Halfway Through the Ascension NINE MONTH Period

This (transcribed) May 5, 2013 ‘Karma To Dharma’ message by Cosmic Awareness, coming through Will Berlinghof, and assisted by his wife Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof is very good and helpful in further explaining what we’re all in the midst of right now and why. Thank you CA, and thank you Will, and thank you Callista for asking such great questions for us all. ♥  Thank you also Joan Mills and Lloyd Arrd. ♥    http://rainbow-phoenix.com/Blog/blog.html     http://rainbow-phoenix.com/index.html

Denise Le Fay

May 7, 2013

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Will is Interpreter, Callista is Energiser and Questioner.  Transcript with thanks to Joan and Lloyd.  Scroll down for the audio link.

Rainbow-Phoenix General Reading. May 5, 2013. Will Berlinghof Interpreter. Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof, Questioner and Energizer.

Verbatim transcription by Joan Mills and Lloyd Arrd.

“We welcome you today, Cosmic Awareness, and we are just wondering if there is a general message that you’d like to give to the readers and listeners at this time. 

“That this Awareness is prepared at this time to give a message from that which is Cosmic Awareness. That at this time it is approaching the four-and-one-half month period of time that would mark the mid-point of the nine-month period that this Awareness has talked of in recent times. The nine-and-one-half month period of development, of introspection, of determining whether or not one is truly on line to grow into the higher expanded states of consciousness that are unfolding during this time period. That the first four-and-one-half months have been intense times for many where they have been challenged in their lives to look at their lives, to look at the exterior of their lives, that which lies outside of themselves, and to determine whether or not those exterior events that seem to be the reality of their life experiences are indeed the true life experiences that are emanating from the interior source of connection, or whether they are the manipulations of those who have been in control, in charge for many eons of time and in particular during modern times of mankind, humankind’s evolutionary process.

That personal development during the first four-and one-half months has been such that many have been experiencing strong physical symptoms, strong physical challenge. That many have been feeling the aches and pains, the miasms of the body that have had to do with past life challenges, past life opportunities that are being expressed in this lifetime to be released from the body, from one’s karmic field as well.

That this has often shown itself in confusion, in doubt, in questions of what is really happening in one’s life and many are facing the extreme challenges of the body at this time as it is endeavoring to clean up its act, to release those energies that have been brought into this life for the purpose of being released so that one has a karmic-free and clean slate, so that one can move beyond karma into Dharma. Dharma is that condition where the karmic obligations that one has entered into life with have been cleared and the slate is blank and clean.

That in that state of Dharma one can write their own script, can determine for themselves what it is they wish to create, what it is they wish to experience. But that many are still struggling with their own personal karma, with their own histories of the soul in its many expressions of physicality that have been experienced over many lifetimes in this dualistic physical third dimensional reality. It is for this reason that many are experiencing and feeling physical ailments and symptoms and are also being challenged emotionally and mentally as well.

That these first four-and one-half months have been intense for many and so it is that they have come to a point now at this mid-way point that they can begin to truly to release many of those energies that they have carried with them for eons, this being more accurately expressed as the soul has carried for many eons.

That now is a time to begin the last four-and one-half-month period where one has released the karmic implications of the many other lifetimes of soul experience and starts now to acquaint oneself with the blank slate that is their Dharma, that is the opportunity to step into the field of Creator Being, Ascended Being, one who has dealt with the past so that the future may not be impeded by the karmic energies of the soul that were meant to be released during this lifetime and in particular during this last four-and one-half-month period. This does not mean that the work is completely done for some and there will be those who are still dealing with karmic issues, but it is with an increased awareness and understanding that many of the physical challenges, the aches, the pains, the ailments and symptoms that they have been experiencing over the last four-and one-half months are those that signify internal work that has been done and is being done in the matter of releasing old energies that were specifically chosen to be brought into this life so that they could be released.

It is not that this Awareness is saying one must be finished with their karma, It is simply saying that many have been dealing with their karmic issues and many have realized this at deep levels. This does not always translate into conscious understanding or awareness, but is that which is known from within, and that all can access this knowing by choosing to look deeply into their being, to identify those areas of their life where there are problems and to see now that many of the problems are still extensions of the old karmic patterns and beliefs that have been held from other times and that have been brought into this lifetime to be released, so that one can truly move into the next four-and one-half months, working on the energies of Dharma with the energies of the blank slate, learning how to create, learning how to manifest unimpeded by the energies of other lifetimes that the soul is seeking to address and to balance at this time.

That this is a time of manifestation and that this month in particular, the month of May, is a powerful month for this purpose, to begin to manifest in one’s life the higher powers of creative force and consciousness, to create in one’s life the evidence that proves and shows that they are not simply beings who have been placed here to suffer and endure that which is their lot, that which their fate, as determined by one’s karma, but rather to truly begin to understand and discover themselves as creator beings.

That this energy of manifestation, this power to manifest at this time has indeed the positive and the negative attached to it. It is a double-edged sword that can cut both ways. Thus it is that those who would still stand in the negative energies, who would still deny their true being, their higher spiritual ascended being may indeed find that their manifestations are of a negative variety, a negative kind. That if this is so, and one is experiencing negative situations, negative manifestations, that one does need to take those experiences, those manifestations and ask “why is it that these negative energies are still expressing themselves in my life?” Therefore the next four-and one-half-month period for many may still be a time to fully address the deeper karmic issues. The energies are truly available to do this with even greater success.

There is the positive edge of this double-edged sword as well and that for those who have been intensely working within, have been willing to look at their dark sides, have been willing to address their personal issues, that they will find that they are creating events and circumstances in their lives that are positive in nature and even miraculous, for this is a time of magic and miracles. You must always recognize that you as the creator being, the manifester, can create in the negative or in the positive and that it is your choice to do so.

That the energies will favour the release, the continuous release of negative energies for those who are looking at their negative factors, their negative manifestations in their physical world, their physical lives. Those who have worked intensely will begin to see miraculous events moving into their fields of experiences, even greater than that which has been experienced previously.

That this is an intense time for expansion. That again the expansion that is being brought forward must be accepted, must be looked to as that which is the way forward. Equally there is at this time an energy of contraction for those who are afraid to step into their expanded being and that there are many who are retracting now back into familiar grounds, holding to that which has been, for it is their comfort zone and that they are fearful of letting go that which is known, that which is of the comfort nature of their lives, to release from this, to step boldly into the new energy levels of expansion, to truly let go that which they have held onto for so long.

As a swimmer at the side of the pool, it is now time to let go of the pool side. It is time to launch oneself into the deeper waters, confident and comfortable in their ability to swim in these deeper waters, knowing and trusting that they will be sustained in the deeper waters of consciousness that they are now swimming in. But many are still fearful of the depths, fearful of letting go of the side of the pool. That they may even decide to step out of the pool and back onto the firm ground that they have known all their lives, they may still look to their surroundings to confirm for them whether anything has happened outside of themselves before they are willing to jump back into the pool or launch from the side. Those who are the truer spiritual seekers who live in confidence that they are supported and that they have the ability to swim in the deeper waters will instead forward their motion, move into the depths, knowing that they are able to swim in these new depths of consciousness that they are finding themselves in.

Therefore, this month of May is indeed a pivotal point in the journey towards one’s spiritual expansion and spiritual consciousness. The forces of those higher powers, the force of Divine Consciousness is the water that is being swum in now, and it is crucial to truly realize that this is the truth of your being and that one and all who are those seekers who are willing to go beyond the comfort zone, to let go of the side of the pool, realize finally that they are spiritual beings of High Order and they are in the process of truly remembering this and to do so they must now swim in the deeper waters.

That at this time, halfway through the nine-month period of inner development and growth, of healing and release, the energies are such that it is encouraging those who are of that mind to move forward, to trust and have faith. That this is indeed the next part of the journey for those who are not comfortable in the deeper waters. That you can stay at the side of the pool, but at some point, you must believe that to reach the other side of the pool you must swim through those deeper waters. And for those who have stepped out of the pool and are standing on firm grounds, who have retracted, who have withdrawn, this time may be the most challenging of all for you. Realize that even though fear seems to dominate you, it is false, it is False Evidence Appearing Real, and that you are still within the energies of the Divine and encouraged to get back into the pool and to expand in consciousness, not to retract. That this is today’s message from this Awareness at this time.

Awareness, if I may just make comment here, it seems that if we are to embrace the expansion that is available to us, then we are given more of a choice of the different timelines that we can access in order to manifest those things that we need. 

That this is correct. That multiple timelines are opening for one and all and that part of that which is the contraction is a retreat back into familiar timelines where one is of the opinion and holds to the truth that they have no power. That the timelines of those who are contracting will reflect this and external events will continue to dominate their lives and they will continue to insist they have no power to change anything and that even if they try, and even if they have tried, nothing changed. That it is why it is important to look even deeper into one’s negativity, into the events one is calling forth in their lives and to see it as evidence of the timelines they are on.

For those who are expanding, multiple timelines will begin to open up, especially those timelines that show that which is ahead of humanity and ahead of each individual. Timelines that will allow them to further their growth as creator beings into a reality that is based on this new understanding and awareness that is held at a very deep level and is being brought to the surface now in their lives.

Thus the timelines that are available will be indicative to whether one is expanding or contracting. Those that seem to present the evidence that nothing is changing and matters are simply getting worse and worse, are those that are showing the individual to be one who is contracting.

Those that are showing new opportunities to truly step into the power of their greater spirit as it is shone on this life, in this life, will find that their timelines, even if there are challenges personally and globally, are those that will move through them with complete trust and faith that this is the expansion of their being and that the challenges even that they may still find are challenges they can easily overcome and pass through.

Does this answer your question?

Yes, thank you Awareness. That is all that I have to ask at this stage, so is there anything else you would like to say to us? 

The final point that this Awareness wishes to make today is that it is extremely important at this time that each and every being moving forward through these challenging times, these interesting times, remains in their integrity, the integrity of one’s soul. That it is not acceptable that one does not come from a place of integrity, for integrity is that quality of the expanded ascended being that does not capitulate, that does not retract or give in to those who would oppress, those who would dominate, those who would create fear as a way of manipulation and control.

That to live in integrity will always be the integral evidence or the integral proof that one is coming from a higher place and therefore, even if one is challenged by those who do not have integrity, or in the retraction are coming from a place of lacking of integrity, one still makes a choice of whether to play in that arena or not.

When one is challenged by those who are corrupt and one is asked to deviate from a path of their integrity and honor and respect, one must look at the consequence of doing this, and that it would be an indicator of retraction. The contracting back from the highest demand of Spirit, that one lives in their integrity and their life is exemplary of that integrity. That it is that which goes hand in hand at this time of personal development that one develops that high sense of integrity and even more, lives it.

Thank you Awareness, my thought at this stage is that if we step out of integrity and truth then we open ourselves up to attacks of various natures. 

This is correct. That is why it is so imperative at this time, so important at this time, never to recede back into a place where one’s personal integrity is forfeited for convenience, or because one is in fear that if one stands up and is in their integrity, even if it goes against others who have power in their lives one way or another, that it is something that they cannot do, therefore they retract, that this is not okay. It is a deep spiritual requirement now to stand up for what one truly believes in. Making excuses, being apologetic for one’s spiritual beliefs is no longer that which is favored. Indeed, it is now demanded by the higher spiritual forces, by the Divine Itself, to stand up, to be counted, to be of the highest integrity, for it is Divine Integrity that is infusing the consciousness of humanity at this time. That it is time now to draw the line and to hold to that line. Any retreat back from that line of one’s personal beliefs, one’s personal integrity in the higher expression of spiritual forces that is definitely unfolding on the planet at this time, will be an example of retraction, and it will indeed not forward individuals in their spiritual evolutionary process. It is a time of responsibility now to stand strong, to stand firm, to not apologize for one’s spiritual beliefs and to hold them as integral to the growth and development of themselves, of each and every individual as they move forward on the track of their spiritual evolution and ascension.

