“Got Love?” from Aluna Joy

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I was suddenly impulsed to go to Aluna Joy’s website this morning so I’d discover her June 19, 2013 article ‘Got Love?’, which is very good and accurate based on what I’ve perceived and been feeling myself very intensely since March 20, 2013 spring Equinox. I was glad to see that someone has talked about this.

Sorry I didn’t see her article a couple of days sooner so I could have passed it along earlier, but there’s tremendous positive energies flooding everywhere and they’re connected with what Aluna’s talking about and today’s Super Moon (Full Moon) at 2° Capricorn 10′.

Due to Aluna Joy’s copyright notice and instructions I did not quote her article in full here but am sharing a click-able link to it. I totally understand and respect why she and some others are having to do this with their material now. Thank you for it. ♥


Denise Le Fay

June 23, 2013


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  1. Dearest Denise,

    Without even knowing it (consciously), I’ve wanted to Do something for this powerful full moon tonight (in the US). Aluna Joy’s article gave me that answer in a most gratifying way. I will definitely spend some time this evening shining my Heart Light brightly in support of the clearing of the higher dimensions! Heart Hugs 🙂

    With Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  2. Dear Denise,

    Thank you from my heart for posting this message from Aluna Joy. Since my last comment, when I was feeling optimistically strong, I crashed, perhaps the worst crash I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe it and retreated back into my cocoon. I confess I didn’t think I would ever comment here again, because I felt embarrassed and defeated and that I had lost everything I had worked so hard to accomplish, that I wasn’t a light warrior at all, but kind of a ghost walking around on a planet that I would never understand. Last night I had a dream that I was climbing an almost-vertical staircase and, after much effort, was at the top, when I was confronted with the highest step I had ever encountered, and standing on it, looking down on me, were beings waiting to push me off should I manage to struggle to the top. Aluna Joy’s message has confirmed what that step and those beings are about. Thank you, Aluna Joy. So, I will once more pick myself up and raise my sword, albeit shakily, and, in Faith, carry on. I am sorry to hear about Amorah’s passing, but I know she is now with our invisible friends clearing and cleansing the dimensions, as we must continue to do so here. I have been unable to make any plans for anything at all, and so continue in trust that the rainbow bridge is indeed built and ready for our final crossing over it, though what kind of physical shape this body will be in is yet another mystery. Love to all and thank you, B.

    • “…I am sorry to hear about Amorah’s passing…”


      I too was very surprised to hear that Amorah Quan Yin had died recently. I’ve looked for more info about her passing but haven’t found much yet.

      Hang in there. ♥

      • Hi:

        I am also sad to hear of Amorah’s passing, she was one of my teachers at one point and I met her and attended a workshop that she held. She died due to her injuries in a car crash on Mount Shasta. Her sister was with her and was injured. It was not stated why she veered off the road.

        I know we are all reeling with some of the blinders that have been pulled off us since the Solstice and the new –getting somewhere new and then falling off a cliff. I was attacked after attending a business meeting and having to take public transit during the rush hours. I am grateful that I mostly work from home and do not have to do this, but have really been under attack since Monday–a variety of events and I have a “symptom” that I get which is all around both scapula around my back, I have intense pain, like I have multiple stab wounds–they look like black plugs or golf cues? I have to do several layers of pulling them out, pulling the black goo debris out, filling the holes up with gold, platinum, violet and whatever else is needed and then finding the hook as to why I was nabbed yet again and clear it. Is anyone else getting this kind of thing?

        Thanks, morphqueen

      • Morphqueen,

        I have had that pain, too! I haven’t had it this month, but used to get it constantly in the late 80s and early 90s. Then off and on quite a bit since then. I especially got it in my left side, but also the right, too. I used to think there was some sort of defect under my left shoulder blade because it would hurt all the time. Since discovering Transitions, I realized that it has to do with ascension. Thanks to Denise, I have really begun to understand so much about things like this within myself. (Thanks, Denise!) I noticed that mine really acts up when I am in places where patriarchy has run rampant, like in a church. I spent the morning in a catholic school a few months ago, came home, and my whole body was vibrating, and underneath my shoulder blade was hurting again. I think I must be transmuting those patriarchal energies. (Also, in the late 80s and early 90s, I was going to a catholic college, so it makes sense.)

        Thank you for the suggestion: “I have to do several layers of pulling them out, pulling the black goo debris out, filling the holes up with gold, platinum, violet and whatever else is needed” I will try that next time!

        Mary L.

      • Hi Denise:

        Best wishes for your holiday weekend this week. Ours is here this weekend prior in Canada. Here is the a sample of the amazing local talent we have here in Toronto on stage for our Canada Day–those artists who don’t give a rat’s ass about “becoming famous”. Enjoy!.!

        mucho love

  3. Thanks Denise. I recently read a report from Lauren Gorgo – it was terrific and basically says we are there and congratulations type thing…at least that is what I think it was saying..I find the complexity of these discussions too much for me sometimes, I don’t know why. Anyway, in the Comments to her article, a reader mentioned Aluna’s latest offerings and someone expressed their dismay over the 2016 forecast…I didn’t know what they were referring to but I decided I would not read Aluna’s message as I couldn’t afford to get depressed over another delay in the ascension process.
    Anyway – now I have read it (as curiosity got the better of me after seeing that you ok’d it) and, yeah…what is this 2016 stuff and how does this relate to the 9 months grace period?

    I, myself, will be okay if the universe is not totally cleansed by 2016 (but I hope that doesn’t mean more chemtrails, and other cabal atrocities) but I need my own personal cleansing – and any other cleansing I am taking on – to end sooner than that – and I’m sure many out there feel the same. Do you interpret this as MORE cleansing until 2016 or are we done with this in September? My body has taken a severe beating.
    Jane x

  4. Aaaaaaah- thank you so much for this dear Denise! This was just the boost I needed today. I had a seriously fun “aha moment” thinking that the shit pit (not to mention all the manure hitting the fan all around hell’s half-acre here)…..is actually…..FERTILIZER!!! We should be able to “grow” one HECK of a STUNNING garden with all the CRAP we have to work with! Wear your boots (and goggles might be advisable, haha), hold your nose, and slog on, Transitioners! Love to you all!

  5. Hi Denise, If I did anything per this solstice time it happened during my sleep time 🙂 I did have one strange dream about chasing a “bad guy” out of one time line dimension and into another. I can say this only upon waking up and looking at the dream with 20/20 hind sight and the dream was complex and had so much more symbolism to it, like someone giving birth to 3 babies but a fourth had died. The person chasing the bad guy had to be careful because bystanders could see flashes of where he was from if they looked at him (they all had guns). At the “end” of that part of it some people came to watch the man leave and were able to “see” a bit of where he was from as he returned there. The symbolism became a scene from Little House on the Prairie! A loving family awaiting his return, and they waved to the people over here. I am still tired, plus this moon ties into pms issues as well. …. I know I am running this all together…. plus I attended a group event with my local social group and had to pray for help in releasing myself from all the sadness that hopefully wasn’t all me, and I did feel much better!!

