddening to my heart and hurt on a very human level, as I thought my letter would bring us into greater acceptance of one another, the most important thing about it was that I was my Self, without compromising the integrity of that Self which I choose to honour and value above all else. l have not heard from them since and do not even know whether the letter had been received, lest read by those I continue to love and wish were still in my life. I wrote what I believe was the final attempt on my part to have them walk their path with me, albeit one that is true to who THEY are. I hope this has been of some strength to you, to always be your Self, without compromise and needing to explain anything to anyone and to give of your Self only to those who are open to receiving as Denise has so wisely reminded me of. Bless you Barbara and thank you Denise for continuoulsy being there as a powerful reminder of who we are. With love and gratitude. Katerina

      • Kat, I just wanted to quickly say that I remember when you had decided to write those letters and I’m glad you shared the outcome of it, it was a really brave thing to do and I love the way you describe your greater respect to your Self now. Thank you.

    • Wow Barbara! I am dealing with this same thing today! I have essentially withdrawn from my family out of sheer exhaustion. I feel like they are constantly demanding explanations from me (in 30 words or less!) as to why I am different from the pack & why can’t I just suck it up, get “responsible” (oooh I am with you, Chrysalis, on this word!), & play by the rules–live like “normal” people do. Get a job! Blahblahblah. I am more tired than I can put words to from a lifetime of trying to answer these challenges in a way they will understand, always looking for the perfect metaphor or string of words that will finally make sense to them. Why is the entire burden of “proof” on me? Its like if my first language were English but theirs is German–I can also speak German but it requires much effort on my part to make myself understood in a foreign language. Meanwhile they sit back with arms folded waiting for me to find the magic words to spell it out to them, and all the while they don’t even BOTHER to maybe learn a little of MY language so that they can understand ME better….anyhow all of this profound effort has been in vain & I don’t have it in me anymore to try. The energetic gap between us is huge & gaping, & *I* am the only one looking for the bridge! None of my family puts forth a single ounce of effort to find a bridge to ME! And any time I try (AGAIN) to explain, they twist my words so badly that my energy ends up getting drained endlessly in the “justify yourself, dammit” loop. I simply can’t do it anymore. And teaching? I have said for a very long time now, I have absolutely NO desire to teach! Not now or in the future, from where I stand now. Just the thought of it makes me want to lie down. I would rather simply LIVE what I know & be a good EXAMPLE. If others have genuine interest in knowing more & have the ears to hear I am happy to answer questions, like Denise said. But otherwise I will not wear myself down trying to explain or justify.
      I have been invited to my sister’s for Valentine’s Day dinner (ugh-3D Hallmark holidays where gifts are expected….) & I have hemmed & hawed about going because I just don’t have the energy to deal–especially after Saturday’s solar flare (does anyone else have like, the sorest feet evah?). Part of me just wants to stay by myself in my room with earplugs until September…LOL 😉
      And this leads me to feeling guilty sometimes, like I’m not doing ENOUGH….never ENOUGH…..sigh. I just wanted to chime in & let you know someone else feels it too.

      Comfort hugs, Elila

      • I feel like they are constantly demanding explanations from me (in 30 words or less!) as to why I am different from the pack & why can’t I just suck it up, get “responsible” (oooh I am with you, Chrysalis, on this word!), & play by the rules–live like “normal” people do. Get a job! Blahblahblah. I am more tired than I can put words to from a lifetime of trying to answer these challenges in a way they will understand, always looking for the perfect metaphor or string of words that will finally make sense to them.


        Oh wow, Elila, thank you for writing this in this way. My life has been full of this for almost five years now. I tried to hang on six years ago to some semblance of normalcy as everything collapsed around me to begin the process to truly let go of 3D, but I feel like the challenge is at its absolute peak at the moment. Thankfully, I am more calm about it *internally* than ever before in so many ways, but it is so intense to be confronted by the world as everyone else seems to know it. It’s a real trip, I have to say. I hope relief is soon. I hope that we will no longer have to explain *anything* as it will all quickly become very self-evident!

