“Hourglass Experience” & Meditation from Cosmic Awareness

whitewormhole 5 I wanted to share this great message from Cosmic Awareness channeled by Will Berlinghof and anchored by his wife Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof.  Thank you all. ♥

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Denise Le Fay

July 2, 2013


The Hourglass Experience

“This is June 29, 2013 this is a general Cosmic Awareness message with Will Berlinghof as Interpreter and Callista as Energizer and Questioner.

Q. We welcome you, Cosmic Awareness, and ask if there is a general message you would like to give us tonight?

A. That this Awareness, this Cosmic Awareness does have a general message at this time. That it is now over six months since the Ascension event of December 21, 2012 and many have been on that which could be called the “passage perilous” in terms of going within, of letting the greater forces of Divine Consciousness come through in their own personal ways.

That this Awareness has described this as a passage of nine months and has in the past made the example of the development of the human fetus: the nine-month period of time that it takes the human fetus to develop normally as an example of the situation at this time for many people. Many individuals are not entirely understanding of this, do not quite see how this is affecting them.

In particular those whose soul purpose is not to advance at this time to an ascended state, an enlightened state of consciousness, that they find it most difficult of all for they are not even aware that this ‘passage perilous’ is occurring. That they see events entirely in reflection to the outside or exterior events of their lives. They look at the exterior events and do not realize that they are reflection of an inner state of consciousness, an inner state of one’s beliefs.

That this being so, this Awareness is not addressing those many whose life purpose and soul plan is to achieve a higher state of conscious awareness. It is however addressing those many spiritual seekers, those Lightworkers who have over the last six months been looking within themselves in their own personal and unique ways to understand even deeper that which is occurring at this time. That for these ones who are seeking deeper understanding and perception, who are willing to look within and see that which is the obstacle course of their lives, to look within, to see the blocked beliefs, the indoctrinations of beliefs, the attitudes of perception that they have so long held – that this message is directed to today.

That as six months have now passed, two trimester periods have gone by, the spiritual seeker is now facing the final trimester of this journey. That many have found it difficult to understand how it is that working within oneself, seeking the deeper answers, finding the deeper connections is exhibiting itself in their lives.

The primary way this is occurring for many is the problems that many are encountering in their lives. These are problems of the physical, the mental and the emotional, as all three levels are being worked upon at this time from that which is an expanded state of consciousness. Saying this, many do not necessarily see this as active participation on their parts. They are simply encountering the difficulties of their lives in these three areas of their lives. That this Awareness says it is exactly this that reflects the inner state and the journey that is happening within, often without an entity’s conscious awareness.

That those experiences that are being had in the physical journey of life are reflections of the inner status. To this, this Awareness says do not fight the obstacles of your life, do not panic, do not go into fear when the situation of your life is such that it seems to be overwhelming to you. Many, for example, are finding extreme difficulties in their financial lives and are not at all certain how they will be able to carry on with the many events that are happening in their lives, that are strangling their financial resources, limiting them or even making them disappear.

That this concern is one of the most elementary concerns that most human beings have on this physical plane of existence. Many contribute this to the social factors that are occurring at this time: the talk of recession, the lack of work available, the situations of resources disappearing because of natural events that they are experiencing.

All of this is a reflection of the inner state, where the inner consciousness is struggling with the deeper consciousness and opening to the assuredness of the deeper consciousness, the higher states of awareness that all will be well. And that even on financial levels, even with limitations and problems, still all will be well. For those in particular who are spiritual seekers, this incongruity of that which is their financial situation to that which they are aware of on a level of intellect – that it should be possible to open oneself to great abundance and prosperity, to see this flowing into their lives and yet are still facing the actuality of their lives, which is that of limitation and restriction – a great block is present.

This great block is indeed that which is occurring within. It is one of the pieces of debris that is floating in one’s consciousness, that is held at some deep subliminal level by the subconscious and in particular the ego of the subconscious, which has been programmed to respond to the external signals of prosperity, that has programmed itself and been programmed to accept how difficult it is to make it in this physical reality, to live in great abundance and prosperity.

That many layers of the belief system have been constructed for individuals. That these constructs of belief vary from person to person, individual to individual. Thus it is that many of the spiritual seekers who are developing themselves at these deep levels are drawing into their lives at this time great crisis, not only because of financial restrictions and problems but also because of physical problems as well as emotional problems.

That it is easy for this Awareness to say that all can draw abundance into their lives, that Spirit is abundance, but It is also aware, this Awareness is also aware, that saying these words, conveying these concepts does not make it easy for those who are truly in problems of finance, for example, or other problems that may be occurring in one’s life at this time.

It is why the last three months of this nine-month period are crucial, for this last trimester is all about truly letting go of the fears and doubts to whatever degree one can, with the belief, the building of the belief, the fostering of the belief that all will be well. That when one opens to expansive energies their lives expand, and that these last three months are a timeframe in which one can build upon this idea, this new programming.

It will involve courage to face the problems that are facing one, especially in this third dimensional, materialistically inclined reality construct that is 3-D reality – to truly let go of the fears that one is having because of the restriction of funds, because of a lack of work, because of the recession, etc. etc. Yet it is still exactly this that this Awareness is asking one and all to work with, to foster this new belief system and to hold it as that  which will be the experience of one’s life. To ask for the spiritual assistance to help one through this constriction, this period of difficulty as one faces the unique challenges of one’s life in a physical reality.

Remember always that the beliefs that are held within you are ones that have been fostered for you to believe in the indoctrination of beliefs, is traditional in nature and societal in construct. That this means that many are born into a physical life where they adopt the beliefs of the parents and the grandparents and the lineage of their families and that many teach the child the traditional concepts, the traditional beliefs they themselves were raised with. It is difficult perhaps to overcome one’s traditional upbringing but it is not impossible. It is very much possible and that as one in this unique and critical period begins to truly confront the fear that many are holding around their lives in the physical, and the reflection on the exterior of those adopted fears, those fears that have been fostered throughout one’s lifetime – one will begin to see change in one’s life.

That this process does not always come with a guarantee, but the guarantee that this Awareness can give one and all is that as you work with these inner beliefs, the inner programming, as you challenge your own subconscious mind and ego, that the subconscious will begin to change, the low self will begin to allow the higher energies of Spirit to flow through. Many are fearful that they will not achieve enough in the nine-month period that they are going through, that they will not pass, for they are seeing it as a pass or fail situation.

That this Awareness would say here and now that this is not the case. The nine-month period has been made available for individuals to look within, to do the inner work to whatever degree they can achieve this inner work, this inner introspective process. That there is no criteria or level where Spirit says they have passed. There is only the stage that one reaches in their own journey of personal development. It is, as it is meant to be, part of one’s soul group plan and personal plan as well.

The opportunity for great advancement does indeed exist at this time but there is no pressure from Spirit that an individual must reach a certain plateau or stage before one progresses. The nature of Ascension to higher consciousness is an ongoing process. It goes on from the moment of one’s birth to the moment of one’s exiting from physical life, and that often the lessons are unconscious in nature and therefore often they are not understood. Often they are not even perceived as possible lessons.

But for those whose focus and intent it is to learn, to grow, to heal and release, whose purpose it is to establish the new programs so that one can move into the expansiveness of their higher consciousness and allow this force of consciousness to be truly part of their lives – that this Awareness again reiterates: there is no final exam. It is a process that will continue after September 21.

That this nine-month period of time, and now this final trimester, are opportunities for expanded and accelerated growth that will take one exactly where one needs to be. As the evidence of change builds up in one’s life, in one’s physical reality, it is easier to understand and see the effect of this inner process. But even without seeing the effect, the holding of this attitude, this new program will make it possible for continual growth even after the 21st of September 2013.

That those whose intent it was and whose intent it is to work diligently on their inner selves, to change, will also find that when September 21 comes they will be ready for the next stage, the next step in their spiritual evolutionary process. Therefore this Awareness does say here and now that the importance of the inner work that is one’s goal, that is one’s responsibility as such – that it will continue even after this nine-month period is complete, is done.

That this Awareness will extend now It’s analogy of the nine-month period to speak of that which will occur at the end of this nine-month process, still using the example of the development of the human fetus. That when the nine-month period of gestation is finished, birth occurs. But this does not mean that a fully functioning adult emerges but rather a newborn infant that is still very much in need of support and care. That the newborn infant cannot walk, talk or even take care of its own bodily functions. That in the reality that is third dimensional reality the human infant is taken care of by those who are its guardians, its parents.

Thus this Awareness says that come September 21, it will mark a new birth for all. Those who have actively been pursuing the inner work may find that they awaken into a new level of reality but are still very incompetent in walking in that new reality, in functioning in that new reality. That there will still be need for ones who are their guardians, their caretakers. That they must see and understand that to believe, to expect that one will automatically reach an advanced state, be a fully evolved and grown-up adult being, is not that which will likely occur for the majority.

Indeed if one does see now and understand now that the process will continue but a new level will have been reached, will have been achieved that allows new growth and the formulation of new belief patterns, new programming, that it will enhance the journey after the ending of this nine-month period. For those who expect on September 21 that they will be fully formed, functioning at the highest level and have not prepared themselves sufficiently – there may be disappointment as their expectations are not met. For those who expect a similar event they expected for December 21, 2012 and an immediate shift, events occurring on the day that will change all – there will again be great disappointment, for September 22 will dawn as it did nine months previously when December 22 dawned and many were disappointed that the world had not changed to their expectations.

