Multidimensional Crimes Against Humanity

Because some readers had Commented about the complex, confusing and sometimes downright difficult multidimensional subject matter in Lisa Renee’s May 2012 article “Pushing for Timelines”, I thought I’d try to explain some of it based on my personal experiences and some of the incredibly horrible things I’ve clairvoyantly seen in months and years past. This article will be another that seems to go in multiple strange directions yet these subjects are all intimately connected and multidimensional so please hang in as you read through these events that affect us all.

Old Message from a Positive 8D Orion

Back in the 1990’s I had a few telepathic messages from a much-loved old 8D Orion friend. Because there’s been so much negativity surrounding Orion, I’ve not said much about this positive eighth dimensional being because of this. He told me back in the mid-90’s that in the future I’d have to psychologically, emotionally and energetically deal with some very dark and difficult multidimensional history in relation to certain negative, Orion-based beings. He didn’t go into detail at that time, but was trying to prepare me for when I would have to know, see, remember, integrate and transmute some of it. That ‘future time’ he spoke of has grown for me since 2009. It seemed the closer we got to the 2012 Ascension Expiration date and shift timeline, the more this and plenty of other negative multidimensional Alien activities have needed to be consciously remembered, integrated and dealt with now like it or not, believe it or not, want to or not.

As our consciousness evolves and expands, we’re increasingly remembering more of our multidimensional memories from other timelines, events, actions and hijacked timelines crafted by negative Alien beings. Many of these negative Alien’s actions are nearly incomprehensible to us due to the extent of the evil they’ve done to humanity. I know how hard many of these negative Alien’s past and present actions and agendas are for many Starseeds/Forerunners/Energy Transmuters to even comprehend and cope with consciously, but, this is the phase and level we’re at now and many of us have to remember more and consciously admit to the scope of negativity that is “normal” to Team Dark members. I know how hard it is for most of us to even have this type of awareness in our minds and hearts because they simply do not fit due to their profound negativity and parasitic qualities. This is how “alien” negativity in general is to us, but we’ve been working very long and hard to energetically override, disintegrate and permanently remove them.

Positive Grey Aliens

I mentioned briefly in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution that I’ve had a few conscious telepathic inter-dimensional meetings with a couple of positive Grey ETs. Like the positive Orion’s, the positive Grey’s aren’t something I’ve talked much about publicly either because there’s been so much confusion and distortions with these particular ET groups (and no doubt some others as well). Throw in multiple timelines and any topic becomes vastly more confusing and difficult to discuss. Because Lisa Renee mentioned them again in her May 2012 article [ ], and because I know there’s plenty more information and awareness about our multidimensional Selves and other ET neighbors coming to the surface of increasing numbers of Starseeds and Indigo’s consciousness now and in the months ahead (and humanity as well), I figured I’d talk a bit more about some of my experiences and current perceptions about this. Remember however that I too am going through this further 2012 expansion of multidimensional consciousness, personal multidimensional and multiple timeline memories integration, and current Starseed Ascension work now also.

There were many times before the start of my physical Ascension Process in February 1999, that I felt some strange familiarity in my physical human Denise body with certain positive Grey ETs. This familiar body awareness has always felt to me just like what having a “past life memory” feels of being in an opposite sex human body to the one you have in this life, and/or with different human racial features, skin color, hair, eyes, musculature, bone structure etc. [The quote(s) below are all from Lisa Renee’s May 2012 article]

“There are many factions of Grey Aliens, so please know that most of the benevolent ones have been human in the past, or have chosen peaceful evolution.”

The couple of times in decades past when one of these positive Greys would etherically show up while I was awake, it felt like having an old best friend unexpectedly drop in for a visit. For those of you reading this and whose hearts are beating faster because of it and are second guessing whether Denise is one of the “good guys” or one of the “bad guys”, please realize that due to all I’ve been through in this life I can feel, sense, and knowthe energetic difference between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. I can tell from the energies they radiate or don’t radiate and/or try to cloak.

The Negatives or Team Dark as I call all of them, can cloak or try to hide their energies from Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos etc. but you can still sense and feel either the great negativity they radiate or the great lack of Light within them. I’ve learned that when a non-physical Being(s) shows up and I feel nothing emanating from it/them, it’s because they’re cloaked and/or hiding behind their created False Light. This False Light looks like bright white light from a physical fluorescent light bulb and has zero energy coming from it because it’s empty, fake.

Positive Beings emanate such delicious positive, abundant and expansive Light/Love/Life-force that it’s sometimes overwhelming or intoxicating to us in physicality and we’ll sometimes fall asleep (exit our physical bodies) in their etheric presence if the energy gap between us is too great to cope with. Not so with Team Dark! You sense you’re in deep shit when they show up and that you’re in for a real fight for your life and life-force with them. Huge difference between Team Light and Team Dark and it’s easy to feel the potent differences in both multidimensional Groups of Beings. And as long as it’s needed, get intimately familiar with how both Groups and energies feel so you’ll know in an instant whose really in your space.

April 2012 Multidimensional Inner Earth Changes

It was in early April that I noticed something had suddenly changed and was continuing to change every time I did Lisa Renee’s “12 D Shield” technique. The point in it where you visualize your platinum 6-pointed (mer ka ba) star going down into the center of the Earth to connect with it was where I saw things looked and felt very different. Compared to what I’d always seen before, now the inner Earth had changed colors, density and energy and was looking and feeling to me like all hell had broken loose down there! I didn’t know what exactly was happening down around the Earth’s core energetically in early April 2012, but I could tell by the sudden and drastic color and energy changes that something big and very positive was unfolding. [from Lisa Renee’s May 2012 article about this]

“Approximately Mid April, the main hub networks of the Mira Flores Grey Alien technology base was systematically annihilated to prevent the May 1st Beltaine Agenda.”

After a few days of clairvoyantly seeing and feeling that the old inner Earth colors I’d always seen when I envisioned my star going down into the Earth had changed, I began investigating in an attempt to better understand what was happening down there. For however long it’s been that I’ve been visualizing Lisa’s 12 D Shield technique, the other-dimensional inner Earth area has always looked to me like a dense, dirty, unpleasant and terribly congested dark brick-red color with matching dense frequency energies. After some thought about this in April, I realized how stereotypically “hell-like” it actually looked down there which, amazingly, I hadn’t even considered prior assuming it to be “normal”. But when I saw that dark brick-red color and dense low-frequency congestion down within the Earth being broken up in mid April, I knew one old non-physical location of earthly “hell” was in the process of being permanently removed by multidimensional Team Light members.

Physical location-wise where what I was seeing, feeling and even working on myself during April corresponded to within physical reality didn’t enter the picture for me. I knew I’d been working deep within the Earth in another dimension fixing rocks, (yep I said fixing rocks! It was so natural at the time but sounds weird when I say it like this!) connecting energy lines and mopping-up down there in other dimensional inner Earth areas. During April I saw the old dense brick-red colors replaced with bright and vibrant white, light yellow and light green swirling colors of Light and very positive higher frequency energies down there.A few weeks later when I read Lisa Renee’s May 2012 article I knew it was connected to what’s happened in and around the physical areas in Peru she talked about and the corresponding other-dimensional areas.

Vlad the Impaler & Multidimensional Negative Alien Actions & Parasitism

Some of you may remember a 2009 article I wrote about an abnormally disturbing and highly amplified reaction I had to only partially watching a TV docudrama about Vlad the Impaler.

[ ]

At the time I was surprised by how deeply I was emotionally affected by this TV program describing how people’s physical bodies were pushed onto wooden poles much like how we skewer pieces of beef onto metal skewers for kabobs. Sorry, I know how disturbing and difficult this topic is, believe me, but we’ve got to go there so some more of what’s happened and is currently happening, and some of what’s being dismantled now makes better sense to greater numbers of us on a conscious level.

Because of my extreme reaction to watching parts of this TV docudrama about Vlad the Impaler, I knew there was something else underneath that was the greater original source of my emotional pain and repulsion towards Vlad’s physical actions in the physical world. I knew I had to investigate this matter deeper to find out why this particular Vlad the Impaler topic affected me to the degree it did. The moment I consciously decided to find the deeper level source of this profound repulsion and terror, I found myself in the Astral plane (4D) viewing a vast area of blackness with something resembling a massive fish net cast across the empty space and pinned in place. To me this particular space and fish net was massive and could have covered hundreds of physical miles. How large it was in 4D I couldn’t tell you other than it was massive and stretched out far and wide.

Impaled upon and trapped within this massive Astral trap net were a few intact human bodies, far more human body parts, plus unrecognizable chunks of human flesh. I saw arms, hands, legs, feet, torsos, heads, and just sections of human flesh that were still producing energies even in this mutilated condition. Every piece was extremely valuable to Team Dark (the negative non-human, non-physical Aliens). Each one of these human body parts and pieces of human flesh impaled and trapped in this massive Astral net were producing energy which Team Dark has used/uses like batteries to fuel many of their dark distorted, self-serving trans-dimensional systems.

A few years ago when I clairvoyantly viewed this massive Astral net with human body parts impaled upon it (I’ve read Lisa Renee using the term “stapled”), I had another personal Matrix movie moment where Neo wakes up for the first time, looks out around him and sees the hundreds of thousands of other asleep humans (batteries) that the machine beings parasite off of to power their world and its systems. It was a horrific moment for me having to see the real life version of this consciously and acknowledge it as an actual multidimensional fact and reality. As I viewed these billions of human body parts and bits of human flesh impaled on this massive Astral net, I hated more than I ever have and simultaneously wanted to end this inter-dimensional, multiple body murder, mutilation and heinous thievery more than I wanted my next breath. Stair Steps within the Ascension Process, and, Stair Steps within our Starseed/Lightworker/Indigo conscious awareness and multiple timeline memories also.

Multidimensional Responsibilities

Every time we hear about human suicide bombers, car bombs, landmines, mine fields, grenade explosions, bomb explosions and any other patriarchal warring tools designed to kill, mutilate and blast to bits other living humans, know that those etheric human body parts and pieces of exploded flesh are energetically caught and utilized like this by non-physical Team Dark. Even if the human lost a limb(s) but survived physically, these etheric body parts are impaled and trapped in these other-dimensional Astral nets where they’re USED by negative, non-physical Aliens and other non-physical parasitic entities for the energy they naturally produce. Every inch of us in every dimension (physical, emotional, mental etc.) is holographic and contains all of Source, all of the All That Is in it. Every inch of us is profoundly multidimensionally potent and important and produces energy even when physically ripped from our bodies and exploded to bits.

Human psyches and souls can be blown to bits also just like physical bodies are in physical wars, accidents, explosions, murders, tortures etc. (9/11 was created to do this and create and fuel another of Team Dark’s offshoot timelines, plus all the other physical dimension things that came from it as well.) In these cases the souls are fragmented as if an etheric bomb tore them apart and they too are caught, impaled and used by Team Dark in other dimensions for the same reasons as etheric human body parts are; they produce energy which the negative Aliens and entities use as fuel and food. There’s physical trauma which rips apart physical human bodies, but because humanity is multidimensional, there’s also emotional, mental, psychological and etheric body and/or soul fragmentation and trauma that also happens. Team Dark has utilized humanities multidimensional bodies—not only their physical bodies or physical body parts.

The Truth—although oftentimes a real bitch—Will Set You Free

Remember Lisa Renee’s March 2012 article entitled “How Much Are You Willing To Know?” When I first saw that title I chuckled to myself because I knew it meant all of us were entering another phase of having to consciously know more. For me the first thing I needed to be more consciously aware of arrived through one of my readers sharing a link in a Comment for another reader. What I found interesting was how I instantly reacted emotionally to that link. I hadn’t even clicked on it but I instantly had one big emotional reaction to it while not even consciously knowing what it was about! Typically that’s a big clue that something important—and most likely unpleasant in some way—was right around the corner.

It took me about three days of squirming and complaining to myself before I finally clicked that link and went to consciously face whatever information was there that I needed to know now. What I found at that website was some information that fully explained an event that I experienced in 2004—a mere 48 hours after we moved out of our old house and into the one we’re still in today.

Those of you who’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission know the back-story. For those of you who haven’t read it, very briefly, I and my Mom lived under intense demonic attack from April 2000 to June 2004. These attacks were manifested on the physical plane via two male next-door neighbors, Portal People renters, who moved in April 2000. Only one year into my physical Ascension Process and these two human bozos are manipulated by Team Dark to move in next-door to us, and because they were already the property of a demonic entity, it turned its focus on me immediately and less intensely on my Mom. Problem was that I was so wrecked due to all the severe Ascension energies and symptoms that I didn’t perceive they were both controlled by a demon. Assholes totally, possessed no. That dangerous lack of awareness almost cost me my life. By 2004, my and my Mom’s Grid work in that physical location where our old house was located was completed, but I was hanging on by a thread due to the extreme Ascension Process I’d been going through from February 1999, coupled with constant etheric and physical demonic attacks on top of it all.

Quite simply, I got my ass handed to me repeatedly for those four years until I was able to regain enough mental focus to finally even think to do etheric level Energy Protection. Sad but true. You wanna know what the Negatives whisper in our etheric ears oftentimes? “This is normal, this is natural, don’t do anything, don’t move, don’t do anything, this is normal, this is natural…”.  Only hours after I first put up Astral etheric energy protections around our property, house, and myself, the demon clairvoyantly revealed itself to me after four years of hiding from me this way. Yes, I said hours. Once I clairvoyantly saw it I realized I was—and had been—in deep trouble and now that it had revealed itself to me the polarity WAR would unfold with a fervor it hadn’t earlier. That was when we decided to sell that house and move because I knew I wouldn’t survive if we didn’t. [For more info see A Lightworker’s Mission ]

Within 48 hours of moving into our new house in another city in 2004, I came under psychic attack again, but in a very different way.

There I am in 2004 our new house thoroughly cleaning it before we moved the furniture in. We needed a gas line installed for the clothes dryer so I asked my son if he knew of anyone who could do that job for us. He did and call his plumber friend to come over and give us an estimate for the work. Mind you, it’s only been 48 hours since Mom and I escaped our old house and four years of demonic attacks while struggling with the ongoing Ascension Process.

I hear a really loud car coming and my son says that’s his friend the plumber coming. I looked out the window and saw his car half a block away but couldn’t see him at all. In the next nanosecond I was totally and completely “in love” with this never before seen young man. I’ll never forget how conscious I was in that moment that, somehow, I was being manipulated to “fall in love” with this man I’d never seen before and did not know at all. I was furious and resisted as hard as I could yet couldn’t stop myself from feeling this way about the stranger driving towards my new house to install a gas line! I was that acutely aware that something abnormal was happening to me in those few seconds but I didn’t know what, who, or why it was happening. Long and embarrassing story short, I had a sudden and potent “crush” on this poor young male stranger despite how hard I tried not to. I know over the weeks he did other plumbing work for us that he felt me and the energies building between us and didn’t want any of it either. Thankfully near the end of the bathroom plumbing jobs he ran away which was a blessing actually because it ended this form of Team Dark attack upon me and misery for him. But I didn’t put the invisible negative manipulation pieces together back in 2004 to realize that manipulating humans emotionally in these sorts of romantic and/or sexual ways is profoundly easy for Team Dark.

The LINK & Needing To Know More

So I’m getting more and more angry at this link someone left in a Comment a few weeks ago and I’m well-aware that my irrational anger is a clue to something else underneath. Just like with that young plumber stranger, I was emotionally affected by this link before I even clicked on it! After a few days I finally did click on it and found myself at Eve reading a few of her articles about what she calls the “Alien Love Bite”. This of course was the information I needed at the end of April 2012 concerning my sudden strange June 2004 crush obsession with the young plumber. Gawd those unrelenting Team Dark bastards! How much are you willing to know anyway?   😉

While reading about these “Alien Love Bites” manipulations I was so angry that I’d been had yet againby Team Dark. After the initial anger I realized how foolish I’d been not realizing that if Team Dark can do what all they have to humanity, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos etc., then they can very easily manipulate and direct human romantic and sexual relationships! In my case with this young plumber in 2004, it was a derailment tactic intended to distract me as a Starseed working on the Ascension timeline. I was able to shake off the deliberately created “crush” on this guy but it still bothered me for a long time because I’d always known that none of it actually came from me. This emotional romantic manipulation done to me by Team Dark was—compared to the demonic entity trying to kill me or drive me mad—a small speed bump in the Ascension road. But, like so many of us, I needed to consciously know this particular information which fully explained my sudden, 48 hours after moving unwanted obsessive crush on that young man.

