The Reptilian Beings

marineiguana marine-iguanas

In 1961 at the age of ten I vividly remember pouring through a large Time Life book my parents had. As a kid I found all the beautiful oil paintings and other images in it quite magical. There were paintings by talented artists about what they thought the ancient civilizations might have actually looked like. It was however one particular oil painting that rocked my childhood world when I first saw it in 1961. It was of dozens of sea iguanas laying on huge rocks at the ocean. At age ten, they were ‘monsters’ sunning on rocks, but the longer I scanned over the whole painting I discovered one thing that triggered a memory… a realization I’ve never forgotten since that day.

In the painting the artist had drawn many of the iguanas’ shoulder and arm muscles just like  large, strong, well muscled human male. The split second my ten-year-old eyes landed on this one iguanas heavily muscled should and arm, another mind’s eye image came rushing up and out into the light of my young consciousness. It was the image of a huge male Reptile Being. A ten foot or taller massively muscled humanoid Reptilian male that stood upright. (Look at the knee and leg muscle of the sea iguana in the photo above and also the shoulder and upper arm.)

The reality of non-physical, non-human, other-dimensional Beings that look like 7 to 12 foot tall bodybuilder Lizards instantly became another strange and scary aspect of my childhood reality that day. I didn’t have a “past life” memory of what we today call the Reptilians; their existence reentered my consciousness because the sea iguanas were a close enough match and therefore a trigger for me to remember their existence. It was just another of many bizarre memories and knowings that I’ve carried for most of my life in silence…until now.

Then one evening about six years ago I’d gotten into bed and turned out the lights. I was laying there feeling peaceful in the dark when suddenly this vivid clairvoyant image intruded into my mind’s eye. Using psychic terms, a nonhuman, nonphysical, other-dimensional Reptilian Being deliberately made conscious contact with me clairvoyantly that night.


I was used to having meetings and conversations with certain higher dimensional Starbeings/ETs, but this was very different. This meeting was about this particular Reptilian Being WANTING me to psychically see him so he made a clairvoyant connection with me. (I spent 2 days searching for photos and images that come the closest to what I’ve seen of “him” popping in like this three different times during that year. These are pretty good photos but of course not completely accurate.)

What I found extremely interesting about all of my encounters with this one male Reptilian Being was that he was easily able to prevent me from psychically reading him and his thoughts. He had cloaked his thoughts and intentions so I couldn’t perceive or sense anything other than what he was allowing me to see and perceive then. I got the sense he was intentionally showing me that Reptilian Beings do indeed exist, but he only allowed me to psychically see his right eye and portions of the right side of his face up very, very, close. This clairvoyant image was exactly as if he were only 4 inches from my physical face! It was very intense, even with him blocking out all emotional and telepathic contact between us. He knew I was trying to psychically read or scan him and he simply remained steady with his psychic barricade up which prevented me from doing so. I guess he felt it was only time for a conscious re-reintroduction and not much else as yet.

A few months after these nightly in-my-face meetings with him, I saw massive, full-body Reptilians etherically superimposed over some well-known American and foreign world leaders and government officials on the TV news one night. No, I won’t name names, but it’s very easy to discern which of these humans is being controlled and manipulated to carry out Dark agendas on physical 3D Earth. I took these clairvoyant TV images I saw then to mean a couple of things:

1) That either those human politicians and world leaders were themselves direct aspects of different Reptilian Beings existing in non-physical dimensions

2) That certain negative Reptilian Beings are psychically, energetically possessing and manipulating certain low-frequency, low consciousness humans, certain politicians, world leaders, military, physicians, bankers etc. and many other people around the world for very negative reasons.


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if both of these are the case and probably much more that I’m unaware of at this point. Things are far more complex and multidimensional than we fully realize as yet, and there are so many more players both positive and negative within this vast cosmic Plan.

