Here Comes the June 2013 Solstice

Just a quick note about a few things—

800x480 blurred heartlight 1) Is that today–June 18, 2013–while carrying my trash outside to my trash barrels in my carport (the poor man’s garage), I couldn’t help but notice that the Light coming through the Sun has amplified yet again. I’ve watched this Process unfolding with the Sun for decades now, and every time I see the brilliant, higher frequency, star-like silver-white Light illuminating everything more than it had been the day before, I know we’re in the midst of another substantial shift up a few more energetic Stair Steps. This of course is wonderful news despite the fact that these higher frequency Light Energies typically make us feel like utter poo for a while. Whatever… who cares… just get a Divine Cosmic Photonic Soul sunburn for a few hours or days. We’ve been doing it for over a decade already and look at how we’re radiating Light now!

Seriously, I find the timing of this latest Light increase coming through our Sun and then to and through us to be another indicator of what the Third Trimester (June 20, 2013 Solstice through to September 22, 2013 Equinox) will bring; a whole lot more higher frequency Light Energies! Why? Probably because the “baby” does so much very fast growing during the Third Trimester. As both the pregnant “mommy” and as the developing “baby”, are YOU ready for a whole lot of even faster growth during the last part of June, all of July and August, and the first half of September 2013 individually internally and externally? Of course you are, even when you think you aren’t you are. ♥ We all are. The great news is that we’re finally going to start actually seeing, recognizing larger positive changes in ourselves and our consciousness and abilities.

Many of us have been experiencing some new advanced Consciousness Tools manifesting within us during the Second Trimester. This will continue but increase and speed-up throughout the Third Trimester so be ready for plenty more changes within yourself, your “reality”, your consciousness, and your methods of perception and creativity. And also more anomalies or phenomena because of these changes. This is us starting to consciously embody more of the “baby” during the last trimester. How you’ve perceived time, power, other dimensions, other Beings, ETs, Angelic Beings etc. and much more will expand to new levels so be prepared to let go of whatever you may need to during these summer months (in the Northern Hemisphere) so that more of the NEW higher can come in and replace the old lower Consciousness Tools. Some of these changes you’ll expect–others will surprise you which will be fun and exciting.

316x380 stair steps 2) Is the old Stair Steps business. The Divine Cosmic Photonic Sun Light shines on everyone–everyone standing on the Stair Step they’re currently standing on. How about making an effort to show some respect to all of the others standing on different Stair Steps both above and below where you are today? How about we all do this for ourselves and for each other? I bet we’ll each individually shine a lot brighter if we all collectively do this, especially during this important time of the June 2013 Solstice and entrance into the final Third Trimester. The profound changes that just doing that will cause and also assist everyone, is more than most can comprehend.

I’m very well-aware of how hard it’s been throughout the entire spring months (the Second Trimester) but this is us coming down to the wire people. Grin and bear it, go into your Heart, push through, and please, lets all give each other some room and respect because we’re all standing on different Stair Steps trying to do this thing in our individual ways and levels of development and awareness.

 mindfried 3) Some people are having one hell of a difficult time at this point because they’re trying to maintain their old familiar ways of doing/thinking/feeling/believing/working etc. but the higher frequency Light Energies are so much larger, faster vibrating, and more complex that it’s nearly shattering them mentally and/or emotionally. Do your best to stay out of their way if they meltdown, and hope you don’t have to interact much with them because it’s nearly impossible because of the growing gap. This too is part of the Ascension Process and ongoing energetic and everything else changes and some handle it better than others is all.

Again, make room for and have respect for everyone else going through what they’re going through… gracefully or otherwise! I remember Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians great term of ‘Fly or fry’. Some are flying and some are frying. Stand clear of the frying chaos and insanity as much as you can and radiate from your flying High Heart while keeping your heart consciousness on the high end results. Don’t worry about or focus too much on the September 2013 Equinox as we’re still in the game and the clocks running. We’ll talk more about the September 2013 Equinox and beyond in the coming weeks but for now, honestly and quickly deal with whatever it is that’s presenting itself to you in this important transitional Now Moment.


June 18, 2013

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49 thoughts on “Here Comes the June 2013 Solstice

  1. Hi Denise. There is so much I do not identify with and I know that it is ok, but sometimes I wonder why. Such as higher abilities or noticing things beyond the physical senses.

    I did have an interesting lesson via face book. I had been advised by a strong healer woman friend to be “aware” the all the various energies/people we encounter there. Some months back I had a situation arise that ended up being rather strange but involved a woman that was a face book “friend”. We had the strangest falling out I had yet to encounter in my life. This was in person. She is part of a social group I frequent. There was another woman involved that bothered me deeper but I was never acquainted with her but I felt her involvement BELIEVE ME, and I was goaded into an action (writing on face book my anger) that pushed things right over the edge of the cliff.

    After I had taken responsibilities for my part I became aware that the “friend” never offered anything on any level to communicate with me but she stayed a FB “friend” I had told her that she could block me or unfriend me but she did not do so. For the longest time I thought this was a sign of positive intention as I do not write anything worth noting. But I did notice that I had a hard time in NOT thinking about her. In the group I felt intense thoughts about her and her helper friend. I would ask myself WHY am I feeling and thinking these things, disturbing feelings. Why could I not focus, release, etc…? Also this woman was someone seeking the “better” higher healing things in life. She is also a nurse.

