When Evolutionary Light Illuminates the Dark

This is a recent blog article by Lisa Renee that’s timely and helpful for us all no matter which energetic Stair-step level one is currently on. Thank you Lisa Renee for it. ❤  See links below to her website and blog section.


June 22, 2017


“This period of time is extremely difficult for many people on the earth that are enduring stages of the Dark Night of the Soul, whether consciously on the spiritual path or not. Recently, the larger collective consciousness themes are around the power struggles and deep conflicts that exist in the structure of falsity and delusions, when electrified by the lightning flash that cracks through the darkness and confusion to illuminate the contents in front of us so that we can see or gain deeper truth. When we are struck by lightning, this can be a terror based or painful event in our lives that activates intense energy pouring up and into the body, and this creates an inner conjunction with the energy blockages in the body which surfaces great discomfort, anxiety, pain or fear. Most of the time when we experience an event in our lives in which lightning strikes occur, it is uncovering not only false structures, but buried parts of the unconscious mind and cellular memories that are embedded in our bodies. Meeting the negative energy or blockages when this inner conjunction is made acts as the spiritual catalyst for great changes and potential transformation, it forces the surface or hidden fears located in the pain body to be brought out into the thoughts, emotions, behaviors or in the impulses of the person.

When the person has no spiritual context, and if they are not strong enough to discipline their mind to gain control over outward impulses, they may find themselves acting out destructive archetypes and narratives of pain, fear and dramas with the people around them that trigger these inner memory buttons. Some of these emotional triggers can be from other lifetimes and those experiences, as well as unhealed emotional conflicts in the current lifetime that have been carried over because the negative emotional theme was left unresolved in other lifetimes or identities. It is important to understand that we can compassionately witness these impulses and negative narratives as they surface to us, but we do not have to choose to play them out in our body. In fact, it can be very traumatic if a person just allows themselves to be a slave to their impulses and play these narratives out unconsciously, which is re-engaging automatic memories from the collective consciousness that can be recycled into our life experiences, over and over again. The more we repeat the same trauma pattern over and over, it registers imprints in our nervous system, brain and consciousness, making it harder to stop the destructive cycles of pain body triggers and ego wounds.

These pain body triggers and ego wounds can be further manipulated by negative entities, such as Fallen Angelics, which predictably will find wounds to jump onto and magnify the pain so the person is nearly a marionette puppet being pulled by attachment strings.

To stop the manipulation of painful and destructive emotional patterns, we have to stop acting them out, we must gain control over our impulses and make a strong decision to choose states of inner peace over succumbing to states of inner violence. Sometimes this means time out, take a break, turn off the mind and shift the body into passive and relaxed states, such as through meditation, and finding inner stillness.  Inner violence is the contents of the collective unconscious mind and pain body, while inner peace is the state of the spiritual self or super-consciousness. To create a bridge between the unconscious contents recorded in the pain body, and link them with the highest spiritual self, not only will we be the recipient of lightning strikes from the heavens above, we will be placed in a position where we must choose peace and love, in order to remain inner connected.

What may the Dismantling of Ego or Lightning Strike phase of Spiritual Initiation look like?

How many times may you recall when you are feeling safe within the narrow confines of your life, feeling comfortable in your current thoughts, beliefs and expectations? Then from out of nowhere, something shocking happens that completely destroys your day to day narrative and personal images of what you had thought your life would continue to be. All sense of security and structure that reinforced your identity, those people and circumstances that reflected a mirror image of what you thought was harmonious, reveals itself to be something else entirely.

Many times when lightning strikes we are seeing the delusion or falsity that was present in those interactions that gave us a false sense of strength and security. Much of the time this is the sudden realization that personal comfort was based on a house of cards, the inadequate foundation of false thoughts, beliefs and action.

This phase of spiritual growth can bring shocking inner and outer change and greater self-realization, it is a time of great personal turmoil when we go through the process of seeing blind spots in situations. When we see our blind spots, the places we were naïve or just plain wrong, now, what will you do and how will you manage the changes happening while facing the shocking truth?

