Third Trimester Recap

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Third Trimester: June 20, 2013 to September 22, 2013

Right at this particular moment, the past three months of the summer quarter period (here in the Northern Hemisphere) has been one long, difficult, weird, continual hot flashing sprint/tumble/dodging our ways through weird Astral debris towards the Finish Line. At least that’s how I feel about it all at this exact moment! Give me a couple of hours and it will all change for the 98 gazillionth time.

Honestly, all of 2013 has been one astonishing ongoing and oftentimes shocking clusterf*&^% in many ways with many people and situations… interspersed with growing periods of 5D High Heart centered bliss-ness. Just how long can one remain in Duality while evolving beyond it? Did we honestly think this Nine Month extension period after 12-21-12 was gonna be a calm, happy walk in the park? No, but most of us weren’t anywhere close to being ready for how fast, how intense, how utterly bizarre and extreme these Nine Months would actually be individually. Good gawd I can’t wait to cross that 9-22-13 Finish Line to the old everything finally! (Please notice that I said the old everything, meaning the past Evolutionary Cycle and Team Dark being top players in it. Once we reach and cross the Equinox/end of these Nine Months on September 21-22, 2013, the NEW Evolutionary Cycle fully begins energetically and physically minus Team Dark in the majority of timelines and worlds. Do you realize the degree of positive change just NOT having Team Dark running the earth show is going to be?)

One…more…week…to…go. Only ONE!

A week from September 14-15th is the Equinox of September 21-22, 2013 around the world. One week from today. If you were consciously aware of how long and how many lives and different timelines and dimensions you have been working towards this, towards what’s about to activate fully in physicality and elsewhere, you’d be giddy with excitement. Lots of nonphysical Team Light Beings very much are! However, most of us Team Light incarnate “ground-crew” are so profoundly exhausted at this point that we’re glad to still be inhaling/exhaling, but that too is about to begin improving dramatically. (Please notice I said begin and not fully and completely overnight miraculous improvements across the board. That is possible however so don’t close the door to that potential happening to you, but more likely is that these improvements will unfold over time… and rather quickly at that.)

So expect to begin feeling less crappy, less exhausted, less beat-up, less war-torn, less blocked, less restricted, less despised etc. Expect starting to feel stronger, healthier, more invigorated, safe, empowered, understood and so on. Expect that and much more because we’re about to cross the third and final invisible energy threshold into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle on a NEW earth world… without Team Dark controlling it. Stair Steps remember? The first unseen energy threshold we crossed was the October 28, 2011 end of the Mayan calendar date/timeline; the second one was the December 21, 2012 end of the Mayan calendar date/timeline and collective human belief systems connected to it etc.; the third one is the end of the Nine Month period after 12-21-12 on 9-21-22-13. Three is a triality Stair Step charm! ▲

Pay attention to whatever phenomena crosses your path this week especially, but much more importantly, focus your High Heartmind on what YOU want for yourself, your loved ones, for humanity, and for all life on earth this week leading up to the final threshold Shift Point of 9-21-22-13. It’s a rare, highly important week so use every minute of it to Consciously Create what YOU want now and simple continue to override the lower insanity of the separating old negativity.

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September 15, 2013

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96 thoughts on “Third Trimester Recap

  1. Thank you for your articles. The information is very helpful to sort through these times. What ice noticed is that life doesn’t seem more challenging or chaotic. It’s that I’ve changed. I have a much lower threshold for negativity. Friendships I’ve had for a lifetime all of a sudden I can’t stomach. I’ve noticed how much negativity they put out. It used to not really phase me. Now I have to leave the situation or room. I end up crying and being really affected by it, which I am working on. I don’t want the negativity to enter me. I try to stay centered, grounded, and loving, but it can be difficult when the energy in the room becomes thick with low frequencies. I suppose it’s been a year of cleaning up relationships and removing myself from these low frequencies. Thanks again for being a channel for source. 🙂

    • Kyra R,

      This is about us learning to no longer enable the negativity in ourselves and in our lives, our world etc. This is why the Ascension Process makes us feel INTOLERANCE and RAGE even over these horrible things, beliefs, habits, systems, actions etc.; we’re evolving beyond that lower frequency and consciousness range and we HAVE to exist in a place that’s a match to us and us to it. This is why the Separation of Worlds & Timelines is happening. Everyone needs a place that’s a frequency/energy match to them now.

      Don’t feel that you should or need to feel “love” and “light” etc. for these lower negative things, actions, people and their beliefs etc. You don’t. Those living this Ascension Process and feeling this just need to be aware of these changes and why we’re suddenly feeling INTOLERANCE for the negativity and so on. This is a natural part of the Ascension Process and the main reason why so many of us crave Nature and being alone while we’re going through these huge evolutionary changes. It’s just too painful to be around the old lower negativity in any form or person while one is evolving so much and so quickly.

      ♥ Hugs,

    • Well spoken and I feel this connectivity. One thing important I found.. “negativity they put out. It used to not really phase me” < it did though, (to me) it got in that 'private place in my mind and I didn't realize it and also how it affected my emotions. I didn't know how to get that out let alone articulate it. This has been a work in progress and I thank everyone here for all your help.

      Kind regards. Chandra Leigh

  2. Hello, Denise and all,

    Thank you, Denise, for the reminder of how little time is left until we pass the threshold. I have been so indredibly busy this month, but I woke up this morning thinking, Only one more week! Then I spent the day at a conference with lots of different kinds of people coming together and we had lunch and then all sat at a table together (circular, so we could all see each other) and sang. It was joyful and amazing. I want more of that!

    Love to you all,

  3. Third trimester…a week before the date. Do I believe what you said, yes. However, the negative energy
    is lasting up until moments before the changes.
    I have been trying to get my pay from a job I worked 3 weeks ago. Money to make a late car payment.
    I went over again, after many times the man in charge said I’ll call the police if you don’t get out of here.
    I am working for another man from hell, who complains, hollers, and makes negative comments with everything I do.
    I told the woman I took care of this evening, they are doing this to make me crazy again one more time.
    This has been taken place consciously for 4 years, darkness and interference with every step I took.
    Bottom line is I won’t surrender, they know. They have tried everything in every way.

    This whole journey for me has lasted 25 years, but became very severe the last 4 years. I am tired bone tired.
    What friends I have left are tired of helping me, and don’t understand the immensity of this journey.
    I have kept company with those in Spirit and a good friend who is not going through this but is most loving.

    I know it will change eventually, slowly and steadily, however I need R&R, Or a band playing, perhaps a metal for job well done. That makes me very sad for what metal could possible describe that, at times that couldn’t be described.
    After the fact I know there will come a moment in time, when I will say, Job well Done.!!!
    Then probably cry for the tears I couldn’t shed in the mist of the holocaust between the Darkness and the Light. Knowing now that the end is near, the knowingness of the Soul.
    Love and Great Appreciation to those of you who have fought an immense battle.

    I have to say THANK YOU!!!
    It’s nice to know, I am not the only one.
    Some of the head shots have been a bit startling for sure.

  5. Dearest Denise,

    Heart Hugs to you for continuing to work at writing articles and responses, and weeding out all the sheeple police for us here. I appreciate it from within my heart.

    One thing I’ve really noticed this week (at least 3 days) is the clock. I’ve kept a written note in my datebook everyday when I’ve seen the 3:33, 12:12 etc. And I’ve been seeing it SEVERAL times a day. The fact I’ve been noticing it this much is really telling 🙂

    A world with health, being understood, with no FEAR in your face, with compassion everywhere in a “coming together” way where it’s needed. I will definitely be spending time this week meditating on this NEW. In fact, if I may share, one night this past week as I got in touch with 1D (after reading the 1D chapter from Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by BHC), it asked me to disconnect across all timelines and incarnations and earths… it asked me to fully connect into our NEW 1D Core. It was an amazing experience, I can’t begin to describe. The NEW Earth Core, I saw a woman laboring, her water had already broken, and I offered her my love and protection of my Light. It was so amazing and wonderful and beautiful.

    My Heart to Yours,
    Much Love, Light and Heart Hugs,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Dearest Denise and All,

      I wanted to share the experience I had last night with you all. It goes along with what I wrote above, to do with connecting with a New Earth Core.

      It was about 8pm last night when I had a knock at the door. I’ve never had anyone knock this late (if it’s the neighbors, they use the doorbell and knock). So after hesitating, it was so dark that I couldn’t see who it was, I decided to open the door. It was someone from my dsl/internet company. They had recently upgraded in my neighborhood, the (New) fiber optic system. She said she was there to basically make sure that I was “Connected and that everything was working”. I replied yes, she apologized for being here so late, and went on her way. I thought it rather odd. The next moment as I changed into my pjs, I stopped in my tracks. Was I “Connected”? I felt like this was a reminder and confirmation about the New Earth and being connected with it. In bed, I indeed did double check and found this Being, this Woman laboring, who wished to be alone in her time. I offered her a sacred protected space with my Light, which was appreciated, and I left Her. The time is upon us. I’ve got chills writing this.