    Sorry this is rather long. The other day I unfriended her and blocked her from my FB after hearing about some rude unthinking behavior to people in our group. I had asked myself why do I allow this woman in my face book. So I utilized this fanciful imagery I garnered from Man Of Steel movie and saw things so OVER and FINISHED that nothing else existed, nothing from “before” remained to continue even having thoughts about her or the past or anything. To my surprise I felt profound release and peace.

    Being me I even poked at it to “test” my new found peace my taking a moment to think about her and all that had transpired GONE. DONE. NO MORE. And when I went back to my group though I have not encountered her yet, I felt more at ease than I have felt in months! So there must have been a pathway between us enabled by the FB link in my opinion. I don’t even know if what I had been feeling was myself or her! Anyhow I feel more ME now, and in the driver seat, able to SIT in the driver seat or find my center and focus now about how I want to be when I am in the social group! It’s like I took charge of things after having done all I could do.

    Thank you for allowing me to share… I’m “assuming” you will, but who knows! : )

    • Edith,

      VERY well done you!♥ My gosh there are so many things in your Comment that are very important.

      “… But I did notice that I had a hard time in NOT thinking about her. In the group I felt intense thoughts about her and her helper friend. I would ask myself WHY am I feeling and thinking these things, disturbing feelings. Why could I not focus, release, etc…?”

      Typically when we experience these types of mental looping over someone or something negative, we’re in trouble! No guilt Edith as this is more common that you’d guess! Point is that when we discover ourselves mentally and/or emotionally obsessing or fixated etc. on someone or some event etc., it’s because we’re literally energetically connected to that person or event or situation. There is a psychic, etheric, energetic connection that’s been made from one person to the other intentionally or unintentionally, and this is what you’ve been feeling and also been affected by negatively. Psychic etheric connections like this are common but recognizing them and then what to do about them is another story for most people. But you’re using the symbolism from the Man of Steel movie was great…because it worked for you. It was a higher Consciousness Tool that you chose to use to protect yourself and also to break the energetic connection between you and that one woman in particular. VERY well done you! ♥

      “…The other day I unfriended her and blocked her from my FB after hearing about some rude unthinking behavior to people in our group. I had asked myself why do I allow this woman in my face book…”

      This was you no longer enabling her to continue doing, saying, thinking, feeling etc. what she had been towards you. It was also you stopping yourself from getting energetically, emotionally, mentally, psychically pulled into this psychic attack any further and trapped or derailed there. This is super important for it actually freed you from this situation energetically, but your actions also provide her with a way out of it too even though she knows nothing about what you’ve done energetically and through Consciously Creating and Intending.

      “…Being me I even poked at it to “test” my new found peace my taking a moment to think about her and all that had transpired GONE. DONE. NO MORE. And when I went back to my group though I have not encountered her yet, I felt more at ease than I have felt in months! So there must have been a pathway between us enabled by the FB link in my opinion. I don’t even know if what I had been feeling was myself or her!”

      It was both you and her. This is one of the hardest things to master with being sensitive, empathic, psychic etc. We must learn to honestly be able to tell if what we’re picking up, what we’re perceiving, what we’re feeling and being affected by is coming from ourselves or from someone else (or any number of other living people). To master this takes lots of practice, honesty, self-reflection, discernment, and knowing how YOU think and feel so that you can honestly compare it against other “foreign” or “intruding” feelings, thoughts, emotions, impressions etc. that you’re also perceiving. You started to do this Edith with this experience (mild psychic attack) from this woman so don’t forget how this all felt to you, how your mind worked during the whole thing, how you emotionally and physically felt during it all, and how you weren’t able to mentally focus on what you wanted to, which is classic derailment via negative energies — ours or another persons.

      This whole experience is a very important learning for you on multiple levels Edith. I hope you realize this and give yourself a hug for how you handled it and also utilize every speck of hard-earned wisdom from it all. 🙂 You did great.


      • Dearest Denise and Edith,

        Thank you for sharing and commenting on this situation. It is truly insightful and helpful:

        “Typically when we experience these types of mental looping… when we discover ourselves mentally and/or emotionally obsessing or fixated etc. on someone or some event etc., it’s because we’re literally energetically connected to that person or event or situation.”

        I have experienced this as recent as today. It’s happened more than once in a few situations. Basically it boils down to I am emotionally and mentally prepared to go somewhere/do something but I can’t because… someone is late or not calling me back or…

        Sitting here thinking/viewing it I’m realizing many things. These people (usually) don’t know how I go through preparing myself (physically, emotionally, etc) to do something and don’t know it takes energy for me to do this. It is not intentional on their part. However, it is ok for me to experience anger about it. Regardless, it is Not ok for them to waste my time if they knew this about me or not. Another thing is that while some prep is important, maybe I need to let go a bit more than I have. I feel better when I know I’m ready and not rushed. If I’m rushed, I tend to lose focus and am experiencing exhaustion. Something I need to look at more.

        And finally, a big part of it may be the energetic links. I need to be more conscious of these links to others, to realize there don’t need to be links to pick up stuff. Linking is “old” stuff, not part of the new paradigm. As always, I am grateful for the sharing and opportunity to learn from people’s honest sharing of situations in their lives. Thank you.

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • I enjoyed reading these posts about the face book. I actually quit using it over a year ago for various reasons (most of all I just wasn’t getting anything useful out of it and found myself obsessively checking it despite genuinely not getting any useful information out of it!!!) I was happier for quitting.