At any rate, I feel that the Reptilian Being that introduced himself to me six years ago was not one of the negative ones but that it was just time for me to connect the dots from my earlier childhood memories with today and all that’s happening on the planet and within humanity via the Ascension Process. Humanity is horribly unaware of the many different long-term multidimensional players that are invested in one way or another in our narrow band of 3D Earthly reality in this neck of the Great Cosmic Woods. Soon this too will change as we ascend/evolve back into conscious “Universe Society”.


October 10, 2007

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10 thoughts on “The Reptilian Beings

  1. Dear Denise,

    I had never read this article of yours. I didn’t find you until last year and Reptiles were very low on my agenda, I was really unsure of the reports that the Reptilians were real. Thing is, I have always been terrified of reptiles & amphibians. I just couldn’t stand the way they looked.

    Later in life, there was a politician in my (then) state that I felt was very hmmm… icky. I used to call him “Froggy” because I thought his face was very, well, frog-like. I know there is a difference between reptiles & amphibians but I really didn’t know it then. I am now convinced that the particular politician in question, who has now “retired” from public life but (IMHO) really screwed the citizens of this country. So because of your article, I understand now that all those politicians that are lizard-like are really lizards or controlled by same. I do find it very reassuring that there are “good” Reptilians, like the one that revealed the information to you, as many of the people who talk about them say they’re all bad.

    I do have a question about amphibians, though. The Egyptian goddess Heqet was a frog-head goddess of fertility. Are there really amphibian alien life forms or am I misinterpreting Heqet? Also, if there are, are they aligned with the Reptilians? My terror of both classes of creatures may be misplaced just because I didn’t know there was a difference.

    Sorry to step in here before Angela… I look forward to her question/comment as well.

    Love to you and yours,

    • “So because of your article, I understand now that all those politicians that are lizard-like are really lizards or controlled by same. I do find it very reassuring that there are “good” Reptilians, like the one that revealed the information to you, as many of the people who talk about them say they’re all bad.

      I do have a question about amphibians, though. The Egyptian goddess Heqet was a frog-head goddess of fertility. Are there really amphibian alien life forms or am I misinterpreting Heqet? Also, if there are, are they aligned with the Reptilians? My terror of both classes of creatures may be misplaced just because I didn’t know there was a difference.

      Sorry to step in here before Angela… I look forward to her question/comment as well.

      Love to you and yours,


      Talking about negative non-human other-dimensional Alien’s that have totally messed with humanity, 3D reality, consciousness and DNA all to prevent humanity from evolving is not a topic most people want to talk about or even consciously have to consider. I understand that, and have waited for greater numbers of people to reach the point where they’re ready to start consciously facing this dark, ugly, horrific fact. Our current evolving consciousness is “disclosure” and more people will suddenly be realizing how severe these negative Reptilian and Draconian Aliens actions have effected humanity for thousands of years. Carrying more Light means knowing far more and being responsible for that knowledge/Light.

      My calling some of these Reptilian beings “good ones” could be very wrong. What I sense has been happening for many years now is that, some of these Reptilian beings have been slowly waking up and realizing that things are not as they’ve always believed. Because of this, some of them have looked at some of humanity a little differently than ever before. Some of these beings, just like more and more humans have been waking up and realizing that they’ve been killing their own people, wars/warring, ruining their land, suppressing the females etc. for sick, negative, distorted anti-human and anti-life belief systems and blindly following orders from other human leaders/politicians/priests etc. Everyone is and have been slowly waking up and there’s plenty to answer for.

      So some of the Reptilian beings may not be “good” or “good ones” like I said in this article, but more correctly, some of them have been slowly realizing that their beliefs have been VERY incorrect and because of this so has their horrific actions against humanity and Earth.

      Another aspect of my having an other-dimensional Reptilian get in-my-face and reveal itself to me could have happened only because he was well aware that I was a Starseed and Lightworker and what I’ve been up to on Earth and why. He could have just been letting me know that he knew who I am and what I’d been doing and why. A Dark/Light fact-to-face type standoff in other words. Who knows?

