The Second Trimester Recap

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SECOND TRIMESTER: March 20, 2013 Vernal Equinox to June 20, 2013 Summer Solstice—Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere.

Where to start…

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This 2013 spring quarter–the Second Trimester of the Nine Month period–has been very intense, extremely difficult at times, not to mention physically and emotionally exhausting. The other day I was trying to remember 2012 and amazingly couldn’t other than the Three Days of 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12. So many of us thought, believed, expected that 2012 was the big year and it’s turned out to be 2013.

I intentionally began to work on revising my book The Temple of Master Hotei a couple of days after the March 20, 2013 spring Equinox. I knew back then that I did not want that project to carryover into the Third Trimester at all (June 20th through September 22, 2013) because it’s going to be more of what we’ve had since March 21, 2013…but even more amplified. No fear my friends. So, I’ve been working on it throughout the Second Trimester while simultaneously dealing with all sorts of unexpected issues that manifested throughout the spring months. It has not been an easy three months at all, plus I’ve had more time during the Second Trimester where I could hardly focus mentally, which I obviously needed very much to do to get the book revision and new cover done!

This increased lack of mental focus, profound exhaustion, and other symptoms including plenty of deliberate interference from the Negatives in whatever ways, forms, and people they could affect. And let us not forget to mention the all around amplified “craziness” and imbalances from pretty much everyone have all been 2013 Second Trimester Ascension symptoms and reactions to those symptoms. I’ll list some of them but remember that, as always, your individual mileage may vary. We each experience the Ascension symptoms slightly differently and at slightly different times and this is normal because of those many Stair Steps.

  • the return of Hot Flashes–milder than earlier years and shorter lived but back nonetheless
  • profound exhaustion any time of the day or night or constantly– no amount of sleep, rest, or complete immobility improves it
  • difficulty mentally focusing
  • family, neighbors, co-workers, friends, book publishers, strangers going through their issues & imbalances & that triggering some of your issues & imbalances
  • greater numbers of people suddenly dying–you considering your own physical death
  • more potent than usual waves of nausea
  • purging bouts of diarrhea
  • periods of pain in certain areas of the spine–lower back, upper neck into base of skull and jaw line, mid-back behind the heart–energies moving other energies in there
  • inability to eat much of anything, severe upper belly bloating
  • inability to sleep enough or stay asleep at night
  • falling asleep during the day–having to get out-of-body during potent solar activities in daytime hours (solar impacts at night too of course)
  • all solar activity effecting you much more intensely now than ever before–common solar symptoms are “Ascension Flu” with chills, body & bone/joint aches, profound exhaustion, increased inner heat and pressures, muscle weakness, mental mush, in some people varying degrees of mental & emotional instabilities, amplified emotional sensitivities
  • seeing and/or feeling new anomalies, lights, geometric patterns of lights, seeing subtle shapes of higher dimensional Beings moving about in your house & elsewhere
  • feeling the world that we all incarnated into literally slipping away more and more and faster and faster now
  • Team Dark ‘Smash & Grab’ attempts on both the physical dimension through other people, and the astral through hijacked dreams intentionally distorted into nightmares by them
  • unusual but insightful dreams–your interactions & relationship with 4D rapidly changing, evolving because YOU are
  • continued head pains, pressures in head that move, evolutionary changes in the Crown & Brow chakras and corresponding physical glands in those areas
  • continual inner ear ringing, buzzing, humming, pressures etc. caused by ongoing changes both internally & externally
  • increasing Spherical Consciousness–linear awareness, time,  & reality increasingly disappearing & being replaced with growing quantum, Spherical High Heart Consciousness
  • increasing conscious communications and interactions with your Higher Self & with Divine Consciousness

Another thing I’ve been experiencing, feeling, and seeing in certain people now too has to do with a rather large chunk of negativity having been stirred up and released and is now flying about wildly. (No fear as this Process has been happening for many years already.) That’s not what’s important really–it’s the why that’s important, and why now at the end of the Second Trimester. I mentioned a month or so ago that I was sensing many were starting to have some NEW Tools activating within themselves in the second half of the Second Trimester, and much more so throughout the Third Trimester. But, before higher, very positive NEW Tools can take-hold in us, we’ve got to release, purge some very ancient negativity and negative tools that Team Dark manufactured to keep humanity stupid, weak, and not evolving etc.

Also, remember I mentioned that I saw and felt Divine Consciousness arriving in this physical dimension back on May 16, 2013. (It was May 15th and 16th, but I saw and participated in what I did on May 16th.) I knew then that some very magnificent, very elevated positive energies had finally arrived in this dimension in a way and to a degree that has never been able to happen before. As wonderful as that was and still is today, I also knew the arrival of Divine Consciousness within this dimension would naturally cause some side-effects from Team Dark and all of their many Old Negative Tools. It’s those side-effects that many of us have been feeling and dealing with in ourselves and in other people in a much greater way just since mid-May 2013.

Side note: I had an interesting dream recently of a huge, dark-colored, enormous alligator-sized monitor lizard or sea iguana type creature that had been living on the roof of someones house. It saw me and the unknown person with me in this dream and started uncontrollably sliding off the roof and fell to the ground. This creature did not live on the ground, but up above, on the roof of. It was shocked that it fell off the roof and I was worried about what it would do now that it was ground-level with me and this other person. It turned out however, this huge Reptilian lizard creature was totally ineffectual on the ground and I was easily able to do away with it. That was polite code for kill the damned thing!

Remember Cosmic Awareness saying in late 2012 I believe it was that, and I’m paraphrasing here, the Reptilian brain in humanity was going dormant? Well, that’s what my recent dream was all about; a huge dark lizard creature that lived on the rooftops of people’s houses–humanity’s consciousness–have uncontrollably fallen off the roofs and are now laying dead on the ground. Ya gotta love how information is oftentimes expressed/translated in our dreams! I’ve called 12-21-12 the Expiration Date for years and this is one of many reasons why; huge lizards are finally falling off much of humanity’s rooftops and dying on the ground because their time and tools have expired! Thank you Cosmic Awareness and Co. ♥♥♥  for that very important and wonderful information. And thank you Higher Denise Awareness for that dramatic, colorful, conformational dream message about this incredibly important evolutionary change.

So, it’s out with the old and in with the new time which is to be expected at the six month point of the 2013 Nine Months period. But, the arrival of Divine Consciousness and the spectacular NEW energies and tools has temporarily riled-up Team Dark’s old negative tools and many people are dealing with this transition in their own ways and at their own speed. Everybody is and will deal slightly differently with having the huge old dark Reptilian lizard creature falling off of their rooftops!


Now just imagine what the Third Trimester is going to be like! No fear… We are and will continue during the Third Trimester–the 2013 summer quarter in the Norther Hemisphere/winter in the Southern Hemisphere–to have New Tools of Higher Consciousness, of expanding awareness suddenly functioning, and, of continued direct support and interactions with Divine Consciousness in this dimension like never before.

Amidst the global chaos, escalating insanity and violence, personal pains of all types, utter exhaustion, growing frustrations, periods of sickness, people dying, other people coming unglued, reality coming unglued, there is believe it or not a NEW, vastly higher and far better order and set of energetic blueprints for us individually and collectively coming online internally and externally as we speak. We’re still deep in transition and will continue to be for a while longer, but know that the Separation of Worlds can actually be seen and felt now more easily than ever before. This is why it’s so very important now to be mindful of your mind; be aware of your awareness; be conscious of your consciousness because what you now mentally and emotionally focus on is exactly where you will find yourself so take responsibility and think about what you’re thinking about and focusing on! It matters a lot now as the Separation of Worlds builds.


June 10, 2013

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82 thoughts on “The Second Trimester Recap

  1. yes, I too have some of these symptoms, problems eating, tried meat again sad mistake!!!!, now back to vegetarianaism, apart from a bit of fish.eating is in total disarray. very poor appetite, sleep very fitful and not very satisfying, tiredness during daytime, thoughts of leaving this planet, soon….total life weariness….join the club, Denise!!!!
    oh, total lack of drive and energy as well….sighhhhhhh

  2. It has been so intense, I don’t know how I will get through this. I am in benzo withdrawal on top of it , and the symptoms are sky high. The divine guidance is great, but the withdrawal is extremely intense, with people yelling and screaming at me, as I do my best to heal. Please help!!!

    • I am sorry your hurting Aryana. You will get through this. Surely we all came here at this time to do just that. May your challenges be light.

    • Dearest Aryana, please do keep going with your benzo detox, I promise that once you are free of them, you will never look back. As you are probably all too aware, we all need to really FEEL what is happening to us right now, and benzo’s are going to mask what we have to acknowledge, and seriously delay or even prevent the clearing and transmuting required. Your joy will return. There are many alternative health articles on the net that can support and guide you with how to cope, and how to ensure the withdrawal be as smooth as possible, including the use of certain herbs (e.g valerian, passionflower, hops). There are many forums which you may want to read also, obviously it’s up to you whether you interact on them or just read through other people’s strategies and experiences. Please Google to find various protocols to help you come off them safely. You do not have to experience your important decision to clear yourself from the benzo’s as some kind of protracted horror, especially as you seem to be in an environment where other people are not being helpful towards you. I hope this helps in some way.

      Sending much love to you and everyone, and thank you for this article, Denise.

  3. Good to see an update! Over at this end …we’ve been ill a lot (and I don’t usually get ill). Whole family has been ill 3 times this summer…including me! We almost never get ill in summer it’s usually winter. Also I’m noticing these crazy extreme polarities in other people’s lives. Even if they don’t know why it’s happening – it’s probably the higher energies flowing.

