April 2013 Message from Cosmic Awareness

Below is a channeled message from Cosmic Awareness that explains the trans-dimensional ‘Smash and Grab’ technique, to borrow a Lisa Renee term, that the nonphysical and physical Team Dark beings and humans use on humanity for multiple reasons. They intentionally create the problem(s) which is the attack or derailment or smash part, then they (the nonphysical beings) feed and fuel off of the lower frequency emotions humans radiate from having been attacked, derailed etc. which is the grab part of the intentional ‘Smash and Grab’ maneuver that, in these cases, covers at least two dimensions. The Team Dark humans utilize this technique to not only create more fear, more chaos, anxiety etc. etc., but by doing so it enables them to quickly and easily remove more human rights and change laws etc. all with the intent of gaining even more control over the masses. Same old, same old negativity in other words. Do not buy into the con; do not let yourself be emotionally sucked into these types of deliberate and carefully crafted multidimensional ‘Smash and Grab’ derailment and attacks and then further parasitic theft of your consciousness, focus, and emotional energies.

For many years my Higher Self has tried to get me to understand this negative Team Dark technique by clairvoyantly showing me a short movie clip from an old 1960s biblical movie I actually saw back in the 1960s as a kid. I think the movie was called Sodom and Gomorrah, and this one short scene from it that I’ve clairvoyantly viewed repeatedly over the past few years was where Lot and his wife and children are hurriedly leaving the city because he was told by Angels that “God” was going to destroy the city and so on. As they’re climbing up a nearby mountain to get clear of the coming destruction, they hear the great explosion behind them of Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed and the wife can’t resist turning around to see it even though they were told NOT to look back for any reason… and she’s turned into a pillar of salt and the rest of the family must go on without her.

The message I received years ago about this particular symbolism in our Ascension times and lives now is that one either intentionally focuses on what they want and maintains that focus, or, they run the risk of being intentionally derailed and then experience the old ‘Smash and Grab’ maneuver by nonphysical, nonhuman and physical human Team Dark. This is about continuing towards the goal that YOU want, or, getting tricked into looking back down at the negativity, disasters, chaos and insanity etc. and risk being turned into a pillar of salt or “falling” vibrationally and possibly being sucked into the latest deliberately created negative drama playing out behind you. The choice is yours, mine, each of ours as to what and where we allow our consciousness and emotional energies to go to, which could easily derail us from continuing on our current Evolutionary Ascension Path towards the frequency world and reality we each really want to exist on — the new, improved and balanced ‘Planet A/B’, or the even more negative, dark and controlled etc. ‘Planet B’, or ascend fully into a fifth dimensional state and world such as ‘Planet A’.

All of this is more important than many realize now during these Nine Months period after 12-21-12. Be aware of your thoughts, emotions and focus and do not get suckered, manipulated by these repeated slick multidimensional ‘Smash and Grab’ Team Dark maneuver because they’re using it like crazy now in 2013 to Grab as many more humans as they can while they can.

Thank you Cosmic Awareness, Will Berlinghof, and Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof for another important message. ♥    http://rainbow-phoenix.com/blog/

Denise Le  Fay

April 21, 2013


Will is Interpreter, Callista is Questioner and Energiser.  Click on the audiofile (24 minutes) below.  Transcription of this audiofile thanks to Joan and Lloyd.

“This is a Cosmic Awareness message on the 20th of April, 2013.

Cosmic Awareness, in the light of the Boston bombing and the industrial accident in Texas, would you please comment on these events and the implications of those events?

“That this Awareness immediately states that both of these events are more than they seem.  That as to the event in Boston, the heinous crime that was committed in the attack against innocent citizens who were there to support friends and family, who were there to enjoy the festive occasion of the Boston Marathon; that this was a target chosen specifically for this reason, that a large amount of people would be there subject to the attack on them.

That this was not an opportunistic event of two disgruntled brothers who chose to vent their anger at America by choosing to place two explosive devices that were meant to maim and kill.  That while it is being presented that the two brothers of Chechen origins were the guilty ones, and one hunted down and killed, the other being captured, that it is again, not what it seems. And that there was high level planning behind this event, and that the two that were scapegoats, that were to be the offering to the public of those who were guilty for this event, were not truly the ones responsible for this action.

That this Awareness will not go into extreme details about this for there are many sites that are presenting information that is contrary to that which is being presented to the public, that is being swallowed by the public as to the guilt of the two who have been offered up.

That this Awareness recommends that for those who are interested that they do their research, that they go to one, or two or several of the various sites where other explanations are offered up.

That even though they, the two perpetrators, alleged perpetrators, were identified as one wearing a black hat, the other wearing a white hat, that this matter is not as black and white as it seems to be. That these two individuals were that which this Awareness would call mind-controlled subjects in this event.

That it is pointed out by this Awareness that had this action been truly an action of revenge by the two brothers or an expression of their anger at America and the American people, had they been true terrorists they would have planned their actions more carefully. They would have had an escape route planned, they would never have gone and robbed a convenience store, bringing them to attention of the police and public authorities.

That it is all too simple and that this Awareness asks one and all to question that which has been offered up as to whom the actions are assigned to, that one does need to ask the question: “whom does this best serve, who benefits the most from the actions of these two alleged terrorists, home terrorists?”

That when one asks this question, one will see that there are indeed mitigating factors involved, for if it was only an opportunistic act of two brothers, that they were not very enlightened on how to avoid capture, they were not very clever in their actions, true terrorists or even others who may have been assigned this task would have made sure that their escape route was already planned. They would not have stayed in Boston to be discovered. They most assuredly would not have robbed a convenience store drawing attention to them.

That which is served by this action is that it has created yet again another level of fear and angst in the American people. As David Icke has often pointed out when events of this nature occur, those who have truly planned it have an ulterior motive. In this case the ulterior motive is to escalate the sense of fear and terror in the American people so that they can be even more easily controlled. That a problem occurred, that the people demand action, demand a result, and a solution was then offered up. The solution in this case is the high military and police activity surrounding this event.

That when one views the news reports, it is clear that in the control of the populace that a police state was in effect. The control of over four million people was one that also was an experiment in seeing if the masses could be controlled, if they would accept such a heavy duty response, one that denied them personal liberties and freedoms.