        The information Denise put up about how our psychic connections to others can negatively create obsession and mental/emotional negative loops. This has happened to me countless times so I’m thankful for this tip, to try to disconnect these pointless connections.

        Almost everyone I knew or spoke to before my spiritual journeying has now drifted away from me, but I’ve made new – more positive connections.

  2. Thak you so much for this post! My six year old and two year old have been SO EMOTIONAL lately. I’ve been seeking clarity for some time now as to what has been happening to them. They are highly vibrational already and have become increasingly so I guess for about a month now. This post explains a lot. I will have to back track and read your prior post regarding this ‘pregnancy’ to see if Multiverse is revealing more to me. Again, thank you so very much!

  3. Your message about respecting others and flying/frying REALLY is so appreciated and grounding. My body totally relaxed as compassion swept over me for a family member that is having a difficult time. Thank-you Denise.

  4. Hi, Denise,

    I’m already noticing some increased abilities in me. I have been getting more sensitive to people’s energies at a distance without even checking in to them. Like tonight, my stomach was going so I expect my uncle was broaching the subject of my family’s behavior with my mother’s death and it also went on reading Karen Bishop’s last post. My wings flutter when things are positive and my chest or stomach goes like crazy when it’s not.

    I’m also getting the most amazing, insightful dreams lately as well. I usually don’t remember that many dreams, so I’m noticing how many and how pertinent these ones are. I have had many significant dreams in the past, but they were few and far between, but I’ve had several in the last week or two. Last night I had a dream where a close friend took me to an event and I didn’t know what we were making but we were working in groups and there was a wood floor, strings, and fabric. Things were coming together really quickly but my friend was off being a social butterfly and was missing the thing he came for. Suddenly as things came together, I realized that I was sitting in a hot air balloon and that I was floating up and traveling with other balloons through three large warehouse rooms before we ran out of gas and fell to the ground. Outside, my friend was acting strangely and I asked if he was angry at me and he said he was, but I can’t remember why. Then he was being picked up by his parents (both of whom died last year) and I went to look for a bus. It was also winter in this dream. And here you’re talking about “fly or fry”! I was flying, however haltingly and my friend chose not to but was angry about it. He is one of us but he’s fighting it and trying to do mindless fun to avoid it. I told him about this dream and he basically said he couldn’t handle talking to me. So there is one of the people that is not handling this well at all.

    The sun was killing me today. I had a horrible headache and three out of the last four days, I’ve been sleeping half the day away, which is not usual for me. I checked and there were explosions on the far side of the sun not this side, so that was new.

    I will try to take your advice and honor everyone wherever they are on their stair steps. I’m getting better at accepting people where they are, although I sometimes want them to hurry up!

    Love and big hugs to all,

  5. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    As always I share this with you all with great gratitude to Denise for sharing her clear awareness of the process we are all going thru-even when the process itself so often feels like a completely chaotic and confusing mess to most of us. As the energies increase so too (at least for me lately) do the good and the “bad” increase. “Ascension symptoms”, funky physical stuff, weird emotional stuff (especially when dealing with the people mentioned here who are frying instead of flying!).
    Ascension, much like being a teenager is a liminal state and liminal states are known for their intensity, power, confusion and growth. Liminal states are when you aren’t quite the new thing, and aren’t quite *not* the old thing, a lot like trying to live your whole life inside a faery circle-not quite in the Land of Fey, and not quite in ordinary reality…..

  6. Thank you so much for your hope and your light. I feel like you wrote this directly to me. I’m sure many will feel that way.

  7. Dear Denise,
    Thank You that’s so great There is a new post others might like on Rainbow Phoenix Cosmic awareness site that is very similar to what you say – but I love the way you say it!
    I am up and down like a bloody yo yo myself! But feel tantalizingly something big is happening and just around the corner yes Huge change. But old doubts and patterns creep in like self doubt and scepticism and suspected Icarus like crash and burn! Story of me life well so far!
    Love to you and All, yes respect everyone on the stairs you know there’s only one way to go for all beings no matter how long they take to climb. You can always down but the push will always in the genral direction of up once you get sick enough of going down or even three steps up two steps down, or three steps down and two steps up as seems Humanity’s story so far!
    hard to believe the sheerest precipitous grace on the edge of unfolding here so hard to process with a wee little mind! CA once told me you will be hanging from a precipice one day having to let go. Tlaking avbout!
    Alan Hugs to all

  8. Denise, Thanks sooo much for your encouraging and wise words! It’s great to have you as a guiding light! Kat

  9. Morning Denise, If I may, I’d like to share my experiences of the moment, so that others can have ‘a heads-up’ if needed…I have always ‘run’ the incoming energy in a very physical & intense way (understatement), and I seem to experience it before most other lightworkers…almost as if the unseens run it thru me first to see how I deal with it, before ‘they’ run in thru the collective…this morning I am oscillating between Rage & Black Depression…throw in some intense vibrations of my sweet body, add a touch of nausea…the depression is like a black curtain descending – hard and fast and you have my morning. The good news is at the moment it seems to be coming in waves, rather than a constant…yet as we near the solstice on Friday & the full moon on Sunday, it may become a ongoing experience. True this is the way “I” experience the energy and have for the past 20yrs. plus, yet I know intuitively these next few days, this passage if you will, is going to be Intense for all…after all these years of INTENSITY the only solution I have to offer is “endure”, not very profound I know, but, there is nothing wrong with you, others are going thru similar experiences and its OK to talk about these happenings, the sharing, helps other thru it…Barbara

  10. Thanks. Reading your post updates is always interesting and I like the feeling they give off! I shall focus on respecting others.

