The Compression Zone by Cosmic Awareness & Will Berlinghof

No pressure No pressure No pressure

With everything dramatically increasing and compressing throughout 2013, and especially throughout the Third Trimester of the Nine Month period, I wanted to share this great channeled update by Will Berlinghof from Cosmic Awareness. Thank you Will, Callista, Joan, and Cosmic Awareness and Co. for this much needed information. ♥

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July 22, 2013


The Compression Zone

“That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available for the purpose of today’s readings for Rainbow-Phoenix. Please proceed.

Question: “Thank you Awareness, welcome and thank you again for being with us this evening. The Law of Love and the Law of Light have been invoked. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter and Joan Mills is the Energizer and Questioner. Do you have an opening message please?

Cosmic Awareness: “That this Awareness does have an opening message for general membership, for all who are coming to the site Rainbow-Phoenix.

That this Awareness does point out that in a few days by your earthly measure of time, you will reach the 21st of July. That this marks seven months since the event known as the Ascension event occurred December 21, 2012.

That this Awareness does point out that for many, this is an extreme time of personal growth and development and that this is reflected outwardly as well. That this period of time is that which this Awareness has called the compression zone. It has offered the image of the hourglass, whereby that which is the neck of the hourglass, the thin tube funnel from one or to the other, from one end of the hourglass to the other, is that which is the experience of many, that they are in this narrow neck of the hourglass, this relating to their lives. That this means that much is occurring for many in terms of their physical situations, their mental acuity and perceptions, their emotional body and emotional energies.

That it is not accidental that things seem so intense for many at this time. Many are definitely experiencing odd physical reality challenges, mostly for them bodily problems, aches and pains.

That this Awareness does confirm that for many, there is a process of transformation that is occurring at the bodily level of physicality. That this means that many are still experiencing the type of symptoms that this Awareness has been talking about over the last several months, even several years, and that the miasms that many are feeling in the body are intensifying and feel often as if the situation is so extreme that they must run to the doctor or to the medical authorities, for they are frightened by that which they are experiencing.

This Awareness would always support an individual whose choice it is to go to the medical ones, for this Awareness is not saying to anyone that you must ignore physical pains and symptoms. And that if going to the doctor or to the clinic, or even to emergency, is what you feel you need, then do follow this.

However this Awareness would add that often many will not find anything wrong. This is because much of that which is occurring is on a psychological-physical level. Thus the psychological journey that many are taking will provoke the physical responses that are needed to release energy in certain areas of the body where there may have been traumatic shock at other times, in other lifetimes. The traumatic shock is that which could be understood to exist at the deep psychological level of perception that is available both consciously and unconsciously to all human beings.

For many, it is an unconscious process and thus there is no awareness to what is happening other than the physical symptoms one is experiencing. As this is so, the physical still thus has precedence, still has the edge and that what is also occurring therefore is a challenge to individuals to trust a deeper process that is occurring at this time: the process of transformation even at the body’s level, the actual physical experience of the body, its aches and its pains.

That is why this Awareness can also say that it is important not to go into fear about any conditions one might be experiencing, to have a trust and faith that even though one is in pain, it is not permanent and it is not serious. That by understanding that there is this psychological element of release that is occurring in the transformational process, one begins to understand how much energy one can put into something that has become fearful for one.

The Interpreter recently experienced a body condition that at first provoked him at a fear level and he did also wonder if he was having a serious situation in the body and what it might mean on the physical level. But he did manage to curtail the fear, realized that he is reacting in a standard way that has been ingrained into humanity over the many millennia. That this has to do with the teaching, the indoctrinated beliefs, that the body only breaks down and cannot heal itself, and that if anything occurs that medical experts should be sought out and allopathic approach using pharmaceuticals, radiation, chemotherapy, etc. be used.

But this is not acknowledging the deep power of the mind and Spirit Itself. Thus when many are having their conditions that are being experienced at this time–the aches, the pains, the reflux, the heart palpitations–that while one has the right to deal with this on a physical level if the fear and anxiety is too great, remember always that this is a unique time and that in this time those challenges will present themselves that one does need to get to the bottom of, that one does need to work with and not simply go into fear or in a state of fear. In a state of panic, that which is the most feared can truly manifest itself. That this situation is such that as part of the compression process that the mind, the body, that the heart are going through, that Spirit is delivering to individuals, that it is such an experience that the challenges of one’s life, the fears, the doubts, the anxiety will express themselves very strongly and very personally.

