The First Trimester

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FIRST TRIMESTER: Winter Solstice 12-21-12 until Spring/Vernal Equinox 3-20-13 (in the northern hemisphere — opposite in the southern hemisphere)

Cosmic Awareness (see link to Rainbow at the end of my article) has called the period from 12-21-12 to 9-22-13 the “Nine Month” period. From the Expiration Date and Shift Point of December 21, 2012, these nine months fall into three seasonal trimesters of gestation for humanity:

     three trimester alchemy stages

  1. 12-21-12  Winter Solstice winter months is the First Trimester
  2. 3-20-13   Spring Equinox spring months is the Second Trimester
  3. 6-20-13   Summer Solstice summer months is the Third Trimester

Many years ago I discovered a couple of online Ascension Teachers’ writings talking about how everyone on Earth was going to ascend to 5D in December 2012 come hell or high-water. Everyone will ascend, eventually, just not all of them will do so at the same exact time that some wrote about many years ago.

We Forerunners/Pathpavers/Starseeds/Lightworkers have attended many higher dimensional (‘Inner Planes’) Council Meetings to discuss Ascension-related updates, difficulties, potential problems and so on. We’ve met like this repeatedly over the years, some of us for decades, to exchange information about potential Ascension problems, minor changes, seeming setbacks, repeated delays, necessary time extensions in the physical dimension, and the wonderful accelerated periods and large progressions increasing numbers of people were making with the Ascension Process as well. But many of us, myself included, have always known that no matter how much more time we Forerunners waited for and how hard we continued working to help the stragglers decide to get on-board this current Ascension train, that everyone would not fully ascend at the same time or in one grand leap from dense Dark 3D physical Duality into full Light nonphysical 5D Triality.

It would have been extraordinarily wonderful of course if every soul incarnate on Earth could have done this together during the “Three Days of Darkness” — December 21, 22, 23, 2012 — but that is one major leap for anyone to make no matter how developed and aware they are, let alone billions of people doing so en masse at the same moment on Earth! Difficult yes, but not utterly impossible. But what’s happened is that an extension period has been given by Source (for different reasons) to all of us in an attempt to, yet again, give more people more time to finally realize a couple of very important things; things such as finally deciding to individually and internally empower themselves which instantly aligns them vibrationally with a matching frequency near-future Earth world and timeline, such as “Planet A/B”. It’s that simple, yet for so many its still terribly difficult.

Because of how big this rare and grand Universal evolutionary shift/leap actually was/is, there’s needed to be many tweaks and more waiting time added to the Ascension Process over the years leading up to the Expiration Date and Shift Point of 12-21-12. However, there’s also been a need for even more time to be added to the Ascension Process after 12-21-12 for those billions of souls still not ready to make such an extreme and colossal evolutionary shift from what’s been strictly negative 3D Dense Duality, directly into full positive 5D Light integrated Triality! That is one immense — and for most people — impossibly extensive evolutionary shift to make in one single move from such extreme 3D negativity, dense Duality and Duality Consciousness, directly into 5D Triality High Heart Consciousness and Light.

As much as we Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Pathpavers want this freedom for all souls incarnate on Earth now, it is not and never was the only two (duality consciousness) options available to humanity and Earth. We Forerunners volunteered to incarnate into negative controlled 3D Dense Duality to Build the Bridge; to Pave the Pathway; to Bring in and Embody the Light so that humanity could even remember that Light existed and realize that other choices do exist for them. Source/God/Divinity is far more creative and complex than only two polarized, dualized extremes such as this, and because of this far more than just those two probable Earth worlds and timelines are and will be available for all of humanity to choose from. These multiple choices are what’s been called by some “Planet A/B”, “Planet A”, “Planet B” or I was calling them Earth #1, Earth #2, Earth #3, Earth #4 and so on.

In-between these two radically extreme Earth worlds, dimensions, levels of consciousness and realities exists a transmuted Earth world that I call a transitional Stair Step Earth world; a temporary stepping-stone sort of Earth world that’s not strictly the old negative controlled dense Duality 3D world we all incarnated into in these current lives — nor is it a fully polarity resolved, integrated, unified and ascended nonphysical 5D Triality Earth world of Light either. This in-between Stair Step Earth world is what Cosmic Awareness, and now myself (I had been calling them Earth #1, #2,, #3, #4 etc.), is calling “Planet A/B”. Planet A/B is an Earth world that’s not in 3D, and not in 5D, but exists in the upper levels of 4D and is a gracious transitional gift from Source for those humans/souls who need a bit more time with far less of an evolutionary leap to make between the profound extremes of the old 3D Earth and full ascension into nonphysical 5D! There’s always the many different Stair Steps for the many different humans/souls/beings who need them.

Planet A/B is a 4D Astral Earth world where Duality still exists, but — and this is the really important and wonderful part — absolutely NO Team Dark beings and/or humans (such as the old global patriarchal elite etc.) can or will ever run Planet A/B and humanity as they did prior to the Expiration Date of 12-21-12. This is why I’ve always referred to 12-21-12 as the Expiration Date because it was the expiration of Team Dark in all its forms controlling humanity, humanity’s consciousness, suppressing humanity’s spiritual growth, Earth and all systems on Earth. 12-21-12 was the end of that cycle and those negative beings and humans being allowed to control humanity and Earth and other surrounding dimensions as well. End, done, expired. This is why the old global elite patriarchy that are still alive today are not able to get their ways anymore and their “powers” seem to have suddenly dried up and disappeared; the unseen Team Dark Beings are no longer constantly supplying them, their lives and lifestyles any longer with life-force energies pilfered from the rest of humanity! Now it’s just these empty greedy patriarchal jerks whining and pointing fingers of blame at others and raging and crying over not getting their ways any longer.

But I digress… Planet A/B already exists and we’re living on it during the final “Nine Months” period before the full Separation of Worlds beings around the Equinox in September 2013. Planet A/B will have Duality on it but it will be a balanced, sane, fair and honest world of Duality which will seem like heaven on Earth compared to the hell on Earth we all incarnated into before the Expiration Date! Planet A/B exists within upper Astral 4D and is that much-needed transitional Stair Step Earth world between the old 3D Dense Duality and nonphysical 5D Light Triality. Many people need the greater ease that this transitional Stair Step Earth world and added time period (about 3,000-3,600 years from the point of full Separation of Multiple Worlds later this year) provides them before they will, en masse ascend fully into nonphysical 5D or Planet A around the end of that timeline.

We’ve actually been inching our way into this 4D Planet A/B for the past couple of years, but by the end of the Third Trimester and start of the Separation of Worlds, this Earth world we’re living on today will fully become “Planet A/B” and the majority of humanity will find themselves on it. The other people who still want or need other systems of learning will end up elsewhere; they will simply perceive themselves existing on an Earth world such as “Planet B” or elsewhere that’s a frequency match for them and what they desire to continue experiencing. They won’t be consciously aware that anything has changed at all or that there even was a 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Shift Point, the “Nine Months” period after it, or the subsequent Separation of multiple Worlds and timelines in late 2013. Please don’t worry about where people go or don’t go because it’s not your concern when these multiple timelines and multiple realities and Earth-like worlds all separate from each other. It’s a blessing that the majority of people won’t consciously remember or realize that any of these dramatic evolutionary separations and changes have even happened. This is no different from the majority of people currently unable to remember their “past” lives, or for that matter, most of their nightly dreams.

In other words, because there were not enough people awakened enough to active a planet-wide full ascension to nonphysical 5D at the 12-21-12 Expiration Date Shift Point, there needed to be another tweak to this unfolding Ascension Plan which was the addition of nine more months for, hopefully, many more people to open their minds and hearts to higher awareness within themselves.