Moving Right Along

I started writing this article in early May but so much has happened throughout this month that it was repeatedly put on the back burner. As much as I don’t even want to talk about these types of negative things any more, I need to occasionally and many of you reading this need to hear about them for whatever your current personal reasons. So, there’s another chunk of the icky, negative trans-dimensional crap so let’s move on because the May 20, 2012 Eclipse and Alcyone alignment and planetary “reboot” is still working its transformational magic on us all.

I wanted to briefly add here that since the May 20th Eclipse alignments I’ve had some old Ascension symptoms flare back up again as I know many of you have too. I’ve had the head pains and pressures again, not as severe as years past but there nonetheless. I’ve also been having mild Hot Flashes again which, thankfully, had diminished greatly over the past three years but they’re back again. Also the head dizzies or that sense of falling or tipping over in slow motion. And the old Morning Sickness nausea business is back again, along with the pain in the spine and different joints. Let us not forget the seemingly unending exhaustion! Another old Ascension symptom I had for ten years has returned thanks to the Eclipse energies and it’s that feeling of going into a mild state of shock; cold, sweaty, clammy and slightly nauseous. And the food/eating/digesting business has reached a new level of misery too since the May 20th Eclipse which I know many of you are experiencing also.

Because we oftentimes forget that moving through these major transitions such as the May 20, 2012 Eclipse alignments, that they naturally activate major physical body changes in us all too. I wanted to mention that this is why many of us have had Ascension-related symptoms reappear recently and/or some new ones manifest too. Gads, and we’ve still got all the major June 2012 energy events to traverse! Hang in there my friends.


May 25, 2012

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105 thoughts on “Multidimensional Crimes Against Humanity

  1. Denise, I’m practically shaking, this is seriously huge, this is so unbelievably timely and affirming to me I cannot even begin to explain. You must just know how life-saving all your information in this article is, thanking you deeply for writing it all. I can barely string words together now, so I hope that the energy of my deepest gratitude floats through your way. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  2. I read ur new article n gone back to my past n don’t know my eyes cried..since from 8days m boozing regularly cos not getng what is happening…yesterday my cell phone time automatically gone back Jan 6 1980 when I got up n saw it was 5.42am in mobile than I turned t.v on their I saw it was 2.24am..than I changed my cell timing after an hour watchng serial of god Shiva…not getng what is going on very much confused….
    wana say thanks…

  3. Denise, thank you so much for this article. I did a rewind of my life from the early 90s (and goodness knows from what other timelines!) during the reading of this with flashes of insights and memories from reading your words. From strange romantic crushes which didn’t seem like they come from me, wavering fluorescent light which had me shaking in my boots and running a mile, a benevolent Orion who had to fight against dark Orions, the attacks in this life and other dimensions……the list goes on and on and on ;-). And a big YES to the exhaustion and ascension related symptoms cropping up once again. My current earth life is playing out like a massive cleansing of the past with old themes reoccurring which I can now fully heal and actually laugh about ;-). I laugh mainly about how duped I was. It’s empowering. Phew, almost at the finish line and what a race it has been. Do we all get medals lol? Thanks to the very brave soul you are to undertake this mammoth task on behalf of all of us who may or may not be as aware as you currently are. The Denise Appreciation Society is growing daily. Hugs, Karyn 😉

  4. Hi Denise. Thank you for sharing. If you will allow it, I wrote this once before and I want to write it again that for people like me who didn’t quite get what your life is about and a bigger pic of what team dark is about…. I have to recommend The Cassiopaean Experiment website. (They also advocate the Lovebite site too) Many of Laura’s books are free and on the site, I’ve had an eyeful and understand so much better now. I’ve read about 10 of her books… all free, and have learned about many other contributors/books. I’ve actually over done it mentally. I feel stronger because the more I know the better I can protect. They advocate learning and knowing so as to be aware and not be such an easy vic and maybe one day no longer be a victim. I even have a much greater insight about my concept of “God” now, too… I look at “creation” differently, and respect it more, pay attention to IT more in ALL its forms. I feel fuller and experience a deeper sense of wholeness because I am accepting and incorporating the entire cast of life here. And I warn you folks who really love the positive spin about LOVE and LIGHT because you will feel quite rudely annoyed and incredulous when you open your mind to entertain the possibility that so many of our beloved beliefs and what we think we know have been twisted, corrupted and used for manipulation! I had to hang on to my open mind a number of times….Oh! Say it aint SO!!!!! NO WAY!!!! And I came away with a far more useful concrete concept about what Love and light truly is, and this is only the beginning for me on this new level…… So if you go look at it be particularly aware if some wording or titles might make you think, “Oh Please! That’s such bullshit, who cares about ____!?! For me it was the subject about UFO’s… and don’t go assume what it was about, I did and I was so wrong! And the lessons and Light IS IN THERE TOO, and the love! It is a piece of the pie, an important piece as in you can’t have the yin without the yang! And thank you to the person that recommended these websites in the first place!

  5. I need to know more about your experiences with positive ets fron orion!
    I cant find anything about it but since I was a small child the center of the belt I would point to and that was home that was where I go when I die. I cant find anything on it when I am researching!
    I know I am not negative either. People should understand duality.
    I know the egyptians were familiar as thats where their ancestors came from and I have two past lives in the middle east. Ancient Byzantium and Ancient Egypt.

    Please help me understand if you know anything more about it!
    I don’t think your negative Denise dont be silly. I have been scared to talk about the orion thing too.
    Im so thankful you brought this up!

    • “I need to know more about your experiences with positive ets fron orion!”


      Have you gone into my TOPICS area and looked under Starseeds/Starbeings/ETs yet? There are articles in there and also under the TOPICS titled Reincarnation & Past Lives that talk about my memories with my 8D Orion friend and kinfolk and some others too. If you haven’t seen them yet, just go to the sidebar area and locate TOPICS, then find these two I’ve mentioned, click on one and read through all of the old articles.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

  6. I was wondering if aborted fetuses would be in the astral trap net? I know this is a very charged subject, so I understand if you don’t want to post this or answer that question.

    I was just telling my husband about a dream I had last night where our daughter who is five and has Down syndrome told us that, “Within two years, all my magic will be back.” It made me feel so good to hear that because just that sentence would be too much for her to say right now, so it was as if in the dream she was her whole self communicating with me. My husband and I mentioned to each other how horrible it would be for the people who had abortions because their baby had Down syndrome, only to find out they could have been cured. That made me think of this article which I had read a few hours earlier.

    If there are fetuses there, that really puts a different perspective on the pro-choice movement.

    p.s. I like the idea of the “Denise Appreciation Society”!

    • “I was wondering if aborted fetuses would be in the astral trap net? I know this is a very charged subject, so I understand if you don’t want to post this or answer that question.”


      Yes it is for many people so I’ll tread gently. 🙂

      No, aborted fetuses do NOT end up in these Astral nets and used by Team Dark. The reason is due to there–and here comes the touchy part for some people–not actually being a soul embodied in it at that point. Souls don’t crawl into a physical growing fetus and just hang out for nine months; they’ve got all sorts of important and necessary prep-work they all do prior to incarnating into a physical body in a physical world.

      When I was pregnant (1971-72) I was very aware of when my son’s soul (I psychically knew it was a boy) was nearby just making a connection with me and checking things out. He’d leave just as abruptly as he’d pop in like this etherically. He was never in my belly during the entire time I was pregnant, but he was occasionally around etherically as a way of preparing himself to enter this dimension and physicality etc. So, bases upon what I’ve seen and experienced myself with this, I know that a soul is not embodied within the physical fetus until physical birth where the point of entrance finally happens. But even then the soul pops in and out of its new physical body for the first seven years of life.

      Because there is no embodying with the fetus, it’s not charged with Source generated life-force vitality so it’s basically useless.

      I’ve always loved Down syndrome people as they’ve always seemed to me to be just buckets of Love. As humanity catches up vibrationally and consciously to these new higher frequencies on Earth now, we’ll all have much more Love within us in the ways that these Down syndrome people always have had. Humanity is in my opinion simple catching up with them. 😉 ♥


  7. Yes, Denise!

    That Alien Love Bite information was referred to me by Ana on your “Pains, Frustrations & Confusions of the Spiritual Ascension Work” post. I was so dumbfounded, hurt and confused at the time behind my experience with this, and since (a month later) I have had more revelations and I blogged about them… just in case anyone is interested.

    I was under the impression that what I was experiencing was a “Twin Soul’ connection but it was far from it. I dodged a huge bullet on that one. I’ve been waiting to hear your story and I know that feeling of attraction that you are talking about it actually feels like a spell and you are fully aware of the strangeness of it all even though you may not be able to shake it right away. It’s almost like you are being seduced into being seductive if that makes any sense.

    I am still having some trouble wrapping my brain around all of this talk about aliens so any further information about them would be greatly appreciated. I thought that the Greys were created by the Reptilians for the purpose of doing their dark dirty work so how could any of them be positive? I was once told that I was from Orion and once I looked it up for more information I was offended…lol. I thought that, that person must have thought that I was arrogant and bossy but she said that it was because I often referred to myself as Queen, mostly unknowingly and quite naturally. shrugs

    Anyway, I really hope that there is nothing more to know, in reference to Lisa Renee’s question “How much are you willing to know?” Seems to me, since that particular post, pandoras box flung wide open ready or not BLAM! Receiving all of this new information hasn’t been as devastating as I would have thought but overwhelming just the same and utterly disgusting. As much as I used to detest fluffy messages I sure wouldn’t mind one at the mo. Teeeell me something good (ya’ll know that song, sing a long)

    Well, actually that is why I reblogged your last article with the picture of the sun…good article but that pic. .. It would uplift and brighten any dark corner. And that is how everything had been feeling for me, just dark and heavy. I don’t even want to write again until I can write something pleasant but unfortunately this stuff is true and it’s better to know than not to. This is why ignorance is BLISS. Do you ever find yourselves envious of the ignorant ones?

    Thanks for all that you do Denise!

    Peace and Love,


    • “That Alien Love Bite information was referred to me by Ana on your “Pains, Frustrations & Confusions of the Spiritual Ascension Work” post…”


      Thanks for that reminder because I’d forgotten who said and shared the “Alien Love Bites” links to whom. Thanks to Ana and you both.

      I had one other “Alien Love Bite” con job perpetrated against me back in the 1980’s. That one was brutal and took me many years to get us both free of it. After reading some of the articles about this negative crap at Eve Lorgon’s website, it was obviously a typical case of this. That relationship was just so full of wounding each other and yet neither of us able to break free and escape it that I knew something else was behind it. At that time I thought it was “karmic”, past-life stuff with him. NOT! Just a romantic con job created by Team Dark to keep my preoccupied and trapped within and producing emotional pain etc. etc. I used to pray to not feel anything for that man so that we both could be free of the so-called relationship. I finally got there years later and we both exited the relationship with great joy and happiness. 😆

      “I thought that the Greys were created by the Reptilians for the purpose of doing their dark dirty work so how could any of them be positive?”

      Some of them were but there are other Greys that aren’t polarized to the Dark, to Service To Self. It’s kinda like thinking that a whole human race is negative–like the Irish or Chinese etc. Not true, assholes come in all colors and flavors! 😉 You get what I’m saying. Same is true of many of the Orions; some of them are profoundly negative and totally polarized to “Service To Self”, where other Orions are different races (they’re not Reptilian or Draconian etc.) but some look very human-like and others look like abstract paintings because they have no dense, stable body but they fluctuate and shape-shift constantly and are really beautiful. They are completely “Service To Others” or to the “Law Of One”. Obviously this is a very complex topic and more than can be covered in a Comment. Just know that not all beings from Orion are 8D Orion beings. Two totally different levels, dimensions, and Alien Beings.

      Also, Orion the stellar system is much like a well-known and well used interdimensional freeway offramp/onramp. 😉 It’s a portal into this physical 3D dimension from other higher dimensions and it’s used by both positive and negative Starbeings/ETs to enter into this physical system. There’s probably many more of these interdimensional portals or entrance/exit points into this neck of the cosmic woods, but I’m only consciously familiar with the Orion one.


  8. dear Denise thank you are helping my sanity. i’m fighting for my life since childhood. i’ve recently remembered the rapes all women of this earth get from them. instead of breaking me it gave me understand what is happening is liberating. but please help me on this one,i want to know about the astral etheric protection you mention.really im giving a hard battle here and i’m all alone…i mean physically. and what can one do to remove the implants. i can do it on others but why i cant remove them from myself?? thank you so much.

  9. Thanks, Denise, for sharing your experiences so honestly, which encourages us to share ours. As they say, knowledge is power and horrible as these insights are, I believe it’s important to face things squarely when we are ready. The damage done to humanity and to our consciousness at all levels by Team Dark is astounding; they are extremely clever as well as relentless in securing their energy source (us).

    It’s a good thing that your infatuation with that young man in 2004 did not result in more. Your story shows us how Team Dark can work, reaching us through someone else and messing with our emotions. I have been there, too. Last year I was approached by a professional con man on a dating site who proceeded to court me. I didn’t know then about “fake photos” and call forwarding numbers to disguise one’s true location. What threw me off was that I had a few dreams which showed me marrying this man when I had NO intention of marrying anyone… only NOW do I realize that Team Dark can also manipulate our dreams, once they have a “hook” into us. (This happened before I used the 12D shielding technique.)

    Also, as Lady commented, the “workings of team dark are specifically targeted towards the individuals weakness.” I know of people whose belief that “family love” comes first (putting their own priorities last) resulted in their being horribly manipulated by those close to them who constantly push “fear” buttons and drain their energies (one of the manipulators is a son, the other a mother) until they are a shell of their former selves. I have always pointed out that our first responsibility is to ourselves but my words fell on deaf ears. All I can do now is detach and trust that they will eventually find their way.

    If someone has addictions (alcohol, drugs, etc.), this is also a weakness that Team Dark can exploit. Low self-esteem and insecurity as well. In fact, any sustained frequencies and/or emotions of a lower vibration can put us at risk.

    It’s easy to feel repulsed and angry at all the horror and needless suffering this world has/is being put through. But anger only feeds these parasites, so I use my revulsion to detach from the illusion of 3D (saying to my self, I’ve had ENOUGH!). Then I call down as much Light as I can hold and spread it around, declaring “may all return to Light.”

    Blessings to all, Thelma

      • I had to “remember” that the other night while trying to sleep and found myself, WITH my husband- Whom I haven’t dreamed about in years… In a very DARK situation: I was in a club with “people” I knew sitting at a table- next frame I was at a window cutout getting drinks for the table. Next frame the guy behind the bar window served me, wanted a kiss and at the last minute I turned my head. He got my cheek, I was then wiping from my cheek, lip area a brown syrupy substance- turned to look at this bartender and saw Herpes Sores?? All over his bottom lips. Next scene just me and Bryan are siting outside on bleachers waiting for the music to start.. Next scene I am on the bleachers having a young college guy behind me ramming his fist up there. I enjoyed it but got caught when my husband looked at me>> Next scene I was looking at Bryan Apologizing ? ??? It got darker the High School band started filling the seats. Pushing us out.. Next scene: I am leaving trying to find my group and get stuck behind a chain link fence maze, see the end come back to witness Bryan- I called to him, he falls- I rush over.. Next scene He has fallen and stuck under a wooden deck. We wer e trying to get back I get to him to help get out , another presence was there- Next scene Bryan moves a block, puzzle piece- and instead of getting free the whole deck shifts and he stays on the deck. I thought in my mind he would be ?? I jolted out of my body when I saw he was killed… Literally got outside and had a cigarette::) Geez I guess the “monsters” I conquered long ago are back We are the Champions.. Songs and lyrics ❤

      • I’ve found Lisa Renee’s Guardians line very potent and effective — “I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE”.