      With Much Love and Light, Heart Hugs,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  6. Hi Denise,

    Thank you for this post. And Thank You So Much – as always, for your love & dedication. I’ve been sequestered in my family’s home since last August. After serving/working/fighting over a vortex of negative energy for 13 years (since Feb. 1999) – the Unseens haven’t allowed me to return to work. I simply would not have survived this year without your site. There is just no possible way. And I would not have survived without our Transitions family here – our fellow rock stars… Sending you all waves of love & gratitude:


    • Sending you lots of LOVE Steph! I feel like we are soul sisters from way back. I can so relate to all your posts. Hoping the Equinox energy sets you free! Lots of beaming light to you. Meadow XXX

      • Hi Meadow!

        Sending lots of love right back to you sister! Glad to hear you’re hanging in there 🙂 I can totally relate to your posts too. Loved that Graduation Dream you had and all the new visions that are coming up – so powerful & amazing. We must go way, way back – maybe we had a “date stand” back in Bethlehem – or maybe we built the Great Wall of China together. Whatever the case may be, it must have been a joyful past life experience. I get the feeling that many of us here have met before 🙂

        Well, it looks like we are still riding this roller coaster ride & hanging on for dear life. This has been an epic, biblical test of faith like no other. holy crap. It’s truly touching to read about everyone’s recent experiences – it’s like medicine for the soul.
        Right now, I’m trying to climb back up into my high heart energy (sigh…easier said than done at times). I’ll admit it’s not pretty – there’s still a fair share of agonizing meltdowns. I’m still baffled about how my living/financial situation is going to be resolved. So, I’m just sitting here in my cave… The “Unseens” are still trying to get my family to pay off their Karmic debt. Sigh…there has to be a resolution at some point. I’m truly wondering how many of us will be released from our caves…
        For the most part, I’m still following the trail of bread crumbs that the “Unseens” are giving me. Every night for the past week, I’ve driven around in my car and asked for signs & messages again. For the most part, it just gets me out of the house. Yesterday it was “A NEW U”, “ALPHANU”, “LIONZON”, “KRZYCAT”, “MKNGMENU”. Hmmm, it sounds good (fingers & toes still crossed)… just trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Tonight there were more pieces of the puzzle…I also had a weird Kundalini hot flash while listening to “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas.

        In the meantime Meadow, I’m sending you magical full moon wishes & many blessings for this equinox:

        And a song from my hippie soul to your aquarian heart:

        Hugs 🙂

    • Oh and Steph the song video was AWESOME to listen to. And it was made in the year I was born, 1969! Thank you! It made my day. Bless you gorgeous one. Meadow x

  7. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you, Denise! I am so very looking forward to this next stair-step change. I feel (finally!!) so ready to Do (my life purpose, my laundry-anything but keep being in this bed!:-) but still so physically unable to do much of anything that it is rather odd. I have been very heartened by how many people I’ve been hearing being more kibd, discussing the shift of consciousness, or the new world anytime I get out to a dr or grocery store. For years it seemed like the bulk of humanity planned to hit the snooze button for another millenia. If I didn’t already believe in the power of unseen energetic changes to produce visible change on Earth I would now;-) Thank you for all you do, Denise. The effects reach so much farther than might be apparent.

  8. Dear Denise
    Thank you so much for your post. Great words of encouragement and a reminder of where to put our focus-which is what and how we want the world and our lives to be. I had interesting dreams last night where I was at some sort of graduation, was being told I had done really well, and was filling out paperwork for a new mission and meeting with higher energies nutting out who I was, what I’d done and what I wanted to study next. Very unusual. Woke up feeling discombobulated. After basically living my life in an energetic war zone since I was two and a half, and the last 10 intense years of daily processing/turmoil/exhaustion, it’s going to take me a little time to get used to living in a world where team dark is not harassing me and ruling the time line I’m in. I am really looking forward to everything being easier tho! I liken the way I am feeling to when troops come back from a tour of duty, it takes time for them to get used to not fighting and working so hard just to survive the day. For all of us Light Warriors I hope our tour of duty ends with lots of good times and loving support from the universe as we transition to this new place in time and space where who we really are can be expressed in the wider community and our potentials realised.Wishing everyone much love, luck and divine grace in the coming days before the equinox. Meadow X

    • What a beautifully written post, Meadow, and Congrats on “graduating”. Wish you and all lots of everything that is nice! I emapthise with you as it is how I have been feeling too. Before I turned 40, I kept thinking my “tour of duty” was well over and over the past 2 years I kept getting messages that it was critical for me to love or care for myself, and it has taken quite a long time for me to do that. I am glad that I perservered though. Warm wishes, Star Wise

    • Star Wise thank you for the warm wishes and congrats! I feel like I have been waiting all my life for the changes to come. When I look into the energy of 2014 all I see is a vision of me at my new home, joyfully picking beautiful lush purple flowers from my garden. I hope this new energetic shift to a world ruled by Team Light blossoms in us all. Now I need to get busy intending my new life and see how that works out! Wishing you all the very best! Meadow

  9. I wonder what kind of a week this is going to be – this last week before the 21st. Mine started out today with feeling very low and despondent and trying to process the intense losses, burdens, sadness, betrayals, hardships, attacks from the Dark, and loss of hope of the last six years. And trying to find and reach some peace over it all. No amount of positive thinking could shift me out of that state. Going outside now to meditate to search for that peace and closure.

    • Hi Sunny, hope your week is going better now. It sounds like you have been going through the last throes of clearing out the “old.” “Keep your Sunny side up. Thank you for being You and for co-creating a new Space for a wonderful World. 🙂

  10. hi denise,
    i can relate to feeling different every day. my birthday is on the 22nd and i am hoping that i will wake up that day and feel amazing! not just for cake and drinks, but for peace and joy, two things i have been lacking lately. been feeling cross and tired and hopeless lately. i look forward to your posts, they make me feel better…so thanks! love you, my light sister. hang in there! gina

  11. Thank you Denise ❤ I've been feeling moments of joy and bliss for no apparent reason lately. Feels good. If this is an indication of what's around the corner, then….BRING IT ON!!!!
    Much Love, Grace

  12. Thank you Denise!

    I’ve been feeling in such “awe” lately and it’s been so fulfilling in a very loving way. I’ve caught myself being more loving and affectionate with everything, everyone everywhere…I admit I can’t seem to see much of TD as much as before, and when I do I feel as if trespassers are on sadly trying to weave in and sadly unable to feel for themselves “itself.” I believe the end has ended and the new has begun and yes it has been extremely fast. I know there’s others who feel the same I know I’m not alone on this one. I’m literally unable to textplain it.

    Hugs to all and I love you all.
    “Yesterday mattered because today is tomorrow and days are in between, all that is good, is not measured by days any longer”
    -the wake

  13. Denise, thank you for a bit of light after a hideous week. It’s been near impossible for me to stay steady. The loneliness and hopelessness have been absurd.

    A question: have you considered adding an optional paypal subscription to your blog? I don’t know how it works, really, but lately I’ve often had unexpected expenses and I’d like to contribute for what you give more often, and I wonder if it would be easier for some of us if it would be automatic instead of hoping I’ll have the money and remember. Maybe different amounts of optional subscription, if that is even possible? Pardon my ignorance. My current currency is worth quite less than dollars, so it’s hard to spend internationally, but you are a great source of inspiration and support, as well as the commenters.

    (ps: please nobody bug Denise by lecturing me about money, my higher Selves are already in charge of my learning.)

    Either way, thank you for your articles. Many hugs to you and all.

    • Kaisa,

      I honestly don’t know how to do that with my PayPal Donation. I’ll try to figure out how to add that option to my donations but I’m not very good at these sorts of techy things so I’m not promising miracles.

      I intentionally left my PayPal Donation amount optional so people could donate whatever amount they could, comfortably. If my work, time, energy and knowledge is honestly, truly helpful to people, then there needs to be an honest exchange between me and them now. I leave the amount of that exchange up to each individual because I know we’re all dealing with very different situations etc.

      Don’t trouble yourself if you can’t afford any amount of donation now Kaisa. I understand and this is one big reason why I’ve never pushed readers before for donations. When you can afford whatever amount you can, then donate. Believe me, I understand.


  14. “Expect starting to feel stronger, healthier, more invigorated, safe, empowered, understood and so on.”

