Feeling Surges from Different Timelines

Expiration Date & Paradigm Shift

Expiration Date & Paradigm Shift


“How close are we, in any given moment, to any of these timelines? I suppose what I mean is, is it normal now to feel the effects of one timeline if one is not currently on track to experience it, or is “feeling” this timeline an indication that one will indeed experience it? I’m not sure if I’m resonating with the Severe Earth Changes timeline at the moment, but I keep experiencing bouts of intense fear and panic about some big catastrophic event like a magnetic pole reversal, although I’m doing my darndest not to focus upon it. It seems to pop up randomly, and I become paralyzed for an hour or two, until I latch onto something else–reading and connecting with the energy of The Temple Master Hotei, for example. :) And then it is as if I never experienced such debilitating fear, until it rears its ugly head unexpectedly a few days later. This all feels bigger than me somehow. Is something happening now, in another timeline, at this moment? I suppose everything is happening Now, but is something big and horrible “close” to us at the moment, perhaps that stunt the Powers are attempting to pull?”


This was in Comments under another article, but because it’s such an important question I wanted to give it the focus and individual space it deserves. Thanks balsamicmoon for asking it. And thanks too Beth for the positive nod to The Temple of Master Hotei .  ❤

Because I’ve known balsamicmoon – Beth online for about ten years now, I’m familiar with why she’s sensing, perceiving and emotionally reacting to a future timeline where there are dramatic Earth Changes. In my 2013 revised edition of The Temple of Master Hotei  I talked in the Introduction about this and other related life/death/ascension lives and timelines and us here now living the Ascension Process. This alone is a multi-layered topic and one I plan on writing much more about from here on out.

Balsamicmoon had a male “past” life in late Atlantis and was alive when the great physical disaster–the Downfall of Atlantis–happened. That male “past” life “self” of hers felt tremendous personal guilt and responsibility for what other Atlantians did that helped cause the physical disasters that destroyed their lands and much else. Her “past” life male self died from the horrific destruction that took place in Atlantis and the surrounding areas at that time. This traumatic “past” life event and its death has bled through into this current life and timeline, and balsamicmoon has struggled for years to untangle this particular past life energy knot. This is why she now feels and often responds to other Earth worlds that do experience escalating and serious Earth Changes.

In other words, balsamicmoon in this timeline resonates unusually well with other timelines and Earth world realities that do experience more severe physical Earth Changes due to her “past” life in Atlantis when it went below the sea and that past life male self died because of it. Balsamicmoon resonates with the other timeline(s) where much larger and more severe Earth Changes DO happen, primarily because of her Atlantian male “past” life death and lingering guilt and huge sense of responsibility in her current life and this Ascension timeline.

Many of us are experiencing very similar sorts of past life bleed-throughs into our current lives in this timeline because of the Ascension Process and how we’ve been pressured–especially over the past 25 years–to finally deal with, feel and heal any and all “past lives” unresolved, not yet integrated stuff. Why? Because the Ascension Process and the ending of the entire massively long Evolutionary Cycle requires that we transmute and clear-out our past karma which is unresolved energies that are typically stuck emotional energies from both this current life and certain “past” lives as well.

Back To Multiple Timelines

Balsamicmoon asked how close we are at any point to these other timelines, and can we feel them, can we be effected by them and so on. Because this happened very recently, it’s still fresh in my mind so I’m going to use it as an example of this.

On August 1st and 2nd, 2013 I felt a large global push and attempt by the human Team Dark members to Bait & Hook as much of the masses around the world as they possibly could. This of course isn’t anything new at all, quite the contrary! However, in 2013 these old tried and true Team Dark tactics of Bait & Hook, and/or Lisa Renee’s great term ‘Smash & Grab’  on humanity are NOT working like they always have before the Expiration Date—12-21-12. There are very important reasons for this which is the primary message behind this article.

I reused my image above in this article as a reminder of where we are now within this Process of compression before, during and for the Nine Months after the Expiration Date. Many timelines with their very different realities and Earth-like worlds have been squeezed together, compressed closer to each other than usual due to the Ascension Process and this great transitional period. Cosmic Awareness has called this time we’ve lived and are still living the ‘Hourglass’  and you can read or reread it here.


We’ve been in the most intense phase of this great transition for a while now but certainly during these Nine Months in 2013! We’ve literally been in the bottleneck area of this ‘Hourglass’ where multiple timelines and worlds have been and still are today all squeezed in close together as we all move through this bottleneck space. For anyone that’s sensitive, empathic, clairvoyant, able to consciously shift from one timeline to another and another and another etc., this current period of us all squeezed together trying to move ourselves and our worlds and timelines through this Nine Month bottleneck area have been able to much more readily feel, sense, See, and be effected by some of those other worlds and timelines all packed in around us and vice versa.

Because of this unusual close proximity of many very different worlds, Earth-like worlds, non-Earth worlds each with their different timelines ALL compressed in close to each other now, some of us are feeling, sensing, seeing, hearing, smelling etc. some of those OTHER worlds and timelines from our world and timeline. This is what I felt and saw attempted on August 1st and 2nd 2013 when Team Dark tried to Bait & Hook people with a new fear about familiar “bad guys” on the “other side of the planet” getting ready to do more “terror” type activities to some humans.

These old patriarchal Team Dark jerks tried, I repeat tried to Bait & Hook the global masses with what they did and said on and around those days I mentioned, but, and here’s the really great difference and point to all this — it didn’t work because it couldn’t hook into anything or enough people to anchor into this world and timeline which was exactly what they were trying to accomplish for their own reasons.  Why didn’t it work this time in 2013 when it always has before? Because there’s so much Light in this timeline we’re in now that the Dark could not hook into and anchor on to this Earth world and timeline. They tried, people panicked briefly, then it all fell flat and continues to disintegrate. This type of old familiar Team Dark tactics are not and will not be able to work anymore in this Earth world and timeline. It will in another or other timelines but not this one for the reasons mentioned. The shoe is finally on the other foot and it feels great!

The next thing I want to share that’s related to this topic of multiple timelines was something that I’ve been extremely aware of because I’ve clairvoyantly seen it, felt it, been aware of it for many years already. It too is one of many timelines still trying to bleed-through and Bait & Hook into this particular Earth world reality and timeline but won’t and for the same reasons — there’s so much Light here now that it cannot hook into and anchor on to this timeline. It has however succeeded fully in another timeline(s) as a primary or core belief system and absolute “reality” there. “IT” is humans greatly desiring to have more and more machines put into their physical bodies.

A few days ago I watched a 2013 TV show talking about this and there were many (primarily males) people talking about how they cannot wait to be able to have machines replace certain physical body parts! This subject is one that’s already well-developed in another Earth world and timeline that, in my opinion, is very Dark because those people can’t wait to shed more of their humanity and become more heartless, less humanly conscious and aware, less human generally and more machine-like.

This potential reality has been crammed down humanity’s throats and minds for decades via TV shows and big screen movies about bionic body parts, computerized brains, nanobots and so on. This is Team Dark doing everything possible to remove more of humanity from humans and Nature from the Earth world. It’s a very dark, very negative, totally controlled Earth-like world and timeline and it has broken my heart for many years… but to each his own.

So we have other Earth-like worlds in their timelines that, during these Nine Months after the Expiration Date (12-21-12) are all squeezed in near each other with some of them trying very hard to bleed into this world and timeline and take over or derail it. Those who are more sensitive to these other worlds and timelines that are compressed in around us now are feeling, seeing, sensing some of them and no doubt being rather confused by it all.

What I want those of you that are perceiving, feeling, clairvoyantly seeing one or more of these other worlds and timelines to keep in heartmind now is that you have the ability, the responsibility, the personal power and awareness to exist within which ever Earth world and timeline you want to exist within now and tomorrow and next week and next month etc! This is another learning aspect of the Nine Month extension period we’ve all been given; to realize that what we focus on mentally and emotionally is what we’re naturally and energetically drawn to and vice versa. If you want or don’t want machine parts in your physical body and that’s what you’re focused on knowingly or unknowingly, you’d better become conscious of your consciousness and what it’s focused or fixated on because that’s the “reality” and timeline you’re attracting via your very mental and emotional focus.

I do not want anything to do with any reality that worships machines over evolving human consciousness and spirituality and so, even though I’ve long seen and been aware that this other world very strongly exists in another timeline, I do not focus on it and let it go its own way. By doing this I’ve acknowledged that it exists and am not suppressing or denying anything, but am consciously choosing to NOT be involved in any way with that world or any others like it. I intentionally focus elsewhere and on what I DO want to be involved with.

What I do is focus on and intentionally direct my imagination towards is the NEW Earth world with its timeline that I see is totally free, balanced, sane, and run by wise empowered spiritual individuals with High Heart as the core reality and all humans and animals are treated with respect and all is shared equally with all. None go without anything. This is the NEW ‘Planet A/B’.

I also focus on the NEW ‘Planet A’  which is a nonphysical 5D Earth-like world reality. I also occasionally focus on a much higher level of being that exists far beyond Planet A but I know I’ve got more work to do here first.

Just like 12-21-12 was a cutoff point and Expiration Date of the old Evolutionary Cycle, the upcoming 9-22-13 date is another cutoff point and end to the Nine Month period. At one level of awareness both dates seem and/or look like nothing at all happened physically. However, the deeper level truth is that both of these dates—12-21-12 and 9-22-13—are very much cutoff points, major Shift points for all of humanity and Earth and life on many, many other timelines on other worlds.

Many of you may not be able to perceive, see, feel, sense or know this immediately (and some of you have and will) but you will increasingly over time. You’ll find yourself seeing and feeling how much has already and continues to change for the better here on this Earth world and timeline and that’s when you’ll know for yourself that these two dates were in fact major Shift points. I’ve talked before about how important it is in physicality for these major changes to unfold slowly over time so that we don’t break under the intensity of it all, but even with time these huge positive changes are happening faster now than I’ve EVER seen in this incarnation and that is great, great news. I look forward to the Comments in this article because a lot of important information can be shared under this important subject.


August 9, 2013

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158 thoughts on “Feeling Surges from Different Timelines

    • This blog entry has resonated on several points.

      Denise, you mentioned: ‘On August 1st and 2nd, 2013 I felt a large global push and attempt by the human Team Dark members to Bait & Hook as much of the masses around the world as they possibly could.’ Although I didn’t feel this on the 2nd, I strongly experienced this on the 5th and have been reeling from the aftermath of the darkness. Once again, all my deep fears and anxieties have bubbled up to the surface (peaking around the 5th).

      The next point you make about machines is something I’ve been fearing and vibing for a while too. Years back, I was reading about the Zoroastrian ‘devil’ entity named Ahriman. Austrian spiritual thinker Rudolf Steiner and another author (whose name escapes me) discuss this. The latter talks about how this entity has manifested inside the computer world. It is the cold hard energy of science pulsating with a dark spirit (what your describe as devoid of heart). I too am guilty of being seduced by this energy but have become conscious that it was starting to sap me of ‘present moment’ and rob me of my humanity. What frightens me most is how people defend their ‘tech’ tooth and nail with no shred of human consciousness and thoughtful reflection (a true sign that that demonic energy has taken hold of them).

      In any case, we’re clearly in for a bumpy ride over the next month. Thanks for providing a safe hub. I will attempt to vibe with a light-filled timeline to get through the dark storms.

  1. Thank you for so clearly explaning how this period of time is working, this time for me the last three year as been up and down with feeling of connection to the light, and then going into dark spaces, battling within myself to stay in the space of light and love, also strong feeling that I don’t have long to live and this really is the releasing of old wore out ways that no longer serve me. Thank you sincerely Denise. Atea dawn

  2. Thank you so much as always for the information, Denise. I always get so excited lately when I get an email that a post from you is up. I am so excited and grateful for the changes that are about to take place. 🙂

    I was pondering the silliest question the other day, wondering what would happen if I kept trying to manifest a new timeline for selfish reasons (I know it sounds crazy but sometimes I still view my own happiness and unconditional love as selfish) that my Higher Self did not want for me because if I was too happy it would stifle my growth, (temporarily forgetting my Higher Self and I are connected and it only wants the best for me) and I started researching how to jump timelines so I could escape my painful situation without harming anyone else. The article I found is a few years old so many of you may have already seen it, but in case you have not here’s the link: http://tomkenyon.com/jumping-time-lines.

    The article seemed to follow Denise’s philosophy that whatever timeline we want to manifest we must focus on it, thinking about specific details and feeling the emotions this new timeline will bring, then releasing the thought out into the universe so it can come back to us physically. Basically, focus on what you want to happen, believe it will happen, and be grateful it is going to happen, and it WILL happen.

    Midway through my meditation I felt some guilt because in Tom’s article he said not to try to manifest anything that would hurt anyone else. I felt bad because, in my new timeline I was focusing on, my current husband had to die for me to be free to pursue my own happiness with my twin flame. I wondered how I could get around this conundrum, wanting happiness for myself but at the expense of another, and then it hit me. My husband’s death WOULD be a good thing for him.

    It will be a release from pain and suffering for the both of us. If you have not read my previous posts, he has stage 4 cancer and has been miserable for years, to the point where he is not interested in sex or affection and has not been for years despite the fact that we are only in our 30s. He tries to control me, not allowing me to leave the house or purchase anything to make up for the fact that he cannot control his own fate. It seems like he merely steals his energy from me. I have shown him loving kindness and tried to help him evolve and make him happy, but he simply is not open to any more growth in this lifetime. Consequently, him staying alive is only holding us both back from growing, so now I can see his death as a positive thing, even though there will inevitably be grief involved.

    Back to Denise’s article, I find it so fascinating that many of you can remember your past lives so it’s easier for you to understand why you are feeling the way you do and can use that information to heal. I do not have these types of visions, but I read somewhere that because I have Saturn in my first house, one of my karmic lessons was to let go of all my guilt and feeling responsible for other people’s happiness and safety at my own expense. One site suggested I was in charge of an infantry where many of my soldiers perished and I thought it was all my fault so I carried that grief and seriousness and rigidity into this life. It makes sense as I have always been overly cautious and mature for my age and drawn to older people who help teach me things before I had the opportunity to make a mistake. I know it’s time to let go of my fear and concentrate in my new timeline for the first time on taking care of my own needs so I am better equipped to help others. How can I tell others they deserve unconditional love if I don’t have it myself?

    In my new timeline when I have the money to support myself I hope to get a past life regression to figure out more and continue to grow. I am so grateful Denise offers all of this advice and wisdom free of charge or I don’t know how I would have been able to make it through this rough time. It makes me want to pay it forward and help as many people as I am able to in my timeline once I have the resources to do so and of course also buy and read Denise’s books once I can afford them :). If any of you have links to places I can get more spiritual growth/Ascension help for free, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Love, Light, and Heart Hugs to all!

    VS 🙂

    • I would love to help you out, Venus Squared, so you can read the books too. I am lucky and have all the money I need 🙂 And we have to help eachother after all. If you like you can send me your home address to my e- mail and I can order the books from Amazon and type in your shipping address so they are delivered to you. Only if you want to ofcourse, no pressure 😉 But if you like it would be my pleassure to help you. I’m not really comfortable writing me e-Mail address here on the Internett for everyone to see, but I was wondering if you, Denise, would help us out and be so kind and send my e Mail address to Venus Squared? That way she can send me an e-Mail with her address if she wants to. Only if it is no trouble for you, ofcourse. Eighter way, thank you so much for the job you do, Denise, and for writing this site! So send me an e-Mail Venus Squared if you like this plan:) Heart hugs for you both

      Love from Norway

      • StarchildFromtheNorth,

        You are so kind and generous to offer, but unfortunately receiving a gift from you would probably raise a lot of questions with my husband and cause more problems than I want to deal with. It turns my stomach to have to write this because I know how unhealthy it sounds and is, but I don’t want to get my Internet privileges taken away as it’s my only contact with the outside world, so for now I’ll just have to wait on reading the books.

        I have faith that my situation will turn around soon! 🙂

        Thank you,


      • I understand completely! I too hope that your situation will change soon, and I wish you the very best ❤ Big Heart Hug to you and everyone else here at TRANSITIONS

      • It may be possible for one of us to “gift” you the e-book versions through Amazon.com, and you can read it through one of Amazon.com’s Free Reading Apps, which is compatible with Macs, Windows 8, and Windows 7, Windows XP, and Vista. I haven’t gifted books to anyone else yet, but I read books I’ve bought for my Kindle on my PC all of the time. If we want to experiment with the Free Reading Apps first, I would be happy to loan you my e-book version for the designated fourteen days; Denise graciously has enabled this feature. I don’t need any other information than your e-mail address to do this. Then, if it works well and you’re able to access the book without any problems, we’ll get you your own copy. I hope you are able to gain more freedom in your personal life soon, but this seems like a good temporary solution. 🙂

      • “If we want to experiment with the Free Reading Apps first, I would be happy to loan you my e-book version for the designated fourteen days; Denise graciously has enabled this feature.”

        I did? 😉 Amazon did it which is fine but I didn’t know anything about any of this book sharing and book gifting through Amazon. Always something new to learn!

        Thanks balsamicmoon for this information as it helps me better understand what Amazon, and probably other companies, are doing now via E-book readers and such.


      • Starchild,
        I have big tears in my eyes right now for you and your very generous spirit. This is something I would do if I had the resources so thank you and I am sending you a Big Hug from Virginia, USA 🙂

    • A suggestion for those who want to help out others who don’t have the funds to buy Denise’s books or other great Ascension literature: You can donate a copy to your local library. Or maybe start a Little Free Library. I know that libraries offer books in e-formats now, too, but I don’t know if the library’s access to those costs anything. If so, a donation of a book in that format might be an option.

    • Dearest Venus Squared,

      Much gratitude and appreciation for providing the link that you did. I had not had a chance to read (or had been aware of) that article. It resonated with me as well; and in a lot of ways confirmed that in following my “instinct” I have already been doing this. Living from the heart, trusting my instinct, choosing to see beyond what is “presented” to what I “know” can be a better outcome.

      It also reminded me of an experience not too long ago when I saw that a dog that had wandered out into traffic was going to be hit… when I turned away, I squeezed my eyes shut, refused to believe that would be the outcome that I would experience, with a HeartStrong NO resounding within me, all through my energy. I turned back to see the suv had plenty of time to slow and stop now, when just a moment before there was no “time or space” for that to happen. This was truly a “choice and feeling” situation… seeing what was going to happen (and actually seeing the outcome in that moment as well), blocking out the moment to go within and Not accepting to experience that outcome. I’m sure that on another timeline the poor little thing had passed; it wasn’t on the one I experienced.

      Thank you again for sharing the link.

      Much Love, Light, and Heart Hugs,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Chrysalis,

        Thanks for the inspirational story! I love animals so much I hate to see them harmed. I have two dogs and switched to vegetarianism a few years ago because I believe their souls are just as important as mine.