        Me, too. 🙂

        Thank you so much for your courage and bravery in posting this particular piece. I give you 100% of my support for doing it even if it isn’t pretty.

        I know I am having some huge conflicts with others (one dear LW friend in particular) over the issues of just how dark things really are. Until I was fully ready to wake up to it this year (via this blog and that same Lisa Renee newsletter you mention from March 2012), I was not ready to face it, either.

        I was in my local park when I read this post. I had downloaded it to my Kindle as soon as I saw there was a new post, and I read it while I was observing the massive number of planes with chemtrails spreading their chemicals in a 360° periphery around my city this afternoon. I was told to go check it out and take some footage with my camera, so I did. Then I read your post.


        That was all a bit much! But I needed to see and know it all, firsthand, so that I can know what it is I am up against. Not easy stuff, but necessary to know; I really do feel this deeply and strongly to be absolutely true.

        BUT, I got a really cool image as I read your apologies for having to “go there” with all of us readers.

        It’s almost as if we are getting an advanced degree in Emergency Medicine for the front lines. It made me think a bit about the show M.A.S.H., for example.

        We all know that medical professionals see some pretty horrific things: mutilated bodies, damaged bodies, hurting bodies. But as medical professionals, they de-realize (in the psychological sense), they get to business, and they do the work of saving lives and helping people.

        Is this all any different? Should we be surprised at these 3/4D horrors in the etheric realms when there have been so many horrors in our physical dimension, too? I mean, there is a reason that soldiers and medical professionals are susceptible to PTSD. Bad shit happens. A lot.

        Okay, I *will* say it is hard to go from even believing in an alien agenda to reading stuff like this, and hearing the Lisa Renee posts, and then find out “They are doing WHAT?!?”

        But I am starting to look at myself as a professional light warrior, one who is not shocked nor surprised about any of this, but one who just gets to doing her work when she confronts this stuff. Am I pissed off? Sure. But staying there is not going to do me any good. Staying neutral to positive is going to be the medicine needed here.

        I feel like a really great nurse! I think we have all met the really great ones (as well as the not-so-great ones, but I’m focusing on those terrific, hard-working nurses who really do the nitty-gritty work and do it with a pragmatic joy). I want to be like that in this case. I’m not going to let the bastards get me down, even when they try and try, because I am God, I am Sovereign, and I am Free.

        Huge hugs, Denise, for having the balls to post this. Much love to you.

      • Hi there
        I haven’t posted for a while now, but wanted to comment on getting real about the horrors. Once you really get that the demons/dark forces can work through any human who isn’t sufficiently spiritually/emotionally/mentally/physically processed and maybe half the time through someone who is processed, you see this beautiful earth for what it has been . A Hell World that we are awakening from. We were never meant to be 3D, or for so long, it has been an unfair playing ground. We chose it/were conned into it, both. The 3d world is the 2nd highest level hell world with some existing in the 4th D as well until we graduate and walk out of here. We are coming to a consensus that this is not who we are anymore. If you can finally fully accept all the darkness, both the manipulated and “naturally” occurring due to unprocessed shadow self (lack of personal responsibility), and have compassion for humanity’s ignorance, you can breathe/send love to all while you maintain your balance in the eye of the storm. Easier said than done!!
        I have chosen to live in the downtown of a large city and have been attacked psychically many times by humans who are possessed and those who are regular people and are merely available and suddenly do something out of character. At times it has shocked me–the energy changes, the eye changes. Strangers suddenly taunting/speaking to me about things they couldn’t possibly know, that are my personal weak points. I totally agree that the “I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free”, realigns and strengthens so we can continue the embodying and clearing work that we are all doing.

      • Hi, Calliope the Muse,

        I feel like you do that I don’t get so surprised by this stuff any more and just do the work. I drove through a very evil town some time ago and was taken by surprise and creeped out on the way there, but then just transmuted like crazy on the way back. Team Dark got hold of the person I was traveling with, which was annoying, but gave me more time to do my work! So all was well. I do it when I see something horrible on TV too. Love the happy nurse image and Denise having balls (the integration of the male and female? lol)

        Big hugs,

  10. Denise & All,

    So if I’m understanding this right, the reason body parts can be harvested and used as batteries by Team Dark is because the soul needs to exit the body peacefully and completely at the time of death. If the death is sudden, violent and traumatic, as with dying in an explosion, the soul is not able to fully exit from the physical structure before it’s blown apart and thus becomes fragmented on the etheric planes where the body parts can then be collected and used.

    It’s sick, but also fascinating and something I didn’t really understand very well before. I think most human beings would like a peaceful death when the time comes, and this is one more reason to want it as far as I’m concerned.

    You mentioned you saw a few whole bodies also caught in these Astral nets, meaning the physical body was not blown apart at death – how can whole bodies become caught like this?

    All this also makes one wonder about the hundreds of millions who died in the atomic bomb blasts over Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. Sadly, that must have been a bonanza for Team Dark. And how about those terrorist suicide bombers who strap on explosives and walk into shopping malls in the Middle East and take out 20 or 30 people at a time. I guess we know who’s delighted when that happens.

    Much love,

    • Le Fay's Multidimensional Bodies


      Hopefully my image worked above. It took me long enough trying to get it into a Comment! 🙄 It shows how the human body has multiple, non-physical Bodies too, not just the physical body. So all of this makes sense you’ve got to think in multidimensional terms and not only 3D physical ones and physical body ones.

      The intact bodies I said I’ve seen in the Astral Plane were of different human’s ASTRAL body and not their physical body. The body parts I said I’ve seen in the Astral Plane were also ASTRAL body parts from different humans. This same situation is true at higher dimensional levels such as seeing soul fragments in the Mental Plane, Emotional Plane etc. We really are Multidimensional beings with multiple multidimensional bodies.

      “All this also makes one wonder about the hundreds of millions who died in the atomic bomb blasts over Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. Sadly, that must have been a bonanza for Team Dark. And how about those terrorist suicide bombers who strap on explosives and walk into shopping malls in the Middle East and take out 20 or 30 people at a time. I guess we know who’s delighted when that happens.”

      These physical events are directed by non-physical Team Dark Aliens from, usually the Astral Plane or 4D. They are the Unseens behind all of the negativity and insanity that plays itself out here in 3D physicality via physical humans. It’s profoundly easy for these negative, non-human, non-physical Aliens to manipulate humans mentally, emotionally, psychically, and physically through manipulating their different etheric, non-physical bodies and/or through the distortions and other negative implants and things they’ve put into our multiple (etheric) bodies which directly affects us here in 3D physicality.


  11. Dear Denise after reading this latest post of yours– I thought poor Denise being witness to such horrendous and horrible sights. When the word witness stayed with me I realised you are ‘our witness’. I have been attacked by the dark forces many times over the past years but I only sensed/felt their attack. Never actually saw what was attacking me. You on the other hand got the full impact.

    My younger sister has recently experienced an attack by the dark forces and it so shocked her that when I was able to speak about what I know I am sure it helped her and she is now aware of these forces and how they try to stop seekers on the path to awareness.

    Humanity’s immortal journey has been derailed by the dark forces for eons of times but now the forces of light are really putting up a fight and an almighty battle is on to restore our immortal light and full divine functioning. I just hope soon you will be able to write about the battle being won. Maureen

  12. In our world it looks like the bad ones (dark cabal) and the good ones (galactic federation of lies) are one entity obsessed with control humanity…

    • “In our world it looks like the bad ones (dark cabal) and the good ones (galactic federation of lies) are one entity obsessed with control humanity…”


      I’ve NEVER said that the “galactic federation of light” were the “good ones”. In fact, I’ve never talked about that group (that other people talk about I mean) because I’ve always felt that whoever is being channeled is not who they claim to be and/or the channeled material has plenty of distortions in it…intentionally or unintentionally.

      Point is that the “dark cabal” and so much of the channeled material has been/still is so profoundly distorted by Team Dark hiding behind their created False Light trying to trick as many humans as they can into believing that they are “the good ones”. The people that can’t discern this type of channeled material and/or the human who channeled it, buy the endless BS, lies and distortions of truths and of course that harms them, you, me, everyone which is exactly what Team Dark wants.

      What I’d like you to realize is that there’s always been people like me and many of my readers and other Starseeds, Lightworkers/Lightwarriors who’ve worked energetically behind the scenes doing what all we do because we are Team Light. So there’s the “dark cabal” and the BS pile of lies and distortions and half-truths coming from MANY channeled sources included many that claim to be the GFL but are Team Dark as I call them all. Then there’s us mostly invisible grunts 😉 who’ve always been here working, getting attacked by Team Dark because they sure as hell know what we are and what we’re doing and why! But people need to learn to discern what people like me say, write, to be able to learn to tell whose really carrying Light Energy within them and whose not. No drama, no ego, no BS, just is there real Light there or not?


  13. Denise,
    I have a question and you are one of the only resources that I consider to be credible. If you choose not to post this comment or answer this question on this forum I totally understand but speaking of crimes. What is this that I am hearing within the ascension community that Jesus Christ was NEVER crucified? Lisa Renee has said this and I just heard Toby Alexander (whoever he is) say the same thing in the same way. That this crucifixion story was some sort of martyr implant/program of manipulation??? I don’t think I can take anymore big reveals or whatever…my head is about to pop off okay people…POP clean off of my shoulders and then I guess it would land in the astral net. OMG!


    • “Denise,
      I have a question and you are one of the only resources that I consider to be credible. If you choose not to post this comment or answer this question on this forum I totally understand but speaking of crimes. What is this that I am hearing within the ascension community that Jesus Christ was NEVER crucified? Lisa Renee has said this and I just heard Toby Alexander (whoever he is) say the same thing in the same way. That this crucifixion story was some sort of martyr implant/program of manipulation??? I don’t think I can take anymore big reveals or whatever…my head is about to pop off okay people…POP clean off of my shoulders and then I guess it would land in the astral net. OMG!



      This is another of those complex and lengthy topics so I’ll keep it short n’ sweet…well maybe not so sweet to some people! Breath now and know it’s all okay really.

      Yeah, the story about “Jesus” is a story…with tons of intentional lies, distortions and BS in it. WHY is the important question and it’s all because Team Dark used/uses spiritual truths and they twist them, distort them, flip them around 180 degrees all to dis-empower humanity and keep them that way.

      I read Lisa Renee saying recently (probably the same thing you read) that Jesus wasn’t crucified, humanity was/is, and that is 100% truth. The Ascension Process happening now is all of us climbing off the crucification cross, picking up the broken pieces and retrieving the stolen pieces of ourselves and our multidimensional bodies and consciousness and in many cases our fragmented souls too, and like Humpty Dumpty we’re putting all those crucified pieces back together again to “ascend” or evolve to the next natural level despite the heinous actions and Crimes Against Humanity done by Team Dark.

      All of Humanity is whose been/is crucified in 3D matter–and other dimensions too as my article was trying to explain–and they’re in this horrific state due to the deliberate actions of Team Dark. It’s because Team Dark has so horrifically interfered with, distorted, stolen, twisted, used and derailed the natural evolutionary process of humanity on Earth (which of course spreads out to and affects other dimensions, timelines, and other beings etc.) that the call for “Volunteers” went out for souls to incarnate into this dark and totally controlled world and work to override all that Team Dark’s done to humanity–which is to crucify them multidimensionally so they cannot evolve. THIS is the deeper level reason why I now shared my years old experience of actually clairvoyantly seeing human bodies and body parts crucified on Astral nets for eons. We, humanity, need to know this, deal with it and keep moving because the window for this massive transition is this year. We’re going to make it fine but it’s going to be a hard ride to the finish line for all of us I suspect.

      I know how shocking and painful it is to suddenly have to know more about something really difficult like this topic but this is the stage we’re in now. Cry, get angry, mourn, and move through all of the emotions that come up from this heavy-duty knowledge but know that we’re ALL in this together now and the waking up to more knowledge–which is Light–is what’s going to continue for everyone at this point. Lies can’t exist in the Light remember? 😉

      High Heart Hugs ♥,

      • Thanks Denise,

        I AM angry and I AM crying but I am not as devastated as I probably would have been if I learned this a couple of years ago. As a matter of fact I am not even crying for ME but humanity. There are so many people who are guilt manipulated by this story and feel obligated to worship and serve Jesus because he died for them.

        This truth was actually brought to my attention on Easter of this year via a Lisa Renee you tube video but I wasn’t yet ready to receive it. Timing. And then it came up again last week by an ex Christian Bible Scholar who found discrepancies in the story re: Jesus and has since turned agnostic. (THAT prepped my for the next mention to come.)

        And then again last night just out of the blue this other guy says it in the same way that I heard it the first time by Lisa and similar to the way you explained it here but you went more in depth.

        The guy on the video last night sort of mentioned it and then blew by it and I was like,”THAT is NOT just something you can blow by! What do you mean Mr.?!” Of course he couldn’t hear me.

        But seriously… I just HAD to look into this. I was going to ask what does Team Dark get out of spinning such a story??? you answered and I see that this all boils down to dis-empowerment Divide and conquer. We were dis-membered and we are here to re-member. I get it.

        The way I understood it previously is that Jesus WAS crucified and that his crucifixion was symbolic for the crucifixion that has happened to the Christ part of humanity therefore it was metaphysical. This same symbolism of the crucifixion of the Christ part of humanity is found in astrology and correlates with the crucifixion story of Jesus.

        THAT made sense to me, that Jesus was the front runner and the first to resurrect his Christ and left the blueprint showing THE WAY for us to resurrect our Christ Selves by following his example. But then I kept hearing inside and from outside sources to release this MARTYR mentality, which was so confusing because I thought that, that it how we lightworkers or even Christians were supposed to be and I KNOW… now that I am depleted that, that was a lie form the pit of hell (if there even IS a pit of hell)

        But then again, OH! This just hit me. There are those who believe that Jesus did it all FOR them so there is nothing that they need to do to retrieve their Selves. So again they are giving their power away and being complacent… and that would be what Team Dark wants. Just as long as they never discover their own power.

        So then how did Jesus die? Did he die? or did he just ascend in body? What’s the REAL story? I think that I saw some website that claims to channel him but I’m usually leery of channeling s.

        Sorry for rambling and babbling on. >sigh< Oh Man, I need to let this sink in.

        Thanks again Denise.

      • I am not going to keep harping on this subject BUT… I just happened upon this article that correlates with what I was trying to say in my last comment in reference to the metaphysical purpose of Jesus and the events of his life including his crucifixion. Here’s an excerpt:

        “Jesus’ ministry was that of a Wayshower for humanity. He incarnated to show us the Way to Ascension at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The five major events in his life: birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion, and ascension were physical demonstrations of our own individual pathway to ascension. 2012 marks the year in which Earth and her inhabitants are to ascend to higher planes of consciousness.”

        I re-blogged this full article on my site and I will make any other comments, concerns and discoveries there but I felt like this part was worth sharing here.

        For whatever reason it is just not completely resonating with me that the crucifixion just didn’t happen. As a matter of fact wouldn’t the dark benefit more by saying that the resurrection never happened, and that Jesus WAS successfully killed on the cross and therefore there is no hope for humanity to evolve/resurrect and ascend?


      • “For whatever reason it is just not completely resonating with me that the crucifixion just didn’t happen. As a matter of fact wouldn’t the dark benefit more by saying that the resurrection never happened, and that Jesus WAS successfully killed on the cross and therefore there is no hope for humanity to evolve/resurrect and ascend?”