    Bring it on 💃………. I’m so ready to embrace all of that and more, thanks for the very timely reminder Denise 💞

    The time (twelve years) of being a Hermit in the Cave of Ascension is almost done, I am standing at the door of the cave surveying the scenery beyond, and getting ready to leave the solitude and isolation ……but I may not venture too far, too soon …….. just a hint of trepidation about approaching ‘life’ again, as the Cave experience was hardly a ‘life’ at all. I think I will ease myself very gently into our brave NEW WORLD, but with great expectations.

    Perhaps I’ll throw a leaving party in my ‘Cave’, plenty of good cappuccino, chocolate cake, balloons etc., 🎉 🎈 🎁 🍰 🎶

    Anyone fancy coming along ? all welcome 💞 😄

    • Hope, I will come to your celebrating LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE CAVE party.!! I have been in a Hermit Cave myself the last six years. And no, it wasn’t much of a life – just more of a spiritual quest like Jesus going up on the mountain for forty days. But instead, all of us lightworkers have had our forty days stretched out to years. Years of embracing and living in the unknown, letting go of jobs, security, partnerships, finances, and trusting the Universe and our Higher Selves to lead the way and take care of us. Hope they will say Job Well Done, when we get to the other side of 9-21.

  15. Hi Denise,

    I started awakening 20 years ago at age 33. I knew as a 3 year old, I did not want to be here. Knew the road was gonna be rough. When I started feeling among other things during this time, what felt like lightning bolts running through me, I thought well here we go, shouldn’t take a couple of years aye? But here I am 20 years later and frankly I was often weak and exhausted and dithery back then, and still am now, and have spent most or a lot of the interim years either pulsing, vibrating, shaking or jittery internally and sometimes out, vulnerable as hell with accompanying anxiety, and unable to function effectively but scraped through by the seat of my pants in a world which was just tooo fast for me. I am still vulnerable, exhausted and dithery, with internal jitterings, oh and I forgot to mention largely brain-dead which used to be hard for a person who was proud and considered herself intelligent. On the upside, I became pretty okay with the act of failing, which they say is a real good thing, refinement of the ego and all that. I am sooo beyond tired. That is such an understatement. I have very little interest in much of anything these days. It is really comforting for me to read peoples’ comments here in Transitions, many saying the same type of things. So I thank you Denise and this Transitions forum for that. Funnily, it somehow makes me feel less alone in the past. Such is the life of this wind-blown and weary empathic traveller.

    I am just wondering Denise if it is possible for someone to not make any headway, as I used to feel light and even powerful with lots of energy going back years ago, but most of the time now I just feel heavy, hard, slow, very unhealthy, with extremely abnormal muscle tension for most of my life, resulting in everything now, my neck, all my back, legs, arms, and circulation all going hard, literally. So many seem to be getting lighter, whilst some of us have become heavy laden and physically heavy in terms of weight which just won’t shift. Wondering if this will change in the coming times? Thank you.

    With much light, love and respect for the Road Less Travelled, Eman.

    • Eman,

      I’m glad you’ve connected with TRANSITIONS. ♥ All the information about the Ascension Process, its many weird symptoms (physical, mental, emotional, etheric) and much, much more is here in old articles I’ve written. I’d suggest you read through them — especially the articles in the Ascension Process & Symptoms heading. You sound like you’d enjoy my book A Lightworker’s Mission too because a Starseed always recognizes another Starseed. 🙂

      Talk to your Higher Self about your body/health situation and any guidance from IT. It sounds like you’re not releasing what you’re transmuting and you’ve GOT to! Do what you’ve always done transmuting lower Duality density back into neutral energy, but release everything from yourself, your body etc. Release it back to “God”, to Source because we’re not suppose to hold onto it. We do the Work in and through our bodies and then we release all that cleaned/transmuted energy back to Source. Work on the releasing aspect of this Process and intend that your body releases all the heaviness, density.


    • Eman, I understand. These days before the 9-21 seem more brutal than usual. You are not alone . I feel much the same way, minus the physical symptoms. I have more emotional and mental depression, and have doubled my dose of herbal St Johns Wort to get thru this last week. And I, too have a hard time being here on earth and dealing with the way of life on this planet.So many of us are from other star systems and came here to help hold the energy for this planet earth to ascend. But it has been brutal at times, I know. We will all make it to the other side. Sending you love and support.

    • Hi Denise and Sunny,

      Thank you so much for your comments and kind words. As I write this, I am looking out my window and notice wispy-like things in the sky which do look like chemtrails, but I’m also seeing those cute little quickly-moving light tadpoley things darting about either inside or outside the window.

      Thank you Denise. Yes, I will check out your book. I had a couple of tears well up at your comment. And yes, I do need to release it all back. As you know, soaking it all up came very easy unfortunately, and still does. It’s the handing it all over that just wasn’t covered in the training manual LOL. I have asked my Higher Self many times to help me with this. I’ve learnt to kind of let go and remove myself a bit from it, or I find my attention too much on matters of health. And actually in truth, a part of me doesn’t even care about it any more. But yes, in the coming near future, I will again ask for guidance and assistance with releasing all the stuck energy/chi that I am holding.

      And thank you Sunny for your supportive words. Yes, that word “Brutal” is a very befitting word, appropriate for sure! Yes depression and anxiety, oftentimes deep, was my constant companion too. Thank god, many of us are Oscar Performing Actors aye?

      Here’s a cheeky smile to you both, and to all my fellow sisters and brothers in Light, Eman.

      • Eman, sending you energy and support to help you connect to your higher self and receive guidance and inspiration from that Source !!

  16. Hi Denise and everyone,
    As with all of us here, I am soooo ready for tears of joy instead of sadness; dragging my carcass around is exhausting on all levels, but as you said we have all been preparing for this event for eons, so there’s no way I’m going to quit at the finish line, I may limp over it but this warrior is going all the way! Team Dark can go bite me seriously lol!!
    Blessings, strength and much love to you and all my soul brothers & sisters, nearly there! x

  17. Thank you for this post. It comes to encourage me to not lose faith. I have been crying a lot. My soul aches for peace, calm and freedom to express my joy. I have been having horrible heart palpitations, can barely eat still and a lot of stress on the home front from a certain someone who will NOT evolve. I feel stuck and being 4 months pregnant is NOT helping. I feel like I am losing my mind.
    One more week in survival mode… I will spent most of it signing, and dancing and bathing while I am alone during the day just to try and bring the joy back.
    Can anyone suggest an easy way to clear the dense energy from my home? It’s really yucky.
    I just want it to be over because I don’t really want to be here anymore.I don t feel I have the energy to keep fighting. I just want to be happy!

    • Hi Denise… I didnt realise my picture would show. Is it possible to remove it? I don’t know how. I ‘ d appreciate it very much. Thanks and have a great day (If anyone one of us can REALLY). xox

      • Linny,

        Which picture are you talking about? Your red gravatar image? I can’t remove that if that’s what you’re talking about. It’s beautiful.


    • Hi Linny
      if it helps, today I boiled rue (herb of grace) and clove and then put it in water with some eucalyptus essence and salt (it was what I had, no recipe), and (kind of) cleaned the floor from the back of the house to the front door, calling on ascended masters and chanting something that makes me feel good, while also feeling bursts of rage because of the people I’ve been having to live with and the entire current situation. No fluffiness, I just couldn’t take the invisible nasty voices and yuckyness anymore and had no more energy to keep a shield with other people constantly in trouble or demanding attention. So after I did this, one of the people threatened to leave and I said “go”. But she stayed, has been quiet the rest of the day tho. Maybe anything with clear intention and honesty would work, I chose to use nature energy and because it was a physical thing, so it helped me get the rage out.
      Good blessings to you!

      • Kaisa
        Thanks for your reply. I actually did a lot of cleaning on the weekend. That was the only way I could deal with the heavy, intense energies. My house is pretty clean. I have sage I could burn but I think the smell of it my make me sick. I am hyper sensitive to smells right now. I already smell a lot of things I am not even sure where they come from or what it is. But I could put eucalyptus mixed with water in a bottle (would regular salt work) and spray it everywhere. I am feeling better today and will work at staying this way. Please do the same. I am grateful for your response and send you light from my heart. I am deeply touched and f eel a little less invisible. 🙂 Hope you can find a better living situation. I know how hard it is to live with difficult people. It sucks our energies but lets not give it to them. Keep up your efforts.


