August 28, 2013 “Major Fireball Event”

We had been talking in Comments under the previous article about how brutal, severe, extreme, and different the massive energy blast that many of us got hammered by yesterday, August 28, 2013, actually was. I got hit around 9 AM 8-28-13 while driving so suddenly and so severely that I wondered if I’d be able to get back home. Because I was driving I noticed and mentioned to my Mom that the Sunlight looked like it had gotten turned up again! The brilliant white Light was even more brilliant than usual. Yesterday’s energies were different and more intense and many felt those energies yesterday and into today. I actually feel better today than I have in years, which I find rather interesting.

At any rate, my brain finally yelled at me this evening to go to to see if anything had happened in the past 24+ hours and sure enough, here’s what I found. More LIGHT Energy transmissions via the Sun.


August 29, 2013

“MAJOR FIREBALL EVENT, UPGRADED (AGAIN): NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office has upgraded its estimates of a major fireball that exploded over the southeastern USA around 2:30 AM on August 28th. Lead researcher Bill Cooke says “the fireball reached a peak apparent magnitude of -16, about 20 times brighter than a Full Moon, and cast shadows on the ground. This indicates that the meteoroid had a mass of more than 110 kg (240 lbs) and was up to a meter in diameter. It hit the top of Earth’s atmosphere traveling 25 km/s (56,000 mph).” Watch the movie, then read more about the fireball below:

“This is the brightest event our network has observed in 5 years of operation,” he continues. “There are reports of sonic booms reaching the ground, and data from 4 doppler radars indicate that some meteorites may have fallen along the fireball’s ground track.” (Note: The city in the ground track map is Cleveland, Tennessee, not Cleveland, Ohio.) An initial calculation of the fireball’s orbit suggested it might be a fragment from a Jupiter family comet. Improved estimates of the orbital parameters point to a different kind of object: a main belt asteroid. If meteorites are recovered from the Tennessee countryside, their chemical composition will tell researchers more about the origin of the fireball.”


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  1. oh, so that’s what it was yesterday morning. Yep, just about 9AM… I was just leaving for a 75-mile drive to Olympia, and I got so wiped out I almost stopped and came back home. My eyes couldn’t tolerate the daylight, my brain felt like it had turned to mush! Glad to know it wasn’t just me yesterday 🙂

  2. I felt too. I thought others around me was able to see the intense light but no one notice. And throughout the evening flash of white bright light. Thanks for sharing, now I understand.

  3. Literally about three minutes after I quoted this information from, they UPDATED the report so I corrected the article to match their update.


  4. I’m so glad I didn’t have to go anywhere yesterday and slept – even today I was glad I could take the bus into town and didn’t have to drive. Got home and slept for 2 hours. Glad to know more about this and thank you so very much. Also my computer is going all over the place tonight.

  5. Dearest Denise,

    I always appreciate all the effort you put into sharing these pieces of information with us… Heart Hugs!

    I guess I’m a bit weird. I was hit with a huge emotional blast (beyond a “chunk” of new stuff… shoved up the stairs a LOT) last on the 27th. Went to bed in tears. On the 28th I felt somewhat depressed, a bit shell shocked as well, and yes, very heavy. My guess is that I got a double whammy… a spiritual awakening AND the other stuff going on. By yesterday afternoon for the first time in I’m not sure how long, I felt restless and actually went out for a walk. It felt really odd outside. I forgot my sunglasses, yet it was overcast enough that it was ok. Then again, it’s felt really odd to me outside everyday I go to get the mail. Part of the sky looks crisp and blue, and another part looks murky white (“star” lit)… and the energy feels different every which way I look.

    I did lay down for a nap this afternoon because of a huge headache… but then that could’ve been from more of this “blast” information I’ve been trying to figure out how to process.

    All we can do is the best we can at the moment. My heart is with you all…

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  6. Yes! I felt I was getting an over load of energy. I kept running around my house really confused on what to do with my time. I did not feel like doing anything and at the same time I wanted to do everything!!! Now the next day, today I am very crabby for some reason, tired and my husband is being so negative and picky. What is up with that?

    • Tracy,

      Quite a few of us, myself included, got a little or a lot pissy yesterday and/or today as in angry, frustrated, short tempered, or outright cursing and yelling! The Light shines brightly into every nook and cranny in us and at this point, that Light profoundly amplifies, highlights, spotlights whatever it is we still have within us that’s vibrating a bit lower than the brightest Light. 😉 This is the very reason why Team Dark literally cannot remain where the Light is; it’s too much for them. 😀


      • Oh snap! This explains my mood on Wednesday. I was hit by such a strong wave of tired and bitchy and angry and hopeless compared to how I have been feeling lately. I was wondering if what I felt was Mars entering Leo attracting conflict and aggression to my sun, but this makes much more sense. I was more back to myself yesterday and today, but man, Wednesday I definitely felt like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and then got hit by trucks all day long. I couldn’t wait for the day to be over and was so grateful the mood was gone the next morning.

        Love the new design of the site by the way. The gray is very calming and easy on my eyes.

        Heart hugs and light to everyone! We’re almost there.


  7. You know Denise, I had been wanting to check myself since yesterday and I am so glad that you did because this article is quite interesting. I also awoke with eye issues this morning but thought it was due to the intense allergy season here, my eyes were extremely dry, a type of “eye sunburn” it felt like. Also, my brain not functioning very well today and also when the energy came thru me yesterday my adrenaline became really amped up and it still is somewhat amped up today. So Denise, when you said you feel better today then you have in years, I guess I would have to say I feel more Alive today then in a very long time, kind of like more of my “base human blueprint” is coming back online rather than my “etheric blueprint” that I have been operating from for about this past year or so. It feels like an energetic from that “Fireball” entered into myself and a new “firing sequence” has now begun, now fully firing on all my cylinders, a new internal combustion! Thanks for this article Denise and for everyone’s sharing’s!

  8. Thanks, Denise, and All. for letting us know others have been experiencing this, too! Here in MDT Zone, it began in the middle of last night (29th). I simply could not get to sleep, and hubby (H) woke at 1:30 AM with trips to the bathroom every 10 or 20 minutes! (I kid you not!) By 3 AM he was also having an intestinal cleansing that lasted until 10 AM this morning. He had no fever, no aches, and no stomach pains. I’d experienced somehing like that 2 days ago, but not as severe or as long as he did.
    Of course, I coudn’t sleep worrying about him. I also noted that the “stars” still floating around my bedroom at night__ are lately so thick they almost seem to be “cobwebs of light”__ and so bright, I thought maybe they were keeping me awake. At about 5:30 AM, I kept hearing music, as if some people were singing way off in the distance. It was quite lovely… I even hummed along with them, somehow, recognizing the tune, but having no name for it. I got frustrated with all the sleep-robbing events, and decided some of the neighbors must have their streos blasting, or someone sitting in a car outside with the loud music. But there was no band or orchestra_ only voices. I put my fingers in my ears, and the singing was in my own head! Next AM… both H and I very exhausted… I ask H.S. what that was all about. They said the huge blasts of energy were prep for ascension, and we had been “cleaned out” of negativities The voices were angels, celebrating! ‘
    We both napped in PM, but are still tired. Off to bed not. Oh, isn’t it fun? Love, Marilyn

  9. OMG, it was Wednesday here and I was @ work on an extremely busy surgical ward. I had trouble keeping up and just pushed through, incredibly trying evening shift and I mentioned to one in charge how my head was all whoozy at the end of shift. I had trouble handing over everything to my night staff. Yesterday I was so exhausted suddenly I had to go to bed. Thank god I had a day off. Also constant low grade temp now for weeks and weeks. 😮

  10. Thank you for the words of the tremendous energy that swooped down upon us yesterday.For a bit there thought I had taken many steps backwards..Howled,cried with grief of mistakes of the past,the moments lost to be a greater person.Yet what has been learned is that is only the lower vibrations within self wanting to be felt to raise in this higher energies present and approaching.Feel the feelings,drop the stories..There is an ending near,only a little further to go.
    There was a dream a few nights ago of observing a gathering in a house,the people were Ken and Barbies dolls alive,As a chick that hatches out of its shell,cracks appeared first at the forehead then down the middle of these live dolls,Out of that stepped real flesh and blood humans.
    I know now that TD will only have power if it is given to them..Love is always the answer..
    Thank you..

  11. Felt guided to send this Amy. It arrived at 4:44 !! I’ve been feeling very dizzy, weepy and ungrounded for past day or so!! Parsley achy and sleeping muchly, D tired too. Love Jen, Derek & Parsley Sparkle xxx

    Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 03:44:55 +0000 To:

  12. Thanks again for this message , cause on that day I felt like doing nothing, didn’t want to turn on the computer, didn’t want to do anything at all. Was just downright tired and maybe also a bit crabby.

    @ Tracy, yes my husband was not negative, but being very weird, that I thought, what is up with that and of course I reacted very upset on his behavior, only to realize yesterday that him to is feeling these effects I have been feeling.