        Anyway, thanks for all the light you bring to the comments section on each post. Have a great day! 🙂


      • Dearest Venus Squared,

        I’m glad to share that experience again; I wrote about it more detail in one of Denise’s earlier articles in the comments. I can’t recall which one at the moment.

        I just wanted to say that it really touched my heart (and I’m not using this phrase in the “old” way… it was almost as if my heart vibrated/resonated) when you commented about the light that I bring through what I write. Thank you for saying this. It really affirms for me on yet another level how my “presence” has a healing effect for others. Just as Denise has said recently, how we Lightworkers don’t have to “do” or “say” anything… that we only need to “Be” the Light, and that’s what causes others to be lifted up, or to be pushed further away.

        I look forward to the moment when you let us know that you are (already are in the “now” moment) in a new situation where you can truly spread your wings and be more of your Self. 🙂

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  3. Dear Denise,
    Thank you again for making all that information public.
    I have visited many other timelines. The “me” in those places never felt fully complete or real (by comparison to me here, I suppose). However, now, as we are so far involved into the changes, it makes me experience a kind of vertigo, if I move to fast, go to bed or get up, etc, but it is exactly like the ground is removed from under my feet, and it takes more and more time to come back to this reality, which I know, and I have chosen to experience my ascension from here.
    It is very uncomfortable, but I do not fear it as That too shall pass (my favourite quote for the past 38 years) , and it proves to me how we are all doing it uniquely and individually. As you expressed to, you chose to do it from this reality and I think, we will be asked or geared towards the one better suited for our needs…

    My view of our next step which I call the Tethrial ( a blending of our Terrestrial and Etherical worlds) is very much as you also describe, and the knowledge that it is only another step in many more to come, but each one more superb than the others. What is our meaning of superb, though ? For me, Peace mostly and laughter. I can’t wait, but I thank you for helping along my way and I thank me for believing in you and others like us.

    With so much Love Annie

  4. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for this timely post. I too have been feeling like balsicmoon. In fact, I’ve been getting what I would call ‘death’ signs. And so I started to wonder if maybe I was going to transition out of here. I had a suicide dream where I drank poison in order to leave my body. I also had a dream that Manhattan was under water. So I’ve been having the sense that something big is imminent. After reading this I’m now wondering if what I sense is my death in another timeline. I have two questions: Do you think that major events in different timelines are linked? So for instance, the sinking in Atlantis could somehow be linked to the shift point here of 9/22/13? (That’s just an example). Secondly, do we automatically have fragments of ourselves in each timeline? Do you exist in the machine world or have you ‘left’ that timeline. Can we leave timelines that don’t serve our highest self and in a sense ‘consolidate’ our Selves? (Like my committing suicide to leave my body dream). Won’t we ultimately unify all these? Or will there always be other timelines? Ok, I guess that’s more than 2 questions :). I hope they make sense. This is really helping my process right now, so Thanks!


    • A few years back I had a strong sense of personal death and doom. The “depression” was more like grief than some sort of situational depression. Ultimately it passed but after much consideration I hit on the idea that what caused that period was that I was sensing my own death in a nearby timeline. I have no idea whether this is even possible, but it made such sense to me at the time and actually still does. After more consideration of that idea over the ensuing years, I think that it is possible and that it has to do what that “me” thinks about death and how “in touch” with “my” higher self that particular “me” is. I know I felt grief and fear over the ending of my life and yet, I don’t have that kind of feeling about death in this life. So all I can assume is that that “me” wasn’t as enLIGHTened a being as I am in this life/timeline.

      I really appreciate this subject that Denise has brought out today. I’ve been feeling more connected to the timelines but at the same time, more concerned that I’ll end up on the “wrong” one. So many people are concentrating on the fearful outcomes right now. I absolutely love the focus statement Denise makes:

      “What I do is focus on and intentionally direct my imagination towards is the NEW Earth world with its timeline that I see is totally free, balanced, sane, and run by wise empowered spiritual individuals with High Heart as the core reality and all humans and animals are treated with respect and all is shared equally with all. None go without anything. This is the NEW ‘Planet A/B’.”

      Powerful and very helpful!

      Love to Denise & all!!

  5. Dear Denise and all,
    What has become increasingly and recurrently apparent to me over the past few months is that, at this moment, it is all about one’s personal efforts towards soul growth. Our roles as caretakers ends now. Attempts to rescue and drag along stragglers is no longer applicable. We are each on our own individual path as far as soul choices and free will are concerned. I have repeatedly had to remind myself that it is not my choice, but my husband’s (or my daughter’s) as to where they advance in this lifetime/timeframe. I continue to give them to Source every time I catch myself trying to save them or keep them with me. I must trust their higher selves to know best. Drop that burden Venus Squared, as it was never yours to carry. Love, Cay

    • Wow, such good insight Cay. I have to remind myself that I am not responsible for the *choices* others make. Difficult to do, when they seem to be struggling with the darkness so!!!


  6. Thank you Denise 🙂

    There is a great book by Jennifer Hoffman on this subject, called “The Atlantis Legacy” about healing the energetic imprints from Atlantis that are coming up for clearing now, very helpful…

    Blessings and Love to All 🙂

  7. Just Wow! Compared to the last post you made *which was fine!* This topic was just amazing! How can I put it? I wrote out loads of questions while reading this post and then found myself deleting them because you answered so clearly everything I wanted to know! Thanks!

    So my biggest concern was pretty much; how do we end up in a timeline and what contributes to this? You have clearly explained that it is our focus, mental and emotional focus which draws us towards an appropriate timeline.

    I can’t wait for time to pass now because Most of us on here (all, except maybe a few who come on here purposefully to attack) are working towards more love, more soul, more heart!

    I loved this bit in particular:

    “What I do is focus on and intentionally direct my imagination towards is the NEW Earth world with its timeline that I see is totally free, balanced, sane, and run by wise empowered spiritual individuals with High Heart as the core reality and all humans and animals are treated with respect and all is shared equally with all. None go without anything. This is the NEW ‘Planet A/B’.”

    What I want is so similar! I want a world where everyone is highly aware and evolving in consciousness. Where our main focus besides evolving ourselves is to just help others who need help freely! A world where the power is coming from love, forgiveness and just a genuine desire to help others! Not from revenge or mad power struggles to control others or in any way undermine their free will.

    The thing’s I hate the most right now are control, manipulation and covering up the truth, of mass abuse to innocents and repression of personal power! I want to empower people, not smother them in lies.



  8. Denise, great information. Are you saying that after the “bottleneck” the timelines will get separated enough so that we won’t be feeling the crossover of timeline realities so much? That things will ease up for us and get better as we focus on the reality that we desire? Then what happens after the 9-22-13 point? Thanks

    Sorry, just found the August article about after 9-22-13

    • “…Are you saying that after the “bottleneck” the timelines will get separated enough so that we won’t be feeling the crossover of timeline realities so much? That things will ease up for us and get better as we focus on the reality that we desire? Then what happens after the 9-22-13 point? Thanks…”

      craig & All,

      Yes, after we get on the other side of this second big and incredibly important cutoff date or Shift Point of 9-22-13 (September 22, 2013 Equinox — Nine Months after 12-21-12), all of the different worlds with their different timelines (I keep stressing “different” intentionally everyone) will begin to separate — the Separation of Worlds — and energetically push apart, repel, from each other (thank gawd! 🙄 ). Once finally out of this bottleneck “birth canal”, this will make everyone everywhere feel a whole lot better because then it will be time for each of these different worlds, Earth-like worlds and other things to go their own way, to stretch out and shift into full-time mode of building the different worlds.

      We’ve been in a deep, intense and highly compressed transitional period for a while now all crammed in together in the bottleneck “birth canal”, but once we cross the energetic threshold that is 9-22-13, each of these many different worlds and timelines will literally push apart from each other, separate, and go off into their matching space/place/dimensions etc. and do what they will within their timelines.

      What I can’t wait for is to finally reach this Separation of Worlds point because it will, from our perspective on this NEW ‘Planet A/B’ to use Cosmic Awareness’s term, rapidly be the collapse and permanent demise in this world and timeline of the old patriarchy and all of their corrupt controls and systems etc. etc. That nightmare will be over, ended, EXPIRED, but this changeover won’t be visible overnight keep in heartmind everyone. Their “power” has already ended, EXPIRED on 12-21-12, but there will be a period of transition on this earth world where these old demented sick bastards discover that invisible, nonhuman Team Dark doesn’t have their backs anymore and that there’s a NEW boss in town. 😉 😆 Just enjoy this transition and know that the Light is in charge of the NEW Planet A/B and steering it towards what we of the Light want our NEW world to be. This has been unfolding incrementally since October 2011 but on the other side of the Expiration Date of 9-22-13, things will very quickly begin improving visibly to more and more people that are in this world and timeline.


      • Dearest Denise,

        Bless you for opening up this topic. As we’re finding out, it’s a really complex and diverse topic, with so many layers of it to understand.

        What came to me in reading your response to craig is that where we are now, in the “bottleneck” is sort of like rows and rows of “checkout lines” as far as the eye can see (and even further than that). And that in this time/space TD from every line possible, is trying to shuffle people over to THEIR line. Sometimes they do, and then a moment later the people go back to the line they were just in.

        So after the cutoff date 9-22-13, the “checkout lines” will push further and further apart from one another. And because of this, each world and timeline within each world… (oy, I’m getting how complex this is! until I realize it’s more complex than that!)… will be able to begin to inflate once more, “stretch its arms” as it were, and be more of a solid “focus” moving forward.

        This is really intense for me at the moment. It’s a huge concept for the linear brain (and I consider my brain able to handle a lot of out of the box stuff). Then again, I know there’s been a LOT of stuff pounding me lately; a lot of INTENSE realizations through intense emotions. It feels like life lessons (or it just occurred to me, perhaps I realized part of my “life review” for this lifetime recently), and it feels like a close timeline, and also collective stuff coming out of me emotionally.

        Thank you, Denise. My gratitude to you for your wisdom, guidance, work and Love!

        Much Love, Light and Heart Hugs,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Chrysalis,

        Your symbolism of people standing in “checkout lines” is perfect. 😀 ♥ Thank you for it as I know it too will help more people better understand this complex activity. And yes, people can and do, sometimes in minutes, switch “checkout lines” and go from one to another for a short period and then move back into the “checkout line” (world reality and timeline) that THEY honestly want to be in now.

        And yes, everyone is so ready to stretch out and spread their wings so to speak after being so compressed all this “time” in the bottleneck “birth canal”.

        You’re just becoming more consciously aware of the fact that you’re a multidimensional Being that exists in multiple locations in multiple timelines and dimensions etc. etc. And isn’t it fun? 😉

        Love Hugs,

      • Hi Denise,
        Wow, I would say this Timeline Blog is very timely for many of us right now, I know it is for myself. I agree with Chrysalis, Timeline info has always been so mind boggling for myself, the only aspect of everything that I have been involved in all of these years that I haven’t ever really been able to wrap my mind around. Thanks for taken this topic on and saying that you are going to continue to grow on it. Would you say that we are already occupying the timeline of NEW Planet A/B and that through all of our “Conscious Choice of Heartmind”(love that phrase you created), all that is not in resonance will eventually have to go to other checkout lines(luved that analogy also, thanks for that Chrysalis). It is like when you are in a store and the checkout person needs to leave the register and tell’s the last person in line that they will be closed after that person, no one else is allowed in that line. Also, not being allowed in a line because at some point the resonance will not allow it, like someone with 50 items attempting to sneak into an express lane.
        So, the Timeline and World that we currently occupy is already the NEW World that we all have been striving towards, this is my question. I’ll keep reading comments and see if I can grasp this better. I saw AMEN to those checkout lines being pushed further and further apart so we have some breathing room and Raise My Glass to New Creation, with all those diabolical forces moving into their own personal World/Timeline! How long have we been patiently(or gnawingly) been waiting for that!

      • “…So, the Timeline and World that we currently occupy is already the NEW World that we all have been striving towards, this is my question. I’ll keep reading comments and see if I can grasp this better…”


        Yes, the current world that you and I occupy — plenty of people are in it today with us too but they do not want to be and many of them will switch to different “checkout lines” as is everyone’s choice. But, yes, the world you and I now occupy, and have since October/November 2011, has increasingly become the NEW Planet A/B that’s balanced duality. This doesn’t mean we’re stuck here however as each of us can ascend to Planet A, which is the NEW nonphysical fifth dimensional Earth-like world.

        One way to sense or feel how much we’re currently living in the NEW Planet A/B already is how much and how quickly the “bad guys”, whoever they may be, are being discovered and not allowed to get away with their old crap anymore. All this sort of negativity, corruption, deception, BS, lies, thievery and other evil deeds etc. used to be “normal” and people in positions of power got away with bloody murder time and again. No more however since the Expiration Date. Increasingly since late 2011 I’ve been observing this shift away from the old ways and into the NEW ones of not allowing, not tolerating the negativity to get away with anything anymore. This is the start of the signs that we’re actually in this NEW sane, balanced, honest and much more equal world where duality is indeed balanced and not totally tipped over into the Dark Side like it was before. But, like I said, even this does NOT mean you or I or any of us are obligated to remain in this VASTLY improved NEW Planet A/B and we can push on towards full ascension to Planet A if we choose.


      • Dearest Jeff,

        You’re quite welcome. I’m glad to offer another visual analogy to try to comprehend this very complex issue. My mind (in its unique way) has usually been able to pull conflicting things together in a neat package to understand something complex. The workings of a mind who is a multiple person (as I am, a multiple person in this lifetime), you kind of have to learn how to cooperate and find compromise and understand many different points of view at once. And still, I’m wise enough to know that even with this analogy, that it’s still more complex, layers upon layers that I haven’t realized yet.

        My night have been really intense lately with emotions and resolving issues that may or may not even be mine… and still need resolution. Tackling this issue of timelines, etc. on top of that… indeed it’s intense. However, I need to keep reminding myself to have my brain to “let go”. That I can understand it so much better (things in general too) if I just allow my “heartmind” to present visuals much like the “checkout lines”. Every time I come back to this “checkout line” thing, it really helps me to make it clear in my mind… so my mind doesn’t get quite as overwhelmed. I hope that this analogy continues to help others.

        And Denise, please feel free to use it in the future if you need to. This is a complex topic, and it’s easier I’m sure if you have several places to pull analogies and such from. 🙂

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Denise, what I find interesting, that Congress is on a vacation until around 11 days before the “birth date” and will have to fund the government in a very short amount of time. Not much has been on the news about this. Given that the last ‘sequester’ slipped by without much notice then I think perhaps this will also.

      • I loved this bit:

        ‘Their “power” has already ended, EXPIRED on 12-21-12, but there will be a period of transition on this earth world where these old demented sick bastards discover that invisible, nonhuman Team Dark doesn’t have their backs anymore and that there’s a NEW boss in town. 😉 😆 ‘

        Sounds fantastic!

  9. Wonderful information. I hope and pray that we all may be able to consciously enter the higher awareness of the A timeline with our best intentions.

    I believe I may have watched the same TV program that you mentioned, the one I saw was on a newer series called Joe Rogan Questions Everything. I found it striking, not because of the material but because of how familiar I was with the material and how differently I now feel about it than I did four or five years ago. Before I was aware of our intricate connection with all of creation and our higher spiritual purposes, collectively and individually, I was what many of the people interviewed on the program referred to themselves as; a transhumanist. A person who believes that humans have reached such a technologically advanced state that the only thing that makes sense is for us to take control of our own evolution through such things as computer chip implants, gradually modifying and even replacing our body parts with technologically ‘enhanced’ components. Last but not least, what I considered the holy grail of the transhumanist movement- genetic manipulation.

    At the time I had moved away from my spirituality to the point where I had become so firmly rooted in logic that science was the only place I could find meaning, and boy was it lacking. I think I was so taken aback by the program because I no longer agree with such transhumanist ideas and the change, I realized, had occurred since January 2011 when my higher self knocked down the door of my stubbornness to wake me up. Now I consider genetic manipulation to be a terribly dangerous and foolish idea of which the consequences no one could know! And transhumanism if pursued to its fullest potential could lead to the downfall of mankind. It would do exactly what you said; remove us from our humanity. A person is not meant to live forever and the detrimental slow-down of soul evolution that would incur if people could choose how long to live could be terrible.

    Reading this post gives me a good appreciation of just how close to other timelines we are when I don’t usually perceive them directly. I imagine I was on the verge of pursuing a future that is so different than the glorious one I imagine now. One where mankind is disconnected from their hearts and people are pitted against each other as the ‘enhanced’ and the ‘naturals.’ It is a dark timeline indeed, and it is devoid of real truth, I know. I am so thankful that I and many others have woken up and can see how harmful altering the genetics of naturally evolved life can be. There is a plan for each and everyone one of us that involves coming home. Not making the home that our deluded egos perceive to be superior. I suppose there is a fine line between the two and it takes wisdom to see what motive one is acting from.

    Thank God for the great light anchoring that has been underway! It makes all the difference.

    With love and light,

    • “…I believe I may have watched the same TV program that you mentioned, the one I saw was on a newer series called Joe Rogan Questions Everything…”


      Yes, it was that TV show I watched recently.

      “…And transhumanism if pursued to its fullest potential could lead to the downfall of mankind…”

      That and worse because these machine humans travel out into deep space and mess things up for other forms of life elsewhere! Everything about this is so, so wrong on multiple levels.

      “…Reading this post gives me a good appreciation of just how close to other timelines we are when I don’t usually perceive them directly. I imagine I was on the verge of pursuing a future that is so different than the glorious one I imagine now…”

      And you are very fortunate to have heard and heeded your Higher Self in 2011 and were able to switch from that profoundly dark potential world reality you were headed for and get yourself on this one. Very well done you and your Higher Self! 😉


  10. Hi Denise. I am walking with more awareness now. I learned that as my typical behavior patterns emerge when stressed… pay day, pay bills, and a doctor visit with co pay is a time of vulnerability and I can slip into victim. No, make that JUMP headfirst into victim! At first I didn’t realize it as the role of victim. Just anger, frustration. However I caught myself and just let go. Stopped. Realized there was nothing I could do and this illusion that I can make a difference through struggle, fighting, resisting and fear steers me along a path I don’t want. I discovered that surrendering when stressed was the best thing ever and I had a good day… till I got home… and I chose to pursue things when too tired to do so and got caught up in the news again about financial issues when thankfully I realized it all over again. So being aware of timing and choices for doing certain things, maintaining awareness for sensitive areas and being conscious of them so one can make better choices is what I need to do.

    Regarding artificial intelligence that you brought up seems like a long forgotten concept. While as a kid I liked the Bionic TV heroes and such, I was never lured into thinking about imagining things like to be real or wanting them to be real except maybe for people who lose a limb and are supported as they are today. I always felt total and complete repugnance about the concept of artificial intelligence and machines and such. Your article made me recall reading many years ago that there was a chance we could go that way….and I sure did not have the comprehension about what that meant, but nothing in me could conceive of such an existence.