    What’s pretty amusing is when I start to notice how other peoples lives around me are being hit by increased changes and I can literally see them as ‘lessons’, even if the one involved can’t. Something is certainly changing and shifting.

  11. I am just recovering from a 3 day physical purging – very extreme! Transitions during it, went to identifying a joy in EVERYTHING which seemed to ‘seam’ all the personal/relationship hindrances I have and also paved the way for the final clarification of something ‘I just didn’t get’. I came to see, that my solar plexus energy (power) was continually sabotaged/hooked/tricked for no matter how ‘smart’ or positive or clearing for protection I was, this ‘something’ seemed to find me out with basically an inability to ‘change’. It was Unidentifiable, but something like an etheric optical eye which was messaging Team Dark and them sending their ‘actors’ out. I had to find a way to shut-off this thing down, which I successfully did with coatings and coatings of silver. After researching silver and its properties, much more simplicity & sense of things followed through, as I blended/balanced the energy throughout my being but namely this procedure MASTERING the old-dark-male energy which was trapping me. The outcome is that I don’t have the tension or sense of powerlessness irking upon my nervous system. Plus, a sense of power, which feels like I could bend steel just by looking at it. (lol). The solar plexus is one’s identity and though I always was/am ‘strong’, the solar plexus always had this turmoil going on within. The greatest thing in this Now is that my emotional field is allowing me, to BE my own master – like, I AM calling my own tune no matter what happens, through BEING a spirit-in-Joy. Its not that I feel more joyful per say, its just I know joy is THERE permeating all matter and is not separated. The real joy however is this SENSE OF POWER within my/one’s own being.
    My advice, to anybody out there who still feel they are on the treadmill or scrap-heap/preyed upon etc, tell yourself constantly “it-is-an-illusion” which will help to process you out of that consciousness.


  12. You are such a dear to keep us all informed and right on my target. Yesterday, 6/18 was hard on me multiple times throughout the day and I am glad to know that the sun is causing it. I have been in this process > 4 years and have been rewired and it continues. I have had all the symptoms except hot flashes/sweats. I am much more peaceful now and look forward to the higher tools of perception. Will the upgrades cease at some point, perhaps when we are all in 5D and higher? I don’t know why I am so sensitive to this energy but I am pleased with the changes. Where do you think this all leads?

    • “…Where do you think this all leads?”

      Carol Arnette,

      It leads to HOME. 😉 And to all the amazing places between here and HOME. 🙂

      Hang in there,
      ♥ Hug,

  13. Hi Denise,

    Thank you for another great post. I have to say that I feel the energies strong and clear and have a great desire to just be by myself, thinking, meditating and just relaxing …. although my main sources of incomes have slowly been dwindling away. I know it’s time for a change and know that I need to move forward, first by admitting that I don’t like the work I’ve been doing (I don’t like teaching and, even though I have several people around me on a daily basis that want me to counsel, teach and guide them, it does not make me happy to do so and definitely not for free!) and it’s time to do something else.

    I have ideas for that something else and I have no idea how to build the new network of people I need to do it. I’ve had to do a complete cleansing in the past two years and have reduced or cut contact with the multitudes of people who wanted to drag me down or take advantage of me in some way. I can respect where they are at and I can also practice self-care by not spending time with people who aren’t respectful of me. Team Dark has some very strong connections with people and, being the empath that I am, I have a strong urge to help others, but it has come all to often at my own detriment.

    It has been quite difficult and I have some lingering anger and resentment over it all. Still, I know it’s time to level up and move on. I’m wondering how best to do that when I have not a clue how to get started.

    Here’s hoping we all move onward and upward in gentle and loving ways.

    Love and light,

    • Akasha,

      Very wise words you, thank you for sharing them here. ♥

      I too have had some Ascension related PTSD due to the severe negativity I’ve had to deal with (transmute) over the years. First we have to deal with and transmute that, then we have to deal with and transmute the wounds/trauma/hate/anger/sadness or whatever we incurred from dealing with the negativity in the first place! 🙄

      What I’ve had to do with my own old Lightwarrior wounds from transmuting negativity small and large, this dimension and others, my own and other people’s, was to first acknowledge that I even had it. You’ve done that which is SO great. Next step is to allow yourself to be pissed, be wounded, be hurt, be heartbroken over whatever it was that’s happened. After you’ve allowed yourself to wallow around in the crap of it all and honestly feel it, then the next step is to start letting go of it all. This phase is easier than it sounds once you’ve allowed yourself to see it, admit to it, acknowledge it, and then FEEL it without any guilt or suppression or excuse making etc. When we allow ourselves to FEEL whatever it is we need to, it’s vastly easier and faster then to “heal” it which is really about releasing it because you’ve neutralized it through the other steps. 😉 As long as we keep our stuff and junk and wounds etc. at emotional and mental arms length — they remain at arms length where we can’t do much about them! Dive in and get all icky and cry and rant for as long as you need to until there’s no more Duality energies in IT because you’ve transmuted it. Then let it go and keep moving forward. 🙂

      You’ve done really well so far and this is some high-level stuff mopping up after the Main Battles so give yourself some credit and rest time. ♥


      • Hi Denise,

        Thank you for such a thoughtful response. I really appreciate your insights and the time you take to interact with your readers.