    Love and Light to you all,

  13. Wow, Denise…I can not thank you enough for this! My scary to silly spell doesn’t seem so psycho now. 🙂 I was blasted with it all day, night, and part of today. It was just about the worst I’ve been. The pain was so excruciating, and I had an appointment to go to the chiropractor, but I was shaking so much (that “amped up” like I’m gonna explode kinda thing)…and was so dizzy and nauseous I had to turn around and come back home (a blessing tho’, as lord knows how bad I would have been after chiropractic!). I called to let them know I couldn’t make it, but they were out to lunch, and I left some rambling message to where I didn’t think I could go on anymore (yikes!). I was at the point where I could not handle any more torture, and was closest ever to ending it (though I’m determined NOT to do that!); it was just a “little” disturbing to here myself say (to myself), “I’m about to slit my throat!”…(double yikes!)…talk about anger and frustration and overwhelm…and flat out scary (but I would never do that of course; I can’t believe I even said anything so grotesque. I was going to say that I couldn’t believe I thought anything like that…but it was like I didn’t even think it; it just came blurting out from nowhere….perhaps related to some past/parallel/someone else’s stuff…who knows? I’m just glad that’s gone!
    Interestingly though, in the midst of being blasted with heat and pain while trying to sleep, I was having the strangest dreams, and my stepdad asked me if I had fun last night. He said that I was laughing out loud like crazy!
    Today was more of the same stuff to where I was practically immobile…until about mid-day…when suddenly I felt this huge weight lift. It was like I was seeing things with a completely different…dare I even say OPTIMISTIC way! I had certainly released some extremes! And I think I’ve actually made it through the “death” of me. Now the rebirth!
    After that “switch” happened, I was in “inner child” mode, taking the dog for a walk, being fascinated with every little thing. I had the urge to run my hand through the large blades of grass by a farm and touch the ground and rocks, and I even picked up this rock that fit perfectly in my hand and was so grounding. So I just kept walking with it, and I was feeling so amazing! I was even trying to get a feel for the rock’s name. And I got “Brody Rockefeller”! LOL So, now I have a pet rock. 🙂
    S T R A N G E ….but MUCH better than the lowest of lows. What a WILD ride this whole thing has been (like being on a roller coaster for years…no wonder I’m so dizzy & nauseous all the time!…and heart palpitating like it’s going to burst right out of my chest…). How wonderful it will be to not have to focus on SYMPTOMS! Looking forward to that and many other fabulous “out of this world” things! Hopefully before I end up in a straightjacket. 🙂
    There’s just not enough gratitude I could express for you.

    • Dearest Kimberly Dawn,

      “it was just a “little” disturbing to here myself say (to myself), “I’m about to slit my throat!”…(double yikes!)…talk about anger and frustration and overwhelm…and flat out scary (but I would never do that of course; I can’t believe I even said anything so grotesque. I was going to say that I couldn’t believe I thought anything like that…but it was like I didn’t even think it; it just came blurting out from nowhere….perhaps related to some past/parallel/someone else’s stuff…who knows? I’m just glad that’s gone!”

      I just wanted to let you know that that was definitely NOT your thought! I had the exact same thought (complete with visual!!) slither its way into my brain too! I knew it wasn’t my thought, and yes it was really disturbing how graphic and gruesome it was. It was almost laughable at how completely opposite from me that thought was. Yes, I’ve been in excruciating pain from my sciatic on my right side (it’s gotten way worse the past couple days), making it really hard to sit, laying on my left side is starting to cause pain from laying on it so much and barely enough relief on my back. But thoughts like that? No way. I just find it interesting that the same exact thought during the same exact time period happened for us.

      I actually still feel like I’m in the midst of dying trying to break through. I can’t take much more of this sciatic pain (had it since Jan.) and I just flat out refuse to go to some 3D doctor. I don’t know that even acupuncture or massage would even touch it at this point. I need NEW solutions and hope they arrive very soon!

      And this morning I’m sitting here with a fan directly on me as the internal heat ramped up again for me. I was sweating after my shower! Ugh!

      Thank you for having the courage to speak up about your experience as I’m glad to confirm for both of us (possibly more people) that this came from an “outside source”… most likely TD!

      Much Love, Light, and Heart Hugs!
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • I’ve had the internal “i want to end it” thing too. For me it was almost like a discussion or a negotation at a different level of consciousness, imagining just being done with all this. Part of me is SO out of patience!! And also feels like more a rebirth, death of the remaining ego self, not really me, but also not something external forced on me either. I feel like I am rambling…LOL But yes, weird roller coaster ride, heat turned up also (lately I am constantly sweaty). Also FYI I find my chiropractor is the only one who I’d trust helping with sciatic pain, and they tend not to be very 3D. Not sure what you have already tried or what you are dealing with, I hope you figure out how to relieve that pain.


      • Dearest Meg,

        This has been an ongoing physical problem for me for over a year. It first started with left hip pain (excruciating). Found out that stemmed from a protruding disc in my lower spine. Went to pt… finally helped with doing pool therapy. Then at the end of my pt, I had pain on my right rear. We didn’t really address it (and I’ve got limited pt covered by insurance). So I’ve been trying to manage the pain on the right with chiro, acupuncture and massage since late Jan. The chiro said it’s (I believe) the periformus muscle which is incredible hard to get at in order for it to release/relax. I believe that’s putting a lot of pressure on my sciatic. And it could be my disc shifted on some nerves as well on the right side now. Who knows. So, I’ve been trying everything including chiro, but can only do so much as I’ve been paying out of pocket for all of these types of treatments.

        I’ve tried talking to that part of my body, tried to find some past life relevance to that area, anything and everything and I can’t seem to find anything… YET. So while I’m patient with the Ascension process itself, I’m beginning to get impatient with finding the NEW tools to help heal this physical (and beyond) part of myself.

        Heart Hugs!
        Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Chrysalis, I too suffer with my right side. Back in June I started taking food grade Diamateous Earth and the results are amazing. I no longer hobble along but now walk unrestricted. Unfortunately this past week has been trying and the old symptoms returned but to a much lesser degree ( I was in pain but not hindered in movement). I believe the D E is healing this area and this is just one of the wonderful healing gifts that this simple, natural, inexpensive God given gift has given me. read some of the testimonies on the web and search Yahoo videos ( there are many beautiful and educational ones). May you be in good health.

        From my heart to yours,

      • Dearest Janey,

        Thank you so much for this information! I’d heard of this for use to get rid of bed bugs and such, but not the human grade/consumption. I did some poking around and reading and I wasn’t getting a “no”… so I went ahead and ordered some! I will definitely let you know how things go. Hmmm, maybe it’ll fill out my hair too 😀 I’m willing to try anything at this point that my heart doesn’t say “no” to. Something that I’m conscious of at this moment is that this may be the solution as I haven’t been properly grounded with the Earth… probably forever. And this is of the Earth 🙂

        Heart Hugs,
        Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • …… back ache, me too for long years. I found a chiropractor who is an upper cervical specialist and he has made a world of difference. I wonder at adjusting the two flat bone at the base of the skull could made a difference but if you think about it is all connected. I also have this thing called Light Therapy that seems to help . And the heat, with all of us burning up like we have been we surely should be about done blasting this place clean.

  14. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you, Denise. I was wondering as well. I had an intuition to check spaceweather but didn’t because I was too tired. (Doh! 😉 It is really comforting to read so many comments and Denise’s post showing that it’s not just me!

  15. Phewww I thought that I was ready to be sent off to the “looney bin” because first of all this week I felt as though I had completely missed a day (Tuesday 27th seemed to have vanished as in I could not remember anything that happened that day) then I could see an incredible white light which was stunning, then yesterday Friday 29th I went “nuts” at work. I so wanted “quiet me time” after 5 months of training and helping everyone else at work, so that I haven’t been doing my own work then I got unhappy and a bit “rough” or rude for me when a new person began asking me questions to help with her job.

    Now I know that the solar winds were hitting us, I am not so worried about my sanity. I like your explanation that it is lighting up the last of the “dross” (i.e. resistance to being my true authentic self, from an unfounded and ridiculous remnant fear of mine that things will spiral out of control) which I am currently battling in terms of balancing helping/supporting others with looking after myself. Thanks Denise, Hugs. 🙂

    • Denise, hope u don’t mind me posting again. I am excited to say that I have discovered the following for myself, after alot of hard work or alot of internal searching and determination to move forward. 🙂

      I think my workplace experiences this year teaches me not to expect anything from the workplace and to instead decide for myself what is right morally with me, and for me and to carry out those intentions, while still looking after myself, not resisting it, while being clear with, and not frightened of outlining my expectations.

      I think that for me I have to look at my own self-management and communication skills, and my intentions or plans or purpose. This is in terms or context of what I said above about not assuming / expecting certain things and not letting THOSE predicate or determine what I will actually do or what I expect of me or what I will choose to think about.

      That is, the content of my mind needs to be “pure” or detached from mental schemas or expectations or possibilities, or in other words, detached from ANALYSIS. I need to operate from my HEART and be authentically ME, which includes giving others not unlimited support “on tap”, but qualified or directed support, i.e. letting them know how much / what sort of Support I can give them (in the workplace) and they must use other Sources, and WHY – namely if they don’t that it will be detrimental to me. The wheat will be separated from the chaff, so to speak.

      I will find out who really genuinely cares about me in the Workplace, but not attach myself to them in terms of not consciously wanting or needing everyone’s approval !! I will survive.

