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This wonderful Q&A session with Cosmic Awareness — channeled by Will Berlinghof and assisted by his wife Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof — will help more people better understand the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Shift, Team Dark/the negatives as I’ve called these events and beings; the controlled by Team Dark old ‘Planet A/B’ we all incarnated into before the 12-21-12 Expiration Date; the new growing ‘Planet A/B’; ‘Planet B’; ‘Planet A’; and the increasing Separation of Worlds in general. Gratitude goes to the generosity of E.S. for sharing his reading with Cosmic Awareness with the rest of us. ♥

Denise Le Fay

April 9, 2013


Will Berlinghof is Channeller, Callista as Energiser and Questioner.
Many thanks to E.S. for allowing this to be posted on our website to share with our readers.  
Thanks to Lloyd and Joan for transcribing the audio.
Scroll down to listen to the audio.

This is the 7th of April, 2013, and this is a question that has been sent in by ES. It’s rather a long question so the question will be broken up into different sections to be answered by Awareness.

Dear Cosmic Awareness, 

“Could you please address the deep sense which is availing itself at this time that the planet B scenario is integrating into a wholeness which is A/B.”

“That this Awareness will respond first to this first part of this question and this commentary.

That this Awareness does not say or indicate that planet B is integrating itself into the A/B scenario. This would be a misunderstanding of that which is occurring. That this Awareness has always maintained that the new planet A/B that is emerging will still be dualistic in nature. That this means that there will be the positive as well as the negative side of all things, and that what will occur in the planet A/B unfolding is that individuals will no longer be controlled by those who have had power over them for centuries and millennia.

That these ones who have had such control have been agents and forces of the negative of that which is the dark side in the sense of a controlling factor that does not allow the Light to come through, that has sought to control and manipulate mankind so that in the end the dark or negative forces are served. And that in this dualistic reality that was the old planet A/B scenario, that they who are in charge, they who operate from the negative, would not allow the advancement or development of the Light whether in society or in the individuals.

That the new planet A/B scenario will remove this dominance that was allowed, as it was part of an exercise in consciousness to see how this would affect the soul as the soul chose to have physical experience in a dualistic reality. This experiment is complete and those who would still serve the darkness or the negative energies are now beginning to disintegrate away from the new A/B scenario that is developing. They who maintain a negative perspective or wish to still engage in a reality that is still dominated by the negative energies will proceed into the various timelines that will form in the planet B scenarios. Those who choose now to supersede the level of control that once was will proceed into the A/B scenario.

This Awareness is not talking here of those who have reached high levels of consciousness awareness, who have ascended, who are returning back with fifth dimensional consciousness that is starting to open up and be more realized as the true situation of one’s conscious state. It is simply talking of those who still wish to have a physical experience in third dimensional dualistic reality.

But instead of the negative being favoured, there will be more energy available to those who wish to move towards a balance and a harmony. There will still be the need to look at one’s negativity, there will still be those who attempt to control others by the force of their power and their devotion to their negativity, but these ones will be removed from power and from control.

It will become rather an individual journey, where each and every individual, each and every focus personality that is having a third dimensional experience will be required to find balance and integration where simply acting from the negative, assuming the dark attitudes and energies, will no longer work for the individuals who practice this. They may indeed if they are still so inclined find themselves moving into the planet B timelines rather than that which is the balanced and harmonized energies of planet A/B.

Therefore it is not at all a question of the planet B energies subduing the planet A/B scenario that is unfolding, but rather the natural evolutionary process of the soul that will now have the right to choose the dark or the Light.  And that as the emphasis that once was there on the dark ones being in charge and the experiment being one of existing in such an atmosphere, that because it is removed, it will create a new reality where beings in Light will understand the power and the purpose of staying positive, of exceeding themselves reaching to higher more enlightened states of awareness.

Those who do continue to play in negativity, who refuse to understand the true purpose of this new reality will simply find themselves entering into another state of consciousness that is exhibited in the planet B scenarios, the planet B timelines, where they can play in the darkness and suffer the consequences of that reality perspective.

Those on planet A/B may still do “bad” things, act from a negative place, but they will not be allowed to get away with it. Society will progress to a place of non-tolerance of such deviation from the true will of the Divine, of God. That they will choose to experience the higher state of reality as the years, decades, centuries unfold.

It must be understood that this is still a time of divergence. That at this time in this nine-month unfolding, the emphasis is on the individual to start to develop their inner capacity, to review themselves, to make new choices, but that when this is complete, that being on September 21st, it does not mean that everything will immediately click into that which is a higher expression, it is an evolutionary process. It is one that will take many years, decades, hundreds of years indeed to complete itself. That those who are willing, and are indeed here to have this experience will no longer be subjugated to complete control and dominance by the dark ones, but will be asked to be responsible for their own actions. When and if they choose to play in darkness, there will be consequences as humanity moves to a greater comprehension and awareness of the dualistic nature of reality. This completes the first question. This Awareness would ask the Energizer to move on to the next question.

The question continues:

“I personally, every day feel the total negative and the progressing positive and many times this positive morphs into a wellspring of thankfulness, into bliss and deep appreciation. Appreciation for the opportunity to be a ‘Now Being’, here at this time with total negativity breached up against complete positivity in one physical body for processing.”

That this Awareness would step in at this time. That what the individual is experiencing is exactly that which this Awareness has spoken of a moment ago.

That the new energies and the new dualistic reality will still present the individual with choices, choices to act in the Light with positivity or in the darkness from negativity.  That it is indeed a personal choice.

That what the individual is experiencing is that when he leans towards the positive, towards the Light, there will be an uplifting in his spirit, and in his feelings, his experiencing of reality. This will be that which indeed reinforces the desire to always work towards the Light, towards cooperative actions, towards higher evolved understanding, and again actions.