  4. The middle of May and first part of June are always a difficult time for me because that is when my son was born (May 24, 1985) and took his life (June 9, 2007).This last May, 2 days before my sons birthday, my ex husband, (his father) jumped to his death. This event brought many old emotional issues into the light and I was forced to deal with them. I took it as crap that needed purging and I did, even thought it was extremely difficult for me and my family. Been feeling most of the symptoms above as well, but through it all I have stayed positive and remained happy. Still not sure what is coming next, but I feel strong at the moment. I have been seeing visions before sleep for the last 10 years in the form of symbols made with blue neon light. These visions have increased since the new year of 2013. One symbol in particulare that keeps showing up in different forms is the number 9. Other than the 9 months of ascension, I am wonderinging what your take on it is Denise or others.
    Thank you for the update Denise. It explains alot. Light and love, Julie

  5. It stills feels like a seasaw; up, energetic, inspired, then down, exhausted and depressed. Being more sensitive than ever to everything from smells to other’s
    emotions. Very distracted due to still looking for a new place to live that I have
    been focused on since January and nothing is working out. However, I am so much more connected to spirit than ever! Thanks Denise for the reminder about watching our thoughts. Blessings to everyone.

  6. So glad that you posted. Its tough for sure and bound to get tougher in many ways. Even Lee Harris, that does a lovely energy forecast each month, alluded this month to dark energies pushing their agenda and that its going to get a bit more hectic in the next few months – for this guy to say that is like finding your granny working as an exotic dancer- I can’t remember him ever making such a statement. He looked pained to even deliver the information…..then on the other hand people are left and right finding their hearts and stepping away publicly from their ties to work that oppresses others. What a big shake up! (Glenn Beck has quit being a jerk?) So its bad but its also, oh so good. You know we all heard the call to come here. We suited up and bravely dove into this corrupt mess- planning on waking up and getting on with our missions…..some of us have others haven’t but we turned the tides by simply anchoring these energies for humans and this earth. Its been worth it, its all been worth it. Congratulations everyone we are nearly there I think. Its all over but the zombie prom 😉 and then graduation!

    • “…Even Lee Harris, that does a lovely energy forecast each month, alluded this month to dark energies pushing their agenda and that its going to get a bit more hectic in the next few months – for this guy to say that is like finding your granny working as an exotic dancer – I can’t remember him ever making such a statement. He looked pained to even deliver the information…”


      😆 Thanks for the giggles 😆 , you have no idea how badly I needed them today!

      Yeah, most of the other Ascension Teachers don’t want to talk about the other half of polarity resolution! 😉 It just goes with the spiritual territory we’re ALL having to traverse however.

      Gratitude ♥ Hug,

  7. Hello, Denise and everyone,

    It’s been extremely intense over here, too. My mother’s dying led to a flying up of all the issues in my family and her tradition of emotional abuse has been passed to the next generation. It’s been rough having that come at me from all directions as I’ve tried to process my strained relationship with my mother and its effect on my life and to try to heal from it. Many mind games were played by family members, including not telling me she had died till three days after or telling me about the funeral an hour before it began. Bizarre and disturbing behavior. I’ve been violently ill a couple of times when my mother was particularly sick, helping me understand that I was purging toxicity– hers or mine, I don’t know– and I’ve had the most amazing, telling dreams through this process as well. And also a late night abusive call from another sibling last night as well. My emotions are all over the place and I’m trying to process and transmute as much as I can during this transitional period in all our lives (in my family).

    I’ve also been seeing a faint waviness of light when I’m outside or turn out the lights at home, which I thought was an afterburn of the computer or television but is not. Threads of lives are coming closer together and I feel the possibilities that can come in life now that I’m no longer stifled by my mother’s manipulative abuse. I have to focus on those possibilities now and not go back to the past wrongs and hurts. No easy task! Thanks, Denise, for all your help through these times.

    Love and big hugs to all,

  8. I am finally understanding what you mean by team dark Denise! Every one of those symptoms you list have been happening to me. I reckon we would all be institutionalized if we were going through this alone, not knowing what the hell was going on. Just wanted to mention what Alice Bailey says about initiation. She said that the actual initiation (similar to the date of 12/21/12), is merely a point of reference to say that we have made it this far. After that date, we are on our next set of new lessons and that is where all the work is done – between the initiations! So we have climbed on to a new rung, which has its own set of lessons. No mention of any kind of rest period! Onward and upward! Thanks for all that you do Denise dear.

    I meant to add that after a particularly intense situation in life that I had to deal with, I started to laugh about it, and the words ‘the divine comedy’ came into my head and I could see the pattern and just how serious I seem to take things sometimes! Finding the humour is certainly helping. x

  9. It’s been a white knuckle ride for the past couple of months. I’m exhausted and my life Is asking me to make some huge decisions. Not really a great time for huge decisions, so I’m trying to delay as many as I can. I don’t have any luck and the outside world generally forgets about me. Sometimes that’s ok, sometimes not.
    I’m exhausted and there’s little joy in anything.
    I’m hoping the new tools will help us over the next 3-4 months.

    • Dear Mike, I empathise with you. It has been very difficult for me too to be positive as things have been changing so much and rapidly for me, and most of it not immediately to my liking. I am getting through it by focusing on what I love doing, such as blogging, and respecting and empowering myself – even if it means taking the leadership in the face of others being the nominated or official leaders (at work), if you know what I mean. I have to see the silver lining and count my blessings, and know the world IS changing for the better. Perhaps start up your own WordPress blog to channel what you love. I have, with my Fascinating Animals blog. I run other Blogs too, and am only too happy to help you start a blog if you like!! Namaste, Celine

  10. Hi Denise and everybody. I am going thru things lightly but I am a big baby when I do go thru something and am not sure why! I went thru a light form of insomnia following dropping wheat and meat from my diet for the most part. I was so unfocused and tired from the lack of sleep and now for my days off all I can do and want to do is sleep. I was aware of feeling pressure around my forehead. Still is there. So I feel comforted by some of the comments 🙂

  11. It has been quite the ride the past few years, but the past few months have been incredibly crazy and weird. It’s like being on a perpetual rollercoaster ride, one made out of pure energy with all of its peaks and plunges. I read somewhere that things are supposed to be getting a little calmer starting in September and I certainly hope that’s true. Thanks for your great work sharing this information with us!

    • Alyxandria- Your comment made me laugh. I too feel like I am on the wildest rollercoaster ever invented.The ironic part is I hate rides of all kind. My first experience as a four yr old on the “teacups” made me want to die… I feel Like I did every time after that ” Please GOD can we pull into the station NOW” !! It has been 20 years since I have been on any ride. Just waiting for this one to pull into the station.. Blessings on your journey

  12. Thanks for the update Denise. Sick and tired here…sick and tired of being sick and tired. For me, it just goes on and on and on and I get very depressed but I don’t give up, always trying to find ways to ease the symptoms and live a fuller life. Dreams are always intense, some terrifying and violent (mass deaths) with characters unknown and even I am someone else sometimes….other dreams intensely in love with a celebrity figure (latest is…yum…says the 39 year old woman!!)…so beautiful but intense passionate love that when you awaken leaves you feeling empty and craving that love once again. I even wake up mid-dream sometimes and think “nooooo” take me back and try desperately to get back into it! In my readings (I know this is frowned upon but the support from other intuitives has been immense for me, until I can access my own..) has been, has always been.. Emotional clearing…detoxing…purging…and also ‘sensitive to the energies’ – I am getting stronger physically in some areas but then new things pop up and it’s like ‘oh for fuck’s sake….SERIOUSLY?’. Sorry, but sometimes only the ‘f’ word will do.
    I am also told that I will come out of this better than ever…eyes brighter…mind clearer..and I quote “going through hell so you can help others”…I will apparently do some sort if work that will assist others – when my own nightmare is over. This information is what keeps me going…even if it’s hard to imagine at times.
    Interestingly I am told I am ‘close’ to being done. We have lived in a very dense energy place for 8 years – there is much sadness in this place and some very heavy indigenous old energy…I have wanted to leave for a long time but the universe has other ideas…well finally, a door opened for my husband and he has applied for a job in another state, which I am fairly certain he will get….if so, we leave in September this year….which of course is the end of the end as you speak of. I have been told that when we move, things are going to get sooooo much better, so yeah it all ties in very nicely with the end of the trimesters.

    I honestly feel I have been stripped bare – though I have had my family (divine little kids), I personally have been stripped of the simple pleasure of just ‘being’ or sitting in comfort. Even REST has been uncomfortable as I am constantly bombarded with various pains and discomforts – I’ve had my dignity taken away, I’ve been forced to accept help, I’ve been unable to be a proper mother to my kids, sometimes too sick to attend school functions or even take them to school for a long period – yeah, I feel sorry for myself!! It’s been evil times and when it’s over I will be so grateful that there won’t be room for resentment!!

  13. Denise: you have captured this brilliantly and everything you wrote I relate to in my own personal mini world. Well done indeed. Abundant blessings for strength, clarity and Purity. xx Libby

  14. It never fails..when I read your symptoms, I can always relate to most of them & I feel that relieve of fear, KNOWING for sure then that what I am doing/experiencing is strangely OK. Thank you once again.

  15. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    As always Denise brings the amorphous changes into sharper focus for us all, with a good dose of humour to lighten the fact that a lot of the effects can indeed be less than pleasant! I have been noticing, along with the team dark antics both personal and societal, that there is indeed a bright thread weaving its beautiful way thru this often dark cloth as well. People everywhere are starting to be more and more obviously awakening. Average “mainstream” people I encounter randomly are saying things and doing things I would expect from members of my spiritual group. People are being kind in small ways that for a long while have not seemed common. It appears people are making the effort to act from the heart, to act with compassion, to be caring in every day simple ways that make such a difference to the experience of living life. These bright spots shine ever more noticeably amidst the ongoing escalation of polarity increase. From the bizarre theme of nastiness in America toward anyone not white enough ( the idea of complaining about a Hispanic kid singing the national anthem at a sports event is utterly bizarre to me!) to wars and support for the Orwellian surveillance state the reactionary front is certainly active of late ;-/ But the counterpoint, tho quieter and maybe easier to miss if you aren’t paying attention, is imho a stronger indication of the future on Earth. Change for the most part does not come as tornadoes and earthquakes on the human societal scale. More often it comes the same way the seasons change, small gradual almost imperceptible differences then suddenly they come together and become amazingly obvious. From where I sit, the season of humanity has some crocus peeking thru the snow, a redbird singing at dawn and afternoons in the sun where jackets are too much….. 😉

  16. Dearest Denise,

    Your “recap” is much appreciated. It helps to get a temperature read of where we are at the moment.