      I am going to congratulate myself for making the effort to learn this. I tend to worry about everyone else, and this year has been a HUGE year for me to release others to their own Pathways and to love and support myself. I hope all other Light Workers are looking after and being nice to themselves, and realise how much a difference they are making !

      Hugs to All. 🙂

      • Hi Star Wise
        What awesome revelations you are gifting to yourself from the fireball of light experience. I so relate to what you have just said. I need to practise putting myself first too, and let go of everyone/thing else. They can sort themselves out or whatever! Heart Hug, Meadow

  16. Hi Denise, and my beautiful star family. Thank you for posting this info. Denise.
    Thank you all so much for articulating your experiences when I simply cannot. All I can say is that I had my ass flattened this week – omg, it was awful, suicidal garbage. wth??
    You are not alone here. Oh, and if I’m lucky, I fall asleep by 6am. When night falls, I’m finallly able to “unplug” from everything and there’s finally some relief… Seriously, thank you – thank you, thank you ALL for being here. I’m holding you all in my heart – with more love & gratitude than you’ll ever know.

    P.S. Happy early birthday to Chrysalis – and Sunny (if I remember correctly). Would love to send each of you a hug & a thank you note – but this will have to do…
    Massive group hug ~ xoxoxo

    • Dearest Stephanie,

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and hugs! Heart hugs back to you!

      Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Hi Chrysalis,

        I finally managed to climb back onto the computer (sometimes it’s a small miracle) – so I’m passing some love & light around… This pic is for you:

      • Dearest Stephanie,

        Oh my gosh! I’ve got goosebumps! Thank you so much for this beautiful picture! 😉

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Hi Meadow,

        Sending lots of Love>Love>Love right back to you 🙂 Thank you. Thank you. It’s great to hear from you too. I usually post on Lauren’s site as “Stephc60” – but haven’t had the chance in a few months. Hope you are doing well today… Glad to see that you’re hanging in there like the rest of us – even if it’s by our fingernails… Giant heart hugs as always! ~Steph

  17. Also on front page of is this

    “SPY SATELLITE SPOTTED: On Wednesday, Aug. 28th, a Delta IV Heavy rocket (the world’s largest, according to the United Launch Alliance) blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Its secret payload was classified by the US National Reconnaisance Office. So much for secrets. Amateur sky watchers are already tracking the NROL-65 satellite as it circles Earth. Kevin Fetter video-recorded the spysat last night as it glided silently over his back yard in Brockville, Ontario, Canada:”

    Could this ‘secret’ satellite be anything to do with the energies on 28th ??????

    It was launched from California where Denise lives, so maybe it was involved in a disruption of the energies. It is/was probably carrying a very negative cargo ……… maybe the fireball was the Galactics ‘taking it out’ 😆

    • Hey Denise and all,
      Where do I begin and be concise at the same time? OK, on the 28th, I left work with a severe headache, but wrote it off to a 2 hour long episode of standing up to the big wigs at work. I was actually quite proud of myself – you all, I had this strength that came from somewhere else. The “union” who is supposed to be on my side right, was actually yelling at me and arguing on behalf of the federal government. OK, I’m really NOT surprised by that ha!! But I was surprised at myself – after a round of back and forth I told them I was not going to play semantics with them any longer and they could just go ahead and talk to my lawyer. Suddenly things changed. Anyway, that is sort of an aside – but the power coming from within me just blew me away. But, then I went to a friend’s house and upon leaving, at about 8 pm, we saw the largest, brightest object in the sky. I live about 150 miles west of Albuquerque. Since the skies are always full of ufo’s here, I am aware of the lights that flash around them. But this monster – was HUGE. About 2/3 the size of the moon and brighter than anything I’ve ever seen in the sky – cant even begin to imagine how to explain it to you. It had the flashing lights and just sat there. It never moved. We watched it for 15 minutes or so, until it was covered up by very dark black clouds. I read the two NASA reports, but this fellow wasn’t moving as the Spy-Satellite supposedly was… I believe it was a huge mother-ship no matter what NASA says. It is interesting that nothing has been reported being found on the ground yet re the fireball?? And, I have no doubt that when a ufo of such proportion is discovered, of course it would be covered up. (TD is messing with me now, my computer is barely working.) Anyway, also on the Spaceweather site – they mention “as a result of indiscriminate “sequester” budget cuts, the USAF Space Surveillance Radar will be shut down at the end of September. Really? WTF? Interesting timing too. I’ll stop for now. Much love to you Denise and to everyone that comments. Glad we have all found one another. Morgean

  18. Thanks so much for this. For the past two nights I have been waking up at 4:00am, wide awake. This is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for me. On the morning of the 28th, nothing worked to get me back to sleep. Surprisingly, I had plenty of energy yesterday and felt inspired to tick off many of those actions on my list in spite of the lack of sleep. This morning I awoke again almost exactly at 4:00am, and said, “Brain, body, Spirit, please show me what you need to show me.” I duly went back to sleep, woke at 8:00am, logged into WordPress, and the top article was yours, Denise. Again, I’m feeling inspired to get cracking with work. Thanks again.

  19. was outside in the sun and my eyes wouldn’t stop watering – couldn’t see properly – felt majorly odd on sunday and has gone on all week – v tired too but not able to go to sleep at night – even my dog has been seeing stuff and been off her food etc – cant say I feel any better yet but am in England so maybe tomorrow ?? feel like i’m in some sort of dream – cant actually remember what normal feels like anymore !!!! maybe normal never was ??

    • Dearest Sulaireland,

      Thank you for bringing up how your dog has been off her food. I’ve been calling my cat “skinny minnie” for a while now, as she’s really lost her “pouch” (belly) that would swing side to side as she’s run through the apt. She’s sort of eating, but nowhere near what she used to. I’ve been tempting her with treats. Something I’ve never done as long as I’ve had her since she had a good appetite. I’ve even put treats in with her food… seems to help her want to eat a bit more. I have noticed that though lately too. And if she’s not sleeping, she’s either in the same room as me or directly on my lap. Poor dear.

      I’ve never much cared for “normal” so I’m glad that this idea of “normal’ is finally going away! 😀

      Heart Hugs, Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  20. big emotional swing for me that morn, I feel like Ive been stuck, holding energy too long, but in the releasing of energy, like money, I feel a loss, though I know that I must get moving because I dont like this standing still condition. The second half of the day became quite productive, actually. But, yeah, that morning was a downer.

  21. Wow what a revelation, thank you!!! I woke up Wed. morning and literally dragged myself downstairs and within a minute I realized there was no way I was going to go to work, let alone stay awake. I went back to bed for hours and when I finally did get up early afternoon I was just exhausted all day like never before, and that’s saying something. Then I got really cranky in the afternoon, frustrated with my cat because he’s healing from aNOTHer injury and can’t go out and kept pummeling the door to be let out and my dog was annoying me, til after a bit I’m like, “what’s going on here, I never get MAD at my pets” so I apologized to them and blamed it on the energies and just let it go, and away my bad mood went. I too am feeling pretty darn good today – actually got up EARLY which I never do. I think we’re starting to roll downhill and are picking up speed, wheeeeee!


  22. OMG! Denise, you wondered if you could get back home! Same thing happened to me on the 28th! I wondered if I was going to be able to get back home. However, I knew that I shouldn’t have gone out and about (walking on errand several blocks away) in the first place because I was beginning to feel weird. I wondered if I was going to get back home. I let my Divine Support Team know that I was NOT willing for the life to end until I got back home. My chest and heart were majorly affected. (I guess that one’s weakest areas are most impacted by such things). Heart functioning was down to under 25% of optimum when I checked. Yesterday I felt way better and heart functioning got up to 65% of optimal–which is as optimal as I’ve been able to get it for several years now. I had thought it was a hit intended for me alone (and I’ve experienced plenty of them–including a direct hit by electronic weaponry earlier this month). Now I know it wasn’t just about me.

  23. Wow, these sharings have been amazing. Feeling an Amazing Strength this morning and also, this is a dream finally come true, feel for the first time in years that I am ready for “Full Movement”! I had to chuckle when I read chad g’s comment that he doesn’t “like this standing still condition”! You got that right brother, some of us have been doing that for a few years now and I am ready to be totally done with it. I’m in my middle years now and could not imagine doing this when I was younger, that standing still. The standing still all began when I was in my mid 50′s and this last year I felt more like 70ish! Yikes, I had always felt so youthful up to that point. Well, now it feels like it is time for the good stuff and for me, I wouldn’t mind feeling 40ish again. Time for Miracles! Cosmos, bring it on in whatever form it is to take so we can have the FInal Birth of Something Brand New and P.S., don’t forget, I would like a newer “make and model”, ready to trade this used vehicle in!

  24. Thank you so much Denise, i read your article just after i woke up today and as i was remembering and wondering about my dream from last night. I haven’t thought you would post an article before September and I haven’t got any energy blast on 28th like all of you describe. Instead yesterday (on 29th) around 4pm GMT+2 (it’s 7am on the West Coast of USA, i think) something happened as i was in the supermarket. I thought it was a typical TD attack. I nearly cried and broke down, but somehow pulled myself together, grabbed my heavy bags with a very heavy and depressed feeling back home. Last night i had a very unusual dream. Firstly I was somewhere out in the woods near some cabin. It was dark and seemed like someone was with me. I saw very very huge dark object in the sky (like dark moon, except lot bigger) and wondered what that is. As i was watching this dark moon, another huge planetoid approached. It was golden in color and flew over me several times. This golden object was very beautiful, I don’t get any negative feeling about it. As it was flying over me, it seemed like this thing is scanning me. After few flyover i was so loaded with energy and thought i am exploding. With this thought i woke up.