        I respect the heck out of those who have been at this at this level for more than 10 years. I suppose if it is like my experience, eventually, you withdraw so much to the point that it nearly does not matter. But boy does it sever relationships. For sure.

        Hugs to everyone who is passing through this gauntlet, which I think is just about every person who comments here, lol!


      • Hi Caliope/Karin!

        Oh yes my friend, it is so intense to be confronted by the world! I have NEVER had a gift for confrontation so its always been a struggle for me–until I finally figured out that just because someone (even someone very close) is standing in front of me stomping their foot & demanding answers & justification, doesn’t mean i am required to provide it!!! This was a revelation to me. Now i just kind of shrug at these people. But you nailed it–it certainly DOES sever relationships! And you truly DO end up withdrawing to the point that it just doesn’t matter! But its kind of a huge relief to hit that point. Just about every relationship i had is gone now or radically altered. It doesn’t feel like a bad thing anymore necessarily, but sometimes the solitude is overwhelming for a moment–but thats why i am so grateful to be able to come here & be a part of a conversation where others understand & comprehend fully–its been my saving grace for sure. So thank YOU for chiming in & letting ME know that someone else gets it too! I definitely hope that some dramatic relief is on the horizon for all of us–its been such a long time coming–the tide has been out for AGES. Hang in there–its GOT to get better soon!
        Love back, Elila

      • Hello Elila, I don’t know how I ended up on this site (Okay, I do, I googled kundalini). Perhaps the more interesting point is that what you just wrote resonates with me to an extreme degree. A lot of the stuff mentioned on this blog about ascension resonates with me. I too, feel a huge energetic gap between myself and those around me. I have tried to talk to people about the exciting changes occurring within me, only to meet with ridicule and attacked by those who attempt to ‘drag me down’.

        It makes me end up feeling very sad and frustrated! I feel like an alien. But my heart cries out and draws me towards this path for some years now…I know that I am alone with this path, an individual path – but to read similar things from you on this website really affects me to make me realize I am not alone.

        I would be really happy to hear back from you to chat maybe, and would be keen to hear some things you have to say!



      • Wow Jamie, this is quite interesting–I was ALREADY going to respond to you in regard to your comment above about feeling the light beings–BEFORE i even knew you had addressed me here below. I was going to say that i have not sensed the light beings like others here, & i’m always a wee bit envious of those who can, & grateful that they at least share the experience! I have been thinking of this a bit lately & yesterday it occurred to me that perhaps Denise & my fellow commenters here ARE my light beings, & that feels nice indeed. I know just what you mean about feeling like an alien, I have felt it most of my life, but especially since ascension “began” for me around ’99. No place feels like home & its difficult to connect to “the natives” sometimes, or bear the cruelty i see here. We kinda ARE aliens aren’t we? I think maybe we all feel this to one degree or another. And i think probably many of us have learned (the hard way, no doubt) that others aren’t particularly interested or understanding (or even kind) about the changes & challenges that we have faced & continue to incorporate. But you are most certainly NOT alone, Jamie. Hang around here a bit–you will feel better & better. And you are going to have an AMAZING life, as are we ALL here, i just know it.

        Warmly, Elila

      • Dearest Elila,

        I just wanted to say that what you said was so beautifully put:

        “…yesterday it occurred to me that perhaps Denise & my fellow commenters here ARE my light beings…”

        I really resonated with that. In really small and big ways, those of us with these strange, wonderful and amazing experiences of the “new” are (in a way) like Light Beings to those who have not “yet” experienced them. Those in my life are recognizing foundational changes within (and without) me, and are responding in kind. They want to know more, they crave to know more. And, it seems very reassuring to them, even though they don’t have the personal experience at this moment, that it is in their future. I have the same experience when I read what others experience here, and what I have not “yet”. Thank you for sharing that. Hugs to you.