That when one chooses the darkness it will be accompanied with that which is the opposite: a feeling of discord and disconnection, a sense that this is not totally supported. Those who would insist despite these more negative reactions to play in negativity will, as this Awareness said, begin the process disentanglement from that which is the future A/B scenario that is beginning to unfold to timelines that are of the nature of the planet B energies.

That as one becomes more familiar with the higher energies of positivity, of Divine Consciousness, there will become a situation, a situation will unfold where such actions towards the Light, toward positivity, towards cooperation are favoured and indeed rewarded through one’s own feeling state. Not simply because society punishes those who are in the dark and rewards those in the Light.  But because truly at the individual level, one will be receiving within oneself the reward of their actions that move them into balance and harmony. This complete this portion of the question for this Awareness. Please proceed.

The question says:

“This doesn’t sound right because usually to speak of negativity in a positive light is not the normal. At this time I am not sensing and/or feeling the status/quo normalcy. Everything is completely Not the normal. Yet I am so thankful that it is not. When I am integrating the negativity and positivity there are times when I don’t want to do the work and wish I could just be like everyone else who are oblivious to the goings on. When I say everyone I mean all those not doing the work and even those who are doing work at light levels and those of negative natures who are processing the negative into a more positive (those consciously doing the work).

That this Awareness would say to this again, that the individual is experiencing the new energies of balance and harmony that will be keynote to that which is the new planet A/B that is only just starting to emerge. Indeed it will not truly be born until after the completion of that which is the nine-month period of personal self-development and growth. At that time those who still are dedicated to the old energies of control and manipulation, will indeed be less a factor in the evolutionary process of planet A/B for they will not mainly have started their own journey in the energies of the planet B scenarios. What the individual is experiencing in a very real sense is choice in the matter.

When he works in the energies of the higher conscious forces, the higher understanding of reality, the energies of the Light or of that which is Divine Spirit, he finds that he is in complete alignment and things go well. He feels well. That his understanding of individuals having to deal with their negativity is an enlightened understanding, for this is the case, each and every individual will have to see how the old energies that once played out no longer suffice, no longer bring the reward and that they see this from a place where they understand that these energies are not correct or in harmony with the world as it is becoming.

That it is absolutely the case that many may think it would be better to live in ignorance, ignorance being equated with bliss and that if one is ignorant one is not upset with the inequalities one experiences. But bliss is not truly derived from ignorance, bliss is received and experienced when one is in alignment with the Higher Conscious Mind, with the Divine Mind or God Consciousness. That this is a force of consciousness that will be more available on the planet A/B scenario than has been for so long as it has been suppressed by those whose purpose was to create such a degree of separation of soul and being.

That in the old experiment, it was indeed the Divine Plan to understand what would occur when ones who had such power but were so separated from Spirit were fully in charge and when ones who were ignorant would acquiesce to this and allow this to happen.

That the experience was one where the dark ones did control and were largely unopposed, using the energies of darkness to suppress, control and enslave. But these forces have been disconnected, they are not to be the ones in power in the new planet A/B scenario. Still this does not mean that there will not be individuals who think that coming from the negative power side will be an advantage that they will pursue  in A/B.  It is simply that these ones will quickly be ferreted out and will not be allowed to have the power and control, thus allowing the normal unfolding and evolution of the soul seeking its higher state of consciousness in a third dimensional dualistic reality.

That one always has choices, but as the old energies seem to favor those who played in the dark, who were hidden, who were dominant from behind the scenes, this facade will be exposed, this veil removed and those who would seek to play in those energies also removed from positions of power and control, they will move into the planet B energies, timelines that diverge from the A/B energies and timelines.

That is why it is now of great importance to look at one’s dark side, to realize that this is not the way for them, to do the inner work, even though it may mean confronting the dark, of bringing it to normality, this the enlightened perspective one does need in their personal work and strivings.

Therefore, this individual in embracing this is indeed reflecting that which this Awareness is stating. It is a necessary part of one’s evolutionary process, to even look at their darkness, at their negativity, at their desire to have power and control over others, even over the planet itself. It is only through the facing of the negative energies that one will eventually reach understanding and comprehension and then be able to make the choices, not to be of service to the dark but rather of service to the Light, to Divine Consciousness. This completes this portion of the question. This Awareness asks the Energizer to proceed.

The question continues:

“I am speaking of processing (in my body) of the whole of the alien agenda on both sides. This includes the whole of the Galactic Federation and any foes of Orion forces or natures.  Through this processing of the whole of the alien natures, does this not then obsolesce the planet A and planet B scenarios which brings us to here and now as a complete One A/B potential. Thank-you for considering this question.” 

That this is indeed also part of the process, as this Awareness has so often … that this Awareness often states that one must always question all. This would include both sides of the coin of the extraterrestrial alien card. That indeed, even though the Galactic Federation ones are here to support the positive development of higher consciousness on the planet, still one must question their motives, one must question their actions, one must question that which is the inner feeling received when one considers the Galactic Federation forces.

One must equally question the Orion/Reptilian forces that have so long been in charge and in control.

That this Awareness has often stated that the Galactic Federation beings are here to help the evolutionary process and to help spiritual development reach higher levels of comprehension and enlightenment. That they have gone through this process themselves, and that they are ascended beings with a much greater comprehension and awareness of the need to go through this questioning process, this process of reviewing the dark and the Light, the negative and the positive attuning oneself to the higher energies, for it is the natural inclination of the soul to always seek its highest expression.

It must be remembered those of the Orion/Reptilian/Grey faction have made different choices. They seek to bypass Divine Spiritual Evolution. They hide out in that which is fourth dimensional reality, bypassing the evolutionary soul development process. In this way they are not held accountable, so they think, to High Providence and High Judgment. They think erroneously that they will be able to do this forever, but it is not so. Eventually even those who have played in the in the darkness so, so long, will see a Light in the horizon ahead of them and will begin to move towards that Light. Whether this takes one or two lifetimes or thousands of lifetimes, and hundreds of thousands of years as recorded in a temporal manner is meaningless. For all will return back to the Light of the Divine, the Divine Consciousness.