This was satisfactorily answered for those behind this Act, and they have taken one step forward in establishing a police state. They have escalated the level of fear in the populace and now the populace is about to ask for further sanctions to be passed, certain controls to be brought forward that will prevent such terrorists from doing such a thing again.

Of course, this is an illusion for there will always be those who will commit such atrocities whether planned by certain authorities or on an individual level, but what is sought here, what was manufactured here was a new level of police action that would be now considered, and will now be considered the new norm.

This black and white action, the perpetration of this atrocity by alleged inland/homeland terrorists is also designed to create the demand for greater control of inland/homeland individuals who could be called “terrorists” but who would this include? It would include every citizen: man, woman and child in the United States, for the blanket response – the actions of the authorities did not differentiate terrorist from citizen, for the citizens themselves were very much treated as a criminal element, possible assailants to the safety of one and all.

Therefore the response did need to be one that treated all as potential terrorists in order to catch the ones who were alleged to have caused this heinous crime, this assault on the American people.

It is not only the people in Boston itself who have been affected, but all Americans from coast to coast who are now of an impression that they are under attack by outside forces and inside forces. That they would be more willing to accept sanctions that may be presented or actions taken by a government to “ensure their safety” than they would have been before this event.

Therefore this Awareness again repeats that this was an event that is far beyond that which is being presented on the six o’clock news, and that as a social experiment it has achieved results for the Powers That Be who are planning to create an even more present police state in the United States of America.

As to that which is being called an “industrial accident” in Texas, this too is more than it seems. That again, this Awareness recommends those who are interested in knowing more do their research, go to the sites where evidence will be presented, suggestions made, that this was not a simple industrial accident.,

That in this case, that which is achieved here is again an escalation of a sense that Americans are not safe in their own homes, their own towns, their own regions.

That the industrial accident was one that was anticipated to create great chaos and mayhem and that there are indeed factors here that bring this event to an event much more than a random industrial accident.

That the concept of an industrial accident in this case, must be slightly revised to that of a planned event to further work on the levels of fear and insecurity in the individual American and to create a nation ready to accept tighter controls, in this case, industrial controls against factories and firms that are designated as ‘dangerous’.

That the irony here is that there were many who had always felt that having a fertilizer producing factory in their town was not a good idea. That if anything ever happened, it would be a disaster which it has been proven to be.

That the results of this industrial accident are not as obvious perhaps as the actions that took place in Boston, but still this Awareness does say it too is an event that was planned and orchestrated in advance by ones who had something to gain, and that again, one must ask who is best served by creating such mayhem and chaos.

That it is regrettable that many were maimed, injured and even killed in this industrial accident, and in the bombings in Boston, but this Awareness does suggest that one and all look at these events, not as events that emphasize how vulnerable the American nation and the American people are, that they do not go into fear and panic over what has happened but rather to understand that this escalation against the American people is indeed part of a much greater plan that the Powers That Be have long been entertaining and even planning for.

That it is imperative now that those who can question, those who can look beyond the events and the alleged perpetrators of those events realize the hidden agenda here. It is imperative as well not to go into fear and panic, not to point the finger at the obvious perpetrators, those who seem at least to be the obvious perpetrators, but rather to sit back and consider what these actions truly mean: what will be lost if one subjects themselves to fear and panic and accepts the controls of the Powers That Be as that which is necessary to ensure personal safety and security; true safety and security come from within.

When one abdicates their responsibility for knowing the truth, of not questioning but only blindly accepting, that they do then stand the risk of being victims to even greater atrocities, even greater loss of personal freedom and liberty.

That this is not a time to go into fear or panic, it is not a time to point the finger at outsiders or foreigners or powers outside of the nation as ones who have perpetrated this crime. It is time to look within, to find the true safety that resides within when one does not abdicate their own personal power or even responsibility to create their own personal realities.

It is regrettable and sad even that many have been so horrendously injured, that some have died as the result of these two events, but such is the madness of those in power that they are willing to sacrifice many in order to achieve their goals.

Now is the time to clearly look into these matters from a level of inner awareness and understanding, and to see that truly there is a danger here of losing one’s freedom, one’s power by giving in to the fear, to the chaos and confusion.

In these times where many events will be taking place that challenge on many levels, it is advisable to stay calm, to stay focused, to stay centered.

It is important as well to understand that this is that which is also part of the greater design, first on the level of those Powers That Be who are hoping to achieve a police state status for the American nation, but also part of the Divine Plan that is about the overthrow and elimination once and for all of those who control, those whose plan is not to achieve the highest lightened state,  a place of awareness and understanding, a state of enlightenment, but rather the exact opposite: to bring people down to the most primal levels of fear, anger, panic and from that level continue their plans to control and enslave.

That this Awareness sends Its energies to the many who have been caught up in these events, both to those who were the actual victims of these events, but also to all who are questioning their lives, their homes, their nation’s safety at this time.  That this Awareness sends Its energies to all who have been affected one way or another.

That this action is complete. That this Awareness is at this time complete in Its message, Its answer.”

Thank you Awareness, on behalf of all our readers and listeners.”


130420 CA for Rainbow Phoenix


47 thoughts on “April 2013 Message from Cosmic Awareness

  1. Dearest Denise,

    Thank you for sharing your clear, concise explanation of this concept and why it’ so important to “go with the flow” and not get caught up in “drama”. This is not to say that I’m unfeeling for what people are going through amidst the smash incidents. I’ve begun to understand (these past months) the “Higher” purpose of all of us and our growth. None of us really “dies”; our true Self always remains.

    So my mantra is: if I’m processing something that comes up, do not attach to it or make it more than what it is (a letting go, going deeper) and just feel whatever comes through you; drama has no purpose on the spiritual path other than to help me see how I can “observe” rather than “engage” in it; compassionate detachment is the best route, for I can acknowledge the grief that people experience without it pushing me off my center. And remaining in that center helps each of us more; first for ourselves and our growth, and second ultimately everyone else.

    I’ve chosen not to watch the news for years for this purpose. The news is not “news”, it’s drama and hopelessness on a large scale, filled with propaganda. I choose to read alternate sources on the internet. It gives me time to process and choose whether or not to continue to read it and feed into it. It also gives me the chance to step outside of it, send Light and Love, and allow whatever emotions come through to flow right through and out of me. I gently remind those around me (friends, family, strangers) that it’s a choice to watch the news, that there’s no reason you have to watch it, and that there are other sources to get information that are more accurate.