  • severe inner head spinning or vertigo, occasional related nausea, this is connected to the changes in the Thymus (High Heart) gland/chakra
  • increased Thymus gland pains, pressures, soreness in the center of upper chest area out the front and back of your body
  • periods of physical heart pounding fast and hard while at complete rest, this is connected to the changes in the Thymus
  • severe exhaustion and fatigue
  • muscle and body weakness
  • ascension flu, chills, body aches, brief stabbing pains in certain areas and/or joints
  • inner cold flashes
  • inner hot flashes
  • after another few rounds of Kundalini Fire…purging diarrhea
  • unusually severe blurry vision, dry eyes, unusual pressure feeling against eyes
  • constant ‘ascension tinnitus’, inner ears ringing or humming, buzzing etc.
  • increased anomalies and phenomena, increased linear time distortions, expanding awareness of the nonphysical Beings and other dimensions etc.
  • weird and/or highly symbolic dreams, dream messages, continued expanding and evolving awareness/consciousness
  • increasing higher knowing as opposed to lower frequency linear thinking, intellectualizing etc., expanding functioning of the new High Heart heartmind or heartbrain
  • increased conscious knowing and inner feeling that nothing is remotely the same since 12-21-12 and that we’re definitely in a different type of transitional period now
  • severely amplified (and sometimes distorted) sense of smell, smelling scents that aren’t physically there, smelling scents that last for days or weeks, foods smelling differently to you
  • pets displaying more and/or slightly intensified ascension symptoms too, sickness, pains, difficulties etc. Love them, tell them Thank You for journeying with you during these intense ascension times. The animals and all life are going through this too

During February 2013 I kept thinking about when I was pregnant with my son long, long ago and how the three trimesters felt to me. During that physical pregnancy the first trimester was, for me, horrible because I vomited everything 24/7 for the first four months straight. This Ascension related First Trimester has been for me, horrible too, in that it has been even more intense than the previous fourteen years of Ascension Processing and accompanying symptoms. Just when you think the Ascension Process cannot possibly get any more intense!

Because I’ve always been highly psychic in this life I knew immediately when I conceived my son — I mean before it had time to happen physically. But I suspect that most people who don’t have this type of higher awareness are instantly flung into all sorts of sudden and unexpected changes the moment they find out they are pregnant. I suspect this same emotional and physical intensity has been the case for all of us in varying degrees since 12-21-12; we all suddenly discovered on 12-24-12 that we had nine more months of being “pregnant” with ourselves and have been in some form of further adjustments and preparation mode ever since.

The ever-present exhaustion symptom has for many of us been amplified tremendously in 2013, making it even more difficult than it was before to carry out the simplest of daily tasks. I’ve dealt with the extreme ascension exhaustion symptom for many years already, but with the start of 1-1-13, it’s increased dramatically. (Your mileage will vary with all the different Ascension symptoms because we’re unique individuals each experiencing this Alchemical process in our own ways.)

With the start of 2-1-13 these energies increased even more dramatically, making the entire month of February 2013 a month like none other! The first day of February 2013, I woke up with the Inner Head Spinning ascension symptom which, when severe, usually causes nausea and forces me into bed. Throughout the first three weeks of February this inner head spinning symptom lessened incrementally day-by-day, until by week three it was to the point that I could finally function without tipping over, walking into walls or vomiting! A lot of other Ascension symptoms hurt far worse than this one but this one certainly makes it impossible to do much of anything but clutch the bed or chair in an attempt to make the room stop spinning!

Within a day or two of the Inner Head Spinning symptom being almost gone by mid-February, that symptom was replaced with greatly increased Thymus area pains and pressures. I’ve had this Ascension symptom many times before too but never to this level of severity and intensity. In all honesty, the last ten days or so of February through March 2 I wondered if I was going to physically survive the intensity of what was transpiring in my Thymus area. (The Thymus endocrine gland is located above the physical heart in the center of the upper chest area.) And due to the location of our physical Thymus gland — which is the 5D High Heart seat and center of awareness, ‘unity’ and/or ‘triality’ consciousness etc. — the physical esophagus, and often other nearby organs, experience increased restrictions from spasms, pressures, pain and/or difficulty swallowing foods/liquids and getting them to move down the esophagus into the stomach. Even some of my ribs and spine/vertebra at and surrounding the High Heart Thymus gland area is sore and bruised feeling just like my skull/scalp gets when major energy changes are taking place inside my head and endocrine brain glands (Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus).


(I am familiar with the four colors — black, white, red, yellow — and stages of old-school Alchemy, but what I’m talking about next is different from those old 3D esoteric teachings due to the current Universal Ascension Process. What I’m going to share next is also not for everyone because everyone is not living this particular Alchemy of the Three Trimesters within the “Nine Months” extension period.)

After weeks of severe Inner Head Spinning followed immediately by about ten days of severe Thymus and physical heart poundings during freaking fabulous February 2013, I perceived a few large blocks of higher awareness information in the form of clairvoyant visuals and simultaneous claircognizant knowing. These blocks of visual information further explained that my physical body has been deep within the First Trimester stage of the Nine Month period and these amplified symptoms are “normal” for where we are now after the 12-21-12 Expiration Date Shift Point, and in the First Trimester, before full Separation of Worlds fully activates physically.

three trimester alchemy stagesAnother section of the visual information I perceived contained three different colored spheres in triangular (Triality) formation. These three (Triality, not two of Duality) colored spheres represented the Three Alchemical Trimesters unfolding during the “Nine Months” period. One sphere was yellow colored, one red, and one white. (Yes I am aware that old-school Alchemy has a fourth black color and stage/phase along with the other three colors and stages/phases. We’ve already done the black stage over the past fourteen years, and the others too for that matter, but we’re now individually focused on deeper-level, last-minute refinements, resolutions, realizations, further releasing etc. of whatever remaining issues we each have that were revealed to us during the “Three Days of Darkness” (12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12) Life Review.

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t consciously remember your Life Review and what was revealed and understood by you at higher levels of awareness during that time. You know it at deeper levels and those issues have been increasingly revealing themselves to you/me/many but unfortunately not all of us since the start of the First Trimester! These Three Trimesters of the “Nine Months” really are a Divine gift for each of us to use to further our individual spiritual Ascension Process and ongoing learning. Really utilizing these Three Trimesters to honestly see, deal with, integrate and release into neutral Triality whatever it is that presents itself to you about yourself and your beliefs etc. will benefit you tremendously over the rest of this year and beyond. We’ve all been given this extension period for important reasons; I suggest we each take advantage of the available energies of these Three Alchemical Trimesters to make whatever further inner changes we each need to now.

The three colored spheres also revealed how different each Trimester and phase will be individually, and of course how important it will be when all three Trimesters/phases are completed within us in the physical by the end of the “Nine Month” period. What’s happening internally in our bodies, our consciousness, our lives, our individual little realities is also what’s happening external on the global world stage. Is it any wonder, especially now after the 12-21-12 Shift Point, that so many of us are soul-deep in whatever stuff we still have within us, our belief systems, our families etc.?

While seeing the image of the three colored spheres when my upper Thymus area and lower heart were pounding so hard I wondered if my physical body would survive, I recognized them from old-school Alchemy teachings about the four stages/phases of the Alchemical process. While I was going through this First Trimester phase of this in late February, I had a semi-humorous symbolic visual of myself being covered in dense layer upon layer of dried, brittle concrete that these Divine energies keep repeatedly hitting hard enough that they’re breaking the dense layers and causing them to fall away. As tired and sick as I am now, I’m still very excited to experience what the Second and Third Trimesters will bring for me, for you, for all of us. Hammer away Divinity, please, hammer away…

I plan on writing a recap near the end of Trimesters Two and Three like this in the hopes that it will help us all better consciously see, realize and understanding the deeper-level individual soul purpose of the Three Trimesters before the Separation of multiple Worlds and timelines fully begins at the September 2013 Equinox. I cannot impress upon you how really valuable this time from 12-21-12 to 9-22-13 is for each of us and how much more can be gained by simply being honest with ourselves about whatever comes up for us to see, feel and deal with internally now. Use this time wisely because it’s unfolding astonishingly fast.


March 8, 2013

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76 thoughts on “The First Trimester

  1. Hi, this post looks really interesting, is there a way to read without the background?

    OK now to read, after posting the comment the white screen showed. Excellent article, thank you!