  25. This is amazing how we all have felt the extremities of that energy. On the 27th, I went to bed just as a monsoon was coming in. Lightning struck in the town next over where I work and knocked the power out for 7 hours. At my house all it did was bump it to where I had to reset the clocks. Felt tired but good when I went to sleep and slept well for the first time in a week.(been waking up around 3am and not really sleeping after that.) When I got out of bed that next morning on the the 28th I could hardly walk. The pain I have been having in my right leg was screaming. I also immediately noticed sharp stabbing pains in my head. Not really a headache, just these pains that came and went all day. I felt like I had been hit by a truck.Yesterday many of my co-workers were complaining of headaches, fatigue, and their eyes hurting. All clueless to the fireball as was I. Thank you for the info Denise!

  26. Hi Denise and All,

    Many thanks for this post and all the comments. “Hammered” is the word for sure. It started for me the evening of the 27th, and I first want to thank whoever commented here about glandular pain a few days ago. Without that heads-up, I’m not sure how I would have reacted. Anyway, glandular pain began Tuesday evening, and all day, the 28th, that pain increased and spread north and south! I thought, well, this is it, I don’t think my body can take this, nausea set in, fatigue, legs on fire, nerves jangling, sweating, well, ditto the comments here, and oh, yes, plus a few kidney punches that just about floored me. And time went all wonky. It slowed to the point that I was sure I was losing my mind. Between 3:30 and 5:30 on Wednesday afternoon, it seemed like hours and hours. I tried experimenting with it to see if I could speed it up by getting busy, but no, one minute still passed like 20. Thankfully, I did sleep well though had problems breathing because of sinus congestion and stinging eyes. Today? Well, rather weakened still and yes, got that pissed off feeling to a certain extent, but I’m still standing and determined to see this through. Didn’t know about the fireball until your post, Denise, but it sure makes sense and is definite confirmation that we were on the receiving end of some very high vibing energy. All good and well done, us. Anyone noticing how the number 13 is becoming a big-time player? Seems UK gov got blown out by 13 no’s on Syrian vote. I’m watching for 13 these days. I think we’ll see it play a bigger and bigger role as we get closer to birthing. Love, B.

    • Denise, sorry to reply to my own comment, but it just jumped out at me, the above line from the report of the fireball:

      “….. the fireball reached a peak magnitude of -13, brighter than a Full Moon….”

      Oh, wow, there’s that 13 again!

      Love, B.

  27. Oh my gosh! I kept thinking yesterday that i should check spaceweather as i was so miserable–much pain in neck & shoulders/back & that ALWAYS happens when there is a major event! I was texting a friend that i felt waaay off center but couldnt remember what “center” felt like, that i didn’t feel like doing a damn thing but i didn’t feel like doing nothing either! Crabby, restless, not wanting to talk to anyone, feeling crowded /irritated with even ONE other person around. Its been like this since Monday! But yesterday was the worst. And i DID notice the sun was different! I even got a picture where its almost full sun but still shadowy all around…
    & now i know why i just COULDN’T wake up yesterday morning–like something was holding me to the bed. I couldn’t pry my eyes open until after 1pm–Flattened indeed! Wow. Thank you so much Denise & everyone here, i feel a million times better just reading all your accounts. I don’t feel much better yet this morning, have a terrible headache & still achy/restless/grumpy feeling, but at least i know this will pass. There’s relief right there. Denise, i simply cannot express accurately how much i appreciate you and this precious space–its made all the difference in the world to me!!!
    Gratitude & Love to all,

    Hmmmm….i’m wondering if this fireball didn’t constitute the “mass extermination of negative thought forms” (paraphrasing) that another commentor sensed was coming???

    • Hi Elila
      I heard those words from spirit “that a mass extinction of negative thought forms” was on its way early last week, but thought when spirit was giving me the message it was going to happen around September 21 2013, not this week! The universe works in mysterious ways….it was like it happened in a flash, like a nuclear/light explosion went off and boom, some lower vibrations within us were gone. Great balls of fire…like the Sarah Varcas article Denise mentioned in her last comments area about we initiates being transformed by fire, whether we like it or not…I didn’t like it, but the benefit is I seem to be very free of something….love to all, Meadow

  28. “Hmmmm….i’m wondering if this fireball didn’t constitute the “mass extermination of negative thought forms” (paraphrasing) that another commentor sensed was coming???”

    Had not thought of that but wouldn’t that be wonderful? I actually feel terrific today on about 4 hours of sleep. Feels like a new positive energy’s in the air. As for the sun, I did notice it was different now that I think about it. After work on the 28th, I decided to put on my bathing suit and soak up some sun as it always makes me feel better. I had my sunglasses on and my eyes closed and it was still so very very bright.
    Here’s to better todays and tomorrows. 🙂

  29. Dear Denise and all
    On Tuesday 27th went to bed and hit by download of energy straight into heart chakra. The next day Wednesday 28th walking around and felt like I had had open heart surgery. Second time round similar experience previous week. I have had literally over the years much heart chakra downloads but none like these recent ones. Energy certainly off the scale now. Also such fatigue. Oh well keeping on and on and on. Maureen

  30. OMG!!

    Thanks for this post Denise!! I’ve been a Fu…n MESS since late Tues night!!! Wed and the worst! Yesterday slight improvement and feel much better today.

    Different symptoms than the usual I experience with Ascension. this explain ,my most recent 3 day Adventure of Insanity!

    Tues night feeling “unusually” high levels of frustration, anger, chest pain, (thought it was only due to flare up of an ongoing, neverending issues concerning my partner’s total inability to command power, set boundaries with issues he’s dealling with his son which affects our life on every level).

    I’m usually very able to be pretty neutral about it at this point. I just remove myself emotionally. This time however I literally had to physically get out of my apt for a few hrs or I probably would have Exploded!! I couldn’t even stand to even be in his company!!

    To avoid throwing kitchen utensils at him, I just took my computer, cell phone, cup of ginger tea (a scotch would’ve been better) and said I was going over to my daughter’s apt down the hall (she’s away) to have quite alone time so I could “write”. My attempts to direct my anger energy creatively failed. I ended up feeling sooo frustrated I just called up my daughter bitched for 1 hr on the phone to her about it (poor thing listened to me 😦 )

    Went back to my apt to bed @ around midnight. Woke up @ 3: 48 am. Couldn’t go back to sleep because I felt WIRED! Went into living room tried to do some writing again…felt like “Brain Spasms”. I couldn’t get thoughts organized and obsessed with trying untill 11:30 am Wed. Went to park with dog later afternoon, figured I’d relax a bit there get a bit of “SUNSHINE??? HA!! I was there 20 min and thought I was going to Collapse, felt Exhausted, rubbing my eyes…I attributed it to lack of sleep night before. However this feeling was totally beyond being overtired! I felt I wouldn’t even make the 3 block walk back home. Totally different and very strange feeling! (sound familiar my Dear Star Sister Denise?!! )

    I made it home, bathed, fed the dog, and informed everyone by text I’d not be cooking anyone dinner tonight, that I was going to bed to sleep a couple hrs and expect not to be disturbed!! I slept around 2 hrs got up sooo Nauseas (all kinds of wierd back, stomach acheyness going on week before too?). I waited a bit then forced myself to eat something as I hadn’t eaten most of that day and figured that might be why I felt sick…Went back to bed @ 10:30 meditated, fell asleep.

    Woke up during the night stomach cramps in and out of the bathroom 3-4 times? Went back to sleep a bit, woke up again early am Thurs and back in bathroom 4 times during morning hrs. Felt Awful and sore stomach in bathroom 4 times. Couldn’t make it to go visit my mom so she was brought over to spend the day. I stayed in all day with her, forced myself to eat a little at time to see if I could keep food in me. I started to feel some relief and ate dinner last night. Slept all night and woke up like a new person?? Thought I might have been purged?? Praying it lasts this time? Or at least a couple days so I might have a decent weekend for a change! This month has be ABSOLUTE HELL!!! Do you think its easing up a bit for us at this point???

    In any case…

    Thanks again Denise for the validation! Also wondering if anyone here also had some of these other physical symptoms above?

    Sending you Love, Love, Love…Gratitude & Blessings!!!

    • Hi Sandra,
      Nice to see you posting again, I had read your earlier post that things were tough going for you for awhile. I always enjoy your style of sharing and especially enjoyed your “a scotch would’ve been better” line. I so agree, for me it was that “Martini, Straight Up Please”! I was quite the party boy years back(what happened to that good time guy lol) and sometimes I wish my system could handle that one friggin occasional martini but that has been taken from me also, can’t handle liquor of any type anymore. Yes, I experienced the stomach cramps and camping on the throne this week, the “wired and then tired” symptom, burning eyes and the ever famous brain spasms! I also luved your text to everyone that you weren’t cooking tonight, good for you. I was just thinking earlier when I mentioned to my roommate that I am glad another day is done, that no one truly understands what we have been enduring except for those of us that are also going thru it, such as everyone here at Transitions. Enjoyed your sharing!

