Can You Believe It’s August 2013?!

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I’ve done my best in 2013 to be consciously aware of the Ascension related evolutionary shifts and changes I am going through this year. I’ve always done this, however, I really wanted to be consciously aware of this particular 2013 leg of the Ascension Journey where we’re about to ‘Break on through to the Other Side’ to borrow a great old Jim Morrison/Doors line.

Some of what I’ve experienced and perceived so far in 2013 is pretty impressive to this current version of “me” living this Process. To other aspects of the Greater ME it’s merely business as usual so don’t get all worked up or hot n’ bothered over any of it! These different perspectives are, at times, truly hilarious and great equalizers. There’s nothing like that look your Higher Self occasionally gives you that tells you to knock off the emotional Drama Queen routine. It’s like being a kid and getting busted by a parent and it forces you to discharge all the imbalanced emotional stuff in an instant. Perspective.

When I honestly review the great evolutionary ascension leap we’re making—regardless of which Stair Step one is on today—it’s damned impressive. We’re evolving/ascending from a profoundly restrictive, intensely dense, repulsively polarized, monstrously controlled world controlled by Monsters unseen and seen, in an extremely narrow band of frequency and consciousness to… something so much better it’s hard for many to comprehend or even imagine. Some people understand this; they get it at deeper, inner levels but most people haven’t a clue that such a profound level of evolutionary leaping—not crawling, leaping—has, is, and will continue happening for many years.

It’s a very different thing intellectually knowing something from actually living it body, heart, and soul. Example: for years we’ve read wonderful Ascension related information about this phase of the Process that many called being in the birth canal’ or being ‘in labor within the womb of the Great Mother’ etc. Then finally in 2013 we entered this Process body, heart, and soul at another level than we’d ever experienced earlier, and now we know what it actually feels like being intensely pressured, squeezed, and struggling within the energetic ‘birth canal’ in real ‘labor pains’. Now we know because we’re living it all the way down in the physical dimension in and through our physical bodies. It’s not ethereal or intellectual but a hardcore Process we’re going through physically and because of this it’s very different and much more extreme feeling, deeply personal, extra emotional, and profoundly exhausting.

September 22, 2013 Equinox – End of the Nine Months

A lot of people are very curious and/or very concerned about what will or what will not happen with this next upcoming important date— 9-22-13. I know many people were hugely disappointed when the physical external world didn’t instantly transform into what you and I wanted it to on December 21, 2012— 12-21-12. I knew better and I still wanted everything to transform instantly back then too! However, what we all must bear in heartmind (that’s another NEW Denise word if you’re wondering 😉 ) is that things would instantly transform in much more obvious and dramatic ways if we did this via the old method of physically dying and leaving one’s physical body! Poof, you’re out of the physical dimension; poof, out of your physical body; poof, the heavy physical density is gone; poof, you’re in a nonphysical dimension; poof, you’re in one of your nonphysical bodies; poof, OMG things feel so much better!

But because we desperately wanted to remain in our physical bodies in this physical dimension on this physical earth world and live through the Ascension Process in our physical bodies and do The Process THAT WAY, it takes more linear physical time. Why? Because otherwise the sudden and profound impact of going from one very dense low-frequency state into a much higher frequency state would literally destroy as in kill our physical bodies, burnout our central nervous systems, fry our intellect, and most likely fracture our psyches in horrible ways. So, to prevent all that and worse, we’ve HAD to do this entire Ascension Process in incremental Stair Steps over and over and over and freakin’ over year after year after year.

It simply takes more linear time in physicality to carefully, methodically, and incrementally move our selves, our consciousness, and our energetic and physical bodies through this monumental Alchemical Evolutionary Ascension Process when remaining in the physical body in a physical dimension in a physical world in linear time. We can (and we all have and it’s perfectly okay) bitch n’ whine n’ complain about this Ascension Process and all the linear time it takes and how hard and painful it is. Stepping out of the physical body at death is fast and easy compared to remaining in it and hauling it with you up all these different energetic Stair Steps to literally Alchemically transform it from dense 3D Lead into Light-filled 5D Gold! That is painful and that takes some linear time but in the end we’ll be very, very, glad we went through all this.

Today is August 2, 2013, and it feels to me at this moment like something really big and reality-changing is about to happen in this physical dimension and physical world. I sense this whatever all it is I’m feeling now is both wondrous and horrible. Horrible because some things we’re used to in the old world are going to start disappearing very fast now and that could cause some panic, some discomfort, some anger, some fear etc. Wondrous because more of the NEW is able to manifest here now; not all the NEW mind you, but a good bit more of it. Stair Steps remember?

The months of June, July and August of 2011, 2012 and 2013 have energetically been so hard, so intense and difficult, and now in early August 2013 it feels to me like really big changes are about to transpire on this physical level of “reality”. This is not saying that they haven’t been for the past 25 years because they have, but this is different, and different in those simultaneous wondrous and horrible sorts of ways. No fear my friends just being honest about the current shifts I’m feeling at the moment.

Time to confess a bit more about the next big date change of 9-22-13. Ooo, but first just look and feel those numbers will you? A 9 and a 22 and a 13. They’re saying a lot if you’re familiar with numerology and it’s all very good!

Back to what I was about to confession. The other day I was talking with Callista Summerfield-Burlinghof via emails and she mentioned something that I’ve been aware of too. She’s written a new blog about this and other related things and as soon as it’s published at Rainbow I’ll quote it here. What she mentioned and we subsequently discussed briefly was how we both have perceived that a lot, and I mean a lot of people will be dying and rather quickly once we reach 9-22-13. This date is another major cutoff point in the Ascension Process just as 12-21-12 was. But in this case, after the Life Review everyone experienced during December 21, 22, 23, 2012, we’ve all had these Nine Months to very intensely and under severe compression pressures, work on whatever it was that each of us was shown we needed to work on in ourselves during our individual Life Review.

Now at the end of those Nine Months—which is the 9-22-13 Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere—great numbers of people will choose to physically die and leave their physical bodies in this physical dimension and physical world for whatever their personal reasons. This has nothing to do with anyone not doing it “right” or doing it “wrong” etc., but with the fact that many people cannot stay in their physical bodies on the other side of 9-22-13 in the dramatically increased, higher frequency Light Energies because they haven’t done the necessary transformational Inner Work that causes them and their bodies, brains, central nervous systems, psyches, and consciousness to match and comfortably cope with existing in the NEW higher frequencies or Light Energies.

On the other side of 9-22-13 many people will opt-out and die, will exit their physical bodies and go off and have another more traditional Life Review, then a Rest and Recuperation period for a bit, and then they’ll reincarnate in physical bodies that are a better frequency match to whatever world and timeline they choose to incarnate on if that’s what their Higher Self has chosen. There are of course many other options than just this one I’ve described, but the point is that a lot of people will be dying once we cross the 9-22-13 cutoff point. And again, none of this has anything to do with anyone “failing”, “missing the Ascension boat”, or doing it “wrong” or anything else; it has to do with personal choice and many people simply do not want to go through the difficult transformational Process of ascending their physical bodies now.

Because many people are going to be hoping for and expecting all sorts of positive and wondrous changes and improvements post 9-22-13, which will happen but just maybe not as fast as you/me/we’d all like, please know that instead of immediately seeing the earth world transform into an other dimensional Crystal City heaven on earth type situation, instead you may see a lot of people suddenly and very quickly dying and the rest of the old negative patriarchal global systems also dying off just as quickly.

See… this is why I don’t always share what I See, what I perceive because 1) I worry it will scare the poo out of some people and 2) I absolutely don’t want to create fear in anyone and further muck up reality with more fear-based energies and thought forms and 3) we’re not all going to end up in the same timeline on the same earth world and so on. We are diverse beings individually and because of this “reality” is even more diverse to accommodate each one of us.

If you get scared, worried, or confused about this 9-22-13 shift point I want you to honestly think about how well you can remember your last dream; your “past lives” on earth and on other dimensions and other worlds etc. Very few can remember their dreams so don’t worry about systems changing here and people dying and leaving now for new horizons that are a better match for them individually. Big changes are coming and soon but they may not immediately be the wondrous changes you/me/all of us reading this have worked so long and so hard for. Why? Go back and reread the paragraph about linear time and Stair Steps and why it has to be this way for those of use remaining in these current physical bodies. This is normal for physicality and even though it seems to these versions of “us” in physicality living through it all that it’s taking for EVER to happen, it’s happening incredibly fast from higher levels of being and perception. Just ask your Higher Self. 😉

Another reason I sometimes don’t tell everything I know and perceive is because of those Stair Steps again. Everyone is not standing on the same level of awareness, understanding, development and Ascension transformation at the same time and this is perfectly normal. However, because of this I withhold certain information sometimes—as I know certain other Ascension Teachers do too for the same reasons—and those reasons are primarily to NOT say something that the majority would misunderstand and then create more fear and negative thought forms that us Lightworkers would then have to help clear and/or transmute! I’ve known for a while that a lot of people are going to be dying suddenly after 9-22-13 but it most likely would have created more fear, worry, confusion, anxiety, chaos, and even guilt in some people if I’d shared that information back in January of 2013. So I withhold certain knowledge I’ve perceived until it feels correct for me to share publicly. Callista sharing the other day that she’s perceived this too told me it’s time now for me to share what I’ve perceived about this and give explanations as to WHY mass numbers of people will be dying after 9-22-13.

Despite there being what looks, feels and seems like it’s a big negative or big unpleasant thing is actually in this physical realm a HUGE sign that those positive NEW changes are physically here now. The weird thing with this Process at this point is that the positive manifesting and the negative disappearing are happening simultaneously, which gets difficult to wrap ones brain around sometimes. The collapsing of the old patriarchal world with its corrupt, elitist, greed based, dead-end systems are falling apart simultaneously to the NEW energies physically manifesting here now… especially post 9-22-13.


August 2, 2013

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93 thoughts on “Can You Believe It’s August 2013?!