    I had felt terrible last Thursday and I wrote about it. It was regarding my weekly social meeting group and feeling so awful. The next day I felt better but began feeling very tired. Saturday I felt awesome and cheerful and had fun on my job, but came home beat from the physical work, felt all happy inside of me, and have been all kinds of tired since. I made the effort to attend the gathering that happened tonight and felt just gross till I prayed for some help. Also I had slept right up till it was time to get ready for the evening! And here I am ready to call it a day and hope I sleep well.

    I am looking forward to reading everybody’s sharing and Denise’s insight. Night all 🙂

    P.S. Feel I have to add that the babies were all female and that the 3rd was a surprise because they did not know there were 4, but they knew one had died before it was born, and they had thought they had lost one of the living babies so were expecting only 2 living babies, but this one was already dead. Ok, I know it is super weird!

  6. Dear Denise,
    Thank you so much for your article wonderful as always. Edith and Elila what wonderful comments thank you so much and Barbara too. I feel exactly as you all, isn’t that amazing, feeling utterly shitey and exalted sometimes at the same time!!! Like you Barbara, have courage dear soul, I had an abysmal crash yesterday. I was at the end of a trip up north with the wife to visit historic and magic places like York (I mean in England!) then somehow we got dumped in this huge industrial city waiting for the bus home and I had had some bad news that morning I was looking around and on top of a wee bit of ‘southern’ snootiness dare say I just got really depressed looking around me in the streets. All I saw was really dumbed down folk and how oppressed and hopelessly enslaved humanities are! And part of me too. I had a crazy moment when I couldn’t keep it in try hard as I might and I blurted out in the street like a crazy man, Lord I can’t stand it anymore!!!! Kind of under my breath – I always talk to God but not usually out loud in pubic! – this young girl heard me and startled looked around straight at me then walked on. Then I laughed! It was about the only relief I had all day. I so long for the battle to end but seem still in midst of it as if I am on the verge of a huge inner and outer leap into my own I don’t like the word power but autonomy self creative freedom but those guys with guns or like them keep on putting the boot in when they can and I feel at times lower than ever as if I have no power and am just a dumb slave and must continue on that way hoping for the mercy of death. I had to ask God guides for forgiveness this morn I called them yetserday all kinds of names you wouldn’t want to repeat in public. Sometimes feel like I don’t have the guts for this and maybe what i have called Higher Self is at times misleading me and an imposter – it’s really messy and confused and my discrimination is really battered at the moment. Sometimes I just want to give up but that’s exactly what these b’s want! On other hand maybe it is all my mystic grandiosity fanatiasies and resistance to plain ordinariness as my dear dad used to imply on me. Hey ho on we go where else is there to go?

    • Oh Alan–I can so relate! Yesterday (& today, I’m afraid) have been especially wretched & filled with self doubt & isolation. Intellectually I know the dark would like nothing more than for me to succumb to the depression, but the actual execution of keeping my vibe up is another deal altogether! Things can just look so bleak and hopeless–I find myself wondering if I will ever be LIKED again. Thank goodness for you all here, the one place where I can feel some peace & acceptance. I gain so much comfort reading Denise’s words and all the comments–always finding at least one other person who “gets it”, meaning whatever I’m experiencing or enduring at the moment, so I wanted to give that same gift to you, Alan–I get it! I know just what you’re talking about. I wonder the same things as you mentioned & I’ve uttered “Lord I can’t take it anymore!” more times than I can count 😉
      I keep telling myself nothing goes on forever and the tide has to come back in at SOME point!

      • Dear Elila,
        Oh Leela Play of God/Goddess – great name! Thanks so much for your reply, sorry for your suffering just hope and pray the tide will turn as promised! Seems like many peopl are going through shiteloads adn truckloads of grunge at the moment.
        And also Dear Denise and You and All,
        jUST TO REPORT a really intense dream and I am real shakey today it relates too to what Alora was talking about. Early this morn I dreamed of someone not sure if it was me, attacked by a huge snake that had ben waiting for him and it went straight for his chest to bite his heart!!!! Then suddenly as the guy screamed this other guy came out of nowhere and had a kind of huge bolt cutters and cut the snake’s head off. Then this snake reptilian entity slithered off and disappeared in a crevce in the wall just a body with no head! Then I woke up! I say entity for something vaguely mechanical about this snake it moved funny and with lightning speed like those things in the Matrix movie a little bit.
        My HS told me yesterday to take it as easy as I can and don’t feel ‘guilty’ if days pass and I don’t ‘do’ much I just can’t can’t. I can barely read a book and when I try to meditate pray all my usal tricks all my life to amke myself feel better don’t often work well, not as efficactious as before. It seems I need new tools and I just feel kind of numb and like I am being blitzkrieged or something. Trying hardest not to crack and keep holding meself together. All this talk about being empowered Oh Jeez, it feels the opposite!
        Lots of loads of Love to you and all thank you all for sharing,
        I don’t speak much to anyone about all this as it suonds crazy but i simply take 3D as is anymore what to do? Don’t as yet know. If it carries on like this I will have to run for the hills a monastary or something!
        God Bless us All,

      • Dear Denise and All Here,

        First, thanks, Alan R. for your encouragement. I have to say these past couple of weeks have been absolutely the strangest and toughest I’ve experienced to date, and am, like Alan and others here, having a very hard time holding my vibes high. I know I’m not alone as these comments indicate just how bizarre and kind of scary it’s been. The only thing I can think is that it is timeline splitting and in one moment, we’re seeing the throes of 3D and all its nastiness struggling to stay alive, doing what it only knows, and that is to attack the Light, and the next moment, it feels like things are settling into an upper 4D timeline and all is going according to plan and for a little while I feel peaceful and strong. And dreams? Good grief, how strange they are. Mine last night involved three space ships coming in to land on Earth and all three suddenly and inexplicably turn upside down and crash, followed by a boat I was to catch turning suddenly and hurtling onto the shore hitting a telephone box as it does, and finally, I’m walking beside a train track and a train comes by and crumples. Land, air, and water, but what those dreams mean I have no idea. And so, yes, we’ll hang in there, and I pray that this baby is delivered quickly without any more labour pains. Love to all here and thank you for your comments and posts, Denise. They keep me sane! B.