  2. The intensity of my heart palpitations and almost being lifted out of the body have been present for the last 18 months and I 100% relate to what you are saying Denise on oh so many levels. Thank you for writing this so clearly. Abundant Blessings…Libby

  3. Ding! Ding! Ding! Right on the money, again. Thanks, Denise! 🙂 And hoo boy – those of us with small/young children at home. Egads. They are showing symptom-reaction stuff lately in SPADES (specifically, the last week or so). Both physically, as well as emotionally. There’s kind of been this energetic vibe like a young, new driver learning to drive a manual transmission – jerky between the accelerator and slamming on the brakes, and the occasional noisy grinding of gears trying to figure out how to get from these different quick-shifts of energy waves smoooooooooooooothly. What this has translated to – both for me and the kids – has been alternating – hey, wow, lots of energy and feeling GREAT! – to turn-on-a-dime crashouts and meltdowns and back again. And a general feeling of wanting to really clean things up/attend to details. Yup. Exactly like a hormonal nesting preggo lady allright LOL. Let’s just hope – as with many women during preggo – that the second trimester we have that fun/full goddess glowiness before we hit the third trimester “are.we.DONE.yet???” mode 😉

  4. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    I know some people are not experiencing any ascension symptoms, or any of the other intensified processing, weird “stuff” coming up to be dealt with etc., but for those who ARE, Denise always provides such a clear and practical perspective on what is going on.
    I have personally had all sorts of strangeness going on from physical symptoms(that could be illness or ascension stuff, or maybe both, I dunno) weird external people stuff , all sorts of oddness. I try to stay open and accepting, like a child, without much judgement of what everything is or isn’t, means or doesn’t, so that I don’t miss something important by editing it out of my reality;-)

    Lately that has left me in an almost perpetual state of confusion-especially the weird people stuff. Being AS people are my weakest skill-they are often confusing to me even when “normal” to everyone else, so when they get weird-all bets are off.

    I sincerely hope that ascension and all the positive changes are real for me as whatever spiritual lessons one can learn from things like being asphyxiated, harassed, kept from sleeping etc I feel like I am just getting *too exhausted* to learn any more.

    I hope everyone else is having a less drama filled first trimester, but if not-hang in there as the one thing we know is constant is CHANGE so whatever is going on now, is likely to change. I am following the Oracle Report’s recommendations for today and letting Gaia be in charge. I’ve set my intentions, done a lot of work, and a lot of praying and now I’m waiting in expectant gratitude and acceptance, reminding myself that Gaia and Creator always know more than I do, they have a plan and maybe it just isn’t necessary for me to figure everything out.

  5. Yikes, I look like I’m in the third trimester already! 😦 And, yes, issues are coming up for me pretty intensely, particularly with family. I had a fall recently that has slowed me down as I was doing way, way too much in January and February. Now I’m just exhausted and feel like I need to sleep a lot, achey and feel like a cold is coming on. And, yes, it’s going really fast!

    Love and fat-bellied hugs to all!

  6. About 7 years ago I kept seeing the numbers 3,6,9 and now I wonder if it refers to the 3 trimesters. I saw the equation 3,6,9=11
    I felt that 11 was a resurrection number. I still feel like I’m in a life review, resolving unfinished karma and I am deciding to experience the A/B World even though I’ve lived
    in higher dimensional triality worlds. The symptoms of the 1st trimester I am experiencing in my own way. I cannot ascertain distance too well in 3D so am often knocking into things. Oh the bruises… I am excited about these 9 months and almost can’t wait for the seperation of worlds although it will be hear soon and I have a lot of work to do! I trust we will all end up on the worlds we resonate with. Thanks for your insight, Denise.


  7. I find all your topics of great interest. I have bne following Tolec and Kimmels work on this subject, almost from the start. I too have had some very unpleasent experiences , which seemed to happen with solar flares and energies coming fom the sun. really bad headaches, feeling quite unwell, wretched.. These have died down now. They have never happend before in my life. thare are to my knowledge ten months before the fateful date, again refering to Tolec. it would seem there is to be a bifurcation of the populace, thiose whose vibrations are unsuited to 4D and 5D to depart for another planet, whilst the remainder will stay on earth as it ascends to a higher frequency.
    Dolores cannons work also talks in this way, though details are lacking.
    it would seem to be a huge cosmic experiment, again many sources talk about it as such. Something so rare, in fact unique in cosmic history. Maybe we are a template for other worlds, other realities or simply Creator is so damned sick of the negativity and darkness on this planet something drastic had to be done to rectify and bring Earth to the level of the rest of the planets. We are a cosmic eyesore so dreadful it could’nt be alowed to continue.
    the earthchanges seem to be ameliorated now, no massive crustal shifts, the odd severe temblor here and there, nothing spectacular so far. This seems to me a sign of some kind of intervention maybe our star brothers and sisters. Maybe Creator itself.
    I could go on but must end here. Your website remains an inspiration to those of us who study this subject, and thank you for it.

  8. when Spirit told me I was pregnant (in 2012 sometime) I started to try to piece together the puzzle, as I always do. Like you Denise I thought about my own pregnancies and what they were like. I was the same weight now as when my second child was born, having the same symptoms. So I thought that I would have the answer to this whole spiritual puzzle on my daughters birthday, November 24. When nothing seemed to happen on 11/24/2012, I started to look back again and remembered that her original due date was 12/12………it blew my socks off. I was actually supposed to have both my girls at the same time, on my first visit to the doctor during my first pregnancy they told me I was having twins. This news sent me into a tizzy, out of control with fear and not wanting to have one baby, much less two, I somehow had some kind of spontaneous loss of one of the babies. Still pregnant with the other, my due date was 12/10. But she was actually born on 11/2. Her birth brought on what I can only call my “awakening”. Right there in the hospital, she was the reason that I finally believed in God. My little 3 lb 8 oz baby girl. Much to my surprise I was pregnant again, this time with a due date of 12/12. How could that be? Both babies due within days of each other. Everyone always commented on them and asked if they were twins. The girls were born a year and 22 days apart. I can’t always put all the meaning together but I know that they are there. Once you started writing about the “9 months” I knew that this was indeed a spiritual journey. I am embracing the pregnancy, most of the time (chuckle), and looking forward to the next 2 trimesters. So blessed by your writings. Thank you, K

    • Karen,

      When two souls are meant to come in (incarnate) to a specific mother/father/family they will even if something happens as it did in your case (your panic or “tizzy” about having twins) and the second soul simply waited for the first soul to be born and give you time to adjust to one baby and then come in as quickly as possible AFTER baby #1 did. 😉 These two souls were meant to come in together but when The Plan needed some minor tweaking and adjustments as yours did, this is how things get re-worked a bit; a minor extension period was given to you (and all of humanity with these “Nine Months”) so you could have two babies close together but one at a time. Isn’t it great and wonderful and so freaking perfect it makes you giddy? 😀

      Have a truly wonderful time with your two special little ♥ Lights.


  9. Hi Denise,

    I found your website around 2 years ago, after googling my symptoms (tinnitus, heaviness over my third eye area, vibrations and a bubbling sensation in my skin, chills in my legs, stabbing pains neck/shoulders, digestion problems, allergies). I’ve had these symptoms for around 10 years now, and (like most of your readers) would love to know when it will come to an end. I have also seen multiple numbers on a daily basis (11:11, 444, etc) for about 17 years. So I’m pretty sure that I must be on the ascension journey.

    I’ve done various meditation practices over the years and for the past three years have been studying with a meditation system that uses mantras, raja yoga, nada yoga, jnana yoga etc. The teachers of this method claim that with daily practice over many years that you will reach ascension.

    So my question to you is: Is it actually necessary to meditate to reach ascension? It seems from what you say that it is going to happen to us all anyway.

    I would very much appreciate your opinion.

    Many thanks,

    • “So my question to you is: Is it actually necessary to meditate to reach ascension? It seems from what you say that it is going to happen to us all anyway…”


      The Ascension Process is a natural, cyclical Divine process. Because of this we don’t “have to do anything” really like eat certain foods or don’t eat them etc., or “meditate” or “pray” or fast or be celibate and so on. The massive cosmic/galactic/solar energies are here now doing what they do and all we have to do is be willing to change… a lot! 😉 The more open we are to these massive transmuting, evolutionary energies, the faster and easier the Process… if one could ever call them “easy”!