        GiGi & All,

        I completely understand how difficult and even traumatic these types of MAJOR core beliefs about “reality” are when they’re shattered or threatened in any way. I really do understand and this is why I have NOT talked about certain major religious belief systems publicly so far. I knew it would be very hard for many and the last thing I want is to cause more pain, fear, negativity, fights, ego battles over religious beliefs etc.! However… 🙄 yeah here it comes…we ALL are currently having to face certain larger truths due to our ongoing Ascension Process and the expanding of our consciousness etc. etc. because it’s time for this and much more.

        I’ve read and totally agree with it that the negative Reptilian beings have primarily used and are the global patriarchal war machine and warring mentality that’s dominated life on Earth for the past five thousand-plus years. And, that the negative Draconian beings have primarily used, created, distorted the two primary world religions–Christianity and Islam. Church and State. It’s much easier for awakening humanity to see and deal with the fact that the patriarchal Powers That Were have sucked the life out of everyone and everything and that they don’t care at all about humanity in general. It’s more difficult for awakening humanity to see and deal with the facts that the same things have been done to their beloved and trusted religions. The one thing fires up the other thing and they both feed each other so perfectly…for Team Dark.

        I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. I’m here doing what I’ve always done which is share what I’ve learned, what I know today, what I’ve personally experienced and seen etc., and to let my readers discern my words for themselves. I want equal partners, not blind, unthinking followers.

        In March 2011 Chiron entered Pisces. On February 2012 Neptune entered Pisces. Pisces is the astrological Age that we’ve been exiting out of for all of our lives as we sit on the Cusp of the Age of Pisces/Aquarius. That alone would, is causing humanity to make huge shifts out of all the past Ages religious belief systems and everything else as well. When Chiron and Neptune–which is the natural ruler of Pisces–both entered Pisces, it meant that these past religious belief systems (“Church and State”) would be coming up in humanities consciousness finally and having to be corrected and better understood and literally healed. Certain people are having a much more difficult time with the Church issues and beliefs than the State issues and beliefs. For other people it’s just the other way around because their god has been (and for many still is) governments, wars, military, politics and politicians, rules, laws, law enforcement, patriotism etc. etc.

        On June 23, 2012 the first of seven Squares between Uranus and Pluto begin which is all about dismantling everything and everyone that needs to be undone and removed from power around the planet. This VERY powerful Square transit between Uranus/Pluto will obviously affect the old profoundly negative patriarchal Reptilian and Draconian “Church and State” physical systems and belief systems worldwide. This won’t be an easy time for many but it’s what’s been building for years now and next month in June it will be activated within the physical dimension in a way it never has before.

        Over the decades my Mom and I have had many private conversations about how we immediately felt about Christianity as very young children. Neither of us came from religious backgrounds, but because we’re both Starseeds who Volunteered to incarnate on Earth now to help embody the Ascension Process for all of humanity and numerous other beings elsewhere, we could feel the profound negative control and lies, distortions etc. woven into the religion and it’s stories. Most Starseeds have this innate knowing and feeling about Team Dark’s different tools on Earth so this inner knowing about global “Church and State” systems and people has been with both of us our entire lives. What’s happening now and what all will be happening once the Uranus/Pluto square actives, is to us the lies finally being revealed in the amplifying Light and growing human consciousness.

        I hope I haven’t offended or insulted anyone with this information. It’s simply time for more Light which is knowledge to come in and reveal the negativity, distortions and lies done by all Team Dark members.


      • Denise,

        Let me first say that I LOVE your gentle spirit and your no nonsense approach. I, myself am ok. I think that right now I am feeling for my family and a lot of the Christian Community who I know are so sincere in their beliefs.

        I guess that I am foreseeing just how lost, stunned and disillusioned that they are going to be which in contrast really means that my role is to be that stable, firm Zen one, which makes all of this training that I/we are in make so much more sense, especially with your description of the June planetary line ups and their effects on humanity.

        I had no idea. I am not proficient in astrology BUT I kept having this feeling and I said to a friend that EVERY year on June 21 (summer solstice) something major happens, a revelation, or something and it’s not bad (that’s a matter of perspective) but it is always MAJOR and profound…life altering.

        And it has felt like the past summer solstices were rehearsals for this one coming and if I thought those were something…honey, just wait. So it is like I am being forced to face these things… as I presume we all are… and mighty quickly. So, it is what it is.

        See, I’m over my shock already. 🙂

        Respectfully yours,


      • “I had no idea.”


        Oh my heart…I’m so glad I didn’t offend you or make you feel uncomfortable here…thank you. ♥

        Yes, the part in this for you now may be just as you’re realizing; to assist other people who’ve only had their religious beliefs as their ways and means to “God” or Source etc.

        That’s what Chiron and Neptune in Pisces now is doing for all of humanity; help them INDIVIDUALLY re-connect with the Divine, the Spiritual, the Celestial, the “Godhead” etc. ON THEIR OWN, with no one telling them that they can’t get there without someone like a priest, guru, teacher, master, father, pastor etc. defining reality and spoon feeding distortions and lies to them piece by piece! The next step is for individuals to begin directly experiencing their living connection with “God”/Source/the All That Is in their bodies and beings in the NOW. This is why resolving, integrating polarities is so important–because doing so lifts one up out of that lower frequency and consciousness to where they can begin BEING that living aspect of “God”/Source etc. and that it the ascended new “normal”. So yeah…people are going to be needing a lot of help with releasing the Church and State lies and distortions so that they can embody directly what they’ve hoped for all along.

        Gratitude Hugs and very, very well done you! ♥

      • Hey Denise and all,

        I am thrilled this is being talked about. It has definitely been taboo but just the fact that it is on the table here, is paving the way for what is coming in June. As a young child, my parents took me to church every Sunday. Honestly, they didn’t go as children – that’s another story – but I think they felt it was the right thing to do back in the day (I was born in 56). I, however, got very sick to my stomach every time I got near a church. I felt the hypocrisy run through my entire body but I didn’t have the words to explain it. Even if I did, no one would have listened. But I can still remember the sounds of high heels walking on the cement and that was enough to make me sick. (I still don’t do high heels and still get an unpleasant feeling around them…) As soon as we’d get home, I was fine. My mother took me to the pediatrician and he suggested I needed therapy – now that was a HUGE confront to my mother – I was already speaking (out loud) in an unknown language while dreaming (I’m pretty sure I was connecting with my Pleiadian family). So, they tried forcing me – taking bags to vomit in into the church. Ha, they were so embarrassed. Then, oh, yes, I was in the choir – I threw up all over the front of the church after singing in the choir one day – and they were recording this for an album 😉 Anyway, I’ve had a strong sense about the evils of man-made religion my entire life. I just couldn’t express it as a child. As an adult, few want to listen.

        Many thanks, Morgean

      • Morgean,

        Thanks for sharing your innate inner childhood knowing that religion/Church was and is what it is. Like I said elsewhere, many Starseeds come into this life with conscious awareness and/or this innate inner knowing and recognition of people, systems, tools, locations etc. that are profoundly negative and created by Team Dark. We simply feel it and are deeply affected by it no matter what form it’s in.

        I did enjoy the thought of some ultra-sensitive Starseed barfing in a bag in their church however. 😀 😉


      • Hey Denise – reading my comment – from outside looking in – I had to laugh too!! I let them know how I really felt even if I couldn’t/they wouldn’t let me express it vocally 😉 I know my mother was horrified, and I forgot to mention – after the choir incident in front of the entire congregation – they never took me to church again. I had trouble into my 20’s and 30’s going to a church for a wedding/funeral. I’m ok now, but it is rare that I step foot inside a church.

        I also want to second everyone else’s thoughts about this being such a great, safe place. It is true, people here are honest and real and very non-judgmental. There is little ego found on these pages and that in itself is such a beautiful thing to experience. And when others share their stories, I learn a lot which helps me prepare for future events that may occur and if I were going through this alone I’d surely be questioning my sanity. It really is unheard of on the net and aside from a few good friends, not really in my life either. I think it is a huge gift from you Denise for all of us b/c many have stated they don’t have family/friends they can talk to. Morgean

    • Hello GiGi,

      In my opinion, it is best to view crucifixion as a general human condition. I came to accept this view before my ascension process began by reading Alice Miller, Wilhelm Reich, and Krishnamurti (This was a kind of prep work for me for further awakenings.) Team Dark had inserted a very pernicious program on child-rearing (an integral part of all patriarchal systems) into the human psyche. As a result, the “civilized” human family has been murdering the Christ in children for thousands of years. The murder of Christ (as discussed at length by Wilhelm Reich) also occurs at many other levels. This is a pet subject of mine, and I can go into a lengthy rant, but I shall briefly summarize it here as this: Every “civilized” human custom, rule, protocol, and morality concerning human relationship is (or can be used as) a tool of the murder of Christ. It is important to realize that every human has bought into this program to a greater or lesser extent. Every human has now to discard it. For all of us, this is a very difficult process. A great many will not be able to.

      Christianity, and also Confucianism, was probably the most brilliant and successful Psy-Ops operation of Team Dark ever perpetrated on any race in the universe. It will be painful to witness the pain and bewilderment of so many good-hearted but ignorant people trying to come to terms with the truth of Christianity. We must remind ourselves to beware of idiot compassion but still remain compassionate witnesses.

      As far as I understand, Jesus/Yeshua took his family (btw, Mary Magdalene was not a harlot, and she was a co-teacher with Yeshua) to France after the “crucifixion.” Later he went to India/Nepal alone and ascended. The crucifixion was an actual event in the lower 3D realm in which a hologram was inserted as a stand in for Yeshua (who was lifted up to his spaceship for the duration of the event), and in which some of the disciples participated, not by betrayal but by design. (I recommend you search Amazon dot com for “Realities of the Crucifixion” by Chako Priest.)

      So in a sense, the crucifixion did happen, but it also didn’t happen because Yeshua was not in lower 3D at that time. In a larger, and true but not literal sense, humanity as a whole has been and are being crucified.

      Much Love to All,


      • Hi Akhilleus,

        “So in a sense, the crucifixion did happen, but it also didn’t happen because Yeshua was not in lower 3D at that time.

        “Now, THAT totally resonates. I get that. As a matter of fact what you have written here brought back a personal memory of when I was in the thick of a very dark part of my journey and being energetically (not physically) assaulted, before I knew how to fight or defend myself in the least. Something brutal happened to me that was so painful that I disconnected with my body and I didn’t even feel it, but I witnessed what happened to me. That has happened a couple of other times when something was just too intense for me to handle, I’d leave temporarily. And at the time I perceived it as God doing this for me and I remember saying to myself that if God did that to spare me THAT pain, which is NOTHING compared to a crucifixion. I know good and damn well Jesus also escaped and was taken away momentarily. I didn’t know that he went to a spaceship.

        On another occasion prior to my real awakening as I watched “Passion of the Christ” I said, as I shook my head, “He (Jesus) wasn’t even in there, or he was either disconnected and in an higher state of awareness.” I just knew it inside. So yeah, I get it. Thanks! This feels like a reminder instead of brand new information. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why hearing that the crucifixion didn’t happen at all just would not register but I didn’t really dwell on it. However, upon reading your comment I let out this huge sigh of relief and felt very happy. Whew! I’ll still check out your suggested reading material.

        Thanks again!


  14. lady, you will enjoy this one
    in my dream time early this am, short version, i am in conflict with a male seemly at my work place, end of dream, he is on the floor and I have his balls in my hand with a knife ready to cut them off……..don’t know if I did or not. They were really long balls lol

  15. Denise,
    You said,

    I’ve always loved Down syndrome people as they’ve always seemed to me to be just buckets of Love. As humanity catches up vibrationally and consciously to these new higher frequencies on Earth now, we’ll all have much more Love within us in the ways that these Down syndrome people always have had. Humanity is in my opinion simple catching up with them. 😉 ♥

    You are so right! I love the description, “Buckets of Love.” My daughter just knows who needs a hug, and gives them to those people freely, even if she doesn’t know them. They always smile and say that she made their day. What a special gift that I hope we all do catch up to quickly!

    • Hi, Mary,

      One of my nephews has Down’s Syndrome and he has been a joy since Day 1. He has such a good spirit and he and I have always had a good connection because I can really see him. He’s really smart, too. Unfortunately, his parents are Neanderthals who consider him a failure of their perfect life and have resorted to treating him like a “R”– a word they’ve actually used as well. I can’t go to that low-density house any more but I can communicate with him from afar and so that’s what I do. I have another sister and niece who can see him as well and he behaves so differently around us than around his parents. He’s also 5 years old.
      Man, I’m just reflecting on how far I’ve come. A few years ago, I would be upset for two weeks when talking about how his parents treat him (it was criminal, really), but now I’m just focusing on his joy. Now there’s a reminder of what’s happening in us! 🙂 Yay!

      Love and hugs,

  16. I am so grateful for finding you all because last summer I did a 180 and really changed my focus on finding information on what is really going on and getting away from the foo-foo sprituality stuff that is out there. I really attempted to be superficial and in LaLa Land but it won’t work for me. I know and have seen too much. And I want to learn more because work needs to be done in the trenches. I have been corded in the past, drained dry, used, abused, drugged. I eventually fought back and woke up and saw and got that there are dark ones. I have seen a reptilian ( A lawyer for Bank of America ) and I saw what my ex really was. What an eye opener. And I have taken them on and won. I was willing to die for the cause. But it took a toll on me and for the last 2 years I have been almost a recluse. So to find you and other believers like you makes me so happy. I have been almost obsessed lately with getting information and the feed back on this site is wonderful. What I have been picking up on and experiencing is becoming very aware that the dark ones or there helpers are just about everywhere. And they don’t like me. For a awhile I played the “they are mirroring me” game and that is not what is happening. I am even noticing when peoples eyes become slit like and of course the vibes they send out sure are hateful. I have just gone back “out there” in the world and this information equals power and I want to take care of myself around these wanna be humans. Much love, Jennifer

    • “So to find you and other believers like you makes me so happy. I have been almost obsessed lately with getting information and the feed back on this site is wonderful. “

      I know, right? I would not have been willing to look at any of the truths of the way things are if it weren’t for this blog. At least a year ago, maybe 18+ mos ago, my best friend’s mom linked us into the Ascension Symptoms post here. Something about the site really grabbed me, especially as I had been following Karen Bishop’s stuff since about 2007 and she was slowing way down at that time –only the very occasional newsletter from her. I would check in here every so often since then. But I *really* got to reading last autumn, and then things really went off-the-charts with joining in here, and I am so grateful.

      The reason I wanted to comment is this — your comment made me think about it. Just today, I was walking in the park. I’ve been going there on “instructions” to check out the skies and see what is going on in my city with planes and chemtrails and other stuff. Just observing. I was trying to practice reading people as I was walking. I saw a teen girl, sitting on a bench. She was smoking (nothing too horrible about that part; I only mention it as she seemed underage to be doing it, and as a matter of fact, I was smoking, too — trying to let go/eradicate the programming with that, but I have some other wonders/theories about why I have to have only one or two per day right now. But I digress…). She seemed mostly like a sullen, angry teen for the most part, until I noticed her eyes. The seemed almost completely black and dark. Then, just as I walked past her, she spit on the ground. Not directly at me, but to her side and yet not far from me. It was just as I was passing. I knew my light presence had disturbed the things in control of her. I know I have seen members of Team Dark before or experienced their presence/M.O., but not as consciously aware as I was today. My eyes were willingly wide open today and I saw some interesting stuff.

      I’m seeing they are everywhere, too — and just typing that makes me feel a little like a paranoid so-and-so, hahahaha! But really, I have been pretty pragmatic about it. It’s not all that different than before, I realize. I have known they are there all along in many ways, I just was behind the veil of believing “That’s normal” or “That meant nothing” or “Nothing to see here!” Now I see it is everywhere and I see it for what it is.

      So yeah, to come here and realize we are all really just quite ordinary people in so many ways — we’re not a mass gathering of paranoid schizophrenics! — makes me feel very blessed as well.

      Times are a changin’ and those of us on board the magic bus are getting QUITE a ride. 🙂

      Stay strong everyone.

    • “I am even noticing when peoples eyes become slit like and of course the vibes they send out sure are hateful.”