And at this time, the Divine Forces have elected to change up the experience of dualism. Those who have had control so long and have stayed hidden in the shadow, controlling and manipulating from the shadow, will be exposed and will be answerable; those who do not wish return back into the Light of their spiritual evolutionary process will elect to play longer in the darkness. They are free to do so, they will go into those planet B scenarios that this Awareness has been talking about.

But those who do not wish to go into the darkness, or continue on such a dark path, will return back into the spiritual evolutionary tract of soul development and will be answerable, for they understand that the rules of karma dictate they must experience that which they themselves have previously created.

That in this way, the extraterrestrial beings known as the Orion Reptilians and the Greys as well, refuse to go back into the spiritual evolutionary tract of soul development, they seek to bypass it but it will no longer be theirs to bypass in the planet A/B scenario which will now give the option of moving actively  towards the light of understanding and awareness, towards higher spiritual understanding and evolution.

That they will move into the planet B scenarios that are numerous for them to play in if it is their desire. However those who wish to move towards a more enlightened and aware state of consciousness even in the dualistic reality of third dimensionality will also be faced with these questions, and part of the questioning process is to question even the Galactic forces of ascended beings, enlightened ones, who are here to be of assistance.  Only by questioning this and seeing the truth of the situation and comprehending who these ones truly are, will they be able, the individuals be able to move into acceptance of the ones who are of higher spiritual awareness who are here to be of service, to assist humanity in its evolutionary process.

It must be understood that there will also be attempts to portray the Galactic Federation beings as the evil ones, as the dark ones. This of course coming from those dark ones themselves who are seeking still to manipulate and control humanity. This is also why it is so important to question even the Galactic Federation ones so that one can ascertain who was authentic and who is not. Ultimately the answering of these questions is that which comes from within when one is in resonance with the higher spiritual powers, the God Divine Consciousness, and they will indeed be assisted, those who ask these questions to see the truth for what it is and not to be deceived by pretenders who claim to be the Galactic Federation.

That ultimately what must also be understood here is this is not simply a matter of the extraterrestrials beings opposing one another and that this is that which is at the play on the planet; but rather that this is all about one’s spiritual journey, one’s individual understanding of who and what they truly are. That even the extraterrestrial card is only a level of the journey towards self-awareness and understanding.

That one must always perceive that one is a spiritual being having a physical journey with the purpose of awakening to one’s own spiritual nature, one’s multi-dimensional consciousness. And that when one strives to attain spiritual awareness and understanding, other factors will be exposed and shown to be what they are. This would include the extraterrestrial card. It would completely diffuse it and expose it for what it is.

This also would apply to those who have held power so long, who have played in shadow and manipulated and controlled. They will not only be exposed by their actions but by those who have sought spiritual alignment and awareness, who see through the con, who see past the facade that these ones have in front of them and that there will be many who begin to truly see the truth, see those who are the deceivers and will stand up and oppose them and they will be successful in this opposition.

Therefore, in conclusion this Awareness does state again: remember that you are spiritual beings, that the task is for one to attain spiritual awareness and that questioning all is part of this journey, part of this process.

Thank you Awareness.  Thank you for answering that question, and we also thank the questioner for offering this question to be posted on the website so that others can share this information. Thank you very much.

That this Awareness has one additional point to make about the questioner.  That he is courageously showing himself to be one who is going through a process of looking at his darkness, his negativity, of trying to comprehend this, trying to understand it.

This is indeed the example of one who is in alignment with the spiritual energies that are unfolding, that his questioning of himself, his negativity, is essential to his soul growth and development and that in his example, and in his courage to present himself in this way, that this Awareness honors this individual and does say he is well underway in his Ascension process.

It asks others to remember his example as they, themselves, face their own questions, as they face their own darkness and negativity and to understand that in facing one’s darkness, one’s negativity, in being willing to look deeply at that which is their negative nature, they will find the Light within and they will begin to comprehend and understand why they had to look so deep and in their own darkness. It is the way forward, it is part of the spiritual evolutionary process that is relevant to many at this time.

This Awareness does thank the questioner for presenting himself as an example of this process.

This Awareness is complete, that this question is done, that it is done in beauty and that in beauty it is done.

Thank you.”

ES for website


28 thoughts on “Further Explanations from Cosmic Awareness

  1. Dearest Denise,

    As always, thank you for sharing more information.

    I wanted to share something that happened recently. That morning, things felt like they were “clashing” to me. I didn’t really understand it, and couldn’t quite explain it either. Things just felt “weird” and “off” that day. Miscommunication on my bus ride to the gym (one of the other driver’s on the radio on another line), a car turning through a red light yet no accident resulting, a usually “dead space” at the gym was teeming with people and yet they didn’t seem to all “connect” to me…. I realized later that day that I was “feeling”/experiencing this clashing/bumping against one another of realities! Things visually didn’t match what I was feeling…. like with the pool. It didn’t seem like everyone was supposed to be, or really there all at once. Some interacted with others, and others didn’t seem to interact at all… and usually everyone is friendly and talks there with each other.

    I hope this experience helps others recognize their own feelings and things they can’t quite put their finger on. Changes certainly are happening!

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Hi Chrysalis and Denise
      I am experiencing similar. Walking through the mall I could see a film of dead energy ahead near the food court and walking through it was like walking in deep mud. The supermarket was the same and I felt people are all experiencing consciousness at their individual capability, yet all is melding from one dimension to another if that makes sense.
      Love to all! Jane

      • “Hi Chrysalis and Denise
        I am experiencing similar. Walking through the mall I could see a film of dead energy ahead near the food court and walking through it was like walking in deep mud. The supermarket was the same and I felt people are all experiencing consciousness at their individual capability, yet all is melding from one dimension to another if that makes sense.
        Love to all! Jane”


        Thanks for sharing your clairvoyant ability to See these lower/higher frequency energies and the waste products the Negative Beings and humans leave behind from their negative actions/thoughts/emotions etc. I’ve always been able to See this too and of course FEEL it.