Hold rather the expectations, the open state of mind and consciousness that now the next part of the journey begins, the developmental stage of the young infant learning how to cope in the new reality it has emerged into, that it has been born into. An infant does not display great anger and frustration upon its birth when it cannot walk, it cannot move beyond elementary movement. It simply goes through the process day by day, acquiring new skills and new capacity.

That the first year of life is extraordinary in nature, for that which is the newborn infant grows and learns many things, including how to move, how to talk, how to walk. By talking, this Awareness must state It is not referring to full conversations but the making of noises that elicit response from those around and the developmental process of speech begins and develops in this timeframe and beyond.

What this Awareness is saying is: do be patient, do understand that it is still a developmental process that one is going through, although it is not that of the actual infant being born but rather the spiritually aware infant that is emerging into the new reality that is opening, that is commencing.

That this Awareness would say to many that this is still a vulnerable state of being, when one has expectations that exceed the reality of spiritual process. That there are many wonders and miracles that will be available to all but if one is impatient and demanding of events occurring now because their intellectual capacity determines it should be so but their emotional and mental levels have not yet progressed far enough, there will be disappointment.

But this Awareness must also say that there will be many rewards, many experiences of profound wonder and rapture. That new energies are much more available and that as one grows in their understanding and appreciation of the new reality they are finding themselves in, the examples of miracles and wonders will also increase.

Remember also that this will be a period of accelerated growth and development after this nine-month period is complete, when one is in the new reality, but it will still be governed by the beliefs and attitudes that one holds. If one is able during this period of nine-month gestation in the spiritual process to truly comprehend that one is working in accordance to one’s higher spiritual plan, and has the patience, has the trust, has the faith to continue on the journey, they will see the evidence all around them even if they cannot completely or totally control how this evidence appears, even if they cannot completely manifest their wishes when they have them.

Still it will be much different to what was before December 21, 2012, will be different to what it has been during the last six months and the next three months of the nine-month period. That this Awareness says to one, to all: that which awaits you is still that which is of a truly amazing proportion to what one once knew to be so. That this Awareness says it is the start of the new beginning, the new threshold of experience of that which this Awareness has called planet A/B, and that having reached this birth, this new emergence into the new reality, to have the trust, faith and patience to continue on the journey.

Q. Thank you, Awareness. Do you have any particular ideas that we could use right now, anything of any hope that you can give us?

A. That this Awareness wishes to present another analogy for this period of time, this nine-month period. It calls this the hourglass principle. That many are aware of an hour-glass in its unique shape, two conical cylinders merging together through a thin, narrow tube or neck. That the hour-glass is filled with sand and that as the hour-glass is turned over sand descends down from one side into the other through the narrow neck of the hour-glass. That if one were to understand the hour-glass neck as a point of compression and constriction that only allows a few grains of sand through at a time, one may understand the compressive nature of the nine-month period of development that they have been going through and are going through.

That as one does enter the narrow opening of the neck, that the compression that one begins to feel can be very difficult. That within the tube this compression continues and eventually the grain of sand will fall through the opening at the bottom of the tube, at the bottom of the neck and emerge in an expanded arena, entering into the bottom conical shape of the hour-glass.

That the birth process, the physical birth process is somewhat similar in that the spiritual consciousness is coming into physical form, and that the nine-month period of gestation is the narrow tube or neck of the hour-glass where much is being accomplished, much compression is occurring. That finally with the birth itself, the final passage through the narrow tube of the birth canal and the emergence into new life, that the nine-month period that all have been going through in their own unique ways, whether in consciousness or unconsciousness, is of course the nine months of development this Awareness has spoken of.

But to extend this analogy somewhat – imagine, if you will, that there are great blocks in the neck of the hour-glass, blocks and debris and flotsam. Consider these to be one’s thoughts and beliefs and understandings from that which was the old reality that are being encountered in this narrow, restrictive passageway. That it is here that one can deal with the blockage, the debris that is in the tube that is blocking the exiting from the tube. That as one deals with the flotsam, with the debris of beliefs and attitudes, emotions and feelings that are restrictive in nature, one moves forward, one descends down the tube, and that the final blockage is that which is now being experienced by many.

That this may to many feel an impossible situation, as if it is not at all likely that they will proceed through the tube into the expansion that lies beyond. And yet grain by grain the bottom of the neck of the tube is breaking apart, and with deliberate focus and intent that one can deal with the blockage that lies ahead.

This last trimester is exactly the time to deal with the most solidified part of the narrow passageway that is represented by the tube or neck of the hour-glass, and that it is important to continue to work at that which is within this compressed period of time that each individual is going through, the bottleneck of the hour-glass, and that as one works on this these blocks are reduced and even eliminated until one finally will come to the point of emergence, the point of birth, and will burst into the new reality that is ahead, the expansion of consciousness with many new possibilities available.

That this will also be presented, this hour-glass principle, as a meditation from this Awareness to the many who are seeking to burst into their expanded being but who are at this time very involved in working with the interior construct of beliefs, attitudes and thoughts.

Q. Thank you, Awareness. Do you have anything further to add for us this afternoon?

A. That this Awareness is complete with this message today.”

The Hourglass Meditation

This is the 29th of June, 2013 and Will Berlinghof is Interpreter for Cosmic Awareness, Callista is Energizer and Questioner.
Q. Cosmic Awareness, we would like to hear the Hour Glass Meditation if that is available now.
 A. That this Awareness asks one and all who are ready to meditate on this concept, this energy, to visualize themselves entering a safe place. For those who are experienced in meditation and have used the Heart Chamber Meditation that this Awareness has given previously; proceed to the Heart Chamber, to enter into that which is the Secret Heart Chamber of God, contained within the human heart.
For those who are unfamiliar with this Heart Chamber Meditation, see yourselves entering a safe place, a comfortable place where one is relaxed and confident.
That upon entering this safe place, be it the Heart Chamber or one of one’s own choosing, to relax, to take several deep breaths. One is then to imagine oneself walking on a desert. There is sand all around, the bright and warm sun shining down. That one decides to sit on the sand, to feel it below them.
That as one sits on the sand, one feels the energy of the sand around them, the desert sand, or perhaps the sands of a beach.
One begins a process of compressing oneself down into a grain of sand. That one simply feels them self to be a grain on the bed of sand that you are sitting on, and using this analogy to merge then with the field of sand that you are on, become a grain of sand, still experiencing and feeling the warmth of the sun as it shines down on you.
Next, be aware of movement below you, of a sinking of the sands that lie below you, traveling down with the sinking sands, going deeper, surrounded all around by the sand that you are part of.
Realize that you are now in the hourglass of sand with the sand grains flowing down into the narrow neck of this hourglass, and that you allow yourself to flow into the neck of this hourglass.
That at first there seems to be a steady flow, but then the flow seems to slow and you are aware that there are blockages in the tube ahead of you, around you, that has sealed the bottom of the tube so that sand is not falling into the expanded area of the hourglass below. The debris you are seeing, the blocks around can represent now attitudes and beliefs, thoughts and understandings that are not in alignment with the flow of consciousness but rather are creating blockage.
With your mind’s eye, begin to see these blockages clearly. Identify them where you can, when you can. Therefore, you may be looking at a huge piece of debris and suddenly you will think that this represents an attitude or belief that you have always had but is not true. Dissolve this piece of debris, see it breaking up and as it breaks up, you sink deeper down the neck of the hourglass. Do this with all other debris that you see, breaking the debris up and releasing it, allowing the journey down through the tube.
Finally you come to the end blockage. Use your full force of imagination to break through these final blocking beliefs, thoughts and attitudes. See it so. The blocked area breaking open and a rush of sand passing through the bottom of the neck of the hourglass. See yourself falling into this expanded area below, feel the expansion of your being, know that you have finally broken through that area of compression and enter a new state of consciousness. Be open to the expansion of this new consciousness that you are part of. Stay within the energies, feel the energies around you. Let your conscious awareness be exhilarated by this new environment you find yourself in. Allow the expansion to be part of you and you part of the expansion.
Take a few moments more and when you are done, when you are complete, return back to the heart chamber or to that safe place you have constructed in your imagination. Allow the energies of the meditation to filter through. Bring them into the body. When you are done, when you are complete, come out of the meditation and continue your day. This meditation can be done as often as one wishes.
That each time you go into the compressed narrow tube that is the neck of the hourglass, you have the opportunity to work on various beliefs, thoughts or attitudes that have flowed into the tube with you that are in need of release.
This Awareness offers this meditation for one and all at this most crucial time, as the soul is progressing from what has been to what will be.
Q. Thank you Awareness.”

56 thoughts on ““Hourglass Experience” & Meditation from Cosmic Awareness

  1. Whoa. I have some things to say here…In the past 6 months, I’ve had my self doubts. I’ve thought ‘perhaps I’m not a part of this?’, because I didn’t consciously feel like a light-worker…or like I’d come from a faraway galaxy to help humanity.

    What I’m trying to say is, I rely on my meditations to make progress, it’s not all automatic. I felt like I started off this life as a very normal human with normal goals and challenges, so a part of me felt as if I didn’t belong here (on the blog). Anyway. All that is really…not true.

    I was creating a division, when really – there is none.

    We’re all one. We’re all part of the process, even if we think we’re not.

    We’re all part of this earth change.

    Cosmic awareness’ comment on the fact that there is no ‘pass or fail’ grade in this ascension process, made me feel a whole lot better, to think that there is (and I have thought so), is yet another duality concept.. To think that these stair steps are more dynamic, individually geared to what we need and not rushed is comforting.

    When Cosmic awareness speaks about limiting beliefs, I was in shock.

    This is so close to what I have been going through so very recently (even today!). I wish to share my messages so that others can see.