In other words, for all individuals they will experience these challenges in the most personal way and that which is the strongest fear will have the most energy and most impact. These are parts of the blocks and barriers in this compression state in the tube of the hourglass of transformation that this Awareness has spoken of previously.

It is only reiterating this at this time for those who are going through some very intense experiences at this time, and that the bodily experiences that many are having are part of the process. To analyze this, to reflect on this, to go beyond any fear on these matters is required and even if one does decide that they do need physical assistance, rather than simply give all one’s powers away, one can start to understand that one can engage even this form of treatment, this allopathic physical approach and believe still that it will sort certain things out for them. But if they do find that after approaching allopathic experts, doctors, the medical field and they are diagnosed with something extremely dangerous, then they are on another journey where they will still have to choose whether to believe the allopathic doctors or not, whether to take control and invoke higher levels of participation in a healing process.

Often the problem is that when one abdicates to those who are the experts, one puts oneself in their hands and thus in their power. It is not easily done when one is in such a state to deny the authority of those in power, and thus when pronouncements are made on one that they will die from their illness, many simply accept this and energize this, for they do not understand their own true power, their own true faculty as a healer to themselves, a creator being of their lives.

But for those who have the strength and power to question, to challenge, to look within and to find the deeper answers, then this type of experience can indeed be one of those points in that compression zone of experience that is occurring now, that can lead one beyond that fear level, that can lead one into liberation and freedom from those who hold power in such ways.

That this Awareness is simply trying at this time to help one and all who are experiencing their own personal situations to understand there is deeper meaning and deeper reason to whatever challenge you bring into your life, be it the physical, be it the mental, be it the emotional.

That recently this Awareness spoke of financial crisis that many are going through. This too is that which will have great energy to it, part of the ingrained belief system that money alone will solve all problems and that a lack of funds means that one is limited, one cannot proceed for there is no money. Again, this is ingrained and is indoctrinated into each human being. It is their challenge to overcome this, as it would be of course, the challenge to overcome any other type crisis.

At this seven-month point, many of these crises are coming now to a head and that is one reason this Awareness would say: have trust, have faith, go deeply within, open to your spiritual being, your spiritual connections, know that this too is part of the journey, part of the way through and forward.

That this Awareness will speak now of another element of this time of compression when much is facing an individual, either in an individual personal way or in a grander, exterior way: the events of the world or of their lives reflected in their regions, in their localities, in their nations. That with compression there is that which is the transformational process, the compression such as coal experiences when it is compressed by the forces of Mother Earth so that it can become a diamond. But during the time of pressure it is difficult in many ways. Luckily this Awareness would say, it is not impossible and does state a saying that many are familiar with: “that nothing beyond that which can be endured will be delivered upon an individual. That only that which can be truly experienced and overcome is that which you will experience”.

That with compression, there does come the breakthrough, the shattering of that which was the problem, the situation that has been brought forward to be dealt with. That with the shattering, there then comes expansion, as one expands into this phase beyond that which was the crisis, that was the bottleneck. That this is still part of a process. Thus it is that after reaching this new expansion of awareness, of consciousness, of experience, that a compression begins again.

Remember this is still in that period of time, this nine-month period of time of development that this Awareness has spoken of. Thus with the compression that begins, new challenges may present themselves, other situations that have not yet been resolved may appear. Thus it feels to many that this is an unending process, even when they think they have achieved all, then they find that they go deep into retraction or contraction again, compression occurring once more.

But remember, it is a process. Therefore continue, work, delve deeply into that which now is presenting itself and again shattering those blocks, those limitations, again moving into new expansion. If one follows the imagery of the hourglass, in particular the bottleneck or that narrow part of the hourglass, one could imagine oneself always moving deeper as passage is made through this narrow stem, this funnel, this compression zone, until one finally comes to that place of ultimate breakthrough and one enters into the expansion of the new that is awaiting one; then a new journey begins.

But always remember that the spiritual journey is a process. That while many might expect and hope for a singular event that will completely end all, it is seldom so, and thus as one even moves on 21st of September to completion of this nine-month period and a new expansion opens, so does a new process, a new process of continual growth and evolution.

It has been asked of this Awareness why there cannot be an ending to things, a final completion. This is simply not the way of things. That even beyond third dimensionality into the higher states of dimensional consciousness, there is always an evolutionary process as the soul continues to refine itself, move itself towards greater and greater comprehension and completion, reaching for and striving for reunification with God Itself, to be re-absorbed into the totality of God Consciousness.

Thus it is that spiritual evolution is a continuum, a process. There is never a sharp ending with nothing beyond. There is always the completion and ending so that one can break through, move on into new states of expanded consciousness and begin a new process, a new level of the journey. That this is how it works in Spirit, thus it is how it works in the physical.