When we are exposed to the lightning strike which is the marker of a personal spiritual initiation that leads into another level of consciousness, experiences, and spiritual ascension, the next stage of emotional processing is generally shock. The central nervous system, brain and body can be pushed into an overloaded and overwhelmed state, subsequently there can be several cycles after the lighting strike that sends oceanic waves of frequency to move throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. These subsequent waves as they settle into a more coherent and integrated pattern within the lightbody layers, a person can move into feeling numb, apathetic, disorientated in time and in a void. This is a major life upheaval, it is spiritual crisis, bringing on normal reactions of grief, anger, sadness, confusion, sleepless nights and even facing confrontations with others.

When we are undergoing a change in the foundation of our sense of security and identity, it penetrates to the deepest core of our being, reverberating shock waves that force us to get out of personal comfort zones and to emotionally and spiritually grow beyond the current level.

The sudden destruction of our artificially created world and identity structures usually represent the inner and outer barriers erected to hide from yourself and others that express how you really feel. These mental body structures are personal defenses, ego defense mechanisms, walls put up to disguise certain feelings, to cover up true inner thoughts and feelings. When a person is undergoing incredible stress and pressure, these walls can shatter, finally revealing your true inner self and feelings to those people around you.

When we suppress or hold back intense feelings and painful emotional processing, the internal pressure can be so great that we over-react, go paranoid, or play out victim-victimizer roles in our outward impulses or reactions. Our discernment is not good when we can only see through the lens of inner pain, and so it is critical we do not take things personally, because it’s not personal. Be very careful with how much of yourself that you attempt to hide, because you must know that one day, everything will be revealed, over time the truth is revealed always.

Therefore, when lightning strikes and you are thrown into personal turmoil, feeling pain and confusion, the first thing to remember is this is an act of creation within the destruction, and that it is potentially leading you to higher consciousness states, so don’t over react and let fear totally paralyze you. In this stage, you are being asked to break down all the false structures that have been artificially created or are no longer productive for your spiritual growth. If you resist the walls coming down to reveal the greater truth of your own unproductive behaviors that need correction, and instead play the hot potato ego game of assigning blame or dark interference upon others around you, this will increase pain and difficulty, as well as lead to the risk of negative spirit attachments magnifying the pain in you and possibly others. We are all breaking through the façades and pretense in our life, and by pretending, feigning, imagining and wishing things were different, this only puts up more pretense in order to constantly defend the rebuilding of your crumbling reality to maintain appearances for others, and this will only make things worse.

When people are totally overwhelmed and undergoing this stage of intense shock and pain, the ego may surface the narcissistic wounding and superior attitudes in order to face others and to try to cope with what is happening. When the narcissistic wound shows up in people, the main theme is they are blind to what anyone else is really undergoing, it’s harder for them to consider or cooperate in a natural flow with other people.

The narcissistic wound means that person’s immediate issues and concerns become the central importance and all-consuming focus, it’s the only thing they can see when they are in pain or fear, and this produces the me, myself and I self-preservation consciousness.

The narcissistic wound in the three layers of ego is desperate to survive, and in its death throes will rise thought forms of sensing internal and external threats, sensations of severe discomfort with life’s situations, that lead to internal distractions of circular obsessions and prolonged anxiety.

Remember that the artificial façades, self-delusions and barriers are going to fall, whether you like it or not, because you have reached a limit in this area, and can no longer live with it. Although this phase of spiritual growth is very hard, we all have to undergo this process, no one gets away from this critical piece of spiritual ascension.

The mountain of ego, pain body, deceptions, facades, illusions, manipulations and emotional bait hooks must be destroyed so that you are free to face truth and gain an accurate sense of reality without false attachments.

Please remember you are undergoing the necessary changes required to accept the consciousness shift that will move you forward into more personal and spiritual freedom, clearing inner violence and living in a state of inner peace. The caveat is that you cannot resist it, and you cannot hide from it, this will require unraveling the deeper truth so that you can rise out of Service to Self consciousness and into the macrocosm perception of the Service to Others group consciousness. Embrace the opportunity to expand your consciousness and see things in your life, and your place in the Universe in a totally new way.

There are some of us on the spiritual path that may be holding space for others,  loved ones around us that are undergoing this intense process of lighting strike. Our loved ones, friends and acquaintances may be confused about what is occurring, they may be projecting assorted images, they may have faulty memory, they may be acting out past life archetypes, they may feel threatened and terrorized with survival fears in the future. They are unable to deeply understand all that is happening because they are utterly overwhelmed with intense energies, which surface deep emotional pain and grief.