Yes, thank you Awareness, it seems like it could also be a time of sorrow and even grieving because sometimes we have to make a stand with those who are family or friends. 

This too is correct. That there will be evidence for many that the stand they may have taken to placate others, to humor others, to simply live with others, has come to conclusion and decisions must be made as to whether or not one can stay in lower energies, especially energies that pull one back, that bring to them the choice of returning back to the comfort zone so that they can feel safe, so that they do not feel they will lose those who they think are important in their lives, even if it means sacrificing their own integrity, their own knowing of their inner selves.

Those who truly are seeking their inner expression, those who are truly drawing forth their 5th dimensional consciousness may indeed go through a time of sorrow now as they are asked to leave behind those who are unwilling or unprepared to move forward, to take up the baton and race forward on that race of spiritual growth and evolution. That it is not alright, it is not okay to retract simply because one is unable or uncertain of the future.

It must be seen within one’s self that the future is bright and that the spiritual evolutionary process does ask now to truly look at one’s life and look at those who are in one’s life, to look at the events and circumstances of one’s life – are the events, circumstances and individuals in one’s life promoting one’s higher spiritual understanding and awareness — or are they drawing forth from you that which is doubt, which is confusion, which is choosing to stay in those lower energies. If it is so, then one must decide whether or not one is willing to let go of those who draw them down so that they can move forward. Sometimes this would be indeed a difficult process but one must truly look at the greater picture and understand that it is not alright any longer to sacrifice one’s own true spiritual understanding and awareness simply to fit in, simply to be normal, simply to have those who will not feel comfortable in the higher energies appeased and pleased and supported in their lower belief systems, their lower energetic levels. It is a testing time indeed but it is also a time of great reward and great advancement for those who can see that it is imperative for them to choose the highest options and the highest truth.

Thank you very much Awareness, I have no further questions. Have you anything else that you would like to say to us? 

That this period of time can be a true turning point for many, turning the corner, moving forward, but it is also that which could be considered a crossroads and that many have come to this crossroads intentionally. Some have come to this crossroads not realizing how they have got there and even more, the majority do not even realize they are at a crossroads. But ultimately all are at this crossroads, and it is time now to see the months ahead as those months where one can fine-tune and release that which still needs to be released, that which still needs to be faced.

These time have the support of the Divine and for those who find the courage within to jump into the deep waters and to trust they can swim, to trust that they will be supported in these deep waters and assisted, that these will be truly magical times and miracles will be seen.

For those who are retracting, for those who are afraid to venture forward, who will not stay in their integrity, who will retreat from the pool altogether, it may be that these are found to be difficult times for them.

In any event, this Awareness does see that the journey continues and that it is halfway through now, the nine-month period of development and growth on a personal level as well as on a global level.

That there may indeed be many challenging events in the weeks and months ahead and that this Awareness reminds all to remember that the manifestation of those events is that which you have created so that you can look deeply into those events, so that you can choose the timeline that you wish to move forward in, so that you can truly understand that as fifth dimensional beings, beings of ascended character, that to be such must one truly, finally release and let go of the side of the pool, must launch themselves into the deep waters in complete trust and faith that they certainly know how to swim and that they certainly will be supported in that which is the swim through Divine Consciousness.

On behalf all our readers and listeners I thank you very much for your message today and the wisdom and guidance and encouragement that you gave us. Thank you, Awareness.”

130505 CA for RP


83 thoughts on “Halfway Through the Ascension NINE MONTH Period

  1. This explains everything I have been experiencing. I just spent 2 days in hospital with intense physical pain and visible inflammation in every joint in my body. After several tests the doctor said I am physically strong and normal and experiencing severe fybromalgia. I then realised that what I was going through. My past lives have all been that of a matyr. I have been burnt to death, beaten up, gased and the list goes on. This was all to change the conscious mind of those around me. And yet in this life where I donot have to live out this role I chose to remember. I now realise what my pain is but somedays it is physically impossible to do anything. So yesterday I took my pain meds and drove to a gym to join. I will not let this get the better of me. I will do my best to work through this. The one thing I do not understand yet is, if we experience physical pain is this a sign that we are still working through our emotional trauma or are we dealing with only the physical. Will the pain end once we have worked through this? I understand and have worked through some issues already but it seems I have only just started working through it all.
    I dearly wish all those going through this the best of luck and lots of love. I know it is not easy and family do not understand most of the time. It does help when you find a doctor that can beleive your physical pain and sympathise by helping. They are around just look for them. I am for the first time using medicine with spiritual guidence together. And I am looking forward to seeing the light at the end of this dark tunnel I am travelling in.
    Peace and love to all.

    • Christine,

      Many, MANY Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers have lost their physical lives on Earth because they dared to be different than the sheeple masses! We’ve been burning at the stake, poisoned, drowned, bludgeoned, ripped apart etc. etc. As Lisa Renee’s higher dimensional beings said to her, ‘They kill the Christ on Earth!’ or something close to that. This however is in our pasts and we each need to let it go.

      In these current lives and times of Universal Ascension, the physical pains we have are caused by multiple things. 1) The physical pains we’ve had/have are most likely carryovers from certain of our “past” lives. They are or have been unresolved issues that create residual emotional energies we’ve carried over into this Ascension time and life and body because our Higher Self knew the Divine cosmic/galactic/solar energies would be present during these current lives which would help us to transmute, totally clear, and let go of ALL of our stuck emotional energetic and/or “karmic” wounds, issues, fears, hates etc. etc. Our Higher Self knew that we could clear our slate of many lives worth of scars and issues etc. in one short but super intense lifetime and body… this one! In other words, our Higher Self said to these versions of “us” in these bodies and lives and time, “Hey, all the Divine assistance you could even hope to have will be available to each and every soul to use to clear their personal Soul Slate so they can ascend/evolve to the next level and stage free and clear.” And all of us jumped on the rare chance to do this… to hell with how difficult and painful it would be! We wanted to be free of our “past” unresolved wounds and issues as quickly as we could do it and this is exactly what many of us have been doing over these Ascension years.

      The other reason why many of us experience severe physical pains is due to the Ascension Process itself. It simply hurts physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically Alchemically transmuting ones personal Lead into Gold — and if one is also a Lightworker, then they have ALSO been transmuting big chunks of humanities current and past evil deeds in and through their own physical bodies to help everyone and everything more quickly make the Ascension Shift to the next evolutionary level. Add to this the fact that we have lived in a totally toxic physical environment; a totally toxic psychic environment; a totally toxic mental and emotional environment and all of this put together starts to make a lot more sense! Most people, most Lightworkers don’t even consciously realize the degree of energetic transformational WORK they have and still are doing within themselves and also for the rest of humanity by transmuting other people’s evil actions etc.

      As you said, you’re finally using both spiritual and physical medicine to “heal” your Self and your bodies. This is the ONLY way real “healing” works. 🙂 ♥


      • Dearest Christine and Denise,

        Thank you for discussing this issue. I’m smack in the middle of doing my best to deal with this myself. I had spent months in PT to deal with pain in my left hip (coming from a protruding disc in my lower back). I finally got that in order when my right sciatic at the top of my right leg started this excruciating pain. I’ve backed away from the PT (at the gym in the pool) for the moment, because in doing squats, I continually tighten the muscle on my right side which aggravates the sciatic.

        I’ve since been led to acupuncture which my body seems to really need. Only this past week has my treatment time gone from 2 hours to 1 1/2 hours. Still, I’m dealing with pain everyday. I’ve been more consciously asking for healing to come in; asking if this is past life-related and do I need to know about it; and plain out just acknowleding that whatever it is, on whatever level, to please release.

        I’m listening to my inner guideance, ignoring what a Dr. might say to me (pain meds, just go back to the gym and work through it, etc). There’s no guilt or shame about my choices, and I know when I need to go another direction something (or someone) will present something else to me. And too, I keep asking, being open to the intent on releasing, in whichever way I can. The only thing I can figure (I know, I know, let’s let go of brain thinking), is that my body had to deal with pain on the left, and now it’s balancing/correcting with releasing of the pain on the right because I had to lay and rest on that side for months. And it could be past pains as well. And it may not be important to know exactly what it is.

        Thank you both again so much for bringing this up!

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • You just gave me more motivation to see my Dr., when i went in about two weeks ago, i was diagnosed with possibly (i know right, how do you diagnosed and give a possible anything lol) some sort of infection. I went in asking for post traumatic help but she refused to listen to my emotional stories her words were *whats important RIGHT NOW is that we take care of your physical pain, and we work with the rest as we go, i am going to help you* those words were blah to me then, but as the week went by i understood it and now i understand it even more. Thank you.


    • Hi Christine,
      Boy do I get it!! Yes, Yes, Yes… Been there. I totally empathize with you. I’m a Elder and been experiencing Ascension Symptoms for last 8 years (unbeknownst to me until this year that, thats what it was/is). I mean, I’ve been through Transformations, Soul Initiations, etc through the years (I’m 61). But let me tell you I NEVER experienced what I’m experiencing this time round! Here’s my story and though its quite long its only the tip of the iceberg! But I hope it helps you to know that we are all in the same boat my dear one!

      My story~
      I’ve been experiencing PAIN, Crazy, Bizaar type symptoms, sensations that can last for weeks to months at a time. Last year when I was in Paris for month of March-April 2011 it seemed like it really began kicking in again, getting more intense with new symptoms every day. If I had to choose the most likely medical condition RRMS (relapsing, remitting Multiple sclerosis) is a perfect fit to a T! To be honest since it affects the CNS like Ascension does I wouldn’t be surprised if its gotten to that point by now! But I will not have the spinal tap or MRI (I’m ultra sensitve to EMF, all Medical procedures and drugs and won’t even take a Tylenol). However, if I was diagnosed with MS I must say that at that point it would’ve been a relief!

      Anyway while in Paris to make matters worse (in retrospect I now realize) I was living Right across from Cathedral, as well as I was in close proximity (and visited) to many other old churches too while there. At one point 2 days before returning home I even went to the ER in Paris at midnight as My legs were in pain and I had so many wierd things going on in my body I thought I might have had a blood clot (from the flying). But as usual tests are always negative.

      By time I got back to the states I was a mess not only physically, but mentally as I was completely exhausted from the pain, the flying (which I hate) and by then also in a Panic wondering what the hell was going on in my body! To boot even though everyone around me knows I’m an intuitive they are still all living in 3D including my partner. So, they of course insisted that nothing is wrong weith me at all and that I’d just become a complete hypocondriac (which I was actually was in a constant state of “Health Anxiety” at that point!).

      So…I went to the ER twice during last summer (memorial day weekend) while dealing with all the crazy bizaar physical pains, sensations. That particular time I was actually admitted. Even though BP and EKG were good they wanted me hooked up to Heart Holter Monitor overnight to make sure. As I had told them I had palpitations and always have chest pains (that “Vibrating” when in chest area, felt like palitations and that feeling of every heart beat sometimes everywhere in the body). Anyway, of course being an Empath to begin with the Hospital Energy Field causes even more symptoms for me!!! And while in ER I experienced one of those familiar “Electric Shock” one second wave type pains when hooked uo to the EKG. Then of course to make matters worse when the doc came into my room the next day to read my chart/monitor and report, the idiot (and/or the poor victim of alien agenda to get to me) tells me I have a heart condition and wanted to keep me there till tues to have a eco cardio gram and more tests. As I was trying to process this and at the same time in a state of terror I thought to myself “This is a mistake, doesn’t sound right” (as the nurse had been telling me all along everything on the monitor looks good so not to worry) I told doc, I just needed to get out of there and that if i stayed i’d have a heart attack for sure and thast i did not plan on takinbg any of the drugs they were suggesting to me anyway. so I said I’ll just go see a Cardiologist on my own . In any case as I was trembling and getting ready to leave the doc comes back in looking like a lost soul and says “I’m so embarrassed I don’t even know how to say this bit i was reading the wrong chart. You’re fine” Par for the course! Seriously all I wanted was to finally get some kind of accurate diagnosis after years of no answers. And here I was being terrorized by the incompetence of conventional medicine. Imagine if I had agreed to stay and also take the blood thinners, heart meds they suggested?? He might’ve not even had looked at the chart again. He probably only had to go over it thoroughly because I was being released of my own choosing against the doctors suggestion and realized when he looked at the name and age of the person’s chart it wasn’t me!!I (she was 90 yr old across the way). So…was this DT visiting hrs at the hospital especially there for me??…Or is it that DT is in control of the whole medical system and pharma companies too…(But Thats a whole other topic).

