New Chakra Pains & Pressures

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Around 2000, I started feeling a new physical pain that felt like my spine/back was breaking or broken above my heart, high up between my shoulder blades. Because I’ve had mild (although it sure doesn’t feel that way) scoliosis all my life, I assumed it was another thin disk and/or pinched nerves between vertebra in that particular area of my spine. Eventually however, I realized that physical area was the same location where I knew my energetic 5D High Heart was birthing itself. I then started understanding more about the connections between this particular place on our spines and our new 5D High Heart manifesting. In the diagram above this is number 6—the Thymus chakra. I prefer calling it the High Heart because it exists and functions well above the old lower 3D physical Heart chakra.

This physical pain in the back/spine right behind this Thymus High Heart chakra can, at times, be really painful and miserable and I’ve noticed that it causes a few other physical reactions or side effects which I think many people have been having for years now or they’ve started recently. One of the new 5D High Heart Thymus related symptoms is having our esophagus spasm painfully at or near this particular location in our spines. I never had this physical pain or symptom before my Ascension Process started, but I’ve had this painful spine/back and esophagus spasms off and on ever since. Usually eating food will cause it to spasm closed and hurt, especially if I’m hurrying, multitasking and not relaxed while eating. Other times I can be rested and relaxed and simply drink water and suddenly have my esophagus spasm and feel like there’s a stone stuck in it right at this High Heart Thymus chakra area.

Another related and very common side effect of this new 5D ascended High Heart Thymus chakra is heartburn from hell and/or acid re-flux on those super intense days.


Other exciting Ascension-related new 5D chakra pains are connected to number 4 in the diagram above—the Diaphragm chakra. Other people have called this lovely bloating, bulging, never-ending expanded upper belly/gut/diaphragm situation the ‘Buddha Belly’. I’ll never forget the first time I ran across this term online about a year and a half ago because it immediately reminded me of my dear old past-life Master Teacher and much-loved friend Master Hotei, aka the Laughing Buddha. [See The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory ]. I remember in that past life wondering why Master Hotei’s belly was so distended when he really wasn’t overweight or fat. Now I know, intimately!

The first minute my Ascension Process started on February 1, 1999, my diaphragm bloated up like I was nine months pregnant and has remained that way ever since. It doesn’t matter if I don’t eat anything for days, my upper belly area doesn’t deflate and become con-caved like it always was prior to the start of this process. This Ascension-related symptom and new 5D chakra feels just like being nine months pregnant and you tried to eat a large meal. My vertebra in this particular area will often go out-of-place too, which I believe is directly related to the birthing of this new chakra. Also your diaphragm is so bloated, so distended that you sometimes feel like you can’t get enough air into your lungs. This symptom is about as much fun as the new High Heart/Thymus chakra side effects are! And, my already bloated diaphragm gets much worse the minute I physically leave my house and go into the lower vibrating world out there because entering any place where there’s more density creates an immediate reaction in my body from all lower frequency energies. Keep this in HighHeart mind when your body suddenly lets you know that you’ve entered a lower, more dense negative frequency physical location.


The next new Ascension-related 5D chakra is number 8 in the above diagram—The Well of Dreams. Again, due to my lifelong spinal pains and problems, this particular area of my spine has always been a wreck. Because of this it’s taken me longer to discern the symptoms that accompany the birth of this new higher chakra. I haven’t read or heard anything about this new chakra, but I sense it has something to do with—and this may sound really weird even for me—the integration of our male and female energies within our body and two brain hemispheres. I sense there is a new higher octave with this new Ascension-related 5D chakra to both the Throat chakra below it and the Brow chakra above it. I sense  at some point with our DNA re-connections and other higher energy changes, we will have the ability (again) to use vocal sounds (7D) to Consciously Create certain things and manifest them into our reality. This is a really ancient ability we lost, along with many others, that will eventually return due to our going through the Ascension and dimensional shift Process. I also sense that there’s more to this particular new chakra but I haven’t perceived it yet.