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Wonderful Chrysalis,

        Thank you so much for letting me know that something i wrote resonated for you–it gave me such a nice feeling of “belonging”, or simply acceptance, to read that. The interactions i experience here are so different from what i am used to encountering in the 3D life–so welcoming & kind, warm & assuring. Its SO incredibly uplifting to be addressed in such gentle and validating tones! I appreciate you very much 🙂

        Hugging right back, Elila

      • Thanks for replying. Yeah I was impressed by the light beings! When I started this path of self-discovery I sensed a lot of dark things watching me. As I progressed, some more positive entities came. I have only sensed what I felt were true light beings maybe 2-3 times before. They float in groups either inside or outside the room and watch with fondness. They don’t interfere or really speak, they just watch with kindness.

        I think I will definitely hang out here to chat more to you guys. Yeah, I feel we’re like ‘light beings in training’! if that makes any sense. After I had an intense channeling session once (spontaneous), I felt I was a ‘servant of light’. I wonder if anyone else has felt that. It’s like complete submission to a grand-plan which is going on.

        I’ve definitely got the intent to help others freely if possible. Although I’m not yet wise enough to know what ‘help’ to give, as it’s gone wrong in the past. I need to think less and feel more.

        I feel a lot of light coming out of this blog. It’s funny. How I found this blog was by typing ‘kundalini’ into google, the first page I went on my heart told me ‘No, this is worthless’, so I closed it, the next one was this one and my heart said ‘This is good stuff, stay here.’ So here I am!

        I’m increasingly getting more heart-awareness, which is great because it helps guide me! I’m definitely going to check out some of the other posts denise has made so I hope to see you guys around there. I’ll post if I have anything I really want to say!

  33. Dear Denise & All,

    I’d like to share two dreams I recently had that relate to this post. Two nights ago, I dreamed of “structures crumbling” – really OLD buildings that suddenly started to fall apart. Giant beings made up of the same material as the buildings then took shape and ran amok in the streets, destroying whatever they came into contact with. (Picture THE HULK made of bricks and mortar and then magnify it a few times.) I hid myself as they hammered past. I then realized that I had left my glasses behind in one of the buildings.

    (I interpret this as the 3D structures that are about to collapse. As they do so, the lower vibrating energies upon which they are based “run amok.” The glasses left behind probably mean my perceptions will change as 3D structures collapse.)

    I’d appreciate any other interpretations or insights anyone may have!

    My dream the following night consisted of waiting for a “bus” (may symbolize mass consciousness). My bus number is 109. There are lots of people with me in a large waiting room – I finally ask if any of them are also waiting for the 109. They all shake their heads and say NO, they’re waiting for the SCHOOL bus.

    (I take this to mean that I am waiting for “new earth” symbolized by number “1, ” derived when adding the digits together, and others around me are waiting for “more learning” in 3D.)

    Denise – I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the hearts and warm pink gracing this site on February 14th. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, everyone!

    Hugs & blessings to all, Thelma

  34. Dearest Denise,

    I came across this article that refers to different happenings through the year 2013 from the points of comets/space, numerology, etc. It has a bit of a differing “time” line, and yet in the big picture of things it explains some things. I’m interested to know what you feel if you have the “time” =)

    With Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  35. Oh Denise!

    “It’s going to become much more easy for each of us to NOT be affected, to NOT have those old emotional and energetic knee-jerk reactions to people, situations etc. Remember how this feels and functions and know that it’s the start of you experiencing the NEW higher frequency range of Triality and being able to remain a ‘Neutral Observer’ to whatever craziness is happening around you. Well done you! ♥

    #1–You mean I’m actually doing something right?!? I thought I had simply reached the point that Karen Bishop calls “letting go through exhaustion & apathy”……..&,
    #2–I find myself saying “well done you!” quite often in my life, mostly because I really want people to feel what its like to have someone focus on what they are doing “RIGHT”, or well, as opposed to what a good majority of the world seems to focus on, which is usually what OTHERS are doing “WRONG” in their limited opinion. *I* also want to benefit from focusing on the positive in people–it does ME no good whatsoever to be looking for the flaws in things or others. And frankly it just feels good to me to be the person giving “atta girls” instead of “constructive” criticism (a total oxymoron to me). BUT……I honestly can’t recall anyone saying it to ME in a long, LONG time. It brought tears to my eyes & was such a wonderful feeling–I have gotten so used to administering my own shots of “atta girl”, I had forgotten what it felt like to get one from another. Thank you, Denise, it meant a LOT, especially coming from someone I admire, respect & appreciate so much.