  7. Dearest Denise,

    (I hope it’s okay to answer here as we’re running out of room below.) Thank you from my heart for your response to my dreams, for the news clip about Amorah, and most importantly, for elaborating on what you are experiencing. Yes, I agree, that timelines are ending and beginning, and while they do, we must be strong on land, sea, and water. What occurred to me after I wrote my comment this morning was that the “three space ships” could be Jose Arguelles, Stuart Wilde, and Amorah Quan Yin. When I learned of all three, I was shocked and troubled, and certainly your explanation of Amorah’s auto accident as being depicted in my dreams makes total sense, more so because I did not read about it till this morning on TRANSITIONS. And what also occurs now is that what was lacking in my dream was the element “ether”. I could not leave here by space ship, boat, or train, but will be able to do so via my own body once the separation occurs and the portals are fully opened. And I wanted to add that just before I drifted off to sleep last night, I sensed my body leave and I hovered over my dozing one. No fear and a feeling of, well, it’s about time! And Denise, thank you, too, for telling us of your thoughts of suicide during the frustration of finalizing The Temple of Master Hotei and having to deal with 3D BS. Your strength continues to amaze me, and being a Starseed of your own generation, I, too, have begged to ‘go home’, but we will get through this and soon. Love, and thank you, again and again, B.

    • Barbara,

      Oh man…with what you just wrote about those “three” well-known First Wave Ascension Teachers (I’d forgotten about Jose Arguelles, and I’m not familiar with Stuart Wilde) a boatload of further connections just happened in my awareness! And, here comes the punchline, the whys of this for me and probably you and many others like us that are remaining in our current physical bodies and living the Ascension Process was covered in the revision of my Introduction in The Temple of Master Hotei in late May and early June 2013! Hotei had some things he wanted me to realize and add to the revised Introduction, as did Divine Consciousness, as did my old 5D Pleiadian buddy from my past life in 12,600 BC Egypt. Did I know any of this was coming earlier and had a lot to do with why I was being impulsed to revise Hotei in the winter months of 2013? Not at all!

      My head’s reeling because I was working on a draft article about the new revised edition of The Temple of Master Hotei because it’s going on the market any day now, when I felt there were Comments waiting for me to see and publish them. They were your Comment and Jane’s. 😉 Here comes more conscious connections and greater awareness and understand for us all. ♥


  8. Barbara & All,

    This is the link that Morphqueen shared about Amorah Quan Yin’s death–


    And now your dream from last night Barbara:

    “…And dreams? Good grief, how strange they are. Mine last night involved three space ships coming in to land on Earth and all three suddenly and inexplicably turn upside down and crash, followed by a boat I was to catch turning suddenly and hurtling onto the shore hitting a telephone box as it does, and finally, I’m walking beside a train track and a train comes by and crumples. Land, air, and water, but what those dreams mean I have no idea…”

    The similarities are remarkable… or maybe not… or maybe I too haven’t perceived the larger picture behind these actual events and your interesting dreams.

    What I do know is that even though I didn’t physically know Amorah Quan Yin nor ever met her physically, I related to her very much when I bought her book Pleiadian Perspectives On Human Evolution in January 1997. When I saw her photo and read her About The Author page in that book in 1997, I instantly recognized a fellow First Wave Starseed Lightworker. She was born Nov. 30, 1950, and I was born Dec. 23, 1951. I could tell by looking at her photo in that book that, like me, she too had lived the majority of her life with plenty of physical pains caused basically by being what she was and embodying such higher frequencies in and through her physical body long before (in tremendous density, duality, negativity) the real nitty-gritty Ascension Process started on the physical/biological level around 1998-1999. Because she was someone I related to for these reasons, I was surprised by her physical death and the way in which she died.

    June 18, 2013 I was so frustrated with my book publisher’s crazy actions (and some other people’s also — see the degree of negative interference with every person involved with the REDO of “Hotei” Barbara?) that I became depressed to the point that I thought about suicide. Now before anyone freaks-out over my having just shared that, please know that I’ve thought about it many times throughout my life and 61 years later, I’m still here. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna throw the towel in after all I’ve been through in this life, plus being so close now in 2013! I’m sharing this ONLY to let everyone know not only how intense and different these 2013 energies are, and how so many people aren’t handling them well at all, but I/you/each of us still have to deal with those people who aren’t dealing so well with them yet not be totally wiped-out by those people’s actions. Everyone hear my Libra stellium in the 8th House talking? I certainly do. 🙄 Every now and then this sort of business with “Others” gets me down emotionally which I know it shouldn’t but it still does occasionally. I move through it as I always do, but the timing of this last event was interesting to say the least. I sense that plenty of First Wavers have been tempted and/or pushed to exit physicality at this point. Some of those UFOs are “suddenly and inexplicably turn upside down and crash…”. I think your dream Barbara is very telling about how certain old timelines are or have dead-ended and “died”. Others are growing and gaining strength and beginning to do the Separation of Worlds and Timelines business already. Portals abound…

    Thanks for sharing your dreams Barbara as they’re always very telling. ♥

    • Denise,
      Yes, when you mentioned the word suicide, I would say many of us are feeling this strongly as of late. As with yourself, I have spoken of this so many times in these past years, I usually state it as, “Time for me to leave this world”, to soften it a tad. Amorah’s passing also has had an impact on myself as her book had moved me many, many years ago when I had read it. When I saw her picture I also had a knowing and familiarity with her along with Barbara Marciniak, in that particular time period.
      What I have been told within is it is time for some of us to start returning to “Godhead/our Soul Source” which means leaving the entire “cosmic experience”, which is all that we can encompass with our minds. I have been spending so much time living on the “very edge of the cosmos” that I am barely tethered here on Earth by a thread anymore from that Soul Source, hence the barely existing here in these time. I have known for a while now that I was meant to return to what will be for myself, “formlessness”! These past weeks have been the constant “It is time for me to go now”! Even though I feel so ready to be done with all of this cosmic experience, I am not sure quite how I feel about leaving form for formlessness! I realize this is where we all came from, the Godhead, I don’t even know how to explain the emotion I feel concerning this, maybe a bit of sadness????????? We have all been thru so much in this “cosmic reality of experience” with an unbreakable clause of “non-interference”, hence the difficulty of it all. Yes, we agreed to this clause prior but damn, to actually live thru this cosmic experience in these current times, it just all seems to be too much. So the Clarion Call from Godhead has begun, a call to begin returning to “Whence we have come”. As usual with those “stairsteps”, this shall play out in Divine Order for each one of us.