  1. Dearest Denise, great timing of course. Just want I needed to read today. I quoted your stair steps to a friend this morning. I admire your courage in sharing your truth and guiding so many on this rocky path up the mountain. Bless you dear one. Hugs and love, Gwen

  2. Dearest Denise,

    Wow! Where to begin? Thank you for your wisdom; I know from my own experience that it truly is important to “hold your tongue” (what an odd phrase now that I look at it!) at times… the trick is knowing when to and when not to. It’s not an easy thing to learn and it can be done =)

    I feel a paradox, and yet not at the same time: sadness for so many (and I read/felt MANY in what you said) passing quickly… at the same time relief that I can breathe, perhaps truly for the first time. Since you and I believe Barbara and many others have mentioned feeling “claustrophobic”, I found that to be true for myself. Buses have felt “extra” crowded this year, even being “alone” in my apartment I feel like people are still “too close” to me. I have been aware of having “big energy” for years, which is why I haven’t gone to the mall in years… too many people walking IN my energy. This is way beyond that. No judgement on others’ choices, no judgements on myself for how I feel… just typing outloud here. I remember this has been sort of talked about before December last year, almost peripherally… that in some cases and scenarios, huge “natural disasters” would drastically reduce the population, but I don’t feel that anyone really paid that close attention… the attention was more on “where we wanted to go”. And perhaps in the shuffle, this fact was “forgotten”, because who honestly wanted to “think” about it… especially at that time. Still, no matter the scenario, lots of people will be lost… because we’re going to different spaces/places. And wouldn’t we honestly rather truly be with others who we growing as we are? Live in “true” synchronicity? I hesitate to type harmony as I’m more aware of how words are spelled (“harm”ony).

    I have noticed what you’re writing about: huge breakthroughs of Common Sense are finally being “allowed through” (on the political stage), at the same time the screeching/screaming children who don’t want to share their toys are stomping their foot repeatedly… only this time everyone sees that it’s a only a child, and that they’re only repeating themselves, and they just want their way and don’t want to share. And they’re not giving into the tantrums anymore. They’re walking off the job to strike in numbers. They’re pulling together to say NO. I see people physically going at each other.. just outside my window last week even (!), and others just doing their best to fly under the radar and cover their heads.

    We all wish that it’d finally be rainbows, and crystals, and something out of a sci-fi show where we wouldn’t have to have any person do menial work any longer and focus on our creativity. Just before I saw you’d written a new article I was laying here thinking to myself, “6 more weeks. I can live with 6 more weeks of this sciatic pain… I can!” And now I’m thinking, “Ok, what happens when 6 weeks pass and you’re still in this pain that just won’t leave?” Either there’s a lot there that’s having to be released, or I haven’t found how to let it go… or the tools just aren’t HERE yet. My feeling is the last one…. goodness knows I’ve tried everything my heart/instinct has brought to my attention to try.

    I treat this as another piece of information (I’m sure some may take this as me sounding quite heartless). The bottom line is as it was before knowing this information: focus on the inner work, find that inner balance, keep the neutral observer in compassion, allow what comes up to become resolved and move out. And beyond that… remember… no one ever TRULY dies… we are, all of us, Eternal BEings!

    On another note, my 40th birthday is on the 31st of this month. I’ve been having a feeling for a while that it’s going to hit me like a ton of bricks. Not sure in what way; life has been hitting with constant bricks until this past year, with the removal of my ptsd/fear/anxiety. And this year, I truly feel like celebrating with my neighbors, best friend, and a freshly made/bought tiramisu! I haven’t celebrated in the past… now I wish to this year. =)

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  3. Denise,

    Thank you as always so much for the explanations and information! I know you feel the need to withhold some things for the better of the majority, but I’m not afraid of these changes, I’m genuinely excited for them. I am like a sponge with all this news, soaking it all up and can’t wait for more to unfold.

    I noticed a huge shift in my mood yesterday but simply attributed it to my solar return. All of a sudden I’m less worried and more hopeful. I’m so grateful to hear this will continue, even if it will be slower than I would like. Fifty yards to the finish line, I can’t give up now!

    I do think my husband will pass away, and it will be hard, but it will ultimately be for the best as he has held me hostage abusing his power over me for years. I love him and I will miss him, but I know now that this is not what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like and it’s only preventing my growth. He doesn’t treat me the way I deserve to be treated and I deserve better. I feel like that was my major life review lesson over the past nine months. I’ve wanted out of this relationship, but God/Creator/the Universe has held me in place, keeping me unemployed to force me to learn this valuable lesson. I know by leaving this relationship behind I will attract much greater things now that I’m at a higher vibration.

    I don’t think I will die, but I’m ok with it if I do. My higher self knows what is best for me. I don’t fear death at all anymore because for so long now I haven’t felt like I would be missing out on anything by dying other than lots of pain. These past few months I’ve thought I don’t want to continue to live if life is going to stay as stagnant as it has been. I do realize though that many people enjoy life in the 3d world and the thought of death may scare or sadden them, I am just not one of them. I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things.

    I’m so excited for these changes to manifest! It’s true I don’t want to live in the 3d world anymore but I DO want to live in the new 5d one. 🙂

    Hugs and blessings,


  4. From one Lightworker to another, thank you for making it public. We are going through all these changes, may as well be aware of it and be willing to understand, analyse and feel good. With Love. Annie

  5. Denise,
    Thanks for your honesty in your most recent post. I think I am beyond fear of dying physically at this point and trust that we each will go where we are most comfortable to continue learning. I went for a job interview in dreamtime 8/1/2013 and was asked by the interviewers, “What would knock my socks off?”, or bring me joy (in reference to my next assignment / life’s work / service). After careful consideration I decided that I would like to be able to commune telepathically with all Earth’s: creatures, plants, minerals, elements (air / water/ fire and stone), elementals, fairy realm, angelic realm, planets, stars and ascended masters. I do not know if I got the job, but I awoke feeling an incredible sense of excitement and anticipation for the fun ahead. I hold that joy in my heart and see where I end up. Cay

    • “… went for a job interview in dreamtime 8/1/2013…”


      I just love that great sentence! 😀 It’s so real in that wonderful multidimensional way. Thanks for the ♥ smile it gave me.


  6. Thank you so much for this Denise. I’ve also been getting a HUGE hit for the past few months about people dying at the 9-22-13 mark. I also understand your hesitation on reporting some of this info. Thank you for having the ability/energy/courage to speak about these topics. I’ve also been getting a huge HIT that my father may die post 9-22-13 – he’s a very negative, 3D soul who does not want to ascend or acknowledge “spirit” in any way. I keep getting messages from the “Higher Ups” that he’s not really contributing anything to this process down here – and they’ve tried absolutely everything to get him to “jump on board”. They’ve used me to try to “awaken” him (for 37 years) – uuughh. Archangel Michael gave up on him about a month ago… According to the info. coming to me, the ship is finally leaving the station by 9-22, and by October 1st – there will be no turning back for him. The irony is, when he does leave his body – he will finally learn many lessons and come running to me to apologize. Meanwhile, my sister & mother will have a meltdown because they “fear” death – and won’t understand that he’s in a “better” place. Sigh…I’ve been preparing myself for this for awhile. Hopefully I’m making sense here. Thanks for allowing me to share this. There’s so much more to share – but I’m incredibly pooped. July was a toughie – it really kicked my ass. But I also feel that the new moon of August is bringing in another bright wave of light. HUGE heart hugs to you Denise. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And huge heart hugs to all of my fellow light workers/stars. Love you all so much.

    • “…The irony is, when he does leave his body – he will finally learn many lessons and come running to me to apologize…”


      Very true and this is how we learn and continue moving forward. Like I say, Do it now, or do it later, but eventually we all do it! 😉

      ♥ Hugs,

    • Stephanie,
      I believed this would happen with my father when he passed last June but I have not heard a peep from him except on the day he died. He came to me with the smell of a wood fire. Perhaps we have finished all in another state of being that I do not/cannot remember. Or because for the last 8 months of his life, I refused any negative energy from him and kissed him and told him I loved him after visiting. I wish you much peace in working through this with your family. A year later, my mother who was very controlled by him is doing wonderful.

      • Hi Sunny,

        Thanks so much for your kind words & feedback. It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out. Who knows, my dad might be reincarnated as a wild dog in Ethiopia – and I’ll never hear from him again. Oh well, one way or another, he’ll have to learn… My grandmother had one life on earth – and I can’t get rid of her (lol)… Glad your mom is doing well (that’s inspiring to hear). Can’t wait to see how this process unfolds this fall. Sending you lots of love & light. Happy New Moon wishes to you 🙂

  7. Wow. Thank you Denise for sharing. Last night I was on Georgi Stankov’s site, never been there before…and read a posting about something very big coming very soon – with deaths.
    Of course I did get a bit of fear reading your words – have I failed? Well, I may not have conquered my fears yet but no way am I going thru this physical hell just to die – I think my body has been doing the inner work and that’s why it’s *ucked! (It started off weak from years if self abuse so perhaps that’s why it’s struggled more than others). Although at this point…I’m a bit ‘whatever’…..just so long as I’m kept with my kids. xx

    Thank you again for sharing. x

  8. wow, i was reading this and thinking of september as some far-off date. then i dimly realised, “it’s august 2013 already! how can that be?” it’s weird how the days go by so slowly, the unbearable lonely painful hours, and yet the months seem to fly by.

    i’ve also heard (internally) that some who die will, rather than reincarnate (start as being born), jump into a “contiguous” life as the same person, like a parallel reality that continues from where we are now. still us but in more ideal, youthful forms. like heaven, sort of part physical, part etheric – meaning we will cocreate everything meaning no drudgery (no dust!), optional food (no animals will have to die, even to feed each other – no matter scary nature shows where you’re waiting for the murder scene!) … that we’ll live in “cocreated local realities” (as andrew bartzis calls them) that will make up this huge holographic reality called the earth realms. sounds like ascension, doesn’t it?

    there will also be realms where people are still religious, etc., but there will be some overlap which will help the all evolve.

    denise, anyone, does this sound familiar? i have these visions of this life and it feels so beautiful …

    but lately i hear that i’m going to have to be around a while longer, so i don’t think this will happen next month. darn! but that i’m shifting from a “being” mode (transmuting in a deathlike fashion, constantly) to more of a “doing” role of some sort. not so isolated and doing some cocreating, healing of self and others, etc. and that i’m getting some kind of “soul upgrade” – i called on my avatar self the other night while under attack and was told that she was “away” and i’m like, wtf??? but apparently she’s going through her own stuff up there that will shift things down here for this human part. that would be me.

    i feel mostly miserable, especially physically, well also emotionally … all of it … but these waves of something good are amazing when they come, and i seem to be able to quell the attacks somewhat better in the nights and mornings. also i’m remembering my dreams more, which the morning attackers used to prevent. the dreams are so lucid and always meaningful.

    well just thought i’d check in but mostly wanted to comment that i can’t believe it’s almost september already. thank you, denise, and everyone here for your valuable comments all the time.


  9. Squeezed to my furthest limits. It also seems like the people around me have been out of control for the past few weeks. The more I focus on creating more light in my and boosting my vibration, the more they have been coming at me. Exhausting and it has made me not want to interact with anyone. What they are saying to me verbally does not match what their energy and intentions are telling me! Today the animals have been running wild. Dogs barking for five hours without stopping, squirrels running track races on my roof and cats popping up all over the place outside. The world has gone wild, I tell you!