    Boy I certainly can relate to a lot of the symptoms. One minute I’m reading through a couple spiritual related articles… the next second I’m like “Duh, what’s that word? Did I just read this phrase again?” Reading and thinking (not to mention speaking!!) coherently is so hit or miss these days. Good thing I’ve gotten over myself before it really started hitting me. Now when I stumble I just laugh and joke about it, because I really don’t care anymore. I know I’m smart. I know it’s there. And I remember that everything is in flux right now, so I don’t take it personal. Really wish I could read a book though instead of staring at the tv!!

    Still get the head pressures, the Ascension Flu from time to time (lasts maybe an afternoon or so). Time is wonky: I either feel like I’m being shoved fast-forward, or I’m watching the second hand tick by.

    I can’t say I feel how I felt back in December with that wondrous blissful energy. I don’t feel down about it though. Even though I don’t feel it like I used to, I know it’s still there. I know things are shifting out and in.

    I feel like past traumas and avoidance of certain things in my life have helped me to not be so rigid about beliefs. Especially now that I’ve found my (powerful) voice, I feel even more that I don’t have to adhere to a belief “system”. CA just recently spoke about this. I’ve never really fit into any sort of “box” in any part of my life, which reenforced the “lone wolf” and really having to find my own way.

    I still dream of helping others (in a daily practice?) in a bigger way… I still see this vision of one possible future me. That’s where I want to be. In this point of time though, I find my balance again and again, sometimes several times an hour. A boat being bounced by the waves yet never sinking. I know I help others and touch their lives in “small ways”, and that’s just as important as “big ways”. And then there’s art. I actually did some pastels and painting this past week. Then after that I had to go rest because my brain was mushy. We’re getting there. It’s messy, it’s complicated, and by gosh it’s just perfect! Call me nutty and I don’t mind!! Geez, even this paragraph is all over the place, one thought jumping over another. I’m so not here right now. Off to bed!!

    PS: You just gotta love the perfection of these lofty and sometimes heavy-handed symbolic dreams that are coming!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  17. Hi Denise
    Thank you so much for posting and sharing your insights. This has indeed been a tougher year than I imagined it would be! I so appreciate your advice about team dark and tips on how to deal with them. I have always had them around, but in 2013 every time I have had a massive shift in embodying more light they turn up in some way, demonic, astral or human form to derail me. I thought I was just imagining things! The healing prayer you posted from James Gilliland is THE BEST TOOL I have ever had to send them packing. It actually works every time! You are helping keep this lightworker safe and I am very grateful. Your words inspire me to keep holding the light no matter what bullshit the world erupts with, or team dark tries to spin. The light is winning. And
    our legions have only just begun to emerge in the world to reshape it for the betterment of all mankind. I’m so very proud of all the people working (and it is work, it is not easy!) holding strong in their light and journey no matter what. Thank you! Namaste.

  18. Any hints at what to expect at the Autumn Equinox Denise, is it just a move onto the next challenges, but with fewer physical symptoms and less interference, or does a large part of the denser energies just dissolve ? I know it must surely be an individual experience for each of us, but there would be a common thread so to speak, just a hint of something to look forward to would be ever so nice.

    Not doing too badly over here myself, energies are very erratic but have had a much better couple of months recently. Done some much needed ‘baggage’ release with a bit of help from Chiron 😞 …… and the Eclipses.

    As I remember ( or do I 😄) the last three months of a pregnancy are very tiring, the baby grows very fast, and the belly gets very heavy, the new infant moves around with renewed vigour …….ouch ! and the longing for some relief via birth becomes very frustrating. The analogy is very apt …….hurry up baby 👶

    • Hi Hope,
      I liked your questions concerning the Autumn Equinox. I have been thinking on this also. I feel that up to this point it continues to always be the same “flavor” with a slightly different taste to it. Will we ever be able to try a brand new flavor or will it continue to feel like same old, same old. As you stated, we can have a good period,(bless you for being given a few months), and then Wham, that constant merry-go-round that at this point isn’t feeling none too merry! Will we actually achieve a birthing of some type or will we be dragged along for another year! All food for thought. I agree, hurry up baby, you feel long past due, weren’t you suppose to be here in 2012! lol

      • Jeff & Hope & All,

        I’m contemplating writing a short little quickie about what I perceive and feel/sense the Third Trimester–the summer months from June 20, 2013 through to September 22, 2013–will be about for us individually. As is always the case, this too is Stair Steps to what will come AFTER the completion of the Nine Months god-given extension or grace period and the Separation of Worlds and Timelines etc.

        To answer you now very briefly, no, it will be NEW flavors available for those who want them and are ready for them. For those who don’t want “new flavors” but to continue with the old flavor– THIS is why there is the Separation of Worlds and Timelines coming. Source/Divinity is creative enough 😉 ♥ to have vast numbers of places, worlds, locations, dimensions, timelines and much, much more available for every individual everywhere. So there’s many “flavors” for everyone everywhere to choose from, or more accurately, to naturally gravitate towards due to it being a frequency match to them at this time. This is why these 2013 Nine Months have been an extension or grace period from Source/Divinity/”God” etc. with humanity and more; there were too many who STILL weren’t ready to leave the old negative flavor and its consciousness/reality/belief systems/rules/dis-empowerment and so on. These Nine Months have given us ALL more linear time in physicality to get our shit together even better so that we’re wiser and more prepared for the Separation of Worlds and all of the NEW “flavors” that are/will be available for humanity –aka the NEW balanced Planet A/B, Planet B, Planet A– including many, many other non earth worlds and timelines etc.

        Group Hug,

      • Thank You so much Denise and Hooray for those New Flavors! I think I will choose a Rainbow Flavor as it sounds very Nirvana like and multi dimensional! I am soooooooooooo Ready! I went into a gloomy period this week and right before I read your comment I felt that gloom lifting. I must have intuited your reply! Here’s to Keepin On! Autumn Equinox Here We Come!

      • Hi Jeff,
        I like your ‘flavours’ analogy, I am continually finding different ways to understand how the energies are playing out, analogies work well…..the computer – downloads/system upgrade version, the ‘birthing a new world/baby’ version, and many others that pop into my head. I always manage my own challenges in a more positive way if I have an analogy to hang them onto, Denise’s ‘stair steps’, and your ‘flavours’ are new ones to add to my catalogue 😊 thankyou.

    • “…Done some much needed ‘baggage’ release with a bit of help from Chiron 😞 …… and the Eclipses…”


      With transiting Neptune AND Chiron in Pisces now, lots n’ lots of ancient Piscean Age stuff & junk is and will continue to be transmuted, released, and neutralized collectively! And for individuals with strong Pisces and/or Virgo natally (I have Pisces ASC), those planets/energies are up close and personal and doing what they do but at these NEW Ascension levels of energy and consciousness. AND, with transiting Saturn and the North Node both in Scorpio (more water), humanity is having to make big changes internally/externally both individually and collectively. Lot’s of astrological energies pushing us all to prepare for the Third Trimester and well beyond. 🙂

      Astro Hug,

      • Hi Denise,
        Loving the Astro hug, thanks. Don’t think I could understand any of this craziness without some astrological knowledge, although I am only an amateur. You posted your reply to me @ 11.11am – how amazing and synchronistic – big hugs to you. 💖

        Can’t wait for your ‘quickie’ Denise, very tantalizing ……I haven’t dared look too far ahead since 21.12.12. but I’m now very curious 👀 Thank you

  19. Thank you Denise for being a wayshower! I’ve been on this roller coaster ride for 34 years when i put down alcohol and joined a 12 step program. Since then, (because I no longer had my opiate to help me to escape) I have been through Heaven & hell (I did experiment again with wine because I just need to take the edge off)…quit smoking 30 yrs. ago…been on “the path” since 1987 when “Harmonic Convergence” happened in Aug. etc. The thing is I am suffering more than ever and the desire to drink wine seems to overpower me at times. I gave in in the past but i know that I cannot afford to do it. it lowers my vibration! Just last week I felt that I was dying…body pains have been intense and desire to drink almost overwhelming. I’ve had lyme’s disease since the ’80s and fibromyalgia & migaines. Interestingly I read “Initiation” (cant remember the author) back in the 80’s and felt that my life is an INITIATION and there is very little rest. I am fortunate that I am married to the love of my life and we are comfortable in our life style but for years I have felt so alone in this suffering. I just have to believe that it is all for a reason and that it will all resolve soon. My birthday is June 20th…the end of this trimester. I will be 69 years old. Sometimes I feel like maybe I’ll just die early and leave this planet…..but I know that I still have work to do. Plus, I couldn’t leave my husband & pets!
    Thanks to all of you for your beyond wise words….lets just “keep on keeping on”. Much love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marcia,
      Thanks for sharing your story. I also did the heavy alcohol thing for many years and fortunately for myself, when I have a drink, my system just can’t handle it anymore and this is from a past, “straight up, many martini” guy! This feels like a Gift of Grace for myself. Also understand the physical symptoms that you speak of, they have been knocking the shit out of me(literally lol) for the past year. You have a decade on me in age and I know how weary I feel at this time so I honor you for your Strength and Tenacity in Keeping On! I am caring for a brood of outdoor cats so I understand the pet attachment, they are helping me to get by, especially the new kittens at this time. Also, the Alpha Male on the property has recently brought a nasty “alpha energy” to light about myself. This surprised me as I am fairly balanced with my inner feminine but that alpha crap popped right up and fast and was really nasty! So many continuing lessons and I can see why we were all given this 9 month extension. Best Of Luck to You in this final trimester!
      P.S. – Welcome to all the new names that I am seeing that are posting and sharing your stories on this blog! I am continuing my learning process from everyone’s posting’s! Also, Thank You Denise for allowing us the Freedom to post!