        What you’re experiencing, what you’re Seeing and Feeling is those Stair Steps I’m always mentioning. Everyone is not and has not been existing, functioning, perceiving etc. at anywhere near the same levels of awareness and frequency range and this is why the coming Separation of Worlds is something that must happen so that everyone goes to the appropriate frequency range for what they want to experience and focus on now etc. Soon this lower Dead Energy waste products created by Team Dark (nonhumans and humans I mean) won’t be around in our world any longer and neither will the majority of them. Oh happy days! 😀



  3. As always, thank you Denise, for sharing things that seem to uncannily shine light on just the things I am currently wondering about when you post!

    This may just be the cyclic deal that we are all experiencing where while the energies are coming in strongly, we feel out of sorts, physical symptoms, confusion etc but when I read this-

    “When he works in the energies of the higher conscious forces, the higher understanding of reality, the energies of the Light or of that which is Divine Spirit, he finds that he is in complete alignment and things go well. He feels well.”

    I felt a tug of questioning in myself, because lately I am having a glitch with this. I have been very carefully focusing on the positive, working to stay on my spiritual path, and maintain a higher focus in spite of what is going on around me but for some reason it is not working.

    I am being exposed to an enormous amount of toxic chemicals thanks to the team dark tool guy and his home town version of agent orange, which he has used gallons of right next to where I sleep, and I am discovering, apparently gallons more all over my entire garden so that no matter where I go to be in Nature and ground myself (I can’t walk far but my yard/garden is only 41 by 50 feet including the house, plus a few feet on the street side of the sidewalk-and its all garden where it isn’t house) but its now apparently all sprayed and poured on with death-chemicals. I also have open windows with it blowing in-it’s too hot to leave them closed all the time.

    Not sure if it is just that the toxic load is too great(I have multiple chemical sensitivity and lupus among other things) or if I am missing something/doing something wrong mentally/spiritually but I am not feeling “well” at all.

    No matter how I meditate, cultivate compassion, turn my thoughts repeatedly to the positive etc I feel really bad. I have felt bad physically and still felt wide awake and blissful mentally/spiritually at times in the past, but now no matter what I do I feel emotionally drained and down. Not like it used to be where I couldn’t even think thanks to team dark literally draining my energy, but just muted, muffled, weak and low. Like I am going to cry any moment all the time.

    I spend a lot of time praying, especially for all the living things that are hurt here right now(almost every tree and a lot of the plants are damaged, dropping leaves, dead etc, the cats are ill and getting thin even tho they are well fed, we are all coughing a lot-except the trees of course;-) (tho they would probably like to if they could!)

    I guess it could just be a normal reaction emotionally to what is going on-but I have no real gauge of “normal” being aspie and having dealt with team dark interference since the 70’s. I was hoping when I read this that my focus on the good would mean I would feel well if I was on the right track, and so worried that I’m missing something I’m supposed to be doing.

    “…they will find the Light within and they will begin to comprehend and understand why they had to look so deep and in their own darkness. It is the way forward, it is part of the spiritual evolutionary process that is relevant to many at this time.”

    Is experiencing this sort of overwhelming darkness of attacks etc “looking at ones own darkness”? Is there some way to break this sort of pattern, to actually learn something that allows one to transcend it and remove from it?

    I keep seeking that and seemingly hitting a wall. I know when I am able to raise my own consciousness and vibration to a certain level I can look at everything from a much better, more loving, accepting, comfortable perspective but I have been unable to raise the vibration when I am so physically overwhelmed-I am concerned that I am failing in this, unconsciously limiting myself, or something I have been unable to figure out or resolve.

    I feel on the one hand like I should not post this, that it is wasting others time and being a downer, and on the other hand I am hopeful that someone not stuck in the particular muck of the same situation may have insight that I lack.

    Also the situation is inherently isolating, as I am isolated already (being aspie and living in a bed) but this man trying to convince everyone I am crazy(and at the same time trying to drive me there with all this insane sneaking around poisoning everything) making it worse, so just reaching out and having some kind of contact with other loving light oriented beings seems like it might at least be a helpful thing in itself.

    I’m feeling so lost, like I was walking my path, but suddenly it just isn’t visible.(Like in D&D when someone casts a “Pall of Darkness” spell, and suddenly you can’t see anything but blackness)

    I suppose the just keep trying, praying, keeping on, being patient and determined and taking each moment as it comes will do as it has done for 40-odd years;-) but if anyone has any ideas of what I am missing, I would love to hear them!

    Also-I am doing all the things Denise recommends in the older posts on dealing with the dark attacks, plus some other stuff except I wanted to do Lisa Rene’s 12d shield thing Denise recommended but I have been unable to find a transcript of the video-does anyone know whether there is a text version for people who can’t get videos?

    It sounds like it is exactly what I need to do-but I don’t know how. Which is like several other things-they seem right and I try to do them but am blocked by lack of access in various ways.

    Very similar things to what Denise describes re frequency fences while doing that exercise I am experiencing while doing chi kung so maybe the chi kung would also work once I get past them?

  4. I just listened to the audio of that, and the previous entry. It all makes sense and causes much relief inside me. I am clearly going through a lot of self analysis, inner work and understanding darkness. I am confident I will continue development in planet A/B and pleased that ‘the light’ will have power to rule in this coming era.

    Thankyou for posting.

  5. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    For those following the discussion on Jean’s blog between BeWise and Sue, this post directly addresses some of the same areas. I will always reblog Denise’s posts as soon as I see them but I highly recommend subscribing to Transitions and also following the comment discussions if you are interested in these areas of spiritual growth, ascension, splitting of worlds, shifting energies etc.