      It helps consciously knowing that this is what’s been happening and still is because there’s less fear, self-doubt and confusion then. And it helps if people very much believe that changing certain habits will make their Ascension Process easier but in general, these Divine Energies simply alter, evolve everything because that’s what it’s designed to do to and for us all. So I say meditate ONLY if you enjoy doing it and honestly feel you benefit from doing so, but know that if you don’t meditate you will and are still living this Process now anyway. 😉


  10. Namaste Denise, It was exactly I strated to feel in januari. I feld all to symtomes if I was pregnant. It feels the same way as the first stages in the 9 mouths..Very strange feeling. I was wondering……….I”m 61 years ! I was remebering my 3 prengants before very well. Also I was knowing thise even before any body test could discover in that time.
    I ask myself what that could thise mean……….I had also dreams of deliver a child or even a growing up child. Now it makes sense to read your experience Denise. The last weeks it was very intense with the ascension symtomes!!., It feels more and more presure on physical body!The presure in the body is more intens than ever before! It was feeling if I could died any moment…… The Dreamstate are .clear on the other side of the veil but its still fogy over here. Sinds 4 days I feel more space coming in the body and new energie is slowly taking its place.
    Thanks Denise for your sharing and to everone hould on!!! (hope you can read thise Englisch!!) Dhyana. (NL)

  11. Dearest Denise,

    First, I want to say bless your heart (and your head, your stomach) for living through all these intense physical body changes, and still attempting to reach out and attend to Transitions! Hugs!

    As we’ve been going through these past months, for myself I’ve found that I truly resonate with the truth within your words. You succinctly manage to explain what many of us know on some level and yet cannot put into words.

    To date, I’ve become more discerning (better at it). I read an article and stop because I “know” it doesn’t relate to “my” experience in this 9-month period. I don’t push myself to finish reading it, I just stop and move on. And in that process, I’ve chosen to not visit certain sites anymore, and only focus on the “positive/healing” aspects of the inner work. I’ve decided I don’t “have” to know or see the winding down of the “powers that were and won’t ever be”.

    I’ve had a few experiences that reinforced the wisdom of my own self/body. Which reinforced that I don’t need/have to listen to anyone else’s opinion of what I should do. I’ve learned that I don’t have to accept an entire book or article, that all I need to do is pick out the pieces I resonate with… and that’s it. It all sounds like common sense, and yet, I’m getting the hang of the experience of it now.

    I’m also realizing my “dreams” are most likely clearing out/transmuting all the unconscious stuff in me. I’m still that “observer” in the dream, and most of my dreams are dark in lighting, which says “unconscious” to me.

    My Dad, surprisingly, has been open to me challenging his “fears”. I feel it’s actually helpful to him for me to point out that his needs are met and there’s nothing to fear at all… so stop it (hehe!).

    Wherever I go, people are much more open in conversation. They talk about their intuition, their desire for positive changes, and they’re all receptive to what I have to share. I don’t go into a full out Ascension talk, only a piece of what I feel would be helpful for them to move forward on their own path.

    On a side note, the past couple weeks I’ve been getting up/waking MUCH earlier than I’ve ever done willingly (lol). I realized a couple days ago that my body (and my cat’s) is already in synch with daylight savings.

    I’m definitely taking advantage when I’m able of this “time”. I’m grateful for it. And hopefully we can all help each other through our experiences with love and patience.

    Much Love, Light, and Blessings,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  12. Hi Denise. Thanks for your great article. I am rather confused though, as I seemed to go through these symptoms from 2000-2008 when I was forced to give up work in the end through such severe symptoms that started in 1998. I did get diagnosed with Lyme disease and chronic fatigue, and also had morgellons from 2001-2003. Some say morgellons is in fact ascension symptoms but I am unsure?

    I had to change my diet and lifestyle radically, after which I got better to about 95% functioning now unless I deviate from an organic diet etc. So my question is….how do I know if those were ascension symptoms back then, and if not, why am I not getting any significant symptoms now?

    It’s frustrating for me, as I don’t know whether all those horrific symptoms that floored me were ascension-related or disease-related/caused by chemtrails, and so I have no idea whether I am ascending or not, as nothing major seems to be happening health-wise now but did back then. My knowledge has expanded a lot since then, and I do feel I have advanced, but at the same time it doesn’t feel like I am ready to ascend at all, as I don’t feel completed ‘connected’.

    Do you have any pointers you could give me?

    • “So my question is….how do I know if those were ascension symptoms back then, and if not, why am I not getting any significant symptoms now?”


      I have a lot of difficulty with duality thinking, the either/or thing I mean. From the way I perceive things, the majority of the time it’s BOTH things, BOTH situations, BOTH triggers etc. and not only one over the other. And to be really honest about this I must add that it’s typically far more things, situations, triggers etc. than just two!

      Anyway… to me the chem trails and all the rest of the insane negative toxic crap that’s been in our air, water, foods, everything just makes this Ascension Process that much more difficult for us to transmute bodily. I was not a Chemical Sensitive before the biological Ascension Process started for me in Feb. 1999, but I sure as hell became one during those horrible, brutal years of transmuting so much toxicity and negativity. Today I’m not nearly as bothered, sickened by the chemicals in the environment as I was years ago and the reasons for this are due to all the transmuting I’ve personally done within my physical and energy bodies and also multidimensionally within the 2D, 3D, 4D environments. That plus there’s been plenty of positive higher dimensional, nonphysical Beings that have been assisting us for many years with lessening the extreme levels of chemical toxicity (Piscean Age insanity and greed) too. So I’d say that you were having Ascension symptoms and also were having Lyme disease, chronic fatigue and who knows what else back then. I think we’ve been far more sick than we even realize yet, which is probably a blessing at this point. But, due to the massive amounts of multidimensional toxins/negativity we’ve been transmuting for well over a decade now, many of us don’t have the exact same Ascension symptoms we did back then for this reason.

      I’d suggest you ask your Higher Self for guidance for your highest, greatest good right now and then be open to whatever subtle or not so subtle things, messages, impressions, dreams, visions etc. come to you. Let your Higher Self and your Ascension Guides that you want to ascend, that you want to know more, that you want to continue spiritually growing etc. etc. and then be prepared for whatever comes! I’ve done this many, many times and am usually surprised by what gets sent to me that’s for my highest, greatest good right now! 😆


      • Thanks so much for your reply Denise. It’s wonderful to get an opinion from an expert for all these questions that I have puzzled over for years. I did wonder whether it was a combination of things including ascension, but sometimes thought it might be wishful thinking on my part.

        I did wonder whether chemtrails were designed to slow ascension, as toxic bodies find it harder to reach higher vibrations. I guess I could have gone down the medical route and the outcome now would be very different. I became allergic to all chemicals and even food until I learnt how to detox and support my body through it all (no antibiotics for me!). I still have some health issues with leaky gut, fatigue and aches etc, but the days of vertigo, fatigue, brainfog, crippling aches and pains at neck, shoulders and head are now mostly gone. I suspect the symptoms hit me so hard as I was only in my early 20s and living a typical lifestyle of a youngster (aside from being vegetarian). Apparently Lyme bacteria are in most people’s blood, but only some get sick when their immune system goes under par. I was grieving for my father in the lead-up to that time, so all that probably contributed.

        Since I suspect Lyme was vectored through chemtrails, it makes sense to me that this was put in our path to make ascension more difficult. It certainly did, as I was housebound for a few years in my 20s, and my life changed forever. I liken it to a forced change though, and am grateful for the experience, even though to others it looks like a tragedy that lost me the chance to have children, my house and my career. I also left my partner at that time.

        I read on the net that some people think morgellons is ascension, with crawling sensations, especially at the crown, but I just don’t know. All I know is that morgellons often affects those with red-tinged hair, green/hazel eyes and ancient mDNA, so I am not sure if we were targeted by chemtrails genetically to stop ascension?

        I have always been spiritual but I have changed a lot. Although I don’t feel completely connected as my psychic abilities are minimal, I do feel guided to amazing books and websites (such as yours) that have given me the info I seek. I have been told I have an intuitive knowing rather than a visual or aural psychic abilities, so perhaps I am more connected than I realise.

        I sleep about 10 hours a day right now, and my dreams are intense. The only sad thing is that I feel I am on a different path to most friends and family, but I guess this is all meant to be.

        Anyway, sorry for the long message and I hope your symptoms get easier.