  31. Yes, I too felt it, though I knew it was a whopper….stayed with me all day and into the night…and my dreamtime was incredibly coherent and lucid. I am better today, yet still tired and taking it easy. Fireball….that is exactly what it felt like too….burning off every thing that is not of Love right to the core 🙂 Thank you for this post. I wrote about this lastnight but didn’t know the ‘name’ for it….I always go by ‘feel’….with Love, Angelisa Rose

  32. How delightful to find a community to share with. I thought I was the only one feeling totally cuckoo for the past few months. I have been awakening around 4 am for months, feeling like my body was galloping and unable to process the energy. Depression and anxiety attacks have been incapacitating, and as “First Wave” incarnator I have never really wanted to be here anyway (what the heck was I thinking?) , so I understand the death wishes out there. Then August 26th to 28th (due to a family gathering over the weekend… “personality disorders on parade”) I was practicing mindfulness and blasted by my own anger and negative emotion being brought to light and cleansed . The realization of my own dark emotion was excruciating. But the 29th I was led to some online information that helped me resolve the anger, and then the winds came! Here in Washington we had gale force winds that brought the most fascinating energy with them. The clouds flew past the stars last night as I sat on the balcony. The gusts must have been 45 mph. There was distant lightening in the sky over Canada bringing ionized frequencies I have not experienced in a very long time. It was like the scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when the mothership is gathering behind the racing clouds…. that high, mystical and imminent feeling. It felt like such positive MOVEMENT was happening on the spiritual planes I was washed with euphoria. Today I feel amazing, better than in years and also so hopeful. I hope we are all being reborn.

    • Moonwater,

      Welcome to TRANSITIONS, glad you’re here. 🙂

      “…The realization of my own dark emotion was excruciating…”

      Bravo you and very well done! Thanks for your bravery and brutal honesty – direct routes to Higher everything!


    • Beautiful. Thank you. After enduring several years of what you have described, I can feel the difference over the last few days. Wheewwww . . . In hopes that we can all breathe a sigh of relief now. Also, knowing we are not alone is a comfort. ; )

  33. Ah, *thank you, Denise*!!
    I should have realised when my migraine started that it’s once again one of these Space migraine upgrades… of course. With an unusual emotional tantrum nicely tied in later the same day. For days I’ve been ‘down’ and just… homesick. Feeling acutely dislodged here in the world. Tired and mustering energy to simply breathe.

    On the subject of space weather… I haven’t read all of the comments here recently, so maybe this has already come up – but just in case not, you might be interested in the upcoming magnetic pole reversal of our dear Sun. Apparently happening in the next three months or so. Makes sense and fits into this all, huh:
    Denise, any insight you could give already as to what this pole reversal might mean for us all? No doubt some further (painful) fun&games again…

    With gratitude,

  34. I tried to post earlier but my computer was having none of it. Suffice it to say, that the irritability and inner heat have made the past week difficult so glad to know why (per your post). Dreamt this morning that I was climbing a pyramid in the jungle and could almost touch the top. Hang in all, not much longer to go. Cay

    • No not much longer! I am getting clear inner movement patterns that have been happening for seven years that show me where I am in the process. The patterns are saying, “A few more tweaks, a few more balances, and we’re ready

      And we’re ready to roll!” Some anger issues towards people and situations from the past, and a lot of it stemming from oppressed feminine energy, have been coming up. Lots of burning off still with heat. Incredibly clear dreams releasing stuff all through the night!

  35. Well, now I know why I got knocked flat on my butt the other day. I had filled the bird feeders and was squatted down with my feet firmly under me and planted so I shouldn’t fall putting the lids on the feeders when I fell over on my right side for absolutely no reason. That in itself wasn’t so bad except that it aggravated the pain I’ve been in for a year now from a car wreck. The thing is that I’m rarely outside filling the feeders at that hour of the morning since I’m a night owl. I went back inside and back to bed and the energy was flying around so much I couldn’t sleep – just listen. 2013 has been a year of challenge and change and I just hope I survive it.

    • wildostrich & All,

      On Wednesday, 8-28-13, I had taken my mom to her doctor for a follow-up appointment. After that I took her to pick up new glasses/lens at eye doctor. The whole time I’m feeling worse and worse and while waiting to pick up her new glasses, I suddenly felt like I was falling sideways, to my right, and physically made a small noise of panic at the thought of falling out of the chair I was sitting in in front of a room full of strangers! But I wasn’t falling or tipping over physically but etherically… but when this happens it usually feels like it’s an actual physical falling. When I experienced this, I knew the energies were very potent to literally unbalance, unground me to the point that I started to slip out of my physical body in public!

      I felt abnormally better (for me) the next day, Thursday, but today, Friday 8-30-13, I had to go out shopping, bank etc. early this morning and after I got home I fell asleep at 11 AM until 3 PM and feel horrible… again! (11 AM?!?!) It’s gonna be potent for a while I’m afraid as we move through these major Shifts and changes.


      • I’m with you Denise. I was just thinking earlier, that damn see-sawing, I am so Fucking tired of it. Felt positive and very emotionally strong this morning and then that “horrible” feeling, as you so eloquently stated, came back in this afternoon. It feels worse then ever at this current time period that we are experiencing. So, after the period of Strength and Hope that I experienced this morning, then it feels like emotionally it is time to go back into the “bowels of hell”! Time seems to be speeding by, but at the same time, on some level, as we are moving closer and closer to this New Birthing Time, each day can feel like an eternity. I also notice many of us are experiencing the same type of energetic’s these days, so at least I can gain Strength from all of your continuing strength. In the “bowels of hell” time, all I can think is, will this ever truly be over. It would be nice to hit a point where instead of constantly reminding ourselves that we are in another potent period, we can say, now it is time to Truly Play and Have Some Fun. I don’t even know if I remember what it is like to have a good time outside of the constant energetic work that we have had to do. Also, those of us that have been without an intimate companion and some base normal friendship’s for a very long time, wouldn’t it be nice to have this experience once again. I have to throw this in to lighten things up a tad by mentioning that as far as a intimate companion, that “I am tired of doing it myself”, if you get my drift. LOL Denise, if this seems offensive please remove that sentence.

      • Hi Jeff,

        Thanks so much for sharing this. Your post had me laughing (& crying a bit too). Uuuugh, I totally feel your frustration on all accounts. I’m writing you from the “bowels of hell” too. At this point, it would be a relief to have some stability to this insanity – good grief. Can they give us a month off for good behavior – please?? Oh, and the isolation of this process has been mind-boggling…really, truly mind-boggling. Geezus, it would be nice to have some fun & companionship (aaahh, fun – remember fun???). We’re going to be allowed to socialize at some point, right? Sigh… I’ve gone toe-to-toe with the “Unseens” about this issue (and haven’t received a response). Here’s the deal: I didn’t come down here to be a nun – and at this point, I pretty much qualify for nun status. And if – by some miracle, I finally get to wear a dress & have a date – the poor guy will probably be hospitalized. I don’t want to offend anyone here – hopefully this will give someone a laugh… If you delete this Denise – I totally understand.
        On the plus side, here was one moment of pure joy this week – so I’ll share it with you. Hopefully it will bring a smile to you & anyone who needs it:–013—time-to-dance

        Hang in there Jeff – you are so not alone, even if you feel like a “shut-in” (I know, I do) Giant Heart-Hug to ya 🙂

      • Stephanie,

        Thank you for the laughs and more laughs and more laughs from that video link. I’ve never watched that guy’s show but he can dance bad really well which means he’s a decent dancer. It was hilarious and I needed to laugh, really laugh badly so Thank You and Steve for the belly laughs.

        For the past month or so the 4D Astral plane is like they’re all running around with their hair on fire 24/7 and the stress, noise, distraction and bleed-through into this dimension has been nearly unbearable personally, so this is why I REALLY needed to belly laugh at something deserving of belly laughs! 😉

        Happy Dance Hug,

      • Hi Denise – you are so welcome for that clip. I’m so glad that it brought you some laughs. It’s really pure bliss to share a laugh with other light workers (warriors). If I come across any other nuggets of joy, I’ll pass them along 🙂

        Hang in there with the “bleed-through” noise that you mentioned. I totally understand on some level how immensely distracting (& stressful) that can be. In April/May of this year – I had such a barrage of psychic info/channelling/& “noise”(it was really an avalanche) – that I had to put up HUGE psychic blocks. Good grief – heart hugs to you, Big Time.

        In the meantime, here’s a little magic to carry you through…

      • Dearest Stephanie,

        Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that image. It really falls in line with a response I received from Cosmic Awareness just last night. I posed a question about health and wellness (this is in the “members area” of the Rainbow Phoenix website), and this picture really recalls the meditation offered/one that I intuited but didn’t follow through on until I received this response from CA. I LOVE how everything falls into place like this. Bless you for sharing this image… it was needed and very greatly received! Heart Hugs!

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Hi Chrysalis,

        You are so welcome for the picture. Love the sychronicity with the CA response… When I saw it, I just thought – this is meant for Chrysalis! Weird I know, but you know how us light workers are 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be ready for lift off soon – and truly ready to use our wings. In the meantime, take good care of yourself. Heart hugs to you too.