      There are sooo many different types of highly, highly, evolved alien beings that “amphibian” ones wouldn’t surprise me at all. If there are insect Aliens, which there are, then why not amphibian ones too? Also, the super ancient Egyptians were every evolved beings with full conscious connection to the stars and other dimensions and many of the Beings that exist in them. This was normal on Earth long ago and is finally becoming that way again due to the ascension/evolutionary process.

      The Reptilian and Draconian beings were not in the picture until only fairly recently – 5,100 some years ago approximately. So they were not in any way connected with ancient and super ancient Egypt, so Heqet would – like all the other Egyptian deities that I’m aware of so far – be representatives of only highly evolved positive multidimensional Alien beings from numerous other dimensions and stellar systems.


  2. i am beginning to wonder if some of my friends are reptilians! i had a dream last year that they were out to get me because of my spiritual/higher awareness and during 2011 have seemed very different and difficult.

  3. Hi Denise,

    This may seem like a strange question, but I’m wondering if it’s possible for any Starseeds or lightworkers to have been born into reptilian families here on earth?

    Carrying reptilian DNA as part of your genetics would be a hell of a thing for a lightworker to have to work through and transmute, and it would probably mean being a bigger target and more susceptible to reptilian manipulation as well. Do you know if this has been the case for anyone?


    • “Hi Denise,

      This may seem like a strange question, but I’m wondering if it’s possible for any Starseeds or lightworkers to have been born into reptilian families here on earth?

      Carrying reptilian DNA as part of your genetics would be a hell of a thing for a lightworker to have to work through and transmute, and it would probably mean being a bigger target and more susceptible to reptilian manipulation as well. Do you know if this has been the case for anyone?



      The truth of the matter is far more complicated as is usually the case. These Reptilian and Draconian beings have totally interfered with and altered all of humanities DNA and their Physical body and their energetic Emotional and Mental Bodies also. So you see these actions these negative Alien beings have done to humanity are multilevel and multidimensional as well.

      So when Starseeds incarnated into 3D physicality they naturally took on physical human bodies and these DNA and Physical, Emotional and Mental Body alterations too because that’s the ONLY body template that’s been available to all humans incarnating on Earth probably since the negative Alien takeover around 5,100 years ago. THIS is another of many reasons why Starseeds Volunteered to incarnate into 3D Earth now; to have a negatively suppressed and altered human body themselves so they could then receive and embody Source’s Divine Original Blueprint or template for humanity and literally override all of the vile distortions done to humanity and their multiple Bodies by these negative Aliens.

      So yeah…it’s been a “hell of a thing for a lightworker” and Starseeds to incarnate into a human body that’s been so horrifically suppressed and unplugged but, this is how we’ve been able to override it all and embody, anchor and provide the NEW Blueprints from Source. And like I said, every Starseed and Lightworker has had to deal with these negative body and consciousness distortions…not just a few of us but all of us. I hope this helped with your questions.


  4. Denise, thanks for this article and your reply to Carolyn’s question. The latter hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it just now. I’ve had major issues with my father since I was 14 years old, and spent years in therapy dealing with them. When I started having major health issues 17 years ago I decided to become estranged from him, and stayed estranged when I started my Ascension Process 16 years ago. I decided to reconnect with him a few years ago, and we have an “okay” relationship now. About 20 years ago I learned that he and I have been through many past lives together, which is why we have had so much karma to work out in this lifetime.