The Galactic Male and Galactic Female chakras speak for themselves, except that I wonder why they would be separated or polarized like this again? Maybe we’ve got some more integrating to do at even higher levels within this Process? Or, maybe they mean something very different from male/female as we’ve known it at lower levels of consciousness. At any rate, I suspect our current brain Rewiring Process will solve this confusion or outright distortion and fully reveal some truly amazing insights, abilities and memories to us again.

Denise Le Fay

June 1, 2010


44 thoughts on “New Chakra Pains & Pressures

  1. I rarely get heartburn, and when I do, it’s very mild and passes quickly. Not lately though, I had the most painful heartburn for 3 days straight last week and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t go away. My diet hasn’t changed, so I couldn’t figure out WHAT was going on… now I know! 🙂

      • This post makes a great deal of sense to me. The spine is so crucial – i believe it holds the time codes… So, we’re going through a major uplevelling of the spine, & all its extensions thru the nervous system, brain, etc. The particular locations you’re focusing on here have been issues for me for a very long time… Thank you.

      • aliajan,

        My pleasure. I was impulsed to write about this topic and just connect some more of those invisible dots. When this happens to me I know to not mess with it but just dive in and let it happen. 🙂

        We’re all so deep into this transformational process internally/externally that it often is difficult to remember that it’s all interconnected and the same huge ascension/compressed evolutionary process.


      • Hi Steffi and Denise! Quite regularly I get what feels like acid indigestion, somewhere between my stomach and esophagus. I have noticed that when I have strong energy coming through the top of my head (Skin on my head gets quite warm), I will have this indigestion feeling. In my case, it seems to be matching an increase in the earth energy, through my feet chakras. … A balance? It is usually at night and will calm down with eating some nuts or fruit (a pear).

  2. Hi Denise,

    Heartburn from hell, that’s a good one. That explains the barrage of real burning chest pains I felt. It felt like my chest and diaphragm is being stretched out and “expanded”!


  3. Hmmm… I haven’t gotten any such 5D symptoms… yet… although they seem very very important to have. However… I have had a weird feeling in my spine on and off… but not that frequently these days. It’s the kind of sensation like blobs or bubbles of gas floating upwards in the spine. At first I thought it may be the work of my gastric/stomach area… but all up in the entire spine??? Felt really painful but thankfully brief… had to sit upright though… as vertical as possible until it passed.

    As for the diaphragm area: I always have stomach/gas problems since little. Always had a bloated stomach even before the Ascension Period started. However… just recently I’ve discovered that certain yogic positions close to the earth help tremendously… especially before meals. Every time.

    Has anybody felt “blobs of gas” floating in the spine? Sometimes I feel a little left out on this… 😦 … it’s just… so… wack and weird: “blobs of gas”… “itchy throat”… but no brain rewiring??? Hmmm….

    Maybe the evening throat itches are also part of the 5D symptoms which I may have taken for granted until now. I’ve always wanted to know… why in the blazing hell… do I have a singing voice for… and a unique kind at that. Only used it for choir practice and such… but those church-going days are long gone. Now I feel it’s meant for something much… much more. It has improved a lot over time…

    Has anybody find that they have an unused or premature talent/s that they are wondering with big question marks what they’re really there for???

    But… I did recall me saying that my singing voice may very well be useful for helping the flowers to grow… or better yet… create new worlds. I’m always creating worlds in my head… in my inner world… always making up universes upon universes. I create them on and off the computer… so this may be it then.

    Hugs and love to all,
    Lou Ann

    • Lou Ann,

      Do I remember correctly that you’re a Scorpio? Either way, Scorpio is opposite Taurus and Taurus rules the throat, the vocal cords, and everything in that area of the neck/throat etc. Scorpio rules the sexual organs. Scorpio rules physical procreation (sex) and Taurus the voice and singing etc. Like you’ve said yourself, I too have long sensed that we have not been able to utilize our Throat chakra and the Taurus/Scorpio energies to their fullest. I feel – like you – that we are currently ascending/evolving back to being able to have sex and procreate, have High Sex/Love or Tantra to simply Create, and that we’re also going to be able to jump to the Taurus side and Create via our ascended High Voice and Throat chakra finally. We will become much more attuned to 7D sound creating AND our new ability to Create via our voices. What Tom Kenyon does comes to mind with this new ascended/evolved Taurus/Scorpio/Throat chakra stuff.

