August 28, 2013 “Major Fireball Event”

We had been talking in Comments under the previous article about how brutal, severe, extreme, and different the massive energy blast that many of us got hammered by yesterday, August 28, 2013, actually was. I got hit around 9 AM 8-28-13 while driving so suddenly and so severely that I wondered if I’d be able to get back home. Because I was driving I noticed and mentioned to my Mom that the Sunlight looked like it had gotten turned up again! The brilliant white Light was even more brilliant than usual. Yesterday’s energies were different and more intense and many felt those energies yesterday and into today. I actually feel better today than I have in years, which I find rather interesting.

At any rate, my brain finally yelled at me this evening to go to to see if anything had happened in the past 24+ hours and sure enough, here’s what I found. More LIGHT Energy transmissions via the Sun.


August 29, 2013

“MAJOR FIREBALL EVENT, UPGRADED (AGAIN): NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office has upgraded its estimates of a major fireball that exploded over the southeastern USA around 2:30 AM on August 28th. Lead researcher Bill Cooke says “the fireball reached a peak apparent magnitude of -16, about 20 times brighter than a Full Moon, and cast shadows on the ground. This indicates that the meteoroid had a mass of more than 110 kg (240 lbs) and was up to a meter in diameter. It hit the top of Earth’s atmosphere traveling 25 km/s (56,000 mph).” Watch the movie, then read more about the fireball below:

“This is the brightest event our network has observed in 5 years of operation,” he continues. “There are reports of sonic booms reaching the ground, and data from 4 doppler radars indicate that some meteorites may have fallen along the fireball’s ground track.” (Note: The city in the ground track map is Cleveland, Tennessee, not Cleveland, Ohio.) An initial calculation of the fireball’s orbit suggested it might be a fragment from a Jupiter family comet. Improved estimates of the orbital parameters point to a different kind of object: a main belt asteroid. If meteorites are recovered from the Tennessee countryside, their chemical composition will tell researchers more about the origin of the fireball.”


107 thoughts on “August 28, 2013 “Major Fireball Event”

  1. oh, so that’s what it was yesterday morning. Yep, just about 9AM… I was just leaving for a 75-mile drive to Olympia, and I got so wiped out I almost stopped and came back home. My eyes couldn’t tolerate the daylight, my brain felt like it had turned to mush! Glad to know it wasn’t just me yesterday 🙂

  2. I felt too. I thought others around me was able to see the intense light but no one notice. And throughout the evening flash of white bright light. Thanks for sharing, now I understand.

  3. Literally about three minutes after I quoted this information from, they UPDATED the report so I corrected the article to match their update.


  4. I’m so glad I didn’t have to go anywhere yesterday and slept – even today I was glad I could take the bus into town and didn’t have to drive. Got home and slept for 2 hours. Glad to know more about this and thank you so very much. Also my computer is going all over the place tonight.

  5. Dearest Denise,

    I always appreciate all the effort you put into sharing these pieces of information with us… Heart Hugs!

    I guess I’m a bit weird. I was hit with a huge emotional blast (beyond a “chunk” of new stuff… shoved up the stairs a LOT) last on the 27th. Went to bed in tears. On the 28th I felt somewhat depressed, a bit shell shocked as well, and yes, very heavy. My guess is that I got a double whammy… a spiritual awakening AND the other stuff going on. By yesterday afternoon for the first time in I’m not sure how long, I felt restless and actually went out for a walk. It felt really odd outside. I forgot my sunglasses, yet it was overcast enough that it was ok. Then again, it’s felt really odd to me outside everyday I go to get the mail. Part of the sky looks crisp and blue, and another part looks murky white (“star” lit)… and the energy feels different every which way I look.

    I did lay down for a nap this afternoon because of a huge headache… but then that could’ve been from more of this “blast” information I’ve been trying to figure out how to process.

    All we can do is the best we can at the moment. My heart is with you all…

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  6. Yes! I felt I was getting an over load of energy. I kept running around my house really confused on what to do with my time. I did not feel like doing anything and at the same time I wanted to do everything!!! Now the next day, today I am very crabby for some reason, tired and my husband is being so negative and picky. What is up with that?

  7. You know Denise, I had been wanting to check myself since yesterday and I am so glad that you did because this article is quite interesting. I also awoke with eye issues this morning but thought it was due to the intense allergy season here, my eyes were extremely dry, a type of “eye sunburn” it felt like. Also, my brain not functioning very well today and also when the energy came thru me yesterday my adrenaline became really amped up and it still is somewhat amped up today. So Denise, when you said you feel better today then you have in years, I guess I would have to say I feel more Alive today then in a very long time, kind of like more of my “base human blueprint” is coming back online rather than my “etheric blueprint” that I have been operating from for about this past year or so. It feels like an energetic from that “Fireball” entered into myself and a new “firing sequence” has now begun, now fully firing on all my cylinders, a new internal combustion! Thanks for this article Denise and for everyone’s sharing’s!

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