  13. Denise, Thank you for sharing. I am just emerging from about 10 days of severe shortness of breath, heart palpitations, stomach upset, back pain, weakness and extreme fatigue that kept me off my feet and unable to walk more than 5 feet without having to sit. And, I also had the thymus pain, front and back, so thank you for clarifying the source of that. I received so much unconditional love in the heart area during this period. I had a routine doctor’s appointment, and my exam was perfectly normal. I thought it would be, but it is nice to have your article support my feeling this was more Ascension stuff, and not me falling apart! One of my insights during this time is that I Am (You Are, We All Are) the third part of the Trinity; as in Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Child (us!). We are the Cosmic Christ Child! It makes me wonder about the timing, since Easter, when Jesus Christ supposedly rose from the dead, is coming up soon (March 31); are we, the Christ, now being resurrected? Hmmmm…

    • Susan,

      I’m glad you had the doctors visit that coincided with all these very intense Ascension symptoms so you and all of us too, know that we can be “fine” according to a medical professional and yet find it difficult to walk those 5 feet! Thanks for sharing that for any others who may be second-guessing their energy symptoms. 🙂

      Yes, yes and more yes; we are the famed “second coming” doing it, being it, embodying it individually internally instead of having it be an external teaching or belief system controlled and/or distorted by other people, countries for whatever reasons and so on. This is one huge and very important Evolutionary Shift back into self responsibility and direction relation with Source/God/High Self etc.

      ♥ Hugs,

  14. Denise, I LOVE the images of the increasingly pregnant woman holding a growing plant at the start of the post. I don’t know how you managed it but it’s perfect! And what a superb summary of where we are and where we’re heading.

    My hope is that with the cleansing and absorption of Light possible in these 9 months (6 more to go), more people originally heading for Planet B will resonate to the Planet A/B scenario by September. I like the term “Stair Step Earth World.”

    My dreams and dream messages have become increasingly more vivid, and I have certainly experienced the “extreme exhaustion” you refer to. It’s so hard to get myself to do anything! I found your list of symptoms/possible experiences very helpful.

    One thing that readers may find useful is journaling with our Higher Self. We can ask questions and get answers from a deeper part of ourselves. I do it often.

    Blessings to all, Thelma

  15. Denise, Thanks for the info! I have been expriencing the hot flashes and occassional cold flashes. The hot flashes at first seemed to center in my chest, like I had a furnace in there suddenly turned up high. Then they moved to the back of my head/neck. Then to the center of my head. They always spread from the starting point to my whole body. .They now usually only happen when I meditate. I also felt a perfect circle of very cold air on my forehead one night during meditation. I have also experienced a cracking sensation in my head. Shortly after that I noticed that I suddenly saw lights( car lights, street lights, etc.) as rings of light rather than spots of light. I was at first astounded to see this, as it was a bit like seeing fireworks all around, large rings of different colored lights all over the nighttime cityscape. Now I am becoming used to it. Is my third eye opening causing this? Thanks for insight. Kim

    • “… Shortly after that I noticed that I suddenly saw lights( car lights, street lights, etc.) as rings of light rather than spots of light. I was at first astounded to see this, as it was a bit like seeing fireworks all around, large rings of different colored lights all over the nighttime cityscape. Now I am becoming used to it. Is my third eye opening causing this?”


      Absolutely, everyone’s becoming clairvoyant (and empathic, claircognizant etc. etc.) due to the Ascension Process, just at different rates. For many years I suddenly saw water as a thick, much more dense substance than usual. I also saw new colors in certain places, so we’re all perceiving very different things, beings, energies, levels of different realities/dimensions etc. and this will only continue and rather dramatically now that we’re post Shift. The more we transmute within ourselves and embody more Light, the more we’ll perceive very new (new to many people… not so new to many others 😉 ) other dimensional Beings, ETs, Starbeings, Lightbeings, plus many others.


      • Wow, a few years ago, I was seeing “halos” around lights and thought it was just my bad eyesight getting worse but now that I think about it I am not having it anymore, weirdness for sure. Most recently the newest thing has been a tingling/vibrating sensation over my heart area, freaked me out a little but I just figured it went along with all the other hot/cold, dizzy, blurry vision, upset tummy, sleeping as much as I can, ect, ect and all the above and more.
        As for the colors and the triangle. I have been seeing in the sky for some time this very thing. It also sometimes has a blue color in it as well. The colors blink on an off and tsometimes fade into all white. I just smile and say, come on down. 🙂
        Love to all here and thanks for this wonderful safe place you keep for us Denise.

      • Denise, thanks for all you do! Can you clarify when/what the 3000-3600 years is? Will we be in 4d for all that time? Thanks, KIm

  16. Thank you for the information, Denise 🙂 There were times when I vacillated between feeling like my body was falling apart and the fleeting thought that I was having a heart attack/stroke. Not fun at all. I just wrote about your message with a link to your site. No more re-writes of the Ascension Plan, please!! Let’s just make it happen 🙂

  17. I’m adding this Comment under this article for roll606 – Caroline because she placed it under an image. Denise

    “Your description of symptoms mirrors what I am experiencing precisely. Thank you so much for relating your knowing and feelings. I have had no one with whom I was able to express what I’ve been experiencing. The extreme exhaustion, weakness, and inability to function mentally has left me incapable of functioning daily tasks, lol. I also completely concur that the best place to be is safely in bed or sitting. Bumping into walls and especially door ways, is a common experience for me as well. If I need to prepare food, I have to really focus when using knives or the stove. It does cause me to laugh out loud at myself at the effect these powerful energies are having on my experience.

    Thank you so much again for sharing – I do not feel like the only one.

    Blessings, Caroline”

    • Caroline,

      I too am always bumping into the walls & doorways, I get beat up just trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night! I must look like the ball in a pinball machine..LOL. You are not alone!

  18. Hey Denise 🙂

    Another excellent blog, your insight is amazing and accurate as usual.

    Physically since February I have had many challenges, but I was listening to the latest Kryon channel, we are recalibrating and evolving in our bodies, so our chemistry will be out of balance.

    Can I ask my friend, how you perceive our living will be if we can switch between planet A & planet A/B, the day to day existing?

    Oh yeah, I am hitting the big 40 end of June!

    Love & hugs,


    • Stu,

      OMG that’s right, you’re in your Uranus Opposition transit (transformation) now! From age 39-42 or 43. This is a potent, once in a lifetime transit Stu and it brings plenty of inner/outer changes so be ready and willing to be flexible and bend in the winds of change during these years. Also, pay attention to your dreams and any themes that play out through them as they’re important, archetypal often, so USE them to learn whatever it is that is coming up for you during these years. The Uranus Opposition transit is one big energetic recalibration all on it’s own, so it coupled with these other recalibrations everyone is going through now is extra potent and transforming for you Stu. Well done Higher Self! 😉


      • Depens if some lives in his.her pre- personality or personality or more and more in his/her trans-personality.
        A horoscope and planets work on different levels ,It depend all on someones evolution point how a horoscope will work out!
        with Heart greetings; Dhyana(NL)

      • Hey Denise 🙂

        I shall have words with my higher self, dumping me with a double dose of transforming energy!! 😉

        I’m still a bit shocked at how tough life is at the moment, just dealing with going to work is a battle, ontop of everything else…..

        I really feel like I need some backup.

        Love & hugs,


    • Dear Stu,

      I just wanted to chime in “me too”… although my 40 is at the very end of August. I wanted to add something to the “age” thing. I recently read an article from Cosmic Awareness about how age is just a hypnotic suggestion that all of us as a society have “accepted”. One of the first questions we ask each other is “how old are you”. When we ask that question, we solidify the understanding that is if you’re a “certain age” then you ought to have wrinkles, or white hair, or health problems. I’ve meditated on this quite a bit. At first it was quite a paradox for me to deal with, until I understood that hey, our TRUE Self is Eternal so how can we age? If that’s true, and we ARE Eternal, and that Eternal energy is within our energy bodies, can we not re-align to youth and health again? As a visual concept (new language), what I found makes sense for me is knowing the fairies in “Lord of the Rings” are “Eternal” (thousands of linear time years) and yet they look lovely and young and strong.

      For myself (as a multiple person), I can accept this a bit more easily. My therapist has said that in her experience, people who have a multiplicity experience tend to not “show their physical age”. So if that’s true, why can’t it be true for all of the population?

      One final thought. On Ronna Herman’s website in her profile, she doesn’t speak of “age”, she says “she is now in her eighty-third journey around the sun”. I believe this reinforces that this thing called age is only a marker in linear time… and remember, linear time is not the only reality.

      If you’re interested, here’s the link to the Cosmic Awareness article:

      We all deserve health and wellness in all aspects. As we’re gestating, I thought I’d share these thoughts with all of you to add to the mix.