      As far as the sensation in your spine, it sounds to me like early and light kundalini energy surges flowing up your spine. I’d expect them to increase in intensity but, on the other hand, you many not need to go through that intense level now and the process will unfold much more gently than it did for us older folks. 😉


  4. oh yay! i finally was able to log in to wordpress again. i’d sent you an email instead denise but i’ll share the symptoms i had after i was initiated into second degree reiki and made a big more to another country…

    two physical symptoms i was most bewildered about was one; a constant feeling of something stuck in my thymus area…like old feelings not moving. i wanted to throw it up but couldn’t. eventually it shifted. it felt like a sudden growth and it was bizarre. it lasted for so many weeks but i haven’t had it since.

    and i felt a constant need to do reiki at night on the back of my neck more then anywhere else. i’d always associated that area with dreams and as you know about me….my dreams get hefty and that’s how my guides seem to communicate with me. i ached there a lot. i still get more comfort from energy healing that place more than anywhere…apart from the heart chakra and solar plexus (my way of mothering myself when i’m down).

    i’ve had some more strange dreams with entities i would have been terrified by in the past but now i accept and move on from. I feel more separated from them and aware of my strength.

    love and light to you all

  5. I had shoulder surgery in 2008 and now my other shoulder has the same impingment syndrome. The commonality is that they are probably caused by referred pain from a herniated disk in my neck behind the area you are talking about Denise.

    Today I began acupuncture and so far it seems to be helping but it was only the first session. I am cautiously optimistic that this is going to work out well.

    In regards to this being symptomatic of the polarity integration, I think it may be but I’m leaning more towards energy integration as it seems to get worse around solar flare-ups.


  6. I had not put two and two together on the esophagial thing–but, yeah, there are times when it locks in place when eating to a point of feeling like it is going to break or I am going to choke. Never had this before either. Thank goodness the pinfeathers are through on the wings and the heartburn in the middle of my back is gone (for now any way). However, I did experience extremely high pitch screaming in the ears (I have this most of the time to where it has become background noise and not of any worries) to where it was almost bringing tears yesterday. This morning is the opposite. It is like someone has stuffed cotton in both ears and sounds are muted. Anyone else having this one? Is this due to solar flares, Denise? Or, something else causing it–the spiking and muffling I mean.

    • theocacao,

      Thanks for mentioning this because I forget to mention many of these really weird new symptoms that I’ve experienced in Phase Two.

      I had one day (thank gwad it was only one day!) in April when I completely lost the hearing in my left ear for the day and into the night. My left ear is where I’ve always heard the Pleiadian transmissions that sound like Morse Code clicking really fast (or like dolphin clicking), so I was used to my left ear doing weird things for over a decade. (I’ve had my ears checked by a doctor and they and my hearing was fine physically). But this one day, within a few seconds all of my hearing was blocked in my left ear. It was so total that it caused dizziness and a real sense of imbalance. What really surprised me the most about going completely deaf in one ear for a day was how I just accepted it with next to no worry at all. I remember that day I wrote a blog post and published it.

      By late that evening, very slowly my hearing returned to normal. I didn’t even have to ask my Higher Self what caused it as I knew as soon as my hearing returned. The whole event was caused by the ongoing rewiring of my two brain hemispheres. This brain rewiring is causing many different ascension symptoms now in Phase Two, headaches, seeing new colors, hearing changes, perceptual changes, functioning increasingly outside of linear 3D time, and many more really new and weird things.

      I think we need to expect the unexpected now that we’re in Phase Two and are going to REALLY be experiencing some new perceptual things, energies, beings, colors, sounds, light, and so on. Just the rewiring of our brains alone is so huge I can’t even express it! But the brain rewiring is only one of many things we’re currently going through. Exciting!