      So…After 6 years of medical researching my symptoms, I’m noticing Ascension kept coming up and I finally started taking notice. Even after years of being being a Truth Seeker, Spiritual study, many more experiences and being a Intuitve writer, artist, musician, as well as having done some healing work I still never put everything together or did I even think the Physical body could be profoundly affected…nor did I even know or would have truly believed at that time all this information about (DT, Negative Alien, Agenda, etc). I knew and was aware of the negative people, and energies, government, control mongers, religions etc and programming so was always anti- establishment. But Wow I’m just wraping my brain around this in this past year.
      As well as doing much studying this past year on the shifts taking place in/on earth. I didn’t even know there was a name (Earth Sensitive) for people like myself. I finally have validation for why I “feel” Weather patterns, atmosphereic pressures, etc.

      Also, I might mention that I’d experienced my first spiritual event awakening at age 8. and been told many times by many various healers/intuitive, psychics over the years ago that I was a Starchild? Healer/Teacher and that I’d be doing this work someday. But I still hadn’t taken it all that seriously. Duhhhhh! is me! Being from the “old school” we were just called phsychic and or weirdo’s at the very least! But I’ve connected all the dots now thanks to Denise and other’s like Lisa Renee (who I found out about here too!) Now I practice 12D shield twice daily along with my own individual practice, I feel like I have a family here at Transitions and as a new member of energeticsynthesis. I’m aware and learning more and more everyday, re establishing upgrading my practice after a long hiatis (of dealing with my own upgrade, ha, ha) so to be able to support others share the knowledge I’ve gained and experiences I’ve been through with those who are also going through Ascension and may feel alone and misunderstood. So that’s what we do…keep on keeping. Knowlege is power…And supporting one another, hearing each other’s stories will take us through this very difficult time. God bless us all as we just keep on keeping on!!
      With Love & Gratitude to Denise and All here for sharing and listening.

      • Hi there Sandra
        I have a great sense of relief knowing that I am not the only one experiencing this. When I was told about my past lives and my journey in this life I do not think I took as much as I should have seriously. I could not comprehend so much. It all seemed so surreal for me. But as the days went by and “My Gift” (still getting used to this) got stronger I realised that it was no joke. Now that I am having the right guidence through this my pain has subsided for a while. In the last two days I have not taken any pain meds and have not had any pain. I have been meditating and spending alot of time alone remembering my past lives and learning to let go of the pain. It is not easy and I know that 2 months ago I would not have been able to do this. But thankfully I am surrounded by like minded friends and have the guidence I need, so today I believe in myself that I can move forward. Before I felt like I needed to help others and stay back for them but now I realise that by me moving forward with this process I am much more helpful. And the more clearing of the ‘muck’ I do the more stronger my perceptions and visions are. It is as if the fog is clearing up and I can see where I am going now. I do not know if the fog will come back but at least I am happy in the comfort knowing that I wont need an ECG or MRC blah blah and all the other stupid tests and meds! lol… I will just go to a quiet place till it passes over or out and pig out on chocolate…which by the way is still the best medication I have had!

        Love Light and lots of Chocolate

    • I see there have been many replies to Christine’s sharing. As someone else recently posted, I was also admitted to ER twice last year in the Autumn. One or two minor things were found, but nothing to do with what led me to ER, shortness of breath and extreme heart palpitations. The interesting part is that I had been out of the medical system for 20 years and then boom, come the end of last summer, one thing after another. What I was told within Christine was that I was no longer clearing for myself individually, it had to do with a new task that I was assisting in and had to do with calibrating to the new place we all are aspiring to. I resided at a “half way” station for about 6 weeks which felt like “no man’s land”, a void. In the matrix series a family resides at a subway station where all the trains continue to flow by, but none of them ever stops, they just existed there with no where to go. That is what this experience felt like to me. So, the extreme physical conditions for me, and they have been many, have been part of my continuing “task” in this Experience which can be finished any day now, Thank You! As Denise so eloquently put it, just Fuck You to this entire experience. I honored my role in assisting but Enough Already! On a very positive note, concerning that assisting, I received within that I have accomplished what I set out to do in this most pivotal round, which is one of wrapping up or should I say, folding in upon itself!

  2. CA is the ONLY channeled info I look at / listen to at present ………..with discernment of course 💖
    There seems to be a higher energy vibration with this material, and it certainly slots right in there with my experiences.

    • “CA is the ONLY channeled info I look at / listen to at present ………..with discernment of course 💖
      There seems to be a higher energy vibration with this material, and it certainly slots right in there with my experiences.”


      CA — Cosmic Awareness is the only channeled material I read/listen to too and quote here at TRANSITIONS and there are plenty of reasons for this. 1) Because it is accurate and undistorted material based on what I know personally. 2) Because I have ancient and current connections with the Energies that call Itself Cosmic Awareness and this is why what I write about is very similar to what CA talks about through Its channeled messages through Will Berlinghof. There’s so much more to this, and it’s really interesting, but it’s not time for me to publicly share it all yet. I will eventually however. 🙂

      I only quote and/or link to other people’s spiritual and ascension writings that I know are correct and undistorted. Even some material by other people that’s good and accurate has portions that have distortions in it and because of this, I won’t quote that type of material at TRANSITIONS.

      ♥ Hugs,

  3. I read this while I was listening to the news, and I heard one story that was nothing short of a miricle and another story that sounded like it might be the stage being set to bring the truth being brought to light on certain issues on the national (possibly global) stage that told me that humanities future is looking like it might get much brighter much sooner than even I was expecting (I knew things were already on track to change for the better but I’d all but given up on the possiblity that such drastic changes might happen this soon), they weren’t the only two stories I heard but they were the things that jumped out at me the most. I don’t want to say sign from the universe (though I wouldn’t rule it out) but I will go as far as to say pretty amazing timing. Thank you very much for this, hearing the highlights of todays news was pretty great on it’s own reading this while I was listening to those highlights was almost overwhelming 🙂

  4. Umm I can’t swim, like at all…so im gonna go ahead and pretend that he used a bike metaphore instead, cause I can ride a bike. No training wheels needed lol.

  5. Inside tears. Man this was such a good and inspiring read! Okay time to get to work again! Lol

    I would really like to create a place of harmony, a place of laughter and growth for friends and families of the same integrity. I personally do not have friends outside of Denise’s home. Would anyone be interested in once a month meet? My home, the mountains, a lake somewhere anywhere breezy and chill? I know to some the thought might be a drag and to some a great idea. (I was about to delete all this and i heard a voice say NO let it be, give it a chance)

    This new post has put many things in alignment. I did feel like i had retracted in my way of thinking and i knew i had brought upon some, some occurrences onto myself but some were just plain ol dark. Ugh

    I have been in and out of bed. I want to thank everybody who has sent positivity my way, it has assisted in so many levels. Thank you.


    Thank you for your words to me, it was an immediate ease to me. I am grateful for you. I have been following your words and energy since 2011 and i honestly you have saved me from a lot of confusion!

    Love you all..

    I love the swimming metaphor, im a natural swimmer love it!

    • “… I personally do not have friends outside of Denise’s home. Would anyone be interested in once a month meet?…”


      Where do you live if you don’t mind saying publicly? I know that this sort of thing of like-people PHYSICALLY connecting finally is coming soon and it will help us all. This flying solo has been a long, hard Road to travel but we’re close to the time when it’s right to finally connect in the PHYSICAL with like-others.

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Hi Denise and all!

        I live in California, wrightwood area. Yes, the solo drive is rather lonely. I feel it coming, the need will soon be here. My girls need other positive energies to coexist with as well.

        Hugs to all

      • Enita and all,

        I could ditto most everyone’s comments here. Thank you Denise for this home – I really don’t have one either. At times I want to get together with like minded others, and at others I plain don’t have the energy or desire. I think if I weren’t working M-F that might change – but most weekends I just recover from the week. Anyway – I am very open to entertaining this idea. I live about 1/2 way between Albuquerque and the Grand Canyon. Also, anyone here near me? Morgean

      • Yeah, only today I was thinking these types of thoughts – how I wish I could connect more with others who are in the process of expanding consciousness. I remember having some kind of telepathic talk with some spirits who were trying to guide me (a few months ago), and I asked if I could ‘leave’ now if it was done, and they said yes, go and be with your friends. Then I unconsciously just clicked on Denise’s blog and read the comments.

        Something which has been happening lately is that I find it less and less interesting to discuss …the mundane… I’m naturally falling out of old habits and interests. I’ve realized I don’t really have many friends. There seems to be ‘mutual disinterest’ between myself and those who aren’t on this journey of expanding consciousness. Fortunately people going through all this exist through the internet at least 🙂

      • Hi Enita (and all who feel alone in this process!)

        I live in NYC. But if its any consolation (even though I’ve always been pretty much a loner type) I too am recently experiencing the loneliness you speak of now too. there’s a greater need to connect with other enlightened being on a grand scale! In fact if I’d been told just a year ago that I’d be communicating online I would have never believed it!!!
        There’s truly no one around me with whom I resonate on an energetic level. Sadly, not even my partner anymore. He, my family are all still living a 3D lifestyle. My grown daughter is an enlightened soul, however she too is caught up a lot with 3D responsibilities. So we rarely have any quality time together when she’s here in their NYC apt here in my building. I also relate to how you feel about your children being exposed to positive energies. Its a very difficult task protecting them from all the negativity around them expecially through the media. My youngest grand daughter 13 moved here to live with me this year to pursue her dream, preparing to audition for Performing Arts HS here in NYC. So I relate and know first hand your concern! I just do my best to guide her spiritually without throwing too much at her at once. Its a very difficult call and mission protecting them from whatever you can out there in 3D land. My oldest grand daughter is going to college next year (a songwriter/singer) but my daughter and I don’t worry as much about her in the same way. She is definately an Indigo, very much introspective, aware not a follower whatsoever. However she’s more fragile in the sense that I also know that life as it is now here on earth is more difficult for her in other ways (as it is for us). She is now beginning to realize the challenges she’s facing in dealing with the 3D ways, but not sure why she’s so different yet. In any case, it certainly wont be as challenging for her generation as was/still is for us (being the way showers) and at this particular time…As we are preparing the way for them. This too is a consolation for your/all our children!

        I rarely speak to, or see any of my real friends from the past anymore either (as our lifestyles are so extremely different now too). My only connection with Star Family are online. Thank God though I’m at least not in the mainstream work field. I’m a Intuitive Creative Artist, Empath/Teacher/Healer. Thing is, I’ve been on a Hiatis. With all the physical aspects of the Ascension process I’m experiencing I’ve been unable to work and I also feel that the responsible thing to do is to upgrade myself and level of practice accordingly for these very profound times making sure I’m in total clarity myself before I bring my energies and work out there to others. I’m just about ready now though…pretty soon I hope!

        In any case I went on and on again here 😦 Being an Inspirational writer too, I just cannot stop myself so I apologize if i’m over writing here :/
        So…last but not least….I just want to say to you and everyone here who feels alone and who also has the responsibilities of protecting their children (from 3D mentality taking over thrie lives). These children are very fortunate to have you as moms, dads and grandparents!

        Sending Love and Light Energy to you and to All!