  10. Thank you Denise for this great update! As Lightworkers, we do know that all these changes are happening very fast, we can see from the 80’s to the 2008, much much slower time, yet much took place and “positioned” the energy and preparations. But from 2008 to now, WOW! I too have been saying for the last 2 weeks, “something big is on the brink of coming through” and I know it, I get excited in my heartmind (love your new word) just saying it! MY HEART GOES IN DOUBLE RHYTHM and I feel the fire running thru me. Blessings for a most beautiful weekend. Love and Light

  11. My birthday is 9-22-42 = 11 and my full name = 22 and I’m having a time of it. I’m on my 3rd vehicle in 2 years – people keep hitting me and this time I’ll be having surgery to relieve pressure from bone spurs pressing on the cervical spinal cord. My feeling is that it will go well and open up more ‘channels’ of communication. Maybe as in the Kundalini. I can honestly say my life is not boring. Taking care of my 94 year old mother and keeping my body in one piece is keeping me busy. I’ve known for a long time that many people are making their transition – my Dad just left this plane in May and I had to put my old dog down 2 weeks ago. When called to I help others make their transition. It’s not as bad as some fear but a lot of good “Christians’ are terrified of dying until I show them what it looks like (at least then). I know about speaking selectively.

    I appreciate, Denise, In taking this time to speak out. Makes my life a bit easier. Many thank yous. Namaste’ Carol

  12. Hi Denise, I have always looked forward to reading your posts as they have always given me hope and inspired me with regards all we are going through in ascension. I greatly appreciated your writings and looked forward to them. But after reading this today, it has had the opposite affect and as you stated, it has infact instilled a sadness and fear in me. Can you please take me off your mailing list. Thankyou, Katrina

    • ” Can you please take me off your mailing list. Thankyou, Katrina “


      Just as YOU had to subscribe to receive email notifications about new articles on TRANSITIONS, it’s up to YOU to unsubscribe from them if that’s what you want. I can’t do this for anyone even if I wanted to. YOU have to click the unsubscribe link on the notification you received to stop receiving them.

      Denise Le Fay

  13. Hey again Denise – your comment regarding the months of June, July and August (The months of June, July and August of 2011, 2012 and 2013 have energetically been so hard, so intense and difficult) interests me as June last year is when I began to go down hill in health and was became bedridden at the beginning of August. I began to improve this year a bit, out of bed, doing housework etc and then in June I again began to crash AGAIN and it is like déjà vu. Here I am again – I can’t believe it but perhaps the timing is not coincidental.

    • “…I can’t believe it but perhaps the timing is not coincidental.”


      I’d bet its not ‘coincidental’ at all, but those Stair Steps I’m always going on and on about. Walk up them as best as you can.


  14. Hi Denise, thank you for this inspiring article, when I read “it has to do with personal choice and many people simply do not want to go through the difficult transformational Process of ascending their physical bodies now” I got chills, cause now I know why I am having these pains for some weeks, so that I can just carry on through this difficult transformational Process. As an earth partner and gatekeeper, I know I am required here to finish the job, to get people through the gateways. I really don’t wanna leave until my job is done. Even though I get some messages that the reason I am now feeling those shift dimensions is that these are the results what I have done in the past, and now experiencing the results of this. My guides also say I just have to keep going on as I planned for this. Also when I read that many people will die after that certain date, I have been seeing it too, a lot of train crashes and other disaster where people die, and I was thinking, they are all leaving Earth now…

    I am really not worried at all about that date. I had an uplifting meditation yesterday:
    I see a spiral, I am looking down at the spiral and it is rotating upwards, and out of the spiral comes a beautiful tree of life, it opens up like a flower, first the green leaves pop up, then with purple flowers that bloom so abundantly. And it grows, it grows bigger and soon it grows past me, and now I am looking up how the tree is growing in to the heavenly sky. I see also in the sky a spiral in the clouds, it is all golden light and it opens up to another world. I am standing onto clouds and I see high blue misty mountains, I see big planets in the sky. The world has a warm kinda of dusk color feeling, with waves of pink and pale green in the sky. Then I see out of the spiral , out of the tree below, comes a golden dust vortex and it goes upwards, flowing through, going up to the world above. It pollinates this world with new earth golden dust particles that is creating a new world, a new earth. A red sun is coming up showering this new world with life, new life of new earth. I saw ourselves as a group being happy , and we were in a circle catching the wave of golden light dust and tenfold it outwards to reach the people below us that were still sleeping

    Wish you much light and Love,

    • “…also when I read that many people will die after that certain date, I have been seeing it too, a lot of train crashes and other disaster where people die, and I was thinking, they are all leaving Earth now…”


      That is exactly correct and Thank You for saying it because I’m hoping that it will help others like Katrina and Jane to better understand that this has already been happening for many years! But, once humanity reaches this next big shift point on 9-22-13, what’s been happening already for many years will escalate dramatically. That’s all — it will escalate dramatically and for the reasons I mentioned in this article.

      It has not and will not be all “fluffy” and gentle and easy like many people want it to be. Has reality been “fluffy”, gently and easy for people for the past 25 years already? Not hardly, massive numbers of people have died in very dramatic ways over the past 25 Ascension years via “Natural Disasters” alone such as floods, fires, hurricane, tornadoes, storms, excessive heat, earthquakes and so on. But now more people will be exiting their physical bodies via “accidents” because these “accidents” like the ones you mentioned Lisa, are other ways for people to die and exit their bodies now and if dying via “Natural Disasters” or via “accidents” or via “fatal illnesses” or via “violence” or “wars” etc. is each person’s Higher Self intention for Soul Growth purposes, then how we die is just as important and a part of our lives as living them was to each of us. This was the main message that the Three Higher Beings wanted me to add to my 2013 Revised Edition of The Temple of Master Hotei; that how we live and how we die are BOTH important and meaningful at higher Soul levels. Combine that in with the current Ascension Process of how some people are remaining in their physical bodies and living/dying/and being “reborn” or “ascended” at higher levels without leaving their physical bodies… and all this business about death and dying and ascension takes on a VERY different slant doesn’t it? I’ll be talking more about this particular topic in more articles soon so those that can’t stomach higher truths, higher realities should unsubscribe from my work now. 🙂

      Thank you Lisa for opening a door for me to go into much more depth about this next Stair Step in Consciousness and Awareness. ♥ Oftentimes I utilize other people’s Comments like this to attempt to better explain these more complex topics so thank you for helping me do that for everyone. ♥


      • Hi – not sure why I was mentioned here. I thought I coped quite well with the article? My fears are not of others dying except I am quite attached to my young children and will be pissed off if I exit and they are left without a mum – if I was in my 50s or 60s I would be surprised if I still felt this way. I don’t know how many other commenters here have very young kids?
        I also said that I would be disappointed to have had such a challenging life so far to just die now. Yes, I would like fluff after 21 September but if not, I’ll be just as happy with a healthy body and an end to the hammering of cleansing energies.
        No doubt something I’ve said here will piss u off Denise…!
        I won’t unsubscribe as I do find much value in your writings but I guess if it gets too gruesome I’ll have to reconsider. x

      • Hello Jane, just in case you come back here to read comments – I saw an excellent (imho) channelled article this morning, on how people might view chronic illness. I know this journey very well, and even though I have had some respite for a few months I am still learning how my reaction to it affects me at many levels.

        I wish you well during this very difficult process 💞

      • …you can ignore that last comment Denise. It’s not constructive to the article. I know I need to grow up inside…I feel very young still and very un-wise, despite a life of challenge – I don’t know how to toughen up. x

      • “…you can ignore that last comment Denise. It’s not constructive to the article. I know I need to grow up inside…I feel very young still and very un-wise, despite a life of challenge – I don’t know how to toughen up. x”


        No I won’t ignore your last Comment, but it’s probably your last Comment here.


      • That’s very hurtful, Denise. Why do you have to be so harsh? I have never been rude or hurtful to others here?

      • …I’m really upset…what on earth would make you reply like that? I am extremely depressed so forgive me if I say things that don’t come out right – but I still don’t understand why you have replied like that??

      • Denise – that last comment was meant for you privately, you knew that and yet posted it publicly. That was not a nice thing to do. Now that you have humiliated me publicly, please do the right thing and remove my comments and your subsequent unkind reply. You won’t hear from me again.
        We are all going through hell – some more than others and I would think you would be a little softer to people to read your blogs and try to be part of the community.

      • “…Denise – that last comment was meant for you privately, you knew that and yet posted it publicly…”


        No I did not know that you intended for your Comment to NOT be published! Where exactly in your Comment did you say to me that it was for my eyes only and to please not publish it? You did not say that or anything else like it, and now that I’ve published your Comment you’re throwing a tantrum.


      • This is precisely why I return to read the other comments besides mine and your responses to them. Sometimes I get almost as much out of the comments section as the original post. Thank you for taking the time to interact with us. It has definitely spurred my growth. Look forward to these future posts you mentioned.


        VS 🙂

      • Hi Denise,
        It reminds me of a story I read, or somebody told me, that her boyfriend had cancer. So she went to a healing group and the healed him with prayers. Two weeks after he was healed, he died on a motorbike accident. So if it is your time to go…you’ll go…

        Jane, I also have two kids, one is two years old and the other one five years old. I have sometimes the same feeling that you do, even though I am not scared of dying, but as you, I am not ready to leave them alone yet, also it is my job as gatekeeper to be the last one go through.

        Love Lisa

  15. Dearest Denise,

    The explanation you shared with us about how things are in all this excruciating Ascension process, is extraordinarily clear and on the spot!
    Like most of us, I wanted everything to change instantly, but the sentence “we desperately wanted to remain in our physical bodies in this physical dimension on this physical earth world and live through the Ascension Process in our physical bodies and do The Process THAT WAY” cleared things up for me. I was with my face buried in the cake and just couldn’t see beyond instant Ascension. Your article really helped me Denise and I thank you for that. I have no fear but great hope for the future that awaits us all. Like Cosmic Awareness stated: “That this Awareness says to one, to all: that which awaits you is still that which is of a truly amazing proportion to what one once knew to be so.”

    I smiled, laughed and cried while laughing when I read the comments of all of you guys.
    Venus Squared, I feel the same like you when you said that since yesterday you’re less worried and more hopeful.
    The previous day I was stomping my feet and demanded that things MUST change now! Things cannot continue like this!
    I didn’t feel that people will die but I certainly felt that something big WILL happen after 9/21
    even if it’s not instant Ascension.

    ♥ Hugs to all of you. ♥


  16. Good Morning Denise and fellow Stair Steppers,

    I don’t know what to think for my life because I stopped feeling much of anything for my life a long time ago. The goal was to survive and to clear and to be light. Ever so slightly things have changed for my personal life but I am left wondering what am I here for? I don’t intend for that question to be negative. I truly wonder.