      • OMG Stephanie, your reply and the video made my day. Both brought so many chuckles and a big smile to my face. Colbert is such a riot and since he is in the Mid Life phase and acting so goofy and having so much fun in the video, I appreciated it so much more. When I have my ipod on and am out shopping and having a really good day, I have been known to dance a bit thru the aisles. I wouldn’t go as full blown as Colbert, don’t want to give them a reason to lock me up! lol You mentioning that the post had you “crying a bit” really touched my heart as we are so “busting at the seams” to be who we truly are, these Amazing, Fun Loving Beings who want to experience Much Joy and Much Love(intimate and general) once again, this is what I am so waiting for. This is Who We Truly Are! I also luved your “I didn’t come down here to be a nun” and I surely have never had any desire whatsoever for a “vow of chastity”, eee-gads!lol Also, the “poor guy will probably be hospitalized” comment really brought a chuckle from me! There should be a warning issued: “Watch out for those Secluded Lightworker’s, they could be dangerous to your health”. It reminds me of the saying: “When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better”. I think we are going to be very, very bad! LOL I just spoke with a female friend who said she was comfortable enough asking me and wanted a male perspective, asked if I was extra horny as of late and I just chuckled and said, Oh Yeah, especially since the fireball came thru Wednesday. That fireball be upgrading all type of things! lol Thanks for the great response Stephanie, nice to lighten things up a tad!

      • Hi Jeff,

        I’m so glad that you enjoyed that Colbert Clip. Like I told Denise, it is pure bliss to have a laugh with another light warrior. We are so deserving! I’m climbing out of a funk right now, but I did manage to find another nugget of joy. Hope you like. It’s a bit of an oldie – so you may have already seen it. Either way, here it is 🙂

      • Hi Stephanie,
        Your latest clip is so cute. Look at how that little guy grabbed at the spotlight and shared his Joy with all those in attendance. So, so Heartwarming. Yes, those “funk periods” still are around at times, aren’t they! Glad you found that piece of Joy to share with all of us once again. I can’t stop watching that Colbert clip, something about the seriousness of him doing those turns,so goofy yet feels so right for him! How about Henry Kissinger making an appearance, too much fun! Thank’s again for sharing the Joy, it is still needed by many of us but we are chugging toward that finish line, are we not!

      • Hi Jeff,

        So glad you enjoyed that clip of the little elvis impersonator. Thanks for letting me share that. It’s great that his parents & family allowed him to rock it out! LOL – it’s also nice to hear that you’ve gotten some more mileage out of the Colbert Clip. It’s been an awesome re-run for me too. I’ve really milked that one for all it’s worth. When he popped out of Kissinger’s closet, I just about fell out of my chair! Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts, questions, & observations on Denise’s site. It’s nice to hear from an evolved male light worker. Hopefully, we’ll hear from more of them soon… I loved Denise’s response & feedback to you about duality integration – this is an interesting shift. There is hope though – people are still slowly but surely expanding their consciousness. My sister’s boyfriend recently found a Youtube video about Indigos and he told my sister that he believes that me & his brother (we share the exact same birthday) are Indigos. They then forwarded the video to my mother – who did not process it very well. On the plus side, this did bring my sister & I closer together. She doesn’t fully comprehend the “lightworker”concept/mission yet. However, I was finally able to tell her I’m an Indigo & come out of the lightworker “closet” – so to speak… It’s truly bizarre that her boyfriend found that video – especially since he served in the Military & works in a bar. Plus, he’s from a family of old-school Catholics. On the other hand, he is an art major – so he somehow managed to flip a switch in his consciousness. It’s still shocking (really, truly shocking), but it gives me some hope. Forgive me if I’m rambling here, I just thought I’d throw that story out there…

        In the meantime Jeff, I hope that you find a fun, lightworker goddess to have some naked playtime with. I’ll send out some good vibes for you in that regard. Take care & hang in there 🙂 If any of us finally get to party together – say hi!, I’ll be the one dancing like Colbert.

      • Hi Stephanie,
        Thanks for sharing the story concerning your sisters boyfriend. Quite interesting. His duality is quite interesting and as you stated, he has been involved in the Alpha Male military structure but also now an art major. Taping into his feminine aspect. That was cool to hear. Also involving your sister and mother with the you tube video that he found which brought you and your sister closer together and sounds like it kind of freaked your mom out! lol I got a chuckle concerning your coming out of the closet as an Indigo comment as I feel that info is so mild compared to who we have Truly become in these latest years and what that has all entailed. Thanks for this story. Also, I would luv to see you do the Colbert dance! Still just hangin in there in my center of the universe. I just soon may have to start doing the Colbert Dance at the supermarket for some entertainment if something soon doesn’t shift but have to say, I am maintaining High Hope! Hoping no more fireballs are on the way, can’t even imagine what another one of those would due to me!

      • I experienced the “falling” as you describe as I was sitting–two or three times. Actually felt my etheric and physical bodies very misaligned (not together). Strange feeling.

      • I finally am understanding my falling. There was a step, and I was clear minded, but there I went down on the cement and landed finally on the grass. I had to totally lay still for a couple of minutes and I felt very very different and then I was up and kept going. Now I am having difficulty with my left knee and leg, but it is great to have understanding when things happen like this. Others have said they fell on their right side, hummm . . . wonder about me have difficulty with my right brain stuff. Oh well, and on I go. Blessings to everyone.

  36. Hugs Denise – I have the same feelings except I literally fall over. Why is it to the right – at least for me – all the time. I have to walk like a drunk sometimes placing each foot carefully on the floor because I never know when I’m going to list to the right. Yes, I had the ears checked – no infection. I’m taking care (different homes) of my 94 y.o. Mother and she’s having Ascension problems but won’t hear my explanations so I don’t make things worse for her. She continually asks me what I’m going to do when she goes – the rest of the family has already gone to the other side and I honestly can’t give her an answer. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing tomorrow. I don’t want her hanging on for me since she misses Dad so much. Got any suggestions as to what can tell her. Thanks so much for your helpful posts. I look forward to them. BTW, my birthday is 9/22 – should be an interesting day. Namaste’

    • Dearest Wildostrich,

      Let me wish you an early Happy Birthday! It should turn out to be a very interesting one for sure!

      As far as things with your Mom. I would say to follow your heartmind. It can bring some very surprising and wonderfully insightful answers… it sure has for me!

      Heart Hugs,
      Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • That’s what I’ve been doing so far and it seems to be working. Thanks. Namaste’ wildostrich

        Yoga helps a lot with that problem. Been there. Doing that.

  37. chrysalis – think it was you who had had severe back pain since January – was so glad to read someone else had this – I have had a weird bruised feeling at bottom of my spine for months now – really uncomfortable to sit – mine is worse on my left side – was getting quite worried about it – somehow makes you feel less worried when someone has the same type of thing as you !! couldn’t face a chiropractor or anyone doing anything to my spine atm – I feel It might be a clearing sort of thing as occasionally get an energy buzz there – am hoping it sorts itself out soon –
    more on my dog who as well as not wanting to eat had a very odd night the other night – jumped up on my bed then sat and watched something walk all the way round the bed which totally freaked her out so she had to hide her head in her basket under a blanket afterwards – made me feel a bit odd too – not the first time this has happened – I wonder if animals get more sensitive when they live with people who are light etc etc or do you think they are just naturally like that anyway?? I have two dogs and a cat and they all pick up on odd energies, see stuff etc etc – and are affected by the sort of thing that affects me – wonder if they are having ascension symptoms too??

    • Dearest Sulaireland,

      I replied to Meg (jlcmom) about my physical stuff (if Denise approves it 🙂 ). I’ve written about it a bit in other comments as well. Anyway, what you’re describing sounds to me like an issue with your coccyx (tailbone). I know once when I went to the chiro he asked if I’d fell down hard (which I had) and found that mine had shifted which what was causing me extra pains… within 48hours I was back to just my normal right side sciatic pains. Not too many drs, chiros, massage people talk about this because it usually makes people feel completely uncomfortable. The chiro now has a extremely less invasive way of tipping the coccyx back in the correct position. Just some info for you from my own experience 🙂

      As far as animals and their sensitivities, etc, yes absolutely they are sensitive to the energies and everything else. My cat will “guard my space” if I’m doing energy work/meditating etc. She’ll sit at the edge of the bed or just outside the area I’m in, all quiet yet somewhat alert. I know that Denise has articles to do with Ascension and Animals in particular. You can use the search box and look for “animals” would be my guess. I do my best not to worry about her when she throws up nothing… and just offer her my empathy that I know she’s not feeling well with all these energies. She’s 13 years old… (ps Barbara, there’s another 13! lol!) and I let her know how much I love her everyday, and that however long she goes through this journey with me, I’m grateful for her in my life.

      Heart Hugs, Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… Ready to Fly…

  38. still feeling pretty wiped out now from the latest energy blast as i type – this afternoon at work i could see so much dancing light ‘in the air’ in my office

  39. The event has been upgraded again, including its brightness which is now said to have been a magnitude -16, 20 times brighter than a full moon.

    • Thanks Nikkoale, I hadn’t checked at since I quoted them. I was expecting that as the scientists collect more info about this event, that they’d discover it was MUCH larger and more powerful than they first thought.