When people are enduring intense pain and confusion while undergoing major life altering transformation and change, they may seek to pull you into their emotional entanglements and narratives.

To hold a clear and unconditionally loving space for such intense forms of spiritual alchemy, it is important to hold complete observer towards the process, even when it can be painful to watch people we care about endure such intense pain, confusion and grief. In spiritual community, this is a call for self-mastery in compassionate witnessing, and never, ever taking on another person’s emotional process or disjointed perceptions when they are in the deep and heated battle of the inner Armageddon, while the ego construct is flailing about in its death throes.

Practice Compassionate Witnessing

Compassionate Witnessing is a natural function of expanded Consciousness which occurs during the embodiment of the higher spiritual-energetic intelligent bodies when the person is dedicated to Christos Principles of Compassion. In the earlier stages of awakening, the goal is to clear the fear programs and survival terror that is programmed into the Negative Ego and the Pain Body. This can be accomplished by identifying the Negative Ego thought forms as fear based and refocusing these painful, destructive thoughts by shifting perspective into Neutral Association or Observer Point. When this skill of disciplining the mind from the Negative Ego reaches a certain threshold in spiritual ascension embodiment, the benefits lead one to experience mental and emotional freedom, completely free of personal suffering.

The Law of Compassion is the first basic truth of One Self-God Self. As One Self-God Self, to be “Compassion in Action” towards others is then to be in harmony and right relationship to Self, right relationship to God, right relationship to the Universe. This is a Law of One practice. (Love Yourself, Love Others, Love the Earth and all of her creatures, is an action of Compassion.)

While the earth and many people around us are enduring the challenges of the Dark Night, along with the Lightning Strike and subsequently going into shock and pain body processing, being of service also means we must be true to ourselves and set appropriate boundaries that keep us in alignment to our own natural rhythm and flows.  When people are processing personal pain, they will tend to pull you into sharing their perceptions of pain through subtle or not so subtle manipulations. Generally the desire for people in pain is to find others that can commiserate with them, and this may look like emotional bait hooks trying to reel you into their perceptions. The best service you can be to the earth, is to love yourself and others unconditionally, without taking on their personal lessons for spiritual growth.

Everyone has to walk the path of spiritual ascension and do their own emotional work, and it is unique for every person, you do not want to interfere or take another person’s lessons away from them.

This means you will need to maintain your natural flows and set the terms of staying in the natural rhythms of your life, those rhythms that you have created for self-care, and to be true to yourself.  

Our biggest struggles, challenges and problems in life can be generated when we are not in alignment with our own internal natural rhythms, which is defined through maintaining the alignment with our inner spirit.

We cannot stay present in the now moment when we are out of sync with ourselves. When we honor and allow our natural, authentic way of being in the world that is in harmony with the values we hold and align with our spiritual purpose and mission, we stay in the synchronicity of divine energetic flow.  When we are aligned with our inner self, we must honor the authentic rhythm and harmony in our life, so we can listen to our highest spiritual self, which keeps us in alignment with the harmony of the Universal Laws.

The most important relationships we have is with our higher power, God, and the inner relationship we have with ourselves.

During these tumultuous times, this is your priority to develop every day. Take care of these two most important relationships. And when something or someone is not happy because you take this space to connect into the natural rhythms of life, instead of fulfilling their personal needs and expectations of you, gently tell them that you follow your inner spirit without hesitation, and that you listen to nothing other than how your spirit guides you. We must find unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, before we can truly allow people to be who they are without judgments and expectations. When we accept the responsibility to become a God-Sovereign-Free being, it means that we must protect our own rights to stay in higher alignment in so to achieve sovereignty,  as well as to protect the rights of others in so they are free to be who they are, having the right to their own personal experiences and perceptions.

Stay awake as we traverse the valleys of the shadow and death, on the other side of destruction is creation, which awaits the deeper illumination of higher consciousness that we have worked so hard to achieve. May the Spirits of Christ walk with you, in Purity, Generosity, Patience, Kindness, Discipline/Conservation, Diligence and Humility.”