    • Hi Linny
      I was feeling exactly as you are last week. HANG IN THERE! You can do this! Being 4 months pregnant is a really hard time on the body and I’m so glad that you doing things to bring the joy back! Drink as much water as you can, even tho you don’t feel like eating. When the energy is dirty in my house I use a few tools to clear it. First I turn on my OM cd and play it through for a few hours. On the computer I google the sound of love solfeggio 528hrtz frequency and play that from my computer for hours to shift the frequency. I visualise white light in and around my home. I get a spray bottle and mix clean water with some sea salt and spray it around in all corners of my house and consecrate my home to the light. Put some sea salt in your bath to cleanse your energy too. I do this for my children everyday to wash away the energy they have accumulated at school. I also have a prayer I have been saying for many years that helps: In the name of Jesus Christ, I call upon the spirits of light, to stand guard at the doorway of my mind, body, spirit and soul, on multiple levels and dimensions. Protect me from the forces of darkness and deception,and guide me on the pathway of love, light and truth. I commit myself to the light. God is within all that is, God is within me. God within, grow strong.
      I hope some of this info helps, and I wish you many blessings and loving support. Heart hug, Meadow

      • Hi Meadow. Much gratitude for your response. It’s funny what you suggested about the music, because I did that yesterday. I got on YouTube and put on the high freaquency music but only after I took a half hour bath (I intended to use sea salt but was out). The bath came after I spent a couple of hour clearing my energy field, meditaion and other tools that just came to me. I realized the I was carrying a lot that wasn t even mine and my 1:oo pm I was shinning again. I was back. 🙂 I felt light and radiated light too. I had workers taking down a big sick tree between my house and my neighbours and wow everyone was polite, profesional and respectful. Clearing the crap really worked. I was givin by my neighbour some brand new cloths (I am getting bigger and my regular cloths no longer fit me and cannot aford to buy new ones) from one of her boyfriends stores he closed and she is storing in her home. There was love and light all around me yesterday. All very kind smilling joyful people and all because Idid cleared the yuckiness from me (whether mine or others, it is still my responsability!) I had fallen into the negativity and taken on victim mode. Well watch out world I am back and ready to do whatever it takes to keep myself clear and sparkling.
        Thanks as well Meadow for reminding me about putting sea salt in the kids bath I used to do it and I guess forgot. I appreciate all your advice and saving your reply as a reminder for future down periods. xoxo
        All my gratitude and appreciation


      • Meadow
        I forgot to tell you I loved you prayer and am going to say it every day along with : I am the I am that I am that said about 100 times over the weekend . All great advice . Thanks again


    • Hi Linny
      I am so glad you are feeling better and my suggestions helped! I’m excited you can relate to the prayer as I feel it has really sheltered me in positive energy when things have been very challenging in my life. I forgot to mention that the words ‘god is within all that is, god is within me, god within grow strong’ is said 3 times. Have a beautiful day. Meadow

    • You’re totally lovable, Linny. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I hope we won’t feel susceptible at all to the energies around real soon. Blessings to you and your little one!

      • Dear Kaisa, I am in tears over your response. I am always afraid of letting myself be vulnerable and share my feelings. I often think less of myself and worry about being judged and misunderstood and ridiculed. It’s worst lately and all this…me sharing and opening up and all the warm responses I AM RECEIVING here are showing me the baggage I still have and that regardless I AM SAFE. And the best part instead of shutting down I find my heart is opening more and more. That I do matter and my words are important. This is all helping me to stand up and claim myself and STOP IT with the doubting of… well EVERYTHING. You and everyone that has responded to me are and have made such a huge difference in my life in myself this week. I am so proud of myself for having had the courage to express myself. Look at that… I didn t die. Huh! I. AM. STRONG. ENOUGH. And so are you and everyone else here . We are all doing it together.
        My love and gratitude I send to you. I wish you peace and the miracles your heart can create. I suppose will be free to play with that soon enough. xoxo muah!


  18. Dear Denise
    Do you have any tips on how to energise positive light filled timelines for ourselves individually and also for the world at large? In the next few days before the Equinox and beyond, I want to make sure I am utilising my light and inner vision in the best way possible. Thank you. Blessings, Meadow

    • Meadow,

      Envision what YOU want in your mind’s eye and in your High Heart. See it, feel it, intend it, demand it and know that it will be. Know it. This is Conscious Creating. Other people, Tom Kenyon and his channeled Hathors come to mind first, have written article about ways to do this. They work and are great tools to learn, but eventually one discovers that by just mentally and emotionally (which is energetically) focusing on what YOU want from your High Heart (not the lower ego self which deals with things like fears, guilt, greed, control etc.) one is creating that which they’re focused on. It’s not complicated — where consciousness goes is where “reality” is. 😉


    • Thank you Denise for your advice! I will look up Tom Kenyon and the Hathors and in the meantime I will get busy HIGH HEART visualising, feeling and KNOWING! Lots of love and gratitude. Meadow X

  19. Denise,

    I guess it only is natural–or, rather, expected–that some of us would experience doubt and guilt on the cusp of this tremendous moment. Doubt that we have “done” or “embodied” enough to be eligible or “worthy.” Guilt that, perhaps, some of us have ridden on the coattails of greater beings. Doubt that we have had the expanded insight/activated intuition to make the choices that would lead us towards greater freedom. These thoughts probably are egoic crap, intended to derail because the ego, to the degree it exists within any individual, is afraid. I guess this is the final battle of a very long, very exhausting war. Is there any possible coup d’etat by Team Dark that we should be aware of to guard against? Or are do these insidious doubts represent their last efforts to derail us?

    • “Is there any possible coup d’etat by Team Dark that we should be aware of to guard against?”

      balsamicmoon & All,

      From what I have and am experiencing with this, depending upon where one is themselves, the big bad Team Dark beings cannot touch one any longer. However, if one got really stupid and “falls” back down into the lower levels of consciousness and emotions such as fear, major confusion, hatred, violence etc., then they would be back within the lower range of frequency where Team Dark has always existed and had influence over. But after all the excruciating and difficult Inner Work one has to go through to ones butt “ascended” out of that range and into the NEW higher level of consciousness and High Heart, it’s not very probable that many would “fall” back down again. This is all about levels of frequency/dimensions/consciousness and once one makes it through and out of the hell we’ve worked so freakin’ hard to get through, one is different and one knows much more. 😉

      “Or are do these insidious doubts represent their last efforts to derail us?”

      The Princess and the Pea. 🙂 The more we refine, transmute, integrate within ourselves, the bigger and more miserable, offensive and repulsive ANY lower frequency trait feels to us. The farther we go beyond those old lower energies and consciousness etc., the worse they feel to us in every way.

      Sometimes when we still have some tiny little issue/emotion/belief/guilt or whatever it may be within us at this point, to US it feels huge (the Princess & the Pea) when in fact it’s very tiny. But, we can no longer co-exist with it, whatever it is, and so it makes us feel miserable until we integrate it even more and/or completely. This is all US and not Team Dark.

      On the other hand… 🙄 Team Dark wee tiny little “petty tyrant” types of Team Dark beings/entities/humans etc. can and are still around (especially while all this tremendous movement is happening) so there’s a LOT of 4D Astral debris flying around in all this now. I’m just gonna say this… those people that we’re assholes before the Ascension Process, and were assholes during the Nine Months extension period and are still unchanged, unimproved assholes today are still going to be the way they’ve always been. They’re still going to try to treat Team Light horrible but from here on out they won’t get away with it like they always have. That time has Expired but these (asshole) people and other old patriarchal Team Dark members won’t understand what’s changed and why so they’ll try to continue on doing everything they always have… but it won’t work any longer. 😀

      So to answer your question, no and yes. 😉 Aah, duality and evolution! 😆 We are gods waking up to that fact but we’re doing it in and through our 5D High Hearts so there’s no ego involved. This feels weird to many of us but it’s how it feels as we inch our ways out of the old lower frequency/consciousness and increasingly into the NEW higher levels. Don’t waste too much time beating yourself up over anything any more. Just acknowledge that this is how our ego self perceives all this change and fears for it’s “life”. Just hug it and tell it to be quiet because YOU are the one in control now at this higher level and stage of being. ♥


    • Balsamicmoon, THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUESTION for many reasons. Thank you Denise for your beautiful answer. I feel much better having read that. It cleared up some of the crazy stuff I was feeling and Perceiving. I will get on with my day feeling lighter and kick that drama around me in the ass. xox hugs to you both. I really do feel better after reading this.


  20. Yay, thanks Denise for the Recap. It was my 50th Birthday on 14th September, never thought I would make it that “far”. I have this week off work on leave and am planning to make the best of it as you explain. I am thrilled that I have put in the effort and that I actually feel that I have “earned” a rest this week, because usually I am busy worrying about everything else I exhaust myself. I am very grateful that more so last week synchronicities and “timings” have happened personally for me, to help nudge me toward looking after myself and stepping truly into my “own”. I look forward to things easing up and to a new physicality. In March this year I “dreamt” that I was going to Planet A/B.