      • Jeff, thanks for your encouragement!!!!!!!! Yes, indeed we can apply our relationships with pets as well to our learning.
        I feel that I am releasing some old “Nazi energy” as I feel that in my last life I was a 5 yr. old child who died in the gas chamber. I was reading a book last night that featured a Nazi story and I developed a migraine. I don’t usually get a migraine right before bed!! Anyway it is a good time and a grace time.
        By the way everyone, i forgot to mention that I see sparkling lights often…frequently before bedtime. In particular there is a blue light that lands on the page I’m reading or when watching tv one will be off to the side. Sometimes it is a diamond spot. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!!!!!

      • “…By the way everyone, i forgot to mention that I see sparkling lights often…frequently before bedtime. In particular there is a blue light that lands on the page I’m reading or when watching tv one will be off to the side. Sometimes it is a diamond spot. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!!!!!”


        I’ve seen different colored lights, balls of light, pinpoints of different colored and brilliant white lights throughout these Ascension years. I also saw and still do occasionally, a large round blue light off slightly in my peripheral vision. The past week I’ve been seeing again, brilliant white Lights and flashes of white Light very close to my body on the right and left sides. Sometimes when we see white Light really close to our bodies like this, we’re seeing our own Light that we emanate now, not some other “entity” or “being” etc. It’s us, it’s our Light we’re seeing.

        Some of these other lights are other lifeforms and/or anomalies. We’ve been moving through the fourth dimension 4D Astral for many years now (hence why the big upsurge on TV and movies about ghosts, the paranormal, ETs etc.) and because of this greater numbers of people have been and are seeing different 4D entities and beings and other Astral energies or anomalies. As weird as it can be sometimes, it’s “normal” for what we’re going through. No fear but stay safe (protected energetically) too.


      • Hello, Denise and Marcia,

        I’ve seen colored lights and shapes for years now, but they died down to almost nothing for awhile. Now they’re back in full force– it seems particularly intense when I’m doing the 12D Shield. Last night there were geometric shapes as well and some faint images of faces are starting to come through as well. I also get the bright white light to the side, lots of bits of blue light all day and night and even outside, and a swatch of gold light above me last night. It’s interesting to think that we are starting to see our own light– it’s pretty bright!

        Oh, Denise, you forgot to mention the toilet dreams in your list. I had yet another one last night where I was driving on the highway (our journey) with my mother and sister (my mother died a week ago and I’m not close to this sister) and I really had to go to the bathroom. We stopped in a small town and a store closed just as I approached it and I had to go to an outhouse type floor toilet that was not very private and then it turned into a bar with a lot of guys waiting in line and it was too tight to squat with my winter coat on and I got performance anxiety so left. There was a necklace on the counter, too. I’m getting many of the other symptoms– extreme vomiting and diarrhea, head pains, thankfully less intense hot flashes, swollen feet and ankles, pain in the back but more usually the jaw and teeth, upper belly hugeness, being very sensitive to others’ emotions– not even having to “check in” to feel them, and great insightful dreams. I don’t even notice the buzzing in my ears so much any more I’ve gotten so used to it.

        It’s all very exciting stuff. The last two nights have been amazing!

        Love and hugs to all,

      • “…We stopped in a small town and a store closed just as I approached it and I had to go to an outhouse type floor toilet that was not very private and then it turned into a bar with a lot of guys waiting in line and it was too tight to squat with my winter coat on and I got performance anxiety so left…”


        ‘Performance anxiety’ 😆 My gawd that was funny, thanks for the belly laugh that line caused me. ♥

        You are doing so amazing and you’re going to fly now throughout the Third Trimester my friend. You do us all proud.


      • Can you explain the lights in more detail Denise. I often see lights when I practice singing. I sing spiritual songs so perhaps it invites those who might need healing through music. Blue lights happen randomly, quite a lot at the moment. White lights happen too, at various points in my vision. I have noticed an increase this last year.

      • The lights and symbols I have seen for 10+ years are like Denise’s and Cats. Always seen shortly after I lay in bed. For example of a symbol, I saw an offericers badge with the name of Officer Young on it. This was during a dark time when my son had a heroin addiction and was frequently in trouble with the law. I have seen faces, a pyramid of 10 blue light balls, and on the night of the 2012 pres. election I was shown a “I voted” sticker in a darker blue determining it was the democratic party who won, yet I did not know that at the time and was greatly dissappointed when I learned who won. Most recently I was show the Jewish symbol of the star with a feeling that there would be more conflict with Isreal or the middle east. They come and go. But after I see them, I am left with vibrational feelings in my body and I have a difficult time sleeping that night. I have thought I was crazy for years but am comforted to know I am not alone.

  20. I am also experiencing lots of symptoms and aches. I have from extreme physical symptoms of back pain, nausea, headaches, tiredness, and overall waking up feeling like a mack truck just hit me. This week has been particularly difficult emotionally – I am extremely frustrated at the lack of progress in the world and I’m frustrated with being – as someone else put it – sick of being tired. I feel like we’ve been waiting for ages and that there is no relief in sight. When will this end? I know I’m part of the early wave when these energies hit and it nearly kicks my ass every time another blast kicks in. I dread the next couple of months since there is little peace or evidence of peace on the horizon. If I hear/read one more person telling me to be patient, to hold on, that “soon, it’ll be here” I’ll absolutely lose my mind. I’m sick of hearing “wait.” We’ve waited long enough. I don’t know how I’ll make it to September, and it makes me even sadder to think that in September I’ll get another “soon, it’s coming, just be patient.”

    • …yes, yes, yes….I was nodding in agreement here. I find myself becoming less ‘interested’ in the non-physical signs – for example seeing the double/triple digits or other synchronicities and saying out loud “yeah…yeah 5.55am…whatever..”….I can’t get excited by such things when life has been a constant massive struggle for years but intensely the last one and I feel I am hanging on by a tiny thread – a step away from total breakdown (been there last year and ‘recovering’ but some days not so sure..). Then I get the guilts for expressing my unhappiness in posts such as these – scared that my non-positive attitude is going bite me on the bum…but seriously….it’s just going on too long….

    • Kyleigh,

      All I can say is Aaaaaaaaaa-men Sista!!!! Me too, me too, MEEEEEEEE too!!!!!! You’ve said a perfect mouthful here–wish i could have said it so succinctly. I feel ya all the way & completely agree. Sick to DEATH of “hanging in there”—GAAAAAH!

      Hoping for ANYTHING wonderful to happen for once,

  21. “…It just doesn’t sit well with me to consider the reptilian part of the human physiology to be outmoded or dormant, as it is evolving as much as any other part of our makeup…”

    Psidre Felix,

    Based on what you’ve said in your Comment, it sounds like me and TRANSITIONS are not a good match with you, your beliefs, and current level of awareness about this subject. You’re ‘understanding is lacking’ about the Reptilian Brain in humanity as it was never a natural thing but intentionally placed in humanity by Negatives (Reptilians, Draconians) long ago to keep humanity and their consciousness continually operating at a very low level, making them more easily herded. This discussion and my ‘musings’ about this topic with you is closed. I wish you Happy Draconian Trails.


    • Denise,
      When you stated, “…current level of awareness”, this is key for myself. George K. speaks of the “Great Arena”. It seems to me that this is a major stair step that so many have not seemed to be able to go beyond. This is the where the grand cosmic jokester experience is happening. All is so majorly messed up in this entire macro experience of that Great Arena as in our micro and I have learned, NOTHING, absolutely nothing is to be believed or trusted! We need to be able to progress passed this cosmic conundrum and find the stair step in which you are able to stand on the very edge of all cosmic reality. Then once there, find that “still, quiet voice” that belongs to your Soul and your Soul alone. There are so many levels within levels within levels of this entire cosmic experience that are trying to keep us from discovering our own unique and individual Soul Voice. I can only trust this individual soul essence. Unity consciousness is a ploy that is used over and over again in the Great Arena. It is not about unity consciousness but Individual consciousness which would then out-picture a true soul consciousness experience amongst all. We are in the final stage and it is the Real Deal and it can be scary as Fuk more often then not. Try to stay clear of the circus acts of all type’s playing out in that Macro Arena! Tell the circus it is time to get the hell out of your personal town no matter how entertaining it pretends to be! This is a major shapeshifter of cosmic proportions, it will shapeshift to whatever it thinks you would like it to be. Time has run out, this is the final phase, “end game”!

      • Hi Jeff,
        Things seem to move in eternal circles. It took me a few years to write a book about my soul journey (published 2012) and soul contact is something that has happened for me. BUT right now, I am (seem to be) back to square one and that eternal circle takes me round again to clear whatever is left to clear. It seems that it is not a straight step up a ladder from no soul contact to full contact. It comes in waves of learning. The cosmos doesn’t do up and down, it works in waves. Once again I think of the story of Saturn in a horoscope. He is seen as the devil, but in fact, he is the wall that stops you from going further until you are capable of handling what is on the other side of that wall. Food for thought.

      • Hi Aussielassie,
        You are so right, definitely not straight stair steps. Sometimes I come back to stair steps I thought I left behind, need a re-visiting. The eternal circle is what I call looping, sometime I cannot believe that I am, once again, looping in what seemed to be quite an old energetic. And as you stated, needs to be a new evolutionary level of clearing, so yes, continuing waves of learning. I am just hoping that we are almost at the point that we are all ready for the “other side of the wall”, as you stated, where we can group into “like resonance” which would allow for the major evolutionary leap forward. This seems fair to all and I am hoping we have almost arrived at this pivotal point! Let’s Keep Riding Those Waves! Excellent Food for Thought! Thanks for Sharing!

  22. Hi Denise. I am sure glad you are here. Once again I realized I had skimmed over your article way to quick. It is the fact that I am not feeling so wonderful that brought me back in hopes of having a better understanding and what did my eyes zoom in on but the person talking about a lizard and that you had written a dream about a lizard.

    Well, I had missed that one entirely so I zoomed back up to see what my skimming had missed. WOW, how did I miss all that??? I am looking forward to reading it tomorrow when I have some energy! I am so tired. I slept more or less 24 hours beginning Thursday night and thru Friday till this morning. I did wake up off and on but always went back to bed. And now after a short shift at work I Feel very tired again and It is an effort to keep my thoughts positive or simply neutral.