Those who would wish for a final completion, that it is done, do not understand completely that the process is continual, and that when one area is completed and achievement made, that there are new challenges, new growth and new development that await.

That at this time in the process of the nine-month journey, the final tweaking has truly begun. This is one reason why such intensity is now occurring. This is intensity, not only in the personal life journey, but in the evolutionary journey of Mother Earth herself . Thus there are factors that are affecting the planet as well.

That the solar impact of the solar radiations is having an effect on the planetary body, on the magnetosphere, the ionosphere, many levels of the physical of Mother Earth. She too is going through her own journey of compression and contraction, then expanding, breaking through, expanding beyond that which was the limitation previously.

That her journey can also have a strong effect on humans on her surface that are contained within her presence, her continuity of experience. Do not forget, always you are part of that which is Mother Earth, part of that great terrestrial being that is going through her own evolutionary process. That many of the bodily symptoms that you are experiencing that are designed to provoke inner search and advancement are also triggered by and affected by the planetary process that is occurring. The magnetosphere, the ionosphere, the intense radiation that is coming through at this time; all of this is affecting not only Mother Earth but individuals on the planet. You are there to participate in this part of the journey as well. Therefore, recognize that while you are going through whatever intense experiences you are going through, you are at the same time connected to the process Mother Earth is going through.

While this is a time of transformation, the transformation is not complete, you have not yet reached the final portion. There is more tweaking to do, more adjusting to do; but as you understand your greater participatory role in this journey of evolution, both for yourselves individually as well as for Mother Earth, you will begin to feel a greater sense of unity with this journey, with the higher forces that are beginning to communicate more and more to you, either unconsciously during the sleep state or in the many intriguing, unique experiences that so many are having. All is exemplary of the journey of progress that is underway, the journey of development, the journey of transformation.

That this Awareness is now complete with Its opening message.

It adds a final note: to be patient with yourself, to trust and know that despite everything, all will be fine, all will be well. That the challenges of your lives do need to be faced now, that you have brought them to yourselves for this purpose, to face these issues and win your freedom, or not, for there is always choice here.

And that one can choose one path or another, one can face and the challenges in a way that is bravery itself or one can retreat in absolute fear, doubt and panic. The choices are always yours, but to understand you are being supported by forces greater than you even now can comprehend, even though you are moving towards breakthrough and completion of this cycle, it is still a personnel journey that you are on. A personal journey where you are not truly alone.

There are those forces, those greater spiritual forces, that are working with you, working with Mother Earth to expand into this level of realization in consciousness–will be very beneficial for many as they often feel they are completely alone on the journey. For those who do feel this, understand that you are not alone. That the Divine, that Spirit, that this Awareness indeed travels with you as do many other levels and layers of Spirit, of that which is your own higher dimensional beingness.

That this journey is an extreme one, but then again you chose to be part of this journey at this time. Always remember that you are not here by accident, that you have chosen this, that you have decided it is time now to break through and to journey forward now with trust and faith that all will be well.

That this completes the opening message, the general message that this Awareness wished to deliver at this time.”


32 thoughts on “The Compression Zone by Cosmic Awareness & Will Berlinghof

  1. Dearest Denise,

    I just have to say, thank you for the belly/heart laugh just now!

    “No Pressure, No Diamonds”

    Indeed!! It’s hilarious, when I first read it, I read it as “No pressure…. but…”. And then I got it. I read the message from CA I believe it was yesterday. And I recall that passage that CA stated.

    Since the “3 days of darkness”, and the disappointment, and the realization that it wasn’t a “snap your fingers it’s done” thing, I’ve been a lot more open to the process. Those of us who are doing the work, we’re already seeing the changes occurring. While it may not always be evident, those around us are certainly there as constant reminders. Those close to me constantly remark on the beyond “leaps and bounds” of my growth. And I’ve watched my best friend bound up her own stair steps closer to me again.

    It reminds me of a Star Trek episode (I hope you’ll forgive the reference). People kept disappearing one by one; no one except for the Doctor knew it was happening. At first it was so gradual, until it became undeniable. My sense is it’s sort of like that. We, each of us are having small experiences of the “new place”. Gradually, more of us will gravitate there, but not so much that everyone will notice it. It’ll just Be.

    I’m so grateful for this process. Yes I’ve been in physical pain, tired, etc. And I’ve never been at more peace in my entire life than I have these past months. Letting go, realizing my Voice, living by my Heart, these have really been huge blessings for me to experience after all the trauma and ptsd I experienced for so many years. Re-Discovering my True Self, Divine Self in and of itself has been such a relief. And I’ve been weeping these days because I am just so grateful, filled with such Love beyond anything before, building with each day.