    I am grateful for your brief to the point paragraph describing what you want for our new worlds, because it is what I want too. I am grateful for your simplicity! Sometimes the theme seems to get lost in the shuffle or I am so focused on particular aspects I totally forget the deeper WHY or WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, the REASON for the WORK! 🙂

    You have provided deeper understanding and reason for looking into my consciousness and what’s going on in there.

    A long time ago I was told there was a reason for one’s affinity to times and places on this earth and that as we released these connections/karma, etc… so would the affinity be released. It seems to me that many things I had a great fascination and affinity for no longer excite me. England, I had a big thing for England, a huge pull and deep feeling when I watched any BBC show and certain locations. Now I still enjoy England and the BBC shows but that other thing is not in me. My fascination for Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, etc… all gone. A long list, but all gone or neutral now.

    And it’s interesting how different it seems about the things one does not like! Or fear deeply about. Same thing but not fun. Oh the fear and trembling!

    Thank you Denise so very much.

    • “…A long time ago I was told there was a reason for one’s affinity to times and places on this earth and that as we released these connections/karma, etc… so would the affinity be released. It seems to me that many things I had a great fascination and affinity for no longer excite me. England, I had a big thing for England, a huge pull and deep feeling when I watched any BBC show and certain locations. Now I still enjoy England and the BBC shows but that other thing is not in me. My fascination for Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, etc… all gone. A long list, but all gone or neutral now.”


      I covered some of this info in my Comment reply to Craig and a couple others so I won’t repeat it here. I do want to touch more strongly here with you about the bad old Team Dark thing called Victim/Victimizer and added to that the exiting Piscean Age which was easily distorted into further Victim/Victimizer stuff and Piscean “martyrdom” stuff too.

      I too have personally battled with this old planetary negativity of easily and repeatedly “falling” back into being the “victim”. Stopping doing this and stopping allowing it to happen repeatedly was comparable to when I stopped smoking cigarettes many years ago! It took real effort and work on my part to NOT fall, drop back down into the old familiar zone of feeling and believing myself to be a “victim” of whatever the latest miserableness was. I repeat — it took real work and honesty on my part to NOT let myself go there and/or get pushed or pulled or derailed into “victim-hood” again and again.

      But, once I got my mind aware of all this and informed the rest of “me” that this was no longer going to be my reality for any reason whatsoever, things changed, with some work and effort but it was the most worthwhile self-improvement program I’ve ever put myself on! 😉 It’s so empowering to NOT be or believe or expect or think that one is a “victim” of anything or anyone.

      And now about why you’re not so enamored with Atlantic, ancient Egypt etc.; because you have integrated them into this version of “you”. You’ve integrated more of your personal Soul Library into this version of “you” so you have access to your Library of Higher Knowledge, Abilities, Memories etc. etc. We’ve all been doing this in varying degrees and for the same reason during this compressed Ascension Process. Very well done you! ♥ 🙂


  11. Denise,
    Wow!!! You are on fire. Your last many articles are spot on once I understand as fully as I can. I get so entrnched in the internal/external battles that I think I’m going down for sure this time–i then receive a post from you and you put it all in perspective for me. I so dream of a planet A/B exactly as you described with a heavy emphasis on freedom, honesty, integrity where all needs are truly cared for. Oh my I long for My problem is getting caught up i the leaky timelines I do not want to be a part of–like losing everything. I have basically nothing left except my faith

    Then I have these beautiful images of being in a spirt world- what you call planet A but it feels like I have more to do even if I am just about homeless now. I have to leave arizona (thank god) and back to va. I lost everything here except my animals and I was feeling like I just couldn’t go on or care anymore. I thank you more than you could ever know for this. I am so close to giving up. Thank you for the detailed explanation of these energies. Half the time I get hijacked and forget.

    Please excuse the choppi.ess of my post. I only have this cell phone.

    I love all of you for being here.

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    As always, Denise explains the complex and often confusing present and near future reality in a calming, common sense way. Often the comment section is an education on its own as well. So, I am sharing this with much gratitude to Denise and her entire community.

  13. My new timeline is beautiful, I see it, feel it, imagine it as often as possible ……. There are no roads, no traffic, no shops, no cities ………. It’s Heaven on Earth ……….. Abundant meadows full of wild flowers, grazing animals (in small numbers), I can see the nature spirits, and of course the unicorns (ok, I know, I have a magical imagination). The temperature is perfect everywhere, there is no night or day, just perfect living conditions ……. no kitchens or bathrooms (hooray) ……. no cleaning to do, no ironing, no cooking, ……….and I can FLY …… I have a ‘home’ that has crystalline walls that change colour at my will, my clothing is simple but beautiful and can also change colour. Of course there are also my three magnificent Moons, and yes, they appear in a daylight sky !

    That, in a nutshell is where I am heading, no diversions, …….. I do hope I meet some of you there …….. In Paradise 💖 🌞 🌎 🌺 🌹 🍄 🌸

    • “…no kitchens or bathrooms (hooray)…”

      😆 Absolutely Hope! Thanks for the giggles cause I’m sure ready to be done with both kitchens and bathrooms too! 😀


      • Yuhuu YES. Done with the above mentioned would… pardon, WILL be perfect.
        Love this vision, love the Unicorns and 3 moons. Gotta get more creative on “decorum” :D, so far I’m holding intent on Unity, Love, Living in Nature … you know, the basic framework 🙂 So, thanks, time to finetune some beautiful details !
        Love and many Bubbles ❤

  14. I once read about a gentle little man, who kept going into ecstacy whenever he saw(perceived) humanity taking a big leap towards Infinity(ecstacy), (where he felt we belonged, and eventually Realize). Humanity going Up…Up…and In. How happy he would be right now! Our love is with you Denise. We are with you.

  15. Wow, that is so interesting and scary! We already screw things up all the time and we’re not even “enhanced!” Prayers to deep space and yay for Light Mission accomplishments!


  16. Denise,

    I have a question.

    If you jump to an alternative timeline, are you jumping physically or do you exist in multiple timelines at the same time and is it just your soul focus (for want of a better word) that changes?

    If so what is animating you on the other timelines or have I missed the point somewhere?


    • “If you jump to an alternative timeline, are you jumping physically or do you exist in multiple timelines at the same time and is it just your soul focus (for want of a better word) that changes? If so what is animating you on the other timelines or have I missed the point somewhere?”


      Nigel & All,

      Now that we’re in 2013 on the other side of the previous Evolutionary Cycle, everyone’s going to be hearing me talk repeatedly about shifting out of the old 3D Duality consciousness and into “Unity” or High Heart consciousness (5D). Unity consciousness/awareness can MUCH more easily perceive, see, feel, and hold multiple timelines, multiple dimensions, multiple different aspects of ones self/Self etc. and not become lost, confused or feel diminished etc. because of having this MUCH larger perspective of self/selves/Self and other worlds and timelines and dimensions and so on.

      Because of this major evolutionary shift many of us are going through now (and will for a long time), we’re sort of still on the cusp of the old Duality consciousness and the higher, faster, larger Triality or Unity or High Heart consciousness that is vastly more quantum in nature and can perceive beyond linear time and space.

      I said all that because your question was coming from Duality consciousness and was that either/or, one or the other sort of thing whereas the answer is all that and MUCH more! 😉

      When someone shifts from one timeline to another as in this current Nine Months Ascension related situation I mean, one goes physically if one was physical to start. This is so much easier than most would believe and especially now because of so many different worlds with their different timelines all compressed in the bottleneck section of this Process. This is why it’s so important now to be aware of our thoughts and aware of our emotions because they are the tools that carry a person from one world/timeline into another now! Super important to “Keep the Frequency”, the Higher frequency that each of us individually wants now because our focusing on it will drawn IT to us/us to IT.

      THIS is why Team Dark does everything it can to get as many people to think or mentally focus on what they want humanity to think and focus on. THIS is why Team Dark does everything it can to get as many people emotionally stirred up, worried, fearful etc. as they can because those emotional energies humans generate in reaction to whatever Team Dark has said/done/threatened etc., is the fuel that Team Dark uses to help them maintain other worlds in other timelines AND to hijack more humans into it or them too. This has been trans-dimensional “Black Magic” supreme and humanity has been and for the most part still is, clueless about it.

      So no, a living physical human can now rather easily change from one timeline/world to another timeline/world and many people are doing this and don’t even realize it. This is physical and in-body and one can move from one “reality” with its timeline into another via their focused thoughts and emotions focused intensely on whatever it is that they strongly believe and/or focus on. It’s that simple now and that dangerous too for many.

      Now I’m going to change gears a bit within this topic to try and clarify the main difference between different worlds and timelines and probable or parallel realities. Probable realities have and still do exist — and here comes the big difference — within the same world reality and timeline that you do in this incarnation. Whereas other worlds, other Earth-like worlds with their different timelines are totally separate from each other.

      In probable realities a person can in this life on this world in this timeline make a choice one day to say, move to another country. From the point when this happens physically, a “probable reality” has been created by the person and in one reality this person moves to another country AND simultaneously, this person also remains where he/she was living before they decided to move. Because of this decision to move to another country (or whatever big change is made by the person), there begins two different “realities”; one “reality” branches off in one direction while the other branches off in a very different direction. But, both happen, both live, both express in their own ways within the physical Earth world reality. I hope I’ve expressed these two things well enough… if not let me know and we’ll dig deeper. 🙂

      The thing that “animates us” in other timelines is the same thing that “animates” this version of you now and that is Source/Divinity and your Higher Self etc. There isn’t a version of you or me somewhere that’s zombie-like in other words. “God” or Source or the All That Is as I prefer is far, far more complex and creative than this, and as I said earlier, due to our ongoing evolution we’re growing into being able to perceive these other levels of being and “reality” and “time” and quantumness and Spherical Consciousness instead of Linear Consciousness and so on. All of these topics are the NEW teachings that I’m very excited to finally be able to get into. ♥


      • “Now I’m going to change gears a bit within this topic to try and clarify the main difference between different worlds and timelines and probable or parallel realities. Probable realities have and still do exist — and here comes the big difference — within the same world reality and timeline that you do in this incarnation. Whereas other worlds, other Earth-like worlds with their different timelines are totally separate from each other.”


        Thanks for going more deeply into all this.

        If I’m understanding it right, on 9/21 there will be a final splitting of earth worlds, meaning we and all of our probable selves will then be on a different world altogether, having no probable selves at all on any of the other dark or descending earth worlds, We will be 100% on an ascending world and timeline, and the others will be 100% on a descending one.

        One thought I had though is if no probable selves remain — if there’s no overlap between the earth worlds that are splitting apart, won’t some people then seem to be missing after the final split on 9/21? How will this be explained to those wondering where everybody went? You didn’t actually say it was going to happen that way of course, but that thought popped into my head as I read what you wrote about different worlds and probable selves and the final splitting apart of the earth worlds on 9/21.

        My feeling is that the final sorting out is going to take a lot longer than that, it will happen through attrition, taking many years for all the regressives to finally die off, leave this new world and be reincarnated onto one of the other dark, descending worlds. They will fall from power in this timeline perhaps relatively quickly, but they could still be around making noise for quite a while longer, until they finally die and then go elsewhere. I wish they would be gone instantly, but as I say, that’s not what I’m actually feeling or sensing in terms of the timeline I’m currently on.


      • Wow Denise, I read all of this comment that you explained so well and I think I get it and then I become confused again. This comment that you made “…within the same world reality and timeline that you do in this incarnation.” Is there a “Main” world reality that we all have been residing in these past years, like a “No.1 Reality ” When I read about this so called terrorist plot in the beginning of August, as you stated also, I didn’t buy into it and saw it for what it was immediately. I did not go into any negative reactions such as fear. Were these Forces who planted this information trying, for example, for me to go into fear and then jump onto their lower vibrational timeline. Also, I assume some of these what would be called Dark Forces, that some of them are still occupying this Main World that I occupy at this time. I would assume when the Light Resonance is at a certain quotient then they would have to jump Timelines for their agenda to continue. I hope this is making some sense, as I said, this can really confuse me but also I understand that I am trying to process this thru the mind which is part of that cusp of Duality that we still occupy. I would say the reasons for my wanting to understand is that I am still dealing with some physical issues, much different as of late and though not as many symptoms, what remains even more intense at times. Understanding helps me to then switch into the Heartmind. i guess it has to do with coming out of all these past years of intensity and looking for some coherence with.everything that I have been through. Thanks for your time Denise!

      • Hi Denise,
        I read your response to my other entry and did some searching on the different Planet A, B, NEW AB scenarios and feel it has finally all congealed together in my mind so I feel I have my answer to the questions in the above entry to yourself. One last question, am I assuming correctly that Planet A is non physical, I think I read that somewhere. So we would not be in Form on Planet A??????????

      • Jeff,

        Correct, Planet A is nonphysical as it’s completely within the fifth dimension. This means that those of us that “ascend” to that level/location/space etc. now will also become nonphysical Beings with the ability to, if we desire, temporarily put on our old familiar Jeff coat or Denise coat to intentionally manifest within the NEW Planet A/B to help or teach whenever desired/needed. Then we can easily remove that physical “coat” and return back to 5D Planet A at any time. We’ll have this option as do most nonphysical 5D Beings/ETs/Starbeings etc. It’s all about ranges of frequency… 🙂


      • Hi Dearest Denise…So per this 5th Dimension subject and recent post??? (I know, sooo sorry I’m here again with another question. I keep picking your “Brilliant” brain 😦 )
        So…All that “new age” mainstream talk about entering the 5th Dimension, how we must all be prepared to move there, bla, bla …right?? So of course we take what they say with a grain of salt at this point and go straight to the real sources of updated info….YOU, Lisa etc… 🙂

        So, as I understand it in one of the recent posts here (sorry I forget the name of person who wrote 😦 …..If we Ascend to the 5th dimension and we are no longer in Physical form at all anymore?? Doesn’t that mean we are leaving earth, going to die Kaput!? And if so wont most of us not be here anymore to do our work on Earth?? I’m confused??? And what is meant by we can go in and out to help here??? I thought that since we are becoming our Multidimensional selves and going through this whole Ascension Hell process etc, etc and we can decide to stay in physical form as well as be multidimensional so to do our work on this earth plane level and help etc?? I for instance one is Ascending to 5th dimension and/or beyond anf if this means we must leave earth in the porocess who is going to be left of us here to carry on our missions and work??

        Also…this below may or may not be related to this paricular subject and more Ascension symptoms related. So please eliminate this part if you feel its inappropriate topic here.

        These past 5-6 days or so anyone else here going through “Ascension and/or Activation” symptoms?? You know the whole intense inner vibrating crap, pulsating aching pains twinging in between, moving around body, this time lower back to sides radiation to front female organ area every now and then…anyway you get the drift i’m sure. However, I also think I did a soul transit the other day (first one I was “aware” of) and doing alot of intense work lately with 12D shield fear core removal health upgrade and familiarizing with the HGS session work…Whew!!! So maybe related to that?

        Love, Love Love and…My Deepest Appreciation and Respect for your Time, Work, Light and Brilliant Mind!! 🙂 ) Hugs

      • Thank You so much Denise as this is exactly what I have been waiting for, as I am sure so many others have been also. It made me cry a tad as I thought, This is it, it is finally going to happen, this is the final juncture on that Long And Winding Road!To think that when I would put on that “Jeff coat” again, it would be totally upgraded. YAHOO to that! Denise, I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I feel I will want to put on that coat again and return to New Planet AB to Help but only when most of the negative forces that have enslaved humanity for eons have gone, I am so done with their bullshit. Also, I want a long period for Soul rejuvenation and regeneration. So needed!
        I would also like to Thank You for your Total Selflessness on your blog. I have noticed how your Strength, Tenacity, and Absolute Dedication for putting out Your Truth continues to grow by leaps and bonds. In these past weeks you have helped me to maintain my Faith and Hope in this entire process. I Love You and all here at Transitions for all you have offered. Transitions has become a Family to Myself in these times of intense compression as we area awaiting the pivotal time of Birthing.
        I Salute everyone for your tireless Dedication on your personal path!

      • “Thank You so much Denise as this is exactly what I have been waiting for, as I am sure so many others have been also. It made me cry a tad as I thought, This is it, it is finally going to happen, this is the final juncture on that Long And Winding Road!To think that when I would put on that “Jeff coat” again, it would be totally upgraded. YAHOO to that! Denise, I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I feel I will want to put on that coat again and return to New Planet AB to Help but only when most of the negative forces that have enslaved humanity for eons have gone, I am so done with their bullshit. Also, I want a long period for Soul rejuvenation and regeneration. So needed!…”


        That was great and something I’ve gone through myself for the past few years. Believe it or not, when we’re more embodied many of us that couldn’t wait to get the hell outta this shit hole of Negativity, will amazingly feel exactly the way you just described. We’ll WANT to either stay in the NEW balanced Planet A/B for a while to be the NEW Spiritual Teachers etc., or for those of us who ascend to nonphysical 5D Planet A, we’ll be more than willing and able to come back to Planet A/B to do the same. On this side of the Fence we want outta here like nothin’ else, but, on the other side of that Fence many of us will be happy to come back and help the others complete this final leg of Ascension.

        Because right now we’re still so exhausted, so traumatized, so disrespected etc. due to having come here from 5D and higher, down into a totally Dark and Negative controlled Earth world to help embody and anchor the Ascension Process into this timeline for humanity and Earth and far, far beyond into the “future” and other dimensions and for other “selves” 😉 (guess who you might be to another aspect of “you” living elsewhere in that Dark “future” you mentioned? 😉 — we only want outta here. But, as soon as the NEW embodies even more than it has so far, many of us won’t feel so exhausted, so disrespected, so hated, so all of it and we’ll be back here to continue teaching and helping, guiding but in this NEW way minus Team Dark.

        I love you too and every time any of us makes these big, important leaps forward in our growth/wisdom/Light/awareness etc., I feel The Work has all been worthwhile. What else is there to do anyway? 😉

        ♥ Hugs,

      • Brilliant discussion, I understand it and it means a lot to me 🙂 ‘It’s finally happening!!!!’ I look forward to it so much now!

      • And to reply to what Denise wrote:

        ‘The thing that “animates us” in other timelines is the same thing that “animates” this version of you now and that is Source/Divinity and your Higher Self etc. There isn’t a version of you or me somewhere that’s zombie-like in other words.’

        Made me laugh out loud! Because I was also imagining something like this…a sort of ‘main ME’ which was ‘here’, and other zombiefied clones trancing about in alternate realities! It’s a concept which is just above my awareness.