      • Dear Jeff, and all others contemplating suicide,
        I advise you to think long and hard before doing anything about it. From just a practical (3D?) standpoint, suicide leaves such a messy situation behind for others to deal with, physically and emotionally. But also, it’s my belief that if we don’t go through all of this stuff we signed-on for, we’ll likely just have to repeat it in another life (and maybe on another planet). I know it’s hard…I’ve got my own challenges…but don’t let “Team Dark” (as Denise calls them) win!
        Sending love and strength to you,

      • Thank you B.J. but not to worry please. I knew there would be backlash to my confessing that. We’re good, we’re strong, we’re Lightwarriors even through we occasionally get bummed over the silly small stuff. 😉


      • No worries B. J.! I mentioned it, also as Denise did, just to demonstrate these intense times we are in and how we are all reacting at this time. As far as “repeating in another life” that would depend on the stairstep your currently occupy in that moment! For many, reincarnation is finished as it is a “synthetic” process and most of us have, or are returning to their “True Organic Soul Essence”! You now have a choice if you chose to Own that! Team Dark will not win if you chose to Fully Own that! Some of us, as of this time, are finished being involved with that Process! Thanks for your comment and concern! As Denise stated, We Are Strong! We each shall Prevail in our own Unique and Precise Way!

    • “I sense that plenty of First Wavers have been tempted and/or pushed to exit physicality at this point.”

      Denise and all,

      Several weeks ago I watched a video from Steve Rother and the Group where he suddenly started addressing this very thing, saying that, surprisingly, the Lightworkers are actually having more difficulty adjusting to the new world we passed into on 12/21 than the rest of humanity is. This is because we see and sense how shallow, empty and distorted the old 3D constructs are and we want OUT of them. We’re having a difficult time grounding ourselves into this new place, while the others, those less aware, have been pretty much able to just continue on as usual.

      He spoke directly to those Lightworkers ready to throw in the towel, saying that while it’s perfectly fine to come home now, they may want to give themselves more time to acclimate to these new energies and not to “do anything rash” yet. Also saying that some indeed had crossed over because of difficulties being experienced at this time.

      This seems to jibe pretty well with what you stated above, so I just thought I’d share it.


      • “I sense that plenty of First Wavers have been tempted and/or pushed to exit physicality at this point.”

        Denise and all,

        Several weeks ago I watched a video from Steve Rother and the Group where he suddenly started addressing this very thing, saying that, surprisingly, the Lightworkers are actually having more difficulty adjusting to the new world we passed into on 12/21 than the rest of humanity is. This is because we see and sense how shallow, empty and distorted the old 3D constructs are and we want OUT of them. We’re having a difficult time grounding ourselves into this new place, while the others, those less aware, have been pretty much able to just continue on as usual.

        He spoke directly to those Lightworkers ready to throw in the towel, saying that while it’s perfectly fine to come home now, they may want to give themselves more time to acclimate to these new energies and not to “do anything rash” yet. Also saying that some indeed had crossed over because of difficulties being experienced at this time.

        This seems to jibe pretty well with what you stated above, so I just thought I’d share it.



        Thanks for sharing that. This is that business that I’ve written about over the past few years I’ve termed The Princess and the Pea syndrome. Those of us (Forerunners/Starseed/Lightworkers/Wayshowers etc.) who’ve always been sensitive/ultra sensitive anyway but due to being the ones first transmuting, first integrating, first neutralizing, first embodying the NEW and so on, we’re the ones consciously aware of and being affected by every inch and Stair Step of all these changes. The rest of humanity will unknowingly fall inline with the NEW energies/blueprints etc. and will be sparred consciously knowing and feeling everything like we Forerunners have. It goes with the job we volunteered to do in these Ascension timeline incarnations.

        Now this next bit is NOT directed at you Carolyn in any way please understand. I’m just going to vent a bit over what you said Rother/the group said recently about this.

        To me this statement about… Lightworkers surprisingly having more difficulty adjusting to the new world… amazes me, pisses me off slightly because it just shows how little he/they know about what us Lightworkers/Forerunners actually do and feel. I’ve felt this way my entire 61 years, not just since 12-21-12! The big difference about this from my perspective is that everything has gotten vastly more intense feeling (to me I mean) since the day AFTER the Three Days Life Review of 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12. The profound extreme we Forerunners are feeling and consciously aware of between the old and what’s coming is nearly too much to endure as our High Hearts continue activating and becoming our NEW focal point and base of operations. Okay, end of mini rant. 🙄

        Thanks Carolyn and NONE of that was directed at you dearest. ♥

      • “I’m just going to vent a bit over what you said Rother/the group said recently about this.”

        I applaud you for your comment above and yes, doesn’t some of this info just friggin piss you off! I am going to mention a fact, which isn’t judgement, but for some of us these past years have been quite financially and also physically rough but we still, with Endurance & Strength, have continued forward. Many have been allowed to be financially secure thru bringing thru these “different channeled entities” and frankly, for most of these entities, there day is done. They haven’t a clue what it is truly like to be in human form at this pivotal time and there is so much distortion contained in the messages, as always was the plan. They want to “piggy back” off of our experience, and at this critical juncture, that is unacceptable to myself. I do not need custodianship from some being who is not having the human experience at this time. We should all be striving for autonomy and sovereignty as we in the human form are anchoring for the “entire cosmic experience”! There is just so most frustration in these times of one type or another and we all are trying, to the best of our ability, to survive! I think what you are feeling Denise, thru many of these types of messages, is a “subtle” disrespect for your personal journey and what you have had to endure. I would say that many of us are feeling a tad frazzled and quite fried at this time, as I am reading in many of the comments on this blog. Thanks for all the sharings!

      • Dearest Denise,

        From the start of this thread, my feeling was that what “Rother/the group” mentioned about it “being ok to throw in the towel now” was so completely warped and disrespectful. It’s like saying, “Well, the cancer’s Almost gone, so let’s just stop the treatment now. It’s ok to just give up.” I couldn’t think of another analogy at the moment.

        Anyway, how could anyone be “ok” with a channeled message saying it’s ok to “give up now”, when there’s only a couple months here left before the divergence. Many of us have been working on our “stuff” for years, just like you said. We, all of us, have our own contract/jobs, and they are important in their own ways. Some are able to carry heavier loads than others, and so they’ve chosen to do so; yet for each of us, in its own way, our own load is heavy. I know I carry a heavier load than others, and I’m wise enough to know that there are others who carry heavier loads than me. I can respect every stressed person that crosses my path is dealing with “something”; yet I will not put up with that person putting down my own dealings I’ve gone through.