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly

  19. this is the third time i have tried to comment and the first two times my comment has disappeared ! third time lucky?? basically what i was trying to find out was whether anyone else is experiencing extremely hot flashes at the moment – that leave your head and back of neck wet with perspiration. i have been on the ascension path for 13-14 years now and always have odd hot flashes but never to this degree – in my last two attempts at posting i wrote heaps about what i have been experiencing recently but dont think i can bear to write it all again. am going through my yearly bout of fluey clearing at the moment which always follows same route of sore throat, aches, sinus probs, dizzyness, cough, zzzyness in different parts of my body, fearfulness etc etc . takes me weeks to get so i feel like i am back to vaguely normal – i have never had this intenseness of heat before – am also experiencing psychic attack at night which i find the worst aspect of this ascension process to deal with actually!! the last two years have been v stressful and odd on top of everything else – my mum dying, my fathers dementia and ensuing weird behavior and hospitalisation, my brothers lack of any sort of decency and mercenaryness, a break-in at fathers house, dealing with medical profession and inmates of psychiatric ward, and so on – my homeopath tells me i have a low immune system because of stress but my health levels have risen – which is good – over last three weeks – i know i have had to go through all of this to sort myself out – but still am finding it very hard when no one “gets”me –
    anyway – all i really wanted to do was find out if i was a solitary case of “feeling the heat” or if anyone else was getting similar sensations thanks Denise for your help/advice – am looking forward to something wonderful!!!! susie.

    • sulaireland – susie,

      I am so sorry that you’ve been experiencing interference in trying to get Comments to come through. The last few weeks (most of February) have had a LOT of negative interference manifesting through certain people, places, potential happenings and so on. Same old, same old negative crap. I deliberately left this whole topic out of The First Trimester article only because I was so exhausted from the negativity coming at me from multiple sources/people lately. But, my point is that it’s been amped up (again) since 1-1-13 actually and escalating into February and March. The big attempt by the Negatives using whoever they can at this point before the March 20, 2013 Equinox energies come in carrying NEW blueprints/energies post Shift. I bet you didn’t think that was why you couldn’t get your Comment to reach me huh? 😉 Things are getting better however as of the past 24 hours.

      For about a decade I had hot flashes as severe as you’re talking about; dripping wet with sweat from my scalp to the bottoms of my feet twenty times a day/night. It was horrible but there ya go! I don’t have them like this anymore but, during these past few weeks of amplified negative attacks I’ve had three hot flashes that made my skin damp. It’s been an intense First Trimester with plenty of negative attacks and interference coming at us through different people and situations. I totally “get you” and so does everyone else here Susie. ♥ You’ve done a great job and try to pamper yourself when you need it.


    • Hi Susie, if it’s any help to you at all, I’ve been burning up since the Solstice :/ “Hot flashes” is an understatement! So please don’t worry, I think we’re actually OK 🙂 I call it the Fires of Ascension. Blessings, Grace

    • Aloha, Hot flashes have been a part of my experience now for a couple months. I wondered about menopause, but from intense heat in my chest, I felt the hot flashes move to my head and the back of my neck They begin in a certain spot (chakra?) and spread. Once I felt one begin in my hands! Recently they have subsided some and are less disruptive. You simply have to allow the energy to flow. Many Blessings! KIm

    • Hi Susie!

      I’m chiming in too to reassure you–wicked hot flashes here too, that seem more intense & frequent since 1-1-13. I literally wake up drenced in my own sweat, jammies soaked through. When i try to go for my walks, i feel like an absolute inferno on my insides, while my outside is freezing cold in the 20deg weather. The frozen fire thing. I choose to believe its my body & spirit burning off the dross! So now i almost welcome it, thinking that whatever is being incinerated & causing so much discomfort is something I will never have to deal with again! Hang in there!
      “Warmly” 😉 , Elila

  20. Hi Denise and All Here:

    Arghh and yes, sooooo tired and weak et cetera, I sometimes feel like my head is just going to roll back and fall off my shoulders. Skin tightness everywhere so that I want to get out of it. I’m really, I mean really, tired of my skin and its confinement, almost to the point of being claustrophobic I want out!!!!! Dreams are bizarre and they are always meeting-type dreams like you mentioned above, Denise, though I can’t remember anything about them in the mornings. No more tweaks, please! Thank you, Denise, for this update when you are feeling so arghh yourself and thank you, All Here, for commenting. It’s good to know we’re actually bringing the kingdom of heaven (upper 4D) to Planet Earth, and I’ll certainly hang on for the big party, because, frankly, I don’t have a life now, at least not one I’m aware of. Every day is pretty much the same and I have so little interest in anything other than the ascension process. We’re having triplets, I understand! Love to you, Denise, and All Here, B.

  21. Hi Denise

    I can relate to so so much of this. VERY exciting! You never cease to amaze me.

    you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!!!

    What highly conscious people talk about. From the film My Dinner With Andre.

  22. Denise,

    I admit I am a little confused about what you call “nonphysical 5D.” I thought we would still have form in 5D? Probably nothing as solid as in 3D, but isn’t the fifth dimension the last physical dimension?

    Or am I getting it wrong?


    Blessings to all, Thelma

    • “…I admit I am a little confused about what you call “nonphysical 5D.” I thought we would still have form in 5D? Probably nothing as solid as in 3D, but isn’t the fifth dimension the last physical dimension? Or am I getting it wrong?”


      No, the fifth dimension (5D) is a nonphysical dimension and the beings there do not have dense physical bodies. I’ve seen, worked with, loved and interacted with many 5D beings throughout my life and they all have had some type of body form and personality just like we do in physicality… just a whole lot lighter and less dense and with much less ego etc.

      Think about your dreams and/or mediational, expanded awareness times when you’ve seen and/or interacted with your Guides, Astral Teachers, higher dimensional Beings, Starbeings, Lightbeings etc. Just because they were not “physical” made absolutely no different to you or what was happening or being taught or exchanged between you and them. Know that we’ll still have “form” in 5D; I’ve seen 8D Beings whose “form” was nothing but Light geometry shapes; compacted areas of some substance that looked to me like flesh colored clouds; massive tubes of white Light; a mass of different colored lights in a transparent jell-like substance. All of these 8D Beings were very advanced and yet, even at the eighth dimensional level they still used individual “forms”… because they were still individuated.


      • Thanks for the explanation, Denise!

        It’s a relief to know we’ll still have form and retain our personality (without ego)… I welcome losing body density. I once saw three of my spirit guides/angels protecting me during sleep when I got out of body .. they were orbs of light, probably from a dimension higher than 5th.

        (I keep wondering what Gaia in 5D LOOKS like – I imagine all the beauty of nature minus the skyscrapers! Would love to know how you see our world in 5D. Or does what we each IMAGINE constitute what we will see???)

        Hugs back, Thelma

  23. Hi Jane!

    I found your comment & questions valuable–a lot of us are just as sick, exhausted & confused as you are & each person who chimes in adds to clarity for us all I think. Whenever one of us asks questions there are usually many more who have remained quiet that would like to know the answer too! I would bet that a lot of the answers to some of your inquiries can be found in Denise’s older posts, and in her newest one too. She has been doing some superhuman work here, all while being probably even sicker & more wiped out than the rest of us & I’m positive she had no intention of having you feel scolded!
    I also definitely noticed the out-of-sorts thing the last few days & was wondering what was going on, was googling to see if there had been a solar flare or something–the animals seemed especially quiet, distant, unusually disinterested, even in food!
    We are all in this together girl, hang in there!
    Warm hug, Elila

  24. Hello Denise and everyone !

    Denise , I just wanted to say thank you for all those years of writing and support that you have given to all of us here. I am especially thankful for bringing up the topic about “low vibrating enerigies” . If it was not for you writing about those low forms of existance, psychic attacks from humans ( including unawaken family memebers) and non human energies etc. I would never knew what I was dealing with was real and not the product of my imagination and I had to find the way to protect myself. Lisa Renne’s 12D shielding works very well , I also use Donna Eden’s (energy medicine teacher) Celtic Weave to strengthen my auric field and it works fantastic !!!(you can u-tube it) and also when I sense the presence of low vibrating energy , I immediately call for Arch.Michael and Arch.Uriel to escort and transmute any entities and any energies that are not aligned with my highest devine truth and It takes just a few brief seconds for Arch. to complete the clean up! I am also very thankful to you Denise for introducing me to Karen Bishop’s writing last year . I know , a lot of humans are awakening now and they are in need of knoweldgeable teachers who can guide them through the process. I appreciate you sharing with us all the physical symptoms that are a part of the process , from ” Buddha’s belly ” , crown chakra and thymus gland pressures , the need for frequent eating to feeling very fatigue with new energy wave. I remind myself frequently when the symptoms arrive to just get with the program and enjoy the fact of being awaken ! It does help to supplement the diet with good multivit. , I use PhytoMulti by Metagenics and some good digestive enzymes , I use Enzyme V by OrthoMolecular and Syntol (really gentle probiotic). I also started to culture my own veggies (it does help with Buddha’s belly! ) , you can get the veg. culture starter from , it is really very simple and it does help me with digestive issues I encounter during the process . There are days sometimes , especially with new energy surge that all I can do is rest as much as I can . But once the new wave settles down a bit and I feel better I learned that a little of yoga movements greatly help to disperse the new energy equally within the body . What also helped me to strenghten my body is when I learned to trace my own meridians (also tought by Donna Eden) and you can u tube it as well . Denise , thank you so much for letting us come here and share our thoughts and support each other through the process. Love to you , to your mom and Ascension teammates !