    I did have one strange little dream stand out with this huge bug like critter that seemed harmless, even friendly and was smiling as it scuttled over my floor, but it was HUGE and like a spider and my mission was to kill it immediately….on account of it looked like a spider! Killing it was a gross business. It had seemed friendly too, but it was big like a hamburger on long legs. Hamburger with bun! In the end, and this is what tells me that maybe it was good to get rid of it, some cats came along and got rid of it in big bits. I was worried about the cats!

    So I have been feeling pressure around my head, my hip “went out”, my throat feels rough, and I feel sleepy again.

    Lastly I offer you that that lizard person letter was not an entire waste of time as it made me realize when I read your reply that I too was not consciously aware of thinking of my human nature as “natural”! Really gave me pause and I need to think about it deeper as in examining beliefs I did not realize I was accepting without thought.

    Hope I made some sense as I am so tired once again.

    • “…I did have one strange little dream stand out with this huge bug like critter that seemed harmless, even friendly and was smiling as it scuttled over my floor, but it was HUGE and like a spider and my mission was to kill it immediately….on account of it looked like a spider! Killing it was a gross business. It had seemed friendly too, but it was big like a hamburger on long legs. Hamburger with bun! In the end, and this is what tells me that maybe it was good to get rid of it, some cats came along and got rid of it in big bits. I was worried about the cats!…”


      I’ve seen these “Astral Spiders” too while awake a few years ago, running across my bedroom and bed. They were huge, medium dog-sized etheric, lower Astral 4D negative entities. These spiders and other such negative Astral entities have been written about by other people besides me so the info exists elsewhere too.

      I suspect that more people who believe as Psidre Felix and Olivia do that YOU are to blame for these Astral monsters running around and that killing them is absolutely horrible! The Limited Consciousness Police are on patrol once again, ever ready to insult, attack and utterly disrespect those they don’t understand.

      “…Lastly I offer you that that lizard person letter was not an entire waste of time as it made me realize when I read your reply that I too was not consciously aware of thinking of my human nature as “natural”! Really gave me pause and I need to think about it deeper as in examining beliefs I did not realize I was accepting without thought…”

      Very well done you and thank you for saying that. People HAVE to come to realize that everything they’ve been told/sold about “reality”, about their bodies, about their minds/consciousness etc. are not true! In 2013 there’s been an upsurge in people over these things that they honestly believe they understand but that they have all wrong because the original information was given to them, to all of us, to humanity as intentional distorted or lies about pretty much everything! That is another aspect of the “waking up” that the Ascension Process demands of us all, myself included, and it IS hard to keep having to let go of more and more of our old familiar beliefs about “reality”, “foods”, our bodies, about “healing/health” etc. etc. But, that is exactly what’s happening now and why and it’s called evolution.

      The “Reptilian Brain” in humanity is not and never has been a natural, Source/”God” created “organic” aspect of being a physical human. The “Reptilian Brain” in humanity was created by the Negative Reptilians for multiple reasons but the main one was to intentionally keep humanity within a specific lower frequency range of consciousness and life. Lower as in violent, warring, killing, raping, power over the many etc. etc. All traits held in great esteem by Team Dark of course.

      So, for people to suddenly have to realize that different things about their bodies, consciousness, lives, reality etc. have NEVER been “organic” but negative “inorganic” creations created by Team Dark Reptilians and Draconians, Greys and other engineered beings and entities by the more advanced Team Dark Beings to intentionally alter humans/humanity to suppress them for eons and eons is no easy Ascension step. But there it is and more and more people are currently coming into contact with these greater realities about the real evils done to humanity by the Negatives and why they did it. To evolve and keep evolving requires each of us to know more… even the ugly shit we’d rather not have to know anything about! It just goes with the territory of growth like it or not.

      A lot of people think they’ve figured it all out already and the truth is they’re light-years from the truth yet. The next few months and years are going to be very difficult for a lot of people because they, you, me, each of us STILL has much more we all have to be consciously aware of that’s been done to us by both the nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark Beings AND the living humans who’ve carried out their plans in this physical dimension for them. Much more truth coming soon about all sorts of these dark, negative things.

      Thanks Edith for letting me vent here in this Comment about these rising situations. 🙂
      ♥ Hug,

      Great job killing those damned negative parasite Astral Spiders too!

      • Denise,
        I luved this statement by you: “A lot of people think they’ve figured it all out already and the truth is they’re light-years from the truth yet”.
        My Truth is changing almost on a daily basis at this time and I feel this is a very good thing. Those stair steps are becoming quite crazy, are they not. They can be slippery, full of holes one can fall right thru and then there we go right down the rabbit hole. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Hold onto that hat! lol Then once again, climb back onto that stairstep ever so slowly, and start all over again. It just never seems to be what we thought it was, just keeps changing and changing but this is what allows us to continue evolving. On With The Show!

      • Dearest Jeff,

        “Those stair steps are becoming quite crazy, are they not. They can be slippery, full of holes one can fall right thru and then there we go right down the rabbit hole. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Hold onto that hat! lol Then once again, climb back onto that stairstep ever so slowly, and start all over again”

        This made me chuckle a bit. It also painted a vivid picture from somewhere I cannot place at the moment. These white staircases going up, down, sideways, and gravity didn’t matter one bit. You could still be walking up the stairs, but the staircase would be upside down. Wish I could place where I’ve seen this and I hope I’ve described it well enough for everyone to understand.

        I too am enjoying these changes of Truth on a daily basis. I recently said to someone that facts are not always true (ie, it used to be a “fact” that the earth was flat). That with progression in science, as well as in our own wisdom to take that leap, facts change to give way to more of the Truth. I would also add to this now, that as our hearts and minds are stretched open, we can arrive closer to the wisdom of everything… and for me, “everything” encompasses the truth of 3D/5D/our true nature (multi-dimensional)/our direct connection with Spirit/God/Creator and more.

        I’ve had a couple opportunities manifest from me even thinking of them peripherally. This has taught me that there’s a part of me that hesitates to fully accept Every Goodness in my life. I need to remind myself that I do deserve happiness and love and joy everyday in my life. That it’s ok to fully embrace my desires for happiness and joy… no matter how big or small. The fact that they appeared front and center even when I wasn’t fully front and center in my desire says I am powerful, and I can change my life path. New stuff everyday!

        Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • “…It also painted a vivid picture from somewhere I cannot place at the moment. These white staircases going up, down, sideways, and gravity didn’t matter one bit. You could still be walking up the stairs, but the staircase would be upside down. Wish I could place where I’ve seen this and I hope I’ve described it well enough for everyone to understand.”

        O you mean this?:

        Yeah. That looks like our lives right now alright. lol

        I too see an insight here. A priceless one. That God/dess/The-All-That-Is/Life… wants to experience the Shades of Grey. When all others think they got it down packed right… there goes Life that proves them very wrong. If it isn’t so then we Lightworkers wouldn’t even need to exists.

        Love n’ Hugs to all here… and please hang on tight,
        Lou Ann
        P.S. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth the movie is also what comes to mind. And yes: I’m lost and used to it. 🙂

      • Dearest Lou Ann,

        The picture reference was not quite it yet close enough. Thank you for that.

        I’ve been fond of saying to people for years how I love gray… meaning I don’t care for black and white thinking/being. Grayness helps you see beyond to the place of Triality. Instead of identifying myself with traumas I have survived in this life (and others), I’ve gotten to a place of understanding them as “experiences for growth towards greater wisdom”. And one of the big things I’ve learned (if I may), is that no matter what horrendous thing has happened in life that I’ve experienced, I am still more than this… more than a physical body and mind. I am Light and Love and Multi-Dimensional and Life. No one can (or has) destroyed that for me. Yet just knowing that in and of itself isn’t much, without experiencing trauma and seeing it through to the other side of healing. That has been part of my experience.

        I had not expected to share that, and yet my heart (and fingers) have not steered me wrong here.

        Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Yes Denise: I too have come to grips of facing my old beliefs I thought I never had. I stumbled upon a website that reveal photos of highly advanced technology during the Nazi days/WWII and can hardly believe it. Makes me wonder what is really science fiction and what our classic novels already mirror within us… in our Collective Psyche all this time?

        I have mentioned about the Reptilian Brain to my sister right after me … about the Whys our world has been so hellish… with all the warring, plundering, crimes, sexual assaults, the unnecessary poverty, etc in my own words to her… as she is seeing the Old World for what it really is. Turns out that it makes perfect sense to her… to my surprise. 🙂

        And another breakthrough: a female family member … my aunt-in-law (who’s actually nearly the same age as me)… was open to reading one of my own spiritual materials (Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss). She was so fascinated by it that she even shared it with her mum and had intimate conversations about “past-lives”… in spite of their heavy go-to-church christian up-bringing. In my circle here in the Caribbean… no one takes such material this seriously far less question their own existence… save the very very few. Everyone I ever know has been brainwashed into going to church since birth. Now to my delight, here are two ladies who are on those important stairs steps… those very stair steps I took a few years ago. We’re getting there.

        Haven’t been commenting in a long while lately… but just to let you know I’ve been here all this time… cheering you on Denise (and mostly everyone here). ^_^’

        Love n’ Hugs,
        Lou Ann
        P.S. Still thinking about 5D technology incessantly. And now, me and my Starseed Brother and two others are talking about coming together to create a “Hobbit-like-Community”… very seriously. We’re almost there! 😀

  23. Yes, I too am on the yo-yo ride. Tired and exhausted at times. Having crazy dreams and they repeat themselves. Wake up and don’t have a clue what they mean. Digestive problems back. Trying not to eat GMO stuff. Get upset with the Reptilian government control, spying, lying, poisoning us, and the whole direction the world is heading. Kids really upset me with their ADHD behavior and laziness to help share the family responsibilities. The new generations are sure some freeloaders. I am sure all these world changes will change that situation when the natural disasters hit the fan. My guides told me it would be the worst of times and the best of times. Looking forward to the best of times.

    • What an interesting comment about the new generation and how some are freeloaders. Do you mean Generation Y (as they are officially called)? It seems that they dont mind being totally selfish and self absorbed. One wonders where this fits in in the scheme of things. Perhaps each generation tips the scale in the other direction, then the next moves it back again, each time in a different way.