        This discussion has caused me to take a moment here and to really ask myself, am I doing/changing/growing enough in this “time”. And what I have found is I have been able to discern; the examples came into my mind/awareness. So I just stopped and stayed with it, because I hadn’t realized all the little ways I have recognized when “this is a lie”. And in being gifted the freedom from fear, I have been able to find my Voice. I say Voice, because it is stern, powerful, and not to be messed with, something I haven’t had before. I do not use it often, or in every situation. Again, it comes down to discerning if it is in my/their interest for me to use my Voice. After all, I do not want to waste energy on those who are not ready/open to change. I desire to have experiences that you and others have mentioned here, and it may not be “time” for me “yet”. I’m in no way jealous (just to clarify), as I know just how profoundly I’ve already grown and changed. Thank you for giving me a chance to pause, and to check “within” to verify I am continuing to move forwards. I don’t wish to race to the finish; yet I don’t want to “hang out on the landing” either.

        I honor and respect all the aches and pains, and tears and frustrations you’ve been through over the years. From my own experiences, I know it’s not an easy path. At the same time, I never felt there was a “choice”. It was like, “I have to get out of this mess, I just have to…” without ever thinking about the “other side” of it. At the start there was no idea of what that would even look like. Now that I’m at the start of the “other side”, it’s really funny. Because I’m at another starting point, wondering what the “other side” is going to look like. I have had a couple glimpses of my life “there”; I don’t know if it’s one or the other, or if it’s both, or if something else would be better suited for ME. I don’t dwell on it; I keep it open as “something better than what I could dream up”.

        So thank you, Denise, for all your hard work all these years. Thank you for being a living example, a teaching example of ways we can cope and change and get through to the New. Heart Hugs to you.

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • “It’s 2013 for gawd sake”

        I think the above comment from you sums it all up quite well. I say where is the “True Soul Responsibility”. 2013 means it is time to get Real! Too many have become stuck in a Realm, which as I just stated in another comment, is all “fluffy/cotton candy” like when it is the exact opposite, derailing to each of those individual Souls. I view it as a set of stairs with a large Landing but with more steps beyond that Landing to be climbed. You don’t want to continue to reside on that Landing just because it has been made to seem all cozy and comfortable. eventually you need to continue climbing those stairs. Also, the disrespect pertaining to your work here on Transitions by not having the courtesy to include your copyright notice. Denise, I can see where many of us are now “taking our gloves off”! Enough already, after all, once again, it is 2013!
        Personally, I have the highest respect for you and would always honor you as, after all, this is your blog and I would always have Respect for that! This blog needs administration and that doesn’t happen all by itself. It requires a constant giving of yourself, thusly you are due Respect. This is my home base, my only Real point of reference in these times. I have been following transitions since 2009 which is around the time when I left the comfort of the Landing. The Landing is scheduled to fall away and I wouldn’t want to have to experience that free-fall!

      • I think I love you Jeff 😀 ♥. Thank you for saying that and I had NO idea that you or anyone has been reading my articles since 2009! Thank you.

        You’re right, the “fluffy factor” has done tremendous damage on many levels for far too long but there it is. Time to move on and fast. Since we passed through the portal of 12-21-12 and entered a new timeline of intense transition, I REALLY have been feeling that I’m not, that we’re not supposed to continue smiling politely and turning the other cheek any longer to any who attack us and/or parasite off of us for being who, what, and where we are today. We are supposed to ‘take off the gloves’ now as you correctly perceived. No more enabling old negative systems, beliefs, thought-forms etc. that need to go away now! That old enabling way was something we endured prior to the Expiration Date of 12-21-12, but now as we are deep in transition exiting out of the old and into the NEW, we need to create anew, and as you said, turn on the current landing and head up another flight of stairs until we reach the next landing.

        Gratitude Hugs,

      • Chrysalis,
        Thanks for your sharing! Wonderfully Spoken! Many beautiful “golden nuggets’ contained within!

      • Carolyn,
        Thanks for starting the “Rother” thread as it has been quite interesting sharing’s! I can feel that you have much empathy within yourself.

  9. “I am also sad to hear of Amorah’s passing, she was one of my teachers at one point and I met her and attended a workshop that she held. She died due to her injuries in a car crash on Mount Shasta. Her sister was with her and was injured. It was not stated why she veered off the road…”

    Lisa – morphqueen,

    Thanks for that information about Amorah. ♥

    I too have worked through layers and layers of this type of stuff over the past few years. It sounds like you know what to do with this and have been doing it which is wonderful. 🙂


    • Denise,

      From what I read, there were healing sessions and energywork, many people offering Amorah assistance after she was hospitalized and she was conscious for a while, and it was several days until she passed. She had a stroke on one side of her body near the end and so had lots of time to get used to her transition.
      Stuart Wilde also passed suddenly in May in a car crash in Ireland–do not know the specifics on that one. Although he was conflicted and a bit of a darksider over the last few years, he did offer many good teachings and some true exploration of the dimensions and worlds around us.


      • Morphqueen,

        Thank you dearest for more information about Amorah. ♥

        When I heard from the info you shared that Amorah had suddenly turned the steering wheel in the opposite direction, it sounded to me like she’d had a sudden stroke or heart attack while driving. Thanks again for sharing about her.

        Gratitude Hugs,

  10. Barbara,

    Also, thanks for saying that things were disappearing or that we were running out of room in the Comments area. I always read/view/respond to Comments from the Admin page and rarely from where everyone else does so I missed this until you pointed it out.

    I’ll play with changing the “nesting” number of Comments to see if I can solve this problem. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention. ♥