  6. Dear Chrysalis
    I am so glad you shared this with us. I’m experiencing the same things. First nothing is matching. Who I am and what I feel internally is not being reflected in the outer portions of my life. There are a few people I’m resonating with but the majority of them are in some sort of “Dead Zone” space…that I just don’t resonate with. Second and this is really crazy, I seem to have gone ‘invisible’ again. This happened to me the first time back in 2007. People weren’t seeing me. Some were but the majority weren’t. I had a man crash into me as we both tried to go through the doors of my bank. I saw him but got to the door first and when I went to open it; he came up behind me and tried to walk through me and pushed me pressed up against the doors! When he realized what was happening; he was all apologies and kept saying I’m sorry but I just didn’t see you! Where did you come from? Are you ok?

    This went on for weeks. I started getting used to being banged into and pushed and having people genuinely apologetic and surprised by my presence. Then it left…but not before an almost deadly car crash. Some one doing 90mph down my block almost had a head on collision with me when he tried to pass a garbage truck and came into my lane. That was a sheer miracle…no accident…no one was hurt. I remember thinking did he go through me? Did he manage to squeeze in between me and the garbage truck? I had closed my eyes waiting for the impact because I had no where to go to move out of his way. When I didn’t hear screeching tires, or horns…I opened my eyes and I don’t think the garbage men even saw him either! When I looked into the rear view mirror …. there he was…still doing 90mph on his merry way….

    The ‘invisibleness’ returned last week (and left again quickly)…when an UPS man crashed into me rounding a corner. I saw him….he never saw me. He was shocked by my presence and said where the hell did you come from. I just laughed and kept walking….I mean how can I explain this? Well Sir I saw you and assumed you saw me too ! lol

    Just recently another potentially fatal accident was squashed. I was on the highway where they were doing construction in the left lane. There were orange cones all over to keep people out of the left lane. I was in the middle lane doing about 60 when a construction truck pulled out and hit one of the cones sending it up into the air. I knew it was going to land on my windshield. But I went into an eerie peace instead of a panic….and all of a sudden as if a miracle wind from heaven just blew down….the cone was blown off course and straight to the grassy area to the right of the highway.
    If it missed it’s mark and landed in the right lane? There would have been an accident. But it blew past me and my windshield and right past over the right lane as well and on to the grassy area on the side of the parkway.

    Going to the supermarket these days is a sheer trip.
    I look at the people shopping and it’s like they are aliens to me.
    Some don’t see me there either and bump their carts into me and are all apologies; but there in the market are those who don’t apologize. They are filled with anger and some sort of entitlement and look at me like what are you doing in ‘my’ way….get out of ‘my’ space and way. Yikes! Then there are those who are in so much ‘fear’…they ooze it…. and then there are those who are so unconscious and oblivious to what’s happening that they are the ones my friend calls all that matters to them is that there is toilet paper on the shelf and that get’s them excited ! lol

    The separation between who I am and what is in me…and them…really has me thinking that we (them and myself) have become two different types of humanoid species ! They look and feel alien to me….and I have no ill will towards them nor do I feel superior towards them either….I just feel they are ‘other’.

    I don’t know if anyone else is having similar types of experiences lately…but this is sure wild ! Something is going on.

    Thank you for posting this Denise and for all you do…and thank you Chrysalis for sharing……
    Blessings to all

    • “…First nothing is matching. Who I am and what I feel internally is not being reflected in the outer portions of my life…”


      Oh Pat, I’m so going to utilize your great Comment to drive home some points for everyone who needs them. Thank you for sharing these particular experiences and expanding awareness. ♥

      What you’re starting to feel is what most Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos felt when they incarnate into this world. Nothing is matching as you put it, because it literally does NOT match because you’re vibrating at, existing in, functioning in, being conscious of existing at a higher frequency range and — hold on to your cosmic socks because this only continues to change/evolve! The other people — each on the frequency range Stair Step they each are on now — are indeed WILDLY DIFFERENT, to the degree that many people actually do NOT SEE OR FEEL OR HEAR OR SENSE those of us who have been/are incrementally vibrationally “ascending” up more and more of these Stair Steps. (Because of this each of you vibrating faster then the folks around you MUST put up Energetic Protection/Light around yourself and your car before you leave your driveway! And it sounds like you had some help from other-dimensional Guides or Ascension Assistants while you’ve been driving and walking lately. We each must be aware of these types of potential problems and/or accidents and push our Light Energies way out around us and our cars/vehicles so that we’re more protected from those who can’t see or feel us when we’re not in our houses.)

      I too, as many of us have, gone through years and years (since 2000) of rude, egoic jerks — those you correctly discerned as feeling 100% ‘entitled’ to do whatever the hell they want and YOU are far beneath them. These people’s arrogance and lack of awareness is staggering, not to mention how crappy they make you/me/those of us who are energetically ascending! But this just is what it is, so keep moving forward and ignore these tiny minds with huge egos.

      This business is the Stair Steps I’m always mentioning, and it also has to do with the Separation of Worlds as well. Obviously, not everyone is going to end up on the same identical Earth world and this is due to these drastically different levels of consciousness, development, and focus in every human. Some want and desire more warring, more control over others, more power, more violence etc. etc., and those people will have an Earth world that’s a frequency match for that level of focus and awareness. The GREAT news about this is something I’ve been pissed off about my whole 61 years and that is that finally life on Earth will no longer be a melting pot for any and all souls to come to. Murders and Saints will no longer have to suffer each other and EACH will have matching frequency worlds and timelines for EACH to go to and continue living within; they won’t make each other miserable any longer by having to co-exist within one world and timeline together. Done, done, done is that crap and the Separation of Worlds should be making a lot more sense to everyone by now. 😉

      “…Going to the supermarket these days is a sheer trip…”

      😆 Not funny but it is, sorry. I can laugh because I’ve been dealing with this too for over a decade, as have many people. Leaving our higher frequency homes (Safe Zones) and going back down into the world out there can be not only dangerous but, as you said, ‘a real trip!’ 😀 The people are aliens just as we are aliens to them. At least it’s mutual finally! 😆 And once again, you’re seeing, feeling, and consciously aware of these different Stair Steps of energies/frequencies and all of the people on different frequency levels and soon, different worlds and timelines. This weirdness and miss-mash of radically different levels of individuals and their radically different levels of development and consciousness etc. will get easier to cope with after these Nine Months period ends.