    With Much Love and Light to you All,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  2. Thank you so much for this very timely message, since the physical aches and pains have become even more severe until I was screaming silently to myself today. I wont share what I was saying! Blessings to all.

  3. Ugh. I have been through enough and have enough faith to know that, yes, things will eventually get better, it’s just taking soooooooo long this time!

    You wanna talk about contraction? Saturn return immediately followed by Saturn square Sun, which will soon turn into Saturn Opposition Moon. I’ve had so much pain and failure and depression lately that it doesn’t even phase me so much anymore, I’m just bored with it. When do I get to experience a different emotion again? Happiness perhaps? Success? Love? Affection? Autonomy? Purpose? Would be nice to be reminded what those feel like. I promise I won’t take them for granted ever again.

    Hurry up universe. I have been a good person and done everything I could to the best of my ability despite everything you have thrown at me for the past few years. I am SOOOOO ready for some diamonds. I deserve them.

    Thanks as always for the post, Denise.

  4. This message is for Jane: I totally understand where you are at – I was there yesterday – all day! There are many issues I am facing right now and just dove right into the depths of depression and hopelessness. I received a wake-up call or maybe you could call it a “slap in the face” from one of my friends. I didn’t want to hear what she was saying at first, but somehow in the midst of my “pity party” I realized that I was doing the opposite of what I have always told my children to do – to stand strong and fight for what is right! I had the realization that I was giving in to the dark side of things and giving up my power. I started to call on my spirit guides/angels or whoever would assist me to lift my vibration. I am not going to tell you that I heard harps sounding, but I did receive at least two confirmations today that I am truly connected to Source and that I am being cared for and watched over. I wish the same for you and send you and your special children loving energy! Just connect to the innocence of the little children for a moment and you can find hope!

  5. I have been experiencing the aches and pains tremendously and they started around July 4th. From tendonitis in my right shoulder, right elbow and behind the right knee. Not sure what thats all about. Been getting such bad headaches I went to the chiropracter for an adjustment and he asked me if I had been in a crash as my neck is so messed up. Its still messed up and I have alot of pain in my muscles down the right side of my neck. No car crash or anything I can think of, just a messed up rights side of my body. But the strangest thing I have been experiencing is my sense of taste. I have a weird taste in my mouth that makes my water taste strange. My favorite potato chips taste this way. Almost everything I eat has the same strange taste masking the usual flavor. Just curious if anyone else here is experiencing this. Thank you Denise for the CA post. Always so interesting.

  6. Julie,

    I’ve been through this too over the past few years of the right side of my body and head (the masculine side) hurt with all sorts of aches, pains, stabbing pains, increased pressures, muscle knots etc. Then it will all shift to the left side for a while (the feminine side) where the same types of pains and pressures happen in the body and head. This is part of the Rewiring Process where we integrate the duality of +/-, masculine/feminine energies within ourselves, no matter which sex we are. This happens in our body and head/brain halves and has been literally building NEW higher receptor connections and central nervous system and much more so that we can safely embody and run vastly higher and faster Light frequencies through us and our bodies and brains and not blow a fuse or burn down the house! 😉

    I’ve also noticed that after a few years of this right side/left side body and head pains and pressures, I then began experiencing pains and pressures right in the center line of my body such as right in my spine at different levels and right in my Crown chakra on top of my head but right in the center etc. etc. Seems we work on the right/left duality business, then we work on embodying increasing amounts of higher frequencies coming in through our Rewired systems… which is exactly what I’ve been going through again these past few days. It’s been VERY intense lately and we’ve got the start of the first year of the “Lion’s Gate” 6D Sirian Light Codes or Waves coming in since 12-21-12 which tells me they’re going to be “different” this year! Ready or not everyone, here it comes starting tomorrow and running for almost a month!

    I too have experienced periods where food/water tastes wrong but it never lasted very long thank goodness. What I have had last for years now is my sense of smell being so amplified that it makes me feel sick after a while. It’s like when your pregnant and your sense of smell is SO extremely exaggerated that it makes you nauseous. I’ve had that off and on for many years now. (I’ve threatened to do any food cooking outdoors so I don’t have to smell the cooked food smell for a week!)

    That was interesting what your Chiropractor said about your neck Julie. I’ve wondered if what we go through energetically would be seen by a Chiropractor like this and obviously it does. Thanks for sharing that. ♥


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