      • Denise, every day I am more and more amazed, you are bringing so many things to light. Physical symptoms that I thought were just, for whatever reason but I never thought of them as ascension. My spine, my neck, have bothered me for years but as I get older it is increasing, so much so that I had to stop my job (that plus I could NOT take the political BS any more). In fact, last week I had a CT Scan and was almost sure they were going to find a growth of some kind but all they found was “normal for my age” arthritis but it hurts like hell! I have lots of friends my age and they don’t have back pain or arthritis! I have one spot on my right side, right under my rib cage, that started in August feeling like someone was running their finger down my spine. It has gotten increasingly stronger, has spread down further, and will turn into a crippling pain. Maybe I’m just going to sprout one wing?? 🙂 I have had the clicking in one ear, (just when I’m laying down) and a lot of headaches, and much much heartburn, This is so fascinating. So far nothing with the esophogis.

        Can I ask you something? Since I was a kid I have had dreams about flying. For a long time I never said anything because I just thought everyone had dreams about flying. As I got older and I would mention a dream to someone and they would say “You’re kidding!!” I have always been surprised by the amount of people who Don’t fly in their dreams. I soar, I flap my “wings”; I jump off things and fly and sometimes I have to fly up in the air to escape something. I guess that isn’t really a question but I’m just curious how many of us on here fly in our dreams.
        Love Chrys

      • Chrys,

        I had flying dreams constantly as a child and young adult; it was one important way I was tutored by a Guide in the higher astral plane as a kid. I too thought that most everyone had or has flying dreams. Maybe not by the sounds of it. Maybe it’s us Starseeds and Lightworkers who remember being able to get around without a dense, heavy physical body. 😉


      • Thank you Denise! Have you ever done a blog on here about dreams and flying?
        Love you and wish you could drop over for tea 🙂

      • Hi Denise and Chrys,

        I had flying dreams too a bunch as a kid and young adult. Most often I had them with the flapping and kind of soaring and then touching down and bouncing back into the air again. I love flying! Nowadays the past couple years, I have a daydream while I’m just walking along that I jump and soar off into the air. Like, “Do it, Go!” and it almost feels like it happens:)

        Denise, I’m so grateful for your diarrhea share too because I just got over the worst case of diarrhea/”intestinal flu”/lower purging I’ve had in a long time. And it went on for 5 days from Sunday the 30th to this morning, Thurs. June 3rd! Miserable. I got rid of a ton of stuff on many levels, agh, ick, ahhhhh. Now today I’ve been better and so glad that’s looking like it’s done. I also had a bunch of the “Ice pick pains” going on those days as well. Brain rewiring? Middle of the head new chakra? I know you have had whole posts on the Ice Pick pains in the past (say that 5 times fast), but I’d love it if you share again on them? Thank you! and love, em

      • em,

        Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS, glad you’re here. 🙂

        This latest phase (for me it went from April through to 9:00 pm May 31st – weird I know but it was SO obvious the moment the intensity stopped) was brutal indeed, with plenty of frustrations and depression-like, serious downer funk. I have always gotten diarrhea once the difficult phase is over, so it’s a sign for me that it’s done finally. It really is a purging after the storm sort of thing. It sounds like you’re done with the worst of this last phase now too.

        Those severe, sudden, take your breath away type of ice pick stabbing pains are I feel, related to cosmic/solar energies coming to earth/humanity and they literally are changing us at cellular levels deep in certain bones throughout our bodies. I hadn’t had a cluster of these type of pains for a long while, but the last two weeks of May 2012 I had them in my thigh bones, ankles, fingers, toes, forearms, shoulder bones. And, as you know, these ice pick pains are so severe that you simply cannot do anything else for those few seconds they’re happening except moan in pain! Even my poor cat has had them over the past two years now.

        Besides being caused I feel by solar flares and CME’s etc., I think these ice pick pains are in areas where we’ve had old wounds or injuries stuck deep in small areas of bone. It’s almost like the solar/cosmic energies just come raining down upon earth and when they hit or connect with some area in our physical body that has any density, any damage, any old wound deep in bones, that solar/cosmic energy goes totally through our bodies, organs, bones etc. and literally fries any dense, damaged areas within our skeletal structure.