      • “What an interesting comment about the new generation and how some are freeloaders. Do you mean Generation Y (as they are officially called)? It seems that they dont mind being totally selfish and self absorbed. One wonders where this fits in in the scheme of things. Perhaps each generation tips the scale in the other direction, then the next moves it back again, each time in a different way.”


        Many are incarnate now to help bring the old systems down, faster. At one level that may seem to some to be a “negative”, but at other levels it’s helping the Ascension Process to more quickly exit the old systems and consciousness, beliefs etc. That said, it certainly doesn’t mean that the people involved are consciously aware of the parts they play for all. Many of them know that the “system” is broken, corrupt and so on and that none of the things the system used to provide to people exists for these younger generations now. Hell, they don’t exist for my Baby-boomer generation! This isn’t about maintaining the old patriarchal systems for us however; it’s about creating entirely new and vastly higher ones for everyone everywhere.


  24. I’m experiencing similar symptoms to Nicholas… lack of appetite, not wanting anything with meat or heavy/greasy… just fresh foods… Not eating wheat/gluten/GMO/processed food has helped with many negative symptoms but still some are there- that are listed here- tiredness during day time, TOTAL thought of wanting to leave the planet (like big time this last week!)… I’m also craving the sunshine and am more conscious of feeling charged by it.

  25. Thank you Denise. I wait in anticipation each Trimester for your update.

    Like a light at the end of the tunnel it helps me to stay focused.

    Yes, there are have been all the symptoms, some even more exaggerated than before, but I have learned to respect them, lean into them, learn from them.

    I have been highly affected by the sun, it is nearly impossible for me to be out in the direct sunlight without it making me very ill. Nausea, aches, pains, fatigue, brain fog, are just a few of the symptoms. We live in the Southwest and it has been unseasonably hot, the heat, however, does not affect me, it is the direct sun exposure.

    I have also been experiencing alot of swelling in my feet and hands, I was on the phone with my daughter the other day describing my feet as looking like huge fake slipper feet, the kind that look like Frodo. LOL!!! Then my guides reminded me that I was pregnant. I just had to chuckle to myself about how literally my body is taking this pregnancy.

    Thank you again for showing the way, keeping that light lit at the end of this long, difficult but rewarding tunnel.

    Kisses, K

    • Karen,

      I too have had a lot of side effects from being in the direct sunlight since 1999. I was an avid sunbather all my life prior to this so I know this change is due to the higher energies coming in and through the Sun… which is a portal to higher dimensions and beings etc. Even in the house I can tell when the Sun is transmitting higher cosmic and/or galactic Light Energies solely based on how my body is feeling — the Solar transmissions are that standard in my body at this point. Sounds like you too are responding to these MASSIVE and very intense higher energies being transmitted to us/earth via the Sun.

      Thanks for your kind words, I’m so very glad that my writings help with this Process we’re all going through.

      ♥ Hugs,

  26. Denise and all,
    Thanks for the camaraderie and encouragement to continue that your column provides. At this moment I feel like crying for all the misery I see around me as well as struggling to be patient with other’s frustrations and behavior. We appear to be in an energetic cluster F#@k. I feel best when I am spaced out and using peripheral vision but it makes driving tricky. Night time protection is handy. Best of luck to us all. Cay

  27. Dear Denise thank you for your latest post – always an interesting read.

    On May 22nd I was hit by a download of light/energy in which my body literally fell apart I felt like death and looked liked death. The energy has reached a level that is challenging to physical existence itself. Two days later ok again.

    I notice these days the sunlight brings real visual problems – the earth/birds etc blurred.

    I am also experiencing many of the physical symptoms you mentioned in your post:~
    utter fatigue
    head and eye pressures / dizzy- spaced out
    lack of appetite – time’s running out to eat
    breathing difficulties and heart palpatations.

    I sense the energy we are anchoring has reached such a peak now that it is really beginning to affect change for the good – our missions are being fulfilled.

    Seeing lots of sparkly light around me especially at night with gold and violet also. Mainly white light which I sometimes see as particles and sometimes as waves. As always looking forward to your next post. Maureen

    • Hi Maureen,
      Your comment about seeing the sparkly light with gold and violet has triggered within me a, Yes, we have almost arrived at that pivotal evolutionary point. It was the gold and violet colors that seem very magical to me. I still see the “electric blue” colors around me. The other night in a dream I saw two lava type lamps, one with electric blue and the other electric red and I thought, oh no, not another “hold up” type of energy being shown from the red. I hope to see the gold and violet possibly very soon! Thanks for your Sharing!

  28. Dear Denise, I am so glad sharing my hamburger spider dream wasn’t a silly waste of time : ) The other night a much smaller different type of bug tried to make friends, and it bit me! In the back! I accidentally mushed it when I reached around to feel for the cause. … I had let go of taking care of myself with my prayers/protection during the fatigue, and since I have reconnected myself I feel a million times better and wide awake/normal again. I am looking up the info about the astral bugs and I still need to re read your article. I think I will read it now with my bowl of brown rice before I go to bed.

  29. Hi, Denise – just wanted to express, as always, my HOODGE gratitude to you and everyone here for all the posts, comments, support, humour and insights that this wonderful community provides. Especially helpful for me on my particular Stair Step right now were the observations about Lee Harris and the reminders about the consciousness police 🙂

    What IS going on with all those ascension teachers? Maybe their blind spots are becoming increasingly visible. Maybe I’m just learning to see them more clearly. Hopefully both.

    And as for those consciousness police … I spent time with two of them this weekend, two friends who have been on a so-called spiritual path for the past 20+ years and aargh I should have known better! They really do need to get a grip and wake up and smell the coffee. But of course they don’t drink coffee …

    My own journey continues to be quite a journey. At one level manifesting as breast cancer but as all the dates and major milestones have coincided quite perfectly with those of the second trimester, even down to my last medical appointment taking place this Wednesday, I know it is part of a much bigger picture. God only knows what the next few months will bring 🙂

    I wasn’t sure about everything in Karen B’s latest post, but at the very least wondered if part of it is her interpretation of the Planet A/AB/B separation you have also been writing about?

    Interesting times indeed and I wish all of us the very, very best. Hugs from Scotland,


    P.S. cancer treatment went as well as it could – tumour removed, radiotherapy completed, four months off 3D job on full pay enjoyed – as I said, all part of the bigger picture and a life changing experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

    • “…What IS going on with all those ascension teachers? Maybe their blind spots are becoming increasingly visible. Maybe I’m just learning to see them more clearly. Hopefully both…”


      Great question. This was so bad and so obvious earlier this year that I started an article about it but deleted it. No one is exempt from these evolutionary energies–no one. Period. 2013 and beyond is 100% walk your talk time and of course the Forerunners are having to do it, be it, embody it and live it first. Some take longer which is understandable as this is HARD!

      “I wasn’t sure about everything in Karen B’s latest post, but at the very least wondered if part of it is her interpretation of the Planet A/AB/B separation you have also been writing about?”

      About 3/4 of her (Karen Bishop’s) first page was aimed at me I believe. There’s some disgruntled folks taking aim at me again now. Transiting Saturn (mastering personal responsibility) is in Scorpio and, coupled with everything else, plenty of people are NOT handling these 2013 Saturnian energies well at all. Like I said, this is HARD and it’s HARD for every single person on the planet now.

      You be well and rest plenty after what you’ve been through you Lightwarrior. ♥

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Oh dear. So sorry about Karen B but now I understand why it was only the last few paras that made even the tiniest bit of sense. I guess all the masks really do have to come off now. Very hard, like you say, but very welcome nevertheless.

        Staying as strong and as real as I can, always,
        Susie xx

      • Dearest Susie,

        Thank you for saying this. I also felt a bit that nothing made sense until the end couple paragraphs, if that. My discernment went “Hmmm, this feels off” as if it was a passive-condescending underlying feel. Even looking at it now, it’s feels to me like, “Well others can believe whatever they want, but ‘I’ know the truth, and if you just say the word Love, it’s All-Magical All the time. And anyway, there is no such thing as the boogey man.” That’s what it feels like just below the surface to me.

        We’ve been living in a completely unbalanced duality for too long. It’s not time to keep covering our eyes and sticking our fingers in our ears… unless that’s where people are on their own stair step… which is ok. True growth though, I feel, is being open to those things that make us feel really uncomfortable. No one said growth is fun or easy. It’s not all rainbows and pink clouds… you need rain for rainbows to appear… or maybe not anymore (I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing balls and shapes of light yet).

        I’m not saying all of this to bash anyone, and I’m not doing so to “side” with anyone either. For me, this is a continuation of an opening of my eyes and not just “going along with whatever people say” journey. And part of that is saying something when it’s good to. I find it freeing not feeling like I have to keep nodding my head in agreement and smiling just to keep the peace. I’m still learning how to practice this in person, beyond my own inner circle. I appreciate Denise allowing us this space to learn and practice these new tools and gifts.

        Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  30. Denise,

    I have been following your writing for a few months now but this is the first time I felt compelled to comment. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the hope you have given me during these dark times. I felt a shift to a lighter energy this week so I am hoping it means the summer solstice will bring a bit of respite from all the pain and trials.

    Team Dark has been attacking me non-stop for a few years now, but especially since the winter solstice. It was that week I had to move away from a place I loved because I couldn’t find work there, and guess what? I can’t find work in my new city either, so I have just been trying to concentrate on raising my daughter and growing spiritually in whatever way I can. Let me tell you, it has been so painful with nothing but my boredom and racing anxious thoughts to pass the time.

    I thought it was all astrological until I started researching more and more about the ascension and stumbled onto your blog. My natal chart is getting hit pretty hard (Saturn squaring my 9 leo sun until September, Neptune and Chiron opposing my 1st decan Virgo mercury and venus, just finished my Saturn return last Oct, I have 13 Libra rising so the Uranus-Pluto [and soon Jupiter t-] square is sitting on top of my angles, Pluto is trine my venus and quincunx my sun…), so I tried to write it off as that, but your interpretations make so much more sense. I like that you incorporate astrology into your blog posts, showing how it’s all related.