      What’s interesting to see even more clearly now are the people who are totally UNAWARE that the rest of us can See and FEEL who they are, what they are, why they are the ways they are today. This is for us the growing responsibility I’ve mentioned over the years. Knowing more comes with more responsibilities and every day I am increasingly aware of what the Masters and other higher-dimensional Beings of LightLove have had to endure themselves with all of us across time space. 😉 I love and respect them and their patience more than ever before as I, and you, and more and more of us find ourselves standing where they’ve stood. Stair Steps. 🙂

      Group ♥ Hug,

      • oh wow! Thank you Denise. Your comments are much appreciated and you explain it all so beautifully and better than I. By all means do ‘laugh’. It is humorous. I use humor instead of anger. Not that I don’t get angry. I do. But for the most part these days, all I can do is just laugh at it all.

        Well due to my financial mess right now; I have to leave the safety of my home. The day of the cone incident I was on my way to an ‘interview’ and thank you for reminding me to ‘Shield’ not only myself but my car !…and yes…somebody out there is looking out for me ! Both those incidents were ‘miracles’; it was like I was in a protective bubble. I could do a stand up comedy skit on my travels and experiences at the supermarket…a little 5-D humor! lol.
        …and I’ll leave you with this one. Not only is all this going on…but time is warping and morphing for me too.

        Trying to set interview appointments and actually show up for them on the proper day and time is a major feat for me right now.
        I just can’t seem to locate myself in space and time lately.

        I woke up Tuesday morning convinced it was Sunday.
        Even though I kept seeing Tuesday on the TV and Comp and in the news…my brain wouldn’t accept that. Around mid day I finally realized it wasn’t Sunday…but wait it gets 5-D funnier.

        I said to my friend…omg ! I lost a day ! I keep thinking it’s Sunday when it’s Saturday. She went quiet over the phone and then she said to me…Pat ! It’s Tuesday ! You just lost a week !

        So anyone who even tries to approach me with any type of personal complaints they may have…my immediate response to them is…’you think you got problems Bonkey’…. lol !
        Thanks again Denise
        Blessings to All (maybe I should try and invent some sort of 5-D GPS device so I stop getting lost in time/space! )
        Blessings to all

    • Oh! Yes! I have always felt a little different especially after I have learned how different others are from me! As I stated above, there have been more people I can relate to as of very recently however. I’ve haven’t had the blatant experiences of people smashing into me while out and about but I spend a lot of time feeling like I’m cruising around flying low under the radar.

  7. Pat, I so resonate with your supermarket experience, particularly the concept
    that they feel like aliens. At the time that I had that thought I was ashamed of my
    thinking, but I think I understand it better now. Thanks Denise. Blessings to all of you.

    • Hi Janis
      I’m not one to give advice but I just have to say; please don’t ever feel ‘ashamed’ of anything you think or feel. That’s not coming from your soul/heart or authentic you either. In my own personal experience that is an ‘impulse’ put on you from Team Dark. They love to twist our thoughts and emotions and get us to beat up on ourselves for feeling or thinking. You have every right to think and feel anything ! Acting on it is another matter. But just feeling or thinking something even if it’s unpleasent is normal !

      That’s why I use ‘humor’. Team Dark hates ‘humor’. Even when I’m angry ( and justifiably so) I’ll turn it into satire or ironic humor on purpose so they can’t feed off of it….and so they can’t impulse me to ‘act’ on it. I’m glad my ‘sharing’ what I did…has helped you.
      Keep loving yourself and accepting yourself and above all…
      keep smiling too !
      Hugs and Blessings

      • HI Pat,
        Thanks for your comment. It was very helpful.
        What is also helpful is becoming aware of the dark side and their influence which I
        have been mostly unaware of, except when my dog died.I actually felt being sent
        thoughts of her and thus I would cry. After reading these blogs, I laughed at them and said I know what you are doing and I am not falling for it.
        Thanks again.

  8. I’ve been doubting that I’m a canidate for ascension at this time since I heard that not everyone would be ascending at this time. Of course I would like to think that my doubts are misplace but my higher self told me something that bothered me the recently. I haven’t seen a very clear seperation of worlds, if I have they have been to subtle for me to notice at the time. Granted I’ve had afew moments when the seperations of worlds might explain some things about my families behavior toward me.

    My higher self said that I no longer needed it’s guidance only it’s protection, and that if I needed guidance in the future I should be ask the arch-angels, and I can expect to have more of a free hand in managing my own life. My higher-self has also been claiming to be under attack of some sort recently. I’ve been doubting that I’m getting acurate information despite demanding identifications (name of entity, affliation (light or dark), and title (so spirit guide, angel, arch-angel, etc.)) even if I think I do recognize them or know who I’m dealing with. I’ve been told these entities can’t lie about who or what they are and while some have tried thus far it’s been noticable when they’ve tried (and a large number of times entities have tried). Even if it were true or possible I wasn’t sure if I should take that as a good thing or a bad thing, and it sure seems like a stretch.

    Sorry if this seems like a personal rant but I figured that if I was having run ins with this kind of mess, or minipulaton, or those kinds of doubts I figured that other people might at some point have too.