        I’ve clairvoyantly seen Photon Light rain down upon earth/humanity since around 1996, and interestingly my mom saw it last week for the first time. She asked me what that “white rain-like stuff was?” when it was sunny and 85 degrees outside. I was happy she finally saw it. I’m certain that being back within the Photon Band of higher dimensional Light now is also forcing us, our consciousness, and any and all lower frequency, dense wounds, issues, karma etc. within our bodies to be transmuted by higher Light energies. Sometimes that process feels to some of us like sudden stabbing intense ice pick-like pains…and some of our pets are experiencing it too. There isn’t anything that I’m aware of that helps with this particular pain and honestly, I wouldn’t want to interfere at all with that Process. I’ll just moan and whine for a few seconds to have every last bit of my junk transmuted by Light. 😉

        I hope this helps somewhat with your experiencing this very painful ascension-related symptom.


  7. I found that if I ate anything extra cold (ice cream or an ice cold drink) it really would bring a spasm on – radically so.

    What I found helped? Gaviscon! Better than Tums by far. That and no more ice cream, or ice cold beer! 😦


  8. Oh my god/dess! The esophageal thing!!! This has been one of the worst ascension pains for me, on and off for years now. (That and the back of the neck/ head headaches.) And not just acid reflux, but that wicked radial pain through the front and back heart chakra like I’m giving birth via my esophagus. WOW! Thank you so much for naming this one.

    Also, back in 2002 I started having this ‘difficulty swallowing’ thing which was totally bizarre. I started to feel like a hypochondriacal freakazoid because it got to the point where I had to do all sorts of ‘tic’ like things to deal with this sudden and VERY odd digestive anomaly. Sometimes I’d lurch, sometimes I’d gag; I even spat up my bite once at a restaurant. I so love you all! You help me feel more on the normal side of freak rather than the psychiatric! 🙂

    Anyone dealing with intense amounts of internal WIND? I mean SUPER flatulence!!! GAWD! I’m the Fart Queen these days. Fortunately it’s a scentless wind…….


    • Tieshla,

      No farting marathons for me, just my typical diarrhea after the freaking insanity of the memorial day holiday (which really means it lasted from around May 25th through to-I kid you not-9:00 PM May 31, 2010 when it was like someone unplugged the miserableness machine!). Those last five days of May just about did me in…and then as usual after a mega dose of lower purging unpleasantness, I get diarrhea, which is my clue that phase of lower transformations is over…for the moment.

      I stopped eating in public when my ascension business started years ago because of all these food, allergy, esophageal spasms and hot flashes and intolerance etc. I eat where I can roll on the floor suddenly if needed or throw up a bite of food that’s gotten stuck in my esophagus and just goes up a fraction and down a fraction and back up again. It’s painful and I just won’t risk going through that in a public place, so I eat at home and not out. Go freaks! 😉

      The other thing that this one ascension and High Heart chakra symptom has caused me is difficulty swallowing Tylenol (for headaches and body pains). I now have to have liquid Tylenol on hand when my spine is really hurting in this same area. I can’t imagine dealing with my esophagus going into spasm with two hard pills half way down!

      Fart away my friend…all the way to a new higher body of Light! 😆 No one would ever believe any of us unless they’d lived this craziness themselves!

      Hugs n’ Loves,

    • Tieshla,
      I am laughing so hard at you I’m crying. I too am super farter but wasn’t brave enough to mention it, and since Denise didn’t say anything about it… My son is the same way and we have farting contests but my daughter thinks we are both gross. My son also has seen auras around people since he was little, but like me with my flying dreams just thought everyone did. xo
      Love Chrys

  9. Flying dreams!! I love my flying dreams!! I feel so free and happy when I wake from them, they act like a refresher for me. Sometimes I am flying from roof top to roof top. Sometimes I am flapping my arms taking off from the ground and heading into the tree tops or just the sky. At times I try to get above people so they don’t see me–but, Chrys, I am like you, I used to believe that everyone had flying dreams.

  10. All the talk of farting, sorry I had to post this link up, such a classic, I would never make such a noise!! 😉

    Love and hugs,


  11. :::Hi All:::

    Stu, thanks for the laughs!!
    And Chrys, thanks for the Fart Queen solidarity!
    I personally find farting uproariously hilarious! My multi-instrumentalist ‘heart’ner treats his windy moments like a ‘butt-trumpet’ instant composition and gets all sorts of musical long-tones and multi-phonic pitches. It’s SO funny! And he tries to keep a straight face which is all the more funny! When my son asked him once how he does it, he said, ‘It’s all in the embouchure!’