    I’m doing my best to deal with the physical pain I’ve been in lately, listening to my intuition, and finding solutions through that inner voice. I remain mostly quiet still…

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  2. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    As always Denise cuts to the important things we need to know right now, to improve our own experience. Many of us have been experiencing just what she describes. As usual Denise helps make clear the path out of confusion and back into forward movement.

  3. This is what I sensed as the 2 dramas played out- thank you for this clarity…as the light shines brighter so will the shadow darkness..shine on is all we can ‘do’…be the light….my prayer is that more americans willl ‘wake up’….

  4. This ‘smash and grab’ I am finding very interesting as I received those very words myself on April 14th … the day before these bombings. Also … as you know … I was also having a little `smash and grab’ party of my own around that time too. ☺
    This picture which you were given Denise of the woman turning into a pillar of salt because she felt compelled to look I feel is such a great illustration of how we really need to be aware of what and whom we are feeding with our energy. I have been banging on about this theme for some time myself. I recall whilst being in London when Diana was killed being one of the only people I knew who did not feel compelled to go and view the flowers … to be part of that whole charade in any way … the only other person I knew who felt the same was my husband.
    I felt this same way last year during the Olympics – simply do not watch … ANY of it … especially the opening and closing rituals … this was my guidance and I stuck with it … again … I know hardly anyone else who managed not to watch.
    To me it feels like rubber necking on the motorway … there is an accident in the other lane however all the traffic is held up because everyone feels compelled to look.
    Don’t look! Don’t feed it. Don’t give it any of your energy.
    This is what my guidance tells me again and again and I have listened.
    The channeled message which you added … whilst I agree with what it says … yet again it is giving that particular even too much energy.
    It is a tricky one I know … informing people without feeding it all … however, for me, it is a case not not looking and not feeding it.
    Much Love

    Oops … excuse the double negative there ☺ Only the one `not’ … and also I noticed another typo too … I meant to say `event’ not even.
    Words … I am getting a tad muddled with them.

  5. Thanks for the message, I listened to the audio. Once again, while I am briefly aware of these situations from snippets of news, what seems to be hitting me harder are the things immediately around me – I’ve mentioned a strong negativity surround me lately. I then stumbled across some information which I used which helped me.

    I started to imagine creating a high frequency light of ‘truth/love’ in my heart, then I increased this in size to fill my room in form of a protective field. While meditating I suddenly had those ‘aha, there it is’ moments, because I would sense the ‘negativity’ coming from one or more beings who were floating nearby, so I imagined blasting beams of higher frequency light into them which made them disappear.

    I’ve felt really good and ideal since then so it must have had a good effect!

    So has anyone else felt these strong bursts of personal negativity? And worked out ways to deal with it?

  6. Thanks for sharing this, I do indeed get derailed very easy, I blame ADD and Facebook. Not sure which is worst. But the derailment happens more often than I would like. And I lose all track of my objective, which is to awaken people (energy tools for that). And my own lower nature gets greedy during these derailments and wants to shut down. NAsty circle. But I am very glad for this message today. Reminded me of what is mine and what is only an illusion of mine. And what my objective is. So, MORE detachment in the very near future…and gardening! Thanks again. Namaste Awaken Kristoss!

  7. Ah, Denise,

    This post was, once again, so timely for me. I have had incidents happen recently which have made me have to really reexamine myself. I have been under a “Smash and Grab” for the last week and, of course, Team Dark is using my family to get to me. I have one sister I have remained in contact with and my drunken brother has started to call me again. Another sister has invited me to nice family gatherings where I would come under assault from the whole family. I don’t go. The sister I have retained contact with was manipulated by Team Dark, I think, last weekend. She slathered herself with all types of perfumed products and then got into a small car with me on the highway, causing a huge asthma incident that I’m just now getting over. And, my one remaining parent is seriously ill and it is really hard not to be sucked into the madness all over again. The hope for love and acceptance is returning and with my family comes attacks, disapproval, and hatred. Team Dark succeeded (for a time)– I was very low and almost depressed and anxious all week. But, I have taken your advice to saade in another thread and built the protection around my place and, as it gets stronger, so do I.
    As for the Boston event, I could feel the young boy and knew he was alive and could not believe or understand how he was involved in this. Both of the young men were smart, talented, and well-liked. It makes so much sense that they were manipulated and mind-controlled by Team Dark. I think the events of last week also had an influence on my state of mind, as I was a total mess all week. I feel I am coming out of it now. Connected consciousness can be brutal. In light of what Cosmic Awareness said, I see this as a ploy by the Powers That Be to counterpoint the urgency for gun-control laws after Newtown. It’s very easy to see how people would be driven to protect themselves after this. And their attempt at creating a police state was successful– all too easily.
    Thanks, once again, Denise, for looking out for us and helping us understand all the weird stuff we’re going through.
    I’m going to try to get out of this funk and focus on more pleasant things. I’ve been trying, but I’ve been pretty overwhelmed this week.

    Hang in there everybody,

    BTW, my whole last message got lost–even though I posted and saved it– and I had to retype it. Interference?

    Don’t look back.

  8. Hi Denise, I had a tough time on a personal level as non of the drama being played out in the world has my focused attention.

    I did have a dream some weeks back that makes more sense now. I was back in a place I once worked and it was not a healthy place tho I had fun there sometimes. I would dream from time to time that I was back and working there again because it felt safe because it was familiar and I was good friends with one person there. So there I was choosing to work there again and felt good about it! The owner said I should have stayed back where I was. And I was confused in the dream and thought why shouldn’t I be here if I want to be here? and everything was in shadow. I learned I would have to work really hard crazy unfair hours but I was ACCEPTING this! I find that hard to believe I would ever do such a crazy thing! All I can say is that this was a peculiar nightmare.

    As for the personal issues with people I see that I still have insecurity issues and often don’t feel loved and don’t know how to provide this from within as of yet. I kept praying and finally things have reached a conclusion. Neutral with no attacking each other.

    Denise I Have not yet gone on to read CA’s letter yet because yours was ENOUGH. You spoke so LOUD and CLEAR. I do feel more anxiousness creeping around me, maybe like clouds of doubt that want to me say “what if….?” But all I can do is move forward. And I have been saying that out-loud. I WANT TO MOVE FORWARD, I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK!!” There is Old Edith’s life and New Edith’s Life and I want to express the New Me! I have been embracing change, but I do accept and embrace my responsibilities if I caused or engaged in negativity too, but I choose to move forward!