    Lately, the main issues which have cropped up for me are my unconscious programming, what I call ‘limiting belief structures’. I’ve started noticing them in others…and in myself. life has been putting me into situations to deliberately pull them out. First it started with this reiki level 3 attunement I got. That directly dug up some big inner issues I had with money. I believed on a subconscious level that to have an abundance of money was related to greed… that for one to have abundance, others had to suffer or pay the penalty.
    This is very much a concept of the dark, dog-eat-dog, capitalist view and not the ‘unlimited potential’ of the new world.

    That there was somehow not enough to go around. I didn’t want to be greedy, so I would manifest not quite enough for myself, or a lack of. This got broken down all at once, then after that I got a job.

    The second limiting belief I had was perhaps more subtle, but still fits in theme. I followed a particular meditator’s advice and adopted all his belief structures (including his negative – limiting ones). Today I underwent an experiment which totally destroyed those limiting beliefs. I believed that I had to eat a pure diet to progress in meditation (energy cultivation), so I deliberately ate a lot of junk food and meditated – the energy was still strong – actually even stronger when I ate those bad foods……I had to submit to this concept, that the diet didn’t really matter.

    Slowly, my faith and trust in the higher has been growing as I have witnessed and felt, internally, more evidence of it’s overwhelming presence. I’m undergoing the process of breaking down my old belief patterns, breaking them down and resetting back to the ‘unlimitedness of spirit’, which knows no boundaries and no separation.

    So I had an enlightenment experience, where unity spoke to me again. I totally zoned out in the middle of the street and had to sit down by a tree to comprehend what was happening. But who really cares? It’s not like I’m special for it. It’s just a part of this whole process, just like the gradual destruction of negative blockages in the physical, emotional and mental energy bodies. The old has to be torn down before the new can be put in place, and I’m happy and willing to break down the old.

    I hope everyone is doing OKAY and making progress – in their own way. I will be back to read the comments (which are always interesting). I hope you found mine enlightening.

    • Yes, and thank you starlight.
      The “money is not enough for all” belief is an eye opener for me. Deep gratitude for sharing this, as last evening I was working on releasing exactly this limited belief !!!
      Bravo for getting over the “guru limitations” about diet. I had doubts here and there, and finally always go with what I feel. And what I feel did change a bit, but still includes a lot of stuff that “ascension nazis” (it’s NOT judgement, just detached observation 🙂 ) put on the black list 😀
      Again, big hugs full of gratitude for your comment !!!
      P.S. you ARE special. We all are 🙂

    • Starlight on you could be talking about me. I have reiki ll and recently have bwen having doubts about doing level lll . Now I realise its due to unworthyness and lack of money. So many doubts, even though like you I had an experience of seeing lights and geometric shapes just last week. I was gobsmacked as I am not visual and although beleive, do not see or hear my angels or guides. I feel the energies subtly though. I loved the hourglass meditation and will keep plugging away everyday bringing in the light and love to all sentient beings. Thank you for allowing me to share (first time) Namaste

  2. That was an amazing message, and just happened to come at the perfect time. I feel more encouraged after having read that. Thank you!

  3. Well, suicide feels like my best option at this point, so I must be doing everything right. :/

    I’ll try to keep hanging on until September, but if things don’t start to change for the better soon I don’t see the point of subjecting myself to this misery any longer.

    • Venus Squared, While this Hourglass Experience post is positive, I have read other information that suggests great changes to improve all our lives financially and otherwise are due to happen long before September. I too am at my wit’s end in terms of money and other areas as well. Please hang in there. Some are saying big changes for the better will be obvious in just a week or two. Don’t give up now that you’ve come his far. I support you my friend. Go within and be open to hearing that the changes you hope for are beginning right now. Let’s all try doing this Hourglass Meditation to help make changes within that will manifest faster in our 3D experience. Peace and love and light to you Venus Squared and one and all! Let go of resistance and fear and see if you can sense the tide has just turned. I do.

    • Hi Venus Squared, please stay strong I know exactly how you feel, it sometimes leaves us feeling like we’re losing it, but truly the world has always seemed alien to me even if more tangible , I think isolation is the hardest part and if we had others around us who can relate to this experiences it would give us all more strength . Where in the world are you based?

    • This message is to Venus Squared. I am surprised that no one has responded to your comment. I am not a therapist, but it would seem to me that it would help you to talk to someone you could truly trust and who would not judge you in any way for your feelings. I totally understand your frustration as I am dealing with a few situations, but one that is very personal and has taken its toll on me over many years. Yet I find my inspiration to go on from people who just listen and then offer an idea or a different perspective, but always in a loving way. That is not to say that I don’t feel very alone at times. We are all searching and need to support and love each other through our journeys. My best to you!

      • Amber & Venus Squared,

        I understand what you’re feeling Amber, and the reason most of us here haven’t jumped on Venus Squared comment about her thinking about suicide is because many of us have or are having the same thoughts and feelings in 2013! I said in a Comment only a few days ago that I too was–at that moment–thinking about how done I am with so much of everything and briefly considered suicide. I also said that I won’t because I’m so invested in this Process that I sure as hell won’t throw the towel in and kill myself moments before the good stuff arrives finally!

        The point is that everyone is experiencing these dramatic energy changes AND energy increases in 2013 and because we’re coming closer and closer to the Separation of Worlds & Timelines, many of us are feeling all of that and much more and have the thought of suicide cross our minds and hearts. But, after Lightwarriors have a tiny Pity Party for themselves, we dust ourselves back off for the 14,378th time and continue doing what we’ve been doing all along. This is actually an aspect of the ongoing Ascension Process and not as “dangerous” as it might sound to others when some of us reach that point of utter exhaustion and emotional pain. People… please just let us off load when we absolutely need to and say dumb-ass things like “I’m so fucking done with this miserable shit that I’m thinking about suicide…” 😥 Give us a couple hours and we’re back again. 😉

        I hope you realize Venus Squared that WE ALL heard you and felt you and sent you big ♥ even though everyone didn’t immediately come rushing at you with Comments trying to talk you out of suicide. We sent you ♥ and I hope it helped ease your current pains and frustrations. ♥

        Group Hug,

      • Amen. And the more love sent out – to all sentient beings; which includes Gaia – the better.

        Helping us really grok that We Are All One.

      • Thanks Denise and everyone for your encouragement and understanding. I went into all the specifics of my situation in a previous thread so didn’t feel the need to rehash it all again. I certainly was not judging anyone for not saying something sooner. Though based in truth it was a half-hearted attempt at a joke knowing many of us are struggling and the post seemed to indicate that the struggles were a good thing as they were part of the process.

        I was in a horrible, dark mood last night I was having trouble pulling myself out of and needed to vent and am feeling a bit more hopeful today. I apologize if I truly worried anyone, it just feels like I haven’t experienced happiness or love or success or freedom in sooooooo long and then the post said, don’t expect everything to be better even by September and I just thought, “Oh f***, here we go again.”

        I’m sure the pain will eventually be worth it and I can’t wait for the good part to start!

    • Venus Squared, your not alone in the ending ones life option. Its been along and grueling and emotionally traumatic go for me. Just today I was saying, if I cannot figure out what Im to do to heal this “issue” then my only option is to check out. I know this is the easy way out I totally get that, and Im actually not even saying this in a morbid way. Just that everything else I was doing with healing work etc wasn’t showing any results. And doing this for years to do with the same issue was totally getting to me with no where to turn since everything is all internal work. And to top it all off the issues get more intense the longer they go since the higher frequencies coming to the earth and to us are making them even more pronounced!

      And the only reason Im still here is that I cannot figure out a way to end my physical life that would be the most gentle and pain free. I know kind of an oxymoron lol. Or just a moron for even thinking this way 😦

      Also when your in it, it can be much harder to see it from the perspective that your supposed to be seeing it in. And to even hear guidance is tough when your in fear mode so this doesn’t help things much either. Funny how that works, when you need the help the most (feeling low vibrationally) the less you hear the Higher Guidance (because it comes from a higher vibration) and we need to be close in vibration to hear it. Not sure what God was thinking when he/she thought that rule up! lol

      Just an FYI on another HUGE belief that needs to be changed and let go of, is any feelings of not feeling safe. This programing can come from your upbringing in a unpredictable unstable home life or any experience where you you didnt feel safe that imprinted strongly. So keep that in mind as you go through your Hour Glass Meditations to check to see if you have any fears of not feeling safe. You will be surprised at how many areas you may feel this way, financially included.

      I wish for everyone much much peace and total freedom of the old non serving programs and fears and to finally reach that place that allows us to breath with confidence and RELIEF!

      In much love, and the light to light the dark corners of your being, to illuminate that which is not in alignment with Source.


  4. Dear Denise Read Cosmic Awareness post and it was mentioned about this 9 month period that it was not about passing an exam – Strangely a couple of days ago
    I had a dream about passing an exam had loads and loads of papers to read and at one point told not working fast enough must speed up reading and answering papers.
    Then got on a bus with bags and bags containing the test papers and so exhausted could barely get on the bus. My daughter was with me and she was hoisted on the bus by passengers behind me. Then next part of dream was about union sexually. Followed by papers being stamped with a PASSED EXAM. At the end of the dream my daughter and my husband were there with me laughing and congratulations all round. Maureen

  5. Denise,
    Loved the meditation and thanks for sending this message forward. It helps to be reminded that there is no deadline to meet and no end to spiritual growth.
    Venus Sq.D.,
    We have all been in misery and despair but do not give up yet. Tomorrow could be the day that everything changes and you see things from a different perspective. When you fall down just try to fall forward. Trust that your Higher Self has the best interests of each in perfect alignment for the greatest good. So be it. So Be It.