    Despite an untold number of changes for me in the workplace this year, subtle messages & support have been keeping me going, like different pieces of music ranging from nursery songs to Peter Gabriel’s “Games without Frontiers, War without Tears” last week at work. Appropriate because I have stopped trying to “take charge” of what I see needs doing in the workplace and not taking on other’s responsibilities, importantly because I no longer view there as being “responsibilities” in the old 3D sense. I consider this a small personal “miracle” from my viewpoint, as to me it means my going with the flow and not focusing on “responsibilities” and “expectations”, but instead, surrendering and also not feeling like I am being nasty when ( in my “old viewpoint”) I am not supporting others. It is hard to explain, but I am sure you know what I mean, Denise, that I am living in a higher frequency now so am no longer worrying. Phewww.

    It is like I have been “emptied out” and just literally don’t have it in me to act like I did before !! Amazing. 8)

    Lately I have been thinking alot about “play silks” of rainbow colours, which I think is a good sign that I am recovering my “rainbow outlook” upon Life that I used to have years ago. I am also going to use this penultimate week to “recharge my batteries” and to story board an idea that I have had for a long time, which is to run my own English language support classes for small groups. It’s called E.L.F.S ( English Language For Support – I know the plural is elves but what the heck). Can’t wait to realise my Dreams. 🙂

  21. This is why the Ascension Process makes us feel INTOLERANCE and RAGE even over these horrible things, beliefs, habits, systems, actions etc.; we’re evolving beyond that lower frequency and consciousness range and we HAVE to exist in a place that’s a match to us and us to it…

    …Don’t feel that you should or need to feel “love” and “light” etc. for these lower negative things, actions, people and their beliefs etc. You don’t.

    This made me think. I hope that it will be all much easier soon. Because this week is enormously challenging, to say the least. I can’t believe how much rage is coming up, specifically about bullying and mobbing situations that I endured years ago by persons that I think were completely deranged, but somehow I couldn’t avoid (related to either work or extended family).

    This made me think because I was always sending love but somehow, in some cases, that didn’t work. Maybe the rage is because some of these persons (and quite possibly other entities that were attached to them energetically) never ever changed their ways. Not by an inch. Maybe they really felt at ease at their low frequency and never even thought of being something else. Maybe the love and energy spent on forgiving them could never do any difference in their behaviour. These days, I don’t wish for them to recognize love, but to disappear entirely from my life, memories and my world. I just want to be happy, I can’t wish them love any more, after all that has been said and done.

    • iceblue & All,

      I haven’t talked much about this particular topic because I just was so busy with other info. But… let me briefly hit this topic because it’s a big one that Team Dark created. To put it all under one blanket term I’d call that term the Team Dark False Light bullshit. It’s Team Dark (TD) making people believe that to be “light”, to be “love”, to be “spiritual”, to be “good”, to be “religious” etc. etc. that a person MUST allow and endure the crap and so on. But, with the Ascension Process, everyone at some point reaches that level that I suspect was symbolized by Jesus going nuts in the market place on the money changers. 😉 In spiritual energetic evolution (the current Ascension Process) everyone going through it reaches that stage, that level where they simply cannot keep quiet over the negativity and insanity and greed and killing/warring etc. any longer and they become INTOLERANT and even sometimes RAGE-FULL over it all. They refuse to eat the dark shit and lies any more and one of the first ways we display this stage of awakening is INTOLERANCE over all negativity. It’s an Initiatory stage we all must pass through.

      The “False Light” BS from TD is exactly that, BS to trick people into believing that the only way is “love” all the time. Those of you reading this that have children know very well that that doesn’t work at all! 😆 We can “love” until hell freezes over and those kids will run wild the whole time if the adult/parent doesn’t teach them about what they can and cannot do. This is what TD had done with humanity by distorting certain religious beliefs and also certain “new age” teachings etc. to benefit themselves and keep humanity in the dark. Monsters don’t get “love” at all and they typically hate it and think it’s weakness and so on. We know differently but…

      Sometimes it’s about US and not the jerk asshole human. 😉 Sometimes it’s about US learning that to get really free and empowered and take responsibility we’ve got to rebel against the widely accepted negativity of TD and refuse to play their games any longer. This is the stage that mass humanity has finally reached right now. ♥♥♥ And this is why mass humanity is overriding TD’s latest push towards another big war that would pull in even bigger players into the mix. In a word… fuck them, game over, WE humans with Hearts and real Love and Light refuse to allow these insane negative actions against humanity to continue. INTOLERANCE and even RAGE at certain points like now are indicators of huge changes in humanities consciousness… which we Starseed/Wanderer/Lightworkers have been working on for decades/lifetimes to get everyone to this very point. And it is good. ♥

      Never forget people that when WE individually have to go through forgiving others for whatever, know that it is for US and not for them. If they are still existing/perceiving/functioning within that lower frequency range where TD exists and rules, then the “love” and “forgiveness” you and I sent them didn’t have much if any effect on them. It did however have a big and needed effect on us! We teach others by example, by living and doing and changing ourselves. The others that are ready to get it will and they will follow in our footsteps, in the Path we’ve created by our own Ascension Process journey.

      There’s more layers to all this but this is long already. Know iceblue that I feel the same way at this point and just want all to go to a matching frequency world where they can continue learning whatever it is that they each need or want to. This is why the Separation of Worlds starting now is so, so important and positive for all of us.


  22. ❤ Denise- I for the first time Today- Truly feel , The Newness. 🙂 My husband , told me this morning the police called him last night about my 21 yr old daughter- Normally I would have had "panic attacks". It felt like I was just a silent witness.. No emotions, No worries, No whatevers.. If this is LIFE after the Shift ❤ Sign me up.. 🙂

    • debbie french,

      That is what it feels like NOT being in a state/frequency of Duality density. You didn’t emotionally or physically respond/react in one extreme or the other, you remained in the higher evolved state, level, and frequency of neutrality which is “Unity” and High Heart Consciousness and being. You saw, you felt, you observed, but you did NOT get pulled through the lower frequency and egoic AND Mommy crap which is monumental and you should be very, very, VERY proud of yourself. I am, very well done you! That is not easy and you will most likely “fall” back into the old ways out of sheer habit, I certainly have many times, but this is how we learn how different these two levels/frequencies/states of consciousness and reality are. Eventually you/me/each of us will be able to exist within that neutral unified 5D High Heart frequency and consciousness all the time. After we pass 9-22-13 this will become even easier for all of us for multiple reasons.

      Again, very well done you and keep it up. Get familiar with how it feels, how it works and so on because it is the NEW. ♥

      Congratulations Hugs,

  23. Dear Denise I had a really difficult time last week the energies really hammered me. On Thursday my head felt it was going to explode such pressures in head and eyes.
    This week so far much better.

    Had a dream last night
    Three teams were ascending :-
    The first team ascended and there was great joy among the White Brotherhood
    The second team didn’t make it
    The third team were still working on ascending and making good progress.


  24. “I’m just gonna say this… those people that we’re assholes before the Ascension Process, and were assholes during the Nine Months extension period and are still unchanged, unimproved assholes today are still going to be the way they’ve always been. They’re still going to try to treat Team Light horrible but from here on out they won’t get away with it like they always have. That time has Expired but these (asshole) people and other old patriarchal Team Dark members won’t understand what’s changed and why so they’ll try to continue on doing everything they always have… but it won’t work any longer. “

    Oh no ! ………. I thought the Assholes were disappearing onto the ‘Asshole Timeline ‘ 👿

    I can’t put up with them being around once I come out of my Cave 😡, when will the Assholes LEAVE for good ?

    Looks like my party is on hold, ……….feckin ‘ell 😟

    • “Oh no ! ………. I thought the Assholes were disappearing onto the ‘Asshole Timeline ‘ 👿 “

      😆 I knew when I was writing that that some would misunderstand because I left half out. 😆 Thanks for the giggles thou Hope because that was funny!

      The really big serious professional assholes will be going to Planet B or elsewhere. The wee tiny petty assholes (I just made myself laugh over with that one! 😆 ) will still be around on the NEW Planet A/B that we’re already existing on. But, and this is the important part about this, these wee tiny petty assholes no longer have the support, backing, guidance etc. of the 4D Astral Team Dark which means they’re now just human egoic jerks that won’t get away with much of anything any longer on OUR new Planet A/B. This will make all the difference in the world believe me. Once we pass the energy cutoff point on Sept. 21-22, 2013, everything changes energetically even in the physical dimension. The remaining human asshole patriarchal jerks that don’t yet understand that their old game has expired and there’s a NEW boss in town 😉 will piss n’ moan n’ flail about throwing tantrums for a while trying to get what they want… but it won’t work and they all will eventually make changes in themselves and/or die to exit this NEW earth world reality and go where they can continue being asshole jerks to others.