    • “…My higher self said that I no longer needed it’s guidance only it’s protection, and that if I needed guidance in the future I should be ask the arch-angels, and I can expect to have more of a free hand in managing my own life. My higher-self has also been claiming to be under attack of some sort recently. I’ve been doubting that I’m getting acurate information despite demanding identifications (name of entity, affliation (light or dark), and title (so spirit guide, angel, arch-angel, etc.)) even if I think I do recognize them or know who I’m dealing with…”


      And you are correct about doubting that you’re getting accurate information because you are not! Our Higher Selves do NOT and NEVER would say such things, but the Negatives/Team Dark most certainly do. Good for you for being able to discern this much within yourself. ♥ Don’t forget that it was you that realized and recognized this and was wise enough to discern that everything isn’t sounding or feeling “right” with the information you’re being fed. This is a huge thing and I want you to know it and give yourself a great big hug and pat on the back for it! Seriously.

      Next step:

      We can ‘demand identification’ all we want and Team Dark will just continue lying as they always have. They’re incapable of telling the whole truth. What you and each of us absolutely needs to learn is to be able to energetically discern for ourselves so we KNOW whose who and what’s what on our own. When an individual can do that, they’re empowered with Inner Knowing that’s based on more accurate and powerful things other than left brained thinking and intellectualizing. That’s where the negativity, lies, ego, fears and BS exist and so, we must evolve beyond that frequency and consciousness range up into a higher one where we individually can tell for ourselves based on how the energies feel.

      You’re on your way with this and learning how to master discerning energies for your self and THAT is very important and necessary. Keep up the good work you. 🙂


    • “I’ve been doubting that I’m a canidate for ascension at this time since I heard that not everyone would be ascending at this time. Of course I would like to think that my doubts are misplace but my higher self told me something that bothered me the recently. I haven’t seen a very clear seperation of worlds, if I have they have been to subtle for me to notice at the time. Granted I’ve had afew moments when the seperations of worlds might explain some things about my families behavior toward me. (esp)”

      Hi esp,
      I am no expert, but it is my understanding that if you have the intention to ascend, you will do so. You may not be on the same “stair step” as someone else, who is now experiencing greater clarity, but you make the choices that lead to ascension, or not.

      It would be my guess that if you are reading this blog, then you are very likely making the choices toward ascending, even if you are having a hard time right now.

      I have had some of the same worries because of the difficulties/dark night of the soul phase I am currently experiencing myself. Team dark would like nothing better than to convince a bunch of us who have been spreading light that we are actually failing, heading for the dark etc.

      So I keep reminding myself that they may be able to make my day to day life harder than it needs to be, they seem to be able to worsen my physical and health condition-but they have no power over my destiny, my future, my choices, or my consciousness and vibrational level-it just may take a bit more work and determination on my part to get to my chosen destination.

      Your mileage may vary, but for me when I start getting confusing messages and lack of clarity like what you describe it means I am not properly grounded and centered. I often use visualization of roots growing from my feet into Mother Earth, and i ask Gaia for help staying deeply rooted and grounded in Her.

      Being in nature also helps a lot, even if all you can get to is the tiny weeds growing thru cracks in the sidewalk they remind you that Mama Nature is always more powerful than any negative creeps physical or nonphysical trying to drag Her or us down.

      Another good thing I found is that Masaru Emoto recommends putting labels or writing on your water bottles words like Love, Gratitude, Compassion, Joy, kindness etc. Thanking the water and blessing it helps too-we are made of mostly water so what we take in can help to heal us on many levels.

      You are made of love, keep believing in yourself and don’t let team dark bring you down, that’s what they want to do, but you are stronger than them-obviously since you have to this point made choices that led to being you instead of them;-)

      if you want more ideas on grounding and centering, Starhawk has a web site, and her ReClaiming covens also have lots of great info on not only personal grounding but also ways we can physically work together to be functional parts of Mother Earth, helping Her (and thus ourselves) to heal. They teach about practical stuff like permaculture, as well as the more magical/spiritual methods.

      Also from what I have read, as we ascend we will become at one with our higher selves so it will no longer be a case of getting advice but then more just being ourselves and having that internal knowing automatically.

      I hope you feel better, and don’t forget you are loved and cared about on many levels-no matter what team dark tries to say!
      love and blessings,

      • “…It would be my guess that if you are reading this blog, then you are very likely making the choices toward ascending, even if you are having a hard time right now…”

        ohnwentsya & esp,

        Exactly correct ohnwentsya and thank you for understanding that and saying it. And I’m sorry esp that I forgot to mention it to you myself in my response to you. I’ve gotten hammered with multiple very positive insights today — it’s an 11 portal day today and some big LIGHT Messages/Information has blasted in for us all ♥ 🙂 and I’m rushing to keep up with IT. A new article coming soon about this April 11th portal Light Information and reminder.

        “…Team dark would like nothing better than to convince a bunch of us who have been spreading light that we are actually failing, heading for the dark etc…”

        Exactly correct again ohnwentsya and because Team Dark is well aware of the Nine Months phase and what it means and what’s going to happen at the end of it etc. etc., they are hustling like crazy to, as Lisa Renee calls it which is great, ‘Smash and Grab’ as many humans as they possibly can before the Separation of Worlds begins fully in the physical dimensions later this year. In other words, Team Dark is working hard now trying to grab or derail or lie to as many humans as they can so they can continue using them as food and fuel after September 22, 2013 Equinox. People, do not let Team Dark lie to you, derail you, and/or ‘Smash and Grab’ you and steal your vital life force energies.

        Hugs to you both,

      • Denise thank you so much for this response to ohnwentsya and esp. No sooner had I written my reply about using humor to Janis when the “smash and grab” ( I love that line)…happened to me.
        A set of phone calls set me off into the abyss of crying and feeling despair. The vibe was heavy; the news was all depressing; and the message was ‘oh just give up’…. something told me to come here and when I did I saw your response and realized what had just happened and why. Team Dark is using all my 3-D financial situations and this thing with the ‘Ex’…to derail me; send me into despair and smash and grab me if I decide to cave in and give up.