    I’ve come to realize in recent months that my father is Reptilian. My Ascension Process was very long and brutal, and I have never been able to understand why. After I read Carolyn’s question, I felt like Luke Skywalker in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK when he learned that Darth Vader was his father. It occurred to me that I must have inherited at least some of my father’s Reptilian DNA. That helped explain why my Ascension has been so long, painful and difficult on so many levels. Thanks to both of you for helping me put together one more piece of my Ascension puzzle. 😀


  5. The irony of these posts is a bit uncanny considering the questions I wanted to ask a few days ago. I also believe I stem from a reptilian bloodline, and have never been more certain of who I am, and what I came to do. I know I am a Starseed, and I know that I chose to help purify this line. I also know that my mother (who passed away in 2005) played an intricate role in all of this.

    She once told me that I didn’t have to come to Earth. She told me that I was already evolved past this world. Many can claim that people are tricking themselves to believe in the Starseed Rescue Mission, and that they allow new age stories to persuade them. The miracle in all of this is that my mother’s truth was untainted. Messages spoken by a woman who rarely left the house or knew how to turn on a computer (she struggled with volume controls on a tv remote). Often times 2 days of functioning per month became a breakthrough. The connection was made with her source…no one or anything else led her to this belief. It was the mid 90’s when she told me (I was in Jr. High).

    She was diagnosed Schizophrenic.

    For over 20 years she was sedated, crippled in pain (physical and emotional), and her truth was deemed lunacy. I’ll never forget that night. I was so upset, and went into a rage of sorrow. I hated earth. I hated being here. I never felt like I belonged…I just didn’t fit. I was more interested in why people behaved the way they do than playing on the swings. Human nature often baffles me. My dad told me it was the madness talking when she told me I didn’t have to come, and not to listen to her. But the reason I got so upset wasn’t because I thought it was madness, but because I knew it was true. For years that thought lingered, and I kept trying to put it to rest. I felt as if it was egocentric to even consider, but couldn’t shake off her words!

    Everything that has ever happened in my life has foreshadowed this recognition. I saw the reptilian entities in my room as a child, and had dreams of them shape shifting that haunted my earliest memories. Because of those dreams I can’t look at the sketches and the stories and not take it with a grain of salt or merely a conspiracy theory. I have been in their dimensions during numerous bouts of sleep paralysis, and I have seen the eye in my face, but I also know what happens when you harness the power to defeat the serpent. Once fear is released it reverts back into its mythological form, and you have absolute power.

    Not all my dreams were scary. In many of them I could fly, and many have been beyond lucid. I remember psychic abilities as child, and I’m desperately trying to tap back into the truth I came to live. I feel as if every experience I’ve ever had as prepared me for this time. I started waking up last October, and experienced a witness of truth this past March. It’s a dismantling process on so many levels. I’ve been sick for 3 years with the flu. The aches, the pains, the sore neck that never eases up, and sinus pressure that becomes a plague. Generations of demonic control end here. The powers that have corrupted my family will cease to exist. I’ve heard the call (by name), and I will not fail. Thank you for your blog, and your book. This is not a conspiracy theory; it’s about waking up to who you are.

    I find it so interesting how so many people can testify of Angels and Miracles…yet if someone were to claim they actually saw one, they are crazy or are being deceived. Ministers can spend a lifetime giving sermons about the serpent and his sneaky ways…yet if someone were to point it out in a more literal context they are off their rocker. Who’s the conspiracy “theorist” here?

    The very soil I live on was cultivated by a people who recognized their own truth, and gave up everything to play their note. However challenging it might have been to walk away from those they loved or give up everything to fulfill their calling, I believe they did it because they too woke up. The clarity they found was unmatched. Repercussion no longer mattered…simply another failed tactic played by the serpent

    WOW!!! This is such an exciting to be alive. I’m not exactly sure how all the events will unfold or how painful it might get before it gets better. But I do know it will be breathtaking.
    This is the Starseed Inning…the bench time has ceased, the bat of Providence is before me, and I came to swing! Too many homeruns have been made for me to back out now.

    The world’s oppression bound my mother and sealed her lips. Where her only truth was deemed lunacy and she suffered physically because of internal anguish. She always wanted to tell her story, and I refuse to let her story remain in her grave. I’m not dead yet…I still have a pulse.