      OMG! I was just mentioning this…to myself… and I call that “dim eyes”. I have this guy friend and we were talking and he looked normal until I mentioned something about sexual perversion and I read an affirmation that I had written rebuking the demonic/dark ones etc and his eyes went dim (like slits) and he sat back in his chair and he started rubbing his chin like he was contemplating a plot against me or thinking something negative towards me…THAT was crazy and I’ve seen the same thing in a family member on several occasions who I KNOW is possessed or Indigo 3 actually (bi-polar) but my guy friend doing this surprised me. That was a couple of years ago, now I pretty much suspect EVERYBODY.



      • The “slit eyes” anomaly where the human’s round pupils suddenly turn into vertical slits is a Reptilian thing; an overshadowing to manipulate the human (like a puppet) and/or a more complete possession. I’ve seen it many, many times too over the years in physical life and also on TV. It’s more common than people would care to know but this too is just another of many old things that are coming into the Light of greater awareness in growing numbers of humans now.

        “…now I pretty much suspect EVERYBODY.”

        That’s the best way to be, especially now with the Ascension Process unfolding in all dimensions. Discern, discern, discern everyone and everything to be safe everyone.


      • Oh! I couldn’t tell whether or not the pupils went slit like because the top lid went limp and heavy or “dim” is they only way I could think to describe it. They weren’t squinting or squeezing their eyes. Whatever…it’s freaky. I wish that I could illustrate it or demonstrate it.


  17. Hi Denise and fellow posters…Whew! What an awesome, revealing article this is! Many thanks to you Denise for sharing your insights. And much kudos to the people who comment here also. Things are ramping up a notch 🙂 The more information that is shared, I feel, the better I am able to deal and understand what is happening at the moment. I am an avid reader of your site Denise, but have only commented the once, and this latest article has made me want to say thanks again. I learn so much through your site and from everyone here. Yay!!

    I recently read (where I can’t remember), that the more we lie to ourselves, the harder it is to discern truth. This really resonated with me. Most people are unable to discern truth because they don’t KNOW themselves. And to me, the safest back-up, is to know who you are, warts ‘n’ all :)…to know thyself. If ‘stuff’ is thrown at you, (on a physical level or even from the multidimensional) then if you know who you are, you are able to discern whether or not it resonates with your own truth or knowingness 🙂 This has kept me somewhat safe from entities that would try to do otherwise. It has been a hard road to examine and analyse myself…kinda like the ‘good, bad and the ugly’. I have and continue to do this.

    In saying this, I do understand that team dark, plays from all fields and protection is the name of the game. I like to know that however many ‘hits’ I am subjected to…I am still in the know, of who I am and what I believe in and where I come from and where I’m heading to…:)

    Thanks Denise and all of you that are here sharing the light 🙂

  18. Denise and everyone,
    This is a particularly “juicy” article with many layers of meaning. Even before the Ascension process started to change my life, I have always wanted to know “why”. I drove my mother crazy asking why. Superficial answers were never satisfying. Years ago, I too received the knowledge that Jesus was not crucified. And this comment from Gigi is the rationale:

    “There are those who believe that Jesus did it all FOR them so there is nothing that they need to do to retrieve their Selves. So again they are giving their power away and being complacent… and that would be what Team Dark wants. Just as long as they never discover their own power.”

    The degree and scope of manipulations is becoming more and more transparent. All of the socio-political discussion about control of female reproduction is now cracking apart. The silence and secrecy surrounding the Vatican is crumbling. Our financial system that exploits the 99% while the 1% profits is falling apart. I observe with detachment all of these transitions, and a line from “I, Claudius” comes to mind; just before Emperor Claudius eats the food his wife has poisoned, he says “let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

    A metaphysical teacher/healer once told me some of my etheric body parts were missing, (in this case, uterus and ovaries–physically they had been surgically removed) and guided me as I retrieved them from some dark ones. At that time, I did not really understand about metaphysics or the Ascension. She guided me to destroy contracts and remove cords. I mention this because of the extremely high rate of hysterectomies these days… I wonder…are those parts somehow being used to perpetrate the dark ones’ gender agenda?

  19. Dear Denise,

    Thank you for telling us about your experiences with Team Dark and for bringing to light the horrendous manipulation and destruction those entities have, and do, wreak upon humanity and especially now as we head ever closer to ascension. It seems that the awareness of just how terrible it has been, and is, is what we need to completely awaken, no matter how hard it is to admit that this type of interference happens. I believe Barbara Hand Clow mentioned words to the effect that these past years have been the “decades of flying body parts” and now I understand more the why of it as a result of your posting and the comments here.

    I’m writing because I am concerned that there may be some of us, and I am one, who believes that I am protected from the Dark, and have always been protected, because otherwise my job here would not make much sense, and so other than breathing in light and breathing out love on a daily basis, I have never felt the urge to do any special ritual or activity with specific reference to keeping Team Dark away from me and those I love, especially my pets.

    My life prior to awakening was full of pain, especially physical, and I always handled it without becoming a victim or blaming any other for the condition in which I found myself. Emotionally, I have been dragged through the mud a few times, but again I learned the lessons and was able to extricate myself when I needed to. I’m not saying I was anything special in my younger years, that’s for sure, but somehow I knew that I created my reality and if I succumbed to pressures outside of myself, I would pay a very big price indeed.

    Can you tell me, please, and I know you will tell me honestly, am I fooling myself? I ask because you refer to this very idea when you say:

    “You wanna know what the Negatives whisper in our etheric ears oftentimes? “This is normal, this is natural, don’t do anything, don’t move, don’t do anything, this is normal, this is natural…”.”

    I am comfortable with my awareness and since my awakening, I have had no experiences with Team Dark, and as I read about those who have, I wonder if my turn is yet to come. I don’t sense that, but it would help me tremendously, and hopefully others, who wonder if we’re being naïve. I do not want to infer that protection isn’t necessary, but is it possible that there are some of us who incarnated into this nano-second protected?

    Thank you. Love to All Here.

    • “I am comfortable with my awareness and since my awakening, I have had no experiences with Team Dark, and as I read about those who have, I wonder if my turn is yet to come. I don’t sense that, but it would help me tremendously, and hopefully others, who wonder if we’re being naïve. I do not want to infer that protection isn’t necessary, but is it possible that there are some of us who incarnated into this nano-second protected?”


      Thanks for your excellent question. It is so important in fact, that I think I’ll write a short article about just this topic.

      I know many people have wondered over the years why they don’t or haven’t had have these types of severe psychic attacks from Team Dark. As is often the case, I get so involved with what I’m going through and/or dealing with Ascension symptoms and physical pain, taking care of the house and everything that goes with it, and with writing about what I do, that I often don’t even think about these types of things and how some people would benefit from an article and further Comments about it. So, thanks for bring this to my attention as it is another important topic. I’ve got a quiet next few days so I’ll try to write it quickly.

      Gratitude Hugs,

      • Barbara’s question could be mine too! I am so glad that you are going to deal with it, Denise ❤

        Although I mainly feel pretty much at ease, I sometimes notice self doubt which is really not relevant at all in the situation. Sometimes I also have kind of love bites – so that I get exited about things that afterwords appear to be really insignificant – and obviously their purpose is just to distract.

        I guess they work on me very subtle ways. The 12D shield and the connection to what I call "the 12D me" seems to be the best protection. By using the 12D shield frequently I have developed a sense of myself which I think is the cleanest possible frequency of my energy that I can imagine and I feel an urge to connect that level a couple of times a day these times. That keeps me balanced and high enough 😉

        Thank you so much for this article and the discussion!

        – Aya

    • Of all the extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional races you know of, can you describe how the Elohim fit into the picture?

      • “Of all the extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional races you know of, can you describe how the Elohim fit into the picture?”

        Angelo Napolitano,

        This is one huge topic in itself, plus I’m no expert concerning the many higher dimensional races of beings.

        There are different very old, very evolved races of non-physical beings that have created another or other races of beings and on and on. It’s terribly complex and like I said, I’m certainly no expert about these and other beings like the Elohim, Nephlem, Annunaki etc. etc. What I do know is that ALL of these different races of beings in all dimensions are involved with the Ascension Process themselves as we’re ALL going through it (and having to transmute past things, energies, creations, problems and so on)…not just humans in physicality on Earth.


  20. Hi Denise and All.
    After reading the article when it first came out I mumbled to myself “yes, agreed, understand that etc”. As per routine in the morning (after a nights episode of ‘visits’) I clear out, re-balance, get a sense of direction from the chaos and hence it just never ceases to amaze me how they Pop-IN – even when doing psychic shielding, mantra Piss-Off You etc. How ‘it’ or ‘they’ invariably show up to spoil the fun or, from moving on freely, like really freely moving on. All my time is spent re-charging up for the next round which doesn’t feel like progress is made or is it?
    Its tremendous this site and your research puts it out there for everybody to share and find ways to overcome the soul-snatchers.


    • “Hi Denise and All.
      After reading the article when it first came out I mumbled to myself “yes, agreed, understand that etc”. As per routine in the morning (after a nights episode of ‘visits’) I clear out, re-balance, get a sense of direction from the chaos and hence it just never ceases to amaze me how they Pop-IN – even when doing psychic shielding, mantra Piss-Off You etc. How ‘it’ or ‘they’ invariably show up to spoil the fun or, from moving on freely, like really freely moving on. All my time is spent re-charging up for the next round which doesn’t feel like progress is made or is it?
      Its tremendous this site and your research puts it out there for everybody to share and find ways to overcome the soul-snatchers.



      Yeah it’s a real ongoing battle to keep THEM out of our lives, homes, bodies etc. And in 2012 this situation has amplified due to the fact that we’re really close to the Ascension timeline. I have to protect myself first thing when I wake up; before I turn my computer on and get online; before I go to bed each night; before I leave my house etc. etc. To not do so is, at this late date, asking for huge trouble so we all must energetically protect ourselves every day and night. Thanks for sharing and continue to be strong. ♥


  21. This article was an eye-opener for me. Reading about how the Dark harvests the energy from disembodied humans or soul fragments in higher dimensions gives me the absolute creeps – but ALSO resonates in my being as the horrific truth.

    Men in Black 3 is a movie (comedy) about agents trying to save the Earth from alien invasion. In one scene, the agents go into a Chinese restaurant. In the kitchen, we see what is really on the menu – parts of aliens, still alive, about to be cooked and served. Substitute mankind for “alien parts” and this is what humans represent – FOOD for Team Dark.

    I am grappling with the fact that every facet of life in this society is manipulated and programmed to suit an alien agenda, which is to trap us in a lower dimension for consumption. It’s far worse than any sci-fi movie out there!

    I understand that the energy from higher-vibrating individuals is unpalatable to Team Dark and that is another reason why they try to divide us, instill us with fear, etc. – anything to lower our vibration. It’s vital to stay in higher frequencies for our own protection and in order to carry on our work here. (Focusing on “the good” in my life through gratitude and appreciation helps me to stay positive.)

    Like Denise wrote, we need to face the larger truth of this existence now. As we absorb more Light, any beliefs/attitudes not aligned with Divine Truth must fall away. When greater surges of Light are upon us later this year, I will be more able to take a leap of faith because I know that it will help the rise in consciousness of Gaia and the return to Light for all souled beings.

    • “Men in Black 3 is a movie (comedy) about agents trying to save the Earth from alien invasion. In one scene, the agents go into a Chinese restaurant. In the kitchen, we see what is really on the menu – parts of aliens, still alive, about to be cooked and served. Substitute mankind for “alien parts” and this is what humans represent – FOOD for Team Dark.”

      Thelma & All,

      I’ve enjoyed the other two Men In Black movies and it will be fun to see this third new one. But like the majority of all movies, “they” who make movies, are obviously creating stories and messages–belief systems–for humanity that are designed to enhance and perpetuate the negatives. (I’ve been watching this in movies for decades–the 1980’s was full of Team Dark distortions in movies which is not saying other decades weren’t, just that it really took off in the ’80s.)

      In the ’80’s there were a bunch of very popular movies with Arnold Swartzzzaanneegger (oh fuck it!) who at the time (but not so any more 😆 ) was a top 3D human Reptilian puppet of the Reptilian Aliens. So what do they do? They make a movie where Arnold is the “good guy” and pit him against hard-core warrior type Aliens (which is exactly what the Reptilians are) who live to hunt and kill other species in the movie Predator! They had Arnold in many movies that were this same type of negative Alien distortions as another way to blur the lines of awareness, distract humanity, and intentionally move human consciousness and belief systems in the direction they–Team Dark–wants it to go. Easy-pezzy and we pay for it and many of them make tons of money and world famous. What a system.

      A typical maneuver of Team Dark is to take a truth and flip it or distort it 180 degrees and use it themselves. The whole Men In Black–MIB–thing is very Team Dark and has to do with certain negative Aliens and portions of Orion. So what do they do with this truth? They distort or flip it and turn it into a comedy movie in an attempt to brainwash humanity that MIB’s are the “good guys” trying to help humanity from the negative Aliens blah, blah, blah. BUT…with the return of the Light on Earth, humanity isn’t so easily fooled by these Team Dark tactics any more.


  22. Lady Wrote:
    I recommend him for anyone who is an intellectual or informational glutton for punishment and wants to really twist and bend their minds……Calliope?? 😀

    LOL!!! Thank you, Lady. This made me smile! 😀

    Seriously, when I read your comments about the “cruci-fiction” just posted in the past little while (as well as all the other comments on this issue), I had floods of insight come to me about the 15 years I spent in hardcore Christianity (I have called it “hardcore” for several years now, and only just GOT the joke from my higher self as I was typing that, hahahahaha! Oh that’s rich & a funny one, lol. Quite the association, eh? 😉 ).

    While a wee bit disturbing, I have to say the insights give me a LOT of answers to the question “Why???”, something I have been asking for a long while now, “Like, why did I have to go through that whole time in my life?” “What was the purpose of THAT?”. Ask and you shall receive (one of the undistorted truths that seems to *bleed* through re: words of Jesus. No pun intended, lol — oh my guides are full of ’em today, lol).

    I will check out the video. 🙂

    Also, about your comment below:

    “Denise and ALL the commenters have contributed a level of maturity, open mindedness and true SPIRIT that cannot be found anywhere, to me anyway. I am impressed with everyone here, especially because I’m not finding anyone “correcting” or “teaching” their personal dogmas or handed down beliefs. I am impressed with how the ladies here are open and digesting the information difficult as it is, and discerning for themselves…..this is amazing and rare on any site, and I’ve been part of quite a few!”

    So true!!

    There is a lot of clarity in this place I appreciate much.

    Also, I totally cracked up at your P.S. in the comment below about the Mormon girls who came to your door in the middle of your commenting all this — that is freakin’ hilarious!!

    (I find laughing at the dark is one of the best defenses ever! NO FEAR. Just eye rolling, hee hee hee! Yeah, okay, *only* after I have raised my vibration, though! 😉 )


    • Lady & CtM,

      Thank you both. ♥ ♥

      I’ve worked energetically to maintain TRANSITIONS at a certain higher level energetically and simply won’t allow lower frequencies–in whatever forms they take–to come in here. I energetically protect TRANSITIONS just like I energetically protect myself, my body, my house, my family, my pet, etc. Even with my doing this around TRANSITIONS energetically, I still sometimes have certain people write Comments who’ve been manipulated by the negatives to get in here and cause problems, distractions, derailments, fights etc. for not only me but all of us.