    Thank you so much and everyone who shares

  9. Kind of makes you wonder, how Germany became derailed under the Nazi’s and how this country is responding to being put under the thumb…

  10. Woah there! I’d ‘forgotten’ how sneaky ‘team dark’ could be!!! Sadly, team dark are ‘using’ my son to derail me 😦 He has symptoms of autism where he can become aggressive and physical with me – so they are working through him to get to me!!!! Thanks for the reminder and heads up in this one 🙂

  11. Hi Denise
    I have been very quiet lately trying to make sense of all my visions and accept them as well. But one vision I have on a regular basis is that of America. I see a lot of up turned soil, earthquakes, missiles, bombings ect. Although this is very sad I do not see it as that as my emotions I sense when seeing this is of new beginnings and cleansing. In great destruction the biggest weapon is the people. The holding of hands and the vision of a new flower breaking through the soil. Even though team dark will continually attack and grab both physically and mentally they will not succeed. The strength is within all us everywhere to stand together and put our differences aside. This is what makes team dark weak. Some days I do feel down and feel I am defensless and clueless how to stop them and then I realise that to beat fear is to laugh it in the face. If you fear nothing even death itself then you have defeated them. You will no longer be a slave to them. So stand tall and accept life for what it is and fear nothing.

    • Christine,

      Never forget that I am talking about, we’re talking about Multiple Dimensions and multiple Earth worlds and multiple timelines and ONLY one single one.

      Much of what we perceive/see/feel as clairvoyants or Seers are events that won’t happen in THIS world and timeline but in another. Like Hope correctly said in her Comment, and I’ve said the same thing myself many times over these past fourteen years, ‘not on my planet, not on my timeline’! 🙂


  12. How grateful I am for having woken up (to a degree) many years ago, being able to ‘smell a Rat’, recognise the dark tactics and not ‘feed the frenzy’ is so essential during these ‘times’. These reminders by CA and Denise keep us all aware and ‘on our toes’ so to speak. Whenever I recognise one of these events, I choose to deny it any energy whatsoever, instead I firmly announce to the Universe “not on my planet”, “not on my timeline” then I visualise my perfect paradise planet Earth, minus the parasites!
    I am truly amazed at how many people have woken up here in England, many more are recognising the ‘wizard behind the curtain’ and sharing their truth, the skeptical have donned a new pair of glasses and are seeing the charade.
    Thank God, ………… and I do. 💞
    In Lak’esh

  13. When I heard about how Boston was locked down the thought of martial law did cross my mind. I’ve been able to stay relitively centered through most of this, but then as far as I know part of my life purpose (not the whole purpose but part of it) is related directly do restoring the American peoples individual rights and individual powers to them (I’m currently in the process of preparing to take on a much bigger role within that part of my life purpose), but I’ve been around alot of people who are currently in much bigger roles than my current role in helping stop the powers that be from stripping our rights. It would be foolish to count the American people out yet, most of the people I know aren’t awake but they aren’t completely asleep either, although I think who they really are might surprise alot of people.

  14. Most of us here seem to be referring to instances where others have been used to derail us, perhaps because you’re all strong enough to resist personal attacks. Well, I believe I had been grabbed and smashed directly weeks before I read about this term. I don’t even feel human most days–just a teeming mass of raw emotions, strong food cravings, and severe stomach pains. Even when I manage to eat the blandest diet you can imagine, my stomach hurts, and I get angrier and angrier at the self-induced deprivation–especially when doctors assure me there’s no reason I should avoid eating milk or wheat. (These foods don’t even appear to be universal triggers; I don’t feel any worse after eating them than after eating rice.)

    I feel hijacked emotionally, as well. I am able to find odd moments of peace and contentment, but these feelings seem to fade like vapor when I attempt to concentrate and expand upon them. I truly believe there is a physical cause for this–some unfriendly microbial takeover of my digestive track–but this may just be a belief, albeit one with some scientific backing. The bad news is that I can’t shake the belief that if I don’t rid myself of the physical cause, I won’t be able to progress past a certain point vibrationally–so I’m focusing all of my energy and attention upon ridding myself of whatever has caused my digestive system to go severely out-of-whack, all the while being ridiculed by my family and conventional doctors alike for consulting “quacks” (naturopathic doctors). Except I’m starting to believe I’m crazy because nothing I try works for any extended period of time. I know we’ve discussed “food issues” before, but I can’t seem to accept the idea that this may be ascension-related–I only can view it as something that’s barring ascension, making it an unlikely possibility, a believe which in itself might be the result of interference.

    Enough of my complaining; I just wrote all of this because I want to develop some kind of action plan to rid myself of whatever physical or nonphysical forces have derailed me–because I was doing well just two months ago, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. If you recognize you’ve been grabbed, what do you do? Build and strengthen energetic protections, likely–because I noticed I had become increasingly empathetic before I became sick and had experimented with exchanging energy with receptive individuals. (It was fun, but I think I had detected “holes” and had attempted to “patch” them by calling forth my own energy. I won’t try that again.) What else is there? Walks in nature, perhaps–I had been experimenting with energizing food and sending love and appreciation to the trees and plant life in my neighborhood; I had nearly forgotten. Does anyone have any other suggestions ideas?

    • Remember the Virgo/Pisces Nodes polarity? That’s some of this plus Neptune/Chiron are transiting Pisces in opposition to Virgo… you know all this and more.

      Do you remember me mentioning many years ago about how I literally overnight became a ‘Chemical Sensitive’ Beth? It began a couple of years into my physical/biological Ascension Process and it was so sudden and severe that I had to change a lot of things I did, products I’d always used prior with zero problems (like scented laundry soaps and fabric softeners, scented anything!), places I went and so on. The worst places were (and still are today but I’m not nearly as affected by these toxic Piscean Age patriarchal products) auto repair shops. The petrochemicals in tires (and rubber soled shoes etc.) and the oils and other chemicals in auto shops would within a minute or two make me so sick that I felt like I’d ingested poison. The skin on my cheekbones would blister before your eyes and the white’s of my eyes would turn red. It was horrible… seriously horrible and it lasted for nearly ten years. Slowly all of these symptoms caused by how my body processes/transmuted man-made toxicity around me in the environment, eased VERY slowly, and today I’m not as severely affected by chemicals.