Much love and gratitude,



11 thoughts on “When Evolutionary Light Illuminates the Dark

  1. Hello there! The last few days have felt incredibly intense. I’m usually a sound sleeper but have been awake at night feeling electrified with a lot of possible third eye stuff happening (i.e. Seeing patterns when eyes closed, face numb and tingling, head pressures.) I just feel different, and actually it’s kind of disconcerting at times. Fear is coming up in me…like fear of the unknown and fear of this change. Fear of it being too much or too drastic. My inner body feels extremely light as if there is a new energy inhabiting it or something. I feel off kilter like I’m in the middle of this reintegrating or calibration. The other day, I kept crying and sobbing all day. Lots of assorted strong sensations happening in the body and kundalini movements happening to clear blocks in the body. Anyone else feeling like the last few days have been an absolute whopper??

  2. Hi Denise. I recognize this description completely. Im still walking thru this aspect. It is true …..once i survived the suicidal fear terror anxiety level……and after i began to grow up by following basic fundamental disciplines for right thinking, not believing my thinking, developing relationship as Spirit, Trusting Christ within to lead me thru the valley of the shadow, to keep on trusting the Life inherent (It’s been about 2 years now) …..in Looking Back I see EXACTLY what Lisa Renee describes about seeing your false self, beliefs, attachments, etc. “It’s All About Me, What About ME?!” If i dont take time every day to remind and remember and build and celebrate the Truths, the inner relationship, Accept Grace….it never goes well…..and i still get lazy, and i want to escape.

    When I look back over these 2 years, and the preceding years leading to the crunch time, the perfect beauty and purpose is so obvious! It amazes me how perfect each wretched unwanted circumstance!

    Peace to you all. Blessed peace.

  3. PS I just want to say thank you Denise for all you have done as a teacher and guide in your lifetime. It’s days like today when I feel really disoriented and even frightened a bit that I’m extra grateful for you first wave forerunners who hold a place as a lighthouse for the rest of us with your blogs, postings, resources helping us find our way through all of this. It truly is a lifeline to help stay calm, don’t panic, and trust the process. Thank you! Xxx 😊

  4. “My inner body feels extremely light as if there is a new energy inhabiting it or something.

    That’s because there is Colleen and it’s Light. 🙂 ❤

    There are so many perfect descriptions of what it feels like physically, emotionally and psychologically living through these Ascension Process energy increases and Embodying them in your Comment. When we embody some more Light energy within our physical bodies, it often causes us to feel unbalanced, unsupported in those old lower frequency ways we're so used to. These embodying phases where we're literally vibrating faster and higher within our physical bodies, often make it hard to simply walk through a doorway without bashing one hand, knuckles, wrist, elbow etc. on one side of the door-frame. We're that much changed and not functioning in the old lower frequencies we were only hours before. This Process of ongoing embodying more and more, higher and higher Light Energies is the Ascension Process (AP) in very simple terms.

    “Fear is coming up in me…like fear of the unknown and fear of this change. Fear of it being too much or too drastic.”

    This is also common with the AP and it’s our ego freaking out over no longer running the entire Earth Life Show! 😆 It fears its own “death” and so it fights to remain in control and power over everything. But, the ego was a tool for a much lower frequency and level of consciousness, life and reality and it cannot deal with these higher and much more complex frequencies of Light, and this is why the old lower ego is replaced with the NEW HighHeart as the main seat of focus for evolved humanity.

    “The other day, I kept crying and sobbing all day.”

    I’ve experienced this off and on since I started the AP on the physical body level in 1999. I can pretty accurately tell after all these years of this side effect, when there’s more changes happening in the electromagnetic field because sudden crying over nothing or over something beautiful, loving, compassionate etc. happens for a few days. The HighHeart is opening more and/or expanding and/or dealing with higher frequency Light and so on.

    In 2017, these “whoppers” are constant because we’re now existing at such a higher frequency of Light and humans continue embodying more and more of it, which automatically changes the external world as well. To me they’re now all “whopper” Stair-steps that we’re moving up every few days week after week, month after month, year after year. What we’ve been experiencing so far in 2017 will increase greatly in and after August, then again in November and December 2017.

    No fear, just compressed evolution. ❤

  5. “When I look back over these 2 years, and the preceding years leading to the crunch time, the perfect beauty and purpose is so obvious! It amazes me how perfect each wretched unwanted circumstance!”