      Just like Lady’s story about the Mormon girls suddenly knocking on her door the second she wrote about Jesus here, the same thing has often happened at TRANSITIONS for the same reasons. We’ve all GOT to be vigilant in our efforts to maintain our higher frequencies and protections and not allow ourselves to be pulled down (in any way) by non-physical Team Dark and/or the physical humans they overshadow and manipulate to try to stop us from doing what we are. It just is what it is and none of us should take these actions personally…which is hard to do in the beginning because it does feel VERY personal! It’s not however; it’s just the Dark fighting the Light in an attempt to keep everyone from evolving now. 😉


  23. “ps: we interrupt this scheduled program with an important alert lo! As I was typing this about Jesus (I NEVER write about Jesus!) and checking it for grammar etc, a knock came to my door and it was 2 girls who said they “represent” Jesus. I think the timing is too specific and I’m not sure what it means. They stood there and offered/said a prayer for me, the house, my life, etc…and when I asked them specifically what church, it was the Mormons…..a patriarchal religion rife with pedophilia and polygamy. team dark never sleeps, do they?”

    Lady & All,

    Un-freaking-believable isn’t it? This is us finally getting that we REALLY are Multidimensional Beings and that linear time and space (and our being in physicality) means nothing.

    This next bit of info is something I’ve not shared publicly yet either only because I felt it wasn’t time to do so. It obviously is now so here it is in super condensed form.

    Once we reach a certain level of consciousness, waking up-ness or Light quotient, every thought we have…every emotion we have…every energy we produce is immediately registered by Team Dark. Why? Because they know we’re waking up and are trying to escape their seemingly endless “Frequency Fences”.

    I can have a thought and instantly there they are in my space. I can have an emotion and instantly there they are in my space. I know this because I can see them clairvoyantly instantaneously manifest in my space. A few years ago when I first figured out that this is what was happening, it made me really angry and then very sad. Feeling sad or helpless is an invitation to a real ass beating from Team Dark so I learned quickly that the only way out of this nightmare is to BE what I really am and fight my way energetically up and out of their Frequency Fences around my consciousness and everywhere else. Easier said than done of course but that’s the bottom-line with this situation. Ascension and real freedom is not easy but this is what we’re doing despite all of these types of immediate counter measures from Team Dark.

    Be strong, be wise, be determined everyone and just keep moving forward over every interference and stunt from Team Dark.
    ♥ Hugs,

    • Interesting about what you said about the dark showing up immediately. On another post I commented about how white the sun was these days, that the skies were very blue and it was rare to see a chemtrail. Guess what was being laid in the sky above my house/land later that day… yep, chemtrails.

    • “Denise, can you please remove this comment with the video incident in it and just leave the first sentence with your quote and the ps about the mormon girls? I’m very disturbed about that video and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else in case anyone looks into it too. so just in case please remove this, I’m having a terrible time getting that one out of my system….I could use some help actually. please?”


      Done…and I’m sorry I forgot to do this for you sooner. Feel wonderful ! 😀


  24. Lady,
    Calliope and I mentioned how in sync we all are. I just so happened to have stumbled upon the first part of this you tube video last night but didn’t watch the whole thing. OMG, too funny. Tis the season to get it huh? I am checking this second part out now.


  25. Ok, I’ve been watching the video and holding my head on tight too…but I am familiar with astrotheology. Yes, it’s just like metaphysics. That’s why I was having trouble with the thing about there not being a crucifixion because that would then erase the metaphysical meaning and symbolism of each of our individual crucifixions. That would be like if he were saying that Jacob never existed and then go on to explain Jacobs metaphysical and astrotheological meaning. wtf??? That would not make any sense. Yeah, I like this guy. I’ve never seen an astrotheologian go this indepth and be so meticilous.

  26. This is sort of a response to something Lady mentioned. As far as I understand, the ascension we are involved in now is different from past ascensions in that we are now transmuting the dense physical into light physical without dying or “evaporating”.

    I also believe the first prototypes for this great ascension game (physical transmutation) were not Yeshua and Mary but Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa (The Mother) who went through a process of purification for a couple of decades at the ends of their lives. They left before completing the process (I don’t think they were ever meant to, but the initial energetic “seed” had been planted by them.) This was quite recent and coincided with the incoming of the forerunners and first-wavers. Sri Aurobindo wrote much (in English). He talked about the divine in Matter and the Supramental Body, etc. In any case, it becomes quite clear if you read him, that he was talking about the current ascension.

    Sri Aurobindo never gets a mention in the “ascension community.” Possibly because his material isn’t exactly “light reading.” I don’t think his devotees were fully aware of what he was doing, either. So in any case, this mention is to let it be known that Aurobindo and Mira deserve our appreciation.


    • “Sri Aurobindo never gets a mention in the “ascension community.” Possibly because his material isn’t exactly “light reading.” I don’t think his devotees were fully aware of what he was doing, either. So in any case, this mention is to let it be known that Aurobindo and Mira deserve our appreciation.”

      inho1213 & All,

      We’ve paid homage now to certain past spiritual prototypers and embodiers, distortions and all, and now I’m redirecting and keeping the focus on those of US who are actually doing it completely in our physical bodies right NOW.


  27. Dear Inho1213 Denise and all

    I have read Sri Aurobindo’s books and had come to the same conclusion as Inho1213 that the work Sri Aurobindo was doing is being continued by us the lightworkers who tend to get drawn to this website. I have seen Sri Aurobindo around me on occasion and feel his support. Incidentally the scripts Denise has written about on the dark forces I first came across similar articles about the adverse forces in Sri Aurobindo’s work. It was hugely helpful at the time. Denise is right though this website supports us now in the great work that we do. Love to one and all. Maureen

  28. Hello all,
    Just wanted to mention what happened to me on May 20, 2012 and to find out if it happened to anyone else. About 4 days prior to the eclipse, I seemed to have “pinched a nerve” between my shoulder blades. While annoying, I lived with it thinking it would work its way out in a couple of days. Then on the night of the 20th the pain increased and encased both the front and back of my body and still at the level of the shoulder blades. Then as each hour went by it slowly climbed up my body until it encased my shoulders, neck and head. It felt like I was on fire, the pain was intense and I was almost convinced I was dying. I was alone that night because my daughter was home from the Marines and the other 2 kids went with her to a concert and stayed overnight in a hotel. I was pacing the floor until about 4 a.m. with this incredible discomfort. I was finally able to sit up in bed to nod off at 5 a.m. as long as I was propped up with pillows and the pain was finally staving off.
    I went to see my chiropractor on Monday afternoon and still had considerable discomfort which didn’t make the adjustment easy but by the next day I was fairly pain free.
    Did anyone else have an intense flare up of some sort the night of the eclipse?
    Love and Light,

    • I had a horrible headache the next day that lasted all day. I’ve been having the between the shoulder blades pain that you speak of as well as an extreme pain in the vertebrae at the base of my skull that hurts when I move. Of course the dizziness, weakness, and sleep issues(not wanting to go to sleep at night and feeling tired all day).

  29. I want to chime in that I, too, am very interested in learning more about why some Lightworkers are more under psychic attack than others – so thanks to Barbara for your question and thanks to Denise for working on an article for us!

    The topic of “protecting ourselves” is becoming more critical now as Team Dark fights for its own survival and ramps up its attacks from any angle it can.

    Thanks, Denise, for sharing your own choice of frequency for 12D shielding (upon awakening, before going on-line, prior to going out, before sleep, etc.). I find lately that my dreams are invaded by messages that do not ring true (usually followed by a dream of a “bee” trying to sting me, which may be Team Light warning me about previous dreams that night) — and these are times when I do NOT do 12D shielding before going to sleep. So dreamers beware!

    I particularly relate to Lady’s post of 27 May, where she said she knew from the age of 6 that she did not belong here and therefore did not get married or have kids. I never knew until now why I have kept myself free (unpartnered and without child). I think having these attachments would have made it more difficult for me to ascend and to help with planetary ascension.

    I really like the way we share our experiences here, as these are things most of us cannot talk to anyone about. (For example, Lady’s post of 29 May and her experience of brightening the neighborhood by planting flowers, giving a prayer afterwards and THEN being hit by something nasty from Team Dark.) Knowing how this happens can help us become more conscious of being under attack.

    I also believe we have our “guardian angels” or our higher self that warns us of danger and tries to help. But at this particular time, as we grow lighter in consciousness and therefore more visible to Team Dark, we need to be more vigilant and to use whatever protective measures we can.

    I really appreciate the purity of this site and that Denise is filtering out negative energy. My spirits lifted at the mention of that… this is starting to feel like a safe haven for us all. We are nearing the finish line now… let`s all remember that we are stronger than we think because we are all expressions of the Divine.

    Love & Light to all, Thelma

  30. Dearest Denise, I want to thank you for your blog and for yourself and what you do here, thank you so much and tons of love to you, and also to the other beautiful beings that comment here. It’s much easier with you all. I’ve been reading for quite some time, first time writing here, sometimes I even leave your page open in the background cause the energy is much more peaceful here than in most pages online.

    I’m writing under this article because I just got this deeper understanding of team dark, you’ve been writing but I hadn’t seen it to this level until now… (and I’ve attacked real bad, but something this simple had skipped me).
    Some days ago I almost commented here that just being around people would make me crash, shield and all, and I knew it’s because I wanted to understand them, they’re good people and they love me, so I’d open and try to understand why the heck they behave like they do, not in words, I’d just somehow open myself and then I’d feel my head squeezing and hurting to fit into the tiny 3d box of frequency control, just to make sense of what the heck people were saying to me… so now it hit me… the biggest agenda for humanity is unawareness! Anything goes but being aware, so the system continues. A whole lotta people just don’t want to look at themselves. They rather do anything else, including criticizing, making fun, advicing, bossing, suggesting, making assumptions (that particularly annoyed me, to see I was being misunderstood, afff, misunderstood by beings who don’t want to understand… no problem there, apparently). It’s shocking me a bit, that this world is so convinced that anything is better than to shut up, be quiet and pay attention to oneself.

    I read that light is information (in B. Marciniak’s Bringers of Dawn that someone here talked about), I used to think of light more as the frying thingie that’s burning all the lies I used to believe in 🙂 I’m seeing more people having all these “light disease” symptoms and looking for medical explanations. The distance between realities seems to be growing. I’m not sure yet, but it seems to be going to the point where I don’t even bother looking at the old world, other than being curious at it. All I want to do is to Be whole and sovereign. And feel Home. Which makes me appreciate you and the others here even more 🙂
    Thank you from my heart again.

    • “Dearest Denise, I want to thank you for your blog and for yourself and what you do here, thank you so much and tons of love to you, and also to the other beautiful beings that comment here. It’s much easier with you all. I’ve been reading for quite some time, first time writing here, sometimes I even leave your page open in the background cause the energy is much more peaceful here than in most pages online.”


      That is the coolest, most kind and great thing I’ve heard in a long while! Thank you very much and also for FEELING and being AWARE of the different levels of energies coming from different online sites. ♥

      As we continue to evolve, mutate, grow and “ascend”, it becomes increasingly difficult and physically painful every time we try to go back to lower frequency levels where other things, people, places, activities, foods, etc. etc. still exist. Eventually, after trying many times, we realize it’s time to let go of the old past and remain focused on and IN the new. Doing so only speeds-up the manifestation of the new too. 😉 Very well done you!

      Gratitude Hugs,

      • 🙂 Denise, you made me smile big, and yes, it feels so true, “focused on and IN the new”, thank you. ((hugs))

    • Dear Lady,
      what you said about anti feminine agenda, that is exactly what I’ve been dealing with recently, sacral and throat chakras neeeeeding a new way of being a female in this world. I’ve felt this cellular fear and refusal to Be in these chakras since all I/ they’ve remembered for lifetimes has been not having a voice, having to play either silly roles or distorted male’ish control roles, and the disrespect, rejection and abuse. Can I say that my chakras were terrified? That’s how it felt. But I feel we are moving out of this frequency control now and coming to embody our true spirit all over our bodies, even if it feels so slowly at times, I feel it happening… Soul spreading from High Heart to all over the body, so gently. Makes me teary. Can’t wait…
      Much much love to you

      • Really the devaluing of the feminine runs so deep. I was surprised yesterday when I listened to an interview by a woman that is fairly well respected I the ascension community and she kept saying things something like – what can I say I’m a blonde – or – I cant help it I’m a blonde. I truly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. (those are not exact quotes but close). And I’m just going to put this out there – I’ve read comments here – On RARE occasion -‘where people – in my opinion – devalue Denise by saying things like well Dr so and so says this OR things such as Denise is correct bc I heard or read about that on such and such website – implying the other website / person (usually a male) has more credibility. Ok so on a rant – if you don’t publish this Denise I understand. I just feel as women we need to own our own levels of chau544 Oenoke Ridgevinism and help others to see it – not as a form of punishment Or judgment but out of love for one another and respect and commitment to our growth and of helping each other We have been so brainwashed sometimes we don’t see it until it is pointed out. Myself included.

      • Oh geez. Aren’t cell phones great – even they think they know better than I what I’m trying to type. That should read chauvinism NOT “chau544 Oenoke Ridgevinism”!!! But that is sort of funny :~)

      • I wanted to say something about the feminine thing.
        Last nite I received a download to sacral area, I was awake in bed with my eyes closed, lasted a while, the whole time I was keeping my shield intact and controling any fears cause there was a continuous invisible attempt to interfere, even fake door bells ringing outside… while the energy was pouring down body and settling in, was orgasmic in that way more than physical way. Ended at 3am. Been very tired and sensitive since then.
        Napped in the afternoon too beat to make a shield and dreamed they were putting black ties on me (ties, as in menswear… I´m laughing at it now), woke up again with huge lower back pain, cleared it. Nasty distorted male ties won’t glue now. That area is filled with Source light. Tried going out, with protection this time, but not a good idea. More need to rest in a cave at the moment, integrate this, but it seems to feel… un-violated…? That would be so amazing, right? If we are opening path to a whole new feminine to be available…
        Feeling this huge compassion for males, females, all put under the frequency control imposed to beloved earth. Been feeling rather genderless for the past few years, not understanding why the separation, why the difference. I didn’t want to be a woman, or a man, just sth neutral, now it happens to be in a female body, so that must be freed too, cleansed of all old paradigms. All in us must be freed.
        Sorry, Denise, if this is not the right post to comment this, or maybe it is, I can barely think, just wanted to share sth good. Would love to know if you or others felt this too.
        (I’m still hearing the threats they made at me for lifetimes, even clearer now, for being a woman, a “witch”. It’s not scary anymore. I wanna cry tho, not sad… happy? It was all lies.)
        Since June began… you know that feeling of moving another step and looking around and nothing fits again? Not even my thougths fit… again…
        Tons of love to you all

    • Denise, Kaisa and All,

      Wow Kaisa said it right—they want humanity to stay unaware and Lady added that we are ridiculed for what we believe, see and KNOW in our hearts. Like many of us I have had to endure those unarware and Dark Team in my face for a very long time. So whats it going to take for EVERYONE to wake-up, this is in my thoughts more and more the past few years,When I was younger THEY had me convinced that I was crazy and I believed them for awhile–not long, however. I have concluded something BIG has to occur. So I/WE wait….It blows me away that those still asleep cannot/will not see what is all around them and that Earth 3D is run by the inmates who are trying to keep us all in the asylum. People will complain about the unfairness–the wrongness of EVERYTHING but that is it, some will try to fight back on a particular issue but they refuse to see how deep it goes so it’s like scratching an itch when the rash has covered your entire body. It frustrates me because all I see is the insidiousness of it all–the core issues that we will never be FREE, SOVERIEGN, GOD until those rat bastards are removed from our space.

      Kaisa, you are so lucky to me to be able to look at the old world with curiosity and detach yourself from all of it. I have been so focused on my mission but a huge part of my mission, it seems is to be constantly remined of the atrocities going on here, it takes everything in me to remain a neutral observer. I stay to myself but I am always doing battle with the seen and unseen–it is always in my face. Always attacking me physically and trying their hardest to bring me down mentally, emoitionally and spiritually but that is all protected and I would never give them my power. For some reason I cannot stop the physical, although I try everything in my arsenal. Almost every day for the past month I have woken up with something–rashes–bruises–severe muscle and bone pain and I have been itchy all over non-stop for so long i am getting used to it– needless to say the doctors cannot find out why. So I endure and continue on my mission. A few times this month I had an entity creep up on me while sleeping–this used to happen in the past (did not do 12D sheild before bed, some nights I just pass out from exhastion) and it holds me down or paralyzes me for a few seconds until I am awake and fight back with love. The paralysis freaks me out but I regroup and tell it –it has no power here and I send it love and it is gone–fast. I think whatever it is I am doing they do not like it at all and I am targeted far more frequently now. I do have everything, self, home, pets, neighborhood constantly protected but I have to do it repeatedly.