  6. “The new reality that is commencing…the emergence into new life…”

    Well, that seems fair enough of an answer. For now.

    The details will follow. 🙂

  7. Dearest Denise and All Here,

    I read this when it came out. I’ve had a lot of revelations, and yet I’ve been so exhausted and “not here” a lot that it’s hard to remember. One thing I’ve been grateful for the past couple days is seeing the bluest sky I can remember in a looong time. It’s been so streaked with chemtrails for so many months, it’s such a blessing to see the true blue again. (Side note: kudos on the beautiful background, Denise. Reminds me of the sky, and the New BluePrint downloads, and more I can’t quite put into words…)

    I’ve looked to different programs in learning to heal others with focused energy. However, each time, I’ve gotten the sense that it’s (the program) not for me. I believe in part it’s to not follow anyone’s school of “how you’re supposed to do this”, and to also give the “New” energies and ways of Being to come through in its own unique and perfect way. So I just hold onto the desire of wanting to heal others…

    At first, since Dec 21st, I feel like I was consciously focused on “getting as much done as possible” in clearing stuff out. Somewhere along the way, I let go, because it was just happening without much effort on my part. Everyday I’m learning something new, or reading something that I discern as “Old” and stop reading the rest, and experience bits of time slip away from me. I feel like I was focusing on getting to “Planet A” in the beginning and it sort of went into, regardless of where I end up, I’ll still be learning and growing… as long as I’m not going to Planet B (which I have no fear I’ll end up there). And I’m finding a bit of me was getting caught in the Old “I need to do something”. I find the opportunity I have now to help someone is serving its purpose for him (and myself), and I also know that it will be short lived, as I’m thoroughly exhausted committing myself to 3x’s a week. I know I will not (nor could I) have “a real job (Old thinking/stuff)”, because it just doesn’t “work” for me. With all these changes, I know I’m not able to take on a “3D job”, nor would I be able to sustain one. And I know on the other side of this, that I will be able to heal and serve… never “work”.

    I know I had some pretty profound realizations yesterday and cannot recall them at the moment. It helped when CA mentioned about releasing the expectations of “doing it wrong/right” of ourselves. There’s so many “ways” being thrown at us in these “times” (meditations, mantras, stillness, yoga, diet, etc). When CA mentioned this, I realized all it boils down to is Our Own Voice is the Most Important. And it’s even more important that we do not judge ourselves first and foremost as we are doing our best at this “moment”. And that is more than Enough. Just made myself cry now. Heart Hugs to you all…

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  8. too bad we have to pay for cosmic awareness messages now when it used to be free, my heart tells me that 9/21 is a test and we are not going to be BOOM into the 5th dimension…working on cleaning up my lower emotions…trade anger for understanding and compassion…my problem is fear that i can’t STAND much more of the BS of being a SLAVE to my job cause i have to pay the bills, next to no FREEDOM and watching my life slip thru my fingers and go right down the drain…suicide is NOT an option though my husband blew his brains out, his note when i found it said “goodby cruel world I am leaving here today”… we have teachers now that we have found them (bless you Denise) and they are spending an unbeleivable amount of time and energy to help us all and there is definitely a REASON for their work
    Ashtar led me to this website and also to Kathryne May… who needs light.org
    there is a link to radioblogs which i listen to while doing dishes etc ( got to find a way to cram it all in in what little free time i have

    Even thogh my own father is a sociopath with a capital S and would seek to destroy me i must walk away from the dark…can’t fix it , can ONLY work on myself anyway..i just keep reaching for the light and the wisdom and god will see me and you thru it …love to all

    • Dear Cindy,Love and Light to you. It is time to take out the crayons and colors of Spirit and colour a more wonderful life. The very act of drawing and colouring can be so healing. As you create a higher reality, joy will surley blossom. The power of choice is the power to create a new reality. Focus on the highest. Let go of all that is less.

      Love and Light


  9. hello everyone and enjoying as always reading comments
    for me the biggest thing was about the ego of the subconscious……..WHAT????
    I will surely be giving that some mind time.
    love to all

  10. I have so needed to read all your comments. I am also so over this and would love to end it all but I am trapped by my beloved animals needing me and I dont know that I can put my parents through my suicide. It is certainly hell here and I have all but lost hope of any tolerable future here. Weird thing is I can look at it all through my 5D eyes and see that it is OK but that doesn’t stop me falling into despair and desperation to get out of here pronto. It doesn’t help that nobody I know is waking up and I have never met another waking lightworker in person so I feel very isolated and other people just think I am strange because I don’t fit in anywhere. Each time I think don’t give up now just before everything turns for the better I tell myself not to fall for that again as I have so many times before only to be disappointed time after time. Don’t get me wrong the internal changes and revelations have been amazing and out of this world, but then I have to come back to earth and continue to live my nightmare. Thank you for allowing negativity in the comments when some websites will not tolerate it, but I feel it is important to be able to express how we are truly feeling and especially when some of us have nobody in our lives we can talk to about all this because most people have no clue what is going on.
    Thank you so much Denise and all who comment.

    • “…and I have never met another waking lightworker in person so I feel very isolated and other people just think I am strange because I don’t fit in anywhere.”


      Thank you lilly for saying what you did because the TRUTH about both the Ascension related pleasant and unpleasant, the difficult and the easy, the Dark and the Light or Duality in other words!!! 🙄 is incredibly important for more and more people to know it’s okay to talk about the difficult or emotionally down times we all go through during our ongoing Spiritual Ascension Process. To pretend it’s all “Love n’ Light” is a gross disservice to other people living and struggling with these issues. The Evolutionary Ascension Process is amazing and wonderful but also at times profoundly difficult, trying, and painful physically and emotionally. So what I say, it’s all just spiritual growing pains.

      “Thank you for allowing negativity in the comments when some websites will not tolerate it, but I feel it is important to be able to express how we are truly feeling and especially when some of us have nobody in our lives we can talk to about all this because most people have no clue what is going on.”

      Thank you lilly ♥

  11. Dear Denise and fellow Beings, I too find Cosmic Awareness on target. I had shared about the big smash/grab I had faced regarding the effect of Obama Care had on my part time job. I freaked out. I became clear about one thing. I do not have the ability to go thru stress any longer. …. I shared earlier that I have found my place and been re-purposed and re-aligned. This is true. I am digressing here now as to how I came to that place. As I realized I could no longer hold fear… I am too fucking tired to be afraid any more, if anything I went thru anger. I got tired of the asshole game. I also realized I had and have no way to fix my situation via the world situation at present. So I decided to sit like Gandhi sat in the face of on coming attack and allow whatever was going to happen to advance upon me and come! It was then that I decided to take another look at the framework I use spiritually to help me grow and it was then I realized I had lost focus. I was scattered. I was not giving myself over to my purpose, I was not BELIEVING it was TRUE for me or HAPPENING FOR ME. Other people, sure, but not Edith! And then I Realized it was down to the wire for me to uphold the 5th dimension inside of me. It was up to me to turn away from giving power to the old illusion shit, and if all my stuff goes bye bye (being able to pay bills, etc…) before things change or turn around, then “oh well!”. … So it turned out that my avenue for growth and change was spot on in a far more personal manner than Cosmic Awareness in that there is a framework within which to work and tools. …. I discovered that the ENERGY of LIFE is so strong and so present now that confirmation was so real that there was no reason to question any longer, no excuse to turn away and think I was not somehow included YET. I AM included. I found myself flowing with energy, validation, love and support from within. And when it was all over I heard this thought, “Welcome to the 5th Dimension.”

    All I know is that I am changed. HOWEVER when I was on the job this morning I became a angry bitch! I fell into all kinds of defensive behavior and discomfort. I thought, “what the hell???” And then I realized that this would be the first time I would “NOT BE GIVING IN TO THIS BEHAVIOR. I WOULD NO LONGER CONTINUE TO BE VALIDATING THAT WHICH I WAS REACTING TO AS REAL” It isn’t. I had to work HARD, so hard with myself and not give in and give up from the HABIT of reacting as if the 3D stuff was real. I worked harder than I ever have in my life, and I know I am exercising a muscle that I had not sustained or nurtured. The wonderful part is that each time I came back up to 5 D “it” was there! I can feel it! And again and again I had to assure and reassure that part of myself that was afraid that there was no longer a need to fight/defend. Truly, “The Battlefield of the Mind” (A book by Joyce Meyer) was taking place. It will continue till the true new DIVINE has the upper hand in place and becomes STRONG.

    And then I realized my mind needs a new job! : ) It needs something to do, but eventually I was able to enter the now once in a while! And I am smiling with humor and gentleness about this.

    And like I wrote in an earlier comment I am now devoting most of my time now to this divine work/purpose as well as creating my new life. I am submerging myself in this energy work now realizing it is I. I sure hope I have made some sense in this comment!

    HUGS to ALL!

  12. To Venus Squared and Denise,
    I have a confession to make. Since I have spent most if not all of my life being a caretaker, it was like a knee-jerk reaction to come to your rescue Venus!
    But to be honest, I had just said the day before, “I am so done with all of this.” I was almost shocked that it came out of my mouth, but I just felt so overwhelmed at the time.
    I am glad that a friend connected me with you, Denise, and though I don’t resonate with everything you post, I feel more connected to you and your readers than to many people I know who profess to be on the “spiritual path” and then spend their time judging others and deciding who not to invite to a group meeting!
    It’s nice to know that I am not alone in feeling these things!