        I also, have struggled to grasp the concept of ‘multiple timelines’, but I’m starting to see now that multiple timelines are occurring with all of our conscious choices…and that aspects of ‘US’ are actively living in these realities (there must be an awful lot of realities, would it be fair to say the realities multiply each time someone makes a conscious choice?), but there are MAIN earth realities which each contain many timelines (A, A/B/ and B)…I feel as if over the past year I have definitely sensed glimpses of ‘other timeline realities’, because of occasional drops into despair and feeling the world is going into a terrible place, followed by moments of intense hope and that everything will be so positive – these transitions actually happened much more often a couple months ago, what’s happening lately is more like my higher self has gone ‘Right, you’ve made your choice to go to the A/B timeline…it’ll be OK…now work on your inner-darkness and healing ego problems!!’

        Phew. I’m sure plenty of you on here can understand this all too well! I’m pleased to say that all my family are going to the same, more positive place – my intuition tells me about that, and I can see life arranging for them to become more spiritual…increasing the intensity of their ‘lessons’ and pushing them towards the light. I’ll act as a guide for them when I’m more developed too, and OTHER humans who are more developed than me will be teaching/helping me 😉

        But when I try to explain to others my sudden feeling of relief (as I feel grounded into a positive future time-line), they have trouble believing me. It’s like a lock has been snapped into place and I’ve agreed to move into this balanced timeline and it’s pretty much unstoppable now! We’ll get help from the higher frequency energies to speed up our ego-healing and inner-work (as has been already happening).

        Peace to all of you.


      • Hi Jamie,
        I so agree with your final paragraph which started with, “But when I try to explain to others my sudden feeling of relief …”! I could not have put my feelings into words any better. That “lock that has been snapped into place” and now it has taken a direct course on that timeline of it’s own volition! For myself, I am becoming more “antsy” by the day to fully exist on that New Planet A/B Timeline. Waiting for that one “door opening” so I can bust through fully and then really start “Living the New”!

      • Thank you for your reply Denise.

        Probable / parallel worlds – this is what has always been in place for incarnating in the old 3d. Although we appear to only experience one timeline during an incarnation, our higher selves experience all of the probability timelines that are created by our existence in that incarnation.

        Other world timelines – able to shift to by clearing out old mental and emotional blockages (plus miasms and indoctrinations) that we have carried over from other lifetimes and created during this lifetime. Thereby lightening our load and allowing ourselves to come into balance and our frequency to rise.

        Hope I’ve got it right,


  17. Much Gratitude for this post Denise. And to all who commented. I saw it this noon, after trying to figure out why I’ve been feeling bouts of anxiety in the last 2 days. Something that I was really free of now.
    It makes so much sense.
    Much Love to all, thank you for all this 🙂 You have no idea how much it makes a difference!

  18. Hi Denise,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you once again for ansewring balsamicmoon’s question so thoroughly for all of us! All this his information and the images here really help tremendously in understanding how this works!! You are amazing! I’m just in awe how Star Seeds like you Lisa Renee (I’m an ES member)…are so spiritually advanced, yet at the same time you’re able to understand, process, explain and illustrate in human lanquage with such clarity all this unbelievably technical, scientific information! My left brain goes into spasms just thinking about how you guys process and write about all this so clearly so fast! Whew!!!

    Anyway, I also want to say thanks Balsamicmoon for asking this question! Ateadawn and Mary’s comments hereresonate deeply with me as well! I too have same feeling that come and go which I do my best to work through and refocus my mind. I’m an elder (same exact age as Denise) Intuitiver/Empath, Creative Channeler, Healer all my life, and Highly Earth Sensitive. Needless to say I’ve been experiencing Ascension Hell for about 10 years now (probably longer as I didn’t have alot of knowledge or information about it until last year. Thanks again to Denise I’m now fully immersed in learning all I can and intergrating into my work in order to serve and help others in taking back their God given freedom and power!!)

    Anyway…as I’m sure almost everyone here has at one point or another experienced the Health Anxiety and fear that we’re dying or going to soon that’s triggered by the bizaar Ascension symptom amnd pain that are unexplained. for me working through this fear stage was a very intense process. As a healer i felt unable to even continue helping others as I myself was in this state of instability not knowing what the hell was going on in my body! (I’m reassembling a practice and hopfully will resume work in Sept). In any case now after all that work to get beyond that health fear I felt like I was finally home free.
    Well…if its feels too good to be true it usually is, Especially when it comes to this Ascension Cycle!!! I’ve found that now I’m still still from time to time feeling these waves of fear about some sort of gloom and doom incident happening? Like Mary, Alteadawn (and I’m sure others) from day to day I never know what will trigger or bring a sign that gives me a feeling of death. I’m just beginning to do intergration work and I feel like i’m also doing some soul transiting etc now too. So..thing is at this time when all the timelines are compressed together I can’t tell whether I’m feeling my own death that was in a past lifetime? And/or to am I (as an Empath) feeling the passing that may be coming for others around me, groups who will be transiting and/or feeling the call from those who have already passed, stuck and calling to me to help them transit to the light???

    What you’ve so eloquently explained here, about how close we are to other timelines (bottleneck) and how we are feeling from past lives, etc resonates deeply with me. However, being highly Empathic…in my just beginning to do work (awarely) helping transit lost souls, polarity intergration, etc, can also confuse things for me a bit too sometimes whether or not these death feelings and signs hold personal meaning for this lifetime??? Or related to the abovementioned work I’m now doing with other beings who have passed, or may be choosing to pass after Sept with the upcoming Separation of Worlds??? Also in my personal life (family, friends) I’m still mostly surrounded by 3D mentality. Its often difficult remaining a Neutral Compassionate Witness when I think about the fact that some of them may choose to leave. I may be feeling and sensing signs of that too which is also quite unnerving. I do my best to inform, enlightenen them about what is taking place now in our world inasmuch as they can comprehend and/or are willing to accept.

    In any case, I certainly don’t want to leave this planet NOW!!! I mean considering I’ve gotten this far (with all this Ascension Hell I’ve already experienced, survived) and the tremendous amount of inner work I’ve done and still doing on a daily basis to continue staying on the Spiritual Path and to “connect more of the dots” in order to be able to know for certain my soul origin, my exact role in this mission, etc, etc! And now, with all this additional Advanced Knowledge, Wisdom and Resources I’ve been gifted with this past year (by you Denise, Lisa, and other star family members) to assist me on that mission is allowing me the opportunity to go even further to serve on a higher level!! I feel in a sense its a whole new beginning/life for me now, in being able to join forces with my newfound Star Family/Pathcutters, Guardians, etc. So we may band together to serve our planet and all those beings who will need healing and support on their own personal journey during this very profoundly intense period!! Isn’t it what this incarnated life is all about for us Pathcutters? An opportunity for us all to fullfill our personal missions in Unity with One Intention…To free humanity during this Cycle for this timeline???!!

    If you feel anything concerning the above questions and have the time I would greatly Appreciate if you can shed some of your Beautiful Light and Wisdom on the above subjects?

    With Deepest Love, Gratitude & Blessings?

    • Sandra, just to tell you your beautiful words touched me, and I thank you for this !
      I feel so much pure Kindness from you.
      Much much Love, You will weave wonderful magic in your (new improved) work 🙂

  19. Denise and all,
    Ha! This post justified my paranoia of machines and runaway technology. Even though this makes me laugh, I am serious. I do not want any more immunizations for concern of government intervention in my person. I have warned my daughter about never letting anyone implant a chip in her body (which is where I believe personal identification will go in one timeline) . I have even taken my name off the donor list for body parts (on the back of my driver’s license) so as not to lose a part of myself to another who may become mechanized in the future. Selfish and paranoid, or prudent? Food for thought. Cay

    • “…Selfish and paranoid, or prudent?…”


      Wise, empowered, and not being duped and/or emotionally manipulated by the Powers That Were.

      This is something I’ve wanted to bitch about for ages so I’m gonna do it here. 😉 It’s not directed at you Cay, just using this space/place to vent on this topic.

      When has our government EVER given away and pushed so hard too, to give the masses injections for free? And of course no one really knows what’s actually in those free injections (so-called vaccinations against the flu.) It’s been very easy with just this issue to see, sense that the government has desperately tried to get as many people in this country to let them inject an unknown substance into their bodies with the catch being it’s “free” to everyone everywhere. I don’t even want to say what I suspect has been in those free “flu” vaccinations… 😦

      I agree 100% to keep our body parts, our power, and our minds/awareness etc. and realize that we’re naturally evolving into being able to consciously “heal” or correct or adjust whatever we may need to in our own physical bodies.


      • Dearest Cay/Denise,

        Thank you, Thank you (!!!) for bringing up this topic. It may have occurred to me at some future point; it’s nice to have these issues brought front and center to be resolved as soon as possible though 🙂 Of course, as we’re re-learning how to fully heal ourSelves, why on earth (any life-affirming one, anyway) would we choose to give up any of our body parts to help another… when we all have the ability to heal our selves! It’s such a desecration of our Selves to “donate” our physical selves to others. And who is not to say that the person who is “ill”, that it isn’t their time to return to spirit? How would it help anyone to learn about self sovereignty to step in and give a piece of their physical body?

        I am definitely going to be updating my license where that is concerned… as you have “updated” my further understanding of things!

        As a side note to this, I have chosen to not vaccinate my cat for years. She is an “indoor” cat, has not been “ill” (except for when I first adopted her), and is as healthy as she can be through the Ascension symptoms. I see no reason to subject her to stress and junk being injected into her. I love her too much to do that; even though it’s a “law” (certainly not a life-affirming one!). I haven’t had a vaccine for, I can’t even tell you how many years it’s been. Probably since school? I hardly ever get sick (used to be sick a lot more back then); and if I do, it’s related to stress usually. Just something else to think about.

        My gratitude to you both for bringing up this issue!

        Much Love, Light, and Heart Hugs,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Chrysalis- I too, have not vaccinated my animals in years.. But if my dogs or cats need emergency care the law in Florida demands they get the rabies shot or if you have to board the kennel cough shot.. Blessings

  20. hello denise, for two days now, i can’t download your blog onto a browser – using both internet explorer and google chrome. i am at a friend’s house, so they may have certain blocks activated, and i know that i’ve tried in the past downloading spiritual sites that some internet services have classed as porn… whatever!!! but just wanted to let you know in case it’s a wider problem – had really wanted to read the many comments you are getting at the moment, as well as your new post!!!no need to reply to this, just wanted to send fyi, big hug, cxx

    Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 21:11:22 +0000 To: lotusdreaming@hotmail.com

    • “…and i know that i’ve tried in the past downloading spiritual sites that some internet services have classed as porn… whatever!!!”


      OMFG that’s too much! I’ve never heard of this before… it doesn’t surprise me really, just pissed me off for the moment. Okay, I’m over it now 😆 The lengths that Team Dark will go to try and prevent what’s already happened.

      I hope you can access TRANSITIONS and the Comments again soon because things are rolling now very nicely despite these lameass attempts by The Powers That Were. 😉

      Thanks dearest. ♥

      • And, for a few days there, your site was blocked by my security system as harmful! I found a way around it, but it was a pain. It’s okay now, once again, but I thought the same– Team Dark tactics!

        Love and hugs,

      • Cat,

        Wow, they’re still at it. I’m glad you knew how to get around this tactic and still enter the sacred temple here. 😉

        I’ve heard one or two people mention in forum posts at Rainbow Phoenix that they too have difficulties sometimes being able to get in there. I’d bet this happens more than any of us has known over the years. Last desperate attempts is all it is. Push on my friends, push on. ♥


  21. Sorry Denise, its me again…I go on and on (above) so much for you to read and questions I ask…So let me ask this direct question.

    So with the experiencing of Ascension Symptoms as Bizzaar as ever still coming and going…with the energy sensitivity around others and their physical pains etc…earth sensitivity…the compressed timelines…empatthic abilites at full force picking up everything around like a killer tornado as well as all the pains and aches of others close to us….with the lost souls in line waiting for us to help them transit…with the everyday health worries we may think about (especially at our age and with all the 3D fear mongers in the medical industry inventing, focusing on and announcing new conditions and diseases every day)…and with the upcoming Separation of Worlds and so many beings getting ready to leave…How does one who is connected to so many levels of being/s even begin to determine what, who, how these death signs, sensings are directed for and/or realted to??? I know you’ll have the answer to this one too! : ))

    Love, love, love….

    • “…How does one who is connected to so many levels of being/s even begin to determine what, who, how these death signs, sensings are directed for and/or realted to??? I know you’ll have the answer to this one too! : )) “


      Thank you dearest, I do, and so too will you soon. You will simply know but and here’s the catch, from a higher level of awareness. From a higher level of awareness one simply knows so much more and, from this higher level of perception, one is emotionally okay with what all one perceives because it’s seen/felt/known/perceived in a very different way than how it is from a lower level and state of awareness. I know this because I’ve bounced back and forth between the lower, which is the old “normal” ego-based, left brained intellect etc. and a higher state of being/awareness/consciousness which sees much more and much farther and knows without any emotional drama or trauma… just pure, honest knowing. It’s so simple compared to the old lower ways that are considered “normal” for humanity!

      From this higher level of awareness/consciousness/being and functioning a person knows why there’s things like pain, fear, death, disasters etc. and is NOT effected emotionally in lower ways like panic, fear, dread, victim-hood etc. There is a higher knowing about these sorts of things (and much more of course) but the old lower emotional drama doesn’t exist because one has evolved beyond that particular level of perception.

      Do not misunderstand me here though please because I can hear certain people reading this thinking I’m saying that there’s a heartlessness or lack of compassion, lack of feeling etc. Nothing could be further from the truth! At higher levels of awareness one still feels deeply BUT, because one sees more, knows more of the greater workings behind the Soul’s and Higher Self’s purposes in these seemingly difficult, painful, death or whatever situations it may be, one knows the whys behind these things and THAT is the big difference. One either sees from the ego self of 3D or, one evolves to where one can see/perceive from the High Heart level where much, much more is perceived and known from a deep solid place and all is perfect and good and a way of learning and progressing.

      Hope I explained this adequately so you get a feel for what resided above and beyond these lower levels of perception, belief, and emotional range.

      • Thank you once again Dear Denise for responsing…and sooo quickly!!! Whew!!
        Yes, I do understand that feeling of just “knowing”. I too have experienced that bouncing back and forth between levels. But I suppose I have some clearing to do because lately (and I mean past few years) with all the outside influences, and now especially with this bottleneck phase/compression going etc, etc, going now too. I have to say its become real confusing for me at certian times and I have a hard time keeping at that level of awareness of certainty andd feeling that knowing. I suppose that as long as even the least bit fear is still present we cannot depend on our “knowing” for certain that anything we sense is true. I sure look forward to feeling that certainty again!!!

        What I am certain of is that I know I desire and am committed to serve!
        Thank you again, Denise!
        Deepest Love & Gratitude!

  22. Hi Denise and All,

    Thank you from my heart for this post and all the comments. There is so much here I will need to read again (already did twice!) to get it all assimilated. Denise, I appreciate so much your willingness to answer questions as the learning process expands and expands. I do have a question and I hope it’s appropriate.

    With reference to B. Marciniak’s statement, “You are the Standard Bearer of Your Soul,” it came to me that it’s important to call all of our Soul fragments, probable selves, et cetera, into this timeline so that we may be Soul-complete, so to speak, for the cut-off date of September 22, 2013.

    I had been having dreams to this effect and was ‘feeling’ bits and pieces of ‘me’ wanting to be with ‘me’ and so I invited them to come home. This is so difficult to explain, but it seems all of ‘me’ wants to be with all of Me! Can you help me on this one? Is this something that is part of the process, or am I off base? I have felt nothing Dark as a result of my invitation and in fact, had a wonderful experience of bliss, but since receiving my ‘bits and pieces’ home I have been see-sawing like crazy between up and down….. well, you know. Thanks for your thinking on this and thank you, too, for being here for us.

    Love to you and All, B.

    • Dearest Barbara,

      Forgive me for jumping in here. I felt compelled to respond.

      What you’re describing sounds to me like a multi-dimensional/timeline-of-one-planet soul retrieval. Have you heard of soul retrieval? Indigenous cultures, their “medicine people” are trained in going after a part of someone’s soul that has split off from them after any sort of trauma. I have experienced more than one soul retrievals myself in this life. What you’re referring to though feels to me as a “gathering of ALL of you/You/YOU (as Denise has typed before)”. A gathering of you from other worlds, from other timelines in this world, other possible timelines, etc.

      I Love this “heartmind”! I just had another analogy come up. What you’re describing feels to me as if different parts of you are traveling. Some are taking city buses, other cross country buses, trains, planes, even boats and space ships. And what you’re desiring is for all these parts of YOU to (at the very least) be riding ONLY cross country buses. That way, you’ll still be on the same wavelength, and you’ll be able to play out your many “probable” timelines… but on the same planet. Is this kind of what you’re describing? If so, it makes perfect sense to me. For me, (as a multiple person in this lifetime), I’ve needed to get to know all the parts within me. They would present themselves through some trauma “they” experienced in the “past”, and would be sometimes deathly afraid of me. I had to learn to diffuse their fear, explain and show them that it was ok to let go of that fear and pain, and that “I” could resolve it. Over and over, I needed to learn to do this, to gather all these parts of “me” from their side of fear and panic, to a place where they could relax and start to feel safe for the first time in “years”. So for me, to look at the “multi dimensional” level of “me”, isn’t that far of a stretch 🙂 Perhaps your “see-sawing” has to do with this process that I’ve described… the blending of these different parts of “you” with their very different experiences from “you”, and resolving them within “you”.

      I hope in some small way this helps.

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Hi Chrysalis,

        Thank you for your response. As I was reading it, your check-out line metaphor hit me with a smile. I have, my friend, put all my eggs in one basket in the check-out line and I’m trusting they’re all going to make it without cracking up. My thinking is this, I do not want to incarnate again on any version even close to what we have experienced in this timeline, and so it’s all of Me that needs to be in the Now of the great Supermarket in the Sky. As all timelines happen simultaneously, then all bits and pieces of Me need to be as One to experience ascension/Separation of the Worlds. What I’ve just written hardly makes sense to me, at least not yet, but I have a feeling it will. Planet A, please. It is as is being described here in all the wonderful comments, but it includes space ports! Thanks, again, Chrysalis/Butterfly, and all here. It’s a happening thing for sure. Absolutely great post, Denise, and a heartmind discussion at its best. Love, B.