      Denise, Thank-you again for another awesome article, you have filled in some more things for me. The body parts in the astral plane has me so pissed I am trying to free them. I know we have free-will and I know I have asked you to explain this to me and for some reason I do not get it( I am a little slow on this) but could you please explain again to me HOW can they take and keep some souls after they physically die AND CONTINUE TO FEED ON THEM? I thought at least after death souls were free to go back to SOURCE? How can they trap us and recycle us? This is confusing to me. To create say the 9-11 program and still be able to feed on innocent humans really is too much for me. To have programs continue after death to unassuming humans–I do not see how that is free-will–that person or those people do not willingly choose to remain a food source, I just don’t get it. Being trapped on this prison planet is one thing but to die and remain trapped in an astral prison is another. When I was 20, I had a NDE and it was pretty much the same thing we hear about–white bright fog/light, same consciousness, wandering for awhile until my grandmother speaks to me and says it is okay(thats it) and if I would have reached my hand up I felt I would go with her but at that moment I said your dead Nanny and I was back in the white light then eventually after what seemed a long time floating above my body. I wasn’t afraid just confused however, the thing that sticks out the most is the FEELING OF PURE LOVE AND PEACE while walking around the white fog/light. I never forgot that feeling and have longed for it but knew I had ‘something to do here’ , knowing that one day when I was finished here it was going to be amazing to be a spirit again, now knowing that Dark Team can control the soul after death. Is what I saw/felt really real or another program to keep me stuck in the astral plane with them? If you can help answer any of these questions I remain ever grateful to you for your guidance. Thank-you for letting me write it all out again because of your articles I expand my awareness, I so appreciate you and everyone here at TRANSISTIONS.
      (Sorry this is so long.) Love to All, Valerie

      • Awww Valerie…my heart is in my throat … your story has touched me deeply… How very blessed we all are, to have Denise and her creation to assist us in trying to make sense of it all… Namaste Honey x0x

  31. Hey all,
    Yes just read there are 4 recent reported incidents of cannibalism here in the US. The stories were rather gruesome but if this is what 3d is becoming it is going to be worse than anything I thought. Don’t want to incite fear but knowledge of what is going on. This must have to do with the increase in mental instability and team dark pulling out all they have to incite fear. Think it is really important now to really say no to fear when it comes up for us, to not allow our emotions to become food for the dark and hold with all we have to positivity. Morgean

  32. “Hi again Denise and all. I read Lady’s post about the canibal story, I didn’t look at the link she provided but did see it in the news over here in Australia and braced myself but I was fine, in fact, this leads me to a question, Denise, if you have any thoughts (or time or energy to respond)……I am a very sensitive person, in all aspects, always have been, for a very long time I could not watch the news, I can’t bear to hear stories of violence – ESP to children – it will sit with me for such a long time and I will replay the visions in my head – without much control. Anyway….so for me, I only ever watch comedies, even the ones with all the BS and obvious manipulations, I can see thru that and still enjoy a laugh.

    I am digressing………recently I have noticed that I am able to be very detached to the goings on in the world – for example, I was able to read about that story and feel completely nothing. I can watch the news now and see wars and terrible things and still feel nothing – no compassion, no sorrow – just numb and detached. I can still get caught up in television dramas – characters that are personified and that you develop a relationship with so I am not immune to that yet but basically other people’s stuff is starting to feel like it’s not mine and almost isn’t real? In fact, I like to watch the news to see what the lies are and keep tabs on the bastards! Is this ascension or depression……or something else do you think?

    Jane x”


    I had this when I was a child with certain emotional situations and events that other normal adults would be crying and falling apart over. Back then I wondered why I wasn’t emotionally affected by whatever the event was like most of the adults around me were. I realized back then that it was “karmic” or desired by the soul or souls involved with the seemingly “tragic” event(s) and that there was nothing sad or bad or negative about any of it. It was soul learning and growing and that is wonderful.

    Sometimes we’re affected in or through our Emotional Bodies (and/or our old lower frequency, pre-ascension process 3D egos) and that’s when we’re usually affected emotionally by something. But, as we evolve we’re moving into our High Heart Centers or Consciousness which also FEELS but–and this is really important–it FEELS from a much higher frequency and place of awareness and that is not “emotional” but a greater “knowingness”. Because of this, we’re not emotionally affected when we see something sad or horrible or “tragic” etc. We see it, we feel it, but we KNOW from a higher evolved level why it’s happening or happened and that it’s simply a knowing that doesn’t rip us to pieces emotionally like lower frequency emotions and ego stuff did. So, this seeming emotional disconnect or lack of intense, sobbing, heart-breaking crying emotional business is really another sign of our evolving/ascending up into our 5D High Heart Consciousness centers where we know things in an expanded manner.

    So we’re actually knowing more, feeling more, seeing and perceiving more, remembering more about all things, people, happenings, events etc., but we’re starting to do so from our High Hearts (remember that beautiful illustration my sister did for me recently with the huge Sun rising in our upper chest?) Perceptions and existence from this higher frequency level FEELS but KNOWS and that type of KNOWING does not cause us emotional pain like lower states do.


  33. Thank you for taking the time to articulate all this in such a well organized fashion. I have been wanting to articulate my experience also but I am in such a constant state of agitation due to the attack and manipulation by “team dark” that I can only make a few noI tes for myself. Needless to say, I know now that I am not alone. I have been getting my ass handed to me as you say constantly, day in an day out. I just wish I handled it more gracefully. I still can’t figure out what makes me so important to get all this attention from negative entities! All I’m trying to do is get over my traumatic childhood! I’ve thought of writing an article called “healing PTSD while under psychic attack”. At first i thought that was clever, but in the last few days, I am really concerned about the dilema. The whole deal with the negatives (in my case) is that they don’t want me to have SPACE. Since I was sexually violated as a child (and I am male), and also psychologically violated at a very early age, I never had a chance to establish my inner core and individuate from other being’s energy. it’s alwasy been a challenge to say within my own space and not get sucked into other people’s creations, bad or good. So the deal with constant psychic attack is that I feel that I cannot “regroup” internally and be with myself in a safe way. I have to work very hard to create a sense of a solid inner core, which is connected directly to God, since “GOD IS MY SOURCE’. Yet, every day, I have deal with long episodes of not being connected to my core and feeling very much at effect of the attack. I am so grateful you spelled out the difference between the “good guys” and “bad guys” in terms of light signature. I too have had to realize the same thing for myself since the “light blips” as I call them, often appear as brilliant white points of light. So from the neurotic college educated white guys point of view (i.e. someone not connected to gut level intuition), I’m thinking I can trust them. But starting a few weeks ago I began to notice the emptiness of this light as you point out, and also the agressiveness with which they pop into my awareness. They know just when to show up to throw my off balance. And as I said, I do not handle it gracefully. I keep thinking I’m supposed to be like this non-reactive buddha or saint with all this. But acutally, since I haven’t really healed the trauma of my early childhood, and still carry the consciousness of an enraged rape victim, I often fly off the handle when this stuff happens. I get tired of playing what seems like “mind games” and just want to pick up my fly swatter and whack the entities out of my space. Certainly my mind has an idea about how I “should” be handling this, like an evolved master. But the very clumsy yet authentically raw way I handle it does help to heal my childhood in many ways. As Ekchart Tolle says, “feeling will get you closer to the truth than thinking”. The demonstrations of rage do help in many ways to find what is the real power, even though it betrays my vulnerability. When the entities do a number on me, my first response is always that of profound SHAME. Carolyn Myss talks about shame, or being humilated, as the number one issue for us humans to resolve. It sort of boils down to this idea that happiness is having power over another person and of course humiliating another person is a sure fire way to have power over them, So when the entities “do it to me”, it’s excruciating how much shame I feel and how much I want to hide the sense of being “defeated”.
    So rather than do a long essay on all this, I will just say that I am working out my childhood issues of sexual and psychological violation (i.e. having to space to myself) through the current situation with entities and psychic attack. Certainly healing the childhood issues will eventually resolve a great deal of what’s happening with the entities now. This is comman metaphysical principle that one needs to heal the issues of the past in order to prevent them from repeating over and over.

    In the meantime, they have done just about everything you can imagine to keep me all “tangled, mangled, splatter, scattered, confused and diffused”. When I wake up every morning, I feel like Pinnocio all tied up in his strings. He’s fighting to straighten himself out, but the more he struggles with it, the worse it gets. and meanwhile, the village bullies are laughing their ass off at what a fool he’s making of himself. it’s not much fun. this is teaching me about the issue of cruelty. My father was very cruel. And I am learning exactly what it means to be a victim of cruelty and what is the proper response of a God Man to this. One thing that has helped is the following 2 ideas:
    1. what happens to me and what I am are two different things
    2. motto: “whatever happens to me does not mean anything about me – I serve the Light”

    Having worked with some of the facilitators in Lisa Renee’s community, I know that the strings that entange Pinnocio are actual emotional/mental body harnesses, collars, gags, masks, implants of various sorts that disempower and immobilize.

    • “I still can’t figure out what makes me so important to get all this attention from negative entities!”


      Those of us who are “Polarity Integrators” naturally experience much, MUCH more from the negatives–Team Dark than other people do. Everyone experiences Team Dark, it’s impossible not to, but those of us who are First Wavers doing Polarity Integration or Resolution and then embodying the NEW blueprints of “Unity” or the “Sacred Marriage” etc. etc., (why? because we integrated polarity!) typically have much more of this stuff to deal with than other people ever do. It’s part of our mission work is all.

      Another aspect is that the vast majority of Starseeds (and I’d think Indigos too so far) do not feel like Earth is our “Home” so we normally don’t feel rooted or strongly connected to Earth in that core sort of way you’re talking about. Just another thing to keep in mind/heart above those other horrible reasons that made you have trouble with boundaries.

      Speaking of those white colored lights you’re seeing. I’ve had them too and also different colored ones for many years. It took me ages to realize that they’d show up in my space (I’d clairvoyantly see them) at certain times. They are monitors or etheric surveillance devices and/or etheric (astral plane) feeding tools for Team Dark. Just because they’re light colored doesn’t make them “the good guys”. I learned that one the hard way! 🙄

      “I will just say that I am working out my childhood issues of sexual and psychological violation (i.e. having to space to myself) through the current situation with entities and psychic attack. Certainly healing the childhood issues will eventually resolve a great deal of what’s happening with the entities now. This is comman metaphysical principle that one needs to heal the issues of the past in order to prevent them from repeating over and over.”

      Exactly so keep up the great inner work with this issue. I’m so glad you’ve got help from Lisa Renee’s group too. I became an ES member May 1, 2012 because I knew it was finally time to join our groups and energies in this way.

      All this gets so much easier once one has resolved the worst of those freaking Emotional Body hooks. Hang in there and do the I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE thing EVERY time you feel anything messing with you in any way. It helps tremendously.

      Hugs ♥

      • Thanks Denise. I just want to ask the community if anyone seels very large square or rectangular light shapes.moving around, or horizontal bands of light that seem to be scanning. I am concerned that I see these around me a lot. As team dark and the illuminati is doing such a great job of “dumbing down” the public, I am worried these shapes are devices trying to dump be down. Coincidentally, I have “brain fog” a lot lately. there are possible physical causes for “brain fog” but my worry is that it goes deeper than that. it seems all kinds of crap happens while I’m asleep, especially with these large shapes. I would need to have a permanant living situation and really get the 12 D shield thing perfected for the physical environment in order to be able to feel protected when I sleep.

        I will mention that going to bed with Lisa Renee meditations playing is helpful, such as one called “negative form removal”. it’s the next best thing to an automated 12D shield.

        I have woken up from sleep many times to feel some really creepy beings in my energy. I saw some kind of lower astral being that looked like a “creature from the black lagoon with 100 or so eyes and drapped is dark brown webbing like rags”. I have also felt beings literally pushing my organs around. It always means that I have to get out of bed no matter how tired I feel and wake myself up lest I get dragged down into the gutter of lower consciousness frequency.

        Sleep is a big issue. I often have to choose between sleeping and risking having one or more entities “mess with me” (which will have consequences) or forcing myself to get up when feeling extremely physically and emotionally exhausted.

        being new to your community, I have no doubt this has been discussed before. However, I did want to see if anyone else saw the big square/rectangular shapes.

    • Hello Travis…I just wanted to share that I also had an experience with team dark which also left a very deep feeling of shame. This feeling stayed with me for well over 12 months…basically, it really rocked my world. Sending you out a big hug x0x

    • Dear Travis,
      My heart aches for the child who was at the mercy of people he trusted and who abused him. I dealt with years of recovered memories of all sorts of sexual abuse by numerous family and friends, and spent years dialoging with my inner child, screaming into pillows, dancing to powerful rock anthems, shadow boxing, crying deeply, etc. to transmute those feelings. I think now they were implanted by negative ones, or maybe given to me as part of a mission to transmute, and maybe weren’t “real”…I just don’t know. Those involved would never admit anything happened.

      The memories started just after my awakening when I started to meditate. The feelings were real. I felt the tears on my little girl face, I felt the nap of the carpet ….who knows why we are chosen for these experiences? I seemed to know I needed to repeatedly go back into those memories so I could decrease their effect, their emotional charge. I learned to do a lot of self-protection exercises…for me, Pleadian Lightwork (see Amazon for workbooks if interested) helped enormously. I had to learn to NOT fear… my Higher Self guided me to that knowledge. Letting go of fear of all kinds of things is SOOOO hard, but fear of mutilation and torture of a child…that’s got to be the worst. Now, after the distance of years, those images can pop into my mind and I have no reaction. I think that is what transmuting is…

      Now, thanks to Denise’s blog, I know about the negatives, and today, as I was meditating, when I heard deep male voices telling me rude things, I knew who/what it was and immediately sealed my aura and room. They even sent a fly to pester me, and it disappeared after the sealing! Arrgh!

      No fear! We are warriors of the light, and we will overcome!
      Love and light,

  34. Hi it’s me again (Travis). The computer is acting flaky and I had to submit the previous post before finishing it else lose it all. In any event, just wanted to add one other thing in reference to what you saw going on in the inner core of the earth. My own perception about changes lately has to do with the fabric of 3D reality itself. I have been a spiritual nomad for a couple of years, travelling all over this country. Starting a few months ago, I began to notice that the night times were more dark than usual. And then in the day, I sensed a certain metalic barenness to the fabric of the world. This seemed to be more the case in the Rocky Mountain states, which is an area of great interest to the negatives. I know Lisa talks about all the negative technology being used on the area, not to mention the planet as a whole. I remember on a full moon in April in Santa Fe NM, the chemtrails were so intense that the sky seemed to have gone into a type of barren void. the next day, I felt depressed at what I saw as the very spirit of the land having been almost destroyed. I actually thought to myself that Los Angeles had moved next door to Santa Fe over night. it’s so discouraging for someone who depends on Nature to replenish my spirit. So thank you Denise for giving us all a place to come together on this difficult work.

    “fight for your right to stay in the light”


  35. I’d like to share something, it’s about what you described here, the impaling body parts thing. It just happened, so I’m still a bit shaky. I’m finding it pretty hard to say this, but guess I want to or need to. I’m sorry if it sounds like a story or sth but I’ve always seen other realities as images playing, that’s how I understand them. Unfortunatelly it’s freaking real. Sorry it’s long and detailed but it’s easier for me to say it this way. Maybe it helps someone else too.