    As for dying, the idea scares me only because I can’t imagine the actual process! I don’t have memories or experiences to assure my awareness that there is nothing to fear. It is the unknown. It would be the unknown under whatever circumstances it arrives whether now or in 40 years! Not from what you shared. I have thought about death a lot as I am past 50 and so are the people in the group I socialize. If one has made it this far we sort of know from now on is the time if “something” is going to happen… I know this is a belief but it is a big one!

    I am ready to change my life yet again. I am seeking a new job because I don’t have enough income. I have come to realize there are jobs out there, and there is lots of support to go with it 🙂 and for once I am creating change from common sense and not fear! That’s huge for me. Also I grew enough to not need to hang on to an emotionally “safe” work environment. This is even BIGGER than huge. I have more trust and confidence in myself. I think I am experiencing the most stability inside of myself too…… (hard to type with a kitty grabbing my finger!!)

    I just feel very SOLID inside of myself. I go thru crap on my out layers but feel the stability within.

    Here’s to NOW. And I thank you Denise a million times over! 🙂

  17. Pretty wild week, been the toughest in a long while, so much down time and yet more time with consistent experience/application of available energy — big big cry last night, feel much much better today for it — (re-blogged on fb) — confirming the scope with humor … thank you:)

    Did not pickup on the deaths, tho’ much is discussed about Sept — see Solar Revolution, NASA, Drunvalo and Mayan Elders from April — and can see now how that may be part of the “how”, etc.

    Thank you again,

    Love back

  18. Hello, Denise and everybody,

    I’m not too worried about the 9-22 cut-off date just like I wasn’t too worried about 12-22, because this is a process and is ongoing and takes time. I’m already feeling big changes. I am moving into multidimensional awareness in regular life and outside and not just at home. My dreams are becoming multidimensional as well and symbols are starting to come into them. I’m remembering them more and they all seem to be significant in some way these days. Since my mother died in June and all the family drama that went with that has died down, a big weight has been lifted off me and I am able to move forward with becoming who I really am. For people still enwrapped in the family stuff, the freedom from all the constraints has been a wonderful thing for me. I knew (but never really knew) how much they controlled my thought processes and my energy. My art and my writing is leaping forward and is becoming multidimensional. I am starting to have collaborations with like-minded people who are comfortable working in collaborative groups. I’m really enjoying this moment and what I am doing with it.

    And let’s just remember that the process of forging metal is hot and twisty. Why would it be any different to move from 3D (one form) to 5D (another form)?

    Love and hugs to everyone,

  19. Thank you, Denise and Callista, for having your discussion and deciding to publish. Seems to me that the natural disasters, some of which I understand won’t be natural at all, will be for the purpose of the final clearing and cleansing of Gaia’s 4D. As I understand 4D, it is the collective unconscious of humanity and it has been controlled and manipulated by monstrous seens and unseens to the point that we volunteered to come here and do the job (amongst other jobs) of scraping and scrubbing 4D, by holding the light/love vibes, until 4D is no longer a trap of impenetrable veils separating us from Source, and we can no longer be caught in it by the negatives. (I keep thinking of the song line, “Doing it right on the wrong side of town!”) As for dying, I’m okay with that idea though I’d rather ascend. Like Woody Allen once said, “I don’t mind dying, I just don’t want to be there when it happens!” I have no idea why my funny bone is reacting today, but I’m glad of it. Peace to everyone, this is what we’ve worked for, and now I’d say, “It’s time to remember our training!” Thanks again, Denise, it’s so very good to be able to talk freely here at TRANSITIONS. Love, B.

  20. Thank you so much Denise,

    For reasons I don’t have words to express, this article is the most helpful and uplifting of all. It has taken me up another stair — maybe two.

  21. Hi everyone,
    My heart is sooo . . . filled with gratitude today, with reading your writings Denise and all the comments. Fear has started to flee and yesterday I had an Aha! moment of “I’m going to try to be an Observer”. I have had several situations where I have really become angry at peoples actions – had to have a big sit down talk with myself and then there was the word and feelings of “observing”. I had the experience of putting it to test this morning with several people, slipped a bit and then easily caught myself . . . hummm it was a nice feeling of staying out of other peoples pathways. I wasn’t afraid of 12/21/12, nor am I of 9/22/13 – I truly feel life will continue going step by step and where ever I am there I will be. I have already had family and friends pass away and I felt as long as I was ok and sending them joy on their way I would be ok – I didn’t need to worry or be concerned about others as they would carry on with their pathways and so it was and so I will continue experiencing everything for Myself/Goddess/God/All That Is. I love and lap up the information that continues to come to ‘me’ – pick and choose what I want and need and letting everything else go. As I read back over this – it kind of sounds like a goodie two shoes – I have definitely had my ‘stuff’, but there has been a change – ‘in me’ – maybe not in circumstances, but ‘in me’. That’s makes all the difference in the world/Universe to me. Blessings Denise – may you continue to have strength and courage to do your work that is given to you. Also . . .Will Berlinghof has another piece up that is very strong. I have known him for a very long time. As long as I have known him, he always, always went very deep into life reading – he never just read on the surface and I appreciated that very much. Happy Steps Everyone!

  22. Hi Denise. Thank you for your insight! I’m just confused about the “timelines”. Can one be on more than one timeline in higher diminsions anyway?? All I can do is trust in my Higher Self.

  23. Much gratitude Denise,

    And others who have written here today.
    I just was typing here and the text went “poof”
    um, maybe it’s what we’re looking at for the fall : : the physical symptoms I’m experiencing at present
    are beyond the beyond, uncomfortable doesn’t begin to describe the lack of functionality that has been pretty much on-going for many years, but escalated to a new intensity since last summer, that said,
    your article reminded me of “Last Train Home” the Pat Metheny jazz piece which came in with a vengance last fall, something about the “tracks” separating, and many people/populations going different ways. Then I remembered my Vision of 1993, and the Place of Much Beauty and Few People.

    Time is strange, energy is strange, things are just plain OTHER than they were back in, say, the 90s, My linear mind doesn’t want to look too closely, yet I *know* huge events are on the verge of transpiring, thank you for your courage, dedication, service and willingness to express what many are having a hard time hearing.

    bless you dear Sister,
    in sacred : : light, daphne’

    • “…Then I remembered my Vision of 1993, and the Place of Much Beauty and Few People…”

      blueyod – daphne,

      I too have seen, felt, known about, and worked hard towards helping create and also get myself and as many others as possible to that NEW place of much beauty and few people. Thank you for being brave enough to publicly say that this NEW place won’t have the same population count as this earth and timeline today does.

      The Separation of Worlds — your mention about “tracks separating” off into different directions etc. — will create a variety of different “Schoolrooms” for people/souls (“Planet A/B”, “Planet A”, Planet B” etc.) instead of having everyone all crammed into this one with all 7+ billion having radically different levels of focus, development, awareness, desires, abilities etc. I realize that MANY wanted to be on Earth now for the Ascension Process, the Expiration Date (reaching and passing 12-21-12), these additional transitional Nine Months, and the cutoff point of 9-22-13… but it sure will be easier for everyone when everyone is where they need to be now to continue.

      ♥ Hug,

      • “…but it sure will be easier for everyone when everyone is where they need to be now to continue.”

        Oh, Denise, that one line has absolutely made my day! Perfectly put, my friend. I want to yell, “Bingo!” or “Eureka” or something like that! Love, B.

      • dearHeart Denise,
        just now found your comment, thanks you kindly. I am (personality self) still a bit confused at the apparent diversity of consciousness out there, just got back from a very quick trip to La Quinta, near Palm Springs (near you?) for my bro’s wedding, and boy is the energetic easier to deal with on the west coast right now than here on Cape Cod (I left Half Moon Bay near SanFran to help my mom with selling the house back in Sept, sale fell through, so still here)
        what is your feeling that “all will ascend”? maybe all will to some extent, the water codes now recalibrated by ISON, but will we all still be “hanging out” together? the image I had in 1993 and also 1999 was a place of GREAT BEAUTY with what looked like organic type architecture, ie, “hobbit houses”, nothing like what I’m seeing here on the east coast at all!!
        bill ballard and others? are saying now that the 911 event was a ‘slow down’ so that all could be unified, One Heart, all could come along for the ascension ride, but are all WANTING to? I thought? ascension was a choice, but maybe our biology made the choice for us before we incarnated this go-round?
        thank you so much again for all your incredible work, you are an inspiration and a true guide of Light, love to you and your mom in S. Cal, maybe we’ll get to meet in the personhood at some point.

        hugzzz kachina*blue*star/daphne’

  24. Denise
    I find the way you speak to Katrina a little off. She is scared and you seem to be annoyed that she wants to unsubscribe. She made her point politely. You make no reference to the fact that she is fearful. It’s like you couldn’t care less – that’s what you’ve written and the fact that its brought up stuff for Katrina – not your problem. Unsubscribe. Not the actions of a sensitive light worker in my opinion. You then say in a reply to someone else if people don’t like what you have to say about death etc they can unsubscribe and you put a smiley face after it! Not sure why you feel the need to share this anyway. Leaves me with a nasty feeling and you as highly questionable.

    • Nina,

      Please read my Comment response to Mary. After that you do whatever you feel is right for you to do now. Here comes the smilie face. 🙂 There is however much more going on than you’re aware of between myself and a few other Commenters here now.

      “…Not the actions of a sensitive light worker in my opinion…”

      I’ve received many Comments and emails from people over the years exactly like yours trying to manipulate and induce guilt and shame in me for not talking the way you and they believe I should. Here’s how I feel about that stunt. 😆

      I’m not trying to hurt you or wound or insult anyone else. I’m trying to teach things outside of the consciousness box they’re currently in. Because of those Stair Steps, a lot of people don’t get what I’m saying and why I’m saying it and they also don’t get why I say it the way I do sometimes. I understand all this and more and all I can do is hope that eventually those people will outgrow the current box they’re in and be able to know more and more and more. It’s that simple and that difficult.


  25. I don’t usually receive “images,” but I woke up this morning with the image of a young boy, perhaps eight or ten years old, dressed in metal armor and preparing himself for battle against much stronger and experienced foes. This could be symbolic of many of our fears–that we “feel very young still” and not prepared for the unknown challenges ahead–but I could feel this boy’s emotions, and he didn’t feel scared or excessively brave; he simply prepared himself, physically and emotionally, for what he was asked to do, and to do this to the best of his ability. He was a bit sad and resigned, perhaps, but death didn’t concern him, even though he knew it was a possibility.