    Hugging back, Elila

    • Oh my god. I would never post this up anywhere in public except here, but since it’s here I’ll say it.

      After reading most of the posts here and replying, I sense a group of light beings surrounding me! I can feel the peace and intent to help they have towards me! It’s very powerful.

      I don’t mean to say it in such a way that I’m somehow special or to look like a boast, what I mean is that it’s wonderful for me because I don’t often feel the presence of light beings this strongly! I’ve had numerous psychic attacks before, by some really nasty entities, so it’s a relief for me to feel this soft, pure feeling, as if a family member is watching with gentle affection, such a soft, balanced and pure feeling radiating out. Very light and gentle. It fills my whole room.

      I ‘know’ that these beings are here to help me and their appearance signifies to me the positive intent of this blog.

      I’m sure most people here or those who are on the path of self-development are being watched with great care by these higher beings too!

      Like I said above – I do not often sense high frequency beings watching me, I have sensed many lower level beings watching me before with curiosity. I have also felt very dark presences enter my room and lurk about before.

      I can definitely tell that this website is a good place to be.

      Peace & thanks.


  36. Dear Denise & all,

    I love coming hear to see the wonderful sharing and support, not only in the article but in all the comments.

    Just want to mention that I am paying more attention to “signs and symbols” in the external world that reflect what is going on at deeper levels.

    I see a lot of the number “1” as well as “9” – for example, this morning my grocery bill came out to $38.70 (11 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9) and recently got the double digit $29.29 which nicely adds up to 11:11. 🙂

    Also, the shopping center across the street from me which was completely demolished in December 2012 (a year late, was scheduled for December 2011), has now been re-built into a strip mall. However some of the stores are still VACANT, which tells me that our space in 5D is still being built.

    I feel more and more detached from what’s going on in the external world while feeling a deeper connection to Gaia and her creatures. Feeding the birds this winter has given me great joy.

    Blessings to all, Thelma

    • Hello Thelma and everyone else! A quick question for you guys.

      I’ve noticed that I’m being made to lose a lot of my attachments…it’s happening so much that I feel like a completely different person? A whole lot of things I was previously interested in I now feel more disinterested. It’s not apathy to life, but it’s like letting go of specific things.

      Has anyone else gone through this process?


      • Hi Jamie,

        You’re not alone, yes, is the answer to your question and still going through it. Spend some time reading previous posts and comments here at TRANSITIONS and I’m pretty sure you’ll have many of your questions answered with love, humour, and incredible suppport for what you/me/us have, and are, going through. Love, B.

  37. I recently attended an Awakening to Shift workshop with well known reiki and ascension masters. I was told that in approximately 5 years, those who are not yet ready to ascend, or choose not to, will be sent to a lower dimension Earth, while we will remain on this ascended Earth. Denise, what can you tell me about this? Does this sound familiar to you? I’m concerned for my husband, who is working on the lower dimensions, and doesn’t show an interest in opening at all. I’m also concerned for my 10 year old son. Thank you for your thoughts.
    Sincerely, Jen

    • Jen,

      I suggest that, if interested, you read through as many of my Archived articles as you can stand 😉 to get a better understanding about this process, this Separation of Worlds as I’ve called it into “Planet A”, “Planet A/B”, “Planet B” etc. And, it’s not five years in my opinion, but these very short “Nine Months” period from 12-21-12 through to 9-22-13. I hope to have an article published soon entitled The First Trimester” which talks more about this and is also a recap of these past winter months of the First Trimester of the “Nine Months” period. I intend to write an article near the end of the Second and Third Trimesters also to, hopefully help others better understand this very potent final phase for all of humanity before the physical level Separation of Worlds commences.

      Don’t worry about loved ones as this has been and will continue to unfold with everyone automatically drawn to a world and timeline that’s an energetic match to them now. This is why what we do, what we think and believe, what we focus on mentally and emotionally NOW is more important than every before. You focus on you and not on fear or other people who you’re worried about. It will unfold as it should and everyone will be just fine. ♥ 🙂


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