      • “…What I’ve just written hardly makes sense to me, at least not yet, but I have a feeling it will…”


        😆 Yeah, there’s a big upsurge in this sort of thing right now. I’m going through it more and more the further into 2013 we travel too. This is us embodying more of US incrementally and us having to adapt, adjust to our expanding sense of “self” and knowledge base and Higher Awareness etc. all growing by leaps and bounds at this point… and much more is coming! 😀

        Agreed, the Comments here have been, as I knew they would be, top notch and very helpful to All. Ah, feel the 5D… ♥


  23. I said to a friend today …… “It’s as if someone has taken an eraser and rubbed out lots of things that used to be part of me” ……….. explanation :- just this last week I noticed that a certain anxiety/fear had evaporated almost overnight, I make adjustments without being aware that anything extraordinary is happening, it’s like I’m on automatic pilot ✈

    Many things are fading into the distance, they seem to be ‘leaving’, and it’s really ok. I no longer have any interest in subjects that used to enthuse me, I don’t want to chant and drum, I don’t fancy doing classes (I’m so over that one), don’t even want to attend a Complementary Medicine Fair ………. now there’s a surprise 😱

    It all seems to be so ‘yesterday’ if you see what I mean, but without any apparent effort on my part, it just happens automatically. I appear to be morphing right in front of my own face, and it all seems perfectly normal 😆😆😆😆😆

    Perhaps I’m jumping my own timelines to meet my future self 💫

  24. So many times, so little brain power to remember them all 🙂

    I have been very blessed with the times/places I have been in dream time lately. However, I was quite perturbed not to be allowed in the place of receiving big knowing in dream time about a week ago. I was directed by a very nice lady to a golden archway(Greek looking) and path through a beautiful double door. I chose not to go because I thought I could still get to the place the others were and get this knowledge. I found myself going from room to room all empty with 4 doors. After the 3rd one, I said this is a dream and I am ready to get out so I went back and there was a very polite young man holding a door open for me.

    For the me in this timeline, I feel like I am floating most of the time. The times I feel bad, I try to accept that it has something to do with transmuting some crap for humanity and live through it. Soooo ready for the Eden we have all been working long and hard for.

    Today there were 13 steers put in the field by my house. Fun to have more animal friends to relate to. And the 13 did not go without my notice. If this is not relevant to topic, please disregard and thanks to everyone here. I love reading comments.

  25. Hi Denise! I haven’t commented in a while, but I am always reading your articles. This one totally validates the odd things I’ve been experiencing and noticing. Much love to you my friend!

  26. Hi Denise and all,

    What a fascinating (and important!) topic… I appreciated the explanation of the distinction between “probable realities” within the same timeline and “multiple timelines.” My understanding is that we shift timelines as we change our beliefs/expectations and vibrational frequency.

    A few things I am observing about the increasingly technological/Dark timeline visible to us now, that many people are unwittingly embracing:

    – A huge section of bookshelves containing “horror” novels just replaced “romance” in my local bookstore, while “science fiction” and “fantasy” have greatly expanded. This change in personal consumption has been reflected in TV programming, movies, etc. for quite some time.

    – This reminds me of “the Borg” in the Star Trek series, an alien race that assimilated human beings and obliterated their individuality, turning them into “drones” with a single “hive mind,” — a race of living machines.

    – Many people are addicted to their hi-tech gadgets like i-Phones and i-Pads; often consulting their devices when walking or in nature. (So much for listening to birdsong!)

    – Others are addicted to mass media “news,” feeling anxious if they don’t know what’s going on by the hour. Yet all this “news” is geared to increasing their level of anxiety and fear, making them feel angry, helpless and frustrated (which is great for bringing down their level of vibration).

    – People are conditioned to give their power away to “external authority” instead of listening to their bodies and paying attention to their feelings.

    I feel saddened by the possibility of a “dark timeline” (already in existence and available for more inhabitants) in which people are even MORE controlled and enslaved by technology. If humans become robotized, they will have even less motivation or ability to connect with their Higher Selves.

    My strong feeling is that this must not continue to exist in ANY timeline. These negative timelines must be obliterated by the Light, whether it’s by mass destruction or other means. Maybe they DO have a limited time to exist and are trying to maximize it.

    The longer I live, the more I realize my innate connection to Nature and Gaia. This is where I draw my comfort and inspiration from. But this is not at all encouraged, nor is the stillness we require to get into our heart space.

    I suggest that we all focus on what we DO want in our world (as you so well pointed out, Denise), pay attention to where we see/experience this now, and be grateful for it. Also focus on what brings us JOY and do it, even in small measure.

    I visualize a world of peace, beauty and harmony where all life is revered. I see pockets of beauty in my surroundings (trees, flowers) and marvel at the intricacies of creation. I also write lyrical poetry tied in to Nature and the “now” moment (called tanka).

    Bless us all! Thelma

    • “…If humans become robotized, they will have even less motivation or ability to connect with their Higher Selves.”


      And that was the intention of Team Dark all along; to separate humans from their Higher Selves, their Higher Awareness/Consciousness, their intuitive abilities, their HIGH Hearts and so on.

      I’ve read from two sources so far, 1) Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians and 2) from Will Berlinghof channeling Cosmic Awareness that many Starbeings/ETs etc. have intentionally come back in “time” (dropped frequency) to this time on Earth to try to help humanity wake up to this situation (via some of their channeled messages and so forth) and realize that what certain humans do with technology today on Earth goes on out into the “future” in certain timelines and causes serious problems for many other Beings/Starbeings/ETs elsewhere. But, greedy small minds only think of what they want right now and not what repercussions those actions might have in other lines of time and other realities. I sense that a lot of this business with humans relinquishing more and more of their humanity, spirituality, and heart for so-called enhanced technologies placed in their bodies, brains, eyes, limbs, organ, or up their asses 🙄 has been curtailed in ways it couldn’t before the 12-21-12 Expiration Date.

      Back to High Spirit/Awareness/Heart and greater LightLove in all things everywhere. ♥


      • Denise,

        When I read about Starseeds/ETs and other Light Beings dropping down in frequency to come here and help with the heavy density to let the Light get through, I felt (and still feel) that I/we are among the volunteers. We’ve succeeded in assisting Gaia to ascend, also helping to free the consciousness of much of humanity in the process. This is beyond wonderful! It’s mission accomplished…

        BUT I also understand that a certain portion of the human population has surrendered its will to the Dark, including those giving their power away through technology and the myriad ways that people stop taking responsibility for themselves.

        This extreme reliance on “technology” may go back to the days of Atlantis. It’s alarming how easily and unknowingly humans are giving up their humanity and the rights to their own souls!

        I really want Team Dark eradicated from ALL timelines and all dimensions (sigh). But when I questioned my Higher Self about this last night, I got the following response:

        “Those who surrender to this force (Team Dark) are abdicating their will to HAVE a free will – in fact, they choose enslavement mostly due to a lack of willingness to be responsible for themselves. Some people wish to be ‘taken care of’ and don’t wish to face the truth about their reality.”

        My H.S. then went on to say that Team Dark IS being eradicated from Gaia but this “negative” timeline will be on another Earth-like world (as you mentioned somewhere, Denise).

        Also, this negative timeline will be for a limited duration – the current lifetime of those here now. I was told by my H.S. that 15-20% of the current population may still choose this Darker timeline.

        “Those who choose to remain powerless must still have that option. They will then find their way back to Source as you are doing.

        “You are a Great Being of Light with a fragment condensed in 3D. The fragments that choose a more controlled environment must learn to value their freedom. When freedom is not appreciated, it is taken away.”

        I am not too happy with THAT but need to accept that people have the right to choose their next timeline, even if they are unwittingly walking into a virtual hell. There is enough Light on this planet now that people CAN make a choice.

        MOST of us, I imagine, will be opting for a planet A or A/B scenario …

        Did I get this right, according to your own perceptions? Anything more to add?

        Thanks & my blessings to all, Thelma

      • “…in fact, they choose enslavement mostly due to a lack of willingness to be responsible for themselves. Some people wish to be ‘taken care of’ and don’t wish to face the truth about their reality.”


        Sadly, very true.

        “…This extreme reliance on “technology” may go back to the days of Atlantis. It’s alarming how easily and unknowingly humans are giving up their humanity and the rights to their own souls!”

        True again. This whole business is very Negative Orion/Reptilian in that they have always been anti-feminine/female/Mother God/Nature etc. To them it’s warrior, intellect, heartless, masculine etc. which ties into the technology aspect very well.

        “…I was told by my H.S. that 15-20% of the current population may still choose this Darker timeline.”

        Lets hope it’s that small. I’ve perceived a bit more than 20%… but things can still change, even at this late date.

        “…MOST of us, I imagine, will be opting for a planet A or A/B scenario…”

        Yes, the majority of humanity will shift to the NEW balanced Planet A/B. A small number will ascend to 5D Planet A (a scant few have already right after the “Three Days of Darkness” –12-21, 22, 23, 2012.) But more will make this shift to 5D Planet A after 9-22-13 and more from that point on.


      • Hi Again Dear Denise!

        I know so many questions…Forgive me 😦

        I’m still a bit confused about the planet A/B verus A…(My left brain is in constant spasm : ,/)

        If we choose planet A/B this means that we remain here on Earth in this timeline/world in our physical body right?…Yey we experience it through a much Higher Level of Consciousness, continue to do our work as Healers, Star Seeds and fulfill our mission to serve here…but under much better conditions and until we choose to leave, in having fulfilled our mission??

        Will the Ascension “Hell” begin to end in A/B as our physical bodies begin to acclimate to higher Frequencies/more and more Light, DNA changes from carbon base to crystaline etc, etc, etc. Will we then be free of some of these bizaar sensations and symptoms? (Speaking of which I’m vibrating^^^^^^^^ again like hell today!!!???) 😦

        If we choose planet A does that mean we totally leave our Physical body/being and die? As in we leave all our loved ones behing here to gireve in this timeline? And Is that what Jeff and many here mean when they said he can’t wait for 5D? :/

        I for one feel that after all this work…after all this acclimating to this world I’d choose to stay in the new A/B and continue doing my part. However 5D is also looking pretty good and seems many here are choosing it!? What will planet B be like for us Star Seeds?

        Love, Light, Kisses & Hugs 🙂

        Sandra (Your Loyal, Pesty, Inquisitive Student! :/)

        PS- Ordering your Book today! Can’t wait!

      • Sandra,

        When Comments get busy and good like they’ve been throughout this last Energy Wave, I often have to write a list of people’s names that sits beside me at the computer so I remember who asked me something and/or said something that I want to respond to to further the entire topic. Your name has been on this Comment list for three days but here we go finally. 🙂 Oh, let me know what my book did for you when you’re done reading/journeying through it okay? Maybe a Book Review ❓

        First of all you need to be fully, completely, and honestly be aware that we do not “choose” which of these NEW Earth worlds and/or Earth-like worlds we go to. We go to, we find ourselves in, a matching frequency Earth world to the frequency WE ARE NOW! Said another way, one earns their way into each of these different Earth Schoolrooms — Planet A/B, Planet B, Planet A etc. — by either doing the Inner Work or not doing it now. When a person does the Inner Work and is willing to change, grow, let go of the old ways of thinking, perceiving “reality”, feeling and functioning and so on, that person’s energy and consciousness (and in this Ascension case, their physical bodies too) evolves to a higher frequency range. Those people that, for whatever their reasons don’t do or want to do the Inner Work that’s required to change/evolve themselves now will not experience shifting into say the NEW Planet A/B world and timeline.

        What I want you and anyone else confused about this particular issue to 100% understand is that it’s the frequency you are now and what your mind/thoughts/beliefs/fears/concerns/dreams/intentions etc. and your emotions are focused on that automatically draws/pushes/pulls/hooks/snares/propels you and me and each of us to a world that’s an energetic or vibrational match to YOU and your thoughts and emotions now. Yeah… big responsibility now from the old ways of handing our power over to other people and systems and organizations and religions that tell us what to do, think, believe, feel etc… and/or having it stolen and/or manipulated by them! This is spiritual grow up time for each of us and the only way to get where we each want to get to now (Planet A, B, or A/B or higher) is to internally be a match to that particular level of energy which automatically places us in it.

        To best answer your other questions about the NEW Planet A/B, let me tell you what I know about it to date.

        This NEW Planet A/B Earth world with its timeline is, for the most part, the Earth world that most of us have been on since the 12-21-12 Expiration Date. Hummm… that’s true but there’s more to it than just that alone. We’ve been on it but we’ve simultaneously been in this very important and difficult Nine Month transition phase between the 12-21-12 Expiration Date of the old everything, and the 9-22-13 launch of the Separation of Worlds on the physical dimension or level and the start of the NEW for everyone everywhere. Sigh… again there’s more to this than what I’ve just said.

        (Just as December 21, 2012 was the grand Expiration Date of the old everything from that old Evolutionary Cycle, it was NOT yet time for the NEW to fully, completely, or instantly replace it in the physical dimension/level. That grand Start Date which is another energetic cutoff and start date or point within all this is September 22, 2013. But, to many people who haven’t sensed or perceived the mega shift that’s already taken place during December 21, 22 & 23, 2012 Expiration Date and Paradigm Shift, they will probably also not sense or perceive ANY change energetically or in any other way(s) on the other side of 9-22-13. They may however over time when, even they cannot deny that reality has/is/continues to change for the better in very dramatic ways.)

        The NEW Planet A/B will also be a physical Earth world reality that has Duality — hence why it’s a combo pack of “A” and “B”. But know that this NEW Planet A/B dualized earth will be NOTHING like the old earth world we all incarnated on to! It will be balanced duality but will be (already is) owned and operated by The Light. The old earth world that we all incarnated on to was totally run by The Dark, so this change will be nearly unimaginable to much of the masses… at this point. Over time they will adapt to the Light, to sanity, to balance, honesty by all, complete equality to all humans and animals and earth itself etc., to equal sharing of all with ALL. This NEW Planet A/B will, after what we’ve lived through on the old lower frequency Earth world will seem very much like heaven on earth.

        This NEW physical Planet A/B is wonderful, glorious, profoundly positive in comparison to the old earth world we all came from. But, as with all things everywhere, Planet A/B is also on it’s individual timeline with it’s individual Expiration Date in the near “future”. In other words, this NEW physical Planet A/B is one huge and very important gift and Stair Step between the old totally negative, Dark, horrible earth world we all incarnated on to, and, Planet A which is a nonphysical fifth dimensional earth-like world where the people/souls there are not physical either. And no, they did not have to die to get to Planet A; they ascended, as in Ascended Masters. Many of these people/souls/Ascended Masters that ascend to this level today, tomorrow, next month, next year etc. will become the NEW spiritual “guides” and planetary teachers to those people/souls who are on NEW physical Planet A/B. The Planet A folks have the ability to be either physical “guides” and teachers to the masses on Planet A/B, and/or the nonphysical “guides” and teacher to them, but there is no traditional death of the physical body required to “ascend” to Planet A.

        So, the NEW Planet A/B is a world where duality still exists for any who want to experience it in physicality, but, it is balanced, sane, honest and completely run by the Light and not the Dark. This world is a massive planetary Stair Step for everyone that still needs some more “time” in physicality; more “time” and personal experience in physicality on an earth world; more “time” to adjust to balance, sanity, honesty, fairness, happiness, safety, and global equality and sharing of everything with everyone else. Some people need and/or want to experience this balanced physical earth world first, before they evolve more to the next Stair Step(s) which is full ascension to nonphysical 5D Planet A… or wherever they want to go once they’ve reached that level of inner development and frequency/vibration.

        This has gotten long so if more details about this topic is desired, let me know and I’ll go a bit deeper into this information. ♥


      • You’re the BEST, Denise!

        Thank you for explaining in such detail aboout this Planet A/B etc, etc!

        I feel I’m really beginning to understand it all better now and on a deeper level.

        I also need to begin working on putting more of the pieces together and remembrance concerning my True Origin/Home, lineage, this and past incarnation etc, etc As this will help in my Undertsanding of Light Language, Codes, etc….I’m in the beginning stages of study/working with HGS now. So hopefully as I start processing, activating and advancing within the system I’ll be more able to understand much more of you write about here (and my Human Brain wont hurt so much trying to undertsand!! : )

        In any case while I’m here “again” Rambling on as usual :()

        …You know what else I LOVE and RESPECT about you?…With all the overwhelming work you do here to make this complex and unlimited information available to us…then write, answer all our questions and explain it in such a way using terms and language which are more understandable for us…AND in addition to your own personal work/mission as a Star Seed and overwhelming Ascension Hell, DTA you often have to deal with!!! YET…you still manage to somehow also keep your sense of Wit and Humor!!

        I’m one of those ladies who believes a great aspect of Spiritual Maturity is in our ability to not always take ourselves or every experience we have too seriously. (God Knows we certainly have enough Seriousness, Chaos and Pain to witness, deal with down here!) So, might as well choose wisely what we spend energy crying or panicing over and find some humor in anything we possibly can!!)

        I often love a good hearty laugh to help Release, Clear, and I must tell you, Denise…You Really Crack Me Up sometimes!!!! 🙂 Even in “A Light Worker’s Mission” some of the names you came up with and terms you used to describe some of the most Horrenrdous Characters and Scary experiences! You made reading about it so much more easy to process and less frightening! As a writer/author of spiritual and inspirational material, I sooo appreciate your style and ability to convey in written word such serious matters in a way that makes it not only palatable but enjoyable! So thank you for sharing this part of your witty, funny self too! I’m really looking forward to reading Temple of Master Hotei and should have by this week!! And I would love to write a review!!

        Love you!! Love You


      • “……You know what else I LOVE and RESPECT about you?…With all the overwhelming work you do here to make this complex and unlimited information available to us…then write, answer all our questions and explain it in such a way using terms and language which are more understandable for us…AND in addition to your own personal work/mission as a Star Seed and overwhelming Ascension Hell, DTA you often have to deal with!!! YET…you still manage to somehow also keep your sense of Wit and Humor!!”

        “…Even in “A Light Worker’s Mission” some of the names you came up with and terms you used to describe some of the most Horrenrdous Characters and Scary experiences! You made reading about it so much more easy to process and less frightening! As a writer/author of spiritual and inspirational material, I sooo appreciate your style and ability to convey in written word such serious matters in a way that makes it not only palatable but enjoyable! So thank you for sharing this part of your witty, funny self too!…”


        Thank you so much for you kind words and understanding, it means a lot to me. ♥

        Since I created TRANSITIONS in September 2007, I’ve intentionally often used humor — and also cursing, potty-mouth language at times on purpose — in an attempt to “teach” other things besides whatever it was I was writing about at the time. 😉 I still do this occasionally today but much less because it’s not as necessary. The reason I’ve intentionally used curse words was to 1) make a particular point really stand out and get noticed and 2) to try and expand most people’s old belief systems that a “spiritual teacher” only talks a certain way, looks a certain way, dresses a certain way, acts, moves, and gestures in a certain way etc. etc. etc. By throwing out an occasional grungy curse word here n’ there in my writings that are, as you said, often about very Dark, negative, difficult, and downright scary topics, I’ve hoped to lighten the fear and reduce the power they’ve had/have over many people over some of these darker, more difficult happenings. And of course humor always helps to lighten these Dark and/or painful and difficult things too. Ya gotta laugh at it all occasionally or you’ll go nuts in the intensity and vastness of IT all!