  25. Denise, I was lying in my bed this morning pleading with the universe(God) to please help me get up. I can not sleep before 3:00am and rarely get up before 11:00am. I usually have 4 hours to get errands and all things done that need to get done.

    By 4:00 pm I start to fade and sit there like a zombie. The spinning is new but the exhaustion is on going more now. I understand this of course because of your site and don’t know what I would have done if I never found it.

    Then I decided to reread this post. I read Barbara’s first and then yours they both helped immensely.

    What is new is a new amount of extreme pressure. Now I know you probably have address all symptoms but I am wondering if being born on March 19, is making this more difficult(the pressure)

    I also am 0 degree’s in Pisces, Cancer and Libra, so I hit the transition days as well.

    I’m sorry if I am such a baby at needing support at times but I am so weary and sometimes feel like I would like to exit this.

    Thank you for your on going support and kindess.

    Love Cheri

    • Cheri,

      With your (anyone’s) birthday Sun on or near (conjunct) the March Equinox, you feel the Cardinal Equinoxes (in spring it’s a conjunction and in fall an opposition) and Solstices (summer and winter both squares) much more intensely. Happy upcoming Birthday. ♥

      For the past few days I’ve been feeling the energies building towards the incoming first Equinox after the 12-21-12 Shift and this is as much about the incoming energies as it is about the old negative ones putting up such profound resistance to these NEW higher blueprint energies starting to come in physically on 3-20-13! The hatred, negativity, chaos and spreading BS etc. is on full-alert and really amping up and it feels horrible. I’m doing my best to ignore it but it’s difficult because it’s so determined to survive and grab as many people/consciousness as it can.

      I too HAVE to rest and nap in the late afternoon. Once the sun goes down and a few hours after that the energies are more tolerable for a number of reasons. Don’t feel bad for feeling bad and needing to rest, nap and/or sleep just to cope with what all is happening now. Many of us are.

      Happy Birthday and make your intentions now, before your birthday and the spring Equinox as to what you really, honestly want to manifest in your life/reality this year. Make a list of three things that YOU want for yourself, your body, your life etc. and plant those seeds during your birthday/Equinox.


      • Hi, Cheri and Denise,

        I noticed a lot of us had birthdays around the 12-21 mark and was wondering if there would be a bunch more of us at the equinox. I’m getting the impression that a lot of us will be having birthdays in the next week or so. Me included. I just made my three wishes, like you said, Denise. I’m feeling the energies but mostly keep on going, but I’m being slowed down by an injury and a cold (first of the winter). I’m feeling pretty buoyant at the moment, except for the inability to move without physical pain ( not the ascension kind).
        I was at a talk today where someone talked about Dante in relation to utopia and dystopia, where Paradisio was the utopia and Inferno was the dystopia. So what was Purgatorio? It made me think of us, pushing this boulder up the winding hill, only to have it slide back down again. It feels like what we’re doing– endless work to get to Planet A. Maybe Purgatorio Planet A/B. And then Inferno is Planet B, where Team Dark will eventually live. That one certainly fits.
        I also thought this week that the new pope is called Francis. Francis of Assisi was called Brother Sun, wasn’t he? Is it another coincidence? Does it mean the chains of power in the church are falling? Dare I hope?

        Love and hugs to you both,

      • “…I noticed a lot of us had birthdays around the 12-21 mark and was wondering if there would be a bunch more of us at the equinox. I’m getting the impression that a lot of us will be having birthdays in the next week or so. Me included…”


        Upcoming Happy Birthday sweetheart! 🙂 ♥

        Yes I suspect a lot of us Starseeds/Pathpavers/Lightworkers incarnated ourselves on or near (conjunct) the power days of the Equinoxes and/or Solstices and/or have our ASC. and/or other important Natal planets and/or angles etc. on them or in opposition to them. We volunteered for this Service Work but we came in with as many spiritual energetic tools to help us with this Work as we could.

        Have the bestest Birthday ever Cat.

        ♥ Hugs,
        Denise and Co.

      • I have been feeling like the new pope, or as I have been saying we have been poped again, kind of like punked. lol. Sorry off again i go but at least i am keeping some humor in all this crap of the past week. Anyway, I found it interesting that he was chosen on 3/13/13. Somehow seems it means something just not sure what. With all the symptons I cannot seem to connect to much of anything but feel the timing of this date and right before the spring……..speaking of that wasn’t the equinox always on the 21st? Why the 20th, some trick being played on us? Love to all and hang in there everyone because, we are in it to win it.

      • ” have been feeling like the new pope, or as I have been saying we have been poped again, kind of like punked. lol. Sorry off again i go but at least i am keeping some humor in all this crap of the past week. Anyway, I found it interesting that he was chosen on 3/13/13. Somehow seems it means something just not sure what…”


        This whole business with the old 👿 Draconian pope suddenly leaving and this new one being put in place is very suspicious. And yes, Church and State typically does what they do on power days because they know to take advantage of the available energies and always have. Such was the case when president W. & Co. started that war ON the Vernal Equinox ten years ago come Wednesday, March 20, 2013! The old patriarchal monsters have been jockeying for positions on the next Energy Waves as usual… however, not all will end up in the same world reality and timeline now that we’re on the other side of 12-21-12. (The Separation of Worlds that will begin fully with the end of the Nine Months period on the Autumnal Equinox of September 22, 2013. Most of these old patriarchal die-hards will end up on a very different earth world and timeline than the one we’re currently all on during these “Nine Months” period.)

        The big difference this time with their activities and musical chairs routines has to do with the ten year anniversary of that war’s start date ON the Vernal Equinox a decade ago, and the fact that this upcoming Vernal Equinox on March 20, 2013 is the first one after the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Shift Point events. And most importantly, the start of the NEW ascension blueprint energies will arrive in this dimension via the Vernal Equinox energies (power day) and really begin those big, reality-altering changes we’ve been talking about for years now. Everyone is and will continue to move themselves into place/position to where they want to end up but the big difference now is that they won’t all end up in the same or only earth world that we’ve all lived on/in for all of our lives up to this point. By the time the Nine Months ends on the Sept. 2013 Equinox, the built up energies and intentions and focus etc. of the people and beings energetically aligned with their own agenda’s will push apart, repel away from each other and the full Separation of Worlds into multiple timelines will begin. Until then however, it’s going to be the crazy, frustrating zoo it has been for all!

        Also, the dates of the Equinoxes and Solstices and even the dates that the Sun changes astrological signs each month changes a day or two each year. 🙂


      • Hello, Denise and sunny and all,

        I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Cheri! Happy Birthday! And to all others that will be having a birthday this week!
        I know, I know, it’s the Catholic Church– how can I be so naive? But the choice of the name Francis threw me off, because Saint Francis of Assisi was so anti-church and hung out in nature and was best friends with animals. What can I say– I still have hope that the dug in ones can change? Ah, sigh. I was also noticing that his instatement will take place the day before the energies really change– a last ditch effort?
        It’s sounding exciting about the splitting of timelines. Right now, though, and since yesterday, I have had the worst headache ever. Even putting my head on the pillow to sleep hurt. I’m all seized up in my neck and upper back. Am I fighting this too hard? Or is this just the energies that are coming through? Ack, and I have such a busy two weeks coming up.
        Hey, Denise, and thanks for keeping the site more protected now. I can definitely feel the difference. I know it’s harder on you, but it is so appreciated.