      This whole business is physical and it is Ascension related and some of use react to the toxicity in our body and environmentally around us in our own unique ways. And, if one has certain natal placements that would naturally heighten these types of sensitivities — physical and energetic — then those people experience many of the Ascension symptoms in more severe ways.

      Just you externalizing your experiences and perceptions and frustrations about this IS part of processing and transmuting those mental and emotional interferences and/or imbalances. I HAVE to externalize my stuff — the brilliant stuff and the horrid stuff 😉 — or I would not have made it this far!

      I’m going to end with this because everyone, balsamicmoon is very knowledgeable about Astrology, with reminding you Beth of what the Aquarius glyph looks like. It’s two energy lines that go up/down, up/down, up/down… This up/down business we’ve been doing for many years now and we’re still adapting to the NEW Age Energies. 😉


  15. Thanks for the post; it’s really got me thinking. What is the difference between a ‘smash and grab’ situation versus a case of negativity flooding the system as a result of a consciousness shift (when all your junk comes up because it’s making room for the new higher frequency)? I can’t at the moment differentiate these as I tend to just generally feel like I’m overcome by darkness and my hand is being forced as my issues come up. I do admit that this usually happens before a ‘breakthrough.’ So I’m not able to personally ascertain whether this is the work of dark forces attempting to distract me from my path and suck energy, or light forces pushing a transmutation (flooding the system with light so the dark elements are forced up to the surface). Are there perhaps different symptoms for each of these negatively fueled experiences? It’s a fascinating topic. Kind regards.

    • “Thanks for the post; it’s really got me thinking. What is the difference between a ‘smash and grab’ situation versus a case of negativity flooding the system as a result of a consciousness shift (when all your junk comes up because it’s making room for the new higher frequency)? I can’t at the moment differentiate these as I tend to just generally feel like I’m overcome by darkness and my hand is being forced as my issues come up. I do admit that this usually happens before a ‘breakthrough.’ So I’m not able to personally ascertain whether this is the work of dark forces attempting to distract me from my path and suck energy, or light forces pushing a transmutation (flooding the system with light so the dark elements are forced up to the surface). Are there perhaps different symptoms for each of these negatively fueled experiences? It’s a fascinating topic. Kind regards.”


      When we experience OUR individual stuff come up, it’s due to the positive Ascension Process… even though that is typically painful and difficult! Our inner individual stuff must be dealt with, felt, acknowledged instead of suppressed, ignored or projected out on to someone or something else etc. and transmuted by us individually.

      When we experience Team Dark doing an individual, a few individuals, a larger group of individuals, and/or a nation-wide ‘Smash and Grab’ on everyone, that is the Negatives (nonhuman and human) deliberately, intentionally, and with great thought and planning, trying to hurt, wound, kill, steal human energies, suppress more humans and so on. And in many cases Team Dark intentionally does their ‘Smash and Grab’ manouvers on Lightworkers/Starseeds and anyone who was/is of the Light and working with Light and/or waking up out of the Darkness and seeing the Light (having their consciousness expand beyond the old frequency fences etc.) because they’ve been trying to prevent this from happening to individuals and groups and countries etc.

      Now that I’ve said all that, realize that Team Dark knows that the Separation of Worlds is coming soon which means they are running out of time to try and derail and Grab as many more humans as they can before that world (and all the others) separates from each other. This is the reason why the human chaos and catastrophes have escalated in 2013; Team Dark knows they won’t have access to all of humanity for much longer so they and the human Team Dark elite are busy, busy, busy trying to ‘Smash and Grab’ as many as they can while they still can.

      I hope this helped clarify these two very different things. 🙂


      • Excellent and concise reply Denise to Yves question. When I experience my individual stuff coming up, yes it is quite painful and difficult to endure but I can also still feel a “spark” of support within my Soul that stays ignited to help see me thru. When it is a “derailment negative” agenda aimed at many, I feel it as a “Soul Rape”! I use that term to describe the utter intensity of the energetic. I feel that Soul spark wavering and feel utterly devastated. I just recently learned to designate between the two. I have to maintain continual Awareness, to the best of my ability, concerning the soul rape energetic because that one is so intense, at times it feels like it will take me out totally and completely. So I need to be on high alert when an energetic like the Boston Marathon occurs because it’s a head’s up for myself. I have to be able to see all those red emergency lights flashing all around me and heed the warnings! It is very important for myself to be able to differentiate between the two at this time. The “negative agenda” always contains “trickster” energy, coming in the “back door”. Sneaky son’s of bitches. The important point is to try to stay on track the best that we can, because WE never want to be underestimated by anyone. We Shall, As Always, Keep On Keepin On!

      • Hi Denise,

        The separation of the worlds…how will that affect our multidimensional existence? Will we still be able to any visit any timelines/worlds we choose? Or will our access to some places be blocked off? Been meaning to ask you this for months! I ask here because of your comment to Yves.

      • Thanks Denise, it makes total sense now. I was just feeling a bit muddled this past week as I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two (and I wanted to make sure not to be open to the negative energies, and not be closed to the positive ones). I think I’ve figured out my own system of checks. It seems when I feel a painful all-over emotional sensation that causes soul-wrenching tears to come flooding out that this is an indicator that the light of expanded consciousness is at play (getting rid of stuff for the ascension process). Then when I feel this fiery burn-up sensation in my stomach and my heart-rate is racing, I sense that this relates to negative energies trying to suck energy from me and attack me. Hopefully, this intuitive assessment is right. Anyway, hang in there everyone! It’s been a bumpy ride. Crossing fingers that the next phase of the transition will go a bit smoother…

  16. Dear Denise & All Here,

    Thanks for your spot-on and timely article as well as the message from Cosmic Awareness. When I first heard about the Boston bombings, the whole thing felt bizarre and unreal to me. It was like 9/11 all over again.

    According to my Higher Self, the “victims” agreed to participate at a soul level. The bombings demonstrate the madness and hunger for power of Team Dark …if they could, they would destroy many more. This event was permitted to occur because of the resulting expansion of human hearts – and because the remaining time in 3D grows very short, necessitating a wake-up call.

    I love your analogy of Lot’s wife looking back at the destruction and turning into a pillar of salt. We really can’t afford to look back!

