April Fools! Not!

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In the early AM hours of April 1, 2013 I experienced another layer of my personal Life Review. As I said in another article, the Life Review every human experienced at some point on either 12-21-12 or 12-22-12 or 12-23-12 — the Three Days — happened at a quantum level and state of being with Divine Consciousness. Immediately after this we entered these extended “Nine Months” period for us to, at lower frequency and dimensional levels and bodies, work on and experience whatever it is that each one of us still here on Earth now needs to before the end of this Nine Months extension period.

The Life Review happened in a quantum split-second for each of us at some point during the Three Days; these following Nine Months (the Three Trimesters) are us re-examining, working on, living and fulfilling our quantum Life Review but within these lower dimensions and bodies (this physical one, the higher Astral, and into fifth dimensional levels as well). We are multidimensional Beings and this is more of us becoming consciously aware of this fact and that we’re working very diligently within multiple dimensions during these Nine Months to complete what we wanted and agreed to at our quantum level Life Review during the Three Days.

In the early AM hours of April 1, 2013 I experienced another aspect or layer of my Life Review while asleep and out-of-body in a higher dimension. While there I suddenly experienced a reunion with a elder male human I’d physically known and loved dearly as a friend and fellow spiritual teacher during the late 1970s and 1980s. He physically died in the late 1980s. As was the case in what little I remembered of my original quantum level Life Review that took place in the early AM hours of 12-22-12, this old male friend and spiritual teacher reunion of April 1, 2013 was much the same. He and I were suddenly alone together and terribly happy to see each other again and we poured our hearts out to each other about how much we loved each other and how much we valued each other and so on. We thanked each other for every single thing, every single word, every single emotion the other one gave the other when we were together physically on earth. That was my Life Review with that person, Samuel. It was a great gift and real blessing for me to consciously remember that this event even took place while I was asleep earlier in the AM hours of 4-1-13.  ❤

Interestingly, when I awoke a couple of hours after this non-physical meeting with this beloved old friend, I unexpectedly and immediately collided with another memory, and this one was the exact opposite of the earlier one! As I awakened around 5:00 AM on April 1, 2013, I was assailed with the realization that it was the thirteenth anniversary of when two half-brothers moved into a rental house next door to what was my Mother’s old house. If you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution then you know that I’m referring to that house and those horrible demonically possessed and totally controlled neighbors. Thirteen years ago today on April Fools Day — how clever Team Dark could be when they wanted to — began the worst and most difficult four-year period of my entire life because those two half-brothers were deliberately moved in next-door to my Mom and I in an attempt to stop me and prevent us both from doing what we were there to do which was protect a portal that existed in that physical area from being taken over by Team Dark during that time, plus help from the physical 3D side, higher dimensional Starbeings anchor a section of the NEW higher frequency Earth Grid System in that location. For more information about this and much more read the book please and thank you.   🙂

Point is, that on April 1, 2000, those two males were intentionally moved into the house next door to us by Team Dark and one of them was the portal person or host for a female demonic entity. She controlled the other brother, their friends and other family members too, and her mission at that point was to take me out of the Ascension picture in any way she/it could and she/it nearly did… nearly. Four years of this battle and it still took us selling that house and physically moving in an attempt to stop the psychic/Astral/physical attacks by the demonic entity and that group of controlled humans. So on April 1, 2013, I wake up with the realization that it’s the thirteenth anniversary of the worst time of my life (and that’s saying something believe me) and then in pours all of those April 1, 2000 through end of June 2004 memories of the years of hell I and my Mom went through while they lived next door and before we sold that house to escape/survive both the demonic and physical attacks.

As I’m laying there in bed this morning being assailed by these horrible memories, I don’t mind telling you that I wanted revenge in the worst of ways. In the next second however, I wanted to be completely free and emotionally neutral about these past events with those people and their controller demon. In those minutes I wanted to not even have to remember what I suffered through during those four astonishing, Ascension-related Grid Worker years in that physical location. As I lay there going through these memories and emotions and wanting to be free of it all, I started to become depressed and then decided to completely surrender to what was happening to me.

A couple of hours later I was telling my Mom about my sudden realization that today is the thirteenth anniversary of one of our most treacherous Starseed jobs in these lives. While I was telling her this I suddenly remembered that hours earlier I’d had the wonderful reunion with my long-dead male friend and spiritual teacher Samuel who she also knew. I was immobilized in that moment as these two profound extremes, these two extreme memories of actual physical events I’ve lived through both came back into my full consciousness. I immediately realized that, for me, this was another layer of my Life Review that I was and still am working on. That and the glaring realization of the extremes in duality and consciousness between these two events. I saw them, felt them, and in that instant I was able to ascend into that third higher frequency point ▲ that exists beyond duality/polarity; I was granted my wish of emotional neutrality to the horrors and attacks of those four years at the hands of an Unseen demonic being that totally controlled those two half-brothers and their friends and family.

  1. Loving, respectful, grateful memory of interacting with another soul filled with LightLove
  2. Pain, anger, and very sad memories of other souls controlled by Team Dark filled with DarkHate
  3. Further integrations of issues within my Life Review that still needed more Inner Work so I’d be free to ascend into higher frequency neutrality/unity/High Heart etc.

This is us working on and living through our Life Review issues during these Nine Months before the Separation of Worlds begins fully in this dimension (and others). These issues, these dreams, memories, emotions, wounds, traumas and reunions with loved ones both alive and dead are us working on our Life Review issues so we can further ascend out of old duality energies and related issues and into neutrality which is “unity” or High Heart frequency energies. These emotional and physical pains, old wounds and other such Ascension related PTSD issues we’ve still got within us must be transmuted and this is exactly what so many of us have been and will continue doing from 12-21-12 through 9-22-13. There’s more because I know I’m not done yet but I wanted to share this duality contrast Life Review work and learning I had with you so you’d have it to remind you when something similar unfolds as you work through your Life Review during the Nine Months. Keep up the great work everyone.  ❤


April 1, 2013

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29 thoughts on “April Fools! Not!