    But I take the cake with the sheer amount of force to my internal gusts.

    Another symptom I’ve been experiencing on and off for years are pins and needles, as though my limbs are starting to fall asleep slightly, due to circulatory changes or something. It feels odd; can’t say I much like it. Thought I’d add it to the ever growing list of ascension-related quirks we’ve all been experiencing.

    So glad we’re here together!

  12. An older website, but maybe this helps:

    Also check out Lauren C. Gorgo’s update:

    I’ve got the sore kidneys and the Buddah belly (not bad for a 120 lbs alien) and I’ve got this weird sensation that I’m actually physically growing. I don’t see any difference, except that my arms feel very long and elastic 😀

    My dream life is very interesting, because I remember them better than ever before and I can even prolong my dreams if I’m already awake. Dreams probably don’t exist in 5D, it’s just a reality/dimensional shift. And now my higher dimensional life and my 3D life start to blend and that can be confusing. I really need time to refocus and to remind myself that I’m back in 3D.

    • Hey Blue Pixel,

      Thanks so much for sharing Lauren’s latest post yet… as I would like to highlight it out here. In fact it’s a delightful surprise and apparently expressing what May was for most of us: BRUTAL!!!

      According to her reading… it looks like the work of Jupiter … with Uranus conjunction on Tuesday. It does seem to spell out shock and breakthroughs… but it could be anything.

      With that said… I now have a few doors open for me to sustain me financially and career-wise. However… they look normal… as in these opportunities come from the old energies… (although brand new to me)… the old energies from the Old World that have been severed and cut-off from us.

      On the other hand… I’ve gotten me some creative inspirations… that which I unconditionally love with glee… feels very much part of the new energies… but don’t bring in the income to sustain myself. Would love it if we keep sustaining ourselves… then transitioning in a Life in no need for money… nice and gently… instead of us scrimping for it to just hang in there…

      Is this what Lauren means by ” the good ol’ foot in both worlds scenario”…? It looks like it.

      I mean… if we ARE being severed from our old out-worn lives… wouldn’t that mean that seemingly opened door of opportunity would be slamming in our faces the moment we attempt at entering??? What would happen for us when the Cardinal Crunch hit us hard during the summer up ahead…??? Wouldn’t it not all… go away???

      To me… as LONG AS any project/business/places etc… be of the new energies… anything other than that would not do for our Higher Self. But where… o where are such High Heart opportunities that can sustain us in the meantime? :s

      Aren’t they not STILL being birthed out…? Aren’t they residing in us who are YET to be revealed as to HOW to go about them??? Ain’t they in the labor pain stage???

      What can one do in the meantime? I mean… the old world with its new opportunities are the only ones there… so far… last time I check.

      Anyone with insights on this one??? I’ve spoken to my Higher Self… to give me no more BS with dangling carrots in my face only to have them gone… >_<

      Hugs and Love to all,
      Lou Ann
      P.S. and what's up with the sinus pressure that feels like a strange weird heat encircling the throat and head chakras?

  13. A-maz-ing. Every time I “happen” into an older post here, it is something that is meaning-filled for me! Denise (and everyone else!) I know this is an older post, but Gawd! This post was up a couple of months before I “discovered” Transitions. I am surprised that I didn’t discover it sooner because I had started looking for ascension symptoms regarding middle back pain along about June. (more synchronisities! sheesh!) I found the “angel wings” clap-trap — but not this — not until now. Somehow I had instinctively associated it with High Heart — and here you are confirming it. Thank you. And yes this sh*t HURTS.

    Bubbling spine: I have had this for years. Like champagne bubbles running up my spine! Not every day — not even every week just now and then. Have no clue what they are and now here you are telling me it is kundalini !

    Throat/Pain in the Neck: Three years ago, whilst using my voice at a call center I completely lost my voice for 3 months — couldn’t work — I knew the universe was telling me to stop talking about what I was having to talk about, but it was a job, you know? The interesting thing was the ENT could find nothing wrong and couldn’t understand why the back of my neck hurt. And as far as that “clogged throat” thing — oh yeah. Still happens regularly. And as you say — usually while not be relaxed while eating but it can happen with just a swallow of water. I’ve wondered if it is universe telling me to use the Voice for what it was intended — and then what was that? Hello? Universe? Hello?