  11. Dear Denise and Dear Jeff,
    Really fabtastic stuff thanks so much. I am so really grateful for everything you both shared just now. You express the issues I am having too and my feelings and experiences almost exactly in ways that few do, even so called Light workers. You mention Steve B. I have often been on his site for the past few years to my mind he doesn’t seem to have really taken on board how many times his so called guidance has contradicted itself and been found wanting – he seems to have a short memory. I remember by example the fiasco over a trip to Neptune and yes people really were signing up last autumn I think it was!!! The dates for the free ride came and went of course and no Neptunians showed. Post December 2012 an obviously miffed and somewhat deflated Steve B. gave voice to what was the general feeling of huge letdown felt by many including moi! when he said addressing the Star Beings we have done all we can now it’s up to you to make good on your promises : Free energy Nesara Disclosure blah blah… Six months on our “greenest government ever” their own words, is considering fracking for shale oil as the States talk about Free energy! there’s no disclosure to speak of the hopelessly corrupted and oppressive 3D alws and financial political systems and ideologies are though teetering slightly quite firmly still in place, on and on. Steve B. continues on his doubts and anger seems to have passed and it’s new age business as usual… I followed Cosmic Awareness through all this and was on the point of storming off myself over the failed prophesies and nifty foot shuffling and rationalization there- boy was that a drama and many people left and gave up on channelling altogether. Now CA studiously avoids the word prediction! But like you I find in a world of highly questionable channels CA to be one of the more profound balanced and insightful though there are distortions through this channell too I feel at times . WHAT makes me stay with CA is the fact that It does not shy away from calling a spade a spade and really going down deep into the darker stuff – even in my guru days back in the 80s I always preferred a Master that got down and dirty with real people to one who was always playing the Saint! and refused to get his hands dirty and muck in with us folk of mud and clay down here! I thank you too for your realism and courage and during this difficult and intense time for me when at times I feel like I am losing it I am so grateful for your words,
    Much Love God Help us all get through this, maybe we won’t and that is one of the illusions I must let go of that this world will ever be a paradise! You know in religion particulalry the Eastern ones the goal was always to get off the wheel of rebirth samsara and not hang around longer than you have to. As an old Tibetan saying goes spiritual life once begun better finish quickly maybe cos the usual life of man becomes a toruture, the torture that it relally is once the veil drops or at least radically thins! One can;t go back, I remember the writer D H Lawrence I sued to like when a young unn he remarked once being full of envy at seeing a soldier with his bird and in a kind of swoon of unconscious joy in the physical but he knew he couldn’t go back he was envying an illusion,
    Take care and don’t go popping yourself and leaving us down here! I jest sorry black humour!

    • “…But like you I find in a world of highly questionable channels CA to be one of the more profound balanced and insightful though there are distortions through this channell too I feel at times . WHAT makes me stay with CA is the fact that It does not shy away from calling a spade a spade and really going down deep into the darker stuff…”


      I only discovered Cosmic Awareness in October 2012 and that was because some kind soul was impulsed to leave a link in their Comment here so I’d see it. Translated, what they really means is that it wasn’t necessary for me personally to consciously know that CA was being channeled by Will Berlinghof and anchored by Callista (his wife) until that time late in 2012. The reason for this was that I needed to connect with and vice versa Will, Callista, and Cosmic Awareness working through the two of them after we passed through the 12-21-12 Expiration Date portal. What transpired before 12-21-12 was not for me, but what does AFTER it with Will, Callista, and CA most certainly is. 🙂

      From January 2013 on there will be new and slightly different information coming from CA through Will and Callista because they are continuing to grow and evolve plus it’s now time to teach NEW teachings and build NEW structures etc. The same is true with me. I play a part in this too because I’ve always known Cosmic Awareness but not by that name. I’m terrible with names of Higher Beings and larger Energy Groups but great with Energy Signatures. I know whose who without knowing names.

      This is tied into why I was impulsed to revise the Introduction in my book The Temple of Master Hotei during the spring of 2013. These NEW 2013 connections and NEW spiritual teaching “jobs” many of us Ascension teachers have had have/are evolving into NEW things too which is very exciting to me. So expect some very interesting changes in what CA talks about and how Will is able to do it now to the Members at Rainbow-Phoneix.com. What I’m trying to say is that CA through Will and Callista through her anchoring will be sounding a bit different now. I too will slightly shift the topics I write about now and what’s discussed in Comments too for these same reasons. There’s a reason why I have a link to Rainbow-Phoenix.com in my LINKS section and vice versa with Rainbow-Phoenix having a link to TRANSITIONS on their LINKS page. ♥ 🙂


    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks for your comments and sharings. For me to be sharing as much as I am here at Transitions would have been unusual in the past. It is just that I am sensing thru others sharing here that there are some of us that are very out of the “norm” of what is going on in the Lightworker Community. It is for this reason and also that the words seem to need to be spoken from within, that I am just going with the flow. It can be strange to feel like an outsider “information wise” in your own community. It is like my only comrade of these last years always says, I think it is only us and those seven others that truly understand this info that we have received from within. lol
      Another reason for sharing is to find others on a similar journey so that I don’t “go popping myself” as you stated and yes, humor is very good. I always try to include some humor in my posts but don’t seem to have done this in these last couple probably because of the intensity of this time!
      I don’t follow CA or any channeled type of message sites only because it has been my path of the last 2 years or so not to. I needed to obtain clarity within on my own as I was very Piscean and tended to give my authority over to others. It was like going “cold turkey” in the beginning but I now enjoy having my own autonomy. I really enjoy Transitions for the sharing between one another and George Kavassilas site, not channeled material, for his sharing’s as they are in-line with my journey. His book “Our Journey Home” took all the information that was my experience and floating around in my head and put it into concise wording that allowed me to pull everything that I had within and put it into a cohesive structure. That was a turning point for myself.
      I had to LOL when you shared about the trip to Neptune, a fiasco I am sure it was. It is all so diversionary and the fiasco is exactly what the interfering side wanted to achieve. The “interference” is everywhere, in every aspect of our lives and that is ever so wearisome and it won’t give up. As Denise states you have to clear from within, clear out your own parasitic energy which belongs to you and then the Godhead/Soul Essence can start to be shown without. Many have been going about it in the wrong way, constantly looking without and this was the interfering side’s plan all along. Keep On Keepin On, My Friend!

  12. Dear Denise and Jeff and all,
    Sorry me again I had planned to share snippets of a new poem I just wrote. I will write it in poetic prose not to take up too much space. It#s on the theme of this thread on how bewitched and asleep we are and how difficult to wake up.


    She has eyes everywhere. Medusa. Most everyone is turned to stone here, buried alive a climber in the avalanche of her gaze. Stone hearts. stone minds , stone body – bones of stone. blood frozen in the vein. Even souls are ….caught like rabbits in car headlights before being mown down, by the cold glare of her stare.
    To be born, is to be bewitched! You’ve got no chance. once Medusa has you in her sights. Ma\ybe that’s why babies cry so much, dim memories of Elysium….
    The mind is a tyrant, self bewitchments of belief more absolute by far than any outer power. You can’t evade its spies, its secret police, its omnipresent satellite surveillance….And they will come at you from behind or when habitual vigilance relents a little and your sword sleeps in your hand. Or they will come in the guise of a friend, and you will lower your guard. She has as many heads as there are thoughts in your mind, as there are stars in the sky ..Anyone who says it is easy to awake, don’t believe them. They are merely selling very old snake oil in a twenty first century jar! And when Medusa can’t grab you with the dreary routine lusts and perversions of men, she’ll try something a little different: She’ll come at you with sweet beguiling words that tell you how much you are loved, that tell you how your dreams are really and at last always just about to get real – she’ll come at you with armies of angels, and you shall give in….