        I’ve tried to “teach” in these and other ways in my writings that to deny or to stick one’s head in the sand in an attempt to NOT see or admit that Team Dark has even existed and done the level of damage to humanity that IT has, is far more dangerous than to just say, “Crap, these Negatives exist and have seriously interfered with each and every one of us in countless ways from our DNA to our consciousness, but, now let’s undo all that and show those mother *&#%@ how bad-ass and strong we actually are!” THAT is 1) being honest and 2) the best and fastest way to integrate and neutralize duality and negativity etc. and 3) the WAY out of duality and negativity and into integrated “unity” or “triality” frequency and consciousness.

        So… I’m a big believer in seeing, facing, dealing with those Dark, difficult, scary things and Beings and situations etc. that none of us wants to have to deal with but…in the end doing so is exactly what makes us stronger, wiser, most empowered, more conscious and far more balanced and integrated. So long as we hold things/people/Team Dark/the government or whatever at arms length, we’re in a weakened state on many levels. The answer is to admit that some unpleasant crap is there and then quickly go to work to change all that so that IT isn’t there anymore. The “fluffies” have had a very difficult time with this particular lesson in and about Duality which I totally understand yet will never enable them with it. ( 😆 now after this I’m going to quote Lisa Renee’s August 2013 article about all this in an attempt to further this particular and VERY important information.)

        Thanks again Sandra and please consider writing a Book Review for both of my books okay? ♥ 🙂

        Gratitude Hugs,

      • Dearest Denise,

        I was wondering if I could get your clarification on something you wrote in response to Sandra?

        “So long as we hold things/people/Team Dark/the government or whatever at arms length, we’re in a weakened state on many levels. The answer is to admit that some unpleasant crap is there and then quickly go to work to change all that so that IT isn’t there anymore.”

        Over the years I’ve signed petitions and gotten “news” from 3rd parties in my email. I haven’t watched the “news” for years. At some point, I stopped getting so upset and reactionary to whatever came to my inbox. I started to see through these “bills” that were trying to get pushed through. Recently, I’ve had the feeling that I’ll need to let go of so much email/petition involvement so my energies can be available elsewhere.

        So is that what you meant? I started to recognize the ways in which “Government” (as an example) were trying to get us to accept them controlling us; saw within myself (and began to see a movement of many others) that it was a con game; and I could begin to see a new way it could be resolved… even beyond what was being “offered” as an alternative.

        I’ve been having a “past life” awareness (plural actually) today, and so it’s a challenge for me to pick up and understand the meaning(s) in what I read. I feel as though I want to weep and yet the tears won’t come. And then part of me asks why I Must weep, that perhaps it’s only the acceptance of them (the other selves/lives) that needs to happen… that I don’t need to “do” anything, just “accept”… which I am.

        Much Love, Light, and Heart Hugs,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • “Lets hope it’s that small. I’ve perceived a bit more than 20%… but things can still change, even at this late date.”

        Denise, Thelma and All,

        I think it’s interesting that for years now there have been poll numbers that consistently show about 30% of the population in the US is politically hard right, and becoming more extreme all the time. No matter what happens, this “rabid base” of the conservative party remains right where it is, impervious to change. They live in their own little bubble, getting all of their information from Fox News Channel and conservative talk radio, both of which are Team Dark propaganda machines in my opinion. These people are increasingly unraveling, i.e., going insane, the farther we go into these new energies. These folks really want to be on planet B and are very uncomfortable here on the developing A/B. I don’t know how well that 30% corresponds to how many will actually go to planet B, especially globally, but it’s interesting given that Denise says she perceives a bit more than the 20% Thelma mentioned.


      • Carolyn & Thelma,

        I intentionally didn’t come right out and give a specific number or percentage ONLY because I do NOT want certain people to latch on to that (or any other numbers/percentages) and not be open enough to other possibilities, further changes, continued growth etc. Some people are still far too used to being told what to think, to having reality defined for them by someone else or a group like the politicians you so corrected talked about, and it’s because of this that I try to nudge people into perceiving certain things on their own. 😉

        But, now that the cat’s outta the bag so to speak, I’ll confess that for a few years I’ve perceived the percentage about this is somewhere between 25-35% going to Planet B. This number/percentage is NOT set in stone however and fluctuates due to some individuals suddenly changing to another “checkout line”. 😉

        There’s a general range of course about Planet B because a whole lotta people still alive on Earth now (and others that will intentionally incarnate into Planet B for that particular range of frequency and all that will now go with it) honestly WANT to continue living in violence, wars, murdering, hate, fear and all the other things that go along with it. A lot of people like the tension, the drama, the danger etc. of being in Fight/Hate/Kill Mode constantly and Planet B will give them that and so, so, so much more that’s even worse. Happy Trails I say and to each his own and in his/her own time. But even these other worlds like Planet B are on a timeline with an Expiration Date so even those people will have to, eventually, evolve beyond playing War/Violence/Hate etc. Games.

        The best news about all this is that these things now have their own specialized individual worlds, locations and timelines to play out in instead of the extremes of High/Low, Light/Dark etc. playing out together in only one earth world – the one that we all lived on but Expired on 12-21-12. Things will improve now in so many wonderful ways because the physical Earth Schoolroom became many different and specialized Schoolrooms; one for each group of people/souls that want/need/desire to experience what’s available now only in each different level. What a relief… even the war mongers and violence addicts will be glad to have the pain-in-the-ass Light gone finally so they can get down to seriously playing in the Darkness.


      • Denise,
        You are a riot. When I read your final sentence in the above post: “even the war mongers and violence addicts will be glad to have the pain-in-the-ass Light gone finally so they can get down to seriously playing in the Darkness” , I had such a good chuckle. You mean to say this hasn’t already been serious enough for them. Eee Gads! All I can say is, That’s Really Fucked up! Also, good riddance to experiencing those extreme’s, who isn’t so over that by this point. It is like constantly being on a friggin see-saw! Up-Down, Up-Down, Up-Down!

    • Many people are addicted to their hi-tech gadgets like i-Phones and i-Pads; often consulting their devices when walking or in nature. (So much for listening to birdsong!)

      This one I see so much of. I run alot. I choose not to listen to my ipod while I run as I may miss the songs of the birds. I love connecting with Gaia and her family. Its a beautiful world and some people are just missing out. But that is by their own choices. I am so over Team Dark and am exhausted as so many here have spoken of. My live has been chuck full of Team Dark experiences that has actually created a 360 in the way I view things today. I have found the positive in all the negative. The biggest attack was when my son chose to take his own life after herion addiction he fought for 6 years. When I survived that and found my hight heart could still sing and laugh and love and forgive. I knew there was little left they could do to me. Oh believe me they tried and are still trying. But I know that whatever happens, I will still be who I am. Technology is at the bottom of my list. Its more of an annoyance than a pleasure. This blog is amazing. Denise you have helped me so much

  27. Hi Thelma,
    Your sharing was along the lines of what I just spoke of with a friend of mine today! When you spoke of the Borg and humanity becoming more machine like, I was sharing my remembering of a future timeline and my Soul becoming enslaved “within” this inorganic Borg technology. The thing to remember is even though we experience Time as being linear, our whole experience including into the Future has already transpired. I was able to obliterate my future timeline of being a Borg by fully encompassing and calling back my Organic Soul in this lifetime in my current form. So there is a way to obliterate those future timelines. All one has to do is to Truly desire a different outcome on that future timeline and fully encompass what their True Soul Essence desires. Also, I agree with you in that now that I encompass my Full Soul Essence, I Focus on exactly what I would like my Life to entail from this current point of time forward!

    • Hi Jeff,

      Your “future timeline” as an inorganic Borg gave me the chills! I wonder how you got ensnared in such a timeline? You seem much too aware to fall for Team Dark’s shenanigans.

      So glad you were able to obliterate it in the Now. Your explanation of what to do will be helpful to others here who have sensed a negative future timeline of their own.

      We are truly remarkable Beings, aren’t we??

      If only people could be aware of how powerful their thoughts/beliefs/emotions and INTENT truly are! As well as the words that come out of their mouths…

      I am enjoying reading your “dialogue” with Denise on this post – very interesting!


      • Hi Thelma,
        Myself as “Jeff” in this current incarnation and current timeline, I have been able to encompass all my past and future Soul Aspects and mutidimensional aspects fully into this form I now occupy. This happened at that shift period that Denise speaks of in October 2011 and had begun 3 years prior. I had been fully locked out of(an organic process) the Great “Cosmic” Arena of the 4th Dimension where all of this happens at this 2011 time period. It was a strange and quite disconcerting a feeling for these Aspects to no longer be “out there”, it truly felt like they all had died(which in actuality they had) and I felt quite alone and lost for a period of time. So this is how that negative future timeline was obliterated.
        How it happened that I had gotten ensnared in that future timeline is plain and simply what I would term Cosmic Ego because it goes beyond just Human Form.(Lisa Renee just spoke of this in a section of her August update). This is why that “Great Cosmic Arena” is such a mess, what I also call the “Illusory Hall of Mirrors” where nothing is as it seems. You will notice that I speak of the “Great Arena” quite a bit as this is where I became trapped by it’s illusory deception and allure and lost track of my True Mission here on Earth! Trickster energy is around every corner. So I was finally able to clear out of that Arena and all its deceptions once and for all.
        I also had a past Atlantis Life where I felt a responsibility for the demise of that civilization as I had not “Spoken My Truth”! This is one of the reasons why you will see me commenting quite a bit on certain blog topics as I have a need to Speak My Truth as It helps myself and I feel a responsibility not to repeat this past mistake by keeping silent. I also try very hard before I post a comment to try to find a Balance with my sharing because after all, this Truth belongs to myself but also, many of us are going thru the same type of energetics especially here at Transitions which is Home Base for myself.
        And yes, we are truly remarkable Beings as you stated. What we had to endure as Cosmic Beings along with this most difficult aspect, Human Being, the cumulative aspect of all those Cosmic Aspects, is truly mind boggling when one thinks of it. I just mentioned to my main comrade that it is amazing to myself that we have achieved what we have up to this point and My, how the “tide is turning” day by day! Yesterday I stepped outside from the house(this transition from inside to outside is always a barometer of the vibrational texture of what is transpiring) and I was in Nirvana, utter Peace and Calm and Crystalline Clarity all around myself! I thought, how great, another chuck of the controlling, enslaving negative agenda has departed.

      • Hi Jeff,

        Thanks for the fascinating explanation of how you became trapped in a negative timeline. It would sound like science fiction if I didn’t know about our warped and distorted reality game here (soon to end). I’m so glad you were able to pull your aspects out and dissolve the timeline. I imagine it would feel like a death as parts of you no longer existed.

        I printed out Lisa Renee’s August newsletter and will see if I can understand it. I didn’t know about the Cosmic Ego (as if we don’t have enough challenges with our human ego and all the ways it’s been played with!)

        You must certainly speak your truth, especially since you do so in such a balanced and clear way. I was also in Atlantis (Temple of Healing) and feel a certain responsibility towards “doing it right” in the current transition.

        We have certainly come a long way and it isn’t quite over yet… though from what I understand, the September equinox will be a major pivotal point. At this point, I can hardly wait to see more of what you call the “controlling, enslaving negative agenda” disappear! I am SO done with it, as all of us here on this forum.

        My love to you and all of us here, esp. Denise for her tremendous support and efforts to enlighten and encourage us….

      • Thelma & All,

        For my own reasons — which I won’t go into — I no longer promote Karen Bishop in any way which is why I deleted your link to her latest article.


  28. Hi Dear Brianajoy,
    Your so very welcome! Very sweet of you to reach out and express your appreciation! I’m so very happy if my words touched your heart! Wonderful to connect here with one another. Denise has created such a beautiful haven here for us…Bless her 100 times over!!!

    Yes, I do hope and intend that my practice is set up and running by Sept! I will be doing much work free of charge, slider scale and through donation. And offering much free resources to sites and blogs like Denise’s here and ES too as well. My only income will be through the selling my Spiritually orientated Artwork and hopefully my music and/or meditation CD’s . I will keep all posted on that if ok with Denise?

    Much Love, Blessings and Peace!


    • Superb 🙂 I would love to know (link) when your site is born !
      Many Bubbles to help you with the finishing touches.. And I agree one million percent that Denise is weaving the perfect magic here.
      I love how this post triggered so many great comments, and deep sharing. What a big ripple effect !
      Agree on using discernment on what we read, especially now ! I’ve seen some sites suddenly turning to adding lots of “fear porn” related links, or downright spitting on fellow sites.. Hmmmm, good sign, I guess 😉
      Lisa ? Lisa Gawlas ? I follow her posts, sometimes there is a fantastic synchronicity 🙂

      Lot of Love, have patience and amaze us in september 🙂 Yes, there is a fairly vast amount of sites, but I have a feeling some cleanup will happen here too 🙂

  29. Denise,

    I will for sure send you link to my site (Synderesis Path) as soon as its up! Do you believe with all going on, interference, ascension, 3D nonsense and responsibilities, etc, etc its been a year Im working on it!!! Jeeze! Yet since God is always on time I’ve surrendered to this looong process (and the hiatus’s in between) allowing it to unfold as is meant to be. As Lisa says we’re all on a need to know basis at this point!! Now, I have a strong feeling it was supposed to wait until Sept.

    In any case, I hope my work and writings will resonate with you and that you will allow me to post Transitions as a recommended resource. There are so many sites out there for Ascension, Healers, etc, etc. We need to be so discerning about what we participate with. You my Friend/Star Sister and Teacher are the Real Dea!l You’ve helped me in being able to advance my work more than you know! So I’d be honored if you choose to be listed on my resource page!

    More Love, Love Love & Hugs to you!


  30. Thank you Denise for your article. It has helped me realise why much of the past 4 years of my ascension journey have been so intense with the release of past life issues and dramas bleeding into my current life. It has been a running joke between my NET practitioner and I that everything that comes up for healing with me has a past life spin on it and when am I ever going to deal with this lifes issues! Its also great to get feedback from you regarding the amount of light available here on earth in this timeline now. I have felt a surge in the amount of love and light I can feel in my being and in the world around me since August 1. I am truly feeling the LOVE and it is much easier and quicker to turn around any derailments from team dark when they come up. I practice keeping my being focussed on light, love and what I want to happen in the world (peace, equality, joy, ease, caring, respect) and am finding it easier to let go of what others are choosing and any struggle I feel to change them. Just letting everyone choose what is right for them and take care of myself first. Things are still challenging, especially with how physically tired my body and nerves are with all the transmuting and processing, but I feel more than ever, that the LIGHT has always got my back now. It feel so good to know that all the work we lightworkers are doing is having positive results in the world. Thankyou for sharing your wisdom and visions with us Denise. I really appreciate all you help and guidance. Many blessings to you. Meadow

  31. Hi:

    So inspiring that we are talking about the most intriguing part now. Love all the posts on timelines and love the checkout analogy. Also got the idea about our personal baggage/stuff and what we are trying to take thru the checkout lines.

    Does anyone remember that old Robert Monroe book, Far Journeys, where he documents his astral travels and at one point goes to 2000 years in the future and encounters earth humans: they live on an etheric ring around the earth like Saturn, and the earth is pristine, beautiful and full of plants, gardens and animals and nothing else. People go down to physical earth from their etheric everyday realm and they create a body to zoom around in and have some exploration and manifestation fun and then they leave that body under a tree or something when done for the next person to use. Nobody disturbs pristine earth in any way. 🙂


  32. Denise,
    I am grateful for your post and the comments from all who contribute. A beautiful tapestry is weaving the world into place through the positive thoughts written here and the camaraderie created. Much love, Cay

  33. This post has helped clear up something that has been bugging me for a while. I had a dream about a rabbit hole, which I will copy and paste at the end of my post. I thought I had this dream a few months ago as it was so powerful it still remains clear in my mind. I typed up the gist of this dream when I got to work the next day so I would not forget it. I had been thinking about this dream a few weeks ago and went to read it in my documents and realized that document had been created on 5/18/2012!! I could not understand nor believe it as I swear it was not over a year ago that I had that dream! I have felt confused about it ever since. Denise, you writings in this post may have explained that I changed timelines at the point of that dream. I would greatly appreciate any input from any of you who read this. Thank you all!! Here is the dream:

    Rabbit Hole/Worm Hole 5/18/12
    I had a dream last night that I was with 2 other people and we fell/went through a worm hole. It was called a rabbit hole in the dream. In order to do this you had to be with someone you loved and trusted because is would take you to a place where you would not be with those you love or have left behind.
    In the dream there were people chasing us and we took the worm hole to get away. I was not with whom I had chosen, but with someone who had chosen me. I do not know this person in my waking life. When we arrived in another place or dimension, I was told we could still talk to our loved ones, but not see or be with them. At that point my cell phone rang and it was husband calling me. I was able to talk to him but unsure if or when I would see him again.
    I asked the person I was with if the people chasing us could find us. She said no as the rabbit hole closed up on itself after we went through. They would not know where to find us. I said they would see the hole where it closed up and open it to follow us, and she said yes, its possible they could find us but unlikely. I wanted to not be found so I suggested we take another rabbit hole to make sure we could not be found.
    I woke up before we could do that. It was somehow made aware to me that it in fact was a worm hole and that this was how to travel in the universe to different dimensions, et al. death.

  34. Wow I found it really interesting to read about the huge team dark surge around 1st/2nd August, I was feeling so low around this time. I’m really feeling the compression of the bottleneck and battling huge self worth issues, I find its like peeling back the layers of an onion, no sooner is one issue/fear/belief dealt with another presents itself! At the moment I feel too sensitive for this world. Is anyone else feeling creatively blocked ? Or maybe it’s just that at the moment my focus has to be working on myself and creativity has gone to ground for a while?! Thank you Denise as always for bringing light into our lives! Love & light to all Donna

    • Hi Donna,
      Your statement: “Or maybe it’s just that at the moment my focus has to be working on myself” and also “the layers of an onion analogy” really resonated with myself. Since that October 2011 time period that Denise has spoken of, New Planet A/B time-frame, my entire 3D life went to ground and still continues in that vain. In Lisa Renee’s latest there was a line in which she stated, “Starseeds have an earth mission to heal our cellular memories (and timelines) in a multitude of ways.” That would be those issues that present themselves one after the other, seeming to be continually ongoing. Lisa also stated that these stored cellular memories are from all incarnations past, present, and future so then we can understand how we have to keep peeling thru those layers. I also think of the saying “Healer Heal Thyself”! It is all about our individual healing and then “When It Is Cleared Within, It Will Be Shown Without”! I think we are in the most pivotal time for the “working on ourselves” as we are so near the Birthing! Even though for myself this continues to be one hell(pun definitely intended) of a boring way to spend life, I remain diligent to my mission as I can now see a “Means To the End”, new Timelines starting to Birth to finally support those of us who have maintained our diligence all of these years! We feel too sensitive for this world because many of us were never truly meant for this world, we came here on a mission and I feel that mission was to help humanity once again become Sovereign and Free Beings so that their Full Soul Essence can once again Return Unto Themselves. Of course, as we know, we also wound up in the same bondage as humanity but we also knew that eventually we would be capable of freeing ourselves and hence, Mission Accomplished!