    I wanted to share this image in case it resonates with anyone reading.
    How many lifetimes have we lived, and how many times have we faced seemly insurmountable obstacles? We are about to take a huge evolutionary leap, collectively, something we may or may not have done before in other worlds or realities. But as far as human frailties and emotions go, have we not experienced everything there is to experience? We’ve confronted fears before, in ways that probably would amaze us. This new experience we’re about to have–is this not just a manifestation of our collective desire to take these lessons a step further? I too have no idea what will become of my physical body, or any part of me. I have no idea which world or reality I will inhabit. But I know that I have been trained to some extent, just like this boy, and I’ll use that training when the time arrives. Some of us may have been trained more extensively than others, but each of us has a role to fulfill, at whatever level we are capable of fulfilling it. This is what we have been asked to do.

  26. @Venus Squared

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help noticing your statement “He doesn’t treat me the way I deserve to be treated and I deserve better. I feel like that was my major life review lesson over the past nine months. I’ve wanted out of this relationship, but God/Creator/the Universe has held me in place, keeping me unemployed to force me to learn this valuable lesson.”

    This is a major misconception. The Universe does not decide anything FOR you. You create your own reality with full freedom to go into any direction you choose as long as you line up with it. If you say he doesn’t treat you the way you deserve, it actually means YOU don’t treat yourself the way you deserve. And because of that, you remain a vibrational match to each other. If you’d truly discover that and line up with the decision to treat yourself better and with the desire to get away from that situation, the universe would deliver anything to manifest your new desire. This is the Law of Attraction. You have to become a vibrational match with your new desire. Folks, we need to stop falsely assuming that we have a destiny written in stone kinda situation where the universe wants this or that for us. That is not true. YOU alone create your reality.

    • “…YOU alone create your reality.”


      I almost didn’t publish your Comment. And, now, Venus Squared will probably feel insulted by what you’ve said and want to defend herself and so on until there’s a negative derailment clusterfuck extraordinaire that has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH my article. I am excruciatingly aware that the difficult, trying, hot, and potentially volatile astrological transits of August 2013 are here (the Cardinal T-Squares and Oppositions) and that everyone is feeling those escalating pressures now and will all month.

      (On top of all that, the Assholes That Still Are — the so-called human unseen elite jerks — have another BIG negative stunt in-play at the moment. Did everyone think that we’d just skate through August 2013 without some something trying to be hustled into place by “them”? Does everybody think that “they” won’t be working overtime now and through September 2013 trying to ‘Smash & Grab’ as many more humans as they possibly can before the Separation of Worlds goes into effect on the physical plane? Just food for thought for everyone reading this — it’s NOT directed entirely at you Mary.)

      Because of the current VERY intense and difficult astrological transits happening now and all month, AND the negative stunt the elite jerks have crafted and manifested to be able to further control people in the USA (and elsewhere of course), we each need to be very aware that we’re now in the Difficult Zone once again and therefore we all need to try to be kind to each other and to open our minds and hearts more. Because I won’t allow Comments to pull, drag, derail the focus and energies at TRANSITIONS into the Dark, I will either delete certain Comments to prevent further negativity or I’ll close Comments. I never want to close Comments because they are such a positive way for everyone to learn even more from each other, but when absolutely necessary for everyone’s sake, I do close them on an article to stop the negativity and the attempted ‘Smash & Grab’ that’s being done in ways the people writing the Comments aren’t even aware of.

      Now, back to your set-in-stone statement that ‘YOU alone create your reality’.

      That is true, we do create our own reality, but we do so within a specific range created by our Higher Self. So yes, we have the right to screw up, to create positively, to run things into brick walls many times even, but, we do all this and more within certain parameters set before birth by our Higher Selves. So this is more complex than just one person alone creates their reality in physicality. Just saying. 🙂

      Everyone take a deep breath, let the shit out, get a grip, look around at the Negative and how it’s working, how it’s affecting you, and realize that this is a test, another Initiation, so pay attention and deal with things as best as you can now. I tell myself this as many times each day as I need to and it helps me get a grip on the massive energies, difficult times, and downright Negativity that’s doing it’s best to cause fear, pain, harm etc.

      High Heart Group Hug to ALL.

      • Hi Denise,
        Wow, quite interesting and passionate comments going on within this blog topic. I chose this entry to respond to even though I could have responded to so many. Denise, you mentioning the “BIG negative stunt in-play at the moment” touched on info I have just received within this morning concerning this exact thing and all I could think is here we go again. Every time we make some great strides, here they come again with the counterattack! The “stunt in play’s” are always way above what many of us can imagine. Truly diabolical on the particular cosmic level’s that it is being played out, an “As Above, So Below” effect and have I mentioned how diabolical it is and don’t for a minute think it is not highly intelligent. If many have problems hearing about the coming death’s that you mentioned then you would not want to know any of this particular info because it is scary as Fuk! I have heard much of it a few years ago and it was really hard to encompass. All Cosmic Being’s are and have been at this particular time period in a final battle for our Souls! It is not about our Forms, as they are holographic and quite fleeting in the scheme of things, but our Souls which are purely organic and eternal, but all Souls have been Fuked with in a extremely devious and diabolical way! So no matter how difficult this all has been as of late, and I agree with all of you about the intensity and then some(lol), the reason I continue is not concerning a holographic form I occupy, which at this time I would have no regret leaving it in a second. but being a part of the freeing of all imprisoned Souls throughout the cosmos.
        Also, the comment, “YOU alone create your reality”, this once again depends on those stairsteps. Five years ago this month I was asked within if I was ready for “Real Truth” and all I could think was, “Oh Fuk”! I was only asked as a courtsey as I already had decided within to make this leap. If you are on a stairstep within the “Great Arena” or 4th Dimension of all the channeling’s, entitie’s, etc. etc. etc., then yes, this statement could apply. But when you are ready to step outside of that arena, which could keep one occupied for gazillion of years by it’s diabolical design, then it will encompass what was given to myself as Real Truth. The 4th dimension is all encompassing of the “Great Fall of an Evolutionary Experiment” that we are partaking in. Nothing can be “Truly” believed as it is a “Hall of Mirrors”. I stepped outside of that “Arena” at the end of October 2011, “Calleman’s 12/2012” and the door was firmly locked from the other side with no way back in! Nothing has ever been the same for me. The statement “You alone create your reality” stopped applying to myself. The organic energy that I have been a part of since that period goes beyond our dimensions of form and these dimensions of form are all dictated by the Great Arena to a great degree. The organic energy which is free of those dimensions, as I have been told over and over, is beyond what our minds can encompass. It is truly unadulterated as it is not part of the overall Cosmic Experience. So my Reality is formed by this organic energy with no interference whatsoever by myself, it just won’t happen and believe me I have tried to control it.
        As always Denise, Thanks for keeping the blog going. I went silent for a period as we are all so passionate about what we are individually going thru and at this time it can be difficult to discern what one would like to share. Also, I didn’t feel I had the energy to expend but I always follow along during these periods and appreciate all the sharing’s .I feel all is valid as we need to vent and rant at times but I always consider the moderator of this blog and speak my peace of mind but also want to maintain respect.
        P.S. – As someone so eloquently mentioned, “Maybe I need to grow up some”. At this time we are required more then ever to hold much “organic maturity” as this is a true battle to the Finish! The problem is that we are all so Fuking exhausted by this time that it ca be quite a challenge. My Heart Is With All Of You!
        P.P.S. – I try to be careful of all of my wording as this is my sharing and I don’t want to offend anyone, just sharing where I am. Once again, those Stairsteps!

    • Thank you for defending me, Denise, and for explaining Mary’s error to her so much more eloquently than I possibly could have. I am in awe of your intestinal fortitude to stand up and say something when you don’t agree and not let anyone walk all over you or distort your message. If people have problems with you, those are truly their problems, not yours. That is something I am still working on, and I’m grateful to have you as one of my teachers.

      No I did not take offense because it was so clear to me Mary did not understand my situation and my lessons as they are clearly different from hers. (again, stair steps) Yes, I can control how I react to situations, but I cannot control the situations the universe gives me, nor other people, especially anyone influenced by team dark. As Denise stated, I agree that these situations were all planned out for me before I was born. My only choice is whether to learn the lesson and grow or stay stagnant. I want to grow. That’s why I’m here.

      I’m sure Mary has experienced people at different vibrations trying to block her from her goals as well. I doubt her path has been as smooth as she suggests, but good for her if it has. Her lessons are between her and her Higher Self. I understand that she probably thought that she was trying to help me with her assessment of my situation, and hopefully she has grown from this experience.

      Yes, I did attract my husband more than five years ago because I was at a lower vibration then. Believe it or not he was a step up from men I’ve dated in the past, or so I thought. I have grown enormously in the time we have been together whereas he has stayed the same or possibly even devolved. His growth was not my choice. I’m sure Mary has run into some people in her life she thought she could help but it turned out they were unteachable. Like Stephanie’s story about her father. Sometimes it takes a while to see that some people cannot be helped and are never going to change. I refuse to agree that this is my fault. These people can be helpful to me, though, as they can mirror back to me my previous behaviors and show me how far I have come.

      After an enormously toxic childhood, I was left with the impression I did not deserve unconditional love. I know better now. This past six months of pain has proven that to me. It was hard but now I recognize it was for my own good. Trust me I am not staying in my situation by choice, the universe simply has not given me an out yet. I wish the law of attraction was instantaneous, but unfortunately that is not the case.

      No ill will from me, Mary. Good luck with whatever you are working through. And thanks to everyone who chimed in on my behalf. I look forward to continuing to learn from you all.


      • Hi Venus,

        Thank you for sharing some of your story on here. I’ve been dying to respond to so many of the wonderful posts on here (yours included) – but alas, my brain is jello right now – so bear with me… When I first read your initial comment, I felt an overwehlming sense of love & compassion for your journey. Let’s face it, life can be pretty complicated – especially when it comes to relationships. My sister & I have been reincarnated together so many times – that she used to slip and call me “mom” until our mother finally put a stop to it. So there is no possible way for me or anyone else to “diagnose” or truly understand every nuance of your life/your soul contracts/relationships…

        Personally, I’ve never truly resonated with the Law of Attraction. I’ve seen it used as a tool for “victim blame” & judgement rather than a tool for empowerment – especially within the “spiritual community”. This concerns me deeply. I don’t want to offend anyone – as I’m just voicing my own person concerns. Since I’m freakishly exhausted, I really don’t have the energy to debate this issue either. If this “Law” has helped anyone here, then that’s wonderful.