      • I just thought I would throw out my piece of information regarding connecting physically. I will point out that this message was given concerning myself so it may only pertain to me. This time-frame we are in is where it has become very individual. I was told that I will not connect with others physically until I have moved to that “other place” that we all are aspiring to. That this reality, for myself, is dead and finished, which I have experienced these last days as a neutrality. Am I anxious to connect, absolutely because so many of us are extremely tired of doing this alone and with very few available resources, or as with myself, with one other who is not in close proximity. So I will Keep On Keepin On Hoping that one day real soon I will be in that other place that I call a Harmonious Paradise, allowing myself to pull up another reserve of Strength and Fortitude! I am also grateful for this latest post and as Denise always spoke of concerning those various “stair step’s” we occupy, I filter all info thru the current stair step that I am on, allowing it to become individual! At this time, I am probably more grateful then ever for all the sharing’s! Thank You To Everyone!

    • I would have loved to be your friend, but since I live in Norway and I’m assuming you live in the US, that probably would have been very difficult;) But I like your initiative:) I went from having many friends a few years ago, to having none left. I have been so caught up in the ascension process and so isolated for the last couple of years, that I have not wanted nor been able to socialize at all.

      I do think (like Denise said) that after September and the separation of worlds we will start to attract people of the same vibration into our lives. We will be social again and we will have friends, we just have to be very patient.

      Best of luck to you and to everyone else reading this blog!

      Light hugs from Norway

      • It’s really funny, what I posted a bit above this – how just recently I’ve felt a strong desire to connect or be around ‘anyone of higher consciousness’ whose soul is attempting to climb the ladder of awareness. I’ve also noticed how…I used to have a lot of friends (most online, though) who were into ‘normal stuff’, and how …without it happening obviously – I simply barely talk to anyone anymore – as if I’ve just fallen out of range of everyone… But I feel so energized and attracted to certain blogs especially this one. The messages are so uplifting and cause such a high resonance inside me – like a feeling of ‘yep, this is where we are Heading.’

  6. I just popped back or “returned” from a strange place or feeling I go thru from time to time. It is as if I am “between” and no where. There feels no relation to past or future and I feel an intense NOW but EMPTY place that I can only deal with by sleeping thru it and am amazed that I CAN sleep after sleeping too much already. I noticed this yesterday and just realized I felt “normal” but a few minutes ago! It is as if I wasn’t all here and waking up was always a challenge. When this state happens I can find no interest at all for my daily life here. Not even coloring my hair, getting out in nature or visiting people or cleaning the house. So empty! So indifferent! even sort of a lost feeling because being awake and so indifferent and bored intimidates me. So sleeping seems the answer. Sleeping feels “right” in that I felt a familiar sense of inner selfness when embracing sleep that was missing when awake. I realize now that I now feel the sense of “rightness” inside of me that was missing except for when I embraced sleeping : ) This lasted since I woke up yesterday and intensified thru this day till now. Glad it had passed. I am thinking parts of me were dealing with things elsewhere : ) And if anybody lives in Central Calif between Bakersfield and Fresno, give a holler!

  7. This post was just what I needed to read, it helped me to see I’ve been drifting back to the side of the pool to feel the familiar ‘comfort’ as i’ve been struggling with feeling lonely, when you are off swimming out to the deep end and all those around you haven’t even seen there is a pool. The isolation coupled with the emotional and mental strains of this ascension process, has at times had me swimming back! So as always thank you for being the reminder of who I am and what I am doing and why I am doing this! I really do appreciate your loving words of wisdom and guidance. It’s so nice to remember we are not alone 🙂
    Love & Light to you all ❤

  8. Oh, my God, I was the little girl who clung to the side of the pool and wouldn’t leave it. Absolutely the wrong image for me– I don’t really like water. I failed swimming when we took it in grade school because I wouldn’t/couldn’t open my eyes under water. I did eventually learn to swim, however, and even made it to the deep end, although I was always a bit nervous about it! There you go, something more to transmute. I’d forgotten that. The message is trust, though, and I’m glad it came at this time, because some issues are coming to a head with me with my family and I really needed this reminder and to shake me out of the loop I was in.

    It sounds like a few of you are in California. I know there seemed to be a few people in northern Alberta as well. I’m in Edmonton. God, how great would it be to not be alone and so damn lonely in all this for a change!

    Love to all,

  9. Admittedly the archaic language of the message was difficult for me to resonate with at first, but the pure energy behind the words and the message were crystal clear, accurate and perfect! Thanks for sharing. The part about the divergent timelines is spot-on. And it has indeed been a rollercoaster ride. Last night/this morning I felt an amazing sense of clarity about life like a 360-degree connected yet disconnected knowledge and then this afternoon/evening, total breakdown of ‘my stuff’ coming up again. I’m trying to be mindful of staying on a healthy timeline for myself though, even through all the muck and mire! Good luck everyone.

    • “… Last night/this morning I felt an amazing sense of clarity about life like a 360-degree connected yet disconnected knowledge and then this afternoon/evening, total breakdown of ‘my stuff’ coming up again…”


      Yep, the up/down duality resolution work happens that fast now thank gawd! It used to just go on and on and on with scant few up periods. But now, super fast up with big insights, understanding, further embodiment etc. promptly followed by another crash n’ burn into whatever it is that each of us STILL has within us that needs our attention. No rest for the weary! 😉

      And yes, Cosmic Awareness coming through Will Berlinghof and assisted by Callista Berlinghof, is great and accurate information. ♥ 🙂


  10. So much to take in here in the post and comments as always. I can’t keep up with all. Everything is resonating with my personal experience here in the southeast USA. Great ups and downs so extreme I just step back and out of each experience and look at it with wonder. Not just me, but all those I know. Most of the people around me aren’t seeing with the same sight yet, but it is coming. They are changing. I really don’t think anyone is going to get out of ascending. I can see how most of us are being forced through the eye of the needle whether we like it or not; can see it or not. I feel like I am sitting on the sidelines sometimes waiting for other people to catch up so I can go on to the next level. It has forced me to be still, be more by myself. I have had the worst suffering in over ten years physically and it came on just a few days after having the best relaxing time in ten years. So I guess I have needed the alone time for my own work which I believe a lot of it is taking place while I sleep. Reading the posts the other day here I started tearing up because so many here would like to reach out and come together face to face. I too feel the same need to connect to like minded beings for strength, support, but I believe mostly to have one hell of a party when this work is completed!!! Bless you Denise for this blog and blessings to all you that share in it.

  11. I’ve been going through Ascension for about 18 years, and used to post on this blog a lot. I lost interest in Ascension during the last few months of 2012, and stopped reading about it. I also stopped posting on Ascension blogs. When 12-21-12 came and went with no dramatic events I assumed that Ascension was a big hoax that I had foolishly believed in. At that point I lost all interest in the topic.

    My health crashed about two weeks ago for the first time in over a year. I’ve become interested in Ascension again during the last couple of days, and wonder if my crash two weeks ago may be some of my Ascension symptoms recurring. I feel very vulnerable and confused right now. Have any of you had experiences similar to mine? Thanks.


    • Dearest Tom,

      A couple days into December 21-23rd, I had my own doubts, and yet came to realize that this was “part of the process of faith”. It was something else within that I needed to let go of. I found there was an “expectation” that “voila!” I’d all of a sudden appear in this magnificent Earth that was pure and lovely, fully of energetic signatures and so forth. This is part of the old “I’ll be saved from this darkness” thinking… and it became part of more and deeper healing for myself (and many others). Did I really want to be “saved” and removed from a majority of people? Is that what I really wanted? Or did I wish to guide others down this same path as myself, to present new ways of being with others? Within this experience of life, on all levels, there is learning. It never ends. Within learning, comes growth and wisdom. I am not the same person I was since November. Not even the same person I was a week ago. I find myself changing, and do my best to go with the flow and not try and think too much about it, try not to cling to it so as to allow for more growth.

      Cosmic Awareness did speak to this exact thing you’re referring to, the disappointment, feeling that it was a hoax or something. I can only speak for myself, and I did go through this, though not to the extent as you experienced.


      I’m so glad your Higher Self helped you find your way back to us (Ascension/higher vibration people) at this “time”. Please be gentle with yourself and know that there is a reason and learning from every experience. That there is no “right or wrong” way to do things, that it’s the wisdom that comes from the experience. Heart Hug if you wish…

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Hi Tom,

      I have been, will be and i am where you were, are and will be. I have learned that it is a cycle of learning, adjusting, letting go, believing, re learning re adjuating amongst so much more! A purpose is always important. Its like having a car a vehicle, where you know it will need gas, a tune up, new brakes after some time and so on. We, you me everyone go through that a cycle… it doesnt have to be vicious. Thinking something being a hoax and so on,indeed renders such a doubtful attitude inside our minds, our society driven old school traits and so on. When i believe in me and god in me NOTHING else matters, but my matter in this world hoax or no hoax. Tom, i get you and i know that this will pass but i also know it might surley be back, however our prepareness for such experiences is what matters the most. I go through this confusion EVERYDAY, but my true self my real belief in the light shines away all the junk everyday.I cry daily, i laugh not as much but i do, i doubt and i curse away what needs not my attention daily. Ive been ascending since for a long time, sometimes it feels like ive ascended completely…and then, there i go again lol on the rollercoaster and if not buckled in tight shit do i fall and hurt bad!

      Keep calm, love even that which is challenging to love..

    • Hi Tom,
      I noticed Chrysalis and Enita did a great job explaining their experiences to you. Last summer I went through a really fed up period with the ascension process and I thought I would be able to just cut myself off from it.(LOL) I had been involved in this whole process for 20 years at that time. Little did I know that the “shit would really start to hit the fan” from that point forward, as if it already hadn’t been already doing that at an intense enough level. Sometimes when we are that fed up with everything, it will open a major doorway for intense energy to really start working thru us. I had already been in quite an intense and from what I had heard within as, it will now “become quite real” period for myself, for around 4 years at that time and couldn’t imagine how much “more intense” it could become. After 20 years of good health and being totally removed from the medical establishment, all at once I was thrown back in with health issues of all types. It was happening for another “level of realness” for myself and also part of my task at the time. The waves, or tsunami is more apt, seemed impossible to ride at times, more times then not. This lasted over a half year for myself. End result for myself is, Never Say Never(lol) and coming back to shore once again, in hindsight, I am able to see all that has been accomplished. In Lisa Renee’s May Shifting Timelines Newsletter, she cover’s much of what many of us are going thru at this time and it helps me to more understand what sometimes is causing many of the intense physical imbalances in myself. Much of it is tied into our continuing tasks that we are doing at this time. Even though we sometimes think we are no longer assisting in the “I have had enough and I will do no more” kind of way, all of a sudden I find myself “smack dab in the middle of one hell of a maelstrom of energy”. On a daily basis, I try to find as much balance and neutrality as possible and when those waves return, knowing that “This Too Shall Pass! Be as Well as possible in these Exciting and More then Crazy times ,My Friend!

      • Chrysalis, Enita and Jeff, thanks for your replies. I’ve been reviewing my experiences with Ascension over the last couple of days, and still don’t know what to make of it all. I do know that staying on the Ascension path has caused me nothing but pain and misery most of the time I’ve been on it.

        I’m assuming that there must be some good reason I’ve regained interest in Ascension during the last few days, and have come back to Denise’s blog. I guess that I just need to be patient with myself and the process I’m going through right now. Thanks for “listening” to me recite my whine list. 😉

      • “… I’ve been reviewing my experiences with Ascension over the last couple of days, and still don’t know what to make of it all. I do know that staying on the Ascension path has caused me nothing but pain and misery most of the time I’ve been on it…”


        The reason I haven’t responded to you earlier is because 1) you needed some more time to come to conclusions on your own –empowerment– and 2) it’s been very difficult since April!

        You are correct that the Ascension Process is not for the faint hearted! The Ascension Process is difficult, is hard, is painful on all levels, and isn’t easy at all and anyone who says it is isn’t personally living it. (Of course not everyone experiences the Ascension Process the same nor does everyone have identical karmic/miasmic energies to transmute within themselves and their body. Plus not everyone is a “Lightworker” or a “Forerunner” or a “Starseed” etc. which means each individual has been coping with different types and levels of individual energetic transmuting Work and so on.)