    It’s been a long journey getting here, but I now know that my adversity prepared me. Without it, the dots could have never connected, and I would have brushed all of this off as nonsense. I know enough to recognize what I’m up against, and that I cannot fail, because this is why I’m here.

    The physical pain I’ve been enduring is anguishing and of course my Dr. can’t find one thing wrong. When I connect myself to source I feel moments of relief, but then it comes back in full swing. Sometimes I think it’s so debilitating because of the darkness within my ancestory. I feel like I’m doing all that I can to release all the binding toxicity. I wonder if this will continue for years to come, taking its natural course, or if their is more I can do to accelerate this healing/purifaction. Any and all thoughts will be gladly welcomed.

    There is much I could say…

    So very much…

    • Angela,

      As I’ve said before, everyone, every human has had their physical bodies and DNA, Emotional bodies and Mental bodies severely and intentionally distorted (unplugged, disconnected etc) by these Dark Ones – the Reptilian beings and the Draconian beings primarily.

      Church and State: The Draconian beings have used religions as their primary tools to suppress, enslave, control, possess, attack, manipulate etc. humanity. The Reptilian beings have used State or governments and military primarily to suppress, control, enslave, possess, attack, manipulate humanity. But it’s easy to see how these two negative Alien groups have worked together to totally derail and then control and suppress humanity and Earth these many thousands of years. But…this is currently ending and fast.

      I feel the majority of physical pain you’ve been living with has been due to the Ascension Process, which has been literally overriding all the horrific things these Beings have done to humanity and their bodies and energy bodies and minds/consciousness. It hurts transmuting so much Dark crap back into the Light that Source intended it to be! But we’ve done it and still are doing it and will continue to do it until the Cosmic alignment on the winter Solstice (12-21-12) of 2012. But there’s plenty of Energy Stair Steps between today and then. 11-11-11 – Nov. 11, 2011 is one MAJOR activation point for humanity and Earth and MUCH will (some of are already feeling these improvements) be turned on or activated from On High then. This NEW incoming high energy is the NEW energy coming online so to speak through the Rewired bodies and brains of humanity, plus the NEW higher frequency Grid systems of the NEW ascended Earth.

      Hang in there as the worst of this business is over and just the TRANSITIONS into the NEW remain from today forward. 🙂


  6. Thanks Jay!


    I really appreciate the feedback. I am also comforted in knowing there are benevolent reptilians. However, I do know the darkest of them have infiltrated my religion. I also know my ancestors are somehow connected to this. I’m not sure if it was for divine purposes or demonic. As a child I had flashbacks of coffins, black cloaks, and ritual (other things I will not post here). I don’t know if they are memories of this life or a past life…or possibly something more inter-dimensional. Much of this started resurfacing when my ascension symptoms kicked into gear, and I believe became part of my dismantlement.

    I do not fear the memories nor do they consume me. But it’s like I can’t fully release myself from their hold. So many connections have already been made, pieces of the puzzle linked before my very eyes, but this is my dead end. Some days I feel so close, but there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on, and I don’t know what it is. I have so many theories that stem from my own impatience rather than divine counsel. I’m trying to just let the chips fall where they may, and TRUST the process.

    I think many of us have our own stories, and our own backgrounds that have led us to this point. I’ll never forget the night my mother saved me from the serpent. I heard her voice in my state of paralysis, and was immediately released into a blanket of light and love. I’ll never forget the night they came in droves. I didn’t see the Angelic Calvary that entered my room that night, but their thoughts became mine, and their flickers glowed in the dark. It was the night they starting telling me my story…it was the night I started remembering. It was Déjà vu on unprecedented levels!

    My mom was 28 when the serpent overcame her and she became diagnosed with schizophrenia; I was 3. It was a battle she fought to her death. She was amazing! The night she came I was 28, and my daughter was 3. Coincidence?

    Thanks again!

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