        There is humor in this! I know there is and sometime today I’ll find it and find my balance again…..in the meantime…I’m in gratitude to you for your wisdom….
        Hugs and many blessings

      • Pat,

        Very well done you! ♥ Keep it up. 🙂 And yes, Lisa’s term of Team Dark using the ‘smash and grab’ technique is very accurate to what they do.


    • I have so many of these same doubts, esp, thank you for this post. TD has been successful in derailing me at so many points in my life, including very recently.
      On the note of separation: I have experienced (a lot of video or audio, not so much “live”) a lot of immediate “replay” of very short episodes, like 2-5 seconds long. This has happened with alarming frequency within the past few days for me. I am comforted by it but my ego tells me I have just bumped the “play” buttons, ect. as I am always messing around with stopping and starting it seems.

      When I request guidance, I always stipulate “those who are of the light and only want the best for me and my loved ones” but perhaps this is folly as TD laughs at this?

      Indeed, I have felt alone lately! Like I’m communicating but just hearing the crickets so to speak. I thought it may just be due to the fact I haven’t been attending to my meditation like I always want to but somehow seem to be distracted from doing. Always seems to come back to keeping my ego in check on these matters and just live it!
      Thanks Denise, I know I can always count on coming here and feeling good energy and hearing the sane people talking about real stuff. Also, I was wondering if anyone is noticing other people around them who have never seemed to be aware of much are now seeming like they are waking up?! This is also for me has been increasing in intensity within the past few days. I love it! I don’t feel so alone in 3d now.

      I realized I contradict myself in the above post. I mean so alone in receiving spiritual guidance but less alone with others 3d people where I have felt like and island in a sea most of my life (not unhappily about that, mostly).

  9. Hey Denise & fellow readers 🙂

    Another amazing channel from CA, a nice explanation with the path the reptillians and greys are taking.

    I have to say it is very ‘alien’ (!) to me why anyone would desire to exist in the planet B scenario.

    Off topic a bit here, but i have to tell you about a dream i had last night 🙂
    I was on holiday with family, various odd things happened, but the really important part was what happened towards the end. I had a ufo sighting like what i used to have back in early 2001-2004, it was night and a bright object appeared in the sky, then 2 other lights appeared, they formed a triangle shape! ;-)….. I took this to mean triality consciousness (term from Steve and the group). This made me very happy, a positive sign i am getting there!…….

    Love and hugs,


    • “…I had a ufo sighting like what i used to have back in early 2001-2004, it was night and a bright object appeared in the sky, then 2 other lights appeared, they formed a triangle shape! 😉 ….. I took this to mean triality consciousness (term from Steve and the group). This made me very happy, a positive sign i am getting there!…”


      Hi you! ♥ Most excellent dream message about Triality being THE way of the future. Out of Duality and into Triality. 😉

      Love n’ Hugs,

  10. I am personally finding the deeper I dig into the shit pile, the more I piss people off.. Truth: Has a resonance to it, so when folks hear it, they either love it or hate it. I am finding if I dim the truth light just a tad it becomes more receptive. For fifty years I have dimmed my light- I am so ready to leave “misfit island with my nose so bright” ❤

    • “I am personally finding the deeper I dig into the shit pile, the more I piss people off.. Truth: Has a resonance to it, so when folks hear it, they either love it or hate it. I am finding if I dim the truth light just a tad it becomes more receptive. For fifty years I have dimmed my light- I am so ready to leave “misfit island with my nose so bright” <3"

      debbie f.,

      You’re right the truth, the Light, does offend (and highly irritate) many people and negative beings and they typically lash-out at anyone embodying Light and rocking the world collective boat. And again, you’re right that it’s time for us to no longer ‘dim our light’ so as to not draw attention to ourselves and/or offend the encrusted dense and darkness. No, it’s time finally for us to radiate our Light like never before because it’s like Lighthouses for others to head towards during stormy transitional times such as these. 🙂

      Hugs of Light on Light,

  11. I’ve read some of the comments here and listened to the channeled material several times over now but am still confused about one important point.

    There are Some of us, particularly us on this blog – who are going through a lot of ups and downs, a lot of derailment. I understand that most of us are trying to push up in frequency to join world A/B, and that the ones who get sucked back into dark ways will end up in world B (and that this is a MAJOR and important split).

    What I do not understand is what will happen to all the people who seem to still be ‘asleep’. Let’s say most of the human’s alive today still aren’t waking up yet, so they aren’t experiencing these ‘dark nights of the soul’, they aren’t having to face so many ‘dark attacks’ like we are, or face up to their inner problems. What happens to them? Where do they go?

    I personally feel like every bit of darkness is being dredged up quite violently inside of me, it’s extreme purification – it fits with what I’m reading on here and with the channeled material and follows a pattern of ‘event triggers me to re-evaluate my inner darkness’, followed by ‘understanding of inner darkness’ and then ‘letting go of inner darkness’.

    However, for those humans who don’t seem to be going through Anything (I assume most of the world) – do they go to world A/B or B? Why do some humans have to fight their way through darkness to get to world A/B whereas other more unaware people plop into it without much struggle or self improvement? Well it sounds like I’m being negative about it, I just want to understand it.

    What I mean is, why are some of us being pushed to extremes, as if being prepared for something huge – while other, less aware humans just carry on as if nothing is changing.

    I also find myself wondering things like how much of earth will go to world B or world A/B, I presume only those who wish to control/manipulate and refuse to give this up will end up in B, or those somehow rejecting A/B for some reason.

    I apologize because somehow I feel negative while I write how this comment…but thank you for reading it but I feel I must post this because I’m very keen for an answer!

    I have recently resolved an issue which got sprung on me. I realized that a deeper part of me was confused over ‘dark power’ vs ‘light power’, and was attracted to a bit of both. I then understood that dark power means harming, tricking and controlling others – all things i Really don’t want to do, and light power is serving the good of the whole, and self protection. During this stage I found myself obsessively reading about some really dark stuff until I ‘got it’, now the issue seems to be resolved.

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