        Love, light and a lot more positive energy in every way!

      • Thankyou for this conversation ❤ It really helped me find a solution for my problem… Which is loved ones NOT wanting to deal with step 2! Blessings to you both

    • Hi Akasha,

      I’ve found that doing the things that you love will get you where you want to go – in the most surprising ways!

      Love and blessings to you, too

  14. Dear Denise having read Edith’s post and your response – it triggered me to comment as I had a similar experience on Facebook. No feeling of being psychically connected to anyone in particular (I only had a small number of friends mostly family) but found that I had totally lost my peace of mind, also felt very stressed. After thinking about it one night decided to deactivate Facebook. I might add I was only on Facebook for about a fortnight but in that time I totally lost my balance and harmony. For a few days even after deactivating Facebook still felt unbalanced but now completely at ease and peace again with myself so for me your response was also very important. Maureen.

  15. “Calm day” greetings everyone,

    Does anyone have any suggestions about not putting on more weight during this process? I’m down for the count; hardly moving at all. I can’t stand the idea of gaining weight.

    I really appreciate this blog, it’s to the tee right now. The past 3 days I’ve had the flu so maybe that’s one reason why I’m so tired. I went out walking earlier but came back home and will try it again tomorrow.

    blessings. Chandra

    • Hi Chandra_Leigh

      The weight issue seems to be common in lightworkers, and I am sorry to say that I am now spherical, this being said, the sphere is the only geometric shape that I am comfortable with 😊 🔵. The sphere is very feminine, no hard jarring edges, with a very ‘fluid’ shape that is continuous ……. the womb also becomes very spherical when full to capacity with new life.

      Yes, I would love to be a petite size 12 again (english size), but after 12 years of inactivity due to ‘physical nightmare’ symptoms, I have grown at all levels of my being, and it SHOWS 😡😡😡

      Perhaps the weight will drop once the ‘baby’ is delivered 💕

      Hope you find a way to manage the ‘weighty’ issue, cos I sure haven’t.

      In Lak’esh

      • “Hi Chandra_Leigh

        The weight issue seems to be common in lightworkers, and I am sorry to say that I am now spherical, this being said, the sphere is the only geometric shape that I am comfortable with 😊 🔵. The sphere is very feminine, no hard jarring edges, with a very ‘fluid’ shape that is continuous ……. the womb also becomes very spherical when full to capacity with new life.

        Yes, I would love to be a petite size 12 again (english size), but after 12 years of inactivity due to ‘physical nightmare’ symptoms, I have grown at all levels of my being, and it SHOWS 😡😡😡

        Perhaps the weight will drop once the ‘baby’ is delivered 💕

        Hope you find a way to manage the ‘weighty’ issue, cos I sure haven’t.

        In Lak’esh”


        😆 Oh that was brilliantly funny and accurate, thanks for the belly laugh! ♥ Yes, we’re all ascending into Light radiating Spheres! 😆

        Giggle Hugs,

      • Thanks Hon. I’m a cyclist.. so this bugs me. What I found is it’s always good to drink a lot of water and many other healthy alternatives (teas, etc) and I went out walking by my favorite forest preserve and lake. I feel better right now… I’m very grateful for this site and everyone here.

        And some people here went horse back riding? 🙂 !!! beautiful. Kind regards. Chandra Leigh

  16. Dear Denise, Around supper time, an enormous dark sky surrounded us overhead, and suddenly it was gone and the most brilliant, white light radiated from the sun an hour before sunset. It was such a contrast. How grateful I am for the outstanding work of the Solar Lords and Ladies that shine such brilliance our way as a tangible sign, soon the darkness will be over.

  17. Hi Denise. I sure appreciate the validation. The other thing is that when I was writing about the face book story I felt sort of silly in sharing it and was never quite sure it was an issue that was “on topic” one the one hand. On the other hand I strongly felt that I was suppose to share it for the sake of others more than for my own sake Yet I doubted my feelings which is why I indicated I was unsure if you would post it at all! But I didn’t let it stop me. 🙂

    Thank you for this forum that allows feedback and exploration on so many levels.

  18. On Monday June 17th, I went horseback riding up to Deb’s Park, a small mountainous area between downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena. To get there, we leave the old antiquated barn under the York Street bridge, travel along the Arroyo, and through a city trash dump along the trail. The steep mountain is on one side of the Arroyo horse trail and Pasadena Freeway runs along the other side. Charming combination.

    Maybe you’ll remember me. When Denise posted a topic about seeing a white animal, I had seen a while owl in an avocado orchard at sunset, again, while riding a horse. Another time, I had seen a shaft of sunlight come into the old barn and knew that Denise would understand that the shaft of sunlight was like the new 5D reality, and the old dusty barn was like the 3D reality.

    As we traveled through the area near the dump, the first rider called out that there was a hawk in the trees. This was no ordinary hawk. It was large, ornate and handsome. A true spectacle. He was at the same level as my shoulder and not much more than an arms length away.

    I could barely look at him. This particular bird is one of my totem animals, so there was an auspicious feeling. He was large, majestic and showed no fear of me being so close, it must have been the horses. We looked in each other’s eyes. I was overjoyed, yet apprehensive: the money’s run out, there are no job prospects, and everything that once was my reality, no longer seems to be part of my life. Yet here I was, in better health, on the back of a great magnificent horse, riding with close family members who needed an extra rider for their adventure.