    I have or have had most of these ascension symptoms you mentioned. I have gained about 40 pounds, no energy, constant headaches, stabbing emotional pain in my heart chakra and solar plexus, and I have been thinking about death so much like, “if life is never going to get better I’m just not interested in being alive anymore. Just kill me, God, and end all this misery. Rip the band aid off. Get it over with.” I made it through Neptune opposing my sun and Saturn conjunct my sun fairly recently, which both ultimately brought positive changes and growth including my sobriety and a renewed spiritual relationship so I have been trying to stay positive, but this cycle just feels so overwhelming at times it’s hard to imagine ever being happy again. Like I wish I had a fast forward button for life to get through this rough stretch to happier times, assuming there will ever be any again.

    I so identified with what you wrote about struggling to reconcile the vast difference in levels of consciousness of those around us. It’s really all I’ve ever known as I grew up in a toxic abusive family, but I would like to break the cycle in my own life and keep the same thing from happening to my daughter if possible. I have been mostly confined to my home the past six months, not by choice, but because I haven’t been able to find work. I tried to be proactive and use the time to get a master’s degree, but that just put me deeper into debt with still no job and still no way to pay it off. I’m financially dependent on an emotionally abusive husband with stage 4 cancer who controls every aspect of my life and criticizes everything I do. He doesn’t allow me to leave the house, he’s literally holding me hostage and sucking all my energy and seems unable or unwilling to grow spiritually anymore in this lifetime. (sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries 3H: he knows everything). To top it all off, he refuses to be affectionate. We haven’t had sex since long before Saturn hit Scorpio. So I have felt powerless and hopeless and not sure if I’m doing the right thing. At times I’m not sure what the right thing is, I just know I can’t sustain all this pain much longer. I’m willing to do anything, I’m just pinned down at the moment. Like God’s foot is on my throat preventing me from making any progress in any area of my life. Like the day I start an exercise routine I come down with a nasty cold that puts me in bed for nearly a week. It feels like the message I’ve been getting is just stop trying to do anything. Just wait for help to arrive. So I’m here. Waiting. Hoping. But if I’m prevented from doing anything to improve my situation, how will it ever get better? I spend a lot of time in prayer but I haven’t been able to find comfort for so long now. I have no love in my life, no job, no real reason to even get out of bed in the morning except to take care of my daughter, which any parent can tell you is an often miserable and thankless job. She is beautiful and happy and smiley and social but is not talking yet and so we had her tested and it turns out she is developmentally delayed.

    I appreciate your take because I’m not lazy or a victim really, I’m perfectly capable of working and supporting myself and my young daughter, there are just no opportunities out there right now. I share your opinion that, no, not everything bad happens to us is our fault because of our own actions. There really are dark forces attacking us, not because of anything we did wrong. My generation (30 and under) is getting such a bad rep as lazy narcissists, but the thing is we WANT to work and can’t. We have played by the rules our parents’ generation set, but suddenly those aren’t the rules anymore. Hard work and education no longer guarantees success now that so many jobs have been sent overseas and the economy has been plundered for the greed of the very few at the top.

    I do have a few questions for you that maybe you could answer here in the comments or in a future blog. Can you give us a preview of what the third trimester will be like? When will things start getting easier, not until fall? A friend’s husband who believes he is psychic said my husband would die before my daughter turned 2, which will be this October. I’m wondering if he will die or we will just split off into different timelines? I wonder if we do separate into different timelines, will we both experience the death of the other? Like I will die in his timeline and he will die in mine? And what about children? I suppose they made the decision before they incarnated and are here to help or they wouldn’t have been born. I’m curious as to how this will all go down.

    Does it sound to you like there is anything I can do about my situation except just wait and hope? I do love my husband, but I’ve done everything I can to try to help him find peace but he doesn’t seem to want it. I have matured enough to realize that I can’t change someone who doesn’t want to be changed, so I have basically given up on him. It’s sad in a way, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that if I am not able to help him grow and he is holding back my growth, it’s silly for us to stay together. At the same time though, I can’t leave him even though I want to because I can’t find work. I want to continue growing and ascending and he just wants to eat fast food and not exercise and be negative about everything and say horrible things about everyone else even though most of it applies to himself. I want growth for him, but he doesn’t want it so I want to move on and be with someone else who wants to continue evolving. Someone closer to my vibration. That is the future I’m trying to manifest and attract. A fulfilling career and someone who truly loves me and treats me like and equal partner. He doesn’t have to be perfect, I certainly am not, but at least someone who wants to try. Someone who is kind and affectionate to me. I believe I deserve that.

    Anyway I have written a whole book here (can you tell I have no one to talk to?) so I will wrap up. Thanks again for all your blogs and advice and I hope mercury retrograde will be a productive time for you revising your book.


    • Venus Squared,

      First of all, one big Heart Hug coming your way. ♥

      “…I appreciate your take because I’m not lazy or a victim really, I’m perfectly capable of working and supporting myself and my young daughter, there are just no opportunities out there right now. I share your opinion that, no, not everything bad happens to us is our fault because of our own actions. There really are dark forces attacking us, not because of anything we did wrong. My generation (30 and under) is getting such a bad rep as lazy narcissists, but the thing is we WANT to work and can’t. We have played by the rules our parents’ generation set, but suddenly those aren’t the rules anymore. Hard work and education no longer guarantees success now that so many jobs have been sent overseas and the economy has been plundered for the greed of the very few at the top…”

      I’m so glad you said this as many of your age group are Indigos just waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be time for them to go out and start creating a new! All I can tell you is that it’s close now, really.

      Also, those old “rules” don’t work any longer because that entire system is corrupt and Expired with the 12-21-12 end date. For now I wouldn’t put any more money out in “formal education” because all that’s changing so, but just try to find something that you can do to earn money that doesn’t repulse you completely. 🙄 That sounds horrible but it’s what so many are having to do now to get by. We are still in transition so we’ve all got to go with the flow and changes for a while longer.

      Okay, this next part may sound really horrible but please trust that I’m saying it from a higher level of awareness. Your husband is dying now and I agree that he’ll probably not be around much longer. This is actually a blessing for all of you so NO guilt at all okay? Also, I would suggest (but it’s up to you of course) that you stop energetically feeding him or allowing him to energetically feed off of you–which is what real “vampirism” and “parasitism” actually is. He’s literally taking some of your vital life-force energies which isn’t helping anyone at this point. You don’t say a word about this to him but simply put up an energy shield of protection around yourself. I’d also envision a separate etheric protection around your daughter too. This can be something as simple as envisioning a brilliant white Light radiating out fully and completely from your aura in all directions with NO spaces or gaps in it — and from your daughter’s aura also. This will prevent your husband from further energetically draining either of you. Intentionally disconnect energetically from him because what’s happening with him directed at you now is very negative and not helping him, you, or your child. I’ve never been more serious; stop letting him damage you, drain you, suppress you, demean you etc. It’s time for you two to go your separate ways. If he’s still alive in the fall of this year, I’d suggest you find a divorce attorney or those people that help with filing legal documents. Can’t remember what they’re called… Legal Aid!

      Also, talk to your Higher Self and ask IT to help you to better understand whatever it is that you need to right now. Tell IT what you want and that you’re ready to make some big positive changes and that you need some help and guidance from IT. Then pay attention and be ready to act! 😉

      “…I want growth for him, but he doesn’t want it so I want to move on and be with someone else who wants to continue evolving. Someone closer to my vibration…”

      And that is great but understand that just maybe you might have to go it alone for a while because this is about YOU getting stronger, more empowered, more wise, more independent etc. Once you’ve done that then you’ll want to attract a mate that’s a match to that new empowered you. 🙂

      I just finished my Second Saturn Return last year and it was not easy. Very briefly because this is getting long too — Many of us incarnate now during the Ascension Process have soul contracts that we felt we could fulfill during these lives. Because of this Ascension Process, many of us have piled on multiple layers and layers of “stuff”, either karmic stuff or just stuff that we wanted to try to resolve in these important lives during the Ascension Process because of all the Cosmic/Galactic/Solar/Astrological energies being so profoundly high and amplified. In other words, prior to incarnation in these lives and bodies now, WE at higher levels felt that WE could accomplish more than usual in one short but very intense lifetime due to these rare energies. Because of this most of us have had a lifetime of the most amazing and nearly constant astrological transits that we’d normally not experience in one life! Maybe six or more, but not one and within just a few decades! But, such is how our Higher Selves and Soul view these sorts of rare events; we see them as a unique time to accomplish so much more than we’d usually dare to take on but we did it because of these available energies that are only helping us do it all now. Exhausting yes, brilliant yes, doable yes, scary at times for sure but we’re doing in nonetheless. 😉

      Be strong and continue growing your wings so you can sail away to a better place and life.
      ♥ Hugs,

      • Thanks so much for your quick reply and your advice. I will try what you suggested. Don’t worry, your advice is definitely not “horrible.” I have gone through several stages of guilt about it, but I’m at that understanding now, too, that it is for the best. Just waiting for something to happen so I can move on. Can’t wait for the great things that I know are in store.