      • Dear Jeff,

        Thank you for sharing…Yes!!! I totally relate to what you are saying here (in response to Donna). What a hell of a boring life it can be going through this constant pain of peeling away onion skins, not only in our present lives, but from past, parallel, ansestral, etc, etc while also dealing with the NAA, the humans around us who are controlled by the NAA… and the physical pain, sensations, chaos our bodies are experiencing as we work through the symptoms of the Ascension Process, Activations and AI removals!!! And if that’s not enough, many of us who are extremely Empathic and Earth Sensitive are also taking on so much of the peeling and pain for others and our Planet as well! Whew!!!!

        Sometimes we forget that Everywhere we go we are “Holding Space” too. So many times it feels alot easier to just resolve to remain sequestered in a room 24/7 protecting ourselves in our activated 12D Shield, Commanding & Clearing our Space, creating Vortex’s for all the darkness to transit, Meditating, and communicating only with our Star Family online!!

        On the other hand, in a sense we are fortunate. I truly feel compassion for those who are Totally Unaware of whats really been going on! They also have no clue what is going on Now…and what they may be in for! How can one protect oneself and/or make the best choices as to what kind of a world they want to exist in, if they dont even know what the conditions or options are? It like trying to ask a drunk to walk a tightrope across a swamp of hungry alligators! As bad as it is for us…I suppose things could be worse!

        And the good news is that, Beautiful Beings like Denise and Lisa have set up these Sacred Spaces for us to continue to stay on top of things and expand our awareness about what is happening at any given moment! We are so fortunate to have this level of Knowledge, Support, Guidance & Integrity available to us so that we can begin to understand a lot of what we are going through. Most importantly it allows us to know that we’re not alone in this. We have the comfort of a Safe Haven to share with our Beautiful Star Family all our experiences, pain, joys, fears love, compassion without any judgement or condemnation.

        So…We continue to hold space, Shine our Light on this world in whatever way we can individually. Yet knowing that we do so together in Unity with one another…with One Intention.

        It aint easy, I know!! But we shall keep on keeping on! And like the song says…You/we will fi..i..i..ind comfort here!!

        With Much Love!!


      • Hi Sandra,
        I love reading your posts, you have a wonderful Passion in your sharings. Nice that you keep at it with your questions so you can acquire some further understanding. Isn’t Denise wonderful in her clarity when she answers us and I luv her integrity and fortitude. As she keeps mentioning, it is time for complete and total Spiritual Maturity, no more 1% slacking allowed for myself.(lol) I just made a 100% re-commitment yesterday to have full and total maturity to finish this in these next weeks. Denise spurred me further along with this. Let’s “Get Er Done”!

  35. Hi Denise. I’m “suddenly” feeling hopeless about my own life. I couldn’t wake up yesterday! Had strange dreams. Maybe the clean up type of dreams about inner stuff.

    I appreciate how one reader wrote about not being allowed to access certain knowledge because it appears I and so many others are in that particular boat. Do you Denise have any insight for the people who have no access to such exact awareness such as you and others live?

    I remember as a teen reading Seth by Jan Roberts. Seth covered the concept of timelines and probable realities. I felt I understood it then on a feeling level and through the years this concept has been fleshed out bit by bit and now most especially through you.

    I sometimes wonder why some of us have to crawl. Maybe this crawling is what it takes to learn to trust Self/Source since we cannot see or truly “know” as you know and see.

    Also I feel such sadness because when it comes right down to it I am still alone and on my own! I was wanting this to change. To be able to just make those little daily comments about one’s experience to someone who cares. The pain from the lack of companionship and the NEED for it feels huge. Remember that for me this has been lifetime long. One time one of my new friends told me I text to often. I cried. I texted because there was no one else to make those comments about my life to share. Oh how it came home to me then. That person and the people I know now are not close to me! They have their own lives and connections!

    Dear Denise I needed to reach out. I am just glad you yourself might read this because I feel so much sadness and loneliness, but I sure don’t think it fits in on topic. I very much needed to write to someone. Thank you.

    • Dear lovely Edith,
      I want to reach out & connect with you here….oh how my heart aches at your description, so much like my own! I feel you & know what you are saying & i don’t have any answers but i want you to know you ARE valued & recognized here, and you are not alone. I’m sending you the biggest, warmest, most loving & comforting cyber-hug that i can muster, & i pray that in some small way you FEEL that little energy wave embracing you. It helps me to rationalize my solitariness by thinking that all of this ascension process has probably been MORE efficient for me BECAUSE of my solitude ….freeing me for a time to focus within & get the job done. But i have great hope that after 9-22-13, I will be guided to the sort of sweet companionship i have longed for all my life. Take heart my sister–it HAS to get better! Perhaps somewhere in this tangle of timelines, my heart is giggling with yours.
      Love sent through the ethers, to you & Denise & all here. As others have said on this post, you are all my family & my safe haven and i am grateful.

      • Hi Elila,
        I so agree with your comment “..ascension process has probably been MORE efficient for me BECAUSE of my solitude”. My period of solitude is over 3-1/2 years now and I mean Solitude! I feel I have gone that extra mile to achieve my Mission. I also have great hope that things will change for myself around the 9-22 date. As of around the last 2 weeks as energy is changing for myself for the better, I just feel, enough with the friggin solitude, I need companionship of one type or another. Enough already with the aloneness.
        Also, a big Heart Hug to Edith, I’ve been where you are more then once in these last years. Let’s have High Hopes for this upcoming Big Pivotal Change for us all. I had to shake my fist in the air today and say, Someone better be listening as I cannot possibly hold myself together for another delay but I have to say I feel Energy changing on a daily basis and that is staying consistent. So Ya-Hooooooooooooooo!!

      • Just wanted to add my name to this list of “aloners”. However, I feel content being alone. I have my 4-legged family that lives with me and am mostly blessed to have a human family that accepts me and all my weirdness. I know they sometimes wonder about me and probably are concerned about some of my comments about things but accept me because I am their sister. I do wonder where I would be however if I had not found this place so even though I am physically alone I have a spiritual family here that I can relate to and learn from. Thanks so much to all here. 🙂
        Edith for me when I am feeling very ‘drawn down’ I chock it up just doing my job for the Earth and when it gets too overpowering, I ask angels and guides to give me a time out which they usually grant. The last one I asked for 48 hours so I could be present with my mother as I was staying with her. It worked. I always agree to go back into the trenches as needed until the shit-pit is cleared for good. Hang in there as we are almost there. PEACE

      • Hi Jeff!
        I had to laugh out loud when you said “…and i mean Solitude!”, because oh man, brother, i mean SOLITUDE too!!! And i DO know what you mean! Its been over a decade of it for me and its surely gotten VERY old! But, as Sunny (hi Sunny!) states in her comment, i have been unusually content in my solitude–MOST of the time. I have had more moments like what Edith describes than i care to recall. More often than not though i look around at people desperately trying to “relationship”, and see lots of people talking at the same time and no one really hearing anyone (not even THEMSELVES) and then i am grateful to be out of the fray, an observer as opposed to a frustrated participant in this strange time of “connection poverty”! Edith–i know that most of the time you are just fine too, & i recognized immediately that you were “having a moment” as i’m sure we ALL have (I know just which below-stairs voice you speak of my friend!), and i just wanted to give a little hand to perhaps help you past it in some small way. And thankfully those weak moments seem to be passing much quicker these days. I hope you are feeling a wee bit better now! Like Jeff said, i dont know if I can survive if we don’t see SOME improvement next month (it’s so CLOSE now! Did we ever think we would finally be perhaps seeing a light in this tunnel that WASN’T another oncoming train??? Lol), but i have also noticed a shift in things, and starting to feel more and more positive energy that makes me excitedly think that perhaps the tide IS beginning to come back in and that HOPEFULLY we will all be floating blissfully & freely at some point ( I actually typed “again” instead of “at some point” but deleted it thinking–have we EVER floated blissfully & freely yet in this incarnation???)–instead of hanging out indefinitely in this seedy airport lounge trying to console & distract ourselves waiting for takeoff (or waiting in this seemingly ENDLESS checkout line-LOVE that analogy, Chrysalis!) All of us here sure know about “taking it for the team”, eh? 😉 I feel pretty strongly in my deepest parts that this will all be worth it and we will all experience blessed relief AND lovely companionship (& in a whole new way from anything we may have experienced prior to this whole process!) so I say lets all just hold hands (so that those of us who trip don’t fall entirely) and walk these last few miles as best we can. We are a family here and because of that, none of us is really alone or solitary at all, and it is Denise & all the rest of you here my brothers and sisters who have gotten ME this far, and i am grateful for each one of you and your brave sharing. Thank you and hang in there!

        Hugs through the ethers,

      • 🙋 aloner over here as well, over a decade for me too, during which time I have become a very different BE-ing. I have had the comfort of lovin my own company and having the space to grow ……literally 😡 ….. and also experienced the heart-achingly lonely void of isolation. I keep saying that nothing can last forever, although this journey sure seems like it at times. I don’t even recognise myself in a mirror anymore, the image has changed beyond belief 😟 ………morphing, ageing, expanding ! more of me to love 😆😆😆😆😆

        Keep on lovin yourselves through all this, we’re going home ……..bliss 💞

      • Hi Elila. I do appreciate your reaching out. This has been a tough period. Doesn’t usually bother me so much anymore. I keep on trusting in LIFE but that sneaky poor me voice is grumbling away below stairs! I well know I am not the only one and I am always grateful when another person speaks up. Last night I went to bed as soon as I got home from work by 6:30 and fell asleep till morning. The dog and cats had to wait for food!

        All I “know” is from my dreams that a lot more is going on in my life or with my life.

        I will say this, it is easier to just shut up mentally when I feel like this. Just do my every day job. No wanting or desiring… except maybe to be back home and back to bed : ) I just “work” and no thinking. I stop “caring” about things. I just “stop”.

        Writing here helps a lot. When I wrote my last post I burst into tears. I felt an answering from all around me on an energy level as if to say or remind me that there is always “more” all around. I am so grateful for the relief crying gave to me.

        Well, lets all hang in there : )

    • This is to HOPE who replied to me. I want to say how deeply I understand how you feel in your isolation. I think it has to be as incredible for people to grasp living it for DECADES as it is for me to not know what it is like to live as does Denise.

      To find one’s way with not ever establishing or knowing a loving connection with another is HARD. Working out and through this life’s challenge totally without any kindred soul to touch or hug. No one to play with! Can you imagine this, truly?

      Yes I am grateful for the blessings of solitude and I like it, but not 24/7 for a lifetime!!! I trust there is a reason, but the agony and sorrow is a HUGE challenge. Staying sane, another challenge.

      I too have my furry children and they are truly a blessing of pure love.

      Ultimately I am growing, changing, becoming and lightened up in all ways. But talk about a “bone to pick” with my HS!!! I am not totally alone any longer either. I CAN go out and play now 🙂 I continue to desire companionship of an intimate sort. Intimate in heart/soul/mind.

      Denise, I know this is up to you. Posting this or not. I think LIFETIME LONG LONERS (please tell me I am not the only one!) need to know they are not alone! And it seems part of the Big Plan. Not a choice type circumstance like “I want to be a hermit”! Maybe it is about frequency and not being compatible! But sometimes I CRY.

      • Edith,
        I have so much respect for you and I say, “Bless You” as a “Lifetime Long Loner”! I can imagine you having a bone to pick with your HS! I feel you have gone the “extra mile” for the constant aloneness by holding this very difficult energetic in Human Form as it was not designed in this way, but owning of course how much the Human DNA had been tampered with. Good News, we are arriving in the New and now for many of us, the long awaited Good Part is about to Begin!

      • Thanks so much Jeff. It is hard to get people to HEAR or grasp the reality. No close family, no boyfriends ever, no best friend to share life with, No special someone to turn to during hard moments…. someone like a kindly older person, etc…. I have to make it CLEAR. Just distance friends, and I am grateful for them! The one family that adopted me was such a far cry from who I am that I would be there BECAUSE they loved me for some reason and I’d hang out for want of needing SOMEHWERE to belong now and then! I loved them too. The only close contact I had growing up was with people & family as I worked out dysfunctional karmic healing between us and then SILENCE or emptiness in regards to people in my life and my blood family died out. I kept waiting for the “good part” to walk in : ) What kept me going were the various appointments I had through the years with different practioners to help me survive and process my experiences and healings. People would look at me and ENVY my being alone! Other people… just like here on this blog… would talk about how they crave solitude and CHOOSE IT…. as if it is the same…. but let me state I appreciate the attempts to relate to my experience, believe me! : ) OR I’d get comments like, “well you must be choosing it”!!! As if my physical self personality wants this!!!! Hopefully I am now satisfied here : ) Thank you Denise. I am DONE : )

  36. Just wanted to mention that Lisa Renee has a new August post on her Shifting Timeline section of her website that goes along with this blog topic as she also speaks of Timelines in this posting. To myself, it goes along with what Denise has been speaking of and also Callista’s latest that Denise has shared on this bog!

  37. Hi Denise,

    I was also wondering if the starseeds, who remain on Planet A/B during their current lifetime, will decide to reincarnate again on the more balanced Earth or is their mission accomplished and they will move on to other experiences?

    Much gratitude to you,

    • Jasmine,

      As you can see, I removed your info about Karen for my own reasons, which I won’t go into. Sorry but you’re going to have to trust me on why I did this, but know it has to do with her and NOT you. 🙂

      I just responded about some of this to Sandra so please see my Comment to her.

      Briefly, Planet A/B is the NEW balanced earth world and we’re on it now, but it’s going to blossom much faster once we’ve passed the second Expiration Date of 9-22-13.


  38. Denise, After reading your comment to Sandra the light came on for me. I have been confused about the different timelines and you cleared it up very well in laman’s terms to understand, I am happy to know that all the inner work I have done the last 20 years was for good. It makes complete sense that we would go where our frequency/vibrations would be in tune with. Many religions teach this in a symbolic way. Its an earned thing. The work is not easy and we all begin with a desire for truth. That road of truth takes each of us along a path that works best for our soul purpose. Mine started with A Course in Miracles when I was 26 and has progressed beyond my expectations. One thing I am struggling with at the moment and has been mentioned in this thread is the dis-connection. My heart is longing to connect with the source but it seems to be just our of reach. What is the best course of action in dealing with the dis-connection? Wait it out? Thank you! Light and love to all, Julie

  39. Wow! So much going on here to take in I wasn’t able to keep up with the posts. I like to sit with the information I read for a while, but I did want to comment on what has been going on around me. I have had several moments wondering if I am going insane. Things seem to go from one extreme to another, from joy to deep sadness regarding life situations. I was finding it unbelievable. We would be on one track of expectation to on another where no such thing could occur and it was as if it hadn’t. I felt as though I was playing double Dutch jump rope weaving in and out of lines. I had read recently that when we are around people of a higher or similar vibration it is easier to stay in that vibration. So if we are surrounded by lower vibrations how do we achieve satiety in the higher vibrations in order to ascend and stay in that higher energy level. I too wish for a peaceful balanced planet of love and light with no sickness, no pain, no war, no bullies! Where all life on the planet are treated equal and the oneness and unity of creation is known. An Earth of restored pristine beauty that will leave all awe inspired. I really liked the three moons idea and the Unicorns! How about purple sunsets and double rainbows, plants that sing! Love to all of you!

    Denise what about a book club thread to allow many of us to read your book together and discuss it together with you?

    • “How about purple sunsets and double rainbows, plants that sing!”

      Oh, how fabulous, let’s add those to the ‘pot’ of visions for our new pristine Earth. It is said that what we focus on, we attract, so more beautiful suggestions to visualize would be welcome by all …. Just luvin it 💞💖💗🌎

  40. Hi denise, I have a comment slash question with regards to seperation of timelines and expiration dates, with regards to how it plays out in personal relationships. Maybe you are able to confirm that the example I’m going to share relates to all this. I have a had a major fall out with a person I live with, my mother. Now we dont speak for weeka and its like we live in two different realities in the same house. In our last argument, she in a way expressed total ascension amnesia/denial. I mean she said that she doesnt believe all that shit anymore, although we had shared and lived symptoms for the last 2 years, and she has followed my sensitivities for years. The argument was due to the presence of cats that I had attracted’ (adopted) who are now protecting us and clearing dark energy attacks. She had aknowledged and understood why their presence was necessary, but now not anymore. I would never have thought I would ever feel this separated from a loved one. How common is this?Can one awaken and join others with similar timelines/ steps but then suddenly fall back down and away? or is it a case where I went up a big step and she didnt follow energetically this time?

    • rima,

      I’ve experienced these sorts of head-butting stages with my mom (we live together) too over these Ascension years and they are very emotionally painful and frustrating. In many cases (I don’t know if this is exactly what’s currently happening with your mom and you), one person moves ahead energetically a bit further than the other person (mom, dad, husband, wife, sibling, friend, co-worker, neighbor etc.) for a while and during this period where one person has moved up a couple more energetic Stair Steps than the other person has, there’s a disconnect and plenty of emotional wounds, anger, frustrations, old ego crap, and the great desire to get the hell away from that other person whose suddenly gone out of sync with you and/or vice versa! (Many of us have experienced this same thing with other Ascension Teachers, certain channelers, certain human spiritual Ascension Groups and so on and we HAVE to move on because that Teacher and/or Group etc. is still on the same Stair Step and you have moved (progressed) on to a higher level of awareness and continued learning etc.)

      What I’ve experienced with my mom repeatedly over the years with this situation is that, after some emotional wounds, grumblings, trying to get as far away from each other as is possible in the same freaking house, and with some time we BOTH go through whatever it was that we EACH needed to at that point within this Ascension Process and because of this we’re BOTH once again functioning within the same frequency range which makes it much more comfortable and easy for us BOTH. This is the other person catching up with whichever one it is that moved ahead a few Stair Steps. This returns the two people’s energy and consciousness back within range enough that they can stand each other again. 😉 The truth isn’t always all pretty and easy but if the relationship is going to continue, then there will be a return to the new higher Stair Step with both people, allowing them both to continue on until the same business happens again and again and again. Stair Steps.

      Hang in there and be honest and pay attention to what’s happening minus the egoic wounds and so on as best as you can. ♥

      • This comment could not be more timely for me today, Denise. I’m my dad’s caregiver, and I just told him right before I discovered your comment to rima, “Everybody needs a day off once in a while, and I’m taking mine.” 🙂

      • Nikkoale,

        Me too and sometimes it’s very hard. Often one has to be as alone as possible to go through, to live/feel/deal/heal/integrate whatever it is at that moment that’s screaming at us to Work on in ourselves.