        Love and hugs to you all,

      • ” Right now, though, and since yesterday, I have had the worst headache ever. Even putting my head on the pillow to sleep hurt. I’m all seized up in my neck and upper back. Am I fighting this too hard? Or is this just the energies that are coming through?”


        “All seized up in my neck and upper back”, is exactly right. Seized up is a good way to describe this feeling, pressure in our spines and that Thymus High Heart upper chest area. Mine has been so extreme lately that I’ve felt the Thymus energies pushing up on to my Throat chakra and Thyroid glad there. The First Trimester has been very intense…

        “Hey, Denise, and thanks for keeping the site more protected now. I can definitely feel the difference. I know it’s harder on you, but it is so appreciated.”

        Thanks for saying that Cat. ♥


      • Dearest Denise and Cat,

        The past couple days (today still) I’ve had that thymus pressure. Like I could breathe deeply, but it’s better to breathe shallowly. I’ve also had this curious tingly feeling from the middle of my throat area to the bottom of my jaw/chin. I imagine that has to do with my thyroid. Curiously, in talking with my Mom, last week, she had her own heart issues (went to the Dr., checked out ok, then a few days later her heart started pounding which freaked her out… she was reassured by the symptoms I described from your site). Her friend also went to the er recently, checked out just fine, yet her chest was so constricted that it freaked her out. I’d definitely say that we’re in that home stretch before the new info is coming!

        I’m also a lot more tired. I’ve made the choice to not get on my own case if I don’t make it to the gym because I’m too tired to get out of bed to get ready and go there. In the long run I think my body will thank me for going slow. =)

        Hugs to all you who have really intense symptoms. I appreciate your endurance to keep going. I’m looking forward to Wednesday, and am just staying with the ride of what comes with each moment.

        Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  26. I just reread the comments on this blog…I laughed and laughed not becuase it’s funny more becuase it’s insane. I go through times at night when I’m in the fire to such an extreme I don’t sleep at all, so I sleep durnig the day.
    By the grace of someone I am able to not have to work now, so squeek by on a wing and a prayer.
    What is insane about all of this is the immense amount of pain,constant changes in the realm of what’s next, which is all of what the members say.
    What would we do without this site.
    Blessings to all and thank you, Denise.

    • Cheri,

      You know it happens all the time here where I read a comment & say “ha! me too!”–and yet it still shocks & surprises me every time! I too have spent way too long waking up in the morning & being disappointed that I did. Also, for several weeks now, the heat has been so intense at night that my sleep schedule has been turned upside down–i can’t seem to fall asleep before 2 or 3am and rarely wake up before 11 or 12. Last night I was still awake at 4am and today I didn’t wake up until 2pm!!! Good thing I’m not working either! But I totally agree, it has been a very lonesome journey, and I don’t know what I would do without Denise & the rest of you here. Cheri you are definitely not the only one who sometimes wishes to hit the “EJECT” button on this ride–I am utterly exhausted (& unable to sleep!?) & sometimes have a hard time caring at all anymore. I’m hanging on only because I wouldn’t want to risk the possibility of all the positive & wonderful things we’ve been hoping for & working towards manifesting the day AFTER I’ve checked out! Hang in there Sister!
      Warm hug, Elila

      • Yup, the physical symptoms/sleep weirdness right now are pretty phenomenal. Last two days has been spacey/headachey with that kind of lingering “I feel green and barfy” feeling that one gets after going on one too many rollercoasters at an amusement park. Sleeptime has the body darting between waves of cold and hot, and forget about sleeping during the hours/in the manner that you think sleep should be. Ain’t happening right now! Even my dogs and local wildlife have been chiming in at odd hours. The interesting thing for me is that my kids have finally settled in a bit and have had (at least, as far as I can tell), pretty peaceful sleep the last few days. Any way you slice it, though, the latest energies have definitely doled out a right good whallop.

      • ” Last two days has been spacey/headachey with that kind of lingering “I feel green and barfy” feeling that one gets after going on one too many rollercoasters at an amusement park…”


        😆 Perfect description of what this stage has felt like! I too thought the other day of how that beautiful energy sphere inside my head that spins like crazy feels very much like it did when riding a fast and hard roller coaster! “green and barfy” indeed! 😆 Thanks for the giggles, the very accurate and correct giggles. ♥


  27. Thank you so much Denise, your so loving and kind. This journey has been so lonely so when you reach out to me with such words and kindness it goes straight to the heart.I thank you for that.
    I don’t think the life I lived as a child,(healing from past lives) which was horrific was any less a painful and filled with fear then what I have endured in the last 21,17, 13,10, and most definately the last 3…I was thinking this morning how I made it when some nights I went to bed begging to be taken out..but here I am moving into the last phases believing totally the end of this world is in site.
    My sensitivity to animals, plants, trees and the earth has become immense.
    Thank you so much I say this with all my heart.

    • Hello Cheri ,

      Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday Cheri ! Best wishes to you and everyone born in spring ! May be healthy , may be happy , may be at peace for many springs to come 🙂
      with love to all

      P.S. Sandra Walter from Creative Evolution released a new video ” Equinox Intel – The new light is here” , a nice one to watch 🙂 Cheri , I know you mentioned having sleep disturbances in your last post . It is a common problem for many of us as well as heat/cold within the body . What helps me really well to deal with all the above is taking Inositol (by Biotics Research) 2-3 tabs and 10 mg melatonin at night . Inositol is called sometomes vit B8 , is one of the B complex vit. , but it has a very calming effect on the body. I support my ascension with different dietary supplements (as I mentioned in the last comment) and it makes a lot easier for me to cope with symptoms the process presents. And of course , it is always good to consult your healthcare practitioner to decide what is best for you . Hope you find this info. a little helpful . Many blessings ! Again , thank you Denise for your help in many ways !

      • Barbara & All,

        Nothing personal at all Barbara but this is the first and last time I’ll allow anything about Sandra Walter to be included in a Comment at TRANSITIONS. I have my personal and private (and they will remain private) reasons and I thank everyone for respecting my reasons for this.

        Thank You all,

    • Cheri,
      You’re welcome! I hope your birthday tomorrow is unexpectedly divine!

      Cat & Denise,
      I too woke up Sunday with that seized up neck & upper back–and I knew right away that there must have been a major solar blast, because that specific pain always comes when there is. Sure as sh*t there was a large CME and a couple of solar flares on (early) Sunday! Since they are directly related for me I thought perhaps others are noticing the correlation as well….
      And Denise I would like to second Cat–thank you for always being strong & keeping this space protected. I can usually feel why you make the decisions to exclude the things you do–and you are so very appreciated for taking your stands. Thank you for so diligently working the “front line”.
      Warm hugs, Elila

      • Oh & shoot! I keep forgetting to tell you Denise that I LOOOOOVE all the pretty pretty wallpapers & colors you have been using–adds extra pleasure to coming here! Lovely & well done you!

      • “And Denise I would like to second Cat–thank you for always being strong & keeping this space protected. I can usually feel why you make the decisions to exclude the things you do–and you are so very appreciated for taking your stands. Thank you for so diligently working the “front line”…”


        Thank You for understanding why I do what I do, it means a lot to me. ♥

        Gratitude Hug,

      • Hi, Elila,

        Oh, yes, I mean, hell, yeah! I get these kinds of “seizures” of my neck and back and major headaches when there is a lot of solar activity. When there are pretty lights in the sky is when I hurt the most (I live pretty far north and we get northern lights here). It’s a bit better today.
        Wow, every few days the wallpaper changes to something new and very pretty. I like the geometry of them, Denise!

        Love and hugs,

      • Cat,
        Hell yes! I get the headaches too! (oh how my head hurt during the Three Days…yeow). And the northern lights are actually a visual result of the magnetic disruption of the solar winds caused by the CME blast. I read that this weekend’s flare gave us northern lights as far south as Colorado! I’m in MI and they were spotted here too. Its a bit better for me too today…i think this is the longest I’ve felt the pain from a CME or flare yet. Assuming its because of the imminent equinox & probably an indicator of how intense THAT will be….fasten your seatbelts & helmets fellow transitioners–lol 😉
        Love & hugs back, Elila

      • Yep, today was a killer for the bod. I am not one to lose my appetite and it’s been gone
        for about a week. I feel like a lightning rod and am headin to bed. Chin ups, Mateys!

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