        Anyhow Venus, just wanted to send you a HUGE hug. I wish you all the best on your journey. Hang in there, you are not alone sister. Also, I’m a “Scorpio Rising” – with a dominant Scorpio chart – so I feel like I’m going through another “Solar Return” – whoah, it’s intense. Like you said, Fifty yards to the finish line – can’t give up now!…
        The Universe will offer you an “out” – and then you can finally spread your wings 🙂 In the meantime, take care of yourself & truly wish you all the best. Thank you again for sharing.

      • Stephanie,

        Thanks for your support and a big hug back to you! I don’t have any Scorpio in my own chart but I have attracted many as teachers or friends (many with the same birthday in fact), and I appreciate your deep compassion and intuition. Mars is my only water in Cancer so I am not very strong with psychic visions and remembering past lives and all that like you and many others here seem to be (I know Denise said she has Pisces rising but I don’t know anything else about her chart) so I always enjoy learning from you strong water sign types. I wish I could tap into all that, but then again I’ve heard others say it’s a burden being too sensitive.

        I have Libra rising so this cardinal t-square/cross is hitting my angles. Seems like everyone is having rough transits right now. Saturn will square my sun for the third and final time the same week as the fall equinox. I don’t think it’s a coincidence it all lines up.

        Anyway, I feel for you with a lot of Scorpio. Saturn is a tough teacher and Scorpio runs DEEP. My mother has a huge Scorpio stellium (Mars, Neptune, Sun, Ascendent) so transiting Saturn is being pretty rough on her right now as well. She mentioned divorcing my father earlier this summer to me for the first time. They have been married about 35 years or so and she worries whether she will be ok on her own. When Saturn leaves Scorpio she’ll begin her second Saturn Return. I personally think she would be better off and they never should have been together in the first place, but again, I am not in charge of deciding what her or my father’s life lessons are. Everyone has to do what is right for them.

        Good luck on your final 50 yards! I’m sure I’ll read more of your comments in the meantime. 🙂


  27. Thank You Denise for this 🙂 My BROOD of animals are starting to die, at an accelerated rate. I’ve had to put a cat & dog to rest this year already. And I am aware that two other cats are not doing well.. LIFE in all forms are transitioning. I feel torn between feeling loss and peaceful about helping my friends GO HOME .. So just so folks understand I feel it will not just be people who “go/die”, but all of LIFEness ❤ that wants to

    • “…So just so folks understand I feel it will not just be people who “go/die”, but all of LIFEness ❤ that wants to."

      debbie french,

      Exactly correct. And your attitude about loosing some of your beloved fur babies (animals, pets) is very positive, very wise.

      ♥ Hugs to you and them,

  28. Dear Denise I can certainly relate to your comment about the energy levels being too much for some earthly bodies to bear and they will leave this earthly incarnation. It is all part of the divine plan for a better world for humanity.
    I experienced another huge download of energy on July 27th and thought where did that come from??? I know from personal experience that these huge downloads of energy are really challenging for physical existence itself and I have been an energy worker for over ten years and still struggle at times.

    My latest dream:
    I was at a Hindu wedding and everyone was dressed in gold clothing and the priest marrying the couple I heard the words “he is a Master” suddenly looked straight at me and said “Your beloved mother’s soul has left her earthly body”. I hotfooted round to my mum the next day and was very relieved to find her well. I think it was a warning of things to come. Maureen

  29. YEP, It is RE-birthing time and IT’s painful , but worth it in the end. When I heard that 9 months is 260 days; it related to the 8 by 8 square (64) cubes –the same number of DNA codons. No matter which column you add in the square, it adds up to 260. We must die to the old (structures/beliefs) to be born aNEW. Push, Push ahead, see U on the other side.

  30. Hello, Denise,

    Wow, what an illustration of what you’re talking about with the “Smash and Grab” technique, Denise. From the vibration of both Mary’s and Nina’s comments and the judgmental quality of their responses, they are not in keeping with the vibrations in the comments and the tone of respect with which we usually treat each other in the comment section.

    This is Denise’s blog and she has the right to control it as she sees fit. That includes blocking people who are not a good vibrational match to the energy here– people who are on stair steps that are rather far apart and thus seem to have to shout to be heard. for every comment like that that Denise publishes here, there are many more that we never see. I feel for you, Denise– it looks like August is going to be brutal for you. I will be very sorry to see comments closed on this article, because we were mostly having such a good discussion and I love hearing about (and feeling) the different experiences that other people are going through, but it looks like you won’t have a choice, Denise.

    Feeling rather sad at the moment but hopeful. Over the years, it has become pretty much instant for me to recognize these negative attacks clothed in seeming care for others.

    Love and big hugs to all,

    • Aha…I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to pick up quite a nasty energy from those posts…I’m not judging them as people, but just stating how it made me feel (very grey/dark/murky and negative when I read the post, also with much fear coming out).

      I was thinking about ‘judgement’ and ‘acceptance’ the other day. I also found out more conclusions about ‘guilt’. So what I found out was that when the heart chakra is very opened, it is very accepting of yourself and all things – it radiates a brilliant accepting love energy. When you judge someone else – you are actually limiting your own love energy – because you create a blockage within your own heart which stops your love energy coming out. It is like deliberately ‘denying’ your love energy from going to someone because you feel they are not worth it.

      What came to me about ‘guilt’, is that what someone is doing when they make you feel guilty, is sending out a type of energy which causes blockage in your solar plexus (personal power) and heart center (love/acceptance). Since your body mirrors their energy pattern, you get blockage in those two zones. So you immediately lose a sense of personal power AND a sense of inner love and acceptance.

      This is like someone saying ‘I’m going to cut off your source of love, acceptance and personal power….until you do exactly what I want you to do!’.

      If we can understand this and unblock those zones, we can just push out the negative feeling because we don’t want it!

      I thought while reading these comments today ‘Wow, what a variety of posts we have?’, it’s pretty chaotic in here!

      It’s like this dark grey negativity leaks off one post, and the next posts are beaming out a positive light! Not usually do you get such variety all shoved into one tight space.

      On my personal end of all this, I’m currently undergoing a test, I’ve started to experience bouts of loneliness where I look for people to talk to, as if I’m either filling some inner void or trying to distract myself from something? I also have been clingy to one person 😦

      I know that the answers must come from within, I’ll have to work on this a bit more. One person in particular I’m still attached to for …well, NO obvious reason! It really feels like ‘test’ material, such as strong feelings which come out of no where to try and induce certain states within me.

      I sometimes feel a strong love in the heart which needs to go somewhere! So I sort of throw it out at people, perhaps they don’t want it! haha.

      One thing I do notice is that although most people find me pleasant or comfortable to be around, there is no ‘clicking’ with me. I feel as if myself (probably others also) are flying forwards at such an accelerated rate (with lessons/tests and so on) that if we’re destined to meet or talk to someone, it flies past and disappears into nothing in the blink of an eye! No real attachment or lasting relationship.

      Like I said, I feel no ‘click’ with anyone, so I feel like I’m out of sync with …pretty much everyone around me. like a white duckling surrounded by grey ducklings and there is a strong feeling of detachment.

      I’m definitely going through some kind of test relating to feeling isolated and I feel like I can’t wait to be surrounded by people who think or feel like I do! But where are they?

      Anyway so some people attack denise here on the blog…isn’t it just their own problems being reflected out? How come I never feel threatened by anything denise writes? I just find it interesting, but it’s above my level of sensing so I’m just taking a look at something outside my sensory scope.

      I have not felt many waves of energy or physical symptoms like many of the readers here, but I do have a LOT going on with my heart …if is sometimes tight pressure on my chest bone, like I have too much energy which wants to flow out of the heart. But also some of the blockages which were there have got removed, so it’s smoother. It is like it becomes possible to give and give a lot out of the heart without even running out of energy!

      I don’t know what to say about what will happen after 9-22 because I don’t know, so that’s why I came to see what might happen. If people die, I feel like they are going to the ‘right place’. I don’t feel like I will die. I have an awful lot to learn and work through. The pace of learning is crazy-fast now.

      I really want to find a deeper level of inner peace inside my heart.


      • “What came to me about ‘guilt’, is that what someone is doing when they make you feel guilty, is sending out a type of energy which causes blockage in your solar plexus (personal power) and heart center (love/acceptance). Since your body mirrors their energy pattern, you get blockage in those two zones. So you immediately lose a sense of personal power AND a sense of inner love and acceptance.

        This is like someone saying ‘I’m going to cut off your source of love, acceptance and personal power….until you do exactly what I want you to do!’.”

        Hi, starlight/Jamie,

        What you said here really hit the nail on the head for how I was feeling when I read those posts. It really was like a physical thump in the chest when I read them. I’ve had that happen before, usually around negative shamans and people who attack others. Yes, and people trying to control others– through guilt, through fear, through withholding of love (thanks, Mom lol).

        I can’t say that I’ve totally risen above tawdry human emotions, but I notice that I’m generally getting calmer about stuff when it happens. In this case, I definitely noticed the thump in the chest, acknowledged it, and let it go. To each their own.

        I’ve been having more luck with finding like-minded people lately (finally!). Today, I went to a festival and got a bison burger at the aboriginal tent and went into the crafts section to look around and got hit by a burst of very intense energy that made me vibrate so much that I felt that I was almost shaking. I wanted to know if it was the woman there, and it was, but was also one of her ancestors, a very powerful grandfather, who has chosen this time to want to be known. Many people touched his house (a fur), especially young children, and especially young boys. One boy in particular couldn’t stay away from it and, of course, I stayed a long time. The woman was hinting around things like we talk about here, from her unique cultural perspective. What a great meeting and was worth the asthma attack I had on the way there!

        Big hugs, starlight/Jamie,

      • starlight – Jamie,

        I hope you realize what a wise and wonderful Comment that was? If not today, then maybe tomorrow. 😉

        “…I sometimes feel a strong love in the heart which needs to go somewhere! So I sort of throw it out at people, perhaps they don’t want it! haha. One thing I do notice is that although most people find me pleasant or comfortable to be around, there is no ‘clicking’ with me…”

        I would suggest you do what I do with all that High Heart Light Energy from Source that’s coming into and through you and your body now. As you’re discovering — as we all do at some point — this NEW higher frequency Light Energy is way too much for most people. I mean look how IT effects us, so now imagine how it might feel or effect other people who are NOT Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wanderers/Indigos etc.!!! It would be way too much for them at this time so, because of this and to also lessen the negative reactions or responses you’re experiencing from those people you’ve directed all that high Light Energy at, I suggest you just release that Light Energy into the air, the space around you, into the environment etc. and not at people. 😉

        When Lightworkers embody these higher frequency Light Energies, we’re acting (naturally I mean, not intellectually, with forethought etc.) as receivers/transmitters of that higher Light Energy no matter what we do or don’t do. It helps us to just receive it (embody it) and then transmit it out into this environment, this space, this earth, this world where it naturally replaces the old lower frequencies and consciousness etc. and let the masses adapt, adjust, acclimate to these NEW higher frequency energies on their own. Think receiver/transmitter and not that you or I or any other Lightworkers have to “do” or “say” anything necessarily. We’ve literally been receiving Light and then radiating (transmitting) that higher frequency Light Energy out into this world which everyone else is having to evolve into or go elsewhere where it doesn’t exit at this level.