        Throughout the Ascension Process with their many Stair Steps, the physical pain slowly lessens, the emotional depression comes and goes, the mental fog comes and goes but we repeatedly climb back up into our High Hearts after we’ve battled, transmuted, cleared or released etc. It’s a deep, long and very difficult process Alchemicaly turning ones inner Lead into Gold 😉 but that’s what we’ve been doing and that’s what we’re doing NOW during these final Nine Months extension period like crazy! The collective dark crap that’s been pushed up to the surface and into the NEW Light since 12-21-12 has been monumental and we’re not done yet but these ancient unresolved issues ARE currently being dealt with by and through us now.

        One of the many deliberate distortions and outright lies that came from Team Dark has been (and in many cases still is) that the Ascension Process is ‘fluffy’ and all ‘white light and love’ and/or ‘ETs coming to safe us and do all the work for us’ etc. etc. etc. This disinformation was intentionally spread to the people that first bought it and then charged other people for it and so on, and it really was just another ‘Smash & Grab’ by Team Dark to deliberately throw a nasty monkey-wrench into the evolutionary works in an attempt to derail those people who were looking for spiritual answers as to what’s going on now on Earth and to humanity etc. Team Dark wanted as many people as possible to honestly believe the lie that the Ascension Process was easy and painless and perfect so long as one focused entirely on the “Light” and on “Love” and didn’t actually do any individual Inner Work at all. It was a huge con and a lot of people bought it and have paid dearly for it.

        My point in this ramble is that it’s okay to hurt; it’s okay to feel like shit; it’s okay to not be “perfect” all the time while one is doing THE most difficult and important spiritual work they ever have! It does get easier, faster, and much less painful both physically and emotionally. Stair Steps and multiple layers upon layers remember? This now is the big push to get the remaining individual and collective inner unresolved stuff and junk 😉 dealt with and neutralized so that we all can move forward into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle with as clean a slate as possible. ♥


      • “…One of the many deliberate distortions and outright lies that came from Team Dark has been (and in many cases still is) that the Ascension Process is ‘fluffy’ and all ‘white light and love’ and/or ‘ETs coming to safe us and do all the work for us’ etc. etc. etc.”

        I am so glad you cut to the chase with this info concerning Team Dark and the distortion it created concerning the Ascension Process, this is what I call “coming thru the back door”. I was shown this info around 5 years ago and it was quite devastating to myself. It was the period that I refer to in which I was told I would now have to become “Real”. It is amazing to me how many are still buying into the distortion of the fluff. I will be the first to say, sure, it felt better much of the time, the fluff, but eventually we should have all questioned the “falseness” of it, the falsehood is consistently there if we are willing to see it, taking off those “Rose Colored Glasses”! Once again I applaud you Denise, these times are about Sharing and Hearing Individual Truth. Even when I shared this type of info, many acquaintances from my past couldn’t or weren’t capable of hearing this Truth and a few of these individuals I was quite close with. Whether we like it or not, we need to Be as real as possible with ourselves at this time because we are in this pivotal evolutionary period and like it or not, it will “Bite You In the Ass”! lol

        To Tom,
        Yes, the Ascension Path does cause much pain and misery when we are being True to Ourselves, but remember, there is that “True Light at the end of what definitely feels like a very Long Tunnel”, that of which we are seeking! I am glad you have come back into the fold, My Friend!


      • mrchefjeff – Jeff,

        Thank you for saying that. ♥ I know that we’ve reached the point now where the raw truth MUST be said. It’s walk your talk time and people need to know more and fast now. I’d rather risk possibly offending someones ego in an attempt to help them evolve beyond their ego consciousness! And… the degree that Team Dark has gone to to distort, derail, use and pervert true Ascension information is mind boggling. It’s horrible that so many bought into it and then proceeded to sell it to others and make tons of money over the past twenty-five years! Individuals being able to discern others is a must have ability these days.

        Gratitude Hug,

      • Denise and Jeff, thanks for your replies, even though they were not exactly what I wanted to hear at this point (!!!!!!!!!). It’s been over a year since I’ve experienced Ascension symptoms year as severe as these, and I’m finding my coping skills are a little rusty. I’m having to process and accept the difficulty of Ascension all over again.

      • HELP Denise !!! I have been ‘MIA’ for a few months — i dove head first into a fog so dark and thick that, for the first time in years, i felt as though my Ascension Process as a Lightworker ground to a screaching halt — straight into a brick wall! It literally blind-sided me !! As many have shared, i too have experienced physical pain. But that pain, as intense has it has been, comes no where near the level of emotional pain i have felt these last few months.

        “…we repeatedly climb back up into our High Hearts after we’ve battled, transmuted, cleared or released etc. The collective dark crap that’s been pushed up to the surface and into the NEW Light since 12-21-12 has been monumental and we’re not done yet but these ancient unresolved issues ARE currently being dealt with by and through us now.”

        Honestly, it’s that “repeatedly” and “not done yet” is what I needed but yet….you know.

        Any further insight you might have would be so helpful to me at this moment. And, as always, deeply grateful for your wisdom and guidance.

        deepest hugs,

      • Dear Denise,
        I have been following your blog for some time now and was introduced to it through the Cosmic Awareness Communications website. So glad I found you as I always pitch in with what you say. Thank you thank you for speaking truth so bold here and talking plainly about the distortions of Ascension material. I was very moved by Tom and others talking about their ups and downs too with the Ascension process, the difficulty of processing our human lead into diviner gold, their doubts and so on. I could write reams to you all but will have to summarize briefly.
        I think I fell for a lot of the glitter and glare and siren lights around the ascension and the Mayan calendar though I always kept my sceptical mind too I had I realized invested a great deal in the coming in of new world new paradigm new age, new consciousness even bodily transfiguration the coming of the galactics you name it – it was looking back a confused mess of pottage but in the midst of the garbage and unrealistic expectations and so on was a a few gems of true gold. I did feel a gentle buzz on the 20th of December and a great wave of excitement and a deep but gentle rapturing like a find rain of grace light was descending on the earth and pervading all. Then cut a long story short I really was in dismay on the fateful day of the 21st and nothing seemed to happen I wrote a very melancholy poem expressing my abysmal disappointment; and then I seemed to crash over the next days and weeks and a tempest hit of doubts, questions, and recriminations and an impulse to blast back and blame for delluding me and leading up the garden path, those who had been my Ascension sources and guides, including CA! I likened it to the Grail knight falling off his horse.
        About two weeks to a month later I began what I called saddling up again it was a process and still is but suffice t say that I am now firmly but more realistically of the belief that radical shift and not just usual shite is happening despite appearances to the contrary and seem to have a strong clear connection to higher Self and converse with ‘God’ almost daily. Where am I now? Well I am at a pivotal point where I have somehow to manifest in my outer life much more what I am inside and this means great change for me and self empowerment and faith and more freedom and so on and bringing this about. I am on the cusp of this and releasing what no longer serves but of course I am praying like crazy and wondering if I can do it!!! I think this is the root source of much of our confusion and doubt at times that so much is happening within yet so much staying the same without. Turn on the tv and you see the same smiling c—-ps! in charge apparently and feathering their thank you just as before! Walk down the street and the world looks feels the same and yet subtley not the same! paradox indeed. I had the thought yesterday fire and flood and judgement Day would be better than this carrying on the same old way that is no way!

        I think another root point is dealing with Lower SElf as CA brilliantly points out in Its latest newsletter. Our physical being, I call mine Tom, like the Tom in the dark alley that I he can be at times!!! is a deva an elemental in its own evolutionary process. Yesterday, I attempted to channel him and it seemed that he spoke through me, saying that he is feeling less threatened and abandoned by me these days, , more embraced and accepted, as I promised to take him with me in the ascension process. I think up till December 2012 I was more wanting to escape the demands and laws of physicality and the harsh contraints and dualism into some unitary dreamland but I realize now it doesn’t work like that – that we have to bring down the divine energies and anchor them in our earth being and ascend more slowly, even as Mother Gaia herself ascends in what John Lash calls the ‘Sophianic correction”; that is the life process becomes more and more a triunity of body, mind and spirit in some harmonic resonance together, instead of the old dualiistic warring in our members (you spoke of Piscean energies – I know them well!!!). It’s a hard slog though through this Adamic clay of ours one has to be patient and have the faith strength and perseverance of a true Grail knight!!
        Many Blessings to you and all,

      • “…I think up till December 2012 I was more wanting to escape the demands and laws of physicality and the harsh contraints and dualism into some unitary dreamland but I realize now it doesn’t work like that –…”


        Well done you! ♥ And know that the vast majority of us felt, hoped, longed to “escape” physicality just as you did! I still do on those miserable days! 😆 However… “reality check”… this Ascension Process was never about us — especially those of us who Volunteered to come to earth/physicality/duality density now to help with the Universal Ascension Process and Shift!!! — getting to exit when the crap got REALLY bad. It’s been about us evolving or “ascending” while simultaneously some of our higher soul aspects “descend” and we meet, merge and embody or “unify” and live The Sacred Marriage to use another term for this. This phase is just now unfolding during the Nine Months as Cosmic Awareness calls this period, and this Process will only increase from here on out. Finally, the good stuff has arrived within this lower frequency dimension/level. 🙂 And of course with this comes tremendous leaps and bounds with our consciousness, our awareness of our being Multidimensional Beings and not ONLY these physical aspects in this physical dimension. That is what it sounds like you’ve been experiencing (from your email — your multidimensionality as a multidimensional Being.)

        Never forget that you are, as most of us here at TRANSITIONS and certain other similar online places such as Rainbow Phoenix, actually evolving at incredibly fast rates now and that this is “normal” during (rare) times such as these lives now. Know that you are doing it and the physical world is, truly, being evolving too despite how frantically the Negatives try to hold on to what they’ve had for so long. Know that their time Expired on 12-21-12 in this timeline and world and it’s all over for them now but the crying and lighting their hair on fire! 😆 And remember that as with all things, it simply takes more “time” for higher dimensional energies to finally manifest down here in physicality, but another huge chunk did arrive just two days ago.

        Hang in there with us because these grand evolutionary changes are really happening and now we’re going to even more quickly and easily see and recognize them happening externally and in other people also.


      • “…longed to “escape” physicality just as you did! I still do on those miserable days! 😆 However… “reality check”… this Ascension Process was never about us — especially those of us who Volunteered to come to earth/physicality/duality density now to help with the Universal Ascension Process and Shift!!! — getting to exit when the crap got REALLY bad.”

        The above that I quoted from yourself in a response to Alan was so right on the mark. Escaping reality on those miserable days, which for myself seems to be once or twice a week anymore. I just feel like, here we go again, Jeff’s on the “whine-a-go-round”. 😆 Also, I am constantly reminded from within these days that as a volunteer to this reality, things will look and feel quite different for myself, get over it! Boy, how many times have I wanted to exit when the crap got really bad, cannot even count those times anymore. Everything else you stated in the response was right on the mark for myself. There is a comfort in seeing it spelled out by yourself and then I go, see, Denise get its, she’s writing about it, it’s not only me. Also, all the response’s being offered by all on Transitions is so much appreciated by myself.

        I really enjoyed your style of writing, enjoyed reading your story of these days for yourself. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Lori,

    [NONE of what I’m saying here is directed at you please understand. I’m just using the Comment you shared to Karen Bishop’s latest post to say this for all reading these Comments.]


    Correct information in it but with a couple of inconsistencies if one reads carefully and honestly. Discernment everyone, discernment.