    • Hi Alan. Yes I think the effort is constant. I wrote about my miserable morning at work following the glorious uplifting night because it shows that the work goes on and on and on. I did not expect to get hit in the face immediately but then I am now actively participating in disengaging 3D to become the observer and maintain high heart 5D. However a lifetime of experience has made me very afraid many times. I had 20+ years of living a living death/hell up until about 4 years ago. I do not expect my life to be sunshine and roses as if it (no upsetting experiences/feelings) is all over and I won’t emotionally react and crash /burn. It just so happens that THIS TIME I feel so done with it and angry from being jerked around. And I DID cry, I did have the fleeting thought of suicide but found that it is truly no longer a feasible thought. It was in going thru the emotions when I suddenly felt the exhaustion and how I don’t have the energy left inside of me to keep on being afraid. I felt DONE, I also felt EMPTY. I felt acceptance in acknowledging I had no more fight left inside of me. Maybe it is because I have lived this life physically alone. Literally. I am 53 now. …..in having no one to turn to for “help” on the outside of me…. it made me focus deeper on the inner work cause there was no where else to go EXCEPT maybe suicide…. and I don’t judge any one who makes that choice!

      I have no other life memories. No mystical experiences. No special awareness or understanding till I read Denise’s works or others. I was dependent for years on having appointments to help myself and it was necessary. Unless you count dreams of killing astral spiders! : ) I have only had gentle nudges, really, and the big one of following my heart.

      As I write I realize I had been wondering for a long time why my heart hadn’t been “speaking” for a long time now. It was this awareness combined with the information Denise brings us and the other person I read that caused me to put together the rude awakening that in 5D…and Denise correct me if I don’t get this out properly…. we are the creators now, not the followers. So in hind site I see that I had not made this adjustment. I didn’t understand that my relationship to ALL/Self had changed. My heart wasn’t leading the way any longer. It was waiting for ME as I embody more of the ALL. …..anyhow this is what I am thinking. My heart was leading the way; and now I AM the Way. I hope some will understand. Time will tell as I experience and learn.


      • Dear Denise,
        Thank you soooo nmuch for that I never read that one of yours. Absolutely incredible. there is also a description of J’s Egyptian initiations in Anna, Grandmother of Jesus – I just finished reading. It seems that J did not suffer on the cross but put himself into deep yogic trance because he had practised this in his pyramid initiations so maybe the genuine Mysteries were still going even into much later historical times but they were kept secret then and secluded from the general populace that indeed had fallen into one sorry state, as we still exist in today! As I was reading your article this intense wave of emotion came over me along the lines what the hell has happened to u? how have we become like this? – technocratic barbarians as the great Carl Jung put it much more than the phrase that passed through my mind just now! CA said once that the Mystery schools will come back and we are at the beginning of a 3000 year cycle the Great Return? But we are shall be different beings again having come through the harrowing of hell and all kinds of egoic and materialistic dramas and abysses, why maybe for he hell of it! God I hope at least has had some fun with this and sometimes we do too! I jest. History is the nightmare from which we long to awaken, Hegel….
        Minds me of a story told by CA of a yogin in India who got stuck in wall half way through in a dematerialization trick gone wrong, the doctors were to figure how to get the poor guy out of the wall!!!! also like the Philadelphia experiment were sailors got stuck in the hull! When can I buy your new book?

        Dear Edith,
        very moved by what you wrote. Most of us have had lonely journies you know though married I often been working out in the desert in the ME far from home in strange Muslim lands! Myabe to burn out my hatred of the mussies as someone told me I was a Crusader in a past!!! I have always had a few a dear friends though and the wife though she sometimes thinks I am rather weird has stayed with old moi and suffered this one over many years. My son has sort of scattered to the winds and that though is a pain in my heart but the father always waits with open arms no?
        You are so right about us now having to take the lead that does feel lonely! it’s part of growing up and many of us now are having to grow up real fast! There is a good article by CA in current newsletter about how there comes a point for every soul when there are no Gurus anymore and one has to be one’s own inner Guru. Those who can do this or be this may well take leadership roles for others in the coming times,
        though different I think from the old Guru tradition,
        Lots of Love Be Strong I know YOU ARE,

  13. Dear Edith, Bravo bravo. yes “the feeling of the energy of life is so strong now” you have no choice but to go with it. Yes, Yes, I start to feel that too, though I don’t want to count me chickens sure many challenges still lie ahead and I am still very much in the narrow neck of the Hourglass. Great Meditation, CA and Denise! So much to consider…
    I sometimes try and talk with Master Jeshua and He seemed to come through the other night to me gentle but loud and clear or some very clear Christ like energy so calm and wise and loving. I was told in so many words and this is before I read CA’s latest article etc. that I had come through a kind of pit of snakes initiation just as the ancient neophytes in the sacred Mystery schools that J himself attended in Egypt used literally to go through also entombed while alive in the inner chambers of pyramids. It has seemed these last few months like a living death at times a mini crucifixion though nothing much compared to what many have been through including J of course. He likened it too to a trawling of the deep ocean and a bringing up of everything therein hidden in the deeps to the light of the surface to be released but also examined and seen clearly for what they are including the most horrible difficult stuff like my hatred of man and God for creating a world not good enough for me, all my anger doubt frustration like what I shared earlier standing in the street and almost shouting Lord I can’t stand it anymore.
    Like you Edith I am not sure I can go back to 3d work as I knew it anyway but may have to, it worries me cos I don’t know how I will cope. The energies are so strong now, I was sitting having coffee outside today just feeling blasted! One of the biggest things for me stuck in the bottleneck or the birth canal right now is my fear of not surviving in the physical that one hsa to slave for others to get that paycheck or be homeless etc. I am reading CA’s latest newsletter right now – yeah I pay for it and happy to! and basically says it’s up to me now to not focus on the fear and begin to manifest an abundance from within more and more the enregies will support this for those that are open and this I think will be planet A or A/B things will just flow more easefully and naturally life will be more a rapture and lived in the Presence of God’s love absolutely intimate with the Allness so let’s get busy sketching our new worlds – well hope this can be anyway as I cannot go back to how things were, no freakin way!
    here’s to Hope dear ones if Iam crashin again next week please forgive me,

    • Alan,

      Thought you might enjoy this old article about my memories of some of my ancient Egyptian (past life) Initiations.


      You also mentioned about the 2013 sense of ‘living death at times a mini crucifixion’ which I’ve mentioned a few times recently as past Piscean Age junk now rapidly being transmuted too. Individual Inner Housecleaning, Collective Inner Housecleaning, Astrological Age Inner Housecleaning and on and on and on. 😉 Because of this and so much more, everyone has the right to, when needed, ‘to crash again next week’. We’ve all done it many times and probably will a few more before we’re done and that’s perfect and perfectly normal. ♥ Thanks for being so honest about that. ♥


  14. “Hi Denise I have much respect for ‘new age’ I like your writings. Each time I grow no web site explains in full grounding which after sometime I am feeling frustrated. I now feel energies with people I am close to, my guides have explained this is coming but its concerning. I feel the pain of my loved ones now its intense. Thank god I have beautiful friends and I can discuss sensations I experience…but grounding them is eating or drinking during growth spurts. No one really discusses such growth spurt and how we ground which makes me feel abnormal. I think now there is more energy acting as a buffer, U don’t need to be a vegan. What’s the humble approach to balancing this energy? I know I am normal esp with the general populous I connect with on a day to day basis. I am more accepting and less judgemental. But spiritual adjustments take place regardless of religion and health I am convinced. you don’t need to b a vegan to find purpose and awareness…i haven’t. I am naturally clairaudient but otjer”

    I quoted this Comment written by Rachel only because she placed it under an image and not in an article where it will be seen.

  15. Hi Denise. Just sharing the ups and downs. NOW I feel sad and blue! Yup. I attended a social event with my regular group and was confronted by my desire to bond with others. Having been attending for about 1 1/2 years now I looked around and saw all the various relationships and/or easy going groupings that have formed among us. The aspect that bummed me out was realizing I was still “alone” in that I had no real close connection with anyone. Some people had become “best friends”. Others were in said groups involved in each others lives easily. I sat there realizing that as far as I have come I could get no further in this area. I don’t purposely maintain distance but I seem to live it. I ponder this conundrum of my life. I thought that surely there must be at least ONE person to come along that I could feel at home with and take time to form a friendship. There have been people who reach out to me too! Yet my indifference or fatigue make them drift away. I don’t blame them. I admit that what motivates most people does not motivate me or interest me much because I understand the underneath aspects. I find I want to analyze or have deep discussions! People want to have fun! What is that?! By the time I catch on and loosen up people have moved on. Sure they are still here but I am pegged. And I am the worst pegger!On top of all that my issues for being ill at ease in a group and my perception holds me back too. …. So I let myself fall into sadness and tears.

    And let me add that I did internally “connect” and feel the energy, yet I could not dispel what my mind beheld!

    • Dearest Edith,

      My Heart feels your tears, and I am compelled to respond.

      The most important thing that I wanted to bring to your attention is that there IS ONE person in that group that you have a close connection to: YOU. For so many years, the relationship with our Selves is overlooked, shoved aside, buried, because “other people” are more important in some manner or another.

      I do understand your desire to “connect” with others outside yourself, to have those deep discussions with… to be Real, and you have that here with us. However, it comes back to, if you’re able to find a very strong connection and relationship and love with You, all else becomes secondary desire… and somehow Then it shows up outside of You. It’s so important to recognize You, I cannot stress that enough. It is time (I’m including myself here too) to include our Selves back into the picture. No more serving the needs of others before our own, or instead of, or ignoring our own needs. This includes the spiritual and Heart needs. The image/thought that this brings to me a lot is you cannot exhale (give) if you do not inhale (receive); and also just like “in case of emergency” on the plane, you Always put the oxygen mask on Yourself First and then you can put a mask on the person next to you who cannot do for themselves.