    • Wow Alan, your poem really does sum this Experience up quite well. Maybe your a Poet and didn’t even know it! lol Are you a poet? Well Done!

      • Dear Jeff,
        Thank you for your kind comments. The poem does end on a lighter note but I thought I would share what I did as this thread is on the extreme difficulty of this time and transition and discerning what’s what. I am a poet in better moments anyway – this is one way I get in touch with my inner soul and Daimon as Socrates called it. Poetry has kept me sane or saner over the years therapy without a theraptist!
        Very much concur with what you say. i AM glad you find GK helpful. I got into him a while back and watched some videos etc. I liked what he says about Gaia and the Earth ascending but I have had questions and warning lights there too. For what it’s worth CA gave him real short shrift answering a question from a lady I know recently. It kind of put me off reading his book I just think it might confuse me even more than I am now!
        LOts of Love and have a great day,

      • Hi Alan,
        We all find what resonates with us individually at any give time and I think that is perfect for us. As I stated, for myself, staying away from channeled messages for a period was to grow within my own autonomy and learn to think and stand up for myself fully. At this time I am finding what feels right for myself is a sharing of the type offered here on Transition’s where Denise starts the ball rolling and then we start to share with one another. I think there is real growth within that interaction between us, so more then the “topic” that we are conversing about it feels to be the interaction we are having with one another. That seems to be really pivotal to me at this time. I feel it is helping me to continue to grow as a Universal Being. As an example, my interaction back and forth recently with Denise and yourself feels to be of great import within. In the end, when it is all said and done and in it’s own unique and perfect way, I think everything we all encountered will have had validity though not too sure about all that shadowy crap, just isn’t my cup of tea! lol

      • I just needed to add a short “aside” here. When you stated CA gave George “real short shrift”, this is the problem that I have with channeled messages. I feel that is a lack of “Respect” from an entity that is outside of the human experience! When you stated your opinions concerning George, you stated them with Respect and I also had Respect for what you stated. Foremost, CA is NOT in human form, is NOT having the human experience where it is all being anchored and truly happening at this time and therefore I feel that it should at least show a neutrality concerning those of us who are actually achieving this in form or at least keep it’s mouthpiece more neutral(what came into my mind is “Keep It’s Friggin Mouth Shut Sometimes” LOL). This is what Denise and I were speaking of yesterday, “Respect” for what we all are achieving rather then denigration. This I feel is what is truly creating that future probable timeline.

  13. “…I applaud you for your comment above and yes, doesn’t some of this info just friggin piss you off!…”

    Jeff & All,

    Much more than I’ve EVER let on since the creation of TRANSITIONS in September 2007! 😡 Thanks Jeff for getting what I was saying. But, stand back everyone cause here comes another mini rant.

    I have kept my mouth shut for years over endless things like this (and more) by all sorts of people and channelers but once we past the 12-21-12 Expiration Date, I’m much less inclined now to continue enabling distortions, lies, and retarding BS and/or parasitic actions in whatever form by whomever. It’s 2013 for gawd sake and more of these teachers/channelers/people should know better at this point I feel. Nonphysical beings that channel to Forerunners/Starseeds Lightworkers/Wayshowers etc. that came from higher frequency locations than where they currently exit and talk down to us incarnates is often too much for me down here in physicality doing the dirty and difficult front-line Forerunner grunt-work in a physical meat suit that I’m ascending while under attack from many human egos and nonphysical Team Dark beings/entities. And all in heels and backwards too mind you! 😆 😉

    “…I think what you are feeling Denise, thru many of these types of messages, is a “subtle” disrespect for your personal journey and what you have had to endure. I would say that many of us are feeling a tad frazzled and quite fried at this time, as I am reading in many of the comments on this blog. Thanks for all the sharings!”

    You’re right Jeff, I am reading–and continuing to see other subtle forms such as people like Steve Beckow continuing to ignore what my Copyright Notice says and quoting my articles and deliberately disconnecting direct links back to the original author’s blogsite or website–disrespect for me and my personal journey (again) from people that I feel should know better than to write, say, and do the things they have and still are. Karen Bishop did it recently again with a direct swipe at me and other energy transmuters like me. She flat-out stated publicly that ‘darkness doesn’t exist except in our fragile minds’ I believe was how she said it and then as she often does, contradicted herself in the next paragraph. (I was energetically aware at the time that Karen was emotionally hurting and frustrated when she wrote that over something with her daughter but hey… we all have our problems, emotional pains and spiritual growing pains…)

    The level of denial over ONE HALF of Duality by many Ascension teachers and channelers/channeled materials and other people is beyond belief to me. Many people and some Ascension teachers and channelers etc. are having a hard time individually now halfway into 2013 because the pressure is on big-time to consciously know much more yet not become bowled-over or blow a fuse over it. This is part of the “embodying” more of the Greater Picture Process. This need to know much more I’m talking about is about the depth and breadth of Negativity and parasitism that’s intentionally been done to humanity and earth for eons by multidimensional Team Dark beings and also many humans. To resolve Duality means to resolve Duality. Duality or Polarity Resolution/Integration doesn’t happen by trying to sweep ONE HALF of it under the rug because it’s repulsive, frightening, difficult, or painful. To end parasitism means to stop being a parasite yourself and re-learn how to embody more Source energy directly from Source to you and circulate it back to Source and back to you and so on. Not continuing to energetically parasite off of other people. External change happens when we change our internal ways and embody or walk our talk. Not enough are doing it yet hence this head and heart butting with each other. Stair Steps.

    I’ve always been aware that most people, many Ascension teachers, and most channelers do not have the same current life Ascension Soul Contract and transmuting abilities (returning to an energetic state of neutrality) I do so it’s not their job to live through and deal with the “darkness” as I have or to the degree I have over the decades. They should be happy about that! However, respect, gratitude and plenty of room should be given to every single individual and their unique individual Ascension journey and individual Ascension life Soul Contracts etc… and just get the fuck over it. The transition out of Duality, parasitism, fear and ego into Unity, embodiment, direct individual Source-fed and fueled connection, and 5D High Heart consciousness and being is what and where we Forerunners are now.

    I remember this one line Rother/the group channeled a couple years ago that made me laugh at the time because I knew how true and potentially tricky it was going to be–it was about how the group were looking forward to seeing ‘how all the little gods would deal with all the other little gods’ or something to that affect. Well, here we all are a few years later and this is how many of the ‘little gods’ are dealing with and interacting with the other ‘little gods’, and that includes the group and other nonphysical beings too! I hope what I’m trying to express is translating at least semi-decently.