      I do enjoy these high spiritual talks we all have. 😆

      No we’re having our Party and these jerks can just watch and learn or leave.
      ♥ Hug,

  25. I do enjoy these high spiritual talks we all have.

    “No we’re having our Party and these jerks can just watch and learn or leave.
    ♥ Hug,

    I just love these elevated talks too 😘

    Party’s back on …….. Ascension ticket holders only 💌 👍 😆

  26. Denise thank you so much for your consolation. I feel the not-so-easy vibrations of the changing energies but I’m not desperate any more after what you’ve written. Hugs and kisses, thank you. ♥


  27. Denise: What a gift! To find your 4D Astral Congestion article on the Gaia site. On other levels, other than this 3D consciousness which I still maintain – at least in some of my waking hours – I believe and know so much more.

    The Sirius idea came to me years ago when the only spelling I could imagine was `serious`! Which in every aspect when one considers the incredible evolutionary shift happening it truly is!! I still wander along and wonder, these past few years existing on virtually no financial support, after starting this initially frightening and totally unimaginable journey in January 20, 1980.

    The weeks of this summer I faced something never before in my memory and what you wrote was so heartening. I truly believe I entered the underworld in a last sort of round-up call for souls who would come along. In the dark energy of a rented room from a loving friend I had known for 20 years I was overcome by oppressive energies of the Dark. In fact I actually saw a man`s hands and feet and his physical presence in her clothing and in the end I was ordered out – but not words uttered from her lips – from what I had imagined would be a loving home for a few weeks.

    So many strange things happening – including individuals with red and blue hair who were also walking the water front of the small city in Ontario which I had called home since 1991. So many bizarre things! So many stranger than strange – and believe me I`ve had a few years of episodes of those before…but never like this!

    What you gave me peace of mind in sharing – what I didn`t know – has given me some reprieve from the buckets of tears I`ve spilled over the last month as well. AH! Rest and relief at last! This old girl is exhausted beyond belief. And even as I write now from a small village in Mexico where I was prompted to escape on August 30th, booking my flight less than 20 hours before (that journey was the most strange one I`ve ever experienced as well), I am still aware that the world simply doesn`t seem to be quite real any more here either. Too many bizarre and simply outlandish events purportedly happening on the news – while under it all I simply believe the massive soul exodus has perhaps already been completed. When you speak of the remaining dark ones being given a chance to learn and move at a later time it rang as totally true for me! Even though many sources felt we could not leave until each soul came along as part of a new agreement made after the Harmonic Convergence.

    The time when unknown to me why I would do or say such a thing as I drove alone in the middle of a dark night along a country road, I banged my hands on the steering wheel in pure delight. `WE DID IT! WE DID IT`! It would be years later that in this consciousness that I knew anything about this remarkable time in the history of the cosmos – although my strange, embarrassing outburst always stayed in my memory bank…how weird!

    Over the past few weeks in this summer of 2013 I am feeling totally out of my normal element. Nature doesn`t seem genuine; the air doesn`t feel real either and yet I am healthy in mind, body and spirit now. I see so many kind, loving expressions directed at me in the people I meet – caring souls in this village which has always been spoken of as having a special energy attached – and many orbs and UFOs seen.

    I have no fears here – and in fact am doing something never in my life`s habit. After I take my evening shower I actually sleep without my nightgown on the comfortable bed in the lovely little, fully equipped casa I have rented for so few pesos. I am being given time to regain my normal internal level of joy and love for humanity, I believe…and sometimes if I allow myself to go in that direction I imagine I am sharing this world with my twin flame who is simply not available for me to see…yet…. So no see – no believe!

    Do you think it is possible that I am already shifted in some way; I know that sounds strange considering my seemingly rich experiences – and if it is so I am so desperate to leave the old world behind and to truly awaken into the new Earth I know my family, grandchildren and dearest friends – and my one true love – are already.

    They have been gone from this reality for some time now and I miss them terribly! I feel so alone…not hopeless now…yet still… I would be so grateful for any help you might be able to give me so that I can be where I feel I have worked so hard to return…as I believe now that I was a walk-in, lightbringer from Sirius in that 1980 transition. And somehow I have lost my ability to get back home…Please help me, Denise…And thank you so much… Judith

  28. “But, with the Ascension Process, everyone at some point reaches that level that I suspect was symbolized by Jesus going nuts in the market place on the money changers”…

    how true with me at times, Denise. You crack me up and lighten my heart. It’ll be amusing to see human Team Dark in the entertainment industry, racists (in the name of “social justice”, some government false flags (hopefully exposed now), and many other examples, frothing at the mouth. Maybe many people falsely imprisoned will be released? Also, will we started looking physically younger?

  29. Dearest Denise,

    First, thank you for all that you have come to mean to me, and to all of us, who have said “Yes” to the spiritual path and tackled it. The work and pain that we have gone through, if we were to look back at it, would overwhelm any so-called normal human, but we are now at the point where the faith, trust, courage, patience and outright love we have put into the raising of our own frequencies and that of Gaia’s is making sense and the reward is happening. I didn’t think I’d ever get to the point where I would be able to write, and to understand, what I’m about to say, but today I wanted to share it as the Arcturians are prompting me rather enthusiastically to do so. The Triality results because of our goal of Unity. Unity has happened, certainly at this wonderful and truly determined website called TRANSITIONS. The result is the Birth and the Birth is that of the Divine Child. Oh, how I hope this makes sense. We will be, I feel so strongly, like children again, carefree, open, trusting, inquisitive, joyful, and not afraid. And if we feel that way, I can only begin to imagine what Gaia must feel like. To think that within six days She will be free of Team Dark is almost too much to comprehend. To think that within six days we will be free to imagine and express all that we have been feeling with, at the same time, the ability to see, really see and feel, the Divinity of it all is, well, boggling! I won’t go on, this light-bulb that switched on for me today is just bubbling to the surface, but at long last I recognize the Birth. Thank you again and to everyone here who steadily and determinedly stayed with it. Love, B.

  30. Reblogged this on Universal Angelic View and commented:

    “A week from September 14-15th is the Equinox of September 21-22, 2013 around the world. One week from today. If you were consciously aware of how long and how many lives and different timelines and dimensions you have been working towards this, towards what’s about to activate fully in physicality and elsewhere, you’d be giddy with excitement. Lots of nonphysical Team Light Beings very much are!”

  31. Dear Denise,

    Regarding your answer to Hope: Does that mean that we still have to deal with e.g. the members of the commitee of 300 (Soros, Queen Elisabeth etc. etc.) and they can still make our lives “bumpy”? Then, where is the difference between now and then if they are still in the lead, even without support of Team Dark energies? Thanks for your answer. Blessings, Philipp

  32. Hi Denise and everyone, I am so grateful for Transitions. I do not know where I would be if not for this safe place to come to. I read all your comments and they inspire me beyond words. My heart feels so light today and I have all of you to thank. A grand standing ovation to you Denise for your non stop love and dedication for Transition. You are the brightest light shinning ! I am grateful to have found you a few years ago and cannot imagine WHO I would be if I had not.

    If I may I would love to share what I found in my e-mail this morning. For all of us who still doubt and feal weary and adjusted, this is beautiful and I wanted to share it with all of you. Only if you Denise are comfortable with it of course. I found that it sounded a lot like all you have been saying as well.
    Wishing you all a fun, easy, joyful day.


  33. Denise,

    “From what I have and am experiencing with this, depending upon where one is themselves, the big bad Team Dark beings cannot touch one any longer.”

    In regards to your statement above, does this mean we do not have to shield anymore? I would really like to relax a bit, or do I need to wait until after the equinox? Or is shielding something we need to do always?