      Hang in there as best you can. Heart Hug if you wish…

      Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Edith,

      This is those developmental Stair Steps. We’re all standing on different stairs and that’s “normal”. What’s not so normal is how profoundly huge the difference has been between the highest/lowest extremes between those Stair Steps/individuals and them all living in the same world together…much more uncomfortably for some obviously.

      Much of this is lessening however due to this Ascension Process and the end of the previous Great Evolutionary Cycle. The Separation of Worlds & Timelines will help a lot with this issue, but there will still be a wide range of people existing within the NEW and greatly improved balanced ‘Planet A/B’ yet it will be thousands of times better than what we’ve lived with before this change!

      You realize that the Ascension Process causes every single person that goes through it to deal with these same identical lessons/difficulties/growing isolation from the human herd. So for the people who are and have been intentionally seeking spiritual growth, this sort of isolation (like Monk-hood) is normal and part of The Process. It forces each of us to learn to be integrated and “whole” within ourselves individually because that’s an absolute necessity before one graduates/evolves/ascends to a level of being able to Consciously Create! Just imagine all the crazy, egoic, needy, greedy, fear based crap people would create if they could at lower levels of awareness!

      What I’m trying to say is that the emotional pain and sense of isolation from the human herd is normal for people that are growing spiritually/energetically/consciously. Once there’s enough of us that have individually reached similar levels of development at the NEW higher level, then we’ll be able to physically get together with like others. That time is closer now than it’s ever been so hang in there and continue working on yourself… as each of us are still having to do too. 🙂


      • Hi Denise, Edith and All Here,

        What I’ve discovered is that first I had to marry myself! Yup, actually, visualized the male and female of me getting married – civil ceremony. Next, I discovered that it was almost impossible to fall off the path once I was married to me. It became more important to be true to my-self than to any other. Yes, it has meant for isolation, but what has happened is those who would bring me down are disappearing and those who want to be with me just as I am, are turning up slowly, but surely. And all of this is okay. For so many long years I needed to be liked, my neediness was beyond belief and very painful (for others too, I’m sure), but now, when I look back I realize that my loneliness was the spur to finding the path, and during long years of being on my own, I learned my mission, am still learning it, and am determined to see it through. Marrying my-self to my Self seems to be the next step. Love, B.

      • Exactly Barbara & All. The real “Soul Mate” is our other opposite sex (male/female, female/male) aspect which we each need to integrate so we are “Unity” at this level individually. The first real Sacred Marriage is with the opposite sex aspect of ourselves from the sex we are in these bodies now. Then we begin other Stair Steps or layers of the Sacred Marriage with our Higher Self, and from that new integrated point we continue until we’re able to experience the Sacred Marriage with Source and self/Self/SELF. Stair Steps… always different layers and steps we go through.

        Very well done you! ♥

    • Hi Edith,
      I don’t know if my comment will find resonance with you or not but I hope another perspective helps. I will say that I experience what you are speaking if often. Although throughout the years people have often sought me out to socialize but I turn down invitations whenever possible BECAUSE I end up one way or the other not connecting.
      I am also the worst judger! I don’t mean to and I am constantly striving to move past it and simply honor that which I see. It may come with the territory of being hyper aware- but it is still very much a working issue here in this dimension. Social judgement always separates into the two categories of greater than or less than. I never want or mean to judge but it just pops up. I always remember something that my father used to quote that goes….there will always be greater and lesser men…(and if you judge yourself against them) you will become either bitter or vain. (Let me state that is very loosely paraphrased to make the point 🙂 ) The mere act of awareness of separation from others may make us feel less or greater and is divisive….as it it is meant to be here. It serves to separate. Ha, my left ear just rang- they don’t like that I am writing this ;). When I am at a social event it always seems like a hologram to me. Small aspects of ourselves playing little roles. Sometimes I wish that I could bring up the curtain and feel our true connection. But in times like that I also think that I came here to work, I don’t know doing what exactly, but that I came here to work. I have felt that for so long. I read another quote somewhere that really went to my heart. In my dark days it comforts me and I honor its truth for me. The quote was something to the effect- I am a server at this banquet, I came to serve here, but this meal is not for me, I am simply overseeing it. For me realizing that the reason that I don’t fit happily into some earth life (although I have one and have benefited much from my experiences) is that …..it wasn’t really the point. My being here isn’t really about me.
      Many people don’t feel this way, and I am not negating the soul growth of this experience, but when I focus on what I might, should be doing here, it feels more authentic to me. It is lonely here, but not for long now.

  16. Denise,
    Re experiencing going through the ‘narrow neck’ from 3D, and leaving behind all that does not belong in the New: You are a trustworthy sort for many Lightworkers. I feel that many people, and esp. L/Wkers, need a reality check, to make it on through the ‘neck’: With your b/g and insights, are you familiar with the research work of the likes of Acharya S. and Barbara G. Walker?? We need to leave a lot of the residues of religions behind, to strike out into the clear light of the New Day. That means to separate parable & religious ‘motifs’ from historical reality. I encourage some sharing on this subject, in one of your upcoming blogs.

    And keep up the good work. I’m glad that I ‘went the second mile’ (speaking of religious influences in our lives!) in actually coming to your blog site. Happy Transitions to All. 🙂

    • “…Re experiencing going through the ‘narrow neck’ from 3D, and leaving behind all that does not belong in the New: You are a trustworthy sort for many Lightworkers. I feel that many people, and esp. L/Wkers, need a reality check, to make it on through the ‘neck’: With your b/g and insights, are you familiar with the research work of the likes of Acharya S. and Barbara G. Walker?? We need to leave a lot of the residues of religions behind, to strike out into the clear light of the New Day. That means to separate parable & religious ‘motifs’ from historical reality. I encourage some sharing on this subject, in one of your upcoming blogs…”


      No I’m not at all familiar with the two people you mentioned.

      Many times over the past years I’ve tried to let people know as gently as possible (and sometimes less gently 😀 ) that, as I’ve put it, Church and State (which covers it all) are the primary ways that human consciousness and spiritual growth has been suppressed and controlled for a very long time. I’ve also said many times that because we’re at the end of the Piscean Age (and the world religions–distortions and all–that went along with that 2,100 yearlong cycle) we all need to clear out the Piscean Age junk and stuff now. Even those folks who’ve never been “religious” and/or were never forced into some Piscean Age religious beliefs by their parents or family/mates/husbands/wives etc., even those people still live within the human Collective religious belief systems of the past Piscean Age like it or not!

      The whole of humanity is having now to wake up and realize a lot more things about “reality” and “history” etc. and literally free themselves from the negative and deliberate distortions and control that certain Piscean Age world religions have had on them in greater or lesser degrees… and find Higher Awareness and the Divine on their own individually. Why on their own and individually now? Because we’ve entered the Aquarian Age plus the ongoing Ascension Process and this is another very important next step for evolving humanity; to individually be able to access the Divine on their own without some middleman such as a Priest, Monk, Guru, Father, Shaman, Pastor etc. etc. doing it for them, which is actually dis-empowering to the individual and also makes them feel and believe in their own dis-empowerment. Clever con job wasn’t it? Plenty have made billions off this deception and ruled the world for a long time but all that old negative Piscean Age and patriarchal tactics have expired and we’re deep in transition out of all that and into the NEW. Some folks will make this transition faster and easier than others obviously.


  17. Wonderful discussions ! Thank you all for sharing so openly.
    I would like to raise another flag here.
    Today on FB I read a post by a (so-called) Lightworker. One with clients.
    I had to read twice, because I could not believe what he said. Basically, in a few sentences he trashed everything. Ascension is bull, collective consciousness is bull, transformation is bull and so on.
    And comments were starting to flow from dishearted folks … agreeing with what he said.
    I am raising a flag, because there will be “fakes” among us, readily trashing everything, or simply misleading.
    Yes, we use discernment better and better, yes our inner Heart guidance is more and more refined. Still, there can be damage if something like this “hits” you on a “bad day”.
    So, it’s a good thing we know of these potential “damage doers”.
    What shocked me was NOT so much what he claimed, but the reaction of many folks who took in his footsteps and agreed.
    So, a BIG Loving Hug to all, and keep using discernment.
    No wonder it’s been a topic on all channelings lately.
    Bubbles of Joy to all

    • “…Today on FB I read a post by a (so-called) Lightworker. One with clients. I had to read twice, because I could not believe what he said. Basically, in a few sentences he trashed everything. Ascension is bull, collective consciousness is bull, transformation is bull and so on. And comments were starting to flow from dishearted folks … agreeing with what he said. I am raising a flag, because there will be “fakes” among us, readily trashing everything, or simply misleading…”

      Brianna & All,

      There’s been tons of this type of crap coming from lots of people lately; some people that, in my opinion, should know better.

      People are at the ends of their ropes in the Second and Third Trimesters of 2013 with pretty much everything and everyone and I can relate! 😆 However, as terrible as this may seem at first glance, it’s a great sign that major positive changes are on the brink of manifesting in this physical world. And that is great news despite how exhausted, how pissed off, how disheartened, how repulsed, or how many times this year one has thought about suicide! When a whole bunch of people reach this breaking point, it means we’re at a breaking point with the old negative everything and that is great! 😀

      Like I said the other day and will continue saying it until people really, honestly understand it at higher levels of awareness — The LIGHT has hit the fan finally! The LIGHT (and much more) has arrived in this physical dimension in May 2013 which means the external changes in physical “reality” will now unfold like never before. This will sometimes appear like unpleasant things and/or disasters, deaths, old systems ending, more things not being available to buy in stores and so on, but it really is the ending and exiting of the negative old systems and ways and the start of the NEW everything. We’re very much on the cusp or deep in transition now and it’s going to take some “time” for all this to unfold but it’s all positive.