  14. Thank you Denise for your kind reply to me. I read them but I can’t find them now in my mailbox! Yes, will be interesting to see what CA comes with now and henceforth. What I am feeling is right now how very alone I we are down here down the mineshaft as I call it. What I am getting from inner guidance at the moment is not very accurate or helpful in terms of physical stuff especially predicting how things will pan out etc. Recently CA confessed kind of that It found if very difficult to read our dimension there is such a gulf in vibration and also so many timelines of possibilities. Spirit can also be way out regarding time and when things happen though the broad patterns of probability can be correct. I suppose that’s also how freewill functions it’s are like do your stuff mate and see what happens, it’s very experimental this life and as John lash likes to say unpredictatble things can happen – if everything was entirely predictable propheciable – that’s a new word, then where would freewill be? it makes things doubly difficult cos other people can change their minds and wills in a second it can down to the wire. A lot of channels etc. play into our profound human need to feel consoled and secure to be going in the right direction etc. a lot of it is playing upon people’s fears and insecurities in these times. Deepak Chopra said once think of God in terms of quantum probabilities. Down here at the coal face dealing with the manifest and all its complexities and ramifications and being in the beam of the Matirx as David Icke puts it like from Saturn or something the Reptilian mind games and mind control that they are masters of deception and far cleverer than the average human who doesn;t even have a clue what’s happening to them!
    Cold comfort I know but on we go sometimes I say to myself let this cup pass from me and then I think well probably I am not going to be crucified this life anyway or I am not in Syria I am not blind like a man I saw the other day gonig from the bus, or cancer etc. I just read the amazing last chapters of Anna Grandmother of Jesus though I am not Jeshua who apparently even while cruccifed and whipped was in a state of high Awareness – that helps of course almost the only thing that does, herein we transcend the Matrix and the dogs and the wolves that snap at our heels and the shakes that go for the jugular like in my dream!
    Bless you all courage dear nnes,

    • “Thank you Denise for your kind reply to me. I read them but I can’t find them now in my mailbox!”


      Euw…I didn’t realize that if I deleted one of MY Comments here and moved it (to “un-nest” it) that it would disappear from people’s email box. Sorry about that. What I did was delete my Comment and copy/paste it into a single or not “nested” Comment in hopes of solving the problems on the other WP theme I was using of them incrementally shrinking off to the right side of everyone’s screen. I changed themes last night trying to lessen this problem in Comments and it looks better now. Again, my apologies Alan and everyone for these discoveries with “nested” Comments where two people respond back and forth to each other. It’s a great WordPress feature but I’ve discovered that it changes rather dramatically depending on which WP theme I’m using. Live n’ learn! 🙄

      I know what CA means about things being in such profound transition now with timelines vying for prominence over other timelines and all sorts of incredible jockeying for position, for power, for continued control, for freedom, for evolution etc. etc. It’s like coming upon one of those freeway interchanges where there’s multiple roads to choose from and they’re all going off in different directions and all the drivers are struggling to get into the lane they want/need so they can transition on to the road or freeway that they want to get themselves on. Us and plenty of other beings and realities and timelines have been doing exactly this for a while now but post 12-21-12 and throughout these Nine Months it’s a giant, tangled mess as everyone hurries to get where they want to go. It isn’t really a “mess”, it just looks and feels that way when viewing the Situation or Process from a higher vantage point!

      As a lifelong psychic/Seer I too know about perceiving different ‘probable realities’ and then watching to see which one “takes” in the timeline I exist in now. If it is going to “take” (manifest physically here in the timeline I’m currently in), it becomes stronger and more energetically potent which is one way to tell when a probable reality is very close to becoming a “reality” in this reality. Fun huh? And there’s throngs of ‘probable realities’ now because of the end of the old Cycle on 12-21-12. These Nine Months are ripe and almost ready to deliver multiple new timelines/offshoots.


      • Wow Denise, the “timeline” info in your response sent my head into a tailspin. Info about timelines always does this to me even though I seem to be able to wrap my mind around everything else. Is it all about our “individual timelines” that we are creating which will lead to the probable collective timeline? I assume the continuing intensity can be your analogy of the freeway traffic jam, too much coming together at one time. I also assume the out-picturing we see in our world is an indicator of which “side” of polarity is currently more potent at any given time, hence like a tennis game, the ball in our court and then in their court! Do you see a new timeline still ready to be born at the Equinox? Appreciate all you have to offer as always!

      • Dear Jeff,
        I feel the same way the interaction with Denise and yourself and others here has been very important for me too especially as there are few people around me here I can actually speak to about these things. I get into the same tangles as you over timelines but Denise puts it very well, I would use myself what we call roundabout analogy, not sure if you use that term in the States, a circular junction with many possible roads going off in different directions. We certainly seem in a bottleneck jumbled up situation at the moment.
        Regarding GK, yes, I try always to speak of people and their paths with respect and get what you mean exactly. CA was answering a question about the validity of the book you mentioned and merely gave it the thumbs down as a distraction saying nothing about George personally. I think I will just say this while being respectful we also have to be discriminating I like George myself but did have a few reservations for myself before CA ever commented on some of the information. Then a saw a video by a lady who obviously knew him well and very respectfully she was pulling part some of the things he said which didn’t resonate with me. i can’t remember the name of her or the details. One thing she took issue with that george said, as I feel too, the non necessity of spiritual practices. Personally I find mantras some meditation prayer etc. absolutely essential for my own journey I don’t think i would survive without them. Not saying I am that great at them either! This ties in with the whole theme here about channels and who to trust and distortions and hidden agendas etc. CA Itself said once which I really like something like one can learn even from those we may not agree with or who may be a mixed bag (that’s proabably most of us!!!) . The psotives I got from GK were for example his very moving description of the love affair one could say between Christ and Gaia Sophia and how the cross symbolizes her absolute sacrifice and allowance of all the dark mad stuff humans and off worlders have perpetrated over over the aeons and still do of course. And just his balls the way he holds himself as a man his confidence and free spirit, that was a lesson for me. The david Icke of OZ!
        Morpheme Dear thank for the details of Amora and Stuart. How moving my heart goes out to them. Amora I wasn’t familiar with but Stuart was quite well known UK side I read one of his books I think and a friend was into his stuff but also said once how he got quite strange latter years. How odd they both died at this time in similar circumstances – going down the orad in ourt age with our crude technology can be quite perilous! Wonder what’s going on a deeper level? CA said that some souls would be checking out this time that would be their way of Ascending. I am slightly envious! Joking apart, I wish them both well. many people lose the plot towards their older years it’s hard enough growing ‘old’ add on top of that battling the dark trying to make sense of it all trying to keep in touch with Soul and God in a godless world on and on pretty challnging!
        Love to You all,

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