    Thank you! Julie

    • Julie,

      I felt a tremendous shift on January 1, 2013 and instantly knew that I didn’t HAVE to energetically protect myself like I had been doing prior. But, I still do a clairvoyant scan of my aura every day to see if I’ve accumulated anything. If so, I blast it out with white Light and set my Intentions — as an Aspect of Divine Source — that nothing negative can enter my space(s) or body. This is working for me now in 2013 where it didn’t work for me before. I HAD to “shield” daily/nightly prior and that’s just not the case any longer. Stair-steps remember? 🙂

      We’re all getting there and as I’ve said many times, once we cross the Equinox and end of the Nine Month period on September 21-22, 2013, the NEW blueprints/templates/Evolutionary Cycle takes full effect across the board. This will help everyone tremendously with all the old negativity of Team Dark etc., but it won’t be an overnight miracle completely. I know to some that sounds like a contradiction but it is NOT. Energetically the NEW Evolutionary Cycle is entered on that start date. Period. However… and this is the part that some people get hung up on because they don’t yet completely understand this. Imagine how many millions, billions of people there are incarnate on Planet A/B earth now but have NO knowledge at all about the Ascension Process, the Shift Point, the Expiration Dates of 12-21-12 & 9-21/22-13, and that the old rules/blueprints/templates/Evolutionary Cycle/and Team Dark are NO longer running this earth world! It’s all THOSE people that don’t realize that these massive energetic and evolutionary changes have indeed taken place (and will on Sept. 21-22-13) that will continue perceiving, acting, talking, buying, selling, and expecting the old to continue on as usual. But it will not from 9-21-13 forward! The Shift will happen and these humans that don’t understand this fact will, like everyone else, HAVE TO adapt to the NEW higher ways of life on earth now whether they like it or not. 🙂 The shoe is on the other foot and the majority of humanity hasn’t a clue about any of this but they will adapt and change to the NEW and greatly improved… or they will die… or they will find themselves on another world that’s a better energetic match for them at this point.

      Bottom-line is that you will know because you’ll be able to feel that things have energetically changed, improved greatly concerning Team Dark and having to constantly protect oneself against them. On the other side of this final Shift coming in a few days, things will change more than they have the entire time of the Ascension Process! I’m well aware however that there are some who are and will continue instructing/suggesting that people energetically protect themselves against TD, and that is up to each person to decide, discern, feel and/or know for themselves if they need to or don’t need to. I can’t saw much more about this unfortunately.

      Protect yourself for as long as YOU sense or feel or believe YOU should, but I’m telling you and everyone else reading this that this old TD situation will be dramatically improved within days! My gawd, can you all imagine that after what we’ve been through? Talk about miracles! 😀 ♥


      • Hello, Denise,

        I’m so glad you brought up the topic of shielding. I have not felt compelled to shield myself nearly as much the last couple of months as I did before and have done the 12D shield only occasionally. In spite of that, I haven’t suffered any horrible onslaughts. I feel better able to feel them and cope with sudden craziness now.

        I was sitting out on my “deck” (fire escape) tonight and the energy was vibrating so much that it was quite palpable. I said to the big tree outside, You’re coming with me! because it has the most powerful energy. Then I saw a plane fly overhead with a trail of exhaust behind it and I though, Over a school? I was expecting the chemtrails to last a long time like they usually do, but the next time I looked up, it was breaking up like smoke rings blown out of someone’s mouth. They were gone in a couple of minutes. I had never seen anything like that before and I thought, Oh, someone out there is helping us with all this!

        Then I saw one of my magpie babies down below and I called to it (in magpie) and was talking to it. It reacted to my voice and was walking over to me to interact and tell me its tales of the day, but he just kept walking down on the ground and didn’t realize my voice was coming from three floors up. I’ve been so busy lately, so haven’t been interacting with them quite as often and they don’t quite understand why I don’t stop and talk. Sweet little guys.

        I could really feel the beginning of the change today and it was amazing!

        Love and Hugs to all (and little magpie hellos),

  34. Hi Denise. I am so calm and feel so indifferent. At night I am relaxed now instead of hunched up and scrunched up to fall asleep. I am constantly asking myself if this empty feeling is negative or positive. I find that my circumstances still matter to me but not so much as I have been walking that path of surrender even though I can’t imagine how life will provide for me, etc…

    I do know there are higher states of feeling one can tune into if one wants to, such as Joy which is not dependent upon anything here, yet I always resist it!!!

    I am sleeping a lot this week. I do know I receive messages such as needing to be still, not talking and sitting in the sun, sleep.

    Maybe this notion I have will speak to some people who do not have any clear idea of what to imagine as one’s energies have been so engaged in handling this lifetime. I am reminded of taking care of my mom when she was ill and then died. When she died everything … I suppose it was me…. felt profoundly “still”. It was “over”. I sat down in such quiet and emptiness. There was no longer any need to be on guard, to be ready, to provide, to protect, to watch over, ….. It was finished. Eternity seem to stretch out before me and I had no ideas for my future. Maybe for many of us this will be a time for genuine healing and relaxing. Letting life take care of us and then later as our deepest selves rejuvenate we may discover what next steps we might like to make.

    I find I am a big blank. What I want is to be able to Trust that I AM provided for now and can relax now. I feel “done”. I feel indifferent as to whether I continue in the flesh or out of the flesh. It is as though nothing matters! Even my dream self is simply an observer. I came across the bodies of a couple of my kitties in a dream and someone had cut them open, cut them in half and laid them where I would see them! There was no blood or gore. I did not get upset, but I wanted to know who did this! I did find a very cute guy with a knife and he ended up going to jail. The thing is feeling so awkward in not feeling distraught or upset as I would, I think!

    I know I have “blocked” hearing things because I was always afraid of hearing bad news! But the other day I Realized I DO hear the little silly but helpful things. At work I was putting away stock, radiator hoses, and I could NOT find the number sequence I needed. And then clear as day I “heard”: “Zero comes before One.” Oh! I’d had it backwards in my mind!

    Thank you for letting me share.

    Anyway, I note people with all kinds of sinus issues and sleepiness this week.

    • Dearest Edith,

      I so appreciate what you’ve voiced.

      ” Maybe for many of us this will be a time for genuine healing and relaxing. Letting life take care of us and then later as our deepest selves rejuvenate we may discover what next steps we might like to make. “

      Ever since I’ve had fear removed from me, I’ve been pushing my own boundaries… being so sick of being “stuck” for so many years. I found I could stretch a bit, and yet here I am sequestered these last 6 weeks or so. I desire to “do” something in the world, and I wonder if that’s my path. I’ve had to really remind myself the phrase “Healer, Heal Thyself” over and over. I know I do not yet remember (how to use) the tools that I need to heal myself and others. What you shared resonated within me; that I need to just stop (even though it feels like I’ve been stopped for years). This is a different kind of “stopping”. I’ve had to take care of a lot of my own stuff for years. Perhaps in crossing into the new, I’ll find some way of being cared for in a “new way”. I need to stop jumping into the future vision, and just Be in the present… allow the changes to Be. And truly find healing for my self first. Thank you. Heart Hugs.

      With Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • For Chrysalis, Edith, Linny, I understand what you all are feeling, and am going through the same. Today I started meditating more and the spirit guides came thru and gave guidance. Simple stuff like stand in your power, and that they would help me complete 3d tasks which I’ve gotten behind on. I just stood in a white ascension flame and asked to have all the old washed away and be transmuted so I could be born anew, and for all the suffering to seem a thing of the past. And St.Germain showed up with the violet flame. So that is what I have been doing to get through this and it does help.Thank you all for sharing.

    • Edith, yes keep listening for your guides to speak. I had given up on my guides too but am re-connecting and asking for support. Not in a needy way cause they told me months ago I had to take my power, but more in a way where they are equals and are holding the space for me to come to them and process with them. So that is helping me get through this.

  35. Bravo, Denise, Bravo, for your response to Mike. I would add, it’s now or never and I’m “All-In” as the Texas hold ’em or fold ’em expression goes. No more bluffing, the real goods are on the table. I send along a telepathic, high-ground, vibrating big time Group Hug, Love, B.

  36. Hello everyone,
    this week-end those old a-holes used my niece to attack me, she got in my face with her finger pointed 4 inches from my nose and told me I was a most terrible person and on and on. I was in shock for a minute then found a spot away from the cabin under a tree ( this was 10pm) and just sobbed for 30 minutes or more. I knew what was going on understood TD used her to attack me but she ripped my heart out. As I sat there I used the tears to wash away all I had left of any junk. Took all that pain and used it to heal all. I have been high and at peace and know I am complete in this journey. My niece, sister and I talked it out yesterday and are all love and light and good to go. So stick that up yours TD, you cannot have my family.
    on another note I have been noticing that there are what I will call pauses in time. difficult to explain but I actually feel time stop just for a second and it happened several times this weekend , I said we are speaking a different language because of this pause there was confusion but not in the words spoken but the energy exchanged, if this makes any sense at all. Just to note 95% of this week-end with mom, sisters and nieces was perfection.
    to all of my family here I send to you what I have and dispel from you any and all crap still left with tears and the power of belief, it is done
    crazy as it may seem, I find myself composing comments here before going to sleep and feel the energy of them is touching whoever is needing it at the time. To the head of this family our warrior princess, Denise, I send the biggest heart hug the sun and moon can hold

    • sunny – faye,

      VERY well done you! ♥ Yes the last-minute family member manipulations have been something I’ve been dealing with to. Yesterday I remembered back to December 21-22-23-2012 the “Three Days” and one of my family members was manipulated then to call and distract me from what was happening at that time. The same thing has been trying to happen now with another family member and the 9-21-22-2013 Shift Point. Even had a few days of etheric/astral lowlife’s wandering around in my house like spies for this one family member. It’s amazing the stunts TD uses, but I haven’t let it go any further and things have finally quieted down.