        Also, what you’re feeling now with being so isolated from Like Others is another natural Stair Step within the Ascension Process that we all have to go. But, know that now we’re in 2013, more people all vibrating at or close enough to understand each other, will begin finding each other physically because it’s finally time and safe for this NEW level to happen on the physical plane. Stair Steps again.

        Thank you for a great Comment and very well done you! ♥

      • Thanks very much for the reply! I read what you wrote twice and took in the information. I suppose quite literally that makes anyone undergoing this process a ‘lightworker’, I guess before I had a pretty limited vision of one.

        I understand a bit more about it, yeah – so we’re literally open channels allowing more (and higher frequency) divine energies to flow through us and just radiate out! All without conscious effort.

        That was the message I got from unity back in January (I would be an empty channel which divine energies would flow through and out of me to help others). Slowly it comes true 🙂

        One thing I don’t quite get about myself is that although I’m following this path of light, I occasionally seem to dip into some darker reading material, or left-hand-path stuff. It isn’t as far as me doing anything, but just the reading.

        So I’ll sometimes get urges to read or perhaps just understand what is happening on the darker side, or with people who get into that. I just seem to have a lot of curiosity or need to understand what’s going on out there. The ‘what’s, ‘why’s and ‘hows’.

        What happened yesterday (I think it was yesterday) was that I had this sort of dark ego thing in my aura which was extremely violent, it suddenly was screaming swear words and wanting to ‘attack’ another blog user who I follow (he’s a guy who has particularly bright/powerful high heart energy), this strange bit of dark ego inside ME wanted to literally destroy him! It was very violent. This isn’t the first time it’s done that either.

        I already felt this way once about him. Basically his heart energy is so intense and so strong, that it makes these ‘dark things’ inside me feel threatened and they want to lash out and attack him like caged animals.

        After a bit of meditation I managed to send some light energies INTO the dark bit of ego and then it calmed down and stopped complaining.

        I have noticed an alarming thing inside me, that what I thought was ‘ME’ is actually comprised of an inner light spirit AND these darker ego fragments. So it’s almost like multiple personalities. The really scary dark stuff is …already inside me, and it comes out. It needs to come out.

        I’ve also received little hints that I might have been involved with low level occult/dark stuff in past lives. Sort of intuition/nostalgia.

        Earlier in my current life I had moments of darkness, for example I had a lot of energy blockages…I used ‘pity’ and all sorts of little tricks to get peoples attention and energy… I don’t know…I was functioning sometimes as a parasite. We have a lot of this in the extended family too.

        it’s just all coming to the surface of my awareness – lots of ‘ah…I get it now.’ moments.

        I watched this video of a guy with bright energy and the video was so intense that I started to feel these black energy slugs being unearthed inside me…they were squirming in absolute fear of this guy’s light energies…so It got too intense I had to lay down and then a bright white light went down into the black slugs and dissolved them, then I felt peaceful. He said in the video it would be a transmission which is to remove energy blockages.

        on a side note, my gran died a couple of days ago, first person I really knew who died. We got a phone call around 2 am in the morning about it. Minutes before the phone rang my dad shouted because he saw her spirit in their bedroom. We all heard these banging noises which woke us up.

        Since then I’ve detected her presence and then I let her form an energy cord with me so that I could talk to her. I wrote down some messages to pass on and I KNEW it was her because it had her aura/energy imprint. So she wanted to hang about in our home for a short period of time because it was comfortable and I think wanted to wait till the funeral was over. The general energy surrounding the event was positive.

        okay thanks for hearing me out, that was a bit of a rant!


  31. Thanks for responding Denise.
    It is not my intention to manipulate or tell you how to be. I just felt really strongly and felt the need to express that. Don’t even know why but I felt furious and also really protective. I appreciate I don’t know where you are and what you can see. I have read your post to Mary and am thinking on that. All good wishes, Nina x

  32. Dearest Denise,

    Whew, what a day you’re experiencing here at your blog! Reminds me of my day yesterday.

    I rarely experience angry, and am even slow to express it when I do feel it. Yesterday I woke up, and I felt exhausted with every moment that passed. Then when I thought I’d be back “on schedule” of what I planned to do, something would come up and throw me off. A phone call, an email, etc. I started things an hour or two later than I normally would.

    And then someone next door had the audacity to sit there idling their vehicle… and the exhaust flowed right into my front door that was open to let the air in. I actually glanced over at the vehicle, saw the man sitting there and Glared at him! Oh my! It reminded me of another past situation like this. However, I took several deep breaths, closed my door and kept moving as best I could (felt like I was underwater).

    Time kept slipping away before my next errand was up for the day… and my best friend needed my attention. So I said yes for her to come over and talk. I felt all riled up, exhausted, annoyed, etc. I did everything I could think to calm down. As I talked and listened with my friend, I did come back to center. As I saw how she responded and spoke, I was astounded. I realized that in my own unique way, I was being Pounded with New Energies yesterday… more than ever before. And after a moment I realized that I have experienced and gone through pain a lot differently than other people. While I’ve been extremely sensitive in a lot of ways… in a polar way, I have an extremely high tolerance as well. I could see that just being in my presence, my best friend was being hit with wave after wave of New-ness coming from me. I apologized to her when I realized this (in awe, of this new understanding for myself); and bless her, she was continually grateful to be with me in which ever way, grateful for the wisdom that I share with her.

    And the rest of yesterday was over in the blink of an eye. I feel now that it was an “all-in-one” Releasing as I was Receiving Intense New Energies. No wonder I was tired and all out of sorts!

    Anyway… I wanted to chime in and say that yes, we must continue as we have been. Continue to do the inner work, release, break through the “old” wherever we find it in our lives, be as kind to those who lift you up, and as Firm with those who do not. I can see how your “Firmness” with others at times may look to them as “being mean”. Quite honestly, years ago I may have reacted the same way… today I understand it. The best analogy that comes to mind is that of a parent and child. Sometimes it takes Years until the adult child comes to see the parent as an Equal, instead of this person who should take care of them in any crisis. We all need to learn to outgrow this child perspective (spiritually and so on), and see each other as an equal.

    Much Love and Light, and Heart Hugs to you,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • “…I wanted to chime in and say that yes, we must continue as we have been. Continue to do the inner work, release, break through the “old” wherever we find it in our lives, be as kind to those who lift you up, and as Firm with those who do not. I can see how your “Firmness” with others at times may look to them as “being mean”. Quite honestly, years ago I may have reacted the same way… today I understand it. The best analogy that comes to mind is that of a parent and child. Sometimes it takes Years until the adult child comes to see the parent as an Equal, instead of this person who should take care of them in any crisis. We all need to learn to outgrow this child perspective (spiritually and so on), and see each other as an equal.”


      That was brilliant, Thank You and very well done you! ♥ 🙂

      Teachers of the NEW cannot enable the old lower and must draw that line in the sand when needed to not only stop but redirect.

      Those of us Forerunners are–each in our own highly unique and individual ways–currently having to consciously realize that we’re evolving, that we’re changing because we’re literally embodying more of our Higher Self in these ascending bodies and consciousness. Because we’re each experiencing this post 12-21-12 in increasing ways, our sense of “self” is transforming into something very NEW and different… and wonderful. This of course comes with matching responsibilities. You started realizing this about yourself now in your being able to See, to realize how the energies you embody literally affect other people around you. Many Teachers teach without needing to open their mouths; they can teach by BEING, by RADIATING the Light they now embody. That alone will help everyone else to evolve themselves. ♥♥♥ Great stuff huh? 😀

      ♥ Hugs,

  33. Hi Denise,

    I so appreciate your going out on a limb and giving the information you did. Like many others, I am always seeking, both internally and externally for information – and appreciate everything you share. I have the feeling that significant change is on the horizon – I guess within the next few weeks. I am ready and have used this incredibly crazy time to help master my mind – trying to be neutral, detached, grounded and centered. Right after 2000 – I lost every aunt & uncle/my mom & dad/brother and nephew within a few short years. It felt as if the rug (my security) was pulled right out from under me. Also during this time most of my animals passed (about 12 of them I think) all d/t old age except for one. It was the end of an era for me for sure. Our society seems to promote death as a “bad” thing or as “failing” when it is just a natural part of living on earth (at least until now). Everyone has their reason when they go and they are merely leaving this timeline – though it may leave us with much sadness. There is always a reason. I still sometimes have moments where I completely break down from sadness, but I can see now it is part of a much larger plan. Being prepared mentally for the upcoming changes will help tremendously so I thank you so much for sharing your visions.

    On a lighter note – I went to El Morro yesterday and opened a portal/or several/or one big one I guess – amazing place and energy. I can not wait to go back and plan to be there next weekend. I feel more HOME in that area than anywhere I’ve ever been. Oh- btw – when I arrived there were signs – no fee to enter park and no camping fees – something about after carefully reviewing the fee structure they did not find charging fees appropriate or cost effective or something like that. What an awesome sign/sign! I checked out the campground, there was only one person in the entire place – looked like he was living there. No car, just a tent and a stove. I think I downloaded so much light that I am doing some major rewiring today – I’m doing all sorts of adjusting – which in the end is a good thing 😉

    So, as I left, I turned on the radio – as I always do for a sign – and the song “Two of Us” by the Beatles was on – an absolute favorite of mine but haven’t heard it in like forever – it’s sort of long so the chorus is:

    On our way back home
    We’re on our way home
    We’re on our way home
    We’re going home

    We’re going home
    Better believe it

    Much love and light to all here, Morgean

  34. Hi Denise.

    I had a sleeping experience. I woke up yesterday feeling all light and sparkly, so different from the solid heavy feeling I embraced that week. I ate and went back to bed to explore this feeling because I saw that my moods made my brain quantify and qualified these states. I fell back asleep and that was all she wrote. I basically slept the entire day away and had no problem sleeping the night as well. None of the dreams that I recall stood out in some easy to understand manner except one showing me I had a leak with torrents of water pouring in through a wall in my house. Lastly I found myself attached by a thread to a yellow spider via my big toe. I could not disconnect. I could not cut the cord even with scissors! I even intoned BABAJI to cut the cord but snip they would not. Some other young people came in and I finally got free. But was the spider a bad guy or a guise for my soul? Don’t know.