    Like others here, I usually feel protected from personal attack but friends or family increasingly come to me with their distressing problems. I do my best to practice “compassionate detachment” as Chrysalis said and NOT get derailed. (Sometimes that means letting the phone ring and using voice mail.)

    My focus is on appreciating and creating beauty, peace and harmony wherever I go, starting with my home environment. This helps to keep me centered.

    Lots of Light & Love to all,


  17. Hi Denise & All,
    I had read Conscious Awareness’ latest blog a few days ago, and found it very enlightening. Thank you, Denise for your comments on this issue as well… right on target as usual.
    I had some thoughts in the Boston bombing last night. I assumed that if the two young men had planned the bombing episode, they would have made carefully detailed plans for their escape from that location well before exploding the bombs. However, they were still in the location when the explosions occurred, and then had to steal a car, and buy enough gas to make their escape, using a stolen credit (?) card.
    When I heard that the older brother was killed, my first thought was that “now he cannot tell his side of the story”, and wondered if the same would happen to the younger brother. He, however, was caught and his throat had been shot, so “he couldn’t talk” either__ (and maybe never could, was one report.)
    I then wondered if these two had somehow been brain-washed, bribed, or coerced to place the bombs at the designated points, then causally walk away believing that someone else would detonate the bombs well after they had left the scene. Of course, this didn’t happen. Thus they had to make a frenzied, hysterical and bloody escape. And they were blamed for the entire event. Nothing else makes much sense to me.
    Love & Light to all those involved in this terrible tragedy, and to you, Denise, and Lightworkers and Starseeds. Marilyn

  18. Thirteen years ago, Frtiz Springmeier wrote in one of his books:

    “Anyone who steps outside of the demonic lie is attacked. … Because a people has willingly sacrificed the truth for the falsehood in their need for relief from their trauma, they have chosen to be deceived. This choice to be deceived has a great deal of spiritual power to it. They are no longer truth-lovers. It is not enough to come to these people with the truth. They have rejected the truth. They must at some point will to seek the truth again. These people can have all the proof shown to them about the truth, and they will continue to reject it. Their demonic bondage needs to be broken somehow. This bondage can be broken in a number of ways. Pointing out the inadequacies of the lies is sometimes sufficient to break the demonic spell over people. But after the lies are broken, they need to be followed by the truth–and the love of truth.

    The Monarch Mind Control programming is simply the sophisticated application of what has been done to humanity on a large scale being scaled down and applied to a single human body. Trauma and lies are used in the same way. The different alters [of a programmed person] sell their souls to the lies in return for their safety. A basic ingredient to the programming of a group of people (or a group of alters) is the same–trauma and fear.”

  19. Not gonna lie this is totally off topic but hey it’s my first time writing here so…leniency? Well I’m not gonna lie the whole “9 month period” sounded (kinda still does) like just another excuse to me where the 9 months would pass then BAM same thing and then there would be another extension and so on and so forth. I’m not saying thats what I want to happen because I would LOVE for it to be true, the only reason I induldge it is because I want to keep that little bit of hope that says maybe the’re right this time, maybe this time something really will happen. I mean a lot of weird (awesome weird) things have been happening to me for a while. The ascension symptoms are hard, but at the same time everytime I get them I feel happy and excited because its like this is proof, this is proof that it’s really happening, I feel like crap but who cares its happening lol.

    Then my flame/guide is always telling me soon very soon if you knew you would be a lot more excited blah blah blah we’ll be together a lot sooner then you think. None of that is really why I decided to write here though, I decided to write here because literally less then an hour ago I woke up from an ascension dream (there always weird) where me and my twin sister (not my flame my actual twin sister lol) were looking up at the sky with a telescope after all this weird stuff happened (stuff that i’m going to skip in attempt to keep it…well less long) and you could see all the stars and planets (like when the moon is full) closing in on earth and we were like omg its happening (it was a dream lol I know …well I’m pretty sure that all the stars and planets aren’t going to crash into the earth) so we went home so we could be with our family when it happened, then I looked at the clock to see how much time we had and it said 9:21 pm, and we thought 3 more hours. In the dream it didn’t occur to me that the time was anything special but when I woke up (I looked up just now and it says 11:11) I realized it wasn’t the time I was seeing it was symbolic of the date.

    Now I’m the type of person that after 23 years of let downs (i’m 23 and I get let down ALOT) I try not to trust or believe anything anymore no matter how much proof of it there is (like my soul flame sending me all kinds of signs even going so far as to spoon with me just to prove im not crazy) not because I don’t want to believe it, but because I want it to be true so badly that when I would get let down it would hurt so if I keep convincing myself that I don’t believe it, then if it turns out its not true I won’t be as disappointed and if it is true then..well obiously I wouldn’t be disappointed by that either lol. For me this is kind of one of those things but at this point it’s getting harder and harder to deny it and usually when I have dreams like that they generally come true.

    Like how I dreamt my sister in law was pregnant but wanted to get an abortion because she wasn’t sure the baby was my brothers so I asked my mom if we could take care of him. When I woke up I was upset by that dream so I went to talk to my mom asking if my sister in law was pregnant and she said no and I asked well if she is and she doesn’t want to keep the baby then can we take care of it because I don’t want her to get an abortion I think the baby might be special. Well a couple of weeks later it turns out that she was pregnant and she had just found out about it and they were going to get an abortion (this was so recent that the she’s still pregnant right now they just found out its a boy) so we did everything to convince her not to BUT my brother didn’t want the baby. No one knew why and I thought well the only reason he would want to get rid of it so badly is if he thought it wasn’t his. Well turns out when they were seperated (because my brother was really mean to my sister in law) she was with someone else and wasn’t sure the baby was his. I said I don’t care who the babies father is, its still a baby and it deserves to be loved because you never know what he might grow up to do or how many people he could help. My broher was determined to get the abortion anyway even though his wife changed her mind but since he didnt want it they were going to do it anyway. That night I cried asking the universe why would you even show me this kid if there was nothing I could do to save it, and if there was anything that could be done not to let the child be aborted. The next day they went in to get the abortion (because they were told the baby was only about 3 or 4 months) but when the doctor checked my sister in law out he said he wouldn’t do the abortion because they were to far along and it turned out that she was 6 or 7 months not 3 or 4, so now they have to have the baby and decided to keep it. We just found out that its a boy a few days ago.