    Bless you for this very hard-earned higher Knowing Edith and for staying on The Path. It’s not easy but you’ve done it and continue doing it, as we all do. And as you’ve discovered for yourself, the higher we evolve, the easier it is to See and Know and Feel and Understand more and more from higher and larger levels of awareness. Keep up the Great Work and Thank You Edith for all you’ve done on yourself and for All. ❤

  6. Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head. I feel a kind of terror coming up like something old, very familiar (ego) that’s been apart of me in this entire lifetime is being dissolved or dying. It feels like there is this intense push-pull between this new energy inhabiting me now and the old patterns/energy on their way out. I’m also feeling this strange terror and dread at night now the past few nights over not sleeping, and feeling electrified and buzzing in the body at night when I obsess that I should be asleep. I’m getting fear about the third eye activity. I guess this is a manifestation of the ego fighting for control versus me letting go and trusting the process of integrating the new energies however they manifest. Whew, this one has been a doozy these past few days. I just have to try and sit with the terror and fears coming up and let them be. Thank you for your response, Denise. I’ll keep rereading it today and try and stay calm with this. I guess I better get used to this if this is how 2017 and beyond is going to be 🙏🏻😊. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Hello Denise and fellow Awakeners,
    I just wanted to follow up on my previous comments about having this Lightening strike that Lisa Renee writes about here. THIS is EXACTLY what happened to me starting three days ago. I developed this hive-like electric buzzing in my body that amplified at night over the last three nights. My Higher Self prepared me starting two weeks ago that something big was about to happen in my process. About a week ago, this new light energy inhabited my heart area causing also a healing crisis of some achiness in my throat, lungs, heart areas. I thought that achy feeling was the entirety of the healing crisis when this new very light, soft energy moved into me. Wrong! For the last three days and nights, but mostly nights, I’ve been immersed in my own personal ‘hell’ of intense, very deep fears coming to the surface. The main one finally peaked last night after three nights of minimal sleep with me crying and pleading with God to please stop this electrified buzzing in me so I could finally sleep. I accused God/Source of abandoning me, hurting me, screwing with my sleep, and now I will start to go crazy or need meds to sleep etc. At 2am last night, I was angry, despondent, desperate, crying, and terrified. Finally, I got up out of bed and just surrendered in terror, and sat on the couch in the darkness accepting my sleeplessness and this electric buzzing. This was very hard to do and uncomfortable, but as I sat, I was finally able to receive from my higher self that this was very very deep fear of being abandoned by God or stuck in 3D with no escape ever. I sensed into the fear and felt this was true. My sleep has been my lifeline and portal out of here especially during these tough ascension years, and not being able to sleep manifested as and triggered immense terrifying fears in me of not being able to get out of 3D and connect to Source. In short, last night, I felt abandoned and forgotten by Source and trapped here in 3D Earth and this was agonizing. Once I finally was able to sense this buzzing in me was terror energy and face the heart of it, I managed to be able to get back in bed and be with it for about two more awake hours. I spoke to it, and welcomed it into my experience acknowledging that it had been living in me, and now was coming to the surface for release. I had to really 100% accept that this is what was happening in my Now, and trust it’s uncomfortable presence serving my higher good. Over that time of a few hours, it gradually dissolved out of me, and then my body was finally able to rest into this beautiful, new light energy that came into it about a week ago (but also brought this terror to the surface.) I then finally after 3 nights of tormented, panicked sleeplessness fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

    Today, I feel lighter, cleansed, at peace with this new light energy dwelling in me, and have been profoundly reminded to accept what arises in the present moment of my experience, do not resist it, trusting this process of Awakening.

    “Meeting the negative energy or blockages when this inner conjunction is made acts as the spiritual catalyst for great changes and potential transformation, it forces the surface or hidden fears located in the pain body to be brought out into the thoughts, emotions, behaviors or in the impulses of the person.” Lisa Renee

    Whew, yes! Thank you Denise again for your teachings which are a lifeline to us during these intense times! Your blog post yesterday came into my email during the throes of this healing crisis, and exactly outlined what was going on. You Ascension teachers are angels on Earth! 😇😇😇 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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