    The strangest thing continues to be the ringing in the ears. As best as I can recall it started in 1987 sometime after the Harmonic Convergence. I went through a period in December that year of this loud ringing that I can only describe as a constant car horn. It lasted for weeks. No ear infection, nada. It has subsided to a constant white nose, but also changes from time to time, and Denise in other places you have mentioned 7D stuff that seems to be coming through for me. Wow again… because I sure don’t understand it.

    Regarding the diarrhea, I have managed to limit the discomfort by watching for canola oil in my diet. I am very sensitive to it and by not eating it (as much as is possible — it tends to be in lots of stuff) I can keep the diarrhea at bay except on those heavy duty purges that come after some major step.

    Hugs to all — Jean

  14. I had always been known for my flat stomach and so glad for another confirmation of this baffling pregnant look I now sport around, and my neck is thick as well, and the back of my neck too had a bulge for some time which was baffling and finally explained. And I hadn’t had heartburn since I was pregnant and here is is again. So when is it all going to end? How how is it eventually going to evolve because I really did enjoy my previous limber agile body. Please someone tell me what is going on!

  15. thank you so much, for posting this, i frantically started searching the internet for answers to my pains, i started looking of course physically through google pages, then thought to see if this is spiritually related. I have felt the cradle of my back for 2 years now, expanding, painfully. with no diagnoses, i knew what was happening. My heart chakra, then today and for the past few weeks my diaphragm, it’s as if someone is trying to grow out of my body, my skeleton. It’s painful, and when i read this, it brought me to tears, I’m not alone, and good things are happening to me, not bad. Namaste love and light

    • “…It’s painful, and when i read this, it brought me to tears, I’m not alone, and good things are happening to me, not bad…”


      I’m glad you found your way here and to some information that made sense to you. Welcome to the Grand Spiritual Evolutionary Party! 😉 ♥


  16. I’ve experienced a lot of symptoms too..But this one is the first time..I started to have back ache below the shoulder blades and in the spine area since I woke up..It was gone during day time..a Again when I came back home,it started to pain..Omg.the pain is so intense..I am a future doctor so I got really scared thinking that this could be medical and not an ascension symptom but I am only 23 ,healthy and never fall sick..It would be pointless to think that. I have a medical condition…So, I researched and found that a lot of people have experienced it..The problem is it’s so painful that I cried a little..and took meds..I asked my angels that I do want angels wings but it would be better if it’s less painful… I have to for for duty in the hospital tomorrow early morning..but the pain has been there since 2 hours and I am still awake.. I am just surprised it started suddenly and this is the most painful symptom I’ve experienced so far…Besides I had colds for two weeks..colds are gone bit cough is still throat needs to be cleared now and then… many symptoms..I just want the pain to be little milder..

  17. I’d would just like to give a big thanks for posting this article! I’ve been having hurtful pressure everyday, espcially in meditation and i just could not figure out what it was, i thought it to be energy or information but now i know. I’ve found that it seems to release some of the pressure if i guide the energy up towards well of dreams area and Above. Meditate daily and it will aid ones ascension greatly. I look forward to at last, once again, experiencing the great time of Atlantis. Enough of this suffering for mankind! A great era of peace, love and bliss awaits all those on the same frequency as mother earth.

  18. Thank you so much Denise for your insights. You explain the discomfort I’ve felt in my upper back more clearly than anyone. I knew it was higher heart related but could not find info that resonated until I read your article. Also on photonic light, I see small white lightening bolts appearing everywhere throughout the day. Do you have any comment about this. No one has been able to say much about it. But day by day they increase. Much love to you. Thank you for all of your generosity.