    I know that was WAAAAAY off topic just to prove a point, but I’m the type of person that when I think about something or feel the need to type something I have to which is why it always turns out being so long. (it;s now 11:22) So having said that and having had that experience idk maybe this might inspire a little bit of hope for people who are like me ( you know skeptical to the very last minute). To be honest im not really skeptical, because there’s too much going on for me to ignore, but I also don’t want to be disappointed again because although it’s definitely getting easier to be here (with my body strangely healing itself on a nightly bases) I’m still ready to mosey on home (my dad is 81 and we watched a LOT of westerns growing up lol) and now I feel like im just rambling (darn adhd) and im kind of all over the place (sorry about that again adhd) so I’m just gonna go ahead and stop now…yeah..welp bye.

    • “…so we went home so we could be with our family when it happened, then I looked at the clock to see how much time we had and it said 9:21 pm, and we thought 3 more hours. In the dream it didn’t occur to me that the time was anything special but when I woke up (I looked up just now and it says 11:11) I realized it wasn’t the time I was seeing it was symbolic of the date.”


      You are half right about this and only because you don’t yet know how to recognize deeper level information. You will however. 🙂

      In your dream you looked at the clock to ‘see how much time we had’ and it revealed ‘ 9:21 pm’ . This “Nine Month” extension period that humanity has been given — which is profoundly symbolic on multiple levels — started on 12-21-12 (the winter Solstice) and expires on the fall Equinox (in the northern hemisphere) which happens on 9-21/22- 2013. That’s how much time you have left — we all have until September 21-22-13. (I haven’t looked up the UT of when the Sun enters 0 degrees Libra on the 2013 Equinox, but here on the west coast of the USA the Autumnal Equinox happens on 9-22-13 at 1:44 pm Pacific Time.)

      You’re sensitive enough to be perceiving all of these different happenings and higher messages but you’re still learning how to recognize them and correctly interpret them and so on. This never stops because we never stop growing so just pay attention to what you’re perceiving/feeling/seeing/sensing and being told by what you call your ‘flame/guide’. And, don’t focus on being disappointed again but on getting to where you want to get to. 😉 It IS happening.


  20. I don’t know if this is ‘Smash and Grab’ or not. But my cat Dash, who I feel knows stuff about what’s going on right now with ascension and wants to help me threw it, and just seems wise-even for a cat, was attacked by a dog. She’s in the hospital right now and depending on tonight, will need to have surgery in the morning. I was just hoping ya’ll would pray for her. (I find it a little strange this happens the day after my 27th birthday (4-28) to a cat that knows how to take care of herself outside, to where I didn’t really worry about her) Thank You!

    • Dearest Brittany,

      Loving and healing energy coming your way…

      I was concerned about my cat not long ago. She got sick everyday and didn’t eat for a week. Then on the end of that she got hit with allergies bad (6-10 sneezes in a row, sneeze attacks through the day). She’s doing much better now. In the beginning I was ok, then I started waffling between ok and worried. I dared myself to be bold with my thoughts and feelings (“what if”) and even though I didn’t want anything to cause her to leave just yet, if it was her time I knew I would make it through. I think for me, knowing that about myself, was really important.

      For me, I didn’t have a lot of people around me going through tremendous crises (as many describe here). So TD (I believe) tried “smash and grab” with my cat. We’ve been together for 10 years and have a strong bond, know each other pretty well.

      Let us know how things go. Heart Hugs for you, if you wish…

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • I stand in agreement with your prayers Brittany! I hope that Dash gets well soon.

      Reading your post it occurred to me that something that happened today was also a “smash and grab” directed at a red-shouldered hawk that has on occasion served as a sentinel for my guides. She and her family (mate/nest/babies) were attacked by what I can only describe as a pack of crows. I’ll make a long story short. Beauty (my name for the hawk) actually came to get me to help her fend the crows away from her nest. I know that the crows were being used by the dark to get to her (maybe me, too?). One of the crows even hissed (in a crow-like way) as I got close to where it had flown in a cedar tree. Beauty was able to lure the crows away before the attack fully stopped. On her return, in a gesture of gratitude, she slowly soared in a small circle directly overhead where I stood in the middle of a pasture before returning to the nest. I felt very blessed to have been able to help her.

      • Dearest Nikkoale,

        Thank you for sharing your story with us. It was quite beautiful. Heart hugs to you (and Beauty)…

        With Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Thank you, Chrysalis and all. I saw Beauty silhouetted in the trees this morning near where I believe her nest is, and I felt a sense of serenity. I was happy to see that she’s OK. I trust that her whole family is. All has been quiet in that area. No more attacks.

    • Thank you to all who are sending positive energy our way! As of right now Dash is holding steady, she’s a fighter. She will probably have to stay in the hospital 3-5 days. She may or may not need surgery depending on how her body heals over the next few days, and how bad some of the wounds are they can’t get a good look at yet. If all goes well tonight they will try and take her chest tube out tomorrow which will make her more comfortable. My parents told me not to worry about the bills, which is nice cause this won’t be cheap. I just want whatever is best for Dash. I hope that is to fully recover, but if it’s her time, or she can’t fight any more, or doesn’t want to, I want her to go peacefully. I hate seeing her in pain and suffering. I’ve had serious health problems since I was 14, which mostly has me stuck at home (with parents) not able to do much. I don’t want her to suffer needlessly. I’m trying to let Dash guide me, as to what she wants. She already made it through the first night where her body temp was way too low. A cat should be 100-102 F, at her worst she was 91.5. So I’m taking that as a sign she wants to get better. No matter why this happened I’m not gonna let it get me down, which it might have a few years back, but not now. However, I would still appreciate keeping Dash in your prayers/ meditations/ thoughts . . . whatever works for you.

      • You sound so strong and positive Brittany which is wonderful for both you and Dash. Our LoveLight is with you both. ♥


    • Dash is continuing to do well while her body heals! This morning they were able to remove her chest tube, and so far so good there. Thankfully the emergency vet clinic and specialists aren’t far from my house so I’m able to visit her twice a day so she knows I’m still here. Everyone at the clinic seems really caring and knowledgeable. She’s definitely in the right place.

