“I AM” 3, 6, 9 Harmonics

heartx3 3 I asked Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof and Will Berlinghof if I could quote one of their recent Cosmic Awareness channeled messages for Rainbow Phoenix Members only, at TRANSITIONS because I feel it’s exceptional and highly needed now by everyone. They generously agreed and so, here it is. Thank you Callista, Will, Joan, Lloyd, and CA for this particular message — we all need it as there’s so much changing/evolving very quickly in us now. Thank you again Callista and Will for allowing me to publicly share it. red heart X 3.


August 19, 2013


Rainbow Phoenix.com

The “I Am” Mantra

CA – Please proceed.
Q/E – Welcome Awareness, thank you for being with us for the Rainbow-Phoenix session of August 4, 2013. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter, Joan Mills as the Questioner and Energizer, with Lloyd Arrd also as Energizer. The Law of Love and the Law of Light have been invoked.
 Is there an opening message please?
CA – That this Awareness is prepared at this time to present a mantra for the many, a mantra of great significance and worth that will build upon a mantra given previously by this Awareness. It is the “I Am” mantra with a slight addition.
That this Awareness states that it would be helpful for those who are expanding their
consciousness to create around themselves and within themselves, a new level of
energy for their task of expanding their consciousness. That the new mantra is:
I am the I Am that I am. I am the I Am that I am. I am the I Am that I am”.
That this mantra expressed three times, either out loud or silently, will invoke a new level of participation in the higher Divine Energies. 
It is an acknowledgment that each and every one is part of the I Am presence, that which is the God Force, the Divine Energy of Spirit. That by stating it as a triplicity, a triple statement of “I Am” that this has resonance. To repeat this triple statement three times then introduces the energy of harmonics that relates to the sacred nine, the energies of nine, for the I am is repeated nine times.
That the vibration of nine is the vibration of completion in the earthly realm, in the physical realm. It is the gateway to the higher spiritual pathway of vibration and that those who use this mantra will be invoking their own higher vibrations, their own higher reality of their being. That it is a simple mantra that can be repeated several times throughout the day.
There is no prescribed routine that this Awareness would recommend. It does not say you must say this in the morning when you awaken and several times during the day following. Rather It leaves this to the discernment of each and every individual who feels drawn towards using this mantra. It can quite literally be spoken, invoked many times throughout the day that suit the individual who is using this mantra. It could be that many will find that asserting this as one is awakening to the day itself will help adjust their energies for the day following. Equally it is a powerful invocation that can be used during the day at times when energies seem to be confusing or even detrimental, the energies of the day. That the use of this mantra will help focus the mind and the low self to the higher reality that each and every one truly is: the higher truth of their multidimensional personalities, their Divine nature, their participation in the energies of God Itself, in Its largest capacity in Its holistic nature.
That this mantra is given at this time for as the energies are accelerating, as movement is occurring, both known movement and unknown movement, the movement of Spirit. That to tune in this way to use this mantra will elevate those souls who are participating in the great expansion in consciousness that is currently underway. It will help in a most individual way for the individual who is seeking the highest expression of their being, but it also creates an energetic that is released into the collective consciousness of those individuals who are aware of their greater nature, and that by seeding this in collective consciousness through such personal statement that it also creates an energetic in collective consciousness that will make it possible for many who are approaching a new level of awareness and consciousness to tune in to the greater force of consciousness, Divine Consciousness that is at this time infusing the collective, that is infusing humanity itself.
That this concludes this opening message, this presentation of the “I am, the I am that I am” mantra.
Q/E – Thank you Awareness, that was excellent and very helpful.

22 thoughts on ““I AM” 3, 6, 9 Harmonics

  1. Thanks, Denise. What a Koinky dink–lol! I had just finished an “I am” meditation on the 21 day meditation challenge from Deepak Chopra and Oprah. Even though I had read you column earlier, as I came out of this meditation I felt the urge to take another look at Transitions and was astounded by what I found. It has been happening over and over this week with the connections. Not that the connections have not been there before but it is as you say–things are ramping up. Better put on our seat belts–this could be an awesome ride!


    • theocacao,

      Hi you! ♥ Yep the 5D High Heart networking is manifesting faster and faster with each passing day now. Very exciting.

      The first time I did CA’s triple “I AM” mantra I could feel the difference and the energies literally reverberated out and out and out connecting in with each other. This is such a great tool for us right now and into the future.



    • I too have been using this “new” tool and feeling the swirling energy. My observation has been, it calms ALL my animals- but stirs up residual emotions between my husband and daughter. So -I will try an experiment. I will use this mantra silently when they erupt <3 ") Peace & blessings to ALL


  2. Thanks for this. I’ll give this exercise a shot. I am seriously struggling with some tough dense energy these last few days. The storm clouds have rolled in and I’m waiting for the sun to peak through.


    • “I am seriously struggling with some tough dense energy these last few days.”

      Yes, me too Colleen …….physically it’s been like ‘walking through treacle’, where did that come from ? I am presuming it was the build up to last night’s Blue Moon in Aquarius, and if so, then things should quickly pick up again ( says me hopefully). 🌞


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  4. Its funny but recently I found myself saying “Dear Sweet God” as a mantra in response to finding myself in tense or harsh situations and when I wake up I find myself saying it too. I wondered why these are the words that I am tending to default to use. I realise that I AM becoming better at cutting out the negative random internal dialogue that plagues a person, even in that in between stage of using communication and especially self communication in a conscious way. I don’t know why but, “Dear sweet God” used as a mantra, could swipe away any incoming missiles and stops any negative inner dialogue from arising in me.

    I really love this triple, triple, I AM mantra. I said it a couple times while reading the article and felt the energy in those words immediately. It is powerful.
    Thank you for sharing this Denise.


    • Michaela,

      Your ‘Dear sweet God’ is very similar to the “I Am” statement with one really important difference; the “I Am” and the triple “I AM” mantra is helping humanity remember that they, individually, ARE aspects of “God”. It’s time that humanity consciously lived, functioned, existed from a state of higher awareness that they are indeed an individualized aspect and physical manifestation of “God” or “Source” or “The All That Is” etc. which is the “I Am” presence that we are. Gads I’m tired… hope I said this well enough to make sense! ;) Rest time for me for a bit.

      I’ll respond to your other question when I have better brain/focus function. :)


  5. Ok, did not even get past the first paragraph. Many years ago, I said.
    “I am that I am that I am”
    Can I just say, I got goose bumps all over my body.

    Denise, seems maybe you are having the same problem as me? I said to my friend just a couple days ago that I am finding it difficult to express what I am feeling. It seems the emotional part of this is progressing faster than our brain/mental can keep up with, then again maybe it’s just me. Now back to reading. Thanks


  6. Denise and all,
    Thanks for sharing this mantra which was amazingly empowering. I followed it up with, “I Am My Golden Self”, which proved expanding. Love, Cay


  7. i am the i am that i am i am the iam that i am i am the iam that i am gratitude gratefulness thankfulness humbleness humility loving kindness


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