    Everyone is going yes, just not ALL at the same time nor to the same location. Source/God/All That Is etc. is FAR more creative, complex, diverse, kind and generous than that, hence why the building Separation of Worlds. 😉

    Group Hug,

    • Dearest Denise,

      I completely concur. As I read Karen’s article, I noticed her saying one thing and something completely different in the next sentence. And I found myself not completely resonating as I used to with her articles. My impression was, “Uh, we can’t ‘all be going’ like you say, and you even say it in the next sentence (because some people haven’t used the opportunity for change). We’re going, yes, but like you even put in words yourself, NOT IN THE SAME PLACE.” I wonder if Karen noticed/will notice those inconsistencies?

      PS: LOVE the new background! And yesterday was the first time I actually wondered out loud and felt the solar flare activity… even before my acupuncture treatment. I’m still feeling it, the pressures…

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • One of the sentences that was hard for me to once again read was,

      “If our money has been drying up, it will be restored.

      To myself, this is False Hope. My money totally dried up over 4 years ago. I have learned to survive and have Trust in the True Divine Plan! It does myself no good to hear this every so many months as if a “Pot of Gold” will appear out of nowhere. I hear from within that “nothing is to be fixed in this reality”! Many of us are moving fully away from it so why would this info be true! It is as if I am only a “shadow” of myself remaining in this current reality and more and more am coming into True Organic Form in that True Paradise which I am aspiring to.

      • mrchefjeff,

        I cannot tell you how many times over the years I’ve read other Ascension Teachers say/write something about how we’re no longer as affected by our astrological energies or Sun signs, Rising signs etc. and then they proceed to express some Ascension related truth but through their own Sun sign filters! It just cracks me up because we all still are manifesting through our own astrological signs whether or not we think we are. Karen is a Taurus, I’m a Capricorn, Lisa is a Libra, Lauren a Cancer, Barbara an Aquarian… I could go on and on. And everyone is speaking their Ascension truths through their individual astrological filters and/or lens of perception and there are very important and much-needed reasons for this too. 😉 Some people need the current Ascension Spiritual teachings to be expressed in more Venusian ways, or more Lunar, or more Saturnian, or more Uranian, or Neptunian etc. Many voices have been needed to all say the same things basically but through their uniquely different personalities and astrological energies so as many people as possible hear and understand the teachings. ♥


      • The funny thing is that I am a Pisces and I want the info to be true. A true Piscean trait of mine from the past was, “can someone else do this for me” or “I’ve read your post, you posted it, so it must be the Truth”! Took quite a while till I was able to stand on my own two fins(lol)! I have been speaking of manifesting through our astrological signs also as of late. Thanks for sharing this. Once again, there is that “individual part” and for this Pisces guy that always means maintaining constant awareness as I always tend to want to swim in both directions which can be oh so disconcerting! So there is something out there for everyone but that something does not necessarily pertain to everyone. A Great Reminder!

      • “…stand on my own two fins(lol)!”

        😆 Loved that one Jeff! I have Pisces Rising — we’ve both got transiting Neptune and Chiron in Pisces doing rather special things. 😆


      • I have Pisces Rising also and I always thought that double Pisces thing means double trouble for me! LOL No wonder so many times I just can’t get out of my own way! I am going to check out the transiting Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Looking for all that upliftment that I can. An astrologist called Pisces the “Celestial Dustbin,” because it is the sum total of all of our experiences. I thought, yup, that sums me up, always dropped in that dustbin. LOL

      • mrchefjeff – Jeff,

        Wowza, double Pisces! Depending on what degree of Pisces Rising is sitting on your ASC — ascendant — transiting Neptune which naturally “rules” Pisces is either moving through your 12th house or has moved into your 1st house. Either way… very important!

        The other thing that’s extra important about this is the opposite sign to Pisces is Virgo and Virgo’s “ruler” is CHIRON, which is currently transiting through Pisces! See the double message of both Pisces and Virgo and their “ruling” planets BOTH transiting now in Pisces (your 12th or 1st houses)? If you’re not familiar with Chiron you should be because of your Sun and ASC both being in Pisces and the natural pull of Virgo and Chiron in you. We cannot get away from the opposite signs and their “ruling” planets — the two simply go together like two sides of a coin. 😉

        I haven’t talked about this topic at TRANSITIONS because I felt it was for a scant few; even fewer than the small group I’ve always been talking/writing to! However, because you told me you have Pisces Sun and Pisces ASC, I’m going to share this because I with my 0 Pisces ASC have always been living it. I sense that those of us with heavy Pisces energies in our natal charts as you and I do, and anyone else with Sun, ASC, and/or a stellium in Pisces, that those people are knowingly or unknowingly transmuting and clearing extra amounts of the past Piscean Age stuff and junk — such as the worldwide negativity, lies, perversions, distortions, religious belief systems that have been horrifically and intentionally distorted and used, religious wars etc. etc. In other words, those of us — especially Lightworkers/Starseeds that have abundant Pisces/Virgo and Neptune/Chiron natally — have been better able to energetically transmute the negativity created throughout the Piscean Age. The implications of this are huge but I know what I’ve been doing both physically through my physical body and consciousness and also in the Astral in my ethereal body to help transmute and clear out so much negativity created during the Piscean Age (the past 2,100-plus years). Just something to take into consideration as to possibly why your body/bodies have probably had a double dose of Fishes and Virgins and related stuff to neutralize and clear out. 😆


      • “…and anyone else with Sun, ASC, and/or a stellium in Pisces, that those people are knowingly or unknowingly transmuting and clearing extra amounts of the past Piscean Age stuff and junk — such as the worldwide negativity, lies, perversions, distortions, religious belief systems that have been horrifically and intentionally distorted and used, religious wars etc. etc..”

        Thanks so much for your last response. The above that I quoted from you really hit me hard. I can feel myself grieving deeply for myself as it has been and continues to be such a monumental and horrendous task. As I read the above, I felt like I could have sobbed for days. I am once again in emotional upheaval and it is very difficult for myself to be around humanity. Many of us in these last years have giving up so much of ourselves to accomplish our tasks and no one understands what we are doing, it is beyond their comprehension and truthfully, beyond mine why I agreed to do it. In typical Piscean fashion, I tell myself either I volunteered or am being punished. I know I will continue as it does not seem like an option to give up, especially if I haven’t during these rather rough last years. Once again, Thanks for sharing these very powerful words. I have needed to fully sit with this information and once and for all, integrate it within and find a deeper level of Acceptance.
        My Heart To Yours, Jeff

  13. In NO WAY do I ever want to go “back” to the way something was in my life! Since April my physical energy has been phenomenal for me. I’ve been dancing, and going to parties, and still working. I feel so happy. It seems my dramas have moved inward to the dream state. …and let me interject I had an aggressive chiropractic adjustment Monday and had to wait till today for incredible amounts of uninterrupted sleep I have been needing! My dreams have had to do with sex, torture, old soap stars from All My Children, all kinds of drama played out : ) The initial sex torture dreams was not funny though. It was horrible and it was happening to women.

    As for money, I seem to be in the same position but I trust life so much more to provide for me in whatever way.

    I think I am much more in my body because my visit with the chiropractor was shocking. I had NEVER noticed how intense it was in prior visits which were maybe twice a year.

    My other dreams had to do with watching/observing 3 volcanos as they became active. They were fairly close together. My dream volcanos didn’t smoke or quake. They began to glow within with a bright orange light and I attempted to get the word out and at some point I and others were running from lava flowing from all three though it was not intense burning orange like in real life and when I got covered in it I did not burn and I did not die, I was just surprised. The lava cut off every path. There was no avoiding it.

    I have been using “Transmissions”, Tom Kenyon’s newest music that is for the glandular system and I find it so powerful and what I feel and experience on a feeling level is wonderful.

    I have the sad and down moments but I sure forget about them fast enough though at the time I do become bummed or feel challenged.

    The bottom line is that I seem at long last to be coming out of my shell, holding my arms up and dancing and not caring, literally in a night club! ME. OMG. Stomping out a rhythm for the first time in my 53 years! In PUBLIC. And my energy knew no bounds…. and the fatigue the next day was WORTH IT, etc., etc. etc.

    Love and hugs to all!

    • Dearest Edith,

      I wanted to respond to the dream part of your comment. For me, I realized that volcanoes and lava had to do with change. The more intense the lava fire was flowing (coming out of everywhere), the more intense the changes. And it occurs to me that the “3 volcanoes” in your dream is a huge nod to Triality =) If this doesn’t fit for you, do not feel obligated to make it fit for you =)

      I’m so glad to hear about your change in energy. I’m waiting for that myself.

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Yes Edith and Chrysalis. Ten years ago or so I too had a few volcano dreams and it turned out that the volcano was me going through Ascension related changes. And Chrysalis is right, when I read your Comment about ‘three volcano’s’ it was a big clue about evolving out of the two of Duality and into the three of Triality. 🙂 It’s good, very good and not necessarily about actual physical volcanic mountains erupting somewhere on earth; it’s about YOU. ♥

        Thanks Chrysalis.
        Group Hugs,

      • Dearest Denise,

        I just wanted to add that over the years, when I learned what the volcano/lava dreams meant, I looked forward to having them. Interesting that I looked forward to the lava, knowing it would be warm, that it would not kill me, and that it would envelop me. The more chaos of people running, the more lava bombs and floe, the more drastic the changes for me would occur. Another thing I learned is that the lighting was important too. The more “in the volcano” or underground I was, the more I realized it was something I wasn’t yet conscious about. The more brightly lit, the more I knew what the change had to do with consciously. I love dreams. They’re such a useful tool in healing and propelling us forward =)

        Heart Hugs right back atcha hehe!

        With Much Love and Light,

      • Thank you both 🙂 I felt that “3” was significant, but that was about it! And what I did not say was that while they were “close” in proximity to each other, that they were spaced sort of in a triangular pattern and I was watching and waiting for when they came “alive” and there was no fear. –oops! duty calls, gotta feel the cats, and THAT’S more Important that any ascension information 🙂 Hugs to you!

  14. Denise, the energy feels sleepy heavy to me today. Good thing I needed to stay home today and I have a couple of days off. What’s the word?? anything? I know there has been bunches of solar flares and the full moon is coming and other astrological and astronomical things are going on right now : )

    • Hi Edith, I’m feeling it too, my energy had been doing fine, then it crashed again a couple of days ago, so I reckon there’s another ‘wave’ coming in , best get those ‘surf boards’ out at the ready 🏄

    • Hi, Edith,

      I’m with you there. Since Thursday, I have been having headaches and yesterday was brutal– a colossal headache that forced me into bed and to sleep (which didn’t help), made me nauseous and I threw up a record 10 X. I couldn’t eat and am still recovering. And, yes, it coincides with the activity on the sun. And I’m wondering if I’ve released something big with all the expelling I did yesterday afternoon. I had been feeling really good before then, so I hope there will be a respite from this and that you’re feeling better. I imagine Denise is pretty laid out by this as well.


      • “Hi, Edith,

        I’m with you there. Since Thursday, I have been having headaches and yesterday was brutal– a colossal headache that forced me into bed and to sleep (which didn’t help), made me nauseous and I threw up a record 10 X. I couldn’t eat and am still recovering. And, yes, it coincides with the activity on the sun. And I’m wondering if I’ve released something big with all the expelling I did yesterday afternoon. I had been feeling really good before then, so I hope there will be a respite from this and that you’re feeling better. I imagine Denise is pretty laid out by this as well.


        Cat, Edith, Hope & All,


        As everyone knows by now, I haven’t been as present at TRANSITIONS as I normally am, nor have I been writing articles as often as I normally do. There are a bunch of reasons for this and I’m going to run through some of them here so that everyone knows I haven’t abandoned ship! 😉

        1) For me personally this Second Trimester has been brutal on multiple levels. It has simultaneously been astonishingly High Heart brilliant and very quantum at times too. Progress kids… progress. 😆

        2)Since April 2013 I’ve been experiencing (occasionally not continuously) some amplified Ascension symptoms which at this point are larger than previous embodying processes of the NEW energies/blueprints and of more of the greater ME or soul. It’s a Process with plenty of Stair Steps too and it’s glorious but occasionally causes my physical body some — from my perspective — amplified physical pains. Eating food on some days is completely impossibly for me now… which isn’t a “bad” thing actually! 😉 Some weight loss would be great finally.