        Good for you and take your time off and thoroughly use your time alone for yourself and whatever you need now. ♥

      • Thank you for your sweet reply to my comment, Denise. I think what my dad did this a.m. was prompted by my own (our own?) Ascension team to get me to take a “day off.” And the synchronicity of seeing your comment when I did was confirmation of that. I’m only realizing that as I write this.

        My situation, even though I often bemoan it and work through those feelings, is such a blessing for me as a Lightworker. Of course, right after Dad’s stroke I hardly had time for myself let alone any Ascension processing — those were exhausting days — but now his care really doesn’t take as much of my time, so I am often able to find the time to live/feel/deal/heal/integrate.

        I know I haven’t been posting many comments lately, but it is so encouraging to see the enthusiasm and curiosity and reading about all the “Ahha!” moments everyone is having with this new information you have been writing about. It’s such a morale boost for all of us.

        A few months ago, I stated my intent that our farm is Fifth Dimensional. And it is. I am amazed how fast things are manifesting out here — which I have further stated is a refuge (my neighbor used a better word for it — sanctuary) for animals and plants during this time of transition. And I think my new mission as a Lightworker is revealing itself in all of the amazing close encounters that I am having with the Nature Realms — even got to observe a gathering of Fairies and Elves in the dreamtime. But even day in and day out, for instance, as I write this, there has been a hen turkey with her four babies a few feet outside my window. They have been in the yard all afternoon long napping under the trees and scratching around in the grass — even with the guy who mows the lawn here! We’ve had babies of all kinds near the house and unusual sightings of animals not normally in this area. It’s been an emerald-green summer. Gaia, the Nature Spirits and all, we have co-created a beautiful and Light-filled space.

        Heart hugs, Denise! To both you and all of the Transitioners here!

      • Thank you Denise for the insight. and your right! it is frustrating but we usually had returned to the same step before when this happened. I have had to move on many times and have lost many connections. However with my mum, since she is the only one who is still in my life who is aware of the process: when theres a disconnect it feels so awfull, and I am left to my own devices with ascension stuff. Also this is the very first time I got attacked for being an empath/lightworker and my reality denied by a person from my ‘team’ so to speak. After reading your response I’m left wondering if team dark is also at work here, trying to break ties between the ones ascending/joining together….

      • “…After reading your response I’m left wondering if team dark is also at work here, trying to break ties between the ones ascending/joining together….”


        I hesitated saying this but I’d bet money on it at this point. My mom has been attacked, interfered with, manipulated by Team Dark to get at me in different ways many, many times over the years. This seems to be happening again this year, and very much so this summer rather intensely with lots of people and other family members too. I suspect it will continue until we’re untouchable.

        Try to not take it personally, which I know is incredibly difficult when it’s happening with the only human you have physical contact with that’s living the Ascension Process too!
        ♥ Hugs to you both,

      • Dear Rima,
        I wanted to send my love to you and tell you to stay strong. You know yourself well so stand true. We are all standing with you. I know it is difficult as my mother and then my sister attacked me in March. They are my only family left. It seemed to come out of no where. They came back around. I had to give the situation time. It wasn’t long after that I had some amazing experiences. I believe team dark is afraid of us and I know we have more power then they do and they know this. Your cats as you said are helping you through this transition. We have six at my house that all showed up doing the same thing. Standing in love and light for you Rima and all you light warriors! Many Hugs across the light rays!

      • “… I believe team dark is afraid of us and I know we have more power then they do and they know this…”


        This is 1000% true and Team Dark has always been afraid if humanity got loose from them and figured out what all they’ve done to us and why!


      • Denise, can this concept of inching up the ladder and experiencing difficulties also apply to our relationship with ourselves–or more specifically, to our place within the ever-increasing energies on this planet? For example, can we feel fine within ourselves one day, and then the energy of Gaia increases dramatically so that our energy, which was “in pace” with the shift the day before, now seems woefully behind? Can this concept explain the constant “see-saw” effect I and many others have been experiencing? Would it be true to say, then, that these apparent “plummets” in vibration are NOT necessarily indicators that we are “woefully behind” or “on par with a descending world” but can be likened to the takeoff of two rockets; if they both start out at a similar speed, but one is slightly faster, the person on the slower-moving rocket may perceive himself briefly as moving downwards?

        * * * * *

        I just had written my previous comment and was heading up the stairs to begin my morning routine when I received this message: “The Universe is more forgiving than you believe.” This nearly made me cry because I realized that I’ve been operating under the partially-subconscious assumption that if I “sin” (i.e. make a “mistake” with this ascension process by allowing my ego mind/emotional body to control my thoughts/behavior, even briefly) I will go to “hell” (Planet B)! I understand we all still need to be really, really careful during this nine-month compressed period, but it’s a relief to know that there still is some wiggle-room to be perfectly imperfect human beings during this messy ascension process.

      • balsamicmoon,

        “The Universe is more forgiving than you believe.”

        It’s far more forgiving than we are to ourselves! You and your Atlantian past-life self need to embrace this fact and realize that you are far more advanced with all this than your ego believes or is even capable of perceiving! 😉

        The “see-saw” effect we all go through and feel is very rainbow aquarius photo rainbowaquarius.gif (I have no idea if I entered that image correctly?!) Aquarian/Uranian with sudden blasts and stops and blasts forward again. This is those Stair Steps I’m always talking about. When we move up one or more of these Energy Stair Steps it feels great and empowering. Then we reach the next stage that doesn’t feel so great and empowering but is as important as the first phase was. This second phase for lack of a better term at this moment, feels like a dead-stop or even like a crash n’ burn stage after the first big rush upward phase! Remember my Princess & the Pea metaphor for this hyper-sensitivity to these Energy upgrades we go through each time we go up another Stair Steps? The moment the latest forward motion stops so we can acclimate, adapt, breath… it feels to us like we’ve “fallen” or are experiencing “plummets in vibration”, but that’s not what’s happened/happening at all. It’s just the extreme contrast between these two phases of transition that seem, feel to us now like we’re not doing something “right” but we most certainly are. The booster rockets just can’t be ON all the time; we need them turned OFF for a while so we can adjust to the NEW space/location and level of consciousness we’ve reached via the latest booster rocket blast. 😉 Gawd I hope I’m explaining this well enough!

        There is no way in hell that you’re going anywhere near Planet B dearest so tell that part of your ego that’s still got some old negative christian BS lies and distortions (“god poison” to use a great Barbara Hand Clow term) in there to shut the &*%$# up because YOU are in the drivers seat now. 😀 This is each of us having to relearn who we really are now because we must. I’m going through it too. ♥

        Keep up the great work you’ve been doing and thanks for the huge opening your Comment question allowed for so many in this article. ♥
        Gratitude Hugs,
        Denise & All

      • Denise, thanks again for your guidance. (couldnt figure out were to place the reply correctly in the thread…)
        Also, to Elaine, thank you for your words of support. I am really glad to hear and have it comfirmed that our cats are assisting by their presence. 🌻Rima

  41. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for expressing that you enjoy reading my posts!!! : ) I certainly enjoy yours and indentify with a lot of what your feeling too! And…I learn too! It sounds like you’ve certainly experienced a lot yourself through your process and your very knowledgable!!!! Thats what It alls about here sharing and comforting one another. Great to connect with you and i look forward to reading more of your posts!!!

    Love& Blessings to you!


  42. Hi Denise and all.

    INHERITENCE. I have been reading about all of us suppose to be receiving our inheritances. I have been dreaming about a financial inheritance for several months. Now quite frequently. In the first dream “it” was discovered. A hidden surprise in some old family papers. “it” had been and still was quietly adding interest for generations. But it wasn’t and isn’t the time for me to receive it yet. And I keep on re-discovering this inheritance or something to do with it. During this last portal or whatever when I broke down I dreamed I had a fancy leather portfolio and “it” was in there on yellow paper. There were all kinds of reports inside this leather file. A lawyer was there and wanted to read this book and so he saw the paper about the inheritance.

    So I ask you and everybody. What’s up with the inheritance thing? Anybody else In any manner have insight on this issue? Curious!

    And I am feeling so very much better! I feel happy-ish again : )


    • Hi Edith,
      Quite Interesting, the Inheritance thing! I haven’t read anything about that yet. At the latter part of yesterday I was starting to feel flustered like I was doing a bunch of chores at one time and a little overwhelmed by this and I thought, I’m not overly busy or overwhelmed at this time, what is this. I heard within that many of us are on another timeline and doing “Administrative Duty”, ironing out the details and we are quite involved and busy with this. I thought, the fact that we are involved in this is a very good thing. Maybe this has to do with that Inheritance thing. And yes, I think we are shifting into that happy-ish feeling again and that is so wonderful. Glad you are feeling this!

      • Hi Jeff. I think the word inheritence is the issue. I have read it in many ways about us FINALLY receiving and manifesting what we want/need/desire in this world/life of ours. I think for some reason the word inheritance is more of a Christian twist on it. “God’s Promises”, etc. Also, in my case in my dream the inheritance is financial though I think this is symbolic. Also because in my dream it comes through family, like an inheritance. Clearly not through my blood and earth family! That is so for sure! But like everyone else we keep reading about how one day, some day, at some point we will be ready to receive! I pretty much think in terms of “blah blah blah” about the issue and many other issues, but then this dream has begun to pile up on me awareness lately, and so I wonder about it!

        I am certainly glad I am feeling better. I am also feeling it is time for change in my job and it seems to be rolling right along. I’ll let you all know when I am hired with a LIVABLE income and of course a job I enjoy like the one I will be leaving behind me.

        Again, Hugs.

        And always Thanks to Denise for this forum 🙂

  43. Denise,

    Your so very welcome! You deserve appreciation for All that you are! 🙂

    Yes. EVERYTHING you say here is sooo True and resonates so deeply!! Being Spiritually Aware/Advanced a Star Seed, Teachers/Healer, etc doesn’t mean we can’t express our human-ness too with a bit of humour, or even bitching, cursing or otherwise!!!

    Sitting cross legged Chanting OOOHM, Drumming and Burning Sage, etc just aint gonna do it sometimes. Especially when we’re dealing with the Reality of all the 3D BS, NAA (us Light Workers being their main targets)!!! There’s work to be done, information to be disclosed and explained in a way that people can understand be educated without feeling like they have run for the hills screaming in terror!!

    These people who expect all Light Workers be sitting in a Meadow in a White Caftan smiling 24/7 while dealing with all this BS need to get a grip!! Some Teachers, Healers don’t have that Liberty. Some of us have Missions that require us to be Warriors too at times! And if I remember correctly rumour has it that even Jesus threw a couple tantrums and sent tables flying in the Temple! I bet he and Buddah had a few choice words and jokes of their own to tell as well!

    In any case…I for one think your a breadth of fresh air amongst the Spiritual Community. Jeeeez only God (and my poor family and close friends) know know I can really get going myself with the F word, wise cracks, and laugh so hard sometimes it causes another Activation!! (As a 100% Italian Girl from NYC Elder Indigo Incarnet of 1952 there’s no way I wasn’t gonna milk that one in this lifetime!!) So, I certainly can enjoy throwing a few Raviolis across the room every now and then!

    And by the way my Sister Ex Belly Dancer…FYI we have much in common…I was a Dancer for in Magic, Burlesque/Comedy shows for 10 years, while working 3 days part time strugling to make ends meet to support myself and only child (daughter) as a single mom too. We’re from the old school of Star Beings dear friend…we do what we must do and keep on keeping on. And I can tell you this…They sure dont make em like they used to!!! 🙂

    Anyway, there I go rambling again…Just love connecting with you! But on a serious note,
    I know your’e super busy right now and have many questions and infor to write about so need to respond again : ) !!!

    PS- I will edit some of what I worte about your book in my last post, put together a review for “Lightworkers Mission” this week!

    Love, Love, Love & Hugs


  44. Hello Edith

    I read your comment and it touched me so and the day after reading it the name Edith came up in my meditation so i decided to contact you with information i received in my meditation. I didn’t know how to do it except to leave my email address here that you might contact me(tobispirit123@gmail.com) and we can speak directly. Please know Denise that i have been a reader here for several years though i do not comment anymore at any site just read mostly now. Thank you for work and long efforts to help us all in this BIG struggle to be free finally!


    • Hi tobispirit. Thank you so much for reaching out. Wow! I appreciate any and all insights. My email will have the words “divine she” in it, so you will recognize me.

      Thank you Denise for allowing this 🙂

  45. Hi Denise and All,

    I have been profoundly affected by the comments with respect to loneliness and if it helps, here’s my take on it. For years I was lonely as one after another, relationships ended, friendships faded, family disappointed, and often I was depressed and in tears about what I felt was my inability to ‘fit in’. The more I tried, the more miserable were the results. Suffice to say I was finding solitude was my answer, yet I still didn’t know why. Then as the expression goes, it hit me, and the only line that came out of my mouth was, “I’m lonely for God!” I had been searching and searching for someone/something to fill a void that was in me because when I came to this dense Planet, I left and forgot my connection to Source. Behind the veils of 3D, I could not understand why people were so cruel to each other and to their animals. I didn’t get domestic fighting, religious differences, wars, duality in any form, and so I finally started going within. The more I went within, the more solitude I required, and yes, bouts of loneliness persisted, but nothing compared to my younger years when I needed so badly to have contact. When, through my reading and discovering websites like TRANSITIONS, everything started to come together as to why I was here, that the job I had taken on was to learn to unconditionally love, and that as a result of my efforts I was being reconnected to Source, everything lightened up! I may not have explained this very well, but it’s my belief that our loneliness is a sure and wonderful sign that we are going home, especially when that loneliness is not assuaged by anything outside of us. The Dark has done an incredibly effective job of disconnecting us from Source, but it is you/me/us who are breaking through that and as a result, my ‘job’ as a Star Seed/Light Worker et al, to get Gaia reconnected to Source has become much more important than anything I have ever attempted in my life to date. So, here’s to us and please don’t beat yourself up if you’re lonely. It’s a good thing in my books! Reconnection here we come! Love, B.

    • Barbara,

      You said that just perfectly and exactly like a Starseed/Wanderer. ♥

      Yes to everyone feeling this loneliness and ongoing isolation; fill up with 5D High Heart and this lower feeling goes away…maybe not permanently, and you have to teach yourself how to remain in, maintain that 5D High Heart state of being/feeling etc., but this is you/me/each of us learning how to embody in these physical bodies 5D and higher energies from “Home”.


      • Barbara and Denise,
        Well said, both of you and Denise I agree, we are learning how to stay in that 5D High Heart state of being. So yes, we now see that the loneliness and isolation which many of us experienced was for a very good reason and as you said Barbara, Here’s to Reconnection!

    • Oh Barbara! This is so wonderfully expressed, & i just wanted to let you know it really helped & yes, this perspective does lighten things up! Bravo & thank you,

  46. Oh Denise, I just loved the booster rocket vision! I can so see it now…sitting strapped in the rocket seat with my back to the next stop in space hence not being able to see with my physical eyes where we are going yet and looking down at this earth plane with excitement and smiling and waving at all those waiting their turn for a lift in the rocket! Thank you for this explanation!

  47. Hello Denise, and all you others. I AM so glad that I found your site, it usually either resonates with, explains or validates much of what I experience, and can see that it is true for all these other people also. So, there are very much more of us than I actually get to meet myself out there in the wilds of my current experience. It is good to know you guys are out there. I learn a lot from what you write Denise and I have a question, If you have already explained it previously then I apologise I must have missed it. My question is how do the worlds separate? How do the planets A/B, A and B pull away from each other and how will it manifest in our experience. Do we wake up one morning and realise that a large portion of people places and structures that we have known are no longer in the same world as we find ourselves in, that is, the world that we have resonated with and so have separated with?

    By the way, I like the film Avatar, and the greeting ” I see you” meaning, ” I REALLY see you, who you are and respect and honour you”.

    It is much like Namaste which I take to mean, “the God in me, sees the God in you”.

    look forward to some answers. Sending love out and “I see you”. Namaste. Michaela.

  48. Hi Dearest Denise,

    This is off topic so maybe you want to keep it separate from Transitions?

    I just want to let you know I will be finishing up putting your book review (Lightworker’s Misson) today or tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it and to write another for “Master of…”

    Sorry its taken so long. I didn’t forget. Just dealing with the usual Ascension stuff (feel like I’m experienceing alot of Activations, vibrating, pain lately, Intergrating, etc). I suppose all positive but Very Intense. A lot seems to be in full force and happening all at once!! Needless to say at the same time, all kinds of nonsense, distractions and interuptions going on here with energies from all directions being thrown at me as well.

    Also I’m sure you’l relate to this…My 85 yr old mom lives in a Senior assisted Living building but now it seems she’s declining a bit (beginning Alzhiemers, Diabetes) so I really need to keep an eye on things there. Been doing my best to bring her to my home for a day or 2 during week. Sometimes feel its easier if I could just have her live here with me but no room, as I’m also raising my 13 yr old (grand daughter). Then 2 days ago my aunt (mom’s sister) passed. So I brought her to may apt to tell her and spend the night and couple days here with me to process it. She seems to be having a health issue popping up too now. So, I’ll need to speak with her Dr today when I return her home and check on whats going on? Really got to keep on top of these “Bananna’s” Docs! I must monitor everything they do and give to her. Sometimes I go in there on a War Path. He starts sweating when he sees me, ha ha because he knows he can’t away with the shit they pull to make their lives easier.

    Anyway…Again I just wanted to let you know that I havent forgotten you, and in fact I’m Sooo looking forward to some creative writing time and finally be able to start reading your new book too!!!! So excited!! I’m sure you made that story quite interesting too…and I’m prepared to enjoy quite a few chuckles as well!!

    PS- Would you like me to send directly here @ Transitions. Or a private e mail?

    Love You, Blessings and Hugs!! XX OO


    • Sandra,

      I can so relate to what all you’re dealing with and my Heart to your Heart for being so strong. ♥ Be sure to get enough rest yourself as it’s super important.

      The past couple of months I was running around too with my mom’s health problems — Urgent Care, then primary Dr., then back to Urgent Care, then back to primary Dr., then eye Dr, then back two times to pick up new glasses and on and on. She’s got another Dr. appt. in a couple days and then, hopefully I’ll have a month or two that’s more quiet so I can live through, deal with, write about all the things I need to RIGHT NOW!!! Amazing…

      If you hover your mouse over each of my Book Titles at the top of the page, sub-headers appear under each of them; one of those sub-headers is Book Reviews and where you and anyone else who wishes to can write you own Book Review/Reviews. 🙂 Thanks for doing this and I know very well how hard it is to find the time, the energy, and the brain function and focus to write anything so I very much appreciate you doing this. ♥

      Gratitude Hugs,

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