      Again, very well done and I know how painful and hard it is to go through what you did with your niece. But… didn’t you feel amazingly empowered after it all? 😉 Good stuff huh? ♥

    • Yes, Denise empowered is a good word in place of high and have been feeling it until today which I believe is just the energy shifting, just dragging and want to sleep. Found interesting that equinox is at 4:44pm tomorrow afternoon here on east coast.

      I had a dream last night. I was in bed with Obama. We were without clothing and I think as we were getting in bed we kissed. This was not a sexual thing but a loving sharing encounter. It was a small room with an open door that I asked if we should close but did not. I was giving him a back rub and Michelle came in. She was upset with him because he had missed a birthday party for a young girl. She was there and appeared to be about 4 with med length curly hair and was white. Not sure I can attach any meaning to this. However I do not dream of people I know often and usually when I do there is a message or prediction. About 2 years? before the Monica thing, I was with Bill Clinton. We were sitting on a sofa by a window. He wanted to have sex. I could see Hillary out side the window. I think I told him he was crazy. I have also dreamed close to a dozen children before they were born……..I love it And for sure this whole process has been all good stuff. As you know the deeper the pain the more we grow. LOVE, LOVE & More Hugs 🙂

  37. Dearest Denise, and everyone here…I am home now after spending the past 5 days in 3D hell. And what a time of it! I saw my sister through a hip replacement, but had to deal with her hubby who is the worst case of bi-polar I have ever witnessed. His manic phases are rather pleasant (he is highly intelligent) but the bad days….omg…screaming, yelling, getting so worked up over the most trivial of anything! He spent 3 whole days screaming and ranting around non stop, even into the wee small hours “making a point.” I probably never should have told him he seemed to suffer from a persecution complex, but thought oh well…he’s going to really blow his brain on that one but surely it’ll give him pause for thought later! At one point he was demanding (at me……up in my face) “get out of my house!!!” I mean this man was acting out like the devil himself ! After 3 days of it, and seeing my sister trying to heal up from this major surgery and being in pain, etc, I knew something had to give! Oh yeah…TD was still at work!!!
    I happened to remember that I had my white sage in my purse (another sister asked me to bring it to her home so we could bless and cleanse) so while my brother-in-law was out, I got out the sage and blessed the house, driving out all negativity and any dark entities lurking about. When I got to the living room area where he always sits, does his thing, (mostly his music since he is a musician/singer) “something” cause me to lose my balance and I was SO fortunate to be able to break the fall, only hurting my elbow, and I knew immediately that TD was tripping me up!! So during the moments of regaining my balance, and wincing a bit with the pain searing through my elbow, I said “Oh no you don’t… I WILL finish this cleansing and you can get the hell out!!!!!!” So….that evening, my brother-in-law came home from work,….apologies abounded…hugs and love was expressed…all was okay and got sweeter as the next couple of days passed. 🙂
    I am very happy to be home. 🙂 And it has been such a wonderful blessing to get back to this machine here, and reading all these wonderful comments, and especially yours Denise, for all the explanations you give to the various questions you answered, that help me to quickly regain my balance, and get on “with it!” With all my heart, I am so grateful to/for you and everyone here for just BEing, and just want you all to know that I Love you and all that you share that assures me I am not alone! All the recent comments…wow….so very helpful….you ALL rock!
    PS…Happy 9-21-13 everyone!!

  38. Hello, Denise and Everybody,

    I was out on the “deck” again last night with the Harvest Moon shining white in the sky with a ring of golden light around it. Not the orange one I remember from years ago. I looked around in the sky and saw more stars than I ever have in this city. There were wisps of clouds in the sky, the city lights, and the bright moon and I could still see constellations and even Pleiades. There were a couple of stars twinkling extra brightly too. It felt good. There was an undue amount of drunken screaming in my neighborhood last night (the death throes of 3D?), then I heard tapping at my door or window, which freaked me out a bit with all the craziness outside, but then I remembered how this had been happening to other people here, so tried not to be afraid of it.

    Today I went for lunch with a friend who is also very sensitive and we had a good talk about spiritual things. It seemed like a good way to spend this day and that perhaps we had both slipped into 5D without noticing. Then I went to a store I used to go to a lot and mentioned that I didn’t come any more because of this one very negative, very 3D girl there. They knew exactly who I meant and ended up giving me a gift to make up for it. Everything just felt really positive today.

    I wish everyone a very happy and smooth transition into whichever world you choose.

    Love and Big Hugs to all (We’ve made it!),

  39. Hi Denise & star family,

    Happy 9-22-13 everyone 🙂 Thank you to everyone for sharing their stories & dreams around the campfire here. Can’t wait to hear about all the info. you’re receiving Denise.
    It’s truly amazing to see this massive “Changing of the Guard” that’s occuring. OMG – It’s about damn time!! It’s still a bit surreal. Let those Aquarian waters flow…
    A few signs from this week: license plates that said “GR8TVSN”, “MEOWPGM”, “HRTNSOL”
    Some cryptic biblical messages echoing through my consciousness: “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth”, “I am the Alpha & the Omega”Revelation 22:13 , (OMG – as I’m typing this, I just realized the significance of the Revelations, 22:13 numerology…gasp – having a mini heart attack).

    Received this link to “Avalon Gardens & Eco Village” that is S. of Tucson Arizona:
    Lots of other stuff coming up…

    And this picture is for you Denise:

    Let’s take over the world rock stars 🙂 Waves of light & love to you all.


  40. September 22. For many, maybe “nothing spectacular” has occurred, but I remember back to 12-21-12….how nothing spectacular happened then either, as far as the condition of things seeming to be the same ole same ole….but still I knew something did happen, in far out universal miraculous ways. People were so upset and disappointed expecting to ascend, expecting to wake up that morning and all cares and worries (especially financial) would be non existent. And yet I knew the ball was rolling and the ascension process accelerated. Something wonderful happened. (:

    But today, something really spectacular IS happening. I woke up this morning feeling like another person. Very calm….like I’m getting a much needed reprieve. Enormous trust in what I KNOW to be true. All is well. I asked guidance “how am I doing?” (they know what I mean in asking that question) and kept getting (3 times) “completion.” (nines) All the things/people who I worry and fret over…I still care as much, but with a whole different kind of emotional attachment….no…it’s like no attachment….like a sort of release. I know the 3D drama is still out there but I feel so strong and able to “be in the world but not if it.” This is really WOWIE!

    I feel like I’m so ready to let go of so much that I allowed to attach itself to me. Although I have put much effort into avoiding the drama, (mostly family) today, I don’t feel the anxiety that accompanies the daily dread of “what’s next?” I know there’ll be a “what’s next” but today I am totally getting this, “to each his own” message. We each “choose.” I have this saying I tell others when they whine…”We are the sum total of every choice and decision we have ever made.” After all, there are only 2 choices in any type of decision…..we either do or we don’t. From here on in, that’s what I have to say to those who ask why?! Why? Because you chose it. You don’t want that? Then choose differently. So there. SO Plain and simple. If they get it, okay, and if they don’t get it, okay. I simply don’t care. (: Well I do care….it’s just different today. (: I can let go. We are all on our own anyhow…always were…individually, it has to be what we want for ourselves, which direction to take, which path we choose to walk. So. (:

    Dolly coming to the rescue. Yeah that’s me. “She needs me, he needs me, they need me.” Not anymore. From now on, my whole approach is different. Besides, TD always used it against me with much success, as they can so easily do when you’re dealing with those in the dark. I’m not “fixing things” anymore.

    I guess what I’m saying here is, today, September 22….Such a sweet peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s today. That’s all I can say about today….Sweet! I sense it with all of me….something wonderful has happened. Now for the tears….burning, stinging my eyes while I smile my a** off. (: Big deep breath….so relaxed…my heart filled with gratitude as my cup runneth over!

    I was about to close this, and left the page and went to another site…..I just read this from the recent (today) message from the Council of One. “You are becoming the marvel, the event horizon, by yourself, and no matter how much you love another you cannot make them become that singularly of light. They have to choose on their own.” God help me, I’m letting go.
    Much Love

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