    • malkahaliyah,

      I can’t say absolutely that what you’re Seeing (with evolving Higher Vision, Higher Awareness) is such and such period. I’d not want to limit you or anyone by talking in absolutes like that. But I will say, based on decades of Seeing many different types of etheric lights, balls of light, flashes of light from pinpoint size up to large balls or spheres and other things, that in most cases what I was Seeing were 4D, fourth dimensional Astral beings, devices, entities etc. Please notice that I said in most cases, not ALL cases, because I’ve Seen beings and lifeforms that exist in 5D, 6D, 8D and higher that use “bodies” that look like geometric shaped Light-forms. Beautiful, and certainly not 4D Astral at all. So discernment is always necessary.

      The thing is that so much has been, is, and will continue to happen across all dimensions and different timelines etc. that’s completely NEW to us. New energies, new consciousness, new abilities, new vision and awareness and so on for us to discover and learn so much about ourselves and other beings, other dimensions etc. When in doubt about something, always ask your Higher Self and/or your higher guidance–your Angelics, your “guides” etc.–to help you understand what’s what and who’s who.


  19. Wow!!! Thank you for posting this article Denise. What you wrote resonates 100%. I have been experiencing the exact same sensations for a few months now: stabbing pains in the middle of my chest and my back between my shoulder blades. Sharp, stabbing, ripping, burning sensations. I couldn’t figure out if it was heartburn, acid reflux, esophagus spasms or a spinal problem. Heart attack also came to my mind but since it wasn’t on the left side but exactly the middle and my tests were showing that my heart was perfectly healthy I knew it had to be something else. These esophagus spasms/ heartburn symptoms are really hard to deal with because they seem to come and go as they please. If it was a normal heartburn baking soda would make it go away but it doesn’t help this one. Tums helps sometimes. And sometimes it doesn’t. I also have the bloated/pregnant look and 4 months ago I had diarrhea that lasted for weeks. Before that I had dull lower back pains for months accompanied by this fainty, lightheaded, dizzy feeling. I wonder if the changes are happening chakra by chakra, moving up the chakra column… Oh and I’ve also been having the infamous 3-4 day headaches that will just not get better from Tylenol or anything. And the occasional ear ringing, foggy vision, not remembering things, difficulty accessing words, hypersensitivity to noises, crowds…. But so far the esophagus spasm is the worst. If anyone has any good ideas, please post.

    • Katalin,

      As I’ve learned over the years with this esophageal spasms is that it’s related to the High Heart and its Chakra being activated as humanities NEW primary focal point or energy seat so to speak. It’s a heck of an evolutionary jump from the bottom three chakras and that old level of consciousness, reality and being up into the NEW High Heart center, consciousness, reality and being! Many of us have been, are, or will be feeling these growing pressures and focus in our upper chest area (the High Heart is connected to the Thymus gland in the upper chest) and sometimes it’s just extra tender in that physical location of our bodies. Getting water and food to physically pass through that area of the esophagus when the High Heart is going through more changes, more expansions etc., is oftentimes rather painful and the esophagus actually spasms and the food gets stuck there until you can get it to relax again. Easier said than done sometimes however but doable.

      Denise Le Fay

  20. Dear Denise,
    I stumbled upon your gem of an article after much search. My upper stomach area has been expanding like yours for months now. I look like 9 months pregnant and my whole stomach is firm. I had been getting random aches in my tummy area and at times I have so much gas that I feel like I have a gas baby there…lol. Just recently, the back of my heart chakra has swelled up and the muscles by my ribs have been spasmming so much that walking was unbearable. The swelling continues in these areas but the knowledge you have given is finally able to give me some answers! THANK YOU. Any other advise you have?


    • Sara,

      I’m glad you’ve found some answers here for what you’ve been experiencing. The “Buddha Belly” Ascension symptom is something else and lasts for a while so get used to it. It will diminish over time as those changes happen in your Solar Plexus chakra and body organs/DNA etc. And the High Heart chakra and body organs and area is the NEW focal point for humanity now and that’s why so many are feeling pains, pressures, poundings, spasms and tightness etc in that area of the spine behind the upper heart (Thymus gland) and between the shoulder blades. Both of these are connected and indicate one of the major evolutionary changes humanity is and will continue living through, embodying in their physical bodies.

      I hope you’ll continue reading here at TRANSITIONS to discover more about these many strange Ascension symptoms/side effects. 🙂

      Denise Le Fay

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