  31. hi – read your list of stuff that we might be experiencing and got to say I am going through most of that – but – that’s not why i’m writing in – just wanted to talk about whats been going on for me over the past two years. it all started with my mum getting ill going into hospital – getting suddenly worse going into a coma and dying some weeks later. my father who was just getting dementia behaved in a bizarre way all through this and then shortly after my mother died let some strange woman come into the family house and clear out all my mothers stuff – and then have some sort of odd affair with her which involved giving her vast amounts of money. i realised after a while she was some sort of professional con-woman who manipulated my father into falling out with all his family so she could get her hands on his money – so for a year or so I had to put up with this strange father telling lies about me, swearing at me and being generally hateful to me – he got worse and worse and eventually after a series of awful events when for a couple of hours I thought he had actually killed someone he was sectioned under the mental health act – for the last year and a half I have visited the mental hospital he was admitted into picking up each time I visited all sorts of weird and dreadful energies – and then a few weeks ago watching him die a slow and horrid death because at the end he couldn’t swallow food or drink. whilst all this was going on I have had to put up with family members fighting and falling out over money issues and dragging me into it all, have had to put up with the awful money grabbing woman telling lies etc – I have lost my job because of my fathers behaviour and the time I had to spend dealing with him, I have put up with injustice, untruths, dealt with appalling medical people who wouldn’t listen to anything I said/wanted regarding my fathers health – doctors who couldn’t/wouldn’t see there was something very wrong with my father and treated me like I was an idiot – I have realised that I have no proper friends, I have got very stressed and my health has sufferred, have fallen out with various members of my family without actually doing anything except tell the truth and do my best for everyone – and even now a few weeks after my fathers death there are still dramas going on which are making me feel like I want to run away and hide. I have been doing the ascension stuff for fourteen years and that in itself is hard work to say the least. have had problems with neighbours, money problems, etc etc – and I am still trying to stay focussed and not give up on it all – it has been very hard and the last two/three years the hardest – I would like someone to reassure me that all of this has happened for a reason and that at the end or almost at the end of it I have learnt something from it all. for years I have thought there was one thing that I wasn’t getting – not sure if I’ve “got” it yet – I feel I have been a wimp and that I should have stood up for myself more – but I hate confrontation – maybe that’s what I was meant to get ????? sorry this is so long – please shorten it – I just wanted to get it off my chest – thank you –

    • “…I would like someone to reassure me that all of this has happened for a reason and that at the end or almost at the end of it I have learnt something from it all. for years I have thought there was one thing that I wasn’t getting – not sure if I’ve “got” it yet – I feel I have been a wimp and that I should have stood up for myself more – but I hate confrontation – maybe that’s what I was meant to get ????? sorry this is so long – please shorten it – I just wanted to get it off my chest – thank you -“


      Over the years there have been certain readers that I’ve often thought about and wondered how they were doing with the Ascension Process. You susie have been one of those people. After reading your Comment recap, I could relate to the majority of what you’ve gone through. Our situations are slightly different, but the end results are much the same; we’ve both been to hell and back over these past fourteen years and we’ve learned a lot and become much more self empowered, and that was top priority. Most people who hate confrontation (or whatever it may be for them), that’s exactly what they end up having to go through A LOT so they’re not afraid about facing whatever/whomever any more or think they can’t do it or whatever their previous fear or resistance was. People that still believe themselves to be “victims” or “victimizers” don’t ascend until they’ve confronted/resolved/integrated/released etc. all of these sorts of issues, emotions, and beliefs.

      I’ve mentioned many times over the past years at TRANSITIONS that growing numbers of people would be dying, physically exiting this Ascension Process with the body they incarnated with this time. Nothing wrong with that at all. But any death of a loved one has its connections with the other family members and those issues are obviously ALSO having to be dealt with now too in whatever ways are correct for each individual.

      I want you to know susie that I think you’ve done a remarkable job with your Ascension related “issues” over the past few years that I’ve known you. You should take some time to honestly realize this and give yourself some credit and a big Heart Hug. Seriously. It sounds like the worst of the worst is over finally, just the cleaning up aspects of your dad’s estate with your siblings etc. Be strong, be wise, don’t be afraid to stand up to any of them if needed. 🙂

      ♥ Warrior Hugs,

  32. @ Chrysalis:

    “I had not expected to share that, and yet my heart (and fingers) have not steered me wrong here.”

    That’s because I too have come to that insightful conclusion just a mere few days ago. Thank you for yours. 🙂

    For those who’ve been “mused” by us going beyond the old paradigm… I find their way of thinking so black and white. From my humble observation thus far… these are the ones who think they got it made… got it all together just because they discovered this, that or the other: the black & white.

    You know: we’re supposed to be successful (get A’s at school; have a career/children/big house/car/good health/etc) at some point in Life all because we’re in this so-called Information Age. I see it as the black & white kind of Life… the kind that is supposed to make Life sweet… to avoid the not-so-sweet ones. We think that’s what Life—which is God/dess—wants.

    But that’s not what I’m seeing in my spiritual perception.

    God/dess seems to want the Shades of Grey. The ones in the middle. The ones in between. That is how we evolve. That is exactly what God/dess truly yearns for. Not the “success”. There are priceless gems in the Ironies of Life: when someone is a “success”, someone like us winds up being a “failure”… when someone is in sheer joy having a lot of fun in times as these, someone like us are in sheer fatigue and pain and misery, evolving through it… when someone is having a lot of “wealth” and “thriving”, someone like us finds this a poverty. And when someone is having so much good company… we the Brave Ones go it alone. The ironies.

    When I look back at the movies that had me in tears… I realized that I was always drawn by characters who “failed” miserably at setting certain standards. (A Beautiful Mind… The Four Feathers… even What Dreams May Come). It’s always easier to see it as the Passive Observer to get teary-eyed inspired by such characters. It is even another story entirely when it’s our turn… when we get to have character… when we get to experience where Angels dare never tread.

    And that is what I find Life really wants to explore and experience: those Shades of Grey.

    Chrysalis is really nice name. If it’s your true name that is a really beautiful one. Whenever you mentioned about your spine… I always visioned a 5D technology that not only fully heals spines but helps you heal yourself. It would not violate any part of you that wants the spinal-pain. It’s the kind that goes along Sacred Geometry of the Highest Kind.

    Well that’s all for now. Wish I could “see” which image you had in mind. Telepathy would’ve been best. :/

    Love n’ Hugs,
    Lou Ann

    • Dearest Lou Ann,

      What you shared was so very eloquent. I agree that anyone who says that they’ve “arrived” that they “finally get it” or that they’ve “Finally got it” has not even begun to understand the nature of growth (no judgement, just observation). Such statements as these say that the person has all the answers now, and that there’s nothing else to learn. It’s quite the opposite. I do my best to be conscious of my words, to say that I understand in this moment at this “Time” knowing that there is more for me to learn and understand about something… that there are more layers and more dimensional understandings than my linear brain can comprehend at this “moment”. And all the while somewhere in me, I can perceive that I’ve already learned all of this, that I’m in a “future” self who is still learning and growing beyond that.

      In this life I’ve been forced beyond the life we’re “supposed to have”. I dropped out of college, had to quit work, never married, never raised children. It took a lot to just get through the days, and taking care of things in 3D life for me was work. For a time, there were pangs of why couldn’t we have all those things. This gave way to… if we had all those things, I’d never have the chance to learn so much about myself and have this depth of healing. And further, it allowed for me to be outside of a lot of the paradigm of the old “life you’re supposed to have to be successful”.

      This is one of the reasons why I stated that my fingers/voice have not steered me wrong. I’m finding that without my voice (and words), others might lack someone to resonate with in a small or big way and vice versa. That it’s important to have all those small and big awareness-es to share with one another… especially through these “times”.

      While Chrysalis is not my “legal” name, it is the name that I identify with, a name that came to me as I’ve been going through healing within. As someone who experiences multiplicity (mpd/did), we thought it was just a new part’s name. It’s become much more than that, it’s become an encompassing spiritual identity. And I feel that this name will change as well…

      I truly appreciate you sharing what you did about the 5D technology to help with healing spines and Self. This gives me hope that I’m on the path to where I wish to go. I have seen (crystal clear) a future me, and have sometimes wondered how I would “get there”, and how or when I might be able to heal my own physical/spiritual self so that I might help others heal. Right now, I’ve had a sense that I’m releasing some past life physical pains, and it’s just stuck in my right sciatic. I’ve come to accept that it will release when the “time” is “right” for me to go to the next phase of learning/healing.

      I’m sending you a visual image of the staircases… closing my eyes… Now. Hope it reaches you. If not in this way, that it will pop up in another… as in these times that’s what usually happens!!

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Yes YES Chrysalis 😀 Yes indeed!

        Wow. That is so odd that I “sensed” that you’d be that kind of person! The one that could not follow the Common Crowd. Me too in that predicament, except for college-drop-out. Wish I did though. Why just this evening, as I reviewed my observation with the ordinary folks — both young and old alike — I was still saying to myself: “Is this all there is? Why go with the Common Crowd when the Ideal Life is so utterly boring here.”

        What? No fairies? No talking trees? No talking insects? No other worlds to have adventures in besides this one? Is THIS reality the only thing there is??? Nobody else save ego-tripping humans around… to always be very careful who you express your True Self too? And the more of them the more judgement and name-calling they blindly trash at you… JUST because you can’t help but be utterly unique. I rather that though, in spite my utterly limiting world. :/

        If Life is only but a big material-success… then no, not me. Too boring and utterly bland. I may be an utter fool to believe in something more than this but no: I rather be in the Shades of Grey… to muddle myself out of this kind of 3D Reality Rut we’re forced to live in… to get to the Other Side.

        The Spiritual Name “Chrysalis” fits you well. May you fly and be that Future Self soon! I got an energy-vibe from your last paragraph about the staircase… but I’m still a new one at this, so bear with me.

        Love and great gratitude hugs!
        Lou Ann
        P.S. I’m sure some others have had the beautiful opportunity to have talking trees and other positive beings. But no, not me here yet. Still waiting for that Breakthrough.

  33. denise – thank you – your words were just what I wanted to hear and they brought tears to my eyes – I have more issues to resolve regarding family/will matters and also in dealing with the hospital and the money grabbing manipulator and I have been avoiding standing up to them all this time – well – I wont avoid the confrontations anymore much as I dislike/dread them – I knew I had to do this but it uses so much energy that I cant afford to spare atm – anyway – will try the best I can to be strong again and I know if I can I will feel better about it all. thank you again for so much advice/support – don’t know if I would have coped without it – guess I would have – surprising what you can do even when you think you cant do anymore. I send you much love and gratitude!!!

  34. thank you Denise for all your gifts of insight…I was feeling sadder than I wanted to admit to because of the negative cloud I felt under… yesterday I reset my buttons and this message affirms to keep on keeping on…

  35. I believe there is a reason why I found this site. I have been feeling tired lately and no amount of sleep seem to manage it. Also, for about a week now I have been feeling like there is a vortex spinning at my crown and brow area. I never had this feeling before. I have been seeing a lot of synchronicity lately like 12:12, 11:11, 14:41, 2:22.

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