    • I just got back from seeing Dash and for the first time she seemed and felt (at least to me) more like herself. She was a bit dopey from the drugs but I’m positive this time she wanted to be touched. Her ears perked up when I said her name and she closed her eyes and relaxed while I was petting her. I wanted to cry right there on the spot I was so happy for her! Before I left to see her I tried meditating on her being healed and as if it had already been done. I made a crystal grid, listened to a frequency that’s supposed to help with miracles & healing, along with some visualizations I like. Than for good measure I added James Gilliland’s healing technique on her incase anything was trying to get to me threw my cat. At least one thing I did must have done something because I got the feeling she was relaxed, at peace, more at ease with everything, maybe even feeling better, even though she still has a ways to go with the healing and won’t be getting out of the hospital as soon as we thought. This morning I was worried, she was hideing in the back of the cage and I didn’t like the vibes I was getting from her, like she was down, miserable, lost, stressed. I felt like I should share the good news after reading about the hard times we’re all dealing with. And Thanks again to all who are keeping dash in their thoughts!

      • Dearest Brittany,

        It’s so wonderful to hear that Dash is on the way to recovery =) Thank you for keeping us up to date. My best friend said to me recently that my own cat (Shnooky) has a big following on her Facebook page, even before the time she wasn’t feeling well. Definitely thoughts and energy are speeding recovery time and healing. It sounds like you did more than enough to help speed her recovery and I’m sure she appreciates it =)

        Heart Hugs for you and Dash…

        Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • I wanted to let ya’ll know Dash came home today!!! She still has the feeding tube in her neck so that we can give her food and meds. I’ll have to do most of her home care since I’m almost always home. Thankfully my mom used to be a vet tech and knows all this stuff, so I’m not having to do it on my own (brain fog & all), which is a little nerve racking (she works during the day).
      I’m slowly starting to find out how Dash was attacked by the dog and what happened before I got home. Once I have all the details, I’ll post it, it’s a story worth hearing. I can’t think about it without crying in gratitude and amazement, there must have been beings/ guides/ angels / the universe- something positive looking out for my cat and her human helpers!!!

      • Brittany,

        It’s great to hear that you beloved Dash is home finally and doing well. Keep her safe. ♥


      • Dearest Brittany,

        Thank you so much for letting us know about Dash. It warms my heart that she’s at home and on the way to recovery, as I’m sure you are as well.

        Much Love and Light (for you both),
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Thanks for the well wishes! We are both doing great. Though I wouldn’t say no to more sleep! I’m getting pretty good at giving meds and food threw the feeding tube. Go me! Lol!

      Today Dash wasn’t satisfied with just getting stroked, she wanted to snuggle, the first since the attack, so I crawled in the cage with her (it’s for a large bread dog), that way she isn’t moved around too much. My dog Nike (like the Greek goddess of victory, not the shoe) wanted in too. Now that would have been a site! Lol!
      Nike is always checking on Dash, and comes running as soon as she hears the cage door opening. The day we brought Das home, she wouldn’t stop whining until we let her sniff and lick Dash. Thankfully, dash doesn’t seem to have any sort of PTSD causing her to freak out around Nike (a stray attacked her, not my dog). That would have broken Nike’s heart! She loves cats, especially Dash.
      Today Dash was even grooming herself, which is significant with cats. She is happy to be home! 🙂

    • I now know most of what happened to dash. Sorry it’s sort of long. A woman rescued/ fostered 2 medium sized dogs, one of which was a pit-bull. The pit-bull liked to dig and break the two of them out of the back yard they were left in, while the woman was at work. This had already happened at least once. She was planning on escape proofing the yard, but he broke out again. When he entered my subdivision (a few away from his) he wondered around, not seeming to bother the people but they were wary, it being a strange pit-bull. There is a problem here in San Antonio, Tx with people wanting pit-bulls to be mean and aggressive to protect their house, or for the fun of it I guess, and then not being able to properly control them, where pets and people are attacked. I have nothing against the bread, just the people that mistreat them.
      A woman, a few houses down from mine, noticed the two dogs had collars and went inside to call the number and/or animal control, while her daughter and two other neighborhood girls stayed outside. The pit-bull chased at least one neighborhood cat up a tree. He then wondered around a little and found my cat laying under a bush in my front yard. He grabbed her and pulled her out into the grass attacking her. My cat was saved by three 10-year-old girls. They started yelling at the dog and pulled him off of Dash by his collar. One of them pushed/ ran him off a few houses away. I arrived home just after this happened, while the other two girls were trying to check on Dash. I am amazed that none of the girls were hurt by the pit-bull. He could have easily attacked them when he was already in that frame of mind. I’m also shocked they weren’t afraid to act. I know adults that wouldn’t have done that. Even the vets where amazed at this story and they’ve seen first-hand what a dog attack and do!
      I have seen the girls in the neighborhood before, but met them for the first time a few days ago. They brought Dash a get well card they made themselves! I learned what happened while they checked on Dash. I will forever be grateful to them for what they did for Dash and my family, and for who/whatever was looking out for all involved that day. There where so many times, had even one thing gone differently all of this would have ended tragically for either Dash or one of the girls. I don’t know what happened to the pit-bull. I heard the woman returned him to where she got him. I just hope someone who understands the breed will re-train him, and that he wasn’t put down.
      Dash is still improving day by day, though she keeps throwing up. We don’t know if that’s from the meds or not. I wonder how the change in energies right now is affecting her and if maybe that’s the cause. She’s off her pain meds, and the vet was impressed with her progress at her one week check up! I’m also very grateful for this website (Denise) and the fellow readers, and all who kept us in your thoughts! Dash deserves a chance to go through this ascension process too. 🙂

      • Dearest Brittany,

        Thank you so much for sharing the updates with Dash. What started out as a “smash and grab” only propelled you and everyone around you upwards! With every piece of the puzzle, every moment, every choice, it’s clear that the community of Love and Light were working Together and such beautiful harmony. And how beautiful (it did not occur to me until this exact moment!!) that there were “3” girls! That to me is one of those billboard-flashing, blinking-lights, angelic-Ahh!-music-resounding examples of Triality! Such a perfect example of the New energies and Love =) I imagine that Dash had a hand in this situation… choosing for it to happen so everyone who knew you or heard the “full” story could see this situation for what it what… a perfect example of how things are/have changing/changed.

        My Heart is overflowing with so much Love and Joy for you and Dash (tears)…. for everyone in these situations. Sending you and Dash Heart Hugs…

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

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