        3)Since the spring Equinox 2013 I’ve been working on “revising” my book The Temple of Master Hotei and getting a new and improved cover on it. Needless to say, trying to do this while feeling pretty horrible some days is impossible. Plus, I’m under attack again from a lowly male neighbor whose an easy portal for Negatives to come through and use to make my life as miserable as they can. When I’m really sick with these current Nine Month symptoms, they start their attacks and physical interference so that I can’t rest or nap or relax etc. It’s been a REAL test once again to not get nailed by their repeated ‘Smash & Grab’ maneuvers on me through this dumb-ass puppet for the Negatives neighbor.

        4)On Thursday May 16, 2013, some truly wonderful, long-awaited, much-needed and PROFOUNDLY high positive Divine Energies fully entered/anchored/connected into this physical realm because it was finally time for IT to do so and because IT could finally do so in physicality. This means that everything in this physical level of “reality” changed in massive positive ways on 5-16-13. I felt IT, I saw IT, and I communed with IT while this event unfolded. I still am and have been for a while now. More about that when I know it’s time for me to share this NEW change for all of us. [Notice: this is another heads-up… make that a heads and heart-up 😉 that Stair Steps of NEW “tools” for each of us that currently match us energetically (so we can safely and at least semi-comfortable embody them are arriving now and will continue to. Because of this and the other related positive change mentioned, expect the unexpected from here on out and I mean that in a very positive way. Expect more “anomalies”, more “phenomena”, more conscious contact and communicating with your Higher Self, including other nonphysical Beings and even higher, larger Awareness’s. This is the start of the NEW in all ways including the spiritual and “Ascension Process” and so on.

        5)As soon as I’ve completed this book “revising” I’ll have more time to spend at TRANSITIONS again and get myself writing about these now rapidly unfolding positive changes.

        Like I’ve said before — I’ve learned the hard way over these past fourteen years that EVERY TIME we’re about to receive another major positive energetic Stair Step leap forward, Team Dark goes into hyper ‘Smash & Grab’ mode again in an attempt to steal, sidetrack, derail, cause pain, frustration, victim mentality and surrender etc. and whatever lower frequency emotional energies in humanity they can. We take another beating and it’s all miserable for a few days, weeks, or months and then, once again, in comes another HUGE positive embodying of the NEW and much HIGHER within this physical dimension/reality/level of frequency and of course ourselves. This happened in a way I’ve never perceived before on May 16, 2013 and we’re not done yet. In fact, this was just the start and it’s gonna get really, really good so everyone hang in there with me okay? Payday just arrived and will unfold rather quickly. ♥

        Group Hugs,

      • “Payday just arrived and will unfold rather quickly.”

        Hi Denise,
        Can I hold you to the above statement. 😆 Just kidding. Those Divine Energies that you mentioned arriving this past week, I have felt them also. Just awaiting for them to “ground in” some more and doing my best to stay Positive! Also as you mentioned, every time a major “Goodie” is released unto us that damnable other side kicks up their usual miserable energy to throw around like spoiled children having a temper tantrum! They need a good ass whoppin and I’m doing my best to give it to them. lol Thanks for sharing about the Profound Energies coming in this past week, so nice to read about a major energy download being received and grounded in! It’s been a little while since my last payday, so I will take whatever is offered as Divine Compensation. Once again, Thanks for your Offering on Transitions as you explained above so much that is happening with yourself at this time. You are always very much appreciated by Myself! Along with one very close comrade on this planet, other than that it is the “Doing It Alone Energetic”. Your blog is really helping me to hang in there in these wild, chaotic and crazy times.

      • “Payday just arrived and will unfold rather quickly.”

        Hi Denise,
        Can I hold you to the above statement. 😆 Just kidding. Those Divine Energies that you mentioned arriving this past week, I have felt them also. Just awaiting for them to “ground in” some more and doing my best to stay Positive! Also as you mentioned, every time a major “Goodie” is released unto us that damnable other side kicks up their usual miserable energy to throw around like spoiled children having a temper tantrum! They need a good ass whoppin and I’m doing my best to give it to them. lol Thanks for sharing about the Profound Energies coming in this past week, so nice to read about a major energy download being received and grounded in! It’s been a little while since my last payday, so I will take whatever is offered as Divine Compensation. Once again, Thanks for your Offering on Transitions as you explained above so much that is happening with yourself at this time. You are always very much appreciated by Myself! Along with one very close comrade on this planet, other than that it is the “Doing It Alone Energetic”. Your blog is really helping me to hang in there in these wild, chaotic and crazy times.


        Thank you my friend and fellow ascender. ♥

        I don’t publicly say something unless I know that it’s happened already because I either directly or indirectly participated in it, or observed and felt it happening, or knew if from that higher place of Being. Something very positive landed into this physical dimension on 5-16-13 (after a long and difficult “ankle biting” ass whooping by the Negatives in whatever way(s) they could produce still) which means we’ve made another HUGE leap up numerous Stair Steps recently and it is and will be evident in this dimension and timeline we’re now in.

        I know there’s been endless promises made by so many channeling Ascension information over the years that everyone is suspicious when someone else says or claims that another BIG chunk or layer of the good stuff has finally arrived in this dimension. I totally understand because I’ve many times been seriously pissed off at some of that past channeled information (by some) who constantly said that all sorts of wonderfulness was right around the corner when I knew that there were more years of hard ^%$@* work we Lightworkers had to do before that could happen!

        Anyhoo… yes, some very big NEW positive connections were anchored into this physical world and timeline a couple of days ago, and there’s more to come of course as this wasn’t the one and only, but this happening was a really big deal at this mid-point within the Nine Months Ascension extension period. It’s like we all reached and crossed a very important turning point within the Nine Month period on May 16,2013 and because of that things have and will continue to change — as in improve, upgrade, more Light, more awareness, more self-empowerment, more individuals knowing more and so on. ♥ 🙂

        Gratitude Hug,

  15. Hi Denise,
    I read up above somewhere your reply to a few concerning Astrological charts having a strong influence in our Ascension work, and how Pisces rising has specific involvement??
    I’m somewhat knowlegable about Astrology (on a general basis) so I think I understand somewhat. But in any case everything you’ve said concerning this truly resonates with me on a deeper level. So even if I don’t understand all the details/terms you’ve again answered a lot of questions for me concerning the horrendous Physical symptoms I’ve been experiencing in waves over the past 9 yrs and especially this last year and after Dec! Had my chart done yrs ago by a couple of Astrologers I knew as they told me it was “interesting”??? Something about a grand trine and in my palm too??? What that about?? DUHHH me again! : // Anyway what you’ve explained here really makes so much sense! Just this year I learned so much from you about Ascension and connecting all the dots. This explains further all I’ve been going through and the intensity at certain times. As an Elder Starseed (like you I’m 61) Intuitive/Empath/Healer and Creative Artist AND a Pisces Rising Too?!!!!! :/ it all makes even more sense now!!!! (I’m Aries/Pisces cusp (3-22-52) with Pisces rising, (and I believe Venus in Pisces, Mars, Scorpio, Moon Aquarius)!!!

    Thank you again Denise. The amount of knowledge you have & retain & your ability to express in understandable terms so eloquently amazes me! And…Lets not forget your Generosity in sharing with all of us here all this knowledge (while you also experience you own Ascension Hell) Too!!!

    With Deep Gratitude, Love & Respect!

    • Gratitude ♥ Hugs Sandra for realizing what I do and that I’m living it too myself at the same time! ♥

      Everyone, Donations are gratefully accepted. 🙂 ♥


      • Dearest Denise,

        I wanted to acknowledge what you mentioned about donations. I’ve seen the donation buttons on a lot of websites, on the peripheral all the time. I’ve never brought it front and center for myself because my income is extremely limited. Every month I have to decide if I have enough to buy a really good pair of shoes that will last, or some needed new clothes (most of what I own is over 10 years old and worn). Over the years I’ve changed my view on what’s important for me. Vitamins, organic food… those took time to see that the expense was worth my health… and I rarely got sick when I made that change. Recently, I made the choice in investing in physical health… gym that has a pool so I can continue PT, as well as seeing my chiro… to now investing in regular acupuncture appointments. It occurred to me this morning (and was reenforced by your comment) that I also need to start investing in my spiritual health as well. I invest in your articles, in the comments that people share with one another. What you do IS vital for my spiritual health, so why not allot some money from my budget to you.

        It may not be much (I receive Disability Income), yet what you offer for me is a worthwhile investment for my spiritual health and growth. I hope this inspires others to invest as well. Interestingly, the Rainbow Phoenix recently has their “enhanced” website and a subscription fee. I’m back and forth on that at the moment, yet in the end, I imagine I will find room to give there as well.

        With Much Appreciation, Love and Light for all you do….
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Chrysalis,

        Thank you for saying that, and thank you for the donation you made today. ♥ It’s not always about the dollar amount but about an actual exchange on the physical level.

        Gratitude ♥ Hug,

  16. Dear Denise,
    Thank you sooo much for kindly replying to my long ‘confession’ it felt so good such a relief to write it and lovely to receive such encouraging and confirming insights. It’s great to find you guys! I too don;t have many people at all I can talk to at the moment physically as I am away from home on business in the Middle East. Also, CAC shut their Forum so that was a great lifeline for me to communicate with kindred spirits but now that is gone. I haven’t found till now though I searched much in vain a forum I felt comfortable with participating in but you folk are so interesting! You are a manifestation!

    And Dear Enita Divine Truth and Beauty,
    Would love to accept your invitation but am based in UK California is a long long ways I’ve never made it. Maybe one day we’ll have this huge gathering of the Tribes the Rainbow people a sort of westerner equivalent to a gathering of mayan elders!!! Far out huh! Or we could alternate have meetings in Europe and then America and so on!

    • Dearest Alan,

      I wanted to reply to your comment of CAC forum shutting down. I haven’t been part of that website/community. However, I follow CA on the website Rainbow Phoenix. They are now setting up their “enhanced” website for CA followers. They’ll be offering a forum there, as well as other things, for a subscription fee of $6/month (don’t know the exchange rate for where you are). I imagine some of the people you have been used to seeing may pop up there.


      As always though, it’s really nice to see new faces (so to speak) pop up here amongst Denise’s community (that has a nice ring to it =) ). I’m glad you found your way here. This lone wolf business (for myself about 20 years) has been a blessing and harsh; nice not to have to “explain” myself, and harsh not having external support in place as I would’ve liked at times. I feel we’re all on that cusp of wanting to run to the campfire of the Tribe, it’s just soooo close, and yet I’m not there yet. These energies and upgrades need “time” to do their thing… and it’s tiring work. Soon, very soon, we shall be able to come together in these New Triality Love communities.

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • “Dear Denise,
      Thank you sooo much for kindly replying to my long ‘confession’ it felt so good such a relief to write it and lovely to receive such encouraging and confirming insights. It’s great to find you guys! I too don;t have many people at all I can talk to at the moment physically as I am away from home on business in the Middle East. Also, CAC shut their Forum so that was a great lifeline for me to communicate with kindred spirits but now that is gone. I haven’t found till now though I searched much in vain a forum I felt comfortable with participating in but you folk are so interesting! You are a manifestation!”


      I’m glad you’ve connected with all of us here at TRANSITIONS too. ♥

      I only physically discovered Cosmic Awareness as channeled through Will Berlinghof and his wife Callista in October 2012, because one of my readers left a link here in her Comment. From that point I discovered the CAC website and then Will and Callista Berlinghof’s website and blog Rainbow Phoenix. (There is a link to Rainbow Phoenix in my LINKS section in the sidebar.) I was intentionally made aware of CA and Will and Callista in Oct. 2012 because it was time for all of us to meet and connect in the physical realm finally. Oh yeah… there’s very interesting multidimensional stories to tell about that and I will eventually in an article or two! 😉 But also because I knew, without speaking physically to Will or Callista, that there were important and sweeping changes coming soon with the old and the NEW.