    I knew Denise would have a posting.

    We quickly rode up the mountain. The horses love the exercise and canter quickly at what is a 45 degree slope. Above the Arroyo, the landscape opens up and there is a particular view of the Southwest Museum and the Yoganandya Center, both in Mount Washington, that you can’t see from any other location. The house where I live is located in-between those two architectural monuments.

    There is a vortex there. From this view, you can clearly see why. Ancient artifacts, ancient knowledge, quietly resting in a forgotten area, while the banking industry verges on the insane.

    We had stopped near the top of the mountain. The other rider called out, “What did the hawk catch?”

    I looked up to see the same hawk circling in the updraft, dangling a small ground squirrel, the type of scavenger that over-infests the dump area. As the hawk circled, he flew in front of the sun several times. I kept watching and noticed that the sun was having a peculiar effect on the inside of my eyeball. An awakening of the pituitary, is what came to me.

    I don’t recommend staring into the sun. I was a little blinded by the episode, which made riding down the mountain precarious.

    But I knew Denise would have a story about it. So here is mine.

    Wounded Owl

    • Wounded Owl,

      Please, start a blog and/or write a book(s) because you are a natural writer. I can so easily and clearly SEE what you describe every time you write, which is not near enough in my opinion. No pressure, but you should get a free WordPress blog going where you can share your natural gift of painting extraordinary pictures through your use of words.

      From one old horse and hawk lover to another ♥

      • Whoo-hoo!

        Thanks for the encouragement, but you didn’t mention that both our “transmissions” started within a GARBAGE vortex?

        The message for anyone who’s suffering right now. In debt? Can’t pay your bills? No job?

        It’s all an illusion. Don’t buy it. It’s garbage.

        I have one more comment. I’ve been seeing colors like the ones people have mentioned on the previous blog. it’s been going on for about twenty five years. About three years ago, the imagery bumped up and sometimes I see full body aural fireworks like the kind portrayed in East Indian literature.

        I’ve no explanation for it, except that it’s part of the changeover from 3D to 5D.

        No work, almost two years now. But the stress is gone. Now I have the peacefulness that it’s been for the best and that we of the colors tribe are being protected. So I spend my time quietly maintaining the vortex on the mountain. For a long time, the golden energies were spiraling outwards. Then about three weeks ago, the spiral reversed itself. The dark energies are getting sucked in and going right into the trash cans on the street. BOOM! Gone.

        Sometimes I’m frustrated because I am so alone in my work. Then I see colored sparkling lights. Around the DOG!

        So there you go. No money. No prospects. My landlord left me his dog and my daughter maintains three horses nearby and gave me the keys to the ranch.

        If I stand in the middle of the arena with a whip, the horses will run around in formation, like a chariot racer’s team. The dust flies up and the sun slants down creating a wondrous veil through which the horses emerge again. Despite all the losses, the sorrows, the fears, there are golden moments I am now having. If I had a job, a career and money, I could only dream the life I am now living.

        Wounded Owl

  19. Hi Denise,

    Wonderful post, thank you! Yes, I’ve noticed the increasing brightness of the Sun, too, and Happy Solstice everyone! Aretha Franklin’s song, R-E-S-P-E-C-T comes to mind, not only to “find out what it means to me”, but to find out what it means to others, too! I’m in a playful frame of mind and it is such a relief after weeks of ascension flu and complete confusion as to where I am on the staircase and why —- when, quite unexpectedly, I woke up this morning feeling, well, lighter! That all is well, on schedule, and it’s okay to go ‘out there’ and shine on! Feels like a new and improved timeline is happening, though of course I’m not oblivious to the desperation of Team Dark, and my heart goes out to those who are finding themselves in situations of fly or fry. Does this mean I’ve finally ‘got it’? Very, very doubtful, as you say, there’s more coming to deal with, but for now this feels good and I’m very glad of the respite. Thanks, again, Denise, for all you do and for keeping TRANSITIONS open and loving. This site remains my home away from home. B.

  20. Denise I’ve been attacked by team dark through people at work doing dark magic for years against me for years. At my current place if employment I have a great boss who is such a good man who is also under attack but is clueless of what is really happening. This may sound stupid but I am struggling to find out why so I can heal or transmute this. Is this karma for a past life? Is the reason I feel I’m supposed to be there because I’m a light placeholder or am I just fearful to move on and deluded? Any advice is welcome. I admire Denise for her bluntness and telling it like it is so please don’t worry about hurting my feelings. I just want to get on the other side of this. Thx!

    • Marie jude,

      Thank you sweetie. ♥

      Believe it or not your answer is in you question. 😉 You said your boss ‘…is such a good man…’ and that’s the primary reason the Negatives to go after people radiating anything above a very low base level!

      To sane, honest, reasonable people it’s confusing as to why nonphysical Negative beings and/or living humans for that matter, do the cruel, hurtful things they do and say etc. It makes no sense to “good people”. But, to those vibrating at a lower level of frequency, it’s about causing pain, fear, anger, chaos, distrust, separation between people and so on. To the lower frequency Negatives and humans, creating pain and suffering is the only way they know how to get what they want; to the rest of us it’s utter insanity, greed, ego, negativity etc. etc. I too have over thought this thing but realized that it’s like trying to honestly and intelligently communicate with a drunk; it’s a waste of time and energy when they’re in that state!

