“Got Love?” from Aluna Joy

800x800 loveheart atom structure

I was suddenly impulsed to go to Aluna Joy’s website this morning so I’d discover her June 19, 2013 article ‘Got Love?’, which is very good and accurate based on what I’ve perceived and been feeling myself very intensely since March 20, 2013 spring Equinox. I was glad to see that someone has talked about this.

Sorry I didn’t see her article a couple of days sooner so I could have passed it along earlier, but there’s tremendous positive energies flooding everywhere and they’re connected with what Aluna’s talking about and today’s Super Moon (Full Moon) at 2° Capricorn 10′.

Due to Aluna Joy’s copyright notice and instructions I did not quote her article in full here but am sharing a click-able link to it. I totally understand and respect why she and some others are having to do this with their material now. Thank you for it. ♥


Denise Le Fay

June 23, 2013


51 thoughts on ““Got Love?” from Aluna Joy

  1. Dearest Denise,

    Without even knowing it (consciously), I’ve wanted to Do something for this powerful full moon tonight (in the US). Aluna Joy’s article gave me that answer in a most gratifying way. I will definitely spend some time this evening shining my Heart Light brightly in support of the clearing of the higher dimensions! Heart Hugs 🙂

    With Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  2. Dear Denise,

    Thank you from my heart for posting this message from Aluna Joy. Since my last comment, when I was feeling optimistically strong, I crashed, perhaps the worst crash I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe it and retreated back into my cocoon. I confess I didn’t think I would ever comment here again, because I felt embarrassed and defeated and that I had lost everything I had worked so hard to accomplish, that I wasn’t a light warrior at all, but kind of a ghost walking around on a planet that I would never understand. Last night I had a dream that I was climbing an almost-vertical staircase and, after much effort, was at the top, when I was confronted with the highest step I had ever encountered, and standing on it, looking down on me, were beings waiting to push me off should I manage to struggle to the top. Aluna Joy’s message has confirmed what that step and those beings are about. Thank you, Aluna Joy. So, I will once more pick myself up and raise my sword, albeit shakily, and, in Faith, carry on. I am sorry to hear about Amorah’s passing, but I know she is now with our invisible friends clearing and cleansing the dimensions, as we must continue to do so here. I have been unable to make any plans for anything at all, and so continue in trust that the rainbow bridge is indeed built and ready for our final crossing over it, though what kind of physical shape this body will be in is yet another mystery. Love to all and thank you, B.

  3. Thanks Denise. I recently read a report from Lauren Gorgo – it was terrific and basically says we are there and congratulations type thing…at least that is what I think it was saying..I find the complexity of these discussions too much for me sometimes, I don’t know why. Anyway, in the Comments to her article, a reader mentioned Aluna’s latest offerings and someone expressed their dismay over the 2016 forecast…I didn’t know what they were referring to but I decided I would not read Aluna’s message as I couldn’t afford to get depressed over another delay in the ascension process.
    Anyway – now I have read it (as curiosity got the better of me after seeing that you ok’d it) and, yeah…what is this 2016 stuff and how does this relate to the 9 months grace period?

    I, myself, will be okay if the universe is not totally cleansed by 2016 (but I hope that doesn’t mean more chemtrails, and other cabal atrocities) but I need my own personal cleansing – and any other cleansing I am taking on – to end sooner than that – and I’m sure many out there feel the same. Do you interpret this as MORE cleansing until 2016 or are we done with this in September? My body has taken a severe beating.
    Jane x

  4. Aaaaaaah- thank you so much for this dear Denise! This was just the boost I needed today. I had a seriously fun “aha moment” thinking that the shit pit (not to mention all the manure hitting the fan all around hell’s half-acre here)…..is actually…..FERTILIZER!!! We should be able to “grow” one HECK of a STUNNING garden with all the CRAP we have to work with! Wear your boots (and goggles might be advisable, haha), hold your nose, and slog on, Transitioners! Love to you all!

  5. Hi Denise, If I did anything per this solstice time it happened during my sleep time 🙂 I did have one strange dream about chasing a “bad guy” out of one time line dimension and into another. I can say this only upon waking up and looking at the dream with 20/20 hind sight and the dream was complex and had so much more symbolism to it, like someone giving birth to 3 babies but a fourth had died. The person chasing the bad guy had to be careful because bystanders could see flashes of where he was from if they looked at him (they all had guns). At the “end” of that part of it some people came to watch the man leave and were able to “see” a bit of where he was from as he returned there. The symbolism became a scene from Little House on the Prairie! A loving family awaiting his return, and they waved to the people over here. I am still tired, plus this moon ties into pms issues as well. …. I know I am running this all together…. plus I attended a group event with my local social group and had to pray for help in releasing myself from all the sadness that hopefully wasn’t all me, and I did feel much better!!

    I had felt terrible last Thursday and I wrote about it. It was regarding my weekly social meeting group and feeling so awful. The next day I felt better but began feeling very tired. Saturday I felt awesome and cheerful and had fun on my job, but came home beat from the physical work, felt all happy inside of me, and have been all kinds of tired since. I made the effort to attend the gathering that happened tonight and felt just gross till I prayed for some help. Also I had slept right up till it was time to get ready for the evening! And here I am ready to call it a day and hope I sleep well.

    I am looking forward to reading everybody’s sharing and Denise’s insight. Night all 🙂

    P.S. Feel I have to add that the babies were all female and that the 3rd was a surprise because they did not know there were 4, but they knew one had died before it was born, and they had thought they had lost one of the living babies so were expecting only 2 living babies, but this one was already dead. Ok, I know it is super weird!

  6. “…I am sorry to hear about Amorah’s passing…”


    I too was very surprised to hear that Amorah Quan Yin had died recently. I’ve looked for more info about her passing but haven’t found much yet.

    Hang in there. ♥

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