  1. Thanks, Denise! I have been having very similar contrasts occurring, and I couldn’t figure out why! Old memories, both light and dark, have been with me either in dreams or awake…now I know why!

  2. Your experience really highlights the polarity/duality! Over on this end…I’ve had a few more emotional issues or ‘memories’ crop up. I’ve also started sensing overlap of ‘beings’ in other dimensions. For example I notice them watching me while I meditate. I thought ‘are these spirits good or bad?’ then I remembered what you said about dark beings hiding their aura or giving off bad vibes. So I asked a few of these watching spirits to show me their energy, then I felt some waves of aura/colour flow into me. After that I realized they were ‘mid-range beings’, because they didn’t give out bliss or light, but it felt like a normal human only more peaceful. I presume some mid-ranged astral beings! During these ‘visions’ I often sense lots of energy coming out of my own aura, or other things ‘moving about’ on an overlapping dimension. If I beam my thoughts or questions to some of these spirits, they send back messages too…who knows if this is useful, I suppose not because it’s just coming from the astral.

    Fortunately I’ve had nothing dark attack me lately, but there were a few instances I’ve already said about involving some kind of intrusive thought going on. I realized those are probably meant to be lessons for me to learn, as in ‘learn that when you get those bad thoughts it’s actually a dark spirit mind-controlling you, so notice it and kick it out!’. So I’m very pleased to start to be able to really sense when something bad like that is happening so I can stop it.

    Besides that I’m just hoping to progress, I’m sometimes too eager to progress faster (impatience) so I need to relax and let it happen in its own time. I’m really at the stage of just building up energy which flows into my head, causes heat in the middle of the brain and pressure on the crown and mostly the brow.

    Actually I just remembered a few questions I have about the unity frequency and high-heart level of alchemy.

    I’ve read some bits of information which say at the stage of transmuting yin/yang energy in the body into unity frequency, one needs to merge the consciousness with unity frequency and pull those higher frequencies into the body which then transmutes polarity into unity. After a while of doing this, the higher-heart center opens up and from then on the person can focus on drawing unity energy out of the heart center into the body for further progress to be made.

    Other information simply says the yin/yang energy goes into the brain and transmutes into unity energy. Which was closer to the truth in your experience? Did the process require hooking ones consciousness or part of the astral body up into the god-planes to pull down those energies? Or was the process entirely automatic and done by kundalini.

    Besides that, hope everyone reading this is doing Okay and trying their best even if the situation gets tough! So I hope everyone is doing well.

  3. Hi, Denise,

    Ah, this is so timely– as usual. I’ve had a couple of experiences in the last week and a half that are similar and that I know are part of this review process. A week and a half ago, my sister and niece took me out for a birthday meal down the block from my old apartment, where I also suffered merciless attacks from Team Dark. It being Canada, there were no weapons and milder forms of drugs (weed) but plenty of alcohol and cigarettes and non-stop partying and not caring one bit if I could sleep or even breathe (I have asthma). Oddly enough, Team Dark chose neo-hippies in this situation who talked about “traditional knowledge” and how to save the world all the while never leaving their front stoop. We ended up going down the back alley when we were leaving and I got a feeling of deep evil as I passed the back of the building. My sister and niece felt it too. It was revolting. Look what happens when a Lightworker leaves an area that’s gone to pot. Get it, pot. But, it was nice to leave the area and to be able to go home to problems that are much milder.

    I’ve had contact with people from some of my other past lives over the years and I’ve felt one woman go from being bitter at being the workhorse of the community to being at peace and just lovely. The last week or so, I’ve had a Native American that is me in another life and my twin flame spend a lot of time with me. It’s very loving and wonderful and I can feel us drawing closer and closer together until one day we will become one.

    Now, if I can just get rid of resentment for my present situation with noisy, disrespectful neighbors….

    Love to you all,

  4. Thanks Denise,
    Once again you have echoed similar events in my dreamtime which also led to my own neutrality with past dealings involving others (both here and already passed on). Being free of recent energy sucking emotional charges is a welcome blessing for which I am grateful. Reuniting with past loved ones is a joy. May the cleansing continue. Cay

  5. I can’t tell you how critical this was/is to me. I have been going thru hell the last 36 hrs, and have felt like I am back about 10 yrs in my life, having learned NOTHING. And without this article, I would still be in the dark as to why–I opened my computer just at a loss, thinking maybe something would just show up–HA!!-and here this was…Thank you, thank you, thank you. this is what is happening to me, though it sure didn’t look in any way, shape, or form spiritual. Now to release all that has come up, for once and for all. This is one of those times that, in someone else’s article lately, they have said-where are my guides and angels when I need them, to alert me as to what is REALLY going on, before my husband gives up and walks away, thinking I am a VERY loose cannon…….thank you , Sandy

  6. Thank you for this Denise. Over the long weekend I was so restless and anxious and “old issues” came back, to my great surprise, until I read your post above. I see now that we still have some clearing to do. Happily, I know I am moving ahead because I can observe/feel myself moving up a notch each time, meaning it is getting easier for me to get along with others and myself – not hold judgements, to be positive, co-create peace, etc. Thanks again. 🙂

  7. ah, that explains one bad memory that came up out of nowhere, something I hadn’t really even understood at the time it happened…..aha! I’m definitely doing the same, in my own way! ❤

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