  40. Dear Chrysalis,
    My hubby and I have both had this sciatic problem. He has it on both sides… I had it on my right side… hip down the outside of the right leg to the ankle. We found an exercise that helped us both:
    Lie on your back on the floor in an open doorway. If your right side is hurting, extend your left leg through the open doorway into the nest room, resting it flat on the floor. Now lift the rigjt leg straight up in the air, so it forms a 90 degree angle with the other lef. Slide the groin
    as close as possible to the edge of the door frame. Then, keeping the right heel against that door
    frame, try to straiten the right leg as flat as possible against the frame… until the knee also touches the door frame. It is hard and painful at first, and will need to be repeated every day, or perhaps several times a day until left leg is straight and flat on the floor through the open door, and the right is completely straight and flat against the right-hand door frame. You can feel the groin muscle relaxing little by little, and when this is done… no more sciatic pain. My hubby still does this for each leg every evening before bedtime, for only a minute or two. I, however, find I can now just bend over and touch my toes three times without bending the knees each night. No more pain. Hope this helps. I know how torturous sciatic pain can be.
    Love, Marilyn


    • Dearest Marilyn,

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me! I was already sitting here in pain (hours earlier; it usually starts about 3-4pm!) and just went to try it. I modified it: instead of the door/frame, I laid on my left side, scooted my bottom as close to the wall as I could, then rolled to the right on my back bringing my right leg straight up and leaving my left leg straight on the floor. Man that’s a great stretch! I may have to do it many times a day to get relief; it’s even better than some of the modified yoga stretches I’ve been using lately.

      Heart Hugs,
      Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Glad you tried it. May take awhile, but improvement does show up in a day or two. Love, Marilyn


  41. Seems like the seesawing energies are affecting us all, no two hours the same, I can be exhausted and have to go to bed in the afternoon, then be at the supermarket in the evening, feeling just fine. The highs and the lows of physical energy are more extreme just now, plus more aches, pains and general crappy stuff. Isn’t it fun though 😏

    Then there’s more testing via TD 😆😆😆😆😆…… This past week I have been woken very early (I really do need good quality lengthy sleep if I can get it) by a neighbour who is moving out (that in itself could be positive ). Bumps, bangs, dragging of furniture at 6.00 am is so not funny , but then I do realise that I can choose how I relate to the disturbance 😡.

    Then yesterday I was well enough (after yet another rest in bed) to visit the local shopping centre, and feeling very brave I decided to attempt to walk a little further to get to my favourite shop for a treat …… I ambled steadily across the carpark, aiming for the shortest possible route (using the least amount of energy of course) …….. I’m almost there, when this guy in his car creeps up behind me, (I already know he wants me to hurry up and get out of his way, cos I’m picking up on his martian energies 😆) ….. he so desparately wants to get into that empty parking space,as quickly as possible, and I’m in his way, (feckin tough mate, you’ll have to wait, thinks me) 😆😆😆😆😆. So this wonderful example of patriarchal martian energy winds his car window down and gives me some verbal ……..must have made him feel like such a ‘big man’ picking on a’senior citizen’…….ha, wrong girl to pick on mate ….. I knew this was TD playing games again, so I stayed in my neutral space, held a ‘mirror’ at his energies and continued to amble towards my shop. Behind me I knew this guy was fuming, even raging that I wasn’t frightened by his actions and words, but I also knew that he would receive his energy back ……amplified…..very soon 😈. They really are having to work very hard, with no return for their effort 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆.

    Oh, boy ….. September tomorrow, on the countdown to some miracles and magic, getting some excitement going now, perhaps we are about to see,feel,experience some real improvements in every way.

    Here’s wishing us all some wonderful magical September days 💞

    • Hope,

      That was great, and funny, but dangerous too. Here people just run other people over with their vehicles and keep going! Yeah the male patriarchy bullies… they are unbelievable.

      Stay safe,

  42. Very long CLEAR dreams last night that went on and on and on! I was at a beach resort with my family, but I kept not wanting to go out on the beach or in the water. I had the sense we were leaving soon, and was relieved I had avoided the beach and water. I stayed inside and started exploring these luxury condos that were all connected together with no doors between them and very little light in them. Servants were roaming around waiting on the owners. The dim condos felt oddly vacant and abandoned, and the few owners inside seemed haughty, distant, and entitled. I had a sense a lot of them were out on the beach or in the water.

    I decided to go check out the beach in front of the connected condos after all to see what I had missed. There were WALL TO WALL TO WALL people dressed in all black work type clothes packed in and sitting on the beach. They looked odd like they were resigned and waiting calmly, and were packed in like sardines. I just wanted to get out of there as it felt icky. The waves were too rough looking, and I wondered again like the last dream, why people were out in the water because it was dangerous. The water was packed wall to wall with people with this constant buzzing frantic activity directly in front of the dressed- in- black people sitting on the beach.

    Another crowd was over to the side at a separate beach in calmer waters, and singing and dancing ECSTATICALLY while playing VERY FREELY in the water. There was an underwater door separating the two beaches. The swimmers were euphoric, and a lot of women were there. A damaged sickly looking girl dressed in black very heavy outdated clothes was also there, and my sense was that she was uncomfortable being there with these elated people because it was making her more miserable. She did not match the energy of the scene, and looked miserable.

    I wanted to get in the calmer water after all as I felt I had been missing out. A young girl who I went to Jr High with told me we couldn’t right now because we were on our monthly cycles, and we’d have to wait. This upset me, and so I went to a bar to have a few drinks to numb the anger and depression. My sense of this part of the dream was that I was clearing and cleansing stuff from the past related to wounded feminine growing up in the patriarchy, and it was not time to get in the very calm water with the ecstatic people until we were clear.

    Then a guy from high school appeared, and was extremely loving and kind to me. We had finished a project in a class together, and were in a classroom. These loving guys show up in my dreams when there is some inner healing between my masculine and feminine energies and how they relate. I love these fellows!

    Possibly more dream wisdom heads up on timelines, clearing, and choosing what to participate and NOT participate in? We shall see!?!

  43. Hello, Denise and everybody,

    I guess I was a little late to the party! I didn’t feel great on Wednesday and had a bit of a vice grip on my head and was a little nauseous, but it really struck me around 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning with a monstrous migraine and nausea. I had to go to work, so I pushed right through it, but it was difficult. I’ve been teaching the last few weeks– it’s been pretty intensive so I haven’t had much time to read or respond– but I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be, because I had a class full of bright lights and everything just meshed, which is not the norm in a classroom. I will be teaching more in the coming months, so I hope it continues with this kind of synergy between the teacher and the students. I felt crappy until yesterday and then went to sleep ridiculously early and managed to wake up feeling much better– finally. Still some neck pain, but I’m recovering well.

    I’m still having amazing experiences with the birds around my house. They come and visit me often and walk with me outside a little. I have a little squirrel friend now, too. He hides pine cones in my planter and has torn it right up! And there’s some kind of falcon who visits too. And I think little nuthatches who are never still, but will pause for a moment if I sing to them.

    I feel like my future is forming itself– working with birds and animals and young bright lights. And dancing! May all our future paths be laid out so clearly!

    Love and big hugs to all!

    • How lovely, Cat,
      We are having similar experiences in our yard with the squirrels and birds. We put out seeds and nuts, and “Friskie” especially loves peanuts in the shell. One day, after hubby had put the peanuts out on the patio, and returned into the house, “Friskie” climbed the 2 steps from the patio to the bedroom sliding glass doors, got up on his hind legs, put his little nose and paws on the glass, and tried to see just “just where all those peanuts were coming from.”
      We have some hummingbirds, mourning doves, turtle-neck doves, white-wing doves, and all the usual songbirds. Sometimes they come up to the L. R. window where I like to sit and watch them, and brush their wings against the glass. The hummers tap on the glass with their little bills. When this happens, I know that an “important” message is about to arrive from my guides. Yes, ascension is not for sissies… but there are some amazing, enjoyable things happening, too. Love, Marilyn

      • Ah, Marilyn I’m enjoying your stories, too. I loved the singing aloe plant! You’ve reminded me that I can’t hear things like that any more, because I live in such a noisy corner of the city. My other place, with all the partying, still had moments when I could really hear things.

        There are two little squirrels who are racing around all over the place up and down the fire escape (and nearly over my foot a couple of times!). I have the feeling that if I spend the time with them and the birds that I’m going to end up with someone on my lap or shoulder or foot. I never feed them, so the experience is one of simply enjoying each others’ being. Yesterday there were so many birds, but today was quieter with just the crazy squirrels. One squirrel was racing around so much that he almost ran into me and freaked himself out (and me, too!) and hid in the eavestrough. If I moved, he squealed, so it was a Mexican stand-off for a while. I swear the magpie babies come specially to sing me their stories, because they sing so sweetly in the trees just outside my windows and they seem to squawk excitedly when I go outside. I can just feel the crow babies and the robin baby and the magpie babies and some other birds I don’t know yet just being drawn in to me and ever so curious about me. More and more birds are finding me. So many more than last year!