      If you like your current job where this negativity is trying to manifest and derail as many people (people carrying Light or vibrating at a higher frequency), and you like your boss and want to remain there, I’d suggest that every morning before going to work (and every evening once home) you envision putting up an etheric Light Protection field around your workplace. This is just like we do for ourselves, our bodies when we visualize white Light radiating constantly out of our aura. It’s just like we do around our house, our property, our vehicles etc.

      We have THE RIGHT to live, sleep, play, rest, and work in places that are safe and protected with higher Light Energies. Tough freakin’ cookies if the Negatives and/or the lower frequency humans don’t like the Light Energies–this place is no longer their place but ours. Seriously. So take your power and intentionally visualize (daily & nightly) putting up and reinforcing a huge Light Field around where you work for yourself and your “good boss” and any other “good employees” there too and don’t worry one bit about the jerks that feed off of the pain and chaos they cause. This is work but once you’ve established this energy field of Protection around yourself and your workplace, things will improve. Utilize the Summer Solstice energies right now to REALLY amplify this task. 🙂

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. I appreciate it and YOU and this site so very much. Your advice really resonated. The light bulb went on. I need to stop asking why and put my big girl pants on and just accept what IS and shield myself and my workplace. I’ve spent too much time and energy overanalyzing. Thank you again 🙂

  21. Hi Denise. There Is so much to discern as well as learn. I had a day off from work. I have an unhealthy habit of just lying around instead of dressing and focusing on what needs to be done. I also tend to not take care of business in terms of daily protection. So by the end of this day I felt very depressed. I have mentioned I belong to a local social group. We are rather interconnected and we live in quite a small town. I took the time to do my spiritual thing before I left the house but could not shake the cloud of gloom. Not even when I was with others could I shift. I did not feel lighter till I left! The thing is that did I have a dark cloud or entity that jumped onto others or was it entirely empathic? One of our leading people was seriously upset and depressed in a manner that fit the stuff I was wallowing in myself. I felt lighter once I was a few miles away from the gathering. I felt altogether different. Also I spend a lot of time on the internet when I am home and I am wondering if it isn’t similar to face book in that one IS connected to a kind of open channel in general. And then I have to remember that when I think about people is actually attuning to them too! I had done more healing regarding the matter I brought up originally and felt better about it. Anyhow, that’s where it has been with me today : )

    • Edith & starlight,

      Thank you both for your feedback about this topic. I’m so used to these things that I don’t think to write about them and I can see now that I should be. I’ll try to get an article written soon about this topic because it’s important the farther into “Unity” or High Heart Consciousness and being each of us evolves.


      • The time mush be right on to become far more aware of what we are doing. It sure is hard to stop thinking about certain things. I am certain I am not the only one eager for your views on these issues. Thank you so much for your time, energy and effort, Denise ❤

  22. Oh what great comments have come in since I have come here every day since this was posted. At last I have a moment to share in the loving and beautiful energy of all those gathered here.

    Tonight I needed it. I remember you speaking about the intensity of the positive events versus more negative events really polarizing in these past few months since the 12-21-12.

    There are some beautiful manifestations in my life since mid-May — things that are putting my failed third marriage into an entirely new perspective and which are bringing loving and balancing energy into my life.

    I’m writing this as the sun is setting on this longest day of this year, I realized as I just looked out the window.

    However, yesterday, a lightworker soul I have known since 1983 — 30 years — and who was a definite soul family member of mine, but whom I had not seen for five years (and was hoping to reconnect with her soon), took her own life.

    It pains me to think this woman I have known since high school & who was a tight part of our “girl group” for many years thereafter is no longer in the body here in 3D. I’ve been trying to get in touch with her spirit — what I saw was that she was at a concert in the Beyond, with Jerry Garcia (she loved the Dead), and so many others in that world taken too soon, enjoying herself immensely. So there’s that… She was beaming, free at last from the mental torture of depression.

    It does suck, though, gotta say. Just trying to Allow the loss and grief pass through me, experiencing it without getting too caught up in it, realizing she is now free. Godspeed, TP.

    Anyway, I just wanted to reiterate how many crazy, wild, bipolar things are happening to me right now, and in this window of time of Solstice and a Supermoon coming up on Sunday. I’m holding on to my hat. The wild times do not feel over yet, not by a long shot.

    Thank you, Transitions Family. Love to you, Denise.

  23. Hi Denise & Everyone, first HUGS n LOVE to all. I get alot of support from all of you sharing and from Denise’s insights. Thank goodness I have not been “declining” lately, as lately I have been going thru an extraordinary time at work (for me) in terms of feeling rather angry with the way management as I perceive is not happening (you get what I mean). A friend read my “flying stars” within Feng Shui (although I don’t know exactly what that is about) and said “beware of office politics”. Was he right.

    I have also felt sad / depressed and now demoralised, believing some things are not being “valued” in the work-place; but at the same time I realise it is pushing myself internally to value my own self. I hope I can release my feelings and move on!

    Recently I have been faced with the choice of working part-time in an area that I like, with many benefits, and applying for full-time work in the same area but further away, which will be tiring for me. I asked my Angels for signs yesterday if I should go for the other job, but didn’t get the Signs I wanted.

    I will try placing an etheric Light Shield around positive people at work, as you suggest Denise, and take a deep breath & understand that I myself am growing through yet more spiritual progress, i.e. am teaching myself from a Higher level how to interact with others, and to take action to channel my own interests and apply my own worth.