      “What shocked me was NOT so much what he claimed, but the reaction of many folks who took in his footsteps and agreed.”

      Don’t be shocked or surprised at how many people and how immediately and effortlessly they “fall” right back into being mindless, unthinking sheeple again and again. Humanity has thousands of years of this intentional dis-empowerment BS to work their ways out of and learn how to maintain their individuality at higher levels of awareness etc. After being SO intentionally weakened by nonhuman and human Team Dark for thousands of years, lots of us Forerunners are going to repeatedly see plenty of people we thought knew better do this sort of thing where they automatically go back to their old more familiar ways of being/perceiving/doing etc. and that is to blindly and unthinkingly follow whoever they’re listening to or reading and so on. This is an ongoing Initiation for each and every one of us and many won’t get it, won’t pull it off now and that’s perfectly okay. We all have to be wise enough to give them room to do it or not do it now. That is High Heart awareness and in situations like this, it’s very hard to shut up and allow others to find their own ways and do the individual inner work that’s required to make these huge evolutionary changes.

      I love your ‘bubbles of joy’ line Brianna. ♥

  18. Denise and All Here,

    I hope this link works. This is from Inelia Benz and is her latest post. It is to me anyway the piece we are all missing. Denise explains this also that we are to bring the higher vibrations into our everyday lives from that meditative space and embody that for as long as we can. I would really like to be a part of the experiment but it looks like I am about to lose my cable package I can no longer afford. I will however do it anyway and try to find a way to embody my higher self more often. I, too am struggling to be in 3D hell and cannot one; find a job and two; I know in my heart I cannot play this stupid fucking game anymore. I am done with the work to survive yet not survive method. I am not sure if I am crazy but I do know that the longer I play the 3D game the longer I will be stuck in it. I am tossing it to the ethers and I am going to stand in my I AM presence and be what resonates with me in the NOW moment. The information being expressed to me by HS is that the 5D is being created by all of us yet it has nothing to do with 3D processes-rules-regs ect, Use our imaginations of the life we desire–think outside the boxes and then think outside of that. I love all of you and know we are on a path that is our creation of love-peace-FREEDOM- harmony and unity. We are the trailblazers!!! PLEASE DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT. Peace Out, Valerie


    • “…I am done with the work to survive yet not survive method…

      Valerie & All,

      We’ve been in the disintegration of these old negative patriarchal slave systems for a while, but now in 2013 and beyond, they’re going fast because they don’t work plus people are waking up and not agreeing to them any longer. Those of us leading in this (Forerunners, Path Pavers etc.) are the ones living it, doing it, embodying it and anchoring it into physicality first. The rest will follow and more quickly than most would guess. 😉

      I was glad to read Inelia Benz’s latest about this and see that she’s figured out that the old Piscean Age models of one teacher or one guru or one master or one shaman etc. doing it for everyone else is NOT THE ANSWER. I’ve been writing for years about how humanity is now shifting from or rather evolving from that old dis-empowered model of “one teacher to do it for everyone else” while everyone else rides along like children on the efforts of the “one teacher” or “one master” or “one guru” etc. It’s grow-up time now and everyone must re-learn to do it themselves for themselves individually. That is the NEW 5D High Heart Aquarian Age model. It’s great Inelia figured this out now too and is also spreading the news that individuals must now become empowered and Creator Beings on their own. 🙂

      And you’re right Valerie; change your intentions, your emotional and mental focus and start working on–which means envisioning, feeling, seeing, knowing–what YOU want for yourself now YOUR way and not the old disintegrating ways. Be creative and open everyone so that those things you’re desiring and envisioning can manifest in this physical realm. Expect and make room for those things to come to you in very NEW and unorthodox sorts of ways now and in the near future. This stretching of our High Hearts and ♥-based imaginations as to HOW things can come to us now is part of us learning to be Conscious Creators. 😉 I’ve been working on this myself and the wider I open the Door of Eternal Possibilities (to borrow one of Master Hotei’s great lines), the more places/people/locations/dimensions/timeline etc. things can come to me. 😉

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Denise, I keep on reading from you and the commenters (thank you for keeping your site going), I barely talk or write at this point but I’ll ask, if you feel like giving an example of what you said here, about imagination and high heart and creating a future – something that I (and maybe others) would be able to understand better, because I’m thinking maybe there could be a way I haven’t considered…
        It’s like, for example, I’ve been feeling a lot of pain that I can’t afford (and am not that interested) in going to doctors to “fix” (because I know they can’t really heal it), but if I imagine the body part entirely whole and perfect, the pain tends to stop, but nothing physically changes, it’s still visibly a mess and the pain still comes back. Logic and linearity have flown out the window a while ago, and I do feel these doors to the imagination more open, however very near zero has changed on the outside, and like some others, I’m having those moments of that sort of bitterness about the way life has been all along and wanting to even stop imagining something better.
        If you do feel like giving an example of “how” (doesn’t seem the right word) one can do this , that would be great. Either way, thank you so much for being around.
        Heart hugs to you and all.

      • Kaisa,

        Brilliant Comment Kaisa and exactly what I too and so many other of us Forerunners have been going through, struggling with, learning from. I think I’ll quote your great Comment in an article and try to talk about this situation as you suggested… Thank you for it.


      • Dearest Kaisa,

        Thank you for verbalizing (so to “speak”!) this. For many months I have been at a “loss” of how to bring physical (and even deeper) healing for a painful sciatic issue. I’ve had nudges to go to the chiropractor, then acupuncture, and lately massage. I’ve been blessed at being able to at least minimally go to each of these… all out of pocket. I’ve opened myself up to “any and all healing on all levels” as my appointment starts… and I still have not found complete relief. I’m not frustrated by it, and I’ve allowed myself to trust in the intuition and know that when the “time” is “right”, I will know how to move beyond/through the pain.

        The other part that I’ve been grappling with is, is this a “belief” that I need to let go of? That there’s something tied to this pain… a belief… that I haven’t yet been aware of or transmuted? Or do I need to let go of the “belief” that I am in physical pain? Is there such a thing of letting the belief go and all of a sudden I no longer am in pain? I’m doing my best to remain open, and then even open wider to anything or possibility.

        One thing I do know, is that these physical “limitations” hold something for us. It (first and foremost) forces us to “slow down”. It can teach patience, and learning to ask for help, so many things. I feel like I’m having an expectation I didn’t realize until now… that at “some point”, I will “know” how to help heal that part of my body/self. Maybe I need to let that expectation go… and therein lies the answer? Like I said, I’m really open to anything (Light-centered) at this point.

        Thank you, again, for bringing this subject up.

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Dear Denise, Kaisa, Chrysalis and All Here,

        I understand 3D physical pain and have often wondered how to heal it in myself and in others. I will keep this short, because it is something that each should research and discover for themselves, but I want to give credit to Barbara Hand Clow for putting me onto the 2D telluric realm and elementals. (See her book, “Alchemy of Nine Dimensions.”) In my quest to heal my own physical, and I emphasize ‘physical’ as opposed to emotional or any other kind of pain, I learned from BHC that it is the second dimension that understands and transmutes physical pain. Why? Because the 2D of Earth has been in extreme pain for many eons from mining, drilling, damming, bombing, etc. and more recently, from fracking. When we forget that Earth is as conscious as we are, probably more so, that she is a physical body with circulation and skeletal structure, and the resulting pain in her 2D which comes from the unconscious actions of humanity, it makes sense that our own 3D pain will continue until we wake up to hers. So, I can only suggest that it might be helpful if during meditation or when simply thinking about those amazing systems that lie beneath our feet, the rivers, streams, lava flows, crystal plains, and so much more all invisible to us, that we offer our pain to that telluric realm and invite the elementals to transmute it, because, if I understand correctly, that is what 2D will do when she is acknowledged and loved for keeping 3D Earth as healthy as possible during these times of rape by Team Dark. Love to all, B.

      • Denise, truly thank you for understanding! I really appreciate it. I’ll wait for your views on this. Another hug and much love to you.

        Chrysalis, I’ve been going thru all that too in this type of edge of realities where a broken tooth is still a broken tooth, but if/while I see it whole, it doesn’t ache, still, yet, it is broken and the pain still comes back. And so it is for many things. It’s not easy to explain, seems like all ways of available 3d relief, altho sometimes useful, are somehow “off” – as if, perhaps, they are ok for as long as they last and feel ok, and that’s usually not long for me, but they aren’t Real. And it seems that what I feel as “real (result)” is simple, organic, natural. However, no solid transformation, which makes me disheartened and hopeless quite often. But yes, being open is what I have left.
        Thank you for getting it and responding. Love back to you.

      • Barbara, I am (partly) an elemental so I understand a lot of what you said. In my perception, to imagine a body healthy is loving the body and earth, it’s not a mental thing and it contains no separation. It is a lot about freedom to me. It took me long to get to this point, to break thru so much bondage.
        I guess my wondering is more about the point when a broken bone is no longer broken, and a scar tissue is no longer scarred, and pain does not return. For all to see. I’m just tired of any process. I’d love to hear more about the final manifestation/physical evidence of what we feel and know. Thank you very much for your comment, it brought a lot of clarity to me. A big hug!