        Love and hugs,

  44. Thank you for the ongoing stream of update info, Denise. It’s appreciated.
    I’m wondering… do you think that the occurrence of episodic sun storms, spots, eruptions … could be the reason for the freaky sounds from the sky phenomenon that has been happening globally for the last couple of years?
    Thank you again, for your work bringing information to Light.
    In Lak’ech

  45. Hi Denise,
    I just had to send you this quick comment to say that I feel like a child with the “Night before Christmas” energy concerning the new article that you are going to post for September. You have such a gift for writing, your conciseness and clarity and inner fortitude so shine through in you articles. Once again, as many others continue to affirm to you, You Are Soooooooooooooo Much Appreciated and Loved!

  46. Hi Denise and fellow energy lights,

    I too have had a weird week…for me I was feeling an intensity in my head like fuzzy pressure and it was going to burst. My whole body was extremely restless, edgey and wirey. I tried every day going into nature,exercising , meditating … nothing was working. The feeling just got worse, one night when my family and I were going for a walk everything felt so much like an illusion(I mean a million more times than usual) it felt like a dream, even the sun outside felt off. I wanted to “pop” the bubble. I told my husband I can’t take this anymore…I wanted this feeling off and out of me!!! I went to bed that night and was woken up at 5:30am by angelic music. It was a beautiful orchestra and singing. I was thinking it was my neighbours and thought ” who is up at this hour???” then I read the post by Marilyn La Croix and knew I wasn’t alone! 🙂 (thank you Marilyn!!)
    This morning I was woken by 5 minutes of ringing in my ears, it was different than usual, I could hear different tones and felt levels of vibrations. There is an intensity lately and I feel it is going to keep increasing as we keep raising our frequencies/vibrations.
    Thank you Denise for your wonderfully written blog and to all the others that post here. It is such a good feeling that we’re not alone.
    Hugs of light to you all,

    • Hi All You Lightbirds,
      This is so wonderful, Denise. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share our experiences and thoughts with you and each other. Love your posts, and search for them regularly.
      Sarah__ the noises keep coming. Usually in the wee small hours of the night when the house is very still. but also times when I’m alone in the house and the TV and computer are off. Some late nights at the computer when I’m sleepless, I kept hearing children’s voices singing in the distance. I’d get up to investigate, but it would stop. Finally, by slowly moving around the room, I found it coming from an aloe vera plant! It was a new, small plant, and every now and then, it will sing to me again.
      Other noises at night are bells tinkling, knocking sounds, and running water… not like a faucent, but like a babbling brook. Also various voices, male, female, children singing. Sometimes I hear conversations betwee two people, altho hard to make out every word. Asked
      H.S. about it__ She said it was the start of telepathy… We are tuning in on various people and places briefly. Wow! What next?

  47. Hi Denise and every one 🙂
    At first I attributed all my miserable physical feelings to my attempt to withdraw from a med. I am sure it played a part! Talk about timing. I gave up on it about a week ago and my head still hurts, I still feel fatigued. My body aches. I can only call it a miracle that I was off work during fire ball day as well as before and after, and slept through most everything! I worked yesterday and it wasn’t easy. Went back to bed as soon as I got back home. My head, 3rd eye areas still feels heavy. Oh my eyes/sinus areas! While driving yesterday I felt balls of heat in various chakras. My head ached all over. Plus we have a big fire in Yosemite and the smoke covered the valley in a canopy of dirty clouds in which I live. Also had one night of inter-dimensional dreaming but nothing that made no sense to me. I saw people/places I had never seen. It was interesting, what little I can recall. And that’s it from Edith Land…. for now 🙂

  48. Hi Denise, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, but never posted a comment til now. English is not my first language, and the brain fog makes writing harder. Anyway, I want to thank you for keeping this place of light open, and thank all the lovely people sharing their thoughts.
    On the 28th I felt so bad, a strong pressure and pain in my neck and head, that came up faster and harder than usual. It was late afternoon, so I guess about at the same time ‘cause I’m in Europe. The following days have been all up and downs, sometimes I’m so nervous and can’t stand anyone, sometimes I would dance for joy.

  49. Carolynn D & all–
    I’m wondering if perhaps all the issues with the right sides of our bodies have to do with the fact that the right side corresponds to the left brain, which is where the masculine energy thats on its way out abides, & is therefore creating this temporary listing / imbalance?

    • I don’t know if this helps. A few years ago, a healer that I used to know (sadly dead now though he was in his eighties) told me that as well as all the other meanings for the right and left sides of the body, as a general rule you can take the right side of the body as representing the current life and the left side of the body as past lives.
      Hence aches and pains on the left side (especially around the head and neck) would be past life clearances and so on.


      • Nigel & All,

        The right/left sides of the human body (for both males and females) is more about the masculine and feminine Duality or + and – positive and negative, outflow and receptive energies in each human. Because these energies have been Dualized within the level of the third dimension (3D), that is why the integration and resolution of them within each individual no matter what sex body they’re in now, has been and still is super important because Polarity/Duality integration or resolution into “Unity” is the underlying mission in the entire Ascension Process for 3D humans now.

        Because the left side has been/still is for many the receptive side, this is why your old healer friend said it was where “past lives” and unresolved past life issues, traumas, fears etc. would be pulled in from. See how it all goes back to the Inner Work that the Ascension Process demands of each of us now? 😉 Clean up the “past”, integrate Duality/Polarity within yourself and you will naturally “ascend” into a vastly more Light-filled state of “unity” and High Heart Consciousness which is the ground-floor to 5D.


      • Denise, I am going to use your reply here as a lead in to ask a question concerning the masculine/those in male human form. This may get me in a tad of trouble(lol) but I continue to be curious why I don’t see more males contributing in the comments area. I realize that a lot of what is spoken of is coming from an “emotional response” level which for us males would be tapping into our inner feminine. Part of all our Spiritual work all these years would be the aspect of the inner marriage between our masculine and feminine to achieve a unity of one. I guess I would have to say the ratio of female to male comments feels way out of balance to me. I truly am just curious!
        P.S. – Also, if anyone may be feeling tired of seeing that name Jeff in the comments area continuously as of late (lol), the reason that I am sharing so much is that I am feeling so much better, truly Alive for the first time in many years but I am still being held back “at the starting gate” which equates to my continuing being sequestered. So I finished the main race and am waiting to start a new one at more of a trot this time instead of that maddening gallop of the past. Giddy Up!

      • “Denise, I am going to use your reply here as a lead in to ask a question concerning the masculine/those in male human form. This may get me in a tad of trouble(lol) but I continue to be curious why I don’t see more males contributing in the comments area. I realize that a lot of what is spoken of is coming from an “emotional response” level which for us males would be tapping into our inner feminine. Part of all our Spiritual work all these years would be the aspect of the inner marriage between our masculine and feminine to achieve a unity of one. I guess I would have to say the ratio of female to male comments feels way out of balance to me. I truly am just curious!…”


        You’re right and I feel the same way. I VERY much want to see, to feel, to have more Starseed/Wanderer/Lightworker Forerunners in male bodies now not sound, not act, not think, not talk etc. so much like the old lower world left brained males! I honestly know and have always known how EXTRA difficult this shift was/is going to be for souls in male bodies now. Why? Because it’s been an insane patriarchal world for thousands of years, not a matriarchal one!

        It’s going to be harder for males to make this integration mainly because they’ve got no real “role models” in the physical earth world to help them with being Duality Integrated, totally Resolved beings. They’ve been so indoctrinated, so suppressed into a tiny little world role for males and it has been and still is as sick and perverted as the female one that Team Dark has herded the global masses into over thousands of years! Breaking all that overnight and coming out the other side and NOT still coming across as a male left brained egoic preaching jerk still isn’t so easy for many. Males have no “role model” (other than Jesus, Buddha etc.) in current time to learn how to exist and function with Heart, and then with High Heart, so the ones I hear from often still sound, communicate like they know it all because they’re males and all that other old patriarchal BS. Same can be said of us in female bodies now. We’re having to re-learn how to be and function with individual Power and do this with Heart and then with High Heart. The Heart/High Heart parts are easy for most of us but the Power parts after thousands of years of having none is taking us some more time to get right. See how this works for both sexes? 😉 We both need to have far more respect for the opposite sex and understand that they too are going through, struggling with Integrating whatever it is that they must now just as we are.

        Heart Hugs to you my friend and I hope you get laid soon. 😆 We’ll send out the word energetically that one decently integrated male Lightworker Forerunner needs a decently integrated female Lightworker Forerunner to have fantastic Crown chakra sex with asap. 😀 I jest… sort of.


      • Denise, your reply concerning the masculine and also female integration was very beautifully written and compassionate. Thank You for that! Also, thanks for the big belly laughs concerning your hope that I get laid soon and for sending out the word energetically. With all the powerful Energy that exists here at Transitions how can I not! Also, the “I jest, sort of” was so fun luving. How nice to have pertinent discussion’s here and find the time to once again, Hooray, Lighten Up!

      • Denise,
        Along with your sentence of “having respect for the opposite sex”, I so understand that one as whenever I am commenting I speak from a place of Individuality and Strength but never want to come across from an old patriarchal model. I also acknowledge that everyone will view these comments through there own personal filter, so it needs to be as concise and exact as possible. Denise, this is where I feel you do such a great job. So yes, this can be quite difficult indeed! I need to read and reread before I post comment to be sure I am getting my comments across to the best of my Balanced ability.

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