    I know “Spirit” is helping me, e.g. on the train to work this week I happened to speak to a nice woman from Vietnam whom is going to English Language classes. It reminded me of my desire to create my own English Language for Support classes (E.L.F.) – maybe I should work part-time to have time for that, but then I worry over how we will be financially supported at home!!

    This week I had an interesting dream about meeting a Mantis Alien, which was pretty cool I thought. She/he had like a forked antennae sticking out from the head area and I wanted to connect. I picked up or heard some thoughts and am pretty sure they were my own but coming from the alien. I conclude now I’m “awake” the Mantis telepathically picked up my thoughts. I googled “Mantis Alien” to find to my relief, that there is a benevlolent type of Mantis Alien. 🙂

  24. Dear Denise having reached a stage on my path where I can stand aside and detach from the negativity around me – not be triggered by it. I am wondering why that same evening my energy field feels dense, heavy and negative. Loss of balance and peace of mind gone with much negative thoughts. I thought that being able to detach from the negativity of others around me – I had won the battle!!!

    I always command a shield of divine light around me when I go out which I can see and hear fizzling around me – so hence wondering why I am holding/drawing such negative energies to me. Is is because we are all becoming much more sensitive??? As posted earlier had similar experience with Facebook had to deactivate because drawing negative energies to me. Maureen

    • “Dear Denise having reached a stage on my path where I can stand aside and detach from the negativity around me – not be triggered by it. I am wondering why that same evening my energy field feels dense, heavy and negative. Loss of balance and peace of mind gone with much negative thoughts. I thought that being able to detach from the negativity of others around me – I had won the battle!!!

      I always command a shield of divine light around me when I go out which I can see and hear fizzling around me – so hence wondering why I am holding/drawing such negative energies to me. Is is because we are all becoming much more sensitive??? As posted earlier had similar experience with Facebook had to deactivate because drawing negative energies to me. Maureen”

      Maureen & All,

      A couple of years ago I wrote an article about this and referred to it as the Princess and the Pea. Most are becoming much more sensitive, more empathic, more aware at higher levels of consciousness and being, and all this is because of the Ascension Process evolving us out of Duality consciousness and into increasing Triality or “Unity” or High Heart consciousness.

      Because we’re Resolving Polarity, Integrating Polarity via the Ascension Process, from one perspective it does seem to us that we’re attracting more Negativity to us, and if you’re a Lightworker, then that’s just what you do naturally. That Negativity can be ours from this life and other past lives; can be other people’s; can be very old residual negative energies that we transmute and clear out; it can created by other beings in the astral 4D, and it can be from the human Collective on Earth and the astral. So between us individually transmuting Duality/Polarity hence Negativity so that we can evolve into “Unity” or High Heart consciousness which is a frequency that exist beyond Duality/Polarity, is it any wonder that we’re feeling, seeing, and at different times being deeply affected by the Collective negativity that’s fighting now to remain in control and power on this planet? You haven’t done anything “wrong” because you’re feeling negativity–there tons of it everywhere trying to not die or have to go elsewhere! On top of this you are also becoming much more sensitive and consciously aware of things, people, belief systems, energies, lower consciousness etc. Combine these things and it often feels to us like one big Hot Mess everywhere even though this is a normal transition for what’s happening via the Ascension Process. Remember how I’ve said that Lightworkers glow in the Dark? 😉 We do, we have, and it’s because of Duality and us attracting the Negative for multiple reasons. Try to not take the Negativity–in whatever form/person/people/situations it shows up in–personally. I know that’s very hard when it has deliberately taken aim at you/me/each of us because we’re embodying more Light, but that’s what we’ve got to learn to do and master and some days it’s much more difficult than others.


      • Dearest Denise,

        A “Hot Mess” indeed! I’ve certainly felt a lot of this all week. I’ve really been stretched far beyond what I’ve been able to do for I don’t know how long. To the point where I’m exhausted and want to stay home for a week!

        I’ve certainly come face to face with the “old” and “fear” “beliefs” a lot this week. Not my own, other people’s stuff. I’m able to recognize it as “Old”, and do no invest anything in it. It is quite challenging for those around me to accept the “new discernment”. Just yesterday I was asking friends of mine to trust my discernment, that I wasn’t blindly following, that I wasn’t throwing out common sense either. They were wrapped up in the “bad stuff on the new and what if that happens to you!”. I felt frustrated and the energies were sky high. The more fear they felt, the more I stated that what was important was their trust in ME their friend and held strong to that (taking the focus off of other people and the “bad they can do”). After a while, the energies calmed down. They gently said they were just concerned and care about me, that they do trust me, and they apologized. It felt like an amazing breakthrough… as exhausted as I already was!! I’m certainly getting the practice in holding strong and steady in my Heart and Knowing!! And I’m making mental notes when I know it’s not in anyone’s interest for me to offer a (radically) different view that it’s Old and not to engage… and I’m seeing when to engage and come through with a new resolution or food for thought for others.

        I’m really starting to feel and notice the different layer upon layers of this. And go me for feeling strong and owning my voice (with wisdom) 😀

        Much Love and Light (Heart Hugs too!),
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Dear Denise thank you very much for your response – sometimes a bit of moral support is just what the doctor ordered. Really struggling with these energies at the moment both the light and the duality. May the force be with you to keep you standing strong and upright in your shoes as your help is so appreciated . Maureen .

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