      Point is that Cosmic Awareness has been preparing for changes in the external due to all of the Ascension-related energetic and consciousness changes happening internally in us. These NEW changes with Cosmic Awareness and Will and Callista’s website Rainbow Phoenix will have more direct access and direct interaction with CA, plus there will be a Forum at Rainbow Phoenix too. I consider TRANSITIONS and my work and the community we have here with my readers and their Comments as one of the NEW Spiritual Communities that are embodying and living these Ascension changes first. But know this everyone — I have always been intimately connected to and commune with what’s known as or now called ‘Cosmic Awareness’. More about that coming when it’s time for me to publicly share more about these expansions, quantum connections, and evolving changes etc. etc. ♥ So know Alan that TRANSITIONS and myself are intimately connected to CA, and Will and Callista, and other people/souls/Beings/Consciousnesses and that the two websites — Rainbow Phoenix and TRANSITIONS — are simply different rooms within the same Spiritual Temple and Spiritual Community. 🙂

      Group ♥ Hug,

      • “…TRANSITIONS and myself are intimately connected to CA, and Will and Callista, and other people/souls/Beings/Consciousnesses and that the two websites — Rainbow Phoenix and TRANSITIONS — are simply different rooms within the same Spiritual Temple and Spiritual Community.”

        I really liked your sharing in this response, especially what I quoted from you above. I feel resonance with Transitions at this time and I don’t feel a need to be part of the other two websites that you mentioned. Now I understand. As you stated, they are part of the same Temple and I have found the room that I am comfortable in. So, in essence, all one and the same. I find this all so interesting at this time as many are moving around within and finding this particular Temple. Always so enjoy everyone’s sharing so I hope more and more find and participate at Transitions. I found your site in the later part of 2009, introduced to myself by a very intuitive young man I knew at the time. I have witnessed quite an evolution here since that time, myself included. These are quite interesting times indeed and am really enjoying reading all the most recent sharing’s, seems we are taking quite the “evolutionary leap” at this time. Exciting times are here and I am more then ready for the “good stuff” you keep mentioning. I can also feel that much is soon ready “to be hatched”! To This, I Raise My Glass!

  17. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    The challenges and dilemmas described within sound very familiar… retract or go forward. We’re at a crossroads now and it is time to decide whether or not you are prepared to go forward. Whatever your choice, you are supported by the Universe who loves you.

  18. I love coming on sites like this personally because weird crap is happening to me constantly on a daily basis lol and everytime I come on here and read the comments they always describe exactley what I’m going through (espcially your articals…Ive been coming on here for over a year and i’m just now starting to leave comments lol don’t judge me) and I’m like holy crap yaaaay it’s not just me, must be a sign.

    I for a couple of months now have had this great inner apathetic peaceful calm. Its a great change considering the crap I was going through before that, but its literally like everything that I’ve gone through in my life, from my dad threatening to shoot me (pointing a gun at me) my brother and my cousin molesting, my so called friends trying to kill me by throwing me in front of moving cars, and being locked up in a mental institution for 3 days because of my spiritual beliefs (still dealing with that now) and a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff I just look at it like eh you know what it doesn’t bother me anymore at all. I don’t tear up when I think about it I just shrug it off.

    I don’t think its unimportant or that it didn’t matter I just think well as a starseed I’m here to help people, and maybe a person is more likely to except help from someone whose gone through the same things they have. It easy to say oh its okay oh that sucks but you’ll get through it, but its another to be able to say I’ve been there, to be able to speak from experience, so that’s how I look at it.

    I had those experiences so I could use them as a reference to help someone else whose gone through or is going through the same thing but other than that all I’ve been feeling is calm. If someone were to say how are you I’d just smile and say fine then get all giddy because im not just saying im fine I really am fine, not overly happy just in a really good place where if I felt like this forever I would be okay with that.

    Then on the 16th I had this pounding headache but it wasn’t a migraine like the ones I’m used to but nearly as bad as one. It was like there was so much pressure building up inside of my skull all I could do was lye there and hold my head. It was so bad it made me nauseous which you think I’d be used to considering ive been getting migraines literally since I was 1. Anyways I figured since it was accomonied by really intense tingling and vibrating throughout my body (which lasted until today and is still on and off) and really loud ringing in my ears (which of course I still have lol) that it might be ascension related or something so I was just like ay yo spirits tone that shiznit down nah mean, lol and they were all okay we’ll be done within the hour (which they were) So while it still hurt immediatley after I asked it did hurt a LOT less then gradually within the hour it went away completely.

    Now there are just the body aches, but there nothing compared to the pinched nerves, arthiritis, and scoliosis related back pains I had (another story that involves alot of my issues sort of just going away, alot like my emotional ones) so I just kinda shrug it off and wait for it to stop. I’m still dizzy like 24 7 but it makes me smile when I go to the dr and he tells me how many people have been complaining about vertigo and im just like yup its a sign…cept it sucks cause im not allowed to drive and I’m 23 so it sux just being at home ALL DAY LONG with nothing to do but go on the internet, watch tv and read but still.

    Where I used to look at my added physical pains as oh gr8 of course THIS would happen to me my life sucks, now I just shrug it off and think eh I don’t really care because im not depressed anymore. The only reason the physical stuff bothered me so much was because the emotional pains just made them seem so much more dramatic and now I just don’t really care about them at all.. I don’t know how much sense that makes but yeah….

  19. Well, today we have the exact Pluto /Uranus square, and yippee I have some energy back, it started to build slowly yesterday, but it is really noticeable this morning, along with a very welcome feeling of anticipation and happiness (almost as if it’s a birthday ). I feel as if I am ‘back’ from being somewhere else, and whenever I get these ‘back’ feelings, it’s as if there is ‘more’ of ME here, if that makes sense 😀

    Denise, you mentioned in a reply posting, a ref to Sacred Marriage. I would love to discuss this further someday, purely because many years ago I had a ‘big’ dream, perhaps the most important dream I have ever had, about a Sacred Marriage. It was full of symbolism, very detailed and long, but the most amazing thing was the feelings I experienced, something I have not forgotten, and I believe I will experience in this lifetime. I felt that the whole dream was symbolic of the Sacred Marriage of Humanity as a whole, and not just personal to me.

    Sorry if this is off topic, but I felt really prompted to mention it when I saw your reference.

    In Lak’esh

    • “I feel as if I am ‘back’ from being somewhere else, and whenever I get these ‘back’ feelings, it’s as if there is ‘more’ of ME here, if that makes sense 😀…”


      It makes PERFECT sense because you are embodying a little more and more of your greater self, your “soul” into this body in this dimension. This is what I mean when I use the term embody. 🙂 We and our physical bodies and consciousness are “ascending” or rapidly evolving via the Ascension Process and simultaneously some of us have been or are still in the Process of having our greater Self (soul) “descend” vibrationally and we’re meeting, merging, unifying, marrying each other and this is the actual embodying process. There IS ‘more of YOU/ME/EACH OF US’ being embodied incrementally now and this is of course changing and will continue to change everything else around us.

      This embodying of MORE of US is the Sacred Marriage that I mentioned before. Individuals must first be unified within themselves individually and then all relationships they have with like-others is incredibly potent and creative etc. etc. You have two whole individuals interacting instead of the old lower frequency version where non-integrated, dualized, polarized, ego selves are needing something from another person or persons… which is the old negative 3D model of people parasitizing off of each other endlessly. That time has Expired (12-21-12) for those of us who’ve chosen the Ascension route. Now we’re in the Process of leaving that horrible system and “ascending”, evolving into a model/system/level/dimensional frequency range of individuals having embodied “Unity” within themselves so that there is NO more parascitizing off of anyone or anything else for energetic and/or emotional nourishment, ego feeding, bolstering the ego or self-confidence and so on. This is grow up time for humanity and many are and many are not and that’s perfectly okay and normal. Not all of the “Harvest” is ready to be harvested this time around. Next time maybe.

      I believe that your old and very insightful or prophetic dream Hope was all about this Ascension Process now and how we’re evolving from duality both internally and externally, into unity both internally and externally. That unity includes, very much so, the unity of or embodiment of our greater Selves within these transmuted and polarity resolved bodies, brains, and hearts so we’re “Marrying” our selves with our Higher or Greater SELVES. That is the Sacred Marriage and it’s you with YOU and YOU with your Higher Self and with Source etc. Not off topic at all Hope… but right in the HEART of it all. ♥ 😀


      • Denise,

        Thankyou for your very thought provoking insight on this topic, I did have the feeling that 21.12.12. was probably the date of the ‘wedding’ 👰 itself, but I have not, as yet, had any confirmation of this at any level, and have been left wondering what that magnificent dream was referring to. I have always expected to have either a follow up dream, or see a world event manifest, that would bring those feelings (from the dream) alive in the here and now. Perhaps none of the above are to happen, and like you say, this may be my very own sacred marriage that is/has taken place.

        Does this explain why so many of us have experienced the ‘long and lonely road’ during the past decade, whilst we learned to BE with ourselves, love ourselves, and honour ourselves ? 💞

        In Lak’esh

  20. Dear Denise Dear Chryslais and Tom,
    Thank you all for your kind comments, yes that camp fire calls at the gathering of the Tribes!!!
    Denise just want to thank you for being so open and transparent about your connections to CA. I too have strong inner conne3ctions to that energy and have even I believe channelled that energy Presence myself on occastions and in my own writings. I had two personal sessions with CA through W/B. and they were probably the most powerful and insightful ‘readings’ I have have ever had.
    I was aware that Rainbow have their own Forum going and I will look into joining. But I can’t say much on a public forum like this but suffice to say I had a fall out with W.B and he really don’t like me so I don’t know if he will allow me to participate, he has even refused any further readings for me! I just criiqued in a forthright way something he channelled last summer which I felt was really off beam but that’s another story. One of my fave little jokey sayings is ” God save us from spiritual peoplel”!!! if you catch my drift. But I stay on board with a lot of what Awareness says because yes it is so Aware there is almost nothing like it in moments it’s they closest you get to talking to God! on this plane at the moment that I have come across. Paul Shockley the former Interpreter was perhaps even better and worth checking out the older stuff. I have been listening to the Gnostic teacher John Lash and I have always loved Gnosticism though I think I am more Valentinian or Christian Gnostic which he doesn’t ike too well! Anway that is my religion! It’s like these days we almost each have to contruct our own religion living mythus to help steer us and make some sense of our path in all this crazy jungle and Medusa monster world! He was tlaking on radio about the Aons, the original divine Creator Spirits, or living energy Archetypes that exist at the Galactic core and I had the strong intuition that Cosmic Awareness was one of these Aeons – now this is pure theological speculation but could be I am on the right track! Anyway exciting and fun to specualte thus,
    Hugs to you and all,

  21. I had to come back on here to share an interesting experience I had recently with timelines. When I first read this post it really resonated but more in a conceptual way. Then it dawned on me that I have been struggling for the past few months with decisions (particularly in regards to love life) waffling back and forth between a couple of people (which is very unlike me). Recently, I noticed a friend of mine in a similar position (she said, “I have never been so confused in my life about which direction to progress in”). It occurs to me now that because on some level we’re all experiencing multiple timelines, perhaps this is causing the confusion. In other dimensions, we’re living those timelines and there’s a sense of not being anchored in one or the other–thus the confusion and difficulty in sensing which direction is the ‘right’ direction. ‘No rest for the weary’ indeed, Denise. Hope it all starts to clear up soon!

    • TRANSITIONS on multiple timelines and multiple dimensions. Part of this is also us evolving into being more consciously aware of the fact that we are multidimensional Beings— AND learning how to shift (evolve) out of linear awareness into higher Spherical Awareness which is much more quantum or everything happening simultaneously in the “Now Moment” etc. 😉


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