    For probably this whole life I had rape nightmares followed by physical pain, I did all the work clearing chakras and memories and genetic line, to the point my sacral chakra was cleared and I was having those energies orgasms in that area too, which I couldn’t before.
    The dreams… it was always like these “men” would attack me not as a person, but as body parts they could use, but until now I hadn’t consciously made the connection, it was too horrible and I wasn’t ready. Of course it made me suffer and affected my life immensely. I’ve had my womb being sick when I was a teenager, and horrible cramps for so long and the idea of sex would often make me shiver.

    For months now I’ve been claiming that all my parts should be given back to me, the rightful owner, healed and pure. And I have been getting them back, got memories and dreams of that too.

    And for months also, I kept having visions of me going to Asia to practice something like mastery and martial arts and to get my magic back. I would ethereally practice and practice and practice and I knew it was for a reason. There was always a few males helping me, one of them for sure a light being, and then there would be a testing of sorts, some big martial arts masters, samurai types, would come fight me and they would not be forgiving, but most of them were honorable and they believed I was one of them in another lifetime. Still they would kick my butt again and again and I wanted to give up but had to go back and train. I didn’t necessarily like them, but I did understand they wanted me to be strong.

    Then I had this vision a few times, some weeks ago, I was in a type of… I don’t know the word… like a “gentlemen’s club” (so not appropriate), it was an old rich building where the members were for sure patriarchal lords who used women and other men as servants they could abuse, some were downright evil, others just had big egos and were gaining much from being part of that group and following the leaders. So I had to perform to them. I really had to because they would pay me a lot. And I knew I was risking myself and there’s nothing in the world worth that much money, but my experience in astral realms is that they use the word money as a metaphor for other things. I didn’t understand it then, but I knew I had to do it and I had to win. Their pay turned out, now I know, to be what was mine in the first place, and much more.
    None of it made much sense in my head but gotta trust it, right?
    That place, the club, was the worst, the walls were covered in ancient weapons that had so much dark in them, that had caused deaths and worse. As I stood there, I could tell.
    It was as if I (representing light) had to enter the place and the only way was agreeing to their terms. I would do what they wanted, that dumb performance as object-female, and then I would fight the leader and he would have the chance to really wound me with one of those objects.
    Therefore, the samurai types kept training me and testing me with weapons, such as a spear that I had to break (highly symbolic).
    The agreement (there really was that) with the dark lords in that place was that, if I should win, they would give us (the light) all there was in those walls plus the place itself. Which meant, their power/food supply would severely dimish. If he would win, they would at least gain a piece of a light being to hang on their wall and suck on too… plus their pride, I suppose, dunno what they’d get really. They didn’t win that battle, tho…

    So last month, June, the rape nightmares came back, they had diminished for a while. This time however it was different, I was way more conscious altho I couldn’t really understand. One of the nightmares was related to female “slavery” in the middle east. In each of them, I would suddenly appear in some dark astral road, at nite, and I would volunteeringly go into a van or bus, like a zombie, with other women, and then a male gang would come in and rape us all.
    One morning, couple of days ago, I woke up with a woman’s voice and a fading image of her, speaking in a hurry, that when they attacked, I had to relax and play dead and not feel anything. At first I was pissed at her advice, but hours later, another nightmare and I did what she adviced, and the guy stopped attacking and said: there’s something wrong with this one. Again, they didn’t care we were people, it was just holes to torture and his usual treatment wasn’t working.

    Took me some hours to put it all together, and then I remembered what you had written here about body parts being used by the dark, and I knew it was happening to me and many more and I prayed for release and freedom and healing. And the image came, I was my soul and there was an army of us of the light entering a long hallway and female body parts (maybe some males too) were hanging on the walls as trophies, the saddest thing, and we had them released, saved, I dunno it all right now, I didn’t want to keep my mind’s attention there. Wanted to come home and try to comfort myself, and some light friends from other lifetimes came to help my bits heal. It’s just freakin horrible. So much crying. They probably took it when I was tortured lifetimes ago, like maybe 500 years, and this has been happening to me and all those people. Maybe many of us have been going thru this without knowing. Maybe they have a trophie house for throats and whatever.

    Anyway, if anyone has been claiming their parts back and it’s taking a while, maybe there’s a reason and it’s a bigger mission than you realize, keep doing your light work and getting strong in your heart and body. For the past days a part of me has been constantly perched at the earth core getting clear and strong, and I had no clue exactly why. We do have support. It will be ok somehow.

    Denise, sorry for the book size comment. I needed to share this and trully release it. Thank you for having described the impaler horror because it did help me figure this, and thank you the space you keep here.

    I need some serious love and healing and cuddle now.

    • Kaisa & All,

      Oh sweetie, this is a big important one you’ve become conscious of. Thank you for doing whatever aspect of this that was yours personally–if any–and also for working to transmute this seemingly endless supply of negativity done to human females across time on Earth. I too have done energy work like this for other human females and children who’ve been tortured, raped, mutilated and murdered. It is difficult work seeing and feeling what both the victims and vitimizers felt but it goes with this type of clearing, transmuting of old stuck negative energies in both 3D (physical) and 4D (astral).

      Books could be written about just this subject, but the bottom-line with your “warrior” and “fighting” and “battling” dream stuff is very much Reptilian (the Negative Aliens). The Reptilian aliens are all about fighting, warring, battling, and are all male/masculine with zero female energies or consciousness. (You know, just exactly like the patriarchy on Earth! 😉 That’s who and what the patriarchy really is.) They believe human females and their bodies are things for them to do whatever they want with because they are so beneath them. The majority of horrific physical actions (rapes, tortures, murders etc.) against human females at the hands of human males is Reptilian energy and consciousness manifesting in this dimension. Same is true of all wars, warriors, battles, fighting etc. It’s the Reptilian aliens natures, agenda’s, likes and dislikes being carried out in this dimension by whatever humans they can affect and use in these ways. Other Negative aliens prefer other tools, other systems, and have a slightly different way that they use humanity. But the Reptilians are the ones you’re actually dealing with in these dreams Kaisa. And never forget that they lie and trick to get what they want.

      In the end what really matters with these types of astral plane energy clearing Work details for Starseeds is that we transmute whatever it is that we’re currently working on and not get sidetracked by the horrific details and actions done by others–both human others, and these Team Dark negative aliens (Reptilians, Draconians, Gray’s etc.) Others. Take the awareness in and keep moving through it and don’t get attached to the drama, whatever it may be. It can get very dangerous for you/me if we do. Neutrality is the key always. Do the transmuting Work and get out of there and keep moving forward as the “Neutral Observer” as Lisa Renee calls it.

      Thanks for sharing your very difficult “dream” and other experiences as a Lightworker and polarity integrator. I hope you’re able to permanently stop these other-dimensional rapes and tortures and pains very soon. ♥


      • Oh, you are so awesome!! Thank you for your love and support. Yes, I even saw a reptilian hand trying to reach me after it happened, and I’ve once felt their contempt for women, as you said, how they see females as disgusting objects. It’s been a long battle. I’m taking a day at a time as usual, I feel I must rest and be with my light team now. Maybe tomorrow this other bit will be healed already, still aches a lot. I often think these wins won’t change anything but it does and I grow stronger and wiser.
        And yes, they’re liars and use our knowing to throw lies in the middle and deceive us, that’s been the hardest for me, to feel unable to separate their lies from the truth I feel, but it’s been slowly getting easier. I’m asking for invisible help non-stop these days, they are really showing up to help even more. I know the dark are cunning, and I know I’ve been fighting these buggers for centuries, my mind may barely remember, but my spirit knows. I used to fight them with my light cloaked so I wouldn’t be attacked. To walk in their territory with lights on and face them, that was big for me, and the last thing they wanted, females with power…

        Do you know when Lisa Renee writes about the sexual distortion grids and the prototype unity couples? I feel I’ve been doing that for years, it’s not easy tho… seems easy in writing, I would read and think, how great, better than being at the trenches… nope… It’s been soooo hard. I don’t even understand much of it, but it’s like working with a partner I physically never met and we keep trying to unite something in us, something that is not at all the human personalities, and every time there’s adjustments cause we find something like: oh shitz, look, our hearts need clearing, or… crapz, our sex parts are all messed up, or we are not speaking our truths… healing together… and the females have had so much work… and there we go battling to fix it all and try again… to allow equal unions of whole beings to happen in this world… and we never even met, and I’m here alone… and on the other hand, the bond is getting stronger and it feels soooooo safe when I get to focus on it and manage to ignore the dark calling me a witch and how he (or any man) is better off without a witch in his life. And of course, I was a witch… (shockers!) but not evil. (In fact, my old witch sisters and mothers have been of much assistance to me.) but I don’t think there’s an evil bone in me. There’s a very enraged goddess, tho, for sure.

        Again, I’m writing too much. This shall be a non-battle day!

        Thank you giiiiiiiiiiiiant amounts for you support, Denise, you rock. I love how you explain things, I often don’t see the bigger picture like you do, just my little (tough) part… so it does help. Super love and hugs!!!!

      • “Do you know when Lisa Renee writes about the sexual distortion grids and the prototype unity couples?”


        Yes but remember that some of us don’t work in the physical with opposite sex partners at all. Not everyone is needed to do this just as not everyone is needed to do it solo either. We all have our individual missions and learning’s with all this.

        Go rest and recuperate for now. 🙂 ♥


      • Yes, yes, you are right, I’m aware of that. Again, I forgot the big picture, that someone else might understand it should be like that for all. There are many different missions, and it was hard for me to trust my heart on that, still is at times. Thank you for saying that. That’s why you are in charge of sharing the information and I’m not 🙂 I’d make a mess of people’s heads, lol
        Off to read decor mags!

      • Denise, I have thought about it, about why the heck I would make an “agreement” with creatures that I know lie and deceit, and all I can think of is that we needed the location of that place, and of course they didn’t see a little light chick as a threat, so they let me in. And here I was thinking I had stopped being a spy… Of course I would never show up there alone, when it was time, it was me plus an army of lightwarriors. We are smart too, right? (more hugs)
        I think the cramps are easying…

    • Kaisa — After reading your story, first, I am so, so proud of you. Thank you for enduring what you did. I’m so glad that you shared.

      Second, as I read and knew I wanted to comment to you, I wanted to extend some HUGE Mother Earth/Goddess light and love beamed at you! I’m giving you a huge hug of love and gratitude in the name of the Mother of us all.

      Finally, I extend power, healing, and protection and embrace this space with more love and more light.

      May you be safe and whole from this transformation forward (and, I guess, backward, too, seeing as this whole “time” thing works in some forwards and backwards ways, lol)!

      All is one in love and in light.
      Calliope the Muse

      • Thank youuuuuuu 🙂 you gave me a huge smile, Calliope, and I’ve been really needing that. Yes, the Mother, yes, may her love and light and power and wisdom embrace us all. Gratitude hugs to you!!!

  36. kaisa and travis, thank you so much for your beautiful open sharing here. it is so helpful to know that others have these extremely bizarre and negative experiences. we are the innocents, the purehearted ones, and that’s who gets put through this torture.

    kaisa, thinking about what you said about throats on the wall, my healer and friend recently did have her throat cut out in the physical due to vocal cord cancer. my guides told me that this is huge work that is part of the Healing of the Innocents who have been enslaved, raped, tortured, murdered etc. throughout history as has been being discussed here. humans and animals. my friend has lost her voice for those who have no voice. she is also a gifted teacher of energy medicine.

    i have had this etheric demonic rape also, and my uterus and ovaries were surgically removed in 2001. (this seems to be fairly common among us first wavers, even the year!) in my first session with lisa renee, in april 2011, the entire second hour was a detailed healing of the female body parts. when we talked afterward, i mentioned that i had had this surgery and she said this made perfect sense. the etheric imprint of it is still all there, as are my friend’s vocal cords in her, and i think that someday we’ll get them back. i keep hearing about this hell, “this is temporary. you are eternal.”

    all sorts of bizarre attacks and extreme anguish and heart pain … thank you denise for the reminder to just get past it and get neutral. even though it happens every day, constantly.

    travis, i know what you mean about the mornings. usually i can’t force myself to get up, i’m paralyzed and so exhausted as i’m being electromagnetically tortured (which, i found out recently, stops the chakras from spinning and wipes us out … while so many think it’s all about rewiring and such! NOT!), stabbed, poked, yelled at.

    we’re not alone, we will get through this, right? i’m having some tears now for us all, feeling so much love for all of us. blessings and hugs to you.


    • I could not help but to also have tears for all who are experiencing these negative attacks. I can also relate to these experiences and the physical symptoms following. Yes Denise, you are correct in saying that we must basically let it go and move on. This is not that easy tho for some personalities I myself being one. I find that I have to process this stuff and find out what it all means…. This brings me to say that I truly thank you for this site…I needed answers, and here at Transitions and Lisa’s Renee’s site is where I was led. It helped me to realise
      a) that this stuff is real
      b) I am not imagining things
      c) Why it happens to some and not others, oh and so much more.
      Again, I bless you and give thanks

    • Ari, beautiful, thank you for sharing this, I know how hard it is. Sometimes I think we are here trying to put our pieces back together and we can barely remember what they are. And I keep feeling I want it go faster, to end now, and then I look around at the old world and it seems almost stopped in time repeating samsara rounds. The entire thing is so strange. But no, we are not alone and the higher light knows and sees. We’ll make it thru. You are such a brave and beautiful being. Can’t wait to see us all in all our glory. To see this whole world in all its glory.
      Love you very much.

  37. Denise,
    I know that you have written about seeing little monitoring devices hovering around you, that it took a lot of work but you were able to get rid of them, and now I think they have returned again. Well, yesterday, for the first time, I clairvoyantly became aware of something small and sphere shaped with a little ring around it of turquoise and red lights. It seems to follow me from room to room. I have my house protected energetically, and do the 12D protection. I tried a few other things to get rid of it, but it would always return. I am probably going to use some sage today to see if that helps. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks.

    • “Denise,
      I know that you have written about seeing little monitoring devices hovering around you, that it took a lot of work but you were able to get rid of them, and now I think they have returned again. Well, yesterday, for the first time, I clairvoyantly became aware of something small and sphere shaped with a little ring around it of turquoise and red lights. It seems to follow me from room to room. I have my house protected energetically, and do the 12D protection. I tried a few other things to get rid of it, but it would always return. I am probably going to use some sage today to see if that helps. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks.


      Because it sounds like you’ve already tested this thing by trying other methods to clear it…so we’re pretty sure it’s a Negative. Because it’s looking like it is indeed a Negative thing/being/device etc., then you too are going to have to increase your protections as I have. The more ground the Negatives/Team Dark loose, the more determined and resourceful they’re becoming to continue their existence by stealing our life-force energies. Because of this we’re having to increase the diameter of our energetic protection, much like continuing to create larger and more potent mosquito repellant!

      You can use Lisa Renee’s 12 D Shield technique (as shown in her video) for your self and body etc. But you can also use it in this expanded way to protect a room, a whole house, a whole neighborhood, an entire city etc. etc. It takes some strength and focus but it can be done.

      After you’ve got this 12 D Shield built energetically around yourself really well and can see and feel it around you all the time, then envision another larger ring of the platinum colored liquid Light that’s much larger and encompasses the whole room you’re spending your time in. I do this around my bedroom every evening to build it up, then around my entire house and yard etc. It’s literally building etheric rings or additional layers of the 12 D Shield but around room(s), your house, your land, your town/city and so on. The more you do it, the more tangible and strong it becomes on multiple dimensions and layers of reality. Doing this literally continues driving the Negatives farther and farther away from you and your physical environment. And don’t forget to repeatedly say Lisa’s — I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE as it helps us remember who we really are. 🙂


      • Thanks for adding this information, Denise! It’s really helpful to know. I only just got (after about six weeks of daily practice of the 12D Shield) to envisioning the strong platinum light around me! It’s true that it is a bit of work. It takes practice. Knowing that I can build out in concentric rings helps a lot, though.

      • Denise, Thank you for your quick response. I will give the “ring” a try. I had only been using white light in my community, but I am excited to give this new idea a try. Sage seems to have faded it a bit, so perhaps it is not working as well as it was before. Bless you for your help!

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