    I got up from my morning nap just a while ago and finally feel really here and hungry!

    I have read all the comments as well… even between bouts of sleep I keep in touch 🙂

    In my opinion having emotional outbursts is a lovely red flag that says from the self to the self to look at me. Ask me why I’m behaving/feeling like this and what is pushing my buttons in order to further lead me to deeper inner awareness. But I too have behaved in exactly the same manner at times.

    Hugs 🙂 and I trust Denise. If she does not print me, she has good reason and I’ll figure it out later 🙂

    • “…In my opinion having emotional outbursts is a lovely red flag that says from the self to the self to look at me. Ask me why I’m behaving/feeling like this and what is pushing my buttons in order to further lead me to deeper inner awareness. But I too have behaved in exactly the same manner at times.”


      Wise words Edith, thank you. ♥ And we all have behaved in this manner at times but this is, hopefully, how we learn more about ourselves and grow.


  35. Wow. Your post did cause me some fear. More so fear for losing my loved ones. Yet I too, have know something BIG is coming. I keep a journal of my experiences. Back on 12/11/12 I was shown a symbol before sleep. It was “QTC”. This meant nothing to me, but upon doing some online research they are the largest government health provider in the US. They provide health care for our vets, Homeland Security etc. I felt at the time this would have something to do with how things play out. Maybe a germ warfare in the US or some sort of illness that would kill people. I really have no idea what will happen, but it will be something big. I have always known this at a deeper level and have been emotional preparing myself for whatever is to come the best I can. Thank you for your honesty Denise. All we can do is hold on and trust in the light.

  36. I also wanted to add, I have been having apocolyptic dreams as of late. I had 3 within a two week period and that is very unusual. The circumstances are a little different but the outcome is people gathering together in groups trying to survive. I am not afraid in these dreams. In fact, they are interesting as I think to myself and wonder how it will play out. I awaken before I get to see that.

    • Julie,

      Never forget that there is not, will not, or will there ever be only one Earth world reality but many with their different timelines.

      In one Earth world reality and timeline there will be greatly increased “Earth Changes” that will be apocalyptic-like to those people living on that Earth world reality/timeline. In other Earth worlds and timelines this level of “disasters” and other such difficulties will NOT manifest, will NOT play out at all. In some Earth world realities many of these unpleasant things will not manifest or will manifest but in greatly reduced levels which is, believe it or not, what’s been happening on the Earth world that I’ve been on! I too clairvoyantly saw repeated images of utter and total disaster to planet Earth and humanity back in the 1990s via “Earth Changes”. Over time I realized that what I was Seeing was a probable reality that most definitely would manifest IF, IF I and other Lightworkers didn’t do all the transmuting work we’ve been doing for the past 15-25 years!

      What most people are unaware of is that from a Higher Self level, some people need to, want to, will greatly benefit from living and/or dying in some intense “Earth Change” or “disaster”. Some people want to experience Earth or Mother Nature at her most intense and violent and those people will have that choice if that experience will benefit them at higher levels of Soul growth.

      My whole point is that there is not only one Earth world but many (the Separation of Worlds & Timelines I’ve often mentioned) and we each will find ourselves in the one that’s a closest match to the energies we individually are radiating now! If someone is in deep fear about disasters, the global elite taking over in even worse ways, pandemics etc. etc., then one risks being at a similar vibration or frequency to those events in those matching Earth worlds! This is why it’s so important now for each of us to do our Inner Work, shift into our High Hearts, and then maintain that and not “fall” back down into fear, dis-empowerment, and chaos. This is the time when humanity must learn that what they think about, what they mentally and emotionally focus on is what they will be automatically drawn to. I suggest everyone be very mindful of their minds! 😉


      • Thank you for you wise words Denise. I am not sure what my higher self has chosen for my transition. I have beloved respect for my mother earth. I feel connected to her on all levels. Its interesting how when ever I am outside, nature vibrates to me and makes me feel so peaceful. I spend as much time outside as possible. No matter what happens I am told that I will be fine. Finding your page was not by chance and I have found so many answers and help here from all of you. I am unable to talk to people about these things as they react like I am looney. But my heart knows, and my soul knows the truth in that its listening and open for all and any answers.

      • Denise,

        How close are we, in any given moment, to any of these timelines? I suppose what I mean is, is it normal now to feel the effects of one timeline if one is not currently on track to experience it, or is “feeling” this timeline an indication that one will indeed experience it? I’m not sure if I’m resonating with the Severe Earth Changes timeline at the moment, but I keep experiencing bouts of intense fear and panic about some big catastrophic event like a magnetic pole reversal, although I’m doing my darnedest not to focus upon it. It seems to pop up randomly, and I become paralyzed for an hour or two, until I latch onto something else–reading and connecting with the energy of The Temple Master Hotei, for example. 🙂 And then it is as if I never experienced such debilitating fear, until it rears its ugly head unexpectedly a few days later. This all feels bigger than me somehow. Is something happening now, in another timeline, at this moment? I suppose everything is happening Now, but is something big and horrible “close” to us at the moment, perhaps that stunt the Powers are attempting to pull?

  37. There were three deaths recently: my sister, my cousin, and my old college boyfriend. All age 61. I am 62.

    Before each passed, I could feel them going. They checked in with me, and we made conversation. My sister and the boyfriend had been abusive and addiction prone. All three died of cancer.

    Towards my sister, my attitude was somewhat flippant. “So,” I says, taking a long drag off a cigarette,”You outlasted the experts, huh? Best kiss your loved ones good-bye.”

    At the moment my sister passed, I was driving on the Hollywood Freeway. The sunset suddenly shot through the clouds, sending a vivid orange spotlight into the darkened interior of the car. I felt my sister go. My brother later confirmed the time. The next day, also at sunset, I saw my sister erupt into the sky like the huge thundercloud that stood over the mountains. “Free, free, free at last,” she shouted like Martin Luther King, only she looked like Ursala from the Little Mermaid.

    That was the moment she was cremated. I never knew that dying could be so liberating. She had been sick for a very long time.

    A few days later, I visited heaven and went to see my mother, who was sitting in a chair at the beach. “Have you seen Nancy?”

    “No,” said my mother, looking up from her book, “Is she here?” It was very quiet and I could hear the waves lapping at the shore.

    Nearby, my dad was fishing. He hadn’t seen her either.

    I called for her.

    “Here I am!” she shouted in a voice like Ursala’s. “I’m in Hell!”

    Then I saw the most stupendous frat party I had ever witnessed. People were crammed onto the dance floor, dressed in classic sexy vampire type clothing, consuming alcohol and white powder at an insatiable rate. The music was loud and the participants were mirthful.

    My sister shouted over the din, “Yeah, I came into this life to be malevolent and I succeeded.”

    Malevolent: having or wishing to do evil to others.

    Then the veil over my eyes lifted. All the abuse, violence, satanism and pedophilia that my sister had exhibited, was all part of her script, now played out, now done, and my contract with her ended.

    I shared a bedroom with my sister and her hidden agenda and tried to accommodate it, me the Kumbaya type.

    After her death, I was relived. Growing up with her constant bullying was a perfect environment for learning how being a whistle blower in the corporate world. I couldn’t have done it without her.

    Wounded Owl

    • Hello, Wounded Owl,

      I, too, am a fan of your writing style. It’s so easy to delve into the space you’re in through your descriptions.

      I had an experience recently with a family member who I believe has found their way to hell as well. Much as I suspected her ill intent while she was alive and much as she caused great destruction in my family, I was still unable to see clearly how bad it had been until she died. She wished to continue her trouble from where she was, but things were put in place over a number of years for me and I realized all at once that they were there for me to send her away to her fate. She went reluctantly. I don’t think she’s having a party. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It helped me to know that I was not alone in such a situation.


  38. On Friday August 2, the same day of Denise’s post and a week after my sister died, I was cleaning horse stalls in the barn. Suddenly a large green Egyptian scarab beetle flew in front of me and hovered directly in front of my navel.

    The beetle was gorgeous. I recognized it as a sign, but of what, I wasn’t sure. I knew Denise will have something to say and later found this post from her.

    As I watched, the beetle flew away and took a nose dive into a pile of horse dung and bed shavings. He disappeared. I stood there with the pitchfork and wondered, oh, should I save the beetle? And, I felt myself say no, the beetle will survive and maybe even enjoy the journey. Something about the lesson I had just learned about my sister, which I talked about in my previous comment.

    So I scooped up the poo, plopped it into the wheel barrow and dumped the whole pile in the dumpster.

    What one person may think is hell is another person’s way into heaven.

    The next day, at the exact same time of the day, the beetle appeared again. So he lived! Only this time he flew in and out and all around me. I watched him for a long time. He was absolutely gorgeous, luminescent, noisy, and hovered like a tiny helicopter in and out of the doorway. When the beetle flew low to the ground, a chicken jumped up and almost caught him.

    I saw him fly away.

    The next day, I was cleaning the stall again. My neighbor came by and she was upset. “Have you seen that beetle?”

    “Yes, it’s called a green Mexican scarab beetle, but it looks just like the Egyptian ones. It’s beautiful isn’t it?’

    “Yes, it was, but I just saw a chicken eat it.”

    Okay, Denise, I’m done with my story and hope you can tie it into your post.

    Wounded Owl

  39. The next day, after the last posting, I returned to the barn. A chicken had laid an egg in the horse stall. I picked up the egg and held it up to the light. Could it be the same chicken that ate the scarab beetle? Had the bug become a newly laid egg?

    This seemed like a plausible explanation, so I returned the egg to the nest. If the egg hatches, I will call the chicken Nancy.

    That was my sister’s name.

    Another lesson in moving from 3D to 5D reality.

    Thank you for this forum.

    • Wounded Owl,

      I meant to respond to you earlier but got busy with 20 other things. What I wanted to ask you was if you’ve read my book The Temple of Master Hotei? In the first and last chapters there’s a brief story about a Dung Beetle and entering the Sacred Temple and leaving it. I’ll leave it at that so as to not spoil anything for you if you haven’t read the book yet. I think you would really enjoy and relate to the book, especially now that you’ve had your own Dung Beetle encounter. I hear Master Hotei laughing in the distance from his High Heart. ♥ 😉


  40. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Denise! I am so grateful that no matter what you have had to endure and deal with, you stuck with writing your bogs and help to keep us updated as much as possible and to make sense out of such chaos! (seemingly at least 😉 I know for myself that at times just the mere thought of doing anything that requires energy would be enough to put me into a sleep comma, so I thank you for finding the energy and compassion to write what you are aware of and your perceptions and experiences. This particular blog post has helped to uplift me! and as par usual in Perfect and Divine Timing!

    Keep on, Keeping on!!

    Love and Lear!


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