        This is not meant to Barbara personally, but I would like to mention it since it came up. I’ve been having either furious or ice-cold reactions to seeing the old practice of giving pain and darkness for the earth to transmute, since May, I think. Because I feel the elementals so strongly and I feel they/we are coming out of long term enslavement and really needing wholeness and love. I know it’s a lot about my personal journey, but now I wonder if others feel this too, that at least a part of 2d is no longer wanting to continue transmuting and feels it’s time for humans to deal with it, same as starseeds are feeling? That a part of 2d, at least, is wanting to remain untainted, untouched by lower energies, and leave this behind. Maybe it has to do with the separation of timelines? Sorry if it sounds too simplistic, it’s been a long-long process. I do remember Denise’s description of 2d having been cleansed for some time now, which is/was very similar to what I saw. Anyway, just saying in case someone has a feeling about it they want to share.

        Hugs to Denise and all, and thank you very much for your caring and attention.

      • Denise & All,
        I think this is what I mean and please tell me what you think—when we decide we are no longer going to accept/participate/engage in any of the usual 3D methods of healing, working, or put another way–‘business as usual ‘and step up out of the boxes/cages/prisons we have been conned into believing is real and use our High Heart and create a previously unimaginable way to live–that is when we will individually and collectively FREE ourselves. The main thing is we have to BELIEVE and KNOW THAT IT IS MORE THAN POSSIBLE–IT IS OUR TRUE REALITY(?)
        I don’t know about everyone else but here is where I have a hard time; I have a moment of doubt or I am under attack, I ask my HS what IS outside all those boxes/prisons?? How do I get out from under this slave system?? It’s like I cannot envision specific details on how to create/proceed out above all I have ever know–eventho I know there is so much more…eventho with every fiber of my being I know that World we all envision is there–I cannot yet see it or feel it. There seems to be a block but why? I do know the moments I am in that space–ALL IS POSSIBLE. I have no more pain. I can go out and function as an observer. I feel connected to something so much more than is here in 3D at the same time connected to everything—and it is so awesome. Then another attack and I am left wondering WTF all over again.
        I say no this is not my reality and I try out different experiments as possibilities and I always end-up back in the shit. I hope this makes some kind of sense to you. I am missing a piece of the puzzle and if anyone knows it–please let me know.I do have to say that there are more better days than there used to be and I can physically move when a year ago I thought I would not be able too again–so something is happening. I love all of you and I know we will be FREE. Peace Out, Valerie

    • Valerie,
      If you are crazy then so am i! Feel the same way–I cannot play this stupid fucking game (& I have used those EXACT words many times!) for even another minute! And you are so bang on with your description of struggling & slaving to survive but not survive. Can i get a hell yes?
      Resonating with you, Elila

  19. Hi Denise. I very much appreciating your validating I am not insane when I am with others. I needed to hear it!

    The thing with me and my strong desire to be with others is my desire to be physically stroked, hugged and touched. A life time of isolation is not set up for physical contact and I was in desperate need. I must admit that in my group there are a couple of people who fulfill this need for me. There is something so healing and relaxing having someone hold you or hug you or just tenderly stroke your skin. So I suppose my deepest need IS being met even if it does not look like what I might have dreamed. I can do lots of things for me but not this : ) Not even hugging my dog comes close! I am blessed after all. I was just cuddled up tonight and now I am all relaxed : ) This is all platonic cuddling I might add.

    The poop kept hitting the fan this week but yesterday I fell asleep for almost 14 hours and dreamed. I was moving into a new house. Other people were moving out. It was yellow but I didn’t mind. The home was charming, sweet and complete. The back of the home on the outside facing outward was set up with a very public business-like snack bar so that I could serve others! This too had people who were moving out so I could move in and there were customers! I began serving right away, I find it fun. …..It seems obvious what this dream is saying even to me!

    And I do appreciate and deeply think about the other insights I have received from my fellow stair steppers : )


  20. Dear Denise,
    Please ignore my earlier mail as somehow a connection just appeared in me mailbox! Thank you for your further comments absolutely bloody marvellous as we say over here!

    And Barbara I want to thank you for your wonderful comment that puts me in mind of a ‘conversation’ channelling I had a few months ago with Mother Gaia spirit, yes I was talking to Earth in my imagination as George Kavassilas and others beautifully urge us to do and seemed like I got a reply! Real cool stuff but unbelievably poignant in that I felt like crying my heart out throughout basically she told me just what you were saying. If you all permit me i will quote a little here for I wrote down the conversation afterwards….She thanked me for being her child as a cell wtihin her body and for helping her bear her pain…Yet she encouraged me that while indeed her body endures great pain and assault from ‘the dark gods’ and of course their human minions and they try to wrench her old body from her – grab the pearl out of the oyster as it were- and continue the old ways of rapine, plunder conquest and abuse , in the essence of her spirit she feels joy and is one with God the Divine, she used the biblical term the Father, even as I am in my humanity. She said how my dream is her dream and that we are ascending together. And further that by the cosmic law of Love and self surrender , self sacrifice being the overriding law of all the worlds and is operative at every level; she volunteered as it were, gave herself up so we could evolve and devolve, make our choices and be all we could be living out every potentiality, even at great unimaginable cost to her.. This as a microcosmic level and why in traditional cultures mothers are so often greatly revered – the Madonna archetype – gives so much of herself to bear and raise a child…

    I wish I could address each of you but lack time and space! I could say sooo much on what you all raise. I will try to be succinct. After feeling waves of higher energy I am feeling rather down again but not crashed exactly just very pissed off as many express with the usual world and society and wonder how much more I can tolerate, even at outwardly optimum conditions it’s a bit like I am flogging a dead horse! Yesterday I was on a lovely beach woth family the sun was shining 30 degrees blah blah even earthly paradise don’t quite cut it, I couldn’t assuage the deep pain in my heart and the chronic oppressive sense of unbearable limitation in 3D It all seemed so hollow as if the usual man woman is quite mad but they ofcourse in turn would think me pretty strange, as my brother and his family I am sure do! Also it baffles me as Denise said how many you think should know better those cut above the masses more sensitive somehat awake and so forth and yet even dear old ‘spiritual’ friends were almost triumphally dismissive of my 2012 aspirations and all shouted I told you so in unison when 2012 came and went and the world bafflingly the same on the surface anyway! I have not forgotten that though I try to forgive I was ina very raw and vulnerable state and basically got short shrift even from spiritual friends. The lonleiness of all this adds to the pain – I remember the ludicrously optimistic stats bandied about for the proportion of humanity going to planet A AB etc. and now a year later it still feels pretty lonely the path of Ascension and so on. No wonder many simply have lost faith. The mills of God grind slowly, indeed!
    I have I am afraid no answer how to bear the pain of 3D and being human while I do feel a part of me is in a different world but I can;t damn well see it – fridge but I can hear it or the voices in my heart that seem to speak form it! I am not coping very well myself so I can offer no panacea, not even a placeboe! Woud be vrey interested in what you all have to say about how we can adapt and keep balance and so on it seems increasingly difficult.
    It ties in with the splitting of worlds and that does seem to be happening subtly, very subtly I can sense it. I am intensely examining my beliefs in the hourglass right now here are a few of them biggies that the world seems to be built that I must let go or be throttled by!
    1. I have to work for money or I will starve be homeless etc.
    2. Life ‘s a bitch and then you die! Good things miracles might happen somewhere for some but porbably not for me!
    . Have to work my karma in a karmic bootcamp called Earth not many other choices.
    People the bulk of them anyway are not to be trusted; are narcissstic shallow toxic and dangerous! They kill the prophets!
    God exists somewhere never been big on atheism even when things get bad but is somewhat remote and incognito cos I we just ain’t worthy etc.
    Life is dukka, suffering; joy is transitory and ends in old age sickness and death.
    I am not able in this life to be enlightened, ain;t good enough am weak and cowardly addicted to my own comfort and familiar things and ways even though they are my prison etc.
    This world ruled by the dark prince and good people don;t get much of a look in, power is in the hands of the dark ones, basically power is dark.
    Freedom is an illusion we just exchange one set of shackles and shacklers for another – it’s called history!
    Sorry that’s enough. Myabe folk would like to share their core beliefs,
    Lots of Love, to you all keep hangin in there,

    • Hi Alan
      Your comment on your 2012 aspirations leapt out as I read your post, I also had friends who said the whole Winter Solstice Event on 21.12.12 was a “distraction”. I absolutely knew something had happened on that day, but it was so subtle that it slipped into place almost without detection. Ever since, I have felt that we have been in a ‘holding space’ between dimensions, a sort of ‘out of time’ place. I also believe that those of us who held a great vision for that date, actually enabled the ‘shift’ that occurred, WE CREATED IT because we held a beautiful vision for Earth and Humanity.

      These days I can only take each moment as it arrives, the energy waves are throwing me all over the place, one day the energy lifts me, the next it crashes me onto the rocks, but I have never shifted my absolute faith and belief that we will make it into 5D. The birth canal is a tight squeeze, it’s suffocating at times, and it’s downright painful as we are squished and pressed forward towards the new opening.

      I certainly don’t remember signing up for this lot, must have been under the influence when they asked for volunteers 😆😆😆 ……. I will take a very long Galactic vacation when I’m out the other end, no more 3D jaunts for me …….EVER !

      • 😆 Me too Hope, me too! I’d need to be fully ascended to 5D before I’d ever volunteer to come back down vibrationally again and that would be a very different situation that what we’ve been doing.

        Thanks for the multi-D giggles. ♥

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